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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5171

Chapter 5171 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Capinera, J.L.; Barbosa, P., 1976:
Dispersal of 1st instar gypsy moth larvae in relation to population quality

Wainhouse D., 1980:
Dispersal of 1st instar larvae of the felted beech scale cryptococcus fagisuga

Howe H.F., 1981:
Dispersal of a neotropical nutmeg virola sebifera by birds

Washburn J.O.; Frankie G.W., 1981:
Dispersal of a scale insect pulvinariella mesembryanthemi homoptera coccoidea on iceplant carpobrotus sp in california usa

Harestad A.S.; Bunnell F.L., 1983:
Dispersal of a yearling male black tailed deer odocoileus hemionus columbianus

Sanders, D.E.; Snow, J.P., 1978:
Dispersal of airborne spores of boll rotting fungi and the incidence of cotton boll rot

Harvey T.L.; Hackerott H.L.; Martin T.L., 1982:
Dispersal of alate biotype c greenbugs schizaphis graminum in kansas usa

Selhime A.G.; Hart W.G.; Harlan D.P., 1982:
Dispersal of amitus hesperidum and encarsia opulenta released for the biological control of citrus blackfly aleurocanthus woglumi in south florida usa

Baker F.A.; French D.W., 1986:
Dispersal of arceuthobium pusillum seeds

Williams J.R.; Stelfox D., 1979:
Dispersal of asco spores of sclerotinia sclerotiorum in relation to sclerotinia stem rot of rapeseed

Johnson W.C.; Adkisson C.S., 1985:
Dispersal of beech fagus grandifolia nuts by blue jays cyanocitta cristata in fragmented landscapes

Hagerman G.M.Jr; Rieger R.M., 1981:
Dispersal of benthic meio fauna by wave and current action in bogue sound north carolina usa

Hudson, J.E.; Edman, J.D., 1978:
Dispersal of blood fed culiseta inornata and culiseta alaskaensis at edmonton alberta canada

Staav R., 1979:
Dispersal of caspian terns sterna caspia in the baltic

Chastagner, G.A.; Ogawa, J.M.; Manji, B.T., 1978:
Dispersal of conidia of botrytis cinerea in tomato fields

Lasalle M.W.; Dakin M.E., 1982:
Dispersal of culex salinarius in southwestern louisiana usa

Fairbairn, D.J., 1978:
Dispersal of deer mice peromyscus maniculatus proximal causes and effects on fitness

Johnston, J.S.; Heed, W.B., 1976:
Dispersal of desert adapted drosophila the saguaro breeding drosophila nigrospiracula

Mitchell R.G., 1979:
Dispersal of early instars of the douglas fir tussock moth

Holthuijzen A.M.; Sharik T.L.; Fraser J.D., 1987:
Dispersal of eastern red cedar juniperus virginiana into pastures an overview

Bainbridge A.; Stedman O.J., 1979:
Dispersal of erysiphe graminis and lycopodium clavatum spores near to the source in a barley crop

Ramsdell D.R.; Jubb G.L.Jr, 1979:
Dispersal of european red mite panonychus ulmi on umbrella trained grapevines vitis labrusca cultivar concord

Edgar G.J., 1987:
Dispersal of faunal and floral propagules associated with drifting macrocystis pyrifera plants

Hirose Y.; Yamasaki M., 1984:
Dispersal of females for colony founding in polistes jadwigae hymenoptera vespidae

Gambray, J.A.; Jubb, R.A., 1977:
Dispersal of fishes via the orange fish tunnel south africa

Balat, F., 1976:
Dispersal of fledglings of the tree sparrow passer montanus after departure from the nest and distances at which they settle

Magnusson W.E., 1979:
Dispersal of hatchling crocodiles crocodylus porosus reptilia crocodilidae

Chamberlain, W.F., 1984:
Dispersal of horn flies haematobia irritans 3. effect of environmental factors

Chamberlain, W.F., 1985:
Dispersal of horn flies haematobia irritans 4. random nonattractive flight

Chamberlain W.F., 1981:
Dispersal of horn flies haematobia irritans effect of host proximity

Podsiadlo, E., 1976:
Dispersal of individuals of asterodiaspis variolosa homoptera coccoidea asterolecaniidae on host plants from their hatching place

Lane, N.J.; Swales, L.S., 1980:
Dispersal of junctional particles not internalization during the in vivo disappearance of gap junctions

Fuxa, J.R.; Kamm, J.A., 1976:
Dispersal of labops hesperius on rangeland

Suski Z.W.; Labanowski G.S.; Nowakowski Z., 1982:
Dispersal of laboratory reared codling moth males laspeyresia pomonella in central poland

Baker R.L., 1987:
Dispersal of larval damselflies do larvae exhibit spacing behavior in the field

Knittle C.E.; Linz G.M.; Johns B.E.; Cummings J.L.; Davis J.E.Jr; Jaeger M.M., 1987:
Dispersal of male red winged blackbirds from two spring roosts in central north america

Palmer M.A.; Gust G., 1985:
Dispersal of meiofauna in a turbulent tidal creek

Cooke J.C., 1980:
Dispersal of micro fungi in the thames river estuary connecticut usa of eastern long island sound

Cridland, J.V.; Thonemann, P.C., 1984:
Dispersal of motile bacteria from a plane layer

Pawson B.M.; Petersen J.J., 1988:
Dispersal of muscidifurax zaraptor hymenoptera pteromalidae a filth fly parasitoid at dairies in eastern nebraska usa

Smith L.M.II.K.k L.T., 1984:
Dispersal of musk thistle carduus nutans seeds

Fletcher, B.S.; Economopoulos, A.P., 1976:
Dispersal of normal and irradiated laboratory strains and wild strains of the olive fly dacus oleae in an olive grove

Miura, S., 1976:
Dispersal of nutria in okayama prefecture japan

Bocher, J., 1975:
Dispersal of nysius groenlandicus heteroptera lygaeidae in greenland

Shimomura H.; Santos M.J.; Sakata Y.; Blas B.L.; Tanaka H.; Yasuraka K., 1979:
Dispersal of oncomelania quadrasi the intermediate host of schistosoma japonicum along a stream in leyte philippines

Alexander, J.B., 1987:
Dispersal of phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in a Colombian coffee plantation

Scheltema, R.S., 1971:
Dispersal of phyto planktotrophic shipworm larvae bivalvia teredinidae over long distances by ocean currents

Kliejunas, J.T.; Ko, W.H., 1976:
Dispersal of phytophthora cinnamomi on the island of hawaii

Van Voorst G.; Van O.E.A.; Zadoks J.C., 1987:
Dispersal of phytophthora nicotianae on tomatoes grown by nutrient film technique in a greenhouse

Hamamura T.; Shinkaji N.; Ashihara W.; Inoue K., 1980:
Dispersal of phytoseiulus persimilis acarina phytoseiidae on various crops

Thornhill, R., 1976:
Dispersal of plecia nearctica diptera bibionidae

Fatemi F.; Fitt B.D.L., 1983:
Dispersal of pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides and pyrenopeziza brassicae spores in splash droplets

Fitt B.D.L.; Bainbridge A., 1983:
Dispersal of pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides spores from infected wheat straw

Mccartney H.A.; Lacey M.E.; Rawlinson C.J., 1986:
Dispersal of pyrenopeziza brassicae spores from an oil seed rape brassica napus ssp oleifera crop

Burr B.M.; Mayden R.L., 1980:
Dispersal of rainbow smelt osmerus mordax new record into the upper mississippi river illinois usa pisces osmeridae

Hodgson, J.M.; Rees, N.E., 1976:
Dispersal of rhinocyllus conicus for bio control of musk thistle

Mittermeyer, F.C.; Cramer, D.; Ransford, R., 1980:
Dispersal of salmonella from a polluted stream to neighboring terrestrial habitats

Brennan R.M.; Fitt B.D.L.; Taylor G.S.; Colhoun J., 1985:
Dispersal of septoria nodorum pycnidiospores by simulated rain and wind

Brennan R.M.; Fitt B.D.L.; Taylor G.S.; Colhoun J., 1985:
Dispersal of septoria nodorum pycnidiospores by simulated raindrops in still air

Griffiths, E.; Ao, H.C., 1976:
Dispersal of septoria nodorum spores and spread of glume blotch of wheat in the field

Ottaway J.R.; Carrick R.; Murray M.D., 1985:
Dispersal of silver gulls larus novaehollandiae from breeding colonies in south australia

Noble, W.C., 1975:
Dispersal of skin microorganisms

Janzen D.H., 1984:
Dispersal of small seeds by big herbivores foliage is the fruit

Newton I.; Marquiss M., 1983:
Dispersal of sparrow hawks accipiter nisus between birthplace and breeding place

Nishioka D.; Porter D.C.; Trimmer J.S.; Vacquier V.D., 1987:
Dispersal of sperm surface antigens in the plasma membranes of polyspermically fertilized sea urchin eggs

Mcdiarmid, R.W.; Ricklefs, R.E.; Foster, M.S., 1977:
Dispersal of stemmadenia donnell smithii apocynaceae by birds

Sork, V.L.; Boucher, D.H., 1977:
Dispersal of sweet pignut hickory in a year of low fruit production and the influence of predation by a curculionid beetle

Drinkall M.J.; Price T.V., 1983:
Dispersal of synchytrium psophocarpi in papua new guinea

Russell R.C., 1986:
Dispersal of the arbovirus vector culex annulirostris skuse diptera culicidae in the murray valley of victoria australia

Wainhouse D., 1979:
Dispersal of the beech scale cryptococcus fagi in relation to the development of beech fagus sylvatica bark disease

Pieters, E.P.; Urban, T.C., 1977:
Dispersal of the boll weevil in the coastal bend area of texas usa

Johnson D.L.; Wellington W.G., 1983:
Dispersal of the collembolan folsomia candida as a function of age

Gauthier, J.; Bedard, J., 1976:
Dispersal of the common eider somateria mollissima in the st lawrence estuary quebec canada

Stafford S.R.; Stout I.J., 1983:
Dispersal of the cotton rat sigmodon hispidus

Zimmermann G.; Bode E., 1983:
Dispersal of the entomo pathogenic fungus metarhizium anisopliae fungi imperfecti moniliales by soil arthropods

Timper P.; Kaya H.K.; Gaugler R., 1988:
Dispersal of the entomogenous nematode steinernema feltiae rhabditida steinernematidae by infected adult insects

Grinstein A.; Fishler G.; Katan J.; Hakohen D., 1983:
Dispersal of the fusarium wilt pathogen fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum in furrow irrigated cotton gossypium barbadense in israel

Greenbaum, H.N., 1977:
Dispersal of the introduced palearctic sawfly halidamia affinis in north america hymenoptera tenthredinidae

Devaney J.A.; Quisenberry J.H.; Doran B.H.; Bradley J.W., 1980:
Dispersal of the northern fowl mite ornithonyssus sylviarum and the chicken body louse menacanthus stramineus among 30 strains of egg type hens in a caged laying house

Egerter, D.E.; Anderson, J.R.; Washburn, J.O., 1986:
Dispersal of the parasitic ciliate Lambornella clarki: implications for ciliates in the biological control of mosquitoes

Mason M.L.; Lawson F.A., 1980:
Dispersal of the pre over wintering adult stage of the american aspen beetle coleoptera chrysomelidae gonioctena americana using mercury 203

Ali, M.H.; Azam, K.M., 1977:
Dispersal of the predatory beetle coccinella septempunctata

Casto, S.D., 1976:
Dispersal of the quill mite syringophiloidus minor acarina syringophilidae

Mcclure, M.S., 1977:
Dispersal of the scale fiorinia externa homoptera diaspididae and effects of edaphic factors on its establishment on hemlock

Gerrodette T., 1981:
Dispersal of the solitary coral balanophyllia elegans by demersal planular larvae

Bennett S.R., 1980:
Dispersal of the western treehole mosquito aedes sierrensis diptera culicidae in an orchard habitat

Parer I., 1982:
Dispersal of the wild rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus at urana in new south wales australia

Lamont B., 1985:
Dispersal of the winged fruits of nuytsia floribunda loranthaceae

Elrod J.H., 1987:
Dispersal of three strains of hatchery reared lake trout in lake ontario new york usa and ontario canada

Van Den Berg M.A.; Newton P.J.; Deacon V.E.; Crause C., 1987:
Dispersal of trichogrammatoidea cryptophlebiae hymenoptera trichogrammatidae an egg parasitoid of the false codling moth cryptophlebia leucotreta lepidoptera tortricidae in an empty habitat

Mcavoy T.J.; Kok L T.; Mays W.T., 1987:
Dispersal of trichosirocalus horridus panzer coleoptera curculionidae in southwest virginia usa

Garrey J.; Maxwell H.; Cresswell G.R., 1981:
Dispersal of tropical marine fauna to the great australian bight by the leeuwin current

Tryon E.H.Jr; Poe S.L.; Cromroy H.L., 1980:
Dispersal of vegetable leaf miner liriomyza sativae onto a transplant production range

Pennypacker B.W.; Leath K.T., 1983:
Dispersal of verticillium albo atrum in xylem of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar saranac

Blickenstaff C.C., 1983:
Dispersal of western bean cutworm loxagrotis albicosta larvae from egg masses as measured by damage to beans phaseolus vulgaris

Adler G.H.; Tamarin R.H., 1985:
Dispersal of white footed mice peromyscus leucopus in low density island and mainland populations

Tombac D.F., 1982:
Dispersal of whitebark pine pinus albicaulis seeds by clarks nutcracker nucifraga columbiana a mutualism hypothesis

Downhower J.F.; Armitage K.B., 1981:
Dispersal of yearling yellow bellied marmots marmota flaviventris

Eisma D.; Kalf J., 1984:
Dispersal of zaire river suspended matter in the estuary and the angola basin

Parker G.M., 1984:
Dispersal of zooxanthellae on coral reefs by predators on cnidarians

Keppie D.M., 1979:
Dispersal over winter mortality and recruitment of spruce grouse canachites canadensis franklinii

Weller, S.G., 1978:
Dispersal patterns and the evolution of distyly in oxalis alpina

Zeide, B., 1976:
Dispersal patterns in erodium hirtum

Tamarin, R.H., 1978:
Dispersal population regulation and k selection in field mice

Shuchman, E.; Warburg, M.R., 1978:
Dispersal population structure and burrow shape of ocypode cursor

Robbins L.W.; Hartman G.D.; Smith M.H., 1987:
Dispersal reproductive strategies and the maintenance of genetic variability in mosquitofish gambusia affinis

Hansson L., 1987:
Dispersal routes of small mammals at an abandoned field in central sweden

Frempong E., 1983 :
Dispersal seasonal history and survival of selepa docilis butler lepidoptera noctuidae on eggplant in ghana

Levin S.A.; Cohen D.; Hastings A., 1984:
Dispersal strategies in patchy environments

Weseloh R.M., 1985:
Dispersal survival and population abundance of gypsy moth lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae larvae determined by releases and mark recapture studies

Dasser V., 1981:
Dispersal tendencies and social behavior of young chinese hamsters cricetulus griseus

Beacham T.D., 1979:
Dispersal tendency and duration of life of littermates during population fluctuations of the vole microtus townsendii

Breytenbach G.J., 1986:
Dispersal the case of the missing ant and the introduced mouse

Comins H.N.; Noble I.R., 1985:
Dispersal variability and transient niches species coexistence in a uniformly variable environment

Davis, M.B.; Woods, K.D.; Webb, S.L.; Futyma, R.P., 1986:
Dispersal vs. climate expansion of fagus and tsuga into the upper great lakes usa canada region

Digiano, F.A.; Natter, A.S., 1977:
Disperse dye carrier interactions on activated carbon

Selker E.U.; Yanofsky C.; Driftmier K.; Metzenberg R.L.; Alzner Deweerd B.; Rajbhandary U.L., 1981:
Dispersed 5s rna genes in neurospora crassa structure expression and evolution

Weir G.C.; Halban P.A.; Meda P.; Wollheim C.B.; Orci L.; Renold A.E., 1984:
Dispersed adult cell rat pancreatic islet cells in culture a cell b cell and d cell function

Issidorides M.R.; Katsorchis T., 1981:
Dispersed and compact chromatin demonstrated with a new electron microscopic method phospho tungstic acid hematoxylin block staining

Wilkinson, M., 1976:
Dispersed cell cultures of the rat pineal growth and morphological differentiation

Brown, E.M.; Brennan, M.F.; Hurwitz, S.; Windeck, R.; Marx, S.J.; Spiegel, A.M.; Koehler, J.O.; Gardner, D.G.; Aurbach, G.D., 1978:
Dispersed cells prepared from human parathyroid glands: distinct calcium sensitivity of adenomas vs. primary hyperplasia

Kovach W.L.; Dilcher D.L., 1984:
Dispersed cuticles from the eocene of north america

Uzunova K.G., 1984:
Dispersed cuticles of pontian sediments in the melnik basin bulgaria

Edwards D., 1986:
Dispersed cuticles of putative non vascular plants from the lower devonian of britain uk

Collinson, M.E., 1978:
Dispersed fern sporangia from the british tertiary

Arias, J.M.; Montoya, E., 1977:
Dispersed growth and cell lysis in myxococcus coralloides

Peters, S.P.; Schulman, E.S.; Schleimer, R.P.; MacGlashan, D.W.; Newball, H.H.; Lichtenstein, L.M., 1982:
Dispersed human lung mast cells. Pharmacologic aspects and comparison with human lung tissue fragments

Suard, Y.M.; Kraehenbuhl, J.P.; Aubert, M.L., 1979:
Dispersed mammary epithelial cells. Receptors of lactogenic hormones in virgin, pregnant, and lactating rabbits

Kraehenbuhl, J.P., 1977:
Dispersed mammary gland epithelial cells part 1 isolation and separation procedures

Juhasz M., 1979:
Dispersed matoniaceae spores from the hungarian lower and middle cretaceous sediments

Walsh T.N.; Alderson D.; Farndon J.R., 1987:
Dispersed pancreatic graft cryopreservation in the dog in vivo assessment of preservation protocols

Quissell D.O.; Lafferty J.L.; Barzen K.A., 1983:
Dispersed rat parotid cells role of calcium and cyclic amp in the regulation of amylase secretion

Zelentsova, E.S.; Vashkidze, R.P.; Kraev, A.S.; Evgen'ev, M.V., 1986:
Dispersed repeated sequence in drosophila species belonging to the drosophila virilis group ii. identification of the boundaries of repeated element sequencing and expression

Vashakidze, R.P.; Zelentsova, E.S.; Evgen'ev, M.B.; Korochkin, L.I., 1987:
Dispersed repeated sequences in drosophila species belonging to the virilis group iii. transcription and translation of short tandemly arranged repeats motif

Zelentsova, E.S.; Vashakidze, R.P.; Peunova, N.I.; Evgen'ev, M.B., 1985:
Dispersed repeated sequences in the species belonging to the drosophila virilis group i. restriction analysis replication and transcription

Zelentsova E.S.; Vashakidze R.P.; Krayev A.S.; Evgen'ev M.B., 1986:
Dispersed repeats in drosophila virilis elements mobilized by interspecific hybridization

Allen L.H.; Lapointe C.L., 1988:
Dispersed resin in bleached kraft pulp mills

Ottewill R.H., 1985:
Dispersed systems recent developments

Takashima Y.; Nakajima T.; Aikawa K.; Koishi M., 1986:
Dispersibility of titanium dioxide modified nylon 12 powders in emulsion system

Archakova A.A., 1981:
Dispersion analysis and its application in studying yellow green pigment content in the phyto plankton of fish breeding ponds

Musgrave C.A.; Beck H.W.; Poe S.L.; Denton W.H.; Strandberg J.O.; White J.M.; Genung W.G.; Guzman V.L., 1979:
Dispersion analysis and sampling plans for insect pests in florida usa celery

Pushin, G.A., 1976:
Dispersion analysis as a method of studying a multi factor influence on the incidence of disease in chemical production workers

Levin N.P.; Khanukaev Y.A.; Mon'kin V.A., 1985:
Dispersion analysis of antibiotic powders

Ternovoi S.K., 1983:
Dispersion analysis of densitometric computerized tomography data for the differential diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors

Gorbunova, T.V.; Nazarov, B.V., 1975:
Dispersion analysis of drug forms

Es'kov A.P.; Aref'ev I.M., 1980:
Dispersion analysis of virus suspensions by optical mixing spectroscopy

Nakamura, K.; Nagaya, Y., 1977:
Dispersion and accumulation of radio nuclide in sediment of urazoko bay japan part 2

Benyon R.C.; Church M.K.; Clegg L.S.; Holgate S.T., 1986:
Dispersion and characterization of mast cells from human skin

Sherwood R.T.B.; Risser P.G., 1979:
Dispersion and co dispersion in oklahoma usa upland forests

Tang W.; Peng L., 1983:
Dispersion and concentration pattern of vehicular exhaust gases from a valley highway

Gorman M.L., 1979:
Dispersion and foraging of the small indian mongoose herpestes auropunctatus carnivora viverridae relative to the evolution of social viverrids

Valtonen E.T.; Niinimaa A., 1983:
Dispersion and frequency distribution of corynosoma spp acanthocephala in the fish of the bothnian bay baltic sea

Extine D.D.; Stout I.J., 1987:
Dispersion and habitat occupancy of the beach mouse peromyscus polionotus niveiventris

Smith W.P., 1987:
Dispersion and habitat use by sympatric columbian white tailed deer and columbian black tailed deer

Pepin D.; Cargnelutti B., 1985:
Dispersion and home range acquisition of restocked hares lepus europaeus

Herzog, P.W.; Boag, D.A., 1978:
Dispersion and mobility in a local population of spruce grouse

Sziraki G., 1979:
Dispersion and movement activity of the oriental fruit moth grapholita molesta in large scale orchards

Balashov Y.S.; Veselkin A.G.; Konstantinov S.A.; Ul'yanov K.N., 1985:
Dispersion and number of horse flies of the genus hybomitra tabanidae around cattle herds

Andrew N.L.; Stocker L.J., 1986:
Dispersion and phagokinesis in the echinoid evechinus chloroticus

van Pelt, A.W.; de Jong, H.P.; Busscher, H.J.; Arends, J., 1983:
Dispersion and polar surface free energies of human enamel

Corneil J.A.; Wilson L.F., 1984:
Dispersion and seasonal activity of the pales weevil hylobius pales coleoptera curculionidae in michigan usa christmas tree plantations

Buntin G.D.; Pedigo L.P., 1981:
Dispersion and sequential sampling of green cloverworm plathypena scabra eggs in soybeans

Fairbairn D.J.; Brassard J., 1988:
Dispersion and spatial orientation of gerris remigis in response to water current a comparison of pre diapause and post diapause adults

Fuxa J.R., 1984:
Dispersion and spread of the entomo pathogenic fungus nomuraea rileyi moniliales moniliaceae in a soybean glycine max field

Hespenheide, H.A., 1977:
Dispersion and the size composition of the aerial insect fauna

Endrody Younga S., 1982 :
Dispersion and translocation of dune specialist tenebrionids in the namib area

McAuliffe, C.D.; Johnson, J.C.; Greene, S.H.; Canevari, G.P.; Searl, T.D., 1980:
Dispersion and weathering of chemically treated crude oils on the ocean

Thuillier R.H., 1982:
Dispersion characteristics in the lee of complex structures

Nakagawa T.; Yamamoto T.; Hasegawa K.; Imai S., 1983:
Dispersion characteristics of suspended contaminants in an open channel

Larsen S.E.; Gryning S E., 1986:
Dispersion climatology in a coastal zone

Brignoli P.M., 1983:
Dispersion dispersal and spiders arachnida araneae

Rohde, W.A.; Johnson, A.W.; White, L.V.; Mcallister, D.L.; Glaze, N.C., 1980:
Dispersion dissipation and efficacy of methyl bromide chloropicrin gas vs. gel formulations on nematodes and weeds in tifton georgia sandy loam

Makino S.; Yamane S.; Sunose T.; Aoki S., 1987:
Dispersion distance of queens from natal sites in the two haplometrotic paper wasps polistes riparius and polistes snelleni hymenoptera vespidae

Reichholf, J., 1976:
Dispersion dynamics of the collared turtle dove streptopelia decaocto

Levin L.A., 1981:
Dispersion feeding behavior and competition in 2 spionid polychaetes

Venkatram A., 1980 :
Dispersion from an elevated source in a convective boundary layer

Hanzevack E.L., 1982:
Dispersion from safety valves and other momentum emission sources continuous

D.F.veri D.M.; Hanzevack E.L.; Delaney B.T., 1982:
Dispersion from safety valves and other momentum emission sources intermittent

Misra, P.K., 1980:
Dispersion from tall stacks into a shore line environment

Rozsypal A.J.; Stevenson D.C.; Hogan J.T., 1985:
Dispersion in models of categorical perception

Pendergrass, W.; Arya, S.P.S., 1984:
Dispersion in neutral boundary layer over a step change in surface roughness 2. concentration profiles and dispersion parameters

Parlange, J.Y.; Starr, J.L., 1978:
Dispersion in soil columns effect of boundary conditions and irreversible reactions

Starr J.L.; Parlange J Y.; Braddock R.D., 1982:
Dispersion in soil columns the precursor effect

Starr J.L.; Parlange J Y., 1979:
Dispersion in soil columns the snow plow effect

Muslu Y., 1982:
Dispersion in the inclined plane model of trickling filters

Jones V.P.; Parrella M.P., 1984:
Dispersion indices and sequential sampling plans for the citrus red mite panonychus citri acari tetranychidae

Somlyody, L., 1977:
Dispersion measurement on the danube

Yamamoto, S.; Nakanishi, K.; Matsuno, R.; Kamikubo, T., 1978:
Dispersion mechanism in gel chromatography of proteins/

Renssen T.A., 1981:
Dispersion of a local population of mute swans cygnus olor

Teraishi M.; Komobuchi K.; Fukuda T., 1984:
Dispersion of air pollutants emitted from a point source in an urban area simplification in calculation by use of the gaussian plume model taking account of heat island effects

Leder A.; Swan D.; Ruddle F.; D'eustachio P.; Leder P., 1981:
Dispersion of alpha like globin genes of the mouse to 3 different chromosomes

Takaku T.; Takahashi M.; Otsuki A., 1979:
Dispersion of an organo phosphorus insecticide fenitrothion in paddy fields and its effects on the microorganisms

Tsukamoto, K.; Masuda, S.; Mori, Y.; Kajihara, T., 1978:
Dispersion of ayu juveniles in the tsubusa river japan part 2 dispersion and re capture

Tsukamoto, K.; Masuda, S.; Mori, Y.; Kajihara, T., 1979:
Dispersion of ayu plecoglossus altivelis juveniles in the tsubusa river japan 3. comparison between hatchery reared ayu and wild ayu

Green N.J.; Bullin J.A.; Polasek J.C., 1979:
Dispersion of carbon mon oxide from roadways at low wind speeds

Harbers L.H.; Arambel M.J.; Bartley E.E., 1982 :
Dispersion of cerium an inert marker on concentration feedstuffs as observed by scanning electron microscopy

Dufey J.E.; Sheta T.H.; Gobran G.R.; Laudelout H., 1982:
Dispersion of chloride sodium and calcium ions in soils as affected by exchangeable sodium

Barlow P.W., 1984:
Dispersion of chromocenters in plant nuclei and its relation to dna synthesis

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Dispersion of common merganser mergus merganser breeding pairs in relation to the availability of juvenile pacific salmon oncorhynchus sp in vancouver island streams canada

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Dispersion of dense gas puffs released in the atmosphere at ground level

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Dispersion of electrophoretic mobility of donor blood red cells during storage

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Dispersion of epiphytic chironomid larvae and the probability of random colonization

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Dispersion of erwinia carotovora in aerosols produced by the pulverization of potato haulm prior to harvest

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Dispersion of fern spores into and within a forest

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Dispersion of high density ant populations in sandy soil grassland ecosystems

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Dispersion of initial growth of mutation population and hybrids of winter barley in the 2nd generation

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Dispersion of initially compact dense gas clouds

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Dispersion of kaolinite by dissolved organic matter from douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii var menziesii roots

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Dispersion of kaolinite by water extracts of douglas fir ash pseudotsuga menziesii var menziesii

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Dispersion of liquid waste from a moving barge

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Dispersion of mammalian sperm chromatin during fertilization: an in vitro study

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Dispersion of marked released hylemya antiqua diptera anthomyiidae in an onion field

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Dispersion of monophasic action potential durations and activation times during atrial pacing, ventricular pacing, and ventricular premature stimulation in canine ventricles

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Dispersion of optical rotation and circular dichroism of enzyme and alkali solvated collagen

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Dispersion of particles in the atmosphere

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Dispersion of particulate arsenic waste from the chimney of giant yellowknife gold mines

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Dispersion of pectin and cellulose in di methyl sulfoxide

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Dispersion of physiological indices as a characteristic of the state of adaptability of a collective

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Dispersion of plutonium from contaminated pond sediments

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Dispersion of pollutants in channels with nonuniform velocity distribution

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Dispersion of pollutants in rivers

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Dispersion of protein solutions in short open capillary tubes as a method for rapid molecular weight determination

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Dispersion of rock bass ambloplites rupestris along the south shore of lake ontario usa canada

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Dispersion of soluble pollutants in nonuniform rivers part 1 theory

Chapman B.M., 1979:
Dispersion of soluble pollutants in nonuniform rivers part 2 application to experimental results

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Dispersion of solutes during blood flow through curved tubes

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Dispersion of some chilean andisols with sodium hexametaphosphate and zirconium nitrate

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Dispersion of sulfamoxole in tissues of poultry

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Dispersion of surface applied salts in porous media

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Dispersion of suspended material from an operating sand suction dredge in the oresund denmark

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Dispersion of the cumulus oophorus and dissolution of the zona pellucida in oocytes of ddk and other strains of mice

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Dispersion of the nests of an ant species lasius alienus hymenoptera formicidae

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Dispersion of the wood mouse apodemus sylvaticus in deciduous woodland

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Dispersion of ventricular repolarization and arrhythmia study of 2 consecutive ventricular premature complexes

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Dispersion of waste waters to the fresh water intake point a case

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Dispersion of water pollutants in a turbulent shear flow

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Dispersion over and around a steep obstacle for varying thermal stratification numerical simulations

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Dispersion parameters of plumes from tall stacks in a shoreline environment

Stafford K.C.IIi; Bay D.E., 1987:
Dispersion pattern and association of house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae larvae and both sexes of macrocheles muscaedomesticae acari macrochelidae in response to poultry manure moisture temperature and accumulation

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Dispersion pattern and territorial behavior of the wintering brown dipper cinclus pallasii

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Dispersion pattern of aerial shoots of the common marsh reed phragmites australis poaceae

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Dispersion pattern of saline indicator on canine left ventricle

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Dispersion patterns and sampling of spider mites acari tetranychidae infesting corn in the texas high plains usa

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Dispersion patterns in a peromyscus population

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Dispersion patterns of arthropods associated with poultry manure in enclosed houses in massachusetts usa spatial distribution and effects of manure moisture and accumulation time

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Dispersion patterns of breeding passerine birds passeriformes in the central solling west germany

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Dispersion patterns of dendroctonus frontalis and its predator thanasimus dubius influence of behavioral chemicals

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Dispersion patterns sample unit sizes and techniques for sampling cotton jassid amrasca biguttula biguttula and whitefly bemisia tabaci

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Dispersion potential of diaspores within plant communities

Nagylaki, T., 1976:
Dispersion selection balance in localized plant populations

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Dispersion staining colors

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Dispersion state of protein stabilized magnetic emulsions

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Dispersion statistics and sequential sampling plan for leaf blight caused by botrytis squamosa in onions allium cepa

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Dispersion studies on a solid waste refuse incinerator

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Dispersions of lamellar phases of non-ionic lipids in cosmetic products

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Dispersity of des 7 l valine 8 d valine gramicidin a single channel conductances argues for different side chain orientations as basis

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Dispersity of repeat dna sequences in oncopeltus fasciatus an organism with diffuse centromeres

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Dispersive segregation of nucleosomes during replication of sv 40 chromosomes

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Dispersive transfer and pesticide propagation in a submerged rice field

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Dispersivity and velocity relationship from laboratory and field experiments

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Dispholidus typus boomslang snake venom purification and properties of the coagulant principle

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Dispiron heteroacanthus new species acanthocephala neoechinorhynchidae from the fish labeo rohita of kalri lake sind pakistan

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Displaceable binding of tritiated l glutamic acid to non receptor materials

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Displaceable somatostatin binding sites in the gray matter and pyramidal paths of the human developing spinal cord

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Displaced amacrine and ganglion cells in the newt retina

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Displaced amacrine cells in the ganglion cell layer of the hamster retina

Diggle, P.J., 1986:
Displaced amacrine cells in the retina of a rabbit analysis of a bivariate spatial point pattern

Freeland A.E.; Finley J.S., 1986:
Displaced dorsal oblique fracture of the hamate treated with a cortical mini lag screw

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Displaced fracture of the neck of the femur in thai elderly 313 cases treated with thompson prosthesis and acrylic bone cement

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Displaced fractures of the medial humeral condyle in children

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Displaced ganglion cells and the accessory optic system of pigeon

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Displaced ganglion cells in carp retina revealed by the horseradish peroxidase technique

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Displaced ganglion cells in the rabbit retina

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Displaced ganglion cells in the retina of the monkey

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Displaced ganglion cells in the retina of the rat

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Displaced hip fractures in children and adolescents

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Displaced horizontal cells in the chick retina

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Displaced para spinal line role of computed tomography and lymphography

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Displaced retroperitoneal fat: sonographic guide to right upper quadrant mass localization

Devakumaran K.C., 1985:
Displaced supracondylar fractures of humerus in children primary open reduction and fixation with kirschner wire

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Displacement activities of individually marked roe deer capreolus capreolus in a prealpine region of eastern switzerland

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Displacement amplitude as a measure of the acoustic output of ultrasonic scalers

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Displacement analysis of binding inhomogeneities in crude extracts of receptors

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Displacement and dispersion of particles of finite size in flow channels with lateral forces field flow fractionation and hydrodynamic chromatography

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Displacement and dispersion of parturient caribou at calving as antipredator tactics

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Displacement and home range movements of muskellunge determined by ultrasonic tracking

Schreiner, K.E., 1977:
Displacement and sliding of twisted filaments in cilia and flagella

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Displacement and temperature in the cockroach study by the self comparison test

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Displacement by alpha adrenergic agonists and antagonists of tritiated prazosin bound to the alpha adrenoceptors of the dog aorta and rat brain

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Displacement by anionic drugs of endogenous ligands bound to albumin in uremic serum

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Displacement configuration of semicircular canal cupulae

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Displacement current on purple membrane fragments oriented in a suspension

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Displacement currents in the node of Ranvier. Voltage and time dependence

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Displacement currents of sodium channels in ranvier nodal membranes

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Displacement detection in human vision

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Displacement effect of ceftriaxone on bilirubin bound to human serum albumin

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Displacement electrophoresis in gel as a technique for separating proteins on a preparative scale

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Displacement limits directional anisotropy and direction vs. form discrimination in random dot cinematograms

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Displacement of a canine tooth associated with fracture of the alveolar wall of the maxilla in a dog

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Displacement of abomasum in cattle i. clinico laboratory investigations

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Displacement of abomasum in cattle ii. preclinical pathophysiologic changes

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Displacement of activation thresholds in cardiac muscle by protons and calcium ions

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Displacement of albumin bound bilirubin by free fatty acids implications for neo natal hyper bilirubinemia

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Displacement of albumin bound warfarin by anti inflammatory agents in vitro

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Displacement of alpha radio ligands and beta radio ligands by specific adrenergic agonists in rat pancreatic islets

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Displacement of andropogon scoparius on the new jersey usa piedmont by the successional shrub myrica pensylvanica

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Displacement of bilirubin from albumin by indomethacin

Davies B.E., 1985:
Displacement of bilirubin from cord serum by sulfadimethoxine amoxycillin clavulanic acid in combination with either amoxycillin or ticarcillin temocillin and cloxacillin

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Displacement of bilirubin from human albumin by 3 diuretics

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Displacement of calcium by sodium from the plasmalemma of root cells a primary response to salt stress

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Displacement of carbohydrate sulfonates with halide ions of toluene solubilized halides

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Displacement of cell surface associated calcium inhibits phagocytosis and calcium atpase activity in amoeba

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Displacement of chromosomes in mitosis: a technique for assessing differential chromosome error

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Displacement of disturbing counter ions in ion pair partition chromatography

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Displacement of endogenous enterokinase ec into portal venous blood and bile following luminal perfusion of proximal small intestine in guinea pigs

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Displacement of estradiol from estrogen receptors by simple alkyl phenols

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Displacement of free fatty acids from albumin by chlorophenoxy iso butyrate

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Displacement of ground crickets conditions of acquisition and maintenance of a dominant orientation

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Displacement of iron sulfur clusters from ferredoxins and other iron sulfur proteins

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Displacement of lead from polluted top soil by treatment with hydro chloric acid or ferric chloride

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Displacement of lidocaine from human plasma proteins by disopyramide

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Displacement of liquid in a model of semicircular channels under the influence of angular accelerations in weightlessness

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Displacement of nortriptyline and uptake of carbon 14 labeled lidocaine in the lung after administration of carbon 14 labeled lidocaine to nortriptyline intoxicated pigs

Zolla L.; Kuiper H.A.; Agro A.F.; Brunori M., 1984:
Displacement of oxygen and carbon monoxide by cyanide from the active site of helix pomatia beta hemocyanin formation of a mixed liganded species

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Displacement of protein bound thio pental by sodium methiodal may contribute to anesthetic complications during canine myelography

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Displacement of pseudoanomeric hydroxyl groups by using the diethyl azodicarboxylate triphenylphosphine system

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Displacement of receptivity for nidation in the rat by the progesterone antagonist RU 486: a scanning electron microscopy study

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Displacement of simulium damnosum sensu lato adults around breeding places

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Displacement of sodium ions by surfactant ions from dna a sodium 23 nmr investigation

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Displacement of some basic drugs from human serum proteins by enflurane, halothane and their major metabolites. An in vitro study

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Displacement of specific serotonin and lsd binding by ergalgin a new anti serotonin drug

Catala A., 1985:
Displacement of sulfobromophthalein from albumin and fatty acid binding protein by oleic acid

Kaneo Y.; Nishikawa A.; Kato Y.; Kiryu S., 1979 :
Displacement of sulfonamides from bovine serum albumin by nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs

Mauldin S.K.; Plescia M.; Richard F.A.; Wyrick S.D.; Voyksner R.D.; Chaney S.G., 1988:
Displacement of the bidentate malonate ligand from racemic trans 1 2 diaminocyclohexanemalonatoplatinum ii by physiologically important compounds in vitro

Sosnik, H., 1977:
Displacement of the cerebellum tissue into the spinal canal in a resuscitated person/

Bennett R.Jr; Maggiolo A.; Shah T., 1981:
Displacement of the indolyl sulfide linkage in the synthesis of 3 substituted indoles

Mglinets, V.A., 1968:
Displacement of the inverted gene sequence by the standard sequence in the x chromosome in model populations of drosophila melanogaster

Swanston M.T., 1984:
Displacement of the path of perceived movement by intersection with static contours

Peters, D.R.; Gamsu, G., 1980:
Displacement of the right paraspinous interface: a radiographic sign of acute traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta

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Displacement of the semicircular canal cupula during sinusoidal rotation

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Displacement of the spleen in infected pancreatic pseudocyst: case report

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Displacement of the superior sagittal sinus associated with a brain tumor

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Displacement of the surface membrane bound calcium of the skeletal muscle fibers of the frog: effects of lanthanum and opioids

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Displacement of the thermal optimum of photosynthetic activity of maize as a result of treatment with low temperature 10 celsius differentiation of 2 cultivars

Robinson M.B.; Crooks S.L.; Johnson R.L.; Koerner J.F., 1985:
Displacement of tritiated d l 2 amino 4 phosphonobutanoic acid binding with methyl substituted 2 amino 4 phosphonobutanoic acid analogs and glutamate agonists

Slizgi G.R.; Ludens J.H., 1985:
Displacement of tritiated ethylketocyclazocine binding by opioids in rat kidney a correlate to diuretic activity

Choo L.K.; Mitchelson F., 1988:
Displacement of tritiated oxotremorine m binding by muscarinic antagonists in guinea pig atrial and ileal membrane homogenates

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Displacement of tritium from 6 tritio benzo a pyrene on covalent binding to dna

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Displacement of tritium labeled clonidine binding by clonidine analogs in membranes from rat cerebral cortex

Davies L.P.; Cook A.F.; Poonian M.; Taylor K.M., 1980:
Displacement of tritium labeled diazepam binding in rat brain by dipyridamole and by 1 methyl iso guanosine a marine natural product with muscle relaxant activity

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Displacement reactions of 2 3 dichloro 6 nitroquinoxaline synthesis of s triazolo 3 4 a quinoxaline

Baran, J.S.; Langford, D.D.; Laos, I., 1977:
Displacement reactions of cyclic sulfites and phosphates by salts of weak acids applicable to the synthesis of phospho lipids and other natural substances

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Displacement sensors in the honey bee apis mellifera adansonii pollen basket

Buckingham, T.; Whitaker, D., 1986:
Displacement thresholds for continuous oscillatory movement: the effect of oscillation waveform and temporal frequency

Barbur, J.L.; Saunders, J.E., 1985:
Displacement thresholds for motion detection under conditions of chromatic adaptation

Scobey R.P.; Johnson C.A., 1981:
Displacement thresholds for uni directional and oscillatory movement

Haines, R.F., 1986:
Displacement thresholds in central and peripheral vision during tracking

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Displacements and complications of superior vena cava catheter

Bidez, M.W.; Lemons, J.E.; Isenberg, B.P., 1986:
Displacements of precious and nonprecious dental bridges utilizing endosseous implants as distal abutments

Goto, S.; Watanabe, S.; Maehara, S.; Nakata, Y.; Tateyama, T., 1985:
Displacing effects of chenodeoxycholic acid, ursodeoxycholic acid and sulfadimethoxine on plasma protein binding of tolbutamide

Gornitz V.M.; Schreiber B.C., 1981:
Displacive halite hoppers from the dead sea israel and jordan some implications for ancient evaporite deposits

Jenssen, T.A.; Hover, E.L., 1976:
Display analysis of the signature display of anolis limifrons sauria iguanidae

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Display and related behavior of the wire tailed manakin pipra filicauda

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Display and visualization of 3 dimensional reconstructed anatomic morphology experience with the thorax heart and coronary vasculature of dogs

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Display behavior foraging ecology and systematics of the golden winged manakin masius chrysopterus

Modahl, K.B.; Eaton, G.G., 1977:
Display behavior in a confined troop of japanese macaques macaca fuscata

Rolstad J., 1985:
Display behavior in capercaillie tetrao urogallus during the breeding season

Wolfe L.D., 1981:
Display behavior of 3 troops of japanese monkeys macaca fuscata

Jenssen T.A., 1979:
Display behavior of male anolis opalinus sauria iguanidae a case of weak display stereotypy

Lein, M.R., 1980:
Display behavior of ovenbirds seiurus aurocapillus 1. nonsong vocalizations

Lein, M.R., 1981:
Display behavior of ovenbirds seiurus aurocapillus 2. song variation and singing behavior

Ridley M.W.; Magrath R.D.; Woinarski J.C.Z., 1985:
Display leap of the lesser florican sypheotides indica

Jenssen T.A., 1979:
Display modifiers of anolis opalinus lacertilia iguanidae

Herman, G.T.; Liu, H.K., 1977:
Display of 3 dimensional information in computed tomography

Baumel, J.J.; Odorisio, T.M.; Wurth, A.R., 1970:
Display of arterio venous anastomoses by double latex injection after vaso dilatation with chloroform

Semenikhina L.V.; Gurevich L.I.; Egamberdiev A.E., 1979:
Display of contrast characters in cotton gossypium hirsutum x gossypium trilobum f 1 hybrids and k 1 k 2 amphi di ploids

Silver, R.; Barbiere, C., 1977:
Display of courtship and incubation behavior during the reproductive cycle of the male ring dove (Streptopelia risoria)

Hinshaw, W.S.; Andrew, E.R.; Bottomley, P.A.; Holland, G.N.; Moore, W.S.; Worthington, B.S., 1978:
Display of cross sectional anatomy by nmr imaging

Boyde A.; Reith E.J., 1981:
Display of maturation cycles in rat incisor enamel with tetracycline labeling

Clapham, D.H.; Sandman, G., 1983:
Display of mitochondria in root tip cells

Markov, M.V., 1976:
Display of plasticity and the composition of shepherds purse populations in sowings of different field crops

Beck B.N.; Gillis S.; Henney C.S., 1982:
Display of the neutral glyco lipid ganglio n tetraosyl ceramide on cells of the natural killer and t lineages

Ajayi O.A.; Oladapo G.O., 1986:
Display practices and changes in riboflavin content of non fermenting palm juice

Muller Schwarze D.; Muller Schwarze C., 1980:
Display rate and speed of nest relief in antarctic pygoscelid penguins

Bols, R.J., 1977:
Display reinforcement in the Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens: aggressive motivation or curiosity?

Rothblum, L.; Jenssen, T.A., 1978:
Display repertoire analysis of sceloporus undulatus hyacinthinus sauria iguanidae from southwestern virginia usa

Mock D.W., 1979:
Display repertoire shifts and extramarital courtship in herons

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Display specificity and reproductive isolation in the fiddler crabs uca panacea and uca pugilator

Klevenhagen, S.C.; Storey, P., 1978:
Display stabilizing circuit for systolic diastolic blood pressure monitors

Todt D.; Fiebelkorn A., 1980:
Display timing and function of wing movements accompanying antiphonal duets of cichladusa guttata

Blum R.L., 1981 :
Displaying clinical data from a time oriented data base

Mombers C.; Van Heeringen A.; Van Venetie R.; C., 1985:
Displaying strengths and weaknesses in national research and development performance through document cocitation

Wells S.; Baptista L.F., 1979:
Displays and morphology of an anna calypte anna x allen selasphorus sasin sedentarius hummingbird hybrid

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Disposition of carbon 14 labeled guanabenz in patients with essential hypertension

Illing H.P.A.; Ings R.M.J.; Johnson K.I.; Fromson J.M., 1983:
Disposition of carbon 14 labeled loprazolam in animals and man

Medinsky M.A.; Bond J.A.; Dutcher J.S.; Birnbaum L.S., 1984:
Disposition of carbon 14 labeled methyl bromide in fischer 344 rats after oral or intraperitoneal administration

Bass V M.; Mrongovius R.I.; Schulte K.E., 1980:
Disposition of carbon 14 labeled mofe butazone in the rat

Reddy C.S.; Reddy R.V.; Hayes A.W.; Berndt W.O., 1981:
Disposition of carbon 14 labeled secalonic acid d in male mice

Pegg D.G.; Zempel J.A.; Braun W.H.; Watanabe P.G., 1979:
Disposition of carbon 14 labeled tetra chloro ethylene following oral and inhalation exposure in rats

Nomeir A.A.; Abou Donia M.B., 1984:
Disposition of carbon 14 labeled tri o cresyl phosphate and its metabolites in various tissues of the male cat following a single dermal application

Roth, R.A.J. ; Roth, J.A.; Gillis, C.N., 1977:
Disposition of carbon 14 mescaline by rabbit lung

Bond J.A.; Dutcher J.S.; Medinsky M.A.; Henderson R.F.; Birnbaum L.S., 1985:
Disposition of carbon 14 methyl bromide in rats after inhalation

Singhvi, S.M.; Heald, A.F.; Murphy, B.F.; Difazio, L.T.; Schreiber, E.C.; Poutsiaka, J.W., 1978:
Disposition of carbon 14 nadolol in dogs with reversible renal impairment induced by uranyl nitrate

Di-Carlo, F.J.Jr ; Gilani, S.H., 1977:
Disposition of carbon 14 nicotine in the fertilized chick egg

Delong A.F.; Oldham S.W.; Desante K.A.; Nell G.; Henry D.P., 1988:
Disposition of carbon 14 pinacidil in humans

Digenis G.A.; Wells D.A.; Ansell J.M.; Blecher L., 1987:
Disposition of carbon 14 povidone after oral administration to the rat

Woolfrey S.G.; Taylor G.; Kellaway I.W.; Smith A., 1985:
Disposition of carboxyfluorescein in the rat

Halperin-Walega, E.; Batra, V.K.; Tonelli, A.P.; Barr, A.; Yacobi, A., 1988:
Disposition of cefixime in the pregnant and lactating rat. Transfer to the fetus and nursing pup

Heim K.L.; Halstenson C.E.; Comty C.M.; Affrime M.B.; Matzke G.R., 1986:
Disposition of cefotaxime and deacetylcefotaxime during continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Yost R.L.; Derendorf H., 1986:
Disposition of cefotaxime and its deacetyl metabolite in morbidly obese male and female subjects

Garcia M.J.; Dominguez Gil A.; Diaz Perez F.; Perez Rodriguez F.; Dominguez Moronta F., 1981:
Disposition of cefoxitin in patients with ascites

Barrueco, M.; Garcia, M.J.; Otero, M.J.; Dominguez-Gil, A.; de Letona, J.M., 1981:
Disposition of cefoxitin in patients with pleural effusion

Garcia, M.J.; Garcia, A.; Nieto, M.J.; Dominguez-Gil, A.; Alonso, G.; Mellado, L., 1980:
Disposition of cefoxitin in the elderly

Glazer, J.P.; Danish, M.A.; Plotkin, S.A.; Yaffe, S.J., 1980:
Disposition of chloramphenicol in low birth weight infants

Roberts, R.K.; Desmond, P.V.; Wilkinson, G.R.; Schenker, S., 1979:
Disposition of chlordiazepoxide: sex differences and effects of oral contraceptives

Plowman, J.; Dingell, J.V.; Adamson, R.H., 1978:
Disposition of chlorozotocin in rats and dogs

Diliberto, J.J.; Usha, G.; Birnbaum, L.S., 1988:
Disposition of citral in male Fischer rats

Ochs H.R.; Greenblatt D.J.; Verburt Ochs B.; Harmatz J.S.; Grehl H., 1984:
Disposition of clotiazepam influence of age sex oral contraceptives cimetidine isoniazid and ethanol

Watanabe, J.; Hirate, J.; Iwamoto, K.; Ozeki, S., 1981:
Disposition of creatinine and urea in bilaterally nephrectomized rats

Erlichman, C.; Soldin, S.J.; Hardy, R.W.; Thiessen, J.J.; Sturgeon, J.F.; Fine, S.; Baskerville, T., 1988:
Disposition of cyclophosphamide on two consecutive cycles of treatment in patients with ovarian carcinoma

Maurer, G.; Loosli, H.R.; Schreier, E.; Keller, B., 1984:
Disposition of cyclosporine in several animal species and man 1. structural elucidation of its metabolites

Hulhoven R.; Harvengt C., 1983:
Disposition of daunorubicin and daunorubicin dna complex in rabbits

el Dareer, S.M.; Kalin, J.R.; Tillery, K.F.; Hill, D.L., 1987:
Disposition of decabromobiphenyl ether in rats dosed intravenously or by feeding

Chan R.L.; H.W.; Webb A.S.; Lafargue J.; Nerenberg C.A., 1988:
Disposition of detirelix a potent lhrh antagonist in rats and monkeys

Klotz, U.; Antonin, K.H.; Bruegel, H.; Bieck, P.R., 1977:
Disposition of diazepam and its major metabolite demethyl diazepam in patients with liver disease

Campillo J.A.; Lanao J.M.; Dominguez Gil A.; Rubio F.; Martin A., 1980:
Disposition of dibekacin in patients undergoing hemo dialysis

Berlin, C.M.; Denson, H.M.; Daniel, C.H.; Ward, R.M., 1984:
Disposition of dietary caffeine in milk, saliva, and plasma of lactating women

van Hogezand, R.A.; van Hees, P.A.; Zwanenburg, B.; van Rossum, J.M.; van Tongeren, J.H., 1985:
Disposition of disodium azodisalicylate in healthy subjects. A possible new drug for inflammatory bowel disease

Murphy, P.J.; Williams, T.L.; Kau, D.L., 1976:
Disposition of dobutamine in the dog

Ueland P.M.; Refsum H.; Male R.; Lillehaug J.R., 1986:
Disposition of endogenous homocysteine by mouse fibroblast c 3h 10t 1 2 clone 8 and the chemically transformed c 3h 10t 1 2 mca clone 16 cells following methotrexate exposure

Miller, M.S.; Gandolfi, A.J.; Vaughan, R.W.; Bentley, J.B., 1980:
Disposition of enflurane in obese patients

Trnovec T.; Durisova M.; Bezek S.; Burdats P.; Marko V.; Faberova V.; Zemanek M.; Soltes L.; Piotrovsky L.B., 1986:
Disposition of ethimizole a nootropic drug in rats and mice

Ferdinandi E.S.; Cayen M.N.; Pace Asciak C., 1982:
Disposition of etodolac other anti inflammatory pyranoindole 1 acetic acids and furobufen in normal and adjuvant arthritic rats

Garrett E.R.; Altmayer P., 1985:
Disposition of etofibrate clofibric acid and nicotinic acid esters and their products in dogs

Vinther, O.; Freundt, E.A., 1980:
Disposition of exposed antigens on the faces of isolated Mycoplasma gallisepticum membranes

Halstenson, C.E.; Abraham, P.A.; Opsahl, J.A.; Chremos, A.N.; Keane, W.F.; Matzke, G.R., 1987:
Disposition of famotidine in renal insufficiency

Smith S.J.; Dillow D.W.; Young L.B., 1982:
Disposition of fertilizer nitrate applied to sorghum sudan grass in sorghum sudanense in the usa southern plains

Sharpley A.N., 1986:
Disposition of fertilizer phosphorus applied to winter wheat triticum aestivum

Chu, N.I.; Amos, B.A.; Tökés, L.; Maddox, M.L.; Matin, S.B.; Hama, K.M.; Patterson, J.W.; Wagner, P.J.; Bell, J.P.; Chaplin, M.D., 1979:
Disposition of flunisolide in the rat, mouse, dog, rhesus monkey, and cynomolgus monkey

Singhvi S.M.; Duchin K.L.; Morrison R.A.; Willard D.A.; Everett D.W.; Frantz M., 1988:
Disposition of fosinopril sodium in healthy subjects

Watanabe J.; Hori K.; Iwamoto K.; Ozeki S., 1983:
Disposition of fractionated tritium labeled heparin in rats

Cayen, M.N.; Kraml, M.; Robinson, W.T.; Dvornik, D., 1981:
Disposition of furobufen in mice, rats, dogs, and man

Zhu J.; Katayama K.; Kakemi M.; Koizumi T., 1986:
Disposition of furosemide and diuretic response in man

Nigam, V.N.; Brailovsky, C.A., 1977:
Disposition of glyco proteins in plasma membrane of cultured rat embryonic fibroblasts

Terasawa, K.; Bandoh, M.; Tosa, H.; Hirate, J., 1986:
Disposition of glycyrrhetic acid and its glycosides in healthy subjects and patients with pseudoaldosteronism

Hengstmann J.H.; Falkner F.C., 1979:
Disposition of guanethidine during chronic oral therapy

Narasimhalu P.; Mcrae K.B.; Quinton D., 1986:
Disposition of hair minerals at four different body sites of hereford cows

Richter, E.; Breimer, D.D.; Zilly, W., 1980:
Disposition of hexo barbital in intra hepatic and extrahepatic cholestasis in man and the influence of drug metabolism inducing agents

Howland, R.D.; Spector, S., 1972:
Disposition of histamine in mammalian blood vessels

Keller E.; Sulzer U.; Brennes M.; Schollmeyer P.; Hoppe Seyler G., 1981:
Disposition of hydro chlorothiazide during phenytoin treatment

Bhat R.; Vidyasagar D.; Vadapalli M.; Whalley C.; Fisher E.; Hastreiter A.; Evans M., 1979:
Disposition of indomethacin in preterm infants

Gotfredsen C.F.; Frokjaer S.; Hjorth E.L.; Jorgensen K.D.; Debroux Guisset M C., 1983:
Disposition of intact liposomes of different compositions and of liposomal degradation products

Giles H.G.; Sellers E.M.; Naranjo C.A.; Frecker R.C.; Greenblatt D.J., 1981:
Disposition of intra venous diazepam in young men and women

Golub, M.S.; Eisele, J.H.; Kuhnert, B.R., 1988:
Disposition of intrapartum narcotic analgesics in monkeys

Knight, M.E.; Roberts, R.J., 1986:
Disposition of intravenously administered pharmacologic doses of vitamin E in newborn rabbits

Spinelli R.; Fracasso C.; Guiso G.; Garattini S.; Caccia S., 1988:
Disposition of levo fenfluramine and its active metabolite levo norfenfluramine in rat a single dose proportionality study

Tang Liu D.D S.; Liu S.; Neff J.; Sandri R., 1987:
Disposition of levobunolol after an ophthalmic dose to rabbits

Murray N.; Hewick D.; Balfour D., 1981:
Disposition of lithium ion in the guinea pig and rat

Kuhnert, B.R.; Philipson, E.H.; Kuhnert, P.M.; Syracuse, C.D., 1985:
Disposition of meperidine and normeperidine following multiple doses during labor 1. mother

Kuhnert, B.R.; Kuhnert, P.M.; Philipson, E.H.; Syracuse, C.D., 1985:
Disposition of meperidine and normeperidine following multiple doses during labor 2. fetus and neonate

Morgan, D.; Moore, G.; Thomas, J.; Triggs, E., 1978:
Disposition of meperidine in pregnancy

Thompson T.N.; Klaassen C.D., 1983:
Disposition of metals after portal and systemic administration to rats

Gregus Z.; Klaassen C.D., 1986:
Disposition of metals in rats a comparative study of fecal urinary and biliary excretion and tissue distribution of eighteen metals

Szeto H.H.; Clapp J.F.; Larrow R.W.; Hewitt J.; Inturrisi C.E.; Mann L.I., 1981:
Disposition of methadone in the ovine maternal fetal unit

Alberts, D.S.; Peng, Y.M.; Leigh, S.; Davis, T.P.; Woodward, D.L., 1985 :
Disposition of mitoxantrone in cancer patients

Pussard E.; Verdier F.; Faurisson F.; Scherrmann J.M.; J.; Blayo M.C., 1987:
Disposition of monodeethylamodiaquine after a single oral dose of amodiaquine and three regimens for prophylaxis against plasmodium falciparum malaria

Plomp, G.J.; Maes, R.A.; van Ree, J.M., 1981:
Disposition of morphine in rat brain: relationship to biological activity

Bird, B.A.; Campbell, I.M., 1982:
Disposition of Mycophenolic Acid, Brevianamide A, Asperphenamate, and Ergosterol in Solid Cultures of Penicillium brevicompactum

Chu N.I.; Chan R.L.; Hama K.M.; Chaplin M.D., 1985:
Disposition of nafarelin acetate a potent agonist of lhrh in rats and rhesus monkeys

Marshall, J.P.; Salt, W.B.; Elam, R.O.; Wilkinson, G.R.; Schenker, S., 1977:
Disposition of nafcillin in patients with cirrhosis and extrahepatic biliary obstruction

Graham, D.J.; Hama, K.M.; Smith, S.A.; Kurz, L.; Chaplin, M.D.; Hall, D.J., 1987:
Disposition of nafimidone in rats

Fishman, J.; Roffwarg, H.; Hellman, L., 1973:
Disposition of naloxone 7 8 tritiated in normal and narcotic dependent men

Godeneche D.; Madelmont J.C.; Labarre P.; Plagne R.; Meyniel G., 1987:
Disposition of new sulfur containing 2 chloroethylnitrosoureas in rats

Chichester, F.W.; Smith, S.J., 1978:
Disposition of nitrogen 15 labeled fertilizer nitrate applied during corn culture in field lysimeters

Campbell C.A.; Davidson H.R.; Mccaig T.N., 1983:
Disposition of nitrogen and soluble sugars in cultivar manitou spring wheat triticum aestivum as influenced by nitrogen fertilizer temperature and duration and stage of moisture stress

Ritschel, W.A.; Shaaya, A.N.; Tan, H.S., 1985:
Disposition of nitroglycerin in the beagle dog after intravenous and buccal administration

Kamata S., 1980:
Disposition of noise induced hearing loss with special reference to consanguinity

Rorie, D.K.; Muldoon, S.M.; Tyce, G.M., 1980:
Disposition of norepinephrine during nerve stimulation in dog saphenous vein

Weintraub, H.S.; Abrams, L.S.; Patrick, J.E.; Mcguire, J.L., 1978:
Disposition of norgestimate in the presence and absence of ethynyl estradiol after oral administration to humans

Patrick, J.E.; Weintraub, H.S.; Mcguire, J.L., 1978:
Disposition of orf 9326 17 beta acetoxy 2 alpha chloro 3 p nitrophenoxyimino 5 alpha androstane a novel contragestational steroid in animals

Ochs H.R.; Greenblatt D.J.; Klehr U., 1984:
Disposition of oxazepam in patients on maintenance hemodialysis

Ochs H.R.; Greenblatt D.J.; Otten H., 1981:
Disposition of oxazepam in relation to age sex and cigarette smoking

Kawashima, K., 1981:
Disposition of oxprenolol in spontaneously hypertensive rats as determined by an enzyme immunoassay

Gaver, R.C.; Vasiljev, M.; Wong, H.; Monkovic, I.; Swigor, J.E.; Van Harken, D.R.; Smyth, R.D., 1980:
Disposition of parenteral butorphanol in man

Chan, K., 1981:
Disposition of pethidine in man under acidic urinary ph 1. plasma level and urinary elimination of pethidine and norpethidine

Chan, K.; Tse, J.; Jennings, F.; Orme, M.L., 1987:
Disposition of pethidine in man under acidic urinary pH. 3. A comparison of pharmacokinetics among Caucasian, Chinese and Indian subjects

Findlay J.W.A.; Deangelis R.L.; Butz R.F.; Sailstad J.B.; Welch R.M., 1979:
Disposition of phenacetin in dog and man determined by a sensitive and specific radio immunoassay

Freeman, A.S.; Martin, B.R., 1982:
Disposition of phencyclidine in mice after smoke exposure

Kalsner, S.; Nickerson, M., 1968:
Disposition of phenylephrine autonomic in vascular tissue determined by the inst oil immersion technique iproniazid autonomic cocaine autonomic methylphenidate autonomic pheniprazine autonomic rabbit

Boucher, B.A.; Rodman, J.H.; Fabian, T.C.; Cupit, G.C.; Ludden, T.M.; West, M.E.; Ray, M.W., 1987:
Disposition of phenytoin in critically ill trauma patients

Lastra, C.F.; Mariño, E.L.; Barrueco, M.; Gervós, M.S.; Gil, A.D., 1984:
Disposition of phosphomycin in patients with pleural effusion

Lee V.H.L.; Robinson J.R., 1982:
Disposition of pilocarpine in the pigmented rabbit eye

Senior A.E., 1984:
Disposition of polar and nonpolar residues on outer surfaces of transmembrane helical segments of proteins involved in proton translocation

Sunderland N.; Huang B.; Hills G.J., 1984:
Disposition of pollen in situ and its relevance to anther pollen culture

Wolff M.S.; Thornton J.; Fischbein A.; Lilis R.; Selikoff I.J., 1982:
Disposition of poly chlorinated bi phenyl congeners in occupationally exposed persons

Allan L.; Barrow A.; Kaskins N.J.; Rogers M.; Rose D.A.; Palmer R.F., 1981:
Disposition of pranolium chloride in dogs baboons and monkeys

Barrow, A.; Brownsill, R.D.; Spalton, P.N.; Walls, C.M.; Gunn, Y.; Haskins, N.J.; Rose, D.A.; Palmer, R.F., 1980:
Disposition of pranolium chloride in small mammals

McLean, F.M.; Keller, P.J.; Genge, B.R.; Walters, S.A.; Wuthier, R.E., 1987:
Disposition of preformed mineral in matrix vesicles. Internal localization and association with alkaline phosphatase

Hunt, R.J.; Miller, K.W., 1978:
Disposition of primidone phenylethyl malonamide and pheno barbital in the rabbit

Graffner, C.; Jansson, R.M.; Lagerstrom, P.O.; Persson, B.A., 1977:
Disposition of procainamide and its n acetylated metabolite after acute intra venous infusion in man determined by high speed liquid chromatography

Gepts, E.; Camu, F.; Cockshott, I.D.; Douglas, E.J., 1987:
Disposition of propofol administered as constant rate intravenous infusions in humans

Kay, N.H.; Sear, J.W.; Uppington, J.; Cockshott, I.D.; Douglas, E.J., 1986:
Disposition of propofol in patients undergoing surgery. A comparison in men and women

Wilson, J.T.; Atwood, G.F.; Shand, D.G., 1976:
Disposition of propoxyphene and propranolol in children

Levy, A.; Ngai, S.H.; Finck, A.D.; Kawashima, K.; Spector, S., 1976:
Disposition of propranolol isomers in mice

Hidalgo, C.; Ikemoto, N., 1977:
Disposition of proteins and amino phospho lipids in the sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane

Peters, J.H.; Gordon, G.R.; Murray, J.F., 1983:
Disposition of prothionamide in rats and armadillos

Assael B.M.; Banfi G.; Appiani A.C.; Edefonti A.; Jusko W.J., 1982:
Disposition of pulse dose methyl prednisolone in adult and pediatric patients with the nephrotic syndrome

Guentert T.W.; Oie S.; Huang J D., 1982:
Disposition of quinidine in the rabbit

Leeling, J.L.; Muni, I.A.; Kowalski, T.L.; Johnson, N.J., 1978:
Disposition of radio labeled benzo quinolizinyl propionanilide hydro chloride in rats and dogs and identification of several of its metabolites

Harrison, L.I.; Schuppan, D.; Rohlfing, S.R.; Hansen, A.R.; Gerster, J.F.; Hansen, C.S.; Funk, M.L.; Ober, R.E., 1986:
Disposition of radiolabeled flumequine in rat and dog

Norrby, S.R.; Rogers, J.D.; Ferber, F.; Jones, K.H.; Zacchei, A.G.; Weidner, L.L.; Demetriades, J.L.; Gravallese, D.A.; Hsieh, J.Y., 1984:
Disposition of radiolabeled imipenem and cilastatin in normal human volunteers

Hirate, J.; Horikoshi, I.; Watanabe, J.; Ozeki, S.; Nagase, S., 1984 :
Disposition of salicylic acid in analbuminemic rats

Tse F.L.S.; Jaffe J.M., 1987:
Disposition of silicon containing amide an inhibitor of acyl coenzyme a cholesterol acyltransferase in dog and rat

Brandt I.; Mohammed A.; Lyden A.; Slanina P., 1984:
Disposition of some sulfur containing hexa chloro benzene metabolites affinity of methylsulfonylpentachloro benzene for the gray matter of brain the lungs and the adrenal zona reticularis

Noker P.E.; Kalin J.R.; Mccarthy D.J.; E.D.reer S.M.; Chappel C.I., 1986:
Disposition of sucrose octaisobutyrate in rats dogs and monkeys

Nain C.K.; Sharma B.; Mehta S., 1982:
Disposition of sulfadiazine in rhesus monkeys

Koritz, G.D.; Bourne, D.W.A.; Dittert, L.W.; Bevill, R.F., 1978:
Disposition of sulfonamides in food producing animals disposition of sulfathiazole in tissues urine and plasma of cattle following intra venous administration

Bevill, R.F.; Dittert, L.W.; Bourne, D.W.A., 1977:
Disposition of sulfonamides in food producing animals part 4 pharmaco kinetics of sulfamethazine in cattle following administration of an intra venous dose and 3 oral dosage forms

Bevill, R.F.; Koritz, G.D.; Dittert, L.W.; Bourne, D.W.A., 1977:
Disposition of sulfonamides in food producing animals part 5 disposition of sulfathiazole in tissue urine and plasma of sheep following intra venous administration

Bourne, D.W.A.; Dittert, L.W.; Koritz, G.D.; Bevill, R.F., 1978:
Disposition of sulfonamides in food producing animals part 7 disposition of sulfathiazole in tissue urine and plasma of swine following intra venous administration

Tsuei, S.E.; Petersen, M.C.; Ashley, J.J.; Mcbride, W.G.; Moore, R.G., 1980:
Disposition of synthetic gluco corticoids 2. dexamethasone in parturient women

Tsuei S.E.; Moore R.G.; Ashley J.J.; Mcbride W.G., 1979:
Disposition of synthetic gluco corticoids part 1 pharmaco kinetics of dexamethasone in healthy adults

Corley R.A.; Swanson S.P.; Gullo G.J.; Johnson L.; Beasley V.R.; Buck W.B., 1986:
Disposition of t 2 toxin a trichothecene mycotoxin in intravascularly dosed swine

Schumacher, H.; Blake, D.A.; Gillette, J.R., 1968:
Disposition of thalidomide metab in rabbits and rats

Lindeberg S.; Lundborg P.; Regardh C.G.; Sandstrom B., 1987:
Disposition of the adrenergic blocker metoprolol and its metabolite hydroxy metoprolol in maternal plasma amniotic fluid and capillary blood of the neonate

Coleman, M.D.; Fleckenstein, L.; Shipley, L.A.; Heiffer, M.H., 1988:
Disposition of the antimalarial, mefloquine, in the isolated perfused rat liver

Lynn R.K.; Garvie Gould C.T.; Milam D.F.; Scott K.F.; Eastman C.L.; Ilias A.M.; Rodgers R.M., 1984:
Disposition of the aromatic amine benzidine in the rat characterization of mutagenic urinary and biliary metabolites

Maros, T.N.; Galajda, Z.; Lakatos, O., 1986:
Disposition of the collagen bundles and reticular network in the rat renal capsule: architectural properties and their functional significance

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