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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5136

Chapter 5136 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Egrie, J.C.; Cotes, P.M.; Lane, J.; Gaines Das, R.E.; Tam, R.C., 1987:
Development of radioimmunoassays for human erythropoietin using recombinant erythropoietin as tracer and immunogen

Krapivko, T.P.; Il'enko A.I., 1988:
Development of radioresistance in the population of apodemus sylvaticus under the effect of the elevated ionizing radiation level

Panov, V.P., 1987:
Development of rainbow trout muscles as a function of age sex and growing period

Edgar, W.M.; Bowen, W.H.; Cole, M.F., 1981:
Development of rampant dental caries and composition of plaque fluid and saliva in irradiated primates

Smith, J.D., 1984:
Development of raphidascaris acus nematoda anisakidae in paratenic intermediate and definitive hosts

Parslow, J.S.; Harrison, P.J.; Thompson, P.A., 1984:
Development of rapid ammonium uptake during starvation of batch and chemostat cultures of the marine diatom thalassiosira pseudonana

Kliks, M.M.; Rao, C.K., 1984:
Development of rapid elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for early serodiagnosis of dracunculiasis

Laluce, C.; Mattoon, J.R., 1984:
Development of Rapidly Fermenting Strains of Saccharomyces diastaticus for Direct Conversion of Starch and Dextrins to Ethanol

English, K.B.; Burgess, P.R.; Kavka-Van Norman, D., 1980:
Development of rat Merkel cells

Ziskind Conhaim, L.; Dennis, M.J., 1981:
Development of rat neuro muscular junctions in organ culture

Smol'nikova N.M.; Strekalova, S.N., 1980:
Development of rat progeny during ante natal exposure to phenazepam

Moss, B.L.; Schuetze, S.M., 1987:
Development of rat soleus endplate membrane following denervation at birth

De-Sousa, B.N.; Horrocks, L.A., 1979:
Development of rat spinal cord 1. weight and length with a method for rapid removal

De-Sousa, B.N.; Horrocks, L.A., 1979:
Development of rat spinal cord 2. comparison of lipid compositions with cerebrum

Bruckner, G.; Mares, V.; Biesold, D., 1980:
Development of rat visual system after pre natal x irradiation

Gash, D.M.; Roos, T.B.; Chambers, W.F., 1975:
Development of Rathke's pouch tissue transplanted into adult hypophysectomized female rats

Kawai, M., 1987:
Development of reaching behavior from 9 to 36 months

Perlmutter, M.; Myers, N.A., 1979:
Development of recall in 2 to 4 year old children

Crabtree, J.W.; Chow, K.L.; Ostrach, L.H.; Baumbach, H.D., 1981:
Development of receptive field properties in the visual cortex of rabbits subjected to early epileptiform cortical discharges

Rusoff, A.C.; Dubin, M.W., 1977:
Development of receptive-field properties of retinal ganglion cells in kittens

Chino, Y.M.; Shansky, M.S.; Hamasaki, D.I., 1980:
Development of receptive field properties of retinal ganglion cells in kittens raised with a convergent squint

Dvorak, D.; Gipps, E.; Leah, J.; Kidson, C., 1978:
Development of receptors for alpha-bungarotoxin in chick embryo sympathetic ganglion neurons in vitro

Hartley, E.J.; Seeman, P., 1983:
Development of receptors for dopamine and noradrenaline in rat brain

Wiggers, M.; Van Lieshout, C.F.M., 1985:
Development of recognition of emotions childrens reliance on situational and facial expressive cues

Whittemore, C.T., 1983:
Development of recommended energy and protein allowances for growing pigs

Harayama, K.; Amemiya, T.; Nishimura, H., 1980:
Development of rectus muscles during fetal life: insertion sites and width

Barenboim, C., 1978:
Development of recursive and nonrecursive thinking about persons

Shultz, T.R.; Cloghesy, K., 1981:
Development of recursive awareness of intention

Oppenheimer, L., 1986:
Development of recursive thinking procedural variations

Gyllenberg, H.G., 1976:
Development of reference systems for automatic identification of clinical isolates of bacteria

Satoh, H.; Yasuda, N.; Shimai, S., 1985:
Development of reflexes in neonatal mice prenatally exposed to methylmercury and selenite

Surikov, I.M., 1983:
Development of regenerants from initial potato solanum tuberosum tuber callus depending on cultivar medium composition and explant position

Okuma, Y.; Nomura, Y.; Segawa, T., 1979:
Development of regional activities of 2' 3' cyclic nucleotide 3' phospho hydrolase ec and carbonic anhydrase ec in the rat brain influence of 6 hydroxy dopa

Schaff, H.V.; Ciardullo, R.C.; Flaherty, J.T.; Gott, V.L., 1978:
Development of regional myo cardial ischemia distal to a critical coronary stenosis during cardio pulmonary bypass comparison of the fibrillating vs the beating nonworking states

Jensen, P.; Konig, T., 1982:
Development of regulation mechanisms for sulfate influx in spring wheat triticum aestivum cultivar svenno roots

Sherwin, J.R., 1982:
Development of regulatory mechanisms in the thyroid: failure of iodide to suppress iodide transport activity

Arcedolo, C.; Horobin, K., 1987:
Development of relational reasoning and avoidance of premature closure

Graham, S.; Doubleday, C.; Guarino, P.A., 1984:
Development of relations between perceived controllability and the emotions of pity anger and guilt

Reynolds, W.M., 1982:
Development of reliable and valid short forms of the marlowe crowne social desirability scale

Albert, M.S.; Butters, N.; Brandt, J., 1981:
Development of remote memory loss in patients with Huntington's disease

Ohshima, M., 1980:
Development of renal cell tumors in rats by n ethyl n hydroxyethyl nitrosamine

Fatenkov, V.N.; Pechenina, N.V., 1978:
Development of repeated myo cardial necroses in animals with ischemic infarction under the effect of the antigen from the necrotic cardiac muscle

Klyuchareva, M.V., 1978:
Development of reproductive structures and tissues in bryophyllum calcinum

Davies, S.; Williams, W., 1986:
Development of reproductive structures in grain legumes the growth cell structure and maturation of pods and seeds

Kursakov, G.A., 1980:
Development of research in genetics and breeding of fruit and berry plants in the i. v. michurin central laboratory michurinsk ussr

Dwivedi, C.K.; Mehta, M.L.; Muley, A.R., 1976:
Development of resistance against ascaridia galli by intra muscular injection of embryonated eggs in fowl

Baudoin, A.B.A.M.; Eckert, J.W., 1985:
Development of resistance against geotrichum candidum in lemon citrus limon peel injuries

Wallace, R.E.; Lindh, D.; Durr, F.E., 1987:
Development of resistance and characteristics of a human colon carcinoma subline resistant to mitoxantrone in vitro

Averbukh, L.A., 1975:
Development of resistance in fisher lymph adenosis cells to dipin and bruneomycin during their single and combined use

Reddy, M.S.; Ramapandu, S.; Rao, A.A., 1981:
Development of resistance in gloeosporium ampelophagum and colletotrichum capsici to fungicides

Roslavtseva, S.A.; Zolotova, T.B.; Agashkova, T.M.; Polyakova, V.K., 1979:
Development of resistance in house flies musca domestica to neopynamin in laboratory conditions

Hoffmann, G., 1987:
Development of resistance in pests including ectoparasites definition and present situation

Ogle, J.W.; Reller, L.B.; Vasil, M.L., 1988:
Development of resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa to imipenem, norfloxacin, and ciprofloxacin during therapy: proof provided by typing with a DNA probe

Banerjee, N.; Bhatnagar, R.; Viswanathan, L., 1981:
Development of resistance in saccharomyces cerevisiae against inhibitory effects of browning reaction products

Gupta, K.G.; Shirkot, C.K., 1981:
Development of resistance in slow growing rhizobia to 1 naphthyl n methyl carbamate sevin

Lobzhanidze, T.D., 1980:
Development of resistance in tetranychus viennensis to organo phosphorus insecto acaricides and chemical measures for its control in the eastern georgian ssr ussr

Leblanc, G.A., 1982:
Development of resistance of daphnia magna to environmental pollutants

Kirstein, C.G.; Clare, D.A.; Lecce, J.G., 1985:
Development of resistance of enterocytes to rotavirus in neonatal, agammaglobulinemic piglets

Resseler, H.; Buchenauer, H., 1988:
Development of resistance of gerlachia nivalis to dicarboximide and benzimidazole fungicides and studies on the vitality of the double resistant strains

Kresken, M.; Wiedemann, B., 1988:
Development of resistance of nalidixic acid and the fluoroquinolones after the introduction of norfloxacin and ofloxacin

Dobesová, Z.; Mourek, J., 1986:
Development of resistance of the outer membrane of brain and liver mitochondria

Pappagianis, D.; Collins, M.S.; Hector, R.; Remington, J., 1979:
Development of resistance to amphotericin B in Candida lusitaniae infecting a human

Averbukh, L.A., 1977:
Development of resistance to bruneomycin and rubomycin in tumor cells of mouse lymph adenosis and staphylococci during their use individually and in combination

Gootz, T.D.; Jackson, D.B.; Sherris, J.C., 1984:
Development of resistance to cephalosporins in clinical strains of Citrobacter spp

Betzios, B.C., 1977:
Development of resistance to dieldrin in a laboratory colony of the mosquito culex pipiens molestus

Thakur, R.P.; Williams, R.J.; Rao, V.P., 1982:
Development of resistance to ergot claviceps fusiformis in pearl millet pennisetum americanum

Lakshminarayana, S.; Sommer, N.F.; Polito, V.; Fortlage, R.J., 1987:
Development of resistance to infection by botrytis cinerea and penicillium expansum in wounds of mature apple fruits

Holtzman, D.; De Vries, C.; Nguyen, H.; Jameson, N.; Olson, J.; Carrithers, M.; Bensch, K., 1982:
Development of resistance to lead encephalopathy during maturation in the rat pup

Collart, M.G.; Hink, W.F., 1986:
Development of resistance to malathion in cat flea (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae)

Reuveni, M.; Eyal, H.; Cohen, Y., 1980:
Development of resistance to metalaxyl in pseudoperonospora cubensis

Bishun, N.P.; Newson, D.A.; Williams, D., 1976:
Development of resistance to methotrexate by hep 2 cells

Bakken, J.S.; Sanders, C.C., 1987:
Development of resistance to modern beta lactam antibiotics

Adler, A.; Altbaum, I., 1982:
Development of resistance to mopc 315 plasma cytoma after intra lesional and intra peritoneal melphalan therapy of tumor bearing balb c mice 1. enhancement of in vivo rejection responses by combined chemo therapy immuno therapy

Katagiri, M.; Uesugi, Y.; Umehara, Y., 1980:
Development of resistance to organo phosphorus fungicides in pyricularia oryzae in the field

Estrada Pena, A.; Sanchez Acedo, C.; Gutierrez Galindo, J.F.; Lucientes Curdi, J.; Ocabo Melendez, B.; Castillo Hernandez, J.A.; Galmes Femenias, M., 1986:
Development of resistance to organophosphates by rhipicephalus sanguineus acari ixodoidea a simulation model

Macdonald, R.S.; Surgeoner, G.A.; Solomon, K.R.; Harris, C.R., 1983:
Development of resistance to permethrin and dichlorvos by the house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae following continuous and alternating insecticide use on 4 farms

Krech, T.; Naumann, P., 1986:
Development of resistance to pseudomonas aeruginosa under therapy with imipenem

Baker, E.A.; Smith, I.M., 1978:
Development of resistant and susceptible reactions in wheat on inoculation with septoria nodorum

Leviner, E.; Tzukert, A.A.; Benoliel, R.; Baram, O.; Sela, M.N., 1987:
Development of resistant oral viridans streptococci after administration of prophylactic antibiotics time management in the dental treatment of patients susceptible to infective endocarditis

Kain, W.M.; Atkinson, D.S., 1977:
Development of resistant pasture and methods of pasture management for grass grub costelytra zealandica control

Clark-Walker, G.D., 1972:
Development of respiration and mitochondria in Mucor genevensis after anaerobic growth: absence of glucose repression

Poole, R.K., 1977:
Development of respiratory activity during the cell cycle of schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h minus respiratory oscillations and heat dissipation in cultures synchronized with 2 deoxy adenosine

Rosales, S.V.; Lascolea, L.J.; Ogra, P.L., 1984:
Development of respiratory mucosal tolerance during Haemophilus influenzae type B infection in infancy

Levine, M.S.; Cherubini, E.; Novack, G.D.; Hull, C.D.; Buchwald, N.A., 1979:
Development of responses of globus pallidus and entopeduncular nucleus neurons to stimulation of the cat caudate nucleus and precruciate cortex

Moore, D.R.; Irvine, D.R.F., 1981:
Development of responses to acoustic inter aural intensity differences in the cat inferior colliculus

Johnston, R.E.; Coplin, B., 1979:
Development of responses to vaginal secretion and other substances in golden hamsters

Coudberc, J.; Birrien, J.L.; Bleux, C.; Liacopoulos, P., 1977:
Development of responsiveness and incidence of bi specific cells as revealed by in vitro assessment of the maturation of mouse bone marrow cells

Takuma, T.; Hosoda, S.; Tanemura, T.; Kumegawa, M., 1981:
Development of responsiveness of mouse submandibular gland to androgen and thyroid hormone

Albertsson-Wikland, K.; Isaksson, O., 1976:
Development of responsiveness of young normal rats to growth hormone

Nicholls, P.B., 1980:
Development of responsiveness to gibberellic acid in the aleurone layer of immature wheat and barley caryopses effect of temperature

Falt, B., 1981:
Development of responsiveness to individual maternal clucking by domestic chicks gallus gallus domesticus

Borodkina, A.G., 1976:
Development of reticulocytosis in the peripheral blood during exposure to a constant magnetic field

Fiorentini, A.; Pirchio, M.; Sandini, G., 1984:
Development of retinal acuity in infants evaluated with pattern electroretinogram

Negishi, K.; Kato, S.; Teranishi, T., 1983:
Development of retinal mono amine neurons in larval goldfish carassius auratus a histo fluorescence study

Pfeffer, B.A.; Fisher, S.K., 1981:
Development of retinal pigment epithelial surface structures ensheathing cone outer segments in the cat

Rettig, G., 1988:
Development of retinofugal neuropil areas in the brain of the alpine newt, Triturus alpestris. II. Topographic organization and formation of projections

Shimizu, I.; Yoshimoto, M.; Kojima, T.; Okado, N., 1984:
Development of retinohypothalamic projections in the chick embryo

Goto, M.; Kohchi, H.; Sakimoto, T.; Kitano, S., 1981:
Development of retrocorneal membranes in experimental bullous keratopathy

Guild, B.C.; Finer, M.H.; Housman, D.E.; Mulligan, R.C., 1988:
Development of retrovirus vectors useful for expressing genes in cultured murine embryonal cells and hematopoietic cells in vivo

Hirabayashi, M.; Okada, S., 1985:
Development of reverse tolerance to ambulation increasing effect of ephedrine after repeated administration in mice

Isbister, J.P.; Ting, A.; Seeto, K.M., 1977:
Development of rh specific maternal auto antibodies following intensive plasmapheresis for rh immunization during pregnancy

Sharma, M.G.; Rafie, S., 1983:
Development of rheological constitutive relation for a soft biological tissue

Zimmer, R.C., 1988:
Development of rhizoctonia solani on four fungicide treated potato cultivars grown in virgin potato soil

Chand, T.; Logan, C., 1986:
Development of rhizoctonia solani on potato tubers

Callesen, O.; Adriansen, E., 1983:
Development of rhizome like shoots in gloxinia sylvatica treated with ethephon

Roussaux, J.; Hoffelt, M.; Farineau, N., 1976:
Development of ribosomal rna during the greening of cucumber cotyledons in the presence of 6 benzylamino purine

Takaiwa, F.; Tanifuji, S., 1978:
Development of rnase activity in embryonic axes of germinating pea seeds

Mcintosh, M.S.; Miller, D.A., 1980:
Development of root branching in 3 alfalfa medicago sativa cultivars

Newcomb, W.; Mcintyre, L., 1981:
Development of root nodules of mung bean vigna radiata a reinvestigation of endocytosis

Chulkina, V.A.; Kuznetsova, T.T.; Ovsyannikov, V.I.; Neklyudov, A.F.; Moshchenko, Y.D., 1986:
Development of root rot in siberia ussr in relation to the percentage of cereal in crop rotation

Barchukova, A.Ya, 1984:
Development of root system by rice plants irrigated with mineralized water

Tsugawa, H.; Tange, M.; Kobayashi, R.; Nishikawa, K., 1986:
Development of root system in one year old seedlings of kudzu vine pueraria lobata

Orlov, A.Ya, 1982:
Development of root systems of norway spruce re growth in clear felling areas

Garbaye, J.; Kazandjian, B.; Le-Tacon, F., 1977:
Development of rooted cuttings of oak quercus petraea 1st elements of plant production technique

Esaka, S., 1982:
Development of rotation of mandibular premolar tooth germs in the dog

Peppard, T.L., 1985:
Development of routine investigational tools for the study of sulfury flavors in beer

Held, A.A., 1980:
Development of rozella allomycis in allomyces arbuscula a single zoo spore produces numerous zoo sporangia and resistant sporangia

Shaklee, H.; Mims, M., 1981:
Development of rule use in judgments of covariation between events

Quigley, J.D.; Schwab, C.G.; Hylton, W.E., 1985:
Development of rumen function in calves: nature of protein reaching the abomasum

Stefaniak, B., 1984:
Development of rye secale cereale embryo 1. preliminary investigations on ultrastructure of 7 day old proembryo

Little, C.; Pilkington, M.C.; Pilkington, J.B., 1984:
Development of salinity tolerance in the marine pulmonate amphibola crenata

Harris, M.M.; Jurgensen, M.F., 1977:
Development of salix and populus mycorrhizae in metallic mine tailings

Stampfer, J.F.; Hermes, R.E., 1981:
Development of sampling and analytical method for styrene oxide

Jones, V.P.; Parrella, M.P., 1986:
Development of sampling strategies for larvae of liriomyza trifolii diptera agromyzidae in chrysanthemums chrysanthemum morifolium

Gupta, S.K.; Dhooria, M.S.; Sidhu, A.S., 1976:
Development of sampling technique for estimating population of tetranychus neocaledonicus infesting brinjal

Schlein, Y.; Borut, S.; Greenblatt, C.L., 1987:
Development of sandfly forms of Leishmania major in sucrose solutions

Colwell, D.D.; Mahrt, J.L., 1983:
Development of sarcocystis alceslatrans in the small intestine of dogs

Speer, C.A.; Ernst, J.V.; Pond, D.B., 1980:
Development of sarcocystis hemionilatrantis in the small intestine of coyotes canis latrans

Dubey, J.P.; Kistner, T.P.; Callis, G., 1983:
Development of sarcocystis in mule deer odocoileus hemionus transmitted through dogs and coyotes

Martonosi, A.; Roufa, D.; Boland, R.; Reyes, E.; Tillack, T.W., 1977:
Development of sarcoplasmic reticulum in cultured chicken muscle

Chumasov, E.I., 1984:
Development of satellite neuron interrelationships in the rat cerebrospinal ganglia

Hashimoto, N., 1983:
Development of scales and triads of hairs in the mouse caudal integument with special reference to comparative anatomy

Wilkinson, G.; Williams, P., 1986:
Development of scales to measure treatment attitudes in psychiatry

Kechemir, N.; Combes, C., 1982:
Development of schistosoma haematobium in planorbarius metidjensis by means of micro surgical transplantation

Alekseeva, L.M.; Tol'tsman, T.I., 1978:
Development of scientific information activity in the field of pharmacy in the ussr

Sautin, A.I.; Markova, Z.S., 1976:
Development of scientific studies in the hygiene of household chemicals

Rathaiah, Y.; Pavgi, M.S., 1977:
Development of sclerotia and spermogonia in cercospora sesamicola and ramularia carthami

Potthoff, T.; Richards, W.J.; Ueyanagi, S., 1980:
Development of scombrolabrax heterolepis pisces scombrolabracidae and comments on familial relationships

Cherepanov, G.O., 1987:
Development of scutes pattern of tortoise shell

Fujino, Y.; Mitsunaga, K.; Yasumasu, I., 1987:
Development of sea urchin embryos in artificial sea water containing bromide in place of chloride

Wellman, H.M.; Somerville, S.C.; Haake, R.J., 1979:
Development of search procedures in real life spatial environments

Kanaev, S.V.; Kholin, A.V.; Gershanovich, M.L.; Malinin, A.P., 1987:
Development of second tumors in hodgkin's disease a review and the authors' findings

Khare, M.K.; Srivastava, U.S., 1975:
Development of secondary malpighian tubules in chrotogonus trachypterus orthoptera acrididae

Doyle, C.M.; Jamieson, J.D., 1978:
Development of secretagogue response in rat pancreatic acinar cells

Couche, G.A.; Gillott, C., 1987:
Development of secretory activity in the long hyaline gland of the male migratory grasshopper melanoplus sanguinipes fabr. orthoptera acrididae

Couche, G.A.; Gillott, C., 1988:
Development of secretory activity in the seminal vesicle of the male migratory grasshopper melanoplus sanguinipes fabr. orthoptera acrididae

Grand, R.J.; Schay, M.I., 1978:
Development of secretory function in rat parotid gland

Stephens, S., 1986:
Development of secretory immunity in breast fed and bottle fed infants

Kyuma, T.; Tanaka, S.; Takahashi, M.; Yonai, M., 1986:
Development of secretory immunoglobulin a production in the salivary glands of calves

Werlin, S.L.; Grand, R.J., 1979:
Development of secretory mechanisms in rat pancreas

Higgins, S.J.; Smith, S.E.; Wilson, J., 1982:
Development of secretory protein synthesis in the seminal vesicles and ventral prostate of the male rat

Liang, H.; Zhang, X., 1987:
Development of seed and aril of two species of the genus paris

Pandey, A.K.; Singh, R.P., 1978:
Development of seed and fruit in dimorphotheca sinuata

Pandey, A.K., 1976:
Development of seed and fruit in eclipta erecta

Lee D H., 1979:
Development of seed disinfectant in nonmercurious compounds

Buraas, T.; Skinnes, H., 1985:
Development of seed dormancy in barley wheat and triticale under controlled conditions

Suri, R.K.; Deshpande, P.K., 1981:
Development of seed in cassia absus and cassia auriculata

Behl, H.M.; Tiagi, B., 1977:
Development of seed in rhynchosia cajanus and atylosia subtribe cajaneae

Hearn, C.J., 1986:
Development of seedless grapefruit citrus paradisi cultivar foster cultivars through budwood irradiation

Hearn, C.J., 1984:
Development of seedless orange citrus sinensis cultivar pineapple and grapefruit citrus paradisi cultivars through seed irradiation

Ramos, L.C.D.S., 1980:
Development of seedlings of 4 coffee coffea arabica cultivars

Loer, C.M.; Schley, C.; Zipser, B.; Kristan, W.B., 1986:
Development of segmental differences in the pressure mechanosensory neurons of the leech Haementeria ghilianii

Miller, L.K., 1978:
Development of selective attention during visual search

Cherry, R.S., 1981:
Development of selective auditory attention skills in children

Lee, K.N.; Fesus, L.; Yancey, S.T.; Girard, J.E.; Chung, S.I., 1985:
Development of selective inhibitors of transglutaminase. Phenylthiourea derivatives

Geffen, G.; Wale, J., 1979:
Development of selective listening and hemispheric asymmetry

Kalfon, A.; Lugten, M.; Margalit, J., 1986:
Development of selective media for bacillus sphaericus and bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis

Sills, M.A.; Lucki, I.; Frazer, A., 1985:
Development of selective tolerance to the serotonin behavioral syndrome and suppression of locomotor activity after repeated administration of either 5 methoxy n n dimethyltryptamine or m chlorophenylpiperazine

Mendelson, B.K.; White, D.R., 1985:
Development of self body esteem in overweight youngsters

Nishimura, R., 1987:
Development of self image in adolescent patients with emotional disturbances group psychotherapy and its influence on self image formation

Choquet, M.; Menke, H., 1987:
Development of self-perceived risk behaviour and psychosomatic symptoms in adolescents: a longitudinal approach

Bertenthal, B.I.; Fischer, K.W., 1978:
Development of self recognition in the infant

D'alessio M.; Zazzetta, A., 1986:
Development of self touching behavior in childhood

Sawin, D.B.; Parke, R.D., 1979:
Development of self verbalized control of resistance to deviation

Brindak, O.I.; Vlasov, V.A.; Malishevskaya, V.A., 1978:
Development of seminal ducts and rete testis during the pre natal period of ontogenesis in man

Uki, N.; Kemuyama, A.; Watanabe, T., 1985:
Development of semipurified test diets for abalone haliotis discus hannai

Hausman, G.J.; Campion, D.R.; Thomas, G.B., 1986:
Development of semitendinosus muscle in pig fetuses with spinal cord lesions

Shefer, V.F., 1977:
Development of senile plaques in the human brain

Lenz, P.; Süssmuth, R.; Seibel, E., 1986:
Development of sensitive bacterial tests, exemplified by two mycotoxins

Ledermann, G.W.; Jacob, M.; Gonzalez, A., 1974:
Development of sensitivity of staphylococcus aureus to various penicillins in the last 13 years

Leah, J.; Dvorak, D.; Kidson, C., 1980:
Development of sensitivity to acetyl choline in cultured chick embryo sympathetic ganglion neurons

Yonas, A.; Oberg, C.; Norcia, A., 1978:
Development of sensitivity to bin ocular information for the approach of an object

Gespach, C.; Cherel, Y.; Rosselin, G., 1984:
Development of sensitivity to cyclic amp inducing hormones in the rat stomach

Mori Okamoto, J.; Tatsuno, J., 1985:
Development of sensitivity to gamma aminobutyric acid and glycine in cultured cerebellar neurons

Yonas, A.; Bechtold, A.G.; Frankel, D.; Gordon, F.R.; Mcroberts, G.; Norcia, A.; Sternfels, S., 1977:
Development of sensitivity to information for impending collision

Yonas, A.; Cleaves, W.T.; Pettersen, L., 1978:
Development of sensitivity to pictorial depth

Stopfer, M.; Carew, T.J., 1988:
Development of sensitization in the escape locomotion system in Aplysia

Byers, M.R., 1980:
Development of sensory innervation in dentin

Drushchits, V.V.; Bogoslovskaya, M.F.; Doguzhaeva, L.A., 1976:
Development of septal tubes in ammonoidea

Luke, H.H.; Barnett, R.D.; Pfahler, P.L., 1986:
Development of septoria nodorum blotch on wheat from infected and treated seed

Kingma, J., 1983:
Development of seriation conservation and multiple classification a longitudinal study

Lau, C.; Pylypiw, A.; Ross, L.L., 1985:
Development of serotonergic and adrenergic receptors in the rat spinal cord effects of neonatal chemical lesions and hyperthyroidism

Bisgrove, B.W.; Burke, R.D., 1986:
Development of serotonergic neurons in embryos of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Epstein, M.L.; Sherman, D.; Gershon, M.D., 1980:
Development of serotonergic neurons in the chick duodenum

Wiklung, L., 1974:
Development of serotonin containing cells and the sympathetic innervation of the habenular region in the rat brain a fluorescence histochemical study

Bregman, B.S., 1987:
Development of serotonin immunoreactivity in the rat spinal cord and its plasticity after neonatal spinal cord lesions

Buse, E., 1987:
Development of serotoninergic neurons from ventricular cells of the mouse neural plate in vitro

Delfino, G., 1977:
Development of serous gland anlagen in the skin of bombina variegata pachypus larvae preliminary findings by light microscopy and electron microscopy

Riepenhoff-Talty, M.; Bogger-Goren, S.; Li, P.; Carmody, P.J.; Barrett, H.J.; Ogra, P.L., 1981:
Development of serum and intestinal antibody response to rotavirus after naturally acquired rotavirus infection in man

Fisher, W.F., 1983:
Development of serum antibody activity as determined by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa to psoroptes ovis acarina psoroptidae antigens in cattle infested with psoroptes ovis

Stolz, S.J.; Davis, J.P.; Vergeront, J.M.; Crass, B.A.; Chesney, P.J.; Wand, P.J.; Bergdoll, M.S., 1985:
Development of serum antibody to toxic shock toxin among individuals with toxic shock syndrome in wisconsin usa

Bostedt, H.; Reinhardt, H.J., 1980:
Development of serum enzyme profiles in piglets a few hours and days after birth

Shattuck, K.E.; Richardson, C.J.; Rassin, D.K.; Lobe, T.E., 1986:
Development of serum hexosaminidase activity in infants

Huang L S.; Hsieh K H.; Chen J H., 1982:
Development of serum immuno globulin e and house dust specific immuno globulin e antibodies in normal chinese from birth to adult and its clinical usefulness in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma

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Development of serum proteins in calves in the 1st weeks of life under moroccan conditions

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Development of serum tri glycerides in the mouse exposed to electro magnetic waves of 2 10 gigahertz

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Development of sesamia nonagrioides in relation to the establishment of models for forecasting

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Development of several species of mosquito larvae in fully defined dietary media preliminary evaluation

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Development of sewer systems and treatment plants in tokyo japan

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Development of sewer systems in sweden/

Tsai, L.Y.; Beisler, J.M., 1983:
Development of sex differences in infantile autism

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Development of sex differentiated preferences during late childhood and adolescence

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Development of sex glands in early ontogeny of the perch perca fluviatilis

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Development of sex typed play behavior in toddlers

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Development of sexual behavior in captive squirrel monkeys saimiri

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Development of sexual characteristics in upper socio economic girls

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Development of sexual dimorphism in human urogenital sinus complex

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Development of sexual dimorphism in synaptic organization in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus in rats

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Development of sexual dimorphism in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the rat

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Development of sexual function in swine sexual cycles and morphophysiological features

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Development of sexual identity in patients of anorexia nervosa comparative studies with normal females including their life history and rorschach test

Vashishtha, B.B.; Pareek, O.P., 1978:
Development of shamran date berry during high rainfall year in arid zone india

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Development of sheep bot fly larvae oestrus ovis after artificial infection of lambs

Davletova, L.V., 1981:
Development of sheep digestive organs under distant hybridization

Usnarska Talerzak, K., 1985:
Development of shell inner skeleton in coenothyris vulgaris and some representatives of dielasmatidae brachiopoda terebratulida a comparison

Hrib, J.; Chaturvedi, H.C.; Dobry, J., 1980:
Development of shoot tips of sambucus sp grown in vitro

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Development of short statured soybean glycine max cultivars

Rozhdestvenskii, Y.F., 1981:
Development of siberian spruce male generative organs in the extreme north

Bakke, T., 1977:
Development of siboglinum fiordicum pogonophora after metamorphosis

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Development of signs and symptoms of congenital choledocal dilatation its relation to pregnancy with special reference to experimental study in guinea pigs

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Development of silkworm bombyx mori at different temperatures

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Development of silver resistance in escherichia coli

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Development of silver stained structures during spermatogenesis of schistocerca gregaria orthoptera acrididae

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Development of simple standard assay procedures for the characterization of snake venoms

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Development of simulatenous resistance in Ostertagia circumcincta to thiabendazole, morantel tartrate and levamisole

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Development of skeletal metastasis by human prostate cancer in athymic nude mice

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Development of skeletal muscle fibers in the complexus muscle of the chick

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Development of skeletal muscles in cyprinidae teleostei

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Development of slaughter value estimation of pigs

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Development of sleep behavior in the 1st 5 years of life

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Development of sleep during monotonous stimulation as related to individual differences

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Development of sleep spindle in normal children

Krueger, G., 1986:
Development of slide rule for prenatal care

Kim, J.B.; Hyun, J.S.; Uhm, K.B.; Cho, D.J.; Shin, W.K.; Lee, Y.S., 1987:
Development of small brown planthopper laodelphax striatellus fallen population in the fields at the southern korea

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Development of smooth muscle in the human fetal uterus: an ultrastructural study

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Development of social behavior between siblings and nonsiblings of the voles microtus ochrogaster and microtus pennsylvanicus

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Development of social behavior in the guinea pig

Levinson, D.M.; Buchanan, D.R.; Willis, F.N., 1979:
Development of social behavior in the guinea pig in the absence of adult males

Pettijohn, T.F., 1978:
Development of social behavior in young guinea pigs cavia porcellus

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Development of social moral reasoning among kibbutz adolescents a longitudinal cross cultural study

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Development of social roles in elicited and spontaneous behavior during the preschool years

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Development of socio sexual approach behavior in male laboratory rats

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Development of socket plates and cardinal ridges in leptostrophiidae

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Development of soddy deep podzolic soils in the lower angara river basin russian sfsr ussr

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Development of sodium channel protein during chemically induced differentiation of neuroblastoma cells

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Development of sodium inactivation in motor and sensory myelinated nerve fibers of rana esculenta

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Development of sodium ion potassium atpase ec in brain synaptosomes of the post weanling protein mal nourished rat

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Development of sodium ion potassium ion atpase ec in rat cerebrum correlation with sodium dependent phosphorylation and potassium p nitrophenyl phosphatase

Bertoni, J.M.; Siegel, G.J., 1979:
Development of sodium ion potassium ion atpase in rat hind brain increments in parallel with sodium ion dependent phosphorylation and potassium dependent phosphorylation and potassium p nitrophenyl phosphatase

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Development of sodium permeability inactivation in nodal membranes

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Development of sodium regulation and de novo synthesis of sodium potassium activated atpase in larval brine shrimp artemia salina

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Development of soil algae in the deforestation areas in northern taiga russian sfsr ussr

Umehara, T.; Sakamoto, A.; Kaya, A.; Tsuchiya, A., 1983:
Development of soil penetration depth detector applying ultrasonic pulse reflection method

Devyatov, A.S., 1977:
Development of soil rating tables applicable to fruit tree species

Alther, E.W.; Staehlin, A., 1977:
Development of soils and plant communities on fallow land

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Development of soils in quaternary deposits of north india

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Development of solute transport in rabbit proximal tubule 1. bi carbonate and glucose absorption

Evan, A.P.; Gattone, V.H.I. ; Schwartz, G.J., 1983:
Development of solute transport in rabbit proximal tubule. II. Morphologic segmentation

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Development of solute transport in rabbit proximal tubule 3. sodium potassium atpase activity

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Development of somatic embryos from cell suspension cultures of Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.)

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Development of somatic hyphae of geotrichum candidum

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Development of somatizing responses in multiple sclerosis

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Development of somato sympathetic responses at the early stages of post natal ontogenesis in cats

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Development of somatosensory responsiveness in the basal ganglia in awake cats

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Development of somatostatin immunoreactive neurons in rat retina

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Development of some basic motor qualities among the students during puberty

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Development of some behavior patterns in piglets under semi natural conditions

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Development of some digestive enzymes in the young mugil capito at various growth stages

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Development of some groups of microorganisms in liquid cattle manure and farmyard manure during their fermentation

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Development of some hematologic and hematochemical parameters in various phases of light color meat production in the calf preliminary note

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Development of some innate reflexes in mice selected for brain weight

Segal, A.N., 1978:
Development of some physiological characteristics during the 1st month of life in the rein deer

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Development of some responses to noradrenaline norepinephrine administration in control and cold adapted rats

Diez, J.; Cela, R.; Perez Bustamante, J.A., 1985:
Development of some sherry brandy aroma components along the solera system

Nikiforova, E.P., 1980:
Development of some species of saprophytic bacteria on medium with a natural content of organic matter

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Development of song and reinforcing effects of song in female chaffinches

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Development of song in the wood thrush hylocichla mustelina with notes on a technique for hand rearing passerines from the egg

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Development of sorting skills in elementary school children

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Development of sound production in normal isolated and deafened kittens during the 1st postnatal months

Herzog, H., 1980:
Development of source sink relation during grain filling period in 6 wheat triticum aestivum cultivars

King, S.B.; Scott, G.E., 1982:
Development of southern rust on maize zea mays at different stages of maturity

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Development of soybean leaf cultures for maintenance and study of microsphaera diffusa

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Development of soybean root systems as affected by plant spacing

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Development of spatial and temporal selectivity in the suprasylvian visual cortex of the cat

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Development of spatial concepts in visually deprived children

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Development of spatial organization in palleal buds of the compound ascidian symplegma reptans

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Development of spatial orientation in infancy

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Development of spatial recognition in preschool children: on Piaget and Inhelder's hypothesis of topological space

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Development of spatial representation in children from 5 to 13 years of age

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Development of spatiotemporal mechanisms in infant vision

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Development of species identification in ducklings 5. perceptual differentiation in the embryo

Gottlieb, G., 1980:
Development of species identification in ducklings 7. highly specific early experience fosters species specific perception in wood ducklings

Gottlieb, G., 1987:
Development of species identification in ducklings. XIII: A comparison of malleable and critical periods of perceptual development

Gottlieb, G., 1988:
Development of species identification in ducklings: XV. Individual auditory recognition

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Development of specific anti serum against bovine follicle stimulating hormone and production of 2nd antibody for bovine follicle stimulating hormone radio immunoassay

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Development of specific antisera and a radioimmunoassay procedure for the gonadotropin releasing hormone associated peptide of the lhrh prohormone

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Development of specific binding sites for prolactin in the rabbit hypothalamus

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Development of specific cell mediated immune response in human volunteers after oral typhoid vaccine ty21a

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Development of specific granules in embryonic cardiac myocytes of the human auricular wall

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Development of specific immune response in mice infected with Junin virus

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Development of specific organ targeting drug delivery system 1. physico pharmaceutical characteristics of thermally denatured albumin microspheres containing cytarabine

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Development of specificity and stereoselectivity of rat brain dopamine receptors

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Development of speech and speech disturbances in preschool children

Gass, S., 1984:
Development of speech perception and speech production abilities in adult second language learners

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Development of sperm cells of volvox carteri f weismannia chlorophyceae

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Development of spermatid nucleus in buffalo goat and ram

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Development of spike potentials in skeletal muscle cells differentiated in vitro from chick embryo

Saito, K., 1979:
Development of spinal reflexes in the rat fetus studied in vitro

Tanaka, D.Jr, 1980:
Development of spiny and aspiny neurons in the caudate nucleus of the dog during the 1st post natal month

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Development of spiraperturate pollen in thunbergia alata

Molineux, G.; Schofield, R.; Testa, N.G., 1986:
Development of spleen pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells colonies from day 8 to day 11 relationship to self renewal capacity

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Development of spodoptera frugiperda j. e. smith lepidoptera noctuidae under different temperature and humidity conditions

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Development of spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae on maize wheat and sorghum

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Development of spodoptera littoralis lepidoptera noctuidae at constant temperatures on 2 host plants

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Development of spontaneous and evoked activity of neurons in organotypic hippocampal tissue cultures

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Development of spontaneous and evoked electrical activity of cerebellum in tissue culture

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Development of spontaneous leukemia in mice of akr line after the administration of methyl retinoate

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Development of spontaneous leukemia induced by 3 indolyl acrylic acid in the highly leukemic mouse line akr

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Development of spontaneous manding in language deficient children

Sedlácek, J., 1981 :
Development of spontaneous motility in chick embryos. Further components of aminergic mechanisms

Sedlacek, J., 1977:
Development of spontaneous motility in chick embryos interaction of strychnine glycine and gamma amino butyric acid

Sedlácek, J., 1980:
Development of spontaneous motility in chick embryos. Participation of the central cholinergic mechanism

Sedlácek, J., 1977:
Development of spontaneous motility in chick embryos. Sensitivity to aminergic transmitters

Sedlácek, J., 1979:
Development of spontaneous motility in chick embryos. Significance of basic brain regions

Sedlácek, J.; Doskocil, M., 1978:
Development of spontaneous motility in chick embryos supraspinal control

Sedlácek, J., 1979:
Development of spontaneous motility in chick embryos. The effect of drugs influencing central aminergic systems

Sedlacek, J., 1978:
Development of spontaneous motility in chick embryos the spinal and supraspinal component of the inhibitory effect of glycine and gamma amino butyric acid

Richards, C.; Pollack, E.D., 1987:
Development of spontaneous motility in the guppy embryo (Lebistes reticulatus) and the effect of spinal transection

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Development of spore and gametophyte and occurrence of callose during the development in ophiopogon planiscapus

Millard, L.G.; Barker, D.J., 1978:
Development of squamous cell carcinoma in chronic discoid lupus erythematosus

Heldt, G.P., 1988:
Development of stability of the respiratory system in preterm infants

Parsons, P.J.; Meola, J.R.; Mitchell, D.G., 1988:
Development of standard materials for use with the hematofluorometer

Kincaid, H.L., 1979:
Development of standard reference lines of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Brzhezovskii, M.M., 1981:
Development of standardized medical documentation for mass examination of the population

Russell, M.L.; Ghee, K.L.; Probstfield, J.L.; Insull, W.Jr, 1983:
Development of standardized simulated patients for quality control of the clinical interview

Snow, J.S.; Mercatoris, M.; Beal, D.; Weber, D., 1982:
Development of standards of performance by mentally retarded children

Maekawa, K., 1988:
Development of standing and walking evaluated by the center of gravity

Post, L.S.; Lee, D.A.; Solberg, M.; Furgang, D.; Specchio, J., 1988:
Development of staphylococcal toxin and sensory deterioration during storage of nitrogen and vacuum packaged nitrite free bacon like product

Burdette, S.A.; Rabe, E.; Saunt, J.E.; Von Broembsen, L.A.; Marais, L.J., 1988:
Development of star ruby grapefruit as a commercial cultivar in southern africa

Whitaker, T.B.; Dickens, J.W.; Chew, V., 1985:
Development of statistical models to simulate the testing of farmers stock peanuts for aflatoxin using visual thin layer chromatography and minicolumn methods

Todaro, A.; Ergen, E.; Gambuli, N.; Menchinelli, C.; Dal Monte, A., 1985:
Development of stature weight and lung volume in the growing age longitudinal study over 3 year period in a group of growing children receiving football training

Lundquist, J.E.; Miller, T., 1984:
Development of stem lesions on slash pine seedlings pinus elliottii var elliottii infected by cronartium quercuum f sp fusiforme

Cornacchia, L.; Black, V., 1988:
Development of stereological analysis software for the calculation of volume, number and surface density

Reyss Brion, M.; Scheib, D., 1980:
Development of steroid producing cells during transformation of the right gonad into a testis in ovariectomized chicks

Ryer, H.I.; Feder, H.H., 1984:
Development of steroid receptor systems in guinea pig brain 1. cytoplasmic estrogen receptors

Ryer, H.I.; Feder, H.H., 1984:
Development of steroid receptor systems in guinea pig brain 2. cytoplasmic progestin receptors

Ryer, H.I.; Feder, H.H., 1984:
Development of steroid receptor systems in guinea pig brain 3. nuclear progestin receptors

Klepac, R.; Milkovic, K.; Milkovic, S., 1977:
Development of steroidogenesis in the fetal rat adrenal gland an in vitro study

Shaha, C.; Greenwald, G.S., 1983:
Development of steroidogenic activity in the ovary of the pre pubertal hamster 1. response to in vivo or in vitro exposure to gonadotropins

Inouye, S.; White, D.; Inouye, M., 1980:
Development of Stigmatella aurantiaca: effects of light and gene expression

Price, D.J.; Zumbroich, T.J.; Blakemore, C., 1988:
Development of stimulus selectivity and functional organization in the suprasylvian visual cortex of the cat

Dokov, V.; Uzunov, G.; Khristov, M., 1984:
Development of stomach intestine proprium of early weaned lambs raised in pen batteries and fed on milk substitute and sheep milk

Tarkowska, J.A.; Wierzbicka, M.; Grzegolka, M., 1975:
Development of stomata in hordeum vulgare under the influence of oleander glycosides and colchicine

Verma, B.K., 1979:
Development of stomata in leaves of malpighia glabra

Brown, R.C.; Lemmon, B.E., 1985:
Development of stomata in selaginella division polarity and plastid movements

Khare, B.P.; Shukla, R.P.; Singh, B., 1979:
Development of stored grain insects in mechanically damaged wheat grain triticum aestivum

Jose, P.E.; Brewer, W.F., 1984:
Development of story liking character identification suspense and outcome resolution

Abraham, V.; Bhatia, C.R., 1986:
Development of strains with yellow seedcoat in indian mustard brassica juncea

Kurtz, B.E.; Borkowski, J.G., 1987:
Development of strategic skills in impulsive and reflective children a longitudinal study of metacognition

Tversky, B.; Teiffer, E., 1976:
Development of strategies for recall and recognition

Soto, P.E.; Buddenhage, I.W.; Asnani, V.L., 1982:
Development of streak virus resistant maize populations through improved challenge and selection methods

Kajimura, M., 1983:
Development of streptophyllopsis kuroshioensis phaeophyta laminariaceae in culture

Larocco, K.A.; Martin, S.E., 1987:
Development of stress and survival of salmonella typhimurium atcc 7136 in a tapioca soy starch product containing potassium sorbate

Kochi, N.; Budka, H.; Radaszkiewicz, T., 1986:
Development of stroma in malignant lymphomas of the brain compared with epidural lymphomas. An immunohistochemical study

Mori, K.J.; Fujitake, H.; Ohkubo, H.; Ito, Y.; Dexter, T.M., 1978:
Development of stromal cell colonies in bone marrow cell culture

Park, S.C., 1985:
Development of strong and stable promoter vectors with high efficiency and tight regulatability for protein overproduction 1. modification of tac promoter vector to improve the regulatability

Kanamura, S.; Kanai, K.; Watanabe, J.; Asada-Kubota, M.; Oka, M., 1984:
Development of structural heterogeneity of mitochondria in mouse hepatocytes

Beagles Roos, J.; Greenfield, P.M., 1979:
Development of structure and strategy in 2 dimensional pictures

Green, M.L.; Turvey, A.; Hobbs, D.G., 1981:
Development of structure and texture in cheddar cheese

Vodolazskii, L.E., 1982:
Development of structure in ontogenesis of chamaenerion angustifolium and chamaenerion angustissimum onagraceae

Chagin, K.P., 1978:
Development of studies and control of blood sucking arthropoda in the construction zone of the baikal amur railway

Rondot, P.; Ribadeau-Dumas, J.L.; Cardon, P., 1975:
Development of studies for the treatment of parkinsonian syndromes by l dopa part 1 short term and medium term effects 2 years of the combination l dopa decarboxylase inhibitor

Yarmonenko, S.P.; Vainson, A.A., 1976:
Development of studies on biological principles of irradiation therapy of tumors in the ussr from 1971 to 1975

Khristov, N., 1980:
Development of study of meiotic auto tetra ploid maize

Johansson, T., 1987:
Development of stump suckers by betula pubescens at different light intensities

Tomov, L., 1978:
Development of sub cutaneous fat tissue musculature of the extremities and muscle fat ratio in students at the age of 11 17 years

Sugita, H., 1987:
Development of subalpine coniferous forests in relation to the snow accumulation depth and the extent of subalpine area the case of the jo etsu mountains and vicinity central japan

Schiller, C.M.; Walden, R., 1977:
Development of substrate cycle enzymes in the hamster small intestine

Johansson, T., 1986:
Development of suckers by two year old birch betula pendula at different temperatures and light intensities

Hack, M.; Estabrook, M.M.; Robertson, S.S., 1985:
Development of sucking rhythm in preterm infants

Romano, T.J.; Henning, S.J., 1984:
Development of suckling controls in the rat: independence from thyroxine

Cohen, J.S.; Hachey, G.J., 1980:
Development of sucrose preferences under 2 levels of water deprivation

Bahn, E., 1985:
Development of sugar beet yields on the experimental field at bad lauchstaedt east germany

Norman, J.C., 1980:
Development of sugarloaf pineapple after inflorescence head emergence

Brewer, M.J.; Story, R.N.; Wright, V.L., 1987:
Development of summer squash seedlings damaged by striped and spotted cucumber beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae

Gonzalez Fernandez, P.; Caballero Ungria, F.; Miralles Imperial, R.; Sanz Izquierdo, J., 1987:
Development of sunflower roots activity under drought conditions

Choi, R.L.; Roth, R.H., 1978 :
Development of super sensitivity of apo morphine induced increases in acetyl choline levels and stereotypy after chronic fluphenazine treatment

Ekström, J.; Malmberg, L., 1984:
Development of supersensitivity to methacholine in the rat detrusor following either parasympathetic denervation or decentralization

Latham, K.R.; Apriletti, J.W.; Eberhardt, N.L.; Baxter, J.D., 1981:
Development of support matrices for affinity chromatography of thyroid hormone receptors

Miller, J.; Clark, C.; Sigmon, E.; Azar, M., 1978:
Development of suppressor cells as a 2nd generation mixed lymphocyte culture phenomenon in mls and non h 2 disparate inbred mice

Schneider, T.M.; Kupiec Weglinski, J.W.; Towpik, E.; Padberg, W.; Araneda, D.; Diamantstein, T.; Strom, T.B.; Tilney, N.L., 1986:
Development of suppressor lymphocytes during acute rejection of rat cardiac allografts and preservation of suppression by anti interleukin 2 receptor monoclonal antibody

Watson, S.R.; Collins, F.M., 1980:
Development of suppressor thymus derived cells in mice heavily infected with mycobacteria

Watson, S.R.; Collins, F.M., 1979:
Development of suppressor thymus derived cells in mycobacterium habana infected mice

Mestres, P., 1978:
Development of supraependymal structures in the rat hypothalamus

Evans, W.H.; Mage, M., 1978:
Development of surface antigen during maturation of bone marrow neutrophil granulocytes

Carlier, P.; Wahlen, C.; Desaive, C., 1983:
Development of surgical treatment for diverticulitis 96 cases

Dougbag, A.S.A.M.; Berg, R., 1983:
Development of sweat and sebaceous glands in the skin of the 1 humped camel camelus dromedarius

Kohno, H.; Taki, Y.; Ogasawara, Y.; Shirojo, Y.; Taketomi, M.; Inoue, M., 1983:
Development of swimming and feeding functions of larval pagrus major

Gattermann, R.; Schreiner, R., 1986:
Development of swimming behavior in golden hamsters for testing in behavioral toxicology

Maruyama, Y.K., 1981:
Development of swimming behavior in sea urchin embryos 1

Maruyama, Y.K., 1981:
Development of swimming behavior in sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus embryos 2

Hilbig, H.; Winkelmann, E., 1987:
Development of swimming behavior of the microphthalmic mouse

Batty, R.S., 1984:
Development of swimming movements and musculature of larval herring (Clupea harengus)

Ezhova, T.A., 1985:
Development of swine sarcosporidia in a cell culture infected with cystozoites

Smith, P.G.; Slotkin, T.A.; Mills, E., 1982:
Development of sympathetic ganglionic neuro transmission in the neo natal rat preganglionic and postganglionic nerve response to asphyxia and 2 deoxy glucose

Dolezel, S.; Gerova, M.; Gero, J.; Vasku, J., 1981:
Development of sympathetic innervation of the coronary arteries and the myo cardium in the dog

Hill, C.E.; Hirst, G.D.; van Helden, D.F., 1983:
Development of sympathetic innervation to proximal and distal arteries of the rat mesentery

Campenot, R.B., 1982:
Development of sympathetic neurons in compartmentalized cultures 1. local control of neurite growth by nerve growth factor

Campenot, R.B., 1982:
Development of sympathetic neurons in compartmentalized cultures 2. local control of neurite survival by nerve growth factor

Hill, C.E.; Mclennan, I.S.; Hendry, I.A., 1985:
Development of sympathetic neurons in vivo an investigation of the possible role of glucocorticosteroids in regulating transmitter type

Frolov-Yu, M., 1978:
Development of symphytum asperum in the 1st year of growth

Shah, J.J.; Vasudeva-Rao, P.H.V., 1977:
Development of sympodial and thorny shoot axis of carissa congesta

Scholes, J.D.; Farrar, J.F., 1987:
Development of symptoms of brown rust of barley in relation to the distribution of fungal mycelium starch accumulation and localized changes in the concentration of chlorophyll

Blagburn, J.M.; Beadle, D.J.; Sattelle, D.B., 1985:
Development of synapses between identified sensory neurons and giant interneurons in the cockroach periplaneta americana

Jackson, P.C.; Frank, E., 1987:
Development of synaptic connections between muscle sensory and motor neurons: anatomical evidence that postsynaptic dendrites grow into a preformed sensory neuropil

Kullberg, R.; Owens, J.L.; Vickers, J., 1985:
Development of synaptic currents in immobilized muscle of Xenopus laevis

Landis, D.M.D.; Weinstein, L.A.; Halperin, J.J., 1983:
Development of synaptic junctions in cerebellar glomeruli

Peusner, K.D., 1984:
Development of synaptic organization in the tangential vestibular nucleus: a quantitative electron microscope study

Gardette, R.; Debono, M.; Dupont J L.; Crepel, F., 1983:
Development of synaptic responses and membrane conductances of intra cerebellar nuclei neurons in rat cerebellar slices maintained in vitro

Zhabotinski, Y.M.; Chumasov, E.I.; Chubakov, A.R.; Konovalov, H.V., 1979:
Development of synaptic structure and function in organotypic cultures of the rat hippocampus

Puro, D.G.; Yeh, H.H., 1983:
Development of synaptic transmission by cholinergic neurons in culture

Kausch, A.P.; Horner, H.T., 1983:
Development of syncytial raphide crystal idioblasts in the cortex of adventitious roots of vanilla planifolia orchidaceae

Tanaka, Y.; Takei, T.; Aiba, T.; Masuda, K.; Kiuchi, A.; Fujiwara, T., 1986:
Development of synthetic lung surfactants

Grama, D.P.; Parkhomenko, N.I.; Kraev, V.G., 1981:
Development of systemic infection by potato x virus in datura stramonium plants

L.L.et X.; Pouyol, F.; Lees, O.; Ducastelle, T.; Godin, M.; Deshayes, P., 1986:
Development of systemic lupus erythematosus after thymectomy for myasthenia gravis serial studies of blood lymphocyte populations

Calabrese, L.H.; Bach, J.F.; Currie, T.; Vidt, D.; Clough, J.; Krakauer, R.S., 1981:
Development of systemic lupus erythematosus after thymectomy for myasthenia gravis. Studies of suppressor cell function

Dorokhov, Y.L.; Miroshnichenko, N.A.; Aleksandrova, N.M.; Atabekov, I.G., 1979:
Development of systemic tobacco mosaic virus infection under conditions of differential temperature treatment

Litz, R.E.; Conover, R.A., 1979:
Development of systems for obtaining parasexual carica hybrids

Spaeth, E.; Rüde, E., 1985:
Development of T cell clones reactive to two defined restriction elements in conjunction with two defined epitopes of antigen

Carlson, M., 1984:
Development of tactile discrimination capacity in macaca mulatta 2. effects of partial removal of primary somatic sensory cortex in infants and juveniles

Carlson, M., 1984:
Development of tactile discrimination capacity in macaca mulatta 3. effects of total removal of primary somatic sensory cortex in infants and juveniles

Carlson, M., 1984:
Development of tactile discrimination of capacity in macaca mulatta 1. normal infants

Willis, F.N.; Hofmann, G.E., 1975:
Development of tactile patterns in relation to age sex and race

Gonzalez, J.P.; Mishra, G.S., 1975:
Development of taenia taeniaeformis cestoda taeniidae in the domestic cat felis catus domesticus

Whittaker, J.R., 1979:
Development of tail muscle acetyl cholin esterase in ascidian embryos lacking mitochondrial localization and segregation

Felker, F.C.; Peterson, D.M.; Nelson, O.E., 1984:
Development of tannin vacuoles in chalaza and seed coat of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar betzes in relation to early chalazal necrosis in the seg 1 mutant

Tappeiner, J.C.II.M.donald P.M., 1984:
Development of tanoak lithocarpus densiflorus understories in conifer stands

Gupta, S.C.; Nanda, K., 1983:
Development of tapes in the pollen exine of ipomoea convolvulaceae

Nanda, K.; Gupta, S.C., 1977:
Development of tapetal periplasmodium in rhoeo spathacea

Tiwari, S.C.; Gunning, B.E.S., 1986:
Development of tapetum and microspores in canna an example of an invasive but non syncytial tapetum

Hill, D.L.; Bradley, R.M.; Mistretta, C.M., 1983:
Development of taste responses in rat nucleus of solitary tract

Nishio, T.; Kawai, A.; Kato, M., 1984:
Development of tatter leaf symptoms on citrus excelsa by sap transmissible closterovirus isolated from imported citrus plants citrus tatter leaf virus

Ohkuma, S.; Tomono, S.; Tanaka, Y.; Kuriyama, K.; Mukainaka, T., 1986:
Development of taurine biosynthesizing system in cerebral cortical neurons in primary culture

Tversky, B., 1985:
Development of taxonomic organization of named and pictured categories

Nakagami, K.; Honda, T., 1981:
Development of techlofthalam and studies on its mode of action

Shirakami, Y.; Matsumoto, Y.; Yamauchi, Y.; Kurami, M.; Ueda, N.; Hazue, M., 1987:
Development of technetium 99m dtpa hsa as a new blood pool scanning agent

Luckner, L., 1980:
Development of technical facilities for the simulation of soil water movement and linked transport processes at the department of water management of the dresden technical university a review

Terawaki, T.; Kawasaki, Y.; Iitsuka, T., 1984:
Development of techniques for marine macrophyte bed creation in the coastal zone near a power plant 1. transplanting time of zostera marina

Terawaki, T.; Iitsuka, T., 1986:
Development of techniques for marine macrophyte bed creation in the coastal zone near a power plant 3. effects of bed soil planting number and light transmission on the growth of zostera marina

Watanabe, Y.; Terawaki, T., 1986:
Development of techniques for marine macrophyte bed creation in the coastal zone near a power plant 6. assessment of a transplanting method to prevent the eelgrass zostera marina l. from being washed away

Brassel, J., 1978:
Development of techniques for the production of a granulosis virus preparation for microbial control of the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae and estimation of production costs

Rimsa, V.; Jilkova, M., 1979:
Development of technological quality of sugar beet infected with beet yellows virus

Turyeyeva, H.M.; Borzunov, Y.Y.; Hroshovyi, T.A.; Ustyanych, Y.P., 1985:
Development of technology of enterosoluble tablets of potassium glutamate

Komada, N., 1985:
Development of teeth on the upper jaw in juvenile and young ayu plecoglossus altivelis

Simard, J.M.; Schneider, G.T.; Turbes, C.C., 1976:
Development of telemetric techniques for use in studies of the electrical activity of the brain

Buening, J., 1978:
Development of telotrophic meroistic ovarioles of polyphage beetles with special reference to the formation of nutritive cords

Al-Rawy, M.A.; Kainady, P.V.G., 1976:
Development of temperature regulation in nestling common swallows hirundo rustica

Collins, C.T., 1973:
Development of temperature regulation in the house swift

Mcgarry, M.T.; Moore, R., 1984:
Development of tensile strength in compatible autografts of eggplant solanum pennellii and tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Moore, R., 1984:
Development of tensile strength in conventional and approach grafts in sedum telephoides

Damjanov, I., 1978:
Development of teratomas from embryos transplanted into outbred and inbred adult hamsters

Diwan, S.B.; Stevens, L.C., 1976:
Development of teratomas from the ectoderm of mouse egg cylinders

Sobis, H.; Vandeputte, M., 1982:
Development of teratomas from yolk sac of genetically sterile embryos

Mason, C.A., 1982:
Development of terminal arbors of retino geniculate axons in the kitten 1. light microscopic observations

Baishya, G.; Ahmed, S.; Bhattacharya, M., 1987:
Development of testis in assam goat capra hircus

Mcmillin, C.R., 1987:
Development of tests to evaluate candidate elastomers for artificial heart diaphragms

Suitsu, N.; Kita, S.; Okamoto, S.; Kimura, S.; Shiozaki, Y., 1984:
Development of tetany in siblings with bartters syndrome

Odiyo, P.O., 1981:
Development of the 1st outbreaks of the african armyworm spodoptera exempta between kenya and tanzania during the off season months of july to dec

Reddy, A.A.; Pande, Y.D., 1979:
Development of the 2 cages for work with leaf surface feeding mites

Melis, A.; Akoyunoglou, G., 1977:
Development of the 2 heterogeneous photosystem ii units in etiolated bean leaves

Funahashi, M.; Iwase, A.; Jikihara, S.; Tomita, G., 1984:
Development of the 3 dimensional architecture of the rat zonule

Grumme, T., 1977:
Development of the 3rd ventricle width from premature birth to old age

Beal, C.R.; Flavell, J.H., 1984:
Development of the ability to distinguish communicative intention and literal message meaning

Blevins Knabe, B., 1987:
Development of the ability to insert into a series

Keil, F., 1980:
Development of the ability to perceive ambiguities evidence for the task specificity of a linguistic skill

Flynn, K.J.; Syrett, P.J., 1985:
Development of the ability to take up l lysine by the diatom phaeodactylum tricornutum

Diamond, A., 1985:
Development of the ability to use recall to guide action as indicated by infant performance on ab

Montano, J.M.; Proebsting, W.M., 1988:
Development of the abscission zone in needles of douglas fir

Russell, L.D.; Lee, I.P.; Ettlin, R.; Peterson, R.N., 1983:
Development of the acrosome and alignment elongation and enrichment of spermatids in procarbazine treated rats

Hinterleitner, S.; Platzer, U.; Wieser, W., 1987:
Development of the activities of oxidative glycolytic and muscle enzymes during early larval life in three families of freshwater fish

Pihl, R.O.; Shore, H., 1977:
Development of the activity response effect of a manipulatable environment and observational learning

Feigenbaum, D.L., 1976:
Development of the adhesive organ in spadella schizoptera chaetognatha with comments on growth and pigmentation

Webb, P.D.; Steven, D.H., 1981 :
Development of the adrenal cortex in the fetal foal: an ultrastructural study

Webb, P.D., 1980:
Development of the adrenal cortex in the fetal sheep: an ultrastructural study

Lopez-Fernandez, L.G.; Puchades-Orts, A.; Jimenez-Collado, J., 1974:
Development of the adrenal gland in sheep ovis ovis a descriptive study

Call, R.N.; Catling, P.C.; Janssens, P.A., 1980:
Development of the adrenal gland in the tammar wallaby macropus eugenii marsupialia macropodidae

Daikoku, S.; Kinutani, M.; Sako, M., 1977:
Development of the adrenal medullary cells in rats with reference to synaptogenesis

Sanfilippo, S., 1974:
Development of the adreno cortex in man ultrastructural investigations

Fowler, A.A.; Fisher, B.J.; Centor, R.M.; Carchman, R.A., 1984:
Development of the adult respiratory distress syndrome: progressive alteration of neutrophil chemotactic and secretory processes

Trilli, A.; Michelini, V.; Mantovani, V.; Pirt, S.J., 1978:
Development of the agar disc method for the rapid selection of cephalosporin producers with improved yields

Kelley, R.O.; Skipper, B.E., 1977:
Development of the aging cell surface variation in the distribution of intra membrane particles with progressive age of human di ploid fibroblasts

Singh, B.R.; Mishra, A.P., 1980:
Development of the air breathing organ in anabas testudineus

Singh, B.R.; Sheel, M.; Mishra, A.P., 1981:
Development of the air breathing organ in the catfish heteropneustes fossilis

Singh, B.R.; Mishra, A.P.; Singh, I., 1984:
Development of the air breathing organ in the mud eel amphipnous cuchia

Singh, B.R.; Mishra, A.P.; Singh, R.P., 1982:
Development of the air breathing organ in the snake headed fish channa punctatus

Singh, B.R.; Singh, I.; Mishra, A.P.; Prasad, M.S., 1988:
Development of the air breathing organ in the snake headed fish channa striatus bloch

Mills, A.N.; Lopez-Vidriero, M.T.; Haworth, S.G., 1986:
Development of the airway epithelium and submucosal glands in the pig lung: changes in epithelial glycoprotein profiles

Hawker, J.S.; Buttrose, M.S., 1980:
Development of the almond nut prunus dulcis anatomy and chemical composition of fruit parts from anthesis to maturity

Guo, W.W.; Proebsting, W.M.; Potter, S.W.; Daley, L.S.; Potter, J.R., 1987:
Development of the alt Mutant of Pisum sativum L

Mccollum, G.D., 1980:
Development of the amphi di ploid of allium galanthum x allium cepa

Pavlov, D.A., 1978:
Development of the anadromous kamchatka trout salmo mykiss and its position in the salmon system

Tisdale, A.S.; Spurr-Michaud, S.J.; Rodrigues, M.; Hackett, J.; Krachmer, J.; Gipson, I.K., 1988:
Development of the anchoring structures of the epithelium in rabbit and human fetal corneas

Nemirovich Danchenko, E.N., 1980:
Development of the androecium and the nature of polyandry in some papaveraceae

Hasegawa, K.; Kondo, T.; Maehara, R., 1981:
Development of the angio architecture in the cerebral pallium formation of the arterio venous anastomosis

Gonzalo Sanz, L.M.; Insausti Serrano, R.; Rodriguez Cortel, J.M., 1982:
Development of the ansa facialis in rat and human embryos

Francillon, H., 1977:
Development of the anterior part of the mandible in salmo trutta fario pisces teleostei salmonidae

Kostrikova, L.N., 1976:
Development of the anther and micro sporogenesis in amorpha glabra

Kamelina, O.P.; Proskurina, O.B., 1987:
Development of the anther and pollen grain in the family elaeagnaceae

Kamelina, O.P.; Maldybekova, K.S., 1980:
Development of the anther and pollen grains of valeriana phu valerianaceae

Periasamy, K.; Kandasamy, M.K., 1981:
Development of the anther of annona squamosa

Cottrell, J.; Dale, J.E.; Jeffcoat, B., 1981:
Development of the apical dome of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar clipper in response to treatment with gibberellic acid

Todt, W.L.; Fallon, J.F., 1986:
Development of the apical ectodermal ridge in the chick leg bud and a comparison with the wing bud

Todt, W.L.; Fallon, J.F., 1984:
Development of the apical ectodermal ridge in the chick wing bud

Schertler, M.M., 1979:
Development of the archegonium and embryo in lophocolea heterophylla

Dunlop, S.A.; Longley, W.A.; Beazley, L.D., 1987:
Development of the area centralis and visual streak in the gray kangaroo macropus fuliginosus

Püschmann, H., 1978:
Development of the articular space demonstrated in the elbow joint of mice embryos

Myalova, L.A.; Parii, I.F., 1984:
Development of the ascomycetous stage of the causal agent of gnomonia disease in the apricot in the southern ukrainian ssr ussr

Kobzar' L.B.; Maksudova, Z.G., 1986:
Development of the assortment of drugs and methodological basis for its analysis

Magovern, J.H.; Moore, G.W.; Hutchins, G.M., 1986:
Development of the atrioventricular valve region in the human embryo

Yoneyama, H.; Yoneyama, H.; Nakamura, T., 1986:
Development of the auditory conduction tract as viewed from abrs report iii. time related changes in abrs at waves latency and interpeak latency in low birth weight infants

Lavigne-Rebillard, M.; Pujol, R., 1986:
Development of the auditory hair cell surface in human fetuses. A scanning electron microscopy study

Weirich, E.G.; Longauer, J.K., 1979:
Development of the auricular glands in castrated himalayan rabbits

Lopez-Soler, M.; Soler-Vinolo, J., 1985:
Development of the autonomic nervous system in the human pelvic organs iv. intramural plexus of the urinary bladder analysis from the fifth lunar month of gestation to the newborn

Lopez-Soler, M., 1984:
Development of the autonomous nervous system in the human pelvic organs 1. pelvic plexus analysis from the 5th lunar month of gestation to the newborn period

Lopez-Soler, M.; Soler-Vinolo, J.; Linares-Von-Schmiterlow, C.G., 1984:
Development of the autonomous nervous system in the human pelvic organs 2. intramural plexuses of the rectum analysis from the 5th lunar month of gestation to shortly after birth

Lopez-Soler, M.; Soler-Vinolo, J., 1984:
Development of the autonomous nervous system in the human pelvic organs 3. intramural plexuses of the uterovaginal axis analysis from the 5th lunar month of gestation to shortly after birth

Loison, M.; Godin, J., 1976:
Development of the avi fauna of the marsh complex of harchies hensies over the last few years 1967 1975

Kwei, C.; Fite, K.V., 1985:
Development of the avian accessory optic system effects of embryonic optic lesions

Waxman, S.G.; Foster, R.E., 1980:
Development of the axon membrane during differentiation of myelinated fibers in spinal nerve roots

Sanders, E.J., 1979:
Development of the basal lamina and extracellular materials in the early chick embryo

Freeman, B.J.; Schroth, P.C., 1984:
Development of the behavioral observation system for autism

Courtier, R.; Tejedo, A.; Ruano Gil, D., 1981:
Development of the beta plus tau fraction of the cerebro spinal fluid of the chick embryo

Pavlov, D.A., 1986:
Development of the biotechnology of the breeding of the white sea wolf fish anarhichas lupus marisalbi barsukov ii. ecological and morphological features of early ontogeny

Pavlov, D.A.; Novikov, G.G., 1986:
Development of the biotechnology of the rearing of the white sea wolffish anarhichas lupus marisalbi 1. experience with obtaining mature sex products egg incubation and rearing of young fish

Statz, A.; Felgenhauer, K., 1983:
Development of the blood cerebro spinal fluid barrier

Bobrik, I.I.; Alekseev, O.N., 1988:
Development of the blood microcirculatory bed of the human tongue in the prenatal period

Smith, P.R., 1986:
Development of the blood vascular system in sabellaria cementarium annelida polychaeta an ultrastructural investigation

Peheta, V.P., 1976:
Development of the bones preformed by cartilage in sauropsida

Sinowatz, F.; Wrobel, K.H., 1981:
Development of the bovine acrosome. An ultrastructural and cytochemical study

Asari, M.; Kawaguchi, N.; Wakui, S.; Fukaya, K.; Kano, Y., 1987:
Development of the bovine ileal mucosa

Canfield, P., 1980 :
Development of the bovine meta nephros

King, G.J.; Atkinson, B.A.; Robertson, H.A., 1979:
Development of the bovine placentome during the 2nd month of gestation

Lanser, M.E.; Fallon, J.F., 1987:
Development of the brachial lateral motor column in the wingless mutant chick embryo: motoneuron survival under varying degrees of peripheral load

Satija, R.C.; Khullar, P., 1973:
Development of the brain of corcyra cephalonica

Valente, J.; Lemos, A.D.M.; Freitas, A.F.D.; Rehfeld, O.A.M.; Martinez, M.L.; Madalena, F.E., 1982:
Development of the brazilian milking cross bred 1. elite cows and bulls being tested

Poleno, Z., 1981:
Development of the breast height diameter of forest trees and stands

Altenburg, W.; Beemster, N.; Van Dijk, K.; Esselink, P.; Prop, D.; Visser, H., 1985:
Development of the breeding bird populations in the lauwersmeer the netherlands in 1978 1983

Erdmann, G., 1981:
Development of the breeding situation of the rook corvus frugilegus in the district of leipzig east germany

Nikol'skii V.I., 1982:
Development of the bud gall midge dasineura laricis diptera cecidomyiidae on larch in siberia ussr

Nomura, H.; Yamashita, I., 1975:
Development of the cabbage moth ascia monuste monuste lepidoptera pieridae in the laboratory

Owens, E.; Schubert, E.D., 1977:
Development of the California Consonant Test

Chernysh, S.I., 1977:
Development of the calliphora test object method

Itatani, H.; Koide, T.; Okuyama, A.; Mizutani, S.; Sonoda, T., 1979:
Development of the calyceal system in the human fetus

Galin, D.; Johnstone, J.; Nakell, L.; Herron, J., 1979:
Development of the capacity for tactile information transfer between hemispheres in normal children

Charvat, I.; Cronshaw, J.; Ross, I.K., 1974:
Development of the capillitium in Perichaena vermicularis, a plasmodial slime mold

Hirakow, R., 1983:
Development of the cardiac blood vessels in staged human embryos

Stevenson, A.B., 1981:
Development of the carrot rust fly psila rosae diptera psilidae relative to temperature in the laboratory

Satyamurty, T.V.C., 1984:
Development of the caryopsis in chionachne koenigii

Argyroudi-Akoyunoglou, J.H.; Tsakiris, S., 1977:
Development of the cation induced stacking capacity during the biogenesis of higher plant thylakoids

Dmitrieva, N.I., 1983:
Development of the caudate nucleus during post natal ontogenesis in the dog rat and guinea pig

Belousova, N.A.; Durynina, E.P., 1986:
Development of the causative agent of root rot helminthosporium sativum in root exudates and in soddy podzolic soils

Stall, R.E.; Hall, C.B.; Hicks, J.R., 1982:
Development of the cell collapse phase of the hyper sensitive reaction in pepper capsicum annuum in atmospheres varying in humidity oxygen and carbon di oxide

Domozych, D.S.; Stewart, K.D.; Mattox, K.R., 1981:
Development of the cell wall in Tetraselmis: role of the Golgi apparatus and extracellular wall assembly

Pomorski, Z.J.H., 1980:
Development of the cellular immune reaction in the course of experimental or natural fasciola hepatica trematoda infection in cattle

Jordaan, H.V.F., 1979:
Development of the central nervous system in pre natal life

Usher, J.J.; Lewis, M.; Hughes, D.W.; Compton, B.J., 1988:
Development of the cephalosporin c fermentation taking into account the instability of cephalosporin c

Pekkarinen, M., 1986:
Development of the cercaria of lacunovermis macomae trematoda gymnophallidae to the metacercaria in brackish water macoma balthica bivalvia

Volkova, R.I., 1982:
Development of the cerebellar glomerules in human pre natal ontogenesis

Volkova, R.I., 1988:
Development of the cerebellar glomeruli in the ontogenesis of the hen

Beathard, G.A.; Granholm, N.A., 1977:
Development of the characteristic ultrastructural lesion of hereditary nephritis during the course of the disease

Lyubimova, Z.V.; Esakov, A.I., 1983:
Development of the chemo receptor and mechano receptor tongue formations in full term animals scanning electron microscopy data

Wakely, J.; England, M.A., 1978:
Development of the chick embryo endoderm studied by scanning electron microscopy

Meier, S., 1981:
Development of the chick embryo meso blast morphogenesis of the prechordal plate and cranial segments

Otani, H.; Tanaka, O., 1988:
Development of the choroid plexus anlage and supraependymal structures in the fourth ventricular roof plate of human embryos: scanning electron microscopic observations

Gocho, M., 1985:
Development of the ciliary epithelium at the pars plana of the ciliary body in chick embryo a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Larken, P.; Tos, M., 1982:
Development of the ciliary epithelium in the human nose

Bakowska, J.; Nelsen, E.M.; Frankel, J., 1982:
Development of the ciliary pattern of the oral apparatus of tetrahymena thermophila

Nelsen, E.M.; Frankel, J.; Martel, E., 1981:
Development of the ciliature of tetrahymena thermophila 1. temporal coordination with oral development

Frankel, J.; Nelsen, E.M.; Martel, E., 1981:
Development of the ciliature of tetrahymena thermophila 2. spatial subdivision prior to cytokinesis

Arnold, J.M.; Arnold, L.D.W., 1980:
Development of the ciliature pattern on the embryo of the squid loligo pealei a scanning electron microscope study

Takahashi, K.; Hanada, K.; Kobayashi, K.; Hayafuji, C.; Otani, S.; Takahashi, Y., 1979:
Development of the circadian adreno cortical rhythm in rats studied by determination of 24 hour or 48 hour patterns of blood cortico sterone levels in individual pups

Kittrell, E.M.W.; Satinoff, E., 1986:
Development of the circadian rhythm of body temperature in rats

Shibata, S.; Liou, S.Y.; Ueki, S., 1983:
Development of the circadian rhythm of neuronal activity in suprachiasmatic nucleus of rat hypothalamic slices

Shaw, M.K., 1979:
Development of the clamp attachment organs of the monogenean gastrocotyle trachuri

Schweitzer, L.; Cant, N.B., 1984:
Development of the cochlear innervation of the dorsal cochlear nucleus of the hamster

Storch, V.; Lehnert-Moritz, K., 1974:
Development of the collo blasts of pleurobrachia pileus ctenophora

Terron, G., 1977:
Development of the colonies of tetraponera anthracina formicidae pseudomyrmecinae with queens

Kmitowa, K.; Wojciechowska, M.; Fedorko, A.; Bajan, C., 1977:
Development of the colorado beetle subjected to the pressure of repeated contacts with entomo pathogenic microorganisms introduced into the soil

Demorest, M.E.; Erdman, S.A., 1987 :
Development of the communication profile for the hearing impaired

Kaneda, Y., 1980:
Development of the complement system during the infantile period 1. determination of total hemolytic complement activities and levels of complement proteins in cord sera

Kaneda, Y., 1981:
Development of the complement system during the infantile period 2. levels of complement proteins in neo nates infants and children

Sherk, T.E., 1977:
Development of the compound eyes of dragonflies odonata part 1 larval compound eyes

Finell, N.; Jarvilehto, M., 1983:
Development of the compound eyes of the blow fly calliphora erythrocephala changes in morphology and function during metamorphosis

Cloarec, A., 1984:
Development of the compound eyes of the water stick insect ranatra linearis

Huber, B.L.; Huber, O., 1987:
Development of the concept of comparative subjective probability

Postnov-Yu, V., 1978:
Development of the concept of essential hypertension as a pathology of cell membranes role of intra cellular calcium distribution disorders

Moshman, D.; Franks, B.A., 1986:
Development of the concept of inferential validity

Kim, K.J., 1985:
Development of the concept of truth functional negation

Shultz, T.R.; Coddington, M., 1981 :
Development of the concepts of energy conservation and entropy

Lichnovsky, V.; Malek, V.; Nedbalek, A., 1978:
Development of the conduction system in the embryonic and fetal heart of man differentiation of the atrio ventricular node

Obrucník, M.; Lichnovský, V.; Machán, B., 1982:
Development of the conduction system of human embryonic and fetal heart: differentiation of internodal connection

Rykard, D.M.; Luttrell, E.S.; Bacon, C.W., 1982:
Development of the conidial state of myriogenospora atramentosa

Cox, R.M.; Alexander, G.C.; Gilmore, C., 1987:
Development of the Connected Speech Test (CST)

Ishizuya-Oka, A.; Shimozawa, A., 1987:
Development of the connective tissue in the digestive tract of the larval and metamorphosing Xenopus laevis

Nagornev, V.A.; Babushkina, T.G.; Bobryshev, Y.V., 1988:
Development of the connective tissue in the rabbit aorta in experimental atherosclerosis

Sevel, D., 1988:
Development of the connective tissue of the extraocular muscles and clinical significance

Pejin, D.; Popov, S.; Razmovski, R., 1982:
Development of the continuous fermentation process for ethanol production from jerusalem artichoke

Cordonnier, P., 1984:
Development of the coot chick fulica atra elements of estimating the age in nature

Harayama, K.; Amemiya, T.; Nishimura, H., 1980:
Development of the cornea during fetal life: comparison of corneal and bulbar diameter

Conte, G.; Pellegrini, A., 1984:
Development of the coronary arteries in human embryos stages 14 19

Martinez-Ortiz, P., 1978:
Development of the coronary arteries in pig embryos of 2.2 35 millimeters

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Development of the coronary arteries in the embryonic human heart

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