Development of anti fungal agents 1. anti fungal activity of salicylaldehyde o phenylenediamine

Chung, U.T.; Lee, U.S.

Korean Journal of Mycology 8(2): 85-88


Accession: 005132558

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The antifungal activity of salicylaldehyde-o-phenylenediimine, a derivative of Schiff base, was studied in vitro against various species of fungi, especially dermatophytes. The antifungal tests were performed according to the tube-dilution method, and all subcultures were incubated at room temperature for 14 days. Salicylaldehyde-o-phenylenediimine was effective against Trichophyton mentagrophytes (20 .mu.g/ml), T. rubrum (40 .mu.g/ml), Microsporum canis (6 .mu.g/ml), and Fonsecaea compacta (2 .mu.g/ml).