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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5146

Chapter 5146 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Klimenko I.A.; Romanenko A.M.; Korosteleva T.A.; Belokhvostova A.T., 1986:
Diagnostic value of 3 hydroxyanthranilic acid determination in patients with precancer diseases and cancer of the bladder

Wilke T.J., 1983:
Diagnostic value of 3 methods for assessing free thyroxine in pregnancy

Shklair, I.L.; Simonson, L.G.; Bial, J.J., 1988:
Diagnostic value of a coagglutination procedure using monoclonal antibodies to Bacteroides gingivalis

Manchon N.D.; Poutrain J.R.; Senant J.; Cottin B.; Bercoff E.; Bourreille J., 1988:
Diagnostic value of a distinct rise in erythrocyte sedimentation rate

Olsson, N.O.; Crimet-Montange, D.; Martin, F., 1985:
Diagnostic value of a new serum marker of human digestive neoplasms the carbohydrate antigen 19.9 ca 19.9 comparison with carcinoembryonic

Geddis, D.C.; Turner, I.F.; Eardley, J., 1977:
Diagnostic value of a psychological test in cases of suspected child abuse

Nilsson C.G.; Lahteenmaki P.; Haukkamaa M., 1982:
Diagnostic value of a rapid human chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit radio immunoassay in cases of suspected ectopic pregnancies

Pu, S.J.; Huang, H.S., 1985:
Diagnostic value of a single Widal test

Hemmingsen L.; Skaarup P., 1981:
Diagnostic value of a test strip in detecting increased urinary excretion of albumin immuno globulin g and beta 2 micro globulin in patients with suspected proteinuria

Gaspar, G.; Barbado, J.; Redondo, C.; Vázquez, J.J.; Peña, J.M.; Segura, J.M., 1981:
Diagnostic value of abdominal ultrasonography in fever of unknown origin.

Schmid U.; Lechmann A.; Gloor F., 1987:
Diagnostic value of additional investigations by immunohistochemistry in surgical pathology

Kidney, B.A.; Jackson, M.L., 1988:
Diagnostic value of alkaline phosphatase isoenzyme separation by affinity electrophoresis in the dog

Perini, S.; Maschio, A.; Benati, A., 1975:
Diagnostic value of angio tomography for the study of cerebral aneurysms and arterio venous malformations

Scieux C.; Colimon R.; Bianchi A.; Felten A.; Perol Y., 1987:
Diagnostic value of anti chlamydia antibodies detection in salpingitis

Zivanovic Marinkovic V.; Parabucki S.; Marinkovic V.; Kuljic N.; Krstic L., 1986:
Diagnostic value of anti hbc igm in viral hepatitis

Papaevangelou G.; Roumeliotou Karyannis A.; Tassopoulos N.; Stathopoulou P., 1984:
Diagnostic value of anti hepatitis b core antigen immuno globulin m in high hepatitis b virus prevalence areas

Miossec P.; L'hostis D.; Youinou P.; Pennec Y.; L.G.ff P.; L.M.nn G., 1982:
Diagnostic value of anti nuclear antibodies in internal medicine

Misselwitz J.; Uhlitzsch C.; Fuenfstueck V.; Stein G.; Schmidt S.; Koch H., 1982:
Diagnostic value of antibody coated bacteria in the urine for the localization of urinary tract infections

Ordeig, J.; Guardia, J., 1984:
Diagnostic value of antikeratin antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis

Rodzynek, J.J.; Preux, C.; Leautaud, P.; Abramovici, J.; D.P.olo, A.; Delcourt, A.A., 1986:
Diagnostic value of antithrombin III and aminopyrine breath test in liver disease

D.V.yst, P.; Dumortier, P.; Moulin, E.; Yourassowsky, N.; Yernault, J.C., 1987:
Diagnostic value of asbestos bodies in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid

Boyer, T.D.; Kahn, A.M.; Reynolds, T.B., 1978:
Diagnostic value of ascitic fluid lactic dehydrogenase protein and white blood cell levels

Psatta, D.M.; Matei, M., 1985:
Diagnostic value of automatically averaged evoked cerebral potentials for lesions of somatosensory pathways

Kim S.T., 1979:
Diagnostic value of bcg skin test in childhood tuberculosis

Bhandari, N.R.; Bhambal, S.S.; Beohar, V., 1984:
Diagnostic value of BCG test in childhood tuberculosis

Nakamura K.; E.A., 1986:
Diagnostic value of bilateral auditory brainstem response recording for endocranial lesions

Takolander, R.J.; Nordling, S., 1975:
Diagnostic value of biopsies in villous papilloma of the colon and rectum

Lukoshyavichyute, A.I.; Gedrimene, D.A.; Shvela, G.; Bishoff, K., 1988:
Diagnostic value of bipolar esophageal electrocardiographic lead for the detection of cardiac rhythm and conductivity disorders at rest during exercise and in valsalva's test

Gasilin, V.S.; Romanov, A.I.; Bykov, I.I., 1975:
Diagnostic value of bloodless graphic methods of investigating the heart and vessels in the early identification of circulatory insufficiency

Jones, E.C.; Boyko, W.J., 1985:
Diagnostic value of bone marrow examination in isolated thrombocytopenia

Arrago J.P.; Rain J.D.; Vigneron N.; Poirier O.; Chomienne C.; D'agay M.F.; Najean Y., 1985:
Diagnostic value of bone marrow imaging with indium 111 transferrin and technetium 99m colloids in myelofibrosis

Magyari, Z.; Fekete, G.; Molnár, G., 1985:
Diagnostic value of bone scintigraphy in the complications of total replacement of the hip

Glasner H.; Lowenthal A.; Karcher D., 1979:
Diagnostic value of brief micro zone electrophoresis of unconcentrated cerebro spinal fluid and agar gel electrophoresis of concentrated and unconcentrated cerebro spinal fluid

de Gracia, J.; Curull, V.; Vidal, R.; Riba, A.; Orriols, R.; Martin, N.; Morell, F., 1988:
Diagnostic value of bronchoalveolar lavage in suspected pulmonary tuberculosis

Pedersen U.; Balle V.H.; Greisen O., 1981:
Diagnostic value of brush biopsy in suspected bronchial carcinoma with the use of the flexible fiber bronchoscope

Suvatte, V.; Longsaman, M., 1979:
Diagnostic value of buffy coat preparation in dengue hemorrhagic fever

Kibsan G.; Bartalics L.; Koranyi G., 1985:
Diagnostic value of c reactive protein in premature babies weighing less than 1500 grams

Moneta, G.; Vollenweider, U.; Dubler, B.; Bollinger, A., 1986:
Diagnostic value of capillaroscopy with and without fluorescent dyes to detect early connective tissue disease

Wu, K.D.; Hsieh, B.S.; Chen, W.Y.; Yen, T.S.; Kuo, Y.M.; Tsai, T.J., 1986:
Diagnostic value of captopril test in primary aldosteronism

Letanche G.; Ogier I.; Weynants P.; Hartmann D.J.; Ville G.; Cordier J.F.; Brune J., 1985:
Diagnostic value of carbohydrate 19 9 antigen dosage in patients with bronchogenic carcinoma

Qiu Y Y.; Tang Z D.; Xia Z Q.; Dai T C.; H.Y.E.; L.J.; L.Y.J.; Zhang N L., 1988:
Diagnostic value of carbon 13 methacetin breath test in liver diseases

Ogushi F.; Takada M.; Fukuoka M.; E.A., 1982:
Diagnostic value of carcino embryonic antigen in patients with pleural effusion comparison with results of pleural biopsy and cytology

Pierucci G.; Lucivero G.; Amoruso C.; Bonomo L., 1984:
Diagnostic value of carcinoembryonic antigen assay in pleural effusions

Isakhanyan G.S., 1982:
Diagnostic value of certain quantitative electro cardiographic indices in ischemic heart disease

Mergui J.L.; Salat Baroux J., 1987:
Diagnostic value of chlamydia serodiagnosis

Causse E.; Vaysse P.; Fabre J.; Juskiewenski S.; Valdiguie P.; Thouvenot J.P., 1986 :
Diagnostic value of cholinesterase activity in superficial biopsies of rectum

Brackertz M.; Schindler D., 1985:
Diagnostic value of chromosome analysis in the diagnostic clarification of recurrent miscarriage

Olinici, C.D.; Giurgiuman, M.; Galatâr, N.; Lazarov, P.; Mârza, V., 1976:
Diagnostic value of chromosome examination in effusions from cancer patients

Roth, S.L.; Dombrowski, H.; Gassel, W.D.; Hess, F.; Joseph, K.; Maroske, D.; Riester, K.P.; Schmitz-Moormann, P.; Schwerk, W.B.; Havemann, K., 1980:
Diagnostic value of clinical methods in the staging of abdominal Hodgkin's disease

Erbel R.; Mohr Kahaly S.; Drexler M.; Wittlich N.; Kersting H.; Iversen S.; Oelert H.; Meyer J., 1986:
Diagnostic value of color flow doppler echocardiography in patients with ventricular septal rupture after myocardial infarction

Javaheri, G.; Fejgin, M.D., 1980:
Diagnostic value of colposcopy in the investigation of cervical neoplasia

Derimanov S.G., 1983:
Diagnostic value of combined application of liver scintigraphy and alpha feto protein assay in cancer patients

Parienty R.A.; Ducellier R.; Pradel J.; Lubrano J M.; Coquille F.; Richard F., 1982:
Diagnostic value of computed tomographic numbers in pelvo calyceal filling defects

Koyama T.; Uchibori M.; Kubo Y.; Handa J., 1984:
Diagnostic value of computed tomography in atlanto axial dislocation and choice of treatment

Hasuo K., 1982:
Diagnostic value of computed tomography in hepato cellular carcinomas

Kolmannskog, F.; Schrumpf, E.; Bergan, A.; Larsen, S., 1982:
Diagnostic value of computed tomography in pancreatic carcinoma: a comparison with other radiologic methods

Oepen G.; Ostertag C., 1981:
Diagnostic value of computed tomography in patients with huntingtons chorea and their offspring

Kuzin M.I.; Todua F.I.; Nudnov N.V.; Sokolov A.L., 1987:
Diagnostic value of computed tomography in patients with thymus tumors

Schell, G.R.; Modesti, L.M.; Cacayorin, E.D., 1987:
Diagnostic value of computed tomography in recurrent pain after discectomy

Koyama T.; Shimizu T.; Nishiura I.; Aii H., 1983:
Diagnostic value of computed tomography in spinal neurinomas

Knoeringer P., 1985:
Diagnostic value of computed tomography scans in spinal injuries

Ohishi H.; Ohue S.; Yoshioka T.; Nakagawa F.; Yoshiya K.; Fujita I.; Ide K.; Uchida H., 1986:
Diagnostic value of computed tomography with hepatic arterial infusion of lipiodol for detection of daughter nodules of hepatocellular carcinoma comparison with computed tomography during arterial portography

Kolmannskog, F.; Schrumpf, E.; Bergan, A.; Larsen, S., 1981:
Diagnostic value of computer tomography in chronic pancreatitis: a comparison with current diagnostic tests

Detry, J.M.; Robert, A.; Luwaert, R.J.; Rousseau, M.F.; Brasseur, L.A.; Melin, J.A.; Brohet, C.R., 1985:
Diagnostic value of computerized exercise testing in men without previous myocardial infarction. A multivariate, compartmental and probabilistic approach

Macdonald, A.F.; Keyes, W.I.; Mallard, J.R.; Steyn, J.H., 1977:
Diagnostic value of computerized isotopic section renal scanning

Moller Petersen J.; Schmidt E.B., 1986:
Diagnostic value of concentration of m component in initial classification of monoclonal gammopathy

Mason, D.T.; Cohen, L.S.; Spann, J.F.J. ; Demaria, A.N.; Joye, J.A.; Miller, R.R., 1978:
Diagnostic value of configuration of left ventricular outflow pressure gradient in differentiating hypertrophic obstructive cardio myopathy from discrete types of aortic stenosis

Zeiher A.M.; Bonzel T.; Wollschlaeger H.; Kasper W.; Just H., 1985:
Diagnostic value of contrast echocardiography for assessing pulmonic regurgitation

Green, T.R.; Golper, T.A.; Swenson, R.D.; Pulliam, J.P.; Morris, C.D., 1986:
Diagnostic value of creatine kinase and creatine kinase MB isoenzyme in chronic hemodialysis patients: a longitudinal study

Haux, P.; Scheidt, F.; Jakob, I.; Sobe, D.; Kattermann, R., 1979:
Diagnostic value of creatine kinase mb ec monitoring in cardio vascular and cerebral diseases

Jerger, S.; Jerger, J., 1977:
Diagnostic value of crossed vs uncrossed acoustic reflexes 8th nerve and brain stem disorders

Knothe J.; Tellkamp H., 1988:
Diagnostic value of ct in frontal ethmoidal osteoma

Fakan F.; Adamcova J., 1981:
Diagnostic value of cullings per iodic acid borohydride potassium hydroxide per iodic acid schiff method for identification of primary cancer from metastases

Koss, L.G.; Deitch, D.; Ramanathan, R.; Sherman, A.B., 1985:
Diagnostic value of cytology of voided urine

Robey, S.S.; Hamilton, S.R.; Gupta, P.K.; Erozan, Y.S., 1988:
Diagnostic value of cytopathology in Barrett esophagus and associated carcinoma

Girgis S.M.; Deinasury M.K.; E.K.dary M.; Metaway B.; Moussa M.M.; Monen N.; Saleh S.M., 1981:
Diagnostic value of determination of acid phosphatase and alkaline phosphatase levels in the seminal plasma of infertile males

Nogaller A.M.; Lunyakov A.S.; Gridneva L.I., 1987:
Diagnostic value of determination of immunoglobulin e in food allergy

Zhu J.; E.A., 1986:
Diagnostic value of determination of serum and urine beta 2 microglobulin in diabetic nephropathy

Hultberg, B.; Olsson, J.E., 1978:
Diagnostic value of determinations of lysosomal hydrolases in cerebro spinal fluid of patients with neurological diseases

Dzhalalov A.D.; Maksimov V.A., 1982:
Diagnostic value of determining ceruloplasmin and transferrin in some acute and chronic liver diseases

Gabrielyan N.I.; Dmitriev A.A.; Kulakov G.P.; Melikyan A.M.; Shcherbaneva O.I., 1981:
Diagnostic value of determining middle sized molecules in plasma in nephrological diseases

Bunin K.V.; Stepanova L.K.; Belaya Y.A.; Tokarenko L.G., 1981:
Diagnostic value of determining serum levels of o antibodies and k antibodies in patients with salmonellosis

Ishikawa, T.; Nakagawa, Y.; Sawamura, Y.; Kobayashi, N.; Nagashima, M.; Kitaoka, K.; Kitagawa, M.; Itoh, T.; Ohsato, T., 1987:
Diagnostic value of digital subtraction angiography (DSA) using Toshiba Digiformer X in the cerebrospinal vascular diseases

Brzin, B., 1977:
Diagnostic value of direct christie atkins munch peterson test for the identification of b group streptococci preliminary communication

Pajewski, M.; Manor, A.; Gil, I., 1982:
Diagnostic value of distended urinary bladder pyelography in adults

Henze E.; Roth J.; Boerer H.; Adam W.E., 1986:
Diagnostic value of early and delayed thallium 201 thyroid scintigraphy in the evaluation of cold nodules for malignancy

Casariego Vales E.; Perez Alvarez R.; Gonzalo Molina M.A.; Lopez Alvarez M.J.; Castineira Perez M.C.; Alfonso Bozzoz M.J.; Perez Carnero A., 1987:
Diagnostic value of early endoscopy in upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage in a 2nd level hospital study of 868 cases

Pulcini M.; Napolitano A.; Alessi A., 1981:
Diagnostic value of echo tomography in recognizing abdominal abscesses

Ferrer R.S.; Vazquez P.G.; Garcia J.I.G.; D.D.ego Y.R.; Lopez M.C.; Del Rio M.T.S.; Rodriguez J.G., 1981:
Diagnostic value of echography in hydatidosis of the liver

Banciu, T.; Jovin, G., 1986:
Diagnostic value of echotomography in alcoholic liver disease

Zudbinov Y.I.; Ponomareva A.G.; Sokolov O.K., 1986:
Diagnostic value of electrocardiography and scintigraphy of the myocardium with technetium 99m tin pyrophosphate and technetium 99m tin phosphon in angina pectoris patients

Arimura, Y., 1988 :
Diagnostic value of electrooculographic study on repeated blinks with bell's phenomenon in myasthenia gravis

Ballad N.E.; Gavrilova E.M.; Belova I.N., 1986:
Diagnostic value of elisa based on the detection of antibodies to echinococcus antigens

Vodop'yanova R.S.; Martsevich S.Yu; Mazaev V.P., 1986:
Diagnostic value of exercise related q wave amplitude variation in left chest leads

Mori, N.; Asai, H.; Doi, K.; Matsunaga, T., 1987:
Diagnostic value of extratympanic electrocochleography in meniere's disease

Yamamoto T.; Kitamura M.; Katayama Y.; Nishimoto H.; Tsubokawa T.; Moriyasu N., 1980:
Diagnostic value of far field acoustic response for posterior fossa tumor

Wu, X.N.; Wang, G.L.; Huang, Y.Z.; Wang, Y.X.; Zhou, Y.H.; Xiao, S.D.; Zeng, M.D.; Ren, W.P.; Yuan, J.M.; Xu, W.W., 1985:
Diagnostic value of fasting and postprandial conjugated serum cholic acid in chronic liver diseases

Cordonnier C.; Atassi K.; Ruffie P.; Vernant J.P.; Bernaudin J.F.; Hirsch A.; Bignon J., 1981:
Diagnostic value of fiber optic bronchoscopy in pneumopathies in immuno deficient adults 59 examinations

Langenaeken C.; Meirhaeghe J.; Tricot G.; Boogaerts M.; Demedts M., 1987:
Diagnostic value of fiberbronchoscopy in immunocompromised hematologic patients with pulmonary infiltrates

Liang Y., 1984:
Diagnostic value of fiberoptic bronchoscopy for suspected pulmonary tuberculosis

Gabrielli F., 1985:
Diagnostic value of fiberoptic sigmoidoscopy evaluation of the anatomical extent

Sismanis, A.; Merriam, J.; Yamaguchi, K.T.; Shapshay, S.M.; Strong, M.S., 1981:
Diagnostic value of fine needle aspiration biopsy in neoplasms of the head and neck

Lee S.Y.; Bahk Y.W., 1981:
Diagnostic value of fine punctate calcifications detected by mammography in female breast

Joensuu, H.; Klemi, P.J.; Eerola, E., 1987:
Diagnostic value of flow cytometric DNA determination combined with fine needle aspiration biopsy in thyroid tumors

Hijazi A.; Devonec M.; Muchada E.; Dubernard J.M.; Revillard J.P., 1987:
Diagnostic value of flow cytometry on bladder washings in the follow up of bladder tumor

Opolski G.; Pieniak M.; Steckiewicz R., 1980:
Diagnostic value of follow up of patients with implanted pacemaker

Fujii Y.; Watanabe H.; Ueda Y.; Yamaoka S.; Niwa K.; Yamamoto T., 1981:
Diagnostic value of free hydroxy proline in horse serum

Avalos, E.; D.N.yer, P.; Beckers, C., 1986:
Diagnostic value of free triiodothyronine in serum

Gupta, R.K.; Pant, C.S.; Tandon, U.S.; Singh, B., 1987:
Diagnostic value of galactography in patients with nipple discharge

Nakayama C., 1980:
Diagnostic value of gallium 67 scintigraphy in hilar and or mediastinal abnormalities

Vatn, M.H.; Fausa, O.; Gjone, E., 1985:
Diagnostic value of gastrointestinal endoscopy in patients with uncharacteristic abdominal disorders

Jyothirmayi G.N.; Rao P.V., 1987:
Diagnostic value of hemolymph enzyme activity profile in infected snail lymnaea luteola lamarck

Chapelon C.; Piete J.C.; Uzzan B.; Coche E.; Herson S.; Ziza J.M.; Godeau P., 1987:
Diagnostic value of histological examination in sarcoidosis a retrospective multicentric study of 618 biopsies from 416 patients

Detry, J.M.R.; Kapita, B.M.; Cosyns, J.; Sottiaux, B.; Brasseur, L.A.; Rousseau, M.F., 1977:
Diagnostic value of history and maximal exercise electro cardiography in men and women suspected of coronary heart disease

Khan M.A.; Khan M.K., 1982:
Diagnostic value of hla b 27 testing in ankylosing spondylitis and reiters syndrome

Papaevangelou, G.; Roumeliotou, A.; Alexiou, D.; Politou, E.; Papadatos, C., 1977:
Diagnostic value of immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m antibodies to capsid antigen of epstein barr virus in infectious mononucleosis

Malfertheiner P.; Dati F.; Buechler M.; Ditschuneit H., 1985:
Diagnostic value of immunochemical lipase determination in chronic pancreatitis

Gaulier A.; Cava E.; Chosia M.C.; Pore G.; Marsan C., 1986:
Diagnostic value of immunocytochemical labelling of benign cells in serous effusions

Drexler, H.G.; Menon, M.; Gignac, S.M.; Misra, B.; Minowada, J., 1986:
Diagnostic value of immunological leukemia phenotyping

Saito H.; Hozawa J.; Mori I.; Fukuoka K.; Ota S.; Tazawa M., 1988:
Diagnostic value of immunosuppressive acidic protein iap in the serum and nasal secretions of patients with chronic sinusitis and maxillary cancer

Dizik G.M., 1982:
Diagnostic value of indirect and direct division of peripheral blood cells in an isolated tissue culture

Tao J.; E.A., 1984:
Diagnostic value of indirect pulmonary arterial pressure right heart systole interval and 1 second vital capacity in early cor pulmonale

Doyle, R.J.; Nedjat-Haiem, F.; Keller, K.F.; Frasch, C.E., 1984:
Diagnostic value of interactions between members of the family Neisseriaceae and lectins

Liszka G.; Herics I.; Bodo M.; Ringwald G., 1987:
Diagnostic value of ir thermography in breast cancer and in proliferative and nonproliferative mastopathies

Valdina, E.A.; Fadeev, N.P.; Tret'iakova, O.I.; Tetel'baum, B.I., 1980:
Diagnostic value of isotope scanning in thyroid lesions

Farge, D.; Nadler, S.; Wolfe, L.S.; Barré, P.; Jothy, S., 1985:
Diagnostic value of kidney biopsy in heterozygous Fabry's disease

Surovikina M.S.; Lin'kova M.I.; Yankovskaya M.O.; Gurevich M.A.; Drozdova G.A.; Ostrun Y.Z.; Fomina E.E.; Gordienk L.A., 1986:
Diagnostic value of kininogenetic parameters in infectious allergic myocarditis

Udovicki J.; Damnjanovic Cokic J.; Petrovic M., 1980:
Diagnostic value of laboratory analyses in patients with chronic tonsillitis

Hozawa J.; Fujiwara F.; Kamimura T.; Ikeno K., 1986:
Diagnostic value of labyrinthine preponderance

Ayhan A., 1980:
Diagnostic value of laparoscopic ovarian biopsy in cases of poly cystic ovarian disease

Maradona Hidalgo J.A.; Alvarez Alvarez C.; Fernandez Rippe M.L.; Suarez Garcia E., 1981:
Diagnostic value of laparoscopy directed liver biopsy in fever of unknown origin

Woessner S.; Lafuente R.; Capdevila J.; Sans Sabrafen J., 1979:
Diagnostic value of leukocytic acid phosphatase iso enzymes in determining cytological types of nonlymphoid acute leukemias

Marques L.B., 1988:
Diagnostic value of light scanning in the detection of breast cancer

Hosoi T.; E.A., 1987:
Diagnostic value of lugol staining in diagnosing early esophageal cancer

Dalhoff K.; Dennin R.H.; Schulz F.; Sack K.; Hoyer J., 1988:
Diagnostic value of lymphocyte differentiation in the early phase of renal transplantation

Krawczuk, J.; Sawicki, Z.; Krawczynski, J., 1978:
Diagnostic value of lysozyme ec activity estimation in the feces of infants with acute diarrhea

Chen G.; E.A., 1984:
Diagnostic value of m mode echocardiography propranolol load test in coronary heart diseases

Weihe W.; Gowin W.; Appel C.; Mariss G.; Nieber D., 1987:
Diagnostic value of magnetic resonance imaging in disseminated encephalomyelitis

Stranz G.; Roepcke G., 1986:
Diagnostic value of maternal blood concentration of immunoglobulin a immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m in normal and disturbed early pregnancy

Morimoto N.; Ozawa M.; Kato Y.; Kuramoto H., 1982:
Diagnostic value of mitotic activity in endometrial stromal sarcoma 2 cases

Waldman J.R., 1986:
Diagnostic value of morone dentition

Bulli V.A., 1982:
Diagnostic value of morphological characters of wilhelmia equina bianchii diptera simuliidae larvae

Schneider A.; Machnik G.; Bosseckert H.; Reich G., 1983:
Diagnostic value of mucin histochemical reactions in biopsy specimens of the large bowel

Rappaport Z.H.; Wald U.; Gomori M.; Shalit M.N., 1984:
Diagnostic value of nmr scanning in central nervous system diseases

Niu, Z.Z., 1986:
Diagnostic value of oscillopolarography of earlobe blood for stomach cancer

Fedorishcheva V.I., 1979:
Diagnostic value of partial rheography of the lungs in pulmonary hypertension

Kerstein, M.D.; Gould, S.A.; French-Sherry, E.; Pirman, C., 1982:
Diagnostic value of penile blood pressure

Creten W.L.; Van Camp K.J.; Maes M.A.; Vanpeperstraete P.M., 1981:
Diagnostic value of phase angle tympanograms

Sidorenko G.I.; Tsapaev V.G., 1983:
Diagnostic value of phasic transition temperature for serum cholesterol esters in athero sclerosis

Sernyak P.S.; Denisov V.K.; Shirokov V.S.; Prityka A.P., 1982:
Diagnostic value of phono enterography in detecting acute renal failure

Kobayashi T.; Hirabayashi Y.; Kobayashi Y., 1986:
Diagnostic value of plain chest roentgenogram and computed tomographic scan findings in four cases of massive thymic hyperplasia

Casaro A.; D.L.zzaro A.; Grella P.V., 1986:
Diagnostic value of plasmatic and amniotic alpha fetoprotein afp in the diagnosis of neural tube defects

Boiadzhiian, K.P., 1981:
Diagnostic value of plasminogen in viral hepatitis

Xu, J.Z., 1987:
Diagnostic value of pleural shrinking in peripheral bronchogenic carcinoma

Beyer D.; Neufang K.F., 1980:
Diagnostic value of pleuro mediastinal lines and stripes for radiologic analysis of the mediastinum 2

Neufang K.F.; Beyer D., 1980:
Diagnostic value of pleuro mediastinal lines and stripes for the radiologic analysis of the mediastinum 1

Iwasaki, H., 1977:
Diagnostic value of pre operative cervical discography compared with results of anterior cervical interbody fusion

Yano H., 1988:
Diagnostic value of precordial 36 leads ecg mapping together with the 12 leads ecg compared with thallium 201 myocardial scintigram and left ventriculogram

Chida S.; Hoshiai H.; Wada Y.; Uehara S.; Yohkaichiya T.; Takahama K.; Ishkawa M.; Saito Y.; Yajima A., 1986:
Diagnostic value of prolactin progesterone and endometrial biopsy on luteal function of infertile patients

Perrin P.; Mouriquand P.; Delorme E.; Grisard M.; Dutrieux Berger N.; Dassonville F., 1986:
Diagnostic value of prostate puncture biopsy in prostate cancer a review of 271 cases

Kostov G.; Bozhilov B.; Koleva P.; Todorov T., 1980:
Diagnostic value of protein antigen from brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica type 9

Dolgin M.R.; Slutskin I.M.; Levitskii E.R.; Gabrielyan N.I.; Poddubnaya L.P., 1987:
Diagnostic value of protein toxin clearance in acute urogenital inflammatory disease

Niu-Tian-de, G.B.; Atkov OYu; Sergakova, L.M.; Matveeva, L.S., 1986:
Diagnostic value of pulsed Doppler echocardiography in combined heart defects

Shpigel' A.N., 1980:
Diagnostic value of puncture nephro biopsy based on the results of an analysis of 2000 biopsies

D.C.prio L.; Acanfora D.; Ascione L.; Cuomo S.; Papa M.; Gallucci F.; Brienza A.; Chieffo C.; Donatiello A.; Rengo F., 1987:
Diagnostic value of q wave amplitude changes during stress test

Caballero Carpena O.; Pardo Montaner J.; Marti Vidal J., 1987:
Diagnostic value of quantitative bone scintigraphy in avascular necrosis of the head of the femur

D.H.rt, S.; Vrints, C.; Vanagt, E.; Snoeck, J., 1986:
Diagnostic value of R wave amplitude changes during exercise testing after myocardial infarction

Gao D E.; E.A., 1982:
Diagnostic value of r wave amplitude changes during stress testing and its mechanism

Khodzhibekov M.Kh, 1983:
Diagnostic value of radio nuclide scintigraphy of the lungs in mitral stenosis

Kim H T.; Whang K S., 1980:
Diagnostic value of radioactive iodine uptake serum tri iodo thyronine and thyroxine in hyper thyroidism

Alder C.; Aebi S.; Bernhard M., 1987:
Diagnostic value of radiological pelvimetry

Wang G.; E.A., 1983:
Diagnostic value of real time ultrasound in biliary and pancreatic disorders

Mazur-Cichocka, M.; Stasiński, T., 1986:
Diagnostic value of reciprocal ST segment depression in acute myocardial infarction

Gouyon J.B.; Cinquin A.M.; Mabille J.P.; Alison M., 1986:
Diagnostic value of renal hyperechogenicity associated with neonatal obstructive uropathy one case

Sato, M.; Takahashi, S.; Kanma, K.; Ohta, S.; Nagamoto, N.; Imai, S.; Saito, Y.; Suda, H.; Hashimoto, K.; Nakada, T., 1988:
Diagnostic value of resected lung secretions to determine bacterial pathogens

Tao J.; E.A., 1984:
Diagnostic value of right systolic time intervals and electrocardiogram in cor pulmonale

Rentrop E., 1986:
Diagnostic value of roentgenologic examination methods in idiopathic spasmodic torticollis

Bryc, S.; Czochra, M.; Danilkiewicz, L.; Turowski, K.; Złomaniec, J., 1980 :
Diagnostic value of Ronpacon ventriculography

Winkel, P.; Ramsoe, K.; Lyngbye, J.; Tygstrup, N., 1975:
Diagnostic value of routine liver tests

Berghs, H.; Remans, J.; Drieskens, L.; Kiebooms, L.; Polderman, J., 1978:
Diagnostic value of sacro iliac joint scintigraphy with technetium 99m pyro phosphate in sacro iliitis

Suslowska W.; Urbanowicz K., 1984:
Diagnostic value of scales of the cyprinidae pisces occurring in poland

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Diagnostic value of scinti scan in chronic liver disease

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Diagnostic value of scintigraphy in biliary atresia

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Diagnostic value of selective thymic venography in mediastinal diseases

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Diagnostic value of serial computerized tomographic scanning in acute head injury

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Diagnostic value of serial serum creatine kinase assays in early myo cardial infarction

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Diagnostic value of serum and urinary lysozyme estimation in malignant hemopathies

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Diagnostic value of serum angiotensin converting enzyme activity assay

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Diagnostic value of serum angiotensin converting enzyme activity in sarcoidosis

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Diagnostic value of serum bile acids in children

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Diagnostic value of serum cholyl glycine radio immunoassay in chronic asymptomatic hepatitis b surface antigen carriers

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Diagnostic value of serum estriol determinations in placental insufficiency

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Diagnostic value of serum ferritin in anemia and in iron overload

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Diagnostic value of serum ferritin in primary hepatocellular carcinoma

Ferraris R.; Tilde Fiorentini M.; Galatola G.; Rolfo P.; D.L.P.erre M., 1987:
Diagnostic value of serum immunoreactive conjugated cholic or chenodeoxycholic acids in detecting hepatobiliary diseases comparison with levels of 3 alpha hydroxy bile acids determined enzymatically and with routine liver tests

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Diagnostic value of serum immunoreactive trypsin assay in pancreatic diseases using enzyme immunoassay

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Diagnostic value of serum interferon level in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Diagnostic value of serum procollagen peptide measurements in alcoholic liver disease

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Diagnostic value of serum tsh determination in severely ill patients

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Diagnostic value of sialography for sjogren's syndrome

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Diagnostic value of signs and symptoms in ankylosing spondylitis

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Diagnostic value of single photon emission computed tomography in a case of lower neck uptake on bone scan

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Diagnostic value of single photon emission computed tomography in benign and malignant tumors of the female breast

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Diagnostic value of skin tags in colorectal neoplastic lesions

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Diagnostic value of some clinical and electrocardiographic signs for the recognition of myocardial infarction of right and left ventricles

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Diagnostic value of some functional methods of study in the detection of pulmonary heart in chronic pneumonia patients

Zhuk A.G., 1980 :
Diagnostic value of some indices of cell immunity in oncological practice

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Diagnostic value of some indices of immunological reactivity in patients with rheumatic fever

Georgiev P., 1984:
Diagnostic value of some radioisotope methods in the study of the thyroid gland of sheep

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Diagnostic value of spontaneous afternoon sleep in epilepsy: polysomnographic study of 96 epileptic patients

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Diagnostic value of stress radionuclide angiography in coronary artery disease: a comparison of different interpretation criteria

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Diagnostic value of subcutaneous crural nodules for the identification of collagen disease in cardiovascular patients

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Diagnostic value of systolic time intervals in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with special reference to assessment of left ventricular outflow obstruction

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Diagnostic value of technetium 99m labeled methylene di phosphonate skeletal survey in acute leukemia

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Diagnostic value of telescoping plugged catheters in mechanically ventilated patients with bacterial pneumonia using the Metras catheter

Flegel G., 1981:
Diagnostic value of testicular scanning in intra scrotal lesions

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Diagnostic value of testing pancreatic bicarbonate and enzyme secretion after secretion and cerulein stimulation

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Diagnostic value of tests of fibrin metabolism in patients predisposed to pulmonary embolism

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Diagnostic value of thallium 201 labeled thallium chloride scintigraphy for thyroid tumors

Eeckhoudt L.; Hermans J.; Bauwens L.; Lebrun T.; Beauduin M.; Pluygers E.; Sailly J C., 1987:
Diagnostic value of thallium 201 scintigraphy in determining malignancy of the cold thyroid nodule

L.M.nor L.; Buissiere J.; Brault G., 1979:
Diagnostic value of the acid production from galacturonate to differentiate strains of salmonella subgenus i and monophasic subgenus iii from the other salmonella strains belonging to subgenera ii diphasic iii iv citrobacter and hafnia alvei

Mastella, G.; Rossi, F.A., 1977:
Diagnostic value of the alcohol benzene precipitable and water insoluble muco proteins in cystic fibrosis a study on duodenal juice gastric juice and mixed saliva

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Diagnostic value of the alveolar lamina dura in generalized bone disease

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Diagnostic value of the clonidine suppression test in suspected pheochromocytoma

Kucharska Z., 1985:
Diagnostic value of the complement fixation reaction in poliovirus infections

V"lev K.; K"onig Kh; Nikolova D., 1986:
Diagnostic value of the complex cytologic examination in patients suffering from lung cancer

Zuccarello M.; Iavicoli R.; Pardatscher K.; Fiore D.L.; Mingrino S., 1981:
Diagnostic value of the computed tomographic scan in subarachnoid hemorrhage from intra cranial aneurysms

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Diagnostic value of the computerized tube leukocyte adherence inhibition assay for human colorectal breast and lung cancers

Saiduldin T.S., 1981:
Diagnostic value of the conglutinating complex fixation reaction for brucellosis in cattle

Del Castillo, R.; Audisio, T.; Kuschnir, E.; Gomez Saibene, M., 1985:
Diagnostic value of the different methods for evaluation of bone metastasis in breast carcinoma

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Diagnostic value of the far field acoustic response as an objective evaluating method for brain stem injury

Ammann R.W.; Akovbiantz A.; Haecki W.; Largiader F.; Schmid M., 1981:
Diagnostic value of the fecal chymotrypsin test in pancreatic insufficiency particularly chronic pancreatitis correlation with the pancreozymin secretin test fecal fat excretion and final clinical diagnosis

Brunelli E.; Macarri G.; Jezequel A.M.; Orlandi F., 1985:
Diagnostic value of the fibrosis of the terminal hepatic venule in fatty liver and chronic hepatitis due to ethanol or other etiology

Zanella, A.; Milani, S.; Fagnani, G.; Mariani, M.; Sirchia, G., 1983:
Diagnostic value of the glycerol lysis test

Kakoma, I.; Bulsara, M.; Boatin, B.; Wurapa, F.K., 1985:
Diagnostic value of the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test for trypanosomiasis in Zambia

Nakamura Y.; Kaiya T.; Asanagi K., 1981:
Diagnostic value of the inferior ophthalmic vein and connecting veins in orbital venography

Kiuchi S., 1987:
Diagnostic value of the longitudinal ct scan of the temporal bone

Bablumyan, M.A., 1977:
Diagnostic value of the most frequent clinical symptoms of different forms of acute intestinal blockage

Schutkowski, H., 1983:
Diagnostic value of the petrous portion of the temporal bone for sex determination

Bertrand, E.; Renambot, J., 1975:
Diagnostic value of the phono mecanographic indices of constrictive endo myo cardial fibrosis

Tellier J.L.; Chatal J.F.; Bourdin S.; Auvigne J.; Etienne P.; Faye R., 1981:
Diagnostic value of the radio immunological estimation of prostatic acid phosphatase comparative value of the measurement of enzyme activity

Acanfora, D.; D.C.prio, L.; Cuomo, S.; Papa, M.; Ferrara, N.; Leosco, D.; Abete, P.; Rengo, F., 1988:
Diagnostic value of the ratio of recovery systolic blood pressure to peak exercise systolic blood pressure for the detection of coronary artery disease

Forshaw, J.; Harwood, L., 1971:
Diagnostic value of the serum folate assay

Smetnev A.S.; Danil'chenko M.A.; Dobrotvorskaya T.E.; Karlova N.A.; Litvintsev V.P.; Chistova V.S.; Ignatova N.N., 1979:
Diagnostic value of the system of franks orthogonal leads in patients with an old myo cardial infarction

Guglielmo, L.; Costanzo, G., 1983:
Diagnostic value of the thelycum in euphausiids 2. oceanic species genera bentheuphausia nyctiphanes pseudeuphausia tessarabrachion and nematobrachion

Costanzo, G.; Guglielmo, L., 1980:
Diagnostic value of the thelycum in euphausiids 2. oceanic species genus nematoscelis

Costanzo, G.; Guglielmo, L., 1976:
Diagnostic value of the thelycum in euphausiids part 1 mediterranean species 1st note

Costanzo, G.; Guglielmo, L., 1976:
Diagnostic value of the thelycum in euphausiids part 1 mediterranean species 2nd note

Kashkadamov A.V., 1980:
Diagnostic value of the thyrotropin stimulation test in focal growths of the thyroid gland

Bower, R.J.; Bell, M.J.; Ternberg, J.L., 1981:
Diagnostic value of the white blood count and neutrophil percentage in the evaluation of abdominal pain in children

Levine, M.M.; Grados, O.; Gilman, R.H.; Woodward, W.E.; Solis-Plaza, R.; Waldman, W., 1978:
Diagnostic value of the Widal test in areas endemic for typhoid fever

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Diagnostic value of the Widal test in childhood typhoid fever

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Diagnostic value of thelycum in the euphausiaceae 2. oceanic species genus thysanoessa

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Diagnostic value of thyrotropin concentrations in serum as measured by a sensitive immunoradiometric assay

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Diagnostic value of total and specific immunoglobulin e determinations in liver hydatidosis

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Diagnostic value of trans thoracic aspiration biopsy in apical cancer of the lung with the pancoast syndrome

Katsumata T.; Kodaira S.; Teramoto T.; Abe O.; Kubo A., 1984:
Diagnostic value of transanal radioisotope lymphography in rectal carcinoma

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Diagnostic value of trh tests in elderly patients with atrial fibrillation

Aandrianasolo H.; Charrie A.; Goyon M.C.; Chalendar D.; Tourniaire J., 1986:
Diagnostic value of ultrasensitive tsh

Akopyan V.B.; Dostaleva M.I., 1981:
Diagnostic value of ultrasonic erythrograms

Yamamoto T.; Kinugawa K.; Kiuchi H.; Nakatsuka S.; Amano M.; Tanaka H., 1988:
Diagnostic value of ultrasonography for scrotal disorders

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Diagnostic value of ultrasound in the study of renal masses

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Diagnostic value of ultrasound in the tumoral pathology of the testis

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Diagnostic value of ultrasound scanning and curettage in ectopic pregnancy. A prospective controlled trial

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Diagnostic value of urinary enzyme determinations

Schmitt, E.; Seyfarth, M.; Templin, R.; Schneider, P.; Klinkmann, H., 1980:
Diagnostic value of urinary fibrin degradation products

Taylor, A.; Marks, V., 1977:
Diagnostic value of urine mercury measurements

Anderson R.V.; Hooper D.J., 1980:
Diagnostic value of vagina structure in the taxonomy of aphelenchus nematoda aphelenchidae with a description of anaphelenchus new subgenus aphelenchus isomerus new species

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Diagnostic value of various methods for the preoperative evaluation of renal function in patients with coral nephrolithiasis

Sakhnova T.A.; Sobolev A.V.; Dorofeeva Z.Z.; Markovskaya T.S., 1986:
Diagnostic value of vectorcardiographic spacial parameters in combined atrial dilatation

Bynke, H.; Olsson, J.E.; Rosen, I., 1977:
Diagnostic value of visual evoked response clinical eye examination and cerebro spinal fluid analysis in chronic myelopathy

Ono M., 1986:
Diagnostic values and limits of x ray computed tomography in untreated uterine cervical cancer

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Diagnostic values of igg albumin index and agarose gel electrophoresis in neurologic disease

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Diagnostic values of metrizamide for cerebro spinal fluid space and its adverse reactions

Irisa T., 1984:
Diagnostic values of routine x ray examination for colonic polyps blind spot in detection and their causes

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Diagnostic values of the clinical evaluation and ultrasonography in biliary lithiasis

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Diagnostic variability in suspected pulmonary embolism

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Diagnostic verification through culture of causal agents in two cases of occupational histoplasmosis

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Diagnostic vitrectomy for melanocytoma of the optic disc

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Diagnostic x ray survey procedures for fluoroscopic installations part 2 automatic brightness controlled units

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Diagnostic x ray survey procedures for fluoroscopic installations part 3 cine fluorographic units

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Diagnostic yield of bronchoalveolar lavage in pneumonitis occurring after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

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Diagnostic yield of endoscopy in upper gastrointestinal bleeding

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Diagnostic yield of single fiber electro myography and other electro physiological techniques in myasthenia gravis 1. electro myography automatic analysis of the voluntary pattern and repetitive nerve stimulation

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Diagnostic yield of single fiber electro myography and other electro physiological techniques in myasthenia gravis 2. jitter and motor unit fiber density studies clinical remission and thymectomy evaluation

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Diagnostic yield of the analysis of the pattern of electrical activity of muscle and of individual motor unit potentials in neurogenic involvement

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Diagnostical and therapeutical problems in a clinical case of oculo auriculo dysplasia associated with mandibulo facial dys ostosis franceschetti goldenhars syndrome

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Diagnostical use of multimodal evoked potentials in neurological intensive care patients

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Diagnosticity and the base rate effect

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Diagnostics and course of congenital lobar emphysema

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Diagnostics and mechanism of argillification in some soil types

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Diagnostics and therapy of allergy to hymenoptera venom

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Diagnostics and therapy of diseases of jaw joints a task for representatives of different branches of knowledge

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Diagnostics and therapy of germinal testicular tumors

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Diagnostics and therapy of hodgkin's disease in freiburg im breisgau germany from 1964 to 1976 2. results of the treatment period from 1972 to 1976 compared to the period from 1964 to 1971

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Diagnostics and therapy of malignant testicular tumors

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Diagnostics and therapy of the thoracic outlet syndromes

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Diagnostics and treatment of hypertension in practice the results of an inquiry in slovenia yugoslavia as a part of a world health organization who hypertension control and management

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Diagnostics incidence and course of nonpuerperal mastitis

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Diagnostics of central auditory dysfunctions in childhood

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Diagnostics of eroded soils in western siberia russian sfsr ussr

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Diagnostics of extracranial carotid stenoses comparison of continuous wave doppler sonography and intravenous digital subtraction angiography

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Diagnostics of fatigue in flight personnel based on cardiodynamics data

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Diagnostics of morphologically similar species of shrews sorex insectivora from northeastern siberia

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Diagnostics of pancreatic insufficiency using multi variate statistical and pattern recognition methods

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Diagnostics of peritoneovenous shunt occlusions

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Diagnostics of solonetz horizons

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Diagnostics of the cicada families homoptera auchenorrhyncha with respect to wings 1. fore wing

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Diagnostics of the shereshevskii turner syndrome according to dermatoglyphic patterns

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Diagnostics of the thrombo embolic complications when radio isotopic phlebography with pulmonary scintigraphy was used

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Diagnostics of transmissive gastroenteritis in swine with the agar gel immunodiffusion test

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Diagnostics of vascular mycosis in oak

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Diagonal and tangential vessel aggregations in wood function and relationship to vasicentric tracheids

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Diagonal ear lobe crease and coronary risk factors

Dunin-Barkovskii, V.L., 1986:
Diagonal property of the cerebellar mossy fibers granular cells connection matrix

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Diagram of holocene pollen from a sounding of lake abiyata ethiopia

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Diagrammatic representation for chromosomal mutagenesis studies 1. karyotypes most similar to that of man

Muleris, M.; Paravatou-Petsota, M.; Dutrillaux, B., 1984:
Diagrammatic representation for chromosomal mutagenesis studies 2. radiation induced rearrangements in macaca fascicularis

Paravatou-Petsota, M.; Muleris, M.; Prieur, M.; Dutrillaux, B., 1985:
Diagrammatic representation for chromosomal mutagenesis studies 3. radiation induced rearrangements in pan troglodytes chimpanzee

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Diagrammatic representation for the chromosomal mutagenesis studies iv. radiation induced rearrangements in ateles sp primate platyrrhini

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Diagrammatic representation of rba banded chromosomes of swamp buffalo bubalus bubalis and sex chromosome banding homologies with cattle bos taurus

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Diagrams and numerical data concerning biology and ecology of parachrysopa pallens planipennia neuroptera

Willemoes, J.G.; Beltrano, J.; Montaldi, E.R., 1987:
Diagravitropism in bermudagrass cynodon dactylon l. pers. as determined by a gravitropic and a geoepinastic phenomenon

Sheriff D.W.; Ludlow M.M., 1985:
Diaheliotropic responses of leaves of macroptilium atropurpureum cultivar siratro

Andronov V.N., 1979:
Diaixidae copepoda calanoida of the western coast of africa

Stephens J.F.; Warmbrod J.R., 1984:
Dial access for delivery of examination feedback

Grishin, M.N.; Kodentsova, V.M.; Abdraimova, U.A.; Nikolaeva, O.P.; Petushkova, E.V., 1985:
Dialdehyde derivatives of purine mononucleotides: substrate properties and affinity modification of myosin ATPase

Tomback D.F.; Thompson D.B.; Baker M.C., 1983:
Dialect discrimination by white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli reactions to near and distant dialects

Conrads K., 1988:
Dialect like specialities in the song of the european robin erithacus rubecula in the bavarian forest west germany a preliminary report

Adret Hausberger M., 1984:
Dialect variations and natural barriers in the starling sturnus vulgaris

Adret Hausberger M., 1983:
Dialect variations of sedentary male starlings sturnus vulgaris in the bretagne france

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Dialectic aspects of the concept of disease

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Dialectic unity of the physiological and the psychic in brain activity

Opavský, J., 1985:
Dialectics in the evolution of human understanding with regard to advancing knowledge of the function of the nervous system

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Dialectics of decision making in older adults

Kotyza J., 1987:
Dialectics of development molecular mechanisms of evolution

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Dialectics of social adaptation and individual constructivism

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Dialectics of the processes of fibrinolysis and blood coagulation

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Dialectics of the relationships of structure and function in biology and medicine

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Dialiumoxylon kalagarhense new species from miocene pliocene of kalagarh uttar pradesh india

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Dialkyl anhydro sugars in organic synthesis synthesis of levo invictolide

Wilkinson R.E., 1986:
Diallate inhibition of gibberellin biosynthesis in sorghum sorghum bicolor cultivar funks g 522dr coleoptiles

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Diallel analyses for tolerance in winter wheat triticum aestivum to the barley yellow dwarf virus

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Diallel analyses of grain yield percent protein and protein yield in grain sorghum

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Diallel analyses of plant height and the number of spikes per hill in barley using doubled haploid lines

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Diallel analyses of resistance to the adult pea leaf weevil sitona lineatus in peas pisum sativum

Auld D.L.; Adams K.J.; Swensen J.B.; Murray G.A., 1983:
Diallel analyses of winter hardiness in peas

Singh S.P.; Singh H.N., 1981 :
Diallel analysis for combining ability in lablab bean

Hussein, H.A.S.; Misiha, A., 1978:
Diallel analysis for flower color and variegation in petunia hybrida

Singh R.S.; Richharia A.K., 1980:
Diallel analysis for grain yield and its components in rice

Odiemah M., 1986:
Diallel analysis for seed reaction of four inbred lines of maize to fusarium damping off disease

Badwal S.S.; Labana K.S., 1987:
Diallel analysis for some metric traits in indian mustard

Hussein H.A.S.; Misiha A., 1979:
Diallel analysis for some quantitative characters in petunia hybrida sexual hybrid

Sirohi P.S.; Kumar T.S.; Choudhury B., 1986:
Diallel analysis for variability in cucurbita moschata

Singh A.; Singh H.N., 1982:
Diallel analysis for yield and its contributing traits in chili capsicum annuum

Singh R.R., 1986:
Diallel analysis in fenugreek trigonella foenum graecum

Singh K.N.; Santoshi U.S.; Singh H.G.; Singh S.P., 1985:
Diallel analysis in field pea pisum sativum

Pandey, R.M., 1982:
Diallel analysis in grain amaranth amaranthus hypochondriacus 6. combining ability for developmental traits

Singh R.P., 1984:
Diallel analysis in green gram

Sangha, A.S.; Labana, K.S., 1982:
Diallel analysis in groundnut arachis hypogaea 2. pod number and pod yield

Mehndiratta P.D.; Phul P.S., 1985:
Diallel analysis in pearl millet pennisetum typhoides under different environments at a single location

Chaudhari V.P.; Makne V.G.; Chopde P.R., 1980:
Diallel analysis in pigeon pea cajanus cajan

Kumar I.; Saini S.S., 1981:
Diallel analysis in rice combining ability for various quantitative characters

Miranda, J.E.C.D.; Costa, C.P.D.; Cruz, C.D., 1988:
Diallel analysis in sweet pepper i. combining ability

Singh J.N.; Murty B.R., 1982:
Diallel analysis in tetra locular brassica campestris cultivar yellow sarson

Clement G.; Poisson C., 1984:
Diallel analysis of 3 quantitative characters in 5 early rice oryza sativa varieties applications to breeding

Boye Goni S.R.; Marcarian V., 1985:
Diallel analysis of aluminum tolerance in selected lines of grain sorghum sorghum bicolor

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