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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5140

Chapter 5140 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gordan, W.L.; Panagos, J.M., 1976:
Developmental transformational capacity of children with Down's syndrome

Gościcka, D.; Tomasik, E., 1979:
Developmental transformations of fetal kidney in pig and sheep

Uezato, T.; Fujita, M., 1983:
Developmental transition of alkaline phosphatase from suckling to adult type in rat small intestine: molecular species and effect of injected cortisone and thyroxine

Scapolo P.A.; Veggetti A.; Mascarello F.; Romanello M.G., 1988:
Developmental transitions of myosin isoforms and organization of the lateral muscle in the teleost dicentrarchus labrax l

Baugh J.G.; Hunter S.M.; Webber L.S.; Berenson G.S., 1982:
Developmental trends 1st cigarette smoking experience of children the bogalusa heart study

Waterhouse, L.; Fein, D., 1984:
Developmental trends in cognitive skills for children diagnosed as autistic and schizophrenic

Hoffman P.R.; Schuckers G.H.; Daniloff R.G., 1980:
Developmental trends in correct phoneme r articulation as a function of allophone type

Van Blerkom, M.L., 1985:
Developmental trends in dichhaptic lateralization

Newell K.M.; Carlton L.G., 1980:
Developmental trends in motor response recognition

Johnson J.E.; Ershler J., 1981:
Developmental trends in preschool play as a function of classroom program and child gender

Andersson, B.E., 1979:
Developmental trends in reaction to social pressure from adults vs. peers

Hart D.; Damon W., 1986:
Developmental trends in self understanding

Dorval B.; Eckerman C.O., 1984:
Developmental trends in the quality of conversation achieved by small groups of acquainted peers

Robb, M.P.; Saxman, J.H., 1985:
Developmental trends in vocal fundamental frequency of young children

Yabe K.; Tsukahara R.; Mita K.; Aoki H., 1985:
Developmental trends of jumping reaction time by means of electromyogram in mentally retarded children

Guttmann, J.; Ziv, A.; Green, D., 1978:
Developmental trends of the relativistic realistic dimension of moral judgment in adolescence

Eckert, H.M.; Eichorn, D.H., 1977:
Developmental variability in reaction time

Shvetsov, E.V., 1976:
Developmental variability of inguinal lymph nodes in adult humans

Chisholm J.C.; Johnson M.H.; Warren P.D.; Fleming T.P.; Pickering S.J., 1985:
Developmental variability within and between mouse expanding blastocysts and their inner cell masses

Inoue, S.; Inoue, H.; Hiroyoshi, T.; Matsubara, H.; Yamanaka, T., 1986:
Developmental variation and amino acid sequences of cytochromes c of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster and the flesh fly Boettcherisca peregrina

Kaur P.; Parkash R., 1979:
Developmental variation and tissue localization of esterases in zaprionus paravittiger

Miyashita N.; Laurie Ahlberg C.C., 1986:
Developmental variation in effects of the second and third chromosomes on the activities of the glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and glucose 6 phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in drosophila melanogaster

Irwin, L.N.; Bremer, E.G.; Irwin, C.C.; McCluer, R.H., 1985:
Developmental variation in monosialoganglioside content of embryonic chick retina and tectum

Blaker T.W.; Greyson R.I., 1988:
Developmental variation of leaf surface wax of maize zea mays

Hedner J.; Lundell K.H.; Breese G.R.; Mueller R.A.; Hedner T., 1986:
Developmental variations in cerebrospinal fluid monoamine metabolites during childhood

Falkenthal S.; Parker V.P.; Davidson N., 1985:
Developmental variations in the splicing pattern of transcripts from the drosophila melanogaster gene encoding myosin alkali light chain result in different carboxyl terminal amino acid sequences

Couble P.; Moine A.; Garel A.; Prudhomme J C., 1983:
Developmental variations of a nonfibroin messenger rna of bombyx mori silk gland encoding for a low molecular weight silk protein

Desmeth, M., 1976:
Developmental variations of the villi along the ileum in newly hatched and adult pigeons. A scanning electron microscopic study

Numaga T.; Miyakubo H., 1981:
Developmental vascular abnormality of the peripheral retina in juvenile retinal detachment

Seichert V.; Kacirkova J.; Jelinek R., 1984:
Developmental view of the origination of limb malformations 2

Kamhi, A.G., 1981:
Developmental vs. difference theories of mental retardation: a new look

Pengilly, D., 1984:
Developmental vs. functional explanations for patterns of variability and correlation in the dentitions of foxes

Gotoh T., 1987:
Developmental zero of tetranychus viennensis zacher acarina tetranychidae on deciduous oak

Orii H.; Tanaka Y.; Yanagisawa K., 1988:
Developmentally and cyclic amp regulated gene expression of the plasmid pdg1 in dictyostelium discoideum transformant

Perlmutter R.M.; Kearney J.F.; Chang S.P.; Hood L.E., 1985:
Developmentally controlled expression of immunoglobulin variable region heavy chain v h genes

Hardt C.; Diamantstein T.; Wagner H., 1985:
Developmentally controlled expression of interleukin 2 receptors and of sensitivity to interleukin 2 in a subset of embryonic thymocytes

Miller, L.K., 1987:
Developmentally delayed musical savant's sensitivity to tonal structure

Wireman, J.W.; Dworkin, M., 1977:
Developmentally induced autolysis during fruiting body formation by Myxococcus xanthus

Skuse G.R.; Sullivan D.T., 1985:
Developmentally regulated alternate modes of expression of the gpdh glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase locus of drosophila melanogaster

Winkles, J.A.; Sargent, T.D.; Parry, D.A.; Jonas, E.; Dawid, I.B., 1985:
Developmentally regulated cytokeratin gene in Xenopus laevis

Damjanov I.; Damjanov A.; Damsky C.H., 1986:
Developmentally regulated expression of cell cell adhesion glycoprotein cell cam 120 80 in peri implantation mouse embryos and extraembryonic membranes

Melloul, D.; Aloni, B.; Calvo, J.; Yaffe, D.; Nudel, U., 1984:
Developmentally regulated expression of chimeric genes containing muscle actin DNA sequences in transfected myogenic cells

Budd, R.C.; Miescher, G.C.; Howe, R.C.; Lees, R.K.; Bron, C.; MacDonald, H.R., 1987:
Developmentally regulated expression of T cell receptor beta chain variable domains in immature thymocytes

Sengupta Gopalan C.; Reichert N.A.; Barker R.F.; Hall T.C.; Kemp J.D., 1985:
Developmentally regulated expression of the bean beta phaseolin gene in tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi seed

Wada, C.; Hashimoto, C.; Kameya, T.; Yamaguchi, K.; Ono, M., 1988:
Developmentally regulated expression of the calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) in rat lung endocrine cells

Heath J.K.; Shi W K., 1986:
Developmentally regulated expression on insulin like growth factors by differentiated murine teratocarcinomas and extraembryonic mesoderm

Lepesant J A.; Garen A.; Lepesant Kejzlarvoa J.; Rat L.; Somme Martin G.; Levine M., 1982:
Developmentally regulated gene expression in drosophila melanogaster larval fat bodies

Lindsay R.M.; Tarbit J., 1979:
Developmentally regulated induction of neurite outgrowth from immature chick sensory neurons by homogenates of avian or mammalian heart liver and brain

Frisa P.S.; Sonneborn D.R., 1982:
Developmentally regulated inter conversions between end product inhibitable and noninhibitable forms of a 1st pathway specific enzyme activity can be mimicked in vitro by protein dephosphorylation phosphorylation reactions

Nowak, T.P.; Kobiler, D.; Roel, L.E.; Barondes, S.H., 1977:
Developmentally regulated lectin from embryonic chick pectoral muscle. Purification by affinity chromatography

Barth R.K.; Gross K.W.; Gremke L.C.; Hastie N.D., 1982:
Developmentally regulated messenger rna in mouse liver

Cook K.S.; Hunt C.R.; Spiegelman B.M., 1985:
Developmentally regulated messenger rna species in 3t3 adipocytes analysis of transcriptional control

Perle M.A.; Leonard C.M.; Newman S.A., 1982:
Developmentally regulated nonhistone proteins evidence for dna binding role and localization near dnase i sensitive domains of pre cartilage cell chromatin

Tripp M.L.; Pinon R., 1986:
Developmentally regulated phosphoproteins associated with chromosome complexes in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Rafalski J.A.; Scheets K.; Metzler M.; Peterson D.M.; Hedgcoth C.; Soll D.G., 1984:
Developmentally regulated plant genes the nucleotide sequence of a wheat triticum aestivum gliadin genomic clone

Patejunas G.; Young A.P., 1987:
Developmentally regulated primary glucocorticoid hormone induction of chick retinal glutamine synthetase messenger rna

Schwalb, M.N., 1977:
Developmentally regulated proteases from the basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune

Miller F.D.; Naus C.C.G.; Higgins G.A.; Bloom F.E.; Milner R.J., 1987:
Developmentally regulated rat brain messenger rna species molecular and anatomical characterization

Richter, J.D.; Smith, L.D., 1983:
Developmentally regulated RNA binding proteins during oogenesis in Xenopus laevis

Rowan, R.G.; Brennan, M.D.; Dickinson, W.J., 1986:
Developmentally regulated RNA transcripts coding for alcohol dehydrogenase in Drosophila affinidisjuncta

Spangler, E.A.; Ryan, T.; Blackburn, E.H., 1988:
Developmentally regulated telomere addition in Tetrahymena thermophila

Ollington, J.F.; Haldenwang, W.G.; Huynh, T.V.; Losick, R., 1981:
Developmentally regulated transcription in a cloned segment of the Bacillus subtilis chromosome

Gallagher J.T.; Morris A.J.; Dexter T.M., 1987:
Developmentally related changes in surface membrane glycopeptides of murine hemopoietic cells

Necas, J.; Sulek, J., 1977:
Developmentally stopped and stunted cells in the culture of the alga scenedesmus quadricauda

Stoll K., 1988:
Developments during four decades of arboriculture in switzerland

Ramsbottom W.H.C., 1984:
Developments from faunal studies in the carboniferous of wales uk

Meijerink A.M.J.; Verstappen H.T.; Van Zuidam R.A., 1983:
Developments in applied geo morphological survey and mapping

Singer T.P.; Ondarza R.N., 1978:
Developments in biochemistry vol 1 mechanisms of oxidizing enzymes international symposium la paz baja california sur mexico december 5 7 1977

Catsimpoolas N., 1978:
Developments in biochemistry vol 2 electrophoresis 1978 proceedings of the international conference cambridge massachusetts usa april 19 21 1978

Regamey R.H., 1977:
Developments in biological standardization vol 34 international symposium on pyrogenicity innocuity and toxicity test systems for biological products proceedings of the 57th symposium budapest hungary september 8 10 1976

Mackowiak C.; Regamey R.H., 1977:
Developments in biological standardization vol 35 international symposium on foot and mouth disease part 2 proceedings of the 55th symposium lyon france october 5 8 1976

Hennessen W.; Regamey R.H., 1978:
Developments in biological standardization vol 40 joint who international association of biological standardization symposium on the standardization of rabies vaccines for human use produced in tissue culture rabies iii 52nd symposium marburg west germany november 21 23 1977

Mesdag J., 1985:
Developments in breeding winter wheat for bread baking quality in some north western european countries

Newlands E.S.; Bagshawe K.D.; Begent R.H.J.; Rustin G.J.S.; Holden L.; Dent J., 1986:
Developments in chemotherapy for medium risk and high risk patients with gestational trophoblastic tumors 1979 1984

Fleming H.P., 1984:
Developments in cucumber fermentation

Berk J.E., 1977:
Developments in digestive diseases clinical relevance

Berk J.E., 1979:
Developments in digestive diseases vol 2

Underkofler L.A., 1976:
Developments in industrial microbiology vol 17 proceedings of the 32nd general meeting of the society for industrial microbiology kingston rhode island usa aug 17 22 1975

Goodland R.J.A.; Irwin H.S., 1975:
Developments in landscape management and urban planning vol 1 amazon jungle green hell to red desert an ecological discussion of the environmental impact of the highway construction program in the amazon basin

Rankine, B.C., 1977:
Developments in malo lactic fermentation of australian red table wines

Kosch, P.C.; Koterba, A.M.; Coons, T.J.; Webb, A.I., 1984:
Developments in management of the newborn foal in respiratory distress 1: Evaluation

Webb, A.I.; Coons, T.J.; Koterba, A.M.; Kosch, P.C., 1984:
Developments in management of the newborn foal in respiratory distress 2: Treatment

Churchill, D.B.; Sumner, H.R., 1975:
Developments in pick up equipment for oranges to reduce windrowing

Bolt G.H.; Bruggenwert M.G.M., 1976 :
Developments in soil science vol 5a soil chemistry a basic elements

Sinnathamby, S.V., 1977:
Developments in the control of coconut scale aspidiotus destructor in sri lanka

Deyon, A.C.; Caillaux, M.; Vernes, A.; Andrieu, S., 1977:
Developments in the dermatophyte flora of algeria a survey made in cherchell

Neuwelt E.A.; Frenkel E.P.; Gumerlock M.K.; Braziel R.; Dana B.; Hill S.A., 1986:
Developments in the diagnosis and treatment of primary central nervous system lymphoma a prospective series

Berg, P.J., 1975:
Developments in the establishment of 2nd rotation radiata pine at riverhead forest

Hennessen, W., 1976:
Developments in the prophylactic use of vaccines

Hatano, M.; Takano, H.; Takama, K.; Zama, K., 1979:
Developments in the protein utilization of abundantly caught fatty fish 3. emulsifying and solubilizing properties of succinylated myo fibrillar protein from sardines

Takama, K.; Hatano, M.; Zama, K., 1979:
Developments in the protein utilization of abundantly caught fatty fish 5. effects of pressure treatments on eliminated lipids and recovered proteins of fish

Kawai, Y.; Nomata, H.; Hatano, M., 1988:
Developments in the protein utilization of abundantly caught fatty fish vi. preparation of succinylated total protein from sardine muscle and utilization of the modified protein by microorganisms

Takama, K.; Hatano, M.; Zama, K., 1979:
Developments in the protein utilization of fatty fish caught in large quantities 1. relationship between rigor mortis and the properties of extracted protein from sardine sardinops melanosticta

Hatano, M.; Takano, H.; Takama, K.; Cabling, F.J. ; Zama, K., 1979:
Developments in the protein utilization of fatty fish caught in large quantities 2. some chemical and functional properties of succinylated myo fibrillar protein from sardines

Moser, K.; Dorner, F.; Francesconi, M.; Ganzinger, U.; Graninger, W.; Lenzhofer, R.; Pesendorfer, F.X.; Pohl, A.; Rainer, H., 1980:
Developments in the serological diagnosis of malignant diseases

Acad-Sin-Peking-Inst-Bot-Res-Group-Somatic-Hybrid, 1977:
Developments in the study of plant protoplast culturing

Kojic M., 1985:
Developments in weed vegetation studies in serbia yugoslavia

Stone, M.; Angus, J.A., 1978:
Developments of computer based estimation of effective concentration of agonist to antagonist values and associated analysis

Acetarin, J.D.; Carlemalm, E.; Villiger, W., 1986:
Developments of new Lowicryl resins for embedding biological specimens at even lower temperatures

Albat M.; Baleux B.; Picot B.; Philipot J.M.; Bontoux J., 1986:
Developments of total kjeldahl nitrogen and bacterial biomass along a potabilization line

Henderson, G.; Enevoldsen, S.; Johansen, P.; Wildfang, B., 1978:
Developments offshore west greenland in 1977

Solomah A.G., 1983:
Developments recommendations and applications of tests for evaluating the chemical stability of high level radioactive solid waste forms

Baker, C.J.; Thom, E.R.; Mckain, W.L., 1979:
Developments with seed drill coulters for direct drilling 4. band spraying for suppression of competition during over drilling

Goswami A.K.; Suryaprakash B.; Malik A.K.; Vaidyanathan S., 1988:
Developoment of fatal bilateral xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis in a paraplegic patient case report

Bennett, K.D., 1983:
Devensian late glacial and flandrian vegetational history at hockham mere norfolk england uk 1. pollen percentages and concentrations

Bennett, K.D., 1983:
Devensian late glacial and flandrian vegetational history at hockham mere norfolk england uk 2. pollen accumulation rates

Mooney L.A.; Brabant S., 1987:
Deviance deference and demeanor birthday cards as ceremonial tokens

Boldyrev A.I., 1987:
Deviant behavior in epileptic children

Holzman, P.S.; Kringlen, E.; Levy, D.L.; Haberman, S.J., 1980:
Deviant eye tracking in twins discordant for psychosis. A replication

Kuznetsova, T.V., 1986:
Deviant forms of synfluorescences ii. intercalary leaves and the zone of repression

Bindroo B.B.; Bhat B.K., 1985:
Deviant numbers of chromosomes in somatic cells of dioscorea deltoidea

Bechtel H.K.Jr; Pearson W.Jr, 1985:
Deviant scientists and scientific deviance

Tokumitsu, S.; Tokumitsu, K.; Nomura, H.; Takeuchi, T., 1978:
Deviated formation of intestinal glyco calyx in human stomach cancer cells another type of signet ring cells

Rother, U.; Haensch, G.; Rauterberg, E.W.; Jungfer, H.; Rother, K., 1978:
Deviated lysis lysis of unsensitized cells by complement part 5 generation of the activity by low ph or low ionic strength

Borsos, T.; Rother, U., 1977:
Deviated lysis part 3 kinetics of interaction of deviated lysis activity with chicken erythrocytes evidence for complement induced lesion containing erythrocyte formation

Rother, U.; Haensch, G.; Rother, K., 1976:
Deviated lysis transfer of complement lytic activity to unsensitized cells generation of the activity by inulin and by antigen antibody complexes

Haensch, G.; Rother, U.; Rother, K., 1977:
Deviated lysis transfer of complement lytic activity to unsensitized cells part 4 partial isolation of the activity

van Zwieten, P.A.; Mathy, M.J.; Thoolen, M.J., 1985:
Deviating central hypotensive activity of urapidil in the cat

Idzerda, P.P.; Slegers, J.F.G., 1975:
Deviating flux ratios for sodium ion in ouabain treated frog skin

Kuznetsova, T.V., 1986:
Deviating forms of synflorescences 1. blind truncation

Nijenhuis, L.E.; Geerdink, R.A., 1970:
Deviating segregations in families with elliptocytosis part 2 pedigrees

Gopalakrishna Bhat P.; Krishnamoorthy G.P.; Pattabiraman T.N., 1980:
Deviation behavior of charged and aromatic molecules on highly cross linked dextran and poly acrylamide gels

Vagin Y.V., 1979:
Deviation from expected fur coloration segregation in color hetero zygous mink progeny

Demin-Yu, S.; Safronova, L.D., 1976:
Deviation from the mendelian ratio 1 to 1 in mice due to the effect of t locus alleles in gametogenesis

Chavant L.; Wolf C.; Fonvieille J.L.; Dargent R., 1981:
Deviation from the usual relationships between the temperature the growth rate the fatty acid composition and the lipid micro viscosity of 4 different fungi mucor mucedo aspergillus ochraceus scopulariopsis brevicaulis achlya bisexualis

Pugliesi K.L., 1987:
Deviation in emotion and the labeling of mental illness

Kashiwagi, A.; Fujita, M.; Usugane, M.; Taguchi, T.; Tanaka, T., 1978:
Deviation of isozyme pattern of pyruvate kinase in the liver of nude mice bearing allogeneic or xenogeneic tumor

Cristoveanu, A.; Popovici, D.; Ciocirdia, C.; Tache, A.; Radian, N., 1978:
Deviation of plasma aldo sterone and significance of the stimulating acth cortrosyn and inhibitory propranolol effects in hypertension and cardio vascular pathology

Zhelobtsov P.M., 1982:
Deviation of the abdominal aorta and the common iliac arteries in connection with age and dystopia of the kidneys

Priehradny S., 1984:
Deviation of the curves of tissue saturation by water in powdery mildew infected barley

Gonzalez, R.; Matthew, A.D.; Lange, P.H., 1979:
Deviation of the prostatic urethra in pelvic masses

Gupta, S.K.; Mohan, V., 1978:
Deviation of thoracic paraspinal line in hodgkins disease

Tomoda, K.; Morii, S.; Yamashita, T.; Kumazawa, T., 1981:
Deviation with increasing age in histologic appearance of submucosal glands in human eustachian tubes

Morrow, J., 1984:
Deviational salience: application to short stature and relation to perception of adolescent boys

Albert A.M., 1982:
Deviations from dyars rule in lithobiidae

Leigland, S.M., 1979:
Deviations from matching as a measure of preference for alternatives in pigeons

Wernig, A.; Carmody, J.J., 1978:
Deviations from simple binomial predictions of transmitter release at frog neuro muscular junctions

G"l"bov A.; Kis'ova K.; Mastikova M.; Metodiev K., 1987:
Deviations from the immune profile and interferon response in lung diseases

Calvert J.G.; Stockwell W.R., 1983:
Deviations from the ozone nitric oxide nitrogen di oxide photo stationary state in tropospheric chemistry

Annamma C.; Desiraju T., 1988:
Deviations in brain development of f2 generational calorie undernutrition and scope of their prevention by rehabilitation imbalances in the levels of noradrenaline dopamine and serotonin in different brain regions

Rajendra, W.; Prasad, G.V.; Indira, K., 1988 :
Deviations in hepatic amino acid profiles of mouse following repeated hexachlorophene administration

Munir K.M.; Bhide S.V., 1984:
Deviations in ornithine related metabolism during bhc induced hepatocarcinogenesis in mice evidence for conversion of glutamate to ornithine

Pospisilova J.; Pospisil M.; Serova L.V., 1987:
Deviations in the developmental dynamics of the protein composition of the connective tissue of rats gestated during the flight in the biological satellite kosmos 1514

Plastino E.M.; Oliveira F.E.C.D., 1988:
Deviations in the life history of gracilaria sp rhodophyta gigartinales from coquimbo chile under different culture conditions

Devyatov A.G., 1988:
Deviations in the number of stylodia in flowers of the tribe lychnideae fenzl in endlicher

Rutkowiak B.; Wolanczyk Rutkowiak K., 1986:
Deviations in the pattern of metabolic indices in cows in large scale breeding in the gdansk and elblag provinces poland in 1974 1984

Franklin T.A.; Malaney G.W.; Tanner R.D., 1986:
Deviations in the standard curve used in the bradford protein analysis effect of high salt levels

Skopakowa K.; Skopakoff C., 1982:
Deviations of the bite growth and arrangement of the permanent teeth in dogs after the interruption of the innervation and blood supply of the lower jaw

Wool, D., 1970:
Deviations of zygotic frequencies from expectations in eggs of Tribolium castaneum

Bruggmoser G.; Nanko N.; Hempel M.; Heitz R.; Wannenmacher M., 1987:
Device for a rapid safe and radiation exposure reduced perineal implantation of iodine 125 seeds in prostatic cancer

Guseinov K.M.; Kuliev G.I., 1981:
Device for attaching the stand with the bottle holder to a wheeled stretcher during transportation of patients requiring continuous intra venous administration

Klyashtorin L.B.; Salikzyanov R.F., 1979:
Device for automatic measurement of respiration in fish and other hydrobionts under assigned temperature and oxygen conditions

Smith, R.E.; Kozoman, F., 1973:
Device for automatic rapid harvest of roller culture supernatant fluid

Schubert O.E.; Stevens L.P.; Alt F.L., 1983:
Device for collecting uncontaminated soil samples in plastic tubing

Pinedo, H.M.; Zaharko, D.S.; Dedrick, R.L., 1976:
Device for constant sub cutaneous infusion of methotrexate plasma results in mice

Mikhailov A.V.; Dezhkanbaev S.M., 1981:
Device for continuous recording of unit activity in a long term experiment

Horel, A.; Roland, C.; Krafft, B., 1975:
Device for continuous recording of variations in the weight of wasps nests

Trubitsyna G.A.; Semenov V.V., 1981:
Device for creating experimental emotional stress

Belenkov N.Yu; Mordvinov E.F.; Veiner T.V.; Agnaev A.K.; Lomarev M.P., 1981:
Device for cryo elimination of subcortical structures based on the peltier effect

Kirsanov, V.I.; Monin, I.G.; Sokolova, M.M., 1976:
Device for determining the concentration of osmotically active substances in biological fluids

Bobrovnikov L.V., 1983:
Device for discrete analysis of neuronal impulse activity recorded in freely moving animals

Chang, Y.T., 1972:
Device for eliminating oil condensation in the air flow meter in carbon di oxide incubator

Antonov A.A.; Kolesnikov V.I., 1981:
Device for experiments with bio feedback with respect to data of automatic frequency analysis of electro encephalograms

Antipchuk, A.F., 1978:
Device for exposure of fouling slides

Brovchenko M.I., 1981:
Device for extracting solutes from intact leaf apoplasts

Orgel' M.Ya; Anan'ev V.N.; Goroshnikov S.B.; Shevchenko L.F.; Golosova T.V., 1982:
Device for gel layers

Tiras K.P.; Aslanidi K.B., 1981:
Device for graphic recording of planaria behavior

Gafurov V.K.; Sheripov D., 1982:
Device for irrigation by mineralized water in the deserts

Kotsar, N.I., 1975:
Device for long term maintenance of a given gas regime of water in experimental aquaria

Semenikhina, T.K.; Bugaev, B.M.; Kokoilo, A.N., 1978:
Device for mass phage typing of staphylococci

Vilser W.; Brandt H.P.; Koenigsdoerffer E.; Wittwer B.; Juette A.; Dietze U.; Deufrains A., 1979:
Device for measurement of blood flow in the great retinal vessels of man

Lindstrom, K.; Marsal, K.; Gennser, G.; Bengtsson, L.; Benthin, M.; Dahl, P., 1977:
Device for measurement of fetal breathing movements part 1 the time distance recorder a new system for recording the distance between 2 echo generating structures as a function of time

Marsal, K.; Ulmsten, U.; Lindstrom, K., 1978:
Device for measurement of fetal breathing movements part 2 accuracy of in vitro measurements filtering of output signals and clinical application

Gorchichko, G.K., 1976:
Device for measuring amount of soil splashed by raindrops

Alekseev, N.P.; Afanasenko, P.F.; Il'in, V.I., 1977:
Device for measuring instantaneous frequency

Filippov L.A., 1980:
Device for measuring leaf transpiration with the aid of water absorbing substances

Naresse L.E.; Mendes E.F.; Curi P.R.; Lucchiari P.H.; Kobayashi S., 1987:
Device for measuring the breaking strength of intestinal anastomosis

Emswiller, B.S.; Nichols, J.E.; Kotula, A.W.; Rough, D.K., 1978:
Device for microbiological sampling of meat surfaces

Smith D.A., 1981:
Device for monitoring carbon 14 di oxide in the expired air from beagle dogs its use in the study of aminopyrine demethylation

Goldberg H.I.; Cann C.E.; Moss A.A.; Van Waes P.F.G.M., 1984:
Device for performing direct coronal computed tomographic scanning of the abdomen and pelvis

Kerby, J.H., 1978:
Device for preparing improved chromosome squashes

Sapozhnykova, N.F., 1978:
Device for preparing uniform sections in coleoptile test

Gruber, F.; Dureseau, L., 1978:
Device for rearing cereal aphids to obtain their parasites homoptera aphididae

Aziz, O., 1968:
Device for recording drinking quantities of small animals

Aleksandrov V.I.; Bragin A.M.; Nezlina N.I., 1979:
Device for recording instrumental movements of cat fore leg

Matveev, V.E.; Skvortsov, G.E.; Eĭromdzhants, A.V.; Iakimov, P.T., 1980:
Device for sampling and feeding under aseptic conditions

Petukhov, V.V.; Volkov, V.N.; Iaroshenko, V.P., 1978:
Device for separation of neuronal activity from noise

Khrust-Yu, R.; Rechanic, A.I.; Litinskaya, L.L.; Chepsov, S.A., 1978:
Device for simultaneous cyto photometric and auto radiographic analysis/

Markin A.S.; Aizikov G.S.; Sarkisov I.Yu, 1980:
Device for study of equilibrium in small laboratory animals

Pavlov I.D.; Shparkovskii I.A., 1980:
Device for studying conditioned reflex reactions in fish

Mironov, A.D.; Mironov, V.D., 1978:
Device for studying the burrow and sub snow activity of small rodents

Mazina N.K., 1983:
Device for studying the respiration of small aquatic organisms using a closed oxygen electrode

Belyi V.V.; Belaya E.V.; Metel'skii S.T.; Mitbreit I.M.; Khodorov B.I., 1981:
Device for studying the rheological properties of soft tissues

Barthelemy, R.; Vives, M.; Couzy, H.; Morucci, J.P.; Puel, P.; Enjalbert, A., 1978:
Device for the automatic control of surgical aspiration in cardiac surgery

Holovchenko, S.F.; Mashek, V.O.; Nesterovs'kyi, M.V., 1977:
Device for the bioassay of vasopressin level in blood

Arbuzov A.A.; Belov G.V., 1980:
Device for the determination of surfactant state by the pattle method

Vislobokov, A.I., 1977:
Device for the fixation of the membrane potential of a neuron

Korletyanu A.N.; Spivachenko D.L., 1983:
Device for the head of stereotaxis apparatus sezh 3

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