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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5141

Chapter 5141 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Keizer K.; Kuypers H.G.J.M.; Huisman A.M.; Dann O., 1983:
Di amidino yellow di hydro chloride a new fluorescent retrograde neuronal tracer which migrates only very slowly out of the cell

North, M.J.; Turner, R., 1977:
Di amine content of the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum presence of 1 3 di amino propane and putrescine

Villiers C.L.; Arlaud G.J.; Colomb M.G., 1984:
Di amine induced dissociation of human complement c 1

Gahl, W.A.; Pitot, H.C., 1980:
Di amine oxidase ec activity in fibroblasts from normal and cystic fibrosis patients

Thomasset, N.; Quash, G.; Dore, J.F., 1982:
Di amine oxidase ec activity in human melanoma cell lines with different tumorigenicity in nude mice

Sessa, A.; Desiderio, M.A.; Baizini, M.; Perin, A., 1981:
Di amine oxidase ec activity in regenerating rat liver and in 4 di methylamino azo benzene induced and yoshida ah 130 hepatomas

Quash, G.; Keolouangkhot, T.; Gazzolo, L.; Ripoll, H.; Saez, S., 1979:
Di amine oxidase ec and poly amine oxidase activities in normal and transformed cells

Luk, G.D.; Vaughan, W.P.; Burke, P.J.; Baylin, S.B., 1981:
Di amine oxidase ec as a plasma marker of rat intestinal mucosal injury and regeneration after administration of 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl cytosine

Floris, G.; Giartosio, A.; Rinaldi, A., 1983:
Di amine oxidase ec from lens esculenta seedlings purification and properties

D'agostino, L.; D'argenio, G.; Ciacci, C.; Daniele, B.; Macchia, V.; Mazzacca, G., 1984:
Di amine oxidase ec in rat small bowel distribution in different segments and cellular location

Kluetz, M.D.; Schmidt, P.G., 1977:
Di amine oxidase ec molecular weight and subunit analysis

Rangarajan-Suresh, M.; Ramakrishna, S., 1976:
Di amine oxidase ec of lathyrus sativus seedlings

Andersson, A.C.; Henningsson, S.; Lundell, L.; Rosengren, E.; Sundler, F., 1976:
Di amines and poly amines in 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced breast carcinoma containing mast cells resistant to compound 48 80

Meyer-Zu-Reckendorf, W.; Hehenberger, H., 1980:
Di amino and poly amino sugars 23. elimination reactions accompanying the synthesis of 2 3 di amino 2 3 dideoxy d glucose

Meyer-Zu-Reckendorf, W.; Weber, R.; Hehenberger, H., 1981:
Di amino and poly amino sugars 24. synthesis and reactions of 2 3 di amino 2 3 dideoxy 2 3 n oxalyl d glucose

Meyer-Zu-Reckendorf, W.; Lenzen, H.J., 1982:
Di amino and poly amino sugars 28. substitution reactions of 2 amino 2 deoxy alpha d gluco pyranosides at position 3

Spohr, U.; Zu-Reckendorf, W.M., 1982:
Di amino and poly amino sugars 29. reactions of 2 deoxy streptamine with 5 6 anhydro sugars synthesis of n glycos 6 yl derivatives

Spohr, U.; Meyer-Zu-Reckendorf, W., 1982:
Di amino and poly amino sugars 30. reaction of a 2 3 anhydro sugar with a 6 amino sugar synthesis and reactions of a n glycos 6 yl epimino sugar

Krysciak J., 1980:
Di amino pimelate in mammalian urine

Dufva G.S.; Bartley E.E.; Arambel M.J.; Nagaraja T.G.; Dennis S.M.; Galitzer S.J.; Dayton A.D., 1982:
Di amino pimelic acid content of feeds and rumen bacteria and its usefulness as a rumen bacterial marker

Goel A.K.; Hall A.N., 1979:
Di amino pimelic acid synthesis by resting cells of escherichia coli atcc 13002 a double auxotroph of lysine and histidine

Meyer-Zu-Reckendorf, W.; Spohr, U., 1982:
Di amino sugars and poly amino sugars 27. syntheses of derivatives of 4 6 di amino 4 6 dideoxy d glucose 4 6 di amino 4 6 dideoxy d gulose 3 4 6 tri amino 3 4 6 trideoxy d allose and 3 4 6 tri amino 3 4 6 trideoxy d galactose

Vincent R.G.; Lane W.W.; Raza S.; Madajewicz S., 1982:
Di ammine di chloro platinum combination chemo therapy in non oat cell carcinoma of the lung

Jaime C.; Ortuno R.M.; Font J., 1986:
Di and trisubstituted gamma lactones conformational study by molecular mechanics calculations and coupling constant analysis

Levin, V.A.; Freeman-Dove, M.A.; Maroten, C.E., 1976:
Di anhydro galactitol nsc 132313 pharmaco kinetics in normal and tumor bearing rat brain and anti tumor activity against 3 intra cerebral rodent tumors

Bates G.S.; Ramaswamy S., 1980:
Di anions of glyoxylic acid thio ketals convenient alpha keto acid equivalents

Tidwell, R.R.; Geratz, J.D.; Dann, O.; Volz, G.; Zeh, D.; Loewe, H., 1978:
Di aryl amidine derivatives with 1 or both of the aryl moieties consisting of an indole or indole like ring inhibitors of arginine specific estero proteases

Inoue T.; Arai Y.; Nagai M., 1984:
Di aryl heptanoids in the bark of myrica rubra

Craveiro, A.A.; Da-Costa-Prado, A.; Gottlieb, O.R.; De-Albuquerque, P.C.W., 1970:
Di aryl heptanoids of centrolobium d species

D.A.meida M.E.L.; Filho R.B.; Von Bulow M.V.; Correa J.J.L.; Gottlieb O.R.; Maia J.G.S.; D.S.lva M.S., 1979:
Di aryl propanoids from iryanthera polyneura

Malashenko Y.R.; Romanovskaya V.A.; Kryshtab T.P.; Pogrebnoi I.P., 1979:
Di auxotrophic properties of microorganisms assimilating hydro carbons 2 carbon to 4 carbon

Elias, P.M.; Lampe, M.A.; Chung, J.C.; Williams, M.L., 1983:
Di aza cholesterol induced ichthyosis in the hairless mouse 1. morphologic histochemical and lipid biochemical characterization of a new animal model

Kulstad, S.; Malmsten, L.A., 1979:
Di aza crown ethers 1. alkali ion promoted formation of di aza crown ethers and syntheses of some n n di substituted derivatives

Contreras, F.G.; Navarro, P., 1979:
Di aza poly cyclic compounds 16. nmr stereochemical studies on the acid catalyzed oxirane ring opening reactions of unsubstituted 2 methyl substituted and 2 3 di methyl substituted 2 3 epoxy 4a 12a di aza 1 2 3 4 4a 5 12 12a octa hydro naphthacene 5 12 diones

Contreras, F.G.; Solana, A.M., 1982:
Di aza poly cyclic compounds 22. action of n chloro succinimide over di aza quinone adducts under ionic and free radical conditions

Contreras, F.G.; Lora-Tamayo, M.; Navarro, P.; Pardo, M., 1978:
Di aza poly cyclic compounds part 14 epoxides from di aza quinone adducts synthesis and stereochemical characterization

Offord, R.E.; Storey, H.T.; Rees, A.R.; Hayward, C.F.; Johnson, W.H.; Pheasey, M.H.; Wightman, D.A., 1976:
Di azo alkanes in peptide semi synthesis

Haeger B.; D.B.ito R.; Hallinan T., 1980:
Di azo benzenesulfonate selectively abolishes stimulation of glucuronidation by udp n acetyl glucosamine

Bush M.T.; Sanders Bush E., 1980:
Di azo methane improved analytical and distillation techniques for small quantities and some synthetic applications

Montgomery J.A.; Thomas H.J., 1981:
Di azo methyl ketone derivatives of pyrimidine nucleosides

Hurmerinta K.; Thesleff I., 1982:
Di azo oxo norleucine induced alterations in the extracellular matrix of the mouse tooth germ

Terranova A.C., 1980:
Di azo transparencies of poly acrylamide slab gels

Staphorst, J.L.; Strijdom, B.W., 1978:
Di azotrophic bacteria associated with pasture and veld grasses sugarcane maize and sorghum bicolor in south africa

Martin, L.L.; Setescak, L.L.; Spaulding, T.C.; Helsley, G.C., 1984:
Di benz b e oxepin alkanoic acids as nonsteroidal anti inflammatory agents 4. synthesis and evaluation of 4 4 10 di hydro 10 oxothieno 3 2 c 1 benzoxepin 8 yl butanol and 4 4 10 di hydro 10 oxothieno 3 2 c 1 benzoxepin 8 yl butyric acid and related derivatives

Aultz, D.E.; Mcfadden, A.R.; Lassman, H.B., 1977:
Di benz b e oxepin alkanoic acids as nonsteroidal anti inflammatory agents part 2 di hydro 10 oxo furo 3 2 c 1 benzoxepin 8 acetic acid and di hydro 10 oxo thieno 3 2 c 1 benzoxepin 8 acetic acid

Aultz, D.E.; Mcfadden, A.R.; Lassman, H.B., 1977:
Di benz b e oxepin alkanoic acids as nonsteroidal anti inflammatory agents part 3 omega 6 11 di hydro 11 oxodibenz b e oxepin 2 yl alkanoic acids

Aultz, D.E.; Helsley, G.C.; Hoffman, D.; Mcfadden, A.R.; Lassman, H.B.; Wilker, J.C., 1977:
Di benz b e oxepinalkanoic acids as nonsteroidal anti inflammatory agents part 1 6 11 di hydro 11 oxo di benz b e oxepin 2 acetic acids

Dyke S.F.; Warren P., 1979:
Di benz de g iso quinoline derivatives 1

Buerki, H.R.; Fischer, R.; Hunziker, F.; Kuenzle, F.; Petcher, T.J.; Schmutz, J.; Weber, H.P.; White, T.G., 1978:
Di benzepines effect of the basic side chain on neuroleptic activity

Krow, G.R.; Damodaran, K.M.; Michener, E.; Wolf, R.; Guare, J., 1978:
Di benzo cyclo octa diene anti leukemic lignan synthesis racemic steganone

Sunagawa, M.; Sato, H.; Katsube, J.; Yamamoto, H., 1979:
Di benzo tetra cyclic derivatives 2. synthesis of 9 aminoalkyl 9 10 dihydro 9 10 methano anthracenes

Dunn J.P.; Green D.M.; Harrison I.T.; Nelson P.H.; Pfister J.R.; Roszkowski A.P.; Untch K.G., 1979:
Di benzo tropone carboxylic acids and di benzo suberone carboxylic acids with broncho dilator activity

Hori, M.; Kataoka, T.; Shimizu, H.; Onogi, K., 1978:
Di benzothiepine derivatives and related compounds part 5 reactions of 6 11 di hydro di benzo b e thiepine 5 oxides with antimony penta chloride per chloric acid

Dunn, J.P.; Green, D.M.; Nelson, P.H.; Rooks, W.H.I. ; Tomolonis, A.; Untch, K.G., 1977:
Di benztropone acetic acids and di benztropone propionic acids potent new anti inflammatory agents

Moore R.V., 1982:
Di benzyl ammonium and sodium di benzyl di thio carbamates as precipitants for pre concentration of trace elements in water for analysis by energy dispersive x ray fluorescence

Tormey D.C.; Falkson G.; Crowley J.; Falksokn H.C.; Voelkel J.; Davis T.E., 1982:
Di bromo dulcitol and adriamycin plus or minus tamoxifen in advanced breast cancer

Milks M.M.; Wilt S.R.; Ali I.; Pereira M.A.; Couri D., 1982:
Di bromo ethane effects on the induction of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase positive foci in rat liver

Rivera, A.V.; Sheldrick, G.M., 1977:
Di bromo n tetrakis 4 pyridinecarbaldehyde cobalt ii

Gusakova, S.D.; Umarov, A.U., 1976:
Di bromo stearic acid and tetra bromo stearic acid in the seed oil of eremostachys molucceloides

Carter G.E.Jr; Riley M.B., 1984:
Di bromochloro propane residues in peaches following fall orchard fumigation

Cain, K.; Partis, M.D.; Griffiths, D.E., 1977:
Di butylchloromethyl tin chloride a covalent inhibitor of the atp synthase complex

Meinertz, T.; Nawrath, H.; Scholz, H., 1973:
Di butyryl cyclic amp and adrenaline increase contractile force and calcium 45 uptake in mammalian cardiac muscle

Unsicker K.; Ziegler W., 1982 :
Di butyryl cyclic amp and theophylline inhibit proliferation of accessory cells in primary cultures of adreno medullary cells

Dubravsky, N.B.; Hunter, N.; Mason, K.; Withers, H.R., 1978:
Di butyryl cyclic amp effect on radio sensitivity of tumors and normal tissues in mice

Sokoll, M.D.; Stullken, E.H., 1977:
Di butyryl cyclic amp effects in the ischemic hypoxic cat

Shashoua, V.E., 1971:
Di butyryl cyclic amp effects on goldfish behavior and brain rna metabolism

Noguchi, T.; Diesterhaft, M.; Granner, D., 1978:
Di butyryl cyclic amp increases the amount of functional messenger rna coding for tyrosine amino transferase ec in rat liver

Shuklinov V.A.; Bundyuk L.S., 1980:
Di butyryl cyclic amp induced l cell differentiation related to cell population density

Brattin W.J.Jr; Portanova R., 1981:
Di butyryl cyclic amp induced phosphorylation of specific proteins in adeno hypophyseal cells

Prashad, N.; Wischmeyer, B.; Evetts, C.; Baskin, F.; Rosenberg, R., 1977:
Di butyryl cyclic amp induced protein changes in differentiating mouse neuro blastoma cells

Gum J.R.Jr; Raetz C.R.H., 1983:
Di butyryl cyclic amp inducible alkaline phosphatase in animal cell plasma membranes fluorescence detection of mutant clones on poly ester cloth

Stout R.W.; Bierman E.L., 1983:
Di butyryl cyclic amp inhibits low density lipo protein binding in cultured fibroblasts and arterial smooth muscle cells

Aarabi B.; Epstein M.H.; Long D.M., 1979:
Di butyryl cyclic amp its role in regulation of cat brain extracellular fluid

Meza, A.T.; Rieber, M., 1978:
Di butyryl cyclic amp mediated changes in rat cells involve macro molecular alterations in vinblastine precipitable proteins

Yanaihara N.; Suzuki T.; Sato H.; Hoshino M.; Okaru Y.; Yanaihara C., 1981:
Di butyryl cyclic amp stimulation of production and release of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide like immuno reactivity in a human neuro blastoma cell line

Gershman H.; Weis G.; Barstow N., 1979:
Di butyryl cyclic amp suppresses mobility in embryonic chick heart cells in aggregates

Lohmann S.M.; Schwoch G.; Reiser G.; Port R.; Walter U., 1983:
Di butyryl cyclic amp treatment of neuro blastoma glioma hybrid cells results in selective increase in cyclic amp receptor protein r i as measured by mono specific antibodies

Henquin J C.; Meissner H.P., 1983:
Di butyryl cyclic amp triggers calcium influx and calcium dependent electrical activity in pancreatic beta cells

Poitras P.; Iacino D.; Walsh J.H., 1980:
Di butyryl cyclic gmp inhibitor of the effect of cholecystokinin and gastrin on the guinea pig gallbladder in vitro

Abeysekera, A.M.; Grigg, R.; Trocha-Grimshaw, J.; King, T.J., 1979:
Di carbonyl rhodium i complexes of poly pyrrole macro cycles 3. synthesis and crystal structures of complexes of n methyl corroles n methyl porphyrins and acyclic poly pyrroles

Crescenzi V.; Dentini M.; Meoli C.; Casu B.; Naggi A.; Torri G., 1984:
Di carboxy amylose and di carboxy cellulose stereo regular poly electrolytes binding of calcium and magnesium ions

Casu B.; Gennaro U.; Meille S.V.; Morrone M.; Naggi A.; Occhipinti M.S.; Torri G., 1984:
Di carboxy amylose and di carboxy cellulose stereo regular poly electrolytes physicochemical characterization and interaction with divalent cations/

Day D.A.; Hatch M.D., 1981:
Di carboxylate transport in maize zea mays mesophyll chloroplasts

Rhead W.J.; Amendt B.A.; Fritchman K.S.; Felts S.J., 1983:
Di carboxylic aciduria deficient carbon 14 labeled octanoate oxidation and medium chain acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase in fibroblasts

Mendzheritskii A.M.; Trapezontseva R.A.; Vilkov G.A., 1982:
Di carboxylic amino acids in brain protein under conditions of sensitization with brain antigen

Pisarnitskii, A.F.; Egofarova, R.K. ; Egorov, I.A., 1977:
Di carboxylic compounds of oak wood and cognac alcohols

Rudav'skii V.P., 1980:
Di chlor anhydrides of acylamido phosphoric acids and chlor anhydrides of acylamidoaryl phosphonic acids

Precigoux, G.; Busetta, B.; Hospital, M., 1976:
Di chloro 3 4 iso butyranilide

Lay, M.M.; Casida, J.E., 1976:
Di chloro acetamide antidotes enhance thio carbamate sulfoxide de toxification by elevating corn root glutathione content and glutathione s transferase activity

Adams C.A.; Blee E.; Casida J.E., 1983:
Di chloro acetamide herbicide antidotes enhance sulfate metabolism in corn roots

Katz R.; Tai C.N.; Diener R.M.; Mcconnell R.F.; Semonick D.E., 1981 :
Di chloro acetate sodium 3 month oral toxicity studies in rats and dogs

Winicov I.; Button J.D., 1982:
Di chloro benzimidazole riboside inhibition of nuclear rna accumulation initiated with gamma thio analogs of atp and gtp

Ricketts T.R., 1983:
Di chloro isoproterenol and digestive vacuolar formation movement and egestion in tetrahymena pyriformis gl 9

Andrae U.; Wolff T., 1983:
Di chloro methane is not geno toxic in isolated rat hepatocytes

Otson R.; Williams D.T.; Bothwell P.D., 1981:
Di chloro methane levels in air after application of paint removers

Ellis, M.A.; Foor, S.R.; Sinclair, J.B., 1976:
Di chloro methane nonaqueous vehicle for systemic fungicides in soybean seeds

Dhingra O.D.; Muchovej J.J., 1980:
Di chloro methane tri chloro methane and carbon tetra chloride as solvents for bean phaseolus vulgaris seed treatment with systemic fungicides

Hultmark D.; Sundh K.; Johansson L.; Arrhenius E., 1979:
Di chloro p nitro anisole o de methylase part 2 evidence for separate ethanol inhibited and pheno barbital inducible enzymes

Morikawa, Y.; Tezuka, T.; Teranishi, M.; Kimura, K.; Fujimoto, Y.; Samejima, H., 1976:
Di chloro s triazinyl resin as a carrier of immobilized enzyme

Lehoczki E.; Herczeg T.; Szalay L., 1979:
Di chlorophenyl urea resistant oxygen evolution in chlorella pyrenoidosa after cerulenin treatment

Benyush, V.A.; Tupitsyna, L.P., 1975:
Di chromatic fluorescence of differentially condensed chromosomes stained with acridine orange

Agnus Y.; Louis R.; Gisselbrecht J P.; Weiss R., 1984:
Di copper ii chloro and azido inclusion complexes of the 1 3 di aza 4 10 16 22 tetra thia cyclo tetracosane bi nucleating macro cycle synthesis crystal and molecular structure and spectral magnetic and electrochemical properties

Verhoeven G.; Cailleau J.; Quivy J.I.; Rousseau G.G., 1983:
Di cyclo hexane derivatives that bind to androgen binding protein also inhibit hormone stimulated aromatase activity in rat sertoli cells

Pototskii N.Ya; Samuilov V.D., 1983:
Di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide as an inhibitor of photo induced and pyro phosphate induced membrane potential generation in chromatophores of purple bacteria

Casey, R.P.; Thelen, M.; Azzi, A., 1980:
Di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide binds specifically and covalently to cytochrome c oxidase ec while inhibiting its proton translocating activity

Puttner, I.; Solioz, M.; Carafoli, E.; Ludwig, B., 1983:
Di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide does not inhibit proton pumping by cytochrome c oxidase ec of paracoccus denitrificans

Esposti M.D.; Parenti Castelli G.; Lenaz G., 1981:
Di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide inhibition of succinate cytochrome c reductase and ubi quinol cytochrome c reductase in beef heart mitochondria

Lenaz G.; Esposti M.D.; Castelli G.P., 1982:
Di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide inhibits proton translocation and electron flow at the 2nd site of the mitochondrial respiratory chain

Casey R.P.; Thelen M.; Azzi A., 1979:
Di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide inhibits proton translocation by cytochrome c oxidase

Chen S C., 1982:
Di cyclohexyl carbodiimide as a simple and specific fluorogenic spray reagent for some di carboxylic acids and tri carboxylic acids

Pfuetzner H., 1984:
Di electric analysis of blood by means of a raster electrode technique

Pethig R., 1979:
Di electric and electronic properties of biological materials

Hanai, T.; Asami, K., 1977:
Di electric approach to a particle suspension system covered by a membrane

Mudgett R.E.; Goldblith S.A.; Wang D.I.C.; Westphal W.B., 1980:
Di electric behavior of a semi solid food at low intermediate and high moisture contents

Tredgold, R.H.; Hole, P.N., 1976:
Di electric behavior of dry synthetic poly peptides

Chiricuta I.C.; Baican R., 1981:
Di electric behavior of intra cellular water in normal and tumoral biologic systems

Wesenberg, G.E.; Vaughan, W.E., 1983:
Di electric behavior of poly electrolytes 3. the role of counter ion interactions

Jani S.K.; Dahiya J.N.; Roberts J.A., 1980:
Di electric changes in hyaluronate solutions at microwave frequencies as a function of concentration system ph and temperature

Michalov J.; Remis D., 1982:
Di electric characteristics of young maize plants

Jumikis, A.R., 1978:
Di electric constant and electro conductance of some dry frost prone soils

Yamamoto, T.; Yamamoto, Y., 1976:
Di electric constant and resistivity of epidermal stratum corneum

Grant, E.H.; South, G.P.; Takashima, S.; Ichimura, H., 1971:
Di electric dispersion in aqueous solutions of oxy hemo globin and carboxy hemo globin

Asami K.; Irimajiri A., 1984:
Di electric dispersion of a single spherical bi layer membrane in suspension

Ballario, C.; Bonincontro, A.; Cametti, C., 1976:
Di electric dispersions of colloidal particles in aqueous suspensions with low ionic conductivity

Jafary Asl A.H.; Solanki S.N.; Aarholt E.; Smith C.W., 1983:
Di electric measurements on live biological materials under magnetic resonance conditions

Gauger B.; Bentrup F.W., 1979:
Di electric membrane breakdown in fucus serratus egg

Kolotylov, M.M.; Byelik-Ya, V.; Terlets'ka-Ya, T., 1976:
Di electric permeability and specific resistance of newly obtained myelin preparation

Lipin A.L.; Mints E.S.; Sargaev P.M.; Sedykh N.V., 1981:
Di electric phenomena in molasses

Rix-Montel, M.A.; Vasilescu, D.; Sentenac, H., 1978:
Di electric potentiometric and spectrophotometric measurements of the interaction between dna and cysteamine

Stuchly M.A.; Athey T.W.; Stuchly S.S.; Samaras G.M.; Taylor G., 1981:
Di electric properties of animal tissues in vivo at frequencies 10 megahertz to 1 gigahertz

D.X.mmar Oro J.R.; Grigera J.R., 1984:
Di electric properties of aqueous solutions of sonicated dna above 40 megahertz

Stuchly M.A.; Stuchly S.S., 1980:
Di electric properties of biological substances tabulated

Sologub V.K.; Buzukov B.A.; Bashlykov V.M.; Lavrov V.A.; Solov'ev Y.V.; Olyunina N.A.; Alekseeva A.V., 1983:
Di electric properties of blood in patients with burn in the shock period

Foster, K.R.; Schepps, J.L.; Stoy, R.D.; Schwan, H.P., 1979:
Di electric properties of brain tissue between 0.01 and 10 gigahertz

Frackowiak D.; Hotchandani S.; Leblanc R.M., 1984:
Di electric properties of chlorophyll solutions in nematic liquid crystals/

Mudgett R.E.; Mudgett D.R.; Goldblith S.A.; Wang D.I.C.; Westphal W.B., 1979:
Di electric properties of frozen meats

Grigera J.R.; Vericat F.; Hallenga K.; Berendsen H.J.C., 1979:
Di electric properties of hydrated collagen

Hamnerius, Y.; Lundstrom, I.; Paulsson, L.E.; Fontell, K.; Wennerstrom, H., 1978:
Di electric properties of lamellar lipid water phases

Stoy, R.D.; Foster, K.R.; Schwan, H.O., 1982:
Di electric properties of mammalian tissues from 0.1 100 megahertz a summary of recent data

Gabriel C.; Sheppard R.J.; Grant E.H., 1983:
Di electric properties of ocular tissues at 37 celsius

Bone S.; Pethig R., 1982:
Di electric properties of protein methyl glyoxal adducts interfacial and bulk effects

Lee, B.H.; Kim, C.Y.; Lee, K.H., 1983:
Di electric properties of sardine starch paste at low moisture content 2. effect of starch contents and temperatures

Asami, K.; Hanai, T.; Koizumi, N., 1977:
Di electric properties of yeast cells effect of some ionic detergents on the plasma membranes

Henze R., 1980:
Di electric relaxation in lecithin cholesterol water mixtures

Gupta M.; Chauhan M.; Saxena S.K.; Shukla J.P., 1982:
Di electric relaxation in nhn bond complexes

Farkya V.K., 1982:
Di electric relaxation of adrenaline at high frequencies

Umemura S.; Sakamoto M.; Hayakawa R.; Wada Y., 1979:
Di electric relaxation of collagen in aqueous solutions

Sakamoto, M.; Hayakawa, R.; Wada, Y., 1979:
Di electric relaxation of dna solutions 3. effects of dna concentration protein contamination and mixed solvents

Sakamoto, M.; Hayakawa, R.; Wada, Y., 1980:
Di electric relaxation of dna solutions 4. effects of salts and dyes

Sakamoto, M.; Hayakawa, R.; Wada, Y., 1978:
Di electric relaxation of dna solutions part 2

Wang, C.C.; Bruner, L.J., 1978:
Di electric saturation of the aqueous boundary layers adjacent to charged bi layer membranes

Helsen J.A.; D.G.oot L.M., 1982:
Di electric spectroscopy of thixotropic dispersions

Nakamura H.; Wada A., 1981:
Di electric studies of aqueous solutions of poly l glutamic acid

Sahai R.; Singh V.; Chauhan M., 1981:
Di electric studies of molecular complexes of ddt with some compounds of biological interest

Bone S.; Pethig R., 1982:
Di electric studies of the binding of water to lysozyme

Bauer, P.J.; Carl, P., 1977:
Di electric studies on retinal and ionone

Sinha, M.; Goswami, D.N.; Da-Gupta, N.N., 1978:
Di electric studies on the interaction of daunomycin and berenil with dna

Bielinska I.; Terlecki J., 1984:
Di electric studies on the reaction of the intra cellular matter of fish cyprinus carpio red blood cells to detergent toxicity

Frohlich, H., 1977:
Di electric theory and ion channels in nerve membranes

Irimajiri A.; Hanai T.; Inouye A., 1979:
Di electric theory of multi stratified shell model with its application to a lymphoma cell

Fomcenkov, V.M., 1977:
Di electrophoresis of cell suspensions

Pohl H.A., 1978:
Di electrophoresis the behavior of neutral matter in nonuniform electric fields

Krishna G.G.; Ahmad A.; Anwar Ali A.K.W., 1983:
Di electrophoretic collection rate of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells in cylindrical field geometry

Pohl, H.A.; Pollock, K.; Crane, J.S., 1978:
Di electrophoretic force a comparison of theory and experiment

Mischel M.; Lamprecht I., 1980:
Di electrophoretic rotation in budding yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae strain 211 cells

Groszkowski, S.; Najman, L., 1979:
Di esters of 4 4' piperazine 1 4 yl bis 4 oxo 2 butenoic acid

Tingey, D.T.; Raba, R.M.; Burns, W.F., 1980:
Di ethanolamine carbon di oxide buffer produces ethylene

Barbee S.J.; Hartung R., 1979:
Di ethanolamine induced alteration of hepatic mitochondrial function and structure

Witiak, D.T.; Newman, H.A.I.; Poochikian, G.K.; Fogt, S.W.; Baldwin, J.R.; Sober, C.L.; Feller, D.R., 1978:
Di ethyl 4b alpha 4c alpha 9a alpha 9b alpha 3 6 dichlorocyclobuta 1 2 b 3 4 b bis benzo furan 9a 9b 4bh 4ch dicarboxylate the cis syn photo dimer of ethyl 5 chloro benzo furan 2 carboxylate an analog related to the anti lipidemic drug clofibrate

Westman, G.; Marklund, S.L., 1980:
Di ethyl di thio carbamate a super oxide dis mutase ec inhibitor decreases radio resistance of chinese hamster cells

Hamburg, M.D.; Kerr, A., 1976:
Di ethyl di thio carbamate induced retrograde amnesias prevented by injections of dl threo 3 4 di hydroxyphenyl serine

Solanto M.V.; Hamburg M.D., 1979:
Di ethyl di thio carbamic acid induced amnesia and norepinephrine a correlated behavioral biochemical analysis

Aune H.; Olsen H.; Morland J., 1981:
Di ethyl ether influence on the metabolism of antipyrine paracetamol and sulfanilamide in isolated rat hepatocytes

Meyer, H., 1980:
Di ethyl malonodiimidate in pyrimidine synthesis

Osipova L.A.; Grinchishin V.P., 1979:
Di ethyl nitrosamine effect on the protein synthesizing system of rat liver cells

Fusetani N.; Hashimoto K., 1981:
Di ethyl per oxides probably responsible for mozuku poisoning

Alimukhamedova, O.Sh, 1975:
Di ethyl pyro carbonate an effective antiseptic

Mcphie P.; Chiu F T., 1981:
Di ethyl pyro carbonate inactivates swine pepsinogen by reaction at amino groups

Baker M.E.; Fanestil D.D., 1981:
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Di ethyl stilbestrol in beef production what is the risk to consumers

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Di ethyl stilbestrol potentiation of the dopamine elicited formation of cyclic amp in incubated male rat hypothalamus

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Di ethyl stilbestrol trans placental teratogen and possibly also carcinogen

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Di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid as a source of zinc manganese copper and iron in calcareous soil

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Di glycosyl derivatives

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Di hydro di picolinic acid synthase ec of bacillus licheniformis quaternary structure kinetics and stability in the presence of sodium chloride and substrates

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Di hydro ergotamine binding to rat brain membranes

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Di hydro ergotamine decreases the blood content in the skeletal musculature but etilefrine hydro chloride decreases the blood content in the splanchnic region in man

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Di hydro ergotamine heparin prophylaxis of post operative deep vein thrombosis a multicenter trial

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Di hydro ergotoxine hydergine and alcohol induced variations in young and old mice

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Di hydro folate reductase ec is present in brain

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Di hydro folate reductase ec studies on the activation of the bovine liver enzyme

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Di hydro lipoamide dehydrogenase ec component of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex from escherichia coli k 12 comparative characterization of the free and the complex bound component

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Di hydro mammea c ob a new coumarin from the seed of mammea africana

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Di hydro mono calcium phosphate in x ray therapy of tumors

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Di hydro stilbenes of cannabis synthesis of canniprene

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Di hydro testosterone in prostatic hypertrophy part 2 the formation and content of di hydro testosterone in the hypertrophic canine prostate and the effect of di hydro testosterone on prostate growth in the dog

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Di hydro testosterone promotes fighting behavior of female mice

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Di hydro testosterone receptors in the human prostate 1. nuclear concentration in normal benign and malignant tissues

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Di hydroxy acetone reductase ec 1.1.1. from mucor javanicus part 2 identification of the physiological substrate and reactivity towards related compounds

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Di hydroxy acid dehydratase ec the site of hyperbaric oxygen poisoning in branch chain amino acid biosynthesis

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Di hydroxy and tri hydroxy analogs of chlorpromazine influence the central activity of adenylate cyclase and cyclic amp phospho di esterase

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Di hydroxy fumaric acid induced lipid per oxidation in rat liver mitochondria

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Di iso butyl aluminum 2 6 di tert butyl 4 methyl phenoxide novel stereoselective reducing agent for prostaglandin synthesis

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Di iso propylidene acetals of d allose and d ribo hexulose d psicose

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Di karyotization and nuclear migration in aged mono karyotic strains of lentinus edodes

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Di karyotization in some species of ravenelia

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Di methyl acetamide and glycerol nonspecific inactivators of receptor effector systems in the isolated guinea pig ileum

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Di methyl benz anthracene induced mammary tumors in locally irradiated rats

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Di methyl benz anthracene induced methyl cholanthrene induced skin tumors in hairless mice

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Di methyl benz anthracene induced tumors and their prevention by aromatic retinoid ro 10 9359

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Di methyl benz anthracene is ineffective in inducing breast cancer in feminized male holtzman rats

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Di methyl di carbonate reaction with higher alcohols

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Di methyl di octa decyl ammonium bromide as adjuvant for delayed hyper sensitivity in mice

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Di methyl formamide as a mobile phase component in reversed phase liquid column chromatography on octadecyl silica

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Di methyl myleran and autologous marrow grafting for the treatment of spontaneous canine lymphoma

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Di methyl nitrosamine and nitroso pyrrolidine in fumes produced during the frying of bacon

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Di methyl nitrosamine demethylase activity of rat liver microsomes after partial hepatectomy

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Di methyl nitrosamine formation in the gastro intestinal tract of rats

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Di methyl nitrosamine induced structural damage to dna results from repair of o 3 methyl guanine rather than repair of 7 methyl guanine

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Di methyl nitrosamine inhibits the glucagon stimulated adenylate cyclase ec activity of rat liver plasma membranes and decreases plasma membrane fluidity

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Di methyl nitrosamine levels in untreated herring meals

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Di methyl nitrosamine resistance to uv light effect

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Di methyl selenide and di methyl telluride formation by a strain of penicillium

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Di methyl selenoxide oxidation to trivalent phosphorus compounds thio phosphoryl and seleno phosphoryl compounds and thio carbonyl compounds stereochemical studies and selective modification of thio carbonyl containing nucleic acid components

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Di methyl sulfide levels in the aroma of cooked frozen sweet corn as affected by cultivar maturity blanching and packaging

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Di methyl sulfide precursor in rice bran

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Di methyl sulfoxide a pyrogen potentiating agent

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Di methyl sulfoxide a solvent for cyto kinins in the amaranthus caudatus bioassay

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Di methyl sulfoxide action on dark induced and light induced leaflet movements and its necrotic effects on excised leaves of cassia fasciculata

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Di methyl sulfoxide and di methyl sulfide as a carbon sulfur and energy source for growth of hyphomicrobium strain s

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Di methyl sulfoxide and glycerol hydroxyl radical scavengers impair platelet aggregation within and eliminate the accompanying vaso dilation of injured mouse pial arterioles

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Di methyl sulfoxide in marine and fresh waters

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Di methyl sulfoxide in the treatment of amyloidosis during rheumatoid arthritis a case

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Di methyl sulfoxide increases tyrosine residue phosphorylation in membranes from murine erythro leukemia cells

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Di methyl sulfoxide induced terminal differentiation and trisomy 15 in myeloid cell line transformed by the rauscher murine leukemia virus

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Di methyl sulfoxide induced toxicity

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Di methyl sulfoxide induction of the murine macrophage like line p 388 d 1 change of phagocytic ability and cell surface properties

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Di methyl sulfoxide protects cells against poly peptide toxins and poliovirus

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Di methyl sulfoxide reduction by microorganisms

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Di methyl sulfoxide reversibly inhibits the pigmentation of cultured neural crest cells

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Di methyl sulfoxide soluble hemi celluloses from the husk of sorghum bicolor grain

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Di methylamine adducts of sulfonamides and their applicability to particle size reduction

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Di morpholine thiuram di sulfide as a reagent for the extractive photometric determination of copper in serum

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Di n octylphthalate a relatively ineffective peroxisome inducing straight chain isomer of the environmental contaminant di 2 ethylhexylphthalate enhances the development of putative preneoplastic lesions in the rat liver

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Di nitro aniline herbicide phyto toxicity as influenced by soil moisture and herbicide vaporization

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Di nitrochloro benzene induced colitis in the guinea pig colonic lamina propria lymphocytes

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