Differential staining of mitotic chromosomes from inbred lines and hybrids of zea mays l

Khuong, N.T.; Schubert, I.

Kulturpflanze 34: 195-205


Accession: 005158067

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The Giemsa banding patterns of four inbred lines (DB1113, DB1116, WIR44 and WIR27) of Zea mays and their hybrids have been compared. The polymorphism of knob heterochromatin of 4 chromosome pairs allowed to distinguish the 4 inbred lines on the basis of their banding patterns, reflected the evolutionary distance of the inbred lines and provided evidence as to the origin of these chromosomes in hybrids. Sister chromatid differentiation by means of BrdUrd incorporation prior to fluorescence plus Giemsa(FPG)-technique revealed 3.7 SCEs per cell for the hybrid BEKOS 251. Individualization of chromosomes on the basis of their replication patterns or asymmetric bands after application of the same technique was impossible.