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Detection by direct immuno fluorescence of aujeszkys disease virus in an aujeszky infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus pool

Soos, T.; Peterne, H.

Acta Veterinaria Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 27(1-2): 131-136


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-7205
Accession: 005114808

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The detectability of contaminating virus by direct immunofluorescence assay was studied in model experiments, in which virulent Aujeszky's disease (Ay) virus was added to IBR [infectious bovine rhinotracheitis] vaccine preparations. Tube cultures infected with 2 different types of Aujeszky-IBR virus mixture were incubated for 8, 18, 24, 40, 72 or 96 h, after which cells [calf testicle epithelium] separated from the tube wall were spread on slides, fixed and examined with an FITC[fluorescein isothiocyanate]-labeled conjugate. The detectability of the contaminant was optimal after 24-48 h of incubation. The minimum detectable quantity of the Ay virus was 10 TCID50[median tissue culture infectious dose]/0.2 ml in the systems in which IBR virus was present in multiple excess of the contaminant and 5 TCID50/0.2 ml in those systems in which the 2 agents were mixed at equal parts. The specificity of the reactions was checked by various control tests. The control preparations obtained from cultures infected with IBR virus alone gave no positive reaction with the Ay conjugate but showed presence of IBR virus in the nucleus and the cytoplasm when tested with the IBR conjugate.

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