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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5170

Chapter 5170 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wang C H., 1986:
Discussion on the convergence of mca method and applied in estimating the fishing intensity of indian ocean yellowfin tuna thunnus albacares

Xiao C., 1984:
Discussion on the diagnosis of mis diagnosis of 102 cases of diffuse miliary and mottled lesions of the lung

L.X., 1987:
Discussion on the essence of 5 flavors of chinese materia medica

Rakus, M., 1978:
Discussion on the existence of 2 distinct types of retractor muscle imprints in ammonites

X.Z.; Tao G., 1987:
Discussion on the method of systematic assessment to regional threatened plants and their prior conservation

Tomov, V., 1978:
Discussion on the nomenclature of 2 species of the genus cryptocephalus coleoptera chrysomelidae

Lopez Colon J.I., 1988:
Discussion on the occurrence of thorectes intermedius costa 1827 in the iberian peninsula description of thorectes intermedius hernandezi new subspecies coleoptera geotrupidae

Morel J.E., 1985:
Discussion on the state of water in the myofilament lattice and other biological systems based on the fact that the usual concepts of colloid stability cannot explain the stability of the myofilament lattice

Isobe Y.; Takiguchi S.; Shirotani N.; Mabuchi G.; Kuramitsu H.; Orihata H., 1986:
Discussion on the suitable dose of heparin in the central venous infusates

Bayssade Dufour C.; Maillard C., 1982:
Discussion on the taxonomic position of aphalloides coelomicola trematoda opisthorchioidea

Puissegur C., 1988:
Discussion on the taxonomic status of chrysocarabus auronitens fabricius and chrysocarabus punctoauratus germar according to the results of experimental hybridization studies the quasispecies concept coleoptera carabidae

Crescentini G.; Mangani F.; Mastrogiacomo A.R.; Cappiello A.; Bruner G., 1986:
Discussion on the tropospheric concentrations of fc 21

Monniot, C.; Monniot, F., 1988:
Discussion on the value of two ascidian genera with regard to new mediterranean species

Miyata, A., 1975:
Discussion on tollens reagent

Minato S.; Nara T.; Koizumi R.; Honjo S.; Kashiwa K.; Suzuki H.; Sodei B.; Ishikawa F.; Kamegai T.; Yagi M.; Seino Y., 1987:
Discussion with reference to relapse after maxillary and mandibular osteotomy

Wang X Z.; Zhou S F.; X.S.J., 1979:
Discussions on the paleo geography and paleo climatology of the late eocene and oligocene north jiangsu china

Meng Q., 1985:
Discussions on the problem of taxonomic characters of fan skates platyrhinidae platyrhina

Zhu H R.; Liu Z L.; Liu X X., 1981:
Discussions on the prokaryotic and eukaryotic fossil plants of the precambrian

Müller, N.L.; Staples, C.A.; Miller, R.R.; Vedal, S.; Thurlbeck, W.M.; Ostrow, D.N., 1987:
Disease activity in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: CT and pathologic correlation

Tumeh, S.S.; Aliabadi, P.; Weissman, B.N.; McNeil, B.J., 1987:
Disease activity in osteomyelitis: role of radiography

Isenberg, D.A.; Dudeney, C.; Williams, W.; Todd-Pokropek, A.; Stollar, B.D., 1988:
Disease activity in systemic lupus erythematosus related to a range of antibodies binding DNA and synthetic polynucleotides

Devereaux, M.D.; Parr, G.R.; Thomas, D.P.; Hazleman, B.L., 1985:
Disease activity indexes in rheumatoid arthritis; a prospective, comparative study with thermography

Schicke B.; Baldauf K.; Zur Horst Meyer H., 1981:
Disease and 2nd disease tables for breast carcinoma

Thorne E.T.; Williams E.S., 1988:
Disease and endangered species the black footed ferret as a recent example

Prothero, R.M., 1977:
Disease and mobility: a neglected factor in epidemiology

Lallo J.W., 1979:
Disease and mortality at the anderson village site ohio usa

Christensen N.H., 1986:
Disease and mortality in poultry in the shire highlands of southern malawi central african republic

Van Heerden J., 1986 :
Disease and mortality of captive wild dogs lycaon pictus

Jacobson, H.A.; Kirkpatrick, R.L.; Mcginnes, B.S., 1978:
Disease and physiologic characteristics of 2 cottontail populations in virginia usa

Dodd C.K.Jr, 1988:
Disease and population declines in the flattened musk turtle sternotherus depressus

Lings S.; Aagaard J., 1981:
Disease and traffic competence retrospective assessment of a physiatric clientele

Singh S.P.; Gupta J.S.; Sharma A.K., 1984:
Disease appraisal and crop loss estimates in coriander coriandrum sativum attacked by protomyces macrosporus in uttar pradesh india

Heather, W.A., 1976:
Disease as a consideration in the thinning of coniferous forests

Roberts, S.J.; Maddox, J.V.; Bartell, D.P.; Armbrust, E.J., 1977:
Disease as a larval mortality factor in alfalfa weevil hypera postica coleoptera curculionidae populations in illinois usa

Bespal'ko, I.G., 1978:
Disease as an aspect of the system

Kucherenko V.Z.; Suvorov S.V.; Kudrina V.G., 1980:
Disease associated occupational unsuitability of railroad workers and their social and occupational rehabilitation

Lindgard B., 1986:
Disease associated with psoriasis in a general population of 159200 middle aged urban native swedes

Lewis, R.R.; Beasley, M.G.; Gosling, R.G., 1979:
Disease at the carotid bifurcation: diagnosis by Doppler ultrasound imaging

Sztojkov V.; Saghy E.; Meder M.; Horvath I.; Wieland F., 1985:
Disease caused by a papovavirus among budgerigars melopsittacus undulatus in hungary

Bolkan H.A.; Dianese J.C.; Ribeiro W.R.C.; D.A.meida O.C., 1980:
Disease caused by cylindrocladium on potato solanum tuberosum tubers in brazil

Marshall, T.; Knox, E.G., 1980:
Disease concordance and sex similarity in twins

Zamri Saad M.; Sheikh Omar A.R.; Chooi K.F.; Chulan U., 1987:
Disease conditions of goats in serdang selangor malaysia

Van Der Pas J.B.; Bulman L.; Horgan G.P., 1984:
Disease control by aerial spraying of dothistroma pini in tended stands of pinus radiata in new zealand

Mccormick, J.B.; Fraser, D.W., 1978:
Disease control programs in the usa control of streptococcal and post streptococcal disease

Fleming, R.A.; Person, C.O., 1978:
Disease control through use of multi lines a theoretical contribution

Reddy M.N.; Rao A.S., 1981:
Disease cycle involved in damping off of groundnut arachis hypogaea caused by rhizoctonia solani

Thomas, C.E., 1977:
Disease development and sporulation of pseudoperonospora cubensis on susceptible and resistant cantaloupes

Freemont, A.J.; Denton, J., 1985:
Disease distribution of synovial fluid mast cells and cytophagocytic mononuclear cells in inflammatory arthritis

Langer, H.E.; Birth, U., 1988:
Disease education in rheumatoid arthritis 3. efficacy and negative side effects of a patient education program for rheumatoid arthritis

Alexander, D., 1982:
Disease epidemiology and earthquake disaster the example of southern italy after the nov. 23 1980 earthquake

Stramm, L.; Haskins, M.; Desnick, R.J.; Aguirre, G., 1985:
Disease expression in cultured pigment epithelium. Feline mucopolysaccharidosis VI

Rieger F.; Cross D.; Peterson A.; Pincon Raymond M.; Tretjakoff I., 1984:
Disease expression in normal phenotype to muscular dysgenesis mosaic mouse chimeras evidence for an extramuscular component in the pathogenesis of dysgenic abnormal diaphragm innervation and skeletal muscle 16s acetylcholinesterase deficiency

Nutter F.W.; Cole H.Jr; Schein R.D., 1983:
Disease forecasting system for warm weather pythium blight of turf grass

Kelemen E.; Janossa M.; Varadi G., 1986:
Disease free survival among adult acute non lymphoblastic leukemia patients

Fisher B.; Redmond C.; Wolmark N.; Wieand H.S., 1981:
Disease free survival at intervals during and following completion of adjuvant chemo therapy the national surgical adjuvant breast and bowel project usa experience from 3 breast cancer protocols

Bendixen, P.H.; Vilson, B.; Ekesbo, I.; Astrand, D.B., 1988:
Disease frequencies in dairy cows in sweden v. mastitis

Bendixen, P.H.; Vilson, B.; Ekesbo, I.; Astrand, D.B., 1988:
Disease frequencies in dairy cows in sweden vi. tramped teat

Bendixen, P.H.; Vilson, B.; Ekesbo, I.; Astrand, D.B., 1986:
Disease frequencies in swedish dairy cows i. dystocia

Bendixen P.H.; Vilson B.; Ekesbo I.; Astrand D.B., 1986:
Disease frequencies of tied zero grazing dairy cows and of dairy cows on pasture during summer and tied during winter

Kasbohrer M.; Hoffmann G.M.; Fischbeck G., 1988:
Disease frequency as a threshold for control of powdery mildew erysiphe graminis f sp tritici on wheat

Lascaud, D.; Grillot, R.; Goullier, A.; Ambroise-Thomas, P.; Perdrix, A.; Dell'accio, P.; Paramelle, B., 1975:
Disease from humidifiers in industrial environments etiological epidemiological and prophylactic problems

Shandera W.X.; Johnston J.M.; Davis B.R.; Blake P.A., 1983:
Disease from infection with vibrio mimicus a newly recognized vibrio species clinical characteristics and epidemiology

John, V.T.; Reddy, A.P.K.; Amin, K.S., 1978:
Disease garden a technique for evaluating rice diseases simultaneously for resistance

Schmidt R.A.; Carey W.A.; Hollis C.A., 1982:
Disease gradients of fusiform rust on oak quercus nigra seedlings exposed to a natural source of aecio spore inoculum

Melby, H.P.; Aursjø, J.; Binde, M.; Grønstøl, H., 1986:
Disease in 27 Norwegian dairy goat farms

Gilles K.W.; Pearse J.S., 1986 :
Disease in sea urchins strongylocentrotus purpuratus experimental infection and bacterial virulence

Dowd, S.B., 1982:
Disease in the elderly: social factors

Gitschlag, K.F.; Sandler, M.A.; Madrazo, B.L.; Hricak, H.; Eyler, W.R., 1982:
Disease in the femoral triangle: sonographic appearance

Gieffers, W.; Hesselbach, J., 1988:
Disease incidence and yield of different cereal cultivars in pure stands and mixtures i. spring barley hordeum vulgare l

Gieffers, W.; Hesselbach, J., 1988:
Disease incidence and yield of different cereal cultivars in pure stands and mixtures ii. winter barley hordeum vulgare l

Gieffers, W.; Hesselbach, J., 1988:
Disease incidence and yield of different cereal cultivars in pure stands and mixtures iii. winter wheat triticum aestivum l

Gieffers, W.; Hesselbach, J., 1988:
Disease incidence and yield of different cereal cultivars in pure stands and mixtures iv. winter rye secale cereale l

Gieffers, W.; Hesselbach, J., 1988:
Disease incidence and yield of different cereal cultivars in pure stands and mixtures v. comparative analysis for cultivar mixtures of barley wheat and rye 1984 1986

Latorre B.A., 1983:
Disease incidence gradient and the effect of seedbed infection on potato virus y outbreaks in tobacco nicotiana tabacum

E.D.rdiri N.I.; Damir H.A.; Wahbi A.A., 1986:
Disease incidence in donkeys equus asinus asinus with emphasis on strongyle infection

Schwehr R.D.; Gardner W.A., 1982:
Disease incidence in fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda and corn earworm heliothis zea populations attacking grain sorghum

So, I.Y.; Lee, S.H.; Kim, H.M.; Lee, W.H., 1981:
Disease incidences in radish and chinese cabbage 1. major diseases in radish and chinese cabbage grown in alpine areas in jeonbug province korea

Gottwald T.R.; Cameron H.R., 1980:
Disease increase and the dynamics of spread of canker caused by anisogramma anomala in european filbert corylus avellana in the pacific northwest usa

Adelusi A.A.; Lawanson A.O., 1987:
Disease induced changes in carotenoid content of edible yams dioscorea spp infected by botryodiplodia theobromae and aspergillus niger

Santakumari M.; Reddy C.R.G., 1986:
Disease induced changes in hydrocyanic acid content of sorghum

Hoisington, D.A.; Neuffer, M.G.; Walbot, V., 1982:
Disease lesion mimics in maize zea mays 1. effect of genetic background temperature developmental age and wounding on necrotic spot formation with les 1

Benson D.M.; Jones R.K.; Barker K.R., 1982:
Disease loss assessment for azalea rhododendron and japanese holly ilex crenata in north carolina usa nurseries

Stack R.W.; Horst R.K.; Nelson P.E.; Langhans R.W., 1979:
Disease losses in carnations infected with gibberella zeae

Guerrero O.G.; Lopez G.M., 1980:
Disease losses in the potato cultivar ica purace as the result of inoculation with potato virus x potato virus y and potato leafroll virus

Fry W.E.; Apple A.E., 1986:
Disease management implications of age related changes in susceptibility of potato foliage to phytophthora infestans

Haverkos, H.W.; Pinsky, P.F.; Drotman, D.P.; Bregman, D.J., 1985:
Disease manifestation among homosexual men with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: a possible role of nitrites in Kaposi's sarcoma

Dowling, P.C.; Cook, S.D., 1976:
Disease markers in acute multiple sclerosis

Jeger M.J., 1981:
Disease measurement in a study of apple scab venturia inaequalis epidemics

Magori A.; Ormosh E.; Sonkodi S., 1980:
Disease of dense basal membranes

Bubnova, N.I., 1978:
Disease of hyaline membranes in new born babies idiopathic respiratory disorder syndrome in new borns

Berzaghi, C., 1975:
Disease of lacquer tree caused by fusarium sp study of raw material collected from disease trees and resistant plant selection

Alabi R.O., 1986:
Disease of mango mangifera indica fruits caused by dothiorella dominicana

Peterson, G.W., 1976:
Disease of russian olive caused by botryodiplodia theobromae

Masso-Bolivar, J.M., 1978:
Disease of the digestive gland of the oyster ostrea edulis in the lower inlets

Cuthbert, D.; Chaun, H.; Frolich, J.; Chung, W.B., 1977:
Disease of the liver associated with alpha 1 anti trypsin deficiency

Anastasatu C.; Morgestern H.; Dutu S., 1986:
Disease of the small airways as post tuberculosis syndrome

Cornwell P.B.; Mendes M.F., 1981:
Disease organisms carried by oriental cockroaches blatta orientalis in relation to acceptable standards of hygiene

Reardon, R.C.; Podgwaite, J.D., 1976:
Disease parasitoid relationships in natural populations of lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae in the northeastern usa

Dyggve, H.; Kodahl, T., 1979:
Disease pattern among 942 mentally retarded persons in a Danish county

Nielsen B.; Petersen P.; Benjaminsen S., 1987:
Disease pattern referral and treatment in a psychiatric casualty ward

Reeve, P.A.; Falkner, M.J., 1986:
Disease patterns in a rural black population

Mackay, D.M., 1977:
Disease patterns in tea garden workers in bangladesh

Kaneene J.B.; Taylor R.F.; Sikarskie J.G.; Meyer T.J.; Richter N.A., 1985:
Disease patterns in the detroit zoo royal oak michigan usa a study of reptilian and amphibian populations from 1973 through 1983

Kaneene J.B.; Taylor R.F.; Sikarskie J.G.; Meyer T.J.; Richter N.A., 1985:
Disease patterns in the detroit zoo royal oak michigan usa a study of the avian population from 1973 through 1983

Kaneene J.B.; Taylor R.F.; Sikarskie J.G.; Meyer T.J.; Richter N.A., 1985:
Disease patterns in the detroit zoo royal oak michigan usa a study of the mammalian population from 1973 through 1983

Szubert Z.; Wilczynska U.; Szeszenia Dabrowska N., 1988:
Disease prevalence among textile industry workers evaluated from cross sectional studies and sickness absenteeism data

Farver T.B., 1987:
Disease prevalence estimation in animal populations using two stage sampling designs

Delves-Broughton, J.; Poupard, C.W., 1976:
Disease problems of prawns in re circulation systems in the united kingdom

Bang F.B., 1982:
Disease processes in sea stars a metchnikovian challenge

Ivanova M.M., 1985:
Disease prognosis and treatment of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in different age groups

Kidambi R.D.; Lutz A.L.; Van Alfen N.K., 1985:
Disease progress and epidemiology of crown rot of spring barley in utah usa

Pfender W.F.; Hagedorn D.J., 1983:
Disease progress and yield loss in aphanomyces root rot of peas pisum sativum cultivar perfection 82221

Pretorius Z.A., 1983:
Disease progress and yield response in spring wheat cultivars and lines infected with puccinia graminis f sp tritici

Barrett J.A., 1981:
Disease progress curves and dispersal gradients in multi lines

Fried P.M.; Mackenzie D.R.; Nelson R.R., 1979:
Disease progress curves of erysiphe graminis f sp tritici on chancellor wheat and 4 multi lines

Jeger, M.J.; Jones, D.G.; Griffiths, E., 1981:
Disease progress of nonspecialized fungal pathogens in intraspecific mixed stands of cereal cultivars 2. field experiments

Martin R.A., 1985:
Disease progression and yield loss in barley hordeum vulgare associated with net blotch as influenced by fungicide seed treatment

Hunter, J.M.; Arbona, S., 1984:
Disease rate as an artifact of the health care system: tuberculosis in Puerto Rico

Lawson V.F.; Summers W.L., 1984:
Disease reaction of diverse sources of lycopersicon to xanthomonas campestris pathovar vesicatoria pepper strain race 2

Miller J.C.Jr; O'hair S.K.; Toler R.W., 1981:
Disease reactions of cowpea introductions following infection with the cowpea strain of southern bean mosaic virus

Okereke, T.A., 1976:
Disease relationships of arthropods in Africa with particular reference to mites and ticks

Louie R.; Darrah L.L., 1980:
Disease resistance and yield loss to sugarcane mosaic virus in east african adapted maize zea mays

Klenke J.R.; Russell W.A.; Guthrie W.D.; Martinson C.A.; Pedersen W.L., 1987:
Disease resistance in five cycles of bs9 corn synthetic selected for resistance to two generations of european corn borer

Valkoun J.; Hammer K.; Kucerova D.; Bartos P., 1985:
Disease resistance in the genus aegilops stem rust leaf rust stripe rust and powdery mildew

Gras, M.A., 1980:
Disease resistance in wheat 1. triticum dicoccum as a source of genetic factors against rust and mildew

Pasquini, M., 1980:
Disease resistance in wheat 2. behavior of aegilops species with respect to puccinia recondita f sp tritici puccinia graminis f sp tritici and erysiphe graminis f sp tritici

Evans, D.A.; Flick, C.E.; Jensen, R.A., 1981:
Disease resistance: incorporation into sexually incompatible somatic hybrids of the genus Nicotiana

Mitev S.; Ivanova I., 1986:
Disease resistance of high lysine maize lines with mealy and modified endosperm type

Langcake P., 1981:
Disease resistance of vitis spp and the production of the stress metabolites resveratrol epsilon viniferin alpha viniferin and ptero stilbene

Paguio O.R.; Boerma H.R.; Kuhn C.W., 1987:
Disease resistance virus concentration and agronomic performance of soybean infected with cowpea chlorotic mottle virus

Stoilov, M.; Popov, A., 1976:
Disease resistant corn mutations induced by ionizing radiation

Gillham, F.E.M.; Wark, D.C.; Harrigan, E.K.S., 1977:
Disease resistant flue cured tobacco breeding lines for north queensland part 1 resistance to blue mold peronospora tabacina

Gillham, F.E.M.; Harrigan, E.K.S., 1977 :
Disease resistant flue cured tobacco breeding lines for north queensland part 2 resistance to bacterial wilt pseudomonas solanacearum and black shank phytophthora nicotianae var nicotianae

Parisi L.; Picard E., 1986:
Disease response of doubled haploid lines and their original cultivars in wheat triticum aestivum

Anzola D.; Romaine C.P.; Gregory L.V.; Ayers J.E., 1982:
Disease response of sweet corn zea mays hybrids derived from dent corn resistant to maize dwarf mosaic virus

Nikolova S., 1981:
Disease risk in production and processing of natural zeolites

Reddy, M.A.R.; Puri, Y.N.; Singh, S.; Pandey, P.C.; Ram-Reddy, M.A., 1975:
Disease situation in indian forests potentially dangerous foliage diseases

Li, Y.; Golemis, E.; Hartley, J.W.; Hopkins, N., 1987:
Disease specificity of nondefective Friend and Moloney murine leukemia viruses is controlled by a small number of nucleotides

Alexander H.M.; Antonovics J., 1988:
Disease spread and population dynamics of anther smut infection of silene alba caused by the fungus ustilago violacea

Jeger M.J.; Jones D.G.; Griffiths E., 1983:
Disease spread of nonspecialized fungal pathogens from inoculated point sources in intraspecific mixed stands of cereal cultivars

Sinclair W.A.; Sylvia D.M.; Larsen A.O., 1982:
Disease suppression and growth promotion in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings by the ecto mycorrhizal fungus laccaria laccata

Rouxel, F.; Alabouvette, C.; Louvet, J., 1979:
Disease suppressiveness of soils 4. role of native fusarium in the suppressiveness of a soil to fusarium wilt of melons

Ato M.; Sekiguchi S.; Suzuki H.; Nishikai M.; Matsumoto H., 1984:
Disease susceptibility and hla antigens and gm allotypes

Machowicz Stefaniak Z., 1979:
Disease symptoms occurring in caterpillars of malacosoma neustria lepidoptera infected by some fungi

Hills F.J.; Worker G.F.Jr, 1983:
Disease thresholds and increases in fall sucrose yield related to powdery mildew of sugar beet beta vulgaris in california usa

Potterat, J.J.; Dukes, R.L.; Rothenberg, R.B., 1987:
Disease transmission by heterosexual men with gonorrhea: an empiric estimate

Bashan Y.; Okon Y., 1986:
Diseased leaf lyophilization a method for long term prevention of loss of virulence in phytopathogenic bacteria

Botzenhart K.; Kampe A.A.; Streib R., 1988:
Diseases acquire by using swimming pools results of an inquiry

Hinorhara S.; Takahashi T.; Suzuki S.; Matsuyama M.; Kawamura N.; Shinozuka T.; Hata J.; Tanabe T.; Tamachi H.; Goto Y., 1981:
Diseases and cancer rate of automated multiphasic health testing and services examinees in the tokai university hospital japan

Conway K.E.; Morrison L.S., 1983:
Diseases and decay fungi in windbreaks in oklahoma usa

Kim Y.H.; Yun C.J.; Cho H.M.; Kang S.J.; Kim S.C.; Kim C.H., 1981:
Diseases and insects of the korean wild filberts

Larsson, R., 1977:
Diseases and parasites of insects mechanisms of infection parasitism and defense

Gregory M.W., 1981:
Diseases and parasites of the central african hedgehog erinaceus albiventris

Kesten L.A.; Kuchmi N.P., 1980:
Diseases and pests of geraniums

Al'muratov N.N.; Amirkhanov Zh, 1983:
Diseases and pests of kochia prostrata in the southern balkhash lake area kazakh ssr ussr

Gessler C.; Mauri G., 1987:
Diseases and pests of the plane tree situation in ticino southern switzerland

Yamashita, H., 1976:
Diseases and surgical pathology in rift valley province kenya

Craighead J.E.; Kleinerman J.; Abraham J.L.; Gibbs A.R.; Green F.H.Y.; Harley R.A.; Ruettner J.R.; Vallyathan N.V.; Juliano E.B., 1988:
Diseases associated with exposure to silica and nonfibrous silicate minerals

Bunderson E.D.; Weber D.J.; Nelson D.L., 1986:
Diseases associated with juniperus osteosperma and a model for predicting their occurrence with environmental site factors

Lindegard B., 1985:
Diseases associated with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy a population cohort study of 159200 middle aged urban native swedes observed over 10 years 1970 1979

Gowing, D.P.; Baniabbassi, N., 1975:
Diseases at the haft tappeh cane sugar division khuzestan iran

Van-Elven, E.H.; Agterberg, J.; Sadal, S.; Gleichmann, E., 1981:
Diseases caused by reactions of t lymphocytes to incompatible structures of the major histo compatibility complex 2. auto antibodies deposited along the basement membrane of skin and their relationship to immune complex glomerulo nephritis

Van-Der-Veen, J.P.W.; Rolink, A.G.; Gleichmann, E., 1981:
Diseases caused by reactions of t lymphocytes to incompatible structures of the major histo compatibility complex 3. auto antibodies to thymocytes

Van-Der-Veen, F.; Rolink, A.G.; Gleichmann, E., 1981:
Diseases caused by reactions of t lymphocytes to incompatible structures of the major histo compatibility complex 4. auto antibodies to nuclear antigens

Van-Elven, E.H.; Van-Der-Veen, F.M.; Rolink, A.G.; Issa, P.; Duin, T.M.; Gleichmann, E., 1981:
Diseases caused by reactions of t lymphocytes to incompatible structures of the major histo compatibility complex 5. high titers of immuno globulin g auto antibodies to double stranded dna

Rolink, A.G.; Gleichmann, H.; Gleichmann, E., 1982:
Diseases caused by reactions of t lymphocytes to incompatible structures of the major histo compatibility complex 7. immune complex glomerulo nephritis

Van-Rappard-Van-Der-Veen, A.G.R.; Gleichmann, E., 1982:
Diseases caused by reactions of t lymphocytes towards incompatible structures of the major histo compatibility complex 6. auto antibodies characteristic of systemic lupus erythematosus induced by abnormal t cell b cell cooperation across i e

Gleichmann, E.; Gleichmann, H., 1976:
Diseases caused by reactions of thymus derived lymphocytes to incompatible structures of the major histo compatibility complex part 1 auto immune hemolytic anemia

Davidson W.R.; Nettles V.F.; Couvillion C.E.; Howerth E.W., 1985:
Diseases diagnosed in wild turkeys meleagris gallopavo on the southeastern usa

D.L.Maza L.M., 1985:
Diseases due to chlamydia

Murao M., 1982:
Diseases in the peripheral airway

Blancou, J.; Barrat, J.; Devaud, J.P.; Vannier, P.; Gourreau, J.M., 1987:
Diseases in the wild boar sus scrofa l. present state of knowledge in france

Welling, B.; Nielsen, G.C.; Nielsen, B.J., 1984:
Diseases in winter wheat 1. leaf blotch septoria tritici

Welling, B.; Nielsen, B.J., 1985:
Diseases in winter wheat 2. glume blotch septoria nodorum

Mccarter S.M.; Kays S.J., 1984:
Diseases limiting production of jerusalem artichokes helianthus tuberosus cultivar mammoth french white in georgia usa

Hekali P.; Haapanen E.; Lempinen M., 1982:
Diseases mimicking thrombosis of the limb a retrospective radiological study

Gray F.A.; Haaland R.L.; Clark E.M.; Ball D.M., 1980:
Diseases of alfalfa medicago sativa in alabama usa

Prave M., 1979:
Diseases of birds swine ruminants and equines transmissible to man

Tomilin A.G.; Bliznyuk Y.I., 1981:
Diseases of bottle nosed dolphins in captivity

Johnstone, G.R., 1978 :
Diseases of broad bean vicia faba major and green pea pisum sativum in tasmania caused by subterranean clover red leaf virus

Kernkamp, M.F.; Kroll, R.; Woodruff, W.C., 1976:
Diseases of cultivated wild rice in minnesota

Karahan O.; Maden S., 1980:
Diseases of elms ulmus spp and poplars populus spp in central anatolia turkey and the causal agent

Weiss K.M., 1985:
Diseases of environmental transition in amerindians and related peoples

Rao, V.G., 1977:
Diseases of fiber crops in india

Zummo, N., 1977:
Diseases of giant witchweed striga hermonthica in west africa

Cole, D.L., 1981:
Diseases of groundnut arachis hypogaea 1. fungicide spray effects on cercospora arachidicola and phoma arachidicola leaf infection kernel yield and pod rots

Cole, D.L.; Chingombe, P.T., 1981:
Diseases of groundnut arachis hypogaea 2. comparison of 4 sprayers for the control of cercospora arachidicola and phoma arachidicola

Oppong E.N.W., 1979:
Diseases of horses and donkeys in ghana 1909 1975

Moiseeva T.S.; Isakova N.I., 1983:
Diseases of large white cabbage butterfly and small white cabbage butterfly larvae infected with natural pathogens

W.W S., 1979:
Diseases of lawn grass zoysia tenuifolia

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Diseases of rodents and lagomorphs transmissible to man

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Diseases of sunflower at the area of sombor yugoslavia in the period 1982 1985

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Diseases of tamarins kept in a colony

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Diseases of the Achilles tendon

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Diseases of the arterial system and their surgical treatment

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Diseases of the bovine digits a pathoanatomical investigation

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Diseases of the breast in young women

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Diseases of the elderly analysis of the hospitalized elderly over 60 years in the university clinical center of ljubljana yugoslavia in 1982

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Diseases of the hip. A comparative study of Japanese Oriental and American white patients

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Diseases of the locomotor system in agricultural workers

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Diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses in cleft palates

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Diseases of the nose throat and ear

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Diseases of the oral mucosa of aging people

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Diseases of the proximal fallopian tube association with external peritoneal and ovarian lesions a group of 91 cases

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Diseases of the respiratory system among women of working age in bulgaria

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Diseases of the respiratory system in cats

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Diseases of the stem bases of winter rye grown on light soil biological and economic effects of chemical control measures

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Diseases of the strawberry in mexico

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Diseases of tooth and jaw in aging elk alces alces comparative parodontology

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Diseases of uropoetic system in children in sonographic examination

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Diseases of winter oil seed rape occurrence effects and control

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Diseases of winter wheat ears on irrigated lands

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Diseases parasites and toxic responses of commercial penaeid shrimps of the gulf of mexico and south atlantic coasts of north america

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Diseases provoked with microorganisms by some lymantriidae in yugoslavia and their importance for entomo fauna

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Diseases sometimes associated with psoriasis part 2 alopecia areata

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Diseases transmitted by foods contaminated by waste water

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Diseases transmitted by insects in french guiana

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Diseases transmitted from pets to man: an evolving concern for veterinarians

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Disequilibrium between disease resistance variants and allozyme loci in an annual legume

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Disequilibrium in the malate dehydrogenase reaction in rat liver mitochondria in vivo

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Disequilibrium in tow locus mutation selection balance models

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Disequilibrium pattern analysis. I. Theory

Klitz, W.; Thomson, G., 1987:
Disequilibrium pattern analysis. II. Application to Danish HLA A and B locus data

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Disequilibrium pH and ammonia transport in isolated perfused cortical collecting ducts

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Disequilibrium syndrome in the treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis

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Disequilibrium theory applied to hemoglobin

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Disfiguring dental fluorosis in auckland new zealand

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Disfluencies at the onset of stuttering

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Disfluencies of normally speaking 2 year old children

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Dishabituation and sensitization emerge as separate processes during development in Aplysia

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Disinfectant efficacy of peracetic acid on tables and in laboratory facilities i. virucide action

Gonzalez, M.; Barrera, M.; Tablada, L.M., 1985:
Disinfectant efficacy of peracetic acid on tables and in laboratory facilities ii. mycocide action

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Disinfectant testing with bacillus anthracis spores

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Disinfecting capabilities of oxychlorine compounds

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Disinfecting effects of ammonia on helminth eggs trichocephalus muris and diphyllobothrium latum and enterobacteria

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Disinfecting endoscopes: how not to transmit Mycobacterium tuberculosis by bronchoscopy

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Disinfecting water with a mixture of free chlorine and an organic n halamine

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Disinfection and a radioactively contaminated environment

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Disinfection and sterilization of thermolabile instruments by gaseous formaldehyde

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Disinfection definitions general principles

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Disinfection during enzootic abortion of ewes

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Disinfection efficiencies of chlorine and chlorine di oxide in a gravity flow contactor

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Disinfection for eye surgery

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Disinfection for potable reuse

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Disinfection in 2 kindergartens bacteriological results

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Disinfection in hospitals 4. effectiveness of hand disinfection in removing transient and resident flora

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Disinfection in upper digestive tract endoscopy in britain uk

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Disinfection of anesthesia and resuscitation materials methods and limits

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Disinfection of animal bone with ethylene oxide gas

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Disinfection of anion exchange resins in the combined ion exchange biological denitrification process part ii effect on resin capacity

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Disinfection of bacteria attached to granular activated carbon

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Disinfection of circulating water systems by uv light and halogenation

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Disinfection of endoscopes using new washer model ew 10

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Disinfection of gastrointestinal fiberscopes an evaluation of the pauldrach endocleaner and various chemical agents

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Disinfection of hatchery water supply by uv irradiation 3. effect of disinfection of hatchery water supply by uv irradiation on hatching rate of salmonid eggs

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Disinfection of hatchery water supply by uv irradiation 5. uv susceptibility of some fish pathogenic fungi

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Disinfection of hatchery water supply by uv irradiation part 1 susceptibility of some fish pathogenic bacterium and microorganisms inhabiting pond waters

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Disinfection of low quality wastewaters by uv irradiation

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Disinfection of Marek's disease virus in poultry dust

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Disinfection of metal and plastic pelvic specula in general practice

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Disinfection of microorganisms in a yeast tank using sterilizers during waste water treatment

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Disinfection of municipal waste water effluents with uv light

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Disinfection of municipal waste water with gamma radiation

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Disinfection of oreochromis mossambicus eggs against commonly occurring potentially pathogenic bacteria and fungi under artificial hatchery conditions

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Disinfection of secondary effluent with ozone uv

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Disinfection of sewage by uv irradiation

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Disinfection of sewage sludge a review

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Disinfection of stocking fabrics and leather samples contaminated with Candida albicans and other yeasts

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Disinfection of stocking fabrics and leather samples contaminated with Trichophyton rubrum and other dermatophytes

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Disinfection of surgical silk with decamethoxin, antibiotics and their combinations

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Disinfection of surgical wounds without inhibition of normal wound healing

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Disinfection of the causative agent of contagious equine metritis by nolvasan and roccal ii

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Disinfection of the flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope against mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium gordonae

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Disinfection of upper gastro intestinal fiber optic endoscopy equipment an evaluation of a cetrimide chlorhexidine solution and glutaraldehyde

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Disinfection of waste water by photodynamic oxidation

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Disinfection of waste water effluent by chlorination

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Disinfection of water and sewage by a combination of uv radiation and chlorine treatment

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Disinfection of water in a medical therapy pool with uv irradiation

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Disinfection of water pros and cons

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Disinfection of water with quaternary ammonium salts insolubilized on a porous glass surface

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Disinfection studies with 2 strains of mouse passaged scrapie agent guidelines for creutzfeldt jakob and related agents

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Disinfection vs. sterilization of gynecologic laparoscopy equipment the experience of the phoenix arizona usa surgicenter

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Disinfection water quality control and safety practices of the water utility industry in 1978 in the usa

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Disinfection with poly vinyl pyrrolidone iodine prior to eye surgery

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Disinfestation of commercially packed dates by a combination treatment

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Disinfesting black currant cuttings of synanthedon tipuliformis using the insect parasitic nematode neoaplectana bibionis

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Disinhibition as a basic process in the expression of striatal functions 1. the striato nigral influence on tecto spinal tecto diencephalic neurons

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Disinhibition as a basic process in the expression of striatal functions 2. the striato nigral influence on thalamocortical cells of the ventromedial thalamic nucleus

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Disinhibition of nucleus accumbens neurons by the dopamine d 2 receptor agonist ly 141865 prevented by 6 hydroxydopamine pretreatment

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Disinhibition of oocyte growth in adult virgin periplaneta americana by corpus allatum denervation age dependency and relatedness to mating

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Disintegration and fractionation of barley chloroplast membranes at different concentrations of digitonin and chloroplasts

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Disintegration durability and forensic information from empty fly pupa cases

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Disintegration of a pancreatic duct stone with extracorporeal shock waves in a patient with chronic pancreatitis

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Disintegration of chicken erythrocyte hemo globin ingested by guinea pig macrophages in vivo

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Disintegration of chloroplasts during zygote formation in spirogyra verruculosa

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Disintegration of human spermatozoa in flow cytometry of semen

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Disintegration of microorganisms and preparation of yeast cell walls in a new type of inst disintegrator escherichia coli aspergillus niger basidiomyces sp

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Disintegration of nuclei in the apical region of avena sativa coleoptile

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Disintegration of nucleoskeletal elements by metrizamide 2 molar salt isopycnic centrifugation

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Disintegration of poly n alpha n epsilon terephthaloyl l lysine micro capsules by alkyl pyridinium chlorides

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Disintegration of poly n alpha n epsilon terephthaloyl l lysine micro capsules by poly di allyldimethyl ammonium chloride

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Disintegration of red cell membrane cytoskeleton by hemin

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Disintegration of red clover mottle virus virions under different conditions of storage in vitro

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Disintegration of the chloroplast membrane system by repeated fragmentation with digitonin

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Disintegrative psychosis of childhood teenage follow up

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Disjunct distributions of 2 aquatic predators

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Disjunct hepaticae in tropical america and africa

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Disjunct synchronic populations of 17 year periodical cicadas relicts or evidence of polyphyly?

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Disjunction types and their frequencies in 2 hetero zygous reciprocal translocations of blattella germanica

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Disjunctions of montane forest birds in the afrotropical region

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Disjunctive arousal changes as a consequence of nondrug clinical intervention

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Disk diffusion susceptibility testing of Branhamella catarrhalis with ampicillin and seven other antimicrobial agents

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Disk diffusion susceptibility testing of the Bacteroides fragilis group

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Disk diffusion susceptibility testing of two macrolide antimicrobial agents: revised interpretive criteria for erythromycin and preliminary guidelines for roxithromycin (RU 965)

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Disk method for measuring effects of neurohypophyseal hormones on urea permeability of toad bufo marinus bladder

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Disk susceptibility of ofloxacin, a new carboxyquinolone

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Disking and seeding effects on sod bound mixed prairie

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Diskitis: a prospective diagnostic analysis

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Diskogenic vertebral sclerosis: MR imaging

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Dislocated femoral neck fractures in the elderly a comparison of 3 methods of treatment

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Dislocated fragments of sesamoid bones of the interosseous muscles may cause lameness in dogs

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Dislocated lesions of the pelvic ring indication and method for operative stabilization

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Dislocation and fracture dislocation of hip joints treated by traditional bone setters in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

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Dislocation arthropathy of the shoulder

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Dislocation fractures of Lisfrank's joint

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Dislocation of an endoscopic endo esophageal prosthesis into the distal ileum report of a case

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Dislocation of fragments and indication for operative therapy in segmental radial head fractures

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Dislocation of heavy metals along the highway bratislava malacky czechoslovakia 1. lead cadmium and zinc content in the soil

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Dislocation of sialic acid on erythrocyte membranes by anesthetics and its blocking by sulfhydryl reagents colchicine or cytochalasin b

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Dislocation of the elbow joint

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Dislocation of the knee a serious threat to the popliteal artery

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Dislocation of the knee joint with arterial rupture following trampoline jumping

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Dislocation of the lunare report of 8 cases

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Dislocation of the tarsometatarsal joints

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Dislocation of the trapezium (multangulum majus). A case report

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Dislocation of trapezoid

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Dislocations disclinations and dispirations distractions in very naughty crystals

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Dislocations of the lower cervical spine

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Dislodgable residue of supracide on citrus leaves

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Dislodgeable captan residues at florida usa strawberry farms

Nigg H.N.; Stamper J.H., 1984:
Dislodgeable residues of chlorobenzilate in florida usa citrus worker reentry implications

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Dislodgement of a submandibular gland sialolith during nasal intubation

Mohammed S.H.; Hegedus V., 1986:
Dislodgement of impacted esophageal foreign bodies with carbonated beverages

Garcia, C.; Ignoffo, C.M., 1977:
Dislodgment of conidia of nomuraea rileyi from cadavers of cabbage looper trichoplusia ni

Catherwood, E.; Elzawahry, M.K.; Kotler, M.N.; Adam, A., 1979:
Dislodgment of pacemaker electrode simulating focal motor seizure

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Dismemberment of the genus laetana coleoptera chrysomelidae

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Dismemberment of the raphidia notata complex neuroptera raphidioptera raphidiidae

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Dismigration of birds as a population phenomenon 1. a heuristic model of settlers dispersal

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Dismountable plethysmo receptor for the determination of volumetric circulation velocity in the shin and shoulder by venous occlusion plethysmography

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Dismutation and cross dismutation of aldehydes and alcohol aldehyde oxidoreduction by resting cells of pseudomonas putida f 61 a

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Disodium cromoglycate and carbuterol in exercise induced asthma

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Disodium cromoglycate fails to prevent the rise in pulmonary artery pressure in hypoxic chronic bronchitis and emphysema

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Disodium salts of dexamethasone phosphate and canamycin sulfate kinetics of release from eye drops and collagen based films

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Disomic alien chromosome substitution and addition in hexa ploid oat

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Disomic and diploid meiotic products induced in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by the salts of 27 elements

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Disomic inheritance in festuca arundinacea

Bianchin I.; Gomes A., 1979:
Disophenol in bovine gastro intestinal and lung nematodes

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Disophrol syrup vs. rinomar syrup in the treatment of allergic rhinitis in children

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Disoprivan for induction and maintenance of short anesthesia

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Disoprivan (Propofol) sedation during regional anesthesia. A pilot study

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Disopyramide a review

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Disopyramide and quinidine bind with inverse selectivity to muscarinic receptors in cardiac and extracardiac rat tissues

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Disopyramide: clinical indications, pharmacokinetics and laboratory assessment

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Disopyramide concentrations in saliva

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Disopyramide elimination in the isolated perfused rat liver

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Disopyramide fatality a case and gas chromatography using a flame ionization detector analysis

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Disopyramide induced hypoglycemia and increased serum insulin

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Disopyramide induced second degree and third degree atrioventricular block in patients with bifascicular block an acute stress test to predict atrioventricular block progression

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Disopyramide pharmacokinetics and bioavailability following the simultaneous administration of disopyramide and carbon 14 labeled disopyramide

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Disopyramide phosphate: is it just another quinidine

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Disorder in nerve myelin: analysis of the diffuse x-ray scattering

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Disorder of cellular immunity in pemphigus vegetans

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Disorder of collagen metabolism in a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta lethal type increased degree of hydroxylation of lysine in collagen type i and type iii

Eric L., 1984 :
Disorder of ego identity

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Disorder of purine metabolism due to partial deficiency of hypo xanthine guanine phospho ribosyl transferase a study of a family

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Disorder of spermatogenesis and viral discharge into semen in boars infected with Japanese encephalitis virus

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Disorder of the pineal gland associated with depression, peptic ulcers, and sexual dysfunction

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Disorder order transitions induced in anionic homo poly peptides by cationic detergents

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Disorder symptoms of a forest of pinus radiata in relation to foliar nutrient levels

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Disorders of body fluids, sodium and potassium in chronic renal failure

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Disorganization and in vitro assembly of the constituents of the cytoplasmic estrogen receptor system of cow uterus

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Disorganized electrical activity in a child with idiopathic intestinal pseudoobstruction

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Disorganized meridional rows in the lens epithelium of hypophysectomized frogs (Rana pipiens)

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Disorganized recall, suggested amnesia, and compliance

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Disparate effects of human chorionic gonadotropin during the late follicular phase in monkeys macaca mulatta normal ovulation follicular atresia ovarian acyclicity and hyper secretion of follicle stimulating hormone

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Disparate enzyme activity in erythrocytes and leukocytes a variant of hypo xanthine phospho ribosyl transferase ec deficiency with an unstable enzyme

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Disparate functional properties of 2 interleukin 1 responsive ly 1 plus 2 minus t cell clones distinction of t cell growth factor and t cell replacing factor activities

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Disparate grower and integrator optimum growout temperatures

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Disparate histologic responses in simultaneously resected primary and metastatic osteosarcoma following intravenous neoadjuvant chemotherapy

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Disparate mechanisms for hypoxic cell injury in different nephron segments. Studies in the isolated perfused rat kidney

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Disparate recovery of resting and stimulated oxidative metabolism following transient ischemia

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Disparate serum thioridazine concentrations liquid chromatography vs. radio receptor assay

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Disparate sexual variation among gyrinophilus pseudotriton and stereochilus amphibia plethodontidae

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Disparate style lengths contribute to isolation of species in rhododendron

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Disparate time spans in sequential studies of aging

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Disparithelphusa pecki new genus new species of fresh water crab from mexico brachyura pseudothelphusidae

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Disparities in disease related perceptions of adolescent cancer patients and their parents

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Disparities in estimates of immunoglobulin g bound to normal platelets

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Disparities in mentally retarded persons' IQs derived from different intelligence tests

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Disparities in the antiemetic and behavioral actions of delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol and its 11 hydroxy metabolite in the cat

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Disparities of shape and color in determining the type of apparent movement

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Disparity analysis of the anomalous correspondence horopter

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Disparity between one stage and two stage factor viii assays in measuring factor viiic in heparinized plasma

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Disparity between the effect of glucose and arginine on insulin release from the perfused pancreas of rats with noninsulin dependent diabetes

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Disparity between timed kill and checkerboard methods for determination of in vitro bactericidal interactions of vancomycin plus rifampin vs. methicillin susceptible and methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

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Disparity of cotton pollen dispersal by honey bees apis mellifera visiting upland gossypium hirsutum and pima gossypium barbadense pollen parents

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Disparity of immuno globulin e binding between normal and tumor mouse mast cells

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Disparity of in vitro behavior of mastocytes under the effects of 2 lipid suspensions differing by their content in unsaturated fatty acids

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Disparity of moto neuron and muscle differentiation following spinal transection in the kitten

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Disparity of native oxy hemo globin components isolated from paramecium caudatum and paramecium primaurelia

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Disparity of pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha runs a speculation

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Disparity of tsh and prolactin responses to trh in obesity

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Disparity on the size of hind legs in the dog surgical treatment

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Disparity processing of spatial frequencies in man

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Disparity range for binocular summation

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Disparity tuning and bi ocularity of single neurons in cat visual cortex

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Disparlure and its role in gypsy moth lymantria dispar population manipulation

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Dispensability of fimbriae: ovum pickup by tubal fistulas in the rabbit

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Dispensability of spinal monoaminergic systems in mediating the lordosis reflex of the female rat

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Dispensary examination of the population for stomatological dispensary help

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Dispensary follow up prophylactic method for acute chronicity

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Dispensary management diagnosis treatment of patients with non hodgkins lymphomas

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Dispensary management of chronic lympho leukemia patients

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Dispermy as the origin of partial moles as well as a nonmolar conception

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Dispersal activities of the sibling species Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila simulans

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Dispersal and plant mating systems the evolution of self fertilization in subdivided populations

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Dispersal and re sedimentation of the benthic plume from deep sea mining operations a model with calibration

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Dispersal and reproduction in tribolium the influence of food level

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Dispersal and the microtine cycle comparison of 2 hypotheses

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Dispersal behavior of an inter tidal aphid

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Dispersal behavior of the larval tenebrionid beetle zophobas rugipes

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Dispersal centers of the amazonian brazil acridids

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Dispersal distance home range size and population density in the red fox vulpes vulpes a quantitative analysis

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Dispersal gradients from a point source of erysiphe graminis f sp tritici on chancellor winter wheat and 4 multi lines

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Dispersal in campylobacter spp of alpha 3 a kanamycin resistance determinant from gram positive cocci

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Dispersal in island and mainland voles

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Dispersal in rodent populations twenty years later

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Dispersal mating and oviposition of the screwworm cochliomyia hominivorax diptera calliphoridae in southern mexico

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Dispersal mechanisms in an inter tidal aphid

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Dispersal mechanisms of diaspores in a deciduous forest in venezuela

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Dispersal movements and plant associations of juvenile gray tree frogs hyla versicolor

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Dispersal movements of 4 species of pulmonate and operculate snails in douglas lake michigan usa

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