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Diagnosis of multiple plant nutrient deficiencies in soils of the west coast of the south island new zealand part 1 pakihi soils

Smith, G.S.; Middleton, K.R.; Smith, R.G.

New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 4(4): 423-427


Accession: 005143223

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Subtractive tests and field trials showed that multiple plant-nutrient deficiencies exist in the Addison pakihi soil [South Island, New Zealand]. The generally impoverished condition of pakihi soils was independent of soil type; among the 5 agriculturally important soil types studied, major element deficiencies were almost identical and the only appreciable differences were in minor element deficiencies. This result justified the general use of a virtually complete fertilizer mixture, e.g., the Standard Pakihi Fertilizer Mixture already in restricted use. A need for liming before the use of fertilizer was confirmed. Further qualitative studies of nutrient deficiencies over a wider area are needed, particularly of minor element deficiencies, among which there may be some variation according to soil type. Quantitative studies are needed at a number of different sites to decide the amount of a complete fertilizer mixture worth applying.

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