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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5119

Chapter 5119 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Volm, M.; Efferth, T.; Günther, A.; Lathan, B., 1987:
Detection of murine S180 cells expressing a multidrug resistance phenotype using different in vitro test systems and a monoclonal antibody

Mccully K.K.; Argov Z.; Boden B.P.; Brown R.L.; Bank W.J.; Chance B., 1988:
Detection of muscle injury in humans with phosphorus 31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Phillips R.A.; Zahler S.A.; Garro A.J., 1980:
Detection of mutagen induced lesions in isolated dna using a new bacillus subtilis transformation based assay

Kanoh T.; Fukuda M.; Mizoguchi I.; Kinouchi T.; Nishifuji K.; Ohnishi Y., 1987:
Detection of mutagenic compounds in the urine of mice administered pyrene during exposure to nitrogen dioxide

Gatehouse, D., 1978:
Detection of mutagenic derivatives of cyclo phosphamide and a variety of other mutagens in a micro titer fluctuation test without microsomal activation

Jaylet A.; Gauthier L.; Fernandez M., 1987:
Detection of mutagenicity in drinking water using a micronucleus test in newt larvae pleurodeles waltlii

Grabow W.O.K.; Denkhaus R.; Van Rossum P.G., 1980:
Detection of mutagens in waste water a polluted river and drinking water by means of the ames salmonella typhimurium and microsome assay

Bjeldanes, L.F.; Chang, G.W.; Thomson, S.V., 1978:
Detection of mutagens produced by fungi with the Salmonella typhimurium assay

Cohen S.D., 1984:
Detection of mycelium and oo spores of phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea by vital stains in soil

Damato, J.J.; Collins, M.T.; Rothlauf, M.V.; McClatchy, J.K., 1983:
Detection of mycobacteria by radiometric and standard plate procedures

Patil, S.A.; Sinha, S.; Sengupta, U., 1986:
Detection of mycobacterial antigens in leprosy serum immune complex

Young, D.B., 1981:
Detection of mycobacterial lipids in skin biopsies from leprosy patients

Devi, S.; Stewart-Tull, E.S., 1979:
Detection of mycolic acid in leprous tissue

Pfuetzner H.; Bocklisch H.; Zepezauer V., 1980:
Detection of mycoplasma bovis from pneumonia and arthritis of calves

Boothby J.T.; Jasper D.E.; Rollins M.H.; Thomas C.B., 1981:
Detection of mycoplasma bovis specific immuno globulin g in bovine serum by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Radka S.F.; Hester D.M.; Polak Vogelzang A.A.; Bolhuis R.L.H., 1984:
Detection of mycoplasma contamination lymphoblastoid cell lines by monoclonal antibodies

Mcentire J.E.; Legrand R.; Rinstead G., 1983:
Detection of mycoplasma contamination in lympho blastoid cultures by a simple high pressure liquid chromatographic method

Miettinen A.; Turunen H.; Paavonen J.; Jansson E.; Leinikki P., 1984 :
Detection of mycoplasma hominis antigen in clinical specimens by using a 4 layer modification of enzyme immunoassay

Smaron, M.F.; Boonlayangoor, S.; Zierdt, C.H., 1985:
Detection of Mycoplasma hominis septicemia by radiometric blood culture

Macgregor, A.; Ficorilli, N., 1978:
Detection of mycoplasma in cell cultures how reliable is the uridine uracil uptake ratio method

Kolesnik L.V., 1985:
Detection of mycoplasma like and rickettsia like organisms in tissues of certain plants with symptoms of yellows and mosaic disease

Sinha R.C.; Benhamou N., 1983:
Detection of mycoplasma like organism antigens from aster yellows diseased plants by 2 serological procedures

Schaper, U.; Converse, R.H., 1985:
Detection of mycoplasma like organisms in infected blueberry vaccinium corymbosum cultivars by the 4' 6 diamidino 2 phenylindole technique

Sinha R.C.; Chiykowski L.N., 1986:
Detection of mycoplasma like organisms in leafhopper vectors of aster yellow and peach x disease by immunosorbent electron microscopy

Douglas S.M., 1986:
Detection of mycoplasma like organisms in peach prunus persica and chokecherry prunus virginiana with x disease by fluorescence microscopy

D.R.cha A.; Ohki S.T.; Hiruki C., 1986:
Detection of mycoplasma like organisms in situ by indirect immunofluorescence microscopy

Stipkovits, L.; El-Ebeedy, A.A.; Varga, L., 1975:
Detection of Mycoplasma meleagridis infection of turkeys in Hungary

Clark, H.W.; Coker-Vann, M.R.; Bailey, J.S.; Brown, T.M., 1988:
Detection of mycoplasmal antigens in immune complexes from rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluids

Bocklisch H.; Pfuetzner H.; Weidehaas H.; Zepezauer V., 1987:
Detection of mycoplasmas from pneumonia of sheep with particular reference to mycoplasma ovipneumoniae

Detering, N.K.; Wells, M.A., 1976:
Detection of myelin in the optic nerve of young rats by sedimentation equilibrium in a cesium chloride gradient

Savchenko Y.N., 1982:
Detection of myelin marker enzymes in blood serum in diseases of the peripheral nervous system

Rothkopf M.; Boerner J.; Stone M.J.; Smitherman T.C.; Buja L.M.; Parkey R.W.; Willerson J.T., 1979:
Detection of myo cardial infarct extension by creatine kinase b radio immunoassay

Tomoike, H.; Franklin, D.; Ross, J.J., 1978:
Detection of myo cardial ischemia by regional dys function during and after rapid pacing in conscious dogs

Gilkeson, G.; Stone, M.J.; Waterman, M.; Ting, R.; Gomez-Sanchez, C.E.; Hull, A.; Willerson, J.T., 1978:
Detection of myoglobin by radioimmmunoassay in human sera: its usefulness and limitations as an emergency room screening test for acute myocardial infarction

Feinberg D.A.; Palmer R.; Perez Mendez V.; Carlsson E., 1985:
Detection of myocardial infarction in dogs by contrast enhanced sequential computed tomography scans

Bouhour J.B.; Helias J.; D.L.jartre A.Y.; Petitier H.; Komajda M.; Leger A.; Delcourt A.; Sacrez A.; Bareiss P.; E.A., 1988:
Detection of myocarditis during the first year after discovery of a dilated cardiomyopathy by endomyocardial biopsy and gallium 67 myocardial scintigraphy prospective multicenter french study of 91 patients

Scelsi R.; Savoldi F.; Borghi L.; Villa M., 1984:
Detection of myopathies in children by proton nmr and comparison with histopathological patterns

John, H.A.; Patrinou-Georgoulas, M.; Jones, K.W., 1977:
Detection of myosin heavy chain messenger rna during myogenesis in tissue culture by in vitro and in situ hybridization

Bayne, E.K.; Simpson, S.B.J., 1977:
Detection of myosin in prefusion g o lizard myo blasts in vitro

Oesch F.; Doerjer G., 1982:
Detection of n 2 3 etheno guanine in dna after treatment with chloro acetaldehyde in vitro

Klinger G.; Kuntsmann F.W.; Stelzner A., 1981:
Detection of n acetyl neuraminic acid with long term application of hormonal contraceptives

Kang G.II.C.oi H.K., 1986:
Detection of n acetyltranylcypromine and glucuronide of phenylhydroxylated n acetyltranylcypromine from tranylcypromine dosed rat urine pharmacological implications

Mach, M.H.; Pallos, A., 1977:
Detection of n nitroso di methylamine by gas chromatography methane chemical ionization mass spectrometry with single ion monitoring

Watkins P.A.; Yost D.A.; Chang A.W.; Mekalanos J.J.; Moss J., 1985:
Detection of nad arginine adp ribosyltransferases in animal tissues using iodine 125 labeled 1 p hydroxyphenyl 2 guanidinoethane as adp ribose acceptor

Grdinic V.; Spoljaric G.; Oresic L.S., 1986:
Detection of nanogram amounts of sulfonamide drugs by the resin spot test

Midha K.K.; Cooper J.K.; Gagne D.; Bailey K., 1979:
Detection of nanogram levels of various ring substituted phenyl iso propylamines in urine and plasma by gas liquid chromatography electron capture detector

Ando D.G.; Ebling F.M.; Hahn B.H., 1986:
Detection of native and denatured dna antibody forming cells by the enzyme linked immunospot assay a clinical study of new zealand back x new zealand white f 1 mice

Klos A.; Ihrig V.; Messner M.; Grabbe J.; Bitter Suermann D., 1988:
Detection of native human complement components C3 and C5 and their primary activation peptides C3a and C5a (anaphylatoxic peptides) by ELISAs with monoclonal antibodies

Valentyuk, E.I.; Kovalyukh, N.N., 1977:
Detection of natural enemies of the larvae of blood sucking mosquitoes using radio labeling

Myasnikov Y.A.; Ryl'tseva E.V.; Tkachenko E.A.; Ivanov A.P.; Dzagurova T.K.; Rezapkin G.V.; Fadeev E.E.; Farshatov A.G.; Safonova N.M., 1985:
Detection of natural foci of hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome in the komi assr russian sfsr ussr

Vereta L.A.; Ostrovskaya O.V.; Nikolaeva S.P.; Pukhovskaya N.M., 1983:
Detection of natural heterogeneity of natural tick borne encephalitis virus populations and grouping of the strains

Nomori H.; Saijo N.; Fujita J.; Hyoi M.; Sasaki Y.; Shimizu E.; Kanzawa F.; Inomata M.; Hoshi A., 1985:
Detection of natural killer activity and antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity of lymphocytes by human tumor clonogenic assay correlation with the chromium 51 release assay

Yamada A.; Hayami M.; Yamanouchi K.; Fujiwara K., 1980:
Detection of natural killer cells in japanese quails coturnix coturnix japonica

Cassell G.H.; Lindsey J.R.; Davidson M.K.; Brown M.B.; Mayo J.G.; Davis J.K., 1982 :
Detection of natural mycoplasma pulmonis infection in rats and mice by an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Gorayeb, I.S.; Pinger, R.R., 1978:
Detection of natural predators on larvae of simulium fulvinotum diptera nematocera

Benech, C.; Kun, A., 1977:
Detection of natural radioactive contaminants in biological materials

Zandomeneghi M.; Festa C.; Angeletti C.A.; Menconi G.; Sicuro T.; Cozzani I., 1988:
Detection of near ir porphyrin fluorescence excited in experimental animal tumors by the helium neon laser

Mcdonald H.C.; Simon P.A.; Takeguchi M.M.; Odstrchel G.; Weetall H.H.; Felman Y.M., 1981:
Detection of neisseria gonorrhoeae by uv illumination of nadh generated by an immobilized antibody gonococcal enzyme complex

Newman, J.; Hicks, R.M., 1977:
Detection of neoplastic and pre neoplastic urothelia by combined scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy of urinary surface of human and rat bladders

Geerts L.; Bury P.; Moisse R., 1981:
Detection of neoplastic disease by systematic dosage of serum carcino embryonic antigen in an internal medicine service

Enig, B.; Jensen, B.B.; Madsen, E.H.; Jorgensen, J.; Thorling, K., 1985:
Detection of neoplastic lymph nodes in hodgkin's disease and non hodgkin's lymphoma comparison between tomography and lymphography

Niklasson B.; Kjelsson T., 1988:
Detection of nephropathia epidemica puumala virus specific immunoglobulin m by elisa

Kearns C.G.; Mossop D.W., 1984:
Detection of nepoviruses of vitis vinifera in new zealand using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa

Ebendal, T.; Persson, H., 1988:
Detection of nerve growth factor messenger rna in the developing chicken embryo

Schachner, M.; Wortham, K.A.; Kincade, P.W., 1976:
Detection of nervous system specific cell surface antigen by heterologous anti mouse brain anti serum

Ericsson A.; Schalling M.; Mcintyre K.R.; Lundberg J.M.; Larhammar D.; Seroogy K.; Hokfelt T.; Persson H., 1987:
Detection of neuropeptide y and its messenger rna in megakaryocytes enhanced levels in certain autoimmune mice

Ryndina A.M.; Dadiomova M.A.; Buryakova A.V.; Bannova M.M., 1987:
Detection of neurosensory hypoacusis during acute bacterial meningitis in children

Cosu G.; Manca M.; Righetti P.G.; Gianazza E.; Baudin V.; Wajcman H.; Bianchi Bosisio A., 1986:
Detection of neutral amino acid mutations by immobilized ph gradients the case of the t gamma variant in fetal hemoglobin sardinia

Davy J.; Raichvarg D.; Agneray J., 1979:
Detection of neutral sugars and uronic acids of glyco proteins by high performance thin layer chromatography

Simal J.; Paseiro P.; Bongera E.G., 1982:
Detection of neutralized milks

Monreal G., 1984:
Detection of neutralizing antibodies to 11 serotypes of avian adenoviruses

Ota Y.; Nomura K.; Oki Y., 1984:
Detection of neutralizing antibody against chicken runting agent and identification of this agent by indirect immunofluorescence technique

Olesen N.J.; Vestergard Jorgensen P.E., 1986:
Detection of neutralizing antibody to egtved virus in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri by plaque neutralization test with complement addition

Bucher U.; Merlin D., 1981:
Detection of neutropenia

Senilh V.; Blechert S.; Colin M.; Guenard D.; Picot F.; Potier P.; Varenne P., 1984:
Detection of new analogs of taxol extracted from taxus baccata

Egorov, I.K.; Egorov, O.S., 1988:
Detection of new MHC mutations in mice by skin grafting, tumor transplantation and monoclonal antibodies: a comparison

Pavlyuchenkova R.P.; Kosyakova N.P., 1980:
Detection of new retrovirus d induced antigens by quantitative complement fixation micro method using radioactive chromium

Cozzone, P.J.; Opella, S.J.; Jardetzky, O.; Berthou, J.; Jolles, P., 1975:
Detection of new temperature dependent conformational transition in lysozyme by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Kokelj F.; Nedoclan G.; Cantarutti A.; Segatti M.P., 1984:
Detection of nickel in some detergents using the atomic absorption spectroscopy

Eldefrawi, M.E.; Shaker, N.; Mansour, N.A.; Warnick, J.E.; Albuquerque, E.X., 1981:
Detection of nicotinic cholinergic transmission in Malapterurus electricus electroplax

Srinivasan S.K.S.; Kumar S.; Mohanti P.; Sinha S.K.; Naik M.S., 1983:
Detection of nitrate reductase activity in nitrate reductase deficient mutants of barley hordeum vulgare

Schiemann J.; Mueller A.J., 1985:
Detection of nitrate reductase cross reacting material in wild type and mutant cells of nicotiana tabacum

Chandravanshi B.S.; Gupta V.K., 1979:
Detection of nitro methane in air and water

Enlow P.D.; Buncick M.; Warmack R.J.; V.D.nh T., 1986:
Detection of nitro polynuclear aromatic compounds by surface enhanced raman spectrometry

Benoit F.M., 1983:
Detection of nitrogen di oxide and sulfur di oxide in the atmosphere by atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry

Dighe, S.; Raval, M.; Shah, A.K., 1986:
Detection of nitrogen fixing ability in an epiphytic orchid vanda testacea linde reichb. f

Pariiskaya A.N.; Kalininskaya T.A., 1977:
Detection of nitrogenase activity in collection strains of rhizobium

Roy R.; Passarello G., 1982:
Detection of nitrous oxide hypoxia by discriminant analysis of electro encephalogram waves

Cheylan M., 1986:
Detection of nocturnal activity in the mediterranean snake elaphe scalaris ophidia colubridae

Mohapatra S.S.; Puehler A., 1986:
Detection of nodule specific polypeptides from effective and ineffective root nodules of medicago sativa l

Swensson R.G.; Judy P.F., 1981:
Detection of noisy visual targets models for the effects of spatial uncertainty and signal to noise ratio

Dickler, H.B.; Cone, J.L.; Kubicek, M.T.; Sachs, D.H., 1975:
Detection of non h 2 antigens s which like immune response region associated antigens are associated with the fc receptor of bone marrow derived lymphocytes

Bres E.F.; Waddington W.G.; Hutchinson J.L.; Cohen S.; Mayer I.; Voegel J C., 1987:
Detection of non hexagonal symmetry in an apatite structure related mineral nasonite

Tamaki A., 1985:
Detection of non interference within a mobile polychaete species

Gupta S.K.; Phul P.S., 1982:
Detection of nonadditive gene effects in pearl millet pennisetum americanum

Padyukov L.N.; Tarasova N.L., 1985:
Detection of noncapsular pneumococcal antigens

Kline, B.C.; Miller, J.R., 1975:
Detection of nonintegrated plasmid dna in the folded chromosome of escherichia coli physicochemical approach to studying the unit of segregation

Boyd, A.W.; Griffin, J.D., 1985:
Detection of nonrandom clustering of colonies in agar culture

Oen H.; Vestrheim S., 1985:
Detection of nonvolatile acids in sweet cherry fruits

Teramoto, Y.A.; Hand, P.H.; Callahan, R.; Schlom, J., 1980:
Detection of novel murine mammary tumor viruses by interspecies immunoassays

Blakey, D.H.; Duncan, A.M.; Wargovich, M.J.; Goldberg, M.T.; Bruce, W.R.; Heddle, J.A., 1985:
Detection of nuclear anomalies in the colonic epithelium of the mouse

Karpov, A.Y. ; Karabash-Yu, A.; Zolotarenko, A.I., 1977:
Detection of nuclear polyhedrosis latent virus carriers in natural populations of lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae

Hizume M.; Tanaka A.; Shigematsu H., 1982:
Detection of nucleolar organizing regions in the chromosomes of nigella damascena

Czaker R.; Mayr B., 1980:
Detection of nucleolus organizer regions in the chromosomes of the domestic pig sus scrofa domestica

Slepneva I.A., 1980:
Detection of nucleoside tri phosphate binding sites of 2 types in escherichia coli rna polymerase by affinity labeling

Asai, T.; Kim, T.J.; Kobayashi, M.; Kojima, S., 1987:
Detection of nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase as a circulating antigen in sera of mice infected with Toxoplasma gondii

Cashion, P.J.; Notman, H.J.; Cadger, T.B.; Sathe, G.M., 1977:
Detection of nucleosides nucleotides on paper with fluorescent thin layer sheets

Fehn J.; Megges G., 1985:
Detection of o 6 monoacetylmorphine in urine samples by gas chromatography mass spectrometry as evidence for heroin use

Prozorovskii S.V.; Belaya Y.A.; Perepelkin V.S.; Belaya O.F.; Lytsar' B.N.; Dmitriev A.V.; Efimenko V.A.; Bystrova S.M.; Petrukhin V.G.; E.A., 1988:
Detection of o antigens and vi antigens in typhoid fever by means of the slide coagglutination test

Richard P.B., 1981:
Detection of objects in aquatic and aerial environments by the pyrenean desman galemys pyrenaicus

Van Heel M., 1982:
Detection of objects in quantum noise limited images

Powers T.A.; Grove R.B.; Bauriedel J.K.; Orr S.C.; Melton R.E.; Bowen R.D., 1980:
Detection of obstructive uropathy using technetium 99m di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid

Brown, P.M.; Johnston, K.W.; Douville, Y., 1982:
Detection of occlusive disease of the carotid artery with continuous wave Doppler spectral analysis

Schicha H.; Voth E.; Emrich D., 1985:
Detection of occult and intermittent rhinorrhea using indium 111 diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid

Schmitz F.J.; Bosse U., 1987:
Detection of occult carcinoma of the breast via immunohistochemistry

Corris, P.A.; Kertes, P.J.; Jennings, K.; Morritt, G.N.; Neville, E.; Gibson, G.J., 1986:
Detection of occult cardiac invasion by two dimensional echocardiography in patients with bronchial carcinoma

Blois, M.S.; Banda, P.W., 1976:
Detection of occult metastatic melanoma by urine chromatography

Kriebel D.; Commoner B.; Bollinger D.; Bronsdon A.; Gold J.; Henry J., 1983:
Detection of occupational exposure to geno toxic agents with a urinary mutagen assay

Hatchell, D.L.; Sommer, A., 1984:
Detection of ocular surface abnormalities in experimental vitamin A deficiency

Knapstein, H., 1975:
Detection of olaquindox and arsanilic acid in presence of sulfonamides and other additives in mixed feeds

Knapstein, H., 1975:
Detection of olaquindox in presence of other additives in feeds

Lane J.R.; Bowles K.J.; Normansell D.E., 1984:
Detection of oligo clonal immuno globulin g bands in cerebro spinal fluid by iso electric focusing on thin layer agarose gels

Mehta P.D.; Patrick B.A.; Black J., 1986:
Detection of oligoclonal immunoglobulin bands in unconcentrated cerebrospinal fluid by isoelectric focusing in agarose gel and silver staining

Gurielidze K.G.; Paseshnichenko V.A.; Vasil'eva I.S., 1986:
Detection of oligofurostanosides in plants

Stoner G.D.; You M.; Skouv J.; Budd G.C.; Pansky B.; Wang Y., 1987:
Detection of oncogene messenger rna sequences in cultured cells by in situ hybridization

Kosyakova N.P.; Pavlyuchenkova R.P.; Posevaya T.A., 1980:
Detection of oncornavirus d induced antigen in cells by mixed hem adsorption

Abenova, U.A.; Il'in, K.V.; Tsareva, A.A.; Priori, E.; Peterson, K.; Dmokhovski, L.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1977:
Detection of oncornavirus type d in continuous cells of breast cancer

Baker F.C.; Lanzrein B.; Miller C.A.; Tsai L.W.; Jamieson G.C.; Schooley D.A., 1984:
Detection of only juvenile hormone iii in several life stages of nauphoeta cinerea and thermobia domestica

Ross, J.E.; Bron, A.J.; Reeves, B.C.; Emmerson, P.G., 1985:
Detection of optic nerve damage in ocular hypertension

Gumbatov M.F., 1985:
Detection of optimal temperature conditions for hypophyseal injections and maturation of grass carp bighead and kura carp spawners

Tate, E.; Cupples, H., 1981:
Detection of orbital foreign bodies with computed tomography: current limits

Seeger, W.; Roka, L.; Moser, U., 1984:
Detection of organic hydroperoxides in rabbit lung lavage fluid but not in lung tissue homogenate using glutathione peroxidase ec and glutathione reductase ec

Bondoli, A.; Magalini, S.I.; Marchetti, B.; Mehraban, M., 1975:
Detection of organic solvents in biological fluids a gas chromatographic method

Bhattacharya S.; Alsen C.; Kruse H.; Valentin P., 1981:
Detection of organo phosphate insecticide by an immobilized enzyme system

Clear, M.H.; Fowler, F.R.; Solly, S.R.B.; Ritchie, A.R., 1977:
Detection of organo phosphorus and carbamate pesticides in adipose tissue by thin layer chromatography and gas liquid chromatography

Grumberg J.; Capurro L.; Ipinza J., 1979:
Detection of organo phosphorus pesticides in nutritional chains that culminate in man

Guilbault G.G.; Kristoff J.; Owen D., 1985:
Detection of organophosphorus compounds with a coated piezoelectric crystal

Hansen D.R.; Lillie C.H.; Hill H.H.Jr, 1985:
Detection of organotins after gas chromatography by flame ionization quenching

Schnitzler H U.; Flieger E., 1983 :
Detection of oscillating target movements by echo location in the greater horseshoe bat rhinolophus ferrumequinum

Omdal, R.; Bibow, K.; Salbu, B., 1985:
Detection of osmium in mothers's milk following intra articular injection of osmic acid in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Hanrath P.; Schulter M.; Langenstein B.A.; Polster J.; Engel S.; Kremer P.; Krebber H J., 1983:
Detection of ostium secundum atrial septal defects by trans esophageal cross sectional echo cardiography

Wolynetz M.S.; Thompson B.K.; Binns M.R., 1986:
Detection of outlying values in poultry data using multiple linear regression

Hueston, W.D.; Hartwig, N.R.; Judy, J.K., 1986:
Detection of ovine intramammary infection with the California mastitis test

Poulson, A.M.Jr ; Carter, G., 1978:
Detection of ovulation by a method of change in finger-finger electropotential readings

Affandi, M.Z.; Doctor, V.; Rao, S.S., 1981:
Detection of ovulation by a single endometrial aspiration smear. A preliminary report

Polishuk, W.Z.; Ron, M., 1976:
Detection of ovulation by water content of vaginal mucus

Schwarz S., 1980:
Detection of ovulation with a 2 hour radio immunoassay for human plasma luteinizing hormone using the centria analyzer

Van Zoonen P.; D.H.rder I.; Gooijer C.; Velthorst N.H.; Frei R.W.; Kuntzberg E.; Gubitz G., 1986:
Detection of oxidase generated hydrogen peroxide by a solid state peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence detector

Lehmann, W.D.; Breuer, H., 1968:
Detection of oxido reduction of estrogens in the rat uterus

Korosteleva, T.A.; Shvaidetskii, I.I., 1977:
Detection of oxy anthranilic acid containing antigens at early stages of di methylamino azo benzene induced carcinogenesis

Graan T.; Ort D.R., 1986:
Detection of oxygen evolving photosystem ii centers inactive in plastoquinone reduction

Adams, W.C.; Savin, W.M.; Christo, A.E., 1981:
Detection of ozone toxicity during continuous exercise via the effective dose concept

Wright, M.F., 1981:
Detection of pacemaker abnormalities by Holter monitoring

Sengupta P.; Sil S.; Chattarjea J.N., 1981:
Detection of palm elaeis guineensis oil in vanaspati by thin layer chromatography

Kondrat'ev Y.Yu; Sadovnikova N.V.; Fedotov V.P.; Liozner A.L., 1986:
Detection of pancreatic islet cell surface antibodies by elisa in autoimmune destruction of insular apparatus

Sigel, B.; Coelho, J.C.; Nyhus, L.M.; Velasco, J.M.; Donahue, P.E.; Wood, D.K.; Spigos, D.G., 1982:
Detection of pancreatic tumors by ultrasound during surgery

Ostrow, R.S.; Zachow, K.R.; Niimura, M.; Okagaki, T.; Muller, S.; Bender, M.; Faras, A.J., 1986:
Detection of papillomavirus DNA in human semen

Riou G.; Barrois M.; Tordjman I.; Dutronquay V.; Orth G., 1984:
Detection of papillomavirus genomes and evidence for amplification of the oncogenes c myc and c ha ras in invasive squamous cell carcinomas of the uterine cervix

Ishikawa, T.; Saeki, M.; Tsukune, Y.; Onoue, M.; Nakajima, Y.; Imanishi, Y.; Kaji, T., 1985:
Detection of paraesophageal varices by plain films

Bartzatt R.; Denaro F.J., 1988:
Detection of parainfluenza i glycoproteins on cell membrane by means of lectin cytochemistry

Van Der Logt J.T.M.; Van Loon A.M.; Van Der Veen J., 1982:
Detection of parainfluenza immuno globulin m antibody by hem adsorption immuno sorbent technique

Takenouchi, H.; Kataoka, I.; Yamamoto, S.; Nagasaki, S., 1980:
Detection of parasite eggs in surplus sludges from night soil disposal plants 1. distribution survey of parasite eggs in kochi prefecture japan

Forrest, T.G.; Green, D.M., 1987:
Detection of partially filled gaps in noise and the temporal modulation transfer function

Guskey L.E., 1983:
Detection of particle associated enteroviruses from raw and treated sewage and lake michigan usa harbor water

Krause C.R., 1983:
Detection of particulate air pollution injury to red maple acer rubrum leaves with energy dispersive x ray analysis

Komolafe O.O., 1986:
Detection of parvovirus in the feces of apparently healthy palm civet cats

Muneer, M.A.; Farah, I.O.; Pomeroy, K.A.; Goyal, S.M.; Mech, L.D., 1988:
Detection of parvoviruses in wolf feces by electron microscopy

Joern W.A., 1987:
Detection of past and recurrent marihuana use by a modified gc ms procedure

Brundage, B.H.; Lipton, M.J.; Herfkens, R.J.; Berninger, W.H.; Redington, R.W.; Chatterjee, K.; Carlsson, E., 1980:
Detection of patent coronary bypass grafts by computed tomography. A preliminary report

Lechat P.; Guggiari M.; Lascault G.; Fuschiardi M.; Evans J.; Drobinski G.; Klimczac K.; Grosgogeat Y., 1986:
Detection of patent foramen ovale by contrast echocardiography prior to neurosurgery

Parent J G.; Asselin A., 1984:
Detection of pathogenesis related proteins pr or b and of other proteins in the inter cellular fluid of hyper sensitive plants infected with tobacco mosaic virus

Wang, W.L.; Blaser, M.J., 1986:
Detection of pathogenic Campylobacter species in blood culture systems

Chen L C.; Durand D.P.; Hill J.H., 1982:
Detection of pathogenic strains of soybean mosaic virus by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay with poly styrene plates and beads as the solid phase

Endert E.; Ritchie D.F., 1984:
Detection of pathogenicity measurement of virulence and determination of strain variation in pseudomonas syringae pathovar syringae

Myoga, A.; Taki, T.; Arai, K.; Sekiguchi, K.; Ikeda, I.; Kurata, K.; Matsumoto, M., 1988:
Detection of patients with cancer by monoclonal antibody directed to lactoneotetraosylceramide (paragloboside)

Dietz, A.A.; Rubinstein, H.; Lubrano, T., 1972:
Detection of patients with low serum cholin esterase ec activity inadequacy of acholest method

Mink, G.I.; Parsons, J.L., 1978:
Detection of pea seed borne mosaic virus in pea seed by direct seed assay

Culver J.N.; Sherwood J.L., 1988:
Detection of peanut stripe virus in peanut seed by an indirect elisa using a monoclonal antibody

Cruickshank R.H.; Wade G.C., 1980:
Detection of pectic enzymes in pectin acrylamide gels

Plese N., 1983:
Detection of pelargonium leaf curl virus in yugoslavia

Albouy J.; Morand J.C.; Poutier J.C., 1980:
Detection of pelargonium viruses herbaceous indicators and immuno enzymatic method for the virus free plant production

Stanley J.R.; Hawley Nelson P.; Poirier M.; Katz S.I.; Yuspa S.H., 1980:
Detection of pemphigoid antigen pemphigus antigen and keratin filaments by indirect immuno fluorescence in cultured human epidermal cells

Ryan, J.J.; Wildman, E.E.; Duthie, A.H.; Atherton, H.V.; Aleong, J.A., 1986:
Detection of penicillin, cephapirin, and cloxacillin in commingled raw milk by the Spot test

Slater, G.J.; Greenwood, D., 1983:
Detection of penicillin tolerance in streptococci

Ohkawa M.; Nakajima T.; Tokunaga S.; Kawaguchi S.; Sugata T.; Hisazumi H.; Ueno K.; Watanabe K., 1988:
Detection of penicillinase producing neisseria gonorrhoeae from male urethritis patients

Diaz Borras M.A.; Vila Aguilar R.; Hernandez Gimenez E., 1987:
Detection of penicillium italicum resistant to sopp benomyl tbz and cga 64251 in samples from spanish packing houses for commercially marketed citrus fruits

Stehly, G.R.; Hayton, W.L., 1988:
Detection of pentachlorophenol and its glucuronide and sulfate conjugates in fish bile and exposure water

Reid, R.W.; Gerbeck, C.M., 1981:
Detection of pentazocine and tripelennamine in urine

Fridkin, M.; Goren, H.J., 1970:
Detection of peptide active esters by thin layer chromatography

Manyari, D.E.; Milliken, J.A.; Colwell, B.T.; Burggraf, G.W., 1978:
Detection of peri cardial effusion by chest roentgenography and electro cardiography vs echo cardiography

Chandraratna P.A.N.; Aronow W.S., 1981:
Detection of peri cardial metastases by cross sectional echo cardiography

Arens H.; Borbe H.O.; Ulbrich B.; Stoeckigt J., 1982:
Detection of pericine a new central nervous system active indole alkaloid from picralima nitida cell suspension culture by opiate receptor binding studies

Sugase M.; Minamizawa Y.; Kaku S.; Fujiwara T.; Koizumi Y., 1988:
Detection of perinatal chlamydia trachomatis infection by enzyme immunoassay method

Aruja A.; Vilu R.; Raukas E., 1982:
Detection of periodic patterns in rna sequences the 1st encapsidated region of the tobacco mosaic virus rna

Johnson R.A.; Sherman F.C., 1982:
Detection of peripheral soft tissue hem angioma with technetium 99m labeled red blood cell pool imaging

Pathak, V.K.; Mathur, S.B.; Neergaard, P., 1978:
Detection of peronospora manshurica in seeds of soybean glycine max

Ishida A.; Futamura N.; Matsusaka T., 1987:
Detection of peroxidase activity and its localization in the forespore envelopes of bacillus cereus

Marsalek L.; Provaznikova E., 1984:
Detection of peroxidase and esterase isozymes in types of tissue of intact tobacco nicotiana tabacum plants and derived plant regenerates

Davies M.J., 1988:
Detection of peroxyl and alkoxyl radicals produced by reaction of hydroperoxides with heme proteins by esr spectroscopy

Sheinbergas, M.M., 1975:
Detection of persistent infection of stable cell culture with an agent related to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

Stewart J.A.; Fraker T.D.Jr; Slosky D.A.; Wise K.; Kisslo J.A., 1979:
Detection of persistent left superior vena cava by 2 dimensional contrast echo cardiography

Malyuta S.S.; Kolotukha N.Ya; Likhachev V.T.; Kunakh V.A.; Bukh I.G., 1981:
Detection of phage sequences in dna preparations from mammalian and plant cells incubated with lambda phage of escherichia coli

Caplan Y.H.; Orloff K.G.; Thompson B.C.; Fisher R.S., 1979:
Detection of phencyclidine in medical examiners cases

McCarron, M.M.; Walberg, C.B.; Soares, J.R.; Gross, S.J.; Baselt, R.C., 1984:
Detection of phencyclidine usage by radioimmunoassay of saliva

Schmidt, H.; Modis, L., 1985 :
Detection of phenoloxidase ec in eosinophil granulocytes of the small intestine of white rats using electron microscopy

Jackson, S.H.; Hanley, W.B.; Gero, T.; Gosse, G.D., 1971:
Detection of phenyl ketonuric hetero zygotes

Sapers G.M.; Matulaitis R.M.; Beck J.A., 1987:
Detection of phenylalanine ammonia lyase in the skin of blueberry and cranberry fruits

Morse, D.; Meighen, E., 1984:
Detection of pheromone biosynthetic and degradative enzymes in vitro

Sanada, I.; Yamamoto, S.; Ogata, M.; Kawakita, M.; Kawano, F.; Fujiwara, H.; Tanaka, R.; Kumagai, E.; Takatsuki, K., 1985:
Detection of Philadelphia chromosome in chronic neutrophilic leukemia

Capasso R.; Corrado E.; Randazzo G., 1984:
Detection of phomenone by high performance liquid chromatography in tomato plants infected by phoma destructiva

Sheikin, R.L., 1978:
Detection of phonetically relevant nonuniformity of high frequency spectrum slope of synthetic vowel

Bochner, B.R.; Maron, D.M.; Ames, B.N., 1981:
Detection of phosphate esters on chromatograms: an improved reagent

Comoglio P.M.; D.R.nzo M.F.; Tarone G.; Giancotti F.G.; Naldini L.; Marchisio P.C., 1984:
Detection of phospho tyrosine containing proteins in the detergent insoluble fraction of rous sarcoma virus transformed fibroblasts by azo benzenephosphonate antibodies

Parasassi T.; Conti F.; Glaser M.; Gratton E., 1984:
Detection of phospholipid phase separation a multifrequency phase fluorometry study of 1 6 diphenyl 1 3 5 hexatriene fluorescence

Ferguson M.A.J.; Allen A.K.; Snary D., 1982:
Detection of phosphono lipids in the protozoan trypanosoma cruzi

Chance, B.; Nakase, Y.; Bond, M.; Leigh, J.S.Jr ; Mcdonald, G., 1978:
Detection of phosphorus 32 nmr signals in brain by in vivo and freeze trapped assays

Hogen M.L., 1983:
Detection of phosphorus on starch by atomic absorption and the graphite furnace

Logvinenko E.M.; Shavlovskii G.M.; Zakal'skii A.E.; Senyuta Z.E., 1980:
Detection of phosphorylated pyrimidine precursors of riboflavine in yeast pichia guilliermondii

Barnes A.R.; Sugden J.K., 1988:
Detection of photolytically produced hydroxyl radicals by reaction with 2 2 2 trichloroethanol

Ferguson, B.; Dudleston, K., 1986:
Detection of physical disorder in newly admitted psychiatric patients

Simon J.E.; Decoteau D.R.; Craker L.E., 1983:
Detection of phyto toxic compounds using stress induced ethylene and ethane

Werres S.; Casper R., 1987:
Detection of phytophthora fragariae hickman in roots of strawberry cultivar tenira by elisa

Ostrofsky, W.D.; Pratt, R.G.; Roth, L.F., 1977:
Detection of phytophthora lateralis in soil organic matter and factors that affect its survival

Hargreaves, A.J.; Duncan, J.M., 1978:
Detection of phytophthora species in field soils by simple baiting procedures

Callea F.; Fevery J.; D.G.oote J.; Desmet V.J., 1986:
Detection of pi z phenotype individuals by alpha 1 antitrypsin immunohistochemistry in paraffin embedded liver tissue specimens

Weldon, S.T.; Perry, D.F.; Cork, R.C.; Gandolfi, A.J., 1985:
Detection of picogram levels of sufentanil by capillary gas chromatography

Miyazawa T.; Fujimoto K.; Kaneda T., 1987:
Detection of picomole levels in lipid hydroperoxides by a chemiluminescence assay

Katz, D.S.; Sobieski, R.J., 1979:
Detection of pigment precursors in white clinical strains of Serratia marcescens

Beaumont J.L.; Lemort N.; Beaumont V.; Edouard L., 1981:
Detection of pill induced anti ethynyl estradiol antibodies

Bremner R.D.; Nisbet A.D.; Herriot R.; Horne C.H.W.; Mcardle C.; Crawford D.; Bohn H., 1981:
Detection of placental protein pp 5 and pregnancy specific glyco protein sp 1 in benign and malignant breast disease

Almeida A.M.P.D.; Brasil D.P.; Melo M.E.B.D.; Nakazawa M.; Almeida C.R.D., 1985:
Detection of plague activity in the focus of the serra dos orgaos rio de janeiro brazil by serological examination of rodents during the period from 1983 1984

Levi, M.I.; Punskii, E.E.; Kiiko, V.F.; Adamenko, N.I.; Kochkareva, A.V.; Kobylkova, L.E.; Traub, L.A., 1977:
Detection of plague causative agents in fleas using a serological method

Hill J.H.; Bryant G.R.; Durand D.P., 1981:
Detection of plant virus by using purified immuno globulin g in enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Gonatas, N.K.; Gonatas, J.O.; Stieber, A.; Ternynck, T.; Avrameas, S., 1987:
Detection of plasma cell immunoglobulins in tissue sections optimally fixed for ultrastructural immunocytochemistry

Chailley, B.; Boisvieux-Ulrich, E., 1985:
Detection of plasma membrane cholesterol by filipin during microvillogenesis and ciliogenesis in quail oviduct

Dekhtiarenko, T.D.; Stefanishin, E.E.; Polischuk, L.V.; Efremenkova, O.V.; Anisova, L.N., 1982:
Detection of plasmid DNA in different strains of Streptomyces griseus

Sako, K.; Kato, T.; Ono, M.; Ishihara, K.; Ohta, K.; Okuda, K.; Takazoe, I., 1987:
Detection of plasmid DNA in periodontopathic bacteria

Neistat M.A.; Tolstorukov I.I., 1982:
Detection of plasmid dna in yeasts by a rapid method

Hasegawa Y.; Takadera T.; Obata H.; Tokuyama T., 1988:
Detection of plasmid in cycloparaffin utilizing bacterium nocardia sp and its participation in cycloketone utilization

Hayter P.M.; Dale J.W., 1984:
Detection of plasmids in clinical isolates of clostridium difficile

Nikol'skaya I.I.; Anikeicheva N.V.; Aleksandrova S.S.; Debov S.S., 1979:
Detection of plasmids in escherichia coli ck cells

Overwien, B.; Neumann, C.; Sorg, C., 1980:
Detection of plasminogen activator in macrophage culture supernatants by a photometric assay

Prou O., 1985:
Detection of plasmodium falciparum by monoclonal immunofluorescence technique with murine monoclonal antibody

Pollack, Y.; Metzger, S.; Shemer, R.; Landau, D.; Spira, D.T.; Golenser, J., 1985:
Detection of Plasmodium falciparum in blood using DNA hybridization

Avidor B.; Golenser J.; Sulitzeanu D., 1985:
Detection of plasmodium falciparum using a radioimmunoassay based on a crossreacting monoclonal anti plasmodium berghei antibody plasmodium berghei antigen system

McLaughlin, G.L.; Edlind, T.D.; Campbell, G.H.; Eller, R.F.; Ihler, G.M., 1985:
Detection of Plasmodium falciparum using a synthetic DNA probe

Roy, K.B.; Yajnik, V.; Roy, A.; Sharma, V.P., 1987:
Detection of Plasmodium vivax in human blood using synthetic DNA probe

Myers T.J.; Kim B.K.; Steiner M.; Bishop J.; Baldini M.G., 1981:
Detection of platelet allo immunity with a platelet associated immuno globulin g assay

Rosenfeld, C.S.; Bodensteiner, D.C., 1986:
Detection of platelet alloantibodies by flow cytometry. Characterization and clinical significance

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Detection of platelet antibodies a comparison of 3 techniques

Lizak G.E.; Grumet F.C., 1983:
Detection of platelet antibodies by anti kappa light chain facilitation of carboxy fluorescein di acetate thrombocyto toxicity

Horai S.; Claas F.H.J.; Van Rood J.J., 1981:
Detection of platelet antibodies by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay comparative studies with the indirect immuno fluorescence assay

Horai S.; Claas F.H.J.; Van Rood J.J., 1981:
Detection of platelet antibodies by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay on artificial mono layers of platelets

Shibata Y.; Juji T.; Nishizawa Y.; Sakamoto H.; Ozawa N., 1981:
Detection of platelet antibodies by newly developed mixed agglutination with platelets

Goudemand, J.; Caulier, M.T.; Bauters, F.; Cosson, A.; Goudemand, M., 1979:
Detection of platelet antibodies in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Schiffer C.A.; Young V., 1983:
Detection of platelet antibodies using a micro enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Levine, S.J.; Brubaker, D.B., 1983:
Detection of platelet antibodies using the platelet migration inhibition assay

Salmassi S.; Yokoyama M.M.; Maples J.A.; Matud Y., 1980:
Detection of platelet antibody using rosette technique with anti immuno globulin g antibody coated poly acrylamide gel a preliminary report

Kwon H.J.; Cho H.I.; Kim S.I., 1986:
Detection of platelet antibody using streptavidin biotinylated beta galactosidase complex

Pecze K.; Pfliegler G.; Dalmi L.; Kiss A.; Rak K., 1984:
Detection of platelet associated immuno globulin g in chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura using antibody coated poly acrylamide beads

Tate D.Y.; Carlton G.T.; Nesbit M.E.; White J.G.; Krivit W.; Sorenson R.L., 1980:
Detection of platelet associated immuno globulin g in immune thrombocytopenia a new assay employing protein a and peroxidase anti peroxidase

Mueller-Eckhardt, C.; Mahn, I.; Schulz, G.; Mueller-Eckhardt, G., 1978:
Detection of platelet auto antibodies by a radioactive anti immuno globulin test

Kekomaki, R., 1977:
Detection of platelet bound immuno globulin g with iodine 125 labeled staphylococcal protein a

Kitagawa K.; Miyai M.; Etani H.; Isaka Y.; Uehara A.; Tanaka K.; Hamanaka Y.; Nukada T.; Uji S.; E.A., 1987:
Detection of platelet deposition in cases of arteriosclerosis obliterans aso using indium 111 platelets and technetium 99m human serum albumin

Schmidt G.M.; Bross K.J.; Blume K.G.; Enders N.; Santos S.; Novitski M.; Chillar R.K., 1980:
Detection of platelet directed immuno globulin g in sera using the peroxidase anti peroxidase slide technique

Gockerman, J.P.; Bowman, R.P.; Conrad, M.E., 1975:
Detection of platelet iso antibodies by tritiated serotonin platelet release and its clinical application to the problem of platelet matching

Heinen, E., 1978:
Detection of platinum with the aid of electronic microsound in peritoneal macrophages of mice cultivated in the presence of cis di chloro di amine platinum ii bound to dna

Ruskin, J.A.; Gurney, J.W.; Thorsen, M.K.; Goodman, L.R., 1987:
Detection of pleural effusions on supine chest radiographs

Llacer G.; Cambra M.; Lavina A., 1985:
Detection of plum pox sharka virus in spain

Maiss E.; Breyel E.; Casper R.; Lesemann D.E., 1987:
Detection of plum pox virus by isolation of double stranded rna

Llacer G.; Cambra M.; Lavina A., 1985:
Detection of plum pox virus in spain

Browne, K.; Miegel, J.; Stottmeier, K.D., 1984:
Detection of pneumococci in blood cultures by latex agglutination

Sondag, J.E.; Morgens, R.K.; Hoppe, J.E.; Marr, J.J., 1977:
Detection of pneumococci in respiratory secretions: clinical evaluation of gentamicin blood agar

Robins Browne R.M.; Kharsany A.B.M.; Ramsaroop U.G., 1982:
Detection of pneumococci streptococcus pneumoniae in the upper respiratory tract comparison of media and culture techniques

Bouton C.; Marche C., 1985:
Detection of pneumocystis carinii in bronchoalveolar lavage samples method and results

Cho T.H.; Chung G.S.; Park K.S., 1984:
Detection of poisonous compounds in utensils used for preservation of livestock products

Saito Y.; Mitsura A.; Sasaki K.; Satake M.; Uchiyama M., 1980:
Detection of poisonous substances in honey which caused intoxication

Esposito, J.J., 1976:
Detection of poliovirus antigens and antibodies micro indirect hem agglutination and hem agglutination inhibition tests for poliovirus types i ii and iii

Hodgkin T.; Lyon G.D., 1983:
Detection of pollen germination inhibitors in brassica oleracea tissue extracts

Warwick R.M.; Pearson T.H.; Ruswahyuni, 1987:
Detection of pollution effects on marine macrobenthos further evaluation of the species abundance biomass method

Sheldon, R.; Jurale, C.; Kates, J., 1972:
Detection of poly adenylic acid sequences in viral and eukaryotic rna

Wolff M.S.; Taffe B.; Boesch R.R.; Selikoff I.J., 1982:
Detection of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in skin oil obtained from roofing workers

Romanowski T.; Funcke W.; Koenig J.; Balfanz E., 1981:
Detection of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons of molecular weight between 300 and 402 in airborne particulate matter by fused silica capillary gas chromatography and gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Peristeris P.; Peyret M.; Bernon H.; Bienvenu J.; Beal B.; Laurent P., 1987:
Detection of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the human serum amyloid a protein in inflammatory sera

Guilford P.J.; Forster R.L.S., 1986:
Detection of polyadenylated subgenomic rna in leaves infected with the potexvirus daphne virus x

Koide, T.; Sakai, S.; Takeda, A.; Doi, T.; Tei, K.; Hara, A.; Sawada, H., 1986:
Detection of polyamines by a new enzymatic differential assay. (4). Fundamental study on a new enzymatic differential assay of blood

Koide, T.; Sakai, S.; Shinoda, I.; Setsuda, O.; Tei, K.H.; Hara, A.; Sawada, H., 1986:
Detection of polyamines by a new enzymatic differential assay 5. studies on polyamine in blood of patients with genitourinary malignant diseases

Koide, T.; Sakai, S.; Shimazu, R.; Tei, K.; Hara, A.; Sawada, H., 1987:
Detection of polyamines by an enzymatic assay. (6). Fundamental and clinical studies of a simple enzymatic method for determining total polyamines in blood

Matsuoka K.; Murayama F.; Ohgami T.; Nonaka S.; Yoshida H., 1987:
Detection of polychlorinated biphenyls pcb toxicity by colony formation methods of hela cells

Toyoda, T.; Hamaguchi, M.; Nagai, Y., 1987:
Detection of polycistronic transcripts in Newcastle disease virus infected cells and identification of their sequence content

Barkai Golan R.; Kopeliovitch E.; Brady C.J., 1986:
Detection of polygalacturonase enzymes in fruits of both a normal tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar rutgers and its nonripening nor mutant infected with rhizopus stolonifer

Tomino Y.; Sakai H.; Miura M.; Endoh M.; Nomoto Y., 1982:
Detection of polymeric immuno globulin a in glomeruli from patients with immuno globulin a nephropathy

Tomino Y.; Miura M.; Suga T.; Endoh M.; Nomoto Y.; Yagame M.; Sakai H.; Itoh K.; Ikeda N., 1984:
Detection of polymeric immunoglobulin a in sera from patients with immunoglobulin a nephropathy determined by thin layer gel filtration

Steiniger B.; Klempnauer J.; Guenther E.; Wonigeit K., 1986:
Detection of polymorphic rat major histocompatibility complex antigen determinants in cryostat sections a method for selecting monoclonal alloantibodies

Doerries, K.; Johnson, R.T.; Ter-Meulen, V., 1978:
Detection of polyoma virus dna in progressive multi focal leuko encephalopathy brain tissue by in situ hybridization

Hruskocy M.; Flurkey W.H., 1986:
Detection of polyphenol oxidase isoenzymes by electroblotting and photography

Hinderling P.H., 1988:
Detection of populations at risk and problem drugs during drug development and in the pharmacotherapy

Noeckler M.; Fichtner D.; Klaehn J.; Leopoldt D., 1985 :
Detection of porcine parvovirus infections in pig breeding stock

Askaa J.; Bloch B., 1981:
Detection of porcine rotavirus by electron microscopy enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay and countercurrent immuno electrophoresis test

Saeed T.; Abu Dagga F.; Abdul Rahman H., 1986:
Detection of pork and lard as adulterants in beef and mutton mixtures

Masterson, K.C.; McGowan, J.E., 1988:
Detection of positive blood cultures by the Bactec NR660. The clinical importance of five versus seven days of testing

Dymond D.S.; Jarritt P.H.; Britton K.E.; Spurrell R.A.J., 1979:
Detection of post infarction left ventricular aneurysms by 1st pass radio nuclide ventriculography using a multi crystal gamma camera

Griffiths M.W.; Phillips J.D., 1984:
Detection of post pasteurization and contamination of cream by impedimetric methods

Lichtenstein, M.; Andrews, J.T.; Brownbill, D., 1977:
Detection of posterior fossa tumors in adults by brain scanning

Ikeda K.; Kubota I.; Tonooka I.; Tsuiki K.; Yasui S., 1985:
Detection of posterior myocardial infarction by body surface mapping a comparative study with 12 lead electrocardiogram and vectorcardiogram

Yasumoto K., 1987:
Detection of postoperative pulmonary complication

Gorin A.I.; Ermakov A.V.; Spitkovskii D.M., 1986:
Detection of postreparative dna damages and irregularity of their distribution in fractions of metaphase chromosomes of varying size

Vartanyan G.A.; Makarov A.Yu; Pomnikov V.G.; Chernyaev S.T.; Klement'ev B.I., 1987:
Detection of posture asymmetry factors in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with brain tumors

Fedova D.; Bruckova M.; Plesnik V.; Slonim D.; Sejda J.; Svandova E.; Kubinova I., 1987:
Detection of postvaccination mumps virus antibody by neutralization test elisa and sensitive hemagglutination inhibition test

Roberts I.M.; Harrison B.D., 1979:
Detection of potato leaf roll and potato mop top virus by immuno sorbent electron microscopy

Syller J., 1988:
Detection of potato leaf roll virus in intact sprout disks by elisa

Ehlers U.; Vetten H.J.; Paul H.L., 1983:
Detection of potato leaf roll virus in primarily infected tubers by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Pfannenstiel M.A.; Slack S.A.; Lane L.C., 1980:
Detection of potato spindle tuber viroid in field grown potatoes solanum tuberosum by an improved electrophoretic assay

Koda Y.; Okazawa Y., 1988:
Detection of potato tuber inducing activity in potato leaves and old tubers

Khalil E.M.; Salama E.A.; Attia M.F.; Kishtah A.A.; E.B.nna O H.M., 1984:
Detection of potato virus a in potato and test plants by elisa

Kowalska, A.; Was, M., 1976:
Detection of potato virus m and potato virus s on test plants

Dedic, P., 1978:
Detection of potato virus m on kidney bean varieties

Khan M.A.; Slack S.A., 1980:
Detection of potato virus s and potato virus x in dormant potato tubers by the latex agglutination test

Sinijarv R.; Jarvekulg L.; Andreeva E.; Saarma M., 1988:
Detection of potato virus x by one incubation europium time resolved fluoroimmunoassay and elisa

Weidemann H.L., 1981:
Detection of potato virus x in potato plants and tubers by immuno fluorescence

Shanta, P.; Beczner, L., 1978:
Detection of potato virus x in tubers and foliage of potatoes

Vetten H.J.; Ehlers U.; Paul H.L., 1983:
Detection of potato virus y and potatoe virus a in tubers by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay after natural and artificial break of dormancy

D.B.kx J.A.; Cuperus C., 1987:
Detection of potato virus y in early harvested potato tubers by complementary dna hybridization and three modifications of elisa

Telesforo Zavala Q.; Cadena H.M., 1987:
Detection of potato virus y in potato tuber sprouts

Singh R.P.; Santos Rojas J., 1983:
Detection of potato virus y in primarily infected mature plants by elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay indicator host and visual indexing

Banttari E.E.; Goodwin P.H., 1985:
Detection of potato viruses s x and y by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa on nitrocellulose membranes

Gallenberg D.J.; Jones E.D., 1985 :
Detection of potato viruses x and s in tissue culture plantlets

Yamaizumi Z.; Shiomi T.; Kasai H.; Nishimura S.; Takahashi Y.; Nagao M.; Sugimura T., 1980:
Detection of potent mutagens 3 amino 1 4 dimethyl 5h pyrido 4 3 b indole and 3 amino 1 methyl 5h pyrido 4 3 b indole in broiled fish

Powanda, M.C.; Dubois, J.; Villarreal, Y.; Walker, H.L.; Pruitt, B.A., 1981:
Detection of potential biochemical indicators of infection in the burned rat

Berger R.G.; Mageau R.P.; Schwab B.; Johnston R.W., 1988:
Detection of poultry and pork in cooked and canned meat foods by elisa

White R.F.; Rybicki E.P.; Von Wechmar M.B.; Dekker J.L.; Antoniw J.F., 1987:
Detection of pr 1 type proteins in amaranthaceae chenopodiaceae gramineae and solanaceae by immunoelectroblotting

Lendero L.; Krivan V., 1982:
Detection of pre atomization losses of mercury in the graphite tube with the tracer technique

Theilmann L.; Klinkert M Q.; Gmelin K.; Salfeld J.; Schaller H.; Pfaff E., 1986:
Detection of pre s 1 proteins in serum and liver of hepatitis b surface antigen positive patients a new marker for hepatitis b virus infection

Huizinga M.; Berrens L.; Lubbers M., 1984:
Detection of precipitating and complement consuming antibodies by enzyme lined immuno sorbent assay elisa in pigeon breeders disease

Pavesi F.; Fasani F.; Merlini G., 1984:
Detection of precipitins in hypersensitivity pneumonitis different antigen extracts and supporting media compared

Chen, J.; Tritz, G.J., 1976:
Detection of precursors of quinolinic acid in Escherichia coli

Horne C.H.W.; Armstrong S.S.; Thomson A.W.; Thompson W.D., 1983:
Detection of pregnancy associated alpha 2 glyco protein an immuno suppressive agent in immuno globulin a producing plasma cells and in body secretions

Sasser R.G.; Ruder C.A.; Ivani K.A.; Butler J.E.; Hamilton W.C., 1986:
Detection of pregnancy by radioimmunoassay of a novel pregnancy specific protein in serum of cows and a profile of serum concentrations during gestation

Torres O.; Valls O., 1984:
Detection of pregnancy in a goat by b mode ultrasound preliminary study

Pittman, D.; Brusick, D., 1971:
Detection of presumptive base pair substitution and frameshift mutations in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Rosenberg, S.; Metzig, E.; Snider, S.R.; Ast, M.; Tobin, D., 1977:
Detection of presymptomatic carriers of Huntington's chorea

Katz, M.; Gill, P.J.; Newman, R.B., 1986:
Detection of preterm labor by ambulatory monitoring of uterine activity: a preliminary report

Huang C., 1987:
Detection of prey by captive ningaui ridei and sminthopsis griseoventer marsupialia dasyuridae

Pirich K.; Vierhapper H.; Graninger W.; Nowotny P.; Waldhaeusel W., 1987:
Detection of primary aldosteronism by means of the captopril test

Bradley, T.R.; Hodgson, G.S., 1979:
Detection of primitive macrophage progenitor cells in mouse bone marrow

Caughey B.; Race R.E.; Chesebro B., 1988:
Detection of prion protein messenger rna in normal and scrapie infected tissues and cell lines

Rubio Peiro A.; Liebana Urena J.; Castillo Perez A.; Fernandez Crehuet M.; Cueto Espinar A.; Piedrola Angulo G., 1984:
Detection of production of bacteriocins of proteus mirabilis a new scheme for bacteriocinotyping

Chang, C.N.; Blobel, G.; Model, P., 1978:
Detection of prokaryotic signal peptidase in an escherichia coli membrane fraction endo proteolytic cleavage of nascent phage f 1 pre coat protein

Gilmore D.P.; Masudi N.A.; Wilson C.A.; Mcneilly A.S., 1984:
Detection of prolactin and luteinizing hormone releasing activity in mid term human fetal cerebrospinal fluid

Gorospe, W.C.; Freeman, M.E., 1985:
Detection of prolactin inhibitory activity in uterine epithelial cell secretions and rat serum

Lloyd, R.V.; Landefeld, T.D., 1986:
Detection of prolactin messenger RNA in rat anterior pituitary by in situ hybridization

Mushika, M.; Miwa, T.; Suzuoki, Y.; Hayashi, K.; Masaki, S.; Kaneda, T., 1988:
Detection of proliferative cells in dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, and invasive carcinoma of the uterine cervix by monoclonal antibody against DNA polymerase alpha

Larsson L I.; Christensen T.; Dalboge H., 1988:
Detection of proopiomelanocortin messenger rna by in situ hybridization using a biotinylated oligodeoxynucleotide probe and avidin alkaline phosphatase histochemistry

Lewis M.E.; Sherman T.G.; Burke S.; Akil H.; Davis L.G.; Arentzen R.; Watson S.J., 1986:
Detection of proopiomelanocortin messenger rna by in situ hybridization with an oligonucleotide probe

Morbelli, M.A., 1975:
Detection of propagation mechanism by palynological analysis in blechnum schottii blechnaceae pteridophyta

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Detection of prostaglandins in bovine gingival tissue

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Detection of prosthetic vascular complications: comparison of CT and angiography

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Detection of protein a gold 15 nanometer marked surface antigens by backscattered electrons

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Detection of protein a like substances on hemolytic streptococci prior to use in mixed reverse passive anti globulin hem agglutination

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Detection of protein binding abnormalities in euthyroid hyperthyroxinemia

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Detection of protein C activation in humans

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Detection of protein di sulfide isomerase ec in sheep pancreas fractions

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Detection of protein in powdery materials by spectrophotometric method

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Detection of protein kinase activity in sds polyacrylamide gels

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Detection of protein similarities using nucleotide sequence databases

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Detection of proteins in human amniotic fluid using 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis

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Detection of proteins in wheat flour extracts that bind human immunoglobulin g immunoglobulin e and mouse monoclonal antibodies

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Detection of proteins synthesized in the cap cells of coprinus cinereus

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Detection of proteolysis by sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis a demonstration of protein hydrolysis and electrophoresis fundamentals

Dierich M.P.; Schulz T.; Yefenof E.; Klein G., 1979:
Detection of proteolytic complement c 3 cleaving activity on mouse masto cytoma p 815 cells and other mouse cell lines by formation of cell contact with complement c 3 carrying mouse lymphocytes

Ward, C.W., 1976:
Detection of proteolytic enzymes in poly acrylamide gels

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Detection of proto oncogene expression in the epidermis of psoriatic patients

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Detection of protochlorophyllide forms in irradiated green leaves and chloroplasts by difference fluorescence spectroscopy at 7 kelvin

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Detection of proton acceptor sites of hydrogen bonding between nucleic acid bases by the use of carbon 13 magnetic resonance

Watanabe M.; Sugeta H.; Iwahashi H.; Kyogoku Y.; Kainosho M., 1981:
Detection of proton acceptor sites of hydrogen bonding in adenine uracil base pairs by the use of nitrogen 15 magnetic resonance

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Detection of proviral dna of bovine leukemia virus blv in cattle peripheral blood leukocytes by dna hybridization assay

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Detection of prunus necrotic ringspot virus and prune dwarf virus in peach prunus persica by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Mink G.I.; Aichele M.D., 1984:
Detection of prunus necrotic ringspot virus and prune dwarf virus in prunus seed and seedlings by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Unger J G.; Wolf G., 1988:
Detection of pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides fron deighton in wheat by indirect elisa

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Detection of pseudomonas aeruginosa antigenemia in granulocytopenic rabbits by radio immunoassay

Weiss J.N.; Kreter J.K.; Dalton H.P.; Dishler J., 1982:
Detection of pseudomonas aeruginosa eye infections by uv light

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Detection of pseudomonas andropogonis in plant tissue employing fluorescent antibody stain procedure

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Detection of Pseudomonas mesophilica as a source of nosocomial infections in a bone marrow transplant unit

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Detection of pseudomonas phaseolicola by the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay technique

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Detection of pseudorabies virus antibodies time of appearance by 2 sero tests

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Detection of psilocybin and psilocin in norwegian species of pluteus and conocybe

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Detection of psilocybin in species of Psilocybe, Panaeolus and Psathyrella

Mari,; Iacoponi, E.; Williams, P.; Simões, O.; Silva, J.B., 1987:
Detection of psychiatric morbidity in the primary medical care setting in Brazil

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Detection of pulmonary emboli after total hip replacement using serial oxygen 15 labeled carbon dioxide pulmonary scans

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Detection of pulmonary emboli by positron imaging of inhaled oxygen 15 labeled carbon di oxide

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Detection of pulmonary emboli in dogs: comparison of single photon emission computed tomography, gamma camera imaging, and angiography

Winzelberg G.G.; Laman D.; Sachs M.; Miller W.H., 1981:
Detection of pulmonary hemorrhage with technetium labeled red cells

Davis, W.B.; Gadek, J.E., 1987:
Detection of pulmonary lymphoma by bronchoalveolar lavage

Pass H.I.; Dwyer A.; Makuch R.; Roth J.A., 1985:
Detection of pulmonary metastases in patients with osteogenic and soft tissue sarcomas the superiority of computed tomographic scans compared with conventional linear tomograms using dynamic analysis

Ebbole D.J.; Zalkin H., 1988:
Detection of pur operon attenuated messenger rna and accumulated degradation intermediates in bacillus subtilis

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Detection of pure tone amplitude modulation as a function of sensation level from 8 to 14 kilohertz

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Detection of pyloric Campylobacter in patients with gastroduodenal diseases

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Detection of pyloric campylobacter in the operated stomach and therapeutic results

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Detection of pyrimidine 5' nucleotidase deficiency using proton or phosphorus 31 nmr

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Detection of pyrimidine dimers in hydrolysates of yeast dna high voltage paper electrophoresis

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Detection of pyruvate metabolism disorders by culture of skin fibroblasts with dichloroacetate

Takamatsu S.; Ichitani T., 1987:
Detection of pythium snow rot fungi in diseased leaves of wheat and barley grown in paddy fields and upland fields

Ichitani T.; Shinsu T., 1981:
Detection of pythium zingiberum causing rhizome rot disease of ginger from soils of surrounding area of continuous indoor cropping for immature rhizome production

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Detection of qt interval lengthening in population screening

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Detection of quantum flux modulation by single photopigments in human observers

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Detection of quinidine specific antibodies with platelet iodine 125 labeled staphylococcal protein a test

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Detection of R factors in naturally occurring Aeromonas salmonicida strains

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Detection of r plasmids in salmonella isolated from clams and marine waters of kuwait

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Detection of rabies virus in animal brain and salivary glands using the immunoenzyme method

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Detection of radiation cardio myopathy by gated radio nuclide angiography

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Detection of radical species in hematin catalyzed retinoic acid 5 6 epoxidation by using high performance liquid chromatography epr spectrometry

Van Keuren M.L.; Goldman D.; Merril C.R., 1981:
Detection of radioactively labeled proteins is quenched by silver staining methods quenching is minimal for carbon 14 and partially reversible for tritium with a photochemical stain

Burke H H.K.; Hardy K.R.; Tripp N.K., 1982:
Detection of rainfall rates utilizing space borne microwave radiometers

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Detection of raji binding activity in hyper immune allogeneic tumor bearing sera associated with anti bovine serum albumin activity

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Detection of rare messenger rna species in a complex rna population by blot hybridization techniques a comparative survey

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Detection of re esterified oils determination of fatty acids at position 2 in the glycerides of oils

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Detection of reaction products of thiamin degradation by catechol derivatives

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Detection of recent cannabis use by saliva delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol radioimmunoassay

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Detection of receptors and neutralizing antibodies of the human t cell leukemia virus by pseudotype method

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Detection of receptors for immuno globulin on human placenta by erythrocyte antibody rosette formation

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Detection of receptors for polymerized human albumin by immunoperoxidase and immunoadherence in liver tissue of hepatitis b surface antigen chronic carriers

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Detection of receptors for sulfated polysaccharides in human placenta by biotinylated probes

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Detection of receptors for the fc region of immuno globulin g on streptococci

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Detection of recurrent rectal carcinoma with computed tomography

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Detection of recurrent rectosigmoid carcinoma prospective evaluation of computed tomography and clinical factors

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Detection of regional ischemia in perfused beating hearts by phosphorus nmr

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Detection of regional wall motion abnormalities in patients with myocardial infarction assessment by gated blood pool scans from multiple views

Nakagawa K.; Nishimura T.; Hayashida K.; Uehara T.; Kozuka T., 1986:
Detection of regional wall motion abnormalities in the patients with myocardial infarction by multiple gated blood poll scan

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Detection of rejection of cardiac transplants by proton nmr

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Detection of rel related rna and protein in human lymphoid cells

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Detection of relationships between streptococcus faecalis and lactobacillus casei by immunological studies with 2 forms of malic enzyme

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Detection of remote myo cardial infarction in patients with positron emission trans axial tomography and intra venous carbon 11 palmitate

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Detection of renal calculi: the value of tomography

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Detection of renibacterium salmoninarum by a modified peroxidase antiperoxidase pap procedure

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Detection of renibacterium salmoninarum by the elisa

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Detection of renin ec messenger rna in mouse testis by hybridization with renin complementary dna probe

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Detection of reno vascular hypertension saralasin test vs renin determinations

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Detection of reperfusion within 1 hour after coronary recanalization by analysis of isoforms of the mm creatine kinase isoenzyme in plasma

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Detection of res blockade with low dose test agent

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Detection of reserpine like substances in the myo cardium of animals and humans

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Detection of residual acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells in cultures of bone marrow obtained during remission

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Detection of residual jeopardized myo cardium 3 weeks after myo cardial infarction by exercise testing with thallium 201 myo cardial scintigraphy

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Detection of resistance to temephos and chlorphoxim in simulium damnosum by topical application to adults

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Detection of respiratory syncytial virus and rotavirus by enhanced chemiluminescence elisa

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Detection of respiratory syncytial virus antigen in nasopharyngeal secretion by abbott diagnostics enzyme immunoassay

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Detection of respiratory syncytial virus immunoglobulin g subclass specific antibodies variation according to age in infants and small children and diagnostic value in respiratory syncytial virus infected small infants

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Detection of respiratory syncytial virus in clinical specimens by viral culture, direct and indirect immunofluorescence, and enzyme immunoassay

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Detection of respiratory syncytial virus in naso pharyngeal secretions by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay comparison with fluorescent antibody technique

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Detection of respiratory syncytial virus in nasopharyngeal secretions by elisa indirect immunofluorescence and virus isolation a comparative study

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Detection of respiratory syncytial virus serum antibodies by an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay system

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Detection of restenosis after successful percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty by exercise thallium scintigraphy

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Detection of retained surgical sponges

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Detection of retarded toxicity in water pollution

Kiessling, A.A.; Goulian, M., 1979:
Detection of reverse transcriptase activity in human cells

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Detection of reverse transcriptase and virus derived DNA in Shay's granulocytic sarcoma cells

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Detection of reversible asynergy evaluation of variable interventions

Zrein, M.; Weiss, E.; Van Regenmortel, M.H., 1988:
Detection of rheumatoid factors of different isotypes by ELISA using biotinylated avian antibodies

Iwasaki M.; Nakano M.; Shinkai A., 1985:
Detection of rice grassy stunt virus in planthopper nilaparvata lugens vectors and rice plants by elisa

Hibino H.; Kimura I., 1982:
Detection of rice ragged stunt virus in insect vectors by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Sadovskii Y.P.; Meshcheryakov V.I.; Raznopolova T.N., 1985:
Detection of rickettsia like bacteria and their reproduction in the cells of peach trees with necrotic symptoms of the grafted node

Lewis D., 1979:
Detection of rickettsia like microorganisms within the ovaries of female ixodes ricinus ticks

Linthicum, K.J.; Bailey, C.L.; Davies, F.G.; Tucker, C.J., 1987 :
Detection of Rift Valley fever viral activity in Kenya by satellite remote sensing imagery

Hayashida K.; Nishimura T.; Uehara T.; Shimonagata T., 1986:
Detection of right ventricular pressure overloading comparing of right ventricular uptake rate and right ventricular ejection fraction

Aniss A.O., 1984:
Detection of rinderpest virus in experimentally infected calves by the fluorescent antibody technique

Glazener J.A.; Wouters C.H., 1981:
Detection of rishitin in tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar moneymaker fruits after infection with botrytis cinerea

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Detection of RNA complementary to herpes simplex virus DNA in human cervical squamous cell neoplasms

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Detection of rna complementary to herpes simplex virus in mononuclear cells from patients with behcets syndrome and recurrent oral ulcers

Il'in Y.V.; Arkhipova I.R.; Gorelova T.V.; Shuppe N.G., 1985:
Detection of rna reverse transcription intermediate forms of the mobile dispersed genes mdg 1 and mdg 3 in drosophila cells

Yuki, A., 1976:
Detection of rna which is larger than 30s precursor ribosomal rna in rnase iii deficient escherichia coli cells

Bloemendal H.; Jansen K., 1988:
Detection of rnase inhibitor from different species and organs

Sakurai T.; Bundo K.; Igarashi A., 1985:
Detection of rocio virus specific antigenic polypeptides in virus infected cells and culture fluid by western blotting method

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Detection of Rocky Mountain spotted fever antibodies by a latex agglutination test

Wallis G.W.; Lee Y.J., 1984:
Detection of root disease in coastal douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii stands using large scale 70 millimeter aerial photography

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Detection of rosin in stomach wash in a case of rosin intoxication. A case report

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Detection of ross river virus immunoglobulin m antibodies by elisa using antibody class capture and comparison with other methods

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Detection of rotavirus antigens antibodies by immuno electro osmophoresis

Jerez J.A.; Candeias J.A.N.; Racz M.L.; Durigon E.L.; Ribeiro L.C., 1987:
Detection of rotavirus by elisa in diarrheal feces of neonatal calves

Corthier G., 1981:
Detection of rotavirus immune complexes relationship between rotavirus antibodies and rotavirus antigens in feces

Sheikh Omar A.R.; Ibrahim A.L., 1984:
Detection of rotavirus in diarrheic calves in malaysia by electron microscopy

Julkunen I.; Savolainen J.; Hautanen A.; Hovi T., 1985:
Detection of rotavirus in fecal specimens by enzyme immunoassay latex agglutination and electron microscopy

Sanekata T.; Yoshida Y.; Okada H., 1981:
Detection of rotavirus in faeces by latex agglutination

Galko N.V.; Makarova N.G.; Vashukova S.S.; Safonova N.V.; Sukhinin V.P.; Sirotkin A.K., 1984:
Detection of rotavirus in feces of children suffering from diarrhea

Dedek J.; Kewitsch A.; Loepelmann H., 1986:
Detection of rotavirus in feces of wild boar

Sharp J.M.; Littlejohns I.R., 1981:
Detection of rotavirus infection by immuno diffusion

Rodger S.M.; Bishop R.F.; Holmes I.H., 1982:
Detection of rotavirus like agent associated with diarrhea in an infant

Zentner B S.; Margalith M.; Galil A.; Halevy B.; Sarov I., 1985:
Detection of rotavirus specific immunoglobulin g antibodies by immunoperoxidase assay and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

Myrmel, H., 1986:
Detection of rotavirus with a latex agglutination test

Doern, G.V.; Herrmann, J.E.; Henderson, P.; Stobbs-Walro, D.; Perron, D.M.; Blacklow, N.R., 1986:
Detection of rotavirus with a new polyclonal antibody enzyme immunoassay (Rotazyme II) and a commercial latex agglutination test (Rotalex): comparison with a monoclonal antibody enzyme immunoassay

Grom J.; Drinovec B.; Valencak Z.; Zeleznik Z.; Bohm O., 1980:
Detection of rotaviruses in pigs with diarrhea

Lyttle, T.W.; Brittnacher, J.G.; Ganetzky, B., 1986:
Detection of Rsp and modifier variation in the meiotic drive system Segregation distorter (SD) of Drosophila melanogaster

Gilliland M.G.; Van Staden J., 1983:
Detection of rubber in guayule parthenium argentatum at the ultrastructural level

Al-Nakib, W.; Lilley, H., 1978:
Detection of rubella hem agglutination inhibition and virus specific immuno globulin m antibody using trypsin treated human group o erythrocytes in the hem agglutination inhibition test

Freymuth F.; Daon F.; Vergnaud M.; Valdazo A., 1979:
Detection of rubella specific immuno globulin m on gel filtration through sephadex g 200 use of di thio threitol and limits with manganese chloride heparin pre treatment

Morgan Capner P.; Hodgson J.; Hambling M.H.; Dulake C.; Coleman T.J.; Boswell P.A.; Watkins R.P.; Booth J.; Stern H.; Best J.M.; Banatvala J.E., 1985:
Detection of rubella specific immunoglobulin m in subclinical rubella reinfection in pregnancy

Heide, K.G.; Steinmann, J., 1978:
Detection of rubella virus antibodies in single radial hemolysis test

H.T.rry L.; Cohen A.; Terry G.M., 1984:
Detection of rubella virus specific immuno globulin m by fast protein liquid chromatography and enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa/

Whidden M.P.; Davis N.D.; Diener U.L., 1980:
Detection of rubra toxin b and 7 other myco toxins in corn

Lauriola L.; Michetti F.; Sentinelli S.; Cocchia D., 1984:
Detection of s 100 labeled cells in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Rice G.C.; Spiro I.J.; Ling C.C., 1985:
Detection of s phase overreplication following chronic hypoxia using a monoclonal antibromodeoxyuridine antibody

Lambert K., 1979:
Detection of sabines gull xema sabini new record in mecklenburg east germany with a review of its occurrence in the baltic area

Schrader, S.C.; Sloan, T.B.; Toleikis, J.R., 1987:
Detection of sacral sparing in acute spinal cord injury

Szanto, E.; Axelsson, B.; Lindvall, N., 1977:
Detection of sacro iliitis a comparison between profile scanning with the use of technetium 99m per technetate and scintigraphy with technetium 99m di phosphonate

Rashidova R.A.; Sinyashin N.I.; Sol'skaya L.L.; Ikramov A.; Valiev A., 1980:
Detection of salmonella antigens in patients with salmonellosis and typhoid fever

Shukla, S.K.; Sharma, V.D., 1985:
Detection of Salmonella enterotoxin by immunodiffusion and counter immunoelectrophoresis tests

Vassiliadis P.; Mavromatti C.; Xirouchaki E.; Trichopoulos D.; Kalapothaki V.; Serie C., 1981:
Detection of salmonella in meat products

Lawik B.; Zaleski S.J., 1987:
Detection of salmonella in minced pork used in meat products

Andrews, W.H.; Wagner, D.; Roetting, M.J., 1979:
Detection of Salmonella in onion and garlic powders: collaborative study

D'aoust J.Y.; Maishment C.; Burgener D.M.; Conley D.R.; Loit A.; Milling M.; Purvis U., 1980:
Detection of salmonella in refrigerated pre enrichment and enrichment broth cultures

Sunaga, Y.; Sato, S., 1982 :
Detection of salmonella infection in herds by examination of slurry

Watanabe A.; Tokumaru M.; Kurisu M.; Yanagawa K.; Ikeuchi T.; Masaki H., 1981:
Detection of salmonella organisms from carp trout and eels

Araj G.F.; Chugh T.D., 1987:
Detection of salmonella spp in clinical specimens by capture elisa

Banchuin, N.; Appassakij, H.; Sarasombath, S.; Manatsathit, S.; Rungpitarangsi, B.; Komolpit, P.; Sukosol, T., 1987:
Detection of Salmonella typhi protein antigen in serum and urine: a value for diagnosis of typhoid fever in an endemic area

Crane D.D.; Martin L.D.; Hirsh D.C., 1984:
Detection of salmonella typhimurium in feces by using felix 01 bacterio phage and high performance liquid chromatography

Barshtein-Yu, A.; Danylenko, I.I.; Ruban, V.I., 1976:
Detection of salmonella typhimurium membrane structures at a neutral iso electric point

Waes G., 1988:
Detection of salmonella using the bio enza bead screening kit in samples from the dairy industry

D'aoust J Y.; Sewell A.M., 1988:
Detection of salmonella with the bioenzabead enzyme immunoassay technique

Tompkin, R.B., 1976:
Detection of salmonellae in foods past present and future activities and attitudes of the food industry

Baumann G.; Theiler Hedtrich R.; Casper R., 1988:
Detection of sap transmissible viruses by elisa in tissue propagated plants of red raspberry during in vitro culture

Makkouk M.K.; Jarikji O.A., 1983:
Detection of sap transmissible viruses infecting cereals in jordan lebanon and syria

Walcz I.; Pacsa A.S.; Emody L.; Szabo L.G., 1985:
Detection of sclerotinia sclerotiorum in sunflower by elisa

Rubenstein R.; Kascsak R.J.; Merz P.A.; Papini M.C.; Carp R.I.; Robakis N.K.; Wisniewski H.M., 1986:
Detection of scrapie associated fibril proteins using anti scrapie associated fibril antibody in non purified tissue preparations

Targett N.M.; Mcconnell O.J., 1982:
Detection of secondary metabolites in marine macro algae using the marsh periwinkle littorina irrorata as an indicator organism

Scott J.E.; Heatley F., 1982:
Detection of secondary structure in glycosamino glycans via the proton nmr signal of the acetamido amino group

Wohlfart, R.; Wurm, G.; Schmidt, H.; Haensel, R., 1983:
Detection of sedative hypnotic hop constituents 5. degradation of humulones and lupulones to 2 methyl 3 buten 2 ol a hop constituent possessing sedative hypnotic activity

Hewett, P.D., 1987:
Detection of seed borne ascochyta pisi lib. and test agreement within and between laboratories

Fritzsche R.; Proeseler G.; Karl E.; Kleinhempel H., 1983:
Detection of seed transmission of beet mild yellowing virus

Von Wechmar M.B.; Kaufmann A.; Desmarais F.; Rybicki E.P., 1984:
Detection of seed transmitted brome mosaic virus by elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay radial immuno diffusion and immuno electro blotting tests

Antonova S.N.; Lyubinskaya S.I., 1980:
Detection of semen by the cytological method

Barker P.; Edmiston J., 1979:
Detection of semi quinone intermediates in pigment leached from sinapis alba

Tsutsumi H.; Yamamoto T.; Tamaki K.; Fujisawa K.; Katsumata Y., 1986:
Detection of seminal fluid stains using sodium thymolphthalein monophosphate

Peter M.G.; Stegmann H.B.; Hoang D B.; Scheffler K., 1985:
Detection of semiquinone radicals of n acylcatecholamines in aqueous solution

Takakura A.; Kagiyama N.; Sakurai Y.; Suzuki H.; Kobayashi N.; Terada E., 1988:
Detection of sendai virus antibody in mouse and guinea pig sera by an elisa with protein a

L.Roux J., 1984:
Detection of septoria nodorum resistance and tolerance during the seedling and adult plant stages

Hooft Van Iddekinge B.J.L.; Meyer D.; Zabel P.; Vlak J.M., 1986:
Detection of sequences in autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus dna that act as autonomous replicating sequences in yeast brief report

Il'in Y.V.; Karavanov A.A.; Mazo A.M.; Mizrokhi L.Yu; Priimyagi A.F.; Sedkov Y.A.; Cherkasova V.A., 1986:
Detection of sequences in drosophila mobile dispersed genes specifically bound to nuclear proteins

Van Beveren, C.; Goulian, M., 1979:
Detection of sequences in human leukemic cell DNA homologous with moloney mouse leukemia viral RNA

Hibino T.; Izaki S.; Izaki M., 1981 :
Detection of serine proteinase inhibitors in human cornfield cells

Sadovs'kii, I.P.; Bobir, A.D.; Boiko, A.L.; Zhovnovata, V.L., 1975:
Detection of serological affinity between viruses affecting fungi of the genus Penicillium

Didenko L.F.; Grabchenko N.I.; Kraev V.G.; Tarasishin L.A.; Nosach L.N., 1986:
Detection of serologically identical proteins in the composition of polysome bound messenger ribonucleoproteins from the cells of different eukaryotes

Lei D N.; Elias J.M., 1983:
Detection of serotonin and gastrin in gastric carcinoma

Farmer, J.J.Iii ; Davis, B.R.; Hickman, F.W.; Presley, D.B.; Bodey, G.P.; Negut, M.; Bobo, R.A., 1976:
Detection of serratia marcescens outbreaks in hospital

Dutta S.K.; Rice R.M.; Hughes T.D.; Savage P.K.; Myrup A.C., 1987:
Detection of serum antibodies against ehrlichia risticii in potomac horse fever by elisa

Rott, R.; Herzog, S.; Fleischer, B.; Winokur, A.; Amsterdam, J.; Dyson, W.; Koprowski, H., 1985:
Detection of serum antibodies to Borna disease virus in patients with psychiatric disorders

Fisher W.F., 1983:
Detection of serum antibodies to psoroptic mite antigens in rabbits infested with psoroptes cuniculi or psoroptes ovis acari psoroptidae by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay and immuno diffusion

Wooten, E.L.; Gaafar, S.M., 1984:
Detection of serum antibodies to sarcoptic mange mite antigens by the passive hemagglutination assay in pigs infested with Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis

Gibbs R.S.; Forman J.; S.C.air P.J.; Baseman J.B., 1987:
Detection of serum antibody response to bacteroides bivius by elisa in women with intraamniotic infection

Hall, S.M.; Confer, A.W.; Tabatabai, L.B.; Deyoe, B.L., 1984:
Detection of serum antibody to Brucella abortus in cattle by use of a quantitative fluorometric immunoassay

Chen C Y.; Hsieh W C.; Shih H H.; Chen S N., 1987:
Detection of serum antibody to clonorchis sinensis by elisa

Chow L.; Tseng T C., 1981:
Detection of serum antibody to herpes simplex virus type i by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Lie, T.S.; Kanda, M.; Kim, W.I.; Oehr, P.; Holst, A.; Choi, S.K.; Biersack, H.J., 1977:
Detection of serum blocking factors by inhibition of allo rosette formation in rats with long surviving renal allo grafts following short term post operative anti lymphocyte serum treatment

Karayiannis P.; Fowler M.J.F.; Lok A.S.F.; Greenfield C.; Monjardino J.; Thomas H.C., 1985:
Detection of serum hepatitis b virus dna by molecular hybridization correlation with hepatitis be antigen anti be status racial origin liver histology and hepatocellular carcinoma

Liu W J., 1982:
Detection of serum histamine levels and immune complexes in extrinsic bronchial asthma

Ito K.; Kitani S.; Sakamoto Y.; Miyamoto T., 1984:
Detection of serum immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m antibodies to mite dermatophagoides farinae through the use of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa

Tazawa, M.; Morikawa, A., 1985:
Detection of serum immunoglobulin g immunoglobulin g 4 antibodies to mites dermatophagoides farinae in patients with bronchial asthma and in healthy children through the use of elisa

Yaguzhinskaya, O.E., 1976 :
Detection of serum proteins in the electrophoretic patterns of total proteins of mycoplasma cells

Kirsch C M.; Doliwa R.; Buell U.; Roedler D., 1983:
Detection of severe coronary heart disease with thallium 201 comparison of resting single photon emission tomography with invasive arteriography

Colak H.; Akgun Y., 1986:
Detection of sexually transmissible viral infection markers by enzyme immune assay eia in female prostitutes

Pollak, E.W.; Webber, M.M.; Cragin, M.D., 1978:
Detection of shallow arterial ulceration with radio labeled particles

Kay, N.E.; Douglas, S.D., 1981:
Detection of shedding of human blood monocyte Fc receptor during in vitro culture

Tishchenko M.S., 1985:
Detection of shigella antigens in the feces of patients with acute intestinal diseases by means of the coagglutination test

Siffel P.; Lebedev N.N.; Krasnovskii A.A., 1987:
Detection of short wavelength chlorophyll alpha emission in green leaves

Itoh K.; Suzuki O.; Yano S.; Shiraishi H.; Yanagisawa M., 1985:
Detection of shunt flow in total anomalous pulmonary venous connection using 2 dimensional doppler echocardiography

Laur M H.; Jonsson S., 1983:
Detection of sialic acids or related substances in enteromorpha prolifera/

Kim, H.C.; Weierbach, R.G.; Friedman, S.; Schwartz, E., 1977:
Detection of sickle alpha thalassemia or beta o thalassemia by studies of globin biosynthesis

Galina, C.S.; Calderón, A.; McCloskey, M., 1982:
Detection of signs of estrus in the charolais cow and its Brahman cross under continuous observation

Bernstein, L.R.; Green, D.M., 1987:
Detection of simple and complex changes of spectral shape

Leavitt, F., 1987:
Detection of simulation among persons instructed to exaggerate symptoms of low back pain

Avrameas, S.; Leduc, E.H., 1970:
Detection of simultaneous antibody synthesis in plasma cells and specialized lymphocytes in rabbit lymph nodes

Novack D.F.; Casna N.J.; Fischer S.G.; Ford J.P., 1986:
Detection of single base pair mismatches in dna by chemical modification followed by electrophoresis in 15 percent polyacrylamide gel

Sakai H., 1985:
Detection of singlet oxygen from hematoporphyrin derivative using luminol

Salvi, R.J.; Giraudi, D.M.; Henderson, D.; Hamernik, R.P., 1982:
Detection of sinusoidally amplitude modulated noise by the chinchilla

Wiener D.H.; Maris J.; Chance B.; Wilson J.R., 1986:
Detection of skeletal muscle hypoperfusion during exercise using phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

Beytout, D.; Charrier, F.; Laveran, H.; Monghal, M., 1977:
Detection of small amounts of viruses (enteroviruses) in drinking water

Hunter, R.F.; Broadway, P.; Sun, S.L.; Niell, H.B.; Mauer, A.M., 1987:
Detection of small cell lung cancer bone marrow involvement by discontinuous gradient sedimentation

Berendsen, H.H.; de Leij, L.; Postmus, P.E.; Ter Haar, J.G.; Poppema, S.; The, T.H., 1988:
Detection of small cell lung cancer metastases in bone marrow aspirates using monoclonal antibody directed against neuroendocrine differentiation antigen

King C.E.; Toskes P.P.; Spivey J.C.; Lorenz E.; Welkos S., 1979:
Detection of small intestine bacterial overgrowth by means of a carbon 14 xylose breath test

Ault K.A., 1979:
Detection of small numbers of mono clonal bone marrow derived lymphocytes in the blood of patients with lymphoma

Vocharova N.G.; Bychenko B.D.; Yaroslavskaya N.B.; Bevzo L.A., 1981:
Detection of small pox antibody in human sera by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Higashi T.; Wakao H.; Furukawa K.; Kato H.; Ieki T.; Miura H., 1983:
Detection of small pulmonary carcinoma by gallium 67 uptake ratio

Levinthal, R.; Benston, J.R., 1976:
Detection of small trigeminal neurinomas

Gaspar J.O.; Beriam L.O.S.; Airoldi L.P.S.; Oliveira A.R., 1983:
Detection of snail megalobulimulus ovatus hemo cyanin in the whole hemolymph by serologically specific electron microscopy

Decorzant, C.; Riondel, A.M.; Philippe, M.J.; Bertrand, J.; Vallotton, M.B., 1977:
Detection of sodium ion and potassium in the rat adrenal cortex with the electron micro probe

Messiaen C.M.; Benkada M.Y.; Rouhani H., 1980:
Detection of soil samples of pythium spp pathogenic on maize roots

Rukavishnikova G.E.; Potapov M.N.; Sigal E.R., 1985:
Detection of soluble abh blood group antigens by means of elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

De-Kam, M., 1972:
Detection of soluble antigens of erwinia salicis in leaves of salix alba by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Turunen H.J., 1983:
Detection of soluble antigens of toxoplasma gondii by a 4 layer modification of an enzyme immunoassay

Durfee, K.K.; Marymont, J.H.; Sarachek, A.; Smith, J.P., 1979:
Detection of soluble group A streptococcal antigen in broth culture

Gehle, W.D.; Smith, K.O., 1976:
Detection of soluble immune complexes by ultra centrifugation

Bibb W.F.; Arnow P.M.; Thacker L.; Mckinney R.M., 1984:
Detection of soluble legionella pneumophila antigens in serum and urine specimens by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

Kremer, R.J.; Wagner, G.H., 1978:
Detection of soluble rhizobium japonicum antigens in soil by immuno diffusion

Farkas-Himsley, H., 1978:
Detection of soluble toxins from vibrio parahaemolyticus by cyto toxic micro assay

Henderson L.; Cole H.; Cole J.; James S.E.; Green M., 1986:
Detection of somatic mutations in man evaluation of the microtiter cloning assay for t lymphocytes

Zaretskaya Y.M.; Dolbin A.G.; Baranova F.S.; Durneva T.S.; Abramov V.Yu, 1979:
Detection of some d related w antigens in inhabitants of moscow

Castrejon Sanguino A.; Ortego Delgado M.L.; Galindo Alonso J., 1984:
Detection of some hydrolytic and oxidative enzymes in the tissue of cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar coker 310 parasitized by phymatotrichum omnivorum

Kanda H.; Warabi Y.; Sato E.; Yamashita T.; Takeshita R., 1981:
Detection of some natural dyes by poly amide thin layer chromatography

Toncsev, H., 1978:
Detection of some proteolytic enzymes in poly acrylamide gels

Iwahashi H.; Negoro Y.; Ikeda A.; Kido R., 1987:
Detection of some retinoid radicals using high performance liquid chromatography with esr spectroscopy or electrochemical detection

Vidaud C.Z.E.; Hazday Niego S., 1980:
Detection of some thickeners in hydrolyzed foodstuffs by thin layer chromatography

Porras, O.; Carlsson, B.; Fällström, S.P.; Hanson, L.A., 1985:
Detection of soy protein in soy lecithin, margarine and, occasionally, soy oil

Bond H.M.; Bowles D.J., 1986:
Detection of soybean glycine max glycoconjugates able to interact with soybean agglutinin

Bryant G.R.; Hill J.H.; Bailey T.B.; Tachibana H.; Durand D.P.; Benner H.I., 1982:
Detection of soybean mosaic virus in seed by solid phase radio immunoassay

Racusen R.H.; Schiavone F.M., 1988:
Detection of spatially and stage specific proteins in extracts from single embryos of the domesticated carrot

Poxton I.R.; Brown R.; Collee J.G., 1982:
Detection of species specific and cross reactive cell surface antigens of bacteroides spp by an indirect enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Yoshimura, F.; Sugano, T.; Kawanami, M.; Kato, H.; Suzuki, T., 1987:
Detection of specific antibodies against fimbriae and membrane proteins from the oral anaerobe Bacteroides gingivalis in patients with periodontal diseases

Osipova S.O.; Giyasov Z.A.; Dekhkan Khodzhaeva N.A.; Shafer N.P., 1984:
Detection of specific antibodies in saliva in lambliasis infection

Briese V.; Bergmann K.C.; Pohl W.D.; Noack K.; Tischner H.; Richter D., 1987:
Detection of specific antibodies to influence viruses in mouse genital tracts following oral immunization

Boiron P.; Delga J.M.; Drouhet E.; Dupont B.; Improvisi L., 1987:
Detection of specific antibodies to whole immobilized candida albicans cells by immuno assay

Naito, Y.; Okuda, K.; Takazoe, I., 1987:
Detection of specific antibody in adult human periodontitis sera to surface antigens of Bacteroides gingivalis

Kortbeek-Jacobs, N.; Van-Der-Donk, H., 1978:
Detection of specific antibody producing cells in porcine colostrum by in ovo translation of their messenger rna

Sekijima, Y.; Ohtsu, A., 1976:
Detection of specific antigen of the infectious flacherie virus of the silkworm bombyx mori by electro syneresis

Rissing, J.P.; Buxton, T.B.; Harris, R.W.; Shockley, R.K., 1984:
Detection of specific bacterial antigen in urine of patients infected with Bacteroides fragilis

James, A.L.; Yeoman, P., 1987:
Detection of specific bacterial enzymes by high contrast metal chelate formation part i. 8 hydroxyquinoline beta d glucoside an alternative to aesculin in the differentiation of members of the family enterobacteriaceae

James, A.L.; Yeoman, P., 1988:
Detection of specific bacterial enzymes by high contrast metal chelate formation part ii. specific detection of escherichia coli on multipoint inoculated plates using 8 hydroxyquinoline beta d glucuronide

Dominguez Reboiras M.; Jones M.N., 1982:
Detection of specific bovine serum albumin sodium n dodecyl sulfate complexes by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Craig P.S., 1986:
Detection of specific circulating antigen immune complexes and antibodies in human hydatidosis from turkana kenya and great britain uk by enzyme immunoassay

Newsome, D.A.; Foidart, J.M.; Hassell, J.R.; Krachmer, J.H.; Rodrigues, M.M.; Katz, S.I., 1981:
Detection of specific collagen types in normal and keratoconus corneas

Mel'nichenko E.M.; Kolomiets N.D.; Mikhailovskaya V.P.; Kolomiets A.G., 1984:
Detection of specific factors of local immunity in children with herpetic diseases of the buccal mucosa

Chart H.; Pearson T.W.; Trust T.J., 1984:
Detection of specific fish antibody using an inhibition enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay inhibition elisa

Lam, S.K.; Devi, S.; Pang, T., 1987:
Detection of specific IgM in dengue infection

Sarov I.; Siqueira Linhares M.; Chardonnet Y.; Levy E.; Aymard M.; Bosshard S.; Nord E.; Revillard J.P., 1981:
Detection of specific immuno globulin a antibodies in serum of kidney transplant patients with recurrent cytomegalovirus infection

Levy E.; Sarov I., 1981:
Detection of specific immuno globulin ah antibodies in serum of patients with varicella and zoster infections

Shinomiya K., 1982:
Detection of specific immuno globulin e antibodies by phadezym rast a newly developed kit using the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

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