Diet selection of hereford angus x hereford and charolais x hereford cows and calves

Walker, J.W.; Hansen, R.M.; Rittenhouse, L.R.

Journal of Range Management 34(3): 243-245


Accession: 005147944

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Botanical composition of cattle diets of Hereford, Angus .times. Hereford and Charolais .times. Hereford cows and calves were compared to determine the effect of cattle age and/or breed on species selection. Multivariate analysis of variance showed small but significant differences between cow and calf diets and no differences among breeds. Similarity indices and Spearman's rank correlation coefficient showed a high degree of overlap and significant correlation between ages and among breeds. Differences between cow and calves among breeds were minor and of little value in range management.