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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5117

Chapter 5117 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lodder R.A.; Selby M.; Hieftje G.M., 1987:
Detection of capsule tampering by near ir reflectance analysis

Archer, T.E.; Corbin, J.B., 1969:
Detection of captan fungic residues in prune d fruits and blossoms by inst thin layer chromatography inst colorimetry

Wang, T.T.; Bishop, S.H.; Himoe, A., 1972:
Detection of carbamate as a product of the carbamate kinase ec catalyzed reaction by stopped flow spectrophotometry

Hoogenraad, N.J.; Mitchell, J.D.; Don, N.A.; Sutherland, T.M.; M.L.ay, A.C., 1980:
Detection of carbamyl phosphate synthetase 1 deficiency using duodenal biopsy samples

Lawrence, J.F.; Lewis, D.A.; Mcleod, H.A., 1977:
Detection of carbofuran and metabolites directly or as their hepta fluoro butyryl derivatives using gas liquid chromatography or high pressure liquid chromatography with different detectors

Mesquita T.B.; Hirata R.; Ruegg E.F., 1986:
Detection of carbon 14 lindane metabolites in coffee plants by thin layer chromatography and autoradiography

H.M.H.; Guilbault G.G.; Scheide E.P., 1982:
Detection of carbon mon oxide in ambient air with a piezo electric crystal

Hatch G.E.; Santrock J.; Slade R.; Hayes J.M., 1988:
Detection of carbon tetrachloride induced oxidation of hepatic tissue in vivo by oxygen 18 tracing

Benedetti A.; Fulceri R.; Ferrali M.; Ciccoli L.; Esterbauer H.; Comporti M., 1982:
Detection of carbonyl functions in phospho lipids of liver microsomes in carbon tetra chloride and bromotrichloro methane poisoned rats

Aston J.W.; Douglas K., 1981:
Detection of carbonyl sulfide in cheddar cheese headspace

Morgan, G.; Mccarthy, W.H.; Hersey, P., 1977:
Detection of carcino embryonic like antigen on melanoma cells by leukocyte dependent antibody assays

Breborowicz, D.; Gładysz, K.; Gryska, K., 1984:
Detection of carcinoembryonic antigen as an aid in differential diagnosis of cells in pleural and peritoneal effusions

Hepner G.W.; Piken E.P., 1979:
Detection of carcinogen induced stimulation of cytochrome p 448 associated enzymes by carbon 14 di oxide breath analysis studies using di methylamino azo benzene

Thorpe, C.D.; Grayson, D.J.; Wingfield, P.B., 1981:
Detection of carcinoma of the colon and rectum by air contrast enema

Kondrakov V.M.; Koledenok V.I.; Lysogor N.A.; Burtsev V.I., 1985:
Detection of cardiac arrhythmia in bicycle ergometry test in patients with atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis

Schneider, E.P.; Jonas, E.; Tejani, N., 1988:
Detection of cardiac events by continuous electrocardiogram monitoring during ritodrine infusion

Gonnelli R.; Tartaglia A.; Sicuro M.; Angelino P.F., 1984:
Detection of cardiac magnetic signals using a superconducting magnetometer preliminary experimental results and future prospects

Mercer, D.W.; Varat, M.A., 1975:
Detection of cardiac specific creatine kinase iso enzyme ec in sera with normal or slightly increased total creatine kinase activity

Il'chenko O.I.; Boiko A.L., 1984:
Detection of carnation mottle virus microquantities using the immunochemical test system

Blackshear, W.M.; Phillips, D.J.; Thiele, B.L.; Hirsch, J.H.; Chikos, P.M.; Marinelli, M.R.; Ward, K.J.; Strandness, D.E., 1979:
Detection of carotid occlusive disease by ultrasonic imaging and pulsed Doppler spectrum analysis

Zonneveld, G.T.; van Leeuwen, E.F.; Sturk, A.; ten Cate, J.W., 1983:
Detection of carriers in Glanzmann's thrombasthenia

Naoum P.C.; Angulo I.D.L.; Brandao A.C.; Graciano R.A.S.; Spir M.; Nomura E.; Anjos I.D., 1985:
Detection of carriers of abnormal hemoglobins and their familiarization with their condition in the population of the regions of sao jose do rio preto and presidente prudente sao paulo brazil

Michalski, R.; Pniejnia-Olszynski, W.; Bykowska, K.; Lopaciuk, S., 1977:
Detection of carriers of hemophilia a

Tokuda, S., 1978:
Detection of carriers of hemophilia a activities of factor viii pro coagulant factor viii inhibitor neutralizing material anti human factor viii antibody neutralizing material factor viii related antigen and von willebrand factor in plasma of female carriers

Verhoeven, A.J.; van Schaik, M.L.; Roos, D.; Weening, R.S., 1988:
Detection of carriers of the autosomal form of chronic granulomatous disease

Lehrer S.B.; Karr R.M.; Muller D.J.G.; Salvaggio J.E., 1980:
Detection of castor ricinus communis allergens in castor wax

Ibata Y.; Watanabe K.; Kinoshita H.; Kubo S.; Sano Y.; Sin S.; Hashimura E.; Imagawa K., 1979:
Detection of catecholamine and luteinizing hormone releasing hormone containing nerve endings in the median eminence and the organon vasculosum laminae terminalis by fluorescence histochemistry and immuno histochemistry on the same microscopic sections

Layman D.L., 1981:
Detection of cell associated amino terminal pro collagen peptidase activity in cultured fibroblasts

Wilkinson H.W.; Fikes B.J., 1981:
Detection of cell associated or soluble antigens of legionella pneumophila serogroups 1 6 legionella bozemanii legionella dumoffii legionella gormanii and legionella micdadei by staphylococcal co agglutination tests

Juretic A.; Nagy Z.A.; Klein J., 1981:
Detection of cell mediated lympho toxicity determinants associated with h 2 controlled e beta and e alpha chains

Beretta A.; Larsson E L., 1985:
Detection of cell mediated lympholysis determinants encoded by the i a and i e genes on uv irradiated spleen cells

Chang S.K.; Irie R.F.; Morton D.L., 1987:
Detection of cell surface antigens on biopsied human tumor cells using monoclonal antibody containing fluorescent microspheres

Erber W.N.; Breton Gorius J.; Villeval J.L.; Oscier D.G.; Bai Y.; Mason D.Y., 1987:
Detection of cells of megakaryocyte lineage in hematological malignancies by immuno alkaline phosphatase labelling cell smears with a panel of monoclonal antibodies

Sylvan S.P.E.; Hellstrom U.B.; Lundbergh P.R., 1985:
Detection of cellular and humoral immunity to hepatitis b surface antigen in asymptomatic hepatitis b surface antigen carriers

Mayama, S.; Shishiyama, J., 1976:
Detection of cellular collapse in albino barley leaves inoculated with erysiphe graminis hordei by uv fluorescence microscopy

Mortensen R.F., 1979:
Detection of cellular immunity to murine sarcoma virus induced tumors by leukocyte adherence inhibition

Cotter, P.F.; Collins, W.M.; Dunlop, W.R.; Corbett, A.C., 1976:
Detection of cellular immunity to rous tumors of chickens by the leukocyte migration inhibition reaction

Cresswell M.A.; Attwell R.W.; Dempsey M.J., 1988:
Detection of cellulolytic actinomycetes using cellulose azure

Portnoi L.M.; Moshunova T.D.; Nefedova V.O., 1986:
Detection of central cancer of the lungs in an outpatient hospital

Schwab, D., 1968:
Detection of centrioles in myxotheca

Shreffler, J.H., 1978:
Detection of centripetal heat island circulations from tower data in st louis missouri usa

Svircev A.M.; Jeng R.S.; Hubbes M., 1988:
Detection of cerato ulmin on aggressive isolates of ophiostoma ulmi by immunocytochemistry and scanning electron microscopy

Pascual Morenilla M.T.; Chamorro Ortega J.M., 1984:
Detection of cerebellar organ antigens using indirect immunofluorescence

Behar, K.L.; Rothman, D.L.; Shulman, R.G.; Petroff, O.A.C.; Prichard, J.W., 1984:
Detection of cerebral lactate in vivo during hypoxemia by proton nmr at relatively low field strengths 1.9 tesla

Goodman, D.M.; Beatty, J.; Mulholland, T.B., 1980:
Detection of cerebral lateralization of function using electro encephalographic alpha contingent visual stimulation

Orlyanskii N.V.; Orlenko S.P., 1986:
Detection of certain regularities of the structural chromosome organization as a function of the conditions of material maceration

Feingold, M.; Brook, I.; Zakut, H., 1984:
Detection of cervical incompetence by ultrasound

Heath, R.A., 1984:
Detection of change in physiological measures using an adaptive Kalman filter algorithm

Kadofuku T.; Sato T., 1984:
Detection of changes in rabbit serum proteins after partial hepatectomy by 2 dimensional electrophoresis under non denaturing conditions

Yamamoto A.; Saito Y.; Matsunaga A.; Makino M., 1987:
Detection of characterization of coexistent interfering substances in the determination of antioxidants in smoked foods

Sabes M.; Padros E., 1987:
Detection of charge pertubation of tryptophan residues by fourth derivative spectrophotometry

Williams, G.M., 1977:
Detection of chemical carcinogens by unscheduled DNA synthesis in rat liver primary cell cultures

Kim B R.; Yoo B.S.; Yang K.H., 1985:
Detection of chemical carcinogens by unscheduled dna synthesis in the primary cultures of rat hepatocytes

Cline, J.C.; McMahon, R.E., 1977:
Detection of chemical mutagens use of concentration gradient plates in a high capacity screen

Barak R.; Nur I.; Okon Y., 1983:
Detection of chemo taxis in azospirillum brasilense

Bramwell, M.E., 1978:
Detection of chick ribosomal rna in the cytoplasm of heterokaryons containing reactivated chick red cell nuclei

Konishi E.; Takahashi J., 1985:
Detection of chikungunya virus antigen in aedes albopictus mosquitoes by elisa

Charpentier G.; Garzon S.; Kurstak E., 1982:
Detection of chikungunya virus cell surface antigens by the immuno peroxidase technique

Chernesky, M.A.; Mahony, J.B.; Castriciano, S.; Mores, M.; Stewart, I.O.; Landis, S.J.; Seidelman, W.; Sargeant, E.J.; Leman, C., 1986:
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis antigens by enzyme immunoassay and immunofluorescence in genital specimens from symptomatic and asymptomatic men and women

Nakagawa H.; Uchida Y.; Tsujita N.; Takahashi M., 1988:
Detection of chlamydia trachomatis antigens in the epipharyngeal biopsy specimen of a case of adult inclusion conjunctivitis accompanied by an epipharyngeal infection

Dutilh B.; Bebear C.; Taylor Robinson D.; Grimont P.A.D., 1988:
Detection of chlamydia trachomatis by in situ hybridization with sulfonated total dna

Ishikawa K.; Kubota T.; Takada M., 1988:
Detection of chlamydia trachomatis by several methods in uterine cervix of pregnant women

Quinn, T.C.; Gupta, P.K.; Burkman, R.T.; Kappus, E.W.; Barbacci, M.; Spence, M.R., 1987:
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis cervical infection: a comparison of Papanicolaou and immunofluorescent staining with cell culture

Jones, M.F.; Smith, T.F.; Houglum, A.J.; Herrmann, J.E., 1984:
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis in genital specimens by the Chlamydiazyme test

Coudron, P.E.; Fedorko, D.P.; Dawson, M.S.; Kaplowitz, L.G.; Brookman, R.R.; Dalton, H.P.; Davis, B.A., 1986:
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis in genital specimens by the Microtrak direct specimen test

Seishima M.; Okumura S.; Ohtani M.; Watanabe M.; Matsumoto R.; Tsutsumi M.; Hikichi K., 1987:
Detection of chlamydia trachomatis in patients with primary and secondary syphilis

Rouhan D.; Lenoc P., 1987:
Detection of chlamydia trachomatis in various pathological products comparison between direct if chlamydiazyme and culture cells

Wiesmeier, E.; Bruckner, D.; Black, M., 1987:
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis infection by direct immunofluorescence staining of genital secretion

Graber, C.D.; Williamson, O.; Pike, J.; Valicenti, J., 1985:
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in endocervical specimens using direct immunofluorescence

Gelzer, D.; Cathomas, G.; Bienz, K.; Rohrbach, M.; Viollier, E.; Rufli, T., 1988:
Detection of chlamydia trachomatis new immunologic methods

Hernandez, T.J.; Noller, K.L.; Smith, T.F., 1986:
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis using consecutive endocervical swabs. Prevalence in asymptomatic female adolescents and women attending a sexually transmitted disease clinic

Yamazaki M.; Taguchi S.; Nakamura Y.; Sato T.; Kataniwa Y., 1986:
Detection of chlamydia trachomatis utilizing the micro trak procedure direct immunofluorescence method with monoclonal antibody for chlamydia trachomatis in relation to polymorphonuclear leukocytes in male urethral smears

Ohkawa, M.; Tokunaga, S.; Shimamura, M.; Hisazumi, H., 1986:
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis with a direct specimen test (MicroTrack) in urethritis patients

Hallsworth, P.G.; McDonald, P.J., 1985:
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis with fluorescent monoclonal antibody

Dorman, S.A.; Danos, L.M.; Wilson, D.J.; Noller, K.L.; Malkasian, G.D.; Goellner, J.R.; Smith, T.F., 1983:
Detection of chlamydial cervicitis by Papanicolaou stained smears and culture

Brade H.; Brunner H., 1980:
Detection of chlamydial inclusion bodies with anti sera to acinetobacter calcoaceticus ssp anitratus by indirect immuno fluorescence

Sanson M.J.; Casin I.M.; Ortenberg M.; Perol Y., 1982:
Detection of chloramphenicol acetyl transferase activity in a strain of haemophilus ducreyi

Young S.L.; Jackson A.E.; Puett D.; Melner M.H., 1985:
Detection of chloramphenicol acetyl transferase activity in transfected cells a rapid and sensitive high performance liquid chromatography based method

Fraser M.S.; Frankl G., 1985:
Detection of chlorophyll derivatives in soybean oil by high performance liquid chromatography

Pendleton, I.R.; Kim, K.S.; Bernheimer, A.W., 1972:
Detection of cholesterol in cell membranes by use of bacterial toxins

Venkatanarsaiah J., 1981:
Detection of cholin esterase in the nervous system of the oncomiracidium of a monogenean pricea multae

Trundle, D.; Marcial, G., 1988:
Detection of cholinesterase inhibition. The significance of cholinesterase measurements

Seppala, M.; Lehtovirta, P.; Rutanen, E.M., 1978:
Detection of chorionic gonadotropin like activity in infertile cycles with a short luteal phase

Ferrari N.; Rizza C.R., 1986:
Detection of christmas disease hemophilia b carriers

Cremer, T.; Landegent, J.; Brueckner, A.; Scholl, H.P.; Schardin, M.; Hager, H.D.; Devilee, P.; Pearson, P.; Van-Der-Ploeg, M., 1986:
Detection of chromosome aberrations in the human interphase nucleus by visualization of specific target dna species with radioactive and non radioactive in situ hybridization techniques diagnosis of trisomy 18 with probe l 1.84

Stegnii, V.N., 1976:
Detection of chromosome races in malarial mosquitoes anopheles sacharovi

Nishioka M.; Sumida M., 1980:
Detection of chromosomes bearing the loci for 7 kinds of proteins in japanese pond frogs

Nishioka M.; Ohtani H., 1986:
Detection of chromosomes bearing the loci for blue and olive mutations in rana nigromaculata

Borodina, V.M.; Meisel, M.N., 1976:
Detection of chromosomes in yeast cultures by using the antibiotic olivomycin

Chomette G.; Auriol M.; Linares E.; Koulibaly M.; Abdulsamad I.; Cabrol C., 1987:
Detection of chronic rejection by endomyocardial biopsy in human heart transplant recipients value of immunofluorescence and electron microscopy

Watermeyer S.R., 1984:
Detection of chrysanthemum stunt viroid in south africa by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis and bioassay

Brodskii V.Ya; Rapoport S.I.; Fateeva V.I.; Nechaeva N.V.; Kharayan L.V.; Rasulov M.I., 1984:
Detection of circahoralian rhythm of protein synthesis in biopsy specimens of the human stomach

Gardella, T.; Medveczky, P.; Sairenji, T.; Mulder, C., 1984:
Detection of circular and linear herpesvirus DNA molecules in mammalian cells by gel electrophoresis

Hilton, A.M.; Moore, M.; Howat, J.M.T., 1978:
Detection of circulating anti complementary factors in chronic lung diseases

Villalba E.; Yegres J.F., 1988:
Detection of circulating antibodies in patients affected by chromoblastomycosis by cladosporium earrionii using double immunodiffusion

Lee, K.H.; Lee, J.B.; Lee, M.G.; Song, D.H., 1988:
Detection of circulating antibodies to purified keratinolytic proteinase in sera from guinea pigs infected with microsporum canis by elisa

Lurhuma, A.Z.; Cambiaso, C.L.; Masson, P.L.; Heremans, J.F., 1976:
Detection of circulating antigen antibody complexes by their inhibitory effect on the agglutination of immuno globulin coated particles by rheumatoid factor or complement c 1q

Dissanayake S.; Forsyth K.P.; Ismail M.M.; Mitchell G.F., 1984:
Detection of circulating antigen bancroftian filariasis by using a monoclonal antibody

Reddy M.V.R.; Malhotra A.; Harinath B.C., 1984:
Detection of circulating antigen in bancroftian filariasis by sandwich elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay using filarial serum immunoglobulin

Chen Y T.; Liu Y H.; Wang Q N.; Wang X G.; Q.Z.Q.; Zeng M A.; Chen R X.; Zhang C D.; Zheng X P., 1988:
Detection of circulating antigen in sera from clonorchis sinensis patients by elisa double sandwich method

Suzuki Y.; Kobayashi A., 1985:
Detection of circulating antigens by latex particles coated with anti toxoplasma antibodies during acute infections with toxoplasma gondii in mice

Gomez Garcia V.; Gomez Morales M.A.; Rodriguez Osorio M., 1986:
Detection of circulating antigens in human trichinellosis

Yong, T.Soon.; Kim, T.Soo.; Lee, J.Soo.; Lee, O.Young.; Kim, D.Chan., 1987:
Detection of circulating antigens in rats experimentally infected with Paragonimus westermani by ELISA

Piens M.A.; Guyotat D.; Pichot J.; Mojon M., 1987:
Detection of circulating candida antigen cand tec in the diagnosis of deep candidiasis

Francis C.W.; Marder V.J.; Martin S.E., 1979:
Detection of circulating cross linked fibrin derivatives by a heat extraction sodium dodecyl sulfate gradient gel electrophoretic technique

Hiepe F.; Apostoloff E.; Mielke F.; Froemmel C., 1982:
Detection of circulating double stranded dna anti double stranded dna complexes in systemic lupus erythematosus

Narayanan P.R.; Paranjape R.S., 1985:
Detection of circulating filarial antigen

Morishige T.; Takahashi K.; Abe S.; Kurosawa T.; Sonoda M., 1988:
Detection of circulating immune complex in dogs infected with babesia gibsoni

Inada Y.; Kamiyama M.; Kanemitsu T.; Clark W.S., 1981:
Detection of circulating immune complexes a new application of immune adherence hem agglutination

Lauro, G.M.; Grossi, M.; D.L.renzo, N., 1983:
Detection of circulating immune complexes associated with brain tumors. Correlation with histological differentiation and length of clinical history

Tuomari D.L.; Olsen R.G.; Singh V.K.; Kraut E.H., 1984:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by a c 1q protein a elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay during the preneoplastic stages of feline leukemia virus infection

Singh V.K.; Tingle A.J., 1982:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by a complement c 1q micro plate enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay system

Oliveira R.M.D.; Marchiori P.E.; Viana V.D.S.T.; Bueno C.; Reis M.D.; Quevedo M.E.Z.; Cossermelli W., 1985:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by conglutinin and monoclonal rheumatoid factor binding assays

Yokoyama K., 1984:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by enzyme immunoassay a basic study of complement c 1q enzyme immunoassay and anti complement c 3 enzyme immunoassay using micro plates

Ohlson S.; Zetterstrand K., 1985:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by polyethyleneglycol precipitation combined with elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

Kano, K.; Nishimaki, T.; Palosuo, T.; Loza, U.; Milgrom, F., 1978:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by the inhibition of anti antibody

Tamura, T., 1980:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by the method of conglutinin solid phase radio immunoassay 1. experimental study

Tamura, T., 1980:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by the method of conglutinin solid phase radio immunoassay 2. conglutinin binding activity in sera from the patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Aikawa, T.; Mitamura, T.; Tanimoto, K.; Horiuchi, Y., 1979:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by using human red blood cells

Penner, E.; Albini, B.; Milgrom, F., 1978:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in alcoholic liver disease

Novikova V.I., 1982:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in bacterial infection

Fresco, G.F., 1978:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in hepatitis by means of a new method employing iodine 125 antibody circulating immune complexes in hepatitis

Shou, L.; Yang, H.M.; Chang, C.M.; Good, R.A., 1986:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in liver diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus and glomerulonephritis by polyethylene glycol precipitation

Kapp, A.; Kemper, A.; Schöpf, E.; Deicher, H., 1986:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in patients with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis

Loettge M.; Canzler E.; Roese I.; Morenz J.; Struy H.; Zugehoer M.; Braune A., 1987:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in patients with eph gestosis or intrauterine growth retardation

Zhou P.; Chen H., 1983:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in sera of patients with dengue fever

Matsumura K.; Kazuta Y.; Endo R.; Tanaka K.; Inoue T., 1986:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in the sera of dogs infected with dirofilaria immitis by complement c 1q binding elisa

Quintiliani L.; Martini F.; Buzzonetti A.; Giuliani E., 1981:
Detection of circulating immuno complexes by means of the poly ethylene glycol precipitation test advantages and limits of the technique

Weil, G.J.; Kumar, H.; Santhanam, S.; Sethumadhavan, K.V.; Jain, D.C., 1986:
Detection of circulating parasite antigen in bancroftian filariasis by counterimmunoelectrophoresis

Capitanio A.; Mannucci P.M.; Ponticelli C.; Pareti F., 1982:
Detection of circulating released platelets after renal transplantations

Liu, M.K.; Pearson, T.W., 1987:
Detection of circulating trypanosomal antigens by double antibody ELISA using antibodies to procyclic trypanosomes

Rae, P.F.; Luckins, A.G., 1984:
Detection of circulating trypanosomal antigens by enzyme immunoassay

Adelusi B.; Nahmias A.J.; Ibrahim A.N.; Auersperg N., 1982:
Detection of circulating tumor associated antigens in serum of women with cervical neoplasia use of rabbit anti serum to a continuous cancer cell line c 4111

Lahesmaa Rantala R.; Granfors K.; Toivanen A., 1986:
Detection of circulating yersinia immunoglobulin complexes by enzyme immunoassay

Sarkar S.K.; Young P.E.; Sullivan D.E.; Torchia D.A., 1984:
Detection of cis and trans x proline peptide bonds in proteins by carbon 13 nmr application to collagen

Schwartz S.J.; Patroni Killam M., 1985:
Detection of cis trans carotene isomers by two dimensional thin layer and high performance liquid chromatography

N.S.; Koh H.F., 1988:
Detection of cis vaccenic acid in palm oil by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Usugi T.; Tsuchizaki T., 1982:
Detection of citrus mosaic virus by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Sticht, G.; Käferstein, H., 1978:
Detection of clobazam (Frisium) in biological material

Deak, I.I., 1977:
Detection of clones in the nervous system of drosophila melanogaster

Sidorenko L.A., 1979:
Detection of closing lung volumes by capnography and nitrography phase v on the single breath curve

Dezfulian M.; Bartlett J.G., 1984:
Detection of clostridium botulinum type a toxin by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa with antibodies produced in immunologically tolerant animals

Heizmann W.; Heeg P.; Liebig B.; Botzenhart K., 1986:
Detection of clostridium difficile and toxin b in patients of a university hospital

Maniar, A.C.; Williams, T.W.; Hammond, G.W., 1987:
Detection of Clostridium difficile toxin in various tissue culture monolayers

Peterson, L.R.; Holter, J.J.; Shanholtzer, C.J.; Garrett, C.R.; Gerding, D.N., 1986:
Detection of Clostridium difficile toxins A (enterotoxin) and B (cytotoxin) in clinical specimens. Evaluation of a latex agglutination test

Krishnan, C., 1986:
Detection of Clostridium difficile toxins by enzyme immunoassay

Mendoza, J.; Palop, B.; Serrano, M.; Castells, C.; Navarro, J.; Salva, F., 1986:
Detection of clostridium difficile using gas liquid chromatography and counterimmunoelectrophoresis

Wimsatt J.C.; Harmon S.M.; Shah D.B., 1986:
Detection of clostridium perfringens enterotoxin in stool specimens and culture supernatants by elisa

Naylor, R.D.; Martin, P.K.; Sharpe, R.T., 1987:
Detection of Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin by ELISA

Alfer'eva M.A., 1981:
Detection of clostridium perfringens in some black sea hydrobionts

Olsvik O.; Granum P.E.; Berdal B.P., 1982:
Detection of clostridium perfringens type a entero toxin by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

D.V.rennes A.; Sequeira O.A.D., 1982:
Detection of cm 112 latent grapevine virus by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay evaluation of short reaction times and reuse of gamma globulin and conjugate

Tesh, M.J.; Wood, R.L., 1988:
Detection of coagulase activity in Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

Bharucha J.J.; Olney K.L.; Schnurr P.P., 1985:
Detection of coherence disrupting and coherence conferring alterations in text

Prevot J R.; Waroux M.; Berenholc S., 1982:
Detection of collagenase activity from eikenella corrodens

Menzel, J.; Steffen, C., 1977:
Detection of collagenase activity in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluids using soluble carbon 14 labeled collagen

Nagai T.; Das K.M., 1981:
Detection of colonic antigens in tissues from ulcerative colitis using purified colitis colon tissue bound immuno globulin g

Delaloye, B.; Bischof-Delaloye, A.; Buchegger, F.; Von-Fliedner, V.; Grob, J.P.; Volant, J.C.; Pettavel, J.; Mach, J.P., 1986:
Detection of colorectal carcinoma by emission computerized tomography after injection of iodine 123 labeled fab or fab' 2 fragments from monoclonal anti carcinoembryonic antigen antibodies

Nakazawa, M., 1980:
Detection of colt serum antibody against Corynebacterium equi by agar gel diffusion

Pachmann K.; Penning R.; Lau B.; Dormer P., 1983:
Detection of common acute lympho blastic leukemia antigen positive cells in the human normal peripheral blood by micro immuno fluorometry and their fate during cultivation in diffusion chambers

Kushner V.P.; Gershun V.A.; Ivanov V.A.; Goryacheva A.A.; Fel' V.Ya, 1985:
Detection of common features in the antigenic structure and spectra of proper phosphoprotein kinase activity of water soluble dna free fractions of nuclear nonhistone proteins of rat hepatomas and liver after a single injection of hepatocarcinogens

Arroyave, C.M.; Tan, E.M., 1976:
Detection of complement activation by counter immuno electrophoresis

Kapp A.; Dieterle T.; Wokalek H.; Deicher H.; Schoepf E., 1986:
Detection of complement activation in human serum using complement c 5a induced chemiluminescence of granulocytes

Kapp A.; Maly F.E.; Schoepf E., 1985:
Detection of complement activation in human serum using complement c 5a induced chemiluminescence of human granulocytes

Sun, T.; Stagias, J., 1986:
Detection of complement activation in immune complex diseases: six methods compared

Varga A.; Stosiek P.; Kasper M., 1980:
Detection of complement binding immune complexes by means of chromium 51 labeled indicator cells a new radio immunoassay

Hinchliffe P.M.; Robertson L., 1983:
Detection of complement fixation by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Rambourg, A.; Hernandez, W.; Leblond, C.P., 1969:
Detection of complex carbohydrates in the golgi apparatus of rat cells glyco proteins inst electron microscope

Oreste U.; Calligaris V.; Ruffilli A., 1983:
Detection of complexed immuno globulin e in sera of patients allergic to the pollen of parietaria officinalis

Singh S., 1980:
Detection of components of genetic variation and genotype x environment interaction in spring wheat

Ershov, F.I.; Kara, I.; Zaitseva, O.V.; Posevaya, T.A.; Cherna, G.; Champor, F.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1976:
Detection of components of oncornavirus type d in mitochondria of hep 2 cells

Nakamura, H.; Pisano, J.J., 1976:
Detection of compounds with primary amino groups on thin layer plates by dipping in a fluorescamine solution

Baccetti, B.; Burrini, A.G., 1977:
Detection of concanavalin a receptors by affinity to peroxidase and iron dextran by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy and x ray micro analysis

Moyle, W.R.; Pressey, A.; Dean-Emig, D.; Anderson, D.M.; Demeter, M.; Lustbader, J.; Ehrlich, P., 1987:
Detection of conformational changes in human chorionic gonadotropin upon binding to rat gonadal receptors

Shil'nikov G.V.; Khusainov A.A.; Sarvazyan A.P.; Kuniskii A.S., 1983:
Detection of conformational transition in the structure of bacterio phage t 4b in the range of 30 40 celsius using acoustical measurements

Ruttum, M.S.; Nelson, D.B.; Wamser, M.J.; Balliff, M., 1987:
Detection of congenital cataracts and other ocular media opacities

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Detection of conjoined placental circulation in twin fetal lambs

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Detection of conjugative R plasmids conferring chloramphenicol resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from domestic and feral pigeons and crows

Shi C.; Guan X.; M.L.; Zhao H., 1986:
Detection of conjugative r plasmids in strains of escherichia coli isolated from healthy people

Robertson, W.K.; Milner, J.S., 1985:
Detection of conscious deception using the Child Abuse Potential Inventory lie scale

Lesogor, L.V.; Chistovich, L.A., 1978:
Detection of consonants in a 2 component sound complex and interpretation of the stimulus as a sequence of elements

Cooper W.E.; Vitt L.J., 1984:
Detection of conspecific odors by the female broad headed skink eumeces laticeps

Lippman L.G., 1981:
Detection of contextual organization in serial learning

Singer, J.J.; Fay, F.S., 1977:
Detection of contraction of isolated smooth muscle cells in suspension

Adams R.J.; Maurer D., 1984:
Detection of contrast by the newborn and 2 month old infant

Bruyninckx, W.J.; Gutteridge, S.; Mason, H.S., 1978:
Detection of copper on poly acrylamide gels

Spence, L.; Fauvel, M., 1976:
Detection of core antibody in hepatitis B infection

Eden Green S.J., 1982:
Detection of corn stunt spiroplasma in vivo by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay using anti sera to extracts from infected corn plants zea mays

Ishihara H.; Watanabe S.; Izumida N.; Tuchiya S.; Hosaki J., 1984:
Detection of coronary arterial lesions by 2 dimensional echocardiography in patients with kawasaki disease

Jenkins, J.P.; Love, H.G.; Foster, C.J.; Isherwood, I.; Rowlands, D.J., 1988:
Detection of coronary artery bypass graft patency as assessed by magnetic resonance imaging

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Detection of coronary artery disease by 2 dimensional echocardiography and transesophageal atrial pacing

Miller, T.R.; Fountos, A.; Biello, D.R.; Ludbrook, P.A., 1987:
Detection of coronary artery disease by analysis of ventricular filling

Linderholm H.; Osterman G.; Teien D., 1985:
Detection of coronary artery disease by means of exercise electrocardiography in patients with aortic stenosis

Iliceto S.; Sorino M.; D'ambrosio G.; Graziadei R.; Papa A.; Amico A.; Rizzon P., 1985:
Detection of coronary artery disease by two dimensional echocardiography obtained after supine bicycle exercise feasibility sensibility and specificity

Limacher M.C.; Quinones M.A.; Poliner L.R.; Nelson J.G.; Winters W.L.Jr; Waggoner A.D., 1983:
Detection of coronary artery disease with exercise 2 dimensional echo cardiography description of a clinically applicable method and comparison with radio nuclide ventriculography

Yonekura Y.; Tamaki N.; Senda M.; Nohara R.; Kambara H.; Konishi Y.; Koide H.; Kureshi S.A.; Saji H.; E.A., 1987:
Detection of coronary artery disease with nitrogen 13 ammonia and high resolution positron emission computed tomography

Bodenheimer, M.M.; Banka, V.S.; Fooshee, C.M.; Gillespie, J.A.; Helfant, R.H., 1978:
Detection of coronary heart disease using radio nuclide determined regional ejection fraction at rest and during hand grip exercise correlation with coronary arteriography

Nishiyama, K.; Sakai, R.; Ezuka, A.; Ichihara, A.; Shiraishi, K.; Sakamura, S., 1977:
Detection of coronatine in halo blight lesions of italian rye grass

Van Balken J.A.M.; D.L.euw P.W.; Ellens D.J.; Straver P.J., 1979:
Detection of coronavirus in calf feces with a hem adsorption elution hem agglutination assay

Wagner H.; Nusser D., 1988:
Detection of corticosteroids in fat of badger and of alp marmot

Van Vaerenbergh J.P.C.; Chauveau J.F., 1987:
Detection of corynebacterium michiganense in tomato seed lots

Tsiantos J., 1985:
Detection of corynebacterium michiganense using a leaf infiltration technique

Krause I.; Belitz H D.; Kaiser K P., 1982:
Detection of cow milk in sheep and goat milk and cheese by iso electric focusing on thin layers of poly acrylamide gels containing urea

Taylor, C.J.; Hendrickse, R.G.; Mcgaw, J.; Macfarlane, S.B.J., 1988:
Detection of cow's milk protein intolerance by an elisa

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Detection of cowdria ruminantium antigen and antibody during the course of heartwater disease in sheep by means of an elisa

Behncken, G.M.; Maleevsky, L., 1977:
Detection of cowpea aphid borne mosaic virus in queensland

Radford D.V.; Tchan Y.T.; Mcphillips J., 1981:
Detection of cows milk in goats milk by immuno electrophoresis

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Detection of cows milk in manchego cheese

Zhang W.; H.L.F.; Xia L D.; Luo Y F.; Wang Y X.; Wen Y M., 1983:
Detection of coxsackievirus b antibodies in sera of acute myo carditis with immuno enzymic method

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Detection of coxsackievirus b in sewage and correlation with the incidence of serous meningitis

Bowles N.E.; Richardson P.J.; Olsen E.G.J.; Archard L.C., 1986 :
Detection of coxsackievirus b specific rna sequences in myocardial biopsy samples from patients with myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy

Vladutiu, A.O.; Schachner, A.; Schaefer, P.A.; Schimert, G.; Lajos, T.Z.; Lee, A.B.; Siegel, J.H., 1977:
Detection of creatine kinase ec bb iso enzyme in sera of patients undergoing aorto coronary bypass surgery

Sonnenberg, A.; Erckenbrecht, J.; Peter, P.; Niederau, C., 1982:
Detection of Crohn's disease by ultrasound

Lehner T.; Brines R.; Jones T.; Avery J., 1984:
Detection of cross reacting murine i j like determinants on a human subset of t 8 positive antigen binding presenting and contrasuppressor cells

Chakrabarty S.; Lowenstein H.; Ekramoddoullah A.K.M.; Kisil F.T.; Sehon A.H., 1981:
Detection of cross reactive allergens in kentucky blue grass poa pratensis pollen and 6 other grasses by crossed radio immuno electrophoresis

Alba A.P.C.; Devay J.E., 1985:
Detection of cross reactive antigens between phytophthora infestans and solanum sp by indirect enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa

Clifford B.C.; Roderick H.W., 1981:
Detection of cryptic resistance of barley to puccinia hordei

Kauffman C.A.; Bergman A.G.; Severance P.J.; Mcclatchey K.D., 1981:
Detection of cryptococcal antigen comparison of 2 latex agglutination tests

Staib, F., 1986:
Detection of Cryptococcus neoformans in biopsy specimens from the spleen and the liver of AIDS patients: critical comments

Knaus B U., 1987:
Detection of cryptosporidiids in man

Stein A.; Loebenstein G.; Koenig R., 1979:
Detection of cucumber mosaic virus and bean yellow mosaic virus in gladiolus grandiflorus sexual hybrid by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Wakaida, M.; Teranaka, M.; Kumada, E., 1977:
Detection of cucumber mosaic virus from weeds of compositae in tochigi prefecture

Gera A.; Loebenstein G.; Raccah B.; Marco S., 1978:
Detection of cucumber mosaic virus in viruliferous aphids by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Davis R.F.; Mizuki M.K., 1987:
Detection of cucurbit viruses in new jersey usa

Kalab M.; Lowrie R.J.; Nichols D., 1982:
Detection of curd granule and milled curd junctions in cheddar cheese

Nowack, H.; Eckenberger, H.P., 1986:
Detection of cutaneously administered flufenamic acid in the interior space of the knee joint

Bashan Y.; Okon Y.; Henis Y., 1985:
Detection of cutinases and pectic enzymes during infection of tomato by lycopersicon esculentum pseudomonas syringae pathovar tomato

Grdinic V.; Oresic L.S., 1986:
Detection of cyanide by using loaded ion exchange resin as reagent

Uno I.; Ishikawa T.; Hashiba T., 1985:
Detection of cyclic amp levels and cyclic amp receptor protein in mycelia of rhizoctonia solani forming sclerotia

Shinozawa T.; Sokabe M.; Terada S.; Matsusaka H.; Yoshizawa T., 1987 :
Detection of cyclic gmp binding protein and ion channel activity frog rod outer segments

Matsui M.; Hayashi N.; Kinuma H.; Tanimura A.; Kurata H., 1980:
Detection of cyclo hexylamine forming bacteria from the intestinal tract of rabbit and guinea pig after oral administration of sodium cyclamate studies on the metabolism of food additives by microorganisms inhabiting the gastro intestinal tract 5

Nevin G.B.; Nevin N.C.; Redmond A.O.; Young I.R.; Tully G.W., 1981:
Detection of cystic fibrosis homo zygotes and hetero zygotes by serum iso electro focusing

Tellez-Giron, E.; Ramos, M.C.; Dufour, L.; Alvarez, P.; Montante, M., 1978:
Detection of cysticercus cellulosae antigens in cerebrospinal fluid by dot elisa and standard elisa

Zelleke A.; Martin G.C.; Labavitch J.M., 1980:
Detection of cyto kinins using a gas chromatograph equipped with a sensitive nitrogen phosphorus detector

Weiland, E.; Mussgay, M., 1976:
Detection of cyto toxic lymphoid spleen cells from stu mice with moloney sarcoma by a tritiated proline micro cyto toxicity assay

Vasudevan, D.M.; Vijayakumar, T., 1977:
Detection of cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes in tumor bearing animals procedures to isolate highly active populations

Mcdonnel A.; Staehelin L.A., 1981:
Detection of cytochrome f a c class cytochrome with di amino benzidine in poly acrylamide gels

Willms, J.; Phillips, J., 1984:
Detection of cytogenetic regions influencing RNA polymerase activity in Drosophila melanogaster by segmental aneuploid mapping

Terpe H J.; Kasper M.; Martin H.; Lehmann J., 1988 :
Detection of cytokeratin from arachnoidal cells and meningiomas

Adler, S.P.; McVoy, M., 1986:
Detection of cytomegalovirus antibody by enzyme immunoassay and lack of evidence for an effect resulting from strain heterogeneity

Dienstag, J.L.; Cline, W.L.; Purcell, R.H., 1976:
Detection of cytomegalovirus antibody by immune adherence hem agglutination

Saify S.J.; Ustacelebi S.; Haberal M., 1986:
Detection of cytomegalovirus antibody levels in renal transplants by complement fixation and elisa tests

Cheeseman S.H.; Doern G.V.; Ferriani R.A.; Keville M.W.; Mcgraw B.R.; Stewart J.A., 1984:
Detection of cytomegalovirus antibody with 2 commercially available assays an indirect hem agglutination test and an enzyme immuno sorbent assay

Adler, S.P.; McVoy, M.; Biro, V.G.; Britt, W.J.; Hider, P.; Marshall, D., 1985:
Detection of cytomegalovirus antibody with latex agglutination

Mckeating J.A.; A.N.kib W.; Greenaway P.J.; Griffiths P.D., 1985:
Detection of cytomegalovirus by dna dna hybridization employing probes labeled with phosphorus 32 of biotin

McKeating, J.A.; Grundy, J.E.; Varghese, Z.; Griffiths, P.D., 1986:
Detection of cytomegalovirus by ELISA in urine samples is inhibited by beta 2 microglobulin

Wang S.; Zhao Y.; F.Q.; Yin M.; Liu Y.; Wang Z., 1987:
Detection of cytomegalovirus cmv dna sequence in biopsy samples of the cervical cancer

Scott, A.A.; Walker, K.A.; Hennigar, L.M.; Williams, C.H.; Manos, J.P.; Gansler, T., 1988:
Detection of cytomegalovirus in shell vial cultures by using a DNA probe and early nuclear antigen monoclonal antibody

Paya, C.V.; Wold, A.D.; Smith, T.F., 1987:
Detection of cytomegalovirus infections in specimens other than urine by the shell vial assay and conventional tube cell cultures

Eizuru Y.; Mihara M.; Minamishima Y.; Tsunematsu Y.; Okabe N., 1986:
Detection of cytomegalovirus specific rna in frozen tissue sections by biotin labeled hybridization probe

Zhuravlev V.S.; Lyubetskii V.B.; Novikova A.V.; Panurina R.L., 1983:
Detection of cytoplasmic immuno globulins in bone marrow immunocytes in para proteinemic hemo blastosis

Sugita K.; Nakazawa S.; Takane K.; Kinoshita A.; Suzuki T.; Abe T.; Nishino K.; Mori T.; Osano M., 1986:
Detection of cytoplasmic mu chain by the double peroxidase anti peroxidase method in cell lines and childhood non t non b acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells

Royse, D.J.; Ries, S.M., 1978:
Detection of cytospora spp in twig elements of peach and its relation to the incidence of perennial canker

Fujita J.; Saijo N.; Sasaki Y.; Futami H.; Ishihara J.; Takahashi H.; Hoshi A.; Hamburger A.W., 1986:
Detection of cytotoxicity of freshly obtained lymphocytes and lymphocytes activated with recombinant interleukin 2 against lung cancer cell lines by human tumor clonogenic assay

Navarro Ortega A.; Tang Chiong R.; Montada Dorta D.; Gomez Caicedo J.; Fresneda Vidal M., 1986:
Detection of ddt resistance in larvae of culex quinquefasciatus say 1823 diptera culicidae bred in the laboratory

Thornton, J.D., 1979:
Detection of decay in wood using a pulsed current resistance meter shigometer 1. laboratory tests of the progression of decay of pinus radiata sap wood by poria monticola and fomes lividus

Thornton, J.D., 1979:
Detection of decay in wood using a pulsed current resistance meter shigometer 2. laboratory tests of the progression of decay of dyera costulata by gloeophyllum trabeum

Thornton, J.D.; Seaman, W.G.; Mckiterick, M., 1981:
Detection of decay in wood using a pulsed current resistance meter shigometer 3. field testing of creosoted hardwood poles removed from service

Littlepage G.E.; Pineault M.A., 1985:
Detection of deception of planned and spontaneous communications

Djeu, J.; Payne, S.; Alford, C.; Heim, W.; Pomeroy, T.; Cohen, M.; Oldham, R.; Herbermann, R.B., 1977:
Detection of decreased proportion of lymphocytes forming rosettes with sheep erythrocytes at 29 celsius in the blood of cancer patients analysis of factors affecting the assay

Shah G.A.; Dhall T.Z.; Ferguson I.A.; Dhall D.P., 1980:
Detection of deep vein thrombosis by iodine 125 labeled fibrinogen scanning technique a methodological study

Ruksawin N.; Phornphibulaya P.; Pleehachinda R.; Songkla S.N.; Suwanik R., 1984:
Detection of deep vein thrombosis by technetium 99m sulfur colloid a case

Barnes, R.W.; Hokanson, D.E.; Wu, K.K.; Hoak, J.C., 1977:
Detection of deep vein thrombosis with an automatic electrically calibrated strain gauge plethysmograph

Brown, D.; Miller, E.E.; Von-Geldern, C.E.Jr, 1977:
Detection of delayed annulus formation among bluegill lepomis macrochirus populations at lake nacimiento california usa

Simson, M.B.; Euler, D.; Michelson, E.L.; Falcone, R.A.; Spear, J.F.; Moore, E.N., 1981:
Detection of delayed ventricular activation on the body surface in dogs

Dimitrakakis M.; Coulepis A.G.; Pringle R.C.; Gust I.D., 1984:
Detection of delta infection using reagents obtained from the serum of patients infected with hepatitis b virus

Mian M.H., 1985:
Detection of denitrification by a nitrogen 15 tracer technique of nitrogen released from azolla and blue green algae in a flooded soil

Vickery W.L.; Nudds T.D., 1984:
Detection of density dependent effects in annual duck censuses

Grigor'eva E.A., 1980:
Detection of depressions of neurotic and hypo psychotic levels

Makinde, A.A., 1981:
Detection of Dermatophilus congolensis antibody in the milk of streptothricosis infected cows

Grenadier E.; Sahn D.J.; Roche A.H.G.; Valdes Cruz L.M.; Copeland J.G.; Goldberg S.J.; Allen H.D., 1983:
Detection of deterioration or infection of homo graft and porcine xeno graft bio prosthetic valves in mitral and aortic positions by 2 dimensional echo cardiographic examination

Reese P.B.; Trimble L.A.; Vederas J.C., 1986:
Detection of deuterium labeling by two dimensional hydrogen carbon 13 nmr shift correlation with hydrogen decoupling

Abidi S.L., 1982:
Detection of di ethyl nitrosamine in nitrite rich water following treatment with rhodamine flow tracers

Boursier B.; Ledoux M., 1981:
Detection of di ethyl stilbestrol in calf urine by high performance thin layer chromatography

Sugiura, M.; Ito, Y.; Hirano, K.; Sawaki, S., 1977 :
Detection of di peptidase and tri peptidase activities on poly acrylamide gel and cellulose acetate gel by the reduction of tetrazolium salts

Tsyperovych, O.S.; Avdyeyev, V.H., 1974:
Detection of di peptidases in some microbial proteolytic complexes

Tomic, M., 1978:
Detection of diabetes mellitus in pregnancy

Bartels, P.H.; Weber, J.E.; Paplanus, S.H.; Graham, A.R., 1987:
Detection of diagnostic clues in statistical histometry

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Detection of diaphragmatic disruptions by peritoneoscintigraphy using technetium 99m diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid

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Detection of diaphragmatic fatigue in man by phrenic stimulation

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Detection of diastolic mitral regurgitation using pulsed Doppler and its implications

Schellmann, B.; Sperl, W., 1979:
Detection of diatoms in bone marrow (femur) of nondrowned

Lehmann G.; Ganz J., 1985:
Detection of diethyleneglycol in wine

Fowler, R.L., 1982:
Detection of differences in beer composition by brand and level of caloric content

Nishigaki K.; Husimi Y.; Tsubota M., 1986 :
Detection of differences in higher order structure between highly homologous single stranded dna species by low temperature denaturant gradient gel electrophoresis

Powell A.A.; Matthews S., 1985:
Detection of differences in the seed vigor of seed lots of kale and swede by the controlled deterioration test

Van Dijk W.; Muilerman H.G.; Ter Hart H.G.J.; Lasthuis A M.; Dijkstra C.; D.J.nge A.J.R., 1985:
Detection of different cellular sides in rat liver and kidney by 2 monoclonal antibodies raised against the nucleotide sugar hydrolyzing enzymes phosphodiesterase i and cmp sialic acid hydrolase

Ger B.A.; Zeimal' E.V.; Kachman A.N., 1979:
Detection of different kinds of cholino receptors on the membrane of the isolated neuron of the mollusk planorbarius corneus

Morizane T.; Sjogren H.O., 1983:
Detection of different states of immunity to colon cancer in rats by a leukocyte adherence inhibition assay assessing the adherence of t lymphocytes and monocytes selectively

Yanase, H.; Nakatani, F.; Munakata, T.; Machida, K., 1986:
Detection of different strains of apple chlorotic leafspot virus and apple stem grooving virus by direct double antibody sandwich method and modified indirect elisa fab' 2 procedure

Duker, N.J.; Teebor, G.W., 1976:
Detection of different types of damage in alkylated dna by means of human corrective endo nuclease

Vinarchuk, M.P., 1978:
Detection of different types of lymphocytes in sections of rat lymph nodes

Lopez P.; Perez Urena M.T.; Garcia E.; Alda M.T.; Espinosa M., 1981:
Detection of different types of receptors for dna in competent bacillus subtilis

Nesterenko V.G.; Ermakov G.P., 1982:
Detection of differentiative antigen of activated t lymphocytes and b lymphocytes aca 1 on tumor cells

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Detection of diffuse glomerular lesions in rats 1. comparisons of conventional radioactive agents

Mcafee, J.G.; Thomas, F.D.; Subramanian, G.; Schneider, R.D.; Lyons, B.; Roskopf, M.; Zapf-Longo, C.; Whaley, D., 1986:
Detection of diffuse glomerular lesions in rats ii. comparison of indium 111 cationic small macromolecules with technetium 99m diethylenetriaminepentaacetate

Cohen, R.B.; Cohen, S., 1985:
Detection of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase activity as a marker of de novo nucleic acid synthesis in germinal centers of spleens following antigen administration

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Detection of dilated cerebral ventricles in infants: a correlative study between ultrasound and computed tomography

Takahashi, K.; Ishigami, A.; Shimamine, M.; Uchiyama, M.; Ochiai, T.; Sekita, K.; Kawasaki, Y.; Furuya, T.; Tobe, M., 1987:
Detection of dimethylpropamine and its metabolites in the urine of monkeys treated with dimethylpropamine

Dixit, B.S.; Srivastava, N., 1977:
Detection of diosgenin in the seeds of trigonella foenum graecum by gas liquid chromatography method

Shabalina S.V.; Raikher L.I.; Raikher I.I.; Smurova L.Yu; Khazina E.Kh; Gavrilyaka R.D.; Umrikhina N.V.; Baldina A.I., 1987:
Detection of diphtheria toxin and the products of its degradation by means of the enzyme immunoassay

Lau, R.C., 1986:
Detection of diphtheria toxin antibodies in human sera in New Zealand by ELISA

Dai K.; Nagai M.; Sasaki H.; Nakamura H.; Takechi K.; Warabi M., 1987:
Detection of diplodia maydis berkley saccardo from imported corn seed

Johnson C.S.; Scronce B.L.; Mcmanus M.W., 1984:
Detection of direct current electric dipoles in background fields by the nurse shark ginglymostoma cirratum

Hoffmann D.; Van Regenmortel M.H.V., 1984:
Detection of distant antigenic relationships between insect and bird lysozymes by elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

Janatova J., 1986:
Detection of disulfide bonds and localization of interchain linkages in human complement c 3 and c 4

Hujita M.; Itoh Y., 1984:
Detection of disulfide bonds in the presence of an oxidizing agent

Cibas, E.S.; Malkin, M.G.; Posner, J.B.; Melamed, M.R., 1987:
Detection of DNA abnormalities by flow cytometry in cells from cerebrospinal fluid

Muysken Schoen M.A.; Baan R.A.; Lohman P.H.M., 1985:
Detection of dna adducts in n acetoxy 2 acetylaminofluorene treated human fibroblasts by immunofluorescence microscopy and quantitative immunoautoradiography

Marshall T., 1983:
Detection of dna and lipo poly saccharide in thick poly acrylamide gels using an improved silver stain

Langridge W.H.R., 1984:
Detection of dna base sequence homology between entomopoxviruses isolated from lepidoptera and orthoptera

Petzold, G.L.; Swenberg, J.A., 1978:
Detection of DNA damage induced in vivo following exposure of rats to carcinogens

Bartolome Nebreda F.J.; Castillo Aguilar I.; Bas Perez C.; Mora Perez I.; Porres Cubero J.C.; Carreno Garcia V., 1988:
Detection of dna hepatitis b virus in liver biopsies in chronic hbsag carriers

Kantorovich-Prokudina, E.N.; Semenova, N.P.; Berezina, O.N.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1977:
Detection of dna in influenza virus

Dutt, M.K., 1979:
Detection of DNA in mammalian tissues following removal of RNA with cold phosphoric acid

Al'zhanova A.T.; Generalova V.M., 1988:
Detection of dna non radioactively labeled with photobiotin using the conjugates of streptavidin with peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase

Demeter T.; Kulski J.K.; Sterrett G.F.; Pexley E.C., 1987:
Detection of dna of human papillomavirus types 6 11 and 16 18 in cell scrapings of the uterine cervix by filter in situ hybridization correlation with cytology colposcopy and histology

Tanaka, A., 1976:
Detection of DNA polymerase activity in Chlamydia psittaci

Peitao L.; H.G.; Zhang Z.; Gan X., 1986:
Detection of dna polymerase activity of hepatitis b virus and its clinical significance

Trask, B.; van den Engh, G.; Landegent, J.; in de Wal, N.J.; van der Ploeg, M., 1985:
Detection of DNA sequences in nuclei in suspension by in situ hybridization and dual beam flow cytometry

Christman, D.; Crawford, E.J.; Friedkin, M.; Wolf, A.P., 1972:
Detection of dna synthesis in intact organisms with positron emitting methyl carbon 11 thymidine

Chen J Y.; Hung M H., 1981:
Detection of dnase activities of mycoplasma pneumoniae

Monteis J.; Fossas P.; Oller F V.L.; Munoz J.A.; Solsona F.; Gelabert A.; Balius R.; Garcia Palleiro P.; Llovet J.; E.A., 1986:
Detection of donors in organ transplantation

Faure G.; Bene M.C.; Bannwarth B.; Duheille J., 1982:
Detection of double stranded dna antibodies using crithidia luciliae indirect immuno fluorescence assay

Pusey P.L.; Wilson C.L., 1982:
Detection of double stranded rna in ceratocystis ulmi

Abou Elnasr M.A.; Jones A.T.; Mayo M.A., 1985:
Detection of double stranded rna in particles of vicia cryptic virus and in vicia faba tissues and protoplasts

Hicks R.G.T.; Haughton K.L., 1986:
Detection of double stranded rna in shake cultures of agaricus bisporus affected by la france disease

D'amore P.J.; Golub S.H., 1982:
Detection of double target binders at the single cell level an evaluation of the specificity of natural killer and mixed lymphocyte culture induced natural killer like cells

Haeckel, R.; Schneider, B., 1983:
Detection of drift effects before calculating the standard deviation as a measure of analytical imprecision

Rygnestad, T.; Walstad, R.A., 1984:
Detection of drug abuse by urinalysis 2 years analytical experience in health region iv. norway

Cimo, P.L.; Pisciotta, A.V.; Desai, R.G.; Pino, J.L.; Aster, R.H., 1977 :
Detection of drug dependent antibodies by the chromium 51 platelet lysis test documentation of immune thrombocytopenia induced by di phenyl hydantoin diazepam and sulfisoxazole

Conti L.; Fidani P.; Chistolini A.; Francesconi M.; Gandolfo G.M.; Mazzucconi M.G., 1984:
Detection of drug dependent immunoglobulin g antibodies with antiplatelet activity by the antiglobulin consumption assay

Kashani-Sabet, M.; Rossi, J.J.; Lu, Y.; Ma, J.X.; Chen, J.; Miyachi, H.; Scanlon, K.J., 1988:
Detection of drug resistance in human tumors by in vitro enzymatic amplification

Sita, F.; Krízala, J.F.; Dítĕ, P.; Krupar, V., 1971:
Detection of drugs in knee joint synovia

Nanji, A.A.; Lawrence, A.H., 1988:
Detection of drugs in patients with overdose: comparison between skin surface air sampling and thin layer chromatography

Vogel, J.; Hodnett, C.N., 1981:
Detection of drugs in vitreous humor with an enzyme immunoassay technique

Trepo, C.G.; Magnius, L.O.; Schaefer, R.A.; Prince, A.M., 1976:
Detection of e antigen and antibody correlations with hepatitis b surface and hepatitis b core antigens liver disease and outcome in hepatitis b infections

Tabor, E.; Gerety, R.J.; Barker, L.F., 1977:
Detection of e antigen during acute and chronic hepatitis B virus infections in chimpanzees

Saah A.J.; Farzadegan H.; Fox R.; Nishanian P.; Rinaldo C.R.Jr; Phair J.P.; Fahey J.L.; Lee T H.; Polk B.F.; Multicent Aids Cohort Study (Usa), 1987:
Detection of early antibodies in human immunodeficiency virus infection by elisa western blot and radioimmunoprecipitation

Giraldo, G.; Beth, E.; Hammerling, U.; Tarro, G.; Kourilsky, F.M., 1977:
Detection of early antigens in nuclei of cells infected with cytomegalovirus or herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 by anti complement immuno fluorescence and use of a blocking assay to demonstrate their specificity

Kosyakova N.P.; Pavlyuchenkova R.P.; Posevaya T.A., 1987:
Detection of early antigens induced by herpes simplex virus in human tumors by the radioimmune binding method

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Detection of early arterial disease: a study using Doppler waveform analysis

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Detection of early athero sclerosis in macaca fascicularis with trans cutaneous ultrasonic measurement of the elastic properties of the common carotid artery

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Detection of early cancers located in the fundic gland region of the stomach

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Detection of early cartilage changes in experimental and human osteoarthrosis

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Detection of early embryonic wastage in sterility patients epf as a parameter

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Detection of early forms of breast cancer by mass screening examinations

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Detection of early glaucomatous nerve fiber damage by pattern erg

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Detection of early lung cancer: results of radiologic and cytologic screening in the Miyagi program

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Detection of early onset neo natal hypo calcemia in low birth weight infants by q t c and q ot c interval measurement

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Detection of early pregnancy and fetal development by the ultrasonic linear electronic scanning in bitches

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Detection of early pregnancy factor in human sera

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Detection of early pregnancy factor in swine: A need for dialogue

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Detection of early signs of cardiac failure in patients with diabetes mellitus

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Detection of early signs of cardiac insufficiency in hypertensive patients

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Detection of early xerophthalmia by impression cytology

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Detection of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus and highlands j virus antigens within mosquito pools by enzyme immunoassay

Hildreth, S.W.; Beaty, B.J.; Maxfield, H.K.; Gilfillan, R.F.; Rosenau, B.J., 1984:
Detection of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus and highlands j virus antigens within mosquito pools by enzyme immunoassay 2. retrospective field test of the enzyme immunoassay

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Detection of eco phenotypic variation in fossils and its application to a jurassic scallop

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Detection of ectopic gastric mucosa in meckels diverticulum and in other aberrations by scintigraphy 2. indications and methods a 10 year experience

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Detection of effects of nuclear genes on susceptibility to helminthosporium maydis race t by a root cap cell bioassay for hmt toxin

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Detection of ehf specific serial igm and igg with its clinical significance

S.T.; Song G.; Xing Z.; L.D., 1987:
Detection of ehfv antigen and antibody by reverse passive hemagglutination rpha and inhibition rphi

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Detection of either rapidly cytolytic macrophages or natural killer cells in activated peritoneal exudates depends on the method of analysis and the target cell type

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Detection of elemental concentration change in the root environment 1. contact micro auto radiography

Sarkar, A.N.; Jenkins, D.A., 1980:
Detection of elemental concentration change in the root environment 2. electron probe micro analysis

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Detection of elementary sulfur in fresh water sediments/

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Detection of elements in poultry skin by energy dispersive analysis of x rays with the scanning electron microscope

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Detection of elevated levels of 2' 5' oligoadenylate synthetase in serum from children with various infectious diseases

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Detection of embryonic surface antigens using the scanning electron microscope

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Detection of emphysema with computed tomography. Correlation with pulmonary function tests and chest radiography

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Detection of end products of the arginine dihydrolase pathway in both fermentative and nonfermentative mycoplasma species by thin layer chromatography

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Detection of endo nuclease activity and some characteristics of chromatin autolysis in brain cell nuclei

Morishima M.; Tanaka T.; Takei M., 1980:
Detection of endo toxin and microorganisms from root canals

Ellis S.; Goldstein J.; Popp R.L., 1985:
Detection of endocarditis associated perivalvular abscesses by 2 dimensional echocardiography

L'hermite A.; Ferrand R.; Dubois M.P.; Andersen A.C., 1985:
Detection of endocrine cells by immunofluorescence method in the gastroenteropancreatic system of the adult eel glass eel and leptocephalic larva anguilla anguilla

Zozulya V.S.; Ostashevskaya M.I., 1984:
Detection of endocrine pathology in rural children and organization of medical service

Bogovskii, B.P.; Lezhneva, O.M., 1977:
Detection of endogenous c type viral antigens during development of mice

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Detection of endogenous ethylene and ethane from phaseolus vulgaris by combined gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

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Detection of endogenous fusicoccin in maize

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Detection of endogenous intra cisternal type a particles in early zygotes of the mouse

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Detection of endometrial carcinoma and hyperplasia in asymptomatic women

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Detection of endometrial carcinomas with milan markley endometrial appliance

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Detection of endometrial stromal sarcoma in cervico vaginal smears 3 cases

Prasad A.R.S.; Luduene R.F.; Horowitz P.M., 1986:
Detection of energy transfer between tryptophan residues in the tubulin molecule and bound bis 8 anilinonaphthalene 1 sulfonate an inhibitor of microtubule assembly that binds to a flexible region on tubulin

Hale M.L.; Francis F.J.; Fagerson I.S., 1986 :
Detection of enocyanin in cranberry vaccinium macrocarpon cultivar early black juice cocktail by high performance liquid chromatography anthocyanin profile

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Detection of enteric campylobacteriosis in children

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Detection of enteric pathotypes of Escherichia coli by hybridization using six DNA probes

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Detection of enteric viruses in treated drinking water

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Detection of entero toxigenic escherichia coli by means of experimental models in patients with diarrhea of unknown etiology

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Detection of entero toxigenic escherichia coli in water by filter hybridization with 3 entero toxin gene probes

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Detection of entero toxin in cultures of staphylococcus aureus by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa and micro slide immuno diffusion

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Detection of entero toxin in feces and anti entero toxin in serum after clostridium perfringens food poisoning

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Detection of entero toxins by a cyto toxic micro assay

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Detection of enterobacter agglomerans in brewery worts by gas chromatography

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Detection of enteropathogens in fatal and potentially fatal diarrhea in Cairo, Egypt

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Detection of enterotoxigenic activity of escherichia coli in tissue culture cells

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Detection of enterotoxigenic enterobacteria containing adhesion antigens in acute intestinal diseases

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Detection of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli by colony hybridization with biotinylated enterotoxin probes

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Detection of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli by dot blot hybridization with biotinylated DNA probes

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Detection of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli in foods by dna colony hybridization

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Detection of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli in piggeries in victoria australia by dna hybridization using k88 k99 lt st 1 and st 2 probes

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Detection of enterotoxigenic st escherichia coli isolated from raw oysters using the suckling mouse inoculation test

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Detection of enterovirus 70 with monoclonal antibodies

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Detection of enterovirus antigens in McCoy cell line by indirect fluorescent antibody test

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Detection of enterovirus in sea water and in beach sand

Doerries R.; Ter Meulen V., 1980:
Detection of enterovirus specific immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m antibodies in humans by an indirect solid phase radio immunoassay

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Detection of enteroviruses and bacterial indicators and pathogens in louisiana usa oysters and their overlying waters

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Detection of entomopoxvirus proteins in insect cell culture by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

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Detection of environmental viruses in sludge enhancement of enterovirus plaque assay titers with 5 iodo 2' deoxyuridine and comparison to adenovirus and coliphage titers

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Detection of enz nuclease activity in semi solid and broth cultures staphylococcus aureus enz dnase

Toma B.; Vuillaume A.; Prevost P.; Duret C.; Eloit M.; Chappuis G.; Parodi A.L., 1986:
Detection of enzootic bovine leukosis by the elisa test in milk

Mammerickx M.; Portetelle D.; Burny A., 1984:
Detection of enzootic bovine leukosis with an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa on pooled sera

Afinogenova A.V.; Markelova N.Yu; Lambina V.A., 1986:
Detection of enzyme activities of some metabolic pathways in micavibrio admirandus and bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

Clark, P.I.; Lowe, G.; Nurse, D., 1977:
Detection of enzyme bound intermediates by cross saturation in nmr spectroscopy an investigation of the papain n benzoylamino acetaldehyde complex

Fischer G.; Bang H.; Mech C., 1984:
Detection of enzyme catalysis for cis trans isomerization of peptide bonds using proline containing peptides as substrates

Johnson M.C.; Pirone T.P.; Siegel M.R.; Varney D.R., 1982:
Detection of epichloe typhina in tall fescue festuca arundinacea by means of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

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Detection of epistatic additive and dominance variation in greengram vigna radiata l. wilczek

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Detection of epistatic additive and dominance variation in winter wheat triticum aestivum

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Detection of epithelial acid secretions in marine mollusks review of techniques and new analytical methods

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Detection of epstein barr viral dna internal repeats in the naso pharyngeal mucosa of chinese with immuno globulin a epstein barr virus specific antibodies

Moar, M.H.; Klein, G., 1978:
Detection of epstein barr virus dna sequences using in situ hybridization

Zeng J.; Gong C.H.; Jan M.G.; Fun Z.; Zhang L.G.; L.H.Y., 1983:
Detection of epstein barr virus immuno globulin a early antigen antibody for diagnosis of naso pharyngeal carcinoma by immuno auto radiography

Sauerbrei, A.; Wutzler, P.; Faerber, I.; Wutke, K.; Brichacek, B.; Hirsch, I., 1987:
Detection of epstein barr virus nucleic acid sequences in non hodgkin's lymphomas

Chin-Acad-Med-Sci-Cancer-Inst-Lab-Tumor-Viruses ; Chin-Acad-Med-Sci-Inst-Epidemiol-Lab-Tumor-Viruses ; Chin-Acad-Med-Sci-Cancer-Inst-Dep-Radiother ; Beijing-Worker-Peasant-Soldier-Hosp-Dep-Otolaryngol, 1978:
Detection of epstein barr virus specific serum immuno globulin g and immuno globulin a antibodies from patients with naso pharyngeal carcinoma

Yates S.G.; Plattner R.D.; Garner G.B., 1985:
Detection of ergopeptine alkaloids in endophyte infected toxic ky 31 tall fescue by mass spectrometry

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Detection of errors in methyl malonyl coenzyme a metabolism by using amniotic fluid

Vruggink, H.; De-Boer, S.H., 1978:
Detection of erwinia carotovora var atroseptica in potato tubers with immuno fluorescence following induction of decay

Idel'son L.I.; Pivnik A.V.; Ievleva E.S.; Ter Grigorov V.S.; Graf I.A.; Tikhonova L.Yu, 1981:
Detection of erythro blastic antigen on the blast surface in certain forms of acute leukemia

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Detection of Escherichia coli adhesins with DNA probes

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Detection of Escherichia coli antigens by a latex agglutination test

Cecchini, G.L.; O-Brien, R.T., 1968:
Detection of escherichia coli by inst gas chromatography

Kennett R.H.; Leunk R.; Meyer B.; Silenzio V., 1985:
Detection of escherichia coli colonies expressing the v sis oncogene product with monoclonal antibodies made against synthetic peptides

Binek M.; Niemialtowski M.; Szynkiewicz Z.; Klimuszko D.; Jakubowski T., 1980:
Detection of escherichia coli entero toxins in the intestinal loops of pigs and in cho cells

Lovett, J.; Peeler, J.T., 1984:
Detection of Escherichia coli enterotoxins by using mouse adrenal cell and suckling mouse assays: collaborative study

Akiyama K.; Ochi J.; Abe K., 1985:
Detection of esterase d by using isoelectric focusing electrophoresis and the gene frequencies of esterase d among inhabitants in tokyo japan

Tarrach F.; Herrmann K., 1987:
Detection of esters of fruit acids and sugars in fruit juice concentrates by gc ms

Pertschuk, L.P., 1976:
Detection of estrogen binding in human mammary carcinoma by immuno fluorescence a new technique utilizing the binding hormone in a polymerized state

Zheng S.; E.A., 1985:
Detection of estrogen receptor from needle aspirate in breast cancer cells

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Detection of estrogen receptor in bone marrow from patients with metastatic breast cancer

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Detection of estrogen receptor messenger rna in human uterus

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Detection of estrogen receptors in gynecologic tumors using immuno peroxidase and the dextran coated charcoal assay

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Detection of estrogens in milk

Stevenson, J.S.; Britt, J.H., 1977:
Detection of estrus by 3 methods

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Detection of estrus related odors in cows by trained dogs

Buchanan B.R.; Honigs D.E.; Lee C.J.; Roth W., 1988:
Detection of ethanol in wines using optical fiber measurements and near ir analysis

Bre M.H.; Lefort Tran M.; Obrenovitch A.; Monsigny M., 1984:
Detection of euglena gracilis cell surface carbohydrates by lectins alterations related to vitamin b 12 deficiency

Cristau P., 1981:
Detection of excessive drinkers

Aoki T., 1982:
Detection of exercise induced abnormalities of cardiac wall motion in coronary heart disease by modified cardio kymography

Daley, P.J.; Sagar, K.B.; Collier, B.D.; Kalbfleisch, J.; Wann, L.S., 1987:
Detection of exercise induced changes in left ventricular performance by Doppler echocardiography

Nichols, A.B.; Cochavi, S.; Moore, R.H.; Beller, G.A., 1978 :
Detection of experimental pulmonary emboli in dogs by sequential positron imaging after inhalation of oxygen 15 carbon di oxide

Seydel, U.; Lindner, B.; Seydel, J.K.; Brandenburt, K., 1982:
Detection of externally induced impairments in single bacterial cells by laser microbe mass analysis

D'errico A.; Biagini G.; Garbisa S.; Milani M.; Rizzoli R.; Vasi V.; Villanacci V.; Grigioni W.F.; Mancini A.M., 1986:
Detection of extracellular matrix antigens fibronectin laminin type iv collagen in paraffin embedded sections by avidin biotin peroxidase complex labelling

Kreger, A.; Lockwood, D., 1981:
Detection of extracellular toxin(s) produced by Vibrio vulnificus

Schoelmerich J.; Braun G.; Volk B.A.; Spamer C.; Hoppe Seyler P.; Gerok W., 1987:
Detection of extraintestinal and intestinal abnormalities in inflammatory bowel disease by ultrasound

Semenov A.M.; Okorokov L.A.; Vasil'eva L.V., 1986:
Detection of extremely high affinity for substrate in prosthecobacteria

Lossing, T.S.; Kasper, C.K.; Feinstein, D.I., 1977:
Detection of factor VIII inhibitors with the partial thromboplastin time

Zinn K.; Maniatis T., 1986:
Detection of factors that interact with the human beta interferon regulatory region in vivo by dnase i footprinting

Joshi S.R.; Mcneely R., 1988:
Detection of fallout europium 155 and bismuth 207 in a lead 210 dated lake sediment core

Everitt J.H.; Ingle S.J.; Gausman H.W.; Mayeux H.S.Jr, 1984:
Detection of false broomweed ericameria austrotexana by aerial photography

Croxson M.S.; Palmer B.N.; Holdaway I.M.; Frengley P.A.; Evans M.C., 1985:
Detection of familial dysalbuminemic hyperthyroxinemia

Daood H.; A.A.i H., 1986:
Detection of fatty acid and free fatty acid composition of safflower seeds during germination by gas liquid chromatography glc

El'kin Y.N.; Voinov V.G.; Bysotskii M.V.; Svetashev V.I., 1985:
Detection of fatty acids by dissociative electron capture mass spectrometry

Krutsay, M., 1988:
Detection of fatty acids in paraffin sections

Barel M.; Frade R., 1980:
Detection of fc gamma receptors on human lympho blastoid cell surfaces using a simple solid phase radio immunoassay specific for human immuno globulin g

Sjoberg O.; Inganas M., 1979:
Detection of fc receptor bearing lymphocytes by using immuno globulin g coated latex particles

W.Y Y., 1984:
Detection of fc receptors comparison of inhibition of erythrocyte antibody rosette formation and binding assay

Rojko, J.L.; Hoover, E.A.; Mathes, L.E.; Hause, W.R.; Schaller, J.P.; Olsen, R.G., 1978:
Detection of feline leukemia virus in tissues of cats by a paraffin embedding immuno fluorescence procedure

Ishida T.; Kawai S.; Fujiwara K., 1981:
Detection of feline leukemia virus infection in the tokyo area japan by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Collier B.D.; Carrera G.F.; Johnson R.P.; Isitman A.T.; Hellman R.S.; Knobel J.; Finger W.A.; Gonyo J.E.; Malloy P.J., 1985:
Detection of femoral head avascular necrosis in adults by single photon emission computed tomography

Otnaess A B.; Laegreid A., 1986:
Detection of femtomolar quantities of the ganglioside g m 1 on thin layer chromatography plates by native cholera toxin and labeled antisera

Donike, M., 1974:
Detection of femtomole quantities of catecholamines by mass spectrometry

Khristin, M.S.; Akulova, E.A., 1975:
Detection of ferredoxins and plasto cyanin during early ontogeny and greening of etiolated pea seedlings

Sebring E.S.; Polesky H.F., 1982:
Detection of fetal maternal hemorrhage in rh immune globulin candidates a rosetting technique using enzyme treated rh 2rh 2 indicator erythrocytes

Wheeler, T.; Roberts, K.; Peters, J.; Murrills, A., 1987:
Detection of fetal movement using Doppler ultrasound

Rolfe, B.E., 1982:
Detection of fetal wastage

Mcwilliam A.C.; Davies S.C., 1985:
Detection of fetomaternal hemorrhage by an immunofluorescence technique

Hughes W.T.; Patterson G.G.; Thornton D.; Williams B.J.; Lott L.; Dodge R., 1985:
Detection of fever with ir thermometry a feasibility study

Todd, W.J.; Burgdorfer, W.; Wray, G.P., 1983:
Detection of fibrils associated with Rickettsia rickettsii

Bube, F.W.; Egenolf, F., 1981:
Detection of fibrinolytic cleavage products in patient collectives with disordered hemostasis 1. in pathologically verified lung carcinoma 2. in thrombotic embolic situations

Babaev V.R.; Krushinskii A.V.; Domogatskii S.P.; Efremov E.E.; Repin V.S., 1988:
Detection of fibronectin and collagen in semithin sections of human aorta

Skotnicki, A.H.; Dale, J.L.; Skotnicki, M.L., 1986:
Detection of Fiji disease virus in infected sugarcane by nucleic acid hybridization

Au, A.C.; Draper, C.C.; Denham, D.A.; Rao, C.K.; Ismail, M.M.; Mak, J.W., 1982:
Detection of filarial antibodies in Malayan and Bancroftian filariasis by the indirect fluorescent antibody test, using different filarial antigens

Malhotra A.; Reddy M.V.R.; Naidu J.N.; Harinath B.C., 1985:
Detection of filarial antigen in urine by sandwich elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay and its use in diagnosis

Reddy, M.V.; Harinath, B.C.; Hamilton, R.G., 1984:
Detection of filarial antigen in urine of humans with Wuchereria bancrofti infection by immunoradiometric assay

Matayoshi, S.; Oda, H., 1985:
Detection of fine spiral structures (spirosomes) by weak sonication in some bacterial strains

Kodama H.; Honda A.; Mikami T.; Izawa H., 1987:
Detection of fish antibody against protein antigen of aeromonas salmonicida by elisa using biotin avidin system

Orita Y.; Yamada A.; Hirata T.; Sese A.; Tanaka S.; Kikuchi Y.; Nakamura M., 1980:
Detection of flail aortic valve in bacterial endo carditis with real time 2 dimensional echo cardiography a case

Huh G J.; Wakabayashi H., 1987:
Detection of flavobacterium sp a pathogen of bacterial gill disease using indirect fluorescent antibody technique

Liuzzo J.A.; Wong C.M., 1982:
Detection of floc producing sugars by a protein dye binding method

Ogawa S.; Yamakawa H.; Yamanoi J.; Nishida S.; Takeshima T.; Matumoto T.; Tauchi Y.; Nagashima H.; Kanou Y., 1987:
Detection of fluorescent body in spermatozoa of bull boar dog rabbit rat and mouse

Badmaev K.N.; Dement E.E.V.; Tetel'baum B.I., 1979:
Detection of focal brain lesions by means of technetium 99m microspheres

Tokuda, G.; Warrington, R.W., 1970:
Detection of foot and mouth disease virus antibodies part 1 passive hem agglutination test

Warrington, R.E.; Kawakami, Y., 1971:
Detection of foot and mouth disease virus antibodies part 2 use of fractionated bovine anti sera for improving the specificity of a passive hem agglutination test

Rai A.; Rao B.U.; Singh N., 1980:
Detection of foot and mouth disease virus by fluorescent antibody technique

D.F.aviis, L.; Scaglione, P.; Del Bò, P.; Nessi, R., 1988:
Detection of foreign bodies in soft tissues: experimental comparison of ultrasonography and xeroradiography

Chung Y S.; L.H.V., 1984:
Detection of forest fire smoke plumes by satellite imagery

D.T.gni, P.; Niman, H.; Raymond, V.; Sawchenko, P.; Verma, I.M., 1988 :
Detection of fos protein during osteogenesis by monoclonal antibodies

Dean, H.F.; Royle, P.; Morgan, A.F., 1979:
Detection of FP plasmids in hospital isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Steinauer, R.; Walther, H.; Schlunegger, U.P., 1980:
Detection of fragment genesis in the mass spectrometer 5. amino acid sequence analysis by direct analysis of daughter ions mass analyzed ion kinetic energy spectrometry linked scan and collisional activation mass spectrometry aliphatic amino acids

Steinauer R.; Schlunegger U.P., 1982:
Detection of fragment genesis in the mass spectrometer amino acid sequence analysis by direct analysis of daughter ions mass analyzed ion kinetic energy linked scan and collisional activation mass spectrometry 7 peptides containing aromatic amino acids

Schlunegger, U.P.; Hirter, P.; Von-Felten, H., 1976:
Detection of fragment genesis in the mass spectrometer part 3 analysis of amino acid sequence in oligo peptides and in mixtures of oligo peptides by direct analysis of daughter ions mass spectrometry

Verbiese Genard N.; Hanocq M., 1986:
Detection of fraudulent use of zeranol and natural occurrence of zearalenone in cattle urine by high performance liquid chromatography

Krueger D.A.; Krueger H.W., 1985:
Detection of fraudulent vanillin labeled with carbon 13 in the carbonyl carbon

Westerberg L M.; Pfaffli P.; Sundholm F., 1982:
Detection of free radicals during processing of poly ethylene and poly styrene plastics

Pryor W.A.; Prier D.G.; Church D.F., 1983:
Detection of free radicals from low temperature ozone olefin reactions by esr spin trapping evidence that the radical precursor is a tri oxide

Tominaga T.; Imaizumi S.; Yoshimoto T.; Suzuki J.; Fujita Y., 1986:
Detection of free radicals generated in nadph dependent lipid peroxidation in ischemic brain homogenate application of spin trapping technique

Courts, F.J.; Boackle, R.J.; Fudenberg, H.H.; Silverman, M.S., 1977:
Detection of functional complement components in gingival crevicular fluid from humans with periodontal disease

Noda, Y.; Katayama, T.; Hirai, Y.; Hayashi, H.; Kanemasa, Y., 1982:
Detection of functional group on the liposome surface by colloid titration

Day A.W.; Gardiner R.B.; Smith R.; Svircev A.M.; Mckeen W.E., 1986:
Detection of fungal fimbriae by protein a gold immunocytochemical labeling in host plants infected with ustilago heufleri or peronospora hyoscyami f sp tabacina

Hockey, L.J.; Fujita, N.K.; Gibson, T.R.; Rotrosen, D.; Montgomerie, J.Z.; Edwards, J.E., 1982:
Detection of fungemia obscured by concomitant bacteremia: in vitro and in vivo studies

Karayannopoulou, G.; Weiss, J.; Damjanov, I., 1988:
Detection of fungi in tissue sections by lectin histochemistry

Hong S.W.; Han H.E.; Chae K.S., 1981:
Detection of furfural and 2 furoic acid in bacterial cultures by high pressure liquid chromatography

Visconti A.; Bottalico A., 1983:
Detection of fusarium graminearum trichothecenes nivalenol deoxy nivalenol fusarenone and 3 acetyldeoxy nivalenol by high performance liquid chromatography

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Detection of gabor signals and discrimination of gabor textures

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