Diaporthe alleghaniensis a weak parasite on betula maximowicziana

Butin, H.

Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes 32(1): 5-8


Accession: 005146016

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A description is given of Phomopsis sp., the conidial state of D. alleghaniensis which was observed for the first time in Europe on B. maximowicziana. In North America the fungus is known as a facultative parasite of yellow birch on which it causes an annual bark canker and foliage disease. Artificial infections on 2- to 3-yr-old stems indicate low susceptibility of B. maximowicziana only under stress conditions. No infection occurred on B. pendula following artificial inoculations. The appearance of this fungus apparently poses no danger for the stands of native birch in Europe.