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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5133

Chapter 5133 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Spearow J.L.; Trost B.A., 1987:
Development of a sensitive elisa for cattle sheep rat and mouse luteinizing hormone

Klaffer, U.; Maertlbauer, E.; Terplan, G., 1988:
Development of a sensitive elisa for the detection of diacetoxyscirpenol

Dobson, P.; Aharony, D.; Krell, R.D., 1983:
Development of a sensitive method for measurement of leukotriene production by isolated cells

Chesebro, B.; Wehrly, K., 1988:
Development of a sensitive quantitative focal assay for human immunodeficiency virus infectivity

Mori T.; Tamaki N.; Ishihara T.; Bito S.; Ito H.; Morimoto Y.; Oshiro N., 1980:
Development of a sensitive radio immunoassay for human thyroid stimulating hormone and its clinical application

Faraj, B.A.; Gottlieb, G.R.; Camp, V.M.; Kutner, M.; Lolies, P., 1984:
Development of a sensitive radioassay of histamine for in vitro allergy testing

Ohta K.; Kudoh Y.; Tsuno M.; Sakai S.; Maruyama T.; Itoh T.; Ohashi M., 1979:
Development of a sensitive serological assay based on reversed passive hem agglutination for detection of entero pathogenic toxin kanagawa hemo lysin of vibrio parahaemolyticus and reevaluation of the toxin producibility of isolates from various sources

Shankland, M., 1981:
Development of a sensory afferent projection in the grasshopper embryo 1. growth of peripheral pioneer axons within the central nervous system

Shankland, M., 1981:
Development of a sensory afferent projection in the grasshopper embryo 2. growth and branching of peripheral sensory axons within the central nervous system

Palafox A.; Valencia Mayoral P.; Kumate J., 1987:
Development of a serological technique for the early diagnosis of hepatic lesion

Spasic B.; Spasic S., 1981:
Development of a service for the treatment of diabetes patients in surdulica yugoslavia

Goldstein, G.; Guskey, L.E., 1982:
Development of a shaker culture of Buffalo green monkey kidney cells: potential use for detection of enteroviruses

D.G.zman M.P.E.; Donato D.S.; Abanto Z.U.; Jandayan M.O.; Cuaderno F.C.; Diaz J.H.; Cadiz M.A., 1981:
Development of a short method of dietary analysis for metro manila philippines

Nagy A.; Csanyi V.; Bakos J.; Horvath L., 1980:
Development of a short term laboratory system for the evaluation of carp growth in ponds

Sobsey, M.D.; Wallis, C.; Melnick, J.L., 1975:
Development of a simple method for concentrating enteroviruses from oysters

Das, N.P.; Ma, C.W., 1987:
Development of a simple method for the determination of serum vitamin A level as reflector of nutritional status

Antonissen A.C.J.M.; Van Kessel K.P.M.; Van Dijk H.; Willers J.M.N., 1981:
Development of a simple passive hem agglutination inhibition assay for listeria monocytogenes lipo teichoic acid

Johnson K.B.; Johnson S.B.; Teng P.S., 1986:
Development of a simple potato growth model for use in crop pest management

Vieira J.G.H.; Russo E.M.K.; Maciel R.M.B.; Germek O.A., 1981:
Development of a simple radio immunological method for the measurement of androstenedione in serum

Noga, S.J.; Donnenberg, A.D.; Schwartz, C.L.; Strauss, L.C.; Civin, C.I.; Santos, G.W., 1986:
Development of a simplified counterflow centrifugation elutriation procedure for depletion of lymphocytes from human bone marrow

Lambert, N.M.; Hartsough, C.S., 1981:
Development of a simplified diagnostic scoring method for the school version of the adaptive behavior scale

Idso S.B., 1988:
Development of a simplified plant stomatal resistance model and its validation for potentially transpiring and water stressed water hyacinths

Gonçalves Diniz, R.; Vicente de Araújo, H.; José de Albuquerque, A., 1982:
Development of a simplified water fluoridation technique for small communities

Yam, P.; Petz, L.D.; Ali, S.; Stock, A.D.; Wallace, R.B., 1987:
Development of a single probe for documentation of chimerism following bone marrow transplantation

Konishi T.; Fukumoto Y.; Murata M.; Ogino M.; Kado Y.; Shingai Y.; Nawata H.; Yasunaga M.; Hanta T.; E.A., 1984:
Development of a small diameter laparoscope and its application

Phillips, C.R.; Nathwani, J.S.; Mooij, H., 1977:
Development of a soil waste interaction matrix for assessing land disposal of industrial wastes

Varani J.; Johnson K.; Kaplan J., 1980:
Development of a solid phase assay for measurement of proteolytic enzyme activity

Bryant G.R.; Durand D.P.; Hill J.H., 1983:
Development of a solid phase radio immunoassay for detection of soybean mosaic virus

Thomas, V., 1987:
Development of a solid phase radioimmunoassay for detection of malaria antigen in endemic arears

Gervais P.; Bazelin C., 1986:
Development of a solid substrate fermentor allowing the control of the substrate water activity

Stamatoyannopoulos, G.; Nute, P.E.; Papayannopoulou, T.; Mcguire, T.; Lim, G.; Bunn, H.F.; Rucknagel, D., 1980:
Development of a somatic mutation screening system using hemo globin mutants 4. successful detection of red cells containing the human frameshift mutants hemo globin wayne and hemo globin cranston using mono specific fluorescent antibodies

Beck D.E.; Hooper R.M., 1986:
Development of a southern appalachian hardwood stand after clearcutting

Ovsyannikova I.G.; Gervazieva V.B.; Pershi B.B., 1985:
Development of a soviet enzyme immunoassay system for the quantitative determination of human immunoglobulin e

Chang, Y.; Sternson, L.A.; Repta, A.J., 1978:
Development of a specific analytical method for cis di chloro di ammine platinum ii in plasma

Foster, J.A.; Knaack, D.; Faris, B.; Moscaritolo, R.; Salcedo, L.; Skinner, M.; Franzblau, C., 1976:
Development of a specific immunological assay for tropo elastin and its application to tissue culture studies

Coxon R.E.; Gallacher G.; Landon J.; Rae C., 1988:
Development of a specific polarization fluoroimmunoassay for paracetamol in serum

Spector, S.; Felix, A.; Semenuk, G.; Finberg, J.P.M., 1978:
Development of a specific radio immunoassay for acetyl choline

Andreas B.K.; Host G.E., 1983:
Development of a sphagnum bog on the floor of a sandstone quarry in northeastern ohio usa

El-Helaly, M.S.; El-Gayar, F.H.; El-Shazli, A.Y., 1976:
Development of a standard bioassay technique for the adults of bemisia tabaci homoptera aleyrodidae

Khamdamov, M.Sh, 1975:
Development of a standard for black saxaul and paletzkys saltwort seedlings

Hoogewijs G.; Massart D.L., 1983:
Development of a standardized analysis strategy for basic drugs using ion pair extraction and high performance liquid chromatography

Hoogewijs, G.; Massart, D.L., 1984:
Development of a standardized analysis strategy for basic drugs using ion pair extraction and high performance liquid chromatography 6. drug level determination in saliva

Feuerhake K.; Schmutterer H., 1986:
Development of a standardized and formulated insecticide from a crude neem azadirachta indica kernel extract

Townsend, M.C.; Belk, H.D., 1984:
Development of a standardized pulmonary function evaluation program in industry

Joly, J.R.; McKinney, R.M.; Tobin, J.O.; Bibb, W.F.; Watkins, I.D.; Ramsay, D., 1986 :
Development of a standardized subgrouping scheme for Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 using monoclonal antibodies

Wenzel R.P.; Osterman C.A.; Townsend T.R.; Veazey J.M.Jr; Servis K.H.; Miller L.S.; Craven R.B.; Miller G.B.Jr; Jackson R.S., 1979:
Development of a statewide virginia usa program for surveillance and reporting of hospital acquired infections

Gebhardt K., 1985:
Development of a sterile cultivation system for rooting of shoot tip cultures red raspberries rubus idaeus cultivar gigant in duroplast foam

Witztum, E.; Greenblatt, C.L.; Kark, J.; Spira, D.T.; Koufman, Z.; Michaeli, D., 1979:
Development of a storable Leishmania tropica vaccine: field testing with frozen promastigotes

Dodd J.H.; Garigipati R.S.; Weinreb S.M., 1982:
Development of a strategy for convergent total synthesis of the aureolic acid anti tumor antibiotics

Hirschberg, M.; Ludolph, A.; Grotemeyer, K.H.; Gullotta, F., 1987:
Development of a subacute tetraparesis after disulfiram intoxication. Case report

Imaeda, K.; Ohsawa, K.; Watanabe, T., 1986:
Development of a suction device for sampling of skin surface lipids

Ziegler G., 1987:
Development of a supraregional molting site of the tufted duck aythya fuligula in northeastern westphalia west germany

Tashiro H.; Murdoch C.L.; Mitchell W.C., 1983:
Development of a survey technique for larvae of the grass webworm herpetogramma licarsisalis and other lepidopterous species in turf grass

Loescher W.; Vetter M.; Mueller F.; Boehme G.; Stoltenburg Didinger G., 1984:
Development of a synaptosomal model to determine drug induced in vivo changes in gamma amino butyric acid levels of nerve endings in 11 brain regions of the rat

Borst R.H.; Stehle R.; Kohlhammer B.; Grell H.; Zeytin H., 1980:
Development of a synchronized intermittent ventilation technique for bird apparatus

Paulsen H.; Hasenkamp T.; Paal M., 1985:
Development of a synthesis block of 3 o beta d galactopyranosyl d galactopyranose

Visscher A.H., 1987:
Development of a synthetic dam line in a reciprocal cross between finnish landrace and ile de france in the netherlands

Kabayo J.P.; Taher M.; Van Der Vloedt A.M., 1985:
Development of a synthetic diet for glossina diptera glossinidae

Stanforth R.; Ham R.; Anderson M.; Stegmann R., 1979:
Development of a synthetic municipal landfill leachate

Webb, A.J.; King, J.W.B., 1976:
Development of a synthetic pig sire line by selection with immigration part 1 results of selection and heritability estimates

Webb, A.J., 1976:
Development of a synthetic pig sire line by selection with immigration part 2 immigration

Yavorkovskaya E.K.; Blyuger A.F., 1979:
Development of a system for detection of antibodies to hepatitis b surface antigen

Wanger, A.R.; Dunny, G.M., 1985:
Development of a system for genetic and molecular analysis of Streptococcus agalactiae

Nakamura, H., 1987:
Development of a system for monitoring the body surface circulation and its application. Part 1. Fundamental study

H.M.T.; Bastide J C.; Francois C., 1986:
Development of a system for utilizing occupational accident analysis reports

Barrios Gonzalez J.; Anaya S., 1987:
Development of a system to study spore germination in aspergillus niger

Peterson P.A.; Ghosal D.; Sommer H.; Saedler H., 1979:
Development of a system useful for studying the formation of unstable alleles of insertion sequence is 2

Gonda, I., 1985:
Development of a systematic theory of suspension inhalation aerosols i. a framework to study the effects of aggregation on the aerodynamic behavior of drug particles

Emrich, H.M., 1988:
Development of a systems theory of productive psychoses

Padmadisastra, Y.; Sawayanagi, Y.; Nagai, T.; Gonda, I., 1987:
Development of a tablet excipient from bagasse

Davis, J.D.; Elliott, R.; Davis, M.L.; Binns, M.; Francis, V.M.; Kelman, J.E.; Schröder, T.A., 1987:
Development of a taxonomy of therapist difficulties: initial report

Tsvetkova, I.V.; Vil'yams, M.V.; Alekhina, T.P.; Ivanova, I.E.; Maksimova, E.V., 1978:
Development of a technique for balanced mineral nutrition of plants

Mcbride B.W.; Berzins R.; Milligan L.P.; Turner B.V., 1983:
Development of a technique for gastro intestinal endoscopy of domestic ruminants

Mukai T.; Ogura Y., 1988:
Development of a technique for promoting flower bud differentiation of strawberry plants by using night cooling nft system

Sturges W.T.; Harrison R.M.; Dams R., 1985:
Development of a technique for the determination of lead and bromine in atmospheric particles by x ray fluorescence

Thomas A.C.; Kotze J.M.; Matthee F.N., 1983:
Development of a technique for the recovery of soil borne sclerotia of botrytis cinerea

Beregovykh V.V.; Lapshina V.B.; Timofeev V.S., 1983:
Development of a technological scheme for the separation of the mixture acetone tri chloro ethylene water

Heinrich E., 1984:
Development of a test method for the examination of fungicides against nectria galligena on detached shoots of the apple tree

Grinberg S.M.; Podberezskaya L.V.; Mencher E.M., 1983:
Development of a test of trichogramma evanescens searching ability

Eriquez L.A.; Hodinka N.E., 1983:
Development of a test system for rapid differentiation of neisseria spp and haemophilus spp

West, M.L.; Bendz, O.; Chen, C.B.; Singer, G.G.; Richardson, R.M.; Sonnenberg, H.; Halperin, M.L., 1986:
Development of a test to evaluate the transtubular potassium concentration gradient in the cortical collecting duct in vivo

Leblanc M.A.; Bouissou M.F., 1981:
Development of a test to study maternal recognition of young in horses

Craker L.E.; Fillatti J.J., 1982:
Development of a test tube stress ethylene bioassay for detecting phyto toxic gases

Phillips, D.L.; Yourtee, D.M., 1976:
Development of a thermometric assay for cancer differentiation based on aldolase isozyme patterns

Orson R.A.; Warren R.S.; Niering W., 1987:
Development of a tidal marsh in a new england river valley connecticut usa

Rodriguez N.; Zaritzky N.E., 1983:
Development of a time temperature integrator indicator for frozen beef

Kepner R.L.; Y.S.J., 1987:
Development of a toxic bait for control of mole crickets orthoptera gryllotalpidae

Schreurs P.; Mewis J., 1987:
Development of a transport phenomena model for accidental releases of heavy gases in an industrial environment

Hart, W.; Meyerdirk, D.; Sanchez, M.; Stone, W.; Rhode, R., 1978:
Development of a trap for the citrus black fly aleurocanthus woglumi

Ritchie M.W.; Hann D.W., 1986:
Development of a tree height growth model for douglas fir

Ramayya N.; Vanaja V., 1979:
Development of a triple acid treatment method for separation of firmly adherent foliar dermides

Banerji A.; Kalimi M., 1981:
Development of a tritium labeled gluco corticoid exchange assay in rat liver cytosol

Harris, J.B., 1978:
Development of a tubular apparatus in chloroplasts of aging cyphomandra betacea leaves

Jayachandran, S.; Virmani, A.K., 1987:
Development of a unique streptomycin resistant mutant of Bacillus sphaericus

Rappaport, R.S.; Bonde, G., 1981:
Development of a vaccine against experimental cholera and Escherichia coli diarrheal disease

Bygdeman, M.; Ganguli, A.; Kinoshita, K.; Lundstrom, V.; Green, K.; Bergstrom, S., 1977:
Development of a vaginal suppository suitable for single administration for interruption of 2nd trimester pregnancy

Tencer, A.F.; Claudi, B.; Pearce, S.; Bucholz, R.W.; Johnson, K.D., 1984:
Development of a variable stiffness external fixation system for stabilization of segmental defects of the tibia

Holley J.D.; Peterson R.L., 1979:
Development of a vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in bean roots phaseolus vulgaris cultivar top crop

Charmillot P.J., 1980:
Development of a warning system for the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella role of warning services and of the growers

Couillard D., 1988:
Development of a water quality planning model using utm square grid system

Feyerherm A.M.; Paulsen G.M., 1986:
Development of a weather yield function for winter wheat triticum aestivum

Chuang K.T.; Quaiattini R.J.; Thatcher D.R.P.; Puissant L.J., 1987:
Development of a wetproofed catalyst recombiner for removal of airborne tritium

Kumu Y.; Harada T.; Yakuwa T., 1983:
Development of a whole plant from a shoot tip on asparagus officinalis frozen down to minus 196 celsius

Sakai, A.; Yamakawa, M.; Sakata, D.; Harada, T.; Yakuwa, T., 1978:
Development of a whole plant from an excised strawberry runner apex frozen to minus 196 celsius

Kaye, A.H.; Morstyn, G.; Gardner, I.; Pyke, K., 1986:
Development of a xenograft glioma model in mouse brain

Nishita, K.D.; Roberts, R.L.; Bean, M.M.; Kennedy, B.M., 1976:
Development of a yeast leavened rice bread formula

Lowry P.D.; Gill C.O., 1984:
Development of a yeast micro flora on frozen lamb stored at negative 5 celsius

Nabeesa E.; Neelakandan N., 1985:
Development of abelmoschus esculentus malvaceae pollen histological and histochemical aspects

Pawlak Z.; Lopez M., 1979:
Development of abh and ii antigens in children between 0 and 16

Berman, P.W.; Cunningham, J.G., 1977:
Development of ability to discriminate orientation learning to use the frame of reference

Smith, M.S.; Ramaley, J.A., 1978:
Development of ability to initiate and maintain prolactin surges induced by uterine cervical stimulation in immature rats

Cummins J.M.; Yanagimachi R., 1986 :
Development of ability to penetrate the cumulus oophorus by hamster spermatozoa capacitated in vitro in relation to the timing of the acrosome reaction

Hagen, M.A., 1976:
Development of ability to perceive and produce pictorial depth cue of overlapping

Michie S., 1985:
Development of absolute and relative concepts of number in preschool children

Gray, L.; Rubel, E.W., 1985:
Development of absolute thresholds in chickens

Dong W.; E.A., 1986:
Development of ac and dc micro monochamber ring oven analyzer and its applications to toxicant detection

Hata Y.; Takaiwa T., 1980:
Development of acanthosis nigricans in a patient with exfoliative dermatitis

Mackown, C.T.; McClure, P.R., 1988:
Development of accelerated net nitrate uptake : effects of nitrate concentration and exposure time

Meedel, T.H.; Whittaker, J.R., 1979:
Development of acetyl cholin esterase ec during embryogenesis of the ascidian ciona intestinalis

Bajgar, J.; Parizek, J.; Prochazkova, O., 1979:
Development of acetyl cholin esterase ec multiple molecular forms in chicken muscles

Krmpotic Nemanic J.; Kostovic I.; Kelovic Z.; Nemanic D., 1980:
Development of acetyl cholin esterase staining in human fetal auditory cortex

Blanchet G.; Baubichon D.; Bourjaillat M., 1986:
Development of acetylcholine and gamma aminobutyric acid levels in guinea pigs under chronic poisoning with sublethal doses of soman

Popli S.; Singh R., 1979:
Development of acid and alkaline inorganic pyro phosphatase activities in cotyledons of cyamopsis tetragonoloba

Cakala S., 1981:
Development of acidosis in ruminants and resulting metabolic disorders

Srivastava, H.C., 1977:
Development of acinar cells in the rat submandibular gland

Soliman H.N., 1986:
Development of acquired resistance to alfalfa mosaic virus in uv irradiated squash cotyledonary leaves

Routh, D.K.; Walton, M.D.; Belkin, E.P., 1978:
Development of activity level in children revisited effects of mother presence

Adams, H.R.; Baxter, C.R.; Parker, J.L.; Senning, R., 1981:
Development of acute burn shock in unresuscitated guinea pigs

Hay, J.G.; Haslam, P.L.; Dewar, A.; Addis, B.; Turner-Warwick, M.; Laurent, G.J., 1987:
Development of acute lung injury after the combination of intravenous bleomycin and exposure to hyperoxia in rats

Hansen N.E., 1979:
Development of acute myeloid leukemia in a patient with psoriasis treated with oral 8 methoxy psoralen and longwave uv light

Fry J.P.; Zieglgaensberger W.; Herz A., 1980:
Development of acute opioid tolerance and dependence in rat striatal neurons

Gähwiler, B.H., 1981:
Development of acute tolerance during exposure of hippocampal explants to an opioid peptide

Chan A.W.K.; Siemens A.J., 1979:
Development of acute tolerance to pento barbital differential effects in mice

Loveland, K.A.; Kelley, M.L., 1988:
Development of adaptive behavior in adolescents and young adults with autism and Down syndrome

Lomonova, G.V.; Klimova, E.I., 1977:
Development of adaptive reactions under different conditions of ethylene glycol butyl mono ether poisoning

Albert D.M.; Mcghee C.N.J.; Seddon J.M.; Weichselbaum R.R., 1984:
Development of additional primary tumors after 62 years in the 1st patient with retino blastoma cured by radiation therapy

Kleczkowski L.A.; Randall D.D., 1988:
Development of adenylate kinase activity upon greening of etiolated seedlings of c 3 and c 4 species

Nakabayashi, N.; Masuhara, E.; Mochida, E.; Ohmori, I., 1978:
Development of adhesive pit and fissure sealants using a methyl methacrylate resin initiated by a tri n butyl borane derivative

Enzi G.; Inelmen E.M.; Caretta F.; Villani F.; Zanardo V.; Debiasi F., 1980:
Development of adipose tissue in new borns of gestational diabetic and insulin dependent diabetic mothers

Stanton, H.C.; Woo, S.K., 1978:
Development of adrenal medullary function in swine

Mills, E.; Bruckert, J.W.; Smith, P.G., 1986:
Development of adrenergic and nonadrenergic pressor mechanisms in rats sympathectomized from birth

Smrinskaya L.A.; Leontbeva G.R.; Avakyan O.M.; Govyrin V.A., 1980:
Development of adrenergic innervation in atrio ventricular valves of the heart in some vertebrates

Todd, M.E., 1980:
Development of adrenergic innervation in rat peripheral vessels: a fluorescence microscopic study

Armati Gulson P.; Burnstock G., 1983:
Development of adrenergic innervation in some human fetal blood vessels

Mytilineou, C.; Black, I.B., 1978:
Development of adrenergic nerve terminals the effects of de centralization

Bartolome, J.V.; Kavlock, R.J.; Cowdery, T.; Orband-Miller, L.; Slotkin, T.A., 1987:
Development of adrenergic receptor binding sites in brain regions of the neonatal rat: effects of prenatal or postnatal exposure to methylmercury

Davies D.C.; Navaratnam V., 1979:
Development of adrenoceptive and cholinoceptive responsiveness in the neo natal rat iris

Guillemant, J.; Guillemant, S., 1986:
Development of adrenocortical cyclic nucleotide (cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP) and corticosterone circadian rhythms in male and female rats

Fleischman R.A.; Mintz B., 1984:
Development of adult bone marrow stem cells in h 2 compatible and h 2 incompatible mouse fetuses

L.G.rff B.; Barbier R., 1982:
Development of adult malpighian tubes obtained by transplantation of imaginal discs in galleria mellonella lepidoptera pyralidae

Pohlheim F., 1985:
Development of adventitious buds on leaf cuttings of a monectochimera green white white of peperomia obtusifolia

Wilson, C.B.; Remington, J.S.; Stagno, S.; Reynolds, D.W., 1980:
Development of adverse sequelae in children born with subclinical congenital Toxoplasma infection

Schroeder, H.W.; Storey, J.B., 1976:
Development of afla toxin in stuart pecans as affected by shell integrity

Bisazza, A., 1978:
Development of aggressive behavior in the mouse mus musculus effects of different environmental conditions

Man I.M.; Yagi T.; Imachi Y.; Takeuchi H.; Sasayama S., 1985:
Development of aging of muscular strength as a characteristic of ability of emergency evacuation

Senga Y., 1982:
Development of agricultural water utilization and its estimation in yahagi river basin japan

Hill, S.T., 1978:
Development of ahasverus advena coleoptera silvanidae on 7 species of aspergillus and on food molded by 2 of these

Vaughn K.C.; Wilson K.G., 1981:
Development of air blisters in pilea cadierei

Singh B.R.; Mishra A.P.; Sheel M.; Singh I., 1982:
Development of air breathing organ in the catfish clarias batrachus

Utell, M.J.; Aquilina, A.T.; Hall, W.J.; Speers, D.M.; Douglas, R.G.; Gibb, F.R.; Morrow, P.E.; Hyde, R.W., 1980:
Development of airway reactivity to nitrates in subjects with influenza

Kharchenko T.I., 1988:
Development of albino rats under conditions of chronic lead poisoning

Komura S.; Irizawa Y.; Ito N., 1982:
Development of alcohol withdrawal by voluntary alcohol intake in tumor bearing mice

Cadoret, R.J.; Cain, C.A.; Grove, W.M., 1980:
Development of alcoholism in adoptees raised apart from alcoholic biologic relatives

Danielson S.D.; Manglitz G.R.; Sorensen E.L., 1986:
Development of alfalfa weevil hypera postica coleoptera curculionidae larvae when reared on perennial glandular haired medicago species in the greenhouse

Januszko M., 1979:
Development of algae in ponds treated with foschlor and in ponds with controlled time of fill

Adams A.E., 1984:
Development of algal foraminiferal coral reefs in the lower carboniferous of furness northwestern england uk

Ado, V.A., 1977:
Development of allergology in the USSR

Frick O.L.; German D.F.; Mills J., 1979:
Development of allergy in children part 1 association with virus infections

Vunder, P.A.; Ivanova, I.I.; Lapshina, V.F., 1976:
Development of alloxan diabetes and its effect on the reproductive system of male rats under alpha adreno receptor blocking

Burgess D.; Peterson R.L., 1987:
Development of alnus japonica root nodules after inoculation with frankia strain hfpari 3

Flores V.; Rios H.; Fiszer D.P.azas S., 1986:
Development of alpha aminobutyric acid binding sites in chick embryo optic lobe effect of triton x 100

Messing Albee; Kim S.U., 1981:
Development of alpha bungaro toxin receptors in cultured chick ciliary ganglion neurons

Deskin R.; Seidler F.J.; Whitmore W.L.; Slotkin T.A., 1981:
Development of alpha noradrenergic and dopaminergic receptor systems depends on maturation of their presynaptic nerve terminals in rat brain

Bar Tal D.; Raviv A.; Leiser T., 1980:
Development of altruistic behavior empirical evidence

Asada, K.; Yoshida, K.; Shimazu, A.; Yunoki, H.; Ishida, N., 1987:
Development of alumina ceramic bipolar hip prosthesis and clinical application

Scheuermann, D.W.; Van Meir, F.; Adriaensen, D.; Timmermans, J.P.; D.G.oodt-Lasseel, M.H., 1988:
Development of alveolar septa and formation of alveolar pores during the early postnatal period in the rat lung

Trojan, S.; Makoc, Z.; Vorel, F., 1986:
Development of aminotransferase activities in the serum of young rats born to normal females and to females exposed to intermittent hypoxia during pregnancy

Delaval E.; Moreau E.; Geloso J P., 1979:
Development of ammonia and glucose productions from glutamine in fetal rat kidney effects of metabolic acidosis

Braendle, K., 1968:
Development of amphibia with double posterior brain sections ambystoma mexicanum bombina variegata

Henry, M.; Charlemagne, J., 1981:
Development of amphibian thymus 2. sequential occurrence of 2 epithelial cell types in the urodele pleurodeles waltlii

Hendler, G., 1977:
Development of amphioplus abditus echinodermata ophiuroidea part 1 larval biology

Hendler, G., 1978:
Development of amphioplus abditus echinodermata ophiuroidea part 2 description and discussion of ophiuroid skeletal ontogeny and homologies

Hospenthal, D.R.; Rogers, A.L.; Mills, G.L., 1988:
Development of amphotericin B liposomes bearing antibody specific to Candida albicans

Duméry, V.; Blozovski, D., 1987:
Development of amygdaloid cholinergic mediation of passive avoidance learning in the rat. I. Muscarinic mechanisms

Blozovski, D.; Duméry, V., 1987:
Development of amygdaloid cholinergic mediation of passive avoidance learning in the rat. II. Nicotinic mechanisms

Zwarun, A.A.; Weisbroth, S.H., 1979:
Development of an 82.2 celsius temperature indicator system for monitoring equipment washing and sanitizing programs

Bergman, R.S.; Stallings, J.O.; Murphy, B.J.; Pandeya, N.K.; Doran, J., 1984:
Development of an abdominal wall sphincter for the continent ileostomy

Addesso K.M.; Kleyn D.H., 1986:
Development of an acceptable ice cream possessing a reduced sodium content

Ogawa, K.; Kunieda, E.; Dokiya, T.; Wada, T.; Hashimoto, S., 1987:
Development of an advanced brachytherapy planning system with a personal computer. I. Evaluations of the system from accuracy of calculations

Lee R.B.; Ratcliffe R.G., 1983:
Development of an aeration system for use in plant tissue nmr experiments

McCawley, M.; Lippmann, M., 1988:
Development of an aerosol dispersion test to detect early changes in lung function

Davis, J.K.; Thorp, R.B.; Parker, R.F.; White, H.; Dziedzic, D.; D'Arcy, J.; Cassell, G.H., 1986:
Development of an aerosol model of murine respiratory mycoplasmosis in mice

Sharma R.K., 1986:
Development of an air gap urea specific electrode

Mcnamara T.F.; Ramamurthy N.S.; Mulvihill J.E.; Golub L.M., 1982:
Development of an altered gingival crevicular micro flora in the alloxan diabetic rat

Haffty, B.G.; Kotilainen, P.W.; Kobayashi, K.; Bishop, R.L.; Spodick, D.H., 1977:
Development of an ambulatory systolic time interval monitoring system

Nath R.; Martin D.F.; Park C.H.; Rockwell S.; Fischer J.J., 1987:
Development of an americium 241 applicator for continuous low dose rate irradiation of the rat sarcoma ba1112

Nath R.; Peschel R.E.; Park C.H.; Fischer J.J., 1988:
Development of an americium 241 applicator for intracavitary irradiation of gynecologic cancers

Faryna, A.; Rodenhauser, P.; Torem, M., 1986:
Development of an Analog Alexithymia Scale. Testing in a nonpatient population

Levesque D.; Mallet V.N., 1983:
Development of an analytical method for aminocarb and some derivatives in water using xad resins and gas chromatography

Volpe G.G.; Mallet V.N., 1980:
Development of an analytical method for fenitrothion and 5 derivatives in water using xad resins and gas liquid chromatography

Awadhwal N.K., 1988:
Development of an animal drawn inclined roller crust breaker

Hahn, D.W.; Carraher, R.P.; Foldesy, R.G.; McGuire, J.L., 1985:
Development of an animal model for quantitatively evaluating effects of drugs on endometriosis

Wehner, A.P.; Dagle, G.E.; Cannon, W.C., 1978:
Development of an animal model techniques and an exposure system to study the effect of asbestos cement dust inhalation

Owunwanne, A.; Mahajan, K.K.; Abdel-Dayem, H.M.; Ericksson, S.B.; Sadek, S.; Yacoub, T.; Awdeh, M., 1987:
Development of an animal model using a closed system to study the sensitivity of a radiopharmaceutical for the detection of gastrointestinal bleeding

Guohua P.; Y.Z.; Winping Z.; Qin Z., 1981:
Development of an anti complement immuno enzyme test for detection of epstein barr virus nuclear antigen and antibody to epstein barr virus nuclear antigen

Shugart, H.H.Jr ; West, D.C., 1977:
Development of an appalachian deciduous forest succession model and its application to assessment of the impact of the chestnut blight

Salse A., 1985:
Development of an artificial cecum and quality of the obtained product

Peter C.; Nagarkatti S., 1985:
Development of an artificial diet for rearing the spotted bollworm earias vittella noctuidae lepidoptera

Takahira, H.; Terato, K.; Sato, N., 1978:
Development of an artificial kidney using encapsulated adsorbents part 1 the physicochemical properties of activated charcoals from different origins as an adsorbent

Takahira, H.; Terato, K.; Sato, N., 1978:
Development of an artificial kidney using encapsulated adsorbents part 2 encapsulation of petroleum pitch charcoal of a spherical granule type and its physicochemical properties

Sikora E.; Newell D.R.; Jackman A.L.; Simmonds A.J.; Jones T.R.; Clavert A.H., 1988:
Development of an assay for the estimation of n 10 propargyl 4 8 dideazafolic acid polyglutamates in tumor cells

Rodenhuis, S.; McGuire, J.J.; Narayanan, R.; Bertino, J.R., 1986:
Development of an assay system for the detection and classification of methotrexate resistance in fresh human leukemic cells

Fujisaki, Y.; Sugimori, T.; Morimoto, T.; Miura, Y., 1975:
Development of an attenuated strain for Japanese encephalitis live virus vaccine for porcine use

H.R.; Lloyd J.I., 1984:
Development of an australian work ethic scale

Lee S.K., 1987:
Development of an automated continuous flow system for measuring respiration and ethylene production of horticultural crops

Mccarthy K., 1988:
Development of an automated fish sorting system using machine vision

Kennedy, R.S.; Wilkes, R.L.; Dunlap, W.P.; Kuntz, L.A., 1987:
Development of an automated performance test system for environmental and behavioral toxicology studies

Kubo M.; Itsuki N., 1981:
Development of an automatic measuring and recording system for the electro oculogram employing cross talk feedback cancellation

Yamamoto A.; Maeda Y.; Takeuchi I., 1981:
Development of an autophagic system in differentiating cells of the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

Handke, S., 1968:
Development of an early test for anthocyanin formation in asparagus m asparagus officinalis m

Sessouma G.K., 1983:
Development of an early test of the vigor of several lines of grain sorghum

Taylor D.E.; Kunjeku E., 1983:
Development of an economic threshold for semiloopers lepidoptera noctuidae on soybeans in zimbabwe

Kiryushenko, T.V.; Isaeva, E.S.; Karimov, S.K.; Biryukova, T.B.; Berezin, V.Z.; Artamonov, A.F., 1986:
Development of an effective method for obtaining an inactivated diagnosticum to arboviruses for the complement fixation test

Torgovanova T.V.; Zhukovskaya S.A.; Petlyuk F.B.; Kievskii V.Ya; Bartoshevich Y.E.; Shmatov V.L.; Kazakova V.V., 1986:
Development of an effective process for regeneration of isopropyl alcohol and acetone from oxytetracycline waste products

Mercenier A.; Robert C.; Romero D.A.; Catellino I.; Slos P.; Lemoine Y., 1988:
Development of an efficient spheroplast transformation procedure for streptococcus thermophilus the use of transfection to define a regeneration medium

Rajan K.V.M.; Meenakumari B.; Nair A.K.K., 1988:
Development of an efficient trap for lobster fishing

Lutman M.E.; Martin A.M., 1979:
Development of an electro acoustic analog model of the middle ear and acoustic reflex

Lemke K.; Goerner M., 1981:
Development of an electrochemical catalyst binder electrode for glucose measurement

Hartmann U.; Schwindke P.; Scheiwe M.W.; Koerber C.; Rau G., 1987:
Development of an electronically controlled thawing system

Douglas J.T.; Naka S.O.; Lee J.W., 1984:
Development of an elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for detection of antibody in leprosy

Hopkins B.A.; Skeeles J.K.; Houghten G.E.; Story J.D., 1988:
Development of an elisa for bordetella avium

Archambault D.; East N.; Perk K.; Dahlberg J.E., 1988:
Development of an elisa for caprine arthritis encephalitis virus

Warnes A.; Walkland A.; Stephenson J.R., 1986:
Development of an elisa for staphylococcal protein a produced in escherichia coli by puc 8 based plasmids containing the staphylococcus aureus cowan i protein a gene

Gee S.J.; Miyamoto T.; Goodrow M.H.; Buster D.; Hammock B.D., 1988:
Development of an elisa for the analysis of the thiocarbamate herbicide molinate

Bock R.E.; Burgess G.W.; Douglas I.C., 1986:
Development of an elisa for the detection of bovine serum antibody to bovine viral diarrhea virus

Hatfield R.M.; Morris B.A.; Henry R.R., 1987:
Development of an elisa for the detection of humoral antibody to pasteurella anatipestifer

Smith M.L.; Chapman C.B., 1987:
Development of an elisa for the detection of phenothiazine tranquilizers in horses

Miya, K.; Hashimoto, S., 1977:
Development of an embryonic lethal mutant star spots duplication in the silkworm bombyx mori part 1 observation in total preparations

Piet M.; Stoll R.; Maraud R., 1985:
Development of an embryonic thyroid grafted in the chick embryo

Munoz-Benito, L.; Del-Pozo-Vegas, M.; Sanchez-Trujillano, S., 1985:
Development of an emulsion w o type as adjuvant of immunity i. first report

Minina, S.A.; Efimova, L.S.; Abramova, N.V.; Raisyan, V.D.; Bril', A.S., 1978:
Development of an entero soluble coating based on an aqueous shellac solution

Hedden K.F.; Skaggs R.L., 1988:
Development of an environmental data base for rivers lakes and reservoirs

Howard P.H.; Sage G.W.; Lamacchia A.; Colb A., 1982:
Development of an environmental fate data base

Rehbein H., 1979:
Development of an enzymatic method to differentiate fresh and sea frozen and thawed fish fillets 1. comparison of the applicability of some enzymes of fish muscle

Gottesmann P.; Hamm R., 1987 :
Development of an enzymatic method to differentiation between fresh meat and frozen thawed meat

Kato N.; Honda Y.; Ebihara S.; Naruse H.; Takahashi Y., 1984:
Development of an enzyme immunoassay for delta sleep inducing peptide and its use in the determination of the metabolic clearance rate of delta sleep inducing peptide administered to dogs

L'vov N.D.; Degtyarev I.L.; Sveshnikov P.G.; Posevaya T.A.; Severin E.S.; Barinskii I.F., 1986:
Development of an enzyme immunoassay for the determination of herpes simplex type i virus using monoclonal antibodies

Pavlova, I.P.; Kleeva, O.B., 1987:
Development of an enzyme immunoassay system for the detection of fodder yeast antigens

Mackay B.J.; Goodman H.; Cox D.; Grossbard B.L.; Iacono V.J.; Pollock J.J., 1984:
Development of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa for determination of lysozyme in human parotid and submandibular sublingual salivas

Borowski R.S.; Stock L.M.; Schiller N.L., 1984:
Development of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa for studying pseudomonas aeruginosa cell surface antigens

Kofler H.; Kofler R.; Wolf H.; Mueller P U.; Wick G., 1984:
Development of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa for the detection of auto antibodies against thyro globulin in chickens/

Smith A.M.; Tedder R.S., 1981:
Development of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for hepatitis b e antigen and antibody

Dumas M.; Buschor J.; Lanzrein B., 1982:
Development of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for measurement of vitellogenin concentrations in cockroaches nauphoeta cinerea

Hashimoto, M.; Kawaoi, A., 1977 :
Development of an enzyme linked receptor assay for human chorionic gonadotropin

Faraj, B.A.; Walker, W.R.; Camp, V.M.; Ali, F.M.; Cobbs, W.B.J., 1978:
Development of an enzyme radio immunoassay for the measurement of dopamine in human plasma and urine

Sasaki S.; Minakata A., 1980:
Development of an equation for the potentiometric titration of linear poly electrolytes using a site model

Hahn D.E.; Hood L.F., 1987:
Development of an equilibrium dialysis technique for quantifying starch lipid complexes

Proctor, D.J.; Robson, A.; Veal, M.A.; Petrie, J.H.; Town, W.G., 1978:
Development of an exchange format for the european environmental chemical data and information network

Hill, J.L.; Yu, D.T., 1987:
Development of an experimental animal model for reactive arthritis induced by Yersinia enterocolitica infection

Kume, K.; Nakai, T.; Sawata, A., 1985:
Development of an experimental animal model for the protection test of Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae vaccine

Petzoldt, K., 1979:
Development of an experimental animal model of aerogenic immunization with bacterial antigens

Lemaire G.; Roberge G., 1980:
Development of an experimental device to follow the water demand of a meadow during its growth

Airoldi, L.; Bonfanti, M.; Magagnotti, C.; Fanelli, R., 1987:
Development of an experimental model for studying bladder carcinogen metabolism using the isolated rat urinary bladder

Seth, V.; Seth, S.D.; Bhatia, M., 1982:
Development of an experimental model to study the cell mediated immune response in Parthenium hysterophorus induced dermatitis

Leonavichene, L.K.; Astrauskas, V.I.; Cheremnykh-Alekseenko, E.N.; Rimkinas, A.I.; Shaulauskene, I.I., 1976:
Development of an experimental rheumatic process and bio electrical activity of the brain in rabbits in stimulation of the posterior hypothalamic nuclei

Darmoni S.J.; Poynard T.; Membrado M.; Parigot D.; Naveau S.; Chaput J.C., 1987:
Development of an expert system as an aid to teaching serological diagnosis of acute viral hepatitis

Thordarson, G.; Holekamp, K.E.; Talamantes, F., 1987:
Development of an homologous radioimmunoassay for secreted prolactin from the California ground squirrel (Spermophilus beecheyi)

Ohlin M.; Alkner U., 1988:
Development of an immunoassay for glypressin an amino terminal extended vasopressin analogue

Lahiri B.; Koehn J.A.; Canfield R.E.; Birken S.; Lewis J., 1981:
Development of an immunoassay for the carboxyl terminal region of the gamma chains of human fibrin

Ziccardi R.J.; Cooper N.R., 1980:
Development of an immunochemical test to assess activated complement c 1 inactivator function in human serum and its use for the diagnosis of hereditary angio edema

Walpita, P.; Darougar, S.; Marsh, R.J.; Cooper, M., 1986:
Development of an immunofluorescence test for the serodiagnosis of herpes zoster ophthalmicus

Frankland J.C.; Bailey A.D.; Gray T.R.G.; Holland A.A., 1981:
Development of an immunological technique for estimating mycelial biomass of mycena galopus in leaf litter

Gebhardt, U.; Luft, G.; Richter, G.J.; Von-Sturm, F., 1978:
Development of an implantable electro catalytic glucose sensor

Bhatnagar L.; Henriquet M.; Longin R., 1983:
Development of an improved bottle system for cultivation of strict anaerobes methanogens

Temeyer, K.B.; Haufler, M.; Pruett, J.H., 1986:
Development of an improved ELISA for antibody detection and use in production of a hybridoma secreting a monoclonal antibody specific for crystal protein of Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. israelensis

Etingov, E.D.; Slavin, A.A.; Sarnova, I.P.; Savina, N.V.; Neumestova, O.N.; Tomchina, L.F., 1978:
Development of an improved plan of producing novobiocin using direct precipitation from native solution

Bravery, A.F.; Carey, J.K., 1977:
Development of an improved technique for rapid screening of wood preservative fungicides part 1 selection of test substrate

Singh D.; Gitlin H.M.; Carpenter J.R.; Liang T., 1986:
Development of an in field cattle finishing system for the tropics

Hyodo S.; Fujiwara M.; Kozono S.; Sato M.; Urano A., 1988:
Development of an in situ hybridization method for neurohypophysial hormone messenger rnas using synthetic oligonucleotide probes

Pauli, B.U.; Anderson, S.N.; Memoli, V.A.; Kuettner, K.E., 1980:
Development of an in vitro and in vivo epithelial tumor model for the study of invasion

Pliego Alfaro F., 1988:
Development of an in vitro rooting bioassay using juvenile phase stem cuttings of persea americana mill

Perlman, A.L.; Titze, I.R., 1988:
Development of an in vitro technique for measuring elastic properties of vocal fold tissue

Fortney J.A.; Whitehorne E.W., 1982:
Development of an index of high risk pregnancy

Newcomb, W.; Syono, K.; Torrey, J.G., 1977:
Development of an ineffective pea root nodule morphogenesis fine structure and cyto kinin biosynthesis

Lalancette N.; Ellis M.A.; Madden L.V., 1988:
Development of an infection efficiency model for plasmopara viticola on american grape based on temperature and duration of leaf wetness

Ozasa K.; Higashi A.; Hayashi K.; Yan S.; Watanabe Y.; Yamaguchi N.; Aoike A.; Kawai K., 1988:
Development of an information system for health administration in a community

Lefebvre Pinard M.; Lamarche M., 1979:
Development of an instrument for measuring socio cognitive abilities in children from 5 10 years of age

Okuno T., 1988:
Development of an instrument to measure blue light radiation

Beltz, W.F.; Kesäniemi, Y.A.; Howard, B.V.; Grundy, S.M., 1985:
Development of an integrated model for analysis of the kinetics of apolipoprotein B in plasma very low density lipoproteins, intermediate density lipoproteins, and low density lipoproteins

Lee C.K., 1986:
Development of an interactive graphics software for determining geometrical characteristics of complex shaped bone

Gross, W.O.; Bucher, O.M., 1977 :
Development of an intercalated disc in culture

Solomons, N.W.; Viteri, F.; Rosenberg, I.H., 1978:
Development of an interval sampling hydrogen breath test for carbohydrate mal absorption in children evidence for a circadian pattern of breath hydrogen concentration

Masuho, Y.; Tomibe, K.; Matsuzawa, K.; Ohtsu, A., 1977:
Development of an intra venous gamma globulin with fc activities part 1 preparation and characterization of s sulfonated human gamma globulin

Masuho, Y.; Tomibe, K.; Watanabe, T.; Fukumoto, Y., 1977:
Development of an intra venous gamma globulin with fc activities part 2 re conversion of s sulfonated human gamma globulin into the original gamma globulin

Neirinckx, R.D.; Layne, W.W.; Sawan, S.P.; Davis, M.A., 1982:
Development of an ionic germanium 68 gallium 68 generator 3. chelate resins as chromatographic substrates for germanium

Giuffrè, G.; Montalto, F.P.; Amodei, G., 1987:
Development of an isolated retinal macroaneurysm of the cilioretinal artery

Blaisinger P., 1979:
Development of an italian pear scale population epidiaspis leperii homoptera diaspidoidea in a mirabelle plum orchard in alsace france its repercussion on the yield of the orchard

Russo J A.B.; Owens R.E.Jr, 1982:
Development of an objective observation tool for parent child interaction

Duerr P., 1979:
Development of an odor profile to describe apple juice essences

Cramers, C.A.; Trimbos, H.F., 1976:
Development of an on line analyzer for organic anesthetics in inspiratory and end tidal gases

Hinton E.R.Jr; Rawlins L.K.; Flanagan E.B., 1987:
Development of an on line mercury stream monitor

Finger R.E.; Harrington D.; Paxton L.A., 1985:
Development of an on line zero chlorine residual measurement and control system

Boenicke R.; Gramlich B., 1982:
Development of an ophthalmic suction transducer

Morioka T., 1980:
Development of an optical manipulator of the yttrium aluminum garnet laser for dental use

Hayashi T.; Tawata T.; Ishioka K., 1985:
Development of an optical measuring system for three dimensional jaw movements

Idrisov M., 1985:
Development of an optimal grape cultivar composition in southern dagestan assr russian sfsr ussr

Mestries J.C.; Cizel M.; Breteau J.; Gourmelon P.; Milhaud C.; Court L., 1985:
Development of an original physical exercise test technique to be used with medium size primates

Lesne, M.; Dolphen, R., 1976:
Development of an original radio immunoassay for gitoxin and gitoxin derivatives

Mageau, R.P.; Cutrufelli, M.E.; Schwab, B.; Johnston, R.W., 1984:
Development of an overnight rapid bovine identification test (ORBIT) for field use

Nakamura Y.; Someya J I.; Ooyama J., 1984:
Development of an oxygen resistant hydrogen bacterium during plate cultivation under high oxygen tension

Blache P.; Kervran A.; Martinez J.; Bataille D., 1988:
Development of an oxyntomodulin glicentin carboxyl terminal radioimmunoassay using a thiol maleoyl coupling method for preparing the immunogen

Asaka M.; Meguro T.; Saitoh M.; Kimura T.; Hayashishita N.; Nishikawa S.; Miyazaki T., 1988:
Development of an ria for human hemoglobin a o and its clinical application as a fecal blood test

Nagatani T.; Saito S.; Sato M.; Yamada M., 1987:
Development of an ultra high resolution scanning electron microscope by means of a field emission source and in lens system

Kugimiya T.; Inada Y.; Yamaguchi N., 1986:
Development of an ultra long life oxygen sensor and a new oxygen meter

Aizawa O., 1988:
Development of an ultrasonic vessel tracking pulse doppler system for non invasive measurement of coronary artery flow

Melindy J.; Way E., 1986:
Development of an underrunning system for moored longlines

Liu-Xi-Jin, 1978:
Development of ancient chinese concept of immunization and small pox vaccination

Bhopale, M.K.; Menon, S.; Renapurkar, D.M., 1978:
Development of ancylostoma ceylanicum in laboratory hosts

Greene, W.A.; Foote, R.H., 1977:
Development of and fluid accumulation in mammary glands of freemartins administered estradiol, estrone, or testosterone.

Manier, D.H.; Gillespie, D.D.; Sulser, F., 1980 :
Development of and recovery from subsensitivity of the noradrenergic cyclic AMP generating system in brain. Effect of amphetamine following inhibition of its aromatic hydroxylation by iprindole

Current, W.L.; Snyder, D.B., 1988:
Development of and serologic evaluation of acquired immunity to Cryptosporidium baileyi by broiler chickens

Wen, Y.F., 1977:
Development of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in the lung of Achatina fulica

Wallace, K.B.; Bailie, M.D.; Hook, J.B., 1979:
Development of angiotensin converting enzyme ec in fetal rat lungs

Stasova V.V.; Antonova G.F., 1987:
Development of annual rings in larix sibirica trunks

Stynes B.A.; Bird A.F., 1983:
Development of annual rye grass lolium rigidum toxicity

Hirai K I.; Maeda M.; Ichikawa Y., 1983:
Development of annulate lamellae in mouse myelo blastic cell line when differentiated to macrophages

Salathe E.P.; Wang T C., 1982:
Development of anoxia following occlusion

Guse G.W., 1980:
Development of antennal sensilla during molting in neomysis integer crustacea mysidacea

Singh, D.; Mahna, S.K., 1977:
Development of anther in normal and induced physalis ixocarpa

Belyayeva, L.Y. ; Chaika, K.A.; Fursa, M.S., 1978 :
Development of anther ovule and gametogenesis of diplotaxis tenuifolia

Belyayeva, L.Y. ; Fursa, M.S., 1978:
Development of anther pollen grains and embryo sacs of syrenia cana

Kuran H.; Marciniak K., 1981:
Development of antheridial filaments of chara vulgaris in isolated antheridia in vitro

Cebrat, J.; Zadecka, A., 1978:
Development of anthers in 3 male sterile lines of rye secale cereale

Hofsvang, L., 1976:
Development of anthocoris sibiricus heteroptera anthocoridae at constant and fluctuating temperatures with the green peach aphid myzus persicae as prey

Chung, U.T.; Lee, U.S., 1980:
Development of anti fungal agents 1. anti fungal activity of salicylaldehyde o phenylenediamine

Claustrat B.; David L.; Faure A.; Francois R., 1983:
Development of anti human chorionic gonadotropin antibodies in patients with hypo gonadotropic hypo gonadism 4 patients

Clements, J.A.; Faiman, C.; Paraskevas, F.; Reyes, F.I.; Winter, J.S.D., 1978:
Development of anti human luteinizing hormone antibodies after therapy with posterior pituitary extract

Renneberg, R.; Scheller, F.; Riedel, K.; Litschko, E.; Richter, M., 1983:
Development of anti interference enzyme layer for alpha amylase ec measurements in glucose containing samples

Islam, M.N.; Gray, R.J.H.; Geiser, J.N., 1978:
Development of anti microbial agents for the extension of poultry shelf life

Kaker M.L.; Galhotra M.M.; Razdan M.N., 1983:
Development of anti serum against bovine luteinizing hormone for radio immunoassay

Razdan M.N.; Kaker M.L.; Galhotra M.M., 1980:
Development of anti serum against bovine prolactin for radio immunoassay

Kozaki, S.; Miyazaki, S.; Sakaguchi, G., 1977:
Development of anti toxin with each of 2 complementary fragments of clostridium botulinum type b derivative toxin

Shapovalova S.P.; Aleksander S.K.; Lyashenko V.A., 1981:
Development of anti tumor immunity in mice treated with carminomicin

Dorn R.; Kassim M.; Monreal G., 1980:
Development of antibodies in chickens after infection with different strains of avian adenovirus

Shinozaki T.; Fujii R.; Sanai Y.; Homma J.Y., 1981:
Development of antibodies to common protective antigen exo toxin a and exo enzymes of pseudomonas aeruginosa in man

Turnbull, P.C.; Broster, M.G.; Carman, J.A.; Manchee, R.J.; Melling, J., 1986:
Development of antibodies to protective antigen and lethal factor components of anthrax toxin in humans and guinea pigs and their relevance to protective immunity

Tlaskalova Hogenova H.; Stepankova R., 1980:
Development of antibody formation in germ free and conventionally reared rabbits the role of intestinal lymphoid tissue in antibody formation to escherichia coli antigens

Brummer E.; Lawrence H.S., 1979:
Development of antigen induced proliferative responsiveness by murine lymph node cells part 1 identification of differences in the in vitro proliferative responses during a 1st and 2nd period or responsiveness

Drapier J C.; Petit J F., 1986:
Development of antitumor activity in lipopolysaccharide stimulated mouse granuloma macrophages regulation by eicosanoids

Mulleavy P.; Collins O.R., 1979:
Development of apogamic amoebae from heterothallic lines of a myxomycete didymium iridis

Woolacott B.; Ayres P.G., 1987:
Development of appressoria of erysiphe graminis f sp hordei in response to host plant age and water stress

Akhundova, G.G.; Grinikh, L.I.; Shevchenko, V.V., 1978:
Development of arabidopsis thaliana embryos following gamma irradiation of plants in the generative phase

Zaki, W., 1977:
Development of arachnoid granulations

Baker F.A.; French D.W.; Hudler G.W., 1981:
Development of arceuthobium pusillum on inoculated black spruce picea mariana

Cheng L F.; L.L.L.; W.L.L., 1988:
Development of artemether resistant line of plasmodium berghei

Nilsson, L.; Bergman, G.; Fält, K.; Husberg, B., 1985:
Development of arteriovenous shunts in rejecting rat kidneys

Resch H.; Benedetto K.P.; Pechlaner S., 1986:
Development of arthrosis following pilon tibial fracture

Fitzgerald, H.E.; Brajović, C.; Djurdjić, S.; Djurdjević, M., 1979:
Development of articulatory competence in mentally retarded children

Willems, C.M., 1978:
Development of artificial insemination in pigs in european association for animal production countries

Kawanishi H., 1984:
Development of artificial liver support system with special reference to removal of protein bound substances using polyetherurethane sheet embedded with powdered charcoal

Douvres F.W.; Urban J.F.Jr, 1986:
Development of ascaris suum from in vivo derived third stage larvae to egg laying adults in vitro

Patwardhan, P.G.; Badhe, P.D., 1978:
Development of ascocarp and cytology of ascus in dermatocarpon moulinsii

Codomier L.; Segot M.; Combaut G.; Teste J., 1981:
Development of asparagopsis armata rhodophyceae bonnemaisoniales in culture effect of some inorganic and organic nitrogenous or phosphorylated substances

Fonnesbech, M.; Fonnesbech, A.; Bredmose, N., 1977:
Development of asparagus plumosus shoot tips grown in vitro

Kihara, H.; Yamashita, H.; Hayashi, Y.; Wada, Y.; Tanaka, H., 1979:
Development of assay methods of attractants to habu 1. the assay method in a laboratory

Luoma R.; Koivikko A.; Viander M., 1983:
Development of asthma allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis by the age of 5 years a prospective study of 543 new borns

Ahmed, M.; Khan, R.A., 1978:
Development of asymmetry in the claws of the fiddler crab uca lactea

Brown R.A.; Gibbs J.H.; Robertson A.J.; Potts R.C.; Beck J.S., 1980 :
Development of asynchrony in growth of normal human lymphocytes during 1st day of culture after phyto hem agglutinin stimulation

Khomulo P.S.; Ambrozas I.V.; Dmitrieva N.A.; Zharova I.P.; Nikolaev V.I., 1980:
Development of athero sclerosis in alternated long term electro stimulation of negative and positive emotionogenic hypothalamic zones

Aleksandrov O.V.; Markin S.S., 1983:
Development of athero sclerosis in patients with pulmonary diseases

Matsuo K.; Moss L.; Hommes F., 1987:
Development of atp sulfurylase and adenosine phosphosulfate kinase in rat cerebrum and liver

Hack, M.; Mostow, A.; Miranda, S.B., 1976:
Development of attention in preterm infants

Azzarita F., 1982:
Development of attention in the school age children

Shishido, A.; Ohtawara, M., 1976:
Development of attenuated rubella virus vaccines in Japan

Pilgramm M.; Kunick T.; Schumann K., 1988:
Development of audition following damage due to acoustic trauma considering the subsequent site of occupation

Konishi, M., 1973:
Development of auditory neuronal responses in avian embryos

Yoneyama, H.; Yoneyama, H.; Nakamura, K., 1985:
Development of auditory pathway evaluated by auditory brainstem response report 2. changes in auditory brainstem response waveform detection rates among low birth weight infants

Yoneyama H.; Yoneyama H.; Nakamura T., 1984:
Development of auditory pathway judged by auditory brain stem response preliminary report relation between development of auditory brain stem response and gestational age

Weirich, E.G.; Longauer, J.K., 1978:
Development of auricular sebaceous glands in the himalayan rabbit

Georgadze I.A.; Nozadze Z.M., 1986:
Development of autoimmune reactions in horses during their use as producers of tetanus antitoxin

Kawai, K.; Sakatoku, H.; Matsuda, T.; Kazuoka, K.; Kubo, S.; Kamiya, H.; Sakurai, M., 1986:
Development of autologous specific reactivity to human neuroblastoma

Reunov A.V., 1980:
Development of autolytic processes in mesophyll cells of thorn apple datura stramonium apical leaves systemically infected with potato virus x

Fishman, V.M.; Murav'eva, S.A.; Lokshin, G.B.; Shenin-Yu, D.; Astashkina, V.L.; Zhdanovich-Yu, V.; Rozenfel'd, G.S.; Frolova, V.I.; Sinitsyna, Z.T., 1976:
Development of automated information search system for identification of antibiotics

Pedersen O.K.; Busk H., 1982:
Development of automatic equipment for grading of pig carcasses in denmark

Tucker, D.C.; Johnson, A.K., 1984:
Development of autonomic control of heart rate in genetically hypertensive and normotensive rats

Egbert, J.R.; Katona, P.G., 1980:
Development of autonomic heart rate control in the kitten during sleep

Kurtz, M.B.; Cortelyou, M.W.; Miller, S.M.; Lai, M.; Kirsch, D.R., 1987:
Development of autonomously replicating plasmids for Candida albicans

Reimann J.; Bellan A.; Conradt P., 1988:
Development of autoreactive l3t4 positive t cells from double negative thy 1 positive spleen cells of normal mice

Pike K.S.; Schaffner R.L., 1985:
Development of autumn populations of cereal aphids rhopalosiphum padi and schizaphis graminum homoptera aphididae and their effects on winter wheat in washington state usa

Kahn, A.J., 1981:
Development of aversive behavior to ethanol in mice; alterability of the progression of this parameter

Fisher J.B.; Dransfield J., 1979:
Development of axillary and leaf opposed buds in rattan palms

Sato K.; Sasaki S., 1987:
Development of axillary shoot in tillering and no tillering maize plants

Vasudeva Rao P.H.V.; Shah J.J.; Kothari I.L.; Patel J.D., 1979:
Development of axillary thorns in maytenus emarginata

Andersson, U., 1985:
Development of B lymphocyte function in childhood

Forrester L.M.; Ansell J.D.; Micklem H.S., 1987:
Development of b lymphocytes in mice heterozygous for the x linked immunodeficiency xid mutation xid inhibits development of all splenic and lymph node b cells at a stage subsequent to their initial formation in bone marrow

Scher I.; Berning A.K.; Kessler S.; Finkelman F.D., 1980:
Development of b lymphocytes in the mouse studies of the frequency and distribution of surface immuno globulin m and immuno globulin d in normal and immune defective cba n f 1 mice

Pope C.E.; Pope V.Z.; Beck L.R., 1982:
Development of baboon pre implantation embryos to post implantation stages in vitro

Chudinova, E.V., 1986:
Development of baby's cry

Yakushin, V.M., 1978:
Development of bacteria among thickets and in reed periphyton in the north crimean canal ukrainian ssr ussr

Lapteva N.A.; Romanenko V.I., 1979:
Development of bacteria in media with a minimal content of organic matter

Meshram M.K.; Raj S., 1987:
Development of bacterial blight on cotton in relation to genotypes their age and weather under rainfed conditions

Lenova L.I.; Borisova E.V., 1984:
Development of bacterial microflora in cultivation of halophilous algae of the genus dunaliella

Gocke K.; Hoppe H G., 1982:
Development of bacterial numbers and activity during a spring phyto plankton bloom in the baltic sea

Chapman, A.J.; Musher, D.M.; Jonsson, S.; Clarridge, J.E.; Wallace, R.J., 1985:
Development of bactericidal antibody during Branhamella catarrhalis infection

Strniste, G.F.; Taylor, W.D., 1972:
Development of bacterio phage alpha part 2 dependence on the host rna polymerase

Strniste, G.F.; Taylor, W.D., 1970:
Development of bacterio phage alpha requirement for the integrity of 1 strand of parental dna

Moreno, F., 1977:
Development of bacterio phage phi 29 in sporulating and nonsporulating cells of bacillus subtilis strain 168

Paau, A.S.; Cowles, J.R., 1978:
Development of Bacteroids in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Nodules

Nichols, H.W.; Veith, G.M., 1978:
Development of bangia atropurpurea

Parlevliet, J.E.; Kievit, C., 1986:
Development of barley leaf rust puccinia hordei infections in barley i. effect of partial resistance and plant stage

Arntzen, F.K.; Parlevliet, J.E., 1986:
Development of barley leaf rust puccinia hordei infections in barley ii. importance of early events at the site of penetration for partial resistance

Tokarev, B.I.; Shumnyi, V.K., 1977:
Development of barley mutants with decreased levels of nitrate reductase activity after seed treatment with ethyl methanesulfonate

Anikster Y.; Moseman J.G.; Wahl I., 1980:
Development of basidia and basidio spores in uromyces species on wild barley and liliaceae in israel

Siddique M.A.; Goodwin P.B., 1984:
Development of bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar apollo seed in relation to morphology physiology chemical composition anatomy and vigor of seed

Neitzke M.; Runge M., 1985:
Development of beech seedlings fagus sylvatica in relation to the aluminum calcium ratio of the soil extract

Gemmel, P., 1988 :
Development of beeted seedlings in three picea abies l. karst. stands

Dill, P.A., 1977:
Development of behavior in alevins of atlantic salmon salmo salar and rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Harrington, J.E., 1978:
Development of behavior in lemur macaco in the 1st 19 weeks

Mather J.A., 1984:
Development of behavior in octopus joubini

Khayutin S.N., 1982:
Development of behavior in th early post natal ontogeny of birds

Ellis D.H., 1979:
Development of behavior in the golden eagle

Bondarchuk, L.S.; Matisheva, S.K.; Skibnevskii, R.N., 1976:
Development of behavior in young bottle nosed dolphins tursiops truncatus

Ogura H.; Mikami T.; Takamura N.; Suzuki Y.; Chiba T., 1980:
Development of behavioral function of cerebellar hypoplasia rats as induced by cytosine arabinoside

Boica Junior A.L.; Vendramin J.D., 1986:
Development of bemisia tabaci gennadius 1889 homoptera aleyrodidae in genotypes of bean phaseolus vulgaris l

Ogawa K., 1984:
Development of benedenia hoshinai monogenea with some notes on its occurrence on the host

Goren M., 1980:
Development of benthic community on artificial substratum at ashdod eastern mediterranean

Wojcik Migala I., 1979:
Development of benthos communities in carp ponds

Adrian, J.; Billaud, C.; Rabache, M., 1985:
Development of benzo a pyrene in the digestive tract 2. appearance of its metabolites

Lewinsohn R.; Glover V.; Sandler M., 1980:
Development of benzyl amine oxidase and mono amine oxidase a and mono amine oxidase b in man

Denegri G.M., 1985:
Development of bertiella macronata of man in its intermediate host under experimental conditions

Williams, W.R.; Williams, W.J., 1982:
Development of beryllium lymphocyte transformation tests in chronic beryllium disease

Slesinger P.A.; Lowenstein P.R.; Singer H.S.; Walker L.C.; Casanova M.F.; Price D.L.; Coyle J.T., 1988:
Development of beta 1 and beta 2 adrenergic receptors in baboon brain an autoradiographic study using iodine 125 iodocyanopindolol

Mcdonald J.K.; Petrovic S.L.; Mccann S.M.; Parnavelas J.G., 1982:
Development of beta adrenergic receptors in the visual cortex of the rat

Fisher, L.E.; Winkel, M.H., 1978:
Development of bi directional operant modification of the cephalic vaso motor response employing a positive reinforcer

Sokolowska-Kulczycka, A., 1977:
Development of bi sporic embryo sacs in veratrum nigrum

Govind C.K.; Potter D.J., 1987:
Development of bilateral asymmetry in sensory innervation in lobster claws

Horváth, M.; Jólesz, F.; Pásztor, E., 1980:
Development of bilateral collateral circulation after fracture of the axis

Sasaki, H., 1984:
Development of bile acid metabolism in neonates during perinatal period 1. bile acid levels in sera of mothers fetuses and neonates

Sasaki, H., 1984:
Development of bile acid metabolism in neonates during perinatal period 2. mass screening of congenital biliary atresia by radioimmunoassay using dried blood spot

Grimmer, I.; Moller, R.; Gross, J., 1980:
Development of bilirubin udp glucuronyl transferase ec activity and the concentration of transport proteins y and z of rats under post natal hypoxia

Moore D.R.; Irvine D.R.F., 1980:
Development of bin aural input response patterns and discharge rate in single units of the cat inferior colliculus

Salleh, A.B., 1981:
Development of bio affinity chromatography for uricase ec purification

Gurny R.; Peppas N.A.; Harrington D.D.; Banker G.S., 1981:
Development of bio degradable and injectable latices for controlled release of potent drugs

Satterlie R.A.; Case J.F., 1979:
Development of bio luminescence and other effector responses in the pennatulid coelenterate renilla kollikeri

Talmadge, J.E.; Benedict, K.; Madsen, J.; Fidler, I.J., 1984:
Development of biological diversity and susceptibility to chemotherapy in murine cancer metastases

Poey, J.; Elsair, J.; Morgan, P.; Reggabi, M.; Hattab, F., 1976:
Development of biological findings according to radiological state in a population living in a fluoride endemic zone of south algeria

French, N.; Parr, W.J.; Gould, H.J.; Williams, J.J.; Simmonds, S.P., 1976:
Development of biological methods for the control of tetranychus urticae on tomatoes using phytoseiulus persimilis

Gulii V.V., 1981:
Development of biological plant protection methods in eastern districts of the ussr

Gunin P.D.; Neronov V.M.; Veiisov S.V., 1982:
Development of biosphere reserves network in asia

Luk'yanov S.A., 1985:
Development of bipolar planarians dugesia tigrina under surgery

Ogawa K., 1988:
Development of bivagina tai monogenea microcotylidae

Querci Della Rovere G.; Oliver R.T.D.; Mccance D.J.; Castro J.E., 1988:
Development of bladder tumor containing hpv type 11 dna after renal transplantation

Mitrofanov, A.M.; Petruchuk, O.E.; Tulupova, A.M., 1977:
Development of blood sucking fly control methods in the northern taiga construction site of the western part of the baikal amur ussr railroad in 1975 with the town of magistral'nyi as an example

Ambrosi, G.; Roncali, L., 1984:
Development of blood vessels in the sympathetic trunk ganglia of the chick embryo during their histomorphogenesis

Hoeger H.; Gialamas J.; Adamiker D., 1983 :
Development of body and organ mass in syrian golden hamsters in regard to the alteration of organs in depending on the age

Gaili, E.S.E.; Nour, A.F.Y.M., 1980:
Development of body components in kenana cattle 1. development of carcass and noncarcass components of the body

Gaili, E.S.E.; Nour, A.F.Y.M., 1980:
Development of body components in kenana cattle 2. relative weight changes of major carcass tissues

Seliger V., 1979:
Development of body exercise physiology

Nakai Y.; Yoshikawa M., 1987:
Development of body image distortion apparatus

Valentin S.; Baudoin C., 1981:
Development of body temperature regulation from birth to 30 days in eliomys quercinus 1

Diaz-Espada, F.; Martinez-Alonso, C.; Bernabe, R.R., 1978:
Development of bone marrow derived cell subsets effect of priming on in vitro tri nitro phenylated lipo poly saccharide responsiveness

Johnson, G.R.; Metcalf, D.; Wilson, J.W., 1976:
Development of bone marrow derived lymphocyte colony forming cells in fetal mouse tissues

Mcnair, P.; Christiansen, C.; Christensen, M.S.; Madsbad, S.; Faber, O.K.; Binder, C.; Transbol, I., 1981:
Development of bone mineral loss in insulin treated diabetes a 1.5 year follow up study in 60 patients

Gevorkyan I.Kh; Gazaryan A.V.; Manukyan G.S., 1980:
Development of bone tissue in a goiter

Cowx I.G.; Wheatley G.A.; Hickley P., 1988:
Development of boom electric fishing equipment for use in large rivers and canals in the uk

Lewis, R.J. ; Van-Arsdel, E.P., 1978:
Development of botryodiplodia theobromae cankers in sycamore at controlled temperatures

Broquedis M., 1983:
Development of bound abscisic acid abscisate of beta d gluco pyranose and of free abscisic acid during development of the grape berry/

Patana, R.; Jackson, C.G.; Fye, R.E., 1978:
Development of brachymeria ovata in 6 lepidopteran hosts

Frieda, D.; Spiegler, P.; Kearly, F.; Greenfield, M.; Stern, R., 1978:
Development of Bragg diffraction imaging for medical use

Dziegielewska K.M.; Evans C.A.N.; Malinowska D.H.; Mollgard K.; Reynolds J.M.; Reynolds M.L.; Saunders N.R., 1979:
Development of brain barrier systems to lipid insoluble molecules in fetal sheep

David S.; Nathaniel E.J.H., 1981:
Development of brain capillaries in eu thyroid and hypo thyroid rats

G.K.G., 1980:
Development of brain edema

Lowe, W.L.; Boyd, F.T.; Clarke, D.W.; Raizada, M.K.; Hart, C.; LeRoith, D., 1986:
Development of brain insulin receptors: structural and functional studies of insulin receptors from whole brain and primary cell cultures

Winkler L.; Schlag B.; Kessner C.; Maess J.; Dargel R., 1980:
Development of brain lipids in rats receiving a fat free diet with respect to myelination

Arad Z.; Toledo C.S.; Bernstein M.H., 1984:
Development of brain temperature regulation in the hatchling mallard duck anas platyrhynchos

Patra A.L.; Miller F.J.; Graham J.A., 1982:
Development of breathing rat lung models for particulate deposition studies

Pal A.B.; Srinivasan K.; Vani A., 1983:
Development of breeding lines of muskmelon cucumis melo for resistance to fruit fly dacus cucurbitae

Morrow G.R.; Feldstein M.; Adler L.M.; Derogatis L.R.; Enelow A.J.; Gates C.; Holland J.; Melisaratos N.; Murawski B.J.; E.A., 1981:
Development of brief measures of psycho social adjustment to medical illness applied to cancer patients

Ko, Y.D.; An, B.G., 1987:
Development of broiler manured corn silage i. chemical and microbiological characteristics of the silage

Yung-Du, K.; An, B.G., 1988:
Development of broiler manured corn silage ii. digestibility and palatability of broiler manured corn silage

Massaro, G.D.; Massaro, D., 1986:
Development of bronchiolar epithelium in rats

Massaro, G.D.; McCoy, L.; Massaro, D., 1988:
Development of bronchiolar epithelium: time course of response to oxygen and recovery

Plesch B.E.C.; Gamelkoorn G.J.; Van M., 1983:
Development of bronchus associated lymphoid tissue in the rat with special reference to t cells and b cells

Nechad, M.; Kuusela, P.; Carneheim, C.; Bjorntorp, P.; Nedergaard, J.; Cannon, B., 1983:
Development of brown fat cells in mono layer culture 1. morphological and biochemical distinction from white fat cells in culture

Nechad, M., 1983:
Development of brown fat cells in mono layer culture 2. ultrastructural characterization of precursors differentiating adipocytes and their mitochondria

Olson, M.D., 1979:
Development of Bruch's membrane in the chick: an electron microscopic study

Cross, J.H.; Hsu, M.Y., 1987:
Development of Brugia malayi in Mongolian gerbils previously exposed to Wuchereria bancrofti

Chuang C K.; Nakajima Y.; Sakamoto M.; Aoki Y., 1983:
Development of brugia pahangi in the peritoneal cavity of jirds meriones unguiculatus a serial jird to jird passage with artificial feeding to vectors

Milsom, W.K., 1975:
Development of buoyancy control in juvenile atlantic loggerhead turtles caretta caretta caretta

Ghiradella, H.; Radigan, W., 1976:
Development of butterfly scales part 2 struts lattices and surface tension

Baum, L.L.; Miller, H.C., 1978:
Development of c 3 receptors on bone marrow derived lymphocytes derived from normal and memory marrow cells

Tsitsipis, J.A., 1977:
Development of caging and egging system for mass rearing the olive fruit fly dacus oleae diptera tephritidae

Paton D.; Larocque G.M.; Holme J., 1981 :
Development of cake structure influence of ingredients on the measurement of cohesive force during baking

De-Souza, T.L.C.; Bhatia, S.P., 1976:
Development of calibration systems for measuring total reduced sulfur and sulfur di oxide in ambient concentrations in the parts per billion range

Bashirullah, A.K.M.; Ahmed, B., 1976:
Development of camallanus adamsi nematoda camallanidae in cyclopoid copepods

Riffle, J.W., 1978:
Development of canker on ulmus pumila related to month of inoculation with botryodiplodia hypodermia

Bedker P.J.; Blanchette R.A., 1983:
Development of cankers caused by nectria cinnabarina on honey locusts gleditsia triacanthos

Vijayan P.K.; Balachandran K.K., 1986:
Development of canned fish curry

Murray, F.A.; Grifo, A.P.Jr, 1976:
Development of capacity to secrete progesterone induced protein by the porcine uterus

Ivanova I.P., 1982:
Development of capillaries of the primary portal plexus of hypo thalamus in rats during the peri natal period

Theis D.L.; Halstead G.W.; Halm K.A., 1986:
Development of capillary gas chromatographic mass spectrometric methodology for the simultaneous determination of ibuprofen and internal standard ibuprofen in serum demonstration of kinetic equivalence in the beagle

El-Gharbawi, M.I., 1977:
Development of capsaicin in the fruits of 2 varieties of genus capsicum during growth and ripening

Araki H.; Harada T.; Yakuwa T., 1987:
Development of capsule seed and embryo of dioscorea opposita cultivar nagaimo and possibility of embryo culture studies on the botanical characteristics of genus dioscorea

Kilin D.; Nagata T.; Masuda T., 1981:
Development of carbamate resistance in the brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens homoptera delphacidae

Grigor'eva V.M.; Astanina L.N.; Bystrova L.V.; Policar R.D.; Shiryaeva V.L.; Ermolova O.B., 1982:
Development of carbenicillin biological activity standard

Porchet, M.; Spik, G.; Dhainaut, A., 1977:
Development of carbohydrate constituents of the oocyte of perinereis cultrifera annelida polychaeta under natural conditions part 1 biochemical study

Dhainaut, A.; Porchet, M., 1977:
Development of carbohydrate constituents of the oocyte of perinereis cultrifera annelida polychaeta under natural conditions part 2 auto radiographic study of the young ovocytes

Dhainaut, A.; Porchet, M., 1977:
Development of carbohydrate constituents of the oocytes of perinereis cultrifera annelida polychaeta under natural conditions part 3 auto radiographic study of the submature oocytes

Corey, D.T.; Walton, A.; Wiener, N.I., 1978:
Development of carbohydrate preference during water rationing: a specific hunger?

Szigeti Z.; Medgyesi I., 1981:
Development of carbon di oxide fixation capacity and chlorophyll content in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar bezostaya seedling greening under influence of herbicides

Guthrie R.D.; Standaert T.A.; Hodson W.A.; Woodrum D.E., 1981:
Development of carbon di oxide sensitivity effects of gestational age post natal age and sleep state

Swatland H.J., 1980:
Development of carcass shape in pekin and muscovy ducks

Kuebler, H.C.; Kuehn, W.; Rummel, H.H.; Kaufmann, I.; Kaufmann, M., 1987:
Development of carcinoma carcinoma of the vulva in netherton's syndrome congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma atopic dermatitis trichorrhexis nodosa

Neimark, I.I.; Timoshnikov, V.M., 1978:
Development of carcinoma of the thyroid gland in persons residing in the focus of goiter endemia

Pomerleau A.; Malcuit G., 1980:
Development of cardiac and behavioral responses to a 3 dimensional toy stimulation in 1 6 month old infants

Takahashi, T.; Nomura, T.; Koga, S., 1985:
Development of cardiac functions in boys

Britt R.H.; Rossi G.T., 1982:
Development of cardio pulmonary bypass system for eliminating brain movement

Harris W.H.; Van Petten G.R., 1979:
Development of cardio vascular responses to noradrenaline adrenaline normetanephrine and metanephrine in the unanesthetized fetus

Harris, W.H.; Van-Petten, G.R., 1978:
Development of cardio vascular responses to sympathomimetic amines and autonomic blockade in the unanesthetized fetus

Margolis H.C.; Murphy B.J.; Moreno E.C., 1985:
Development of carious like lesions in partially saturated lactate buffers

Hahn P., 1981:
Development of carnitine synthesis from gamma butyro betaine in the rat

Jonsson, K.; Eiken, O., 1983:
Development of carpal bone cysts as revealed by radiography

Kumano S., 1982:
Development of carpogonium and taxonomy of 6 species of the genus sirodotia rhodophyta from japan and west malaysia

Vinegar, R.; Truax, J.F.; Selph, J.L.; Johnston, P.R.; Venable, A.L.; Voelker, F.A., 1981:
Development of carrageenan pleurisy in the rat: effects of colchicine on inhibition of cell mobilization

Markens, I.S.; Taverne, A.A., 1978:
Development of cartilage in transplanted future coronal sutures

Deshpande P.K.; Raju P.S.G., 1979:
Development of caryopsis and localization of dna and proteins in triticum spp

Wacha R.S.; Christiansen J.L., 1982:
Development of caryospora bigenetica new species apicomplexa eimeriidae in rattlesnakes and laboratory mice

Commissiong, J.W., 1983:
Development of catecholaminergic nerves in the spinal cord of rat 2. regional development

Younger B.; Gotlieb S., 1988:
Development of categorization skills changes in the nature or structure of infant form categories?

Del Vecchio F.R., 1982:
Development of caudal portions of muellerian ducts in the rat rattus norvegicus

Morris, R.; Fuller, D.R.G.; Hull, C.D.; Buchwald, N.A., 1977 :
Development of caudate neuronal responses to stimulation of the mid brain thalamus and cortex in the kitten

Koval'chuk, L.V.; Sokolova, E.V.; Burtseva, L.V., 1976:
Development of cell immune response to tuberculin in mice of different genotypes

Andonov, A.; Teokharova, M.; Astrukova, S.; Losev, B.; Mineva, E.; Draganov, P., 1976:
Development of cell immunity in patients with viral hepatitis

Rayfield L.S.; Brent L.; Rodeck C.H., 1980:
Development of cell mediated lympholysis in human fetal blood lymphocytes

Daus W.; Voelcker H.E., 1987:
Development of cell polymorphy in human corneal endothelium

Wilson J.R.; Tessin D.E.; Sherman S.M., 1983:
Development of cell size in the medial inter laminar nucleus of normal and mon ocularly deprived kittens

Schnepf E.; Deichgraeber G.; Herth W., 1982:
Development of cell wall appendages in acanthosphaera zachariasi chlorococcales kinetics site of cellulose synthesis and of micro fibril assembly and barb formation

Perez Rodriguez D., 1981:
Development of cell wall ingrowths in aging slices of radish raphanus sativus

Robinson P.M.; Smith J.M., 1979:
Development of cells and hyphae of geotrichum candidum in chemostat and batch culture

Sadick, M.D.; Locksley, R.M.; Raff, H.V., 1984:
Development of cellular immunity in cutaneous leishmaniasis due to Leishmania tropica

Hoffmann A.; Urbaneck D., 1981:
Development of cellular immunity in piglets

Masten L.W., 1979:
Development of cellular tolerance to lethality and analgesia concurrent with physical dependence following repeated oral administration of levo alpha acetyl methadol

Itoh T.; Brown R.M.Jr, 1988:
Development of cellulose synthesizing complexes in boergesenia and valonia

Lau, C.; Bartolome, M.; Slotkin, T.A., 1977:
Development of central and peripheral catecholaminergic systems in rats addicted peri natally to methadone

Seidler F.J.; Slotkin T.A., 1981:
Development of central control of norepinephrine turnover and release in the rat heart responses to tyramine 2 deoxy glucose and hydralazine

Ogambo-Ongoma, A.H., 1975:
Development of cercaria in fasciola gigantica

Plaut J.L.; Berger R.D., 1980:
Development of cercosporidium personatum in 3 peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar florunner canopy layers

Takeuchi, T.; Kimura, S.; Kushi, H.; Hayashi, N.; Tsubokawa, T., 1986:
Development of cerebral blood flow measurement using skull impedance plethysmography

Ramey B.A.; Birge W.J., 1979:
Development of cerebro spinal fluid and the blood cerebro spinal fluid barrier in rabbits

Sedlacek, J., 1976:
Development of cerebro spinal fluid in the chicken embryos

Juríková, Z.; Vlcek, D.; Becke, R.; Martínek, J.; Gaier, N., 1984:
Development of certain morphometric parameters of rat cardiac muscle cells

Mikesell J.E.; Schroeder A.C., 1980:
Development of chambered pith in stems of phytolacca americana phytolaccaceae

Bartlett C.M.; Anderson R.C., 1980:
Development of chandlerella chitwoodae filarioidea onchocercidae in culicoides stilobezzioides and culicoides travisi diptera ceratopogonidae

Mayer M.; Dubrava I.; Petrik V.; Mayerova S.; Bielik L., 1980:
Development of changes in some parameters of ventilation and respiration during long term follow up of patients with chronic obstructive broncho pulmonary disease

Tsutsui J.; Kawashima S.; Terao A.; Shirabe T., 1983:
Development of changes in visual evoked potentials and associate neuro pathology on creutzfeldt jakob disease

Roser J.F.; Chang Y S.; Papkoff H.; L.C.H., 1984:
Development of characterization of a homologous radio immunoassay for equine prolactin

Strugalska, M.H.; Fidzianska, A., 1976:
Development of checkerboard pattern in human fetal skeletal muscle

Komarova T.A., 1984:
Development of chelidonium asiaticum papaveraceae in the recovery of cedar broad leaved forests of southern sikhote alin russian sfsr ussr following a forest fire

Wood P.A.; Douglas S.D., 1982:
Development of chemo taxis and formyl peptide binding in human pro myelocytic leukemia line hl 60

Pershin, G.N., 1977:
Development of chemo therapy of infectious diseases in the ussr

Clatterbuck W.K.; Hodges J.D., 1988:
Development of cherrybark oak and sweet gum in mixed even aged bottomland stands in central mississippi usa

Meier S., 1979:
Development of chick embryo meso blast formation of the embryonic axis and establishment of the metameric pattern

Juutilainen J.; Saali K., 1986:
Development of chick embryos in 1 hertz to 100 kilohertz magnetic fields

Choi, Y.S.; Good, R.A., 1972:
Development of chicken lymphoid system part 1 synthesis and secretion of immuno globins by chicken lymphoid cells

Choi, Y.S.; Good, R.A., 1972:
Development of chicken lymphoid system part 2 synthesis of primordial immuno globulin m by the bursa cells of chick embryo

Padda G.S.; Sharma B.D.; Keshri R.C.; Sharma N., 1987:
Development of chicken patties with indigenous flavor profiles

Hamud, K.; Bar-Maor, J.A., 1984:
Development of children after repair of diaphragmatic hernia

Clinepeter, U.; Mayer-Probst, M., 1987:
Development of children at high degree of risk for developing psychosomatic disturbances organic lesion of the brain at birth

Birrell J.; Frost G.J.; Parkin J.M., 1983:
Development of children with congenital hypo thyroidism

Haberfellner H.; Frisch H.; Luz O., 1984:
Development of children with pneumothorax induced hypoxemia

Kil'diyarova, R.R.; Stolovich, M.N.; Kolesnikova, M.B., 1987:
Development of children with the history of perinatal encephalopathy

Thompson, R.A., 1987:
Development of children's inferences of the emotions of others

Swanson, H.L., 1988:
Development of children's word recall hemispheric specialization strategy or high order cognitive process

Lindholm, B.W.; Touliatos, J., 1981:
Development of children's behavior problems

Eisenberg Berg N., 1979:
Development of childrens pro social moral judgment

Macrae E.A., 1987:
Development of chilling injury in new zealand grown fuyu persimmon during storage

Voznesenskaya E.V., 1981:
Development of chlorenchyma chloroplasts of haloxylon persicum chenopodiaceae

Kesselmeier J., 1980:
Development of chloro etioplasts containing pro lamellar bodies and steroidal saponins in suspension cultures of nicotiana tabacum

Przibilla E.; Galling G., 1987:
Development of chloroplast membranes during light induced greening of chlorella fusca g 2

Valanne, N., 1976:
Development of chloroplast structure and photosynthetic competence in dark adapted moss protonemata after exposure to light

Lichtenthaler H.K.; Meier D.; Buschmann C., 1984:
Development of chloroplasts at high and low light quanta fluence rates

Turkelson C.M.; Dale W.E.; Reidelberger R.; Solomon T.E., 1986:
Development of cholecystokinin radioimmunoassay using synthetic cholecystokinin decapeptide 10 as immunogen

Tevzadze T.R.; Dzidziguri L.M., 1983:
Development of cholesterol atherosclerosis in secondary immunodeficiency in rabbits

Greenberg, J.H.; Schrier, B.K., 1977:
Development of choline acetyl transferase activity in chick cranial neural crest cells in culture

Smith, J.; Cochard, P.; Le-Douarin, N.M., 1977:
Development of choline acetyl transferase and cholin esterase activities in enteric ganglia derived from presumptive adrenergic and cholinergic levels of the neural crest

Leblanc G.; Landis S., 1986:
Development of choline acetyltransferase in the sympathetic innervation of rat sweat glands

Stith, I.E.; Das, S.K., 1982:
Development of choline phospho transferase ec in guinea pig lung mitochondria and microsomes

Potempska A.; Skangiel Kramska J.; Kossut M., 1979:
Development of cholinergic enzymes and atpase activity of the optic system of cats in normal and restricted visual input conditions

Bajgar J.; Hrdina V.; Petr R.; Golda V., 1979 :
Development of cholinergic nervous system in the brain of normal and hypertensive rats

Hill C.E.; Hendry I.A.; Mclennan I.S., 1980:
Development of cholinergic neurons in cultures of rat superior cervical ganglia role of calcium and macro molecules

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