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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5137

Chapter 5137 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pitre H.N.; Hogg D.B., 1983:
Development of the fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda on cotton soybean and corn

Ivanova V.A., 1979:
Development of the family lomatopisthiidae ostracoda in the middle ordovician

Nerbonne J.M.; Gurney A.M.; Rayburn H.B., 1986:
Development of the fast transient outward potassium current in embryonic sympathetic neurons

Nord C.E.; Bennet R., 1987:
Development of the fecal anaerobic microflora after cesarean section and treatment with antibiotics in newborn infants

Shlykov I.P.; Chumachenko P.A.; Anokhina M.A., 1983:
Development of the female breast at a young age according to morphometry data

Nagendran, C.R.; Subramanyam, K.; Arekal, G.D., 1976:
Development of the female gametophyte in hydrobryum griffithii podostemaceae

Feiertag Koppen C.C.M.; Pijnacker L.P., 1982:
Development of the female germ cells and process of internal fertilization in the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae acariformes tetranychidae

Zakrzewski, M., 1976:
Development of the female reproductive organ and nominal form of the spotted salamander salamandra salamandra salamandra in the west beskid region poland in the annual cycle

Abreu Rays M.A.; Iucif S.; Lopes R.A.; D.C.sta J.R.V., 1981:
Development of the femur during the lactation period in rats the mothers of which have been treated with vitamin a on the 10th day of gestation morphologic and morphometric study

Kano Y.; Fukaya K.; Asari M.; Eguichi Y., 1981:
Development of the fetal and neo natal bovine stomach

Gopalakrishna, A.; Khaparde, M.S., 1978:
Development of the fetal membranes and placentation in the indian false vampire bat megaderma lyra lyra

Puranik P.G.; Patil D.R., 1986:
Development of the fetal membranes and the placenta in the indian mole rat bandicota indica bechstein rodentia muridae

Bhiwgade, D.A., 1977:
Development of the fetal membranes in the indian horseshoe bat rhinolophus rouxi

Gopalakrishna A.; Karim K.B., 1975:
Development of the fetal membranes in the indian leaf nosed bat hipposideros fulvus fulvus part 2 morphogenesis of the fetal membranes and placentation

Eguchi, Y.; Arishima, K.; Nasu, T.; Toda, M.; Morikawa, Y.; Hashimoto, Y., 1978:
Development of the fetal pituitary testicular system based on observation of leydig cells in encephalectomized hypophysectomized and control fetal rats

Petit, G.; Bain, O.; Carrat, C.; D.M.rval, F., 1988:
Development of the filaria Monanema martini in the epidermis of ixodid ticks

Gnatzy, W., 1978:
Development of the filiform hairs on the cerci of gryllus bimaculatus saltatoria gryllidae

Lusk S., 1981:
Development of the fish population in the musov reservoir czechoslovakia in the 1st year after filling

Larson D.E.; Dingle A.D., 1981:
Development of the flagellar rootlet during naegleria gruberi flagellate differentiation

Nevkrytaya, N.V.; Andreev, V.S.; Belyaeva, R.G.; Nikiforov-Yu, L., 1981:
Development of the flower in the mutant pistilloid plants of the poppy 1. characteristics of morphogenesis

Nevkrytaya, N.V.; Andreev, V.S.; Belyaeva, R.G.; Nikiforov-Yu, L., 1981:
Development of the flower in the mutant pistilloid plants of the poppy 2. development and structure of pistillodia

Jain D.K.; Singh V., 1982:
Development of the flower of pyrostegia venusta bignoniaceae

Criley R.A.; Kawabata O., 1984:
Development of the flower spike of bird of paradise strelitzia reginae and its flowering period in hawaii usa

D.Cock A.W.A.M., 1981:
Development of the flowering shoot of zostera marina under controlled conditions in comparison to the development in 2 different natural habitats in the netherlands

Warner F.J., 1980:
Development of the fore brain in trichosurus vulpecula

Liebermann J.Jr; Roscher N.M.; Meier E.P.; Cooper W.J., 1980:
Development of the free available chlorine test with syringaldazine procedure for combined forms of chlorine and ozone in aqueous solutions

Tyler M.S., 1983:
Development of the frontal bone and cranial meninges in the embryonic chick gallus domesticus an experimental study of tissue interactions

Labrecque M.; Barabe D., 1984:
Development of the fruit of prunus serotina rosaceae

Labrecque M.; Barabe D.; Vieth J., 1985:
Development of the fruit of prunus virginiana rosaceae

Labrecque M.; Barabe D.; Vieth J., 1985:
Development of the fruit prunus pensylvanica rosaceae

Jalkanen R.; Jalkanen E., 1981:
Development of the fruitbodies of gyromitra esculenta

Jarvilehto M.; Finell N., 1983:
Development of the function of visual receptor cells during the pupal life of the fly calliphora erythrocephala

Przybyl K., 1984:
Development of the fungus ceratocystis fimbriata in shoots of poplar populus spp clones with differing resistance

Sykes C.C.; Horton R.W., 1985:
Development of the gamma aminobutyric acid neurotransmitter system in the rat cerebral cortex during repeated administration of the gamma aminobutyric acid transaminase inhibitor ethanolamine o sulfate

Maddock A.H.; Perrin M.R., 1983:
Development of the gastric morphology and fornical bacterial epithelial association in the white tailed rat mystromys albicaudatus

Udall, J.N.; Bloch, K.J.; Vachino, G.; Feldman, P.; Walker, W.A., 1984:
Development of the gastro intestinal mucosal barrier 4. effect of inhibition of proteolysis on the uptake of macro molecules by the intestine of the new born rabbit before and after weaning

Chu, S.H.; Walker, W.A., 1988:
Development of the gastrointestinal mucosal barrier: changes in phospholipid head groups and fatty acid composition of intestinal microvillus membranes from newborn and adult rats

Mueller, D.M.J.; Rushing, A.E., 1985:
Development of the gemmae of oedipodiella musci i. scanning electron microscopy and growth in culture

Langenbruch P F., 1982:
Development of the gemmule shells in spongilla fragilis porifera

Razouls S.; Nival P.; Nival S., 1987:
Development of the genital system in the copepodid stages of the calanoid copepod temora stylifera dana

Roda Moreno J.A.; Megias Megias L.; Guirao Perez M., 1981:
Development of the germinal layer of the chick embryo a light microscopy and electron microscopy analysis

Spitz L.; Petropoulos A., 1979:
Development of the glands of the common bile duct

Fahn, A.; Shimony, C., 1977:
Development of the glandular and nonglandular leaf hairs of avicennia marina

Baker, T.G.; Scrimgeour, J.B., 1980:
Development of the gonad in normal and anencephalic human fetuses

Escobar M.E.; Cigorraga S.B.; Chiauzzi V.A.; Charreau E.H.; Rivarola M.A., 1982:
Development of the gonadotropic resistant ovary syndrome in myasthenia gravis suggestion of similar auto immune mechanisms

Shimma, H.; Kijima, T.; Maeda, H., 1987:
Development of the gonads of one year old rainbow trout reared at low in summer and high in winter of water temperature

Pac L.; Malinovsky L., 1985:
Development of the grandry corpuscles in the skin of the beak of the domestic duck anas platyrhynchos f domestica

Kayes, S.G.; Oaks, J.A., 1978:
Development of the granulomatous response in murine toxocariasis. Initial events

Coombe, B.G., 1980:
Development of the grape berry vitis vinifera cultivar muscat gordo blanco 1. effects of time of flowering and competition

Coombe, B.G.; Bishop, G.R., 1980:
Development of the grape vitis vinifera berry 2. changes in diameter and deformability during veraison

Roumbas N., 1983:
Development of the grapevine and problems of fertility in the vineyard of cyprus in 1980

Southward E.C., 1988:
Development of the gut and segmentation of newly settled stages of ridgeia vestimentifera implications for relationship between vestimentifera and pogonophora

Eccles D.H., 1986:
Development of the gut in the south african cyprinid fish barbus aeneus

Parashar G.; Singh V., 1986:
Development of the gynoecium in solanaceae

Lee, J.K., 1987:
Development of the hair mechanosensilla on the pupal labial palp of the butterfly pieris rapae l. lepidoptera pieridae

Greiner, J.V.; Weidman, T.A., 1978 :
Development of the hamster retina: a morphologic study

Chaudhry, A.P.; Cutler, L.S.; Schmutz, J.A.; Yamane, G.M.; Pierri, L.K.; Sunderraj, M., 1986:
Development of the hamster submandibular gland. II. The ductal system

Benwitz G., 1982:
Development of the haptocysts in ephelota suctoria ciliata

Cone D.K., 1979:
Development of the haptor of urocleidus adspectus monogenea ancyrocephalinae

Niedorf, H.R.; Wolters, B., 1978:
Development of the harderian gland in the chicken light microscopic and electron microscopic investigations

Yamada, H.; Koshimara, T., 1976:
Development of the hawaiian beet webworm hymenia recurvalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Radanov S.; Burulyanova I.; Gegova A., 1984:
Development of the heart conductive system in human fetuses

Bobrik I.I.; Shevchenko E.A.; Parakhin A.I.; Cherkasov V.G., 1984:
Development of the hemomicrocirculatory bed in the human gonads during prenatal ontogenesis

Bayer, S.A., 1980:
Development of the hippocampal region in the rat 1. neurogenesis examined with tritium labeled thymidine auto radiography

Orts-Llorca, F.; Cuevas, P.; Lemus, D., 1975:
Development of the homotypic graft of the presumptive cardiac area of the quail in the chick

Cherepanov G.O., 1985 :
Development of the horny shell in the grecian tortoise

Mcreath A.M.; Reader T.A.J.; Southgate V.R., 1982:
Development of the host response in juvenile lymnaea palustris to invasion by fasciola hepatica

Sanchez Montesinos I.; Morales M.; Diaz J., 1984:
Development of the human brain in the fetal period

Wenink, A.C., 1976:
Development of the human cardiac conducting system

Okado, N., 1980:
Development of the human cervical spinal cord with reference to synapse formation in the motor nucleus

Mihajlovic, P.; Zecevic, N., 1986:
Development of the human dentate nucleus

Krmpotic Nemanic J.; Kostovic I.; Kelovic Z.; Nemanic D.; Mrzljak L., 1983:
Development of the human fetal auditory cortex growth of afferent fibers

Yamaguchi, K.; Goto, N.; Nara, T., 1988:
Development of the human fetus cerebellum: a volumetric study of the cerebellar structures

Golub, D.M.; Bronovitskaia, G.M., 1981:
Development of the human hip joint and its innervation

Ooe T.; Gohdo S., 1984:
Development of the human inter radicular dentin as revealed by tetracycline labeling

Yew D.T.; Lam S.T.L.; Liu H.C., 1985:
Development of the human nervous system in fetuses of chinese descent from 80 millimeters 4 month to 240 millimeters crown rump end of 7 month gestation

Kurilo L.F., 1980:
Development of the human ovary during the pre natal period

Bashkin A.D., 1988:
Development of the human pancreatic nervous apparatus in prenatal ontogenesis

Botros K.G.; A.A.; E.N.ggar M.M.; State F.A., 1983:
Development of the human phreno esophageal membrane

Sellheyer, K.; Spitznas, M., 1988:
Development of the human sclera. A morphological study

Gorovoi L.F., 1985:
Development of the hymenophore in amanita

Takada, Y., 1987:
Development of the hyoid apparatus of Wistar rats

Chaika, M.N., 1978:
Development of the hyper parasite darluca filum on some rust fungi strains during artificial inoculation

Peterson C.A.; Perumalla C.J., 1984:
Development of the hypodermal casparian band in corn zea mays and onion allium cepa roots

Avni, E.F.; Thoua, Y.; Van Gansbeke, D.; Matos, C.; Didier, F.; Droulez, P.; Schulman, C.C., 1987:
Development of the hypodysplastic kidney: contribution of antenatal US diagnosis

Daikoku S.; Adachi T.; Kawano H.; Wakabayashi K., 1981:
Development of the hypothalamic hypophyseal gonadotropic activities in fetal rats

Ugrumov, M.V.; Taxi, J.; Mitskevich, M.S.; Tramu, G., 1986:
Development of the hypothalamic serotoninergic system during ontogenesis in rats. Immunocytochemical and radioautographic study

Dedov I.I.; Talipov A.Sh, 1980:
Development of the hypothalamo hypophyseo genital system of female rats

Wajdowicz Z., 1979:
Development of the ichthyo fauna in the cascade of the san poland river

Kawakami T., 1985:
Development of the immature stages of ascogaster reticulatus hymenoptera braconidae an egg larval parasitoid of the smaller tea tortrix moth adoxophyes sp lepidoptera tortricidae

Ballow M.; Cates K.L.; Rowe J.C.; Goetz C.; Desbonnet C., 1986:
Development of the immune system in very low birth weight less than 1500 grams premature infants concentrations of plasma immunoglobulins and patterns of infections

Mirajkar M.S.; Sarojini R.; Nagabhushanam R., 1982:
Development of the incretory organs in the eyestalk of fresh water prawn macrobrachium kistnensis

Sturrock, R.R., 1978:
Development of the indusium griseum part 1 a quantitative light microscopic study of neurons and glia

Sturrock, R.R., 1978:
Development of the indusium griseum part 2 a semi thin light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Sturrock, R.R., 1978:
Development of the indusium griseum part 3 an auto radiographic study of cell production

Bauer Moffett C.; King J.S., 1981:
Development of the inferior olivary complex in pre weanling opossums identification of mid brain cerebellar and spinal terminals

Wee Y.C.; Rao A.N., 1979:
Development of the inflorescence and crown of ananas comosus after treatment with acetylene 1 naphthaleneacetic acid and ethephon

Singh, V.; Sattler, R., 1977:
Development of the inflorescence and flower of sagittaria cuneata

Shpota V.I.; Podkolzina V.E., 1987:
Development of the initial material for breeding erucic acid free low linolenic chinese mustard

Represa J.J.; Fernandez J.P.; Mora J.A.; Barbosa E., 1982:
Development of the inner ear of the mouse between 6 and 44 somites

Calvo, J.; Boya, J., 1979:
Development of the innervation in the chicken pineal gland (Gallus gallus)

Fasanaro A.M.; Valiani R.; Spitaleri D.L.A.; Vitolo S.; Prisco E.; D.P.lma L.; Stella L., 1984:
Development of the intelligence in children of low birth weight evaluation during school age

Nechad, M.; Barnard, T., 1979:
Development of the inter scapular brown adipose tissue in the hamster 1. 2 pathways of adipocyte differentiation and the development of the sympathetic innervation

Peydro-Olaya, A.; Llombart-Bosch, A., 1975:
Development of the interstitial cells in the embryonic kidney of the golden hamster a histochemical and electron microscopical study

Mazel'-Yu-Ya ; Danilova, M.F.; Dreval', G.Y., 1983 :
Development of the ion transport system in plants 1. transport of potassium and calcium in maize seedlings/

Danilova, M.F.; Mazel'-Yu-Ya ; Stamboltsyan, E.Y. ; Telepova, M.N., 1983:
Development of the ion transport system in plants 2. ultrastructure of differentiating tissues in the maize root zea mays

Cordier Picouet M J., 1981:
Development of the ipsilateral retino tectal pathway in alytes obstetricans amphibia anura

Ferrari, P.A.; Koch, W.E., 1984:
Development of the iris in the chicken embryo 2. differentiation of the iridial muscles in vitro

Lai, Y.L., 1976:
Development of the iris innervation in rat

Lieblich A.K.; Symmes D.; Newman J.D.; Shapiro M., 1980:
Development of the isolation peep in laboratory bred squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Ninomiya K., 1987:
Development of the judgments of kindness in children

Krutsyak V.N.; Polyanskii I.Yu, 1986:
Development of the jugular lymphatic sacs and the topographic formation of the cervical part of the thoracic duct in early human ontogeny

Crawford, B.J., 1980:
Development of the junctional complex during differentiation of chick pigmented epithelial cells in clonal culture

Sanchez E., 1981:
Development of the kranz structure in the stems of gramineae

Heywood, P.; Pujol, R.; Hilding, D.A., 1976:
Development of the labyrinthine receptors in the guinea pig, cat and dog

Ikeda T., 1984:
Development of the larvae of the antarctic krill euphausia superba observed in the laboratory

Goniakowska Witalinska L., 1982:
Development of the larval lung of salamandra salamandra a scanning electron microscopic and transmission electron microscopic study

Shinkarenko L., 1979:
Development of the larval stages of the blue swimming crab portunus pelagicus portunidae decapoda crustacea

Cavey M.J.; Cloney R.A., 1984:
Development of the larval tunic in a compound ascidian morphogenetic events in the embryos of distaplia occidentalis

Regel' K.V., 1986:
Development of the larvocysts of cyclocercus type

Winklbauer, R.; Hausen, P., 1983:
Development of the lateral line system in xenopus laevis 1. normal development and cell movement in the supraorbital system

Winklbauer, R.; Hausen, P., 1983:
Development of the lateral line system in xenopus laevis 2. cell multiplication and organ formation in the supraorbital system

Winklbauer, R.; Hausen, P., 1985:
Development of the lateral line system in Xenopus laevis. III. Development of the supraorbital system in triploid embryos and larvae

Winklbauer, R.; Hausen, P., 1985:
Development of the lateral line system in Xenopus laevis. IV. Pattern formation in the supraorbital system

Aleksandrova I.A.; Antsiferova N.G.; Aleksandrov A.D.; Moroz A.F., 1986:
Development of the latex agglutination method for the diagnosis of pseudomonas aeruginosa infection

Osuji F.N.C., 1982:
Development of the lesser grain borer rhyzopertha dominica in maize kernels as affected by site of larval entry

Carr D.J.; Jahnke R.; Carr S.G.M., 1983:
Development of the ligno tuber and plant form in lehmannianae

McLone, D.G., 1980:
Development of the limiting glial membrane of the brain

Chonan N.; Kawahara H.; Matsuda T., 1984:
Development of the lipid globules in grass leaves of kranz and non kranz type anatomy

Mohammed M.B.H., 1984:
Development of the lizard limb as shown by the distribution of sulfur 35 labeled sulfate incorporation

Fine H., 1982:
Development of the lobes of the meta nephros and fetal kidney

Ten Have Opbroek A.A.W., 1981:
Development of the lung in mammals an analysis of concepts and findings

Brinkmann A.O.; Van Straalen R.J.C., 1979:
Development of the luteinizing hormone response in fetal guinea pig testes

Borisov A.V.; Shipulin A.N., 1979:
Development of the lymphatic bed in the human esophageal wall

Yokoo, Y., 1978:
Development of the lymphatic patterns in the bronchial tree of macaca cyclopis

Armitage, P.D., 1977:
Development of the macro invertebrate fauna of cow green reservoir upper teesdale england in the 1st 5 years of its existence

Pyne, C.K.; Ruch, F.; Leemann, U.; Schneider, S., 1974:
Development of the macro nuclear anlage in the ciliate chilodonella uncinata part 1 morphological and cyto photometric studies on the evolution of dna

Karadzhan, B.P., 1985:
Development of the macronucleus following conjugation of the ciliate dileptus anser i. cytophotometric study of the changes in dna content of the macronuclear anlagen

Engerman, R.L., 1976:
Development of the macular circulation

Liu C., 1985:
Development of the male and female gametophytes in pinus yunnanensis

Klass, M.; Wolf, N.; Hirsh, D., 1976:
Development of the male reproductive system and sexual transformation in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Pardo I.; Garcia M.J.; Zuniga M.; Rodrigo J.; Belenguer P.; Uruburu F., 1988:
Development of the malolactic flora in rose musts and wines of the utiel requena denomination of origin spain

Le-Garff, B., 1978:
Development of the malpighian system during metamorphosis in a primitive lepidopteran korscheltellus lupulinus hepialidae

Tateyama, S.; Shibata, I.; Ashizawa, H.; Nosaka, D., 1980:
Development of the mammary gland in mouse c 57bl 6ms 2. light microscopic observations during pregnancy

Tateyama, S.; Shibata, I.; Ashizawa, H.; Nosaka, D., 1980:
Development of the mammary gland in mouse c 57bl 6ms 3. electron microscopic observations during pregnancy

Kugach V.V.; Nikul'shina N.I.; Belogurova V.A.; Okhotnikova V.F., 1988:
Development of the manufacturing technology of lespedeza extract tablets

Kevetter G.A.; Lasek R.J., 1982:
Development of the marginal zone in the rhombencephalon of xenopus laevis

Bennett M.R.; Fernandez H.; Lavidis N.A., 1985:
Development of the mature distribution of synapses on fibers in the frog limnodynastes tasmaniensis sartorius muscle

Clark C.R.; Ogden J.A., 1983:
Development of the menisci of the human knee joint

Katakura K.; Oku Y.; Kamiya M.; Ohbayashi M., 1981:
Development of the mesenteric metastrongylid angiostrongylus siamensis in biomphalaria glabrata an experimental intermediate host

Yankina N.F.; Vaneeva L.Y., 1985:
Development of the method for preparing peroxidase and antiimmunoglobulin conjugates for their use in elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

Grevtsova N.A.; Troitskaya T.A., 1981:
Development of the micro sporangium wall and the male gametophyte in phlojodicarpus sibiricus umbelliferae apioideae

Cebrat J.; Kobierzynska Golab Z., 1979:
Development of the micro spores of rye secale cereale in vitro cultures

Sundberg M.D., 1987:
Development of the mixed inflorescence in zea diploperennis iltis doebley and guzman poaceae

Bocquet-Vedrine, J.; Roche, A., 1976:
Development of the molting organs during the female phase in crinoniscus equitans crustacea isopoda cryptoniscian

Kudo, N.; Yamada, T., 1985:
Development of the monosynaptic stretch reflex in the rat: an in vitro study

Rotenberg K.J., 1982:
Development of the moral judgment of self and other in children

Amaral, D.G.; Dent, J.A., 1981:
Development of the mossy fibers of the dentate gyrus 1. a light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the mossy fibers and their expansions

Henry, F.M., 1986:
Development of the motor memory trace and control program

Damato C.J.; Hicks S.P., 1980:
Development of the motor system effects of radiation on developing cortico spinal neurons and loco motor function

Hicks S.P.; Damato C.J., 1980:
Development of the motor system hopping rats produced by pre natal irradiation

Sturrock, R.R., 1976:
Development of the mouse anterior commissure part 1 a comparison of myelination in the anterior and posterior limbs of the anterior commissure of the mouse brain

Sturrock, R.R., 1976:
Development of the mouse anterior commissure part 2 a comparison of glial differentiation in the anterior and posterior limbs of the anterior commissure of the mouse brain during myelination using semi thin light microscopic sections

Sturrock, R.R., 1976:
Development of the mouse anterior commissure part 3 changes in total number of neuro glia mitotic cells and dead cells in the anterior and posterior limbs with age

Davis F.C.; Menaker M., 1981:
Development of the mouse mus musculus circadian pacemaker independence from environmental cycles

Heming B.S., 1980:
Development of the mouth parts in embryos of haplothrips verbasci insecta thysanoptera phlaeothripidae

Mclachlan, A.J.; Mclachlan, S.M., 1976:
Development of the mud habitat during the filling of 2 new lakes

Hong J.T.; Koo K.N.; Kim J.Y.; Lee Y.Y., 1986:
Development of the multi seeder for a power tiller

Taylor, P.; Rieger, F.; Greene, L.A., 1980:
Development of the multiple molecular forms of acetyl cholin esterase ec in chick paravertebral sympathetic ganglia an in vivo and in vitro study

Tomomasa, T.; Hyman, P.E.; Hsu, C.T.; Jing, J.; Snape, W.J., 1988:
Development of the muscarinic receptor in rabbit gastric smooth muscle

Aerts P., 1982:
Development of the musculus levator externus iv and the musculus obliquus posterior in haplochromis elegans teleostei cichlidae a discussion on the shift hypothesis

Charpentie, M.J.; Poisson, J.; Cahagnier, B., 1976:
Development of the myco flora of pea fodder as a function of the conditions of storage

Petrova, R.M.; Lobko, P.I., 1977:
Development of the nasal cavity and formation of the nostrils in human embryogenesis

Peresheina, L.P., 1976:
Development of the natriuretic action of ethacrynic acid and acetazolamide in infants during the 1st year of life

Novak P.L.; Wood R.L., 1983:
Development of the nematocyte junctional complex in hydra hydra attenuata tentacles in relation to cellular recognition and positioning

Ushakova O.O.; Evdonin L.A., 1987:
Development of the nervous system in larval ontogenesis of brania clavata nereimorpha syllidae

Ospovat, M.F., 1978:
Development of the nervous system in phyllodoce maculata polychaeta phyllodocidae ontogenesis trochophore and metatrochophore

Nakajima Y., 1986:
Development of the nervous system of sea urchin embryos formation of ciliary bands and the appearance of two types of ectoneural cells in the pluteus

Roncali, L.; Brucoli, C., 1976:
Development of the network of blood vessels in the optic lobes of the chick embryo

Leont'eva G.R.; Govyrin V.A., 1984:
Development of the neural apparatus of the frogs blood vessels in ontogeny

Lentz, T.L., 1969:
Development of the neuro muscular junction i cytological and cytochemical studies on the neuro muscular junction of differentiating muscle in the regenerating limb of the newt triturus

Burden, S., 1977 :
Development of the neuro muscular junction in the chick embryo the number distribution and stability of acetyl choline receptors

Lentz, T.L., 1970:
Development of the neuro muscular junction part 2 cytological and cytochemical studies on the neuro muscular junction of dedifferentiating muscle in the regenerating limb of the newt triturus

Fukukita H.; Oyamada H.; Nobata T.; Kawai H., 1985:
Development of the new phantom for evaluation of single proton emission computed tomography performance

Aso, Y.; Takayasu, H., 1986:
Development of the new surgical fiberoptic nephro-ureteroscope

Broughton, W.J.; Hoh, C.H.; Behm, C.A.; Tung, H.F., 1978:
Development of the nitrogen fixing apparatus in the legumes centrosema pubescens and vigna unguiculata

Haffer, J., 1968:
Development of the northern andes and the possible age of colombian bird species

Heggberget T.M., 1987:
Development of the norwegian population of canada geese branta canadensis up to 1984

Markgraf, F.; Huber, K., 1975:
Development of the nose shaped fruit of kopsia flavida

Bertout M.; Caner F.; Dhainaut A.; Krembel J., 1981:
Development of the nuclear structure and metabolism during oogenesis of perinereis cultrifera annelida polychaeta

Zvorykin, V.P., 1978:
Development of the nucleus of the inferior quadrigemina brachium in phylogenesis and ontogenesis

Liskova M.; Sabova M.; Valocka B., 1983:
Development of the oat cyst nematode heterodera avenae under experimental conditions

Pyatkina, G.A., 1982:
Development of the olfactory epithelium in man

Khalil, S.H., 1978:
Development of the olfactory organ of the egyptian toad bufo regularis part 1 larval period

Khalil, S.H., 1978:
Development of the olfactory organ of the egyptian toad bufo regularis part 2 metamorphic period

Brummer G., 1982:
Development of the omental bursa

Shurkus V.E., 1980:
Development of the omental bursa and the organs that form it during human embryogenesis

De-Leersnyder, M.; Dhainaut, A., 1978:
Development of the oocyte metabolism after removal of eyestalks in the crab eriocheir sinensis an auto radiographic study

Herbaut, C., 1977:
Development of the oogenetic cycle during post embryonic development in lithobius forficatus myriapoda chilopoda morphological and experimental study

Kryuchkova G.A., 1988:
Development of the ophiuroids ophiura sarsi and amphipholis kochii

Cima, C.; Grant, P., 1982:
Development of the optic nerve in xenopus laevis 1. early development and organization

Cima, C.; Grant, P., 1982:
Development of the optic nerve in xenopus laevis 2. gliogenesis myelination and metamorphic remodeling

Lavoie, J.; Pilon, J.G.; Ali, M.A., 1978:
Development of the optical components of enallagma boreale compound eye odonata coenagrionidae histologic and morphometric study

Mau R.F.L., 1983:
Development of the orchid weevil orchidophilus aterrimus

Murakami, R., 1986:
Development of the os penis in genital tubercles cultured beneath the renal capsule of adult rats

Sokolowski, B.H., 1986:
Development of the otolith in embryonic fishes with special reference to the toadfish, Opsanus tau

Mahmoud I.Y.; Cyrus R.V.; Woller M.J.; Bieber A., 1985:
Development of the ovarian follicles in relation to changes in plasma parameters and 5 delta 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in snapping turtle chelydra serpentina

Motta P.M.; Makabe S., 1982:
Development of the ovarian surface and associated germ cells in the human fetus a correlated study by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy

Halffter, G.; Lopez, G.Y., 1977:
Development of the ovary and mating behavior in phanaeus

Halverson L.E.; Roberton M.A.; Langendorfer S., 1982:
Development of the overarm throw movement and ball velocity changes by 7th grade

Giles N., 1984:
Development of the overhead fright response in wild and predator naive three spined sticklebacks gasterosteus aculeatus

Pageaux J.F.; Laugier C.; Pal D.; Pacheco H., 1984:
Development of the oviduct in quail coturnix coturnix japonica during sexual maturation in relation to plasma concentrations of estradiol and progesterone

Pageaux J.F.; Laugier C.; Pal D.; Pacheco H., 1984:
Development of the oviduct in quail during sexual maturation in relation to plasma concentrations of estradiol and progesterone

Satarova T.N., 1985:
Development of the ovule and embryo sac in streptopus amplexifolius asparagaceae

Aulbach Smith C.A.; Herr J.M.Jr, 1984:
Development of the ovule and female gametophyte in eustachys petraea and eustachys glauca poaceae

Grootjen C.J.; Bouman F., 1981:
Development of the ovule and seed in costus cuspidatus zingiberaceae with special reference to the formation of the operculum

Dubey J.P., 1982:
Development of the ox cat cycle of sarcocystis hirsuta

Wada M., 1986:
Development of the oxygen 15 water continuous infusion system and its clinical application for the measurement of regional cerebral blood flow with special concerns on the cerebral blood flow reactivity to hypercapnia

Lee W.B.; Kim D.C., 1981:
Development of the pancreas

Magnier, J., 1976:
Development of the pancreas of the urodele amphibian pleurodeles waltlii a morphologic and ultrastructural study in vivo

Letunov S.P.; Pervushin V.Yu, 1986:
Development of the paravascular bed of the human heart vessels during the prenatal period of ontogenesis

Guihard Costa A M.; Sakka M., 1983:
Development of the parietal bone study using in vitro staining with alizarin s red

Cavelier N.; Lucas P.; Boulch G., 1985:
Development of the pathogenic complex composed to rhizoctonia cerealis and pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides causing foot rot diseases of cereals

Schmidt G.H.; Winton D.J.; Ponder B.A., 1988:
Development of the pattern of cell renewal in the crypt villus unit of chimeric mouse small intestine

Szczepanek K., 1982:
Development of the peat bog at slopiec and the vegetational history of the swietokrzyski holy cross mountains poland in the last 10000 years

Spielman, K.S., 1976:
Development of the perception and production of line forms

Stoicovici, L., 1986:
Development of the perennial forage species bromus inermis leyss. and onobrychis viciifolia scop. grown on a quartz waste

Kiebacher J.; Hoffmann G.M., 1981:
Development of the perfect stage of venturia inaequalis in vitro

Oniki M.; Ogoshi A.; Araki T., 1985:
Development of the perfect state and taxonomic assessment of the citrus pink disease fungus corticium salmonicolor

Oniki M.; Ogoshi A.; Araki T., 1986:
Development of the perfect state of rhizoctonia solani ag 1

Rao K.S.; Dave Y.S., 1980:
Development of the pericarp septa and zone of dehiscence in the fruit of cassia tora

Ragonese A.M.; Guaglianone E.R.; D.S.rittmatter C.D., 1984:
Development of the pericarp with silica bodies in 2 rhynchospora spp cyperaceae

Huang L.H.; Luttrell E.S., 1982:
Development of the perithecium in gnomonia comari diaporthaceae

Segel E.K.; Ellegaard J.; Borregaard N., 1987:
Development of the phagocytic and cidal capacity during maturation of myeloid cells studies on cells from patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia

Slipka J., 1983:
Development of the pharyngeal tonsil with reference to commencement of its immuno competence

Akoyunoglou, G., 1977:
Development of the photosystem II unit in plastids of bean leaves greened in periodic light

Gucunski D., 1982:
Development of the phyto plankton and phyto benthos under the influence of waste waters

Ciriaco E.; Gagliardi M.E.; Cicciarello R.; Germana G.; Bronzetti P., 1985:
Development of the pigeon columba livia bursa of fabricius a scanning and transmission electron microscope study

Fradkin L.I.; Kalinina L.M.; Samoilyenka A.R.; Zhabyunak L.L., 1980:
Development of the pigment system in normal and puromycin treated leaves of barley at the early de etiolation stage

Lepper L., 1984 :
Development of the pistil and formation of the apical septum in wulfenia himalaica

Egawa K.; Aoki K.; Yamamoto Y., 1980:
Development of the pituitary and thyroid gland in the medaka oryzias latipes

Rubel, E.W.; Ryals, B.M., 1983:
Development of the place principle: acoustic trauma

Lippe, W.; Rubel, E.W., 1983:
Development of the place principle: tonotopic organization

Chu, C.C.; Wang, C.C.; Sun, C.S., 1976:
Development of the pollen embryo of rice and wheat on the medium devoid of hormones

Mepham, R.H., 1971:
Development of the pollen grain wall further work with tradescantia bracteata m

Nakamura S., 1979:
Development of the pollen grain wall in lilium longiflorum

Brawer J.R.; Munoz M.; Farookhi R., 1986:
Development of the polycystic ovarian condition in the estradiol valerate treated rat

Cruz Y.P., 1986:
Development of the polyembryonic parasite copidosomopsis tanytmenus hymenoptera encyrtidae

Akera, T.; Olgaard, M.K.; Temma, K.; Brody, T.M., 1977:
Development of the positive inotropic action of ouabain effects of trans membrane sodium movement

Hiramatsu K., 1984:
Development of the post larva of penaeus kerathurus in comparison with penaeus japonicus decapoda natantia/

Peng H.B.; Nakajima Y.; Bridgman P.C., 1980:
Development of the postsynaptic membrane in xenopus laevis neuro muscular cultures observed by freeze fracture and thin section electron microscopy

Simmons A.M.; Yeargan K.V.; Pass B.C., 1984:
Development of the potato leafhopper empoasca fabae on selected legumes

Randeni G.; Caesar K., 1984:
Development of the potato plant solanum tuberosum under the effect of different soil temperatures 1. the leaf apparatus

Randeni G.; Caesar K., 1984:
Development of the potato plant solanum tuberosum under the effect of different soil temperatures 2. tuber development

Trpis M., 1979:
Development of the predatory larvae of toxorhynchites brevipalpis diptera culicidae on nonprey diet

Tykhonov O.I.; Budnykova T.M.; Shevchenko S.M.; Karmazin V.O.; Yavtushenko S.V.; Yarnykh T.H., 1986:
Development of the preparation of tablets with powder like extracts of propolis

Bremer, F.M., 1984:
Development of the primary vitreous body in the mouse 1. structural ultrastructural and histochemical aspects in the 12 day embryo

Acin, F.; Arechaga, J.; Sobrado, J.; Ribes, R., 1978:
Development of the primitive fetal hippocampus in man embryonic stage

Perez-De-La-Mora, C.; Jimenez, R.C.; Perez, R.B.; Pacheco, M.G., 1983:
Development of the production of specific human immuno globulins 2. comparison of techniques for in vivo and in vitro titration of tetanus anti toxin

Nasonov A.S.; Toroptsov V.S., 1980:
Development of the programmed control of the autotrophic component in a gas exchange closed ecological system

Gross S.A.; Didio L.J.A.; Morse D.E.; Allen D.J., 1984:
Development of the prostate in female praomys natalensis

Zwergel, U.; Zwergel, T.; Kopper, B., 1985:
Development of the prostatectomy since 1966. An analysis of 3,180 patients

Cadariu, M.; Craciun, C.; Lupu, F., 1978:
Development of the protocerebral neuro secretory pathway during post embryonic development in isophya brevipennis orthoptera ultrastructure of the neuro secretory cell in the adult

Elliott B.C.; Bloomfield J.; Davies C.M., 1980:
Development of the punt kick a cinematographic analysis

Laxson L.C.; King J.S., 1983:
Development of the purkinje cell in the cerebellar cortex of the opossum didelphis virginiana

Reh, T.; Kalil, K., 1981:
Development of the pyramidal tract in the hamster mesocricetus auratus 1. a light microscopic study

Fister D.; Deegen E., 1982:
Development of the qrs configuration in the electro cardiogram in race horses in their 2nd year of training

Jones, P.A., 1977:
Development of the quiescent center in maturing embryonic radicles of pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska

Barg, M.; Draper, L.R., 1977:
Development of the rabbit appendix part 1 electron microscopic observations

Moore, L.R.; Corbo, M.; Chien, Y.W., 1988:
Development of the rabbit model for studying the effects of propranolol on cardiac contractility: relationship of intravenous pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Crutcher K.A., 1982:
Development of the rat septo hippocampal projection a retrograde fluorescent tracer study

Kistanova E.K., 1985:
Development of the reactivity of the microcirculatory system in rat mesentery during sexual maturation

Banerjee, B., 1976:
Development of the red crevice mite brevipalpus phoenicis on coffee and tea acarina tenuipalpidae

Lorimer C.G., 1984:
Development of the red maple acer rubrum understory in northeastern usa oak forests

Pleten' A.P.; Nikulicheva S.I., 1981:
Development of the reference requirements for the determination of the biological activity of injection angiotensin amide

Kerambrun, P., 1975:
Development of the relative elemental composition of sphaeroma hookeri isopoda flabellifera during a molting cycle

Kazimierczak, J., 1976:
Development of the renal glomerulus in electron microscopy and scanning microscopy

Kuz'min, A.N.; Krupkin, V.Z., 1976:
Development of the reproductive system in the female muksun coregonus muksun grown in waters of the northwestern ussr

Gupta B.C.; Parshad V.R.; Guraya S.S., 1984 :
Development of the reproductive system of paramphistomum cervi during the course of its infection in sheep

Pleten' A.P.; Tyuten'kova T.P.; Gavryukhina I.V., 1984:
Development of the requirements for the l asparaginase standard

Goldberg R.; Prat R., 1981:
Development of the responses to growth regulators during the maturation of mung bean vigna radiata hypocotyl cells

Lange L.; Olson L.W., 1981:
Development of the resting sporangia of synchytrium endobioticum the causal agent of potato wart disease

Funakoshi S.; Wada K.; Suzuki T., 1985:
Development of the rete mirabile with growth and muscle temperature in the young bluefin tuna thunnus thynnus

Brindak O.I.; Raitsina S.S., 1986:
Development of the rete testis in prenatal ontogenesis of some rodents and influence of prolactin and thyrotropin on the differentiation of its cells

Takahashi M., 1980:
Development of the reticulate structure of hemerocallis middendorffi var esculenta pollen liliaceae

Dreher B.; Robinson S.R., 1988:
Development of the retinofugal pathway in birds and mammals evidence of a common timetable

Maiboroda Y.N.; Mokin Y.N.; Monastyrskii Y.G.; Pervushin V.Yu, 1982:
Development of the retroperitoneal connective tissue and its neural apparatus in human pre natal ontogenesis

Nishimura, Y.; Rakic, P., 1985:
Development of the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta retina i. emergence of the inner plexiform layer and its synapses

Arai, K.; Kono, Y., 1980:
Development of the rice oryza sativa cultivar chyukyoasahi panicle 3. time course studies of translocation and distribution of ammonium nitrogen top dressed at early ripening stage

Arai, K.; Kono, Y., 1978:
Development of the rice panicle 1. characteristics of the growth of spikelets at different positions on the panicle

Arai, K.; Kono, Y., 1979:
Development of the rice panicle 2. influences of nitrogen supply at heading on the pattern of accumulating dry matter and nitrogen in the caryopses at different positions on panicle

Mineev V.G.; Durynina E.P.; Belousova N.A., 1987:
Development of the root rot pathogen under the effect of exudates of various cultivated plants

Vodolazskii, L.E., 1976:
Development of the root system and structure of the half shrub chamaenerion angustissimum

Lyford W.H., 1980:
Development of the root system of northern red oak quercus rubra

Kawamura T., 1983:
Development of the s form hip brace of the wakayama medical college type for osteo arthritis of the hip

Klika, E.; Zajícová, A., 1988:
Development of the saccus and ductus endolymphaticus of the domestic fowl (Gallus gallus f. domestica)

Zapkuvene, D.V.; Sinyavichene, D.P., 1976:
Development of the salivary glands of medicinal leeches during starvation

Stur D.; Presslich J., 1985:
Development of the salmonella resistance situation in the vienna area austria 1980 1983

Feller R.J., 1980:
Development of the sand dwelling meio benthic harpacticoid copepod huntemannia jadensis in the laboratory

Fenton, M.V., 1987:
Development of the Scale of Humanistic Nursing Behaviors

Valkusz Z.; Laczi F.; Laszlo F.A., 1982:
Development of the schwartz bartters syndrome after administration of chlorpropamide and 1 deamino 8 d arginine vasopressin

Atoda, K., 1976:
Development of the sea anemone haliplanella luciae part 5 longitudinal fission and the origin of mono glyphic di glyphic and tri glyphic individuals

Komatsu M., 1983:
Development of the sea star archaster typicus with a note on male on female superposition

Kano, Y.T.; Komatsu, M., 1978:
Development of the sea star asterina batheri

Komatsu M.; Nojima S., 1985:
Development of the sea star astropecten gisselbrechti

Komatsu M., 1982:
Development of the sea star ctenopleura fisheri

Spassov, G.; Mileva, S., 1985:
Development of the second contraction component after restoration with isoprenaline of pre-inhibited contractile activity of isolated myocardium

Shah R.M.; Crawford B.J., 1980:
Development of the secondary palate in chick embryo a light microscopic electron microscopic and histochemical study

Luke, D.A., 1976:
Development of the secondary palate in man

Misra M.; Pandey K., 1984:
Development of the secondary sexual characters accompanying cyclical changes in the testes of a catfish mystus vittatus

Valenti G.S.; Michelozzi G.R.; Ghigliazza P., 1979:
Development of the seed integument of cercis siliquastrum with particular attention to the appearance and structure of the light line

Almond, D.G.; Singh, R.P., 1980:
Development of the Sertoli cell in the fetal mouse

Roman C.M.; Molnar B., 1985:
Development of the sexual pheromone gland of mamestra brassicae lepidoptera noctuidae

Mead F.; Gabouriaut D., 1984:
Development of the sexual sequence in males of helleria brevicornis isopoda oniscoidea in the course of ontogeny effects of isolation

Sidorchuk, I.I., 1978:
Development of the sherman propionic acid bacillus resistance to certain antibiotics

Kano S.; Murasato S.; Imura T., 1982:
Development of the shoot apex in orchard grass dactylis glomerata during the winter season

Young, E.; Hanover, J.W., 1977:
Development of the shoot apex of blue spruce picea pungens

Fukuba, Y.; Usui, S.; Sasahara, H.; Miura, A.; Koya, Y., 1986 :
Development of the simplified method for estimating lactate threshold

Peters P.W.J.; Verhoef A.; D.L.efde A.; Berkvens J.M., 1981:
Development of the skeleton in normal rats and rats with trypan blue induced spina bifida

Kazarian S.S.; Howe M.G.; Csapo K.G., 1979:
Development of the sleep behavior self rating scale

Pacini P.; Gheri Bryk S.; Marchesi L., 1979:
Development of the small mesenteric intestine of chick embryo as studied by scanning electron microscope

Tacciuoli, M.; Lotti, T.; de Matteis, A.; Laurenti, C., 1975:
Development of the smooth muscle of the ureter and vesical trigone: histological investigation in human fetus

Bloomfield J.; Elliott B.C.; Davies C.M., 1979:
Development of the soccer kick a cinematographical analysis

Deputte B.L., 1985:
Development of the social visual behavior in a young female mangabey cercocebus albigena albigena preliminary study in a group in captivity

Lagardere, F., 1980:
Development of the soleid dicologlossa cuneata pisces soleidae 1. description of the eggs evolution of the taxonomic criteria and chronology of development

Loera J.; Poston F.L.; Whitworth R.J., 1980:
Development of the southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella as affected by a diet of selected corn plant tissues

Whittle T.A.; Burton R.L., 1980:
Development of the southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella on 3 artificial diets

Thors, F.; De-Kort, E.J.M.; Nieuwenhuys, R., 1982:
Development of the spinal cord of the clawed frog xenopus laevis 1. morphogenesis and histogenesis

Thors, F.; De-Kort, E.J.M.; Nieuwenhuys, R., 1982:
Development of the spinal cord of the clawed frog xenopus laevis 2. experimental analysis of differentiation and migration

Porwolik K.; Gozdziewski S.; Gworys B., 1985:
Development of the spine in schoolchildren in lower silesia poland

Saito H., 1984:
Development of the spleen in the australian lungfish neoceratodus forsteri with special reference to its relationship to the gastro enteric vasculature

Jourdane J.; Mouahid A.; Touassem R., 1984:
Development of the sporocysts of schistosoma bovis after microsurgical transplantation into bulinus truncatus

Bagnara J.T., 1982:
Development of the spot pattern in the leopard frog rana pipiens

Gartner, L.P.; Hiatt, J.L.; Khan, M.A.; Provenza, D.V., 1979:
Development of the squamoso mandibular articulation in the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus 2. succinate dehydrogenase activity

Karal'nik B.V.; Timofeeva L.N.; Leshchinskaya L.Ts; Luk'yanova K.P., 1984:
Development of the stable preparation of mouse erythrocytes and their use for the identification of lymphocytes

Jain B.K., 1987:
Development of the staminate flower of najas marina l

Harris E.J.; Cunningham R.T.; Tanaka N.; Ohinata K.; Schroeder W.J., 1986 :
Development of the sterile insect technique on the island of lanai hawaii usa for suppression of the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata

Uwate W.J.; Lin J., 1981:
Development of the stigmatic surface of prunus avium sweet cherry

Stroband H.W.J.; Kroon A.G., 1981:
Development of the stomach in clarias lazera and intestinal absorption of protein macro molecules

Measures L.N.; Anderson R.C., 1983:
Development of the stomach worm obeliscoides cuniculi in lagomorphs woodchucks marmota monax and small rodents

S"rtmadzhieva S.; Velichkov L., 1987:
Development of the structural changes in the osteoplastic variant of the osteogenic osteosarcoma

Pfannenstiel, H.D., 1978:
Development of the structure of the oocyte nurse cell contact during oogenesis in ophryotrocha puerilis polychaeta dorvilleidae

Suzuki, T., 1987:
Development of the subclavian artery in the chick, studied by the injection method

Castañeyra-Perdomo, A.; Pérez-Delgado, M.M.; González-Hernández, T.; Ferres-Torres, R., 1988:
Development of the subfornical organ and area postrema of the male albino mouse. Karyometric effect of neonatal and prepuberal castration

Fahn A.; Zimmermann M.H., 1982:
Development of the successive cambia in atriplex halimus chenopodiaceae

Lindsay D.S.; Blagburn B.L.; Current W.L.; Ernst J.V., 1985:
Development of the swine coccidium eimeria debliecki in mammalian cell cultures

Esponda P.; Krimer D.B., 1979:
Development of the synaptonemal complex and poly complex formation in 3 species of grasshoppers

Zickler, D., 1977:
Development of the synaptonemal complex and the recombination nodules during meiotic prophase in the 7 bivalents of the fungus sordaria macrospora

Pijnacker L.P.; Ferwerda M.A., 1986:
Development of the synaptonemal complex of two types of pachytene in oocytes and spermatocytes of carausius morosus phasmatodea

Piskunkova N.F.; Maksimov V.N.; Toropova E.G.; Egorov N.S.; Mardamshina A.D., 1988:
Development of the synthetic medium for the growth of the mycophilic fungus hypomyces rosellus 94 77 and its synthesis of antibiotic and pigment

Bogomolova E.M.; Kurochkin Y.A., 1985:
Development of the system of animal behavior in the natural habitat

Smirnov O.K.; Bukarov N.G.; Baterdene T., 1986:
Development of the system of cattle hybridization with yak

Baldacci, E.; Locci, R., 1975:
Development of the systematics of actinomycetes in the last 50 years

Dickinson, H.G.; Bell, P.R., 1976:
Development of the tapetum in pinus banksiana preceding sporogenesis

Sasson A., 1980:
Development of the teaching of biology in africa

Terawaki, T.; Iitsuka, T., 1985:
Development of the techniques for marine macrophyte bed creation in the coastal zone near a power plant 2. effect of transplanting conditions on the growth of zostera marina

Kikuchi K.; Terawaki T.; Sato S., 1986:
Development of the techniques for marine macrophyte bed creation in the coastal zone near a power plant seasonal changes in carbohydrate content of zostera marina at odawa bay japan

Kikuch K.; Sato S.; Honda M., 1987:
Development of the techniques for marine macrophyte bed creation in the coastal zone near a power plant the influence of environmental factors on the flowering shoot formation of zostera marina

Kozhakina I.P.; Groshovyi T.A.; Doktorman R.S., 1986:
Development of the technological process for manufacturing flamin tablets by direct compacting

Altukhova L.B.; Vashchenkova N.A.; Kharitonova S.I.; Aristovskaya N.V.; Lazareva E.V.; Stolyarchuk A.A.; Ivanova N.I.; Zorya N.V., 1986:
Development of the technology and biological studies of the medicinal forms of fenikaberan

Murav'ev I.A.; Kuznetsov A.V.; Pashnev P.D., 1985:
Development of the technology for tableting tilorone

Murav'ev I.A.; Lezhneva L.P., 1986:
Development of the technology for total water soluble preparation from the common stinging nettle

Frolova N.A.; Yugai Z.A.; Makhkamov K.M.; Sapozhnikova E.A., 1988:
Development of the technology of catalytic reduction of 1 3 dimethyl 4 amino 5 nitrosouracil

El'natanova M.I.; Nikolaenko N.S., 1984:
Development of the technology of dibunol liniments

Jordan M.M.; Maude R.B.; Burchill R.T., 1986:
Development of the teleomorph mycosphaerella allii cepae new species of cladosporium allii cepae leaf blotch of onion

Parnavelas J.G.; Chatzissavidou A., 1981:
Development of the thalamic projections to layer i of the visual cortex of the rat

Pedroni E., 1979:
Development of the therapy planning programs for the 60 beam swiss institute for nuclear research pion applicator

Krutsyak V.N.; Polyanskii I.Yu, 1983:
Development of the thoracic duct during human pre natal ontogeny

Zachary, D., 1977:
Development of the thoracic muscles in calliphora erythrocephala at the onset of metamorphosis an ultrastructural and experimental study

Rémy, L.; Michel-Bechet, M.; Athouel-Haon, A.M.; Magre, S.; Cataldo, C.; Jost, A., 1980:
Development of the thyroid gland in the rat fetus in vivo. An ultrastructural and radioautographic study

Toishigawa K., 1984:
Development of the thyroid in the chick embryo relationship between morphology and function

Buscaglia, M., 1976:
Development of the thyroid metabolism of radio iodide during metamorphosis in 2 species of xenopus xenopus laevis laevis and xenopus clivii

Stocum D.L.; Davis R.M.; Leger M.; Conrad H.E., 1979:
Development of the tibiotarsus in the chick embryo biosynthetic activities of histologically distant regions

Partono, F.; Dennis, D.T.; Atmosoedjono, S., 1976:
Development of the Timor filaria in Aedes togoi: preliminary observations

Kanamori A.; Nagahama Y.; Egami N., 1985:
Development of the tissue architecture in the gonads of the medaka oryzias latipes

Nowak D.; Rozniecki J.; Gondorowicz K., 1985:
Development of the tolerance of the respiratory system in those occupationally exposed to chlorine

Tanada N., 1982:
Development of the tooth germ in the rat molar

Bennett M.R.; Lavidis N.A., 1981:
Development of the topographical projection of motor neurons to amphibian limnodynastes peronii muscle accompanies motor neuron death

Stoney, S.D.J. ; Sohal, G.S., 1978:
Development of the trochlear nerve neuro muscular transmission and electro physiologic properties

Pinganaud, G., 1980:
Development of the trout visual system (Salmo irideus)

Hirakawa, Y.; Harada, K., 1983:
Development of the ultra fine size reduction method of slightly soluble medicinal crystals 4. enhanced bio availability of oxolinic acid by ultra fine size reduction

Szczepanska, W., 1976:
Development of the underground parts of phragmites communis and typha latifolia

Sexton M.E., 1983:
Development of the understanding of causality in infancy

Salili F.; Hoosain R., 1986:
Development of the understanding of definite and indefinite reference

Mccain J.W.; Hennen J.F., 1984:
Development of the uredinial thallus and sorus in the orange coffee rust fungus hemileia vastatrix

Khalil R.M.; Agamy E.I., 1983:
Development of the urinary bladder of the teleost fish tilapia zilli from egypt

Houillon C.; Dournon C., 1986:
Development of the urogenital tract in double bodied pleurodele chimeras position effect of interactions between gonads of different sex

Branham A.E.; List J.C., 1979:
Development of the urostyle during metamorphosis in 5 species of anurans

Stepanov, P.F.; Sapozhnikov, A.G., 1987:
Development of the uterine microcirculatory bed in the postnatal period of ontogenesis

Amelunxen F.; Heinze U., 1984:
Development of the vacuole in the testa cells of linum seeds

Roncali, L.; Ambrosi, G., 1982:
Development of the vascular supply and morphogenesis of the nervous substratum in the chick embryo mesencephalic tegmentum

Bogusch, G., 1984:
Development of the vascular supply in rat skeletal muscles

Robinson-Beers, K.; Pizzolato, T.D., 1987:
Development of the vascular system in the fertile floret of anthoxanthum odoratum l. gramineae i. traces to the fertile lemma and palea

Robinson-Beers, K.; Pizzolato, T.D., 1987:
Development of the vascular system in the fertile floret of anthoxanthum odoratum l. gramineae ii. sieve element plexus stamen traces and the xylem discontinuity

Robinson-Beers, K.; Pizzolato, T.D., 1987:
Development of the vascular system in the fertile floret of anthoxanthum odoratum l. gramineae iii. vasculature supplying the gynoecium

Lingle S.E.; Chevalier P., 1985:
Development of the vascular tissue of the wheat triticum aestivum and barley hordeum vulgare caryopsis as related to the rate and duration of grain filling

Perez, J.S.; Colladd, J.J., 1978:
Development of the velum of the palate human embryos of 7.5 25 millimeters

Collado, J.J.; Sobrado-Perez, J., 1978:
Development of the velum of the palate human fetus of 36 61 millimeters

Mackinnon B.M., 1982:
Development of the ventral papillae of notocotylus triserialis digenea notocotylidae

Potthoff T.; Kelley S., 1982:
Development of the vertebral column fins and fin supports branchiostegal rays and squamation in the swordfish xiphias gladius

Borkhvardt, V.G., 1977:
Development of the vertebral column in embryogenesis of the sand lizard lacerta agilis

Borkhvardt, V.G., 1976:
Development of the vertebral column in the embryogenesis of the grecian tortoise testudo graeca

Parvathi K.; Venkateswarlu K.; Rao A.S., 1984:
Development of the vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza fungus glomus mosseae in groundnut in static solution culture

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Development of the vestibular apparatus during weightlessness

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Development of the vestibular organs in human fetuses

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Development of the visual cortex of rats treated with 6 hydroxy dopamine in early life

Walters C.P., 1981:
Development of the visual placing response in the infant

Mai D.H., 1985:
Development of the waterplant and swamp associations of europe from the cretaceous to the quaternary

Smart M.G.; O'brien T.P., 1983:
Development of the wheat triticum aestivum cultivar heron embryo in relation to neighboring tissues

Kawasaki H.; Iwashita Y., 1987:
Development of the wing disc in the fifth larval instar of bombyx mori

Gardner J.S.; Hess W.M.; Trione E.J., 1985:
Development of the young wheat triticum aestivum spike a scanning electron microscope study of chinese spring wheat

Bothar A., 1982:
Development of the zoo plankton and zoo benthos under the influence of waste waters

Lange L.; Olson L.W., 1981:
Development of the zoo sporangia of synchytrium endobioticum the causal agent of potato wart disease

Tewari, J.P.; Malhotra, S.K., 1976:
Development of the zygo spores in phycomyces blakesleeanus scanning electron microscopy

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Development of theileria mutans in the gut and the hemolymph of the tick amblyomma variegatum

Schein, E.; Warnecke, M.; Kirmse, P., 1977:
Development of theileria parva in the gut of rhipicephalus appendiculatus

Higuchi, S., 1987:
Development of Theileria sergenti in the midgut of the tick, Haemaphysalis longicornis

Inoue, Y.; Ichikawa, T.; Shibata, K., 1976:
Development of thermo luminescence bands during greening of wheat leaves under continuous and intermittent illumination

Karapetyan S.K.; Arutyunyan R.A., 1980:
Development of thermo regulation and morphochemical indices of blood in black headed gulls

Soholt, L.F., 1976:
Development of thermo regulation in merriams kangaroo rat dipodomys merriami

Olmstead C.E.; Villablanca J.R.; Torbiner M.; Rhodes D., 1979:
Development of thermo regulation in the kitten

Evans R.M., 1984:
Development of thermo regulation in young white pelicans pelecanus erythrorhynchos

Scheck S.H., 1982:
Development of thermo regulatory abilities in the neo natal hispid cotton rat sigmodon hispidus texianus from northern kansas and south central texas usa

Eppley Z.A., 1984:
Development of thermo regulatory abilities in xantus murrelet chicks synthliboramphus hypoleucus

Cook, J.A.; Fox, M.H., 1988:
Development of thermotolerance and changes in intracellular ph in cho cells heated at 45.0 c at ph 6.6

Konings, A.W., 1985:
Development of thermotolerance in mouse fibroblast LM cells with modified membranes and after procaine treatment

Lueders R., 1983:
Development of thick humic soils in the calenberg fertile loess plain near hannover west germany

Lakshmanan A.R.; Chandra B.; Pradhan A.S.; Kher R.K.; Bhatt R.C., 1980:
Development of thin calcium sulfate dysprosium teflon thermo luminescent dosimeters for beta dosimetry in personnel monitoring

Costello W.J.; Wyman R.J., 1985:
Development of thoracic curvature in drosophila melanogaster autonomy of epidermis and muscle

Kolodochka, L.A., 1987:
Development of three phytoseiid mite species parasitiformes phytoseiidae ii. larva and protonymph

Almeida L.M.D.; Marinoni R.C., 1986:
Development of three species of epilachna coleoptera coccinellidae in three temperature and photoperiod combinations

Suzuki N., 1985:
Development of three subspecies of acheilognathus tabira pisces cyprinidae with a note on their geographical distribution

Hess, H., 1986:
Development of thrombolytic treatment of peripheral arterial occlusion

Itoh, T., 1987:
Development of Thy 1 positive mouse thymocytes. Analysis of early fetal thymocytes by flow microfluorometry

Itoh, T.; Kasahara, S., 1987:
Development of Thy 1 positive rat thymocytes: analysis of fetal and neonatal thymocytes by flow microfluorometry

Eikelenboom P.; Levenbach M.G.E.; Van Den Brink H.R.; Streefkerk J.G., 1979:
Development of thymus derived and bone marrow derived cell areas in peripheral lymphoid organs of the rat

Abdi, H.; Sahib, M.K., 1977:
Development of thymus enzymes in rats fed with normal and low protein diet

Aho, K.; Gordin, A.; Palosuo, T.; Takala, J., 1985:
Development of thyroid autoimmunity

Cooke, P.S.; Yonemura, C.U.; Nicoll, C.S., 1984:
Development of thyroid hormone dependence for growth in the rat: a study involving transplanted fetal, neonatal, and juvenile tissues

Marin, M.L.; Gordon, R.E.; Lane, B.P., 1979:
Development of tight junctions in rat tracheal epithelium during the early hours after mechanical injury

Westman, A.S., 1987:
Development of time concepts: differentiating clock and calendar from apparent durations

Bojanin S., 1986:
Development of time experience and the concept of time

Levin, I.; Wilkening, F.; Dembo, Y., 1984:
Development of time quantification: integration and nonintegration of beginnings and endings in comparing durations

Obraztsov, A.S.; Kovalev, V.M.; Varvarina, N.B., 1976:
Development of timothy and orchard grass depending on temperature light and nutrition

Tono-Oka, T., 1978:
Development of tissue factor activity in mononuclear cells cultured in vitro

Oros, I., 1978:
Development of tissue fluid in adrenalectomized rats

Hicks G.S., 1982:
Development of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin 38 carpel primordia in vitro

Nabata H.; Shiraki Y.; Sakai K., 1981:
Development of tolerance and a new coronary vaso dilator n 2 hydroxyethyl nicotinamide nitrate sg 75 a comparison with nitro glycerin

Abdul-Wahab, A.S.; Al-Juboory, B.A., 1975:
Development of tolerance by cotton plant to gradual increase in sodium chloride concentration in the soil

Campo, R.A., 1973:
Development of tolerance in pigeons to behavioral effects of a new benzopyran derivative 5 5 di methyl 10 hydroxy 8 3 methyl 2 ocytl 2 2 propynyl 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro 5h 1 benzopyrano 3 4 4 pyridine

Imamura, T.; Gandy, J.; Hasegawa, L., 1985:
Development of tolerance to a pneumotoxic impurity of malathion

Woo D.V.; Christian J.E.; Schnell R.C., 1979:
Development of tolerance to a silicon barbiturate derivative by repeated administration in male mice

Yanagita, T.; Takahashi, S., 1970:
Development of tolerance to and physical dependence on barbiturates in rhesus monkeys

Nowakowska, E.; Chodera, A.; Szczawinska, K.; Cenajek, D., 1983:
Development of tolerance to benzodiazepines 1. changes in the systems of central nervous system neuro transmitters during long term administration of nitrazepam

Chodera, A.; Cenajek, D.; Chodera, R.; Nowakowska, E.; Szczawińska, K., 1984:
Development of tolerance to benzodiazepines. II. Baclofen effect on the activity of rats during tolerance to the sedative action of nitrazepam and oxazepam

Lane S.J.; Morgan W.W., 1985:
Development of tolerance to chronic barbital treatment in the cerebellar cyclic gmp system and its response to subsequent barbital abstinence

Kerver, J.W.M.; Van-Delden, W., 1985:
Development of tolerance to ethanol in relation to the alcohol dehydrogenase locus in drosophila melanogaster 1. adult and egg to adult survival in relation to alcohol dehydrogenase activity

Anilkumar T.B.; Sastry M.N.L., 1979:
Development of tolerance to fungicides in rhizoctonia bataticola

Oehler, J.; Jähkel, M.; Schmidt, J., 1984:
Development of tolerance to haloperidol in the rat striatum

Reichman, L.B.; Shim, C.S.; Baden, M.; Richter, R., 1973:
Development of tolerance to street heroin in addicted and nonaddicted primates

Burov Y.V.; Borisenko S.A., 1980:
Development of tolerance to the activating effect of morphine amphetamine and alcohol on the system of positive reinforcement in rats

Loescher W., 1986:
Development of tolerance to the anticonvulsant effect of gamma aminobutyric acid mimetic drugs in genetically epilepsy prone gerbils

Thompson, D.M., 1977:
Development of tolerance to the disruptive effects of cocaine on repeated acquisition and performance of response sequences

Broccardo, M., 1985:
Development of tolerance to the effect of dermorphin on gastric emptying in the rat

Cicero, T.J.; Meyer, E.R.; Schmoeker, P.F., 1982:
Development of tolerance to the effects of morphine on luteinizing hormone secretion as a function of castration in the male rat

Huidobro Toro J.P.; Miranda H.; Huidobro F., 1981:
Development of tolerance to the excitatory effect of morphine and cross tolerance to the inhibitory action of beta endorphin in the isolated rat vas deferens

DeTurck, K.H.; Pohorecky, L.A., 1987:
Development of tolerance to the inhibitory effects of ethanol in the isolated rat vas deferens. Effect of selective agonists and antagonists

Kurosaki F.; Sakurai I.; Nishi A., 1984:
Development of tolerance to the phyto alexin 6 methoxy mellein in microorganisms

Boyd M.R.; Burka L.T.; Wilson B.J.; Rama Sastry B.V., 1981:
Development of tolerance to the pulmonary toxin 4 ipomeanol

Mccown T.J.; Barrett R.J., 1980:
Development of tolerance to the rewarding effects of self administered s dextro amphetamine

Leppik, I.E.; Cloyd, J.C.; Miller, K., 1984:
Development of tolerance to the side effects of primidone

Pagliusi S.R.; Loscher W., 1985:
Development of tolerance to the wet dog shake behavior but not the increase in seizure threshold induced by l 5 hydroxytryptophan during continued treatment in rats

Ahlner J.; Andersson R.G.G.; Axelsson K.L.; Ljusegren M.E., 1987:
Development of tolerance towards glyceryl trinitrate in vitro low concentration induced tolerance and changes in cyclic gmp metabolism

Brinton, B.; Fujiki, M., 1984:
Development of topic manipulation skills in discourse

Chvapil M.; Weinstein P.R.; Misiorowski R.L.; Telles D.; Rankin L.; Stoy V., 1984:
Development of topical beta aminopropionitrile delivery system for acute spinal cord injury in dogs

Bennett M.R.; Lai K., 1981:
Development of topographical distributions of cutaneous sensory neurons in amphibian ganglia

Schubert, A.; Marzachi, C.; Mazzitelli, M.; Cravero, M.C.; Bonfante-Fasolo, P., 1987:
Development of total and viable extraradical mycelium in the vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus glomus clarum nicol. and schenck

Fukumasu, H., 1980:
Development of total artificial heart

Mendes, M.H.M.; Lajolo, F.M., 1975:
Development of total volatile bases and tri methyl amine in fishes and their use as an indicator of quality

Yadav C.L.; Gupta R.P.; Chaudhri S.S., 1984 :
Development of toxocara vitulorum eggs

Johnson R.B.; Low F.N., 1981:
Development of trans alveolar fibers in alveolar bone of the mouse

Chauhan E.; Lal M., 1987:
Development of transfer cells in the haustorium vaginula complex of physcomitrium cyathicarpum mitt an ultrastructural study

Bradbury H.; Moscato M., 1982:
Development of transitivity of preference novelty and linear regularity

Meedel, T.H.; Whittaker, J.R., 1983:
Development of translationally active messenger rna for larval muscle acetyl cholin esterase ec during ascidian embryogenesis

Neiman I.M.; Kozlova I.N., 1979:
Development of transplantable tumors in mice with induced tumors depending on the activity of the immunological system

Fedorov, N.A.; Reshchikov, V.P.; Fertukova, N.M.; Shkarenkov, A.A.; Gudim, V.I.; Moskaleva, G.P.; Khokhlova, M.P.; Vinogradova, G.F.; Zaretskii, I.I., 1976:
Development of transplanted experimental leukemia nk ly under the effect of anti erythropoietic immune serum

Dedov I.I.; Demina N.A., 1979:
Development of transplanted rat mammary cancer in relation to thyroid hormone levels

Partskhaladze N.N., 1979:
Development of transplanted rat sarcoma 45 at different locations in the recipients body

Slavov K., 1985:
Development of transplantless sugar beet seed plants seed yields and qualities

Beezhold D.H.; Sachs H.G.; Van Alten P.J., 1983:
Development of transport ability by embryonic follicle associated epithelium

Gemmill B.; Mcbride J.R.; Laven R.D., 1982:
Development of tree ring chronologies in an ozone air pollution stressed forest in southern california usa

Weinberger G.; Goodwill R.E., 1983:
Development of tribolium castaneum as a biological assay for the nutritive quality of lysine and or protein in small grain cereals

Moss, S.T.; Lichtwardt, R.W., 1976:
Development of tricho spores and their appendages in genistellospora homothallica and other harpellales and fine structural evidence for the sporangial nature of tricho spores

Islam K.S., 1986:
Development of trichobilharzia australis blair and islam 1983 in the snail lymnaea lessoni deshayes and in an experimental definitive host the muscovy duck

Davidova, J.; Stys, P., 1976:
Development of trichobothrial patterns in 2 coptosoma species heteroptera plataspidae

Harwalkar M.R.; Rananavare H.D.; Rahaikar G.W., 1987:
Development of trichogramma brasiliensis hymenoptera trichogrammatidae on eggs of radiation sterilized females of potato tuberworm phthorimaea operculella lepidoptera gelechiidae

Harrison W.W.; King E.G.; Ouzts J.D., 1985:
Development of trichogramma exiguum and trichogramma pretiosum at 5 temperature regimes

Richards, J.H.; Barrett, S.C.H., 1987:
Development of tristyly in pontederia cordata pontederiaceae i. mature floral structure and patterns of relative growth of reproductive organs

Slotkin T.A.; Orband Miller L.; Queen K.L., 1987:
Development of tritiated nicotine binding sites in brain regions of rats exposed to nicotine prenatally via maternal injections or infusions

Sarlieve L.L.; Defeudis F.V.; Ossola L.; Varga V.; Mandel P., 1980:
Development of tritium labeled muscimol binding to sub cellular particles of a culture of mouse brain

Birova V.; Calvo A.; Ovies D., 1979:
Development of tropisurus confusus in the intermediate host

Dwinger R.H.; Rudin W.; Murray M., 1988:
Development of trypanosoma congolense trypanosoma vivax and trypanosoma brucei in the skin reaction induced in goats by infected glossina morsitans centralis a light and electron microscopical study

Yakovleva V.I., 1984:
Development of tumors in dog liver at later times following long term gamma irradiation

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Development of tumors in syrian hamsters during prolonged experimental exposure to nas

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Development of tumors in the glandular stomach of rats after oral administration of carcinogens part 1 histological findings

Uchida, Y.; Roessner, A.; Schlake, W.; Ruehland, D.; Themann, H.; Grundmann, E., 1976:
Development of tumors in the glandular stomach of rats after oral administration of carcinogens part 2 different cell types in antral carcinoma as revealed by electron microscopy

Uchida, Y.; Roessner, A.; Stahl, K.; Schlake, W.; Blanke, G.; Ruehland, D.; Themann, H.; Grundmann, E., 1977:
Development of tumors in the glandular stomach of rats after oral administration of carcinogens part 3 a quantitative ultrastructural comparison between normal and carcinomatous gland cells

Gray J.B.; Anderson R.C., 1982:
Development of turgida turgida in the common field cricket acheta pennsylvanicus

Gray J.B.; Anderson R.C., 1982:
Development of turgida turgida nematoda physalopteroidea in the opossum didelphis virginiana

El' Din K.N.; Svyatogor G.P., 1982:
Development of twins from over ripe roe in the loach

Pacovsky R.S.; Fuller G., 1986:
Development of two endomycorrhizal symbioses on soybean glycine max cultivar amsoy 71 and comparison with phosphorus fertilization

Heider G.; Hlinak A.; Prusas C.; Buechel A., 1988:
Development of two side bonding elisa to detect antibodies against virus of avian encephalomyelitis

Yaari, Y.; Hamon, B.; Lux, H.D., 1987:
Development of two types of calcium channels in cultured mammalian hippocampal neurons

Hansen, J.T., 1978:
Development of type i cells of the rabbit subclavian glomera aortic bodies a light microscopic fluorescence microscopic and electron microscopic study

Delsol M.; Flatin J.; Exbrayat J M.; Bons J., 1981:
Development of typhlonectes compressicaudus viviparous apoda amphibian hypothesis concerning embryonic and larval nutrition through an ecto tropho blast

Zdarkova, E., 1974:
Development of tyrophagus putrescentiae acarina on various food materials

Ohisalo, J.J.; Laskowska-Klita, T.; Andersson, S.M., 1982:
Development of tyrosine amino transferase ec and p hydroxyphenyl pyruvate di oxygenase ec activities in fetal and neo natal human liver

Perry, S.T.; Rothrock, R.; Isham, K.R.; Lee, K.L.; Kenney, F.T., 1983:
Development of tyrosine amino transferase ec in peri natal rat liver changes in functional messenger rna and the role of inducing hormones

Arnold E.B.; Vernadakis A., 1979:
Development of tyrosine hydroxylase activity in dissociated cerebral cell cultures

Harper R.M.; Leake B.; Miyahara L.; Hoppenbrouwers T.; Sterman M.B.; Hodgman J., 1981:
Development of ultradian periodicity and coalescence at 1 cycle per hour in electro encephalographic activity

Fujishiro K.; Yoshimura S., 1982:
Development of ultrasonic quantitative blood flow measurement system

Olek, A.J.; Ling, A.; Daniels, M.P., 1986:
Development of ultrastructural specializations during the formation of acetylcholine receptor aggregates on cultured myotubes

Bevington, K.B., 1976:
Development of union abnormalities in grafts between lemon citrus limon and poncirus trifoliata

Rane, S.; Aperia, A.; Eneroth, P.; Lundin, S., 1985:
Development of urinary concentrating capacity in weaning rats

Sugden D.A.; Cannell A.J.; Cholewa J.P.; Walder P.J., 1983:
Development of use of vision between 8 and 16 years of age on performance of slow continuous and fast discrete motor tasks

Ohta Y., 1981:
Development of uterine ability of deciduoma formation in response to trauma in rats during neo natal life

Mindur C.; Krawczyk E.; Wezyk S., 1985:
Development of uterine chick embryos after storage at 5 celsius for 15 hours

Opacki W., 1981:
Development of uterine contractility and fetal heart activity parameters in the course of ketamine anesthesia in delivering women

Germaine, G.R.; Coggiola, E.; Murrell, W.G., 1973:
Development of uv resistance in sporulating bacillus cereus strain t

W.H.O., 1976:
Development of vaccines for fertility regulation 3rd international symposium on immunology of reproduction varna bulgaria september 21 25 1975

Cecich R.A., 1979:
Development of vacuoles and lipid bodies in apical meristems of pinus banksiana

Bertin, C.; Panouille, A.; Rautou, S., 1976:
Development of varieties of maize grain with ear prolificacy for wide ecological adaptation

Tambovtseva R.V.; Kornienko I.A., 1986:
Development of various types of muscle fibers in the soleus muscle during postnatal ontogenesis in the rat

Yoshizawa N.; Tanaka Y.; Idei T., 1986:
Development of vascular cambium and compression wood formation in the shoot of young spruce picea jezoensis var hondoensis

Murmanis, L., 1977:
Development of vascular cambium into secondary tissue of quercus rubra

Itano, T.; Matsuki, T.; Kasahara, K., 1976:
Development of vascular tumors in mice treated with n methyl n nitroso urethane

Eitschberger E., 1980:
Development of vascularization in ossicula transplants and implants

Govyrin, V.A., 1977:
Development of vaso motor adrenergic innervation in ontogenesis and phylogenesis

Emson P.C.; Gilbert R.F.T.; Loren I.; Fahrenkrug J.; Sundler F.; Schaffalitzky D.M.ckadell O.B., 1979:
Development of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide containing neurons in the rat brain

Van Devender T.R.; Spaulding W.G., 1979:
Development of vegetation and climate in the southwestern usa

Pienimaki T., 1982:
Development of vegetation on some drained mire site types in north ostrobothnia finland

Shalandina, V.T., 1977:
Development of vegetative cover in the northeast privolzhskaya ussr upland region in the holocene

Franck D.H., 1979:
Development of vein pattern in leaves of ostrya virginiana betulaceae

Bahadur, J.; Kathuria, O.P., 1971:
Development of ventral esophageal diverticulum in papilio aristolochiae lepidoptera papilionidae

Wampler R.S.; Snowdown C.T., 1979:
Development of ventromedial hypothalamus obesity in vagotomized rats

Weisberg, P.; Passman, R.H.; Russell, J.E., 1973:
Development of verbal control over bizarre gestures of retardates through imitative and nonimitative reinforcement procedures

Sincoff J.B.; Sternberg R.J., 1988:
Development of verbal fluency abilities and strategies in elementary school age children

Matsuoka M., 1982:
Development of vertebral column and caudal skeleton of the red sea bream pagrus major

Gondran, J., 1977:
Development of verticillium albo atrum on alfalfa

Mirpulatova, N.S.; Akbarov, S.; Shadmanova, N.A., 1978:
Development of verticillium dahliae in soil and wilt damage to cotton crops with various nitrogen sources of nutrition

Rao A.S.; Parvathi K., 1982:
Development of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in groundnut arachis hypogaea and other hosts

Jalali B.L.; Thareja M.L., 1980:
Development of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in plants in relation to phosphate uptake

Kormanik P.P., 1985:
Development of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae in a young sweetgum liquidambar styraciflua plantation

Vijayalakshmi M.; Rao A.S., 1987:
Development of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in sunflower

Redzhepov, A., 1978:
Development of veterinary helminthology in the turkmen ssr

Mozgov, I.E., 1977:
Development of veterinary pharmacology in the USSR

Petricek V., 1982:
Development of vibration diseases in forest workers working with 1 man saws and employed by the state forests of czechoslovakia

Kamel, H.M.; Hume, S.P.; Carr, K.E.; Marigold, J.C.; Michalowski, A., 1988:
Development of villous damage in mouse small intestine after local hyperthermia or irradiation

Kimoto, T., 1975:
Development of viral particles from purified sv 40 dna in transforming human cells

Rao I.U.; Ram H.Y.M., 1984:
Development of virescent capitula and conversion of florets to vegetative shoots in calendula officinalis

Hardy W.D.Jr; Mcclelland A.J.; Zuckerman E.E.; Snyder H.W.Jr; Macewen E.G.; Francis D.; Essex M., 1980:
Development of virus nonproducer lympho sarcomas in pet cats exposed to feline leukemia virus

Jacobson, S.G.; Mohindra, I.; Held, R., 1981:
Development of visual acuity in infants with congenital cataracts

Wakabayashi N.; Tada K.; Yokoya C.; Royama T.; Sato M.; Kamemathu S.; Eguchi K., 1985:
Development of visual acuity in very low weight premature infants evaluated by the preferential looking method

Rakic P., 1981:
Development of visual centers in the primate brain depends on bin ocular competition before birth

Chin, K.C.; Taylor, M.J.; Menzies, R.; Whyte, H., 1985:
Development of visual evoked potentials in neonates. A study using light emitting diode goggles

Okumura T., 1983:
Development of visual evoked response and acoustic evoked response in children and significance on the early detection and prognosis of cerebral dysfunction

Hohmann, A.; Haase, W., 1982:
Development of visual line acuity in humans

Bertenthal, B.I.; Campos, J.J.; Haith, M.M., 1980:
Development of visual organization: the perception of subjective contours

Mimura, K., 1986:
Development of visual pattern discrimination in the fly depends on light experience

Held, R., 1979:
Development of visual resolution

Boothe R.G.; Kiorpes L.; Regal D.M.; Lee C.P., 1982:
Development of visual responsiveness in macaca nemestrina monkeys

Mckenzie, B.E.; Tootell, H.E.; Day, R.H., 1980:
Development of visual size constancy during the 1st year of human infancy

Von Hofsten C., 1979:
Development of visually directed reaching the approach phase

Khayutin S.N.; Dmitrieva L.P.; Korneeva E.V., 1986:
Development of visually guided behavior and of visual evoked potentials in altricial nestlings

Moundoud P.; Viviani P.; Hauert C.A.; Guyon J., 1985:
Development of visuomanual tracking in 5 to 9 year old boys

Scoville R.; Gottlieb G., 1980:
Development of vocal behavior in peking ducklings anas platyrhynchos

El-Shibiny, S.; Soliman, M.A.; El-Bagoury, E.; Gad, A.; Abd-El-Salam, M.H., 1978:
Development of volatile fatty acids in ras cheese

Terwedow, H.A.J. ; Craig, G.B.J., 1977:
Development of waltonella flexicauda a filarial parasite of rana catesbeiana in aedes aegypti and other culicine mosquitoes

Magyar R.L.; Walbillig R.J.; Meyer M.E., 1980:
Development of water intake regulation during schedule induced poly dipsia

Campos S.N.; Marin Gorriz F.J.; Bellosta Ferrer R.; Hernandez Vitoria A.; Castillo Ramirez A.; Fuertes Grasa F.; Ruiz Garrido J.M., 1983:
Development of weight and survival of c 3h mice with solid subcutaneous sarcoma 180 treated with radiotherapy hyperthermia and a combination of hyperthermia plus radiotherapy

Jones, M.G., 1978:
Development of wheat bulb fly delia coarctata larvae and pupae at different temperatures

Dosba, F.; Doussinault, G., 1978:
Development of wheat lines with favorable agronomic characteristics of aegilops ventricosa

Moshkov B.S., 1986:
Development of wheat sown in spring and fall as a function of the duration of juvenile period

El-Ghazaly, G.; Jensen, W.A., 1987:
Development of wheat triticum aestivum pollen ii. histochemical differentiation of wall and ubisch bodies during development

Feyerherm A.M.; Paulsen G.M., 1981:
Development of wheat triticum spp yield prediction model

Deubel V.; Camicas J.L.; Pandare D.; Robert V.; Digoutte J.P.; Germain M., 1981:
Development of wild and vaccinal yellow fever strains in aedes aegypti cells and transmission to suckling mouse

Cobb B.G.; Hannah L.C., 1983:
Development of wild type shrunken 1 and shrunken 2 maize zea mays kernels grown in vitro

Collet, D., 1978:
Development of wildlife rabies in belgium and the grand duchy of luxembourg during the 1st 10 years of the epizootic

Muller, K.; Mendl, H., 1978:
Development of wings in capnia atra in the abisko area sweden plecoptera

Ryynanen M., 1980:
Development of winter hardiness in conifers a review

Runkle J.R., 1984:
Development of woody vegetation in treefall gaps in a beech sugar maple forest

Dinman, B.D., 1976:
Development of workplace environment standards in foreign countries part 1 historical perspectives criteria of response utilized in the ussr

Dinman, B.D., 1976:
Development of workplace environment standards in foreign countries part 2 concepts of higher nervous function in the ussr

Dinman, B.D., 1976:
Development of workplace environment standards in foreign countries part 3 procedures for development of maximum allowable concentration values in the ussr

Lobova E.V.; Obukhova V.A., 1984:
Development of world soils mapping

Emmons, S.L.; Krohn, M.; Jackson, M.; Eschenbach, D.A., 1988:
Development of wound infections among women undergoing cesarean section

Arthur F.H.; Hain F.P., 1985:
Development of wound tissue in the bark of fraser fir abies fraseri and its relation to injury by the balsam woolly adelgid adelges piceae

Hamasaki D.I.; Sutija V.G., 1979:
Development of x cells and y cells in kittens

Kubikova, J.; Rusek, J., 1976:
Development of xerothermic rendzinas a study in ecology and soil micro structure

Bergogne-Berezin, E.; Slim, A., 1976:
Development of yeast infections in hospital environments from 1972 to 1975 development of torulopsis glabrata infections

Arthaud J.F.; Bizeau C.; Galzy P., 1979:
Development of yeast populations in mixed cultures

K.W.K.; Cho S.H.; Kim B.K.; Cho M.J., 1986:
Development of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae vector system for eukaryotic gene cloning optimum condition for intact yeast cell transformation and plasmid stability in the transformants

Polkanova T.P.; Lukashevich M.I., 1983:
Development of yellow lupine early cultivars

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