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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5114

Chapter 5114 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jones W.; Jankovic J.; Baron P., 1983:
Design construction and evaluation of a multi stage cassette impactor

Giles M.A.; Foster M., 1987:
Design construction and field testing of a mobile hatchery for thirty million walleye eggs

Ukeles R.; Wikfors G.H., 1982:
Design construction and operation of a rearing chamber for spat of crassostrea virginica

Baker, K., 1978:
Design construction and operation of some all glass pilot plant fermentors

Pascual E.; Arias A., 1982:
Design construction and running of a pilot scale plant for sea bream sparus aurata fry production

Belanger D.; Bergevin P.; Laperriere J.; Zaloum R., 1986:
Design control and efficiency of a sequencing biological reactor for the treatment of slaughterhouse effluents

Staines, L., 1984:
Design control and validation of a facility for sterile clinical trial preparations

Phillips P.A.; Fraser D., 1987:
Design cost and performance of a free access two level pen for growing finishing pigs

Fischer J.R.; Sievers D.M.; Fulhage C.D., 1979:
Design criteria and operational guidelines for a pilot scale anaerobic digester

Battawar, H.B., 1975:
Design criteria for border strip irrigation method

Miller R.J., 1980:
Design criteria for crab traps

Kosson D.S.; Ahlert R.C., 1988:
Design criteria for in situ and on site renovation of an industrial sludge lagoon

Singh S.; Sharma V.K.; Gupta P.K.; Chauhan A.M., 1988:
Design development and evaluation of two row tractor mounted ridge planter for winter maize zea mays

Wallace J.W.; Lovelady R.W.; Ferguson R.L., 1982:
Design development and field demonstration of a remote deployable water quality monitoring system

Varshney A.C.; Patel K.V., 1986:
Design development and field evaluation of bullock drawn castor ricinus communis planter

Singh, C.P.; Garg, I.K., 1977:
Design development and field evaluation of simple bullock drawn and tractor drawn potato diggers

Burdette, E.C.; Karow, A.M.Jr ; Jeske, A.H., 1978:
Design development and performance of an electro magnetic illumination system for thawing cryo preserved kidneys of rabbits and dogs

Hemenway, D.R.; MacAskill, S.M., 1982:
Design, development and test results of a horizontal flow inhalation toxicology facility

King, M.V.; Parsons, D.F., 1977 :
Design features of a photographic film optimized for the high voltage electron microscope

Dunlop, E.H.; Gazzard, B.G.; Langley, P.G.; Weston, M.J.; Cox, L.R.; Williams, R., 1976:
Design features of hemo perfusion columns containing activated charcoal

Moran L.J., 1982:
Design for a dual component cognitive dictionary

Shack, R.V.; Bartels, P.H.; Buchroeder, R.A.; Shoemaker, R.L.; Hillman, D.W.; Vukobratovich, D., 1987:
Design for a fast fluorescence laser scanning microscope

Wertz, R.; Maeda, G.; Willey, T.J., 1976:
Design for a micro powered multi channel pulse amplitude modulation frequency modulation bio telemetry system for brain research

Nikolaev V.A., 1984:
Design for a system of centric diatoms bacillariophyta

Zhukinskii, V.N.; Oksiyuk, O.P.; Tseeb-Ya-Ya ; Georgievskii, V.B., 1976:
Design for a unified system for characterizing continental bodies of water and its use for water quality analysis

Isabel, G.; Wright, D.M.; Henry, J.L., 1981:
Design for an inexpensive unit for measuring tail flick latencies

Abreu Penate M.; Garcia Revilla J.; Rodriguez Suarez A.; Martin Guerra M., 1986:
Design for the extraction of proteins from corn cake

Thakor N.V.; Webster J.G.; Tompkins W.J., 1984:
Design implementation and evaluation of a micro computer based portable arrhythmia monitor

Farquhar, D.N., 1976:
Design improvement for the Scholander gas analyzer

Larionov V.Ya, 1980:
Design improvements of horizontally towed nets

Noll K.E.; Mitsutomi S., 1983:
Design methodology for optimum dosage air monitoring site selection

Wolfman N.T.; Williams R.W.; Wall B.E.; Moran P.R.; Karstaedt N., 1986:
Design modification of dedicated magnetic resonance breast coil

Kul'zhanov Z.K.; Cherkashin V.P., 1980:
Design modifications for perfusion pumps with constant productivity

Guardiola Saenz J.L., 1981:
Design of 2 clamps for fixing materials on grinding machines in order to obtain soil and rock thin sections

Nickles, R.J.; Meyer, H.O., 1978:
Design of a 3 dimensional positron camera for nuclear medicine

H.S.P.; Degrado W.F., 1987:
Design of a 4 helix bundle protein synthesis of peptides which self associate into a helical protein

Karaki T.; Nagasaka T.; Mizkami Y.; Ohta I.; Horiguchi M.; Miyake S., 1985:
Design of a ceiling supported fundus camera system

Sawa M.; Tsuru T., 1985:
Design of a chamber for observation of donor corneal endothelium and its clinical application

Matheron, G.; Chevalet, C., 1977:
Design of a control line of rabbits expected evolution of individual inbreeding coefficients according to various mating schemes

Noshiro M., 1984:
Design of a control system for maintaining a normal arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure by artificial respiration

Gilbert W.M., 1980:
Design of a controlled outflow feeder for foraging honey bees apis mellifera

Pillai S.A.; Prabhu P.V.; Balachandran K.K., 1986:
Design of a detachable type fish drier

Van Ginneken A.M.; Smeulders A.W.M.; Jansen W., 1987:
Design of a diagnostic encyclopedia using aida

Azuma I.; Tokuoka S.; Yoshinaga K I., 1981:
Design of a follow up campimeter for glaucoma

Sartory, W.K.; Halsall, H.B., 1978:
Design of a generalized n solute mixing chamber gradient generator

Vanderheydt L.; Oosterlinck A.; Van Daele J.; Van Den Berghe H., 1980:
Design of a graph representation and a fuzzy classifier for human chromosomes

Brooks R.A.; Sank V.J.; D.C.iro G.; Friauf W.S.; Leighton S.B., 1980:
Design of a high resolution positron emission tomograph the neuro positron emission tomograph

Hara S.; Ijitsu T.; Dobashi Y.; Oka K., 1982:
Design of a highly efficient extraction column system using an aqueous liquid liquid distribution to clean up biological fluids

Hamano T.; Ohashi Y.; Cho Y.; Soyoung K.; Matsuda M.; Shimomura Y.; Manabe R., 1986:
Design of a lacrimal punctum plug and its value in dry eye patients

Escudero, C.; Alvarez, L.; Castillo, J.L., 1986:
Design of a laminar flow chamber to study platelet aggregation

Parrish M.E.; Higgins C.T.; Douglas D.R.; Watson D.C., 1979:
Design of a micro processor controlled automated injection system for the analysis of gas phase cigarette smoke using glass capillary columns

Fuentes O.; Marin S., 1982:
Design of a mobile adaptable and dismountable chute for clinical veterinary practice

Malessa P.; Pak M.A.; Hunold W., 1981:
Design of a model for the maintenance of the cross sectional area of ocular choroidal veins

Ito K.; Kamimura S.; Monma S.; Kanno T., 1980:
Design of a multi purpose field instrument for measuring the mechanical properties of fruit of tomatoes and its application to the study of varietal differences

Tamura T.; Togawa T., 1984:
Design of a multichannel solid state recorder and its application to temperature measurement

Tokushige M.; Saski S., 1986:
Design of a new automatic chromatography system for efficient enzyme purification equipped with a time shared multiple analyzer

Helbecque N.; Bernier J L.; Henichart J P., 1985:
Design of a new dna polyintercalating drug a bisacridinyl peptidic analog of triostin a

Kitamura, T.; Affeld, K.; Mohnhaupt, A., 1987:
Design of a new pulse duplicator system for prosthetic heart valves

Czaplinsky K H.; Kansy M.; Seydel J.K., 1987:
Design of a new substituted 2 4 diamino 5 benzylpyrimidine as inhibitor of bacterial dihydrofolate reductase assisted by molecular graphics

Georgescu G.; Dumitrache V.; Sorca E.; Balan S., 1985:
Design of a new type of horse drawn vehicle

Park S.H.; Lee S.B.; Ryu D.D.Y., 1981:
Design of a nonuniformly distributed bio catalyst

Vallejo C.; Mora F.A.; Ruesta V., 1984:
Design of a personal computer based system for analysis of the high frequency electrocardiography from chagasic patients

Nabeshima, T.; Amano, M.; Furukawa, H.; Ho, I.K.; Kameyama, T., 1984:
Design of a phencyclidine implantation pellet; suitable for tolerance development

Kitamura, T., 1986:
Design of a portable artificial heart drive system based on efficiency analysis

Chau N.; Patris A.; Martin J.; Benamghar L.; Kohler F.; Lambert J.P.; Legras B., 1985:
Design of a program for treatment and statistical enquiry of logist data

Brown, D.M.; Honegger, H.W., 1978:
Design of a rapid sampling vertical tow net

Osinowo, E.A.; Sofer, S.S., 1976:
Design of a reactor for enzyme catalyzed drug oxidation reactions part 1

O'shaughnessy D., 1984:
Design of a real time french text to speech system

Amlaner, C.J.Jr ; Korzyniowski, R.; Bender, R.; Stout, J.F., 1978:
Design of a remotely controlled loco motory platform useful in ethological studies

Stewart R.D.; Paris P.M.; Heller M.B., 1987:
Design of a resident in field experience for a emergency medicine residency curriculum

Gaete G.; Ojeda M.; Pezoa R.; Arancibia A., 1987:
Design of a selective analytical method for evaluating the stability of benzothiadiazines

Malik R.S.; Sharma S.K.; Dhankar J.S., 1985:
Design of a sensitive and practical closed top infiltrometer

Beddoe, A.H.; Zuidmeer, H., 1986:
Design of a shadow shield counter for the measurement of total body potassium

Methy M.; Fabreguettes J.; Jardon F.; Roy J., 1987:
Design of a simple instrument for the measurement of red far red ratios

Verhoff, F.H.; Denning, C.E.; Boguslaski, R.C., 1978:
Design of a single incubation column radio immunoassay

Francis L., 1985:
Design of a small cautilevered sheet the sail of velella velella

Johnson L.P.; Macleod J.K.; Summons R.E.; Hunt N., 1980:
Design of a stable isotope dilution gas chromatography mass spectrometric assay for cyclic amp comparison with standard protein binding and radio immunoassay methods

Takaki M., 1987:
Design of a temperature controlled room for plant physiological research

Potapov, I.A., 1976:
Design of a tub for the perfusion of isolated lymphatic vessels

Imada O.; Usuku T.; Ando S.; Saito Y., 1986:
Design of a vessel and a total system for artificial culture of laver

Lewicki P.P., 1987:
Design of a water vapor pressure manometer

Nakamori Y.; Ikeda S.; Sawaragi Y., 1979:
Design of air pollutant monitoring system by spatial sample stratification

Imhoff M.W.; Coover S.R., 1981:
Design of an acoustical particle counter and its use in phyto pathological research

Massoudi, M.S.; Rashidi, M.; Shadman, F., 1978:
Design of an air pollution monitoring network for tehran

Dagalakis, N.; Flink, J.; Stasikelis, P.; Burke, J.F.; Yannas, I.V., 1980:
Design of an artificial skin 3. control of pore structure

Shankar T.M.R.; Webster J.G., 1984:
Design of an automatically balancing electrical impedance plethysmograph

Tang T.T., 1982:
Design of an electron spectrometer for scanning transmission electron microscope

Tapper R., 1983:
Design of an electronic anti perspirant device

Rabbani K.S., 1985:
Design of an electronic bone healing stimulator

Smith G.A.; Morris P.G.; Hesketh T.R.; Metcalfe J.C., 1986:
Design of an indicator of intracellular free sodium concentration using fluorine 19 nmr

Filshie B.K.; Campbell I.C., 1984:
Design of an insect cuticle associated with osmoregulation the porous plates of chloride cells in a mayfly coloburiscoides sp nymph

Langstaff J.; Seigneur C.; Liu M K., 1987:
Design of an optimum air monitoring network for exposure assessments

Grant, F.A.; Chao, J.L.; Hennessy, P.V., 1978:
Design of an outfall

Tucker, D.L.; Vivado, N.D., 1980:
Design of an overland flow system

Fenton M.B., 1986:
Design of bat echolocation calls implications for foraging ecology and communication

Hosotani T.; Yokoyama A.; Arano Y.; Horiuchi K.; Saji H.; Torizuka K., 1986:
Design of bifunctional radiopharmaceutical for the development of technetium 99m complexes for myocardial imaging agents

Hara S.; Ohsawa A.; Dobashi A., 1981:
Design of binary solvent systems for separation of protected oligo peptides in silica gel liquid chromatography

Seta Y.; Otsuka T.; Tokiwa H.; Naganuma H.; Kawahara Y.; Nishimura K.; Okada R., 1988:
Design of captopril sustained release preparation with oily semisolid matrix intended for use of human subjects

Weller, H.N.; Gordon, E.M.; Rom, M.B.; Pluscec, J., 1984:
Design of conformationally constrained angiotensin converting enzyme ec inhibitors

Desilets D.; Diop A.; Panneton B.; Theriault R., 1984:
Design of dairy feed distribution

Tan C S.; Whitaker S.; Berker A., 1980:
Design of de chlorination units for power plant cooling streams

Estola K P., 1986:
Design of efficient fine impulse response filters with minimal delay

Bezeau M.; Endrenyi L., 1986:
Design of experiments for the precise estimation of dose respones parameters the hill equation

Lee C S.; Rawlings J.O., 1982:
Design of experiments in growth chambers uniformity trials in the north carolina state university usa phytotron

Moore, S.F.; Mclaughlin, D.B., 1978:
Design of field experiments to determine the ecological effects of petroleum in inter tidal ecosystems

Bratby, J.; Miller, M.W.; Marais, G.V.R., 1977:
Design of flocculation systems from batch test data

Geiser T.; Scheiwe M.W., 1981:
Design of freezing containers for submerging into liquid nitrogen the temperature field and its influence on the recovery of hydroxyethyl starch preserved red blood cells

Caveney S.; Mcintyre P., 1981:
Design of graded index lenses in the superposition eyes of scarab beetles

Brooks S.H.; Blankenhorn D.H.; Chin H.P.; Sanmarco M.E.; Hanashiro P.K.; Selzer R.H.; Selvester R.H., 1980:
Design of human athero sclerosis studies by serial angiography

Cabral J.M.S.; Novais J.M.; Cardoso J.P.; Kennedy J.F., 1986:
Design of immobilized glucoamylase reactors using a simple kinetic model for the hydrolysis of starch

Malchaire, J.B., 1981:
Design of industrial exhaust systems using a programmable calculator

Freudenreich, C.; Samama, J.P.; Biellmann, J.F., 1984:
Design of inhibitors from the 3 dimensional structure of alcohol dehydrogenase ec chemical synthesis and enzymatic properties

Ritschel, W.A.; Eldon, M.A., 1985:
Design of initial dosage regimen using a programmable calculator

Munster, D.J.; Lever, M.; Walmsley, T.A.; Desmond, F.B., 1978:
Design of inter laboratory surveys of drug analyses a pilot program with salicylate di phenyl hydantoin digoxin and ethanol

Kudelska D.; Cydzik D.; Soszka H., 1981:
Design of lake quality evaluation system

Chapman P.M.; Romberg G.P.; Vigers G.A., 1982:
Design of monitoring studies for priority pollutants

Manning M.; Klis W.A.; Olma A.; Seto J.; Sawyer W.H., 1982:
Design of more potent and selective antagonists of the anti diuretic responses to arginine vasopressin devoid of anti diuretic agonism

Matsunaga K., 1980:
Design of multistory settling tanks in osaka japan

Sheih, C.M.; Hess, G.D.; Hicks, B.B., 1978:
Design of network experiments for regional scale atmospheric pollutant transport and transformation

Watanabe H.; Miyamoto S.; Yoshimoto M.; Kamioka T.; Nakayama I.; Kobayashi T.; Honda T., 1987:
Design of new antidepressants 4 anilinopyrimidine derivatives based on quantitative structure activity relationships

Smeyers Y.G., 1985:
Design of new antineoplastic pharmaceuticals

Weis A.L.; Vishkautsan R., 1986:
Design of new calcium antagonists 4 aryl 1 4 dihydropyrimidine 5 carboxylates from olefinic acetoacetic esters and amidine via regiospecific ring closure

Quistad G.B.; Cerf D.C.; Kramer S.J.; Bergot B.J.; Schooley D.A., 1985:
Design of novel insect anti juvenile hormones allylic alcohol derivatives

Karnofsky, G., 1987:
Design of oilseed extractors i. oil extraction supplement

Shin K.G.; Pado R., 1982:
Design of optimal cancer chemo therapy using a continuous time state model of cell kinetics

Chan, W.Y.; Hruby, V.J.; Rockway, T.W.; Hlavacek, J., 1986:
Design of oxytocin antagonists with prolonged action: potential tocolytic agents for the treatment of preterm labor

Sjoberg A.; Melin H., 1986:
Design of percolation basins with the rain envelope method and the max day method

Manning M.; Lammek B.; Kruszynski M.; Seto J.; Sawyer W.H., 1982:
Design of potent and selective antagonists of the vaso pressor responses to arginine vasopressin

Ondetti M.A.; Condon M.E.; Reid J.; Sabo E.F.; Cheung H.S.; Cushman D.W., 1979:
Design of potent and specific inhibitors of carboxy peptidase a and carboxy peptidase b

Cushman, D.W.; Cheung, H.S.; Sabo, E.F.; Ondetti, M.A., 1977:
Design of potent competitive inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme ec carboxyalkanoyl and mercaptoalkanoyl amino acids

Miller C.B.; Judkins D.C., 1981:
Design of pumping systems for sampling zoo plankton with descriptions of 2 high capacity samplers for coastal studies

Ko, W.H.; Liang, S.P.; Fung, C.D.F., 1977:
Design of radio frequency powered coils for implant instruments

Hughes S.H.; Kosik E.; Fadly A.M.; Salter D.W.; Crittenden L.B., 1986:
Design of retroviral vectors for the insertion of foreign dna sequences into the avian germ line

Rudin, S.; Bednarek, D.R.; Wong, R., 1982:
Design of rotating aperture cones for radiographic scatter reduction

Hampton A.; Kappler F.; Chawla R.R., 1979:
Design of species specific or iso enzyme specific enzyme inhibitors part 1 effect of thymidine substituents on affinity for the thymidine site of hamster cytoplasmic thymidine kinase

Hampton, A.; Kappler, F.; Chawla, R.R., 1979:
Design of species specific or isozyme specific enzyme inhibitors 2. differences between a bacterial and a mammalian thymidine kinase in the effect of thymidine substituents on affinity for the thymidine site

Hampton, A.; Picker, D., 1979:
Design of species specific or isozyme specific enzyme inhibitors 3. species and isozymic differences between mammalian and bacterial adenylate kinases in substituent tolerance in an enzyme substrate complex

Kearfott K.J.; Rottenberg D.A.; Volpe B.T., 1983:
Design of steady state positron emission tomography protocols for neuro behavioral studies oxygen 15 labeled carbon di oxide and neon 19

Sponton E.; Drouin D.; Delattre J.; Puisieux F.; Tenu J.P.; Yapo A.; Barratt G.; Petit J.F., 1985:
Design of sterile muramyldipeptide containing oligolamellar liposomes suitable for intravenous injection effect of liposome size and lipid composition on their ability to render peritoneal macrophages antitumoral

Hampton, A.; Slotin, L.A.; Kappler, F.; Sasaki, T.; Perini, F., 1976:
Design of substrate site directed inhibitors of adenylate kinase and hexo kinase effect of substrate substituents on affinity for the adenine nucleotide sites

Hampton, A.; Sasaki, T.; Perini, F.; Slotin, L.A.; Kappler, F., 1976:
Design of substrate site directed irreversible inhibitors of amp amino hydrolase effect of substrate substituents on affinity for the substrate site

Kabachnyi V.I.; Chernykh V.P.; Kabachnyi G.I.; Sopel'nik E.M., 1985:
Design of surfactants with marked pharmacological activity

Spelman, F.A.; Clopton, B.M.; Pfingst, B.E.; Miller, J.M., 1980:
Design of the cochlear prosthesis: effects of the flow of current in the implanted ear

Horie Y.; Watanabe K., 1983 :
Design of the composition of the artificial diet for the silkworm bombyx mori by linear programming method application of the ingredients of feeds for domesticated animals and fowls

Kawashita S., 1983:
Design of the femoral stem of a total hip prosthesis

Gallacher, G.; Coxon, R.; Landon, J.; Rae, C.J.; Abukinesha, R., 1988:
Design of the immunogen and label for use in a fluoroimmunoassay for paracetamol

Seeherman, H.J.; Taylor, C.R.; Maloiy, G.M.O.; Armstrong, R.B., 1981:
Design of the mammalian respiratory system 2. measuring maximum aerobic capacity

Taylor, C.R.; Maloiy, G.M.O.; Weibel, E.R.; Langman, V.A.; Kamau, J.M.Z.; Seeherman, H.J.; Heglund, N.C., 1981:
Design of the mammalian respiratory system 3. scaling maximum aerobic capacity to body mass wild and domestic mammals

Weibel, E.R.; Gehr, P.; Cruz-Orive, L.M.; Muller, A.E.; Mwangi, D.K.; Haussener, V., 1981:
Design of the mammalian respiratory system 4. morphometric estimation of pulmonary diffusing capacity critical evaluation of a new sampling method

Gehr, P.; Mwangi, D.K.; Ammann, A.; Maloiy, G.M.O.; Taylor, C.R.; Weibel, E.R., 1981:
Design of the mammalian respiratory system 5. scaling morphometric pulmonary diffusing capacity to body mass wild and domestic mammals

Hoppeler, H.; Mathieu, O.; Krauer, R.; Claassen, H.; Armstrong, R.B.; Weibel, E.R., 1981:
Design of the mammalian respiratory system 6. distribution of mitochondria and capillaries in various muscles

Mathieu, O.; Krauer, R.; Hoppeler, H.; Gehr, P.; Lindstedt, S.L.; Alexander, R.M.; Taylor, C.R.; Weibel, E.R., 1981:
Design of the mammalian respiratory system 7. scaling mitochondrial volume in skeletal muscle to body mass

Hoppeler, H.; Mathieu, O.; Weibel, E.R.; Krauer, R.; Lindstedt, S.L.; Taylor, C.R., 1981:
Design of the mammalian respiratory system 8. capillaries in skeletal muscles

Weibel, E.R.; Taylor, C.R.; Gehr, P.; Hoppeler, H.; Mathieu, O.; Maloiy, G.M.O., 1981:
Design of the mammalian respiratory system 9. functional and structural limits for oxygen flow

Hadler N.M.; Gillings D.B., 1983:
Design of the phase iii drug trial the example of rheumatoid arthritis

Liberman S.F.; Dobrotvorskii A.E.; Kaminka M.E.; Zhirnikova M.L., 1985:
Design of the process of dosage forms of long acting phencarol and study of their specific activity

Zick, G.L., 1977:
Design of the pulsed oxygen cathode

Mcdonald, E.; Suksamrarn, A., 1978:
Design of the substrate for oxidative phenol coupling an efficient synthesis of the c homo erythrinan skeleton

Leporati E., 1987:
Design of transition metal chelates with biological activity potentiometric study of complex formation equilibria between 2 amino n hydroxy 3 p hydroxyphenylpropanamide and nickel ii copper ii and hydrogen ions in aqueous solution

Ortiz Canavate J.; Sierra J.G., 1986:
Design of tree trunk shakers for olive harvesting

Gordon E.M.; Godfrey J.D.; Weller H.N.; Natarajan S.; Pluscec J.; Rom M.B.; Niemela K.; Sabo E.F.; Cushman D.W., 1986:
Design of tripeptide modeled inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme studies on the role of the amino terminal acylamino group

Bailly C.; Bernier J.L.; Houssin R.; Helbecque N.; Heinchart J.P., 1987:
Design of two metal chelating dna binding models molecular combinations of bleomycin and amsacrine anti tumor drugs

Hynynen K.; Watmough D.J.; Mallard J.R., 1981:
Design of ultrasonic transducers for local hyper thermia

Fukumoto A.; Kawabuchi M.; Sato J I., 1981:
Design of ultrasound transducers using new piezo electric ceramic materials

Niculescu Duvaz I.; Craescu T., 1980:
Design of urethane type nitrogen mustards linked to molecules with estrogenic properties

Oropeza Mata J.L., 1986:
Design of vegetated waterways

Mehlum, F., 1978:
Design of wildlife reserves and the theory of island bio geography

Shin H S.; Her N R.; Koo J K., 1988:
Design optimization for solidification of hazardous wastes

Geisser D.F.; Garver S.R.; Murphy C.B.Jr, 1979:
Design optimization of high rate disinfection using chlorine and chlorine di oxide

Monk R.D.G., 1987:
Design options for water filtration

Mishra R.P., 1987:
Design parameters for the land application of sewage effluent

Pickens L.G.; Thimijan R.W., 1986:
Design parameters that affect the performance of uv emitting traps in attracting house flies musca domestica diptera muscidae

Pirkle W.H.; Sowin T.J., 1987:
Design preparation and performance of a phthalide based chiral stationary phase

Benefield, L.D.; Randall, C.W., 1976:
Design procedure for a contact stabilization activated sludge process

Spaninks J.A.M., 1979:
Design procedures for solid liquid extractors and the effect of hydrodynamic instabilities on extractor performance

Benefield, L.D.; Randall, C.W., 1978:
Design relationships for aerobic digestion

Rakness K.L.; Stover E.L.; Krenek D.L., 1984:
Design start up and operation of an ozone disinfection unit

Sawyer, T.K.; Pals, D.T.; Mao, B.; Staples, D.J.; Devaux, A.E.; Maggiora, L.L.; Affholter, J.A.; Kati, W.; Duchamp, D.; Et-Al, 1988:
Design structure activity and molecular modeling studies of potent renin inhibitory peptides having amino terminal n in for trp ftr angiotensinogen congeners modified by p 1 p 1' p 1' phe phe sta leu psi chohch 2 val or leu psi ch 2nh val substitutions

Liotta, D., 1985:
Design studies of cardiac valve prostheses

Momany, F.A.; Bowers, C.Y.; Reynolds, G.A.; Chang, D.; Hong, A.; Newlander, K., 1981:
Design, synthesis, and biological activity of peptides which release growth hormone in vitro

Buchman R.; Hamilton D.N., 1981 :
Design synthesis and biological activity of rigid acetanilide herbicides

Sankaranarayana Iyer K.; Laussac J P.; Lau S J.; Sarkar B., 1981:
Design synthesis and carbon 13 nmr and proton nmr investigation of a cyclic octa peptide to mimic the zinc binding site of carboxy peptidase a

Gutte B.; Daumigen M.; Wittschieber E., 1979:
Design synthesis and characterization of a 34 residue poly peptide that interacts with nucleic acids

Patwa, D.C.; Abraham, D.J.; Hung, T.C., 1987:
Design, synthesis, and testing of potential antisickling agents. 6. Rheologic studies with active phenoxy and benzyloxy acids

Leung D.K.; Andrews P.R.; Craik D.J.; Iskander M.N.; Winkler D.A., 1985:
Design synthesis and testing of transition state analogs of alanine racemase as antibacterials

Akaiwa S., 1982:
Design types and performances of preparative poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis apparatus

Bischoff, W., 1977:
Designation and characterization of the lectotype for triturus vulgaris schreiberi caudata salamandridae

Ossiannilsson F.; Jansson M., 1981:
Designation of a lectotype and description of aphalara rumicicola avicularis new subspecies homoptera psylloidea

Loeblich A.R.Jr; Tappan H., 1985:
Designation of a lectotype for cassidulina orientalis the type species of evolvocassidulina

Hutchings P.; Rainer S., 1982:
Designation of a neotype of capitella filiformis type species of the genus heteromastus polychaeta capitellidae

Kimsey L.S., 1986:
Designation of chrysidid lectotypes

Bohart R.M.; French L.D., 1986:
Designation of chrysidid lectotypes in the mocsary collection at the hungarian national museum budapest hungary hymenoptera chrysididae

Allen, R.T., 1977:
Designation of holotypes and lectotypes from species described by thomas l casey in the subtribe pterostichi coleoptera carabidae pterostichini

Puri, H.S.; Hulings, N.C., 1976:
Designation of lectotypes of some ostracods from the challenger expedition

Schneider W., 1983:
Designation of levantine odonata lectotypes from the national museum of natural history paris france collections and description of the previously unknown female of platycnemis kervillei

Lakshminarayana K.V.; Price R.D., 1980:
Designation of neotype for colpocephalum thoracicum phthiraptera insecta with some remarks on distribution

Cato, E.P.; Moore, W.E.C.; Bryant, M.P., 1978:
Designation of neotype strains for bacteroides amylophilus and bacteroides succinogenes

Hesse, G.; Unger, E., 1978:
Designation of proteins after aldehyde treatment in biological objects

Dudziuk W., 1984:
Designation of scope of the organizational and economical council in sheep production in connection with actual sheep breeding and management in poland

Doolittle, R.F.; Goldbaum, D.M.; Doolittle, L.R., 1978:
Designation of sequences involved in the coiled coil inter domainal connections in fibrinogen construction of an atomic scale model

Blume, H.P.; Schlichting, E., 1976:
Designation of soil horizons

Pericart J., 1986:
Designation of some lectotypes and paralectotypes of palearctic nabidae hemiptera

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Designing and analyzing clinical trials which allow institutions to randomize patients to a subset of the treatments under study

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Designing and constructing a simple mechanism to pour out fertilizers by impacting force of irrigation water

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Designing for reduced operating costs in a maternity unit

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Designing irrigation cum drainage ponds for alkali lands

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Desktop analyzers quality of results obtained by medical office personnel

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Desorption of spread monolayers of carbon 14 methylated and cold bsa from the air aqueous interface

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Despair and escape behavioral tests in the evaluation of antidepressant drug activity

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Despite a massive increase in cortisol secretion in women during parturition, there is an equally massive increase in prostaglandin synthesis. A paradox?

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Despite mitochondrial dna polymorphism the mobile intron pl dna of the coi gene is present in ten different races of podospora anserina

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Desquamation and squamotransformation of rhinomucosa as a prodromal sign of atrophic rhinitis

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Desquamative vaginitis: lichen planus in disguise

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Destabilization of eukaryotic 40s translational initiation complex by adenylyl 3 5 uridylyl 3 5 guanosine and partial characterization of a factor required for this activity

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Destabilization of tubulin messenger rna during heat shock in tetrahymena pyriformis

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Destination of ingested blood and sugar solution along the alimentary canal of toxorhynchites rutilus sepentrionalis mosquitoes

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Destination of the meal and the effect of a previous sugar or blood meal on subsequent feeding behavior in female tabanus nigrovittatus diptera tabanidae

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Destiny of femoro popliteal venous grafts and of their run off segments an arteriographic study during 2 years

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Destroyed lung in the Australian aboriginal

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Destruction and opportunity on the sea floor effects of gray whale eschrichtius robustus feeding

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Destruction and reconstitution of the dictyosome in the chrysophycean flagellate poterioochromonas malhamensis after heat shock and other heat shock effects

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Destruction and regeneration of seminiferous tubules after local x irradiation of the testes of the adult rats

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Destruction and regeneration of the seminiferous tubules during repeated estrogen administration to rats and seasonal testicular atrophy in european beaver and mink

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Destruction and reorganization of the receptor membrane in labellar chemosensory cells of the blowfly phormia regina long lasting latent action of colchicine

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Destruction and reorganization of the receptor membrane in labellar chemosensory cells of the blowfly phormia regina recovery of responses to sugar after destruction

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Destruction and restoration of the insulin effector system of isolated fat cells

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Destruction as a method of increasing the biological value of microbial protein

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Destruction by anaerobic mesophilic and thermophilic digestion of viruses and indicator bacteria indigenous to domestic sludges

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Destruction hydrocephalus. Comments on its pathophysiology and case report

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Destruction of 5 hydroxy tryptaminergic neurons and the dynamics of dopamine in nucleus accumbens septi and other fore brain regions of the rat

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Destruction of a single cell in the central nervous system of leech as a means of analyzing its connections and functional role

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Destruction of a sugar beet cell under the complex effect of temperature and electrical field

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Destruction of acetylcholine receptor by decaying iodine 125 labeled alpha bungarotoxin

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Destruction of adrenal ferredoxin chromophoric center by x irradiation

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Destruction of afla toxin b 1 with sodium bi sulfite isolation of the major product afla toxin b 1s

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Destruction of afla toxin in corn with sodium bi sulfite

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Destruction of afla toxins during fermentation and byproduct isolation from artificially contaminated grains

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Destruction of aflatoxin b 1 in rice exposed to light

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Destruction of aflatoxins on peanuts by oven and microwave roasting

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Destruction of alkalinity in aerobic biological waste water treatment

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Destruction of allochthonous organic matter in canals in the presence of dreissena

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Destruction of allogeneic tumor cells by peritoneal macrophages production of lytic effectors by immune mice

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Destruction of ammophila breviligulata by pedestrian traffic quantification and control

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Destruction of antibody coated ehrlich tumor cells by protein a coated stm organisms

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Destruction of antigenicity and influence on the immunochemical reactivity of hepatitis b virus antigens hepatitis b surface antigen hepatitis b core antigen and hepatitis b e antigen by disinfectants a proposed method for testing

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Destruction of articular cartilage by arthritic synovium in vitro: mechanism of breakdown and effect of indomethacin and prednisolone

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Destruction of Ascaris suum eggs during their feeding to various species of beetles

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Destruction of bacteria in beef patties by cooking

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Destruction of bacterial viruses in serum by heat and radiation under conditions that sustain the ability of serum to support growth of cells in suspended culture

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Destruction of benzene by uv light catalyzed oxidation with hydrogen peroxide

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Destruction of blue green algae cells in soil

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Barek, J., 1986:
Destruction of carcinogens in laboratory wastes ii. destruction of 3 3' dichlorobenzidine 3 3' diaminobenzidine 1 naphthylamine 2 naphthylamine and 2 4 diaminotoluene by permanganate

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Destruction of carcinogens in laboratory wastes iii. destruction of 4 aminobiphenyl 4 nitrobiphenyl and 4 4' methylenebis o chloroaniline by permanganate

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Destruction of carcinogens in laboratory wastes iv. destruction of n n dimethyl 4 amino 4' hydroxyazobenzene by permanganate

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Destruction of cell surface polarity by colchicine in rat salivary gland acinar cells: reevaluation of the microtubular function

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Destruction of chlorinated hydro carbons in a cement kiln

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Destruction of chloroplast nuclei of the male gamete by calcium and nuclease c in a cell model of chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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Destruction of circulating leukemia cells by phagocytosis in rats with myelogenous leukemia

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Destruction of cochlear cells observed in guinea pigs after exposure to noise at 95 97.5 and 100 decibels

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Destruction of components of the neural induction system of the amphibian egg with uv irradiation

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Destruction of cytochrome p 450 by alclofenac possible involvement of an epoxide metabolite

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Destruction of dopaminergic nerve terminals in nucleus accumbens effect on dextro amphetamine self administration

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Destruction of drugs by ultrasonic nebulization

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Destruction of ectogenic development forms of endo parasites of domestic animals

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Destruction of eggs as an alternative to chemical control of the grasshopper pest zonocerus variegatus orthoptera pyrgomorphidae in nigeria

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Destruction of eggs by the long billed marsh wren telmatodytes palustris palustris

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Destruction of eggs of dermatophagoides pteronyssinus acari pyroglyphidae by natamycin and imidazoles in vitro

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Destruction of erythroleukemic cells by photoactivation of endogenous porphyrins

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Destruction of experimental malignant melanoma by mediators of cellular immunity

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Destruction of food spoilage indicator and pathogenic organisms by various germicides in solution and on a stainless steel surface

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Destruction of gelatin irradiated in its aqueous solutions at low temperatures

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Destruction of hair by 2 species of chrysosporium

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Destruction of Hassall's corpuscles by macrophages in the sheep thymus

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Destruction of heme and hemo proteins mediated by liver microsomal nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase ec

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Destruction of hepatic mixed function oxygenase parameters by carbon tetra chloride in rats following acute treatment with chlordecone mirex and pheno barbital

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Destruction of hexa methylene di amine by bacillus subtilis in a medium with clay minerals

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Destruction of humic acid by microorganisms of irrigated soils

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Destruction of hyaline cartilage in the sigmoid notch of the human ulna

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Destruction of imaginal forms of acanthoscelides obtectus coleoptera bruchidae by neoaplectana carpocapsae nematoda rhabditidae

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Destruction of immaturin activity in early mature mutants of Paramecium caudatum

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Destruction of immuno globulin g anti a sensitized erythrocytes by mononuclear leukocytes from normal and abo hemolytic disease affected infants

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Destruction of immuno globulin g sensitized erythrocytes by human blood monocytes modulation of inhibition by immuno globulin g

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Destruction of insulin effector system of adipose tissue cells by proteolytic enzymes rat clostridium histolyticum enz papain enz ficin enz chymotrypsin

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Destruction of intracellular and isolated Leishmania mexicana amazonensis amastigotes by amino acid amides

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Destruction of Leishmania mexicana amazonensis amastigotes by leucine methyl ester: protection by other amino acid esters

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Destruction of Leishmania mexicana amazonensis amastigotes within macrophages by lysosomotropic amino acid esters

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Destruction of leishmania mexicana amazonensis amastigotes within macrophages in culture by phenazine methosulfate and other electron carriers

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Destruction of liver heme by norethindrone conversion into green pigments

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Destruction of liver microsomal calcium pump activity by carbon tetra chloride and bromotrichloro methane

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Destruction of low efficiency markers is a slow process occurring at a hetero duplex stage of transformation

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Destruction of messenger rna poly adenylic acid sequences by poly nucleotide phosphorylase in rat liver poly ribosomes

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Destruction of micro filament bundles in mouse embryo fibroblasts treated with inhibitors of energy metabolism

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Destruction of microbacterium lacticum escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus during spray drying of milk part 1 selective counting of surviving bacteria

Chopin, A.; Mocquot, G.; Le-Graet, Y., 1977:
Destruction of microbacterium lacticum escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus during spray drying of milk part 2 effects of drying conditions

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Destruction of microsomal cytochrome p 450 and glucose 6 phosphatase by lipids extracted for per oxidized microsomes

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Destruction of mueller cells in the adult rat by intra vitreal injection of dl alpha amino adipic acid an electron microscopic study

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Destruction of murine lymphoma cells by allogeneic immune peritoneal macrophages in vitro: an ultrastructure study

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Destruction of muscle tissue and metabolism of purine compounds in hereditary muscular dystrophies

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Destruction of native chlorophyll forms and the mixed pigment complex chlorophyll carotenoid under the action of singlet oxygen

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Destruction of nest by the short billed marsh wren cistothorus platensis

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Destruction of nitrogen containing synthetic organic compounds by microorganisms

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Destruction of organelle nuclei during spermatogenesis in chara corallina examined by staining with dapi and anti dna antibody

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Destruction of organic matter by hydrogen per oxide in the presence of pyro phosphate and its effect on soil specific surface area

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Destruction of organic matter in higher aquatic plants under experimental conditions

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Destruction of photosystem i iron sulfur centers of spinach and anacystis nidulans by mercurials

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Destruction of phytic acid in diet for germ free rats and mice during autoclaving or gamma irradiating

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Destruction of pods of sheshalan prosopis stifaniana as a means of suppressing the infestation of pomegranate butterfly virachola livia in date fruits

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Destruction of pollen and spore walls during fossilization

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Destruction of pollutants in water and ozone in combination with uv radiation 2. natural tri halo methane precursors

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Destruction of pollutants in water with ozone in combination with uv radiation 1. general principles and oxidation of tetra chloro ethylene

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Destruction of pollutants in water with ozone in combination with uv radiation 3. photolysis of aqueous ozone

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Destruction of poly vinyl alcohol fibers by microscopic fungi

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Destruction of postsynaptic dopamine receptors prevents neuroleptic induced activation of striatal tyrosine hydroxylase but not dopamine synthesis stimulation

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Destruction of rat mammary tumor and normal tissue microcirculation by hematoporphyrin derivative photoradiation observed in vivo in sandwich observation chambers

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Destruction of retinal dopamine containing neurons in rabbit and goldfish

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Destruction of ristocetin cofactor by coagulation at 4 celsius

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Destruction of salmonella and staphylococcus during processing of a nonfermented snack sausage

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Destruction of salmonella typhimurium and staphylococcus aureus in poultry products cooked in conventional and microwave oven

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Destruction of shoots flowers and fruit of dwarf mistletoe arceuthobium campylopodum by grasshoppers in california usa

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Destruction of silicates by microorganisms and the application of silicate bacteria as bacterial fertilizers

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Destruction of sod seeded legume seedlings by the snail polygyra cereolus

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Destruction of sodium conductance inactivation in squid axons perfused with pronase

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Destruction of specific hetero chromatic chromosomes during spermatogenesis in the comstockiella chromosome system coccoidae homoptera

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Destruction of Staphylococcus aureus during frankfurter processing

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Destruction of sycamore by canker stain in the mid south

Kloos D.P., 1982:
Destruction of tests of the foraminifer sorites orbiculus by endolithic microorganisms in a lagoon on curacao netherlands antilles

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Destruction of the anionic sulfoethoxylate surfactants by pseudomonas putida

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Destruction of the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb due to scleroderma with calcifications thibierge weissenbach syndrome

Bol'shova N.I., 1981:
Destruction of the cell wall of aspen wood by various species of white rot causal agents

Nakatsuka K.; Hamasaki D.I., 1985:
Destruction of the indoleamine accumulating amacrine cells alters the electroretinogram of rabbits

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Destruction of the infralittoral zone by coastal development in the area of alpes maritimes france and monaco western mediterranean coast

Koob G.F.; Thatcher Britton K.; Britton D.R.; Roberts D.C.S.; Bloom F.E., 1984:
Destruction of the locus coeruleus or the dorsal noradrenergic bundle does not alter the release of punished responding by ethanol and chlordiazepoxide

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Destruction of the nucleus tractus solitarii in the dog comparison with sino aortic de nervation

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Destruction of the outer membrane permeability barrier of Escherichia coli by heat treatment

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Destruction of the pars cerebralis in drosophila melanogaster effect on fecundity and its stimulation by mating

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Destruction of the phoenix hibiscus and barringtonia racemosa communities at richards bay natal south africa

Gruenwald J.; Seemueller E., 1979:
Destruction of the protective properties of raspberry periderm as the result of the degradation of suberin and cell wall poly saccharides by the raspberry cane midge thomasiniana theobaldi diptera cecidomyiidae

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Destruction of the sympathetic nervous system in neo natal rats and hamsters by vinblastine prevention by concomitant administration of nerve growth factor

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Destruction of the telencephalic archistriatum on fearful agonistic and sexual behaviors in male chickens

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Destruction of toxic fungi with low concentrations of methyl bromide

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Destruction of toxoplasma gondii by hydro chloric acid solution

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Destruction of trichina trichinella spiralis larvae in beef pork loaves cooked in microwave ovens

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Destruction of trichinella spiralis by low dose irradiation of infected pork

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Destruction of tumor cells by bcg activated alveolar macrophages

Jayal N.D., 1985:
Destruction of water resources the most critical ecological crisis of east asia

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Destruction of wild tobacco trees solanum mauritianum by mountain possums trichosurus caninus

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Destruction removal of poly chlorinated bi phenyls from nonpolar media reaction of poly chlorinated bi phenyls with poly ethylene glycol potassium hydroxide

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Destructive and conservative treatment of persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous and retinal dysplasia

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Destructive and non destructive methods for determining stem and leaf areas on euphorbia tirucalli

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Destructive and nondestructive patterns of immune rejection of syngeneic intraocular tumors

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Destructive and potentially destructive insects of snakeweed in western texas and eastern new mexico usa and a dioristic model of their biotic interactions

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Destructive and reparative processes in the hippocampus during long term exposure to nonionizing microwave radiation

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Destructive bone disease in early syphilis

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Destructive changes and distribution of optic terminals in the tectum mesencephali of testudo graeca

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Destructive changes in external peri membrane layers glycocalyx of zajdela ascites hepatoma cells as a result of uv irradiation

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Destructive changes in muscle of athletes in dynamic cyclic activity of varying power

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Destructive changes in storage parenchyma cells of sugar beet root during the 2nd vegetation period

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Destructive effects of chlorinated pesticides on a bats colony chiroptera

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Destructive effects of chlortetracycline on dna structure by combined fluorometry with ethidium bromide

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Destructive effects of weevils on emerging lucerne

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Destructive effects on and regeneration of mice exposed to shortwave irradiation 2400 megahertz

Tikhonchuk V.S., 1979:
Destructive effects on and regeneration of rats exposed to microwave irradiation 2400 megahertz

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Destructive epidemic neisseria gonorrhoeae keratoconjunctivitis in african adults

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Destructive galls of desert plant generative parts in turkmen ssr ussr

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Destructive index: a measurement of lung parenchymal destruction in smokers

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Destructive insects controlled by federal legislation in quebec canada their status in 1976

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Destructive lesions of the gastric mucosa in result less food procuring behavior

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Destructive mechanisms of the oxygenase system with a mixed function in the endoplasmic reticulum of the liver the role of peroxidation of membrane phospholipids

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Destructive metabolic and reparative changes in the bone tissue after the effect of freezing

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Destructive mycoparasitic behavior of fusarium solani mart. app. and woll. against mucor spinosus van tieghem

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Destructive phase of deltaic development north santee river delta south carolina usa

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Destructive spondylarthropathy in hemodialyzed patients. A new syndrome

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Destructive spondyloarthropathy in chronic hemodialysis patients current data and radiological aspects

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Destructive spondyloarthropathy in hemodialysis patients. Report of four cases and prospective study

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Destructive spondyloarthropathy in short term chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis

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Destructive spondyloarthropathy with amyloid deposits in three patients receiving chronic hemodialysis

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Destuntzia new genus in the hymenogastraceae basidiomycotina

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Destyrosine gamma endorphin and pineal levels of melatonin and arginine vasopressin

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Destyrosine gamma endorphin in schizophrenia clinical biochemical and hormonal aspects

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Desulfated carrageenans and cyto toxicity of human monocytes

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Desulfation of heparin by mice and guinea pig leukocytes

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Desulfation of sulfo glyco lipids by anchimeric assisted solvolysis/

Chen, H.E., 1987:
Desulfiting process of grape juice stored with potassium metabisulfite

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Desulfotomaculum geothermicum new species a thermophilic fatty acid degrading sulfate reducing bacterium isolated with hydrogen from geothermal ground waters

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Desulfovibrio vulgaris hydrogenase a nonheme iron enzyme lacking nickel that exhibits anomalous epr and moessbauer spectra

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Desulfuration of cysteine and methionine by Fusobacterium nucleatum

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Desulfurization of epi di thio di oxo piperazines a mechanistic and chiroptical study

Ferezou J.P.; Quesneau Thierry A.; Cesario M.; Pascard C.; Barbier M., 1983:
Desulfurization of the epi di thio piperazinedione sirodesmin pl with tri phenyl phosphine retention of configuration at the bridgehead carbon atoms

Bonch Osmolovskaya E.A.; Slesarev A.I.; Miroshnichenko M.L.; Setlichnaya T.P., 1986:
Desulfurococcus amylolyticus new species of extremely thermophilic archaebacteria from springs

Zillig W.; Yeats S.; Holz I.; Boeck A.; Rettenberger M.; Gropp F.; Simon G., 1986:
Desulfurolobus ambivalens new genus new species an autotrophic archaebacterium facultatively oxidizing or reducing sulfur

Pfenning, N.; Biebl, H., 1976:
Desulfuromonas acetoxidans new genus new species anaerobic sulfur reducing acetate oxidizing bacterium

Basile D.V.; Basile M.R.; L.Q.Y., 1985:
Desuppression of cell division in leaf primordia in plagiochila arctica hepaticae by 3 4 dehydroproline

Vannas A.; Holden B.A.; Sweeney D.F.; Efron N.; Polse K.A., 1984:
Deswelling of the graft cornea following hypoxic edema

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Desynapsis as well as inversion heterozygosity in the natural population of triploid colocasia antiquorum

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Desynapsis in alocasia indica

Kumar O.A.; Rao K.G.R., 1985:
Desynapsis in capsicum frutescens cultivar tabasco

Ahloowalia, B.S., 1969:
Desynapsis in di ploid and tetra ploid clones of rye grass m

Kumar O.A.; Ramesh C.P.; Rao K.G.R., 1985:
Desynapsis in induced autotetraploid chilli pepper capsicum annuum

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Desynaptic allelic mutations of peas

Sadanandam A.; Swamy G.K.; Subhash K., 1981:
Desynaptic mutant in capsicum annuum induced by ethyl methanesulfonate

Klein, H.D., 1969:
Desynaptic mutants with differences in univalent behavior

Weinert D.; Ulrich F E.; Schuh J., 1986:
Desynchronization of circadian plasma insulin and feeding rhythms after phase shift of the zeitgeber

Garaev M.A., 1984:
Desynchronization reaction in the cerebral structures on the side of the shutdown mesencephalic reticular formation

Taki W.; Handa H.; Yonekawa Y.; Yamagata S.; Miyake H.; Matsuda I.; Handa J.; Iwata H.; Suzuki M.; Ikada Y., 1981:
Detachable balloon catheter systems for embolization of cerebro vascular lesions

Negoro M.; Kageyama N.; Ishiguchi T.; Shitani A.; Shibata T.; Iguchi Y.; Seguchi T.; Sakuma S., 1984:
Detachable balloon occlusion of post traumatic carotid cavernous fistula

Takahashi, A.; Suzuki, J.; Sugawara, T.; So, K.; Suga, T.; Kawakami, K.; Yoshimoto, T., 1988:
Detachable balloon treatment of vertebral fusiform aneurysms

Sidawy, M.K.; Chandra, P.; Oertel, Y.C., 1987:
Detached ciliary tufts in female peritoneal washings. A common finding

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