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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5167

Chapter 5167 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tanaka E.; Ikeda M.; Ezure K., 1986:
Direct parsing

Wovcha, M.G.; Tomich, P.K.; Chiu, C.S.; Greenberg, G.R., 1973:
Direct participation of deoxy cmp hydroxy methylase in synthesis of bacterio phage t 4 dna

Ertama, P.M., 1976:
Direct per cutaneous measurement of blood pressure from rat tail

Cauquil P.; Schneider P.A.; Kraiem C.; Derhy S.; Pariente D.; Roche A., 1987:
Direct percutaneous embolization of pseudo aneurysms in pancreatitis about two cases

Thomas D.F.M.; Lambert W.G.; Williams K.L., 1983:
Direct perfusion of surgical wounds with local anesthetic solution an approach to post operative pain

Chuck L.H.S.; Refsum H.; Rouleau J L.; Mathey D.; Sievers R.E.; Parmley W.W., 1984:
Direct pharmacologic and osmolal effects of contrast media on the mechanics of heart muscle isolated from cats

Kang, E.S.; Gates, R.E., 1981:
Direct phosphorylation effects of epinephrine on the plasma membranes of intact rat fat cells

Joh, T.H.; Park, D.H.; Reis, D.J., 1978:
Direct phosphorylation of brain tyrosine hydroxylase ec by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase mechanism of enzyme activation

Taguchi M.; Thomas T.P.; Anderson W.B.; Farrar W.L., 1986:
Direct phosphorylation of the interleukin 2 receptor tac antigen epitope by protein kinase c

Caras I.W.; Martin D.W.Jr, 1982:
Direct photo affinity labeling of an allo steric site of subunit protein m 1 of mouse ribo nucleotide reductase by deoxy atp evidence for 2 independent binding interactions within the allo steric specificity site

Eriksson S.; Caras I.W.; Martin D.W.Jr, 1982:
Direct photo affinity labeling of an allo steric site on subunit protein m 1 of mouse ribo nucleotide reductase by deoxy ttp

Antonoff, R.S.; Ferguson, J.J.Jr ; Idelkope, G., 1976:
Direct photo affinity labeling of cyclic nucleotide binding proteins with gmp

Eriksson S., 1983:
Direct photo affinity labeling of ribo nucleotide reductase from escherichia coli evidence for enhanced binding of the allo steric effector deoxy ttp by the presence of substrates

Forbush B.IIi; Hoffman J.F., 1979:
Direct photo affinity labeling of the primary region of the ouabain binding site of sodium ion potassium ion dependent atpase with tritiated ouabain tritiated digitoxin and tritiated digitoxigenin

Antonoff, R.S.; Ferguson, J.J.Jr, 1978:
Direct photo affinity labeling with cyclic nucleotides action spectra

Ghilardelli, G.; Rotilio, F.; Perego, R., 1975:
Direct photo densitometric dosage of sulfonamides contained in pharmaceutical preparations

Zorzato F.; Margreth A.; Volpe P., 1986:
Direct photoaffinity labeling of junctional sarcoplasmic reticulum with carbon 14 doxorubicin

Lee, R.W.H.; Suchanek, C.; Huttner, W.B., 1984:
Direct photoaffinity labeling of proteins with phosphorus 32 labeled adenosine 3' phosphate 5' phosphosulfate atractyloside inhibits labeling of a 34000 molecular weight protein in an adrenal medullary golgi fraction

Kierdaszuk B.; Eriksson S., 1988:
Direct photoaffinity labeling of ribonucleotide reductase from escherichia coli using deoxy ttp characterization of the photoproducts

Kramer W.; Girbig F.; Leipe I.; Petzoldt E., 1988:
Direct photoaffinity labelling of binding proteins for beta lactam antibiotics in rabbit intestinal brush border membranes with tritiated benzylpenicillin

Smith R.E.; Bissell E.R.; Mitchell A.R.; Pearson K.W., 1980:
Direct photometric or fluorometric assay of proteinases using substrates containing 7 amino 4 trifluoromethyl coumarin

Kennedy J.; Chappel S., 1985:
Direct pituitary effects of testosterone and lhrh upon fsh analysis by radioimmunoassay and radioreceptor assay

Judd, A.M.; Hedge, G.A., 1983:
Direct pituitary stimulation of thyrotropin secretion by opioid peptides

Van Randen J.; Venema G., 1984:
Direct plasmid transfer from replica plated escherichia coli colonies to competent bacillus subtilis cells identification of an escherichia coli clone carrying the his h and tyr a genes of bacillus subtilis

Slifkin, M.; Engwall, C.; Pouchet, G.R., 1978:
Direct plate serological grouping of beta hemolytic streptococci from primary isolation plates with phadebact streptococcus test

Mislivec, P.B.; Bruce, V.R., 1977:
Direct plating vs dilution plating in qualitatively determining the mold flora of dried beans and soybeans

Frimmel F.H.; Geywitz J., 1987:
Direct polarographic recording of metal elimination from aquatic samples by coprecipitation with ferric hydroxide

Dhaliwal, H.S.; King, P.J., 1978:
Direct pollination of zea mays ovules in vitro with zea mays zea mexicana and sorghum bicolor pollen

Schnittman, S.M.; Lane, H.C.; Higgins, S.E.; Folks, T.; Fauci, A.S., 1986:
Direct polyclonal activation of human B lymphocytes by the acquired immune deficiency syndrome virus

Psathakis, N.D.; Psathakis, D.N., 1987:
Direct popliteal valve substitution by Technique II and its efficacy in deep venous insufficiency of the lower limb

Barras, J.P.; Bollinger, A.; Chassot, R.; Michel, M., 1976:
Direct post stenotic pressure measuring in the ankle arteries

Srianujata, S.; White, W.R.; Higuchi, T.; Sternson, L.A., 1978:
Direct potentiometric and titrimetric determination of methadone in urine with plastic electrodes selective for hydrophobic cations

Das C.M.; Indrasenan P., 1986:
Direct potentiometric determination of antipyrine and some of its lanthanide complexes using n bromophthalimide

Oka S.; Sibazaki Y.; Tahara S., 1981:
Direct potentiometric determination of chloride ion in whole blood

Bignell D.E., 1984:
Direct potentiometric determination of redox potentials of the gut contents in the termites zootermopsis nevadensis and cubitermes severus and 3 other arthropods

Bijster, P.; Vink, K.L.J., 1984:
Direct potentiometric determination of sodium ion in blood 1. potentiometric response in simple sodium chloride solutions

Bijster, P.; Vink, K.L.J., 1984:
Direct potentiometric determination of sodium ion in blood 2. influence of cations/

Boink, F.B.T.J.; Bijster, P.; Vink, K.L.J.; Maas, A.H.J., 1985:
Direct potentiometric determination of sodium ion in blood 3. influence of bicarbonate

Milosavljevic, S.V.; Jovanovic, M.S.; Sak-Bosnar, M., 1978:
Direct potentiometric determination of the content of aldehyde groups in cellulose fibers

Whyte, J.N.C.; Englar, J.R., 1978:
Direct potentiometric measurement of chloride in fisheries products by ion selective electrode analysis

Wise, W.M.; Kurey, M.J.; Baum, G., 1970:
Direct potentiometric measurement of potassium in blood serum with liquid ion exchange electrode

Egekeze J.O.; Oehme F.W., 1979:
Direct potentiometric method for the determination of cyanide in biological materials

N.K.C.; Zerezghi M.; Caruso J.A., 1984:
Direct powder injection of national bureau of standards usa coal fly ash in inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry with rapid scanning spectrometric detection

Suh M.P.; Swepston P.N.; Ibers J.A., 1984:
Direct preparation of a siroheme model compound synthesis and structure of 5 10 15 20 tetramethylisobacteriochlorinatonickel ii

Ruth, J.L.; White, S.K.; Bergstrom, D.E., 1982:
Direct preparation of carbon 14 labeled 5 allyl 2' deoxy uridine and 5 propyl 2' deoxy uridine from 2 carbon 14 labeled 2' deoxy uridine

Kawashima Y.; Okumura M.; Takenaka H.; Kojima A., 1984:
Direct preparation of spherically agglomerated salicylic acid crystals during crystallization

Woodbury C.P.Jr, 1988:
Direct product matrix method treatment of macromolecular binding

Yukie, M.; Iwai, E., 1981:
Direct projection from the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus to the prestriate cortex in macaque monkeys

Ibata, Y.; Nojyo, Y.; Mizukawa, K.; Sano, Y., 1977:
Direct projection from the medial preoptic area to the median eminence of the cat

Nakao S.; Shiraishi Y.; Miyara T., 1986:
Direct projection of cat midbrain tegmentum neurons to the medial rectus subdivision of the oculomotor complex

Lynch, G.; Smith, R.L.; Robertson, R., 1973:
Direct projections from brain stem to telencephalon

Yasui Y.; Itoh K.; Mizuno N., 1987:
Direct projections from the caudal spinal trigeminal nucleus to the striatum in the cat

Uchida K.; Mizuno N.; Sugimoto T.; Itoh K.; Kudo M., 1983:
Direct projections from the cerebellar nuclei to the superior colliculus in the rabbit a horseradish peroxidase study

Itoh K.; Kamiya H.; Mitani A.; Yasui Y.; Takada M.; Mizuno N., 1987:
Direct projections from the dorsal column nuclei and the spinal trigeminal nuclei to the cochlear nuclei in the cat

Sugimoto, T.; Itoh, K.; Mizuno, N., 1978:
Direct projections from the edinger westphal nucleus to the cerebellum and spinal cord in the cat a horseradish peroxidase study

Kandelaki R.A.; Totibadze N.K., 1985:
Direct projections from the external nucleus of the posterior colliculus to the cerebral cortex in cats

Yasui Y.; Itoh K.; Kaneko T.; Sugimoto T.; Mizuno N., 1986:
Direct projections from the parvocellular part of the posteromedial ventral nucleus of the thalamus to the infralimbic cortex in the cat

Meyer, G.; Galindo-Mireles, D.; Gonzalez-Hernandez, T.; Castaneyra-Perdomo, A.; Ferres-Torres, R., 1986:
Direct projections from the reticular formation of the medulla oblongata to the anterior cingulate cortex in the mouse and the rat

Shaw, M.D.; Baker, R., 1983:
Direct projections from vestibular nuclei to facial nucleus in cats

Ono K.; Niimi K., 1985:
Direct projections of the hypothalamic nuclei to the thalamic mediodorsal nucleus in the cat

Sotnichenko T.S.; Istomina L.A., 1983:
Direct projections of the thalamic centrum medianum in the cat cerebral hemisphere cortex a radioautographic study

Czochanska Z.; Foo L.Y.; Newman R.H.; Porter L.J.; Thomas W.A.; Jones W.T., 1979:
Direct proof of a homogeneous poly flavan 3 ol structure for polymeric pro antho cyanidins

Lednev V.V.; Srebnitskaya L.K.; Kornev A.N.; Malinchik S.B., 1982:
Direct proof of an existence of calcium induced structural changes in thick filaments of vertebrate skeletal muscles

Omer, C.A.; Parsons, J.T.; Faras, A.J., 1981:
Direct proof of the 5' to 3' transcriptional jump during reverse transcription of the avian retrovirus genome by DNA sequencing

Parker D.; Taylor R.J., 1987:
Direct proton nmr assay of the enantiomeric composition of amines and beta amino alcohols using o acetyl mandelic acid as a chiral solvating agent

Withers S.G.; Dombroski D.; Berven L.A.; Kilburn D.G.; Miller R.C.Jr; Warren R.A.J.; Gilkes N.R., 1986:
Direct proton nmr determination of the stereochemical course of hydrolyses catalyzed by glucanase components of the cellulase complex

Hirama M.; Takeda A.; Mckune K.J., 1986:
Direct purification of polyadenylated rna from isolated polysome fractions

Valcárcel, M.; Gómez Hens, A.; Rubio, S.; Petidier, A., 1987:
Direct quantification of coproporphyrins and uroporphyrins in urine by derivative synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy

Kanayama Y.; Kurata Y.; Mcmillan R.; Tamerius J.D.; Negoro N.; Curd J.G., 1986:
Direct quantitation of activated complement c 3 in human plasma with monoclonal anti ic 3b c 3d neoantigen

Burlingame R.W.; Thomas G.H.; Stevens R.L.; Schmid K.; Moser H.W., 1981:
Direct quantitation of glycosamino glycans in 2 milliliter of urine from patients with muco poly saccharidoses

Mcateer P.J.; Ryerson T.B.; Argentine M.D.; Ware M.L.; Rice G.W., 1988:
Direct quantitation of pcb congeners using a helium discharge detector and internal standard techniques

Kunicki T.J.; Koenig M.B.; Kristopeit S.M.; Aster R.H., 1982:
Direct quantitation of platelet associated immuno globulin g by electro immunoassay

Mendz G.L.; Robinson G.; Kuchel P.W., 1986:
Direct quantitative analysis of enzyme catalyzed reactions by two dimensional nmr spectroscopy adenylate kinase and phosphoglyceromutase

Niwaguchi, T.; Inoue, T., 1976:
Direct quantitative analysis of lsd and 2 5 di methoxy 4 methyl amphetamine on thin layer chromatograms

Legakis, N.J.; Xanthopoulou, K.; Ioannidou, H.; Papavassiliou, J., 1982:
Direct quantitative determination of acidic end products in clinical specimens for presumptive diagnosis of anaerobic infections

Bressolle F.; Bres J.; Snoussi M.; Sabatier R., 1986:
Direct quantitative thin layer chromatographic determination of a new benzamide in biological fluids statistical comparison with high performance liquid chromatography

Moake J.L.; Weinstein M.J.; Troll J.H.; Chute L.E.; Colannino N.M., 1983:
Direct radio immune detection in human plasma of the association between factor viii pro coagulant protein and von willebrand factor and the interaction of von willebrand factor bound pro coagulant factor viii with platelets

Theodorakis M.C.; Stefanakou S.V.S., 1981:
Direct radio immunoassay for determination of betamethasone 17 benzoate

Price P.C., 1980:
Direct radio immunoassay for the detection of immuno globulin m antibodies against mycoplasma pneumoniae

Goldhaber, G.; Shani, J., 1977:
Direct radio immunoassay of human prolactin in semen serum and urine

Galen, F.X.; Guyenne, T.T.; Devaux, C.; Auzan, C.; Corvol, P.; Menard, J., 1979:
Direct radio immunoassay of human renin ec

Leboulenger, F.; Delarue, C.; Belanger, A.; Perroteau, I.; Netchitailo, P.; Leroux, P.; Jegou, S.; Tonon, M.C.; Vaudry, H., 1982:
Direct radio immunoassays for plasma cortico sterone and aldo sterone in frog rana esculenta 2. validation of the methods and evidence for daily rhythms in a natural environment

Williams G.T.; Shall S.; Ford C.C., 1983:
Direct radioactive labeling of poly adp ribose in developing xenopus laevis embryos A.A.; Fritz S.L.; Templeton A.W., 1982:
Direct radiographic magnification evaluation of 3 micro focus x ray tubes

Genant, H.K.; Dol, K.; Mall, J.C.; Sickles, E.A., 1977:
Direct radiographic magnification for skeletal radiology

Jueppener H.; Brabant O.; Kapteina U.; Kirschner M.; Klein H.; Hesch R.D., 1986:
Direct radioimmunoassay for human atrial natriuretic peptide and its clinical evaluation

Medina M.B., 1986:
Direct radioimmunoassay of 17 beta estradiol in ether extracts of bovine sera

Hiwada K.; Inoue Y.; Takada Y.; Hashimoto A.; Akutsu H.; Kitatani F.; Kokubu T., 1987:
Direct radioimmunoassay of angiotensin converting enzyme in sera from patients with pulmonary disease

Gutkowska J.; Thibault G.; Januszewicz P.; Cantin M.; Genest J., 1984:
Direct radioimmunoassay of atrial natriuretic factor

Hanada K.; Yamada N.; Shimoda K.; Takahashi K.; Takahashi S., 1985:
Direct radioimmunoassay of cortisol in saliva and its application to the dexamethasone suppression test in affective disorders

Morris M.; Cain M.; Russell A.; Elliott J.; Chalmers J., 1987:
Direct radioimmunoassay of human plasma atrial natriuretic peptide in varous normal and pathophysiological states increase in renal and cardiac failure during exercise

Antal T.; Faluhelyi S.; Szabo I.; Tekeres A.; Janaky T.; Toth I.; Faredin I.; Laszlo F., 1987:
Direct radioimmunoassay of milk progesterone for detecting inseminated but non conceived and non return cows

Takahashi, Y.; Hasegawa, Y.; Yazaki, C.; Igarashi, M., 1985:
Direct radioimmunoassay of progesterone in rat serum

Girolami, J.P.; Bascands, J.L.; Pecher, C.; Suc, J.M., 1987:
Direct radioimmunoassay of rat urinary kallikrein: its application to the determination of active and inactive kallikrein concentration after HPLC analysis

Vittek J.; L'hommedieu D.G.; Gordon G.G.; Rappaport S.C.; Southren A.L., 1985:
Direct radioimmunoassay of salivary testosterone correlation with free and total serum testosterone

Boyer, T.D.; Zakim, D.; Vessey, D.A., 1980:
Direct, rapid transfer of estrone from liposomes to microsomes

Peltier, A.P.; Cyna, L.; Solal, L.C.; Dryll, A., 1975:
Direct reaction between complement system and cell nuclei

Ross, A.J.; Raber, M.B.; Kirk, B.W.; Goldstein, D.H., 1976:
Direct readout of respiratory impedance

Leclercq F.; Schnek A.G.; Braunitzer G.; Stangl A.; Schrank B., 1981:
Direct reciprocal allo steric interaction of oxygen and hydrogen carbonate sequence of the hemo globins of the cayman caiman crocodilus the nile crocodile crocodylus niloticus and the mississippi crocodile alligator mississippiensis

Andrews, D.I.; Jones, D.R.; Simpson, F.O., 1978:
Direct recording of arterial blood pressure and heart rate in the conscious rat

Ishikawa, N.; Taki, K.; Hojo, Y.; Hagino, Y.; Shigei, T., 1978:
Direct recording of cardiac output curves and venous return curves in the dog heart lung preparation for a graphical analysis of the effects of cardioactive drugs

Rugenyus Yu; Montvila Z.; Lautsyavichyus A.; Matskevich Z., 1980:
Direct recording of electrical activity of dog sino atrial node

Rugenyus Y.Y.; Steponenene R.V., 1979:
Direct recording of electrical activity of the human sino atrial node

Werner C O.; Haeffner F.; Rosen I., 1980:
Direct recording of local pressure in the radial tunnel during passive stretch and active contraction of the supinator muscle

Tas, J.; Roozemond, R.C., 1973:
Direct recording of meta chromatic spectra in a model system of poly acrylamide films

Lakowicz J.R.; Balter A., 1982:
Direct recording of the initially excited and the solvent relaxed fluorescence emission spectra of tryptophan by phase sensitive detection of fluorescence

Kumakura K.; Sato A.; Suzuki H., 1988:
Direct recording of total catecholamine secretion from the adrenal gland in response to splanchnic nerve stimulation in rats

Cooke N.E.; Willard H.F.; David E.V.; George D.L., 1986:
Direct regional assignment of the gene of vitamin d binding protein gc globulin to human chromosome 4q11 q13 and identification of an associated dna polymorphism

Deleris G.; Dunogues J.; Gadras A., 1988:
Direct regiospecific allylic amination via silicon induced pericyclic reactions a novel synthesis of gamma vinyl gaba

Adashi E.Y.; Tucker E.M.; Hsueh A.J.W., 1984:
Direct regulation of rat testicular steroidogenesis by neuro hypophyseal hormones divergent effects on androgen and progestin biosynthesis

Ortega A.; Mas Oliva J., 1986:
Direct regulatory effect of cholesterol on the calmodulin stimulated calcium pump of cardiac sarcolemma

Cox, W.; Levitt, J., 1969:
Direct relation between growth and frost hardening in cabbage d leaves inst growth chambers

Llerenas E., 1983:
Direct relationship between arsenate active transport and phospho lipid turnover in yeasts saccharomyces carlsbergensis

Lipsius, M.R.; Siegman, M.J.; Kao, C.Y., 1968:
Direct relaxant actions of procaine relaxant and tetrodo toxin relaxant on vascular smooth muscle dog

Eigendorf, G.K.; Ma, C.L.; Money, T., 1976:
Direct remote oxidation of macro cyclic lactones

Taki Y.; Hayashi T.; Ikai K.; Hiura M.; Kiriyama T., 1987:
Direct renal pelvic puncture for bacteriologic study in a patient with ureterointestinal urinary diversion a new technique for diagnosis of upper urinary tract infection

Besseghir, K.; Rennick, B., 1981:
Direct renal tubular effects of choline on electrolyte excretion in the chicken

Mian M.J.A.; Eaqub M., 1986 :
Direct renewed and residual effect of fertilizers in a rice rice cropping system

van der Werf, G.J.; Tonino, A.J.; Zeegers, W.S., 1985:
Direct repair of lumbar spondylolysis

Van Arsdell S.W.; Denison R.A.; Bernstein L.B.; Weiner A.M.; Manser T.; Gesteland R.F., 1981:
Direct repeats flank 3 small nuclear rna pseudogenes in the human genome

Leemans, J.; Villarroel, R.; Silva, B.; Van-Montagu, M.; Schell, J., 1980:
Direct repetition of a 1.2 megadalton dna sequence is involved in site specific recombination by the p 1 plasmid r 68

Rao M.R.; Bhardwaj R.B.L., 1981:
Direct residual and cumulative effect of phosphorus in wheat triticum aestivum pigeonpea cajanus cajan rotation

Singh S.D., 1985:
Direct residual and cumulative effects of manure and fertilizer phosphate in a pearl millet wheat rotation

Singh H.; Bains D.S.; Singh S., 1985:
Direct residual and cumulative effects of phosphorus and potassium and residual effects of nitrogen and zinc on the growth and pod yield of groundnut arachis hypogaea grown in rotation after wheat triticum aestivum

Lefebvre, B.; Audebert, R.; Quivoron, C., 1977:
Direct resolution of amino acid enantiomers by high pressure liquid chromatography

Allenmark S.; Bomgren B.; Boren H., 1982:
Direct resolution of enantiomers by liquid affinity chromatography on albumin agarose under isocratic conditions

Koppenhoefer B.; Allmendinger H.; Nicholson G.J.; Bayer E., 1983:
Direct resolution of enantiomers of 2 hydroxy acid alkyl esters and 3 hydroxy acid alkyl esters by fused silica capillary gas chromatography

Akanya J.N.; Taylor D.R., 1987:
Direct resolution of isomeric and diastereoisomeric mixtures of amides lactones alcohols carbazones and pyrethrenoid derivatives

Mundy, C.R.; Altman, A.J.; Gondek, M.D.; Bandelin, J.G., 1977:
Direct resorption of bone by human monocytes

Walker, D.B.; Gysi, J.; Sternberg, L.; Deniro, M.J., 1983:
Direct Respiration of Lipids During Heat Production in the Inflorescence of Philodendron selloum

Fieldes M.A.; Tyson H.; Gaudreault P R., 1987:
Direct response of peroxidase isozyme relative mobility to short term environmental temperature changes in flax linum usitatissimum

Azin A.L., 1983:
Direct response of the smooth muscles of the major cerebral arteries in acute hypoxia and hypercapnia

Dhar, A.; Dewerd, L.A.; Stoebe, T.G., 1976:
Direct response uv thermo luminescent dosimeter

Gagua R.O.; Gogishvili S.G.; Chachkhiani T.I.; Mamaladze D.S.; Nadiradze I.Sh, 1986:
Direct results of expansive combined pneumonectomy in lung cancer patients

Itaya S.K.; Van Hoesen G.W.; Jenq C B., 1981:
Direct retinal input to the limbic system of the rat

Itaya S.K.; Van Hoesen G.W.; Benevento L.A., 1986:
Direct retinal pathways to the limbic thalamus of the monkey

Pickard G.E.; Silverman A J., 1981:
Direct retinal projections to the hypothalamus piriform cortex and accessory optic nuclei in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus as demonstrated by a sensitive anterograde horseradish peroxidase technique

Walker N., 1986:
Direct retrieval from elaborated memory traces

Miller H.I.; Nash H.A., 1981:
Direct role in the him a gene product in phage lambda integration

Simmonds J., 1983:
Direct rooting of micro propagated m 26 apple rootstocks

Osborn, A.G.; Anderson, R.E., 1978:
Direct sagittal computed tomographic scans of the face and paranasal sinuses

Raustia, A.M.; Pyhtinen, J., 1987:
Direct sagittal computed tomography as a diagnostic aid in the treatment of an anteriorly displaced temporomandibular joint disk by splint therapy

Manzione, J.V.; Seltzer, S.E.; Katzberg, R.W.; Hammerschlag, S.B.; Chiango, B.F., 1983:
Direct sagittal computed tomography of the temporomandibular joint

Mafee, M.F.; Kumar, A.; Tahmoressi, C.N.; Levin, B.C.; James, C.F.; Kriz, R.; Capek, V., 1988:
Direct sagittal CT in the evaluation of temporal bone disease

Simon C.; Cherfan J.; Kurtz F.; Vignon V.; Schlienger J.L.; Chabrier G.; Sapin R., 1987:
Direct salivary cortisol radio immunoassay determination clinical applications

Alldredge A.L.; Robison B.H.; Fleminger A.; Torres J.J.; King J.M.; Hamner W.M., 1984:
Direct sampling and in situ observation of a persistent copepod aggregation in the meso pelagic zone of the santa barbara basin usa

Dupuy H.P.; Flick G.J.Jr; Bailey M.E.; S.A.gelo A.J.; Legendre M.G.; Sumrell G., 1985:
Direct sampling capillary gas chromatography of volatiles in vegetable oils

Suzuki J.; Bailey M.E., 1985:
Direct sampling capillary gas liquid chromatographic analysis of flavor volatiles from ovine fat

Green J.D., 1981:
Direct sampling method for gas chromatographic headspace analysis on glass capillary columns

Mitrani, L.; Stoianova, I., 1982:
Direct scaling of short time intervals presented with moving and stationary visual stimuli

Davis L.C.; Radke G.A., 1982:
Direct scanning active enzyme gel chromatography with halted flow for detecting molecular weight heterogeneity of active enzymes

Pawley J.B.; Hook G.; Hayes T.L.; Lai C., 1980:
Direct scanning electron microscopy of frozen hydrated yeast

Gibson, D.M.; Christen, A.A.; Mullaney, E.J., 1988:
Direct screening for acid phosphatase production on bcip agar plates

Abbondandolo A.; Bonatti S.; Bellazzini R.; Betti G.; Del Guerra A.; Massai M.M.; Ragadini M.; Spandre G.; Tonelli G., 1982:
Direct screening of living mammalian cell colonies for the identification of dna repair deficient mutants by a multi wire proportional chamber

Maheswaran G.; Williams E.G., 1986:
Direct secondary somatic embryogenesis from immature sexual embryos of trifolium repens cultured in vitro

Campbell T.E., 1980 :
Direct seeded and planted loblolly pine pinus taeda and slash pine pinus elliottii var elliotti on a hardwood dominated site yield similar 15 year results

Johnson R.L., 1984:
Direct seeded cherrybark oaks quercus falcata var pagodifolia and shumard oaks quercus shumardii battle natural regeneration through 10 years

Cunningham T.R.; Wittwer R.F., 1984:
Direct seeding oaks and black walnut on mine soils in eastern kentucky usa

Von Boberfeld W.O., 1982:
Direct seeding of grassland sites in relation to methods used

Zajicek J.M.; Sutton R.K.; Salac S.S., 1986:
Direct seeding of selected forbs into an established grassland

Day A.D.; Ludeke K.L., 1980:
Direct seeding of tree species on copper mine wastes in the southwestern usa

Putman W.E.; Zasada J.C., 1986:
Direct seedling techniques to regenerate white spruce picea glauca in interior alaska usa

Struhl K., 1983:
Direct selection for gene replacement events in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fankhauser, D.B.; Hartman, P.E., 1971:
Direct selection for transduction of suppressor mutations and linkage of supD to fla genes in Salmonella

Imshenetskii, A.A.; Solntseva, L.I.; Kasatkina, I.D.; Zheltova, E.T.; Afanas'eva, L.N., 1977:
Direct selection of aspergillus terricola variants with different toxicity levels on a fibroblast culture

Sanchez Rivas C., 1982:
Direct selection of complementing di ploids from poly ethylene glycol induced fusion of bacillus subtilis protoplasts

Dion M.; Yelle J.; Hamelin C., 1985:
Direct selection of escherichia coli transformed by pat 153 carrying human cytomegalovirus dna inserts at the hin d iii site

Elseviers, D.; Gorini, L., 1975:
Direct selection of mutants restricting efficiency of suppression and mis reading levels in escherichia coli strain b

Mita S.; Monnat R.J.Jr; Loeb L.A., 1988:
Direct selection of mutations in the human mitochondrial threonyl transfer rna gene reversion of an unclonable phenotype

Weisemann J.M.; Weinstock G.M., 1985:
Direct selection of mutations reducing transcription of translation of the rec a gene of escherichia coli with a rec a lac z protein fusion

Goldberg, R.B.; Bender, R.A.; Streicher, S.L., 1974:
Direct selection of phage p 1 sensitive mutants of enteric bacteria

Webster T.D.; Dickson R.C., 1983:
Direct selection of saccharomyces cerevisiae resistant to the antibiotic g 418 following transformation with a dna vector carrying the kanamycin resistance gene of transposon tn 903

Kinsey, J.A., 1977:
Direct selective procedure for isolating neurospora crassa mutants defective in nadp specific glutamate dehydrogenase

Bach, M.L.; Lacroute, F., 1972:
Direct selective techniques for the isolation of pyrimidine auxotrophs in yeast

L.G.rrec L.; Delee E.; Pascal J C.; Jullien I., 1987:
Direct separation of d and l sotalol mandelate and hydrochloride salts by high performance liquid chromatography

Pettersson C.; Stuurman H.W., 1984:
Direct separation of enantiomer of ephedrine and some analogs by reversed phase liquid chromatography using dextro di n butyltartrate as the liquid stationary phase

Guebitz G., 1986:
Direct separation of enantiomers by high performance ligand exchange chromatography on chemically bonded chiral phases

Shiozawa, Z.; Ohya, M.; Tanaka, Y.; Maekoshi, H., 1978:
Direct serial magnification angiography applied to cerebral aneurysms

Taniguchi K.; Urasawa T.; Morita Y.; Greenberg H.B.; Urasawa S., 1987:
Direct serotyping of human rotavirus in stools by an elisa using serotype 1 2 3 and 4 specific monoclonal antibodies to vp7

Deluccia F.J.; Arunyanart M.; Love L.J.C., 1985:
Direct serum injection with micellar liquid chromatography for therapeutic drug monitoring

Sidki A.M.; Staley K.; Boyes H.; Landon J.; Williams A.H., 1988:
Direct single reagent fluorescence polarization immunoassay for valproic acid in serum

Vygodskaya, N.N.; Zaitseva, I.I.; Krasnikova, N.V.; Lebedeva, M.G.; Lunina, G.A.; Nekrasov, V.P.; Sherman, E.V., 1978:
Direct solar radiation reaching open and af forested slopes of the southern primorski krai ussr

Brock, P.; Eldred, E.W.; Woiszwillo, J.E.; Doran, M.; Schoemaker, H.J., 1978:
Direct solid phase iodine 125 radio immunoassay of serum cortisol

Cheung A.H.; Bensadoun A.; Cheng C F., 1979:
Direct solid phase radio immunoassay for chicken lipo protein lipase

Pretova A.; Williams E.G., 1986:
Direct somatic embryogenesis from immature zygotic embryos of flax linum usitatissimum l

Miura, Y.; Tabata, M., 1986:
Direct somatic embryogenesis from protoplasts of Foeniculum vulgare

Maheswaran G.; Williams E.G., 1984:
Direct somatic embryoid formation on immature embryos of trifolium repens trifolium pratense and medicago sativa and rapid clonal propagation of trifolium repens

Burstein, R.; Cliffer, K.D.; Giesler, G.J., 1987:
Direct somatosensory projections from the spinal cord to the hypothalamus and telencephalon

Ugarte, J.; Rabago, R.; Rodriguez, T.; Dominguez, G.H., 1976:
Direct sowing of forage sorghum in guinea pasture during the dry season part 3 comparison of 3 pasture management systems for milk production

Ugarte, J.; Dominguez, G.H.; Rabago, R., 1976:
Direct sowing of forage sorghum on guinea pasture during the dry season part 2 effects of grazing and competition of other pastures on sorghum availability and milk production

Ugarte, J.; Rabago, R.; Dominguez, G.H.; Rodriguez, T., 1976:
Direct sowing of forage sorghum on pangola grass for milk production economical evaluation

Ugarte, J.; Crespo, G.; Dominguez, G.H., 1980:
Direct sowing of forage sorghum sorghum vulgare on pangola grass digitaria decumbens 5. milk production from 3 management systems of a grassland

Lein H., 1987:
Direct sown and planted swede fodder beet or turnip with two different spacings two types of transplants or two times of sowing

Schwabe, C., 1970:
Direct spectrophotometric assay for reactions producing small ph changes

Skotland, T.; Ljones, T., 1980:
Direct spectrophotometric detection of ascorbate free radical formed by dopamine beta mono oxygenase ec and by ascorbate oxidase ec

Gillard, B.K.; Markman, H.C.; Feig, S.A., 1977:
Direct spectrophotometric determination of alpha amylase ec activity in saliva with p nitrophenyl alpha maltoside as substrate

Fink D.W., 1982:
Direct spectrophotometric determination of arprinocid in pre mixes collaborative study

Lau O W.; Mok C S., 1982:
Direct spectrophotometric determination of iron in vegetable oils

Sled' V.D.; Mulkidzhanyan A.Ya; Shinkarev V.P.; Verkhovskii M.I.; Kaurov B.S., 1984:
Direct spectrophotometric determination of midpoint redox potentials of primary and secondary quinones in the photosynthetic reaction center of rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores

Dombrowski, L.J.; Browning, R.S.; Pratt, E.L., 1977:
Direct spectrophotometric determination of sulfathiazole in presence of sulfadiazine and sulfamerazine

Cochran M.; Cochran M.; Coates J.H.; Kurucsev T., 1987:
Direct spectrophotometric determination of the two site binding of aluminum to transferrin

Maghssoudi, R.H.; Fawzi, A.B., 1978:
Direct spectrophotometric determination of thebaine in arya ii population capsules of papaver bracteatum

Vernon, L.P.; Cardon, S., 1982:
Direct Spectrophotometric Measurement of Photosystem I and Photosystem II Activities of Photosynthetic Membrane Preparations from Cyanophora paradoxa, Phormidium laminosum, and Spinach

Breaux, E.J.; Bender, M.L., 1976:
Direct spectrophotometric observation of an acyl enzyme intermediate in elastase catalysis

Rice, S.C.; Pon, N.G., 1978:
Direct spectrophotometric observation of ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase ec activity

Burtseva, T.I.; Glebko, L.I.; Ovodov, Y.S., 1977:
Direct spectrophotometric thin layer chromatography for determining malondialdehyde and beta formyl pyruvate produced by the per iodate oxidation of some deoxy sugars

Vink, K.L.; Schuurman, W.; van Gansewinkel, R., 1988:
Direct spectrophotometry of bilirubin in serum of the newborn, with use of caffeine reagent

Tabata, M.; Kido, T.; Totani, M.; Murachi, T., 1985:
Direct spectrophotometry of magnesium in serum after reaction with hexokinase ec and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec

Noe D.A.; Weedn V.; Bell W.R., 1984:
Direct spectrophotometry of serum hemo globin an allen correction compared with a 3 wavelength poly chromatic analysis

Khan A.U.; Kasha M., 1979:
Direct spectroscopic observation of singlet oxygen emission at 1268 nanometers excited by sensitizing dyes of biological interest in liquid solution

Moore H P.H.; Raftery M.A., 1980:
Direct spectroscopic studies of cation translocation by torpedo californica acetyl choline receptor on a time scale of physiological relevance

Wenkert E.; Arrhenius T.S., 1983:
Direct stereo controlled synthesis of isocomene

Mueller, D.R.; Domon, B.M.; Blum, W.; Raschdorf, F.; Richter, W.J., 1988:
Direct stereochemical assignment of sugar subunits in naturally occurring glycosides by low energy collision induced dissociation. Application to papulacandin antibiotics

Mccormick J.P.; Shinmyozu T., 1982:
Direct stereoselective diels alder synthesis of benzo cantharidin

Bauman V.K.; Andrushaite R.E.; Berzin' N.I.; Valinietse M.Yu; Val'dman A.R., 1980:
Direct stimulating action of blood serum vitamin d 3 and its hydroxy analogs on calcium transport in the chicken small intestine in vitro

Tai, T.Y.; Pek, S., 1976:
Direct stimulation by growth hormone of glucagon and insulin release from isolated rat pancreas

Metcalf D.; Johnson G.R.; Burgess A.W., 1980:
Direct stimulation by purified granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor of the proliferation of multi potential and erythroid precursor cells

Lucas D.O.; Bajjalieh S.M.; Kowalchyk J.A.; Martin T.F.J., 1985:
Direct stimulation by trh of polyphosphoinositide hydrolysis in gh 3 cell membranes by a guanine nucleotide modulated mechanism

Shen L.; Guyre P.M.; Fanger M.W., 1984:
Direct stimulation of antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity by cloned gamma interferon is not ablated by gluco corticoids studies using a human monocyte like cell line u 937

Mezey E.; Reisine T.D.; Palkovits M.; Brownstein M.J.; Axelrod J., 1983:
Direct stimulation of beta 2 adrenergic receptors in rat anterior pituitary induces the release of acth in vivo

Raisz, L.G.; Simmons, H.A.; Sandberg, A.L.; Canalis, E., 1980:
Direct stimulation of bone resorption by epidermal growth factor

Mundy, G.R.; Shapiro, J.L.; Bandelin, J.G.; Canalis, E.M.; Raisz, L.G., 1976:
Direct stimulation of bone resorption by thyroid hormones

Trimble, E.R.; Shaw, C.; Bruzzone, R.; Gjinovci, A.; Buchanan, K.D., 1987:
Direct stimulation of enzyme secretion from rat exocrine pancreas by neurotensin and its naturally occurring fragments

Hamlyn, J.M.; Duffy, T., 1978:
Direct stimulation of human erythrocyte membrane sodium potassium magnesium atpase ec activity in vitro by physiological concentrations of dextro aldo sterone

Larson, S.E.; DaMert, G.J.; Collins-Lech, C.; Sohnle, P.G., 1980:
Direct stimulation of lymphokine production by cephalothin

Wallis, R.S.; Fujiwara, H.; Ellner, J.J., 1986:
Direct stimulation of monocyte release of interleukin 1 by mycobacterial protein antigens

Via, C.S.; Allen, R.C.; Welton, R.C., 1984:
Direct stimulation of neutrophil oxygenation activity by serum from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: a relationship to disease activity

Toledo, A.; Ramani, N.; Rao, C.V., 1987:
Direct stimulation of nucleoside triphosphatase activity in human ovarian nuclear membranes by human chorionic gonadotropin

Garner M.H.; Spector A., 1987:
Direct stimulation of sodium potassium atpase and its glucosylated derivative by aldose reductase inhibitor

Nafrady, J.; Wollemann, M., 1977:
Direct stimulatory action of penta gastrin on the adenylate cyclase of rat stomach mucosa

Slootweg, M.C.; van Buul-Offers, S.C.; Herrmann-Erlee, M.P.; Duursma, S.A., 1988:
Direct stimulatory effect of growth hormone on DNA synthesis of fetal chicken osteoblasts in culture

Kromann H.; Christy M.; Egeberg J.; Lernmark A.; Nerup J.; Richter Olesen H., 1980:
Direct streptozotocin toxicity of dispersed mouse islet cells determined by chromium 51 release

Gross M.O.; Rao V.N.M.; Smit C.J.B., 1982:
Direct stress strain dynamic characteristics of low methoxyl pectin gels

Hasnain, S.S.; Diakun, G.P.; Knowles, P.F.; Binsted, N.; Garner, C.D.; Blackburn, N.J., 1984:
Direct structural information for the copper site of dopamine beta monooxygenase ec obtained by using extended x ray absorption fine structure

Mukherjee, C.; Lefkowitz, R.J., 1976:
Direct studies of beta adrenergic receptors in intact frog erythrocytes

Niederpruem, D.J., 1980:
Direct studies of di karyotization in schizophyllum commune 1. live inter cellular nuclear migration patterns

Niederpruem, D.J., 1980:
Direct studies of di karyotization in schizophyllum commune 2. behavior and fate of multi karyotic hyphae

Chang, C.J.; Lee, C.G., 1978:
Direct study of alkylating agent rna interaction by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Syed-Ali, A.B.; Yeong, S.W., 1977 :
Direct substitution of maize with sorghum in layer diets

Meyer, R.B.J. ; Stone, T.E.; Heinzel, F.P., 1978:
Direct sulfhydrolysis of cyclic amp a 1 step synthesis of the cyclic ribo nucleotide of 6 mercapto purine

Johnson, K.W.; Kaminski, N.E.; Munson, A.E., 1987:
Direct suppression of cultured spleen cell responses by chlordane and the basis for differential effects on in vivo and in vitro immunocompetence

Fujii D.K.; Edgington T.S., 1980:
Direct suppression of lymphocyte induction by the immuno regulatory human serum low density immuno suppressive lipo protein fraction

Privat, J.M.; Allieu, Y.; Bonnel, F.; Frerebeau, P.; Bonis, J.L.; Benezech, J.; Gros, C., 1978:
Direct surgery of traumatic injuries of the radial nerve indications technique results

Perneczky A.; Knosp E.; Vorkapic P.; Czech T., 1985:
Direct surgical approach to infraclinoidal aneurysms

Afshar F., 1981:
Direct surgical obliteration of fronto polar artery aneurysm

Nakayama M.; Asakura T.; Terada K.; Matsuda K.; Awa H., 1986:
Direct surgical treatment of a giant aneurysm of internal carotid superior hypophyseal artery a case report

Matsuoka Y.; Hakuba A.; Kishi H.; Nishimura S., 1986:
Direct surgical treatment of intracavernous internal carotid artery aneurysms report of four cases

Bannister E.R.; Hill C.Y.; Manos J.P., 1983:
Direct susceptibility testing on positive blood cultures using autobac i

Shapira, J.; Shapira, S.; Krasna, I.H., 1980:
Direct suture and partial splenectomy for splenic rupture in children

Pagliughi G.; Vespasiani A., 1980:
Direct suture of the collateral ligaments of the tibio tarsal joint

Chiba T.; Masuko S., 1986:
Direct synaptic contacts of catecholamine axons on the preganglionic sympathetic neurons in the rat thoracic spinal cord

Liu X.; Zheng Z.; X.M.; W.C., 1986:
Direct synaptic linkage of ventrolateral nucleus of thalamus terminal with cat fast pyramidal tract neuron

Blattner, R.; Ferrier, R.J., 1986:
Direct synthesis of 6 oxabicyclo 3.2.1 octane derivatives from deoxyinososes

Bey P.; Vevert J P.; Van Dorsselaer V.; Kolb M., 1979:
Direct synthesis of alpha amino acids from the parent alpha amino acids

Bhattacharjee M.; Chaudhuri M.K., 1987:
Direct synthesis of ammonium monofluorophosphate monohydrate and potassium monofluorophosphate

Beugelmans R.; Chastanet J.; Ginsburg H.; Quintero Cortes L.; Roussi G., 1985:
Direct synthesis of benzo c phenanthridines and benzo c phenanthridones via s r n1 reactions

Scott A.I.; Wilkinson T.J., 1981:
Direct synthesis of beta hydroxy valine and deuterium labeled beta hydroxy valine

Jung, M.E.; Mossman, A.B.; Lyster, M.A., 1978:
Direct synthesis of di benzo cyclo octa dienes via double ortho friedel crafts alkylation by the use of aldehyde tri methyl silyl iodide adducts Y.; Delmas M.; Gaset A., 1983:
Direct synthesis of dipteran sex pheromones by the wittig reaction in a heterogeneous medium

Ruiz, H.V.; Wolf, A.P., 1978:
Direct synthesis of oxygen 15 labeled water at high specific activities

Eto, M.; Iio, M.; Omura, H.; Eto, M., 1978:
Direct synthesis of ribo nucleoside 2 3 cyclic phosphate from ribo nucleoside

Lessire R.; Cassagne C., 1979:
Direct synthesis of stearoyl acyl carrier protein from stearate by microsomes from allium porrum epidermal cells

Delcour J.A.; Vercruysse S.A.R., 1986:
Direct synthesis of the barley proanthocyanidins prodelphinidin b 3 prodelphinidin c 2 and two trimeric proanthocyanidins with a mixed prodelphinidin procyanidin stereochemistry

Davis L.C.; Imsande J., 1988:
Direct test for altered gas exchange rates in water stressed soybean nodules

Wetkowski, M.A.; Peterson, E.M.; de la Maza, L.M., 1982:
Direct testing of blood cultures for detection of streptococcal antigens

Rico Gomez R.; Ruiz Mora M.L.; D.N.stroso Villatoro E.P.; Rios Ruiz J., 1988:
Direct thiation of 7 theophylline nucleosides

Harth, S.; Dreyfus, H.; Urban, P.F.; Mandel, P., 1978:
Direct thin layer chromatography of gangliosides of a total lipid extract

Sterling, K., 1986:
Direct thyroid hormone activation of mitochondria: the role of adenine nucleotide translocase

Olsson T.; Link H.; Kostulas V.; Henriksson K.G., 1983:
Direct tissue iso electric focusing of nervous system and muscle sections for detection of immuno globulin g patterns

Humes, H.D.; Hunt, D.A.; White, M.D., 1987:
Direct toxic effect of the radiocontrast agent diatrizoate on renal proximal tubule cells

Ody, C.; Junod, A.F., 1985:
Direct toxic effects of paraquat and oxygen on cultured endothelial cells

Kinawy, M.M.; Hussein, M.H., 1987:
Direct toxicity and morphogenetic effects of the hormonoid altosid on the eggs of epilachna chrysomelina f. coleoptera coccinellidae

Penman D.R.; Chapman R.B.; Bowie M.H., 1986:
Direct toxicity and repellent activity of pyrethroids against tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae

Nyman C.R.; Sjoeberg B., 1981:
Direct trans mural measurement of the detrusor pressure technique of detrusor pressure recording in micturition with intra vesical and prevesical suprapubic catheters compared with recordings using rectal balloon and rectal open end catheters

Smith G.K.; Mueller W.T.; Slieker L.J.; Debrosse C.W.; Benkovic S.J., 1982:
Direct transfer of 1 carbon units in the trans formylations of de novo purine biosynthesis

Walterspiel, J.N.; Schad, G.A.; Buchanan, G.R., 1984:
Direct transfer of adult hookworms (Ancylostoma duodenale) from dog to child for therapeutic purposes

Schaffner, W., 1980:
Direct transfer of cloned genes from bacteria to mammalian cells

Grunnet I.; Knudsen J., 1981:
Direct transfer of fatty acids synthesized de novo from fatty acid synthetase into tri acyl glycerols without activation

Srivastava D.K.; Bernhard S.A., 1984:
Direct transfer of nadh from glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase to liver alcohol dehydrogenase

Bentley B.L.; Carpenter E.J., 1984:
Direct transfer of newly fixed nitrogen from free living epiphyllous microorganisms to their host plant

Lescure C.; Chalamet A.; Maitre J.P., 1986:
Direct transfer of nitrogen between trifolium pratense and lolium italicum estimation with nitrogen 15 and some problems

Waye, M.M.; Stanners, C.P., 1983:
Direct transfer of the bacterial asparagine synthetase gene to mammalian cells

Saier, M.H.J. ; Newman, M.J., 1976:
Direct transfer of the phosphoryl moiety of mannitol 1 phosphate to carbon 14 mannitol catalyzed by the enzyme ii complexes of the phosphoenol pyruvate mannitol phospho transferase systems in spirochaeta aurantia and salmonella typhimurium

Fischer, R.P.; Jelense, S.; Perry, J.F., 1978:
Direct transfer to operating room improves care of trauma patients. A simple, economically feasible plan for large hospitals

Woo P.T.K.; Wehnert S.D., 1983:
Direct transmission of a hemoflagellate cryptobia salmositica kinetoplastida bodonina between rainbow trout salmo gairdneri under laboratory conditions

Nuwayri Salti N.; Fallah Khansa H., 1987:
Direct transmission of leishmania parasites among cagemates of a colony of mice

Bower S.M.; Margolis L., 1983:
Direct transmission of the hemoflagellate cryptobia salmositica among pacific salmon oncorhynchus spp

Bachynski, B.N.; Flynn, J.T., 1985:
Direct trauma to the superior oblique tendon following penetrating injuries of the upper eyelid

Solomons N.B.; Solomon D.J.; D.V.lliers J.C., 1980:
Direct traumatic 3rd nerve palsy

Weiner C.P.; Thompson M.I.B., 1988:
Direct treatment of fetal supraventricular tachycardia after failed transplacental therapy

Bienert M.; Albrecht E.; Berger H.; Klauschenz E.; Pleiss U.; Niedrich H.; Mehlis B., 1983:
Direct tritium labeling into histidine of lhrh agonists and use of the tracers in studies on proteolytic breakdown

Copeland, C.; Wing, R.; Hulka, J.F., 1983:
Direct trocar insertion at laparoscopy: an evaluation

Johnson W.J.; Balish E., 1981:
Direct tumor cell and antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity by macrophages from germ free and conventional rats

Zimmermann, U.; Hüsken, D.; Schulze, E.D., 1980:
Direct turgor pressure measurements in individual leaf cells of Tradescantia virginiana

Goss S.A.; O'brien W.D.Jr, 1979:
Direct ultrasonic velocity measurements of mammalian collagen threads

Emig, C.C.; Thouveny, Y., 1976:
Direct uptake of an amino acid by phoronis psammophila

Kemp P.F., 1986:
Direct uptake of detrital carbon by the deposit feeding polychaete euzonus mucronata

Thorne L.; Tansey L.; Pollock T.J., 1988:
Direct utilization of lactose in clarified cheese whey for xanthan gum synthesis by xanthomonas campestris

Dilena B.A.; Peake M.J.; Pardue H.L.; Skoug J.W., 1986:
Direct uv method for enzymatic determination of uric acid with equilibrium and kinetic data processing options

Young A.R.; Bouloy M.; Boussard J F.; Edvinsson L.; Mackenzie E.T., 1981:
Direct vascular effects of agents used in the pharmaco therapy of cerebro vascular disease on isolated cerebral vessels

Khayyal M.; Gross F.; Kreye V.A.W., 1981:
Direct vaso dilator effect of hydralazine in the isolated rabbit renal artery

Ohishi, K.; Hishida, A.; Honda, N., 1988:
Direct vasodilatory action of atrial natriuretic factor on canine glomerular afferent arterioles

Delbeke R., 1985:
Direct vat inoculation of milk with lyophilized starter for making gouda cheese

Schramm W.; Einer Jensen N.; Schramm G., 1986:
Direct venous arterial transfer of iodine 125 labeled relaxin and tyrosine in the ovarian pedicle in sheep

Huse, J.B.; Nabseth, D.C.; Bush, H.L.; Widrich, W.C.; Johnson, W.C., 1983 :
Direct venous surgery for venous valvular insufficiency of the lower extremity

Bridgman, H.A., 1978:
Direct visible spectra and aerosol optical depths at urban and rural locations during the summer of 1975 at milwaukee

Park, I.S.; Lee, S.Y.; Lee, W.H.; Lee, P.Y.; Ro, J.Y.; Choi, I.J., 1977:
Direct vision brush cytology with the gastro fiberscope in the gastric carcinoma

Gosden J.R.; Gosden C.M.; Rodeck C.H.; Morsman J.M.; Mitchell A.R., 1982:
Direct vision chorion biopsy and chromosome specific dna probes for determination of fetal sex in 1st trimester pre natal diagnosis

Sacknoff, E.J.; Kerr, W.S., 1980:
Direct vision cold knife urethrotomy

Jakobsen, H.; Willumsen, H.; Søndergaard Jensen, L.; Rasmussen, O.V., 1984:
Direct vision internal urethrotomy

Holm-Nielsen, A.; Schultz, A.; Møller-Pedersen, V., 1984:
Direct vision internal urethrotomy. A critical review of 365 operations

Walther, P.C.; Parsons, C.L.; Schmidt, J.D., 1980:
Direct vision internal urethrotomy in the management of urethral strictures

Shah S.B.; Mehendale V.G., 1985:
Direct vision internal urethrotomy in the treatment of urethral fistulas due to urethral strictures

Matsumoto, T.; Yang, Y.; Hashizume, M., 1987:
Direct vision valvulotomy for nonreversed vein graft

Nygren H.; Sandstrom T.; Stenberg M., 1983:
Direct visual detection of protein antigen importance of surface concentration

Dewey, M.J.; Mintz, B., 1978:
Direct visualization by beta galactosidase histochemistry of differentiated normal cells derived from malignant terato carcinoma in allophenic mice

Baluk P.; Fujiwara T., 1984:
Direct visualization by scanning electron microscopy of the preganglionic innervation and synapses on the true surfaces of neurons in the frog rana catesbeiana heart

Eshet, R.; Peleg, S.; Laron, Z., 1984:
Direct visualization of binding, aggregation and internalization of human growth hormone in cultured human lymphocytes

Schlessinger, J.; Shechter, Y.; Willingham, M.C.; Pastan, I., 1978:
Direct visualization of binding aggregation and internalization of insulin and epidermal growth factor on living fibroblastic cells

Iwatsuki N.; Petersen O.H., 1979:
Direct visualization of cell to cell coupling transfer of fluorescent probes in living mammalian pancreatic acini

Mccormick P.J.; Chandrasekhar S.; Millis A.J.T., 1979:
Direct visualization of collagens and pro collagens in poly acrylamide gels

Groeschel-Stewart, U.; Unsicker, K., 1977:
Direct visualization of contractile proteins in peri tubular cells of the guinea pig testis using antibodies against highly purified actin and myosin

Dimicoli J.L.; Peronneau P.; Nakache M., 1982:
Direct visualization of diffusion convention phenomena at liquid solid interfaces by the use of a chemi luminescent enzymatic immobilized system

Bloodgood R.A., 1980:
Direct visualization of dynamic membrane events in cilia

Walter, R.J.; Marasco, W.A., 1987:
Direct visualization of formylpeptide receptor binding on rounded and polarized human neutrophils: cellular and receptor heterogeneity

Vila-Coro, A.A.; Vila-Coro, A.A., 1987:
Direct visualization of heterophorias through a unidirectional occluder

Weisberg L., 1981:
Direct visualization of intra cranial aneurysms by computed tomography

Schlegel W.; Scharfenberg H.; Sturm V.; Penzholz H.; Lorenz W.J., 1981:
Direct visualization of intra cranial tumors in stereotactic and angiographic films by computer calculation of longitudinal computed tomographic sections a new method for stereotactic localization of tumor outlines

Avivi A.; Tramontano D.; Ambesi Impiombato F.S.; Schlessinger J., 1982:
Direct visualization of membrane clustering and endocytosis of thyrotropin into cultured thyroid cells

Kachar, B., 1985:
Direct visualization of organelle movement along actin filaments dissociated from characean algae

Arnheiter H.; Dubois Dalcq M.; Lazzarini R.A., 1984:
Direct visualization of protein transport and processing in the living cell by microinjection of specific antibodies

Spiegel, S.; Kassis, S.; Wilchek, M.; Fishman, P.H., 1984:
Direct visualization of redistribution and capping of fluorescent gangliosides on lymphocytes

Bhatt, B.; Burns, J.; Flannery, D.; McGee, J.O., 1988:
Direct visualization of single copy genes on banded metaphase chromosomes by nonisotopic in situ hybridization

Small, J.V.; Celis, J.E., 1978:
Direct visualization of the 10 nanometer 100 angstrom filament network in whole and enucleated cultured cells

Mcdonagh P.F.; Niven A.T.; Roberts D., 1984:
Direct visualization of the coronary microcirculation for pharmacologic and physiologic studies

Kirk, K.L.; Bell, P.D.; Barfuss, D.W.; Ribadeneira, M., 1985:
Direct visualization of the isolated and perfused macula densa

Bianchi, N.O.; Vidal-Rioja, L.; Cleaver, J.E., 1986:
Direct visualization of the sites of DNA methylation in human, and mosquito chromosomes

Parish, C.R.; Mckenzie, I.F.C., 1977:
Direct visualization of thymus derived lymphocytes bearing ia antigens controlled by the i j subregion

Arevalo, A.; Garcia-Fernandez, C., 1975:
Direct volumetric evaluation of sulfates in sea water use in rapid determination of the marine or other origin of salt water

Fitzgerald, P.H.; Morris, C.M.; Giles, L.M., 1982:
Direct vs. cultured preparation of bone marrow cells from 22 patients with acute myeloid leukemia

M'batchi, B.; El-Ayadi, R.; Delrot, S.; Bonnemain, J.L., 1986:
Direct vs. indirect effects of p chloromercuribenzenesulfonic acid on sucrose uptake by plant tissues the electrophysiological evidence

Fujii, A.M.; Vatner, S.F., 1985:
Direct vs. indirect pressor and vasoconstrictor actions of angiotensin in conscious dogs

Koegel, R.L.; Williams, J.A., 1980:
Direct vs. indirect response reinforcer relationships in teaching autistic children

Humphreys, G.W., 1981:
Direct vs. indirect tests of the information available from masked displays: what visual masking does and does not prevent

Sato K., 1981:
Direct warming of soybean paste by electric heat uniform warming in a large vessel by using accessory electrodes

Chen, W.C.; Wang, H.R., 1980:
Direct Wenckebach phenomenon in the right bundle branch system

Watson, B.; Blitzer, M.; Rubin, H.; Nachamkin, I., 1988:
Direct wet mounts versus concentration for routine parasitological examination: are both necessary?

Stanny C.J.; Weaver G.E., 1980:
Directed attention and the recognition of pictures

Johnson D.A.; Gribble G.W., 1986:
Directed beta lithiation of 2 substituted indoles a new synthetic route to 2 3 disubstituted indoles

Werner, R.G.; Demain, A.L., 1981:
Directed biosynthesis of new indolmycins

Arai, T.; Yazawa, K.; Takahashi, K.; Maeda, A.; Mikami, Y., 1985:
Directed biosynthesis of new saframycin derivatives with resting cells of Streptomyces lavendulae

Gauvreau, D.; Waring, M.J., 1984:
Directed biosynthesis of novel derivatives of echinomycin 2. purification and structure elucidation

Gauvreau, D.; Waring, M.J., 1984:
Directed biosynthesis of novel derivatives of echinomycin by streptomyces echinatus 1. effect of exogenous analogs of quinoxaline 2 carboxylic acid on the fermentation

Yakusheva L.A.; Nagaev I.Yu; Lazurkina T.Yu; Shevchenko V.P.; Myagkova G.I.; Evstigneeva R.P.; Myasoedov N.F., 1988:
Directed biosynthesis of prostaglandin f 2 alpha multiple labelled with tritium

Ustynyuk T.K.; Bragintseva L.M.; Bobylev R.V.; Kovalenko V.A.; Timofeev Y.M., 1983:
Directed biosynthesis of prostaglandins

Nossal, R., 1976:
Directed cell loco motion arising from strongly biased turn angles

Babenko N.A., 1986:
Directed changes in fatty acid spectrum of nuclear structure lipids and functional state of the cellular genome

Beermann, W., 1973:
Directed changes in the pattern of balbiani ring puffing in chironomus effects of a sugar treatment

Hanzawa F.M.; Beattie A.J.; Culver D.C., 1988:
Directed dispersal demographic analysis of an ant seed mutualism

Rubinov A.N.; Zen'kevich E.I.; Nemkovich N.A.; Tomin V.I., 1982:
Directed energy transfer due to orientational broadening of energy levels in photosynthetic pigment solutions

Metelev V.G.; Stepanova O.B.; Chichkova N.V.; Smirnov V.D.; Rodionova N.P.; Berzin' V.M.; Yansone I.V.; Gren E.Ya; Bogdanov A.A.; E.A., 1980:
Directed enzymatic hydrolysis of rna

Francis, J.C.; Hansche, P.E., 1972:
Directed evolution of metabolic pathways in microbial populations part 1 modification of the acid phosphatase ph optimum in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Francis, J.C.; Hansche, P.E., 1973:
Directed evolution of metabolic pathways in microbial populations part 2 a repeatable adaptation in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ferenci T.; Lee K S., 1982:
Directed evolution of the phage lambda receptor of escherichia coli through affinity chromatographic selection

Sinner, W.N., 1985:
Directed fine needle biopsy of anterior and middle mediastinal masses

Grant D.S., 1984:
Directed forgetting and intra trial interference in pigeon delayed matching

Golding J.M.; Keenan J.M., 1985:
Directed forgetting and memory for directions to a destination

Santi A.; Savich J., 1985:
Directed forgetting effects in pigeons remember cues initiate rehearsal

Roberts W.A.; Mazmanian D.S.; Kraemer P.J., 1984:
Directed forgetting in monkeys

Maki W.S.; Olson D.; Rego S., 1981:
Directed forgetting in pigeons analysis of cue functions

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Directed forgetting in pigeons tests of transfer of cue effectiveness across samples from different dimensions

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Directed fusion in hybridoma production

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Directed integration of an f prime plasmid by integrative suppression isolation of plaque forming lambda transducing phage for the dnac gene

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Directed interesterification of a brazilian palm oil and analysis of the original and interesterified oil and its fractions

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Directed intravascular precipitation of bisantrene for pelvic malignant lesions preclinical studies

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Directed isolation of cultures of the genus micromonospora from moist soils and silts

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Directed isolation of gram negative nonsporulating bacteria from natural substrates

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Directed metabolic flow with high butanol yield and selectivity in continuous cultures of clostridium acetobutylicum

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Directed metallations of 4 ethylidenetetronic acid o methyl ether and its derivatives as a synthetic entry to natural 4 oxyfuran 2 ones

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Directed migration and differentiation of neuro blasts in the organ culture of mouse embryo spinal cord

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Directed migration of circulating polymorphonuclear leukocytes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis a defect in the plasma

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Directed modification of a plasmid pbr 322 tc r gene region by complementary single stranded dna carrying alkylating groups

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Directed modifications of the damaged dna region in the process of induction of structural chromosomal mutations

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Directed movements and the body proportion effect in preschool childrens human figure drawing

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Directed mutagenesis method for analysis of mutagen specificity application to uv induced mutagenesis

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Directed ortho metalation reactions convergent synthesis of angular anthracyclinones ochromycinone and x 14881 c

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Directed reading and writing in the content areas

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Directed regrowth of axons from a misrouted nerve to their correct muscles in the limb of the adult newt

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Directed screening on selective media with gentamicin of organisms which produce amino glycoside antibiotics

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Directed search through auto biographical memory

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Directed song of male zebra finches as a predictor of subsequent intraspecific and interspecific social behavior and pair formation

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Directed sonographic transperineal biopsy of prostate gland its advantages and contribution to the classical techniques

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Directed synthesis of 1 n pyridoxyl derivatives of 6 methyluracil

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Directed targeting of immunoerythrocytes provides local protection of endothelial cells from damage by hydrogen peroxide

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Directed training of vestibular resistance in students during physical education classes

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Directed transport and hormones value of isolated leaf as experimental material

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Directed transposon tn 5 mutagenesis and complementation in slow growing broad host range cowpea rhizobium

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Directing attention toward stimuli affects the p 300 but not the orienting response

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Directing intervention from afar: the telephone dynamics of managing acute poisonings

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Direction and angle of active head tilts influencing the Purkinje effect and the inhibition of postrotatory nystagmus I and II

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Direction and height of bryophytes on 4 species of northern trees

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Direction and speed selectivity of neurons in the medial superior temporal area mst of the macaque monkey

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Direction changing positional nystagmus demonstrated by electro nystagmography

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Direction changing spontaneous nystagmus with simultaneous change in pupil diameter and eyelid interspace oculo pupillo motor syndrome in blindness due to dysgenesis mesodermalis iridis and corneae rieger

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Direction detection of singlet oxygen sensitized by nalidixic acid the effect of ph and melanin

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Direction finding by hornets in a vertically rotating centrifuge

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Direction of asymmetric induction in the reaction of pseudo oxazolone 5 with l proline ester

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Direction of chain elongation in the formation of escherichia coli ribosomal protein

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Direction of changes in the cardiac component in a pavlovian conditioning paradigm with variations in conditioned stimuli and unconditioned stimulus contents

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Direction of chromosome rearrangements in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by use of his3 recombinational substrates

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Direction of drawing and writing depending upon visual field dominance an experimental study concerned with the history of civilization

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Direction of effect in socialization a comparison of the parents vs. the childs behavior as determinants of disciplinary techniques

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Direction of effects: family life styles and behavior of TMR children

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Direction of flagellar rotation in bacterial cell envelopes

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Direction of flow in superficial veins as a guide to venous disorders in lower limbs

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Direction of force generated by the inner row of dynein arms on flagellar microtubules

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Direction of growth differentiation and maturation among male jats of north india

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Direction of growth processes and certain aspects of metabolism in fruit plants treated with chloro choline chloride

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Direction of loco motion in clones of nonneoplastic fibroblasts and their neoplastic derivatives

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Direction of nutrition an important method of prevention of oral diseases

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Direction of polymerization by the avian myeloblastosis virus dna polymerase

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Direction of sliding and relative sliding velocities within trypsinized sperm axonemes of Gallus domesticus

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Direction of splenic venous flow assessed by pulsed Doppler flowmetry in patients with a large splenorenal shunt. Relation to spontaneous hepatic encephalopathy

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Direction of spp 1 dna replication in transfected bacillus subtilis cells

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Direction of spreading dos a simple method for measuring the hydrophobicity of bacterial lawns

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Direction of synthesis of the message for a 35000 molecular weight poly peptide of herpes simplex virus type 2

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Direction of the evolutionary transformations of the peripheral portion of the acoustic analyzer in mammals from different habitats

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Direction of the preceding release and initial orientation of homing pigeons

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Direction of the sustained oscillation trajectory in the cell product phase plane describing product inhibition on continuous fermentation systems

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Direction of transcription affects the replication mode of lambda in an in vitro system

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Direction of uterine contractions during estrus in ewes: a reevaluation

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Direction of zein gene transcription in maize genomic clones

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Direction selective cells in complex family in cat striate cortex

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Direction selectivity for perceived motion in strabismic and anisometropic amblyopia

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Direction selectivity of simple cells in cat striate cortex to moving light bars 1. relation to stationary flashing bar and moving edge responses

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Direction selectivity of simple cells in cat striate cortex to moving light bars 2. relation to moving dark bar responses

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Direction sensitive partitioning of the honey bee apis mellifera opto motor system

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Direction specific activities of dorsolateral prefrontal and motor cortex pyramidal tract neurons during visual tracking

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Direction specific and position specific effects on detection of displacements during saccadic eye movements

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Direction specific masking and the analysis of motion in two dimensions

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Direction specific motion thresholds for abnormal image shifts during saccadic eye movement

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Direction specific neurons in the pretectum of the frog rana esculenta

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Direction training of birds under a planetarium sky anas platyrhynchos vision season

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Directional alignment of 2 salmonella phage p 22 maps constructed from temperature sensitive or amber mutants

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Directional and absolute asymmetry of digital ridge counts

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Directional and nondirectional coding of a spatio temporal modulated stimulus

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Directional and stabilizing selection for developmental time and correlated response in reproductive fitness in Tribolium castaneum

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Directional asymmetries of human optokinetic nystagmus

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Directional asymmetry in the forelimb of Macaca mulatta

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Directional asymmetry of body dimensions among white adolescents

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Directional audiometry a review of f m tonnings doctoral thesis

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Directional ballistic movement with transported mass

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Directional biosynthesis of macrotetrolides

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Directional calcium effect on stimulation of mucin secretion from chicken trachea in vitro

Mian N.; Kent P.W., 1986:
Directional calcium effect on stimulation of secretion of common mucins and unique sulfate rich components from chicken trachea in vitro

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Directional calls and effects of turning behavior in crickets

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Directional cell movement during early development of the teleost Blennius pholis: I. Formation of epithelial cell clusters and their pattern and mechanism of movement

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Directional changes in the vestibular ocular response as a result of adaptation to optical tilt

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Directional character of spreading of vasogenic cerebral edema after radiation damage in rhesus monkeys, and effects of removal of the primary lesion

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Directional characteristics of the acoustic receiver of the leopard frog rana pipiens a study of 8th nerve auditory responses

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Directional coding by bin aural brain stem units of the constant frequency frequency modulation bat rhinolophus ferrumequinum

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Directional conflict between vestibular and visual inputs in the squirrel monkey

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Directional control and the functional organization of defensive responses of aplysia californica

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Directional control of yeast cell division by electric stimulus

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Directional coronary collateral growth with chronic circumflex occlusion in the dog

Gierer A., 1987:
Directional cues for growing axons forming the retinotectal projection

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Directional dependence of radiation fluence from iridium 192 and gold 198 sources

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Directional differences in urethral pressure recordings contributions from the stiffness and weight of the recording catheter

Clerc, L., 1976:
Directional differences of impulse spread in trabecular muscle from mammalian heart

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Directional disparity of pulse reflection in the dog

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Directional disruptive selection in jute corchorus olitorius

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Directional dominance for low immuno globulin m and immuno globulin a levels

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Directional doppler ultrasonography theoretical principles and clinical methodology

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Directional errors of movement and their correction in a discrete tracking task

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Directional exposure of golden eagle nests

Murphy G., 1982:
Directional felling of old crop radiata pine pinus radiata on steep country

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Directional filter characteristics of optic nerve fibers in California ground squirrel (Spermophilus beecheyi)

Perrin P.; Bernardi G., 1987:
Directional fixation of mutations in vertebrate evolution

Hirai K., 1982:
Directional flow of male scent released by pseudaletia separata lepidoptera noctuidae and its repellent effect on adults and larvae of 4 noctuid and 1 phycitine moth

Spyropoulos M.N., 1980:
Directional forces and favorable changes of a point in class ii division 1 cases

Hinman, F., 1979:
Directional growth of renal calculi

Rawdon B.B.; Dockray G.J., 1983:
Directional growth of sympathetic nerve fibers in vitro towards enteric smooth muscle and heart from mice with congenital aganglionic colon and their normal littermates

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Directional hearing in aging rats

Sorokin M.A., 1986:
Directional hearing in flounder

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Directional hearing in the grass frog rana temporaria 1. mechanical vibrations of tympanic membrane

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Directional hearing in the grassfrog rana temporaria ii. acoustics and modeling of the auditory periphery

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Directional hearing in the locust schistocerca gregaria acrididae orthoptera

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Directional hearing in the median vertical plane by the cod

Schuijf, A., 1975:
Directional hearing of cod gadus morhua under approximate free field conditions

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Directional hearing with hearing aids 2nd report

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Directional heart rate control using signals of external feedback in healthy humans and in patients with infantile cerebral palsy

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Directional hydrogen bonding to sp 2 hybridized and sp 3 hybridized oxygen atoms and its relevance to ligand macro molecule interactions/

Heilman, K.M.; Bowers, D.; Coslett, H.B.; Whelan, H.; Watson, R.T., 1985:
Directional hypokinesia: prolonged reaction times for leftward movements in patients with right hemisphere lesions and neglect

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Directional interaction of mid brain and hypothalamus in the control of carbachol induced aggression

Chastain G., 1984:
Directional letter by letter analysis and the word superiority effect

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Directional lipophilic character in a series of psychotomimetic phenethylamine derivatives

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Directional localization in high ambient noise with and without the use of hearing protectors

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Directional modification of cytochrome p 450 substrate structure as a mode of obtaining new inducers of the microsomal monooxygenase system

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Directional motility in strongly malignant murine tumor cells

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Directional needle for antegrade guide wire placement with vertical arterial puncture

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Directional orientation in blue crabs callinectes sapidus escape responses and influence of wave direction

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Directional orientations of solitary rugose corals

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Directional perturbation factors for jitter and shimmer

Nachshon, I., 1983:
Directional preferences of bilingual children

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Directional preponderance in human optokinetic nystagmus

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Directional probability information and Down syndrome: a training study

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Directional properties of the auditory periphery in the guinea pig

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Directional protrusive pseudopodial activity and motility in macrophages induced by extracellular electric fields

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Directional reduction of lactate dehydrogenase isozymes in teleosts

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Directional reflectance factor distributions for cover types of northern africa

Holben B.; Kimes D.; Fraser R.S., 1986:
Directional reflectance response in advanced very high resolution radiometer red and near ir bands for three cover types and varying atmospheric conditions

Feng A.S., 1981:
Directional response characteristics of single neurons in the torus semicircularis of the leopard frog rana pipiens

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Directional responses by kittens to an auditory stimulus

Boyan G.S., 1979:
Directional responses to sound in the central nervous system of the cricket teleogryllus commodus orthoptera gryllidae part 1 ascending inter neurons

Boyan G.S., 1979:
Directional responses to sound in the central nervous system of the cricket teleogryllus commodus orthoptera gryllidae part 2 a descending inter neuron

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Directional scanning biases and shifts of apparent visual direction

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Directional selection and developmental stability: evidence from fluctuating asymmetry of dental characters in mice

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Directional selection and developmental stability: evidence from fluctuating asymmetry of morphometric characters in rats

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Directional selection and the evolution of breeding date in birds

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Directional selection for pulse repetition rate of the courtship sound and correlated response occurring in several characters in drosophila mercatorum

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Directional selectivities of visual afferents to the pretectal neuropil in the fire salamander

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Directional selectivity and its use in early visual processing

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Directional selectivity in the responses of units in cat primary visual cortex to passive eye movement

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Directional selectivity of superior collicular units in visually deprived rabbits

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Directional selectivity of the neurons in the cat superior colliculus the effect of stimulus velocity

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Directional sensitivity and directional selectivity

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Directional sensitivity in cat of collicular auditory neurons to frequency modulated sound

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Directional sensitivity invariance and variability of tectal t 5 neurons in response to moving configurational stimuli in the toad bufo bufo

Suzuki I.; Park B.R.; Wilson V.J., 1986:
Directional sensitivity of and neck afferent input to cervical and lumbar interneurons modulated by neck rotation

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Directional sensitivity of auditory neurons in the superior colliculus of the bat eptesicus fuscus using free field sound stimulation

Schnitzler, H.U.; Grinnell, A.D., 1977:
Directional sensitivity of echo location in the horseshoe bat rhinolophus ferrumequinum part 1 directionality of sound emission

Grinnell, A.D.; Schnitzler, H.U., 1977:
Directional sensitivity of echo location in the horseshoe bat rhinolophus ferrumequinum part 2 behavioral directionality of hearing

Zittlau K.E.; Claas B.; Muenz H., 1986:
Directional sensitivity of lateral line units in the clawed toad xenopus laevis

Bour L.J.; Verhoosel J.C.M., 1979:
Directional sensitivity of photo receptors for different degrees of coherence and directions of polarization of the incident light

Makous J.C.; O'neill W.E., 1986:
Directional sensitivity of the auditory midbrain in the mustached bat pteronotus parnelli to free field tones

Eaton R.C.; Kimmel C.B., 1980:
Directional sensitivity of the mauthner cell system to vibrational stimulation in zebrafish brachydanio rerio larvae

Yagodin S.V.; Sviderskii V.L., 1980:
Directional sensitivity of the pedicel receptors in the antenna of cockroach periplaneta americana

Schwarz, D.W.; Tomlinson, R.D.; Milne, A.C., 1978:
Directional specificity for head rotation in the pigeons posterior cerebellum

Yin, H.S.; Mackler, S.A.; Selzer, M.E., 1984:
Directional specificity in the regeneration of lamprey spinal axons

Carney T., 1982:
Directional specificity in tilt aftereffect induced with moving contours a reexamination

Coster, J.E.; Hicks, R.R.Jr ; Watterston, K.G., 1978:
Directional spread of southern pine beetle coleoptera scolytidae infestations in east texas usa

Crippen, G.M.; Kuntz, I.D., 1977:
Directional structural features of globular proteins

Hershenson, M., 1982:
Directional symmetry in the spiral aftereffect

Hermann H.R., 1983:
Directional trajectory manipulation and venom dispersal in formicine ants hymenoptera formicidae

Hammond, P.; Smith, A.T., 1983:
Directional tuning interactions between moving oriented and textured stimuli in complex cells of feline striate cortex

Hughes A., 1980:
Directional units in the rat optic nerve

Vogel, H.G., 1981:
Directional variations of mechanical parameters in rat skin depending on maturation and age

Dawson, P.S., 1975:
Directional vs stabilizing selection for developmental time in natural and laboratory populations of flour beetles

van Blokland, G.J., 1986:
Directionality and alignment of the foveal receptors, assessed with light scattered from the human fundus in vivo

Reinhold, W.C.; Straus, S.E.; Ostrove, J.M., 1988:
Directionality and further mapping of varicella zoster virus transcripts

Cook, S.B.; Cook, C.B., 1975:
Directionality in the trail following response of the pulmonate limpet siphonaria alternata

Fraser, P.J., 1977:
Directionality of a 1 way movement detector in the crayfish cherax destructor

Hunter M.L.Jr; Kacelnik A.; Roberts J.; Vuillermoz M., 1986:
Directionality of avian vocalizations a laboratory study

Smith P.; Koyoumdjisky Kaye E.; Kalderon W.; Stern D., 1987:
Directionality of dental trait frequency between human second deciduous and first permanent molars

Breitwisch R.; Whitesides G.H., 1987:
Directionality of singing and non singing behavior of mated and unmated northern mockingbirds mimus polyglottos

Phillips D.P.; Calford M.B.; Pettigrew J.D.; Aitkin L.M.; Semple M.N., 1982:
Directionality of sound pressure transformation at the cats pinna

Jen P.H S.; Chen D., 1988:
Directionality of sound pressure transformation at the pinna of echolocating bats

Klar A.J.S.; Hicks J.B.; Strathern J.N., 1982:
Directionality of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mating type inter conversion

Soranno T.; Pickett Heaps J., 1982:
Directionally controlled spindle disassembly after mitosis in the diatom pinnularia spp

Kopelman R.E., 1979:
Directionally different expectancy theory predictions of work motivation and job satisfaction

Senecoff J.F.; Cox M.M., 1986:
Directionally in flp protein promoted site specific recombination is mediated by dna dna pairing

Kondrashev, S.L.; Orlov, O.Y., 1976:
Directionally sensitive neurons in the visual system of frog

Pratt H.M., 1980:
Directions and timing of great blue heron ardea herodias foraging flights from a california usa colony implications for social facilitation of food finding

Seitz R.A., 1986:
Directions for the forest management of planted araucaria stands

Dudziuk W.; Legutko S., 1980:
Directions forms and methods of upgrading the zootechnical personnel within the institute of zootechnics poland

Miodownik S., 1988:
Directions in electrosurgical technology

Serebryanyi A.M.; Andrievskii G.V.; Bekker A.R.; Sibel'dina L.A.; Povolotskaya M.I., 1986:
Directions of deoxyguanosine and deoxyguanylic acid alkylation by thiotepa

Pototskaya V.A., 1984:
Directions of morphological adaptation of the coleopteran larvae inhabiting the microcavities of the subcortical zone

Zaitsev A.I., 1984:
Directions of morphological specialization of digestive system of higher mycetophiloid diptera

Gryczynski I.; Gryczynski Z.; Kawski A.; Paszyc S., 1984:
Directions of the electronic transition moments of synthetic y t base y 4 9 di hydro 4 6 di methyl 9 oxo 1h imidazo 1 2 a purine

Sapin, M.R., 1977:
Directions of the lymph flow within the range of certain groups of lymph nodes in the adult human

Stolt B O., 1980:
Directions of visible skylark alauda arvensis migration in east central sweden

Sardella D.J.; Mahathalang P.; Mariani H.A.; Boger E., 1980:
Directive effects of fluorine on deuterio deprotonation of di benzo a i pyrene

Martynov, S.P.; Gorodetskii, S.M., 1979:
Directive indices for elite plant selection 1. estimation of errors in genotype identification

Bedbrook J.R.; Lehrach H.; Ausubel F.M., 1979:
Directive segregation is the basis of col e 1 plasmid incompatibility

Duckitt J.H., 1983:
Directiveness and authoritarianism some research findings and a critical reappraisal

Israel A.C.; Raskin P.A., 1979:
Directiveness of instructions and modeling effects on production and persistence of donations by children

Bae J R.; Yoon G D., 1981:
Directivity characteristics of hydrophone used with the horns

Khatiashvilik N.M.; Lapuk V.A.; Kaverzneva E.D.; Chukhrova A.I., 1984:
Directivity of the effect of glycosidases of lymnaea stagnalis on the carbohydrate groups of the fc 5 region of immunoglobulins m

Sawayanagl, Y.; Nambu, N.; Nagai, T., 1982:
Directly compressed tablets containing chitin or chitosan in addition to mannitol

Masumoto K.; Nambu N.; Yoshida A.; Hayashi S.; Nagai T., 1983:
Directly compressed tablets containing water insoluble glucan and micro crystalline cellulose in addition to lactose

Imaizumi, H.; Nambu, N.; Nagai, T., 1983:
Directly compressed tablets of acetaminophen using several binding agents

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Directly observed nitrogen 15 nmr spectra of uniformly enriched proteins

Ackerman E.J.; Joachimiak A.; Klinghofer V.; Sigler P.B., 1985:
Directly photocrosslinked nucleotides joining transfer rna to aminoacyl transfer rna synthetase in methionine and tyrosine systems

Lin L S.; Meyer R.J., 1986:
Directly repeated 20 base pair sequence of plasmid r 1162 dna is required for replication expression of incompatibility and copy number control

Int Cancer Res Data Bank, 1977:
Directory of cancer research information resources

Wilson B.L.; Wilson W.K., 1977:
Directory of research grants 1978

Lucht W., 1984:
Dirhagus klapperichi new species a new eucnemid species from china coleoptera eucnemidae

Schilthuizen M., 1988:
Dirhagus lepidus new record found in the netherlands coleoptera eucnemidae

Smithers C.N., 1981:
Dirla pulleni new species psocoptera calopsocidae with comments on the position of the genus

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Dirofilaria cancrivori new species nematoda filarioidea from the crabdog procyon cancrivorus in guyana

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Dirofilaria from the index finger of a man in Costa Rica

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Dirofilaria immitis and dipetalonema reconditum in dogs from vitoria espirito santo brazil

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Dirofilaria immitis cell mediated and humoral immune responses in experimentally infected dogs

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Dirofilaria immitis comparison of cytosolic and mitochondrial glutamate dehydrogenases

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Dirofilaria immitis: experimental infections in the ferret (Mustela putorius furo)

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Dirofilaria immitis in dogs of surinam

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Dirofilaria immitis in gray foxes urocyon cinereoargenteus in illinois usa

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Dirofilaria immitis in red foxes vulpes vulpes in illinois usa

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Dirofilaria immitis in urocyon cinereoargenteus from southern illinois usa

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Dirofilaria immitis infection in the breast of a woman in japan

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Dirofilaria immitis leidy 1856 railliet et henry 1911 in dog

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Dirofilaria immitis on the island of tenerife some physiopathologic facts

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Dirofilaria immitis parasite specific humoral and cellular immune responses in experimentally infected dogs

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Dirofilaria immitis: performance and standardization of specific antibody immunoassays for filariasis

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Dirofilaria immitis physicochemical properties of immuno globulin g inducing antigen with special reference to the comparison with highly purified allergen

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Dirofilaria immitis surface properties of third stage and fourth stage larvae

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Dirofilaria macrodemos new species and dirofilaria panamensis new species nematoda filarioidea from central and south american sloths

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Dirofilaria scapiceps new record for new brunswick canada from the snowshoe hare lepus americanus struthopus

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Dirofilaria ursi like parasites acquired by humans in the northern usa and canada report of two cases and brief review

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Dirofilariasis in iowa usa coyotes

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Dirofilariasis in man in Canada

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Dirofilariasis in vulpes vulpes from southern illinois usa

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Dirofilariasis in wild canids from the gulf coastal prairies of texas and louisiana usa

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Dis aggregation and re aggregation of cells of the primitive metazoan trichoplax adhaerens

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Dis aggregation of brain polysomes after administration of lsd in vivo

Holbrook, L.; Brown, I.R., 1977:
Dis aggregation of brain polysomes after d lsd administration in vivo mechanism and effect of age and environment

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Dis aggregation of hydroxylapatite crystals

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Dis aggregation of mouse liver polysomes by cyclo phosphamide

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Dis aggregation of polysomes in fetal organs and maternal brain after administration of lsd in vivo

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Dis aggregatory action of phospho di esterase inhibitors

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Dis articulation and scattering of mammal skeletons

Cockshull K.E., 1982:
Dis budding and its effect on dry matter distribution in chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar bright golden anne

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Dis budding experiment on maritime pine

Walters, R.S.; Shigo, A.L., 1978:
Dis coloration and decay associated with para formaldehyde treated tap holes in sugar maple

Solomon, D.S.; Shigo, A.L., 1976:
Dis coloration and decay associated with pruning wounds on yellow birch

Lee, K.H.; Choe, W.K.; Pyeun, J.H.; Kim, M.N., 1976:
Dis coloration of canned boiled oyster

Nishigami, K., 1977:
Dis coloration of carotenoid pigments of rhodotorula bronchialis by oleic acid

Porter, W.C.; Pharr, D.M.; Kushman, L.J.; Pope, D.T., 1976:
Dis coloration of chilled sweet potato ipomoea batatas roots factors related to cultivar differences

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Dis coloration of processed peaches as influenced by succinic acid 2 2 di methyl hydrazide and ethephon

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Dis coloration of wool part 1 green dis coloration

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Dis coloration reaction of the dimer from aut oxidized methyl linolenate with lysine

Rosner, A.; Gressel, J.; Jakob, K.M., 1977:
Dis coordination of ribosomal rna metabolism during metabolic shifts of spirodela oligorrhiza plants

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Dis entangling type a behavior the roles of ambition insensitivity and anxiety

Pozzan, T.; Bragadin, M.; Azzone, F., 1977:
Dis equilibrium between steady state calcium ion accumulation ratio and membrane potential in mitochondria pathway and role of calcium ion efflux

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Dis equilibrium due to linkage in self fertilized populations

Matsuno K., 1980:
Dis equilibrium dynamics of autonomous systems and their structural transformation

Hastings A., 1981:
Dis equilibrium selection and recombination limits in 2 locus 2 allele models

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Dis habituation and spontaneous recovery of the electro dermal orienting response effects of extraversion impulsivity sociability and caffeine

Nakayama T.O.M.; Allen J.M.; Cummins S.; Wang Y.Y.D., 1983:
Dis infestation of dried foods by focused solar energy

Sproul, A.N., 1976:
Dis infestation of western australian granny smith apples by cold treatment against the egg and larval stages of the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata

Kryzhanovskii, G.N., 1978:
Dis inhibition and disintegration of systems in pathology

Gay, P.E., 1976:
Dis inhibition and external inhibition of response following septal lesion in rats

Gardner, D.R.; Moreton, R.B., 1978:
Dis inhibition caused by the molluscicide n trityl morpholine frescon in the nervous system of a fresh water snail

Breitmeyer, B.G., 1978:
Dis inhibition in metacontrast masking of vernier acuity targets sustained channels inhibit transient channels

Mayanskii D.N.; Shcherbakov V.I., 1983:
Dis inhibition of hepatocyte proliferation during functional changes in the res

Crowder R.G., 1982:
Dis inhibition of masking in auditory sensory memory

Mayanskii D.N.; Shcherbakov V.I.; Pravotorov G.V., 1983:
Dis inhibition of mononuclear phagocyte system by microbial stimulators

Truhaut R.; Lich N.P.; Cluet J.L.; Dutertre Catella H., 1979:
Dis mutation as a metabolic pathway transformation of tri methyl 3 5 5 cyclo hexanone

Blakley, R.L.; Cocco, L., 1984:
Dis mutation of di hydro folate by di hydro folate reductase ec

Wiltschko W.; Wiltschko R., 1981:
Dis orientation of inexperienced young pigeons after transportation in total darkness

Kobluk, D.R.; Bottjer, D.J.; Risk, M.J., 1977:
Dis orientation of paleozoic hemispherical corals and stromatoporoids

Reiss H D.; Herth W., 1982:
Dis oriented growth of pollen tubes of lilium longiflorum induced by prolonged treatment with the calcium chelating antibiotic chlortetracycline

Cohen, M.M., 1976:
Dis orienting effects of aircraft catapult launchings part 2 visual and postural contributions

Cohen, M.M., 1977:
Dis orienting effects of aircraft catapult launchings part 3 cockpit displays and piloting performance

Taylor, W.G.; Nakashima, T.T., 1984:
Dis stereomers of the insect repellent 3 acetyl 2 2' 6' dimethyl 5' heptenyl oxazolidine isolation by high pressure lipid chromatography and characterization by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy/

Horlein, U., 1977:
Dis symmetric n substituted derivatives of bispidine 3 7 di aza bi cyclo 3 3 1 nonane

Burdei G.D., 1981:
Dis symmetry of the external structure of the human spinal cord radicular bases and segments morphometric investigation

Rockmill, B.; Fogel, S., 1988:
DIS1: a yeast gene required for proper meiotic chromosome disjunction

Linder H.P., 1980:
Disa cardinalis new species orchidaceae from the cape province south africa

Bull J.P., 1985:
Disabilities caused by road traffic accidents and their relation to severity scores

Alberman, E.; Benson, J.; Kani, W., 1985:
Disabilities in survivors of low birthweight

Owens D.G.C.; Johnstone E.C., 1980:
Disabilities of chronic schizophrenia their nature and the factors contributing to their development

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Disabilities of the vertebral column of the recruits in the spanish armed forces

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Disability and health status the importance of longitudinal studies

Marsh, G.G., 1980:
Disability and intellectual function in multiple sclerosis patients

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Disability and use of rehabilitation services following stroke in rochester minnesota usa 1975 1979

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Disability as a predictor of outcome for the elderly in a department of internal medicine. A comparison of predictions based on index of ADL and physician predictions

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Disability assessment as a measure of progress in leprosy control

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Disability days associated with detection and treatment in a hypertension control program

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Disability, disease duration, and rehabilitation service needs in multiple sclerosis: patient perspectives

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Disability during psychic disturbances in the light of socio economic damage inflicted by it

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Disability from endometriosis in the usa army

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Disability grading in leprosy. Suggested modifications to the WHO disability grading form

Koller, W.; Biary, N.; Cone, S., 1986:
Disability in essential tremor: effect of treatment

Smith, W.C.; Antin, U.S.; Patole, A.R., 1980:
Disability in leprosy: a relevant measurement of progress in leprosy control

Sherrer, Y.S.; Bloch, D.A.; Mitchell, D.M.; Roth, S.H.; Wolfe, F.; Fries, J.F., 1987:
Disability in rheumatoid arthritis: comparison of prognostic factors across three populations

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Disability in the aging a prevalence study

Susset V.; Vobecky J.; Black R., 1979:
Disability outcome and self assessment of disabled persons an analysis of 506 cases

Schneider S.J., 1979:
Disability payments for psychiatric patients is patient assessment affected

Sonnenberg, A., 1985:
Disability pensions due to peptic ulcer in Germany between 1953 and 1983

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Disability prevalence in an urban community in relation to socio economic conditions

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Disability rating scale for severe head trauma: coma to community

Manning, D.P.; Ayers, I.M., 1987:
Disability resulting from underfoot first events

Sheikh, K., 1986:
Disability scales: assessment of reliability

Ben-Sira, Z., 1986:
Disability, stress and readjustment: the function of the professional's latent goals and affective behavior in rehabilitation

Colvez A.; Blanchet M., 1981:
Disability trends in the usa population 1966 1976 analysis of reported causes

Mitchell, J.C., 1976:
Disabled counselors: perception of their effectiveness in a therapeutic relationship

Kettle M., 1984:
Disabled people and accidents at work

Campbell, M.E.; Cull, J.G.; Hardy, R.E., 1986:
Disabled persons' attitudes toward disability

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Disabled population in ampur phyathai bangkok thailand

Miller, J.W.; McKenna, M.C., 1981:
Disabled readers: their intellectual and perceptual capacities at differing ages

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Disablement and disability of women after gynecological cancer operations

Edelmann, R.J.; Done, B.; Easterbrook, J.; Evans, J.; Foster, T.; Green, M., 1984:
Disablement and eye contact

Edelmann, R.J.; Scott, A.; Scott, J.; Singh, E.; Trotter, R.; Wright, M., 1984:
Disablement and helping

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Disablement and quality of life after stroke

Anderson, N.E.; Lynch, N.M.; O'Brien, K.P., 1985:
Disabling neurological complications of amiodarone

Jenike, M.A.; Armentano, M.E.; Baer, L., 1987:
Disabling obsessive thoughts responsive to antidepressants

Besson G.; Vallee B.; Mimassi N.; Person H.; Garre H., 1981:
Disabling segmental occlusion of the vertebral artery surgical treatment using a venous bypass from the external carotid to the c 1 c 2 portion of the vertebral artery 2 cases

Newman C.; Goldfried M.R., 1987:
Disabusing negative self efficacy expectations via experience feedback and discrediting

Calvin, R.T.; Klish, W.J.; Nichols, B.L., 1985:
Disaccharidase activities, jejunal morphology, and carbohydrate tolerance in children with chronic diarrhea

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Disaccharidase activity in intestine epithelium microvilli membranes of lambs during the first month after birth

Kinzel P.; Lojda Z.; Schwokowski C.F.; Wohlgemuth B., 1987:
Disaccharidases and peptidases of the intestinal mucosa after experimental subtotal small bowel resection with and without retardation of the passage

Lutkic A.; Sir S.; Varga L.; Primer S.; Turk R.; Shi L Y.; Persic M.; Votava A., 1985:
Disaccharidases in jejunal mucosa of children

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