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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5162

Chapter 5162 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Homer, L.D.; Shelton, J.B.; Williams, T.J., 1983:
Diffusion of oxygen in slices of rat brain

Brafield, A.E.; Chapman, G., 1983:
Diffusion of oxygen through the mesoglea of the sea anemone calliactis parasitica

Evans, N.T.S.; Naylor, P.F.D.; Rowlinson, G., 1981:
Diffusion of oxygen through the mouse ear

Atkinson, J.H.Jr; Kremer, E.F.; Ignelzi, R.J., 1982:
Diffusion of pain language with affective disturbance confounds differential diagnosis

Lehmenkuhler, A.; Kersting, U.; Nicholson, C., 1988:
Diffusion of penicillin in agar and cerebral cortex of the rat

Schaff, B.E.; Skogley, E.O., 1982:
Diffusion of potassium calcium and magnesium in bozeman silt loam as influenced by temperature and moisture

Laine, S., 1977:
Diffusion of proteins by intact birch pollen grains enzymic and antigenic activity

Francesconi, R.; Castellari, C., 1982:
Diffusion of quinidine sulfate through poly di methyl siloxane membranes containing silica filler 1. theoretical

Tatevossian, A., 1979 :
Diffusion of radiotracers in human dental plaque

Landman, K.A., 1982:
Diffusion of radon through cracks in a concrete slab

Nielson, K.K.; Rogers, V.C.; Gee, G.W., 1984:
Diffusion of radon through soils a pore distribution model

Nakanishi, K.; Adachi, S.; Yamamoto, S.; Matsuno, R.; Tanaka, A.; Kamikubo, T., 1977:
Diffusion of saccharides and amino acids in cross linked polymers

Bannwarth, B.; Netter, P.; Gaucher, A.; Royer Morrot, M.J.; Royer, R.J., 1986:
Diffusion of salicylates into the cerebrospinal fluid in adults

Lee, H.J.; Olson, N.F.; Lund, D.B., 1980:
Diffusion of salt fatty acids and esterases in mozzarella cheese

Nye, A.C.; Rosen, G.M.; Gabrielson, E.W.; Keana, J.F.W.; Prabhu, V.S., 1987:
Diffusion of singlet oxygen into human bronchial epithelial cells

Tatevossian, A.; Newbrun, E., 1983:
Diffusion of small ionic species in human saliva plaque fluid and plaque residue in vitro

Urban, J.P.G.; Holm, S.; Maroudas, A., 1978:
Diffusion of small solutes into the inter vertebral disc an in vivo study

Drusas, A.; Vagenas, G.K.; Saravacos, G.D., 1988:
Diffusion of sodium chloride in green olives

Talton, J.H.Jr; Cornell, R.H., 1987:
Diffusion of sodium hydroxide in wood at high ph as a function of temperature and the extent of pulping

Popov, V.E.; Us'yarov O.G., 1985:
Diffusion of some chloroaliphatic compounds in peat

Camber, O.; Lundgren, P., 1985:
Diffusion of some low molecular weight compounds in sodium hyaluronate

Orefici, G.; Marchetti, G., 1981:
Diffusion of staphylococcus aureus methicillin resistant in hospital and extrahospital environment correlation between phage typing and antibiotic resistance

Mcnee, S.G.; Geddes, D.A.M.; Weetman, D.A., 1982:
Diffusion of sugars and acids in human dental plaque in vitro

Taj, N.; Ayub, S.; Ali, S.A., 1984:
Diffusion of sulfacetamide from ointment bases

Bekiev, K., 1982:
Diffusion of sulfate ion in the soils of the kopetdagh zone turkmen ssr ussr

Gourreau, J.M.; Hannoun, C.; Kaiser, C., 1981:
Diffusion of swine influenza virus h 1n 1 equals hsw 1n 1 in pigs in france

Gorrand, J.M., 1979:
Diffusion of the human retina and quality of the optics of the eye on the fovea and the peripheral retina

Gorrand J M.; Alfieri, R.; Boire J Y., 1984:
Diffusion of the retinal layers of the living human eye

Gerber, H.; Peter, H.J.; Studer, H., 1986:
Diffusion of thyroglobulin in the follicular colloid

Saux, M.C.; Grellet, J.; Crockett, R.; Couraud, L., 1985:
Diffusion of tobramycin in lungs

Ahlberg, A.; Eriksson, O.; Kjellman, H., 1976:
Diffusion of tranexamic acid to the joint

Turner, J.W-Jr, 1978:
Diffusion of tritiated testosterone from hypothalamic micro implants in castrated male gerbils correlation with acute changes in plasma luteinizing hormone

Foulley M M.; Mellinger, J., 1980:
Diffusion of tritiated water carbon 14 labeled urea and other compounds across the egg shell of the small spotted dogfish scyliorhinus canicula

Rachhpal Singh; Nye, P.H., 1984:
Diffusion of urea ammonium and soil alkalinity from surface applied urea

Chabenat, C.; Moore, N.; Flipo, J.L.; Barois, A.; Boismare, F.; Boucly, P., 1987:
Diffusion of vancomycin across the blood brain barrier in dogs with healthy meninges

Callaghan, P.T.; Jolley, K.W.; Lelievre, J., 1979:
Diffusion of water in the endosperm tissue of wheat grains as studied by pulsed field gradient nmr

Toolson, E.C., 1978:
Diffusion of water through the arthropod cuticle thermodynamic consideration of the transition phenomenon

Paganelli, C.V.; Kurata, F.K., 1977:
Diffusion of water vapor in binary and ternary gas mixtures at increased pressures

Monteith, J.L.; Campbell, G.S., 1980 :
Diffusion of water vapor through integuments potential confusion

Singh, S.P.; Sinha, M.K.; Randhawa, N.S., 1980:
Diffusion of zinc 65 as influenced by rates of applied zinc in soils of divergent texture

Patil, S.F.; Adhyapak, N.G.; Patil, P.R., 1985:
Diffusion of zinc sulfate in agar gel medium

Aramowicz, B.; Adamczyk, B.; Staszewski, P., 1985:
Diffusion parameters of caryopses of three wheat varieties differentiated with regard to agronomic factors

Bollinger, A.; Jager, K.; Roten, A.; Timeus, C.; Mahler, F., 1979:
Diffusion peri capillary distribution and clearance of sodium fluorescein in the human nailfold

Haglund B O.; Elisson, M.; Sundelof L O., 1988:
Diffusion permeability in concentrated polymer solutions the fluorescein dextran water system

Rasio, E.A.; Bendayan, M.; Goresky, C.A., 1977:
Diffusion permeability of an isolated rete mirabile

Willis, D.M.; O'Grady, J.P.; Faber, J.J.; Thornburg, K.L., 1986:
Diffusion permeability of cyanocobalamin in human placenta

Comper, W.D.; Lisberg, W.; Veis, A., 1976:
Diffusion potentials of poly electrolytes and their possible relationship to biological electrochemical phenomena

Martin, F.W., 1984:
Diffusion processed sweet potato ipomoea batatas pulp a new product with broad appeal

Zaikin, A.N., 1987:
Diffusion processes leading centres in concentrational active media with boundary conditions of the first order

Salama, G.; Morad, M., 1983:
Diffusion profiles of sodium fluorescein in frog rana pipiens ventricular muscle

Nandi, P.; Wahl, P., 1988:
Diffusion properties of clathrin on the surface of isolated mouse liver nuclei by the fluorescence recovery after photobleaching technique

Anderson, R.; Osredkar, R.; Zagar, V., 1977:
Diffusion properties of lipids pure and in seeds

Rodger, G.; Hastings, R.; Cryne, C.; Bailey, J., 1984:
Diffusion properties of salt and acetic acid into herring clupea harengus membranus and their subsequent effect on the muscle tissue

Edidin, M.; Wei, T.; Gotlib, L., 1982:
Diffusion rates of cell surface antigens of mouse human heterokaryons 3. regulation of lateral diffusion rates by calcium ions

Edidin, M.; Wei, T., 1977:
Diffusion rates of cell surface antigens of mouse human heterokaryons part 1 analysis of the population

Edidin, M.; Wei, T., 1977:
Diffusion rates of cell surface antigens of mouse human heterokaryons part 2 effect of membrane potential on lateral diffusion

Verhoff, F.H.; Goldstein, W.E., 1982:
Diffusion resistance and enzyme activity decay in a pellet

Marlow, W.H.; Tanner, R.L., 1976:
Diffusion sampling method for ambient aerosol size discrimination with chemical composition determination

Berger Jekic, O.; Mraovic, M.; Ranin, L., 1983:
Diffusion susceptibility testing standardization and interpretation of the results

Cooper, E.R.; Van-Duzee, B.F., 1976:
Diffusion theory analysis of trans epidermal water loss through occlusive films

Meyer, J.P.; Kostin, M.D., 1976:
Diffusion through a membrane approach to equilibrium

Borggreven, J.M.P.M.; Driessens, F.C.M.; Van Dijk, J.W.E., 1980:
Diffusion through bovine tooth enamel as related to the water structure in its pores

Dyer, A.; Hayes, G.G.; Wilson, J.G.; Catterall, R., 1979:
Diffusion through skin and model systems

Hardt, S.L., 1981:
Diffusion transit time a simple derivation

Leaist, D.G., 1983:
Diffusion with hydrolysis equilibria transport coefficients of aqueous sulfur di oxide ammonia and sodium carbonate

Stroeve, P., 1977:
Diffusion with irreversible chemical reaction in heterogeneous media application to oxygen transport in respiring tissue

Bassingthwaighte, J.B.; Yipintsoi, T.; Knopp, T.J., 1984:
Diffusional arteriovenous shunting in the heart

Bihari, V., 1985:
Diffusional behavior of immobilized glucose oxidase

Naesens, W.; Bresseleers, G.; Tobback, P., 1982:
Diffusional behavior of tripalmitin in a freeze dried model system at different water activities

O'leary M.H.; Osmond, C.B., 1980:
Diffusional contribution to carbon isotope fractionation during dark carbon di oxide fixation in crassulacean acid metabolism plants

Fink, B.R.; Cairns, A.M., 1984:
Diffusional delay in local anesthetic block in vitro

Gentry, J.W.; Spurny, K.R.; Schoermann, J., 1982:
Diffusional deposition of ultrafine aerosols on nuclepore filters

Engasser J M.; Hisland, P., 1979:
Diffusional effects on the heterogeneous kinetics of 2 substrate enzymic reactions

Engasser, J.M.; Hisland, P., 1978:
Diffusional increase and decrease in half maximal activity substrate concentrations with 2 substrate enzymic reactions

Karanth, N.G.; Bailey, J.E., 1978:
Diffusional influences on the parametric sensitivity of immobilized enzyme catalysts

Sood, M.L., 1987:
Diffusional interaction of electrolytes and non electrolytes in germinating seed theory and design

Gratzl, M., 1988:
Diffusional microtitration a technique for analyzing ultramicrosamples

Gratzl, M., 1988:
Diffusional microtitration stationary or nonstationary reagent delivery

Bechard, S.; Mcmullen, J.N., 1986:
Diffusional release of a solute from a porous polymeric matrix

Faber, J.J.; Hart, F.M.; Poutala, A.C., 1968:
Diffusional resistance of the innermost layer of the placental barrier of the rabbit inst tracer dilution method

Einfeld, W., 1983:
Diffusional sampler performance under transient exposure conditions

Brahm, J.; Galey, W.R., 1987:
Diffusional solute flux during osmotic water flow across the human red cell membrane

Werber, A.H.; Heistad, D.D., 1985:
Diffusional support of arteries

Werber, A.H.; Armstrong, M.L.; Heistad, D.D., 1987:
Diffusional support of the thoracic aorta in atherosclerotic monkeys

Prusch, R.D.; Hall, C.V., 1978:
Diffusional water permeability in selected marine bivalves

Brahm, J., 1982:
Diffusional water permeability of human erythrocytes and their ghosts

Sada, E.; Katoh, S.; Miyai, K.; Terashima, M.; Yoshida, S., 1982:
Diffusive and hydraulic transfer of solutes through homogeneous membranes

Jorgensen, B.B.; Revsbech, N.P., 1985:
Diffusive boundary layers and the oxygen uptake of sediments and detritus

Conrath, G.; Falson Rieg, F.; Besnard, M.; Peppas, N.A., 1988:
Diffusive characteristics of testosterone in novel gels

Saini, B.C.; Rathore, T.R., 1984:
Diffusive conductance of rice oryza sativa leaves during gradually induced soil water stress

Solarova, J.; Pospisilova, J., 1979:
Diffusive conductances of adaxial and abaxial epidermis response to photon flux density during development of water stress in primary bean leaves phaseolus vulgaris cultivar jantar

Meisheri, M.S.; Deb, D.L., 1985:
Diffusive flux and zinc to wheat roots in some light textured soils

Rotenberg, M., 1982:
Diffusive logistic growth in deterministic and stochastic environments

Steer, M.W.; Picton, J.M.; Earnshaw, J.C., 1984:
Diffusive motions in living cytoplasm probed by laser doppler microscopy

Sivakumar, M.V.K.; Carlson, R.E., 1978:
Diffusive resistance measurements theory and application

Safir, G.R.; Schneider, C.L., 1976:
Diffusive resistances of 2 sugar beet cultivars in relation to their black root disease reaction

Bartley, D.L., 1986:
Diffusive samplers using longitudinal sorbent strips

Evans, G.T., 1980:
Diffusive structure counter examples to any explanation?

Carpi Medina, P.; Leon, V.; Espidel, J.; Whittembury, G., 1988:
Diffusive water permeability in isolated kidney proximal tubular cells nature of the cellular water pathways

Voilley, A.; Bettenfeld, M.L., 1985:
Diffusivities of volatiles in concentrated solutions

Clothier, B.E.; Scotter, D.R.; Green, A.E., 1983:
Diffusivity and 1 dimensional absorption experiments

Steffe, J.F.; Singh, R.P., 1980:
Diffusivity of starchy endosperm and bran of fresh and re wetted rice

Kawashiro, T.; Campos-Carles, A.; Perry, S.F.; Piiper, J., 1975:
Diffusivity of various inert gases in rat skeletal muscle

Smith, P.G.; Coackley, P., 1984:
Diffusivity tortuosity and pore structure of activated sludge

Granneman, G.R.; Snyder, K.M.; Shu, V.S., 1986:
Difloxacin metabolism and pharmacokinetics in humans after single oral doses

Mittal, P.K.; Kohli, V.K., 1985:
Diflubenzuron an antimolting insect growth regulator in culex pipiens fatigans

Argauer, R.J.; Cantelo, W.W., 1984:
Diflubenzuron and bay sir 8514 in mushrooms grown in treated compost or casing

Ascher, K.R.S.; Nemny, N.E., 1980:
Diflubenzuron delays the onset of mortality caused by sodium fluosilicate and fluoro acetamide in the house fly

Tamaki, G.; Chauvin, R.L.; Moffitt, H.R.; Mantey, K.D., 1984:
Diflubenzuron differential toxicity to larvae of the colorado potato beetle coleoptera chrysomelidae and its internal parasite doryphorophaga doryphorae diptera tachinidae

Stoner, A.; Wilson, W.T., 1982:
Diflubenzuron dimilin effect of long term feeding of low doses in sugar cake or sucrose syrup on honey bees apis mellifera in standard size field colonies

Wolfenbarger, D.A.; Guerra, A.A.; Garcia, R.D., 1977:
Diflubenzuron effect on the tobacco budworm and the boll weevil

Kunz, S.E.; Bay, D.E., 1977:
Diflubenzuron effects on the fecundity production and longevity of the horn fly

Flint, H.M.; Smith, R.L.; Forey, D.; Horn, B., 1977:
Diflubenzuron evaluation for control of the pink bollworm cabbage looper and cotton leaf perforator in a field cage test

Haynes, J.W.; Wright, J.E., 1981:
Diflubenzuron feeding plus x irradiation of boll weevils effects of dose rate on sterility and survival

Crystal, M.M., 1978:
Diflubenzuron induced decrease of egg hatch of screwworms diptera calliphoridae

Hajjar, N.P., 1979:
Diflubenzuron inhibits chitin synthesis in culex pipiens larvae

Willems, A.G.M.; Overmars, H.; Scherpenisse, P.; De-Lange, N.; Post, L.C., 1980:
Diflubenzuron intestinal absorption and metabolism in the rat

Coudriet, D.L.; Seay, R.S., 1979:
Diflubenzuron laboratory evaluation against 3 lepidopteran pests of vegetables

Wright, J.E.; Spates, G.E.; Kunz, S.E., 1978:
Diflubenzuron ovicidal activity against adult stable flies exposed to treated surfaces or to treated animals

Hopkins, D.E.; Chamberlain, W.F., 1976:
Diflubenzuron relationship between age of exposed immature horn flies and inhibition of maturation

Haynes, J.W.; Mcgovern, W.L.; Wright, J.E., 1981:
Diflubenzuron solvent water suspension dip for boll weevils anthonomus grandis effects measured by flight sterility and sperm transfer

Schulz, P.; Perrier, C.V.; Ferber Perret, F.; Vandenheuvel, W.J.A.; Steelman, S.L., 1979:
Diflunisal a new acting analgesic and prostaglandin inhibitor effect of concomitant acetyl salicylic acid therapy on oto toxicity and disposition of both drugs

Forbes, J.A.; Beaver, W.T.; White, E.H.; White, R.W.; Neilson, G.B.; Shackleford, R.W., 1982:
Diflunisal. A new oral analgesic with an unusually long duration of action

de Silva, M.; Hazleman, B.L.; Dippy, J.E., 1980:
Diflunisal and aspirin: a comparative study in rheumatoid arthritis

Smith, J.E.; Bradshaw, E.G.; Pleuvry, B.J., 1984:
Diflunisal and blood acid base status in the rabbit

Fishel, B.; Weiss, S.; Yaron, M., 1981:
Diflunisal in rheumatoid arthritis

Hurme, M.; Himanen, P., 1986:
Diflunisal in the treatment of low back pain in a multicenter study

Siegmeth, W., 1982:
Diflunisal in the treatment of osteo arthrosis of the hip and knee

Smith, G.S.; Moran, C.J., 1980:
Diflunisal plus indomethacin as concomitant therapy in rheumatoid arthritis

Cohen, M.M., 1983:
Diflunisal protects human gastric mucosa against damage by indomethacin

Baer, J.E.; Breault, G.O.; Russo, H.F., 1978:
Diflunisal renal clearance in anesthetized dogs: effect of probenecid, urine flow, and urine pH

Adelaar, R.S.; Maddy, L.; Emroch, K.S., 1987:
Diflunisal vs. naproxen in the management of mild to moderate pain associated with epicondylitis

Taelman, H.; Schechter, P.J.; Marcelis, L.; Sonnet, J.; Kazyumba, G.; Dasnoy, J.; Haegele, K.D.; Sjoerdsma, A.; Wery, M., 1987:
Difluoromethylornithine, an effective new treatment of Gambian trypanosomiasis. Results in five patients

Taube, D.O.; Lukinskaya, E.P.; Passet, B.V., 1980:
Difril 2. an improved method for obtaining 1 phenyl 2 1' 1' diphenylpropyl 3' amino propane

Sakata, K.; Ina, K., 1985:
Digalactosyldiacylglycerols and phosphatidylcholines isolated from a brown alga undaria pinnatifida as effective phagostimulants for a young abalone haliotis discus

Bakke, T.A., 1977:
Digenea from starlings sturnus vulgaris from sola airport rogaland norway

Mahoney, S.P.; Threlfall, W., 1978:
Digenea nematoda and acanthocephala of 2 species of ducks from ontario and eastern canada

Bashirullah, A.K.M.; Hafizuddin, A.K.M., 1976:
Digenetic trematodes from fresh water fishes of bangladesh

Aliff, J.V., 1977:
Digenetic trematodes from kentucky usa fishes

Koie, M., 1983:
Digenetic trematodes from limanda limanda osteichthyes pleuronectidae from danish and adjacent waters with special reference to their life histories

Ahmad, J., 1984:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes from the arabia sea off the bombay coast india four new species of the genus retractomonorchis digenea monorchiidae

Ahmad, J., 1981:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes from the bay of bengal india 16

Ahmad, J., 1984:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of arabian sea off the bombay coast india three new species of the genus opisthomonorcheides digenea monorchiidae

Madhavi, R.; Narasimhulu, S.V.; Shameem, U., 1986:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of kalingapatnam coast bay of bengal india families lepocreadiidae deropristiidae and schistorchiidae

Madhavi, R., 1976:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of waltair coast bay of bengal india family acanthocolpidae

Madhavi, R., 1976:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of waltair coast bay of bengal india family cryptogonimidae

Madhavi, R., 1975:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of waltair coast bay of bengal india family fellodistomatidae

Madhavi, R., 1975:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of waltair coast bay of bengal india family opecoelidae

Madhavl, R., 1979:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of waltair coast bay of bengal indian ocean families haplosplanchnidae and haploporidae

Madhavi, R., 1979:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of waltair coast bay of bengal indian ocean family zoogonidae

Betterton, C.; Lim, B.L., 1975:
Digenetic trematodes from rats, squirrels and tree shrews in Malaysia

Nasir, P.; Gomez, Y., 1977:
Digenetic trematodes from venezuelan marine fishes

Bourgat, R., 1979:
Digenetic trematodes of amphibians from togo

Zaidi, D.A.; Khan, D., 1977:
Digenetic trematodes of fishes from pakistan

Li, Q.K.; Zhang, R.S.; Qiu, Z.Z., 1986:
Digenetic trematodes of fishes from the bo hai sea china i. two new species of hemiuridae

Zhang, R.S.; Qiu, Z.Z.; Li, Q.K., 1986:
Digenetic trematodes of fishes from the bo hai sea in china iii. a new species of zoogonidae

Yadav, B.B., 1980:
Digenetic trematodes of fishes from the west coast of india 2. 2 new species of the genus prosogonotrema

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1981:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes 3 trematodes of the genus acanthocolpus from marine fishes of bay of bengal at puri coast orissa india

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1979:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes 5 new digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of bay bengal puri orissa india

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1979:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes 8. 4 new species of the genus haplospanchnus from marine fishes of puri orissa india

Ahmad, J., 1985:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from the arabian sea 44. 2 new monorchiid trematodes digenea monorchiidae

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1976:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes on 4 new species of trematodes of marine fishes of puri orissa india

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1977:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes on lintonium puriensis new species from a marine fish of puri orissa india

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1977:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes on some new and known digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of bay of bengal puri orissa india

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1978:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes part 9 on 2 new species of the genus stomachicola trematoda hemiuridae from marine fishes of puri orissa india

Amato, J.F.R., 1983:
Digenetic trematodes of percoid fishes of florianopolis southern brazil acanthocolpidae

Amato, J.F.R., 1982:
Digenetic trematodes of percoid fishes of florianopolis southern brazil bucephalidae

Amato, J.F.R., 1982:
Digenetic trematodes of percoid fishes of florianopolis southern brazil fellodistomidae monascidae diplangidae zoogonidae and waretrematidae with description of 2 new species

Amato, J.F.R., 1983:
Digenetic trematodes of percoid fishes of florianopolis southern brazil homalometridae iepocreadiidae and opecoelidae with the description of 7 new species

Amato, J.F.R., 1982:
Digenetic trematodes of percoid fishes of florianopolis southern brazil monorchiidae with the description of 2 new species

Amato, J.F.R., 1983:
Digenetic trematodes of percoid fishes of florianopolis southern brazil pleorchiidae didymozoidae and hemiuridae with the description of 3 new species

Ahmad, J., 1982:
Digenetic trematodes of the families fellodistomatidae and gorgoderidae from marine fishes of india

Ahmad, J., 1983:
Digenetic trematodes of the family lecithasteridae from marine fishes from the bombay coast arabian sea india

Ahmad, J., 1983:
Digenetic trematodes of the family lepocreadiidae from marine fishes of india

Martin, W.E., 1978:
Digenetic trematodes of the marine fish girella nigricans from southern california usa with the description of 2 new species

Tewfik, H.H.; Ptacek, J.J.; Krause, C.J.; Latourette, H.B., 1977 :
DiGeorge syndrome associated with multiple squamous cell carcinomas

Gershwin, M.E., 1977:
Digeorge syndrome congenital thymic hypoplasia

Snyder, T.J.; Muller, L.D.; Rogers, J.A.; Abrams, S.M., 1984:
Digesta passage measured by markers in dairy cows fed 2 ratios of corn silage grain with 0 or 1.2 percent sodium bicarbonate

Clarke, W.N.; Fox, W.; Howard, W.R., 1981:
Digested sludge de watering experiences at orange county california usa

Dezham, P.; Rosenblum, E.; Jenkins, D., 1988:
Digester gas hydrogen sulfide control using iron salts

Murphy, W.M.; Welch, J.G.; Palmer, R.H.; Gilman, B.E.; Albers, C.W.; Dugdale, D.T., 1984:
Digestibilities of silages made from corn zea mays interplanted with soybean glycine max or faba bean vicia faba

Lun, A.K.; Smulders, J.A.H.M.; Adeola, O.; Young, L.G., 1988:
Digestibility and acceptability of oac wintri triticale by growing pigs

Low, A.G., 1982:
Digestibility and availability of amino acids from feedstuffs for pigs a review

Kirchgessner, M.; Roth, F.X., 1980:
Digestibility and balance of protein energy and some minerals in piglets with different dietary fumaric acid supplementations

Flachowsky, G.; Wolfram, D.; Wolf, I.; Hennig, A., 1987:
Digestibility and beef performance after feeding sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide treated pig wastes

Wolter, R.; Gouy, D.; Durix, A.; Letourneau, J.C.; Carcelen, M.; Landreau, J., 1978:
Digestibility and biochemical activity in the cecum of ponies receiving a diet of ordinary pellets extruded or semi extruded pellets

Petit, H.V.; Ivan, M.; Brisson, G.J., 1988:
Digestibility and blood parameters in the preruminant calf fed a clotting or a nonclotting milk replacer

Bergner, H.; Seidler, W.; Simon, O.; Schmandke, H., 1984:
Digestibility and dietary quality of nonacetylated and acetylated vicia faba proteins in maintenance studies on nitrogen 15 labeled adult rats

Lekule, F.P.; Homb, T.; Kategile, J.A., 1986:
Digestibility and effect of copra cake on rate of gain, feed efficiency and protein retention of fattening pigs

Kaufman, D.W.; O'farrell, M.J.; Kaufman, G.A.; Fuller, S.E., 1976:
Digestibility and elemental assimilation in cotton rats

Roth, F.X.; Kirchgessner, M., 1984:
Digestibility and energetic value of low temperature dried sugar beet pulp in ruminant

Staudacher, W.; Kirchgessner, M., 1984:
Digestibility and energy value of whole plant faba bean silage at different times of harvesting

Sergiel, J.P.; Gabucci, L., 1980:
Digestibility and fecal excretion patterns of erucic acid and brassidic acid esterified in tri glycerides of different structure a comparative study in the rat

Hagemeister, H.; Ahrens, F., 1986:
Digestibility and feed intake of pressure steam treated sugarcane bagasse wheat straw rice straw maize straw banana leaves and pineapple leaves in ruminants

Roth, F.X.; Kirchgessner, M., 1985:
Digestibility and intestinal rate of passage in pigs in response to feeding level and crude fiber content of the diet

Pendlum, L.C.; Boling, J.A.; Bush, L.P.; Buckner, R.C., 1980:
Digestibility and metabolism of kenhy tall fescue festuca arundinacea harvested at 3 stages of physiological maturity

A.B.stany Z.; Elwinger, K., 1987:
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