Section 6
Chapter 5,133

Development of bangia atropurpurea

Nichols, H.W.; Veith, G.M.

Phytomorphology (Delhi) 28(3): 322-328


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-9449
Accession: 005132690

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An isolate of B. atropurpurea was studied in culture. It has a diplobiontic life history which consists of 2 dissimilar phases, the unbranched Bangia-phase and the branched Conchocelis-phase. Reproduction in either phase is by monospores. The Conchocelis-phase may produce either stalked or unstalked sporangia. Fertile cell rows are absent in the transition from one phase to the other. Additionally, reproduction by fragmentation is common in the Conchocelis-phase. Relationships to photoperiodicity and temperature were studied and new aspects of ultrastructure for this species were elucidated.

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