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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5156

Chapter 5156 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Robins, D.M.; Schimke, R.T., 1978: Differential effects of estrogen and progesterone on ov albumin messenger rna utilization

Isaacs, J.T.; Isaacs, W.B.; Wheaton, L.G.; Coffey, D.S., 1980: Differential effects of estrogen treatment on canine seminal plasma components

Tutton P.J.M.; Barkla D.H., 1982: Differential effects of estrogenic hormones on cell proliferation in the colonic crypt epithelium and colonic carcinomas of rats

Ingram, L.O.; Vreeland, N.S., 1980: Differential effects of ethanol and hexanol on the Escherichia coli cell envelope

Altura, B.M.; Edgarian, H.; Altura, B.T., 1976: Differential effects of ethanol and mannitol on contraction of arterial smooth muscle

Mccoy G.D., 1980: Differential effects of ethanol and other inducers of drug metabolism on the 2 forms of hamster liver microsomal aniline hydroxylase

Laughrea M., 1981: Differential effects of ethanol and the rps l 1 stra 1 ribosomal mutation on the synthesis of an unusual protein coded by bacterio phage r 17 and bacterio phage ms 2 rna

Gilliam D.M.; Collins A.C., 1983: Differential effects of ethanol concentration on blood ph carbon di oxide tension and oxygen tension in long sleep and short sleep mice

Dees W.L.; Kozlowski G.P., 1984: Differential effects of ethanol on luteinizing hormone fsh and prolactin secretion in the female rat

Vogel W.H.; Deturck K.; Miller J.M., 1986: Differential effects of ethanol on plasma catecholamine levels in rats

Saito, T.; Luthin, G.R.; Lee, J.M.; Hoffman, P.L.; Tabakoff, B., 1987: Differential effects of ethanol on the striatal and cortical adenylate cyclase system

Green, H.J.; Fraser, I.G., 1988: Differential effects of exercise intensity on serum uric acid concentration

D.L.gnieres B.; Vincens M., 1982: Differential effects of exogenous estradiol and progesterone on mood in post menopausal women individual dose effect relationship

Sahulka J.; Lisa L., 1981: Differential effects of exogenous l glutamine l glutamic acid sodium glutamate and cas amino acids on glutamine synthetase and nitrate reductase in isolated pea pisum sativum roots cultured with or without sucrose

Skopinska Rozewska E.; Wroblewski T.; Moscicka Wesolowska M.; Witanowska A.; Malkowska W.; Bentlejewska B., 1985: Differential effects of experimental hyperlipidemia on various types of rabbit peripheral blood lymphocyte receptors

Dietl H., 1987: Differential effects of experimentally induced blood pressure changes on the release of catecholamines in hypothalamic and limbic areas of rats

Gallien Lartigue O., 1982: Differential effects of external agents on the g 1 s transit rate of murine pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells colony forming units after their release from g 0

Chew C.S., 1985: Differential effects of extracellular calcium removal and nonspecific effects of calcium antagonists on acid secretory activity in isolated gastric glands

Prysor Jones R.A.; Silverlight J.J.; Jenkins J.S., 1985: Differential effects of extracellular matrix on secretion of prolactin and growth hormone by rat pituitary tumor cells in vitro

Faulstich M.E.; Williamson D.A.; Jarrell M.P., 1984: Differential effects of feedback sensitivity on learned control of skin temperature

Weimar W.; Heijtnk R.A.; Schalm S.W.; Schellekens H., 1979: Differential effects of fibroblast and leukocyte interferon in hepatitis b surface antigen positive chronic active hepatitis

Jones R.S.G.; Broadbent J., 1982: Differential effects of fluoxetine and zimelidine on the uptake of 5 hydroxy tryptamine and tryptamine by cortical slices and on responses of cortical neurons to stimulation of the nucleus raphe medianus

Bernstein, I.S.; Balcaen, P.; Dresdale, L.; Gouzoules, H.; Kavanagh, M.; Patterson, T.; Neyman-Warner, P., 1976: Differential effects of forest degradation on primate populations

Evans W.S.; Brannagan T.H.; Limber E.R.; Cronin M.J.; Rogol A.D.; Hewlett E.L.; Thorner M.O., 1985: Differential effects of forskolin on luteinizing hormone and growth hormone release

Galloway M.S.; Kang E.S., 1988: Differential effects of freezing on total hepatic peroxisomal fatty acid oxidation and on the rate limiting enzyme acyl coenzyme a oxidase

Dalterio S.L.; Suter D.E.; Schwartz N.B.; Mayfield D.; Rettori V.B., 1986: Differential effects of fsh and luteinizing hormone on testosterone production by mouse testes

Caiger D.P.; Pearson S.A.; Smith A.J.; Rogers L.J., 1986: Differential effects of gabaculine and levulinic acid on protochlorophyllide regeneration

Casu M.; Gale K., 1981: Differential effects of gamma amino butyric acid elevating agents on the neuroleptic induced activation of striatal tyrosine hydroxylase evidence that di n propyl acetate augments gamma amino butyric acid ergic neuro transmission

Sarne, Y.; Parnas, I., 1977: Differential effects of gamma amino butyric acid on 3 muscles innervated by a common inhibitory axon of ocypode

Patel J.; Marangos P.J., 1982: Differential effects of gamma amino butyric acid on peripheral and central type benzodiazepine binding sites in brain

Fishman B.E.; Gianutsos G., 1987: Differential effects of gamma bhc lindane on pharmacologically induced seizures

Ameglio, F.; Capobianchi, M.R.; Dolei, A.; Tosi, R., 1983: Differential effects of gamma interferon on expression of HLA class II molecules controlled by the DR and DC loci

Finke U.; Seifert J., 1986: Differential effects of gastrointestinal hormones on the blood flow of the alimentary tract of the dog

L.N.ble, J.L.; Struyker-Boudier, H.A.; Smits, J.F., 1987: Differential effects of general anesthetics on regional vasoconstrictor responses in the rat

Watanabe, A.; Takesue, A.; Taketa, K., 1976: Differential effects of glucagon on induction of rat liver glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec by liver injury and dietary change

Wicks, W.D., 1971: Differential effects of gluco corticoids and 3 5 amp on hepatic enzyme synthesis

O'reilly M.A.; Gazdar A.F.; Morris R.E.; Whitsett J.A., 1988: Differential effects of glucocorticoid on expression of surfactant proteins in a human lung adenocarcinoma cell line

Rowland N.; Stricker E.M., 1979: Differential effects of glucose and fructose infusions on insulin induced feeding in rats

Iwata Dohi N.; Esumi Kurisu M.; Mizuno D.; Yamazaki M., 1983: Differential effects of glutaraldehyde treatment of target cells on lectin dependent macrophage mediated tumor lysis

Seil F.J.; Woodward W.R., 1988: Differential effects of granule cell transplantation on two sprouted axonal systems in granuloprival coeruleocerebellar cultures

Tziner A., 1982: Differential effects of group cohesiveness types a clarifying overview

Limbird L.E.; Delean A.; Hickey A.R.; Pike L.J.; Lefkowitz R.J., 1979: Differential effects of gtp on the coupling of beta adrenergic receptors to adenylate cyclase from frog and turkey erythrocytes application of new methods for the analysis of receptor effector coupling

Amiranoff B.; Laburthe M.; Rosselin G., 1980: Differential effects of guanine nucleotides on the 1st step of vasoactive intestinal peptide and glucagon action in membranes from liver cells

Cheal M., 1984: Differential effects of haloperidol and clozapine on attention

Maricq A.V.; Church R.M., 1983: Differential effects of haloperidol and methamphetamine on time estimation in the rat

Gudelsky G.A.; Koenig J.I.; Simonovic M.; Koyama T.; Ohmori T.; Meltzer H.Y., 1987: Differential effects of haloperidol clozapine and fluperlapine on tuberoinfundibular dopamine neurons and prolactin secretion in the rat

Grelot L.; Bianchi A.L., 1987: Differential effects of halothane anesthesia on the pattern of discharge of inspiratory and expiratory neurons in the region of the retrofacial nucleus

Ruppersberg J.P.; Ruedel R., 1988: Differential effects of halothane on adult and juvenile sodium channels in human muscle

Korenaga, S.; Takeda, K.; Ito, Y., 1984: Differential effects of halothane on airway nerves and muscle

Weinberg, J.; Krahn, E.A.; Levine, S., 1978: Differential effects of handling on exploration in male and female rats

García-Morillas, M.; Gil-Extremera, B.; Caracuel-Ruiz, M.D., 1984: Differential effects of hepatic cirrhosis on the plasma protein binding of drugs

Yates, M.S.; Hiley, C.R.; Roberts, P.J.; Back, D.J.; Crawford, F.E., 1978: Differential effects of hepatic microsomal enzyme inducing agents on liver blood flow

Weissman B.A.; Zamir N., 1987: Differential effects of heroin on opioid levels in the rat brain

Port, R.L.; Mikhail, A.A.; Patterson, M.M., 1985: Differential effects of hippocampectomy on classically conditioned rabbit nictitating membrane response related to interstimulus interval

Hattori Y.; Sakuma I.; Kanno M., 1988: Differential effects of histamine mediated by histamine h 1 receptors and h 2 receptors on contractility spontaneous rate and cyclic nucleotides in the rabbit heart

Sanchez Chapula J., 1981: Differential effects of histamine on left and right guinea pig atria

Hellstrand, K.; Hermodsson, S., 1987: Differential effects of histamine receptor antagonists on human natural killer cell activity

Wishart, G.J.; Leakey, J.E.A.; Dutton, G.J., 1977: Differential effects of hormones on precocious yolk sac retraction in chick embryos following administration by a new technique

Chae F.; Oleszak E.; Fox F.E.; Trotta P.; Mele C.A.; Hawrylko E.; Platsoucas C.D., 1988: Differential effects of human alpha and gamma interferons on mixed lymphocyte culture and on t cell mediated cytotoxicity inhibition of proliferation but not of il 2 production by alpha interferons

Charley, B.; Fradelizi, D., 1987: Differential effects of human and porcine interleukin 2 on natural killing (NK) activity of newborn piglets and adult pigs lymphocytes

Born J.; Zwick A.; Roth G.; Fehm Wolfsdorf G.; Fehm H.L., 1987: Differential effects of hydrocortisone flucortolone and aldosterone on nocturnal sleep in humans

Patnaik, S.K.; Sharma, R.; Patnaik, R., 1987: Differential effects of hydrocortisone on aspartate aminotransferase isoenzymes of the liver of rats during growth, development, and senescence

Russell, J.D.; Russell, S.B.; Trupin, K.M., 1978: Differential effects of hydrocortisone on both growth and collagen metabolism of human fibroblasts from normal and keloid tissue

Day, R.S.Iii ; Ziolkowski, C.H.J., 1982: Differential effects of hydroxy urea on the survival of uv treated and n methyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine treated adenovirus 5

Junod A.F.; Clement A.; Jornot L.; Petersen H., 1985: Differential effects of hyperoxia and hydrogen peroxide on thymidine kinase and adenosine kinase activities of cultured endothelial cells

Anderson R.L.; Hahn G.M., 1985: Differential effects of hyperthermia on the sodium potassium atpase of chinese hamster ovary cells

Chan P.H.; Pollack E.; Fishman R.A., 1981: Differential effects of hypertonic mannitol and glycerol on rat brain metabolism and amino acids

Bodnar R.J.; Kelly D.D.; Mansour A.; Glusman M., 1979: Differential effects of hypophysectomy upon analgesia induced by 2 glucoprivic stressors and morphine in rats

Russell S.M.; Hughes J.P.; Nicoll C.S., 1980: Differential effects of hypothalamic extract on release of bioactive and immuno reactive rat growth hormone in vitro

Lee, K.; Miwa, S.; Fujiwara, M.; Magaribuchi, T.; Fujiwara, M., 1987: Differential effects of hypoxia on the turnover of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the heart, adrenal gland, submaxillary gland and stomach

Vleugels, A.; Carmeliet, E.; Bosteels, S.; Zaman, M., 1976: Differential effects of hypoxia with age on the chick embryonic heart changes in membrane potential intra cellular potassium and sodium potassium efflux and glycogen

Feigen, L.P.; King, L.W.; Ray, J.; Beckett, W.; Kadowitz, P.J., 1981: Differential effects of ibuprofen and indomethacin in the regional circulation of the dog

Mcguire P.S.; Seiden L.S., 1980: Differential effects of imipramine in rats as a function of differential reinforcement of low response rate schedule value

Eliasson S.G.; Monafo W.W.; Nussbaum G.; Olsen L., 1986: Differential effects of in vitro heating on rat sciatic nerve branches and spinal nerve roots

Demczuk S.; Baumberger C.; Mach B.; Dayer J M., 1988: Differential effects of in vitro mycoplasma infection on interleukin 1 alpha and beta messenger rna expression in u937 and a431 cells

Irwin, J.; Suissa, A.; Anisman, H., 1980: Differential effects of inescapable shock on escape performance and discrimination learning in a water escape task

Kamely, D., 1977: Differential effects of inhibitors of cell division upon the growth stimulating activities of insulin and serum in nutritionally depleted human and mouse cells

Wang C.C.; Verham R.; Cheng H W.; Rice A.; Wang A.L., 1984: Differential effects of inhibitors of purine metabolism of 2 trichomonad species

Edwards C.; Mccann R.J., 1981: Differential effects of inhibitors on respiratory activity of synchronous cultures of bacillus subtilis prepared by continuous flow centrifugation

Pillion D.J., 1985: Differential effects of insulin antibodies against rat adipocyte plasma membranes and other agents that mimic insulin action in rat adipocytes

Reddy M.M.; Chinoy P.; Grieco M.H., 1984: Differential effects of interferon a 2 and interleukin 2 on natural killer cell activity in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Vignaux, F.; Gresser, I., 1977: Differential effects of interferon on the expression of h 2k h 2d and ia immune response associated antigens on mouse lymphocytes

Prieto-Gomez, B.; Reyes-Vazquez, C.; Dafny, N., 1983: Differential effects of interferon on ventromedial hypothalamus and dorsal hippocampus

Nakagawa, T.; Nakagawa, N.; Ambrus, J.L.; Fauci, A.S., 1988: Differential effects of interleukin 2 vs B cell growth factor on human B cells

Rosenfeld, J.P.; Keresztes-Nagy, P., 1980: Differential effects of intra cerebrally micro injected enkephalin analogs on centrally vs. peripherally induced pain and evidence for a facial vs. lower body analgesic effect

Grecksch G.; Matthies H., 1981: Differential effects of intra hippocampally or systemically applied picro toxin on memory consolidation in rats

Gundlach A.L.; Beart P.M., 1981: Differential effects of intra venous and intra peritoneal muscimol on central dopamine metabolism

Thomas J.; Carver M.; Haisch C.; Thomas F.; Welch J.; Carchman R., 1982: Differential effects of intra venous anesthetic agents on cell mediated immunity in the rhesus monkey

Krieg, R.J.J. ; Tandon, O.P.; Whitmoyer, D.I.; Sawyer, C.H., 1976: Differential effects of intra ventricular luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and norepinephrine on electrical activity of the arcuate nucleus in the pro estrus rat

Bendani T.; Cazala P., 1988: Differential effects of intracerebral microinjection of morphine on approach and escape responses induced by lateral hypothalamic stimulation in the mouse

Stewart R.J.; Morency M.A.; Beninger R.J., 1985: Differential effects of intrafrontocortical microinjections of dopamine agonists and antagonists on circling behavior of rats

Cowart, R.E.; Foster, B.G., 1985: Differential effects of iron on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes: minimum requirements and mechanism of acquisition

Das-Gupta, A., 1976: Differential effects of irradiation on ornamental varieties of helianthus annuus with special reference to their cytological behavior

Samra, S.K.; Vanderzant, C.W.; Domer, P.A.; Sackellares, J.C., 1987: Differential effects of isoflurane on human median nerve somatosensory evoked potentials

Priebe, H.J., 1987: Differential effects of isoflurane on regional right and left ventricular performances, and on coronary, systemic, and pulmonary hemodynamics in the dog

Schenk S.; Hunt T.; Malovechko R.; Robertson A.; Klukowski G.; Amit Z., 1986: Differential effects of isolation housing on the conditioned place preference produced by cocaine and amphetamine

Ochs, H.R.; Greenblatt, D.J.; Verburg-Ochs, B.; Abernethy, D.R.; Knüchel, M., 1984: Differential effects of isoniazid and oral contraceptive steroids on antipyrine oxidation and acetaminophen conjugation

Iijima, T.; Endoh, M.; Taira, N., 1987: Differential effects of isoproterenol on the canine atrial action potential in the presence of carbachol or nicorandil

D.F.lipe M.R.; Golvano M.P.; Lucas M.M.; Lang P.; Pozuelo J.M., 1988: Differential effects of isoproturon on the photosynthetic apparatus and yield of two varieties of wheat and lolium rigidum

Lundy, P.M.; Lockwood, P.A.; Thompson, G.; Frew, R., 1986: Differential effects of ketamine isomers on neuronal and extraneuronal catecholamine uptake mechanisms

Garfield, J.M.; Rocco, J.; Naulty, J.S., 1985: Differential effects of ketamine stereoisomers on maze performance in the mouse

Raman, K.; Greyson, R.I., 1977: Differential effects of kinetin on acidic ethyl acetate soluble and highly water soluble gibberellin fractions in single and double nigella damascena

Mehlman P.T.; Chapais B., 1988: Differential effects of kinship dominance and the mating season on female allogrooming in a captive group of macaca fuscata

Parent J.B.; Yeo T K.; Yeo K T.; Olden K., 1986: Differential effects of l deoxynojirimycin on the intracellular transport of secretory glycoproteins of human hepatoma cells in culture

Sanchez Pozo A.; Lupianez J.A.; Corno A.; Pita M.L.; Sanchez Medina F., 1983: Differential effects of l tryptophan administration on hepatic and renal gluconeogenesis in rats

Cadieu N., 1982: Differential effects of larval competition in inbred lines of drosophila melanogaster and their f 1 hybrids consequence on adult feeding behavior

Goldman, R.; Bursuker, I., 1976: Differential effects of lectins mediating erythrocyte attachment and ingestion by macrophages

Vilarem, M.J.; Jouanneau, J.; Le-Francois, D.; Bourrillon, R., 1978: Differential effects of lectins on the in vitro growth of normal mouse lung cells and low cancer and high cancer derived cell lines

Greenstadt, L.; Schuman, M.; Shapiro, D., 1978: Differential effects of left vs right mon aural bio feedback for heart rate increase

Kirn, J.; Floody, O.R., 1985: Differential effects of lesions in three limbic areas on ultrasound production and lordosis by female hamsters

Rola Pleszczynski M., 1985: Differential effects of leukotriene b 4 on t 4 positive and t 8 positive lymphocyte phenotype and immunoregulatory functions

Fiegen L.P., 1983: Differential effects of leukotriene c 4 leukotriene d 4 and leukotriene e 4 in the canine renal and mesenteric vascular beds

Bauer R.; Evey L., 1981: Differential effects of levo amphetamine on ontogeny of active avoidance inter trial responses and loco motor activity

Fraser H.M.; Mcneilly A.S., 1983: Differential effects of lhrh immuno neutralization on luteinizing and fsh secretion in the ewe

Misra R.G.; Englert D.C., 1985: Differential effects of light upon fecundity in tribolium castaneum

Carey, R.J., 1983: Differential effects of limbic vs. striatal dopamine loss on motoric function

Wheeler, K.P.; Walker, J.A., 1975: Differential effects of lipid depletion on membrane sodium plus potassium ion dependent atpase ec and potassium ion dependent phosphatase ec

Beckman J.K.; Gay J.C.; Brash A.R.; Lukens J.N.; Oates J.A., 1985: Differential effects of lipoxygenase products on formyl methionyl leucyl phenylalanine and leukotriene b 4 evoked neutrophil aggregation

Batty I.; Nahorski S.R., 1985: Differential effects of lithium on muscarinic receptor stimulation of inositol phosphates in rat cerebral cortex slices

Hanley T.A.; Page J.L., 1982: Differential effects of livestock use on habitat structure and rodent populations in great basin communities california and nevada usa

Teitelbaum H.; Giammatteo P.; Mickley G.A., 1979: Differential effects of localized lesions of nucleus accumbens on morphine induced and amphetamine induced loco motor hyperactivity in the c 57bl 6j mouse

Savaki H.E.; Graham D.I.; Mcculloch J., 1983: Differential effects of locus coeruleus lesions upon metabolic activity in central nervous system nuclei involved in cardio vascular regulation

Howerton T.C.; O'connor M.F.; Collins A.C., 1983: Differential effects of long chain alcohols in long sleep and short sleep mice

Jarvis S.C.; Hatch D.J., 1987: Differential effects of low concentrations of aluminum on the growth of four genotypes of white clover

Klemm, W.R.; Dreyfus, L.R.; Forney, E.; Mayfield, M.A., 1976: Differential effects of low doses of ethanol on the impulse activity in various regions of the limbic system

Kalra P.S.; Kalra S.P., 1981: Differential effects of low serum levels of estradiol 17 beta on hypothalamic lhrh levels and luteinizing hormone secretion in castrated male rats

Essandoh, L.K.; Houston, D.S.; Vanhoutte, P.M.; Shepherd, J.T., 1986: Differential effects of lower body negative pressure on forearm and calf blood flow

Wilkison D.M.; Hosko M.J., 1983: Differential effects of lsd methysergide and cyproheptadine on modality specific and nonspecific sensory evoked potentials

Widelitz R.B.; Matrisian L.M.; Russell D.H.; Magun B.E., 1984: Differential effects of lysosomotropic amines and polyamines on processing and biological activity of epidermal growth factor

Yamashita Y.; Ogawa H.; Taniguchi K., 1986: Differential effects of manganese and magnesium on two types of slowly adapting cutaneous mechanoreceptor afferent units in frogs

Bennett C.F.; Mong S.; Clarke M.A.; Kruse L.I.; Crooke S.T., 1987: Differential effects of manoalide on secreted and intracellular phospholipases

Pross S.; Klein T.; Newton C.; Friedman H., 1987: Differential effects of marihuana components on proliferation of spleen lymph node and thymus cells in vitro

Teicher M.H.; Shaywitz B.A.; Kootz H.L.; Cohen D.J., 1981: Differential effects of maternal and sibling presence on hyperactivity of 6 hydroxy dopamine treated developing rats

Rengers B.D.; Zeman F.J., 1983: Differential effects of maternal protein calorie mal nutrition and restricted food intake on the fetal pancreas

Andersson K.; Fuxe K.; Eneroth P.; Agnati L.F., 1984: Differential effects of mecamylamine on nicotine induced changes in amine levels and turnover in hypothalamic dopamine and noradrenaline nerve terminal systems and in the secretion of adeno hypophyseal hormones in the castrated female rat evidence for involvement of cholinergic nicotine like receptors

Shibata S.; Yamamoto T.; Ueki S., 1982: Differential effects of medial central and basolateral amygdaloid lesions on 4 models of experimentally induced aggression in rats

Friedman M.I.; Edens N.K.; Ramirez I., 1983: Differential effects of medium chain and long chain tri glycerides on food intake of normal and diabetic rats

Symons A.M.; Arendt J.; Pryde S.J., 1985: Differential effects of melatonin on the stimulated release of luteinizing hormone from dispersed pituitary cells of the prepubertal female rat

Hurst N.P.; French J.K.; Bell A.L.; Nuki G.; O'donnell M.L.; Betts W.H.; Cleland L.G., 1986: Differential effects of mepacrine chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine on superoxide anion generation phospholipid methylation and arachidonic acid release by human blood monocytes

Stober, S.R.; Brussell, E.M.; Komoda, M.K., 1978: Differential effects of meta contrast on target brightness and clarity

Robison, P.D.; Martin, M.N.; Tabita, F.R., 1979: Differential effects of metal ions on rhodospirillum rubrum ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec and stoichiometric incorporation of bi carbonate ion into a cobalt iii enzyme complex

Olgiati R.; Birch S.; Rao A.; Wanner A., 1981: Differential effects of methacholine and antigen challenge on gas exchange in allergic subjects

Fei H.; Xie G.; Han J., 1986: Differential effects of methionine enkephalin leucine enkephalin and methionine enkephalin 6 arginine 7 phenylalanine on antinociception and electroacupuncture analgesia in the spinal cord of the rat

Ohmori M.; Ohmori K., 1985: Differential effects of methionine sulfoximine on light and dark uptake of nitrate by anabaena cylindrica

Mckay S.J.; Reynolds J.N.; Racz W.J., 1986: Differential effects of methylmercuric chloride and mercuric chloride on the l glutamate and potassium evoked release of tritiated dopamine from mouse striatal slices

Pechnick R.; Janowsky D.S.; Judd L., 1979: Differential effects of methylphenidate and dextro amphetamine on stereotyped behavior in the rat

Emmett Oglesby M.W.; Taylor K.E.; Dafter R.E., 1980: Differential effects of methylphenidate on signaled and nonsignaled reinforcement

Pizzi W.J.; Rode E.C.; Barnhart J.E., 1987: Differential effects of methylphenidate on the growth of neonatal and adolescent rats

Grome J.J.; Stefanovich V., 1986: Differential effects of methylxanthines on local cerebral blood flow and glucose utilization in the conscious rat

Lobbezoo M.W.; Janszen F.H.A.; Tulp M.T.M.; Zwagemakers J.M.A., 1985: Differential effects of metoclopramide and zetidoline on gastrointestinal motility

Eichhorn E.J.; Konstam M.A.; Weiland D.S.; Roberts D.J.; Martin T.T.; Stransky N.B.; Salem D.N., 1987: Differential effects of milrinone and dobutamine on right ventricular preload afterload and systolic performance in congestive heart failure secondary to ischemic or idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Washio H.; Sato H., 1982: Differential effects of mitotic poisons on spindles and chromosomes in dividing newt cynops pyrrhogaster pyrrhogaster lung epithelia

Gougeon M L.; Bismuth G.; Theze J., 1985: Differential effects of monoclonal antibodies anti l 3t4 and anti lfa 1 on the antigen induced proliferation of t helper cell clones correlation between their susceptibility to inhibition and their affinity for antigen

Chang J.; Skowronek M.D.; Lewis A.J., 1985: Differential effects of monohydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids on arachidonic acid metabolism in glycogen elicited rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Dias J.A.; Huston J.S.; Reichert L.E.Jr, 1984: Differential effects of monovalent and bivalent anti sera on the interaction of fsh with its receptor

Harrington J.P., 1983: Differential effects of monovalent cations and alkanols on the thermal denaturation of sockeye oncorhynchus nerka and coho oncorhynchus kisutch hemo globins

Satinder, K.P., 1976: Differential effects of morphine on 2 way avoidance in selectively bred rat strains

Ushijima I.; Tanaka M.; Tsuda A.; Koga S.; Nagasaki N., 1985: Differential effects of morphine on core temperature in stressed and nonstressed rats

Flaim, S.F.; Zelis, R.; Eisele, J.H., 1978: Differential effects of morphine on fore arm blood flow attenuation of sympathetic control of the cutaneous circulation

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Lookingland K.J.; Moore K.E., 1985: Differential effects of morphine on the rates of dopamine turnover in the neural and intermediate lobes of the rat pituitary gland

Kuriyama K.; Muramatsu M.; Ohkuma S.; Tamura J I.; Ping Z.P., 1981: Differential effects of morphine withdrawal on cerebral beta 1 adrenergic and beta 2 adrenergic receptors

Fanelli, R.J.; Szikszay, M.; Jasinski, D.R.; London, E.D., 1987: Differential effects of mu and kappa opioid analgesics on cerebral glucose utilization in the rat

Doms, R.W.; Ruusala, A.; Machamer, C.; Helenius, J.; Helenius, A.; Rose, J.K., 1988: Differential effects of mutations in three domains on folding, quaternary structure, and intracellular transport of vesicular stomatitis virus G protein

Robbins, R.; Donati, F.; Bevan, D.R.; Bevan, J.C., 1984: Differential effects of myoneural blocking drugs on neuromuscular transmission in infants

Soubrie P.; Jobert A.; Thiebot M.H., 1980: Differential effects of naloxone against the diazepam induced release of behavior in rats in 3 aversive situations

Rodgers R.J., 1982: Differential effects of naloxone and diprenorphine on defensive behavior in rats

Rosella Dampman L.M.; Emmert S.E.; Keil L.C.; Summy Long J.Y., 1985: Differential effects of naloxone on the release of neurohypophyseal hormones in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Versteeg, D.H.G.; Wijnen, H.J.L.M.; De-Kloet, E.R.; De-Jong, W., 1978: Differential effects of neo natal 6 hydroxy dopamine treatment on the catecholamine content of hypothalamic nuclei and brain stem regions

Abergel, R.P.; Zaragoza, E.J.; Dwyer, R.M.; Uitto, J., 1985: Differential effects of neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser on collagen and elastin production by chick embryo aortae in vitro relevance to laser angioplasty for removal of atherosclerotic plaques

Jansson, J.O.; Frohman, L.A., 1987: Differential effects of neonatal and adult androgen exposure on the growth hormone secretory pattern in male rats

Suzuki, H.; Alhenc-Gelas, F.; Bouhnik, J.; Corvol, P.; Ménard, J., 1988: Differential effects of nephrectomy and surgery on plasma kininogens and angiotensinogen in the rat

Hirsch, G.H., 1973: Differential effects of nephro toxic agents on renal organic ion transport and metabolism

Seidl K.; Manthorpe M.; Varon S.; Unsicker K., 1987: Differential effects of nerve growth factor and ciliary neuronotrophic factor on catecholamine storage and catecholamine synthesizing enzymes of cultured rat chromaffin cells

Nelson, D.L.; Molinoff, P.B., 1976: Differential effects of nerve impulses on adrenergic storage vesicles in rat heart

Davidson, A.B.; Weidley, E., 1976: Differential effects of neuroleptic and other psychotropic agents on acquisition of avoidance in rats

King T.R.; Nance D.M., 1986: Differential effects of neurotoxic lesions on psychoneuroendocrine functions

Offord S.J.; Warwick R.O.Jr, 1987: Differential effects of nialamide and clomipramine on serotonin efflux and autoreceptors

Wynsen J.C.; Gross G.J.; Brooks H.L.; Warltier D.C., 1987: Differential effects of nifedipine nicorandil and nitroglycerin on the pressor responses elicited by selective alpha 1 and alpha 2 adrenoceptor agonists in conscious dogs

Dalrymple P.N.; Houston L.L., 1980: Differential effects of nitrated ricin and nitrated and dithionite reduced ricin on protein synthesis inhibition and trans membrane transport in eukaryotic cells

Taira N.; Imai Y.; Hiwatari M., 1980: Differential effects of nitro glycerin trimetazidine verapamil and skf 24260 3 5 di carbethoxy 2 6 dimethyl 4 2 trifluoromethylphenyl 1 4 di hydro pyridine on venous return as revealed by the open loop method in the dog

Moch A., 1985: Differential effects of noise according to behavior pattern and task type

Fowler, C.J.; Wilding, J., 1979: Differential effects of noise and incentives on learning

Sulakhe, P.V.; Narayanan, N., 1978: Differential effects of nonionic detergents on microsomal and sarcolemmal adenylate cyclase ec in cardiac muscle

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