Digger wasp predatory behavior hymenoptera sphecidae 4. comparative study of some distantly related orthoptera hunting wasps sphecinae vs. larrinae with emphasis on prionyx parkeri sphecini

Steiner, A.L.

Zeitschrift fuer Tierpsychologie 57(3-4): 305-339


Accession: 005161803

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Do prey-stinging patterns differ consistently among wasps that are widely separated taxonomically when possible prey-related differences are eliminated? To answer the question, distantly related wasps are selected (Larrinae vs. Sphecinae) that use very similar or identical orthopteran prey. Only the wasp factor varies widely. In a previous study (Steiner 1976) both factors were held as constant as possible by selecting closely related cricket-hunting wasps (Liris spp.). Stinging patterns of the latter were remarkably similar, including context-dependent intra-specific variations.