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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5144

Chapter 5144 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kras'ko A.G.; Rukhadze G.G.; Sergeev V.A.; Bukrinskaya A.G., 1987:
Diagnosis of human rotavirus infection by dot blot hybridization assay

Grove D.I.; Blair A.J., 1981:
Diagnosis of human strongyloidiasis by immuno fluorescence using strongyloides ratti and strongyloides stercoralis larvae

Nakaidze, E.K.; Archvadze, N.V., 1977:
Diagnosis of humic calcareous soils of the georgian ssr ussr

Tonnesen T.; Lykkelund C.; Guttler F., 1982:
Diagnosis of hunters syndrome carriers radioactive sulfate incorporation into fibroblasts in the presence of fructose 1 phosphate

Green A.; Little J.H.; Weedon D., 1983:
Diagnosis of hutchinsons melanotic freckle lentigo maligna in queensland australia

Livraghi, T.; Bosoni, A.; Giordano, F.; Lai, N.; Vettori, C., 1985:
Diagnosis of hydatid cyst by percutaneous aspiration: value of electrolyte determinations

Ballas, S.; Peyser, M.R.; Toaff, R., 1977:
Diagnosis of hydatidiform mole with and without coexistent fetus by nonstored image echography

Lago J.J.; Iriarte J.A.; Fernandez E.D.; Marguet E.R.; Santamaria E.; Gonzalo R., 1985:
Diagnosis of hydatidosis using the double diffusion arc 5 test in a 1964 cohort from the province of chubut argentina

Foltz E.L.; Aine C., 1981:
Diagnosis of hydrocephalus by cerebro spinal fluid pulse wave analysis a clinical study

Ramirez D.A.; Summers R.J.; Evans R.IIi, 1981:
Diagnosis of hymenoptera hyper sensitivity

Namai S.; Ikemori R.; Makino S., 1983:
Diagnosis of hymenoptera hyper sensitivity on evaluation by skin testing and radio allergo sorbent testing

Kopajtic B.; Perovic D., 1979:
Diagnosis of hyper thyreosis in pregnancy

Vinazzer, H., 1984:
Diagnosis of hypercoagulability

Yamazaki K.; Ichikawa M.; Kazuma M.; Shimizu H.; Murata M., 1987:
Diagnosis of hypernutritious fatty liver in obese children

Zhang S.; E.A., 1987:
Diagnosis of hyperthyroidismic heart disease

Florea, I.; Popa, M.; Simionescu, L.; Dinulescu, E.; Juvina, E., 1976:
Diagnosis of hypo somatotropism in short statured children and adolescents detailed report upon glycine intra venous loading

Starcević, V., 1988:
Diagnosis of hypochondriasis: a promenade through the psychiatric nosology

Zhdanov G.G.; Mikhel'son V.A.; Drukker N.A., 1982:
Diagnosis of hypoxia by the level of purine bases in the blood

Ramani, S.V.; Quesney, L.F.; Olson, D.; Gumnit, R.J., 1980:
Diagnosis of hysterical seizures in epileptic patients

Chachava T.M., 1979:
Diagnosis of idiopathic dilatation of the pulmonary artery

Cabellero Carpena O.; Pardo Montaner J., 1983:
Diagnosis of idiopathic femoral head necrosis by scintigraphy with technetium 99m labeled methylene di phosphonate assessed quantitatively by computer

Malling, H.J.; Dreborg, S.; Weeke, B., 1986:
Diagnosis of immunotherapy of mold allergy iii. diagnosis of cladosporium allergy by symptom score bronchial provocation test skin prick test radioallergosorbent test crossed radioimmunoelectrophoresis and histamine release

Diethelm, A.G.; Dubovsky, E.V.; Whelchel, J.D.; Hartley, M.W.; Tauxe, W.N., 1980:
Diagnosis of impaired renal function after kidney transplantation using renal scintigraphy, renal plasma flow and urinary excretion of hippurate

Araki, H.; Hayata, N.; Matsuguchi, T.; Takeshita, A.; Nakamura, M., 1986:
Diagnosis of important fixed coronary stenosis in patients with variant angina by exercise tests after treatment with calcium antagonists

Imagawa, A.; Kawanisi, Y., 1986:
Diagnosis of impotence report 6. hyperprolactinemia

Mirrakhimov M.M.; Vimbor Y.B.; Kenenbaev K.K., 1981:
Diagnosis of infarction of the cardiac inter ventricular septum by integral cardio topography

Dolgoplosk N.A.; Libov I.A.; Milyaeva L.V., 1980:
Diagnosis of infarction of the human right ventricle

Carbone A.; Pedulla M.; Palermo A., 1984:
Diagnosis of infections of the urinary tract in pediatrics

Umlauft K.D.; Schulz G.; Franze F.; Schoenfelder U.; Pannwitz S.; Blohm H.; Claus D.; Liebig F., 1987:
Diagnosis of infections relating to pneumonia of calves

Higgins R.; Hoquet F.; Marsolais G.; Montpetit C.; Elazary Y.; Morin M.; Bois J.M.; Ethier R., 1981:
Diagnosis of infectious abortions in dairy cows

Lohr J.E., 1981:
Diagnosis of infectious bronchitis by examination of tracheal mucus for infectious bronchitis precipitating antigens

York, J.J.; Fahey, K.J., 1988:
Diagnosis of infectious laryngotracheitis using a monoclonal antibody ELISA

Bentley, S.A.; Pegram, M.D.; Ross, D.W., 1987:
Diagnosis of infective and inflammatory disorders by flow cytometric analysis of blood neutrophils

Cooper, M.J.; Barrett, P.A.; Reid, G.C.; Lyons, N.R., 1987:
Diagnosis of inferior myocardial infarction in the presence of left anterior hemiblock

Clamp S.E.; Myren J.; Bouchier I.A.D.; Watkinson G.; D.D.mbal F.T., 1982:
Diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease an international multicenter scoring system

Fruehmorgen, E.; Lux, G.; Demling, L., 1978:
Diagnosis of inflammatory diseases of the large intestine comparison of the value of endoscopic and x ray examinations

Kretzschmar C.; Lange E.; Sinnecker R.; Racz I.; Fichtner D.; Leopoldt D., 1985 :
Diagnosis of influenza of swine

Hammer, B.; Hohenauer, L., 1980:
Diagnosis of infratentorial malformations in infancy

Glotova, K.V.; Smirnova, M.I.; Oganesyan, L.T., 1977:
Diagnosis of initial cardiac insufficiency in silicosis and chronic dust induced bronchitis

Sobotka, A.K., 1977:
Diagnosis of insect hyper sensitivity

Kurihara Y.; Kuroda Y.; Minakami H.; Komori K.; Kumano H.; Nakayama H.; Nakagawa S., 1981:
Diagnosis of insulinoma by the insulin suppression test

Buck, J.; Binder, J.P., 1982:
Diagnosis of insulinoma of the pancreas by computed tomography

Gofman, V.A.; Avdeeva, G.B.; Borzenko, E.Y., 1977:
Diagnosis of insulomas

Hirnlowa L.; Dyczynski J.; Lovoz Grudzien K.; Sokalski L.; Kostecka Pokryszko A.; Sobolewska B.; Wojszwillo A.; Dutkiewicz R., 1980:
Diagnosis of inter atrial shunting by the ultrasound method based on the doppler effect

Yamamoto, M.; Shinohara, Y.; Kamei, T.; Yoshii, F., 1981:
Diagnosis of internal carotid artery occlusion by dynamic computed tomography

Patel, S.; Brennan, J., 1981:
Diagnosis of internal jugular vein thrombosis by computed tomography

Kumar, P.V.; Hambarsoomina, B.; Banani, S.A.; Vaezzadeh, K., 1987:
Diagnosis of intestinal malakoplakia by fine needle aspiration cytology

Garrocho-Sandoval, C.; Torres-Ruvalcaba, A., 1977:
Diagnosis of intestinal parasitic infestation study of 2 methods for collection of specimens

Soderstrom C.A.; Mcardle D.Q.; Ducker T.B.; Militello P.R., 1983:
Diagnosis of intra abdominal injury in patients with cervical cord trauma

Jones, D.M.; Winn, W.R., 1977:
Diagnosis of intra cardiac thrombus by technetium 99m labeled macro aggregated albumin scinti scanning

Calatayud-Maldonado, V.; Banzo-Marraco, J.; Uriguen-Saiz, M.; Teijeiro-Vidal, J.; Gonzalez-Arias, S.; Carreras, J.L.; Redondo-Marco, J., 1978:
Diagnosis of intra cranial space occupying lesions with technetium 99m tin di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid

Plagne, R.; Veyre, A., 1976:
Diagnosis of intra cranial tumors

Rabe T.; Hoesch R.; Runnebaum B., 1983:
Diagnosis of intra uterine fetal growth retardation and placental insufficiency by a dehydroepi androsterone sulfate loading test

Rabe T.; Runnebaum B.; Koeppen U.; Widmaier G.; Kubli F., 1982:
Diagnosis of intra uterine fetal growth retardation by prolongation of dehydroepi androsterone sulfate half life after dehydroepi androsterone sulfate loading

Kyank H., 1980:
Diagnosis of intra uterine fetal retardation

Persson, P.H.; Grennert, L.; Gennser, G., 1978:
Diagnosis of intra uterine growth retardation by serial ultrasonic cephalometry

Barbosa Montenegro C.A.; Rodrigues Lima J.; Furley Dos Santos P.R.; D.L.urdes D.A.meida Lima M., 1981:
Diagnosis of intra uterine growth retardation by ultrasonic determination of abdomen head ratio

Madrazo I.; Renteria J.A.G.; Paredes G.; Olhagaray B., 1981:
Diagnosis of intra ventricular and cisternal cysticercosis by computed tomography with positive intra ventricular contrast medium

Liu H.; Cheng K.; Yang W.; E.A., 1984:
Diagnosis of intracardiac myxomas by echocardiography

Servo A.; Jaaskelainen J.; Wahlstrom T.; Haltia M., 1985:
Diagnosis of intracranial hemangiopericytomas with angiography and computed tomographic scanning

Wang C.S., 1985:
Diagnosis of intrahepatic stone by endoscopic retrograde intrahepatic cholangiography a comparative study with intravenous radionuclide cholescintigraphy and ultrasonography

Shirakabe H.; Nishizawa M., 1985:
Diagnosis of intramucosal carcinoma of the esophagus

Zhudiakov, L.M.; Paderin, V.F.; Teriaeva, M.V.; Bondogoev, D.R., 1988:
Diagnosis of intrathoracic adenopathies

Udani P.M.; Samuel S.; Kadiwal G.V.; Udani V.; Patel S.; Datar A.; Khatib S.A.; Sexena D.S., 1987:
Diagnosis of intrathoracic tuberculosis by detection of tubercle bacilli and or tubercular antigen tv ag in bronchial aspirate

Satapathy G.; Balaya S., 1985:
Diagnosis of intrauterine cytomegalovirus infection by immunoglobulin m antibody test

Rabe T.; Hoesch R.; Kiesel L.; Runnebaum B.; Keller P.J.; Kubli F., 1986:
Diagnosis of intrauterine fetal growth retardation by dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate half life

Platenkamp, G.J.; Van Duin, A.M.; Porsius, J.C.; Schouten, H.J.; Zondervan, P.E.; Michel, M.F., 1987:
Diagnosis of invasive candidiasis in patients with and without signs of immune deficiency: a comparison of six detection methods in human serum

Ogunbode, O.; Oluboyede, O.; Ayeni, O.; Esan, G.J.F., 1976:
Diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia among nigerian pregnant women by serum iron total iron binding capacity determination

Rao J.K.; Sahrawat K.L.; Burford J.R., 1987:
Diagnosis of iron deficiency in groundnut arachis hypogaea l

Grigoryan K.V.; Galstyan A.Sh, 1986:
Diagnosis of irrigated soils polluted with heavy metals based on phosphatase activity

Anapiosyan K.A.; Dzhangirov E.A.; Voskanyan S.E.; Oganesyan V.G., 1986:
Diagnosis of jaundice with the help of retrograde pancreatocholangiography

Wentink G.H.; Rutten V.P.M.G.; Jaartsveld F.H.J.; Zeeuwen A.A.P.A.; Van Kooten P.J.S., 1984:
Diagnosis of johnes disease at a preclinical stage

Kulshrestha, S.B.; Paliwal, O.P.; Krishna, L., 1984:
Diagnosis of johnes disease in sheep 2. comparative evaluation of allergic serological and fecal examination

Evain-Brion, D.; Gendrel, D.; Bozzola, M.; Chaussain, J.L.; Job, J.C., 1982:
Diagnosis of Kallmann's syndrome in early infancy

Langevin R.; Paitich D.; Orchard B.; Handy L.; Russon A., 1982:
Diagnosis of killers seen for psychiatric assessment

Larracilla-Alegre, J.; Furuya-Meguro, M.E.; Sotelo-López, A.; Hernández-Infante, M.; Saravia-Herrera, J.L.; Pérez-Neria, J., 1981:
Diagnosis of lactose intolerance through the quantification of hydrogen in exhaled air

Konno T., 1984:
Diagnosis of laryngeal cancer using acoustic analysis

Koshizuka M.; Osada J I.; Kobayashi T.; Shimazaki I.; Takayama M., 1988:
Diagnosis of late and deep infection after total hip joint replacement

Semenov B.Kh; Agapova L.V.; Zhevlakova L.A.; Parmenov Trifilov B.I., 1983:
Diagnosis of latent athero sclerotic stenotic lesions of cerebral vessels in flying personnel

Tereshchenko A.V.; Sukhodol'skaya A.E., 1980:
Diagnosis of latent pyelo nephritis of the contralateral kidney in patients with unilateral infectious hydro nephrosis

Kozdoba O.A.; Vikhert A.M.; Arabidze G.G., 1982:
Diagnosis of latent symptomatic arterial hypertension in young patients

Lotova L.I., 1987:
Diagnosis of leaf bearing trees using the bark microstructure

Kaidash, A.N.; Kurochkina, A.I.; Tsvetkov, A.A.; Ibadov-Kh, I., 1976:
Diagnosis of left atrial thrombosis in patients with rheumatic heart diseases by the main components method

Uehara T.; Nishimura T.; Hayashida K.; Takamiya M.; Kozuka T., 1988:
Diagnosis of left atrial thrombus by technetium 99m radionuclide angiography

Lin Y.; Yang Y.; Chen C.; E.A., 1986:
Diagnosis of left to right shunt in congenital heart disease using pulsed doppler echocardiography

Yamagishi M.; Kazui T.; Yokoyama H.; Sugiki K.; Komatsu S., 1981:
Diagnosis of left ventricular pseudoaneurysm with m mode and cross sectional echo cardiography

Meltzer R.S.; Guthaner D.; Rakowski H.; Poop R.L.; Martin R.P., 1979:
Diagnosis of left ventricular thrombi by 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Chikvashvili D.I.; Noeva E.A.; Ashmarin I.Yu; Ruda M.Ya, 1984:
Diagnosis of left ventricular thrombosis in patients with acute myocardial infarction by 2 dimensional echocardiography

Naqvi N.; Popp R.L.; Coltart D.J., 1980:
Diagnosis of left ventricular thrombus by 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Walker, A.N.; Walker, G.K.; Feldman, P.S., 1983:
Diagnosis of Legionella micdadei pneumonia from cytologic specimens

Harrison T.G.; Taylor A.G., 1982:
Diagnosis of legionella pneumophila infections by means of formolized yolk sac antigens

Zuravleff, J.J.; Yu, V.L.; Shonnard, J.W.; Davis, B.K.; Rihs, J.D., 1983:
Diagnosis of Legionnaires' disease. An update of laboratory methods with new emphasis on isolation by culture

Emirov, S.A., 1977:
Diagnosis of legume seeds

Cornette M.; Grosjean O., 1982:
Diagnosis of lesions of the aorto iliac level by doppler examination combined with a hyperemia test

Barriales V.; Sieres M.; Busta M.A.; Perez Lorente F.; Moris C.; Cortina A., 1986:
Diagnosis of lesions of the ascending aorta by two dimensional echocardiography

Wheeler, P.S.; Stitik, F.P.; Hutchins, G.M.; Klinefelter, H.F.; Siegelman, S.S., 1981:
Diagnosis of lipoid pneumonia by computed tomography

Fyke F.E.IIi; Tajik A.J.; Edwards W.D.; Seward J.B., 1983:
Diagnosis of lipomatous hypertrophy of the atrial septum by 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Solberg, H.E.; Skrede, S.; Blomhoff, J.P., 1975:
Diagnosis of liver diseases by laboratory results and discriminant analysis. Identification of best combinations of laboratory tests

Velardocchio, J.M.; Boutin, C.; Irisson, M.; Viallat, J.R., 1984:
Diagnosis of localized pulmonary opacities by transbronchial biopsy

Chuang M.T.; Marchevsky A.; Teirstein A.S.; Kirschner P.A.; Kleinerman J., 1984:
Diagnosis of lung cancer by fiber optic bronchoscopy problems in the histological classification of non small cell carcinomas

Karabaev V.Sh; Razumenko V.A.; Grigor'yants R.G., 1980:
Diagnosis of lung development abnormalities in a pulmonary tuberculosis clinic

Francis, N.D.; Goldin, R.D.; Forster, S.M.; Cook, H.T.; Coleman, D.V.; Shaw, R.; Pinching, A.J.; Boylston, A.W., 1987:
Diagnosis of lung disease in acquired immune deficiency syndrome: biopsy or cytology and implications for management

Rosenfeld, D.L.; Chudow, S.; Bronson, R.A., 1980:
Diagnosis of luteal phase inadequacy

Janssen-Caspers, H.A.; Kruitwagen, R.F.; Wladimiroff, J.W.; de Jong, F.H.; Drogendijk, A.C., 1986:
Diagnosis of luteinized unruptured follicle by ultrasound and steroid hormone assays in peritoneal fluid: a comparative study

Galesanu, M.R.; Rosenbaum, S., 1973:
Diagnosis of lymph node invasion of bladder and prostatic cancer by lympho phlebography and pelvic phlebography

Airapetyan M.Kh, 1981:
Diagnosis of lymph node metastatic cancer with a not easily detectable primary focus

S.John H., 1987:
Diagnosis of lysimachia species primulaceae hawaiian usa plant studies 159

Usui N.; Ishizuka Y.; Sato T., 1980:
Diagnosis of major airway obstruction using the flow volume curve

Nachmias A.; Bar Joseph M.; Solel Z.; Barash I., 1979:
Diagnosis of mal secco disease in lemon by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Ronzoni G.; Grassetti F.; D.B.tta G.; Damico E.; D.V.cchis M.; Pola P., 1980:
Diagnosis of male infertility the value of testicular biopsy in treatment without hospitalization

Bokiniec M.; Wrebiakowski H.; Danilos J.; Krzeminski A.; Kalasiewicz J.; Pakula H., 1979:
Diagnosis of male sterility based on discriminative analysis of routinely examined parameters of human semen

Breit A.; Pfandner K.; Held P.; Langnickel R., 1987:
Diagnosis of malignancies in the head and neck area stagnation or progress from the point of view of the radiooncologist

Wagner G.; Winter G., 1981 :
Diagnosis of malignancy using the electrophoretic mobility test 1st experiences from the 1st department of gynecology university of vienna austria

Gordeladze, A.S.; Gaĭkova, O.N., 1988:
Diagnosis of malignant blue nevus

Yao M.; Shimada H.; Matsu M.; Nagashima N.; Hanawa S., 1987:
Diagnosis of malignant choroidal melanoma by stamp fluorescence and 5 s cysteinyldopa methods

Yang H.; E.A., 1985:
Diagnosis of malignant giant cell tumor of the soft tissue report of two cases

Joja I.; Hiraki Y.; Ueda H.; Nakamura T.; Yamamoto Y.; Kaji M.; Togami I.; Niiya H.; Shirakami T.; E.A., 1985:
Diagnosis of malignant lymphoma by magnetic resonance imaging

Augustin J.; Stepanek J., 1984:
Diagnosis of malignant neoplasms of the gastrointestinal tract from the aspect of oncological reports

Gates, G.F., 1987:
Diagnosis of malignant pericardial effusion during dynamic hepatic scintigraphy

Serpukhovitin S.Yu; Bukhman A.I.; Kazeev K.N.; Tochilin A.V., 1985:
Diagnosis of malignant thyroid tumors by indirect thyroidolymphography

Melamed M., 1985:
Diagnosis of malignant tumors of the nose and the nasal cavity

Papa, L.; Csoszanszky, O.; Dzvonyar, J.; Esztergaly, S.; Szabo, L.G.; Varga, E., 1980:
Diagnosis of malignant tumors on the basis of the current generating capacity of malignant tumorous tissue 2. malignant tumors of female genital organs

Tuoni M.; Gerace S.; Bellugi R.; Cavallacci G., 1986:
Diagnosis of malignant tumors with isotopes critical evaluation of the literature personal experience with technetium 99m pertechnetate

Hopwood J.J.; Elliott H.; Muller V.J.; Saccone G.T.P., 1986:
Diagnosis of maroteaux lamy syndrome by the use of radiolabeled oligosaccharides as substrates for the determination of arylsulfatase b activity

Kasper, C.S.; Freeman, R.G.; Tharp, M.D., 1987:
Diagnosis of mastocytosis subsets using a morphometric point counting technique

Kovbasin V.F., 1981:
Diagnosis of mechanical injuries simulating bullet wounds

Bene B.C., 1980:
Diagnosis of meconium in amniotic fluids by nmr spectroscopy

Matsui R.; Narabayashi I., 1988:
Diagnosis of mediastinal lymphnode metastasis of primary lung cancer by gallium 67 ect

Das D.K.; Gupta S.K., 1980:
Diagnosis of medullary carcinoma of thyroid role of fine needle aspiration biopsy

Hoiby E.A.; Sandven P.; Solberg O., 1983:
Diagnosis of meningococcal disease by culture some points of practical importance

Casal, J.; Fadon, A.; Fernandez, S., 1975:
Diagnosis of meningococcal meningitis by immuno electrophoresis

Kinard, J.T., 1977:
Diagnosis of metal poisoning and evaluation of chelation therapy by differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry coupled to a novel digestion procedure

Highman W.J.; Oliver R.T.D., 1987:
Diagnosis of metastases from testicular germ cell tumors using fine needle aspiration cytology

Gabuniya, R.I.; Zelentsova, M.V.; Dyubin, E.A., 1978:
Diagnosis of metastatic affection of the skeleton with the help of pyro phosphate technetium 99m

Kuznetsova, L.B.; Aleksandrov-Yu, M., 1976:
Diagnosis of metastatic lesions of the bones by means of strontium 85

Perry M.D.; Seigler H.F.; Johnston W.W., 1986:
Diagnosis of metastatic malignant melanoma by fine needle aspiration biology a clinical and pathologic correlation of 298 cases

Lubinski J.; Domagala W., 1988:
Diagnosis of metastatic malignant melanoma in fine needle aspirates by transmission electron microscopy

Domagala, W.; Lasota, J.; Wolska, H.; Lubinski, J.; Weber, K.; Osborn, M., 1988:
Diagnosis of metastatic renal cell and thyroid carcinomas by intermediate filament typing and cytology of tumor cells in fine needle aspirates

Shvartzman P.; Kaspi M.; Shechter A., 1987:
Diagnosis of middle ear effusion with the acoustic otoscope

Ustinova E.V., 1980:
Diagnosis of mild oligophrenia

Witham, R.R.; Johnson, R.H.; Roberts, D.L., 1979:
Diagnosis of miliary tuberculosis by cerebral computerized tomography

Granath L.; Widenheim J.; Birkhed D., 1985 :
Diagnosis of milk enamel fluorosis in permanent maxillary incisors using two scoring systems

Tursina T.V.; Yamnova I.A., 1986:
Diagnosis of mineral salts in soils

Antonovich V.B.; Pukhkaya V.K., 1980:
Diagnosis of minor early tumor of the esophagus

Vakhidov V.V.; Tulenov M.T.; Stepanets N.D.; Tulyamov D.S.; Khan N.I., 1980:
Diagnosis of mitral stenosis and echo cardiographic appraisal of the results of commissurotomy

Longhini, C.; Portaluppi, F.; Musacci, G.; Toselli, T., 1979:
Diagnosis of mitral valve diseases using indirect (esophageal) left atrial pulse

Lartseva F.A.; Cherenkova N.D., 1981:
Diagnosis of mitral valve prosthesis failure and thrombosis from the results of indirect examination methods

Hemming, J.D.; Quirke, P.; Womack, C.; Wells, M.; Elston, C.W.; Bird, C.C., 1987:
Diagnosis of molar pregnancy and persistent trophoblastic disease by flow cytometry

Wittich A.C., 1982:
Diagnosis of molar pregnancy using ultrasonography 2 cases

Smith, G.S.; Middleton, K.R.; Smith, R.G., 1976:
Diagnosis of multiple plant nutrient deficiencies in soils of the west coast of the south island new zealand part 1 pakihi soils

Klimczak K.; Drobinski G.; Thomas D.; Lascault G.; Lechat P.; Grosgogeat Y., 1987:
Diagnosis of multivalvular prolapses on sonocardiography report of one case

Kraft, V.; Meyer, B., 1986:
Diagnosis of murine infections in relation to test methods employed

Ungureanu C.; Ionita Ionescu F., 1985:
Diagnosis of mycoplasma meleagridis infection on a turkey rearing farm

Tullio D., 1980:
Diagnosis of myo cardial infarction in the presence of anterior fascicular block electro vecto cardiographic study

Denisenko B.A.; Gol'dberg G.A.; Rabinovich B.I.; Silina T.K.; Kan'shina N.F., 1982:
Diagnosis of myo cardial infarction with involvement of the right ventricle

Golyzhnikov, V.A., 1983:
Diagnosis of myxoma of the right atrium

Mulfay V.; Drasoveanu C., 1981:
Diagnosis of naso pharyngeal cancer

Cuesta-Bandera, C.; Martinez-Fernandez, A.R., 1982:
Diagnosis of natural and experimental hydatidosis analysis of the results obtained by several tests 2. secondary experimental hydatidosis

Inoue, S., 1986:
Diagnosis of neonatal chlamydial infection by fluorescent antibody technique and its treatment with a new quinoline derivative

Petitjean J.; Quibriac M.; Freymuth F., 1987:
Diagnosis of neonatal infections caused by rotavirus technical improvements

Il'ina, N.A.; Khokhlov, A.P.; Savchenko, I.N., 1981:
Diagnosis of neural amyotrophy

Solov'ev V.V.; Bykov I.I.; Afanasu'evskii S.G., 1981:
Diagnosis of neuro circulatory dystonia and essential hypertension by phono tacho oscillography

Pammenter M.D.; Rossouw E.J.; Epstein S.R., 1987:
Diagnosis of neurocysticercosis by elisa

Tackmann W.; Porst H., 1987:
Diagnosis of neurogenic potency disorders by means of bulbocavernous reflex and somatosensory evoked potentials following pudendal nerve stimulation

Brod, R.D.; Packer, A.J.; Van Dyk, H.J., 1987:
Diagnosis of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis by ultrastructural examination of peripheral blood lymphocytes

Smikle, M.F.; James, O.B.; Prabhakar, P., 1988:
Diagnosis of neurosyphilis: a critical assessment of current methods

S.John H., 1987:
Diagnosis of new species of sicyocarya cucurbitaceae hawaiian usa plant studies 160

Besley, G.T.N., 1978:
Diagnosis of niemann pick disease using a simple and sensitive fluorometric assay of sphingomyelinase activity

Papastylianou I., 1986:
Diagnosis of nitrogen deficiency in barley growing in different rotation systems by plant analysis

Bronner H.; Bachler W., 1979:
Diagnosis of nitrogen requirement of sugar beet from hydrolyzable soil nitrogen

Shneerson J.M.; Cohen J.A.; Teare E.L., 1980:
Diagnosis of nocardia asteroides pneumonia by trans tracheal aspiration

Zidar B.L.; Adatepe M.; Hryschko F.; Hartsock R.J.; Kessler L.; Lyons T.A., 1982:
Diagnosis of non hodgkins lymphoma intra cerebral mass lesions usefulness of technetium 99m labeled per technetate and gallium 67 citrate brain scans

Kristensen L.H., 1987:
Diagnosis of non insulin dependent diabetes in general practice

Pietron K.; Osemlak J.; Bryc S., 1982:
Diagnosis of non neoplastic abdominal tumors in children

Bellanova B.; Falcone F.; Fasano E.; Monetti N.; Pavlica P.; Viglietta G., 1981:
Diagnosis of nonmassive pulmonary embolism

Segal, A.J.; Spataro, R.F.; Linke, C.A.; Frank, I.N.; Rabinowitz, R., 1978:
Diagnosis of nonopaque calculi by computed tomography

Belokon' N.A.; Golonzko R.R.; Buslaeva G.N., 1981:
Diagnosis of nonrheumatic carditis in children a clinico roentgenological study

Martinelli, S.D.; Roberts, T.J., 1983:
Diagnosis of nonsense mutations in Aspergillus nidulans

Pokrovskii, A.V.; Tsireshkin, D.M., 1976:
Diagnosis of nonspecific aortitis of thoracico abdominal localization

Aleinikova L.I.; Gozhbelyanov A.N., 1981:
Diagnosis of normal and pathology borderline states in sailors during sea voyages

Andrews, C.P.; Coalson, J.J.; Smith, J.D.; Johanson, W.G., 1981:
Diagnosis of nosocomial bacterial pneumonia in acute, diffuse lung injury

Salata, R.A.; Lederman, M.M.; Shlaes, D.M.; Jacobs, M.R.; Eckstein, E.; Tweardy, D.; Toossi, Z.; Chmielewski, R.; Marino, J.; King, C.H., 1987:
Diagnosis of nosocomial pneumonia in intubated, intensive care unit patients

Nishimune A.; Hagiwara H.; Yumura Y.; Yoshida T., 1983:
Diagnosis of nutrient status of japanese radish in fields under continuous cropping

Franz W.; Woitow G., 1987:
Diagnosis of obstipation of small colon in shetland pony

Muhletaler, C.A.; Gerlock, A.J.; Fleischer, A.C.; James, A.E., 1980:
Diagnosis of obstructive jaundice with nondilated bile ducts

Yamaguchi K.; Yunoki K.; Mizukami M.; Nagata K.; Araki G.; Katsunuma H., 1981:
Diagnosis of occlusive cerebro vascular disease using ultrasonic quantitative flow measurement

Pearlman J.D.; Beller G.A.; Nygaard T.W.; Smucker M.L.; Rothbart R.M.; Gibson R.S., 1987:
Diagnosis of occult critical aortic stenosis with intravenous infusion of dobutamine

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Diagnosis of ocular chlamydia infections by direct demonstration

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Diagnosis of oligo hydramnios related pulmonary hypoplasia potter syndrome value of portable voiding cysto urethrography in new borns with respiratory distress

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Diagnosis of onchocerca volvulus infection in guatemala children

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Diagnosis of ophthalmic neonatorum

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Diagnosis of optic neuropathy caused by paranasal sinus cyst

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Diagnosis of orbital myositis by nmr imaging

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Diagnosis of organic and functional pain patients with the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory

Freytag H.W.; Walter B.; Weber V.; Von Wulffen H., 1979:
Diagnosis of organic brain damage with common psycho diagnostic tests

Shimada, M., 1977:
Diagnosis of organic brain disorders by the visual evoked potential an application of multiple discriminant analysis

Isono M., 1988:
Diagnosis of ossicular deformities and inner ear anomalies by high resolution ct scanning of the temporal bone

Unger, E.; Moldofsky, P.; Gatenby, R.; Hartz, W.; Broder, G., 1988:
Diagnosis of osteomyelitis by MR imaging

Sakamoto H.; Oashi Y.; Takasaki K.; Sasaki J.; Suzuki Y., 1984:
Diagnosis of osteomyelitis of mandible by technetium 99m methylene diphosphonate and gallium 67 citrate imaging

Manuĭlov, E.N., 1985:
Diagnosis of otoantritis in infants and young children with hypotrophy

Tokita T.; Tomura Y.; Takagi K.; Ito Y.; Matsubara S.; Goshima K.; Kojima T.; Miyata H.; Mori Y.; Yanagida M., 1986:
Diagnosis of otolith and semicircular canal lesions by galvanic nystagmus and spinal reflexes

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Diagnosis of ovarian follicular cysts from birth to puberty: a report of twenty cases

Mcardle C.; Seibel M.; Hann L.E.; Weinstein F.; Taymor M., 1983:
Diagnosis of ovarian hyper stimulation the impact of ultrasound

Shaffer P.B.; Johnson J.C.; Bryan D.; Fabri P.J., 1981:
Diagnosis of ovarian vein thrombo phlebitis by computed tomography

Manas Almendros I.; Gomez Garcia V.; Campos Bueno M.; Lozano Maldonado J.; Rodriguez Osorio M., 1980:
Diagnosis of ovine dicroceliasis by the latex test

Zimmerman G.L.; Nelson M.J.; Clark C.R.B., 1985:
Diagnosis of ovine fascioliasis by a dot enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa a rapid microdiagnostic technique

Barkin J.S.; Pereiras R.; Hill M.; Levi J.; Isikoff M.; Rogers A.I., 1982:
Diagnosis of pancreatic abscess via per cutaneous aspiration

Thomas, F.; Bogey, W.; Castellani, W.; Khazanie, P.; Lust, R.; Viola, C.; Stelzer, D.; Sash, C.; Thomas, J., 1988:
Diagnosis of pancreatic allograft rejection by measurement of urinary radioimmunoreactive insulin

Klapdor, R.; Soehendra, N.; Klöppel, G.; Steiner, D., 1980:
Diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma by means of endoscopic retrograde pancreatography and pancreatic cytology

Yamao K.; Nakazawa S.; Naitoh Y.; E.A., 1986:
Diagnosis of pancreatic cystic disease by endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Rolny P., 1980:
Diagnosis of pancreatic disease with special reference to the secretin cholecystokinin test

Vinogradov, V.A.; Itin, A.B., 1977:
Diagnosis of pancreatic tumors using 2 indicator scannograph

Van Der Logt J.T.M.; Van Loon A.M.; Heessen F.W.A.; Van Der Veen J., 1985:
Diagnosis of parainfluenza virus infection in children and older patients by detection of specific immunoglobulin m antibody

Ambroise-Thomas, P.; Desgeorges, P.T.; Monget, D., 1978:
Diagnosis of parasitic diseases by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay with a modified micro method results for toxoplasmosis amoebiasis trichinosis hydatidosis and aspergillosis

Ambroise-Thomas, P.; Desgeorges, P.T., 1978:
Diagnosis of parasitic diseases by means of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay using a modified micro method part 1 technical aspects

Wolverson, M.K.; Sundaram, M.; Eddelston, B.; Prendergast, J., 1981:
Diagnosis of parathyroid adenoma by computed tomography

Gofman, V.A.; Borzenko, E.Y. ; Prokopenko, I.G., 1976:
Diagnosis of parathyroid cancer 1 observation

Martsinkyavichyus, A.M.; Palyushchinskaya, N.A.; Grishkyavichyus, A.P.; Kosinskas, E.B.; Sirvidis, V.M.; Kibarskite, H.K. ; Storpirshite, A.I.; Mil'vidaite, A.S., 1978:
Diagnosis of paravalvular fistulas following mitral valve prosthetics

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Diagnosis of parenchymal Hodgkin's disease using bronchoalveolar lavage

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Diagnosis of past history of myocardial infarction in epidemiological studies: an alternative based on the Caerphilly and Speedwell surveys

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Diagnosis of pathologically confirmed Symmers' periportal fibrosis by ultrasonography: a prospective blinded study

Levacher M.; Rouveix B.; Badenoch Jones P., 1983:
Diagnosis of penicillin allergy an evaluation of the leukocyte aggregation test in man

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Diagnosis of penicillin allergy by in vivo and in vitro radio allergo sorbent tests

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Diagnosis of penicillin allergy by phadebas radio allergo sorbent test penicilloyl g and v and skin tests

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Diagnosis of penicillin allergy by skin testing the manitoba canada experience

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Diagnosis of periampullary tumors: the state of the art

Foreman, S.M.; Centeno, R.; Kerber, C.W., 1986:
Diagnosis of perineurial arachnoid cysts using computed tomography: technical and clinical considerations

H.H.; E.A., 1983:
Diagnosis of peripheral lung cancer by fiber optic bronchoscope

Smirnov Y.K.; Shishov A.S., 1982:
Diagnosis of peripheral nervous system involvement in patients with herpes zoster by stimulation electro myography

Ovenfors, C.O.; Godwin, J.D.; Brito, A.C., 1981:
Diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary emboli by computed tomography in the living dog

Yoshida, Y.; Fukuda, M.; Tanaka, M.; Terasawa, Y., 1978:
Diagnosis of persistent truncus arteriosus by 2 dimensional echo cardiography a case study

Ishida, M.; Furuiye, T.; Ohtsuka, M.; Ohishi, F.; Sekine, K.; Morinari, H.; Yoshioka, I.; Tanaka, M.; Fujino, S., 1980:
Diagnosis of pertussis in adults by agglutination test

Tsukamoto E.; Itoh K.; Fujimori K.; Nakada K.; Furudate M.; Ogura H., 1986:
Diagnosis of pheochromocytoma by iodine 131 metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy

Arines J.; Fabregas R.; Sainz J., 1985:
Diagnosis of phosphorus potassium calcium and magnesium in red clover the use of reference levels and of the dris diagnosis and recommendation integrated system approach

Mcgeachie R.E.; Fleming J.O.; Sharer L.R.; Hyman R.A., 1979:
Diagnosis of picks disease by computed tomography

Smets M.; Gari M.; Pinon J.M.; Seguela J.P., 1983:
Diagnosis of pigeon breeders disease by indirect immuno fluorescence on sections of pigeon columba livia oviduct

Tanabe, S.; Sato, O.; Hasunuma, M.; Sohma, H.; Nakagawa, T., 1984 :
Diagnosis of pituitary microadenoma by magnification carotid angiography and intercavernous sinus venography

Farmer P.M., 1979:
Diagnosis of pituitary tumors by electron microscopy

Yamaguchi, R.; Shimozato, N., 1978:
Diagnosis of placental function by prediction curves for heat stable alkaline phosphatase

Tabei, T.; Heinrichs, W.L., 1976:
Diagnosis of placental sulfatase deficiency.

Pasichnyi, O.P.; Ponomar'ova, I.D.; Tsepkov, H.V., 1977:
Diagnosis of plant functional state from parameters of bio electrical response to light

Karjalainen R.; Rouhainen L.; Soderlund H., 1987:
Diagnosis of plant virus by nucleic acid hybridization

Holmberg, M.; Björkman, A.; Franzén, L.; Aslund, L.; Lebbad, M.; Pettersson, U.; Wigzell, H., 1986:
Diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum infection by spot hybridization assay: specificity, sensitivity, and field applicability

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Diagnosis of plasmodium falciparum infection in man detection of parasite antigens by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Mackey L.; Mcgregor I.A.; Lambert P.H., 1980:
Diagnosis of plasmodium falciparum infection using a solid phase radio immunoassay for the detection of malaria agents

Grotemeyer, K.H., 1985:
Diagnosis of platelet function by polymerized insoluble collagen

Falor, W.H.; Ward, R.M.; Brezler, M.R., 1982:
Diagnosis of pleural effusions by chromosome analysis

Lee V.W.; Dedick P.; Shapiro J.H., 1984:
Diagnosis of pneumo thorax by radio nuclide lung scan

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Diagnosis of pneumococcal peritonitis by countercurrent immuno electrophoresis

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Diagnosis of pneumococcal pneumonia: a comparison between microscopic examination of expectorate, antigen detection and cultural procedures

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Diagnosis of pneumococcal pneumonia by antigen detection in sputum

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Diagnosis of pneumococcal pneumonia by elisa of antibodies to pneumococcal hemolysin pneumolysin

Bush J.B.; Markus M.B., 1986:
Diagnosis of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia by various staining methods

Prat J.J.; Besson Leaud M.; Lavaud J.; Cloup M.; Nezelof C., 1980:
Diagnosis of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia using an endo bronchial brushing technique 21 cases in immuno compromised children

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Diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome and preliminary studies on its mechanism

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Diagnosis of polymyalgia rheumatica

Shockley L.J.; Kapke P.A.; Lapps W.; Brian D.A.; Potgieter L.N.D.; Woods R., 1987:
Diagnosis of porcine and bovine enteric coronavirus infections using cloned complementary dna probes

Vejtorp M.; Fanoe E.; Leerhoy J., 1979:
Diagnosis of post natal rubella by the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for rubella immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g antibodies

Zhang Q L.; Shen X Y.; Wang Y S.; Zhou Y C.; Sun Z Q., 1982:
Diagnosis of post operative syndrome after biliary surgery by endoscopic retrograde pancreato cholangiography

Mukhin E.P.; Klenin V.V., 1981:
Diagnosis of post tuberculous pneumo sclerosis and developmental defects of lungs

Field P.R.; Gong C.M., 1984:
Diagnosis of postnatally acquired rubella by use of 3 enzyme linked immunosorbent assays elisa for specific immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m and single radial hemolysis for specific immunoglobulin g

Luttkus A.; Frank H D.; Stauber M., 1987:
Diagnosis of postpartal disturbances of adaptation in hospital deliveries of outpatients

Godziashvili B.A.; Peterburgskii A.V., 1982:
Diagnosis of potassium nutrition of tea plants

Zadina J., 1980:
Diagnosis of potato leaf roll virus

Richardson, D.E., 1976:
Diagnosis of potato leaf roll virus in post harvest glasshouse tests

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Diagnosis of potato virus y diseases by immunoenzyme method

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Diagnosis of pre cancerous changes and early stomach cancer in patients with atrophic gastritis

Dall V.; Jensen N.H.; Hansen U., 1980:
Diagnosis of pre natal and post natal rubella by demonstration of specific immuno globulin m class antibodies by a micro plate immuno fluorescence test

Naudinova N.V.; Ostrovskaya V.R., 1980:
Diagnosis of pre tumor and tumor processes of the thyroid gland

Mashkova T.A.; Yarlykov S.A., 1985:
Diagnosis of precancerous conditions and cancer of the larynx in the presence of an apparent background process

Fowler, D.G.; Wilkins, J.F., 1984:
Diagnosis of pregnancy and number of fetuses in sheep by real time ultrasonic imaging 2. effects of number of fetuses stage of gestation operator and breed of ewe on accuracy of diagnosis

Kano T.; Izuma A.; Ito M., 1988:
Diagnosis of pregnancy and prognosis by the serum hcg level at 16th day of hyperthermia of bbt

Hodgen, G.D.; Niemann, W.H.; Turner, C.K.; Chen, H.C., 1976:
Diagnosis of pregnancy in chimpanzees using the nonhuman primate pregnancy test kit

Irie M.; Ohmoto K.; Kumagaya S., 1984:
Diagnosis of pregnancy in pigs by real time ultrasonic b mode scan

Roy, S.; Klein, T.A.; Scott, J.Z.; Kletzky, O.A.; Mishell, D.R.Jr, 1977:
Diagnosis of pregnancy with a radio receptor assay for human chorionic gonadotropin

Kitamura Y., 1985:
Diagnosis of preoperative staging of bladder carcinoma by computed tomography and ultrasonography

Xue Z X., 1983:
Diagnosis of primary aldo steronism 2 cases with metabolic studies

Wang J.; E.A., 1983:
Diagnosis of primary aldo steronism clinical analysis of 26 cases

Martinez-Morillo, M., 1975:
Diagnosis of primary and secondary tumors with radioactive isotopes

Dillon E.; Peel A.L.G.; Parkin G.J.S., 1981:
Diagnosis of primary bile duct carcinoma cholangio carcinoma in the jaundiced patient

Mesa Tejada R.; Oster M.W.; Fenoglio C.M.; Magidson J.; Spiegelman S., 1982:
Diagnosis of primary breast carcinoma through immuno histochemical detection of antigen related to mouse mammary tumor virus in metastatic lesions 2 cases

Ketonen, L.; Kuuliala, I., 1979:
Diagnosis of primary empty sella syndrome by computed tomography

Tanaka, Y., 1976:
Diagnosis of primary hepato cellular carcinoma by means of the serial estimation of serum alpha feto protein concentration and computer scintigraphy

Surmont, D.W.; Dhaene, M.; Van Geertruyden, J.; Thoua, Y.; Schoutens, A.J.; Vanherweghem, J.L., 1987:
Diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism in a patient with acute renal insufficiency: the usefulness of scintigraphy

Zhang S.; E.A., 1986:
Diagnosis of primary hypothyroidism clinical analysis of 46 cases

Duncan, R.E.; Evans, A.T., 1977:
Diagnosis of primary retroperitoneal tumors

Demin, A.A.; Ierusalimskaya, L.A.; Zherebyat'ev, R.A.; Romashova, D.I., 1977:
Diagnosis of progressive forms of myo carditis

Lam M.S.; Weiller P.J.; Charpin J.; Mongin M., 1981:
Diagnosis of prolonged pulmonary eosinophilia

Nakauchi K.; Mori M.; Noma A.; Okabe H., 1987:
Diagnosis of prostatic cancer in the aged by solid phase enzyme immunoassay

Cookingham, C.L.; Kumar, N.B., 1985:
Diagnosis of prostatic leiomyosarcoma with fine needle aspiration cytology

Shi, Q.D., 1985:
Diagnosis of prostatic malignant tumors

Miller D.G.; Levine S.; Bistrian B.; D'elia J.A., 1983:
Diagnosis of protein calorie mal nutrition in diabetic patients on hemo dialysis and peritoneal dialysis

Potard D.; Tiberi J.; Daighem I.; Weiller M.; Dentan G.; Ravizy J.; Louis P.; Bouhey J., 1984:
Diagnosis of proximal left main coronary disease by 2 dimensional echocardiography

Rougeot P C., 1980:
Diagnosis of pseudimbrasia deyrollei colorata new subspecies

Sotgiu P.; Cinquergrana G.; Meccariello P.; Scarafile P.; Perrotta R.; Palmiero P., 1985:
Diagnosis of pseudoischemia in mitral valve prolapse syndrome

Linné, T., 1987:
Diagnosis of pseudorabies virus infection in pigs with specific DNA probes

Trinus, E.K.; Barchuk, V.F.; Proskuriakova, N.B.; Polezhaeva, I.V., 1981:
Diagnosis of pseudotuberculosis

Lebwohl, M.; Phelps, R.G.; Yannuzzi, L.; Chang, S.; Schwartz, I.; Fuchs, W., 1987:
Diagnosis of pseudoxanthoma elasticum by scar biopsy in patients without characteristic skin lesions

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Diagnosis of pulmonary complications of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome

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Diagnosis of pulmonary disease in acquired immune deficiency syndrome role of bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage

Yoshino M.K.; Moreno M.J.C.; Knibel M.F.; Polisuk J., 1981:
Diagnosis of pulmonary emboli a challenge

Bookstein, J.J.; Feigin, D.S.; Seo, K.W.; Alazraki, N.P., 1980:
Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism: experimental evaluation of the accuracy of scintigraphically guided pulmonary arteriography

Stoellberger C.; Stoeberl C.; Kroiss A.; Lutz W.; Slany J., 1987:
Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism from easily available data results of a multiple regression analysis

Bush, A.; Gray, H.; Denison, D.M., 1988 :
Diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension from radiographic estimates of pulmonary arterial size

Xaubet, A.; Torres, A.; Ramírez, J.; Faus, R.; Marín, A.; Barberá, J.; Ussetti, P., 1987:
Diagnosis of pulmonary infiltrates in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Staib F., 1985:
Diagnosis of pulmonary mycoses

D.D.minicis E.; Arfiero S.; Finocchi G.; Frigiola A.; Menicanti L.; Vincenzi M., 1985:
Diagnosis of pulmonary valve agenesis in the neonate by two dimensional echocardiography report of two cases

Naito, E.; Toshima, K.; Kuroda, Y.; Takeda, E.; Miyao, M., 1986:
Diagnosis of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex deficiency in biopsied muscles and cultured skin fibroblasts

Dittmann H.; Karsch K.R.; Seipel L., 1986:
Diagnosis of quantification aortic regurgitation by doppler echocardiography in patients with aortic stenosis and mitral valve disease

Ramzy, I.; Aufdemorte, T.B.; Duncan, D.L., 1985:
Diagnosis of radiolucent lesions of the jaw by fine needle aspiration biopsy

Olsen N.; Nielsen S.L., 1979:
Diagnosis of raynaud phenomenon in quarrymen traumatic vaso spastic disease

Maricq, H.R.; Weinrich, M.C., 1988:
Diagnosis of Raynaud's phenomenon assisted by color charts

Samoilova R.S.; Darovskii B.M.; Lukina E.A.; Polyanskaya A.M., 1986:
Diagnosis of reactive lymphadenopathies and of the stage of lymphosarcoma leukemization with the simplest tests of immunological phenotyping

Eriksson, N.E.; Ahlstedt, S.; Belin, L., 1976:
Diagnosis of reaginic allergy with house dust animal dander and pollen allergens in adult patients part 1 a comparison between radio allergo sorbent test skin tests and provocation tests

Eriksson, N.E., 1977:
Diagnosis of reaginic allergy with house dust animal dander and pollen allergens in adult patients part 2 a comparison between skin tests and provocation tests

Eriksson, N.E., 1977:
Diagnosis of reaginic allergy with house dust animal dander and pollen allergens in adult patients part 3 case histories and combinations of case histories skin tests and the radio allergo sorbent test compared with provocation tests

Eriksson, N.E., 1977:
Diagnosis of reaginic allergy with house dust animal dander and pollen allergens in adult patients part 4 an evaluation of the clinical value of skin test radio allergo sorbent test case history and combinations of these methods

Eriksson, N.E.; Ahlstedt, S., 1977:
Diagnosis of reaginic allergy with house dust animal dander and pollen allergens in adult patients part 5 a comparison between the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay provocation tests skin tests and radio allergo sorbent test

Karamov, K.S.; Baziyan-Zh, A.; Alekhin, K.P., 1978:
Diagnosis of recent focal damage of the myo cardium

Mortimer P.P.; Parry J.V.; Appleton H., 1981:
Diagnosis of recent hepatitis a infection a comparison of 2 methods for detecting specific immuno globulin m

Taira N.; Moriya Y.; Koyama Y., 1985:
Diagnosis of rectal cancer of intraoperative ultrasonic echography with special reference to the depth of invasion and lymph node metastasis

Deheragoda, P., 1977:
Diagnosis of rectal gonorrhea by blind ano rectal swabs compared with direct vision swabs taken via a proctoscope

Larson, D.M.; Copeland, L.J.; Malone, J.M.; Stringer, C.A.; Gershenson, D.M.; Edwards, C.L., 1988:
Diagnosis of recurrent cervical carcinoma after radical hysterectomy

Di-Nardo, V.; De-Rosa, F.; Toraldo, P., 1977:
Diagnosis of recurrent hydatidosis by indirect hem agglutination reaction

Auffermann, W.; Gooding, G.A.; Okerlund, M.D.; Clark, O.H.; Thurnher, S.; Levin, K.E.; Higgins, C.B., 1988:
Diagnosis of recurrent hyperparathyroidism: comparison of MR imaging and other imaging techniques

Sevelda P.; Wagner G., 1987:
Diagnosis of recurrent of progressive epithelial ovarian carcinoma using ca 125 as monitor

Korochkin I.M.; Khatim M E D.S E., 1980:
Diagnosis of recurrent rheumo carditis in patients with circulatory insufficiency

Mcculloch J.C., 1979:
Diagnosis of red cell glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in a chinese neo nate

Chernousov, A.F.; Anufriev, A.M.; Poliantsev, A.A.; Grigorina-Riabova, T.V., 1981:
Diagnosis of reflux esophagitis

Kääriäinen, M., 1985:
Diagnosis of reflux esophagitis. With special reference to double contrast radiography

Egghart G.; Schlickenrieder J.H.M.; Hautmann R., 1986:
Diagnosis of reflux in children with carbon dioxide and ultrasound preliminary results

Poulos A., 1981:
Diagnosis of refsums disease using carbon 14 labeled phytanic acid as substrate

Streit A.; Schmid L.; Jungi W.F.; Senn H.J., 1987:
Diagnosis of relapses in resectable breast cancer

Ries, G.; Feuerbach, S.; Allgayer, B.; Reiser, M., 1982:
Diagnosis of renal involvement in malignant lymphomas

Lau, S.W., 1981:
Diagnosis of renal mass lesions

Hidai H.; Kinoshita Y.; Nakahashi M., 1981:
Diagnosis of renal space occupying lesions by means of mass puncture

Iizuka, N.; Onishi, T.; Kondo, N.; Masuda, F.; Nakada, G.; Mori, Y.; Suzuki, M.; Machida, T., 1986:
Diagnosis of renal trauma

Martineau G P., 1985:
Diagnosis of reproductive problems in the sow

Klement R.F.; Zil'ber N.A., 1982:
Diagnosis of respiration mechanism disturbances in patients with disseminated pulmonary processes by forced oscillation

Strelis A.K.; Limberg V.R.; Mulik L.I.; Kuz'mina L.V.; Lyadunkin I.E.; Likhacheva E.V., 1981:
Diagnosis of respiratory organ diseases in industrial workers

Bryc S., 1982:
Diagnosis of retroperitoneal air insufflation

McCullough, D.L.; Leopold, G.R., 1976:
Diagnosis of retroperitoneal fluid collections by ultrasonography: a series of surgically proved cases

Kawamura, J.; Hida, S.; Higashi, Y.; Yamauchi, T.; Yoshida, O., 1985:
Diagnosis of retroperitoneal lymph node swelling by computed tomography in advanced testicular cancer patients, with special reference to retrocrural lymph node swelling

Estanol, B.; Aguilar, F.; Corona, T., 1985:
Diagnosis of reversible vs. irreversible cerebral ischemia by the intravenous administration of naloxone

Yoshino, M.; Esaki, Y.; Shibuya, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Tanaka, C.; Kawakami, K.; Yamashita, F.; Ikejiri, N.; Tanikawa, K., 1976:
Diagnosis of reye syndrome

Schmidt, R.A.; Cone, R.; Haas, J.E.; Gown, A.M., 1988:
Diagnosis of rhabdomyosarcomas with HHF35, a monoclonal antibody directed against muscle actins

Nickeson, R.W.; Brewer, E.J.; Ferry, G.D., 1981:
Diagnosis of rheumatic fever obscured by liver disease

Benevolenskaja, L.I.; Andreev, N.A.; Kurmaeva, M.E.; Nadezdina, E.A.; Brzezovskij, M.M.; Cyganova, G.I.; Feldmanis, A.E.; Gargasas, L.V.; Mal'cev, P.V.; Orlov-Morozov, A.V., 1976:
Diagnosis of rheumatism by means of universal criteria, obtained by the cybernetic method

Gracheva, G.V.; Erov, N.K., 1981:
Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis with visceritis

Nakazawa, M.; Isayama, Y.; Kashiwazaki, M.; Yasui, T., 1987:
Diagnosis of Rhodococcus equi infection in foals by the agar gel diffusion test with protein antigen

Ebata, M., 1978:
Diagnosis of rice grains by the photometric method 5. color of hulled rice and method for color estimation

Ebata, M., 1978:
Diagnosis of rice grains by the photometric method 6. changes in translucency and color of rice kernel in the progress of maturation and dehydration

Mansour M.M.S.; E.A.lawy R.M.M.; E.K.rdassy Z.H.M.; Ahmed S.S., 1985:
Diagnosis of rickets and kwashiorkor by serum and cerebrospinal fluid electrophoretic separation of protein fractions

Yamaki, M.; Ikeda, K.; Honma, K.; Kiriyama, N.; Tono-oka, I.; Tsuiki, K.; Yasui, S., 1988:
Diagnosis of right ventricular involvement in chronic inferior myocardial infarction by means of body surface QRS changes

Sumi, M.; Nakaya, Y.; Murakami, M.; Fukuda, Y.; Nomura, M.; Takeuchi, A.; Katayama, M.; Mori, H., 1988:
Diagnosis of right ventricular overloading by means of the magnetocardiography

Palatynski A., 1986:
Diagnosis of rokitansky kuester hauser syndrome

Cherchi G.B.; Bagedda L.; Dore A.; Gakis C.; Mura M.S.; Andreoni G., 1987:
Diagnosis of rotavirus acute gastroenteritis by counterimmunoelectrophoresis and latex agglutination test comparison with enzyme immunoassay

Simhon A.; Amato S.; Hernandez F.; Yolken R.H.; Mata L., 1979:
Diagnosis of rotavirus by electron microscopy and by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Poulton, J.; Tarlow, M.J., 1987:
Diagnosis of rotavirus gastroenteritis by smell

Bryden, A.S.; Davies, H.A.; Thouless, M.E.; Flewitt, T.H., 1977:
Diagnosis of rotavirus infection by cell culture

Lin M.; Imai M.; Bellamy A.R.; Ikegami N.; Furuichi Y.; Summers D.; Nuss D.L.; Deibel R., 1985:
Diagnosis of rotavirus infection with cloned complementary dna copies of viral genome segments

Gorodeski, I.G.; Paz, M.; Insler, V.; Fishel, J., 1979:
Diagnosis of rupture of the fetal membranes by glucose and fructose measurements

Evdokimov V.V.; Tolpekin V.E.; Kulikova A.G.; Amosov G.G., 1980:
Diagnosis of rupture of the heart inter ventricular septum in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

Marsepoil T.; Letessier G.; Blin F.; Belotte F.; Venutolo F., 1986:
Diagnosis of rupture of the spleen during bacterial endocarditis one case review of literature

Schwarzbach C.; Wagemann W.; Freitag J.; Freitag G.; Heinrich P., 1985:
Diagnosis of ruptured aneurysms of the abdominal aorta by computed tomography

Ge, L.X., 1983:
Diagnosis of ruptured pulmonary hydatid cysts: analysis of 24 cases

Zeit, R.M.; Cope, C., 1981:
Diagnosis of sacral neoplasms by epidural venography

Rodziewicz G.S.; Kaufmann B.; Spetzler R.F., 1984:
Diagnosis of sacral perineural cysts by nmr

Oddini Carboni M.; Deriu P.; Oddini S., 1984:
Diagnosis of salivary calculosis through orthopantomography

Knothe, H., 1976:
Diagnosis of salmonella infections

Semushina L.A.; Morozova A.G., 1979:
Diagnosis of salt tolerance in kochia prostrata chenopodiaceae by the seed germination method

Hopwood, J.J.; Elliott, H., 1982:
Diagnosis of sanfilippo type a syndrome by estimation of sulfamidase ec activity using a radio labeled tetra saccharide substrate

Horiuchi I.; Hirai R.; Shimizu Y.; Ishizaki T., 1987:
Diagnosis of sarcoidosis using bronchoalveolar lavage in presumed ocular sarcoidosis

Kutsumi, H.; Minai, M.; Kajihara, N., 1979:
Diagnosis of schistosomiasis japonica 1. circumoval precipitin test as a method of screening subjects for fecal examination

Zeng X.; Cao A.; L.X., 1984:
Diagnosis of schistosomiasis japonica by indirect immunoperoxidase technique

Sai S.; Fukutomi H.; Kawakita I.; Kasimura H.; Nakahara A.; Ohsuga T.; Nakamura K.; Sakita T., 1986:
Diagnosis of schistosomiasis japonica of the colon using analysis of fluorescence excited by laser

Zeng X.; Cao A.; Luo X.; Shu H., 1986:
Diagnosis of schistosomiasis japonicum by enzyme immunological assay of triple antigens

Vanggaard, T., 1978:
Diagnosis of schizophrenic borderline states

Bodrov A.O.; D'yakonova N.K.; Kikot' V.A.; Petrova I.S., 1981:
Diagnosis of secondary changes in the cecum and colon in abdominal and small pelvic tumors and tumoral neoplasms

Grim, C.E.; Weinberger, M.H.; Higgins, J.T.; Kramer, N.J., 1977:
Diagnosis of secondary forms of hypertension. A comprehensive protocol

Kulik A.E.; Kas'yanenko I.V.; Starosel'skii I.V.; Sycheva T.V., 1981:
Diagnosis of secondary tumorous lesions of the heart

Cha, S.D.; Desai, R.S.; Gooch, A.S.; Maranhao, V.; Goldberg, H., 1982:
Diagnosis of severe tricuspid regurgitation

DiZerega, G.; Kletzky, O.A.; Mishell, D.R., 1978:
Diagnosis of Sheehan's syndrome using a sequential pituitary stimulation test

Pokrovskii V.I.; Pryamukhina N.S.; Maleev V.V., 1981:
Diagnosis of shigella dysenteriae dysentery

Schmidt, W.; Kubli, F.; Heberling, D., 1981:
Diagnosis of siamese twins at 12 weeks gestation

Yoshimura H., 1987:
Diagnosis of sick sinus syndrome by rapid intravenous injection of atp

Lee H.G.; Kim C.Y., 1986:
Diagnosis of simple renal cyst by computed tomography

Mastrocola C.; Simoni A.; Strano S.; Perino M.; Maggio C.; Baratta L.; Tubani L., 1983:
Diagnosis of sino atrial dysfunction by ambulatory monitoring

Nasser F.N.; Tajik A.J.; Seward J.B.; Hagler D.J., 1981:
Diagnosis of sinus venosus atrial septal defect by 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Green A.; Leslie D.; Weedon D., 1988:
Diagnosis of skin cancer in the general population clinical accuracy in the nambour queensland australia survey

Ehler, E.; Ivánkievicz, D.; Schumacher, G.H., 1980:
Diagnosis of skull fractures by autopsy and radiology

Kryger, M.H.; Mezon, B.J.; Acres, J.C.; West, P.; Brownell, L., 1982:
Diagnosis of sleep breathing disorders in a general hospital. Experience and recommendations

Short, D., 1981:
Diagnosis of slight and subacute coronary attacks in the community

Yagishita A.; Kanzaki J.; Shiga H., 1983:
Diagnosis of small acoustic tumors by air computed tomographic cisternography

Rakovec S.; Fettich J., 1987:
Diagnosis of small bowel bleeding due to ectopic gastric mucosa ulcerations

Yoshimori M.; Tajiri H.; Nakamura K.; Ozaki H.; Kishi K., 1984:
Diagnosis of small carcinoma of the pancreas importance of ultrasound scanning endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Ebara M.; Ohto M.; Watanabe Y.; Kimura K.; Saisho H.; Tsuchiya Y.; Okuda K.; Arimizu N.; Kondo F.; E.A., 1986:
Diagnosis of small hepatocellular carcinoma correlation of magnetic resonance imaging and tumor histologic studies

Kareva A.I., 1982:
Diagnosis of small intestinal tumors

Murata I.; Makiyama K.; Imanishi T.; Hara K.; Inoue K.; Matsunaga K.; Kabashima J.; Tsuno S.; Murase K.; E.A., 1988:
Diagnosis of small intestinal tumors with special reference to radiologic and endoscopic findings

Ozaki, H.; Ishii, K.; Sato, T.; Karasawa, E.; Kitamura, T.; Tsuchiya, R.; Kasugai, T.; Abe, M.; Ueda, M.; Takeuchi, T., 1985:
Diagnosis of small pancreatic carcinoma

Triche, T.J., 1988:
Diagnosis of small round cell tumors of childhood

Kochowicz W.; Kulczycki J.; Wasniewski A., 1980:
Diagnosis of sodium chloride poisonings in the coypu

Pedersen L.; Guldhammer B.; Balslev I.; Kamby C.; Aasted M.; Rose C., 1987:
Diagnosis of soft tissue recurrences in cancer of the breast comparisons between the clinical assessment tru cut biopsy and repeated fine needle aspirations

Kats G.L.; Tarnopol'skaya L.V.; Alifanova R.E., 1982:
Diagnosis of some forms of rheumatic fever

Sreemadhavan, C.P., 1977:
Diagnosis of some new taxa and some new combinations in bignoniales

Balayer M., 1986:
Diagnosis of some orchidaceae infraspecific taxa identified in languedoc roussillon france

Khaspekov G.E.; Gromova R.V.; Polyanskii V.I.; Pribytkova T.I.; Bogrova I.N.; Mel'nik A.N., 1980:
Diagnosis of some rare lung diseases

Wasek, Z.; Bogoniowska, Z., 1979:
Diagnosis of specific hyper sensitivity to exogenous allergens by the radio allergo sorbent test 2. inhaled allergens as risk factors in the development of bronchial asthma

Rosner A.; Bar Joseph M.; Moscovitz M.; Mevarech M., 1983:
Diagnosis of specific viral rna sequences in plant extracts by hybridization with a poly nucleotide kinase mediated phosphorus 32 labeled double stranded rna probe

Wallace, J.C., 1985:
Diagnosis of splenic rupture in malignant lymphoma using radionuclides

Dublin, A.B.; Rosenquist, C.J., 1976:
Diagnosis of splenic torsion: a combined radiographic approach

Yonushonis, W.P.; Roy, M.J.; Carman, R.J.; Sims, R.E., 1987:
Diagnosis of spontaneous Clostridium spiroforme iota enterotoxemia in a barrier rabbit breeding colony

Doi S., 1980:
Diagnosis of spread of cervical cancer by combined methods of gallium 67 computer scintigraphy intra venous pyelography and lymphography

Fein A.B.; Lee J.K.T.; Balfe D.M.; Heiken J.P.; Ling D.; Glazer H.S.; Mcclennan B.L., 1987:
Diagnosis of staging of renal cell carcinoma a comparison of mr imaging and ct

Peters, J.L., 1986:
Diagnosis of stenosis and thrombosis of the internal carotid artery using Doppler velocimetry

Miura, T.; Hamada, S.; Shibatsuji, H., 1976:
Diagnosis of sternal metastasis of breast cancer using circus tomography

Wang, T.; Reyes, C.V.; Kathuria, S.; Strinden, C., 1980:
Diagnosis of Strongyloides stercoralis in sputum cytology

Tribouley-Duret, J.; Tribouley, J.; Appriou, M.; Megraud, R.N., 1978:
Diagnosis of strongyloidiasis using the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay test

Enders G., 1986:
Diagnosis of subacute chronic and slow viral central nervous system diseases

Nikiforov B.M.; Spiridonova V.D., 1982:
Diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhages due to aneurysms

Gonda, R.L.; Karo, J.J.; Forte, R.A.; O'Donnell, K.T., 1987:
Diagnosis of subclinical varicocele in infertility

Zilkha, E.; Kendall, B.E.; Loh, L.; Hayward, R.; Radue, E.W.; Ingram, G.S., 1978:
Diagnosis of subdural hematoma by computed axial tomography use of xenon inhalation for contrast enhancement

Asaki, S.; Hatori, S.; Nishimura, T.; Sato, A.; Hanzawa, K.; Goto, Y., 1984:
Diagnosis of submucosal tumor by injecting a water soluble contrast medium: development pattern and growing of tumors

Mitsunaga A., 1987:
Diagnosis of submucosal tumor of the upper gastrointestinal tract by endoscopic ultrasonography

Noguchi T.; Aibe T.; Akiyama T.; Kinukawa K.; Asagami F.; Amano H.; Harima K.; Ariyama S.; Fuji T.; E.A., 1986:
Diagnosis of submucosal tumor of upper gastrointestinal tract by endoscopic ultrasonography the 1st report

Asaki, S.; Hatori, S.; Iwai, S.; Nishimura, T.; Sato, A.; Goto, Y., 1982:
Diagnosis of submucosal tumors by injecting a water soluble contrast medium: basic research and imaging of tumors

Asaki, S.; Shishido, Y.; Miyoshi, S.; Sato, W.; Sato, H.; Motozima, T.; Meguro, S., 1985:
Diagnosis of submucosal tumors by injecting a water soluble contrast medium: diagnosis of extra-gastric tumors and gastric varices

Asaki, S.; Hatori, S.; Sato, M.; Nishimura, T.; Sato, A.; Goto, Y., 1982:
Diagnosis of submucosal tumors by injecting a water soluble contrast medium: diagnosis of tumors and clinical presumption of their development patterns

Asaki S.; Hatori S.; Nishimura T.; Sato A.; Okata T.; Goto Y., 1984:
Diagnosis of submucosal tumors by injecting a water soluble contrast medium judgment of tumor developing pattern and endoscopic lumpectomy

Huser, C.J.; Smialek, J.E., 1986:
Diagnosis of sudden death in infants due to acute dehydration

Lee, C.M.; Lin, C.C.; Wu, J.L.; Perng, M.J.; Kuo, H.T.; Huang, W.C., 1987:
Diagnosis of suspected chest tumor by percutaneous needle aspiration biopsy

Quindos G.; Alvarez M.; Regulez P.; Ponton J.; Cisterna R., 1988:
Diagnosis of systemic candidiasis in parenteral drug abusers by the detection of antimycelium antibodies

Poulos A.; Holding J.; Carey W.F., 1982:
Diagnosis of tay sachs disease using tritium labeled n acetyl neuraminic acid labeled gm 2 ganglioside as substrate

Marinbach, E.B., 1972:
Diagnosis of testicular tumors

Furbetta M.; Angius A.; Tuveri T.; Rosatelli C.; Scalas M.T.; Ximenes A.; Falchi A.M.; Cao A., 1981:
Diagnosis of the beta o thalassemia trait at birth

Dzhalilov F.S., 1986:
Diagnosis of the causal agent of bacterial black rot in cabbage using the immunofluorescent method

Viertel B., 1981 :
Diagnosis of the central european urodela amphibia according to the morphology of the roof of the mouth

Pencz A.; Distelmeier P.M.; Gulotta F.; Schlake W., 1987:
Diagnosis of the creutzfeldt jakob disease during life

Park, C., 1977:
Diagnosis of the degree of maturation of fetus and clinical tests of fetal and placental functions

Zaidel'man F.R.; Nikiforova A.S., 1986:
Diagnosis of the degree of soddy podzolic soils degree of the hydromorphism

Hayakawa K.; E.A., 1983:
Diagnosis of the depressed type of early gastric cancer which is difficult to differentiate from benign lesions endoscopic diagnosis

Asaki, S.; Nishimura, T.; Ohara, S.; Shibuya, D.; Sato, A.; Hatoyama, Y.; Kanazawa, N.; Goto, Y.; Hagiwara, A.; Takahashi, T., 1985:
Diagnosis of the depth of cancer invasion by submucosography

Mainil J.; Bex F.; Couturier M.; Kaeckenbeeck A., 1984:
Diagnosis of the enterotoxic colibacillosis of the calf with 2 st probes application on intestinal content

Yamada H.; Mitani E.; Kobayashi K., 1982:
Diagnosis of the function of the terminal part of the choledochus computed analysis of the wave of papillary movement

Brassow F.; Crone Muenzebrock W.; Vogel H.; Werner B., 1981:
Diagnosis of the functioning of an interposed part of the colon substituting part of the esophagus after esophageal resection

Charchoglyan R.A.; Golikov A.P.; Kipiani M.A., 1984:
Diagnosis of the impairment of segmental myocardial contractility in acute infarction by sector scanning

Erov N.K.; Gudilina V.G.; Shukurov O.Sh, 1980:
Diagnosis of the inflammatory process activity in clinico anatomical variants of rheumatoid arthritis

Vesel'skiĭ, I.Sh.; Voroniuk, M.I., 1985:
Diagnosis of the initial forms of venous encephalopathy in atherosclerosis

Burtsev E.M.; Molokov D.D., 1986:
Diagnosis of the initial manifestations of cerebral blood supply insufficiency and their treatment at health resorts

Petkov A.; Tsolov B.; Gradinarski I.; Poinarov D.; Rusev I., 1986:
Diagnosis of the intestinal echinococcosis in dogs under field conditions

Zapf, S.; Dueber, C.; Kuhn, F.P.; Lauff, V., 1988:
Diagnosis of the intramural hematoma of the duodenum

Groppel B., 1982:
Diagnosis of the iodine level

Galvao L.C.; Collares E.F.; Brasil M.D.L., 1980:
Diagnosis of the lactose intolerance in children transit time measurement associated to the tolerance tests of lactose and glucose galactose

Shpigel' A.N., 1980:
Diagnosis of the latent form of primary chronic pyelo nephritis

Greer A.E., 1986:
Diagnosis of the lerista bipes species group lacertilia scincidae with a description of a new species and an updated diagnosis of the genus

Volynskii Y.D.; Zatikyan E.P.; Sargin M.E.; Mogilevskii E.B., 1980:
Diagnosis of the mitral valve prolapse syndrome in the cardio surgical clinic by means of echo cardiography

Nesin V.A., 1988:
Diagnosis of the molar teeth of ancient microtinae

Kuleshov N.P.; Simonyan I.V., 1987:
Diagnosis of the mosaic forms of karyotype anomalies in clinical cytogenetic studies

Soomro A.W., 1987:
Diagnosis of the nutrient deficiency in crops by transfer of plants into incomplete nutrient solutions

Ohhashi M.; Konari Y.; Terayara Y.; Gotoh M.; Tanaka K., 1988:
Diagnosis of the ossicular chain abnormality by impedance audiometry

Sokolov L.K.; Minushkin O.N.; Titova T.M.; Sabel'nikov G.I.; Sinyaev V.P.; Barchunov B.N.; Malkerova N.N.; Shcherbakova N.V.; Kozlov V.V.; Morev A.I., 1981:
Diagnosis of the pain syndrome after cholecystectomy

U.P., 1976:
Diagnosis of the placental function

Baltavaev, T.V.; Azhimamatov, T.A., 1987:
Diagnosis of the preclinical form and the treatment of the pronounced form of acute cardiac insufficiency in myocardial infarction using lower body negative pressure

Moldotashev I.K.; Baltabaev T.B., 1981:
Diagnosis of the preclinical stage of cardiac insufficiency in mitral stenosis

Foote, A.; Simpson, J.S.; Stewart, R.J.; Wakefield, J.S.; Buchanan, A.; Gupta, R.K., 1986:
Diagnosis of the rare solid and papillary epithelial neoplasm of the pancreas by fine needle aspiration cytology. Light and electron microscopic study of a case

Kubein D.; Luhr H.G.; Jaeger A.; Schauer H W.; Von Ehrlich V., 1987:
Diagnosis of the relationship of the mandibular joint to occlusion intraoperative control technique for the optimization of orthodontic surgical interventions in reference to plate osteosynthesis

Hopwood J.J.; Elliott H., 1981:
Diagnosis of the sanfilippo c syndrome using mono saccharide and oligo saccharide substrates to assay acetyl coenzyme a 2 amino 2 deoxy alpha glucoside n acetyl transferase activity

Watanabe S.; Yagi Y.; Shiikawa A.; Endo M.; Koyanagi H.; Kasanuki H.; Tanaka K., 1988:
Diagnosis of the site of accessory atrioventricular conduction pathways by body surface mapping an experimental study using in situ isolated beating heart model

Filippova N.A.; Panova I.V., 1985:
Diagnosis of the species of the genus dermacentor from siberia and far east of the ussr by their sexually immature phases ixodoidea ixodidae

Starobinets M.Kh; Volkova L.D., 1984:
Diagnosis of the syndromes of the lesions of the nervous systems based on the relationship between the tension time curves of the central and motor responses of lower leg and foot muscles

Low, J.A.; Mauger, G.M.; Dragovic, J., 1985:
Diagnosis of the unstable detrusor: comparison of an incremental and continuous infusion technique

Engberding R.; Bender F.; Grosse Heitmeyer W.; Mueller U.S.; Schneider D., 1986:
Diagnosis of thoracic aortic aneurysms by combined transthoracic and transesophageal 2 dimensional echocardiography

Dunant, J.H., 1987:
Diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome and indications for surgery

Smith, T.; Trojaborg, W., 1987:
Diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome. Value of sensory and motor conduction studies and quantitative electromyography

Yablokov, E.G.; Kirienko, A.I.; Kolodii, S.M.; Antonova, N.Y. ; Matyushenko, A.A.; Zharkova, Z.K., 1978:
Diagnosis of thrombo embolisms in the pulmonary artery

Al'pidovskii V.K.; Lagutina N.Ya; Fedulova G.A.; Gerasimov A.A., 1982:
Diagnosis of thrombophilia a hereditary anti thrombin iii deficit

Brismar, B.; Hårdstedt, C.; Jacobson, S., 1981:
Diagnosis of thrombosis by catheter phlebography after prolonged central venous catheterization

Bettendorf U.; Bauer K H., 1981:
Diagnosis of thymoma and computerized axial tomography assisted trans thoracic biopsy

Myshkin, K.I.; Bluvshteĭn, G.A.; Lagun, M.A., 1981:
Diagnosis of thyroid cancer in toxic goiter and chronic thyroiditis

Merle S.; Zajdela A.; Joly J., 1987:
Diagnosis of thyroid lesions of by fine needle puncture without aspiration

Bunin K.V.; Beloborodova N.M., 1982:
Diagnosis of tick borne encephalitis with a 2 wave course

Pusch H.H., 1984:
Diagnosis of toxic liver damage on the basis of an abnormal spermiogram

Senet, J.M.; Robert, R.; Mauras, G., 1976:
Diagnosis of toxoplasmosis by indirect hem agglutination part 1 comparison of 3 different antigens an endogenous soluble antigen an insoluble particulate antigen and a total antigen fixed by means of glutaraldehyde on formolinized sheep red blood cells

Senet, J.M.; Robert, R.; Mauras, G., 1976:
Diagnosis of toxoplasmosis by indirect hem agglutination part 2 the usefulness of glutaraldehyde fixed total antigen in the early detection of antibodies

Bivins, B.A.; Reed, M.F.; Belin, R.P.; Goldenberg, D.M., 1977:
Diagnosis of tracheo esophageal fistula by radio scanning

Koudstaal, P.J.; van Gijn, J.; Staal, A.; Duivenvoorden, H.J.; Gerritsma, J.G.; Kraaijeveld, C.L., 1986:
Diagnosis of transient ischemic attacks: improvement of interobserver agreement by a check-list in ordinary language

Pensaert, M.B.; Haelterman, E.O.; Burnstein, T., 1968:
Diagnosis of transmissible gastro enteritis in pigs by means of immuno fluorescence virus

Cartwright, G.E., 1978:
Diagnosis of treatable Wilson's disease

Fowler J.W.; Watson G.; Smith M.F.; Macfarlane J.R., 1986:
Diagnosis of treatment of posterior urethral injury

Abbitt, B.; Ball, L., 1978:
Diagnosis of trichomoniasis in pregnant cows by culture of cervical vaginal mucus

Smith, H.J., 1986:
Diagnosis of tricuspid insufficiency by Doppler flowmetry in the inferior vena cava. A comparison with right ventricular angiography

Aksut S.V.; Oram A.; Kes S.; Ugurlu S.; Oram E., 1986:
Diagnosis of tricuspid regurgitation by contrast echocardiography

Aksut S.V.; Kes S.; Oram A.; Ugurlu S.; Oram E., 1986:
Diagnosis of tricuspid regurgitation by pulsed doppler and two dimensional echocardiography

Skjaerpe, T.; Hatle, L., 1985:
Diagnosis of tricuspid regurgitation. Sensitivity of Doppler ultrasound compared with contrast echocardiography

Dressel C.J.Jr; Pittman D.E., 1979:
Diagnosis of tricuspid stenosis by catheterization and noninvasive techniques a case report

Shimada R.; Takeshita A.; Nakamura M.; Tokunaga K.; Hirata T., 1984:
Diagnosis of tricuspid stenosis by m mode and 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Yabek, S.M.; Jarmakani, J.M.; Roberts, N.K., 1977:
Diagnosis of trifascicular damage following tetralogy of fallot and ventricular septal defect repair

Grechko V.E.; Puzin M.N., 1985:
Diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia of predominantly central and predominantly peripheral origin

Baig, M.M.; Pettengell, K.E.; Simjee, A.E.; Sathar, M.A.; Vorster, B.J., 1986:
Diagnosis of tuberculosis by detection of mycobacterial antigen in pleural effusions and ascites

Laven, G.T., 1977:
Diagnosis of tuberculosis in children using fluorescence microscopic examination of gastric washings

Kvale, P.A.; Johnson, M.C.; Wroblewski, D.A., 1979:
Diagnosis of tuberculosis: routine cultures of bronchial washings are not indicated

Odinets A.G.; Kopylov S.S., 1986:
Diagnosis of tulip fetal mosaic virus by immunoenzyme analysis

Arlart I.P.; Eichner H., 1985:
Diagnosis of tumors of the glomus caroticum via transvenous digital subtraction angiography

Magnus L.; Schmitt G.; Stroetges M.W.; Lehmann G., 1979:
Diagnosis of tumors of the parotid gland by sialography and sialo scintigraphy a comparative study on 49 patients

Murata M.; Inoue H.; Misumi S.; Shimizu T.; Tamura M.; Kawafuchi J I., 1981:
Diagnosis of tumors of the pituitary region by 2 plane computed tomography scans with special reference to operative indication for the trans sphenoidal approach

Constant, P.; Caille, J.M.; Salamon, G.; Dop, A., 1976:
Diagnosis of tumors of the posterior fossa using a total body acta scanner

Colletto G.M.D.D.; Kolya M.; Zimberknopf S., 1987:
Diagnosis of twin zygosity by dermatoglyphic index

Sarna, S.; Kaprio, J.; Sistonen, P.; Koskenvuo, M., 1978:
Diagnosis of twin zygosity by mailed questionnaire

Finogenova, S.A.; Gindilis, V.M., 1976:
Diagnosis of twin zygosity by means of the generalized index of dermatoglyphic differences

Yoshizawa H.; Itoh Y.; Iwakiri S.; Tsuda F.; Nakano S.; Miyakawa Y.; Mayumi M., 1980:
Diagnosis of type a hepatitis by fecal immuno globulin a antibody against hepatitis a antigen

Moulin S.; Dewailly P.; Sezille G.; Fruchart J.C., 1979:
Diagnosis of type iii hyper lipo proteinemia contribution of an air driven ultra centrifuge associated with an original tube slicer

Nagao S.; Sunami N.; Tsutsui T.; Honma Y.; Monma F.; Nishiura T.; Nishimoto A., 1984:
Diagnosis of uncal herniation by auditory brain stem response

Caveriviere P.; A.S.ati T.; Voigt J.J.; Delsol G., 1985:
Diagnosis of undifferentiated tumors with monoclonal antibodies usable on paraffin sections

Tunny, T.J.; Klemm, S.A.; Hamlet, S.M.; Gordon, R.D., 1988:
Diagnosis of unilateral renovascular hypertension: comparative effect of intravenous enalaprilat and oral captopril

Rovekamp M.H.; Van Royen E.A.; Folmer S.C.C.R.; Van Der Schoot J.B., 1983:
Diagnosis of upper abdominal infections by indium 111 labeled leukocytes with technetium 99m labeled colloid subtraction technique

Taheri S.A.; Elias S.M., 1981:
Diagnosis of ureteral injury after aortic bypass surgery

Uchida M.; Saitoh M.; Watanabe H., 1982:
Diagnosis of ureteral tumors by per cutaneous antegrade pyelography under ultrasonic real time guidance

Danielsson D.; Moi H.; Forslin L., 1983:
Diagnosis of uro genital gonorrhea by detecting gonococcal antigen with a solid phase enzyme immunoassay gonozyme

Papadopoulos, I.; Figge, M.; Weissbach, L.; Merkel, K.H., 1987:
Diagnosis of urothelial tumor by ureterorenoscopy

Tobari C.; Muroi K.; Watanabe H.; Noguchi S.; Kurosawa H., 1981:
Diagnosis of uterine tumors by thallium 201 chloride

Noe-Nygaard, E.; Kragstrup, J., 1987:
Diagnosis of vaginitis in general practice

Fedorov B.A., 1987:
Diagnosis of valvular bioprosthetic dysfunction

Orda, R.; Sayfan, J.; Manor, H.; Witz, E.; Sofer, Y., 1987:
Diagnosis of varicocele and postoperative evaluation using inguinal ultrasonography

Dedov, I.I.; Mel'nichenko, G.A.; Langner, T.K.; Makolkin, V.I., 1985:
Diagnosis of various forms of galactorrhea

Fabregas Rodriguez C.; D.M.ndoza Amat J.H.; Alvarez Blanco J., 1980:
Diagnosis of various kinds of hepatitis with special reference to viral ones

Gazymova D.M., 1985:
Diagnosis of vascular obstruction of the renal caliculi and its complications

Sato, I.; Hasegawa, Y.; Ohe, T.; Funahashi, T.; Tomobuchi, Y.; Shimomura, K., 1985:
Diagnosis of vasospastic angina by analysis of heart rate response to exercise: effects of different levels of work load

Sivakoff M.; Nouri S., 1982:
Diagnosis of vein of galen arterio venous malformation by 2 dimensional ultrasound and pulsed doppler method

Lin, K.K.; Lee, H.P.; Liao, G.S., 1981:
Diagnosis of venomous snake bite by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay method 1. the diagnosis of snake bite of chinese krait bungarus multicinctus

Barskii A.V.; Semenov N.P.; Trenin V.I.; Etkin V.I.; Barskaya M.A., 1980:
Diagnosis of venous insufficiency during osteo myelitis of the long tubular bones

Marinato, P.G.; Nava, A.; Stritoni, P.; Thiene, G., 1976:
Diagnosis of ventricular localization by studying the septal forces in dextro cardia

Chervenak, F.A.; Berkowitz, R.L.; Tortora, M.; Chitkara, U.; Hobbins, J.C., 1984:
Diagnosis of ventriculomegaly before fetal viability

Keene, J.S.; Goletz, T.H.; Lilleas, F.; Alter, A.J.; Sackett, J.F., 1982:
Diagnosis of vertebral fractures. A comparison of conventional radiography, conventional tomography, and computed axial tomography

Glonti T.I.; Abelashvili R.I., 1985:
Diagnosis of vestibular disturbances in patients with hypothalamic syndrome

Elston R.; Leibovitz L.; Relyea D.; Zatila J., 1981:
Diagnosis of vibriosis in a commercial oyster crassostrea virginica hatchery epizootic diagnostic tools and management features

IIda M.; E.A., 1986:
Diagnosis of villous tumors of the colon a comparison of histologic findings with macroscopic radiologic or endoscopic features

Alekseevskikh Y.G.; Lebedev S.P.; Freind G.G., 1980:
Diagnosis of viral cirrhosis of the liver in pathologic anatomy

Meurman O.H., 1980:
Diagnosis of viral diseases demonstration of specific antibodies of the immuno globulin m class

Katkov V.S.; Kaplan I.B.; Tal'yanskii M.E.; Atabekov I.G., 1985:
Diagnosis of viral diseases in the mushrooms agaricus bisporus by elisa

Maniez Montreuil M.; Dupressoir M.V.; Goudemand M., 1980:
Diagnosis of viral hepatitis evidence of immuno globulin m type anti hepatitis a antibodies

Lemeneva, Z.L.; Pishchulin, A.A.; Dobracheva, A.D.; Zheldak, L.A., 1977 :
Diagnosis of virilizing tumors of the testes and surgical tactics during their treatment

Shmyglya V.A.; Yunis S.I., 1981:
Diagnosis of viruses in tomato and barley seeds

Rombert P.C., 1987:
Diagnosis of visceral larva migrans by the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa comparison of 2 antigens

Lian, E.C.Y.; Deykin, D., 1976:
Diagnosis of von willebrands disease a comparative study of diagnostic tests on 9 families with von willebrands disease and its differential diagnosis from hemophilia and thrombocytopathy

Hariga-Muller, C.; Capel, P.; D.M.ertelaere-Laurent, E.; Masramon, A.M.; Fondu, P., 1981:
Diagnosis of Von Willebrand's syndrome

Bertini Oliveira A.M.; Camano L., 1985:
Diagnosis of vulvovaginitis and cervicitis

Brew, B.J., 1986:
Diagnosis of Wernicke's encephalopathy

Hakansson S.; Sundin C.G.; Granstrom M.; Gastrin B., 1984:
Diagnosis of whooping cough a comparison of culture immunofluorescence and serology with elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

Hales, M.S.; Miller, T.R., 1987:
Diagnosis of xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis by fine needle aspiration biopsy. A case report

Najem, G.R.; Najem, A.J.; Najem, N.H.; Najem, F.S.; Najem, A.J.; Najem, A.D., 1980:
Diagnosis on death certificates of sudden death due to ischemic heart disease

Ewald N.; Roth A.; Nezelof C.; Cukier J., 1982:
Diagnosis prevalence prognosis and treatment of the tropho blastic component in germinal tumors of the testis in the adult

Cernelc D.; Kambic V.; Zupevc A., 1980:
Diagnosis prevention and treatment of atopic rhinitis and rhino sinusitis

D.F.gueiredo J.M.; Boerstler H., 1985:
Diagnosis related groups and reimbursement for inpatient psychiatry

Kreis, D.J.; Augenstein, D.; Civetta, J.M.; Gomez, G.A.; Vopal, J.J.; Byers, P.M., 1987:
Diagnosis related groups and the critically injured

Kreis D.J.Jr; Augenstein D.; Civetta J.M.; Gomez G.; Vopal J.J.; Byers P.M., 1986:
Diagnosis related groups and the salvageable trauma patient in the intensive care unit

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Diagnostic accuracy of flexible endoscopic biopsy in carcinoma of the esophagus and cardia

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Diagnostic and operative arthroscopy of the shoulder and elbow joint

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