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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5120

Chapter 5120 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Afferni C.; Pini C.; Misiti Dorello P.; Bernardini L.; Conchedda M.; Vicari G., 1984:
Detection of specific immuno globulin e antibodies in sera from patients with hydatidosis

Rissing J.P.; Buxton T.B.; Edmondson H.T., 1979:
Detection of specific immuno globulin g antibody in sera from patients infected with bacteroides fragilis by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Matsumura K.; Kazuta Y.; Endo R.; Tanaka K., 1983:
Detection of specific immuno globulin m antibodies of toxocaral es excretory secretory antigen effect of absorption of sera with protein a sepharose

Brade V.; Beuscer H.U., 1983:
Detection of specific immuno globulin m antibodies with the immuno globulin m fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test and immuno globulin m treponema pallidum hem agglutination test in sero positive sera of syphilis patients

Van Knapen F.; Franchimont J.H.; Verdonk A.R.; Stumpf J.; Undeutsch K., 1982:
Detection of specific immuno globulins immuno globulin g immuno globulin m immuno globulin a immuno globulin e and total immuno globulin e levels in human trichinosis by means of the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Kalafut F.; Cernak A.; Hung P.M., 1979:
Detection of specific immuno reactivity by leukocyte adherence inhibition assay in patients with malignant melanoma of uveal tissue

Korenaga M.; Tada I.; Hashiguchi Y.; Takaoka H.; Baba M.; Castro J.C.; Zea F.G.E., 1986:
Detection of specific immunoglobulin e antibodies in guatemalan onchocerciasis by elisa

Maroto Vela M.C.; Bernal Zamora M.C.; Levya Garcia A.; Piedrola G., 1986:
Detection of specific immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m antibodies in the hemagglutination inhibition test and the elisa for the diagnosis of rubella infection

Balfour A.H.; Harford J.P., 1985:
Detection of specific immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m antibodies to toxoplasma gondii with a commercially available enzyme immunoassay kit system

Popov, A.N.; Gushchin, I.S.; Bulk, V.F.; Perel'man, E.V., 1987:
Detection of specific immunoglobulin g antibodies to ovalbumin in murine sera by enzyme immunoassay eia with the use of staphylococcal protein a conjugated with horseradish peroxidase

Zerbini M.; Musiani M.; Gentilomi G.; L.P.aca M., 1986:
Detection of specific immunoglobulin m antibodies to cytomegalovirus by sing monoclonal antibody to immunoglobulin m in an indirect immunofluorescence assay

Phillips R.G.; Halliday W.J., 1983:
Detection of specific murine anti tumor immunity and serum factors by the indirect erythrocyte rosette augmentation assay

Abbott D.W.; V.D.nh T., 1985:
Detection of specific nitrogen containing compounds by room temperature phosphorescence

Delbos M.; Saidi N.; Gipouloux J D., 1982:
Detection of specific osidic chains with fluorescent lectins in primordial germ cells of anuran amphibians

Exner T.; Cotton B.; Howden M., 1985:
Detection of specific proenzyme activators in snake venoms by a new immunoabsorbent chromogenic substrate method

Hugenholtz, J.; Veldkamp, H.; Konings, W.N., 1987:
Detection of Specific Strains and Variants of Streptococcus cremoris in Mixed Cultures by Immunofluorescence

Kondrat'ev V.E.; Shchipakina T.G.; Budantsev A.Yu, 1986:
Detection of specific substrates of endogenous phosphorylation with gtp in synaptic protein membranes

Lukashova R.G., 1979:
Detection of specific thymocyte antigen in a fraction responsible for rosette formation

Clarke, G.N.; Elliott, P.J.; Smaila, C., 1985:
Detection of sperm antibodies in semen using the immunobead test: a survey of 813 consecutive patients

Storch, H.; Piskazeck, K.; Krishnan, S., 1976:
Detection of sperm antibodies with peroxidase marked antibodies a new method for the detection of immunological problems of infertility

Bols, N.C.; Mann, M.; Kasinsky, H.E., 1986:
Detection of sperm histone diversity among vertebrates by alkaline fast green staining

Hancock R.J.T.; Cockett A.T.K., 1981:
Detection of sperm surface immuno globulin g by modified hem adsorption procedures

Francavilla, F.; Romano, R.; Santucci, R.; Catignani, P.; Barone, A.; Fabbrini, A., 1987:
Detection of sperm surface related antibodies by indirect immunofluorescence test on sperm suspensions. Indirect IFT on sperm suspensions

Hill, L.A.; Hampton, J.K., 1980:
Detection of spermatozoal antibodies by radioassay: a comparative evaluation

Archer D.B.; Townsend R.; Markham P.G., 1982:
Detection of spiroplasma citri in plants and insect host by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Nielsen J.L.; Ellegaard J.; Marqversen J.; Hansen H.H., 1981:
Detection of splenosis and ectopic spleens with technetium 99m labeled heat damage autologous erythrocytes in 90 splenectomized patients

Derin, H.; Yetkin, E.; Ozkilic, H.; Ozekli, K.; Yaman, C., 1987:
Detection of splenosis by radionuclide scanning

Imai C.; Saito J., 1985:
Detection of spoiled eggs using a new type black light egg inspection unit

Imai C.; Saito J., 1983:
Detection of spoiled eggs using a new type of inspection apparatus

Uchida, A.; Kadota, H., 1976:
Detection of spore coat protein of bacillus subtilis by immunological method

Richards, M.A.; Webb, J.A.; Reznek, R.H.; Davies, G.; Jewell, S.E.; Shand, W.S.; Wrigley, P.F.; Lister, T.A., 1986:
Detection of spread of malignant lymphoma to the liver by low field strength magnetic resonance imaging

Inagaki Y.; Hamasaki Y.; Jinno Y.; Hosokawa K.; Ueki H., 1987:
Detection of ss a ro and ss b la autoantibodies using immunoblotting procedure and characterization of the antigens from 293 cells and kb cells

Tsai, T.F.; Bolin, R.A.; Montoya, M.; Bailey, R.E.; Francy, D.B.; Jozan, M.; Roehrig, J.T., 1987:
Detection of St. Louis encephalitis virus antigen in mosquitoes by capture enzyme immunoassay

Thellier, M.; Stelz, T.; Wissocq, J.C., 1976:
Detection of stable isotopes of lithium or boron with the help of a neutron alpha nuclear reaction application to the use of lithium 6 as a tracer for uni directional flux measurements and to the micro localization of lithium in animal histologic preparations

Olsvik O.; Myhre S.; Berdal B.P.; Fossum K., 1982 :
Detection of staphylococcal entero toxin a b and c in milk by an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay procedure

Niyomvit, N.; Stevenson, K.E.; Mcfeeters, R.F., 1978:
Detection of staphylococcal entero toxin b by affinity radio immunoassay

Miller, B.A.; Reiser, R.F.; Bergdoll, M.S., 1978:
Detection of staphylococcal entero toxins a b c d and e in foods by radio immunoassay using staphylococcal cells containing protein a as immuno adsorbent

Petras, P.; Maskova, L., 1984:
Detection of staphylococcal enterotoxigenicity 4. strains isolated in 1981 and 1982

Petras P., 1985:
Detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin in sheep milk cheese

Thompson N.E.; Razdan M.; Kuntsmann G.; Aschenbach J.M.; Evenson M.L.; Bergdoll M.S., 1986:
Detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins by elisa and radioimmunoassays comparison of monoclonal and polyclonal antibody systems

Murono, K.; Fujita, K.; Yoshioka, H., 1988:
Detection of staphylococcal exfoliative toxin by slide latex agglutination

Sanford B.A.; Ramsay M.A., 1986:
Detection of staphylococcal membrane receptors on virus infected cells by direct adhesion overlay

Prasad J.; Kapur M.P.; Sharma A.; Sharma R.D., 1987:
Detection of staphylococcal protein a and its relation with phage group and antibiogram

Christensson B.; Hedstrom S.A.; Kronvall G., 1982:
Detection of staphylococcus aureus antibodies in patients with staphylococcus aureus infections and in normal persons using solid phase radio immunoassay

Ostovar, K.; Ward, K., 1976:
Detection of staphylococcus aureus from frozen and thawed convenience pasta products

Flandrois, J.P.; Fleurette, J.; Eyraud, F., 1975:
Detection of staphylococcus aureus protein a by conditioned hem agglutination

Bornstein N.; Tissot D.; Flandrois J P.; Fleurette J., 1980:
Detection of staphylococcus aureus protein a on selective culture media

Greenway A.R.; Smart L.E.; Simpson J.; Smith M.C.; Stevenson J.H., 1981:
Detection of starvation as the cause of death in honey bees apis mellifera from thoracic glucose levels

Von Campenhausen C.; Reiss I.; Weissert R., 1981:
Detection of stationary objects by the blind cave fish anoptichthys jordani characidae

Lee K.; Herian A.M.; Richardson T., 1984:
Detection of sterol epoxides in foods by colorimetric reaction with picric acid

Andonian A.T., 1984:
Detection of stimulated back muscle contractions by moire topography

Kaakinen K.; Tommila V., 1979:
Detection of strabismus anisometropia or ametropia of children by simultaneous photography of the corneal and fundus reflexes

Dodds J.A.; Jarupat T.; Roistacher C.N.; Lee J.G., 1987:
Detection of strain specific double stranded rnas in citrus species infected with citrus tristeza virus a review

Baulcombe D.C.; Fernandez Northcote E.N., 1988:
Detection of strains of potato virus x and of a broad spectrum of potato virus y isolates by nucleic acid spot hybridization nash

Bach E.E.; Alba A.P.C.; Neto J.R., 1982:
Detection of strains of xanthomonas campestris pathovar citri by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Thielmann, H.W., 1977:
Detection of strand breaks in phi x 174 replicative form i and phage pm 2 dna reacted with ultimate and proximate carcinogens

Namba, K.; Okita, M.; Yamashita, H.; Murao, M.; Hiwatashi, S.; Endo, R., 1986:
Detection of streptococcus haemolyticus by culturette brand 10 minute group a strep id strep id in behcet's disease

Martin, S.J.; Hoganson, D.A.; Thomas, E.T., 1987:
Detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae type b antigens in acute nonbacteremic pneumonia

Lim, S.T.; Sage, D.J., 1977:
Detection of subarachnoid blood clot and other thin, flat structures by computed tomography

Onoue T.; Nagata Y.; Kusuda M., 1981:
Detection of subclinical abortion in infertile women by beta human chorionic gonadotropin radio immunoassay

Voskresenskii, K.A.; Dmitrieva, N.G., 1977:
Detection of sublethal toxic pollution of bodies of water by estimating adaptive reactions of test organisms

Ross R.J.; Smith J.J.B., 1979:
Detection of substrate vibrations by salamanders 8th cranial nerve activity

Ross, R.J.; Smith, J.J.B., 1978:
Detection of substrate vibrations by salamanders inner ear sense organ activity

Devetak D., 1985:
Detection of substrate vibrations in the ant lion larva myrmeleon formicarius neuroptera myrmeleonidae

Newby Schmidt M.B.; Norton S., 1981:
Detection of subtle effects on the loco motor ability of the chicken

Chevallier D.; Putz C., 1982:
Detection of sugar beet yellowing viruses in leaf extracts by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Read, R.B.; Bradshaw, J.G.; Swartzentruber, A.A.; Brazis, A.R., 1971:
Detection of sulfa drugs and antibiotics in milk

Aerts M.M.L.; Beek W.M.J.; Kan C.A.; Nouws J.F.M., 1986:
Detection of sulfaguanidine residues in eggs using a fully automated liquid chromatographic method using post column derivatization drug depletion study in eggs after a single oral dose in laying hens

Harzer, K., 1978:
Detection of sulfamethoxazole and n 4 acetyl sulfamethoxazole in biological fluids by reversed phase high pressure liquid chromatography

Reynolds, H.H.; Schjeide, O.A., 1977:
Detection of sulfated carbohydrates in primitive yolk granules of the hens oocyte

Huber K.; Esterbauer H.; Jaeger H J.; Grill D., 1987:
Detection of sulfite in plants

Hilker D.R.; Aldous K.M.; Smith R.M.; O'keefe P.W.; Gierthy J.F.; Jurusik J.; Hibbins S.W.; Spink D.; Parillo R.J., 1985:
Detection of sulfur analog of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin in the environment

Sunaga H.; Kobayashi E.; Shimojo N.; Suzuki K.T., 1987 :
Detection of sulfur containing compounds in control and cadmium exposed rat organs by high performance liquid chromatography vacuum uv inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry hplc icp

Witek, T.J.; Schachter, E.N., 1984:
Detection of sulfur dioxide in bronchodilator aerosols

Suto M.; Manzanares E.R.; Lee L.C., 1985:
Detection of sulfuric acid aerosols by uv scattering

Mildenberger P.; Jenny E.; Schild H., 1988:
Detection of superior mesenteric vein thrombosis by real time and doppler sonography following splenectomy

Ledenev A.N.; Popova E.Yu; Konstantinov A.A.; Ruuge E.K., 1985:
Detection of superoxide radicals produced by intact heart mitochondria by spin trapping

Govallo V.I., 1981:
Detection of suppressor lymphocyte in the blood of tumor patients by means of a 3 component mixed lymphocyte culture

Illarionov, E.F., 1977:
Detection of suppressor proteins from a pseudomonas denitrificans mutant oxidizing higher n alkanes

Seng L.T.; Twartz J.C.; Abdullah I.B.; Groves M.G., 1986:
Detection of surface antigen in rickettsia tsutsugamushi infected mouse res cells

Neugodova G.L.; Glan P.V., 1985:
Detection of surface immunoglobulins on peripheral blood lymphocytes in patients with infectious allergic asthma

Soule H.R.; Lanford R.E.; Butel J.S., 1982:
Detection of sv 40 surface associated large tumor antigen by enzyme catalyzed radio iodination

Lange Mutschler J.; Deppert W.; Hanke K.; Henning R., 1981:
Detection of sv 40 t antigen related antigens by a iodine 125 labeled protein a binding assay and by immuno fluorescence microscopy on the surface of sv 40 transformed mono layer cells

Fluegel, R.M.; Crefeld, T.; Munk, K., 1977:
Detection of sv 40 t antigen with labeled antibodies radio immunoassay and auto radiography

Tang M.; Cai B.; Wang H., 1987:
Detection of swine fever virus in pork

Masame K., 1983:
Detection of symmetry in complex patterns is symmetrical projection to the visual system necessary for the perception of symmetry

Masame K., 1984:
Detection of symmetry in relatively simple patterns

Delbeke, F.T.; Debackere, M., 1977:
Detection of sympathomimetic central nervous stimulants with special reference to doping part 1 comparative study of a conventional extraction procedure and adsorption chromatography using xad 2 resin

Delbeke, F.T.; Debackere, M., 1977:
Detection of sympathomimetic central nervous stimulants with special reference to doping part 2 comparative study of 2 adsorption chromatography methods using different xad resins

Hamm, T.M.; Roscoe, D.D.; Reinking, R.M.; Stuart, D.G., 1985:
Detection of synchrony in the discharge of a population of neurons 1. development of a synchronization index

Roscoe, D.D.; Hamm, T.M.; Reinking, R.M.; Stuart, D.G., 1985:
Detection of synchrony in the discharge of a population of neurons 2. implementation and sensitivity of a synchronization index

Kozma, R.; Spring, J.; Johnson, P.M.; Adinolfi, M., 1986:
Detection of syncytiotrophoblast in maternal peripheral and uterine veins using a monoclonal antibody and flow cytometry

Klinger, G.; Klinger, G.; Schröder, S., 1982:
Detection of synthetic sexual steroids in parotid saliva

Zoller, M.; Wilson, W.R.; Nadol, J.B.; Girard, K.F., 1978:
Detection of syphilitic hearing loss

Hille J.; Dekker M.; Luttighuis H.O.; Van Kammen A.; Zabel P., 1986:
Detection of t dna transfer to plant cells by agrobacterium tumefaciens virulence mutants using agroinfection

Forre O.; Thoen J.; Dobloug J.H.; Egeland T.; Kvien T.K.; Mellbye O.J.; Natvig J.B., 1982:
Detection of t lymphocyte sub populations in the peripheral blood and the synovium of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis using mono clonal antibodies

Aoki K.; Tanaka T.; Shinke R.; Nishira H., 1979:
Detection of tannase in poly acrylamide gels

Kalenov, G.S., 1976:
Detection of technical geological features of desert areas with the aid of landscape botanical interpretation keys

Carter G.I.; Towner K.J.; Slack R.C.B., 1987:
Detection of tem beta lactamase genes by non isotopic spot hybridization

Penner, M.J., 1977:
Detection of temporal gaps in noise as a measure of the decay of auditory sensation

Nakamura A., 1980:
Detection of teratogenicity of some anti pyretics by abnormal limb regeneration in tylototriton verrucosus

Lanham, G.R.; Bollum, F.J.; Stass, S.A., 1986:
Detection of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase in acute leukemias using monoclonal antibodies directed against native and denatured sites

Sasaki R.; Bollum F.J.; Takaku F.; Miura Y., 1984:
Detection of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase positive leukemia cells by an immunoperoxidase staining

Skoog L.; Hagerstrom T.; Reizenstein P.; Ost A., 1986:
Detection of terminal deoxynucleotidyltransferase acute myelogenous leukemia blasts by immunological and biochemical techniques

Lucocq J.M.; Berger E.G.; Roth J., 1987:
Detection of terminal n linked n acetylglucosamine residues in the golgi apparatus using galactosyltransferase and endoglucosaminidase f peptide n glycosidase f adaptation of a biochemical approach to electron microscopy

Halverson, C.A.; Falini, B.; Taylor, C.R.; Parker, J.W., 1981:
Detection of terminal transferase ec in paraffin sections with the immuno peroxidase technique

Micketts, R.J.; Lindsay, R.C., 1978:
Detection of terpene compounds from hops in american lager beer

Kvacek, Z.; Walther, H., 1984:
Detection of tertiary theaceae of central europe based on studies of leaf epidermis 1. epidermal characteristic complexes of recent theaceae

Hynes, K.; Givner, N.; Patil, K., 1978:
Detection of test cheating behavior

Czaplicki, M.; Rojewska, J.; Pykalo, R.; Szymanska, K., 1987:
Detection of testicular neoplasms by cytological examination of seminal fluid

Vinson, J.A.; Patel, D.D.; Patel, A.H., 1977:
Detection of tetra hydro cannabinol in blood and serum using a fluorescent derivative and thin layer chromatography

Kondo F.; Yamaguchi R., 1988:
Detection of tetracyclines by using a thin layer electrophoretic method

Digenis G.A.; Hawi A.A.; Yip H.; Layton W.J., 1986:
Detection of tetrafluoroputrescine in red blood cells by fluorine 19 nmr spectroscopy

Henke, G.; Fitzek, A., 1971:
Detection of thallium poisonings by means of neutron activation analysis

Lucas A.; Rangel C., 1983:
Detection of the 1st larval feeding in crassostrea gigas using the epi fluorescence microscope

Roy J C.; Turcotte J.; Cote J E.; Doddridge P., 1981:
Detection of the 21st chinese nuclear explosion in eastern canada

Lu, J., 1977:
Detection of the action of components of a viral complex in gladiolus dieback

Shevelev I.A.; Kotlyar B.I.; Volovik M.A.; Martinson Y.L.; Budko K.P.; Tsykalov E.N.; Sharaev G.A.; Gorbach A.M., 1986:
Detection of the activation of the cat motor cortex during limb movement by thermomapping of the brain

Varghese A.J., 1981:
Detection of the amine derivative of misonidazole in human urine by high pressure liquid chromatography

Zvyagil'skaya R.A.; Perlova N.N.; Vyskrebentseva E.I., 1986:
Detection of the aminotransferase activities in mitochondria of endomyces magnusii yeast

Miyoshi, M.; Hirakawa, S.; Hasegawa, K.; Mitsunaga, M.; Takehisa, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Ofuji, T., 1977:
Detection of the anti thyro globulin antibody precipitated with poly ethylene glycol

Marhuenda E.R.; Alarcon D.L.L.stra C.; Garcia Gimenez M.D., 1987:
Detection of the antibacterial properties of the phenolic acids of thymus carnosus boiss isolation of caffeic vanillic p coumaric p hydroxybenzoic and syringic acids

Kwang M.J.; Tsai H.J.; L.Y.S.; Fei A.C.Y.; Lee Y.L.; Lin D.F.; Lee C., 1987:
Detection of the antibodies against goose parvovirus by an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa

Gresikova M.; Kozuch O.; Sekeyova M.; Tkachenko E.A.; Rezapkin G.V.; Lysy J., 1988:
Detection of the antigen and antibodies to the eastern subtype of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus in small rodents in slovakia czechoslovakia

Korn M.Ya; Aref'ev I.M.; Es'kov A.P.; Efremova I.I.; Vasil'eva V.I., 1979:
Detection of the antigen antibody reaction by a light scattering spectroscopy technique

Chen B Q.; Zhou G F.; Liu Q Z.; Meng Q R.; W.M.Y.; Wang H M.; X.M.S.; Zhao J.; Jang Y.; E.A., 1986:
Detection of the antigen of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus by hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome monoclonal antibody 25 1 in the cells of urine and white blood cells obtained from hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome patients

Klimov, A.N.; Denisenko, A.D.; Zubzhitskii-Yu, N.; Gerchikova, E.A., 1978:
Detection of the auto immune lipo protein antibody complex in human blood plasma and aorta wall

Sokolenko, A.A.; Abelev, G.I., 1976:
Detection of the background level of alpha feto protein in the blood serum of donors by the method of electrophoresis precipitation in poly acrylamide gel

Lowenberg B.; Hagemeijer A.; Abels J., 1985:
Detection of the blastic crisis cell clone in chronic myeloid leukemia

Yamamoto, Y.; Sano, K.; Shigemoto, H., 1985:
Detection of the bleeding source from small intestine: intraoperative endoscopy and preoperative abdominal scintigraphy by technetium 99m pertechnetate

Vol'pe, E.A., 1976:
Detection of the blocking effect of syrian hamster blood serum on anti tumor immunity in early stages of primary carcinogenesis induced by sv 40

Randles J.W.; Boccardo G.; Imperial J.S., 1980:
Detection of the cadang cadang associated rna in african oil palm elaeis guineensis and buri palm corypha elata

Slavik, J., 1978:
Detection of the candidates for the femoral neck fracture in old age

Coops A.J.; Schuurmans C.J.E., 1986:
Detection of the carbon dioxide effect upon the climate of western europe

Baumeister M.; Luetzen L., 1979:
Detection of the carcinogenic nitro furan derivative vr 6 4 2 hydroxyethylamino 2 5 nitro 2 furyl thieno 3 2 d pyrimidine as a mutagen in the salmonella typhimurium microsome test

Fishman D.J.; Jones P.K.; Menitove J.E.; Ratnoff O.D.; Everson B., 1982:
Detection of the carrier state for classic hemophilia using an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Takahashi T.; Takusari H., 1979:
Detection of the causal agent associated with hop stunt disease in japan

Tsvetkova A.V.; Soboleva P.A., 1981 :
Detection of the causal agent of cysticercosis in beef using graphic recording of luminescence

Kadofuku T.; Sato T.; IIjima T., 1983:
Detection of the changes in protein distribution in rat serum after partial hepatectomy using 2 dimensional electrophoresis under nondenaturing conditions

Manabe T.; Okuyama T.; Suzuki A.; Shigematsu A., 1981:
Detection of the changes in protein distribution of rat plasma induced by carbon tetra chloride administration by 2 dimensional electrophoresis

Teodorczyk Injeyan J.A.; Jewett M.A.S.; Burke C.A.; Ostrand Rosenberg S., 1980:
Detection of the circulating antibodies to terato carcinoma defined antigens in patients with testicular tumors

Nakamura, T.; Okazaki, N.; Arai, T.; Kira, S.; Ito, A., 1981:
Detection of the closing area within the lung with impedance pneumography

Delia D.; Cattoretti G.; Bonati A.; Villa S.; D.B.aud F.; Buscaglia M., 1985:
Detection of the common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen on b cells from human fetal tissues a multiple phenotypic characterization

Bagaeva T.V.; Vinter V.G.; Gainullina F.Kh, 1979:
Detection of the complex of chromatin dnase transfer rna by gel filtration

Wakagi T.; Ohta T., 1982:
Detection of the conformational change in the catalytic site of atpase from beef liver mitochondria by affinity labeling with the di aldehyde derivative of etheno atp

Oikawa, T., 1978:
Detection of the differences in surface carbohydrates of unfertilized and fertilized sea urchin eggs with lectins

Straube W.; Goeretzlehner G.; Loh M.; Schuetz M.; Nehmzow M., 1987:
Detection of the early pregnancy factor epf in the serum of patients with a doubtful pregnancy

Varela-Diaz, V.M.; Eckert, J.; Rausch, R.L.; Coltorti, E.A.; Hess, U., 1977:
Detection of the echinococcus granulosus using the diagnostic arc 5 test on sera from patients with surgically confirmed echinococcus multilocularis infection

Merkle, K., 1975:
Detection of the effect of ionizing irradiation by impulse cyto photometric determination of the increase in uv fluorescence of vital unstained cells

Hagen D.R.; Dziuk P.J., 1981:
Detection of the effects of ingested caffeine on fertility of cocks gallus domesticus by homo spermic and hetero spermic insemination

Tamura A.; Morita K.; Fujii T.; Kojima K., 1982:
Detection of the electrical surface charge induced by treatment of the membrane lipid bi layer of human erythrocytes

Tarkhan A.U.; Tets I.S.; Shlepakov I.M., 1985:
Detection of the emotional state of patients with focal epilepsy by the voice

Doelken G.; Moar M.H.; Klein G., 1979:
Detection of the epstein barr virus associated antigens early antigen and viral capsid antigen by direct or indirect binding of iodinated antibodies to antigen immobilized in poly acrylamide gel

Luka, J.; Klein, G.; Henle, W.; Henle, G., 1978:
Detection of the epstein barr virus determined nuclear antigen in burkitts lymphoma and naso pharyngeal carcinoma biopsies by the acid fixed nuclear binding technique

Nomura, Y.; Kondo, H.; Yamagata, J.; Takenaka, K., 1977:
Detection of the estrogen receptor and response to endocrine therapy in male breast cancer patients

Noskov F.S.; Vershinskii B.V.; Zhebrun A.B.; Belyaev A.E.; Zakrevskaya A.V.; Kozhevnikov V.S.; Bashkirev T.A., 1981 :
Detection of the etiological agent of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in the lungs of wild rodents

Goltzsch W.; Boehme H J.; Hofmann E., 1981:
Detection of the fertility of female and male wistar rats

Vasilenko V.A.; Gavrilovskaya I.N.; Apekina N.S.; Rezapkin G.V.; Tkachenko E.A.; Chernyshova M.G.; Tamm E.Kh; Ivanova T.S.; Ryakhmi L.I.; E.A., 1987:
Detection of the foci of hemorrhagic fever associated with renal syndrome in the estonian ssr ussr

Chernova O.A.; Merkulova N.A.; Borkhsenius S.N., 1987:
Detection of the fragments homologous to eukaryotic actin gene in the dna of motile mycoplasmas

Saubenova, O.G.; Levchenko, N.G., 1975:
Detection of the fungus metarrhizium anisopliae deuteromycetes moniliales in gad fly larvae and pupae in the kazakh ssr ussr

Campo J.L.; Orozco F., 1979:
Detection of the genes responsible for plumage color in spanish chickens

Uring Lambert B.; Gas S.; Goetz J.; Mauff G.; Goldmann S.F.; Froessler M.; Bender K.; Hauptmann G., 1985:
Detection of the genetic polymorphism of human complement c 2 native protein and c 2a fragment by immunoblotting after polyacrylamide gel isoelectric focusing

Britov, V.A., 1977:
Detection of the genetic relationship among nematode species of the genus trichinella

Santini P.; Moretton J.; D'aquino M., 1985:
Detection of the genetic toxicity in diethyl pyrocarbonate using bacterial systems

Blair, B.O.; Baumgardner, M.F., 1977:
Detection of the green and brown wave in hardwood canopy covers using multi date multi spectral data from landsat 1

Avram G.; Zavate O.; Combiescu A.A.; Persu A.; Ivan A.; Constantiniu S.; Pancu V.; Popovici S.; Boghean T.; E.A., 1987:
Detection of the group rotaviral antigen by a screening test using the elisa ic kit in patients with acute gastroenteritis in pediatric services of moldavia romania

Il'in, K.V., 1976:
Detection of the gs antigen of the d type virus in human breast fibro adenoma cells

Isaeva E.I.; Rovnova Z.I.; Kosyakov P.N., 1985:
Detection of the heterogeneity of the population of influenza type a h 1n 1 virus by monoreceptor sera to hemagglutinin antigenic determinants

Zakin, M.M.; Garel, J.R.; Dautry-Varsat, A.; Cohen, G.N.; Boulot, G., 1978:
Detection of the homology among proteins by immunochemical cross reactivity between denatured antigens application to the threonine and methionine regulated asparto kinases homo serine dehydrogenases from escherichia coli k 12

Orland S.M.; Stewart A.F.; Livolsi V.A.; Wein A.J., 1986:
Detection of the hypercalcemia hormone of malignancy in an adrenal cortical carcinoma

Hinshaw L.B.; Brackett D.J.; Archer L.T.; Beller B.K.; Wilson M.F., 1983:
Detection of the hyperdynamic state of sepsis in the baboon during lethal escherichia coli infusion

Pruitt K.M.; Mansson Rahemtulla B.; Tenovuo J., 1983:
Detection of the hypo thio cyanite ion in human parotid saliva and the effect of ph on hypo thio cyanite generation in the salivary peroxidase anti microbial system

Sekine M.; Ichikawa T.; Kuga N.; Kobayashi M.; Sakurai A.; Syono K., 1988:
Detection of the iaa biosynthetic pathway from tryptophan via indole 3 acetamide in bradyrhizobium spp

Simpkins W.A.; Rigby D., 1982 :
Detection of the illicit extension of potable spirituous liquors using carbon 13 carbon 12 ratios

Ermekova V.M.; Melkonyan O.S.; Nazarova L.F.; Nanazashvili M.G.; Umanskii S.R., 1981:
Detection of the immuno globulin g fraction of intact rabbit serum which interacts with chromatin

Sessouma G.K., 1983:
Detection of the influence of environmental conditions on the vigor of some sorghum grain lines

Dzerzhinskii, V.A.; Dubitskii, A.M.; Nam, E.A.; Lopatin, O.E., 1976:
Detection of the infusorian tetrahymena stegomyiae in culex pipiens molestus and aedes aegypti

Preobrazhenskii N.A.; Gol'dman I.I.; Rakhmilevich A.G., 1981:
Detection of the initial form of occupational decreased hearing

Yoshida Noro C.; Takeichi M.; Okada T.S., 1985:
Detection of the initial step of mesenchymal differentiation of teratocarcinoma cells using the monoclonal antibody eccd 1

Guinee, P.A.M.; Jansen, W.H.; Agterberg, C.M., 1976:
Detection of the k 99 antigen by means of agglutination and immuno electrophoresis in escherichia coli isolates from calves and its correlation with entero toxigenicity

Ellens D.J.; D.L.euw P.W.; Rozemond H., 1979:
Detection of the k 99 antigen of escherichia coli in calf feces by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Chen, L.B.; Maitland, N.; Gallimore, P.H.; Mcdougall, J.K., 1977:
Detection of the large external transformation sensitive protein on some epithelial cells

Kamenev S.E.; Kopvillem U.Kh; Pasynkov A.S.; Sharipov R.Z., 1981:
Detection of the lethal process in plankton noctiluca by means of a forbidden transition of esr of manganese ion

Paniagua Crespo E.; Arias Fernandez M.C.; Silva Villar M.J., 1986:
Detection of the limax amoeba in waters of santiago de compostela spain

Koretskaya, N.G.; Piruzyan, E.S., 1983:
Detection of the locus on the escherichia coli chromosome maintaining the autonomous state of f'lac sex factor

Rogasik H.; Weirauch M.; Morstein K H.; Boettcher B., 1985:
Detection of the loosening effect and the duration of effectiveness of measures for plow pan treatment by means of horizontal probing qualification and quantification of the loosening effect of some tools for plow plan treatment

Bandas E.L., 1983:
Detection of the loss of a chromosome from pair iii in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Dermer G.B.; Edwards J.J., 1983:
Detection of the major non serum derived proteins of body fluids by immuno deletion and 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis

Kobayashi, H.; Danbara, T.; Tamaki, S.; Kitamura, S.; Hata, E.; Fukushima, K.; Kira, S., 1988:
Detection of the mediastinal lymph nodes metastasis in lung cancer by endoscopic ultrasonography

Chestkov V.V.; Laptev A.V.; Shishkin S.S., 1988:
Detection of the membrane form of human liver phenylalanine hydroxylase and characterization of its subunit composition

Bloch B.; Popovici T.; Chouham S.; Kowalski C., 1986:
Detection of the messenger rna coding for enkephalin precursor in the rat brain and adrenal by using an in situ hybridization procedure

Commere B.; Vidal J.; Suzuki A.; Gadal P.; Caboche M., 1986:
Detection of the messenger rna encoding for the ferredoxin dependent glutamate synthase in maize zea mays cultivar inra 508 leaf

Bloch B.; L.G.ellec D.; D.K.yzer Y., 1985:
Detection of the messenger rna species coding for the opioid peptide precursors in pituitary and adrenal by in situ hybridization study in several mammal species

Prozorovskii S.V.; Vul'fovich Y.V.; Pogorel'skaya L.V.; Levina G.A.; Il'inskii Y.A.; Gorlov A.L., 1986:
Detection of the microbial variants of salmonella typhi in the bone marrow of typhoid patients and carriers

Chekhonadskikh T.V.; Polyakova N.E.; Pankova T.G.; Salganik R.I., 1987:
Detection of the microsomal monooxygenase system in the malaria parasite of rodent plasmodium berghei

Sorokin V.M.; Demidova G.V.; Novosel'tsev N.N.; Marchenkov V.I., 1986:
Detection of the modification restriction systems in yersinia enterocolitica

Tsukiyama T.; Shirai Y., 1985:
Detection of the movements of persons from a sparse sequence of television images

Ivanidze, E.A.; Sakvarelidze, L.A.; Tkachenko, E.A.; Rezapkin, G.V.; Dzagurova, T.K.; Ryl'tseva, E.V.; Barnabishvili, N.O.; Tsanava-Sh, A.; Gamtsemlidze, P.O.; Kadzhaya, S.S., 1987:
Detection of the natural foci of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in the georgian ssr ussr

Schütz, H., 1979:
Detection of the new analgetic Tramadol (Tramal)

Iwai S.; Nakata K.; Nagao T.; Kawashima N.; Matsuyama S., 1981:
Detection of the nicotiana rustica chloroplast genome coding for the large subunit of fraction i protein in a somatic hybrid in which only the nicotiana tabacum chloroplast genome appeared to have been expressed

Zhukova M.G.; Lesogor L.V., 1981 :
Detection of the nonsimultaneity of switching on tones in a 2 tone signal

Sellenschlo U., 1986:
Detection of the north american dermestid beetle reesa vespulae new record coleoptera dermestidae in west germany

Knee G.R.; Feinman M.A.; Strauss J.F.IIi; Blasco L.; Goodman D.B.P., 1985:
Detection of the ovulatory luteinizing hormone surge with a semiquantitative urinary luteinizing hormone assay

Werling K.; Kilar F.; Nagy I.; Burger T.; Javor T., 1987:
Detection of the paraprotein in the csf of patients with paraproteinemia and its role in clinical symptoms

Cerda L.A.; Jana Saenz C.; Beeche M.A., 1985:
Detection of the pine shoot moth in chile rhyacionia buoliana lepidoptera tortricidae

Clavel, C.; Chavanel, G.; Birembaut, P., 1986:
Detection of the plasmin system in human mammary pathology using immunofluorescence

Kurogi M.; Bessho Y., 1980:
Detection of the poly phenolic substance gallic acid in japanese chestnut castanea crenata

Pina R.J.; Cadena H.M.; Hahn P., 1986:
Detection of the potato leaf roll virus using elisa

Stohl W.; Gonatas N.K., 1980:
Detection of the precursor and effector cells of experimental allergic encephalo myelitis in the thoracic duct of the rat

Muuse B.G.; Van Der Kamp H.J., 1985:
Detection of the presence of fractionated butterfat in butterfat by crystallization of the high melting saturated triglycerides

Kawamura T.; Fukui Y., 1984:
Detection of the presence of kent bundle in the b type of wolff parkinson white syndrome application of the automatic display system of epicardial mapping

Jacqmain E.; Daras G., 1987:
Detection of the presence of salmonella in powdered food

Sugiura, M.; Oono, K., 1980:
Detection of the pro plastid ribosomal rna genes in rice embryos oryza sativa cultivar mangetsumochi

Yokohama M.; Mogi K., 1985:
Detection of the protease inhibitor systems of the light breed horses by isoelectric focusing

Metzner G.; Jaeger L., 1980:
Detection of the release of macrophage slowing factor by phyto hem agglutinin using the macrophage electrophoretic mobility test

Blaise C.; Couture P., 1984:
Detection of the repercussions of mining waste on an aquatic environment using a bioassay selenastrum capricornutum toxicity or enrichment in vital substances

Kurz, J.; Burgdorfer, W., 1978:
Detection of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever agent, Rickettsia rickettsii, in dead ticks, Dermacentor andersoni

Hopwood J.J.; Elliott H., 1982:
Detection of the sanfilippo type b syndrome using radio labeled oligo saccharides as substrates for the estimation of alpha n acetyl glucosaminidase

Gnezditskaya E.V.; Beletskaya E.V.; Bukhova V.P.; Zakharova N.A., 1984:
Detection of the secretory component in membrane structures of human thymus

Bogatina N.I.; Verkin B.I.; Kulabukhov V.M.; Litvin V.M.; Nikulina V.F., 1979:
Detection of the sensitivity threshold of the wheat roots and sprouts to magnetic field magnitude

Mizutani Y.; Konishi H.; Kuriki S., 1985:
Detection of the somatically evoked field near the neck using a superconducting quantum interference device

Lukash M.M.; Kalmykova N.P.; Malakeeva N.M.; Lisichenko L.N.; Glushko N.V., 1981:
Detection of the stable tularemia micro focus with the main vector ixodes redikorzevi in the area of intensive agriculture in stavropol krai russian sfsr ussr

Reddick B.B., 1988:
Detection of the tall fescue endophyte with emphasis on elisa

Nishibuchi M.; Ishibashi M.; Takeda Y.; Kaper J.B., 1985:
Detection of the thermostable direct hemolysin gene and related dna sequences in vibrio parahaemolyticus and other vibrio spp by the dna colony hybridization test

Simcox K.D.; Shadley J.D.; Weber D.F., 1987:
Detection of the time of occurrence of nondisjunction induced by the r x1 deficiency in zea mays l

Roxby D.J.; Morley A.A.; Burpee M., 1987:
Detection of the tn antigen in leukemia using monoclonal anti tn antibody and immunohistochemistry

Burchell J.; Wang D.; Taylor Papadimitriou J., 1984:
Detection of the tumor associated antigens recognized by the monoclonal antibodies hmfg 1 and hmfg 2 in serum from patients with breast cancer

Sakai, S.; Ito, Y.; Koide, T.; Tei, K.; Hara, A.; Sawada, H., 1986:
Detection of the urinary polyamine by a new enzymatic differential assay i. fundamental study on a new enzymatic differential assay

Sakai, S.; Ito, Y.; Koide, T.; Tei, K.; Hara, A.; Sawada, H., 1986:
Detection of the urinary polyamine by a new enzymatic differential assay ii. comparison with conventional method

Sakai, S.; Ito, Y.; Koide, T.; Tei, K.; Hara, A.; Sawada, H., 1986:
Detection of the urinary polyamine by a new enzymatic differential assay iii. studies of urinary polyamines in patients with genitourinary malignant diseases

Hodos, W.; Smith, L.; Bonbright, J.C., 1976:
Detection of the velocity of movement of visual stimuli by pigeons?

Brugge, J.S.; Collett, M.S.; Siddiqui, A.; Marczynska, B.; Deinhardt, F.; Erikson, R.L., 1979:
Detection of the viral sarcoma gene product in cells infected with various strains of avian sarcoma virus and of a related protein in uninfected chicken cells

Chumakov M.P.; Gavrilovskaya I.N.; Zakharova M.A.; Boiko V.A.; Apekina N.S.; Ryl'tseva E.V.; Bernshtein A.D.; Potapov V.S.; Gorbachkova E.A.; E.A., 1981:
Detection of the virus of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in organs of rodents from natural foci of the infection in the ussr and sero diagnosis of the disease

Pearson W.H.; Miller S.E.; Blaylock J.W.; Olla B.L., 1981:
Detection of the water soluble fraction of crude oil by the blue crab callinectes sapidus

Stroop, W.G.; Baringer, J.R.; Brahic, M., 1981:
Detection of Theiler's virus RNA in mouse central nervous system by in situ hybridization

Li, L.S., 1984:
Detection of theophylline in human serum and its clinical application

Tasaki, I.; Byrne, P.M.; Masumura, M., 1987:
Detection of thermal responses of the retina by use of polyvinylidene fluoride multilayer detector

Fluer F.S.; Ivinskene V.L.; Zayachkauskas P.A., 1981 :
Detection of thermolabile bacillus thuringiensis exo toxin and its separation from phospho lipase c

Resano, F.; Trujillo, J.; Cervera, J.E.; Pinzón-Estrada, E.; Landa, L., 1985:
Detection of thermolabile enterotoxin of Escherichia coli by laser ray nephelometry

Sakai, H.; Hashimoto, S.; Fujiwara, T.; Komano, T., 1975:
Detection of thermolability of cell extracts from dnah ts mutant of escherichia coli in dna synthesis in vitro

Apel, W.A.; Dugan, P.R.; Filppi, J.A.; Rheins, M.S., 1976:
Detection of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans in acid mine environments by indirect fluorescent antibody staining

Kok W.T.; Halvax J.J.; Voogt W.H.; Brinkman U.A.T.; Frei R.W., 1985:
Detection of thioethers of pharmaceutical importance by liquid chromatography with on line generated bromine

Lunte S.M.; Kissinger P.T., 1985:
Detection of thiols and disulfides in liver samples using liquid chromatography electrochemistry

Harle D.G.; Baldo B.A.; Smal M.A.; Wajon P.; Fisher M.M., 1986:
Detection of thiopentone reactive immunoglobulin e antibodies following anaphylactoid reactions during anesthesia

Movsesyan S.O.; Chubaryan F.A., 1981:
Detection of thominx tridens nematoda capillariidae in the starling pastor roseus in the armenian ssr ussr

Powell C.A., 1987:
Detection of three plant viruses by dot immunobinding assay

Richter J.; Reichenbaecher D.; Kalinina I.; Falkenhagen H.; Torres E.G., 1987:
Detection of three viruses in field grown potato plants by means of elisa

Bergh, O.J.; Solheim, B.G., 1978:
Detection of thrombocyte antibodies by iodine 125 labeled protein a

Denardo S.J.; Bogren H.G.; Denardo G.L., 1985:
Detection of thrombophlebitis in the lower extremities a regional comparison of iodine 123 fibrinogen scintigraphy and contrast venography

Shreiner, D.P.; Levin, J., 1970:
Detection of thrombopoietic activity in plasma by stimulation of suppressed thrombopoiesis

Schmengler K.; Berberich R.; Schroth H J.; Wilhelm H., 1981:
Detection of thrombosis and embolism with technetium 99m labeled phytate labeled platelets with special reference to pulmonary embolism

O'connell J.P.; Dunn T.S.; Rumaks A.; Williams J.L., 1981:
Detection of thrombus formation on intra vascular catheters using iodine 125 labeled fibrinogen

Allison, D.; Bose, K.; Hill, J.L., 1977:
Detection of thymic surface antigens and radioactive labeling of mouse lymphoid cells

Kupper, H.; Fiebig, H., 1986:
Detection of thymocyte antigens by monoclonal antibodies of the BL series

Keesey, J.; Bein, M.; Mink, J.; Sample, F.; Sarti, D.; Mulder, D.; Herrmann, C.; Peter, J.B., 1980:
Detection of thymoma in myasthenia gravis

Mándi, B.; Holub, M.; Rossmann, P.; Csaba, B.; Glant, T.; Olveti, E., 1979:
Detection of thymosin 5 in calf and mouse thymus and in nude mouse dysgenetic thymus

Kaplan, J.; Peterson, W.D.J., 1977 :
Detection of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocyte antigens on 2 major null cell subsets

Matsuda, H.; Ikuta, K.; Kato, S., 1976:
Detection of thymus derived cell surface determinants in 3 mareks disease lympho blastoid cell lines

Pyke, K.W.; Gelfand, E.W., 1976:
Detection of thymus derived precursor cells in human bone marrow and fetal liver

Liang, W.; Cohen, E.P., 1977:
Detection of thymus leukemia antigens on the surface membranes of murine leukemia cells resistant to thymus leukemia antibodies and guinea pig complement

Gado M.S.; Amer M.F.; Helmy S.A.; Mady M.E., 1982:
Detection of thyroid activity in coturnix coturnix japonica under certain conditions

Mikhailov Y.M.; Dimova M.N.; Abramova F.A.; Frolova L.I., 1980:
Detection of thyroid gland carcinoma of varying pathology in an endocrine surgery department

Chiovato L.; Hammond L.J.; Hanafusa T.; Pujol Borrell R.; Doniach D.; Bottazzo G.F., 1983:
Detection of thyroid growth immuno globulins by tritium labeled thymidine incorporation in cultured rat thyroid follicles

Fairweather D.S.; Bradwell A.R.; Watson James S.F.; Dykes P.W.; Chandler S.; Hoffenberg R., 1983:
Detection of thyroid tumors using radio labeled anti thyro globulin

Belyavskaya N.A.; Subbotina L.B.; Navolokin O.V.; Matyukhina L.V., 1987:
Detection of tick borne encephalitis virus by enzyme immunoassay in the study of its persistence and chronic evolution in experimental animals

Dobrikova E.Yu; Pletnev A.G.; Shamanin V.A., 1986:
Detection of tick borne encephalitis virus in human blood and in individual ticks by the method of the molecular hybridization of nucleic acids

Whitaker D.; Sterrett G.F.; Shilkin K.B., 1982:
Detection of tissue carcino embryonic antigen like substance as an aid in the differential diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma

Lu, J.Y.; Tsai, L.C.; Chang, Z.N.; Lee, Y.C.; Perng, R.P., 1986:
Detection of tissue carcinoembryonic antigen in lung cancer with monoclonal antibody

Christiansen, S.C.; Proud, D.; Cochrane, C.G., 1987:
Detection of tissue kallikrein in the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of asthmatic subjects

Caselitz, J.; Seifert, G.; Björklund, B.; Björklund, V., 1983:
Detection of tissue polypeptide antigen in salivary glands and salivary gland tumors. An immunohistochemical study

Tsuji T.; Inoue J.; Shinohara T.; Tsuchiya M.; Onoue K.; Araki K.; Nagashima H.; Nakashima A.; Naito K., 1980:
Detection of tissue thymus derived cell in patients with chronic active hepatitis using fragmented sheep red blood cell membrane

Nishiyama, T.; Matsumoto, Y.; Watanabe, H.; Fujiwara, M.; Sato, S., 1987:
Detection of Tn antigen with Vicia villosa agglutinin in urinary bladder cancer: its relevance to the patient's clinical course

Shiel P.J.; Castello J.D., 1985:
Detection of tobacco mosaic and tobacco ringspot viruses in herbaceous and woody plants near virus infected white ash fraxinus americana trees in central new york usa

Castello J.D.; Amico L.A.; O'shea M.T., 1984:
Detection of tobacco mosaic and tobacco ringspot viruses in white ash fraxinus americana trees by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa

Schoenbeck F.; Spengler G., 1979 :
Detection of tobacco mosaic virus in mycorrhizal cells of tomato by immuno fluorescence

Van Der Vlugt C.I.M.; Linthorst H.J.M.; Asjes C.J.; Van Schadewijk A.R.; Bol J.F., 1988:
Detection of tobacco rattle virus in different parts of tulip by elisa and complementary dna hybridization assays

Fukuie N.; Aoki T., 1980:
Detection of toluene as one of the thinner components in a decomposed cadaver

Podleickis E.V.; Corbett M.K., 1987:
Detection of tomato ringspot nepovirus and a clostero like virus in french hybrid vidal 256 grapevines

Tang J Q.; E.A., 1988:
Detection of total antibody to hfrsv by rphi

Ward C.J.P.; Radzik D.M.; Kissinger P.T., 1985:
Detection of toxic compounds in polyurethane food bags by liquid chromatography electrochemistry

Snell J.J.S.; Demello J.V.; Gardner P.S.; Kwantes W.; Brooks R., 1984:
Detection of toxin production by corynebacterium diphtheriae results of a trial organized as part of the uk national external microbiological quality assessment scheme

Lockwood, D.E.; Kreger, A.S.; Richardson, S.H., 1982:
Detection of toxins produced by vibrio fluvialis

Rothe, J.; McDonald, P.J.; Johnson, A.M., 1985:
Detection of Toxoplasma cysts and oocysts in an urban environment in a developed country

Ogata K.; Arakawa M.; Kasahara T.; Shioiri Nakano K.; Hiraoka K I., 1983:
Detection of toxoplasma gondii membrane antigens transferred from sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gel to nitro cellulose with mono clonal antibody and avidin biotin peroxidase anti peroxidase and immuno peroxidase methods

Araj G.F.; Thorburn H., 1986:
Detection of toxoplasma specific immunoglobulin m by a solid phase hemadsorption assay

Johnson A.M.; Roberts H.; Mcdonald P.J.; Rothe J., 1985:
Detection of toxoplasma specific immunoglobulin m in cord blood sera by antibody class capture elisa

Paris Hamelin A.; Fustec Ibarboure S., 1986:
Detection of toxoplasmic immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m by elisa methods on balls the particular value of detection of immunoglobulin m by immunocapture and the expression of the results of immunoglobulin g in iu

Triakina, I.P.; Moroz, B.V.; Noeva, N.A.; Mikheeva, M.N., 1985:
Detection of toxoplasmosis among patients with lymphadenitis

Rosier, J.A.; Van-Peteghem, C.H., 1988:
Detection of trace amounts of 8 hydroxy 2' deoxyguanosine in commercial 2' deoxyguanosine by means of hplc analysis and electrochemical analysis

Guttenplan J.B., 1979:
Detection of trace amounts of di methyl nitrosamine in a modified salmonella typhimurium microsome assay

Woollins J.D.; Woollins A.; Rosenberg B., 1983:
Detection of trace amounts of trans di ammine di chloro platinum in the presence of cis di ammine di chloro platinum a high performance liquid chromatographic application of kurnakows test

Williams M.W.; Beekman D.W.; Swan J.B.; Arakawa E.T., 1984:
Detection of trace elements with resonance ionization and time of flight mass spectrometry

Hogge L.R.; Olson D.J.H., 1982:
Detection of trace quantities of aliphatic alcohols using derivatization techniques suitable for positive and or negative ion gas chromatography chemical ionization mass spectrometry

Sadek, H.; Starke, K.; List, P.H., 1977:
Detection of traces of fluoride in inhalation aerosols by photon activation analysis

Andrawes, F.F., 1984:
Detection of traces of formaldehyde in pure air by gas chromatography and helium ionization detection

Maksimov V.I., 1981:
Detection of trans glycosylation reactions under the influence of trichoderma koningii and trichoderma viride enzymes

Dzhusupova A.B.; Plotnikova T.G.; Krylov V.N., 1982:
Detection of transduction of chromosomal markers of pseudomonas aeruginosa by virulent phage phi kz in the presence of rms 148 plasmid

Aoki T.; Kitao T., 1985:
Detection of transferable r plasmids in strains of the fish pathogenic bacterium pasteurella piscicida

Gottlieb, A.B.; Chang, C.K.; Posnett, D.N.; Fanelli, B.; Tam, J.P., 1988:
Detection of transforming growth factor alpha in normal, malignant, and hyperproliferative human keratinocytes

Pavia L.; Buttafarro A.; Consolo G.; Casella F.; Cannava G.; Casella G., 1983:
Detection of transient asymptomatic myocardial ischemia advantages of dynamic electrocardiographic monitoring

Kosnikov V.V.; Dobretsov G.E., 1986:
Detection of transmembrane potential differences in single lymphocytes

Bernard S.; Lantier I.; Laude H.; Aynadu J.M., 1986:
Detection of transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus antigens by a sandwich elisa technique

Jean, Y.H.; Kang, M.I.; Hwang, E.K.; Kwon, Y.B.; Chung, U.I.; Lee, J.B., 1987:
Detection of transmissible gastroenteritis virus in tissue by peroxidase antiperoxidase method

Franke C., 1987:
Detection of transversal migration of larvae of chaoborus flavicans diptera chaoboridae by the use of a sonar system

Buerkle, U., 1977:
Detection of trawling noise by atlantic cod gadus morhua

Dhariwal, K.R.; Yang, Y.M.; Fales, H.M.; Goren, M.B., 1987:
Detection of trehalose monomycolate in Mycobacterium leprae grown in armadillo tissues

Laitem, L.; Gaspar, P.; Bello, I., 1978:
Detection of trenbolone residues in meat and organs of slaughtered animals by thin layer chromatography

Romanowski, B.; Forsey, E.; Prasad, E.; Lukehart, S.; Tam, M.; Hook, E.W., 1987:
Detection of Treponema pallidum by a fluorescent monoclonal antibody test

Cockle S.M.; Smyth D.G., 1986:
Detection of trh extended peptides in rat hypothalamus using an antibody raised to polyglutamylhistidylprolylglycyllysine

Smith H.J.; Snowdon K.E., 1987:
Detection of trichinella spiralis nativa antibodies in porcine sera by elisa using trichinella spiralis spiralis excretory secretory antigen

Teras Y.K.; Ryigas E.M.; Kazakova I.I.; Ranne K.P.; Trapido L.E.; Sardis K.Y.; Kaal V.A., 1980:
Detection of trichomonas in the bronchi sputum and oral cavity in patients with diverse pulmonary disorders

Yule, A.; Gellan, M.C.; Oriel, J.D.; Ackers, J.P., 1987:
Detection of Trichomonas vaginalis antigen in women by enzyme immunoassay

Smith, R.F., 1986:
Detection of Trichomonas vaginalis in vaginal specimens by direct immunofluorescence assay

Dey, H.M.; Schulman, P.; Smith, V.E.; Karimeddini, M.K.; Spencer, R.P., 1983:
Detection of tricuspid insufficiency by portable nuclear probe monitoring over the liver

Reeves W.C.; Leaman D.M.; Buonocore E.; Babb J.D.; Dash H.; Schwiter E.J.; Ciotola T.J.; Hallahan W., 1981:
Detection of tricuspid regurgitation and estimation of central venous pressure by 2 dimensional contrast echo cardiography of the right superior hepatic vein

Lieppe, W.; Behar, V.S.; Scallion, R.; Kisslo, J.A., 1978:
Detection of tricuspid regurgitation with 2 dimensional echo cardiography and peripheral vein injections

Van-Der-Bent, S.J.; Schaafsma, T.J.; Goedheer, J.C., 1976:
Detection of triplet states in algae by zero field resonance

Scott B.J.; Bateman J.E.; Bradwell A.R., 1982:
Detection of tritium labeled ligands and their carrier proteins using a multi wire proportional counter

Seppala, M.; Rutanen, E.M.; Heikinheimo, M.; Jalanko, H.; Engvall, E., 1978:
Detection of tropho blastic tumor activity by pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein

Gartz J., 1986:
Detection of tryptamine derivatives in fungi of the genera gerronema hygrocybe psathyrella and inocybe

Lattanzi, V.; Scardapane, R.; Ciampolillo, A.; Vincenti, C.; Giorgino, R., 1985:
Detection of tsh binding inhibiting antibodies and thyroid adenylate cyclase stimulating antibodies in sera of patients with graves' disease

Gupta R.K.; Leitch A.M.; Morton D.L., 1983:
Detection of tumor associated antigen in eluates from protein a columns used for ex vivo immuno adsorption of plasma from melanoma patients by radio immunoassay

Kelly, B.S.; Levy, J.G., 1980:
Detection of tumor associated antigens in human bronchogenic carcinoma by the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Minami A.; Hayakawa K.; Okayasu T.; Sasaki T.; Yamawaki S.; Kobayashi H., 1979:
Detection of tumor associated antigens of osteo sarcoma in humans by the mixed lymphocyte tumor cell culture assay

Lageman, A.; Pasternak, L.; Pasternak, G.; Dietz, W., 1978:
Detection of tumor associated cell membrane antigens of uv induced mouse sarcoma by the ferritin hybrid antibody method

Fuks B.B.; Zedgenidze M.S.; Spirande I.V.; Kogarko I.N.; Sterlina A.G., 1981:
Detection of tumor cell cyto toxicity for normal killer targets

Mansi, J.L.; Berger, U.; Wilson, P.; Shearer, R.; Coombes, R.C., 1988:
Detection of tumor cells in bone marrow of patients with prostatic carcinoma by immunocytochemical techniques

Ligler F.S.; Smith R.G.; Kettman J.R.; Hernandez J.A.; Himes J.B.; Vittetta E.S.; Uhr J.W.; Frenkel E.P., 1980:
Detection of tumor cells in the peripheral blood of nonleukemic patients with bone marrow derived cell lymphoma analysis of clonal excess

Saxne, T.; Palladino, M.A.; Heinegård, D.; Talal, N.; Wollheim, F.A., 1988:
Detection of tumor necrosis factor alpha but not tumor necrosis factor beta in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluid and serum

Fomsgaard A.; Worsaae H.; Bendtzen K., 1988:
Detection of tumor necrosis factor from lipopolysaccharide stimulated human mononuclear cells by elisa and cytotoxicity bioassay

Waage A.; Espevik T.; Lamvik J., 1986:
Detection of tumor necrosis factor like cytotoxicity in serum from patients with septicemia but not from untreated cancer patients

Budunova I.V.; Mittel'man L.A.; Belitskii G.A., 1987:
Detection of tumor promoters by their inhibitory effect on intercellular lucifer yellow exchange

Terman, D.S.; Durante, D.; Racic, M.; Mcintosh, R.M., 1977:
Detection of tumor specific antigen and antibody in kidneys of neuro blastoma bearing mice

Avakova, A.N.; Rozina, E.E.; Stepanova, L.G.; Andzhaparidze, O.G., 1976:
Detection of tumorigenic activity of cell cultures by hetero transplantation into hamster cheek pouch tissue using immuno depressants

Selypes A.; Selypes A., 1987:
Detection of tumorous cells from sera on the basis of chromosome alterations

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Detection of tumors of the rectum and colon by the hemoccult test

Ratner A.V.; Muller H.H.; Bradley Simpson B.; Johnson D.E.; Hurd R.E.; Sotak C.; Young S.W., 1988:
Detection of tumors with fluorine 19 magnetic resonance imaging

Patel, B.L.; Gonder, E.; Pomeroy, B.S., 1977:
Detection of turkey coronaviral enteritis (bluecomb) in field epiornithics, using the direct and indirect fluorescent antibody tests

Tenover, F.C.; Elvrum, P.M., 1988:
Detection of two different kanamycin resistance genes in naturally occurring isolates of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli

Sagnelli E.; Triolo G.; Chiaramonte M.; Peinetti P.; Felaco F.M.; Pietro F.; Vernace S.J.; Naccarato R.; Paronetto F., 1985:
Detection of two forms of hepatitis b antigen free and immunoglobulin g bound hepatitis b antigen in patients with hepatitis b antigenemia using staphylococcus aureus bearing protein a

Flower R.L.P.; Wilcox G.E.; Pass D.A., 1985:
Detection of two lectins in hemolymph from the oyster pinctada maxima

Hill S.A.; Blunt S., 1985:
Detection of two viruses infecting narcissus by elisa

Meggio, F.; Brunati, A.M.; Donella-Deana, A.; Pinna, L.A., 1984:
Detection of type 2 casein kinase ec and its endogenous substrates in the components of the microsomal fraction of rat liver/

Gogichadze, G.K., 1975:
Detection of type c virus particles in the spleen of low leukemia c 57bl mice

Zotter S.; Liebscher S.; Kemmer C.; Herrmann R.; Wunderlich V.; Sydow G.; Micheel B.; Ilyin K.V., 1980:
Detection of type d retrovirus in a human amnion cell line

Kino T.; Izumi T.; Oshima S., 1981:
Detection of type i allergy in patients with pneumoconiosis

Conn, D.A., 1986:
Detection of type I and type II antibodies to intrinsic factor

Skinner, G.R.B.; Hartley, C.; Whitney, J.E., 1976:
Detection of type specific antibody to herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 in human sera by complement fixation tests

Lopez D.M.; Sigel M.M.; Schlom J., 1982:
Detection of type specific antigenic determinants of murine mammary tumor viruses with cell mediated immune assays

Evans, J.P.; Wickremasinghe, R.G.; Hoffbrand, A.V., 1987:
Detection of tyrosine protein kinase substrates in fresh leukemia cells and normal blood cells using an immunoblotting technique

Perry D.L.; Klainer S.M.; Bowman H.R.; Milanovich F.P.; Hirschfeld T.; Miller S., 1981:
Detection of ultra trace levels of uranium in aqueous samples by laser induced fluorescence spectrometry

Takato Y., 1985:
Detection of uneven distribution of inspired gas in the lung and its clinical applications by single and multiple breath nitrogen washouts

Okada, N.; Shindo-Okada, N.; Sato, S.; Itoh, Y.H.; Oda, K.I.; Nishimura, S., 1978:
Detection of unique transfer rna species in tumor tissues by escherichia coli guanine insertion enzyme

ter Berg, J.W.; Overtoom, T.M.; Ludwig, J.W.; Bijlsma, J.B.; Tulleken, C.A.; Willemse, J., 1987:
Detection of unruptured familial intracranial aneurysms by intravenous digital subtraction angiography. Screening of two affected families

Abdulla, A.M.; Canedo, M.I.; Cortez, B.C.; Mcginnis, K.D.; Wilhelm, S.K., 1976:
Detection of unstable angina by technetium 99m pyro phosphate myo cardial scintigraphy

Lentzsch P.; Miksch G., 1988:
Detection of uptake hydrogenase in rhizobium leguminosarum and rhizobium meliloti

Eder, J.; Haertel, O., 1976:
Detection of uptake of humic acid by the plant by meta chromasia of acridine orange

Beniwal S.P.S.; Chaubey S.N.; Bharathan N., 1984:
Detection of urdbean vigna mungo leaf crinkle virus in urdbean seeds

Trauner, D.A.; Self, T.W., 1984:
Detection of urea cycle enzymopathies in childhood

Bichler, K.H.; Behrendt, W.A.; Haussmann, A.; Schulze, H.S.; Harzmann, R., 1980:
Detection of ureolytic bacteria in the urine of stone patients

Holmquist, N.D., 1980:
Detection of urinary cancer with urinalysis sediment

Taki J.; Tonami N.; Aburano T.; Hisada K., 1986:
Detection of urinary extravasation by delayed technetium 99m diethylenetriaminepentaacetate renal imaging

Holmquist, N.D., 1988:
Detection of urinary tract cancer in urinalysis specimens in an outpatient population

Shaked, Y.; Samra, Y.; Rosin, D.; Altman, G., 1987:
Detection of urinary tract infection by bioluminescence of bacterial ATP

Kunin, C.M.; Degroot, J.E.; Uehling, D.; Ramgopal, V., 1976:
Detection of urinary tract infections in 3 year old to 5 year old girls by mothers using a nitrite indicator strip

Taylor, D.N.; Harris, J.R.; Barrett, T.J.; Hargrett, N.T.; Prentzel, I.; Valdivieso, C.; Palomino, C.; Levine, M.M.; Blake, P.A., 1983:
Detection of urinary Vi antigen as a diagnostic test for typhoid fever

Limas, C., 1986:
Detection of urothelial Lewis antigens with monoclonal antibodies

Bouska I.; Rehanek L.; Motycka K.; Veselsky J., 1980:
Detection of uv fluorescence in renal tissues in cortinarius orellanus poisoning

Gallagher, P.E.; Duker, N.J., 1986:
Detection of UV purine photoproducts in a defined sequence of human DNA

Levy E.; Mosovitz B.; Friedman M.; Sarov I., 1983:
Detection of varicella zoster virus specific immuno globulin a antibodies in varicella and zoster patients within healthy adults of various ages by solid phase radio immunoassay

Otsuka N.; Fukunaga M.; Mortia K.; Ono S.; Nagai K.; Furukawa T.; Yanagimoto S.; Tomomitsu T.; Kawahara H.; E.A., 1988:
Detection of varicocele by using technetium 99m diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid human serum albumin technetium 99m dtpa human serum albumin

Tsugita M.; Suzuki H.; Suzuki S.; Fukushima Y.; Kitamura Y.; Suguro M.; Ohta S.; Araida M.; Ankoh H.; E.A., 1988:
Detection of vascular invasion in the specimens of gastric cancers obtained by surgery evaluation of three staining methods

Belenkov Y.N.; Belichenko O.I.; Fedina I.D., 1987:
Detection of vascular thromboses by magnetic resonance tomography

Gozes I.; Tsafriri A., 1986:
Detection of vasoactive intestinal peptide encoding messenger rna in the rat ovaries

Malecha J.; Tramu G.; Cardon C.; Verger Bocquet M., 1986:
Detection of vasopressin like and oxytocin like peptides in the brain of theromyzon tessulatum hirudinea rhynchobdella

Homberg E.; Bielefeld B., 1979:
Detection of vegetable fats in butter fat by gas chromatographic analysis of the sterols

Meisel K., 1983:
Detection of vegetation changes by investigations

Silamut K.; H.M.; Looareesuwan S.; Viravan C.; Wuthiekanun V.; Warrell D.A., 1987:
Detection of venom by elisa in patients bitten by snakes in thailand

Incalzi R.A.; Pistelli R.; Locci V.; Patalano F.; Liberatore S.M.; Ciappi G., 1985:
Detection of ventilation unevenness by nitrogen washout and forced vital capacity maneuvers its limits and reliability

Ozemek H.S.; Bissett J.K.; Watson J.W.; Scovil J.A., 1981:
Detection of ventricular fibrillation by micro computer

Yano T.; Tamashiro W.M.D.S.C.; Garcia M.; Castro A.F.P.D., 1986:
Detection of vero cytotoxin vt among strains of escherichia coli isolated from calves with diarrhea

Gol'dshtein, L.E.; Achilova, G.S., 1976:
Detection of verticillium dahliae phenotypes during cotton selection for wilt resistance

Mendgen K.; Casper R., 1980:
Detection of verticillium lecanii in pustules of bean rust uromyces phaseoli by immuno fluorescence

Mohr M.D.; East J.L.; Bowen J.M.; Chan J.C., 1982:
Detection of vesicular stomatitis virus murine leukemia virus pseudotypes by an immuno biochemical technique

Fournier, J.G.; Robain, O.; Cerutti, I.; Tardivel, I.; Chany-Fournier, F.; Chany, C., 1988:
Detection of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) RNA in the central nervous system of infected mice by in situ hybridization

Cother E.J.; Vruggink H., 1980 :
Detection of viable and nonviable cells of erwinia carotovora var atroseptica in inoculated potato tubers of cultivar bintje with enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Brownell P.; Farley R.D., 1979:
Detection of vibrations in sand by tarsal sense organs of the nocturnal scorpion paruroctonus mesaensis

Muroga K.; IIda M.; Matsumoto H.; Nakai T., 1986:
Detection of vibrio anguillarum from water

Muroga K.; Yamanoi H.; Hironaka Y.; Yamamoto S.; Tatani M.; J.Y.; Takahashi S.; Hanada H., 1984:
Detection of vibrio anguillarum from wild fingerlings of ayu plecoglossus altivelis

Adams, L.B.; Henk, M.C.; Siebeling, R.J., 1988:
Detection of Vibrio cholerae with monoclonal antibodies specific for serovar O1 lipopolysaccharide

Van Lent J.W.M.; Verduin B.J.M., 1987:
Detection of viral antigen in semi thin sections of plant tissue by immunogold silver staining and light microscopy

Khazanov, A.I.; Polyakova, I.I., 1975:
Detection of viral hepatitis in blood donors

Popovic M.; Svoboda J.; Kisselyov F.L.; Polakova K., 1980:
Detection of viral markers and incomplete viral genome rescue from avian sarcoma virus transformed rodent cells avian myeloblastosis virus prague strain of rous sarcoma virus schmidt ruppin strain of rous sarcoma virus fujinami strain of avian sarcoma virus poly peptide p 27 viral rna complement fixation test complementation test radio immunoassay and molecular hybridization

Polyakova G.P.; Chudinovskaya N.V.; Kondakova L.I., 1983:
Detection of viral particles in a mouse brain tumor cell culture

Mello M.L.; Diaz C.A., 1981 :
Detection of viral particles in the salivary glands of the hemipteran hemiptera heteroptera triatoma infestans

Anghel C.; Iliescu R.; Repanovici R.; Pecec M.; Popa L.M., 1986:
Detection of viral proteins by the silver staining technique

Mel'nichenko E.M.; Kolomiets N.D.; Mikhailovskaya V.P., 1983:
Detection of viremia in children with manifestations of oral herpes

Kapoulas V.M.; Andrikopoulos N.K., 1987:
Detection of virgin olive oil adulteration with refined oils by second derivative spectrophotometry

Kupchinskii L.G.; Frolov A.F.; Slobodenyuk V.K.; Kvashnina G.A.; Rybalko S.L.; Semenchenko O.G.; Tatarchuk A.T., 1988:
Detection of virions morphologically identical to influenza virus in the small intestine of pigs

Flores R.; Duran Vila N.; Pallas V.; Semancik J.S., 1985:
Detection of viroid and viroid like rna species from grapevine

Schwinghamer M.W.; Broadbent P., 1987:
Detection of viroids in dwarfed orange trees by transmission to chrysanthemum

Kas'ianenko, A.M.; Grigor'eva, L.V.; Erusalimskaia, L.F., 1986:
Detection of virulence factors in pathogenic Escherichia isolated from the environment

Henry, C.; Hartsock, R.J.; Kirk, Z.; Behrer, R., 1978:
Detection of viruria in cytomegalovirus infected infants by electron microscopy

Moar M.H.; Rosen A.; Klein G., 1979:
Detection of virus and cellular determined antigens in situ using iodine 125 labeled protein a and auto radiography

Kozma, S.; Calberg-Bacq, C.M.; Francois, C.; Osterrieth, P.M., 1979:
Detection of virus antigens in swiss albino mice infected by milk borne mouse mammary tumor virus effect of age sex and reproductive status 1. localization by immuno fluorescence of 4 antigens in mammary tissues and other organs

Osterrieth, P.M.; Kozma, S.; Hendrick, J.C.; Francois, C.; Calberg-Bacq, C.M.; Franchimont, P.; Gosselin, L., 1979:
Detection of virus antigens in swiss albino mice infected by milk borne mouse mammary tumor virus the effect of age sex and reproductive status 2. radio immunoassay of 2 virus components gp 47 and p 28 in serum and organ extracts

Caron, M.; Lachance, R.O.; Richard, C.; Routhier, B., 1977:
Detection of virus diseases in raspberry plantations in quebec

Wattanavijarn W.; Ruttanaphani R.; Tesprateep T.; Tangtrongpiroj J.; Thirapatsakun T., 1985:
Detection of virus in the snakehead fish ophicephalus striatus during a disease epizootic by light and electron microscopy

Hill, W.F.; Jakubowski, W.; Akin, E.W.; Clarke, N.A., 1976:
Detection of virus in water: sensitivity of the tentative standard method for drinking water

Kahn R.P.; Waterworth H.E.; Gillaspie A.G.Jr; Foster J.A.; Goheen A.C.; Monroe R.L.; Povich W.L.; Mock R.G.; Luhn C.F.; E.A., 1979:
Detection of virus or virus like agents in vegetatively propagated plant importations under quarantine in the usa 1968 1978

Bodemer W.W.; Summers W.C.; Niederman J.C., 1980:
Detection of virus specific antigens in epstein barr p 3hr 1 virus super infected raji cells by immuno precipitation

Posevaya T.A.; Kul'char G.; Khorvat I.; Dan P.; Nas I.; Kosyakova N.P.; Barinskii I.F., 1984:
Detection of virus specific antigens of adenoviruses and herpes simplex virus in patients with malignant diseases of the genital tract

Sarov I.; Levy E.; Aymard M.; Chardonnet Y.; Bosshard S.; Revillard J.P.; Friedman M.; Nord E.; Greiff M.; Haikin H., 1982:
Detection of virus specific immuno globulin a antibodies in serum of kidney transplant patients with recurrent cytomegalovirus infection by enzyme immunoassay and radio immunoassay techniques

Parkinson, A.J.; Kalmakoff, J., 1976:
Detection of virus specific immuno globulins using a doubly labeled fluorescein iodine 125 antibody

Kaufman S.L.; Gallo R.C.; Miller N.R., 1979:
Detection of virus specific rna in simian sarcoma leukemia virus infected cells by in situ hybridization to viral complementary dna

Rao, V.C.; Waghmare, S.V.; Lakhe, S.B., 1981:
Detection of viruses in drinking water by concentration on magnetic iron oxide

Jiang H H.; Yan H Q.; L.J.; Hong T.; Yae S L.; M.Y.X., 1987:
Detection of viruses in raw water of water plant and tap water

Meyer S.; Casper R.; Buenemann G., 1986:
Detection of viruses in stone fruit trees by the indicator prunus avium f 12 1 and elisa

Steinman, J., 1977:
Detection of viruses in water of the Baltic Sea

Shah, A.K.; Vaidya, B.S., 1977:
Detection of vitamin b 12 and pantothenic acid in cell exudates of blue green algae

Nestler, J.E.; McLeod, J.F.; Kowalski, M.A.; Strauss, J.F.; Haddad, J.G., 1987:
Detection of vitamin D binding protein on the surface of cytotrophoblasts isolated from human placentae

Kwon S.; Shimura F.; Hosoya N., 1986:
Detection of vitamin d dependent calcium binding protein like protein by immunoblotting method distribution in chicken and rat organs

Motohara K.; Kuroki Y.; Kan H.; Endo F.; Matsuda I., 1985:
Detection of vitamin k deficiency by use of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for circulating abnormal prothrombin

Blanchet Tournier M.F., 1987:
Detection of vitellogenesis inhibiting neurohormone activity in the amphipod orchestia gammarella

Fritz W.; Uhde W J., 1984:
Detection of volatile cancerogenic nitrosamines in foods using the instrumental combination gas chromatography thermal energy analyzer

Fastlich, E., 1976:
Detection of volatile solvents in gastric contents by gas phase ir spectrophotometry

Ogiwara T.; Nozawa T.; Hirata K.; Amakawa E.; Oishi M.; Seki H., 1980:
Detection of water soluble natural dyes by a poly amide batch method analytical methods for natural dyes in foods 1

Huber F., 1984:
Detection of wavy grain on standing maples

Marchal, G., 1977:
Detection of weak graft vs host reactions by the suppressive effect on the immune response

Scott E.S., 1984:
Detection of wetwood in living poplar populus euramericana trees by electrical resistance measurements

Windemann H.; Meier P.; Baumgartner E., 1986:
Detection of wheat gliadins in heated foods by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Haufler K.Z.; Fulbright D.W., 1983:
Detection of wheat spindle streak mosaic virus by serologically specific electron microscopy

Leoville, F.; Coeleno, A., 1976:
Detection of xanthomonas albilineans agent of leaf scald in contaminated sugarcane

Mariano R.L.B.; Barros S.T.; Menezes M.; Pio Ribeiro G., 1985:
Detection of xanthomonas campestris pathovar campestris in commercial seed lots of brassica oleracea

Kuan T L.; Minsavage G.V.; Gabrielson R.L., 1985:
Detection of xanthomonas campestris pathovar carotae in carrot seed

Gitaitis R.D.; Nilakhe S.S., 1982:
Detection of xanthomonas campestris var vignicola in southern pea vigna unguiculata seed

Strider D.L., 1979:
Detection of xanthomonas nigromaculans f sp zinniae in zinnia seed

Parent J.G.; Desjardins S.; Brisson J.D., 1986:
Detection of xylem associated rickettsia like bacteria from golden rod in quebec canada

Tyree M.T.; Fiscus E.L.; Wullschleger S.D.; Dixon M.A., 1986:
Detection of xylem cavitation in corn zea mays under field conditions

Yonce C.E.; Chang C.J., 1987:
Detection of xylem limited bacteria from sharpshooter leafhoppers and their feeding hosts in peach environs monitored by culture isolations and elisa techniques

Monath, T.P.; Nystrom, R.R., 1984:
Detection of yellow fever virus in serum by enzyme immunoassay

Almeida A.M.P.D.; Brasil D.P.; Carvalho F.G.D.; Almeida C.R.D., 1987:
Detection of yersinia pestis in rodents and other small mammals in the northeast of brazil during the period from 1966 to 1982

Gramotina L.I., 1987:
Detection of yersinia pestis inhibitor suppressing growth of yersinia pestis strains from homologous focus influence of lithium chloride on the inhibitor detection

D'errico M.M.; Annino I.; Schioppa F., 1986:
Detection of yersinia spp by tongue swabs and cecal contents of swine bred in campania italy

Leith, I.R.; Hay, R.T.; Russell, W.C., 1988:
Detection of Z DNA binding proteins in tissue culture cells

Hallmark W.B.; Adams J.F.; Morris H.F., 1984:
Detection of zinc deficiency in soybeans glycine max by the diagnosis and recommendation integrated system

Hallmark W.B.; Adams J.F.; Morris H.F., 1985:
Detection of zinc deficiency in soybeans glycine max by the diagnosis and recommendation integrated system using seeds

Kasan H.C., 1988:
Detection of zinc in bacteria by light microscopy

Menassa R.; Makkouk K.M.; Abbasher A.A., 1986:
Detection of zucchini yellow mosaic virus in intact leaf disks and tissue extracts by elisa

Galleschi, L.; Floris, C., 1978:
Detection on poly acrylamide gel of succinic semi aldehyde dehydrogenase ec from triticum durum

Zeng Y T.; Tang X C.; Gan P X.; Shen R J., 1987:
Detection on the safety of insecticide of buzura suppresaria nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Klock, J.C.; Stossel, T.P., 1977:
Detection, pathogenesis, and prevention of damage to human granulocytes caused by interaction with nylon wool fiber. Implications for filtration leukapheresis

Krueger K.; Heitlander Fansa H.; Dinse H.; Berlucchi G., 1986:
Detection performance of normal cats and those lacking areas 17 and 18 a behavioral approach to analyze pattern recognition deficits

Leggett J.E., 1984:
Detection probability and efficiency of infield and border traps for capturing over wintered boll weevils anthonomus grandis grandis coleoptera curculionidae at low population levels

Podolsky, D.K.; Weiser, M.M., 1979:
Detection purification and characterization of a human cancer associated galactosyl transferase ec acceptor

Hoffmeister H.M.; Kaiser W.; Hanke H.; Mueller Schauenburg W.; Karsch K.R.; Feine U.; Seipel L., 1985:
Detection quantification and localization of remote myocardial infarcts comparison of single photon emission computed tomography with biplane angiography

Ottesen E.A.; Poindexter R.W.; Hussain R., 1981:
Detection quantitation and specificity of anti parasite immuno globulin e antibodies in human schistosomiasis mansoni

Barkagan Z.S., 1979:
Detection rapid diagnosis and classification of thrombocytopathies

Ichikawa, K.; Nakashima, J.; Miyagawa, N.; Tanabe, S., 1985:
Detection rate of acquired color defects by standard pseudoisochromatic plates part 2. report 1 normal response

Vasil'eva V.I.; Asratyan A.A.; Ivanova M.Yu; Overchenko V.A.; Andreitseva E.V.; Evseeva L.F., 1986:
Detection rate of the markers of viral hepatitis b in patients at the hemodialysis unit

Tracy S.; Kohne D.E., 1980:
Detection sizing and quantitation of poly adenylated rna in the nanogram picogram range

Huang T C.; Hsu S T., 1987:
Detection techniques for xanthomonas campestris pathovar campestris in crucifer seeds and soils in taiwan by isolation with a selective medium

Macmillan N.A.; Kaplan H.L., 1985:
Detection theory analysis of group data estimating sensitivity from average hit and false alarm rates

Friedli, W.G.; Fuhr, P.; Wiget, W., 1987:
Detection threshold for percutaneous electrical stimuli: asymmetry with respect to handedness

Terhune J.M., 1988:
Detection thresholds of a harbour seal to repeated underwater high frequency short duration sinusoidal pulses

Cranford, J.L.; Stream, R.W.; Rye, C.V.; Slade, T.L., 1982:
Detection vs. discrimination of brief duration tones findings in patients with temporal lobe damage

Chaicumpa, W.; Thin-Inta, W.; Khusmith, S.; Tapchaisri, P.; Echeverria, P.; Kalambaheti, T.; Chongsa-Nguan, M., 1988:
Detection with monoclonal antibody of Salmonella typhi antigen 9 in specimens from patients

Middelhoven, W.J.; Broekhuizen, B.; van Eijk, J., 1976:
Detection, with the dye phloxine B, of yeast mutants unable to utilize nitrogenous substances as the sole nitrogen source

Oki Y.; Owa S.; Toho T.; Koyama K.; Fujimaki Y., 1984:
Detections of abnormal antigen in a bovine t cell lymphoma cell line and antibodies to the antigen in sera from cattle affected with sporadic types of bovine leukosis

Hall, L.A.; McCloskey, D.I., 1983:
Detections of movements imposed on finger, elbow and shoulder joints

Durand J.M.; Sasportas D.; Prince Zucchelli M.A.; Lefevre P.; Harle J.R.; Peyron C.; Juhan Vague I.; Weiller P.J.; Mongin M., 1987:
Detections of platelet antibodies in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Williams J.C.; Weinstein D.B.; Miller A.L.; Steinberg D., 1982:
Detective catabolism of low density lipo protein by fibroblasts from patients with i cell disease

Abramov Y.V.; Devyataikin E.V.; Selivanova R.E.; Stolyarov V.P.; Sokolov Y.Y.; Tsinman V.Yu, 1981:
Detector calibration of a unit for the intra vital determination of plutonium 239 content in the human body

Carlens, E.; Ericsson, M.; Levander-Lindgren, M.; Pehrsson, K., 1977:
Detector electrode introduced by mediastinoscopy for atrial triggered cardiac pacing a follow up study of electrode function in 82 patients

Polkoshnikov E.V., 1984:
Detector neurons of siberian chipmunk visual cortex

Christensen, R.G.; May, W.E., 1978:
Detectors for liquid chromatographic analysis for poly nuclear aromatic hydro carbons

Maksimova E.M.; Maksimov V.V., 1981:
Detectors of oriented lines in the visual system of the fish carassius carassius

Dell S.; Robertson G.; Parker E., 1987:
Detention in broadmoor england uk factors in length of stay

Grounds, A.T., 1987:
Detention of 'psychopathic disorder' patients in special hospitals. Critical issues

Caroff M.; Tacken A.; Szabo L., 1988:
Detergent accelerated hydrolysis of bacterial endotoxins and determination of the anomeric configuration of the glycosyl phosphate present in the isolated lipid a fragment of the bordetella pertussis endotoxin

Sims, N.R.; Horvath, L.B.; Carnegie, P.R., 1979:
Detergent activation and solubilization of 2' 3' cyclic nucleotide 3' phospho di esterase ec from isolated myelin and c 6 cells

Birkedal Hansen H.; Taylor R.E., 1982:
Detergent activation of latent collagenase and resolution of its component molecules

Epstein, E.; Baginski, E.S.; Zak, B., 1978:
Detergent altered alkaline phosphatase patterns of liver disease

Storch, J.; Ferber, E., 1988:
Detergent amplified chemiluminescence of lucigenin for determination of superoxide anion production by nadph oxidase with xanthine oxidase

Gao, J.R.; Hung, L.S.; Chiang, S.; Ku, K.Y., 1986:
Detergent, Brij, increasing the area of new surface membrane during the early cleavage of eggs of Rana amurensis

Kruszyna H.; Kruszyna R.; Smith R.P., 1981:
Detergent catalyzed aut oxidation of hemo globin species differences and implications for met hemo globin analyses

Bajema, L.L.; Lee, W.; Zebelman, A.M.; Kenny, M.A., 1979:
Detergent containing glucose oxidase ec reagent for use with the beckman glucose analyzer

Solov'eva N.N.; Afinogenov G.E.; Belousova I.I.; Tereshin I.M., 1980:
Detergent effect on chloramphenicol inactivation by resistant bacteria

Manning, R.; Sun, G.Y., 1983:
Detergent effects on the phosphatidyl inositol specific phospho lipase c ec in rat brain synaptosomes

Nozawa T.; Ohta M.; Hatano M.; Hayashi H.; Shimada K., 1986:
Detergent effects on the reaction center b 890 complex of chromatium vinosum and the mode of bacteriochlorophyll binding as revealed from circular dichroism and nmr spectroscopy

Mcloughlin, D.J.; Shahied, I.I.; Macquarrie, R., 1978:
Detergent effects upon the isozymes of cytoplasmic glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec evidence for structural differences between rabbit muscle and liver isozymes

Grynne B.H.; Bock E.; Holmen A.T.; Slange K., 1984:
Detergent extraction from rat synaptosomal plasma membranes reveals difference in mu opioid receptor and delta opioid receptor binding

Hoff, H.F.; Heideman, C.L.; Gaubatz, J.W.; Scott, D.W.; Gotto, A.M.Jr, 1978:
Detergent extraction of tightly bound ap protein from extracts of normal aortic intima and plaques

Ranfft, K.; Kirchgessner, M.; Roth, F.X., 1976:
Detergent fiber analyses for determination and digestibility of fiber fractions in pasture grass

Foy W.L.Jr; Evans J.L.; Wohlt J.E., 1981:
Detergent fiber analyses on 30 foodstuffs ingested by man

Brotherus J.R.; Jost P.C.; Griffith O.H.; Hokin L.E., 1979:
Detergent inactivation of sodium potassium atpase of the electric eel electrophorus electricus

Combest W.L.; Johnson R.A., 1983:
Detergent induced distinctions between fluoride stimulated and vanadate stimulated adenylate cyclases and their responses to guanine nucleotides

Bretz, R.; Staeubli, W., 1977:
Detergent influence on rat liver galactosyl transferase activities towards different acceptors

Espina S.; Diaz F.; Rosas C.; Rosas I., 1986:
Detergent influence on the energy balance of ctenopharyngodon idella through a chronic bioassay

Bonnafous J C.; Dornand J.; Mani J C., 1979:
Detergent like effects of alamethicin on lymphocyte plasma membranes

Daskal, I.; Ramirez, S.A.; Ballal, R.N.; Spohn, W.H.; Wu, B.; Busch, H., 1976:
Detergent lysis for isolation of intact polysomes of novikoff hepatoma ascites cells

Green K.; Chapman J.M.Jr; Cheeks L.; Clayton R.M.; Wilson M.; Zehir A., 1987:
Detergent penetration into young and adult rabbit eyes comparative pharmacokinetics

Weltzien H.U.; Richter G.; Ferber E., 1979:
Detergent properties of water soluble choline phosphatides selective solubilization of acyl coenzyme a lyso lecithin acyl transferase from thymocyte plasma membranes

Escher G.; Schonenberger N.; Van Der Loos H., 1983:
Detergent soaked horseradish peroxidase chips a new method for precise and effective delivery of small quantities of the tracer to nervous tissue

Greenberg, M.; Tsong, T.Y., 1984:
Detergent solubilization and affinity purification of a local anesthetic binding protein from mammalian axonal membranes

Chang, C.; Pancake, S.J.; Luborsky, S.W.; Mora, P.T., 1977:
Detergent solubilization and partial purification of tumor specific surface and transplantation antigens from sv 40 transformed mouse cells

Strauss W.L.; Ghai G.; Fraser C.M.; Venter J.C., 1979:
Detergent solubilization of mammalian cardiac and hepatic beta adrenergic receptors

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Detergent soluble form of acetylcholinesterase ec in the electric organ of electric rays isolation characterization and monoclonal antibodies

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Detergent soluble hl a antigens contain a hydrophilic region at the carboxy terminus and a penultimate hydrophobic region

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Detergents containing a 1 3 diene group in the hydrophobic segment facile chemical modification by a diels alder reaction with hydrophilic dienophiles in aqueous solution

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Detergents for reservoirs and colony increases in potable water

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Detergents linked to poly saccharides preparation and effects on membranes and cells

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Deterioration of alpha 2 macro globulin in hepatic diseases

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Deterioration of stored rough rice oryza sativa cultivar ratna 4. preservation and palatability of citral and propionic acid treated grains

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Deterioration of the course of ventricular arrhythmias caused by antiarrhythmic drugs

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Deteriorative changes in embryos of long stored uninfected maize caryopses

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Deteriorative changes in pea seeds pisum sativum stored in humid or dry conditions

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Determinant role of experience memory in the organization of transfer phenomenon

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Determinant structures and generators of excitation in the pathological condition of the nervous system

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