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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5142

Chapter 5142 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Marstein S., 1981:
Di sulfide reduction in glutathione deficient erythrocytes from a patient with pyro glutamic acidemia

Drake, H.L.; Akagi, J.M., 1977:
Di sulfite reductase of desulfovibrio vulgaris explanation for product formation

Beale M.H.; Bearder J.R.; Macmillan J.; Matsuo A.; Phinney B.O., 1983:
Di terpene acids from helianthus spp and their microbiological conversion by gibberella fujikuroi mutant b 1 41a

Apsimon, J.W.; Hall, S.F., 1978:
Di terpene chemistry part 6 some chemistry of 8 14 epoxy pimaric acid comments on the biosynthesis of tetra cyclic di terpenes

Prasad, J.S.; Krishnamurty, H.G., 1977:
Di terpene constituents of the leaves and stem bark of cupressus torulosa

Kohda, H.; Tanaka, O.; Nishi, K., 1976:
Di terpene glycosides of stevia paniculata structures of aglycones

Oganesyan, G.B.; Mnatsakanyan, V.A., 1977:
Di terpene lactones of teucrium hyrcanicum

Bohlmann F.; Wallmeyer M.; Jakupovic J.; Ziesche J., 1983:
Di terpenes and sesqui terpenes from osteospermum spp

Amico V.; Oriente G.; Piattelli M.; Tringali C.; Fattorusso E.; Magno S.; Mayol L., 1980:
Di terpenes based on the dolabellane skeleton from dictyota dichotoma

Bohlmann F.; Zdero C.; Jakupovic J.; King R.M.; Robinson H., 1983:
Di terpenes from acritopappus confertus

Bohlmann F.; Kramp W.; Jakupovic J.; Robinson H.; King R.M., 1982:
Di terpenes from baccharis sp

Savona G.; Bruno M.; Piozzi F.; Barbagallo C., 1982:
Di terpenes from ballota spp

Trautmann, D.; Epe, B.; Oelbermann, U.; Mondon, A., 1980:
Di terpenes from cneoraceae 1. constitution and configuration of cneorubines

Painuly P.; Katti S.B.; Tandon J.S., 1979:
Di terpenes from coleus forskohlii structures of coleonol e and coleonol f

Faulkner, D.J.; Ravi, B.N.; Finer, J.; Clardy, J., 1977:
Di terpenes from dictyota dichotoma

Savona G.; Piozzi F.; Aranguez L.M.; Rodriguez B., 1979:
Di terpenes from marrubium sericeum marrubium supinum and marrubium alysson

Venturella, P.; Bellino, A., 1977:
Di terpenes from some greek sideritis spp

Quijano L.; Calderon J.S.; Gomez F.; Vega J.L.; Rios T., 1982:
Di terpenes from stevia monardaefolia

Walker R.P.; Faulkner D.J., 1981:
Di terpenes from the sponge dysidea amblia

Herz W.; Govindan S.B.; Watanabe K., 1982:
Di terpenes of helianthus rigidus and helianthus salicifolius

Bohlmann F.; Ahmed M.; Borthakur N.; Wallmeyer M.; Jakupovic J.; King R.M.; Robinson H., 1982:
Di terpenes related to grindelic acid and further constituents from grindelia spp

Bohlmann, F.; Zdero, C., 1978:
Di terpenes with a new carbon skeleton from printzia laxa

Pinto A.C.; Peixoto E.M.; Fiorani N.G.M., 1984:
Di terpenes with pimarane and cleistanthane skeletons from vellozia piresiana

Alieva-Sh, A.; Putieva-Zh, M.; Kondratenko, E.S.; Abubakirov, N.K., 1977:
Di terpenic glycoside doronicoside d from doronicum macrophyllum

Stipanovic R.D.; O'brien D.H.; Rogers C.E.; Thompson T.E., 1979:
Di terpenoid acids levo cis ozic acid and levo trans ozic acid in wild sunflower helianthus occidentalis

Sommerville, P.; Laing, M., 1976:
Di terpenoid c ring bromo ketones part 1 ent 3 beta acetoxy 11 alpha bromo iso pimar 8 14 en 12 one

Sommerville, P.; Laing, M., 1976:
Di terpenoid c ring bromo ketones part 2 ent 3 beta acetoxy 11 alpha bromo iso pimar 12 one

Sommerville, P.; Laing, M., 1976:
Di terpenoid c ring bromo ketones part 3 ent 3 beta acetoxy 11 alpha bromo beyer 2 12 dione

Simoneit, B.R.T., 1977 :
Di terpenoid compounds and other lipids in deep sea sediments and their geochemical significance

Adolf, W.; Hecker, E., 1977:
Di terpenoid irritants and co carcinogens in euphorbiaceae and thymelaeaceae structural relationships in view of their biogenesis

Yoshizaki F.; Ruedi P.; Eugster C.H., 1979:
Di terpenoid leaf gland pigments 11 coleons and royleanones from coleus carnosus

Miyase, T.; Rueedi, P.; Eugster, C.H., 1977:
Di terpenoid leaf gland pigments from labiatae 3 beta acetoxy fuerstione nilgherron a and nilgherron b new quinomethans from plectranthus nilgherricus absolute configuration of fuerstione

Miyase, T.; Rueedi, P.; Eugster, C.H., 1977:
Di terpenoid leaf gland pigments from labiatae coleon u coleon v coleon w 14 o formyl coleon v and 2 royleanones from plectranthus myrianthus cis and trans a b 6 7 di oxo royleanones/

Banaigs B.; Francisco C.; Gonzalez E.; Fenical W., 1983:
Di terpenoid metabolites from the marine alga cystoseira elegans

Mukherjee K.S.; Ghosh P.K.; Badruddoza S., 1981:
Di terpenoid quinones of salvia lanata

Meyer, W.L.; Sigel, C.W.; Hoff, R.J.; Goodwin, T.E.; Manning, R.A.; Schroeder, P.G., 1977:
Di terpenoid total synthesis an a to b to c approach part 12 aromatic c rings without alkyl substituents model systems for podocarpic acid and di terpenoid alkaloids/

Escamilla E.M.; Rodriguez B., 1980:
Di terpenoids and flavones of sideritis flavovirens

D.P.scual Teresa J.; Marcos I.S.; Nunez L.; Basabe P.; Urones J.G., 1983:
Di terpenoids and flavonoids from cistus palhinhae

Bansal R.K.; Garcia Alvarez M.C.; Joshi K.C.; Rodriguez B.; Patni R., 1980:
Di terpenoids from acacia leucophloea

Hernandez A.; Pascual C.; Sanz J.; Rodriguez B., 1982:
Di terpenoids from ajuga chamaepitys 2 neo clerodane derivatives

San Martin A.; Rovirosa J.; Catillo M., 1983:
Di terpenoids from baccharis tola

Rodriguez B.; Savona G., 1980:
Di terpenoids from galeopsis angustifolia

Katti S.B.; Rueedi P.; Eugster C.H., 1982:
Di terpenoids from leaf glands of plectranthus purpuratus p quino methanes extended quinones p acyl catechols and a novel phyllocladanone derivative

Savona G.; Piozzi F.; Bruno M.; Rodriguez B., 1982:
Di terpenoids from leonurus sibiricus

D.A.varenga M.A.; D.S.lva J.J.; Gottlieb H.E.; Gottlieb O.R., 1981:
Di terpenoids from micrandropsis scleroxylon

Cha, J.; Zhao, Q.; Wang, H.; Sun, H., 1983:
Di terpenoids from rabdosia nervosa 1. the structures of nervosin

Escudero J.; Perez L.; Rabanal R.M.; Valverde S., 1983:
Di terpenoids from salvia oxyodon and salvia lavandulifolia

Garcia Alvarez M.C.; Rodriguez B., 1980:
Di terpenoids from sideritis foetens

Cabrera E.; Garcia Granados A.; Saenz D.B.ruaga A.; Saenz D.B.ruaga J.M., 1983:
Di terpenoids from sideritis hirsuta ssp nivalis

Garcia Granados A.; Martinez A.; Onorato M.E.; Socorro O., 1984:
Di terpenoids from sideritis pusilla ssp flavovirens

Algarra J.; Garcia Granados A.; D.B.ruaga A.S.; D.B.ruaga J.M.S., 1983:
Di terpenoids from sideritis varoi

Marco J.L.; Rodriguez B.; Savona G.; Piozzi F., 1982:
Di terpenoids from teucrium scorodonia 3 neo clerodane derivatives

Delgado G.; Romo D.V.var A.; Ortega A.; Cardenas J.; Schlemper E.O., 1983:
Di terpenoids from viguiera insignis

Maetzel U.; Maier H.G., 1983:
Di terpenoids in coffee 2. glycosides of atractyligenin

Eagle, G.A.; Kaplan, E.R.; Naidu, K.; Rivett, D.E.A., 1978:
Di terpenoids of leonotis spp part 5 leonitin a 9 13 epoxy labdane from leonotis leonitis

Gonzalez A.G.; Alvarez M.A.; Martin J.D.; Norte M.; Perez C.; Rovirosa J., 1982:
Di terpenoids of mixed biogenesis in phaeophyta biogenetic type inter conversions

Shmidt, E.N.; Pentegova, V.A., 1977:
Di terpenoids of oleo resins of picea koraiensis picea glehnii and picea excelsa

Prakash O.; Bhakuni D.S.; Kapil R.S.; Subba Rao G.S.R.; Ravindranath B., 1979:
Di terpenoids of roylea calycina

Carman, R.M.; Marty, R.A., 1970:
Di terpenoids part 24 a survey of the agathis g species of north queensland 2 new resin acids

Carman, R.M.; Cowley, D.E.; Marty, R.A., 1970:
Di terpenoids part 25 dundathic acid and poly communic acid

Tahara, A.; Akita, H., 1975:
Di terpenoids part 3 reaction of methyl dehydro abietate derivatives with aluminum chloride under effect of electron donating group

Tahata, A.; Akita, H., 1975:
Di terpenoids part 31 reaction of methyl dehydro abietate derivatives with aluminum chloride under effect of electron withdrawing group synthesis of methyldeisopropylide hydro abietate series

Carman, R.M.; Zerner, G.W., 1976:
Di terpenoids part 34 the carbon 13 configuration of tetra hydro abienol

Shimagaki, M.; Tahara, A., 1976:
Di terpenoids part 42 stereoselective synthesis of dextro phyllocladene from l abietic acid

Mizuno, H.; Ohsawa, T.; Tahara, A., 1976:
Di terpenoids part 44 a ring bromination of abietane skeleton and the synthesis of teideadiol

Ohtsuka, Y.; Tahara, A., 1978:
Di terpenoids part 46 syntheses of taxodione royleanone and their analogs

Moroder, L.; Hallett, A.; Wuensch, E.; Keller, O.; Wersin, G., 1976:
Di tertiary butyl di carbonate a useful tertiary butyloxy carbonylating reagent

Atchison W.D.; Mellon W.S.; Lalley P.M.; Peterson R.E., 1982:
Di thio biuret induced muscle weakness in rats evidence for a prejunctional effect

Atchison W.D.; Yang K.H.; Peterson R.E., 1981:
Di thio biuret toxicity in the rat evidence for latency and cumulative dose thresholds

Jones M.M.; Burka L.T.; Hunter M.E.; Basinger M.; Campo G.; Weaver A.D., 1980:
Di thio carbamate chelating agents for toxic heavy metals

Villa, P.; Orecchio, F.; Piersanti, S., 1976:
Di thio carbamate pollution of vegetables experimental study

Hughes J.T.; Tate K.G., 1982:
Di thio carbamate spray residues on lettuces tomatoes berry fruits and apples

Korablev, M.V.; Kurbat, N.M., 1977:
Di thio carbamic acid derivatives as inhibitors of catecholamine biosynthesis a literature survey

Tandler C.J., 1980:
Di thio carbamylation in histochemistry carbon di sulfide as a reagent for the visualization of primary amino groups with the light microscope and electron microscope

Zimenkivs'kyi, B.S.; Turkevych, M.M., 1976:
Di thio semi carbazido alkanes and their main optical characteristics

Yanagimachi R.; Huang T.T.F.; Fleming A.D.; Kosower N.S.; Nicolson G.L., 1983:
Di thio threitol a di sulfide reducing agent inhibits capacitation acrosome reaction and interaction with eggs by guinea pig spermatozoa

Johnson, H.S., 1972:
Di thio threitol an inhibitor of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec activity in leaf extracts and isolated chloroplasts

Poisner, A.M.; Hong, J.S., 1977:
Di thio threitol augments renin activity by an action on renin substrate

Elbakidze G.M.; Livanova L.M., 1980:
Di thio threitol effect on the activity of tissue specific uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation of rat liver mitochondria

Gommers F.J.; Bakker J.; Wynberg H., 1982:
Di thiophenes as singlet oxygen sensitizers

Buchanan G.W.; Stothers J.B., 1982:
Dia magnetic metal ion nucleoside interactions in solution as studied by nitrogen 15 nmr

Philo J.S.; Dreyer U.; Schuster T.M., 1984:
Dia magnetism of human apo hemo globin oxy hemo globin and carbon mon oxy hemo globin

Goerttler, K.; Loehrke, H., 1976:
Dia placental carcinogenesis initiation with the carcinogens di methyl benz anthracene and urethane during fetal life and post natal promotion with the phorbol ester tetra decanoyl phorbol acetate in a modified 2 stage berenblum mottram experiment

Goerttler, K.; Loehrke, H., 1977:
Dia placental carcinogenesis tumor localization and tumor incidence in nmri mice after dia placental initiation with 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene and urethane and post natal promotion with the phorbol ester 12 o tetra decanoyl phorbol 13 acetate in a modified 2 stage berenblum mottram experiment

Niedner, W.; Laube, R.; Kukuk, G.; Hofmann, K.D.; Schmidt, D.; Weller, E., 1981:
Dia placental influence on the disseminated intra vascular coagulation in an asphyxia model 1. influence on the vasal tonus and on the vasal wall

Niedner, W.; Schmidt, D.; Hofmann, K.D.; Weller, E.; Kukuk, G.; Laube, R., 1981:
Dia placental influence on the disseminated intra vascular coagulation in an asphyxia model 2. influence on the vessel content

Goerttler K.; Loehrke H.; Hesse B.; Milz A.; Schweizer J., 1981:
Dia placental initiation of nmri mice with 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene during gestation days 6 20 and post natal treatment of the f 1 generation with the phorbol ester 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate tumor incidence in organs other than the skin

Dutta, S.N.; Diesfeld, H.J.; Kirsten, C., 1976:
Dia placental transfer of fluorescent antibodies from mothers to their new borns in a wuchereria bancrofti endemic area in india

Rob F.; Van Ramesdonk H.J.; Van Gerresheim W.; Bosma P.; Scheele J.J.; Verhoeven J.W., 1984:
Dia stereo differentiating hydride transfer at bridged nadh models

Meier L.K.; Sorensen H., 1979:
Dia stereo isomeric 4 substituted acidic amino acids in ferns

Kurobane, I.; Vining, L.C.; Mcinnes, A.G.; Smith, D.G., 1978:
Dia stereo isomeric 4a 10a di hydro fusarubins true metabolites of fusarium solani

Iorio M.A.; Disciullo A.; Mazzeo Farina A.; Frigeni V., 1984:
Dia stereo isomeric quaternary morphinium salts synthesis stereochemistry and analgesic properties

Mcconnell O.J.; Hughes P.A.; Targett N.M., 1982:
Dia stereo isomers of cyclo cymopol and cyclo cymopol mono methyl ether from cymopolia barbata

Didzhyapyatrene Y.K.; Karpavichyus K.I.; Klyukene R.B.; Kutorga V.V.; Telichenas A.I., 1980:
Dia stereo isomers of methionyl valine and valyl methionine containing the residue of p di 2 chloroethylaminophenyl acetic acid in experimental therapy of tumors

Tadanier, J.; Martin, J.R.; Goldstein, A.W.; Hirner, E.A., 1978:
Dia stereomeric 10 11 epoxy erythromycins b and the preparation of 10 epi erythromycin b

Polacek, I.; Starke, B., 1980:
Dia stereomeric 7 alpha ureidoacetyl cephalosporins 5. anti microbial activity beta lactamase stability and pharmaco kinetics of 7 alpha ureido 2 amino 4 thiazolylacetyl cephalosporins

Breuer, H.; Treuner, U.D.; Schneider, H.J.; Young, M.G.; Basch, H.I., 1978:
Dia stereomeric 7 ureidoacetyl cephalosporins part 1 superiority of 7 alpha h l isomers over d isomers

Applegate, H.E.; Cimarusti, C.M.; Dolfini, J.E.; Koster, W.H.; Ondetti, M.A.; Slusarchyk, W.A.; Young, M.G.; Breuer, H.; Treuner, U.D., 1978:
Dia stereomeric 7 ureidoacetyl cephalosporins part 2 7 beta aminocarbonylamino 2 thienylacetylamino 7 methoxy 3 1 methyl 2h tetrazol 5 ylthiomethyl 8 oxo 5 thia 1 aza bi cyclo 4 2 0 oct 2 ene 2 carboxylic acid

Gadebusch, H.H.; Basch, H.I.; Lukaszow, P.; Remsburg, B.; Schwind, R., 1978:
Dia stereomeric 7 ureidoacetyl cephalosporins part 3 contribution of d isomers and l isomers to the growth inhibiting activities of 7 alpha h and 7 alpha methoxy derivatives for gram positive and gram negative bacteria

Martin J.R.; Johnson P.; Tadanier J.; Cirovic M.; Stanaszek R.S., 1982:
Dia stereomeric fortimicin 1 2 epoxides the preparation of the 1 deamino 2 deoxy fortimicin a and 1 deamino 2 deoxy fortimicins b and 1 2 di epi fortimicin a and 1 2 di epi fortimicins b

Preobrazhenskaya, M.N.; Mel'nik, S.Y. ; Oleinik, D.M.; Shepeleva, E.S.; Turchin, K.F.; Santisn, P.I., 1976:
Dia stereomeric uridine and 5 fluoro 5 deoxy uridine 2 3 o 1 adamantyl phosphonates

Taylor W.G., 1982:
Dia stereomers of the insect repellent 3 acetyl 2 2 6 dimethyl 5 heptenyl oxazolidine evidence from glass capillary gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

Jaffe E.K.; Cohn M., 1979:
Dia stereomers of the nucleoside phosphorothioates as probes of the structure of the metal nucleotide substrates and of the nucleotide binding site of yeast hexo kinase

Thaisrivongs S.; Seebach D., 1983:
Dia stereoselective benzyloxy mercuration demercuration of derivatives of gamma alkyl delta hydroxy alpha beta unsaturated esters a new strategy for the synthesis of aldol type products

Grue Sorensen G.; Kelstrup E.; Kjaer A.; Madsen J.O., 1984:
Dia stereospecific enzymically catalyzed trans methylation from s methyl l methionine to l homo cysteine a naturally occurring process

Fritz H.; Lehmann J.; Schlesselmann P., 1983:
Dia stereotopic substrates of beta d galactosidase from escherichia coli as probes for a catalytically active protonating group

Herold, K., 1975:
Diabetes after the delivery of over sized children

Zysset T.; Sommer L., 1986:
Diabetes alters drug metabolism in vivo studies in a streptozotocin diabetic rat model

Ingebretsen W.R.Jr; Peralta C.; Monsher M.; Wagner L.K.; Ingebretsen C.G., 1981:
Diabetes alters the myo cardial cyclic amp protein kinase cascade system

Canga, L.; Gorelik, G.; Sterin-Borda, L., 1987:
Diabetes alters the reactivity of myocardium to a thromboxane analogue

Hanis C.L.; Ferrell R.E.; Barton S.A.; Aguilar L.; Garzaibarra A.; Tulloch B.R.; Garcia C.A.; Schull W.J., 1983:
Diabetes among mexican americans in starr county texas usa

Panuccio D.; Fantini C.; Calanchini C.; D.B.ttista N.; Romanelli R.; Brillante C., 1984:
Diabetes and acute myocardial infarction in the elderly

Epstein, F.H., 1976 :
Diabetes and arterio sclerosis epidemiologic aspects

Wise, P.H.; Edwards, F.M.; Craig, R.J.; Evans, B.; Murchland, J.B.; Sutherland, B.; Thomas, D.W., 1976:
Diabetes and associated variables in the South Australian Aboriginal

Stout R.W., 1979:
Diabetes and athero sclerosis the role of insulin

Bargero G.; Marzani M.C.; Botta M.; Montalenti P.F.; Caramellino A., 1981:
Diabetes and auto immune disease 2

Schreiner-Engel, P.; Schiavi, R.C.; Vietorisz, D.; D.S.mone Eichel, J.; Smith, H., 1985:
Diabetes and female sexuality: a comparative study of women in relationships

Williams D.R.R.; Moffitt P.S.; Fisher J.S.; Bashir H.V., 1987:
Diabetes and glucose tolerance in new south wales australia coastal aborigines possible effects of non aboriginal genetic admixture

Hare, J.W.; Kitzmiller, J.L., 1978:
Diabetes and Graves disease complicating pregnancy

Barret-Connor, E.; Criqui, M.H.; Klauber, M.R.; Holdbrook, M., 1981:
Diabetes and hypertension in a community of older adults

Omar, M.A.; Seedat, M.A.; Dyer, R.B.; Motala, A.A., 1988:
Diabetes and hypertension in South African Indians. A community study

Glatthaar C.; Welborn T.A.; Stenhouse N.S.; Garcia Webb P., 1985:
Diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance a prevalence estimate based on the busselton western australia 1981 survey

Capron, L.; Philippe, M.; Fiessinger, J.N.; Housset, E., 1984:
Diabetes and insulin: actions and interactions upon the glucose metabolism of rat aorta

Jones, J.J.; Watkins, P.J.; Owyong, L.Y.; Loh, P.P.; Kutty, M.K.; Jogie, B., 1978:
Diabetes and its vascular complications in Malaysia

Pellegrini F.; Rimatori C.; Russo P.; Ansuini R.; Testa I.; D.M.rtinis C., 1980:
Diabetes and left ventricular performance

Verhaeghe J.; Bouillon R.; Lissens W.; Visser W.J.; Van Assche F.A., 1988:
Diabetes and low calcium phosphorus diet have opposite effects on adult and fetal bone mineral metabolism

Colvez A.; Eschwege E.; Michel E.; Hatton F., 1983:
Diabetes and private medicine

Schedl, H.P.; Christakos, S.; Wilson, H.D.; Malkowitz, L.; Horst, R.L., 1984:
Diabetes and renal calcium binding protein in the rat

Schiano, A.; Acquaviva, P.; Serratrice, G., 1976:
Diabetes and synovial chondromatosis

Forsander, O.A.; Hillbom, M.E.; Sinclair, J.D., 1984:
Diabetes and the alcohol consumption of AA and ANA rats

Unger, R.H., 1976:
Diabetes and the alpha cell

Kerbey, A.L.; Radcliffe, P.M.; Randle, P.J., 1977:
Diabetes and the control of pyruvate dehydrogenase ec in rat heart mitochondria by concentration ratios of atp adp of nadh nad and of acetyl coenzyme a coenzyme a

Abbott, R.D.; Donahue, R.P.; MacMahon, S.W.; Reed, D.M.; Yano, K., 1987:
Diabetes and the risk of stroke. The Honolulu Heart Program

Soler, N.G.; Nicholson, H., 1979:
Diabetes and thyroid disease during pregnancy

Lo, D.; Burkly, L.C.; Widera, G.; Cowing, C.; Flavell, R.A.; Palmiter, R.D.; Brinster, R.L., 1988:
Diabetes and tolerance in transgenic mice expressing class II MHC molecules in pancreatic beta cells

Zammit Maempel, J.V., 1978:
Diabetes as a coronary risk factor in Malta

Owieczko A.; Dziewirski W.; Bielecki K., 1984:
Diabetes as a risk factor in surgical treatment of bile duct diseases

Gordon, T.; Castelli, W.P.; Hjortland, M.C.; Kannel, W.B.; Dawber, T.R., 1977:
Diabetes, blood lipids, and the role of obesity in coronary heart disease risk for women. The Framingham study

Takemura T.; Marumo K.; Yamamoto M.; Fujii S.; Seki J.; Wada M.; Fujiwara Y., 1981:
Diabetes complicated by dupuytrens contracture

Kjeldsen K.; Braendgaard H.; Sidenius P.; Larsen J.S.; Norgaard A., 1987:
Diabetes decreases sodium potassium pump concentration in skeletal muscles heart ventricular muscle and peripheral nerves of rat

Woodger, T.L.; Sirek, A.; Anderson, G.H., 1979:
Diabetes, dietary tryptophan, and protein intake regulation in weanling rats

Nanjo K.; Sanke T.; Miyano M.; Okai K.; Sowa R.; Kondo M.; Nashimura S.; Iwo K.; Miyamura K.; E.A., 1986 :
Diabetes due to secretion of a structurally abnormal insulin insulin wakayama clinical and functional characteristics of leucine a 3 insulin

Given, B.D.; Mako, M.E.; Tager, H.S.; Baldwin, D.; Markese, J.; Rubenstein, A.H.; Olefsky, J.; Kobayashi, M.; Kolterman, O.; Poucher, R., 1980:
Diabetes due to secretion of an abnormal insulin

Yokokawa N.; Ishihara M.; Yamada T., 1987:
Diabetes impaired glucose tolerance and diabetic complications in acromegaly

Skene, D.J.; Dali, P.; Bam, W.J.; Joubert, P.H., 1982:
Diabetes in a developing community. Epidemiology and management problems

Migneco G.; L.C.scia C.; Tripi S.; Mascarella A.; D.T.apani A.; R.; Bianca G.; Chinnici E., 1985:
Diabetes in cirrhotic patients a risk factor increasing with age

Ostaszewski P., 1987:
Diabetes in dogs its etiology and diagnosis

Gottlieb M.S., 1980:
Diabetes in offspring and siblings of juvenile type and maturity onset type diabetics, D.F.; Heydenrych, J.J.; Louw, G.; Zuurmond, T.; Laker, L.; Smit, B.; Els, D.; Weideman, A.; Davids, H.; Wolfe-Coote, S., 1987:
Diabetes in pancreatectomized baboons: a model for pancreatic transplantation studies

Piras G.; Cherchi P.L.; Delfino F.; Caburlotto D.; Sanna L.; Riggio V., 1985:
Diabetes in pregnancy an epidemiologic study by department of obstetrics and gynecology of sassari university italy 1974 1983

Eriksson, U.J.; Jansson, L., 1984:
Diabetes in pregnancy: decreased placental blood flow and disturbed fetal development in the rat

Eriksson U.; Andersson A.; Efendic S.; Elde R.; Hellerstrom C., 1980:
Diabetes in pregnancy effects on the fetal and new born rat with particular regard to body weight serum insulin concentration and pancreatic contents of insulin glucagon and somatostatin

Eriksson U.; Swenne I., 1982:
Diabetes in pregnancy growth of the fetal pancreatic beta cells in the rat

Simpson, J.L.; Elias, S.; Martin, A.O.; Palmer, M.S.; Ogata, E.S.; Radvany, R.A., 1983:
Diabetes in pregnancy northwestern university series 1977 1981 1. prospective study of anomalies in offspring of mothers with diabetes mellitus

Huddle K.R.; Myer I.G.; Diamond T.H.; Barrow V.N.; Hellman P.R.; Bolton K.D.; Tshabalala G.; Mahlaba R., 1987:
Diabetes in pregnancy the use of home blood glucose monitoring and intensive monitoring to ensure favorable perinatal outcome

Darnaud J.; Denard Y.; Darnaud Ch, 1981:
Diabetes in the course of alcoholic cirrhosis

Staats, J., 1975:
Diabetes in the mouse due to 2 mutant genes a bibliography

Otsuki, M.; Goldfine, I.D.; Williams, J.A., 1984:
Diabetes in the rat is associated with a reversible postreceptor defect in cholecystokinin action

Schumacher M.C.; Smith K.R., 1988:
Diabetes in utah usa among adults interaction between diabetes and other risk factors for microvascular and macrovascular complications

Glatthaar, C.; Whittall, D.E.; Welborn, T.A.; Gibson, M.J.; Brooks, B.H.; Ryan, M.M.; Byrne, G.C., 1988:
Diabetes in Western Australian children: descriptive epidemiology

Knowler, W.C.; Pettitt, D.J.; Savage, P.J.; Bennett, P.H., 1981:
Diabetes incidence in Pima indians: contributions of obesity and parental diabetes

De-Pisarev, D.L.K.; Recondo, E.F.; Vassart, G., 1977:
Diabetes induced alteration in sub cellular distribution of poly adenylic acid rich rna from skeletal muscle

Jefferson L.S.; Liao W.S.L.; Peavy D.E.; Miller T.B.; Appel M.C.; Taylor J.M., 1983:
Diabetes induced alterations in liver protein synthesis changes in the relative abundance of messenger rna species for albumin and other plasma proteins

Barrieux A.; Neeley W.E.; Dillmann W.H., 1985:
Diabetes induced alterations in the translational activity of specific messenger rna species isolated from rat hearts

Shibata S.; Yokoyama H.; Mori K., 1981:
Diabetes insipidus after surgery on cranio pharyngiomas

Yap, H.Y.; Tashima, C.K.; Blumenschein, G.R.; Eckles, N., 1979:
Diabetes insipidus and breast cancer

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