Section 6
Chapter 5,174

Distinction of 2 pathologic anti thrombin ii molecules anti thrombin iii aalborg and anti thrombin iii budapest

Sorensen, P.J.; Sas, G.; Peto, I.; Blasko, G.; Kremmer, T.; Samu, A.

Thrombosis Research 26(3): 211-220


ISSN/ISBN: 0049-3848
Accession: 005173782

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Plasma from 2 different thrombophilic families with functional inherited antithrombin III deficiency, i.e., with low antithrombin III activity but normal immunoreactive antithrombin III concentration, were investigated simultaneously in the same laboratory. The experiments (thrombin and factor Xa inactivation, heparin affinity chromatography, modified 2-dimensional immunoelectrophoresis and gel filtration) showed a distinct difference between the 2 anti-thrombin III anomalies. The antithrombin III Aalborg had decreased thrombin inactivating activity but normal factor Xa-inactivating activity. The heparin affinity and the MW were normal. The antithrombin III Budapest displayed a more profound abnormality with pathologic thrombin and factor Xa inactivation, decreased heparin affinity and abnormal MW.

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