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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5147

Chapter 5147 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bekker V.E.; Prut'ko V.G., 1984:
Diaphus basileusi new species myctophidae from the northwestern indian ocean

Zurbrigg, R.E.; Scott, W.B., 1976:
Diaphus hudsoni new species pisces myctophidae a new lanternfish from the south atlantic ocean

Oliva Ramirez C.I.; Suarez Camacho H.; Garay Reyes E.; Velez J.H., 1979:
Diaphyseal femoral fractures analysis of 58 surgically treated cases

Zagorski J.B.; Latta L.L.; Zych G.A.; Finnieston A.R., 1988:
Diaphyseal fractures of the humerus

Balfour G.W.; Mooney V.; Ashby M.E., 1982:
Diaphyseal fractures of the humerus treated with a ready made fracture brace

Patake, S.M.; Mysorekar, V.R., 1977:
Diaphyseal nutrient foramina in human metacarpals and metatarsals

Mysorekar V.R.; Nandedkar A.N., 1979:
Diaphyseal nutrient foramina in human phalanges

Bruce A.J., 1986:
Diapontonia maranulus new genus new species a pontoniine shrimp associate of a deep water echinoid

Sommer, N.F.; Beraha, L., 1975 :
Diaporthe actinidiae new species causing stem end rot of chinese gooseberry fruits

Butin H., 1980:
Diaporthe alleghaniensis a weak parasite on betula maximowicziana

Beraha L.; O'brien M.J., 1979:
Diaporthe melonis new species a new soft rot of market cantaloupes

Herr L.J.; Lipps P.E.; Watters B.L., 1983:
Diaporthe stem canker of sunflower helianthus annuus

Schroeder W.J.; Green D.S., 1983:
Diaprepes abbreviatus coleoptera curculionidae oil sprays as a regulatory treatment effect on egg attachment

Schroeder, W.J.; Sutton, R.A., 1978:
Diaprepes abbreviatus suppression of reproductive potential on citrus with an insect growth regulator plus spray oil

Dimentman C.; Por F.D., 1985:
Diaptomidae copepoda calanoida of israel and northern sinai morphology biology distribution

Zuniga, L.R., 1975:
Diaptomus diabolicus crustacea copepoda calanoida

Hubschman J.H., 1983:
Diaptomus pallidus crustacea copepoda as an intermediate host for tanaorhamphus longirostris acanthocephala neoechinorhynchidae

Cap R.K., 1979:
Diaptomus pallidus new record copepoda calanoida a new record for eastern lake erie usa

Paggi, J.C., 1976:
Diaptomus susanae new species of diaptomidae found in the province of entre rios argentina/

Emsley J.; Reza N.M.; Dawes H.M.; Hursthouse M.B., 1986:
Diaquadifluorobisnicotinamidecopper ii tetrahydrate hydrogen bonding between ligand fluoride and lattice water

Howard F.M.; O'halloran E.T.; Creagh A., 1985:
Diarrhea after rehydration what next

Modigliani R.; Bories C.; L.C.arpentier Y.; Salmeron M.; Messing B.; Galian A.; Rambaud J.C.; Lavergne A.; Cochand Priollet B.; Desportes I., 1985:
Diarrhea and malabsorption in acquired immune deficiency syndrome a study of 4 cases with special emphasis on opportunistic protozoan infestations

Rollin, R.E.; Mero, K.N.; Kozisek, P.B.; Phillips, R.W., 1986:
Diarrhea and malabsorption in calves associated with therapeutic doses of antibiotics: absorptive and clinical changes

Keighley, M.R.B.; Burdon, D.W.; Alexander-Williams, J.; Shinagawa, N.; Arabi, Y.; Thompson, H.; Youngs, D.; Bentley, S.; George, R.H., 1978:
Diarrhea and pseudomembranous colitis after gastro intestinal operations a prospective study

Kingham J.G.; Levison D.A.; Fairclough P.D., 1981:
Diarrhea and reversible enteropathy in zollinger ellison syndrome

Koopman, J.S., 1978:
Diarrhea and school toilet hygiene in Cali, Colombia

Green, E.C., 1986:
Diarrhea and the social marketing of oral rehydration salts in Bangladesh

Agger, W.A., 1986:
Diarrhea associated with Aeromonas hydrophila

Labayle, D.; Modigliani, R.; Matuchansky, C.; Rambaud, J.C.; Bernier, J.J., 1977:
Diarrhea associated with decreased transit time a clinical biological radiological anatomical and etiological evaluation of 56 patients

Myers, L.L.; Shoop, D.S.; Byars, T.D., 1987:
Diarrhea associated with enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis in foals

Wyatt, R.G.; Yolken, R.H.; Urrutia, J.J.; Mata, L.; Greenberg, H.B.; Chanock, R.M.; Kapikian, A.Z., 1979:
Diarrhea associated with rotavirus in rural Guatemala: a longitudinal study of 24 infants and young children

Roy, S.K.; Speelman, P.; Butler, T.; Nath, S.; Rahman, H.; Stoll, B.J., 1985:
Diarrhea associated with typhoid fever

Vives M.; Mata L.; Castro B.; Garcia M.; Jimenez P.A.; Simhon A., 1984:
Diarrhea by campylobacter fetus jejuni and other infectious agents in the rural area of puriscal costa rica

Kane, J.G.; Chretien, J.H.; Garagusi, V.F., 1976:
Diarrhea caused by candida

Pickering L.K.; Evans D.G.; Dupont H.L.; Vollet J.J.IIi; Evans D.J.Jr, 1981:
Diarrhea caused by shigella rotavirus and giardia lamblia in day care centers prospective study

López-Brea, M.; Baquero, M.; Enríquez, A.; Jiménez, M.L.; Fadón, A., 1985:
Diarrhea caused by Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella muenchen

Chang J.; W.Y.; Sun D.; Liu C.; Wang Y.; Wang B.; Gan D.; Tang S.; Yang X.; Shu Y., 1981:
Diarrhea caused in piglets by the rotavirus agent of human infantile gastro enteritis

Varavithya W.; Jayanetra P., 1981:
Diarrhea changing trends in causative agents and treatment

Drake A.A.; Gilchrist M.J.R.; Washington J.A.II.; Huizenga K.A.; Van Scoy R.E., 1981:
Diarrhea due to campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni a clinical review of 63 cases

Tzipori, S.; Angus, K.W.; Campbell, I.; Clerihew, L.W., 1981:
Diarrhea due to Cryptosporidium infection in artificially reared lambs

Williams R.; Piper M.; Borriello P.; Barclay F.; Welch A.; Seal D.; Sullens K., 1985:
Diarrhea due to enterotoxigenic clostridium perfringens clinical features and management of a cluster of ten cases

Cantey, J.R.; Blake, R.K., 1977:
Diarrhea due to Escherichia coli in the rabbit: a novel mechanism

Sobotkova J.; Hausner O.; Aldova E.; Jiskrova R.; Maskova L., 1985:
Diarrhea epidemic caused by enteroinvasive serotype of escherichia coli o 28 a c ca 792

Tzipori, S.; Angus, K.W.; Gray, E.W.; Campbell, I.; Allan, F., 1981:
Diarrhea in lambs experimentally infected with Cryptosporidium isolated from calves

Varavithya, W.; Charuvanij, A.; Tarounotai, T.; Vorachit, M.; Wasi, C., 1985:
Diarrhea in measles

Shimizu M.; Sakano T.; Yamamoto J.; Sakurai K I., 1984:
Diarrhea in neo natal piglets caused by k 99 positive heat stable toxin positive entero toxigenic escherichia coli

Prozesky, L.; Theodoridis, A., 1977:
Diarrhea in pigs induced by rotavirus

Andral B.; Toquin D.; L'haridon R.; Jestin A.; Metz M.H.; Rose R., 1985:
Diarrhea in poults a review of virus studies rotavirus reovirus adenovirus pseudopicornavirus

Persson B.L.; Thoren A.; Tufvesson B.; Walder M., 1982:
Diarrhea in swedish infants etiology and clinical appearance

Massip, A., 1976:
Diarrhea in the calf part 1 physio pathologic considerations

Brinson, R.R.; Curtis, W.D.; Singh, M., 1987:
Diarrhea in the intensive care unit: the role of hypoalbuminemia and the response to a chemically defined diet (case reports and review of the literature)

Mefane C.; Lenoble D.R.; Gendrel D.; Engonah E., 1985:
Diarrhea in the young child in libreville gabon etiological studies

Wittig, J.R.; Pfeiffer, E., 1979:
Diarrhea in travelers 1. field study on frequency and causes in german tourists

Bloom S.R.; Delamarter J.; Kawashima E.; Christofides N.D.; Buell G.; Polak J.M., 1983:
Diarrhea in vipoma patients associated with co secretion of a 2nd active peptide peptide histidine iso leucine explained by single coding gene

Charles, R.; Turner, W.L., 1978:
Diarrhea induced by migration of a pacemaker generator

Dupont, H.L.; Haynes, G.A.; Pickering, L.K.; Tjoa, W.; Sullivan, P.; Olarte, J., 1977:
Diarrhea of travelers to mexico relative susceptibility of usa and latin american students attending a mexican university

Tinoco R.C.; Tinoco L.A.; Cavichini Q.D.N.; Carpi E.L.; Figueira S.E.; Tinoco E.C., 1988:
Diarrhea postcholecystectomy and vagotomy a retrospective study

Mavromichalis, I.; Bryden, A.S.; Hall, C.J.; Zurukzoglu, S.; Kardaras, P.; Mameletzis, K., 1980:
Diarrhea viruses in north greece 2. preliminary studies in neo nates

Mavromichalis, I.; Bryden, A.S.; Hall, C.J.; Sklavounou-Tsoyrouktsoglou, E.; Lazaridis, E.; Manios, S., 1980:
Diarrhea viruses in northern greece 1. preliminary studies in children with gastro enteritis

Bryden, A.S.; Mavromichalis, I.; Beards, G.M.; Hutchinson, D.N.; Kardaras, P.; Teknetzi, P.; Zuruktsoglu, S.; Mameletzis, K., 1984:
Diarrhea viruses in northern greece 4. a 20 month study of rotaviruses in neonatal nurseries

Feachem, R.G.; Hogan, R.C.; Merson, M.H., 1985:
Diarrheal disease control 1. review of potential interventions to reduce its high incidence

Guba D., 1987:
Diarrheal disease in 520 cases admitted to jijiga hospital east ethiopia

Berry R.J.; Gracey M., 1981:
Diarrheal disease in aboriginal and nonaboriginal infants and young children in western australia

Ratnaike R.N.; Collings M.; Dorward S.K.; Brogan R.M., 1987:
Diarrheal disease in an aboriginal community

Oberle M.W.; Merson M.H.; Shafiqul Islam M.; Mizanur Rahman A.S.M.; Huber D.H.; Curlin G., 1980:
Diarrheal disease in bangladesh epidemiology mortality averted and costs at a rural treatment center

Sunoto, 1979:
Diarrheal disease of children in Southeast Asia

Komalarini, S.; Adisuwirjo, K.; Sanborn, W.R., 1977:
Diarrheal disorders of bacterial origin in jakarta

Bartlett, A.V.; Jarvis, B.A.; Ross, V.; Katz, T.M.; Dalia, M.A.; Englender, S.J.; Anderson, L.J., 1988:
Diarrheal illness among infants and toddlers in day care centers: effects of active surveillance and staff training without subsequent monitoring

Georges, M.C.; Roure, C.; Tauxe, R.V.; Meunier, D.M.; Merlin, M.; Testa, J.; Baya, C.; Limbassa, J.; Georges, A.J., 1987:
Diarrheal morbidity and mortality in children in the Central African Republic

Rahaman M.M.; Aziz K.M.S.; Patwahi Y.; Munshi M.H., 1979:
Diarrheal mortality in 2 bangladeshi villages with and without community based oral re hydration therapy

Skule B.; Skou P., 1981:
Diarsia dahlii prevalence and abundance

Thompson C.P., 1982:
Diary keeping as a sex role behavior

Itokawa H.; Morita H.; Midorikawa I.; Aiyama R.; Morita M., 1985:
Diarylheptanoids from the rhizome of alpinia officinarum

Uehara S I.; Yasuda I.; Akiyama K.; Morita H.; Takeya K.; Itokawa H., 1987:
Diarylheptanoids from the rhizomes of curcuma xanthorrhiza and alpinia officinarum

Diaz D.P.P.; A.M.P., 1986:
Diarylpropanes from the wood of iryanthera grandis

De-Alvarenga, M.A.; Gottlieb, H.E.; Gottlieb, O.R.; Magalhaes, M.T.; Da-Silva, V.O., 1978:
Diasin a di terpene from croton diasii

Matlack G.R., 1987:
Diaspore size shape and fall behavior in wind dispersed plant species

Macmanus, Q.; Krippaehne, W.W., 1977:
Diastatic perforation of the cecum without distal obstruction. Case report and review of the literature

Basauri L.; Palma A.; Zuleta A.; Holzer F.; Poblete R., 1979:
Diastematomyelia 10 cases

Frerebeau P.; Dimeglio A.; Gras M.; Harbi H., 1983:
Diastematomyelia 21 cases surgically treated by a neuro surgical and orthopedic team

Goldberg, C.; Fenelon, G.; Blake, N.S.; Dowling, F.; Regan, B.F., 1984:
Diastematomyelia: a critical review of the natural history and treatment

Hood, R.W.; Riseborough, E.J.; Nehme, A.M.; Micheli, L.J.; Strand, R.D.; Neuhauser, E.B., 1980:
Diastematomyelia and structural spinal deformities

Ugarte N.; Gonzalez Crussi F.; Sotelo Avila C., 1980:
Diastematomyelia associated with teratomas 2 cases

Lapras, C.; Bret, P.; Capdeville, J., 1978:
Diastematomyelia discussion of a series of 6 cases

Scotti G.; Musgrave M.A.; Harwood Nash D.C.; Fitz C.R.; Chuang S.H., 1980:
Diastematomyelia in children metrizamide and computed tomography metrizamide myelography

Uehara M.; Ueshima T., 1981:
Diastematomyelia of a chick embryo

Wolf, A.L.; Tubman, D.E.; Seljeskog, E.L., 1987:
Diastematomyelia of the cervical spinal cord with tethering in an adult

Edelson J.G.; Nathan H.; Arensburg B., 1987:
Diastematomyelia the double barrelled spine

Louw, J.A.; Roos, M.F., 1987:
Diastematomyelia without a median septum in congenital scoliosis. A report of 2 cases

Kobayashi Y.; Kitano Y.; Takeda Y.; Sato F., 1986:
Diastereo and enantioselective preparation of beta alkylhomoallylic alcohols synthesis of serricornin and corynomycolic acid

Kano S.; Yuasa Y.; Yokomatsu T.; Shibuya S., 1988:
Diastereoconversion of threo 2 amino alcohols to erythro isomers through a new cyclocarbamation

Kozikowski A.P.; Ghosh A.K., 1984:
Diastereofacial selection in nitrile oxide cycloaddition reactions the anti directing effect of an allylic oxygen and some new results on the ring metalation of isoxazolines a synthesis of racemic blastmycinone

Koolpe G.A.; Nelson W.L.; Gioannini T.L.; Simon E.J.; Angel L., 1984:
Diastereomeric 6 deoxy 6 spiro alpha methylene gamma butyrolactone derivatives of naltrexone and oxymorphone selective irreversible inhibition of naltrexone binding in an opioid receptor preparation by a conformationally restricted michael acceptor ligand

Shea, K.J.; Gilman, J.W.; Haffner, C.D.; Dougherty, T.K., 1986:
Diastereomeric atropisomers of the tricyclo 3 8 pentadecane ring system synthesis and structural studies

Michelsen P.; Aronsson E.; Odham G.; Akesson B., 1985:
Diastereomeric separations of natural glycero derivatives as their 11 naphthylethylcarbamates by high performance liquid chromatography

Hofmann, F.; Gensheimer, H.P.; Landgraf, W.; Hullin, R.; Jastorff, B., 1985:
Diastereomers of adenosine 3' 5' monothionophosphate antagonize the activation of cyclic gmp dependent protein kinase ec

Niewiarowski, W.; Lesnikowski, Z.J.; Wilk, A.; Guga, P.; Okruszek, A.; Uzanski, B.; Stec, W., 1987:
Diastereomers of thymidine 3' o methanephosphonothioate synthesis absolute configuration and reaction with 3' methoxyacetylthymidine under conditions of triester approach to oligonucleotide synthesis

Hwang K J.; Logusch E.W.; Brannigan L.H.; Thompson M.R., 1987:
Diastereoselective 1 2 addition of lithiated n trialkylsilylmethylphenylsulfoximines to aldehydes preparation of 1 4 3 oxathiazin 2 6h one 4 oxides as novel cyclic sulfoximines

Mcintosh J.M.; Leavitt R.K.; Mishra P.; Cassidy K.C.; Drake J.E.; Chadha R., 1988:
Diastereoselective alkylation guided by electrophile nucleophile pi interactions

Seebach, D.; Roggo, S.; Maetzke, T.; Braunschweiger, H.; Cercus, J.; Krieger, M., 1987:
Diastereoselective and enantioselective reduction of beta keto esters derived from cyclopentanone cyclohexanone piperidone and tetralone by non fermenting baker's yeast

Kunz H.; Mueller B.; Schanzenbach D., 1987:
Diastereoselective diels alder reaction on carbohydrate matrices

Seebach D.; Huber I.M.P.; Syfrig M.A., 1987:
Diastereoselective hydroxyalkylations in position 1 of tetrahydroisoquinolines and synthesis of aporphine protoberberine and phthalide alkaloids

Schulte Elte K.H.; Giersch W.; Winter B.; Pamingle H.; Ohloff G., 1985 :
Diastereoselective odor perception of alcohols in the ionone series

Kunz H.; Sager W., 1987:
Diastereoselective strecker synthesis of a aminonitriles on carbohydrate templates

Dartmann M.; Flitsch W.; Krebs B.; Pandl K.; Westfechtel A., 1988:
Diastereoselective syntheses of racemic slaframine and racemic 6 epi slaframine

Baudouy R.; Maliverney C., 1988:
Diastereoselective synthesis of a sex pheromone component of the california red scale 6 isopropenyl 3 methyl 9 decenyl acetate 3s 6r

Frauenrath H.; Philipps T., 1985:
Diastereoselective synthesis of cis or trans 2 3 substituted tetrahydrofurans and 3 4 substituted 4 butanolides

Giannis A.; Sandhoff K., 1987:
Diastereoselective synthesis of functionalized c alpha glycosyl and c beta glycosyl derivatives and 2 acetamido 2 deoxy d glucose

Barluenga J.; Olano B.; Fustero S., 1985:
Diastereoselective synthesis of gamma amino alcohols with three chiral centers by reduction of beta amino ketones and derivatives

Tochtermann W.; Olsson G.; Peters E M.; Peters K.; Von Schnering H.G., 1988:
Diastereoselective synthesis of some functional groups of 2 5 bridged tetrahydrofuran

Kano S.; Yuasa Y.; Shibuya S., 1987:
Diastereoselective synthesis of trans 4 5 disubstituted oxazolidin 2 ones and vicinal amino alcohols through alkylation of n acyliminium ion intermediates

Baudouy R.; Gore J.; Ruest L., 1987:
Diastereoselective synthesis of trimethyl 4 8 8 bicyclo 5 1 0 octanones

Charlton J.L., 1986:
Diastereoselectivity and asymmetric induction in the diels alder reaction of o quinodimethanes

Felber H.; Kresze G.; Prewo R.; Vasella A., 1986:
Diastereoselectivity and reactivity in the diels alder reactions of alpha chloronitroso ethers

Kenley R.A.; Partridge I.W.; Fleitman J.S., 1986:
Diastereospecific high performance liquid chromatography analysis of the antiulcer drug enprostil in a soft elastic gelatin capsule formulation

Spirito, P.; Maron, B.J.; Chiarella, F.; Bellotti, P.; Tramarin, R.; Pozzoli, M.; Vecchio, C., 1985:
Diastolic abnormalities in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: relation to magnitude of left ventricular hypertrophy

Menghetti E., 1980:
Diastolic arterial hypertension in the new born

Jorgensen O.; Hansen H.S., 1987:
Diastolic blood pressures phase 4 and phase 5 measured in children at rest and during exertion

Kapel'ko, V.I.; Novikova, N.A.; Golikov, M.A.; Veksler, V.I.; Popovich, M.I.; Saks, V.A., 1987:
Diastolic changes in acute and chronic energy deficiency

Friberg, P., 1988:
Diastolic characteristics and cardiac energetics of isolated hearts exposed to volume and pressure overload

Fleetwood G.; Poole Wilson P.A., 1986:
Diastolic coronary resistance after ischemia in the isolated rabbit heart effect of nifedipine

Fleetwood G.; Poole Wilson P.A., 1986 :
Diastolic coronary resistance in the isolated rabbit heart during and after ischemia contribution of extravascular forces

Lavine S.J.; Amidi M., 1987:
Diastolic doming of the tricuspid valve without tricuspid stenosis in carcinoid heart disease

Murakami, T.; Hess, O.M.; Gage, J.E.; Grimm, J.; Krayenbuehl, H.P., 1986:
Diastolic filling dynamics in patients with aortic stenosis

Hess O.M.; Ritter M.; Schneider J.; Grimm J.; Turina M.; Krayenbuehl H.P., 1984:
Diastolic function in aortic valve disease techniques of evaluation and preoperative postoperative changes

Herrmann, H.C.; Ruddy, T.D.; Dec, G.W.; Strauss, H.W.; Boucher, C.A.; Fifer, M.A., 1987:
Diastolic function in patients with severe heart failure: comparison of the effects of enoximone and nitroprusside

Harizi, R.C.; Bianco, J.A.; Alpert, J.S., 1988:
Diastolic function of the heart in clinical cardiology

Hartford, M.; Wikstrand, J.; Wallentin, I.; Ljungman, S.; Wilhelmsen, L.; Berglund, G., 1984:
Diastolic function of the heart in untreated primary hypertension

Taoka M.; Oki T., 1985:
Diastolic hemodynamics of the left ventricle in chronic aortic regurgitation studied by the pulsed doppler echocardiography its relation to austin flint murmur

Alami M.M.; Nikolaev L.F., 1982:
Diastolic left ventricular function in post infarction patients

David, D.; Michelson, E.L.; Naito, M.; Chen, C.C.; Schaffenburg, M.; Dreifus, L.S., 1986:
Diastolic 'locking' of the mitral valve: possible importance of diastolic myocardial properties

Oldershaw, P.J.; Dawkins, K.D.; Ward, D.E.; Gibson, D.G., 1983:
Diastolic mechanisms of impaired exercise tolerance in aortic valve disease

Perrenoud J.J.; Frangos A.; Bopp P., 1983:
Diastolic mitral gradient without associated valvular stenosis usefulness of 2 dimensional echo cardiography for a correct diagnosis

Gal, R.; Kauli, N., 1981:
Diastolic mitral valve flutter without aortic regurgitation

Schaefer, R.A.; Mcanulty, J.H.; Starr, A.; Rahimtoola, S.H., 1975:
Diastolic murmurs in the presence of starr edwards mitral prosthesis with emphasis on the genesis of the austin flint murmur

Hess O.M.; Osakada G.; Lavelle J.F.; Gallagher K.P.; Kemper W.S.; Rose J.Jr, 1983:
Diastolic myo cardial wall stiffness and ventricular relaxation during partial and complete coronary occlusions in the conscious dog

Baller D.; Zipfel J.; Hellige G., 1980:
Diastolic pressure time index tension time index an index of the myo cardial oxygen supply demand ratio

Grossman, W.; McLaurin, L.P., 1976:
Diastolic properties of the left ventricle

Sato Y.; Sakamaki T.; Takagi T.; Hattori T.; Narumiya K.; Kojima M.; Sato M.; Shibayama S.; Kotani T.; E.A., 1988:
Diastolic properties of the left ventricle in hypertension study by digitized m mode echocardiography

Van D.W.rf F.; Boel A.; Geboers J.; Minten J.; Willems J.; D.G.est H.; Kesteloot H., 1984:
Diastolic properties of the left ventricle in normal adults and in patients with 3rd heart sounds

Nonogi, H.; Hess, O.M.; Ritter, M.; Krayenbuehl, H.P., 1988:
Diastolic properties of the normal left ventricle during supine exercise

Nomura, S., 1986:
Diastolic property of left ventricle under experimental volume overload

Berzak N.V.; Agapov A.A.; Zateishchikov D.A.; Gratsianskii N.A., 1987:
Diastolic pulmonary artery blood pressure and cardiac output in patients with ischemic heart disease during physical exercises

Vail, E.G., 1978:
Diastolic pulsator the results of bio engineering system tests

Mirro, M.J.; Phyhel, H.J.; Wann, L.S.; Weyman, A.E.; Tavel, M.E.; Stewart, J., 1978:
Diastolic rumbles in normally functioning porcine mitral valves

Lakatta, E.G.; Lappé, D.L., 1981:
Diastolic scattered light fluctuation, resting force and twitch force in mammalian cardiac muscle

Goldberg E.; Stein J.; Berger M.; Berdoff R.L., 1981:
Diastolic segmental coronary artery obliteration in constrictive peri carditis

Hess O.M.; Grimm J.; Krayenbuehl H.P., 1979:
Diastolic simple elastic and visco elastic properties of the left ventricle in man

Wei, J.Y.; Fortuin, N.J., 1981:
Diastolic sounds and murmurs associated with mitral valve prolapse

Farcot, J.C.; Berdeaux, A.; Giudicelli, J.F.; Vilaine, J.P.; Bourdarias, J.P., 1983:
Diastolic synchronized retroperfusion vs. re perfusion effects on regional left ventricular function and myo cardial blood flow during acute coronary occlusion in dogs

Spaan J.A.E.; Breuls N.P.W.; Laird J.D., 1981:
Diastolic systolic coronary flow differences are caused by intra myo cardial pump action in the anesthetized dog

Ferro, G.; Guinta, A.; Maione, S.; Carella, G.; Genovese, A.; Chiariello, M., 1984:
Diastolic time during exercise in normal subjects and in patients with coronary artery disease. A plethysmographic study

Sugiura T.; Iwasaka T.; Hasegawa T.; Takahashi N.; Matsutani M.; Inada M., 1987:
Diastolic time in coronary artery disease postexercise compromise and compensation

Chitwood, W.R.J. ; Hill, R.C.; Sink, J.D.; Wechsler, A.S., 1983:
Diastolic ventricular properties in patients during coronary re vascularization intermittent ischemic arrest vs. cardioplegia

Tsuiki, K.; Ritman, E.L., 1980:
Diastolic wall thinning rate of the left ventricle

Dorn, U.; Rosenkranz, U.; Bösch, P., 1980:
Diastrophic dwarfism

Marx, H., 1972:
Diastrophic dwarfism

Borbolla L.; Vazquez B., 1981:
Diastrophic dwarfism 2 cases

Titti G.; Zampogna M.T.; Malknecht M.; Parenti A.A.; Carfora A., 1981:
Diastrophic dwarfism a case

Colavita N.; Antonetti P.; Priolo F.; L.V.cchia G.; Leone A., 1982 :
Diastrophic dwarfism radiologic features and nosographic appearance

Lachman, R.; Sillence, D.; Rimoin, D.; Horton, W.; Hall, J.; Scott, C.; Spranger, J.; Langer, L., 1981:
Diastrophic dysplasia: the death of a variant

Studart D.F.nseca Vaz A.M.; Andreata R.H.P., 1981:
Diatenopteryx grazielae new species of sapindaceae of bahia brazil

Nikolaev V.A., 1980:
Diatom algae from the fields peninsula littoral king george island south shetland islands of the antarctic

Kharitonov V.G., 1981:
Diatom algae of lake maiorskoye in the anadyr region russian sfsr ussr

Buzer J.S., 1981:
Diatom analyses of sediments from lough ine county cork southwest ireland

Denys L., 1985:
Diatom analysis of an atlantic subboreal core from slijpe western belgian coastal plain

Kaczmarska, I., 1976:
Diatom analysis of eemian profile in fresh water deposits at imbramowice near wroclaw poland

Elner, J.K.; Happey-Wood, C.M., 1978:
Diatom and chrysophycean cyst profiles in sediment cores from 2 linked but contrasting welsh lakes uk

Sagayama T., 1988:
Diatom assemblage from kaiyo kaizan seamount northeast margin of the japan basin

Mori S., 1986:
Diatom assemblages and late quaternary environmental changes in the nobi plain central japan

Murakami T., 1986:
Diatom assemblages and their succession of recent sediment from a heavily polluted reservoir

Kumano S.; Fujimoto I., 1982:
Diatom assemblages during the holocene transgression at the minato bridge in osaka port along osaka bay japan

Gasse F.; Talling J.F.; Kilham P., 1983:
Diatom assemblages in east africa classification distribution and ecology

Watanabe T.; Yasuda I., 1982:
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Dibolia veyreti coleoptera halticinae

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Dichomeris santarosensis new species from costa rica lepidoptera gelechiidae

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Dichomine, a novel type of iboga alkaloid*,**

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Dichotomous branching in lateral roots of pine types of forking in long and short secondary roots of pinus radiata

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Dichotomous effects of forskolin on somatic and germ cell components of the ovarian follicle evidence of cyclic amp involvement in steroid production and action

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Dichotomous effects of tamoxifen on a transplantable rat mammary tumor

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Dichotosin and dichotosinin 2 adaptogenic glucosyloxyflavans from hoppea dichotoma

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Dichotrachelus philippi new species of weevil from mount pasubio trentino northern italy insecta coleoptera curculionidae

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Dichotrachelus rossettoi new species of the piedmontese prealps italy coleoptera curculionidae

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Dichotrachelus subiasi new species of curculionidae of the iberian peninsula coleoptera curculionidae rhytirhininae

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Dichroic components of arsenazo iii and di chlorophosphonazo iii signals in skeletal muscle fibers

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Dichroic orientation of photoreceptors for chloroplast movement in adiantum protonemata non helical orientation

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Dichroic orientation of phytochrome and blue light photoreceptor in adiantum protonemata as determined by chloroplast movement

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Dichroic orientation of phytochrome intermediates in the pathway from p r to p f r as analyzed by double laser flash irradiations in polarotropism of adiantum protonemata

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Dichroism and absorption by photo receptors

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Dichroism of transient absorbance changes in the red spectral region using oriented chloroplasts part 1 field indicating absorbance changes

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Dichroism of transient absorbance changes in the red spectral region using oriented chloroplasts part 2 p 700 absorbance changes

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Dichromochlamys dentatifolius new genus new combination in asteraceae astereae

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