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Diagnosis of early esophageal carcinoma 17 cases and endoscopical examination

Makuuchi, H.; Suhihara, T.; Nakasaki, H.; Tajima, T.; Mitomi, T.; Miyoshi, H.; Kumagai, Y.; Yamasaki, E.

Journal of the Japan Broncho-Esophagological Society 32(6): 406-412


Accession: 005142803

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Early diagnosis is of prime importance in order to accomplish better results with esophageal carcinoma. Experience with 17 case of early esophageal carcinoma, 15 males and 2 females is presented. Their ages ranged from 42 to 75. Only 5 of them had subjective symptoms, the rest were completely asymptomatic. As for the location of these lesions, 15 were in Im, 1 in Ei and 1 in Ea. The mean size of the lesion was 1.9 cm, ranging from 0.4 to 6.5 cm. Macroscopically, 1 carcinoma was tumorous type, 4 was superficial polypoid, 3 plateau-like, 1 flat, 5 erosive and 3 superficial ulcerative. Eleven were found with esophagogram and 6 with esophagoscopy. Histologically, 1 was pseudosarcoma, 1 basal cell carcinoma and 15 were squamous cell carcinoma. Fifteen were treated surgically; 2 patients died in immediate postoperative period. Four of 15 died of other causes and 9 are alive. No case has died of carcinoma. Diagnosis of early esophageal carcinoma was discussed with special emphasis placed on its endoscopic findings.

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