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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5173

Chapter 5173 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Arkhipov V.I.; Azarashvili A.A., 1981: Dissociated training in the presence of sodium hydroxy butyrate

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Spiegel, D., 1986: Dissociating damage

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Von-Gruenau, M.W., 1978: Dissociation and interaction of form and motion information in the human visual system

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Pinnock R.D.; Sattelle D.B., 1987: Dissociation and maintenance in vitro of neurons from adult cockroach periplaneta americana and housefly musca domestica

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Gurne, D.; Chen, J.; Shemin, D., 1977: Dissociation and reassociation of immobilized porphobilinogen synthase use of immobilized subunits for enzyme isolation

Yamaguchi-Koll, U.; Wiegers, K.J.; Drzeniek, R., 1977: Dissociation and reassociation of poliovirus part 2 protein components obtained by urea treatment of the virus particle

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Hirose, A.; Kumagai, J.I.; Imahori, K., 1976: Dissociation and reconstitution of colicin e 3 and immunity substance complex

Meissner, G.; Fleischer, S., 1974: Dissociation and reconstitution of functional sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles

Howlett, G.J.; Wardrop, A.J., 1978: Dissociation and reconstitution of human erythrocyte membrane proteins using 3 4 5 6 tetra hydrophthalmic anhydride

Emerson, S.U.; Wagner, R.R., 1972: Dissociation and reconstitution of the transcriptase and template activities of vesicular stomatitis b virions and vesicular stomatitis t virions

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Gruenewald, D., 1986: Dissociation: appearance and meaning

Vianna-Morgante, A.M.; Nunesmaia, H.G., 1978: Dissociation as probable origin of mosaic 45 xy translocation 15 21 46 xy iso chromosome 21q

Yamada T.; Aibara S.; Morita Y., 1979: Dissociation association behavior of arachin between dimeric and monomeric forms

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Whitin, J.C.; Cohen, H.J., 1985: Dissociation between aggregation and superoxide production in human granulocytes

Gray D.A.; Kaul R.; Brummermann M.; Simon E., 1987: Dissociation between apparent volumes of distribution for inulin and sodium by salt adaptation in ducks

Mclemore, T.L.; Martin, R.R.; Wray, N.P.; Cantrell, E.T.; Busbee, D.L., 1978: Dissociation between aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase activity in cultured pulmonary macrophages and blood lymphocytes from lung cancer patients

Snyder, D.R.; Braun, J.J., 1977: Dissociation between behavioral and physiological indices of organo mercurial ingestion

Ghisen W.E.J.M.; M.D.; Van O.C.H., 1980: Dissociation between calcium atpase and alkaline phosphatase activities in plasma membranes of rat duodenum

Rinaldi, G.J.; Amado Cattaneo, E.; Mattiazzi, A.; Cingolani, H.E., 1987: Dissociation between calcium influx blockage and smooth muscle relaxation by nifedipine in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Niemeyer, H.; Heberlein, U.; Monasterio, O. , 1981: Dissociation between catalytic activity and susceptibility to inactivation by 5 5' di thio bis 2 nitro benzoic acid of rat gluco kinase ec

Radsak K.; Weder D., 1981: Dissociation between cellular dna synthesis and histone synthesis following infection by cytomegalovirus in the presence of phosphono acetic acid brief report

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Otten, U.; Oesch, F.; Thoenen, H., 1973: Dissociation between changes in cyclic amp and subsequent induction of tyrosine hydroxylase in the rat superior cervical ganglion and adrenal medulla

Morita, H., 1986: Dissociation between changes in renal nerve activity and renal vascular resistance in conscious dogs

Brodie M.E.; Opacka J., 1985: Dissociation between circling behavior and striatal dopamine activity following unilateral deltamethrin administration to rats

Sopwith, A.M.; Penny, E.S.; Lytras, N.; Besser, G.M.; Rees, L.H., 1987: Dissociation between circulating concentrations of immunoreactive growth hormone releasing factor and growth hormone in normal human subjects

Schenk F.; Morris R.G.M., 1985: Dissociation between components of spatial memory in rats after recovery from the effects of retrohippocampal lesions

Mineka S.; Gino A., 1980: Dissociation between conditioned emotional response and extended avoidance performance

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Engelhardt, M., 1977: Dissociation between cortisol induced pycnosis and inhibition of tritiated uridine incorporation in rat thymocytes

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Taurog, A.; Nakashima, T., 1978: Dissociation between degree of iodination and iodo amino acid distribution in thyro globulin

Fitting, J.W.; Bradley, T.D.; Easton, P.A.; Lincoln, M.J.; Goldman, M.D.; Grassino, A., 1988: Dissociation between diaphragmatic and rib cage muscle fatigue

Iadarola M.J.; Gale K., 1979: Dissociation between drug induced increases in nerve terminal and nonnerve terminal pools of gamma amino butyric acid in vivo

Planz G.; Planz R., 1981: Dissociation between duration of plasma catecholamine and blood pressure responses to beta adrenergic blockade in normotensive subjects during physical exercise

Glower D.D.; Spratt J.A.; Newton J.R.; Wolfe J.A.; Rankin J.S.; Swain J.L., 1987: Dissociation between early recovery of regional function and purine nucleotide content in postischemic myocardium in the conscious dog

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Gallagher, K.P.; Stirling, M.C.; Choy, M.; Szpunar, C.A.; Gerren, R.A.; Botham, M.J.; Lemmer, J.H., 1985: Dissociation between epicardial and transmural function during acute myocardial ischemia

Hammad H.M.; A.S.yegh A.; Swanson S.; Ebadi M., 1983: Dissociation between epileptic seizures induced by convulsant drugs and alteration in the concentrations of pyridoxal phosphate in rat brain regions

Rodin, E.A.; DeSousa, G.; Haidukewych, D.; Lodhi, R.; Berchou, R.C., 1981: Dissociation between free and bound phenytoin levels in presence of valproate sodium

Verani M.S.; Bolli R.; Tadros S.; Myers M.L.; Borges Neto S.; Jain A.; Phillips L.; Roberts R., 1987: Dissociation between global and regional systolic and diastolic ventricular function during coronary occlusion and reperfusion

Gery, I.; Nussenblatt, R.; BenEzra, D., 1981: Dissociation between humoral and cellular immune responses to lens antigens

Neveu P.J.; Buscot N.; Soulillou J.P., 1980: Dissociation between humoral and cellular responses to purified protein derivative after bcg vaccination

Blake C.A.; Campbell G.T.; Wagoner J.; Rodriguez Sierra J.F.; Hendricks S.E.; Elias K.A., 1983: Dissociation between increased growth hormone and prolactin secretion during the morning hours of early pregnancy in the rat

Ghezzi, P.; Bersani, L.; Colotta, F.; Erroi, A.; Bianchi, M., 1986: Dissociation between induction of ornithine decarboxylase and oxidative burst by phorbol esters in a macrophage cell line

Chen, W.C.; Chou, D.L.; Feingold, D.S., 1978: Dissociation between ion permeability and the lethal action of polyene antibiotics on Candida albicans

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Ratner, A.; Wilson, M.C.; Srivastava, L.; Peake, G.T., 1976: Dissociation between luteinizing hormone release and pituitary cyclic nucleotide accumulation in response to synthetic luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in vivo

Fox, G.M.; Redmond, T.M.; Wiggert, B.; Kuwabara, T.; Chader, G.J.; Gery, I., 1987: Dissociation between lymphocyte activation for proliferation and for the capacity to adoptively transfer uveoretinitis

Gaesser G.A.; Poole D.C.; Gardner B.P., 1984: Dissociation between maximal oxygen uptake and ventilatory threshold responses to endurance training

Loxdale, H.D.; Tregear, R.T., 1985: Dissociation between mechanical performance and the cost of isometric tension maintenance in Lethocerus flight muscle

Wolkowicz P.E.; Mcmillin Wood J., 1980: Dissociation between mitochondrial calcium ion release and pyridine nucleotide oxidation

Jacobs, D.M.; Morrison, D.C., 1975: Dissociation between mitogenicity and immunogenicity of tri nitro phenyl lipo poly saccharide a thymus independent antigen

Tolpyshev V.A., 1986: Dissociation between motor disturbances and electroencephalographic shifts during amphetamine induced stereotypy in cats

Spinnler H.; Sterzi R.; Tobaldini L.; Vallar G., 1982: Dissociation between normal hemispheres in delayed recognition of verbal and spatial cues of the same visual pattern

Raunio, H.; Skurnik, M.; Korhonen, P.; Pelkonen, O., 1982: Dissociation between ornithine decarboxylase ec activity and aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase ec induction in cell cultures treated with benz a anthracene and inhibitors of ornithine decarboxylase

Chew, C.S.; Hersey, S.J., 1978: Dissociation between oxyntic cell cyclic amp formation and hydro chloric acid secretion in bull frog gastric mucosa

Abbot S.D.; Naik S.I.; Clayton R.N., 1986: Dissociation between pituitary gonadotropin releasing hormone binding sites and luteinizing hormone response to gonadotropin releasing hormone

Hauffa B.P.; Kaplan S.L.; Grumbach M.M., 1984: Dissociation between plasma adrenal androgens and cortisol in cushings disease and ectopic acth producing tumor relation to adrenarche

Kato J.; Kida O.; Nakamura S.; Sasaki A.; Takiguchi K.; Tanaka K., 1986: Dissociation between plasma and atrial content of atrial natriuretic polypeptide following sodium load in rats

Singer, D.R.; Shore, A.C.; Markandu, N.D.; Buckley, M.G.; Sagnella, G.A.; MacGregor, G.A., 1987: Dissociation between plasma atrial natriuretic peptide levels and urinary sodium excretion after intravenous saline infusion in normal man

Bia M.J.; Dewitt S.; Forrest J.N.Jr, 1979: Dissociation between plasma urine and renal papillary cyclic amp content following vasopressin and 1 deamino 8 d arginine vasopressin

Nariuchi H.; Adler W.H., 1979: Dissociation between proliferation and antibody formation by old mouse spleen cells in response to lipo poly saccharide stimulation

Sugishita Y.; Koseki S.; Matsuda M.; Tamura T.; Yamaguchi I.; Ito I., 1983: Dissociation between regional myo cardial dys function and electro cardiogram changes during myo cardial ischemia induced by exercise in patients with angina pectoris

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Olsen U.B., 1981: Dissociation between renal medullary prostaglandin e 2 synthesis and urine prostaglandin e 2 excretion antagonism by bumetanide of chlorazanil induced urine prostaglandin e 2 excretion in rats

Davis, S.D., 1974: Dissociation between results of in vitro and in vivo antibiotic susceptibility tests for some strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Yamanouchi K.; Arai Y., 1982: Dissociation between the display of lordosis and soliciting behaviors in female rats with lesions of the dorsomedial pontine tegmentum

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