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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5161

Chapter 5161 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Verger Bocquet M., 1985:
Differentiation of the regenerated eye in syllis amica quatrefages annelida polychaeta according to level of removal

Osawa, S.; Ito, T.; Otaka, E., 1971:
Differentiation of the ribosomal protein compositions in the genus Escherichia and its related bacteria

Hamoir G.; Gerardin Otthiers N., 1980:
Differentiation of the sarcoplasmic proteins of white yellowish and cardiac muscles of an antarctic hemo globin free fish champsocephalus gunnari

Youson J.H., 1984:
Differentiation of the segmented tubular nephron and excretory duct during lamprey petromyzon marinus metamorphosis

Kim C.N.; Choi C.S.; Yang Y.T., 1982:
Differentiation of the sensitization due to nontuberculous mycobacteria from that due to tubercle bacilli by single comparative skin test with purified protein derivative s and purified protein derivative a

Bailey, J.B.; Michelson, E.H.; Paraense, W.L., 1986:
Differentiation of the sibling species Biomphalaria occidentalis and Biomphalaria tenagophila by the electrophoretic patterns of their hemoglobin

Huang C.; Chao T.; H.H.; M.K.; Wang L.; Wang C.; H.L., 1986:
Differentiation of the skeletons of 13 kinds of peeled snake drugs

Wiechmann H., 1981:
Differentiation of the soil subtypes humic podzol humus iron podzol and iron podzol

Niemeyer, H., 1976:
Differentiation of the species formica polyctena and formica rufa for practical purposes in ant protection

Cui Q., 1982:
Differentiation of the species of brucella using bacillus pumilus

Vladimirskaya, E.M.; Kharchenko, P.A., 1968:
Differentiation of the spermatozoa of a boar by the acid temperature method of anabiosis and the sex ratio in the progeny of this boar methyl testosterone metab

Yamashita K., 1982:
Differentiation of the swimbladder structure in larvae of the red sea bream pagrus major

Bidier I.; Loeffler K., 1984:
Differentiation of the synovial layer to fibrocartilage using rabbit suprapatellar cartilage as example

Steer, M.W., 1977:
Differentiation of the tapetum in avena part 1 the cell surface

Steer, M.W., 1977:
Differentiation of the tapetum in avena part 2 the endoplasmic reticulum and golgi apparatus

Kohlhardt, M.; Bauer, B.; Krause, H.; Fleckenstein, A., 1972:
Differentiation of the trans membrane sodium and calcium channels in mammalian cardiac fibers by the use of specific inhibitors

Polovinkina R.A.; Fomicheva I.I., 1979:
Differentiation of the transferrin locus among voles of the genus microtus

Orphanidis P.S.; Hardakis I.; Economopoulos P.; Papanikolaou P., 1979:
Differentiation of the unfavorable effect of polyvalent insecticides on coccinellidae as a function of chemical control methods and their means of application

Cummings, A.M.; Yochim, J.M., 1984:
Differentiation of the uterus in preparation for gestation: a model for the action of progesterone

Hong S.S.; Lee C.D.; Soh W.Y., 1985:
Differentiation of the vascular system in mature embryo and seedling of prunus davidiana

Cotelli F.; Andronico F.; D.S.ntis R.; Monroy A.; Rosati F., 1981:
Differentiation of the vitelline coat in the ascidian ciona intestinalis an ultrastructural study

Puzyrev A.A., 1982:
Differentiation of the white rat pancreatic endocrine cells in composition of the ductal epithelium

Alonso Biosca M.E.; Cruz Sui O.; Berovides Alvarez V.; Espinosa Lopez G., 1985:
Differentiation of three populations of the cuban tortoise pseudemys decussata based on the pattern of total muscle proteins

Storrie, B.; Goldstein, G.; Boyse, E.A.; Hammerling, U., 1976:
Differentiation of thymocytes: evidence that induction of the surface phenotype requires transcription and translation

Loor, F.; Kindred, B., 1973:
Differentiation of thymus derived cell precursors in nude mice demonstrated by immuno fluorescence of thymus derived cell membrane markers

Scheid, M.P.; Hoffmann, M.K.; Komuro, K.; Haemmerling, U.; Abbott, J.; Boyse, E.A.; Cohen, G.H.; Hooper, J.A.; Schulof, R.S.; Et-Al, 1973:
Differentiation of thymus derived cells induced by preparations from thymus and by nonthymic agents the determined state of the precursor cell

Chunikhin S.P.; Kurenkov V.B.; Leonova G.N.; Kochetova G.A.; Korotkov Y.S.; Reshetnikov I.A.; Konstantinov O.K., 1981 :
Differentiation of tick borne encephalitis virus strains by levels of viremia produced by them in bank voles clethrionomys glareolus

Khlystova Z.S.; Baryshev B.B., 1979:
Differentiation of tissues of human embryonic palatine tonsils

Campanella L.; Majone M.; Morabito R.; Paoletti A.M., 1987:
Differentiation of total chromium in classes of species in natural waters

Foged N.T.; Nielsen J.P.; Pedersen K.B., 1988:
Differentiation of toxigenic from nontoxigenic isolates of pasteurella multocida by elisa

Albinger G.; Beiderbeck R., 1983:
Differentiation of tracheal elements and storage parenchyma cells in suspension cultures of asparagus plumosus

McDowell, E.M.; Ben, T.; Newkirk, C.; Chang, S.;, L.M., 1987:
Differentiation of tracheal mucociliary epithelium in primary cell culture recapitulates normal fetal development and regeneration following injury in hamsters

Ondrej M.; Matousek J.; Vlasik J., 1987:
Differentiation of transformed plants from tumors induced by agrobacterium rubi atcc 13335

Joens L.A.; Glock R.D.; Kinyon J.M., 1980:
Differentiation of treponema hyodysenteriae from treponema innocens by entero pathogenicity testing in the cf 1 mouse

Eliseev D.O., 1984:
Differentiation of trophic relations in desert birds

Petry K.; Baltz T.; Schottelius J., 1986:
Differentiation of trypanosoma cruzi trypanosoma cruzi marinkellei trypanosoma dionisii and trypanosoma vespertilionis by monoclonal antibodies

Gullick, H.D., 1972:
Differentiation of trypsin like enzymes in human plasma

Israel, R.H.; Poe, R.H.; Greenblatt, D.W.; Swalbach, W.G., 1985:
Differentiation of tuberculous from nontuberculous cavitary lung disease

Lomaya T.G.; Pal'tsyn A.A.; Gabuniya U.A.; Raikhlin N.T., 1982:
Differentiation of tumor cells of human mammary gland carcinoma in the light of electron microscopic auto radiography

Germann W.J.; Lowy M.E.; Ernst S.A.; Dawson D.C., 1986:
Differentiation of two distinct potassium conductances in the basolateral membrane of turtle colon

Rytikova L.S., 1987:
Differentiation of two food conditioned reflexes by the place of realization of the instrumental response in rabbits with dorsal hippocampus lesion

Maeda, T.; Inouye, N., 1987:
Differentiation of two serotypes of cucumber mosaic virus in japan by fab' 2 elisa with cross absorbed antibodies

Iwama M.; Takahashi T.; Irie M., 1986:
Differentiation of two types of tryptophan residues related to enzymatic activity in a glucoamylase from a rhizopus sp by n bromosuccinimide oxidation in the presence of trishydroxymethylaminomethane and maltitol

Kawashima, K.; Nakaura, S.; Nagao, S.; Tanaka, S.; Kuwamura, T.; Omori, Y., 1977:
Differentiation of uro vaginal septum and its critical period of abridgment by testosterone in female rat fetuses

Gillaspie A.G.Jr; Mock R.G.; Dean J.L., 1983:
Differentiation of ustilago scitaminea isolates in greenhouse tests

Platt, K.B.; Maré, C.J.; Hinz, P.N., 1979:
Differentiation of vaccine strains and field isolates of pseudorabies (Aujeszky's disease) virus: thermal sensitivity and rabbit virulence markers

Platt, K.B.; Maré, C.J.; Hinz, P.N., 1980:
Differentiation of vaccine strains and field isolates of pseudorabies (Aujeszky's disease) virus: trypsin sensitivity and mouse virulence markers

Parakkal, P.F.; Gregoire, A.T., 1972:
Differentiation of vaginal epithelium in the normal and hormone treated rhesus monkey

Vlacil R., 1986:
Differentiation of valued and natural results in sheep breeding with respect to productional direction

Rothkopf Ischebeck M., 1980:
Differentiation of various experimentally induced pathological processes in wistar rats by serum protein electrophoresis using cellulose acetate membranes

Rekhacheva I.P., 1979:
Differentiation of various types of muscular fibers during post natal development in the rat ventral denticulate muscle

Clagett, G.P.; Graeber, G.M.; Robinowitz, M.; Langloss, J.M.; Ramwell, P.W., 1984:
Differentiation of vascular prostheses in dogs with serial tests of in vivo platelet reactivity

Jiang X M.; Q.X.H., 1984:
Differentiation of vascular tissue and quiescent center in the root apex of glycine max

Bell, C.; Jänig, W.; Kümmel, H.; Xu, H., 1985:
Differentiation of vasodilator and sudomotor responses in the cat paw pad to preganglionic sympathetic stimulation

Ohsawa M., 1984:
Differentiation of vegetation zones and species strategies in the subalpine region of mount fuji japan

H.S.; Chen X.; Sun R.; E.A., 1984:
Differentiation of ventricular tachycardia from supraventricular tachycardia by his bundle electrogram in 10 patients

Vogelberg, K.H., 1977:
Differentiation of very low density lipo protein subfractions in the diagnosis of type iii hyper lipo proteinemias

Lambert M.A.; Hickman Brenner F.W.; Farmer J.J.IIi; Moss C.W., 1983:
Differentiation of vibrionaceae species by their cellular fatty acid composition

Eisenberg N.; Fabes R.A.; Bustamante D.; Mathy R.M.; Miller P.A.; Lindholm E., 1988:
Differentiation of vicariously induced emotional reactions in children

Thind B.S.; Payak M.M., 1979:
Differentiation of virulent and avirulent cultures of erwinia chrysanthemi maize pathotype

Gaidamovich S.Ya; Novokhatskii A.S.; Mel'nikova E.E.; Sveshnikova N.A.; Kushch A.A.; Mikheeva T.G.; Malakhova I.V., 1986:
Differentiation of viruses of the tick borne encephalitis complex with the use of monoclonal antibodies

Machula A.I.; Barkov N.K.; Fisenko V.P., 1982:
Differentiation of visual signals by cats under the effect of benzodiazepine tranquilizers

Webb, W.R.; Moore, E.H., 1985:
Differentiation of volume averaging and mass on magnetic resonance images of the mediastinum

Gamba Vitalo C.; Blair O.C.; Keyes S.R.; Sartorelli A.C., 1986 :
Differentiation of wehi 3b d positive monomyelocytic leukemia cells by retinoic acid and aclacinomycin a

Konieczna M., 1986:
Differentiation of wheat kernels under controlled conditions of dynamic load

Medina B.; Van Zeller A.L., 1984:
Differentiation of wines from 3 regions of france

Kawasaki H.; Iwashita Y., 1987:
Differentiation of wing disc of the fifth larval instar of bombyx mori in vitro culture condition

Kawasaki H.; Yoshitake N., 1981:
Differentiation of wing disc of the silkworm bombyx mori in the early pupal stage

Roisin Y.; Pasteels J.M., 1986:
Differentiation of worker derived intercastes and precocious imagoes after queen removal in the neo guinean termite nasutitermes princeps

Hammersley D.R.H.; Mccully M.E., 1980:
Differentiation of wound xylem in pea roots pisum sativum cultivar alaska in the presence of colchicine

Gitaitis R.D.; Hamm J.D.; Bertrand P.F., 1988:
Differentiation of xanthomonas campestris pathovar pruni from other yellow pigmented bacteria by the refractive quality of bacterial colonies on an agar medium

Calvo C.; Perez Garcia I.; Rivadeneyra M.A.; Ramos Cormenzana A., 1987:
Differentiation of yersinia enterocolitica 0 3 and 0 9 by precipitation of calcium carbonate at 37 c

Zyuz' N.S.; Lobacheva M.E., 1979:
Differentiation of young pine cultivars in the extreme southeastern european part of the ussr

Roux M.E.; Mcwilliams M.; Phillips Quagliata J.M.; Lamm M.E., 1981:
Differentiation pathway of peyers patch precursors of immuno globulin a plasma cells in the secretory immune system

Karalova, E.M.; Korvik-Pavlovskaya, E.G.; Gazaryan, K.G.; Magakyan-Yu, A., 1985:
Differentiation pathways of chick primary erythroid cells

Morra, L.; Ponassi, A.; Caristo, G.; Zunino, R.; Parodi, G.B.; Sacchetti, C., 1984:
Differentiation pattern of blood mononuclear cells in liquid culture in normal subjects

Griffin, J.D.; Todd, R.F.; Ritz, J.; Nadler, L.M.; Canellos, G.P.; Rosenthal, D.; Gallivan, M.; Beveridge, R.P.; Weinstein, H.; Karp, D.; Schlossman, S.F., 1983:
Differentiation patterns in the blastic phase of chronic myeloid leukemia

Von-Bothmer, R., 1987:
Differentiation patterns in the e. mediterranean scutellaria rubicunda group lamiaceae

Bartkova J.; Rejthar A.; Bartek J.; Kovarik J., 1987:
Differentiation patterns of testicular germ cell tumors as revealed by a panel of monoclonal antibodies

Büchi, G.; Girotto, M.; Baldini, G.; Grosso, E.; Termine, G.; Gario, S.; Autino, R.; Zappalà, C.; Ganio, D., 1987:
Differentiation phenotypes on cells of acute myeloid leukemia studied by My7, My9, My4, Mo1 and Ja monoclonal antibodies

G.M.G.; Zhang X Q.; Cao Z Y.; Guo C Y., 1982:
Differentiation potential and chromosome stability of pollen callus of maize in sub cultures

Lu, Y.L.; Sobis, H.; Van Hove, L.; Vandeputte, M., 1984:
Differentiation potentiality of rat visceral yolk sac in organ culture

Hoehr, D., 1977:
Differentiation processes in the germinating gemmules of ephydatia fluviatilis

Akins R.A.; Byers T.J., 1980:
Differentiation promoting factors induced in acanthamoeba castellanii by inhibitors of mitochondrial macro molecule synthesis

Trembicki, K.A.; Qureshi, M.A.; Dietert, R.R., 1984:
Differentiation properties of avian tumor cell lines: analysis using chicken fetal antigen and other markers

Sessions A.; Horwitz A.F., 1983:
Differentiation related differences in the plasma membrane phospho lipid asymmetry of myogenic and fibrinogenic cells

Schermer A.; Galvin S.; Sun T T., 1986:
Differentiation related expression of a major 64 kilodalton corneal keratin in vivo and in culture suggests limbal location of corneal epithelial stem cells

Portnoi D.; Motta I.; Truffa Bachi P., 1980:
Differentiation signal defect of spleen cells from lipo poly saccharide treated mice

Behrens M.M.; Maia J.C.D.C., 1986:
Differentiation specific activation of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase in blastocladiella emersonii

Liu A.Y C., 1982:
Differentiation specific increase of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase in the 3t3 l 1 cells

Abo, T.; Miller, C.A.; Gartland, G.L.; Balch, C.M., 1983:
Differentiation stages of human natural killer cells in lymphoid tissues from fetal to adult life

Choudhury, S.; Khare, M.K., 1978 :
Differentiation tendencies of eye potency field in early chick (Gallus domesticus) embryo

Kimoto, T.; Hyodoh, F.; Nishitani, K.; Namba, M.; Ueki, A.; Nishioka, Y., 1978:
Differentiation to myeloid cells of lympho blastoid cells established from myelo monocytic leukemia

Donna A.; Betta P.G., 1986:
Differentiation towards cartilage and bone in a primary tumor of pleura further evidence in support of the concept of mesodermoma

Ross, D.W.; Capizzi, R.L., 1984:
Differentiation vs. cyto reduction during remission induction in acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia treated with sequential high dose cytosine arabinoside and asparaginase

Feng Z., 1986:
Differentiation with iterative computing method of cerebral hemorrhage from infarction

Abram, D.; Mitchen, J.R.; Koffler, H.; Vatter, A.E., 1970:
Differentiation within the bacterial flagellum and isolation of the proximal hook

Alexandre H.; D.P.trocellis B.; Brachet J., 1982:
Differentiation without cleavage in chaetopterus requirement for a definite number of dna replication cycles shown by aphidicolin pulses

Brachet J.; D.P.trocellis B.; Alexandre H., 1981:
Differentiation without cleavage in chaetopterus variopedatus effects of inhibition of dna synthesis with aphidicolin

Winkler V.S., 1986:
Differentiations and their causes in the bromeliaceae

Wutscherk H.; Schmidt H.; Koethe R., 1985:
Differentiations of characteristics of the physique caused by the typology of physique and age

Tapp R.; Grosse G., 1979:
Differentiations of neurons of the cingulate region in explant cultures

Scott Savage P.; Hall B.K., 1980:
Differentiative ability of the tibial periosteum from the embryonic chick gallus domesticus

Kimura M.; Nishihira T.; Kasai M.; Sato H., 1980:
Differentiative and proliferative effects of di butyryl cyclic amp n butyric acid and prednisolone on the malignant melanoma cell line tm 1 in vitro and in vivo

Weser U.; Hartmann H J., 1988:
Differently bound copper i in yeast copper 8 thionein

Heinze B.; Wartenberg A., 1982:
Differently oriented chlorophylls in mesotaenium caldariorum var caldariorum detected by micro photometrical dichroism measurements in vivo

Hester R.K.; Weiss G.B.; Fry W.J., 1979:
Differing actions of nitroprusside and d 600 on tension and calcium 45 fluxes in canine renal arteries

Mcgregor D.B.; Mcconville M.; Menzies C.; Prentice R.D., 1982:
Differing activation pathways for 2 acetylamino fluorine to a mutagen in vitro

Purfuerst W D.; Guenther K.H.; Hujer W.; Siewert H.; Strangfeld D., 1986:
Differing acute effects of propranolol on the hypertensive heart under exercise

Saverymuttu, S.H.; Hodgson, H.J.; Chadwick, V.S.; Pepys, M.B., 1986:
Differing acute phase responses in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Coulthart, M.B.; Singh, R.S., 1988:
Differing amounts of genetic polymorphism in testes and male accessory glands of Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila simulans

Kutsky P.; Weiss G.B., 1980:
Differing calcium 45 efflux responses in cultured canine aortic smooth muscle cells and canine aortic media intimal strips

Ward P.A.; Cunningham T.W.; Walker B.A.M.; Johnson K.J., 1988:
Differing calcium requirements for regulatory effects of atp atp gamma s and adenosine on superoxide anion responses of human neutrophils

Ivankovic, S.; Port, R.; Preussmann, R., 1976:
Differing carcinogenic activity in bd rats of 1 phenyl 3 3 3 diethyl triazene and 1 pyridyl 3 3 3 diethyl triazene after single doses on 1st 10th and 30th days of life

Fuller B.J.; Cheetham K.; Pocock G., 1988:
Differing chemical properties of preservation solutions used for hypothermic organ storage

Bunin, N.J.; Pui, C.H., 1985:
Differing complications of hyperleukocytosis in children with acute lymphoblastic or acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia

Tatsukawa, K.; Mitsuyama, M.; Takeya, K.; Nomoto, K., 1979:
Differing contribution of polymorphonuclear cells and macrophages to protection of mice against Listeria monocytogenes and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Fysh J.M.; Andrews L.S.; Pohl L.R.; Nebert D.W., 1980:
Differing degrees of coal tar shampoo induced mutagenesis in the salmonella typhimurium liver test system in vitro

Duggan A.W.; Johnson S.M.; Morton C.R., 1981:
Differing distributions of receptors for morphine and methionine 5 enkephalinamide in the dorsal horn of the cat

Lau, K.; Wolf, C.; Nussbaum, P.; Weiner, B.; Deoreo, P.; Slatopolsky, E.; Agus, Z.; Goldfarb, S., 1979 :
Differing effects of acid vs. neutral phosphate therapy of hyper calciuria

Sodoyez J C.; Sodoyez Goffaux F.; Von Frenckell R.; D.V.s C.J.; Treves S.; Kahn C.R., 1985:
Differing effects of antiinsulin serum and antiinsulin receptor serum on iodine 123 insulin metabolism in rats

Snodgrass, P.J.; Lin, R.C., 1987:
Differing effects of arginine deficiency on the urea cycle enzymes of rat liver, cultured hepatocytes and hepatoma cells

Rogers, J.; Smith, J.; Starmer, G.A.; Whitfield, J.B., 1987:
Differing effects of carbohydrate, fat and protein on the rate of ethanol metabolism

Greenberg, D.S.; Grisham, J.W.; Bell, W.N.; Baker, M.S.; Kaufman, D.G., 1978:
Differing effects of iso leucine deficiency on the toxicity of n methyl n nitro n nitroso guanidine for 10 t 1 2 and chinese hamster ovary cells

Ganguly A.; Pratt J.H.; Weinberger M.H.; Grim C.E.; Fineberg N.S., 1983:
Differing effects of metoclopramide and acth on plasma aldo sterone levels in gluco corticoid suppressible hyper aldo steronism and other forms of hyper aldo steronism

Cohen B.I.; Hofmann A.F.; Mosbach E.H.; Stenger R.J.; Rothschild M.A.; Hagey L.R.; Yoon Y.B., 1986:
Differing effects of norursodeoxycholic acid or ursodeoxycholic acid on hepatic histology and bile acid metabolism in the rabbit

Coulter D.M., 1984:
Differing effects of prolactin on the water content of individual tissues in the rabbit pup at 72 hours of age

Thistle J.L.; Larusso N.F.; Hofmann A.F.; Turcotte J.; Carlson G.L.; Ott B.J., 1982:
Differing effects of ursodeoxy cholic acid or cheno deoxy cholic acid on biliary cholesterol saturation and bile acid metabolism in man a dose response study

Banks B.E.C.; Vernon C.A.; Carstairs J.R., 1979:
Differing effects on superior cervical ganglia in neo natal mice produced by anti sera to nerve growth factors from mice and snakes

Carstairs J.R.; Banks B.E.C.; Vernon C.A., 1980:
Differing effects on the prevertebral and paravertebral sympathetic ganglia of adult mice produced by anti sera to nerve growth factors from mice and snakes

Stavem P.; Rorvik T.O.; Blichfeldt P.; Hagen C.B.V.D., 1981:
Differing form of variant form of hyper granular pro myelocytic leukemia m 3 or transition between m 3 and monocytic leukemia

Volpe, M.; Sosa, R.E.; Müller, F.B.; Camargo, M.J.; Glorioso, N.; Laragh, J.H.; Maack, T.; Atlas, S.A., 1986:
Differing hemodynamic responses to atrial natriuretic factor in two models of hypertension

Krisch B., 1980:
Differing immuno reactivities of somatostatin in the cortex and the hypothalamus of the rat a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Sato, K., 1984:
Differing luminal potential difference of cystic fibrosis and control sweat secretory coils in vitro

Rassi, A.; Crawford, M.H.; Richards, K.L.; Miller, J.F., 1988:
Differing mechanisms of exercise flow augmentation at the mitral and aortic valves

Berne, B.H., 1974:
Differing methodology and equations used in quantitating immuno globulins by radial immuno diffusion a comparative evaluation of reported and commercial techniques

Kraft, A.S.; Reeves, J.A.; Ashendel, C.L., 1988:
Differing modulation of protein kinase C by bryostatin 1 and phorbol esters in JB6 mouse epidermal cells

Dengler N.G.; Dengler R.E.; Hattersley P.W., 1985:
Differing ontogenetic origins of photosynthetic kranz sheaths in leaf blades of 4 carbon pathway grasses poaceae

Chatelain R.E.; Bumpus F.M.; Chernicky C.L.; Ferrario C.M., 1983:
Differing patterns of altered gluco corticoid secretion in experimental malignant and benign hypertension influences on the lymphoid system and arterial connective tissue metabolism

Preisler, H.D.; Sato, H.; Li, Y.Q.; Stein, G.; Stein, J., 1987:
Differing patterns of human protooncogene expression in peripheral blood and bone marrow acute leukemia cells

Bastida E.; Ordinas A.; Jamieson G.A., 1981:
Differing platelet aggregating effects by 2 tumor cell lines absence of role for platelet derived adp

Fraser, L.R., 1977:
Differing requirements for capacitation in vitro of mouse spermatozoa from 2 strains

Kehrl, H.R.; Roger, L.J.; Hazucha, M.J.; Horstman, D.H., 1987:
Differing response of asthmatics to sulfur dioxide exposure with continuous and intermittent exercise

Khodos, V.N.; Lyubushina, L.N.; Palyanitsa, I.A., 1978:
Differing response of winter wheat forms to elements of mineral nutrition

Eagan, R.T.; Frytak, S.; Creagan, E.T.; Richardson, R.L.; Coles, D.T.; Jett, J.R., 1986:
Differing response rates and survival between squamous and non squamous non small cell lung cancer comparison of cap vs. map

Mukherjee S.; Katz D.R.; Rook G.A.W., 1986:
Differing role of dendritic cells and macrophages in the induction of delayed type hypersensitivity responses to purified protein derivative

Sugiyama, T.; Boku, K., 1976:
Differing sensitivity of pyruvate ortho phosphate di kinase to low temperature in maize cultivars

Mirzoyan, R.S., 1976:
Differing sensitivity of the brain arterial systems to noradrenaline

Harwood J.P.; Dufau M.L.; Catt K.J., 1979:
Differing specificities in the de sensitization of ovarian adenylate cyclase by epinephrine and human chorionic gonadotropin

Burns, G.F.; Cawley, J.C.; Barker, C.R.; Worman, C.P.; Raper, C.G.L.; Hayhoe, F.G.J., 1978:
Differing surface marker characteristics in plasma cell dyscrasias with particular reference to immuno globulin m myeloma

Lucey, E.C.; Clark, B.D., 1982:
Differing susceptibility of young and adult hamster lungs to injury with pancreatic elastase

Utiger R.D., 1982:
Differing thyrotropin responses to increased serum tri iodo thyronine concentrations produced by over feeding and tri iodo thyronine administration

Harrington, J.T-Jr, 1976:
Differing time courses of spleen leukocyte migration inhibitory factor synthesis and cyto toxicity during rejection of a murine lymphoma allo graft

Kageyama, R.; Kitamura, N.; Ohkubo, H.; Nakanishi, S., 1987:
Differing utilization of homologous transcription initiation sites of rat K and T kininogen genes under inflammation condition

Zimmerman, S.B.; Schwartz, C.D.; Monaghan, R.L.; Pelak, B.A.; Weissberger, B.; Gilfillan, E.C.; Mochales, S.; Hernandez, S.; Currie, S.A.; Tejera, E., 1987:
Difficidin and oxydifficidin: novel broad spectrum antibacterial antibiotics produced by Bacillus subtilis. I. Production, taxonomy and antibacterial activity

Zweerink, M.M.; Edison, A., 1987:
Difficidin and oxydifficidin: novel broad spectrum antibacterial antibiotics produced by Bacillus subtilis. III. Mode of action of difficidin

Newport, M.L.; Stuchin, S.A.; Frankel, V.H.; Zuckerman, J., 1986:
Difficult acetabular revision. A preliminary report

Strodel, W.E.; Eckhauser, F.E., 1982:
Difficult aortic stump closure

Bercea O.; Stoicescu P.; Daniello I.; Maritoiu C., 1980:
Difficult diagnosis in pneumology

Tonini G.; Braga M.; Salerni B.; Cestari R.; Lojacono L., 1984:
Difficult early diagnosis of ileal neoplasm a case of jejunal neurofibroma

Larizza D.; Maggiore G.; Marzani D.; Maghnie M.; Ciceri R., 1986:
Difficult human growth hormone treatment in a patient with type iii glycogen storage disease

Favaro R.; Menichetti A.; Antonelli M.; Fierro G.; Fattorini F.; Mattia C., 1986:
Difficult intubation techniques in maxillo facial surgery

Williams, B., 1977:
Difficult labor as a cause of communicating syringomyelia

Saita M.; Kaneda K.; Sato S.; Kurakami C.; Kazama H.; Yamamoto I.; Hashimoto T.; Nakamura K.; Takeda N.; E.A., 1986:
Difficult problems in treatment of neurofibromatosis spinal deformities

Bloch M., 1981:
Difficult problems of the acute respiratory infections in young children the great difficulties found in resolving them

Satoh S.; Nakamura K.; Naito H., 1981:
Difficult removal of a suction catheter from a naso tracheal tube

Goldberg, M.F.; Albee, R.B., 1978:
Difficult removal of an intra uterine device associated with peri menopausal uterine atrophy

Plateaux L., 1981:
Difficult replacement of the queen in a colony of the ant leptothorax nylanderi

Capaldi, E.J.; Nawrocki, T.M.; Verry, D.R., 1982:
Difficult serial anticipation learning in rats rule encoding vs. memory

Schachter F.F.; Stone R.K., 1985:
Difficult sibling easy sibling temperament and the within family environment

Klyukina L.B.; Buglova S.E., 1981:
Difficulties and errors in cytological diagnosis of breast cancer

Jocu I., 1980:
Difficulties and errors in the diagnosis of cancer of the sigmoid colon

Jocu I., 1980:
Difficulties and errors in the diagnosis of lithiasis of the common bile duct

Gogin E.E., 1980:
Difficulties and errors in the diagnosis of peri carditis with effusion

Fuccillo, D.A.; Madden, D.L.; Tzan, N.; Sever, J.L., 1987:
Difficulties associated with serological diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii infections

Allison, R.B., 1984:
Difficulties diagnosing the multiple personality syndrome in a death penalty case

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Difficulties encountered during the preparation of learning objectives the experience of a professor in digestive physiology

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Difficulties encountered in the application of clark classification of the breslow thickness measurement in cutaneous malignant melanoma

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Difficulties experienced by tinnitus sufferers

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Difficulties, hazards and complications of endoscopic interventions on the major duodenal papilla and their prevention

Jensen A.J.; Johnsen B.O., 1982:
Difficulties in aging atlantic salmon salmo salar and brown trout salmo trutta from cold rivers due to lack of scales as yearlings

Haan E.A.; Kirby D.M.; Tada K.; Hayasaka K.; Danks D.M., 1986:
Difficulties in assessing the effect of strychnine on the outcome of non ketotic hyperglycinemia observations on sisters with a mild t protein defect

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Difficulties in biologic diagnosis of drug induced allergies

Lovelock L.K.A.; Buchanan Smith J.G.; Forsberg C.W., 1982:
Difficulties in de faunation of the ovine rumen

Henssen A., 1980 :
Difficulties in defining genera of the lichinaceae

Salfner, B.; Goebel, U.; Kokemohr, H.; Von-Voss, H.; Petrich, C., 1977:
Difficulties in detecting the carriers of hemophilia a possible errors in the determination of factor viii associated antigen

Koziol, P.; Dobosz, T., 1978:
Difficulties in determination of rare phospho gluco mutase pgm 1 phenotypes in the view of forensic medical expert opinions

Burton, D.R.; Forsen, S.; Karlstrom, G.; Dwek, R.A.; Mclaughlin, A.C.; Wain-Hobson, S., 1976:
Difficulties in determining accurate molecular motion parameters from proton relaxation enhancement measurements as illustrated by the immuno globulin g gadolinium iii system

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Difficulties in diagnosing and some rare causes of pulmonary hypertension

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Difficulties in diagnosing congenital posterior fossa fluid collections after shunting procedures

Ponomareva E.N.; Latysheva V.Ya; Sitnik G.D., 1987:
Difficulties in diagnosing myasthenia

Tyurin V.P., 1980:
Difficulties in diagnosing subacute forms of bacterial endo carditis in elderly and senile patients

Bryc S.; Jastrzebski T., 1979:
Difficulties in diagnosing the consequences of staphylococcemia

Ryczak, M.; Sorber, W.A.; Kandora, T.F.; Camp, C.J.; Rose, F.B., 1987:
Difficulties in diagnosing trichinella encephalitis

Fedorov L.P., 1982:
Difficulties in diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis under conditions of a hot climate

Kendall B.E.; Jakubowski J.; Pullicino P.; Symon L., 1979:
Difficulties in diagnosis of supratentorial gliomas by computerized axial tomography scan

Boyce J.M.; Mitchell E.B.Jr, 1985:
Difficulties in differentiating neisseria cinerea from neisseria gonorrhoeae in rapid systems used for identifying pathogenic neisseria spp

Jonas J.; Franke D., 1987:
Difficulties in early diagnosis of diaphragmatic ruptures

Goldberg, T.H.; Finkelstein, M.S., 1987:
Difficulties in estimating glomerular filtration rate in the elderly

Erbe W.; Geissler A., 1987:
Difficulties in image analysis of peritoneographies

Bitaudeau M.P.; Morvan C.; Papapietro P.M.; Arnaud M.; Treves R.; Desproges Gotteron R., 1987:
Difficulties in interpreting serological tests for syphilis in 3 patients with connective tissue diseases

Reves, L., 1978:
Difficulties in mutual understanding between radiobiologists and radio therapists

Hocquet, P.; Routkovsky-Norval, C.; Oury, M., 1976:
Difficulties in mycological diagnosis 1 observation

Severge A., 1983:
Difficulties in physical refining of olive oil due to presence of tri terpene oleanolic acid

Frader, J.E., 1979:
Difficulties in providing intensive care

Fyro K.; Bodegard G., 1988:
Difficulties in psychological adjustment to a new neonatal screening program

Fowler, J.E.; Mariano, M., 1984:
Difficulties in quantitating the contribution of urethral bacteria to prostatic fluid and seminal fluid cultures

Chmielinska U.; Chojnacka Szawlowska G.; Dylewicz J., 1980:
Difficulties in rehabilitation treatment of children with myelo meningocele

Mandic N., 1982:
Difficulties in reorganization of alcoholic families

Mandic N., 1983:
Difficulties in reorganization of the family of the alcoholic

Moldovan M.; Buruiana M., 1982:
Difficulties in some diagnosis of genetic deafness 2 cases of usher syndrome

Rosenbaum, M., 1979:
Difficulties in taking care of business: women addicts as mothers

Tonsager S.R.; Averill B.A., 1980:
Difficulties in the analysis of acid labile sulfide in molybdenum sulfur and molybdenum iron sulfur systems

Gradinaru V.; Seicaru T.; Radulescu M.; Filon N.; Lotreanu S., 1982:
Difficulties in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of cancers of the gallbladder

Oancea T.; Cojocca V.; Singer D.; Bocaneala O.; Paunescu R.; Cotuna L., 1985:
Difficulties in the diagnosis and therapy of nonsecretory carcinoma of the corticoadrenal

Smolska I.; Kowalewska Kantecka B.; Janicka Gadzinska A., 1981:
Difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of hiatal hernia in infants

Matyakin E.G., 1986:
Difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of regional metastases of tongue cancer

Milovidova S.S.; Krasnopol'skaya S.P.; Gracheva N.I.; Rudneva K.F., 1984:
Difficulties in the diagnosis of congestive cardio myopathy

Saksonov, S.I.; Saksonova, E.E., 1985:
Difficulties in the diagnosis of fascioliasis

Iordăchescu, G.; Gheorghiu, C., 1980:
Difficulties in the diagnosis of giant follicular lymphoma

Bogomolov B.P.; Bakhur E.G., 1984:
Difficulties in the diagnosis of herpes zoster

Paleev, N.R.; Gurevich, M.A.; Frantsev, V.I.; Kalikshtein, D.B.; Odinokova, V.A.; Vysokii, F.F., 1978:
Difficulties in the diagnosis of infectious allergic myo carditis

Makolkin, V.I.; Ovcharenko, S.I.; Brekhunenko, T.F.; Morozova, N.S., 1985:
Difficulties in the diagnosis of protracted septic endocarditis

Surcel V.I.; Bologa L.D.; Spinu I.; Bogdan D., 1984:
Difficulties in the diagnosis of trichomoniasis vaginitis

Perekopskaya T.I.; Kalev O.F.; Skorodumova N.A.; Perekopskii I.S.; Permitina L.V., 1982:
Difficulties in the differential diagnosis between brucellosis and subacute septic endo carditis

Kats G.L.; Alifanova R.E.; Lobach E.Ya, 1988:
Difficulties in the differential diagnosis of non rheumatic myocarditis

Luisa-Da-Franca, M., 1977:
Difficulties in the dis aggregation and dispersion of some soils of cape verde portugal

Evans E.; Harris O.; Dickey D.; Hartley L., 1985:
Difficulties in the endoscopic diagnosis of gastric and esophageal cancer

Dobrowolski J.; Skrzelewski S., 1985:
Difficulties in the evaluation of percutaneous cholangiography in the diagnosis of the causes in mechanical icterus

Derimanov S.G., 1983:
Difficulties in the interpretation of focal changes on liver scans

Levine, D.Z., 1978:
Difficulties in the micro puncture evaluation of proximal renal bi carbonate re absorption an overview for the general reader

Jansen, A.P., 1985:
Difficulties in the normalization of aminotransferase measurement with enzyme standards

Bakhshiev B.A.; Aliev M.A.; Sultanov G.A.; Iskenderov A.I., 1984:
Difficulties in the roentgen diagnosis of small tumors of the ileocecal area of the intestine

Elhag, K.M.; Bahar, A.M.; Mahajan, K.K., 1987:
Difficulties in the serodiagnosis of infection with the fragilis group of Bacteroides

Nakatani H., 1984:
Difficulties in tonometry of children

Pizzocaro, G.; Zanoni, F.; Salvioni, R.; Milani, A.; Piva, L.; Pilotti, S., 1987:
Difficulties of a surveillance study omitting retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy in clinical stage I nonseminomatous germ cell tumors of the testis

Reddy H.P.; Leydhecker W.; Krieglstein G., 1980:
Difficulties of an epidemiological study of glaucoma in rural areas in india

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Difficulties of diagnosing rheumatic heart disease in the elderly

Senenko A.N.; Krylov A.A.; Dmitriev V.I., 1980:
Difficulties of differential diagnosis and clinical masks of delaminating aneurysm of the aorta

Thompson B.K.; Williams C.J.; Wolynetz M.S., 1983:
Difficulties of interpreting multi slope analysis of covariance from statistical computer packages

Adomnicai I.; Amar M., 1987:
Difficulties of the diagnosis of hysteria in children

Serfaty D.; Dreyfus R.; Chemama D., 1986:
Difficulties with contraception and voluntary pregnancy termination a survey carried out at the st louis hospital paris france

Krejzlikova A.; Fakan F., 1979:
Difficulties with methyl green pyronine staining

Dennill G.B.; Gordon A.J.; Neser S., 1987 :
Difficulties with the release and establishment of carposina autologa meyrick carposinidae on the weed hakea sericea proteaceae in south africa

Krishchenko V.P.; Ushakova T.F., 1987:
Difficultly medium and readily soluble protein content in spring wheat and the utilization of nitrogen from foliar top dressings

Erickson J.R.; Gaffney C.R.; Heath W.P., 1987:
Difficulty and familiarity norms for 192 single solution word fragments

Ueda H.; Hashimoto K.; Jyoja I.; Kimoto S.; Takeda Y.; Kaji M.; Sato N.; Nakamura T.; Hino H.; E.A., 1985:
Difficulty in determining the extent of metastatic lesions in bone scintigrams a case report

Murgoci G., 1987:
Difficulty in diagnosing chronic cervical adenopathy in the child

Denes G.; Caviezel F.; Semenza C., 1982:
Difficulty in reaching objects and body parts a sensory motor disconnection syndrome

Nishizawa M.; Nomoto K.; Makino T.; Shiga T., 1980:
Difficulty of detection and measurement of linitis plastica a case

Brodov L.E.; Yushchuk N.D.; Maleev V.V.; Karetkina G.N.; Budanova E.V., 1984:
Difficulty of differential diagnosis of food toxico infection and myo cardial infarction

Rosenthall L.; Damtew B.; Kloiber R.; Warshawski R., 1981:
Difficulty of estimating biliary tract distension by radio nuclide imaging

Delachambre D., 1981:
Difficulty of obtaining a reliable test for determination of the virulence of a parasitic flagellate trichomonas vaginalis

Brown P.M.; Johnston K.W., 1982:
Difficulty of quantifying the severity of carotid stenosis

Fedorowski J., 1985:
Diffingiina a new suborder of the rugose corals from southwestern texas usa

Casper S.J.; Schoenborn W., 1985:
Difflugia limnetica protozoa testacea as indicator organism of calcite precipitation in lake stechlin east germany

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Diffraction effects on x ray patterns of synthetic poly peptides isomorphic to collagen

Abagyan R.A.; Rogulenkova V.N.; Tumanyan V.G.; Esipova N.G., 1983:
Diffraction effects upon packing of spiral molecules

Abagyan R.A., 1983:
Diffraction from side by side model of dna

Gergely S.; Garaj J., 1988:
Diffraction patterns of ethylenebisdithiocarbamic acid and some of its salts

Allyn, A.C.; Downey, J.C., 1976:
Diffraction structures in the wing scales of callophrys siva siva lycaenidae

Radwan M.M.; Wilson H.R.; Duncan G.H., 1981:
Diffraction studies of tulip virus x particles

Kim E.E.; Gobuty A.; Gutierrez C., 1983:
Diffuse abdominal uptake of gallium 67 citrate in a patient with hypo proteinemia

Janneck C.; Kaiser F., 1980:
Diffuse aggressive fibromatosis of the right calf treatment with intra tumor injection of dexamethasone preliminary report

Fisher R.I.; Devita V.T.Jr; Hubbard S.M.; Longo D.L.; Wesley R.; Chabner B.A.; Young R.C., 1983:
Diffuse aggressive lymphomas increased survival after alternating flexible sequences of prednisone methotrexate doxorubicin cyclo phosphamide epi podophyllo toxin and mechlorethamine vincristine procarbazine prednisone chemo therapy

Ramaswamy, G.; Jagadha, V.; Tchertkoff, V., 1985:
Diffuse alveolar damage and interstitial fibrosis in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients without concurrent pulmonary infection

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Diffuse alveolar damage in the evolution of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in the baboon

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Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage and severe glomerulonephritis induced by d penicillamine a case report and review

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Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage temporally related to cocaine smoking

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Diffuse alveolar septal amyloidosis in generalized amyloidosis

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Diffuse aneurysms of pancreatic arteries

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Diffuse anterior scleritis a case report

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Diffuse arterial calcification of the uterus. An unusual radiographic appearance

Bowles C.R.; Olcott C.Iv; Pakter R.L.; Lombard C.; Mehigan J.T.; Walter J.F., 1988:
Diffuse arterial narrowing as a results of intimal proliferation a delayed complication of embolectomy with the fogarty ballon catheter

Imajo, T.; Challener, R.C.; Roessmann, U., 1987:
Diffuse axonal injury by assault

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Diffuse axonal injury in early infancy

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Diffuse bilateral coronary artery fistulae entering the left ventricle a case confirmed surgically a case report

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Diffuse biphasic amyloidosis

Bedi, T.R.; Datta, B.N., 1979:
Diffuse biphasic cutaneous amyloidosis

Pasquier B.; Keddari E.; Pasquier D.; Morens A.; Courel M.N.; Girard N.; Delpech B.; Couderc P., 1986:
Diffuse bone marrow metastasis from a glioma in the absence of previous craniotomy report of a case with premortem diagnosis by detection of glial fibrillary acidic protein and review of literature

Juma, S.; Lin, D.S.; Kutka, N., 1985:
Diffuse bone metastases in a case of astrocytoma

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Diffuse bony metastases from a pleural mesothelioma a case report

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Diffuse carcinoid of the prostate

Rozhold 0; Vojacek K., 1982:
Diffuse carcinomatosis of the spine and neuro cranium

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Diffuse cerebral swelling following head injuries in children: the syndrome of "malignant brain edema"

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Diffuse chronic ulcerative ileo jejunitis interest of jejunoscopy for the diagnosis

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Diffuse colitis with right upper quadrant mass

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Diffuse connective tissue diseases and malignant tumors

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Diffuse contralateral pulmonary metastases in malignant mesothelioma. An unusual radiographic presentation

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Diffuse coronary artery disease in diabetic patients: fact or fiction?

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Diffuse cortical calcification in rejected renal transplants

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Diffuse cutaneous granulomatous lesions associated with acid fast bacilli in a cat

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Diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis in childhood

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Diffuse cutaneous reticulohistiocytosis in a child with tuberous sclerosis

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Diffuse cystic angiomatosis of bone 1 case followed up over 5 years

Lin, W.L.; Essner, E., 1986:
Diffuse cytoplasmic staining of retinal capillary endothelium

Tarnowska Dziduszko E.; Lazarowicz J., 1980:
Diffuse damage to central nervous system in progressive rheumatoid arthritis complicated by cerebral hemorrhage after radio isotope cisternography

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Diffuse disease of elastic tissue with hyperphosphatemia

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Diffuse dissemination after the resection of sclerosing hemangioma of the lung

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Diffuse double layer theory applied to sodium calcium exchange equilibria in temperate and semi arid tropical soils

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Diffuse dysplasia of cerebral hemispheres in a fetus. Possible viral cause?

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Diffuse embryoma of the testis. A distinctive form of mixed germ cell tumor

Morin, M.E.; Tan, A., 1980:
Diffuse enlargement of gastric folds as a manifestation of secondary syphilis

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Diffuse entero chromaffin like cell hyperplasia and multiple gastric carcinoids a complication of pernicious anemia

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Diffuse eosinophilic fasciitis. A new syndrome or variant of Scleroderma?

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Diffuse eosinophilic gastritis allergic granulomatosis a case

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Diffuse extravasation of urine after renal transplant

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Diffuse familial nephropathy a clinico pathological study

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Diffuse fasciitis with eosinophilia

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Diffuse fasciitis with eosinophilia: histological and electron microscopic study

Permin, H., 1981:
Diffuse fasciitis with eosinophilia or Shulman's syndrome

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Diffuse gastric antral vascular ectasia: cause of chronic gastrointestinal blood loss

Althoff H., 1987:
Diffuse gastropathy and gastritis the major or secondary findings concerning the cause of death

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Diffuse gingival plasma cytoma a rare location of extraosseous solitary plasma cytomas

Romen W.; Morath R., 1979:
Diffuse glomerulo sclerosis a dys function of the mesangium a morphometric study of the rat kidney

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Diffuse growth of strains of acinetobacter calcoaceticus on blood agar and their motility digging soft agar medium

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Diffuse hem angiomas of the skin and gastro intestinal tract a case of blue rubber bleb nevus

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Diffuse hepatic hemangiomas: percutaneous transcatheter embolization with detachable silicone balloons

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Diffuse histiocytic lymphoma after histologic conversion: a poor prognostic variant

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Diffuse histiocytic lymphoma with primary epidural disorders

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Diffuse histiocytic lymphomas involving the gastro intestinal tract

D.E.sanio G.; Astolfi D.; Piccoli G.P.; Clementi G.; Palminiello A., 1982:
Diffuse hypoplasia of the thoracic aorta surgical treatment with ascending aorta supraceliac abdominal aorta bypass graft

Vetter N., 1985:
Diffuse idiopathic interstitial fibrosis correlation between clinical radiological hematological serological and lung function findings and bronchoalveolar lavage

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Diffuse idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis with peripheral vascular occlusion and diffuse pulmonary fibrosis

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Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyper ostosis and spondylosis deformans as predictors of cardio vascular diseases and cancer

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Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis a clinicoradiological study of the disease pattern in middle eastern populations

Delli Gatti I.; L.C.rte R.; Bertelli R.; Gilli G.; Menozzi L., 1987:
Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis and metabolic diseases

Erlemann R.; Reiser M., 1987:
Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis causing dysphagia

Vlug, H.J., 1978:
Diffuse illumination of surface structures

Ashida K.; Iwakoshi K.; Masamune O.; Hirata I.; Asada S.; Ohshiba S.; Kurokawa A., 1982:
Diffuse infiltrating type of colonic carcinoma a case

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Diffuse infiltrative carcinoma of the large intestine report of two cases

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Diffuse infiltrative lung disease: a new scheme for description

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Diffuse intercapillary glomerulo sclerosis in sucrose fed rats

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Diffuse interstitial fibrosing pneumonitis and adenovirus infection

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Diffuse interstitial lung disease in rheumatoid arthritis. Views on immunological and HLA findings

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Diffuse interstitial lung diseases: a histochemical approach

D.C.emoux H.; Georges R.; Battesti J.P.; Amouroux J.; Bedicam J.M.; Letinier J.Y.; S.; Daudon P., 1980:
Diffuse interstitial pneumopathy associated with limited sjogrens syndrome

Ulreich A.; Rainer F.; Schneider G., 1982:
Diffuse interstitial pulmonary fibrosis in rheumatoid arthritis

Dieterlen Lievre F.; Martin C., 1981:
Diffuse intra embryonic hemopoiesis in normal and chimeric avian development

Conley, C.R.; Scheithauer, B.W.; van Heerden, J.A.; Weiland, L.H., 1987:
Diffuse intraductal papillary adenocarcinoma of the pancreas

Mariani A.P., 1981:
Diffuse invaginating cone bi polar cell in primate macaca mulatta retina

Nik, N.A.; Hidayat, A.; Zimmerman, L.E.; Fine, B.S., 1981:
Diffuse iris nevus manifested by unilateral open angle glaucoma

Myers J.H.; Berube D.E., 1983:
Diffuse knapweed centaurea diffusa invasion into rangeland in the dry interior of british columbia canada

Trump D.L.; Mann R.B., 1982:
Diffuse large cell and undifferentiated lymphomas with prominent mediastinal involvement a poor prognostic subset of patients with non hodgkins lymphoma

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Diffuse large cell histiocytic lymphoma of the spleen clinical and pathologic characteristics of 10 cases

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Diffuse large cell lymphoma in a patient with hairy cell leukemia: immunoglobulin gene analysis reveals separate clonal origins

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Diffuse large cell lymphomas of follicular center cell origin presenting in the skin. A clinicopathologic and immunologic study of 16 patients

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Diffuse leio myomatosis of the lungs

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Diffuse leiomyomatosis of the stomach

Clement, P.B.; Young, R.H., 1987 :
Diffuse leiomyomatosis of the uterus: a report of four cases

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Diffuse leptomeningeal gliomatosis: report of three cases

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Diffuse Lewy body disease: an autopsy case

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Diffuse Lewy body disease. Neuropathological and biochemical studies of six patients

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Diffuse lung changes associated with gold therapy

Canton P.; May T.; Gerard A.; Marchal C.; D.M.cheli R.G.; Dureux J.B., 1985:
Diffuse lymphadenopathy in a heroin addict of preacquired immune deficiency syndrome

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Diffuse lymphocytic lymphoma involving the ovaries. A case report

Bronen, R.A.; Glick, S.N.; Teplick, S.K., 1984:
Diffuse lymphoid follicles of the colon associated with colonic carcinoma

Adams, V.I.; Unni, K.K., 1984:
Diffuse malignant mesothelioma of pleura: diagnostic criteria based on an autopsy study

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Diffuse malignant mesothelioma. Prospective evaluation of 69 patients

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Diffuse malignant peritoneal mesothelioma and exposure to asbestos

Litricin, O., 1979:
Diffuse malignant ring melanoma of the iris and ciliary body

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Diffuse melanoma of the choroid

Adrian, R.M.; Murphy, G.F.; Sato, S.; Granstein, R.D.; Fitzpatrick, T.B.; Sober, A.J., 1981:
Diffuse melanosis secondary to metastatic malignant melanoma. Light and electron microscopic findings

Valdivieso, E.M.; Scholtz, C.L., 1986:
Diffuse meningocerebral angiodysplasia and renal agenesis: a case report

Nasongkla N.; Dharmasakti D.; Sangeumpornpanich P., 1982:
Diffuse mesothelioma of the peri cardium in a child

Bove, K.E.; Bhathena, D.; Wyatt, R.J.; Lucas, B.A.; Holland, N.H., 1979:
Diffuse metanephric adenoma after in utero aspirin intoxication. A unique case of progressive renal failure

Suzuki, R.; Suga, Y.; Teranishi, H.; Yoshino, H.; Kobayashi, S., 1988:
Diffuse midperipheral acute retinal pigment epitheliopathy

Billene R.; Pons S.; Medina A.O., 1981:
Diffuse miliary angiomatosis of the new born

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Diffuse myalgias. A series of 210 cases

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Diffusion of autoinducer is involved in regulation of the Vibrio fischeri luminescence system

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Diffusion of cefotiam into prostatic tissue

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Diffusion of ceftriaxone ro 13 9904 001 in the cerebro spinal fluid comparison with other beta lactam antibiotics in dogs with healthy meninges and dogs with experimental meningitis

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Diffusion of chloride ions in the mucus on the esophagus of enophrys bison a marine teleost fish

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Diffusion of coefficients of carbon di oxide nitrous oxide ethylene and ethane in air and their measurement

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Diffusion of contaminants in estuaries from circulation due to the tides/

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Diffusion of dental caries and dietary habits correlation a survey in 7 12 year old umbria italy schoolchildren

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Diffusion of dyestuffs on peat

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Diffusion of extracellular hydrogen peroxide into intracellular compartments of human neutrophils. Studies utilizing the inactivation of myeloperoxidase by hydrogen peroxide and azide

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Diffusion of fluorescein molecules in muscle fiber 2. the dependence of diffusion coefficient on the fiber diameter

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