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Development of choline phospho transferase ec in guinea pig lung mitochondria and microsomes

, : Development of choline phospho transferase ec in guinea pig lung mitochondria and microsomes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 714(2): 250-256

Development of mitochondrial and microsomal choline phosphotransferase in the fetal guinea pig lung was investigated. The activity in fetal mitochondria was more than twice of that in fetal microsomes. In adult lung the enzyme was distributed mostly in microsomes. In fetal lung, mitochondrial and microsomal enzyme activity was greatest at .apprx. 81% of the total gestation period (55 days). Specific activity in the microsomal fraction then declined until term, but increased again in the 24-h newborn from 1.0 to 2.3 nmol/min per mg protein. The activity in the mitochondrial fraction declined after 61 days (2.8 nmol/min per mg) to a minimal level at term (0.6 nmol/min per mg). Although the enzyme activity decreased from day 55 (1.2 nmol/min per mg), the amount of phosphatidylcholine gradually increased between day 55 and term.

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