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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5176

Chapter 5176 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Heitmeyer M.E.; Vohs P.A.Jr, 1984:
Distribution and habitat use of waterfowl wintering in oklahoma usa

Staniforth R.J.; Cavers P.B., 1979:
Distribution and habitats of 4 annual smartweeds in ontario canada

Gracio M.A.A., 1983:
Distribution and habitats of 6 species of fresh water pulmonate snails in algarve southern portugal

Van Overstraeten F.; D.F.nseca P., 1982:
Distribution and habitats of amphibians in the voerstreek province of limburg belgium

Mirek Z.; Piekos Mirkowa H., 1984:
Distribution and habitats of galium saxatile in the carpathian mountains poland

Serena M., 1984:
Distribution and habitats of parthenogenetic and sexual cnemidophorus lemniscatus sauria teiidae in surinam

Negoro H., 1988:
Distribution and habitats of water striders in toyama prefecture japan

Raveling D.G.; Dixon C.C., 1981:
Distribution and harvest of canada geese branta canadensis in southern manitoba canada prior to development of oak hammock marsh

Szymczak M.R.; Staffon R.C.; Corey J.F., 1981:
Distribution and harvest of canada geese branta canadensis nesting along the foothills of colorado usa

Calambokidis J.; Taylor B.L.; Carter S.D.; Stieger G.H.; Dawson P.K.; Antrim L.D., 1987:
Distribution and haul out behavior of harbor seals in glacier bay alaska usa

Aso, T., 1976:
Distribution and hemodynamics of radioactive carbon from uniformly labeled carbon 14 glucose by the cerebral administration in mice rats and dogs studies on macro auto radiograms

Pansera M.C.G.; Araujo A.M., 1983:
Distribution and heritability of the red raylets in heliconius erato phyllis lepidoptera nymphalidae

Bacarese Hamilton A.J.; Adrian T.E.; Bloom S.R., 1984:
Distribution and heterogeneity of immunoreactive cholecystokinin in the mucosa of the porcine gastrointestinal tract

Belimov G.T.; Larionov P.D.; Sedalishchev V.T., 1981:
Distribution and hibernation conditions of earthworms in the middle lena valley ussr

Faulhaber, I.; Lange-Lyra, L., 1978:
Distribution and homologies of subunits in the lactate dehydrogenase iso enzyme pattern of urodeles

Peirce M.A., 1981:
Distribution and host parasite checklist of the hematozoa of birds in western europe

Stanko M., 1987:
Distribution and host preferences in fleas siphonaptera parasitizing clethrionomys glareolus in javorie hills central slovakia czechoslovakia

Sartwell C.; Daterman G.E.; Koerber T.W.; Stevens R.E.; Sower L.L., 1980:
Distribution and hosts of eucosma sonomana in the western usa as determined by trapping with synthetic sex attractants

Jorgensen C.D.; Sakamoto C.J.; Herrin C.S., 1980:
Distribution and hosts of haemolaelaps acarina laelapidae in the northwest ethiopian region

Humes, A.G., 1976:
Distribution and hosts of stellicola copepoda cyclopoida associated with linckia asteroidea in the indo west pacific

Haffer, J., 1977:
Distribution and hybridization of the pionites parrots of amazonia

Muir M.A., 1979:
Distribution and identification of the onagraceae in georgia usa

Cooper, D.R.; Hill-Cottingham, D.G.; Lloyd-Jones, C.P., 1976:
Distribution and identity of labeled products following autumn application of nitrogen 15 labeled urea or potassium nitrate fertilizers to apple trees

Touminen M., 1984:
Distribution and identity of lhrh in rat tissues

Mamluk, O.F.; Faust, E.W., 1975:
Distribution and identity of root knot nematodes meloidogyne spp on cotton and sugar beet in the syria and lebanon

Koivusalo F., 1981:
Distribution and identity of trf in brain and gastro intestinal tissues

Carraway R.; Ruane S.E.; Kim H R., 1982:
Distribution and immunochemical character of neurotensin like material in representative vertebrates and invertebrates apparent conservation of the carboxyl terminal region during evolution

Arsenis, C.; Huang, S.M., 1977:
Distribution and immunologic cross reactivity of a phospho hydrolytic activity of calcifying cartilage and metaphyseal bone

Schnitzer, J., 1985:
Distribution and immunoreactivity of glia in the retina of the rabbit

Huckins J.N.; Petty J.D.; England D.C., 1986:
Distribution and impact of trifluralin atrazine and fonofos residues in microcosms simulating a northern prairie wetland usa

Popovic M.; Latinovic V., 1981:
Distribution and importance of anaerobic infections in the pathology of poultry

Yeates J.S.; Fang C.S.; Parker C.A., 1986:
Distribution and importance of oat attacking isolates of gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici in western australia

Karg W., 1983:
Distribution and importance of predatory mites of the cohort gamasina in relation to their effects on nematodes

Lopez Torres A.J.; Hazen T.C.; Toranzos G.A., 1987:
Distribution and in situ survival and activity of klebsiella pneumoniae and escherichia coli in a tropical rain forest watershed

Zubairov, D.M.; Popova, L.G.; Evranova, G.B.; Subkhankulova, F.B., 1988:
Distribution and inactivation of tissue thromboplastin in the body

Ruoff, K.L.; Fishman, J.A.; Calderwood, S.B.; Kunz, L.J., 1983:
Distribution and incidence of viridans streptococcal species in routine clinical specimens

Helsinger M.H.; Friedman G.M., 1982:
Distribution and incorporation of trace elements in the bottom sediments of the hudson river new york usa and its tributaries

Espinosa Bancalari M.A.; Perry D.A., 1987:
Distribution and increment of biomass in adjacent young douglas fir stands with different early growth rates

Kozlov M.P.; Chumakova I.V.; Avetisyan G.A., 1987:
Distribution and infection rate of fleas of the common vole with nematodes in the caucasus ussr

Shami S.A., 1982:
Distribution and inheritance of tongue rolling and tongue folding in a sample of population of the punjab pakistan

Ho, D.H.W.; Pincus, C.; Carter, C.J.; Benjamin, R.S.; Freireich, E.J.; Bodey, G.P.Sr, 1980:
Distribution and inhibition of adenosine deaminase ec in tissues of man rat and mouse

Cramer G.L.; Burnside O.C., 1982:
Distribution and interference of common milkweed asclepias syriaca in nebraska usa

Woolson, E.A.; Isensee, A.R.; Kearney, P.C., 1976:
Distribution and isolation of radioactivity from arsenic 74 arsenate and carbon 14 methane arsonic acid in an aquatic model ecosystem

Semin, B.K.; Esakova, T.D.; Petrusevich-Yu, M.; Tarusov, B.N., 1975:
Distribution and isolation patterns of 9 10 di methyl 1 2 benz anthracene in rats during pregnancy and lactation

Messiha, F.S.; Hutson, J., 1981:
Distribution and kinetic properties of alcohol dehydrogenase ec and aldehyde dehydrogenase in the rat testis

Waser P.G.; Wiederkehr H.; Sin Ren A.C.; Kaiser Schonenberger E., 1987:
Distribution and kinetics of carbon 14 vecuronium in rats and mice

Brading, A.F.; Jones, A.W., 1969:
Distribution and kinetics of cobalt edta in smooth muscle and its use as an extracellular marker guinea pig rabbit

Nisimov, P.G., 1978:
Distribution and kinetics of exchange of plutonium 238 after intra tracheal administration to rats

Tatevossian, A., 1978:
Distribution and kinetics of fluoride ions in the free aqueous and residual phases of human dental plaque

Delucia R.; Lara P.F.; Valle L.B.S.; Oliveira Filho R.M., 1981:
Distribution and kinetics of iodine 133 labeled hippuran in rats

Fernandez, J.M.; Bezanilla, F.; Taylor, R.E., 1982:
Distribution and kinetics of membrane di electric polarization 2. frequency domain studies of gating currents

Stadecker, M.J.; Wright, J.A., 1984:
Distribution and kinetics of mononuclear phagocytes in granulomas elicited by eggs of Schistosoma mansoni

Farwell, M.K.; Green, J.M.; Pepper, V.A., 1976:
Distribution and known life history of stichaeus punctatus in the northwest atlantic

Kirkman H.; Cook I.H., 1987:
Distribution and leaf growth of thalassodendron pachyrhizum den hartog in southern western australia

Blaner W.S.; Galdieri M.; Goodman D.S., 1987:
Distribution and levels of cellular retinol and cellular retinoic acid binding protein in various types of rat testis cells

Minta, J.O.; Jezyk, P.D.; Lepow, I.H., 1976:
Distribution and levels of properdin in human body fluids

Ortega, J.M.; Costa, V.; Montoya, E., 1976:
Distribution and liberation of the catalase enzyme in saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

Crosetti D.; Margaritora F.G., 1987:
Distribution and life cycles of cladocerans in temporary pools from central italy

Dexter D.M., 1985:
Distribution and life histories of abundant crustaceans of 4 sandy beaches of southeastern new south wales australia

Shinozaki Y., 1981:
Distribution and life history of rat brain tumors induced by human adenovirus type 12 in their early stages of oncogenesis

Blackburn M.; Serventy D.L., 1981:
Distribution and life history of skipjack tuna katsuwonus pelamis in australian waters

Charles J.G., 1981:
Distribution and life history of the long tailed mealybug pseudococcus longispinus homoptera pseudococcidae in auckland new zealand vineyards

Harrell, R.D.; Cloutman, D.G., 1978:
Distribution and life history of the sandbar shiner notropis scepticus pisces cyprinidae

Mugnaini, E.; Warr, W.B.; Osen, K.K., 1980:
Distribution and light microscopic features of granule cells in the cochlear nuclei of cat, rat, and mouse

U.S.; Courshee R.J., 1982:
Distribution and likely effectiveness of spray deposits within a cotton canopy from fine ultra low volume spray applied by aircraft

Singh D., 1980:
Distribution and localization of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase in mammalian artery

Freudenberg N.; Freudenberg M.A.; Vandara K.; Galanos C., 1985:
Distribution and localization of endotoxin in the res and main vessels of the rat during shock

Ikuta K., 1985:
Distribution and localization of some heavy metals in female and male of a herbivorous gastropod haliotis discus

Dekeyser A.; Martin H.; Herbillon A.J., 1983:
Distribution and localization of zinc and lead in a complex soil located above a gossan in a carbonate environment belgian famenne

Ravi K., 1986:
Distribution and location of slowly adapting pulmonary stretch receptors in the airways of cats

Berner D.K.; Berggren G.T.; Snow J.P.; White E.P., 1988:
Distribution and management of red crown rot of soybean in louisiana usa

D.S.usa M.; Carroll A.M.; Herman P.G.; Kerr S.; Boulton J.; Zalutsky M.R., 1985:
Distribution and mechanism of uptake of indium 111 chloride in a tumor model for lymph node metastases

Angelova A.; Stambolova M.; Tsanev R., 1984:
Distribution and metabolic behavior of tightly bound acid soluble nonhistone chromosomal proteins in developing rat brain cells

Milbrath, D.S.; Eto, M.; Casida, J.E., 1978:
Distribution and metabolic fate in mammals of the potent convulsant and gamma amino butyric acid antagonist tert butyl bi cyclo phosphate and its methyl analog

Taugner G.; Wunderlich I.; John F., 1979:
Distribution and metabolic fate of adenosine nucleotides in the membrane of storage vesicles from bovine adrenal medulla

Gaughan, L.C.; Robinson, R.A.; Casida, J.E., 1978:
Distribution and metabolic fate of trans permethrin and cis permethrin in laying hens

Eakins M.N.; Goulding R.W.; Somaia S., 1980:
Distribution and metabolism in the rat of a short series of 4 amino 7 iodo quinolines labeled with radio iodine

Truscott, B.; Kane, K.M.; Idler, D.R., 1977:
Distribution and metabolism of 1 alpha hydroxy cortico sterone in the skate raja radiata

El-Dareer, S.M.; Tillery, K.F.; Hill, D.L., 1978:
Distribution and metabolism of 2 amino 1 3 4 thiadiazole in mice dogs and monkeys

Kujawa M.; Macholz R.; Seidler H.; Haertig M.; Lewerenz H.J.; Schnaak W.; Zydek G., 1987:
Distribution and metabolism of 2 bromo 2 nitro 1 3 propanediol bronopol

Wendel, L.E.; Vinson, S.B., 1978:
Distribution and metabolism of a juvenile hormone analog within colonies of the red imported fire ant

Normand M.; Lalonde J., 1979:
Distribution and metabolism of acth in the rat

Brodasky, T.F.; Lewis, C.; Eble, T.E., 1977:
Distribution and metabolism of antibiotics in the whole animal part 1 clindamycin in the rat

Johansson Brittebo E.; Tjalve H., 1979:
Distribution and metabolism of carbon 14 labeled di methyl nitrosamine in fetal and young mice

Wilking N.; Appelgren L E.; Carlstrom K.; Pousette A.; Theve N.O., 1982:
Distribution and metabolism of carbon 14 labeled tamoxifen in spayed female mice

Negri L.; Improta G., 1984:
Distribution and metabolism of dermorphin in rats

Iwakawa S.; Komada F.; Okumura K.; Hori R., 1984:
Distribution and metabolism of elcatonin in isolated perfused rat pancreas

Teel R.W., 1987:
Distribution and metabolism of ellagic acid in the mouse following intraperitoneal administration

Kruse E.; Johansson S A.; Hartley Asp B.; Gunnarsson P.O., 1988:
Distribution and metabolism of estramustine in hela cells and the human prostatic tumor cell line 1013l

Peters G.E., 1982:
Distribution and metabolism of exogenous somatostatin in the rat

Lundqvist, H.; Gustavsson, S.; Lundqvist, G., 1978:
Distribution and metabolism of gastrin an experimental study of the fate of iodine 123 gastrin in the rat as studied by external detection with a gamma camera

Wade A.J., 1981:
Distribution and metabolism of glycerol in the rabbit

Hasenstein K H.; Kaldewey H., 1984:
Distribution and metabolism of iaa in relation to the growth of helianthus hypocotyls

Witter J.P.; Balish E., 1979:
Distribution and metabolism of ingested nitrate and nitrite in germ free and conventional flora rats

Haubrich, D.R.; Wang, P.F.L.; Wedeking, P.W., 1975:
Distribution and metabolism of intra venously administered choline methyl tritiated and synthesis in vivo of acetyl choline in various tissues of guinea pigs

Halban P.A.; Berger M.; Offord R.E., 1979:
Distribution and metabolism of intra venously injected tritium labeled insulin in rats

Waterman, A.; Livingston, A., 1978:
Distribution and metabolism of ketamine in sheep

Schwartz H.L.; Trence D.; Oppenheimer J.H.; Jiang N.S.; Jump D.B., 1983:
Distribution and metabolism of l tri iodo thyronine and d tri iodo thyronine in the rat preferential accumulation of l tri iodo thyronine by hepatic and cardiac nuclei as a probable explanation of the differential biological potency of tri iodo thyronine enantiomers

Riederer P., 1980:
Distribution and metabolism of l tryptophan in healthy probands under dietary conditions

Ellens H.; Rustum Y.; Mayhew E.; Ledesma E., 1982:
Distribution and metabolism of liposome encapsulated and free 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl cytosine in dog and mouse tissues

Baraldi M.; Grandison L.; Guidotti A., 1979:
Distribution and metabolism of muscimol in the brain and other tissues of the rat

Johansson Brittebo E.; Tjalve H., 1979:
Distribution and metabolism of n carbon 14 labeled nitroso pyrrolidine in mice

Duret, S.; Paris, R.R., 1977:
Distribution and metabolism of nerium oleander poly phenols part 2 new research on the flavonoids and chlorogenic acid

Cossum, P.A.; Roberts, M.S.; Yong, A.C.; Kilpatrick, D., 1986:
Distribution and metabolism of nitroglycerin and its metabolites in vascular beds of sheep

Powanda, M.C.; Dinterman, R.E.; Wannemacher, R.W.Jr ; Herbrandson, G.D., 1974:
Distribution and metabolism of phenyl alanine and tyrosine during tularemia in the rat

Shvydko, N.S.; Vorozhtsova, L.N.; Rushenik, S.I., 1976:
Distribution and metabolism of plutonium 239 in the skin

Johannsen, F.R.; Knowles, C.O., 1977:
Distribution and metabolism of promecarb in corn following soil application

Hori, R.; Iwakawa, S.; Okumura, K., 1982:
Distribution and metabolism of secretin and aprotinin in isolated perfused rat pancreas

Akinyemiju O.A.; Dickmann D.I.; Leavitt R.A., 1983:
Distribution and metabolism of simazine in simazine tolerant and simazine intolerant poplar populus sp clones

Fujihara, S.; Nakashima, T.; Kurogochi, Y.; Yamaguchi, M., 1986:
Distribution and metabolism of sym homospermidine and canavalmine in the sword bean canavalia gladiata cultivar shironata

Gaughan, L.C.; Ackerman, M.E.; Unai, T.; Casida, J.E., 1978:
Distribution and metabolism of trans permethrin and cis permethrin in lactating jersey cows

Ito S.; Teradaira R.; Fujita K., 1980:
Distribution and metabolism of tritium labeled 5 s cysteinyl dopa in mice

Appelgren L E.; Hammarstrom S., 1982:
Distribution and metabolism of tritium labeled leukotriene c 3 in the mouse

Aly M.I.; Abdel Latif A.A., 1980:
Distribution and metabolism of valproate in rat brain liver and kidney

E.D.reer, S.M.; White, V.M.; Chen, F.P.; Mellet, L.B.; Hill, D.L., 1977:
Distribution and metabolism of vincristine in mice, rats, dogs, and monkeys

Reeves, R.R.; Mitchell, E., 1987:
Distribution and migration exploitation and former abundance of white whales delphinapterus leucas in baffin bay greenland canada and adjacent waters

Nakamura, K.; Tanaka, Y., 1977:
Distribution and migration of 2 species of the genus pterodroma in the north pacific

Gong Y.; Kim Y.S.; Kim S.S., 1985:
Distribution and migration of flying squid ommastrephes bartrami in the north pacific

Okazaki T., 1985:
Distribution and migration of salmo gairdneri and salmo mykiss in the north pacific based on allelic variations of enzymes

Tanaka Y.; Kaneko Y.; Sato S., 1985:
Distribution and migration of smaller petrels of the genus pterodroma in the northwest pacific

Reeves R.; Mitchell E.; Mansfield A.; Mclaughlin M., 1983:
Distribution and migration of the bowhead whale balaena mysticetus in the eastern north american arctic

Kawahara S., 1985:
Distribution and migration of the pink spotted shrimp penaeus brasiliensis off the northeastern coast of south america

Shvetsov, F.G., 1978:
Distribution and migration of the rock sole lepidopsetta bilineata bilineata in the okhotsk offshore region of the paramushir and shumshu islands

Tanaka, Y., 1986:
Distribution and migration of the solander's petrel pterodroma solandri in the north pacific in relation to sea surface water temperatures

Omura H., 1988:
Distribution and migration of the western pacific stock of the gray whale

Watanabe K., 1979:
Distribution and migration of yellowtail in the tsushima japan warm water current waters based on re capture of fish tagged in spring and summer

Wieser, W.; Grabner, M.; Koch, F., 1981:
Distribution and migrations of 2 cerithid snails on a sand flat in bermuda 1. patterns of distribution and responses to ecological factors

Wieser, W.; Grabner, M.; Koch, F., 1981:
Distribution and migrations of 2 cerithid snails on a sand flat in bermuda 2. factors determining migrations in the sediment

Azarov, V.I., 1976:
Distribution and migrations of the lynx felis lynx in the south of western siberia and in the northern kazakh ssr ussr

Takigawa, M.; Danno, K.; Furukawa, F., 1983:
Distribution and mobility of concanavalin A receptors on isolated guinea pig epidermal cells at various stages of differentiation

Kelly, P.; Cotman, C.W.; Gentry, C.; Nicolson, G.L., 1976:
Distribution and mobility of lectin receptors on synaptic membranes of identified neurons in the central nervous system

Irimura, T.; Nishiyama, F.; Osawa, T.; Hirano, H., 1978:
Distribution and mobility of lectins with different carbohydrate binding specificities on l cell plasma membranes as revealed by immuno ferritin techniques

Deverel S.J.; Millard S.P., 1988:
Distribution and mobility of selenium and other trace elements in shallow groundwater of the western san joaquin valley california usa

Takigawa, M.; Imamura, S.; Ofuji, S., 1978:
Distribution and mobility of specific antigens on isolated guinea pig epidermal cells

Czosnowski, E.; Lorenc-Plucinska, G.; Janczak-Dopierala, B., 1978:
Distribution and mobilization of reserve substances and localization of spherosomes in the cotyledons of lupinus luteus cultivar express

Franke, W.W.; Rathke, P.C.; Seib, E.; Trendelenburg, M.F.; Osborn, M.; Weber, K., 1976:
Distribution and mode of arrangement of micro filamentous structures and actin in the cortex of the amphibian oocyte

Gal, T.; Buerges, G., 1987:
Distribution and mode of life of laspeyresia splendana hbn. lepidoptera tortricidae in hungary 1. distribution damage and swarming

Gal, T.; Buerges, G., 1987:
Distribution and mode of life of laspeyresia splendana hbn. lepidoptera tortricidae in hungary 2. bionomy and natural enemies

Wearing, A.H.; Burgess, L.W., 1978:
Distribution and mode of survival of fusarium roseum graminearum group 2 in maize soils of eastern australia

Lloyd, P.E., 1978:
Distribution and molecular characteristics of cardioactive peptides in the snail helix aspersa

Giraud A.S.; Smith A.I.; Rundle S.E., 1987:
Distribution and molecular forms of immunoreactive bombesin in the ovine median eminence

Baldissera F.G.A.; Holst J.J.; Jensen S.L.; Krarup T., 1985:
Distribution and molecular forms of peptides containing somatostatin immunodeterminants in extracts from the entire gastrointestinal tract of man and pig

Nordio C.; Baldissera F.G.A.; Rosi F.; Greppi G.F.; Corti M., 1985:
Distribution and molecular forms of peptides containing somatostatin immunodeterminants in plasma brain and pancreas in white italian goose anser anser and muscovy duck cairina moschata

Bauer, F.E.; Adrian, T.E.; Christofides, N.D.; Ferri, G.L.; Yanaihara, N.; Polak, J.M.; Bloom, S.R., 1986:
Distribution and molecular heterogeneity of galanin in human, pig, guinea pig, and rat gastrointestinal tracts

Stafford K.C.IIi; Collison C.H.; Burg J.G.; Cloud J.A., 1988:
Distribution and monitoring lesser mealworms hide beetles and other fauna in high rise caged layer poultry house

Chijiiwa, K.; Linscheer, W.G., 1987:
Distribution and monomer activity of cholesterol in micellar bile salt: effect of cholesterol level

Yao Z.; Shen Q.; L.Z.; Chen Y., 1987:
Distribution and morphologic characteristics of acetylcholinesterase containing neurons in the rat brain

Parent, A.; O'reilly-Fromentin, J., 1982:
Distribution and morphological characteristics of acetyl cholin esterase ec containing neurons in the basal fore brain of the cat

Meredith, G.E.; Roberts, B.L., 1987:
Distribution and morphological characteristics of efferent neurons innervating end organs in the ear and lateral line of the European eel

Akiyama, T.; Koga, M., 1986:
Distribution and morphological characterization of chemical substances in the environment 2. analysis of trace organic compounds in the aquatic environment

Kanda F., 1980:
Distribution and morphological observation of cladophora sauteri in takkobu marsh hokkaido japan

Terashima, T.; Inoue, K.; Inoue, Y.; Mikoshiba, K.; Tsukada, Y., 1985:
Distribution and morphology of callosal commissural neurons within the motor cortex of normal and reeler mice

Pasho, D.W., 1976:
Distribution and morphology of chatham rise chatham islands new zealand phosphorites

Cody M.L., 1986:
Distribution and morphology of columnar cacti in tropical deciduous woodland jalisco mexico

Terashima T.; Inoue K.; Inoue Y.; Mikoshiba K.; Tsukada Y., 1983:
Distribution and morphology of cortico spinal tract neurons in reeler mouse cortex by the retrograde horseradish peroxidase method

Okoli B.E.; Onofeghara F.A., 1984:
Distribution and morphology of extrafloral nectaries in some cucurbitaceae

Pursel, V.G.; Schulman, L.L.; Johnson, L.A., 1978:
Distribution and morphology of fresh and frozen thawed sperm in the reproductive tract of gilts after artificial insemination

Parnavelas J.G.; Burne R.A.; Lin C S., 1983:
Distribution and morphology of functionally identified neurons in the visual cortex of the rat

Tigges M.; Tigges J., 1980:
Distribution and morphology of myelinated perikarya and dendrites in the olfactory bulb of primates

Johansen J.; Hockfield S.; Mckay R.D.G., 1984 :
Distribution and morphology of nociceptive cells in central nervous system species of leeches

Ikushima M.; Watanabe M.; Ito H., 1986:
Distribution and morphology of retinal ganglion cells in the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Yamamoto, T.; Takahashi, K.; Satomi, H.; Ise, H., 1978:
Distribution and morphology of sacral autonomic neurons in the cat peroxidase labeling of efferent neurons through transected ventral roots

Noda T.; Oka H., 1986:
Distribution and morphology of tegmental neurons receiving nigral inhibitory inputs in the cat an intracellular horseradish peroxidase study

Shiokura T., 1981:
Distribution and morphology of the compression failure observed within a tropical small tree trunks

Y.W.; Copper P.; Jia Y.R., 1983:
Distribution and morphology of the devonian brachiopod punctatrypa

Morrison, C.M.; Odense, P.H., 1978:
Distribution and morphology of the rodlet cell in fish

Takita T.; Kawaguchi K.; Masutani H., 1988:
Distribution and morphology of the salangid fish neosalanx reganius

Cheng-Kaung, H.L.; Elde, R.P., 1980:
Distribution and morphometric quantification of pancreatic endocrine cell types in the frog rana pipiens

Ottesen B.; Larsen J J.; Fahrenkrug J.; Stjernquist M.; Sundler F., 1981:
Distribution and motor effect of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide in female genital tract

Pelikan P.; Gimbrone M.A.Jr; Cotran R.S., 1979:
Distribution and movement of anionic cell surface sites in cultured human vascular endothelial cells

Craven S.R.; Bartelt G.A.; Rusch D.H.; Trost R.E., 1986:
Distribution and movement of canada geese in response to management changes in east central wisconsin usa 1975 1981

Domnina L.V.; Pletyushkina O.Yu, 1981:
Distribution and movement of concanavalin a receptors on the surface of suspended cells

Damman, A.W.H., 1978:
Distribution and movement of elements in ombrotrophic peat bogs

Soda R., 1981:
Distribution and movement of immuno globulin e receptors on peripheral basophils in bronchial asthma patients

Paterson, C.A., 1972:
Distribution and movement of ions in the ocular lens

Clejan S.; Bittman R., 1984:
Distribution and movement of sterols with different side chain structures between the 2 leaflets of the membrane bi layer of mycoplasma cells

Thoms E.M.; Robinson W.H., 1987:
Distribution and movement of the oriental cockroach orthoptera blattidae around apartment buildings

Sakamoto T., 1984:
Distribution and movement of the red sea bream pagrus major in the waters of southern part of wakayama prefecture adjacent to the kii strait japan ascertained by tagging experiments in 1981

Einarsson, A., 1988:
Distribution and movements of barrow's goldeneye bucephala islandica young in relation to food

Nol E.; Gaskin D.E., 1987:
Distribution and movements of black guillemots cepphus grylle in coastal waters of the southwestern bay of fundy canada

Carruthers D.R.; Ferguson S.H.; Sopuck L.G., 1987:
Distribution and movements of caribou rangifer tarandus in the central arctic region of alaska usa

Sopuck L.G.; Vernam D.J., 1986:
Distribution and movements of moose alces alces in relation to the trans alaska usa oil pipeline

Carpenter L.H.; Gill R.B.; Freedy D.J.; Sanders L.E., 1979:
Distribution and movements of mule deer odocoileus hemionus hemionus in middle park colorado usa

Bartmann R.M.; Steinert S.F., 1981:
Distribution and movements of mule deer odocoileus hemionus in the white river drainage colorado usa

Leatherwood S.; Perrin W.F.; Kirby V.L.; Hubbs C.L.; Dahlheim M., 1980:
Distribution and movements of rissos dolphin grampus griseus in the eastern north pacific

Freddy D.J., 1979:
Distribution and movements of selkirk caribou 1972 1974

Whitehead H.; Moore M.J., 1982:
Distribution and movements of west indian humpback whales megaptera novaeangliae in winter

Drolet, C.A., 1976:
Distribution and movements of white tailed deer in southern new brunswick canada in relation to environmental factors

Mitic-Muzina, N.; Srdic, Z., 1977:
Distribution and natural enemies of macrosiphum avenae homoptera aphidoidea in yugoslavia

Davis T.J., 1986:
Distribution and natural history of some birds from the departments of san martin and amazonas northern peru

Swift, C.; Yerger, R.W.; Parrish, P.R., 1977:
Distribution and natural history of the fresh and brackish water fishes of the ochlockonee river florida and georgia

Capriel P.; Haisch A.; Khan S.U., 1985:
Distribution and nature of bound nonextractable residues of atrazine in a mineral soil 9 years after the herbicide application

Pettry D.E.; Scott J.H.Jr; Bliley D.J., 1979:
Distribution and nature of carolina bays on the eastern shore of virginia usa

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Distribution and nature of epoxide hydrolase activity in subcellular organelles of mouse liver

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Distribution and nature of membrane receptors for different plant lectins in the coelomocyte subpopulations of the annelida nereis diversicolor

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Distribution and nature of organic matter in recent sediments of lake nokoue benin west africa

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Distribution and nature of organic matter in the surface soils of west bengal india

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Distribution and new records of tetranychid mites of the punjab india

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Distribution and nonphotochemical transformation of phytochrome in sub cellular fractions from pisum sativum epicotyls

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Distribution and notes on the great dismal swamp population of mitoura hesseli lycaenidae

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Distribution and number of epidermal growth factor receptors in skin is related to epithelial cell growth

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Distribution and number of grus japonensis and grus vipio in the ussr

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Distribution and number of lamellicorn beetle larvae coleoptera scarabaeidae of the central kara kum ussr

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Distribution and number of small mammals in mountain therio complexes of the northwestern caucasus ussr

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Distribution and number of the greylag goose anser anser in poland in the years 1977 1979

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Distribution and number of whales forbidden for commercial fishing in the pacific ocean

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Distribution and number of wild boar in the eastern european edge of its territory

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Distribution and numbers of large terns in northwestern venezuela during 26 jan. 5 feb. 1983

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Distribution and numbers of new zealand falcons falco novaeseelandiae

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Distribution and numbers of penguins in the region of king george island south shetland islands antarctic in the breeding season 1980 1981

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Distribution and numbers of rodents in the southwestern turkmen ssr ussr

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Distribution and numbers of seabirds on the coast of guyana

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Distribution and numbers of the barrows goldeneye bucephala islandica in iceland

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Distribution and numbers of the hippopotamus hippopotamus amphibius in the olifants river and blyde river south africa

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Distribution and numbers of the house mouse mus musculus on the mangyshlak and buzachi peninsulas with respect to plague epizootiology

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Distribution and numbers of the kaminuriak caribou herd in march and april 1977

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Distribution and numerical abundance of the red rumped swallow hirundo daurica rufula in bulgaria

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Distribution and nutritional value of pontogammarus maeoticus sow. in water reservoirs of the steppe dnieper river area russian sfsr ussr

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Distribution and observations during migration of rustic buntings emberiza rustica in sweden

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Distribution and occurrence of amphetamine and p hydroxy amphetamine in tissues of the rat after injection of dextro amphetamine sulfate

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Distribution and occurrence of onagraceae in greenland

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Distribution and occurrence of the corn rocket bunias orientalis

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Distribution and ontogeny of B cells in the garden lizard, Calotes versicolor

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Distribution and ontogeny of kynurenine 3 hydroxylase ec in ephestia kuehniella and its relation to metabolite levels

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Distribution and ontogeny of substance p calcitonin gene related peptide somatostatin and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide in chick sensory and sympathetic ganglia

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Distribution and optical activity of the basic protein in bovine peripheral nerve myelin

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Distribution and organization of dna in the kinetoplast mitochondria complex in a bodonid protozoan having a kinetoplastid variation during the cell cycle

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Distribution and organization of nonarticulated laticifers in mature tissues of poinsettia euphorbia pulcherrima

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Distribution and organization of the elastic system fibers in healthy human gingiva ultrastructural and immunohistochemical study

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Distribution and orientation of 6 articulate brachiopod species from new zealand

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Distribution and origin of a novel brain peptide neuro peptide y in the spinal cord of several mammals

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Distribution and origin of acetyl cholin esterase ec activity in the capillaries of the brain

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Distribution and origin of calcitonin gene related peptide immunoreactivity in the sensory innervation of the mammalian eye

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Distribution and origin of chum salmon in offshore waters of the north pacific ocean

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Distribution and origin of n alkanoic acids n alkanols and n alkanes in environmental samples

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Distribution and origin of pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha in offshore waters of the north pacific ocean

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Distribution and origin of sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka in offshore waters of the north pacific ocean

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Distribution and origin of the coleoptera fauna of the azores portugal insecta coleoptera

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Distribution and origins of substance p calcitonin gene related peptide vasoactive intestinal polypeptide and neuropeptide y containing nerve fibers in the pineal gland of gerbils

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Distribution and origins of substance p in the papillae of the rat tongue an experimental and immuno histochemical study

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Distribution and oxidation of malondialdehyde in mice

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Distribution and parasitism of gracillariid leaf miners on apple in the northeast usa

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Distribution and parasitism of opius fletcheri hymenoptera braconidae a parasite of dacus cucurbitae diptera tephritidae

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Distribution and parasitism of winter moth operophtera brumata lepidoptera geometridae in western oregon usa

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Distribution and parasitoids of the blue alfalfa aphid acyrthosiphon kondoi shinji homoptera aphididae in nebraska usa

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Distribution and partial characterization of acid hydrolyzable organic nitrogen in 6 new zealand soils

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Distribution and partial purification of a liver membrane protein capable of inactivating cytosol enzymes

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Distribution and particle size of suspended matter in the southern bight of the north sea and the eastern channel

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Distribution and partition of the dna network in some cyanophyceae as shown by 4' 6 di amidino 2 phenyl indole fluorescence

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Distribution and pathogenic aspects of wood destroying fungi on trees in the commune of bologna italy

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Distribution and pathogenicity of fusarium oxysporum in a forest nursery soil

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Distribution and pathogenicity of strains of fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersici in morocco

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Distribution and pathogenicity of the alfalfa stem nematode ditylenchus dipsaci in british columbia canada

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Distribution and pathological effects of plutonium in juvenile beagles

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Distribution and pathways of peripheral sensory nerve fibers in the larynx and pharynx of cats

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Distribution and patterns of axon collaterals of rubro spinal neurons at the brain stem level

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Distribution and peculiarities of axon collateral branching of rubro spinal neurons in brain stem structures

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Distribution and percentages of nonprotein bound contraceptive steroids in human serum

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Distribution and persistence of aminocarb in stream water sediment and fish after application of 3 matacil formulations

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Distribution and persistence of carbaryl in some terrestrial and aquatic components of a forest environment

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Distribution and persistence of hepatitis B surface antigen and antibody in a Melanesian population

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Distribution and persistence of kainic acid in brain

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Distribution and persistence of methyl 2 benzimidazole carbamate phosphate injected into american elms ulmus americana in late spring or early fall

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Distribution and persistence of staphylococcus spp and micrococcus spp and other aerobic bacteria on human skin

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Distribution and persistence of the lampricide bayer 73 following a control application

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Distribution and persistence of trunk injected oxytetracycline in blight affected and healthy citrus

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Distribution and pharmacokinetics of physostigmine in rat after intramuscular administration

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Distribution and pharmacological properties of synaptic and extrasynaptic glutamate receptors on crayfish cambarus clarkii muscle

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Distribution and pharmacological release of histamine in canine lung in vivo

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Distribution and phenolic composition of sap wood and heart wood in abies grandis and effects of the balsam woolly aphid

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Distribution and physiological characteristics of bacillus cereus in rice and rice products

Wickstrom C.E., 1980:
Distribution and physiological determinants of blue green algal nitrogen fixation along a thermo gradient

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Distribution and phyto geography of the birch betula pendula in the central and southern apennines and in sicily italy

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Distribution and polarity of actin in the sensory hair cells of the chinchilla cochlea

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Distribution and pool sizes of microbially available carbon in sediment measured by a microbiological assay

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Distribution and population constitution of drosophila in southeast asia and oceania part 3 the genus zygothrica with description of 3 new species

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Distribution and population densities of the european house sparrow passer domesticus aves ploceidae in costa rica

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Distribution and population density of the alpine marmot marmota marmota marmota in the canton of ticino switzerland a causal analysis

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Distribution and population density of the little owl athene noctua in schleswig holstein west germany

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Distribution and population dynamics of dingoes canis familiaris and feral pigs sus scrofa in queensland australia 1945 1976

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Distribution and population dynamics of nematodes in a rice field and pasture in India

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Distribution and population dynamics of saissetia oleae homoptera coccidae within the canopy of the olive tree

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Distribution and population dynamics of soil nematodes and their relationship with primary production in a tropical hill ecosystem of sambalpur india

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Distribution and population dynamics of the limpet patella aspera in bantry bay ireland

Thompson G.B., 1980:
Distribution and population dynamics of the limpet patella vulgata in bantry bay southwest ireland

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Distribution and population estimates of ohio wild turkeys meleagris gallopavo 1981 1982

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Distribution and population fluctuations of wintering snowy owls nyctea scandiaca in north america

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Distribution and population of papaya carmine spider mites tetranychus cinnabarinus and their predators

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Distribution and population recovery of arenicola marina and other benthic fauna after bait digging

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Distribution and population status of whiskered auklet aethia pygmaea in the aleutian islands alaska usa

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Distribution and population structure of macrobrachium pilimanus at cisadane river indonesia

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Distribution and population structure of the greenland halibut reinhardtius hippoglossoides in the pacific ocean

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Distribution and population trend of western meadowlarks in illinois usa

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Distribution and populations of pythium spp in the northern and southern parts of japan

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Distribution and possible abnormality in antigenic composition of sodium channels in peripheral axons of dystrophic mice

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Distribution and possible sources of some elements in the sediment cores of the southern baltic

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Distribution and post settlement survival in the field by reproductive pairs of hodotermes mossambicus isoptera hodotermitidae

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Distribution and postprandial release of porcine peptide YY

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Distribution and practice of diagnostic ultrasound in norwegian obstetric institutions

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Distribution and present numbers of the tree frog hyla arborea in zealand flanders the netherlands amphibia hylidae

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Distribution and present status of daphne cneorum thymelaeaceae in the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Distribution and preservation of bitoxibacillin during treatment of potato and tomato plants

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Distribution and prevalence of mermet virus infections in the central usa

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Distribution and prevalence of precipitating antibodies to aujeszkys disease virus in swine herds in the state of santa catarina brazil

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Distribution and prevalence of races of puccinia coronata var avenae in rio grande do sul brazil

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Distribution and prevalence of spotted fever group rickettsiae in ticks from south carolina usa with an epidemiological survey of persons bitten by infected ticks

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Distribution and prevalence of Wuchereria bancrofti in various parts of Liberia

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Distribution and primary productivity of the epizoic macroalga boldia erythrosiphon rhodophyta in a small alabama stream usa

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Distribution and probable functional role of taste buds located in the intermediate epithelium on the mouse arytenoid region

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Distribution and probable origin of mycosphaerella fijiensis in southeast asia

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Distribution and production of 2 crustaceans in a wetland pond

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Distribution and production of chironomus in eutrophic lake ngapouri new zealand

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Distribution and production of justicia americana in the new river virginia usa

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Distribution and production of macrophytes in pichhola lake udaipur india

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Distribution and production of sago pondweed potamogeton pectinatus on a northern prairie marsh

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Distribution and production of submerged macrophytes in tipper grund ringkobing fjord denmark and the impact of waterfowl grazing

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Distribution and productivity of berry bush association patches growing on the right bank of the ob river in novosibirsk oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Distribution and projection of single units in the cat preoptic region responding to stimulation of the medial amygdala

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Distribution and properties of a mammalian soluble epoxide hydrase

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Distribution and properties of a potassium dependent asparaginase ec isolated from developing seeds of pisum sativum cultivar feltham first and other plants

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Distribution and properties of aldehyde dehydrogenase ec in regions of rat brain

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Distribution and properties of an atpase in the tanycyte ependyma of the 3rd ventricle of the rat

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Distribution and properties of atpase activities in the cochlea of the chicken

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Distribution and properties of calcium atpase ec phytase ec and alkaline phosphatase ec in isolated enterocytes from normal and vitamin d deficient rats

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Distribution and properties of chromatin associated nucleoside tri phosphate di phosphatase purified by a new method

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Distribution and properties of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase isozymes in the myo cardium of spontaneously hypertensive rat

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Distribution and properties of diencephalic neuronal responses to genital stimulation in the female cat

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Distribution and properties of fc receptors for immuno globulin g on different leukocyte populations in man

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Distribution and properties of flavo kinase ec in the developing chick embryo

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Distribution and properties of glutathione s transferase from triatoma infestans

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Distribution and properties of human intestinal di amine oxidase ec and its relevance for histamine catabolism

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Distribution and properties of myosin isozymes in developing avian and mammalian skeletal muscle fibers

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Distribution and properties of protein kinase and protein phosphatase activities in synaptosomal plasma membranes and synaptic junctions

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Distribution and properties of sex specific photo receptors in the fly musca domestica

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Distribution and properties of sex specific photoreceptors in the housefly's compound eye

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Distribution and properties of shigella large sachs recorded in the turkmen ssr

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Distribution and properties of soybean beta amylase ec isozymes

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Distribution and properties of streptomycin resistant clones in populations of fresh isolates of shigella sonnei

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Distribution and properties of the gluco corticoid receptor from rat brain and pituitary

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Distribution and properties of the mannose resistant hemagglutinin produced by salmonella spp

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Distribution and properties of type i and type ii binding proteins in the cyclic amp dependent protein kinase ec system in wilms tumor

Bozhanov, A., 1977:
Distribution and prophylaxis of psycho somatic diseases among students

Tsuryk Y.I.; Zhyzhyn M.P.; Yashchenko P.T., 1979:
Distribution and protection of picea abies in the region of the shatsk lakes ussr

Zhyzhyn M.P.; Zahul'skyi M.M.; Kahalo O.O., 1987:
Distribution and protection of rare species in voronyaki volyn podolian area ukrainian ssr ussr

Stehlik J., 1979:
Distribution and protection of the lynx lynx lynx in czechoslovakia

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Distribution and quantification of 5 hydroxytryptamine nerve cell bodies in the nucleus raphe dorsalis area of c 57bl and balb c mice relationship between anatomy and biochemistry

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Distribution and quantification of acetyl choline receptors and innervation in diaphragm muscle of normal and mdg mouse embryos

Koch T.R.; Carney J.A.; G.V.L.W., 1987:
Distribution and quantitation of gut neuropeptides in normal intestine and inflammatory bowel diseases

Williams K.A.; Hart D.N.J.; Fabre J.W.; Morris P.J., 1980:
Distribution and quantitation of hla abc and hla dr ia antigens on human kidney and other tissues

Nagai A.; Ono S., 1979:
Distribution and quantitative assessment of hydro carbon decomposing bacteria in coastal waters

Kim H.R.; Seo E.W., 1983:
Distribution and quantitative change of vitellogenin during egg formation of bombyx mori

Sand Jensen K.; Sondergaard M., 1979:
Distribution and quantitative development of aquatic macrophytes in relation to sediment characteristics in oligotrophic lake kalgaard denmark

Goffinet G.; Jeuniaux C., 1979:
Distribution and quantitative significance of chitin in the shells of mollusks

Bertsch H.; Kerstitch A., 1984:
Distribution and radular morphology of various nudibranchs gastropoda opisthobranchia from the gulf of california mexico

Boyle T.P.; Finger S.E.; Petty J.D.; Smith L.M.; Huckins J.N., 1984:
Distribution and rate of disappearance of fluorene in pond ecosystems

Ambrosaw A.L.; Zhukaw M.M., 1980:
Distribution and rate of infectivity by viral diseases of red clover trifolium pratense in the belorussian ssr ussr

Ockerman H.W.; Kwiatek K., 1985:
Distribution and rate of migration of curing ingredients in hot boned pork tissue as influenced by electrical stimulation

Ockerman H.W.; Kwiatek K., 1985:
Distribution and rate of migration of curing ingredients nitrite salt glucose in pork tissue as affected by electrical stimulation

Akimaliev, A.; Alimbaeva, P.K., 1978:
Distribution and raw material reserves of scabiosa songarica in some regions of the kirgiz ssr ussr

Schnepf, E., 1973:
Distribution and re distribution of micro tubules cell wall formation and cell morphogenesis in developing sphagnum leaflets

Tanaka Y., 1981:
Distribution and re distribution of pigment granules in the development of sea urchin embryos

Petrovic N.; Kasztori R., 1979:
Distribution and re translocation of nickel 63 in young sunflower plants

Herrmann S.J.; Ruiter D.E.; Unzicker J.D., 1986:
Distribution and records of colorado usa trichoptera

Pang P.C.K., 1985:
Distribution and recovery of nitrogen 15 after fertilization of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii sapling with different nitrogen sources

Norman R.J.; Kurtz L.T.; Stevenson F.J., 1987:
Distribution and recovery of nitrogen 15 labeled liquid anhydrous ammonia among various soil fractions

Barlow P.W.; Rathfelder E.L., 1985:
Distribution and redistribution of extension growth along vertical and horizontal gravireacting maize zea mays roots

Sunarti S., 1987:
Distribution and regeneration of burseraceae in a lowland dipterocarp forest at wanariset east kalimantan indonesia

Roselli, C.E.; Horton, L.E.; Resko, J.A., 1985:
Distribution and regulation of aromatase activity in the rat hypothalamus and limbic system

Rubin, E.H.; Ferrendelli, J.A., 1977:
Distribution and regulation of cyclic nucleotide levels in cerebellum in vivo

Kodaira, T.; Yokoyama, N., 1983:
Distribution and regulation of mitochondrial hexo kinase ec in rat submandibular gland

Mitchell G.J.; Jones J.G.; Cole J.A., 1986:
Distribution and regulation of nitrate and nitrite reduction by desulfovibrio and desulfotomaculum species

Lowe W.L.Jr; Lasky S.R.; Leroith D.; Roberts C.T.Jr, 1988:
Distribution and regulation of rat insulin like growth factor i messenger rna encoding alternative carboxyl terminal e peptides evidence for differential processing and regulation in liver

Stevens G.N., 1979:
Distribution and related ecology of macro lichens on mangroves on the east australian coast

Neal F.D.; Borrecco J.E., 1981:
Distribution and relationship of mountain beaver aplodontia rufa to openings in sapling stands

Gratten, M.; Lupiwa, T.; Montgomery, J.; Gerega, G., 1984:
Distribution and relationship to serotype of Haemophilus influenzae biotypes isolated from upper respiratory tracts of children and adults in Papua New Guinea

Devillers, P., 1978:
Distribution and relationships of south american skuas

Lindquist D.G.; Gilligan M.R., 1986:
Distribution and relative abundance of butterflyfishes and angelfishes across a lagoon and barrier beef andros island bahamas

Vigg S.; Hassler T.J., 1982:
Distribution and relative abundance of fish in ruth reservoir california usa in relation to environmental variables

Fago D., 1986:
Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in wisconsin usa

Fago, D., 1984:
Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in wisconsin usa 3. red cedar river basin

Fago, D., 1984:
Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in wisconsin usa 4. root milwaukee des plaines and fox river basins

Fago, D., 1985:
Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in wisconsin v. grant and platte coon and bad axe and la crosse river basins

Fago, D., 1985:
Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in wisconsin vi. sheboygan manitowoc and twin river basins

Afolayan, T.A., 1976:
Distribution and relative abundance of hartebeest in 4 range land habitats

Popov V.V., 1981:
Distribution and relative abundance of ixodidae species in the tyumen oblast russian sfsr ussr

Stasko A.B.; Gordon D.J., 1983:
Distribution and relative abundance of lobster homarus americanus larvae off southwestern nova scotia canada 1977 1978

Stoll R.J.Jr; Mcclain M.W., 1986:
Distribution and relative abundance of ruffed grouse in ohio usa

Wright R.E.; Arends J.J., 1979:
Distribution and relative abundance of the face fly musca autumnalis in oklahoma usa

Rorabaugh J.C.; Palermo C.L.; Dunn S.C., 1987:
Distribution and relative abundance of the flat tailed horned lizard phrynosoma mcallii in arizona usa

Feldhamer G.A.; Paine C.R., 1987:
Distribution and relative abundance of the golden mouse ochrotomys nuttalli in illinois usa

Balogun, J.K., 1987:
Distribution and relative abundance of the nile perch lates niloticus l. pisces centropomidae in lake kainji nigeria

Fogarty M.J., 1981:
Distribution and relative abundance of the ocean quahog arctica islandica in rhode island sound and off marthas vineyard massachusetts usa

Boydstun C.P.; Deyoung C.A., 1985:
Distribution and relative abundance of white tipped doves leptotila verreauxi in south texas usa

Clady, M.D., 1977:
Distribution and relative exploitation of yellow perch tagged on spawning grounds in oneida lake new york usa

Graham J.B.; Koehrn F.J.; Dickson K.A., 1983:
Distribution and relative proportions of red muscle in scombrid fishes consequences of body size and relationships to loco motion and endothermy

Wu, P.H.; Phillis, J.W., 1978:
Distribution and release of atp in rat brain W.J.; Connors J.M.; Hedge G.A., 1985:
Distribution and release of immunoreactive tsh in the rat hypothalamus effects of thyroidectomy hypophysectomy and treatment with thyroid hormones

Taylor, I.L., 1985:
Distribution and release of peptide YY in dog measured by specific radioimmunoassay

Warembourg F.R.; Fernandez M.P., 1985:
Distribution and remobilization of symbiotically fixed nitrogen in soybean glycine max

Jacobsen, I.A., 1978:
Distribution and removal of glycerol by vascular albumin perfusion in rabbit kidneys

Ternovoi K.S.; Derzhavin A.E., 1984:
Distribution and removal of magnetic microcarriers of antitumor drugs from the body

Multamaki, S.; Suominen, J., 1976:
Distribution and removal of the acrosin ec of bull spermatozoa

Wenner E.L., 1979:
Distribution and reproduction of nematocarcinid shrimp decapoda caridea from the northwestern north atlantic

Eyster L.S., 1980:
Distribution and reproduction of shell less opisthobranchs from south carolina usa

Dolce S.; Stoch F., 1985:
Distribution and reproduction stations of salamandra salamandra salamandra in the province of trieste northeastern italy

Sheader, M., 1978:
Distribution and reproductive biology of corophium insidiosum amphipoda on the northeast coast of england uk

Somerton D.A.; Otto R.S., 1986 :
Distribution and reproductive biology of the golden king crab lithodes aequispina in the eastern bering sea

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Distribution and reserves of adonis vernalis in the western oblasts of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Kucherov E.V.; Maslova N.V., 1985:
Distribution and reserves of angelica archangelica in the bashkir assr russian sfsr ussr

Dubyna D.V.; Shelyah Sosonko Y.R., 1981:
Distribution and reserves of azolla spp in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Hladun Y.D.; Hladun M.I., 1983:
Distribution and reserves of important drug plants in the lvov region ukrainian ssr ussr

Evdokimov P.K., 1979:
Distribution and reserves of perennial species of adonis in soviet central asia ussr and the biological activity of their extracts

Tril' V.M., 1983:
Distribution and reserves of plantago major and achillea millefolium in the novosibirsk oblast russian sfsr ussr

Pono-Marchuk, G.I.; Ulanova, K.P.; Gorovoi, P.G.; Basargin, D.D., 1978:
Distribution and reserves of polygonatum stenophyllum raw material in the soviet far east ussr

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Distribution and residue determination of tritium labeled zearalenone in broilers

Wiseman D.W.; Applebaum R.S.; Brackett R.E.; Marth E.H., 1983:
Distribution and resistance to pasteurization of afla toxin m 1 in naturally contaminated whole milk cream and skim milk

Kit S.M.; Savitskaya L.G.; Labii Y.M.; Gudivok Y.S., 1982:
Distribution and resources of certain wild medicinal plants in ivano frankovsk oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

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Distribution and resources of marmots in mongolian altai

Kasumov, F.Y. ; Ismailov, N.M., 1987:
Distribution and resources of thymus kotschyanus boiss. et hohen. in the nakhichevan assr azerbaijan ssr ussr

Vestri R.; Salmaso S.; Condo S.G.; Antonini E., 1981:
Distribution and respiratory properties of sheep hemo globins a and b containing the ii alpha histidine chain

Guilmette R.A.; Cohen N.; Wrenn M.E., 1980:
Distribution and retention of americium 241 in the baboon

L.S.sso T.; Cohen N.; Wrenn M.E., 1981:
Distribution and retention of curium 243 and curium 244 in the adult baboon

Messiha, F.S., 1976:
Distribution and retention of exogenously administered alkali metal ions in the mouse brain

Baltrukiewicz, Z.; Marciniak, M.; Urbaniak, B., 1976:
Distribution and retention of indium 113m in pregnant rats

Wang S Q.; Cao S G.; Cheng Y H., 1985:
Distribution and retention of iodine 125 urokinase modified by heparin in mice

Seidel A.; Darai G.; Fluegel R.; Hofmann W.; Sontag W., 1982:
Distribution and retention of plutonium 239 in the tree shrew tupaia belangeri following intra muscular injection

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Distribution and retention of sulfur 35 sodium sulfate in man

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Distribution and retention of thiabendazole hypophosphite and carbendazim phosphate injected into mature american elms

Renaudin S.; Cheguillaume N.; Gallant D.J., 1981:
Distribution and role of mineral compounds in the haustorium of a parasite of galium arenarium thesium humifusum before flowering

Kutsuki, H.; Shimada, M.; Higuchi, T., 1982:
Distribution and roles of p hydroxy cinnamate coenzyme a ligase ec in lignin biosynthesis

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Distribution and season dynamics of the cellulolysators in the natural and anthropogenic soils in slavono baranyan region yugoslavia

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Distribution and seasonal abundance of adult limoniidae insecta diptera nematocera in the dovrefjell national park south norway

Wong T.T.Y.; Mcinnis D.O.; Kobayashi R.M.; Nishimoto J.I., 1985:
Distribution and seasonal abundance of adult male mediterranean fruit flies ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae in kula maui hawaii usa

Solem J.O.; Steinkjer J.; Bretten S., 1987:
Distribution and seasonal abundance of adult stoneflies plecoptera in the dovrefjell national park south norway

Hofsvang T.; Solem J.O.; Bretten S., 1987:
Distribution and seasonal abundance of adult tipulidae diptera in the dovrefjell national park south norway

Cowell B.C.; Vodopich D.S., 1981:
Distribution and seasonal abundance of benthic macro invertebrates in a subtropical florida lake usa

Okazaki T., 1983:
Distribution and seasonal abundance of salmo gairdneri and salmo mykiss in the north pacific ocean

Patnaik, S., 1978:
Distribution and seasonal abundance of some algal forms in chilka lake india

Zhdanova G.A.; Gusynskaya S.L., 1985:
Distribution and seasonal dynamics of dreissena larvae in the kiev and kremenchug reservoirs ukrainian ssr ussr

Nilsson A.N., 1980:
Distribution and seasonal flight patterns of helodidae coleoptera at the northern coast of the province angermanland northern sweden

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Distribution and seasonal occurrence of aquatic saprolegniaceae in northwest iowa usa

Murugan T.; Divakaran O.; Nair N.B.; Padmanabhan K.G., 1980:
Distribution and seasonal variation of benthic fauna of the veli lake southwest coast of india

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Distribution and seasonal variation of extractives in norway spruce picea abies

Miyata K.; Hattori A., 1986:
Distribution and seasonal variation of phosphorus in tokyo bay japan

Acea M.J.; Carballas T., 1987:
Distribution and seasonal variation of the microbial population of humiferous atlantic soil

Kim, C.K., 1978:
Distribution and seasonal variations of the copepods and branchiopods in myeongam lake

Connor J.L., 1980:
Distribution and seasonality of macro algae on oyster communities of central chesapeake bay maryland usa

Halstead J.A., 1986:
Distribution and seasonality of megischus spp hymenoptera stephanidae in california usa

Castaing P.; Philipps I.; Weber O., 1982:
Distribution and seaward dispersion of suspended matter on the aquitaine france continental shelf

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Distribution and secretion of sulfur 35 labeled thiamine in the alimentary tract of rats of various ages

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Distribution and sediments of mangrove forests in south australia

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Distribution and selective extraction of filamentous components associated with axonal micro tubules of crayfish nerve cord

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Distribution and serological specificity of sialidase produced by various groups of streptococci

Georges-Courbot, M.C.; Baya, C.; Beraud, A.M.; Meunier, D.M.; Georges, A.J., 1986:
Distribution and serotypes of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in enteric Campylobacter strains isolated from children in the Central African Republic

Mock I.T., 1987 :
Distribution and severity of brome grass in barley crops in the victorian mallee australia

Vieweg W.V.R.; Alpert J.S.; Johnson A.D.; Dennish G.W.; Nelson D.P.; Warren S.E.; Hagan A.D., 1979:
Distribution and severity of coronary artery disease in 500 patients with angina pectoris

Suraci, A.J., 1986:
Distribution and severity of injuries associated with hip dislocations secondary to motor vehicle accidents

Vieweg, W.V.R.; Alpert, J.S.; Johnson, A.D.; Dennish, G.W.; Nelson, D.P.; Warren, S.E.; Hagan, A.D., 1980:
Distribution and severity of left ventricular wall motion abnormalities according to age and coronary arterial pattern in 500 patients with coronary artery disease and angina pectoris

Jackson L.F., 1981:
Distribution and severity of peanut leaf spot in florida usa

French W.J.; Feliciano A., 1982:
Distribution and severity of plum leaf scald disease in brazil

Clark, R.V., 1978:
Distribution and severity of root and leaf diseases and cereal leaf beetle damage or barley in western ontario canada

Anderson, T.R.; Buzzell, R.I., 1986:
Distribution and severity of stewart's bacteria wilt of dent corn in ontario canada 1985

Seed R., 1979:
Distribution and shell characteristics of the painted topshell calliostoma zizyphinum prosobranchia trochidae in county down northern ireland

Tsareva, V.T., 1975:
Distribution and shoot formation in juncus trifidus in the khibiny mountains russian sfsr ussr

Knoz, J.; Pejcoch, M., 1977:
Distribution and significance for public health of the black fly family simuliidae diptera nematocera in the bruntal region czechoslovakia

Gardiner A.C., 1980:
Distribution and significance of border disease viral antigen in infected lambs and fetuses

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Distribution and significance of copper lead zinc and cadmium in the corio bay victoria australia ecosystem

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Distribution and significance of fecal indicator organisms in the upper chesapeake bay usa

Nair, S.; Simidu, U., 1987:
Distribution and significance of heterotrophic marine bacteria with antibacterial activity

Horodyski R.J.; Donaldson J.A., 1983:
Distribution and significance of micro fossils in cherts of the middle proterozoic dismal lakes group district of mackenzie northwest territories canada

Rarey K.E.; Ross M.D.; Smith C.B., 1982:
Distribution and significance of norepinephrine in the lateral cochlear wall of pigmented and albino rats

Brolmann J.B., 1979:
Distribution and significance of stylosanthes hamata in south florida usa

Fulcheri E.; Baracchini P.; Lapertosa G.; Bussolati G., 1988:
Distribution and significance of the smooth muscle component in polyps of the large intestine

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Distribution and site of production of specific proteins in the rat epididymis

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Distribution and size frequency of bivalve mollusks on a shallow sandy bottom in gullmar fjord sweden

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Distribution and size heterogeneity of proglucagon related peptides in rat tissues

Ramprashad F.; Money K.E.; Landolt J.P.; Correia M.J.; Laufer J., 1983:
Distribution and size of boettcher cells in the little brown bat myotis lucifugus rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus and other species

Dawe E.G.; Beck P.C., 1985:
Distribution and size of short finned squid illex illecebrosus larvae in the northwest atlantic from winter surveys in 1969 1981 and 1982

Mitani, A.; Itoh, K.; Mizuno, N., 1987:
Distribution and size of thalamic neurons projecting to layer I of the auditory cortical fields of the cat compared to those projecting to layer IV

Morimoto M.; Taniguchi T.; Taniguchi Y.; Suzuki S.; Miyahara H.; Totoki T.; Kanaseki T., 1986:
Distribution and size of the cortical cells sending the axons to the bulbar pyramid in the rat using the horseradish peroxidase technique and analyzing by the computer system

Vladimirov V.L.; Mel'nikov V.V., 1987:
Distribution and size of the population of beluga in the sea of okhotsk russian sfsr ussr

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Distribution and sociology of chamaerops humilis at san marco cape west sardinia

Garve E.; Weber H.E., 1987:
Distribution and sociology of mimulus moschatus in lower saxony west germany

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Distribution and solubilization of particulate gluconate dehydrogenase and particulate 2 keto gluconate dehydrogenase in acetic acid bacteria

Savchuk M.Ya, 1981:
Distribution and some biological characteristics of pipefishes syngnathidae in the sea of azov ussr

Mel'kikov Y.S., 1981:
Distribution and some biological features of 3 flounder species psettodidae and bothidae off the western coast of india

Walton M.J.; Cowey C.B., 1981:
Distribution and some kinetic properties of serine catabolizing enzymes in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Katayama T.C., 1984:
Distribution and some morphological characters of the wild rice in central india 4

Katayama T.C., 1984:
Distribution and some morphological characters of the wild rice in northeastern india 4

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Distribution and some projections of cholinergic neurons in the brain of the common marmoset, Callithrix jacchus

Ivanov, G.G., 1978:
Distribution and some properties of alkaline phosphatase in gastric mucosa of humans with ulcers

Hara S.; Hayasaka S.; Mizuno K., 1979:
Distribution and some properties of lysosomal aryl sulfatases in the bovine eye

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Distribution and some properties of nadph oxidase and nadh oxidase in parenchymal liver cells and nonparenchymal liver cells

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Distribution and some properties of phospho protein phosphatase activity in rat liver chromatin

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Distribution and some properties of prolyl hydroxylase ec in rainbow trout

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Distribution and some properties of the glutathione s transferase and gamma glutamyl trans peptidase ec activities of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Distribution and sounds of the minke whale with a review of mysticete sounds

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Distribution and spatial arrangement of bio polymer molecules in dormant bacterial spores

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Distribution and spatial patterning of flamingos in the andean altiplano

Nishihira M.; Tsuchiya M.; Sato M., 1981:
Distribution and spawning site selection of the polychaete lumbrineris latreilli at asamushi northern japan

Andreae, M.O., 1978:
Distribution and speciation of arsenic in natural waters and some marine algae

Ikehara K.; Sano O., 1986 :
Distribution and species composition of floating seaweeds collected in the sado straits of the sea of japan

Ramaiah N.; Chandramohan D., 1987:
Distribution and species composition of planktonic luminous bacteria in the arabian sea

Koleva K.; Vitanov M., 1988:
Distribution and species composition of the agents causing fusarium and root rot on glasshouse cucumbers

Mynbaeva B.N., 1981:
Distribution and species diversity of heterotrophic arsenic oxidizing microorganisms

Lichtwardt R.W.; Williams M.C., 1988:
Distribution and species diversity of trichomycete gut fungi in aquatic insect larvae in two rocky mountain usa streams

Forsythe, H.Y-Jr, 1976:
Distribution and species of seventeen year cicadas in brood v and brood viii in ohio usa

Pip, E., 1987:
Distribution and species richness of aquatic macrophytes in a group of manitoba ponds canada

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Distribution and species richness of trees in southern africa

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Distribution and specific binding in vivo of iodinated growth hormones in the turtle chrysemys dorbignyi

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Distribution and specific central projections of mechano receptors in the thorax and proximal leg joints of locusts 1. morphology location and innervation of internal proprioceptors of prothorax and metathorax and their central projections

Pflueger, H.J.; Braeunig, P.; Hustert, R., 1981:
Distribution and specific central projections of mechano receptors in the thorax and proximal leg joints of locusts 2. external mechano receptors hair plates and tactile hairs

Hustert, R.; Pflueger, J.H.; Braeunig, P., 1981:
Distribution and specific central projections of mechano receptors in the thorax and proximal leg joints of locusts 3. external mechano receptors campaniform sensilla

Gasquez J.; Barralis G.; Aigle N., 1982:
Distribution and spread of chloroplast based triazine resistance in annual weeds in france

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Distribution and spread of colonic lesions in shigellosis: a colonoscopic study

Zelazny B., 1979:
Distribution and spread of the cadang cadang disease of coconut palm

Postnikov G.B.; Rotshil'd E.V., 1985:
Distribution and stability of gerbil colonies in the southwestern part of the volga ural sand ussr according to data field cartography

Freudenberger D.O.; Fish B.E.; Keeley J.E., 1987:
Distribution and stability of grasslands in the los angeles california usa basin

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Distribution and stability of indium 111 labeled bleomycin and its fractions in tumor bearing mice

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Distribution and stability of organic forms of nitrogen in forest soil profiles in tanzania

Tabatabai, M.A.; Dick, W.A., 1979:
Distribution and stability of pyro phosphatase ec in soils

Bernard J.M.; Fiala K., 1986:
Distribution and standing crop of living and dead roots in three wetland carex species

Evans, R.A.; Hopkins, C.C.E., 1981:
Distribution and standing stock of zoo plankton sound scattering layers along the north norwegian coast in feb. march 1978

Micklebaugh S., 1986:
Distribution and status of bats in the london area england uk

Advani R., 1982:
Distribution and status of chiroptera species in rajasthan india

Johnsingh A.J.T., 1985:
Distribution and status of dhole cuon alpinus in south asia

Roth, H.H.; Hoppe-Dominik, B., 1987:
Distribution and status of large mammal species in the ivory coast iv. buffalo

Roth, H.H.; Merz, G.; Steinhauer, B., 1984:
Distribution and status of large mammals in ivory coast 1. introduction by h. h. roth. 2. the elephants

Roth H.H.; Waitkuwait E., 1986:
Distribution and status of large mammals in the ivory coast iii

Domning D.P., 1981:
Distribution and status of manatees trichechus spp near the mouth of the amazon river brazil

Hatcher R.T., 1982:
Distribution and status of red foxes vulpes vulpes canidae in oklahoma usa

Gray, P.; Stegall, E., 1986:
Distribution and status of strecker's chorus frog pseudacris streckeri streckeri in kansas usa

Williams K.S.; Humphrey S.R., 1979:
Distribution and status of the endangered big cypress fox squirrel sciurus niger avicennia in florida usa

Rice D.L.; Phinney G.J., 1985:
Distribution and status of the rosyside dace clinostomus funduloides cyprinidae in southern ohio usa

Aceituno, M.E.; Nicola, S.J., 1976:
Distribution and status of the sacramento perch archoplites interruptus in california

Flynn R.W.; Abdullah M.T., 1984:
Distribution and status of the sumatran rhinoceros dicerorhinus sumatrensis in peninsular malaysia

French T.W.; Crowell K.L., 1985:
Distribution and status of the yellow nosed vole microtus chrotorrhinus and rock shrew sorex dispar in new york usa

Warshauer F.R.; Jacobi J.D., 1982:
Distribution and status of vicia menziesii leguminosae 1st officially listed endangered plant species of hawaii usa

Klein D.R.; Kuzyakin V., 1982:
Distribution and status of wild rein deer rangifer tarandus in the ussr

Kalinowski, J.; Godlewska, M.; Klusek, Z., 1985:
Distribution and stock of krill in the bransfield strait and the drake passage antarctica during dec. 1983 jan. 1984 biomass sibex

Ivanov A.I., 1987:
Distribution and stores of mytilidae in the kerch strait

Palkovits M.; Lang T.; Patthy A.; Elekes I., 1986:
Distribution and stress induced increase of glutamate as aspartate levels in discrete brain nuclei of rats

Woodson, W.; Künzle, H., 1982:
Distribution and structural characterization of neurons giving rise to descending spinal projections in the turtle, Pseudemys scripta elegans

Pack R.J.; A.U.aily L.H.; Morris G.; Widdicombe J.G., 1980:
Distribution and structure of cells in the tracheal epithelium of the mouse

Verhoeven, J.T.A.; Van-Vierssen, W., 1978:
Distribution and structure of communities dominated by ruppia zostera and potamogeton species in the inland waters of de bol texel the netherlands

Reed J.K., 1980:
Distribution and structure of deep water oculina varicosa coral reefs off central eastern florida usa

Kidachi T.; Ito H., 1980:
Distribution and structure of macro plankton communities in the kuroshio and coastal region south of honshu japan during spring season

Youson J.H.; Butler D.G., 1985:
Distribution and structure of the adrenocortical homolog in polypterus palmas

Youson J.H.; Butler D.G.; Bawks B.A., 1988:
Distribution and structure of the adrenocortical homolog in the reedfish calamoichthys calabaricus smith

Caceres A.; Bender P.; Snavely L.; Rebhun L.I.; Steward O., 1983:
Distribution and sub cellular localization of calmodulin and adult and developing brain tissue

Miyauchi J., 1984:
Distribution and sub cellular localization of lactoferrin in human tissues with special reference to the submandibular gland

Finnen M.J.; Herdman M.L.; Shuster S., 1985:
Distribution and subcellular localization of drug metabolizing enzymes in the skin

Jun H K.; Kim D W., 1985:
Distribution and substrate specificity of 5 fluorocytosine deaminase in bacteria

Leu L.S.; Yang H.C., 1985:
Distribution and survival of sclerotia of rice sheath blight fungus thanatephorus cucumeris in taiwan

Lowther W.L.; Johnson D.A.; Rumbaugh M.D., 1987:
Distribution and symbiotic effectiveness of rhizobium meliloti in rangeland soils of the intermountain west usa

Emig C.C., 1985:
Distribution and synecology of gryphus vitreus brachiopoda bottoms in corsica france

Pintar, J.E., 1978:
Distribution and synthesis of glycosamino glycans during quail neural crest morphogenesis

Bucci L.R.; Meistrich M.L.; Brock W.A., 1982:
Distribution and synthesis of histone h 1 subfractions during spermatogenesis in the rat

Warburton, M.J.; Monaghan, P.; Ferns, S.A.; Hughes, C.M.; Rudland, P.S., 1983:
Distribution and synthesis of type V collagen in the rat mammary gland

Tate C.M.; Pagels J.F.; Handley C.O.Jr, 1980:
Distribution and systematic relationship of 2 kinds of short tailed shrews soricidae blarina in south central virginia usa

Eger J.L.; Peterson R.L., 1979:
Distribution and systematic relationship of tadarida bivittata and tadarida ansorgei chiroptera molossidae

Van Zyll D.Jong C.G., 1979:
Distribution and systematic relationships of long eared myotis in western canada

Evans S.V.; Fellows L.E.; Bell E.A., 1985:
Distribution and systematic significance of basic non protein amino acids and amines in the tephrosieae

Buzas M.A.; Severin K.P., 1982:
Distribution and systematics of foraminifera in the indian river florida usa

Schiemer, F., 1978:
Distribution and systematics of free living nematodes of the neusiedler lake

Carleton M.D.; Wilson D.E.; Gardner A.L.; Bogan M.A., 1982:
Distribution and systematics of peromyscus mammalia rodentia of nayarit mexico

Hutterer R., 1979:
Distribution and systematics of sorex minutus insectivora soricinae in the nepalese himalaya and adjoining regions

Youngman P.M., 1982:
Distribution and systematics of the european mink mustela lutreola

Devillers Terschuren J.; Devillers P., 1986:
Distribution and systematics of the genus dactylorhiza in belgium and neighboring regions

Diersing V.E.; Hoffmeister D.F., 1981:
Distribution and systematics of the masked shrew sorex cinereus in illinois usa

Diersing V.E.; Wilson D.E., 1979:
Distribution and systematics of the rabbits sylvilagus of west central mexico

Bowyer R.T.; Bleich V.C., 1984:
Distribution and taxonomic affinities of mule deer odocoileus hemionus from anza borrego desert state park california usa

Mozhilevskaya L.P.; Gagarina V.A.; Golubev V.I., 1982:
Distribution and taxonomic characteristic of methanol assimilating yeast

Kvist L.P.; Pedersen J.A., 1986:
Distribution and taxonomic implications of some phenolics in the family gesneriaceae determined by epr spectroscopy

George S.B.; Choate J.R.; Genoways H.H., 1981:
Distribution and taxonomic status of blarina hylophaga insectivora soricidae

Johnstone, R.E., 1975:
Distribution and taxonomic status of the dusky warbler gerygone tenebrosa

Schifter, H., 1978:
Distribution and taxonomic status of the red backed mousebird colius castanotus

Burr, B.M., 1976:
Distribution and taxonomic status of the stoneroller campostoma anomalum in illinois usa

Arikawa R., 1983:
Distribution and taxonomy of globigerina pachyderma off the sanriku coast northeast honshu japan

Pavlova N.S., 1981:
Distribution and taxonomy of some fabaceae of the soviet far east

Parnaby, H.E., 1973:
Distribution and taxonomy of the long eared bats nyctophilus gouldi new record tomes 1858 and nyctophilus bifax new record thomas 1915 chiroptera vespertilionidae in eastern australia

Saunders D.A., 1979:
Distribution and taxonomy of the white tailed and yellow tailed black cockatoos calyptorhynchus spp

Davis, B.J., 1977:
Distribution and temperature adaptation in the teleost fish genus gibbonsia

Simons T.; Ruskell G.L., 1988:
Distribution and termination of trigeminal nerves to the cerebral arteries on monkeys

Jessop, B.M., 1976:
Distribution and timing of tag recoveries from native and nonnative atlantic salmon salmo salar released into big salmon river new brunswick canada

Leichner P.K.; Rosenshein N.B.; Leibel S.A.; Order S.E., 1980:
Distribution and tissue dose of intra peritoneally administered radioactive chromic phosphate phosphorus 32 in new zealand white rabbits

Ishak, M.M.; Khalil, S.R.; Abdelmalik, W.E.Y., 1977:
Distribution and tissue retention of cesium 134 and cobalt 60 in the nile catfish clarias lazera

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Distribution and tissue specificity of glutamate decarboxylase (EC

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Distribution and titers of rotavirus antibodies in different age groups

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Distribution and total burdens of chlorinated hydro carbons in bodies of striped dolphins stenella coeruleoalba

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Distribution and toxicity of thallium in the rat as influenced by colloidal ferri hexa cyano ferrate

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Distribution and transferability of plasmids in trimethoprim resistant urinary Escherichia coli

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Distribution and transformation of 2 4 d in tissues of gramineous plants

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Distribution and transformation of band applied urea in soil following incubation under iso thermal and temperature gradient conditions

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Distribution and transformation of soluble carbohydrates during germination growth of sorghum sorghum bicolor

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Distribution and transformation of sucrose uniformly labeled carbon 14 in corn plants in flooding

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Distribution and transport of a prawn penaeus japonica postlarvae

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Distribution and transport of apo cytochrome b 5 and holo cytochrome b 5 in the endoplasmic reticulum of rat liver

Venkatesan M.I.; Kaplan I.R., 1982:
Distribution and transport of hydro carbons in surface sediments of the alaskan usa outer continental shelf

Varga M.; Szendro Z., 1979:
Distribution and transport of iaa in green and etiolated bean shoots

Graham A.H.; Harper D.B., 1983:
Distribution and transport of iron in conidia of colletotrichum musae in relation to the mode of action of germination stimulants

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Distribution and transport of radium in a tropical river

Thomas F.C.; Schafer C.T., 1982:
Distribution and transport of some common foraminiferal species in the minas basin eastern canada

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Distribution and trophic zoning of the soft bottom communities in the vostok bay of the sea of japan

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Distribution and turnover of cholesterol in humans

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Distribution and turnover of Langerhans cells during delayed immune responses in human skin

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Distribution and turnover of phosphorus an bhc in a grassland ecosystem

Washizuka Y.; Tanaka H., 1984:
Distribution and turnover of phosphorus and bhc in a pure forest ecosystem black pine cryptomeria white cedar and bamboo

Washizuka Y., 1985:
Distribution and turnover of phosphorus nitrogen and bhc in the forest burnt by fire

Washizuka Y.; IIjima Y., 1987:
Distribution and turnover of phosphorus nitrogen potassium calcium magnesium and sodium and bhc in forest and damp plain ecosystems of hokkaido japan

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Distribution and turnover rate of vanillyl mandelic acid and 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenyl glycol in rat brain

Bauer V., 1982:
Distribution and types of adrenoceptors in the guinea pig ileum the action of alpha adrenoceptor and beta adrenoceptor blocking agents

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Distribution and types of bacteria isolated from an inland saltern

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Distribution and typing of salmonellosis established in children between 1978 1983

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Distribution and ultrastructural characteristics of dark cells in squamous metaplasias of the respiratory tract epithelium

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Distribution and ultrastructural characteristics of Feyrter cells in the rat and hamster airway epithelium

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Distribution and ultrastructural characteristics of vessel contact cells in the stem xylem of carnation dianthus caryophyllus

Al-Zuhair, A.G.; Al-Adnani, M.S.; Al-Bader, A.A.; Abdulla, M.A., 1986:
Distribution and ultrastructural characterization of the stroma in scirrhous 'infiltrating' carcinoma of the human breast

A.Yousuf S., 1988:
Distribution and ultrastructure of neurosecretory cells in the cerebral ganglion of the earthworm

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Distribution and ultrastructure of peronosclerospora maydis in maize zea mays shoot tips

Rosenthal, B.M.; Cruce, W.L., 1985:
Distribution and ultrastructure of primary afferent axons in Lissauer's tract in the northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens)

Kondoh, Y.; Hisada, M., 1986:
Distribution and ultrastructure of synapses on a premotor local nonspiking interneuron of the crayfish

Ezeasor D.N., 1982:
Distribution and ultrastructure of taste buds in the oro pharyngeal cavity of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Distribution and uptake by rice plants of nitrogen 15 labeled ammonium applied in mud balls in paddy soils

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Distribution and uptake of helium, carbon monoxide, and acetylene in the lungs during high frequency oscillatory ventilation

Robinson C.; Hallsworth A.S.; Kirkham J., 1984:
Distribution and uptake of magnesium by developing deciduous bovine incisor enamel

Salako L.A.; Ajayi F.O., 1987:
Distribution and urinary excretion of the deethyl metabolites of chloroquine in the rat

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Distribution and use of dung heaps by dorcas gazelle gazella dorcas in western libya

Johnson R.M.; Barrett P.; Sommerville J., 1984:
Distribution and utilization of 5s rna binding proteins during the development of xenopus laevis oocytes

Warembourg F.R.; Haegel B.; Fernandez M.; Montange D., 1984:
Distribution and utilization of assimilated carbon in relation to dinitrogen fixation in soybean glycine max

Pandey R.K.; Singh V.B., 1980:
Distribution and utilization of carbon 14 assimilate in lentil lens esculenta

Kokubun M.; Asahi Y., 1985:
Distribution and utilization of carbon 14 labeled assimilate in debranched soybeans glycine max cultivar nanbu shirome

Janda V.Jr, 1980:
Distribution and utilization of proteins in the tissues of galleria mellonella during pupal adult transformation

Zebrowski Z.; Wozniakowska A.; Kruszewski W., 1980:
Distribution and utilization of sires and sows entered into pedigree books and maintained in the ciechanow and ostroleka voivodships poland during 1976 1977

Kutenkov A.P.; Perekhrestova M.V., 1985:
Distribution and utilization of territory beyond the season of reproduction in rana temporaria

Lovreglio V.; Sannito N.; Leuce U.; Miglionico A.; Simni P.; D.C.sare L., 1981:
Distribution and value of tri glyceridemia and the risk index total cholesterol and high density lipo protein cholesterol ratio in a population of 94 hospitalized subjects

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Distribution and variability in abundance of schistomysis spiritus crustacea mysidacea in the bristol channel uk in relation to environmental variables with comments on other mysids

Halloran G.M.; Pennell A.L., 1981:
Distribution and variability in development of the genus trigonella in asia minor and its possible use in australian environments

Browicz K., 1980:
Distribution and variability of clematis cirrhosa var balearica and myrtus communis var leucocarpa in the eastern mediterranean

Plaza, E., 1978:
Distribution and variability of coccinula sinuatomarginata coleoptera coccinellidae

Jacob J.; Hanssen H P., 1986:
Distribution and variability of cuticular hydrocarbons within the coleoptera

Scranton M.I.; Jones M.M.; Herr F.L., 1982:
Distribution and variability of dissolved hydrogen in the mediterranean sea

Eck R., 1981:
Distribution and variability of dolichovespula norwegica hymenoptera vespidae

Elias P., 1979:
Distribution and variability of hordeetum murini in western slovakia czechoslovakia

Watala, C.; Kowalczyk, J.K., 1987 :
Distribution and variability of local population of carabus linnei duft. coleoptera carabidae in poland

Ostrovskaja N.A., 1985:
Distribution and variability of microzooplankton copepoda concentration in south subequatorial region of the indian ocean

Lakshmanan P.T.; Shynamma C.S.; Balchand A.N.; Nambisan P.N.K., 1987:
Distribution and variability of nutrients in cochin backwaters southwest coast of india

Everett K.R., 1980:
Distribution and variability of soils near atkasook alaska usa

Whitney C.L.; Miller J., 1987:
Distribution and variability of song types in the wood thrush

Dombrovskaya A.V., 1985:
Distribution and variability of species of the genus stereocaulon in murmansk oblast russian sfsr ussr

Leveque C.; Bigorne R., 1985:
Distribution and variability of the numerical characters of the mormyrus species from western africa

Venkateswaran K.; Fernando S.A., 1982:
Distribution and variation in form of the epizoic cirriped octolasmis cor

Lieffers V.J.; Shay J.M., 1982:
Distribution and variation in growth of scirpus maritimus var paludosus on the canadian prairies

Gutierrez Galindo E.A., 1980:
Distribution and variation in the ddt level in the mussel mytilus californianus on the northwest coast of baja california mexico

Cowx, I.G., 1988:
Distribution and variation in the growth of roach rutilus rutilus l. and dace leuciscus leuciscus l. in a river catchment in southwest england uk

Pafort Van Iersel T., 1983:
Distribution and variation of carinariidae and pterotracheidae heteropoda gastropoda of the amsterdam mid north atlantic plankton expedition 1980 P.; Sabato S.; Torres M.V., 1982:
Distribution and variation of dion edule zamiaceae

Hegt, V.N., 1976:
Distribution and variation of fibrinolytic activity in the walls of human arteries and veins

L.C.rre P.; Minas H.J., 1983:
Distribution and variation of nutrients in the indian sector of the antarctic ocean during late summer

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Distribution and variation of the catalytic activity of the enzyme responsible for carthamin synthesis in safflower carthamus tinctorius seedings

Głowiński, S.; Worowski, K., 1979:
Distribution and variation of thromboplastic and fibrinolytic activity of dacron aortic grafts

Omura Y.; Akiyama Y.; Saio K., 1986:
Distribution and varietal differences of lipoxygenase in soybean seeds

Edvinsson L.; Mcculloch J., 1985:
Distribution and vasomotor effects of peptide hi in feline cerebral blood vessels in vitro and in situ

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Distribution and virulence of Escherichia coli in the small intestines of calves with and without diarrhea

Gonzalez Torres R.; Jimenez Diaz R.M.; Melero Vara J.M., 1982:
Distribution and virulence of orobanche cernua in sunflower crops in spain

Lilly G.R.; Gavaris C.A., 1982:
Distribution and year class strength of juvenile redfish sebastes sp on flemish cap in the winters of 1978 1982

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Distribution and yearly dynamic of the zoobenthos according to depth in lake geneva switzerland preliminary results

Braekke F.H., 1986:
Distribution and yield of biomass from young pinus sylvestris and picea abies stands on drained and fertilized peatland

Moffitt R.B.; Polovina J.J., 1987:
Distribution and yield of the deepwater shrimp heterocarpus resource in the marianas pacific ocean

Stishov M.S., 1985:
Distribution and zonal groups of birds on wrangel island ussr

Niell, F.X., 1977:
Distribution and zonation pattern of benthic algae in rocky inter tidal from meridional galician estuaries

Kennedy, C.R., 1977:
Distribution and zoo geographical characteristics of the parasite fauna of char salvelinus alpinus in arctic norway including spitsbergen and jan mayen islands

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Distribution and zoo geography of planktonic crustaceans and dipterans in glaciated eastern north america

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Distribution and zoogeography of the oriental termites of families termopsidae hodotermitidae stylotermitidae and rhinotermitidae

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Distribution area and tenure of rainforest in northeastern australia

Kulik I.L.; Vinokurova N.S., 1982:
Distribution area of dermacentor marginatus tick in the ussr

Sazonova O.N.; Smirnova V.A., 1986:
Distribution area of the bloodsucking mosquito aedes togoi

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Distribution availability and movements of mackerel scomber japonicus off south africa 1964 1976

Suman C.L.; Wahi S.D.; Prasad V.G., 1980:
Distribution behavior of cabbage leaf webber crocidolomia binotalis

Thorne G.N., 1982:
Distribution between parts of the main shoot and the tillers of photosynthate produced before and after anthesis in the top 3 leaves of main shoots of hobbit and maris huntsman winter wheat triticum aestivum

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Distribution biology and ecology of cicadas from istria and the adjacent maritime county homoptera cicadidae and tibicinidae

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Distribution biology and habitat of dyer's woad isatis tinctoria in idaho usa

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Distribution biology and host specificity of cyrtobagous singularis coleoptera curculionidae for the biological control of salvinia molesta

James M.R., 1985:
Distribution biomass and production of the freshwater mussel hyridella menziesi in lake taupo new zealand

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Distribution borders of field mice apodemus the importance of seed abundance and landscape composition

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Distribution boundaries of siberian species of larch

Hamner, W.M.; Jones, M.S., 1976:
Distribution burrowing and growth rates of the clam tridacna crocea on interior reef flats formation of structures resembling micro atolls

Ogino, N., 1980:
Distribution by refraction and age of flap tear type retinal detachment

Arumugham R.; Anderson J.C., 1984:
Distribution cesium chloride gradients of proteo glycans secreted by bovine aorta smooth muscle cells and their aggregation with hyaluronate and cartilage proteo glycan

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Distribution characteristics and possibilities of re population of the barbary partridge alectoris barbara

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Distribution characteristics of ethosuximide in discrete areas of rat brain

Karabashev, G.S., 1977:
Distribution characteristics of fluorescence and light scattering in the ocean in strong vertical mixing and upwelling

Honda K.; Tatsukawa R.; Fujiyama T., 1982:
Distribution characteristics of heavy metals in the organs and tissues of striped dolphin stenella coeruleoalba

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Distribution characteristics of larvae and juveniles of oxyporhamphus micropterus and flying fishes exocoetus volitans in the area of equatorial currents of the pacific ocean

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Distribution characteristics of leishmania tropica major strains of different virulence levels according to natural territorial complexes of the murghab station southeastern turkmen ssr ussr

Rudzit E.A.; Ostapchuk N.V.; Bobrov V.I., 1983:
Distribution characteristics of long acting sulfanilamides in pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Distribution characteristics of the pearlwort bugula pacifica cheilostomata bicellariidae with a description of a new subspecies

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Distribution characterization and floristic composition of the vegetation formations of the salgadeira region in the chapada dos guimaraes mato grosso brazil

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Distribution chromosome numbers and types of various species and taxa of hymenocallis

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Distribution coding in neural interaction models

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Distribution coefficient of magnesium ions between calcite and solution at 10 50 c

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Distribution coefficients by curve fitting application to ionogenic nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs

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Distribution coefficients can they be used to describe reversible ion sorption reactions in contaminant migration?

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Distribution coefficients of 1h pyrido 2 3 b indoles in the octanol water system

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Distribution coefficients of cadmium cobalt nickel and zinc in soils

Bunzl K.; Schultz W., 1985:
Distribution coefficients of cesium 137 and strontium 85 by mixtures of clay and humic material

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Distribution community structure and production of fishes in the upper speed river ontario canada a pre impoundment study

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Distribution competition and phenology of hemp dogbane apocynum cannabinum in nebraska usa

Fenton J.H.C.; Smith R.I.L., 1982:
Distribution composition and general characteristics of the moss banks of the maritime antarctic

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Distribution, composition and possible functional significance of lipids in the follicular epithelium of growing oocyte in the snake Lycodon aulicus ovary. A histochemical study

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Distribution concentration and activity of the black rat rattus rattus in industrial pig breeding farms

Kazaryan, G.M., 1978:
Distribution concentration and inter relation of free and bound tetracycline administered repeatedly to animals

Webber, M.D., 1976:
Distribution constant for calcium plus magnesium and manganese exchange in acid canadian soils

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Distribution data on the rotifer paradicranophorus aculeatus rotatoria

Pokki J., 1981:
Distribution demography and dispersal of the field vole microtus agrestis in the tvarminne archipelago finland

Lepage M., 1984:
Distribution density and evolution of macrotermes bellicosus nests isoptera macrotermitinae in the northeast of ivory coast

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Distribution density and longitudinal zonation of dryopoid beetles coleoptera dryopoidea in southwestern virginia usa

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Distribution density and productivity of accipiter hawks breeding in oregon usa

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Distribution, density and size of muscle receptors in cat tail dorsolateral muscles

Venkaiah K.; Shah J.J., 1984:
Distribution development and structure of gum ducts in lannea coromandelica

Joseph J.P.; Shah J.J.; Inamdar J.A., 1988:
Distribution development and structure of resin ducts in guayule parthenium argentatum gray

Nishihama S.; Nojima S.; Kikuchi T., 1986:
Distribution diet and activity of a chiton liolophura japonica in amakusa west kyushu japan

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Distribution difference of lectin binding in salivary gland treated with sialidase and trypsin

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Distribution dispersal and apparent survival of male gypsy moths lymantria dispar as determined by capture in pheromone baited traps

Lannoo M.J.; Bovbjerg R.V., 1985:
Distribution dispersion and behavioral ecology of the land snail oxyloma retusa succineidae

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Distribution diversity and equitability of the hungarian species of gentiana and gentianella ciliata gentianaceae

Suharsono; Sukarno; Siswandono, 1985:
Distribution diversity and species richness of scleractinian corals around kotok kecil seribu islands indonesia

Lambeck, R.H.D.; Valentijn, P., 1987:
Distribution dynamics and productivity of a colonizing polydora quadrilobata and an established polydora ligni polydorid polychaete in lake grevelingen an enclosed estuary in the southwest netherlands

Kaplunov V.Ya; Kuz'michev V.V., 1987:
Distribution dynamics of the trunk number based on trunk diameter

Shustrov, A.K.; Gromov, O.A.; Kolesov, A.A., 1978:
Distribution dynamics of toxoplasma gondii in organs and tissues of white mice during acute infection

Palashev I.; Nikolov V., 1979:
Distribution ecology and biological peculiarities of the dendriform hazel corylus colurna in bulgaria

Andrienko, T.L., 1977:
Distribution ecology and cenology of drosera intermedia droseraceae in the ukrainian ssr

Dubyna D.V., 1981:
Distribution ecology and cenology of marsilea quadrifolia in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Dubyna D.V., 1982:
Distribution ecology and cenology of trapa natans trapaceae in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Herrera, C.M., 1986:
Distribution ecology and conservation of atropa baetica willk. solanaceae in the sierra de cazorla spain

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Distribution ecology and feeding habits of necturus lewisi

Grudtsev M.E.; Salekhova L.P.; Lushchina V.G., 1986:
Distribution ecology and intraspecific variability of the flying fish of the genus exocoetus in the atlantic

Cagniant, H., 1976:
Distribution ecology and nest of the ant cataglyphis cursor hymenoptera formicidae

Roth B.; Eng L.L., 1980:
Distribution ecology and reproductive anatomy of a rare land snail monadenia setosa

Schmidtler J.J.; Schmidtler J.F., 1983:
Distribution ecology and subspecific classification of triturus vulgaris in the adriatic coastal areas amphibia salamandridae

Peixun C.; Peilin L.; Renjun L.; Kejie L.; Pilleri G., 1979:
Distribution ecology behavior and conservation of the dolphins of the changjiang yangtze river wuhan yueyang china

Cody, M.L., 1978:
Distribution ecology of haplopappus and chrysothamnus in the mojave desert usa part 1 niche position and niche shifts on north facing granitic slopes

Lushchekina A.A.; Neronov V.M.; Ogureeva G.N.; Sokolova A.L., 1986:
Distribution ecology protection and efficient use of the mongolian gazelle procarpa gutturosa pallas 1777 in mongolia

Louda S.M., 1982:
Distribution ecology variation in plant recruitment over a gradient in relation to insect seed predation

Matteo R.S.; Lieberman I.G.; Salanitre E.; Mcdaniel D.D.; Diaz J., 1984:
Distribution elimination and action of dextro tubocurarine in neonates infants children and adults

Andreasen, F.; Mikkelsen, E., 1977:
Distribution elimination and effect of furosemide in normal subjects and in patients with heart failure

Andreasen, F.; Pedersen, O.L.; Mikkelsen, E., 1978:
Distribution elimination and natriuretic effect of furosemide in patients with severe arterial hypertension

Reeves, P.R., 1978:
Distribution, elimination, and residue studies in the cow with the synthetic prostaglandin estrumate

Teramoto, K.; Horiguchi, S., 1981:
Distribution, elimination and retention of styrene in rats

Litterst C.L.; Roth J.S.; Kelley J.A., 1985:
Distribution elimination metabolism and bioavailability of hexamethylenebisacetamide in rats

Reddy, P.C., 1984:
Distribution, endogamy, and isolation of Malas of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India

Iverfeldt A.; Lindqvist O., 1982:
Distribution equilibrium of methyl mercury chloride between water and air

Kawamura Y.; Umemura T.; Wakana M.; Kaneko T.; Uchiyama S.; Saito Y., 1988:
Distribution excretion and lymphatic absorption of benzo a pyrene administered orally in oil solution and aqueous suspension forms

Tanaka M.; Nishigaki T.; Nakejima E.; Totsuka S.; Nakamura K I., 1980:
Distribution excretion and metabolism of 3 4 amino 2 methyl 5 pyrimidinylmethyl 1 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea in rats and mice after intra venous administration

Nakao M.; Takeda Y., 1979:
Distribution excretion and metabolism of p phenylenediamine in rats

Saijo Y., 1981:
Distribution excretion and retention of lead in guinea pigs cavia porcellus administered with radioactive lead titanate

Norred W.P.; Morrissey R.E.; Riley R.T.; Cole R.J.; Dorner J.W., 1985:
Distribution excretion and skeletal muscle effects of the mycotoxin carbon 14 labeled cyclopiazonic acid in rats

Etkin, L.D.; Pearman, B., 1987:
Distribution, expression and germ line transmission of exogenous DNA sequences following microinjection into Xenopus laevis eggs

Nigam R., 1987 :
Distribution factor analysis and ecology of benthic foraminifera within inner shelf regime of vengurla bhatkal sector west coast india

Castel J., 1986:
Distribution factors of meiobenthic copepod populations in littoral eutrophic ecosystems atlantic coast

Belyaeva E.S.; Anan'ev E.V.; Gvozdev V.A., 1984:
Distribution features of mobile dispersed genes mdg 1 and mdg 3 in the chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Kendall A.W.Jr; Clarke M.E.; Yoklavich M.M.; Boehlert G.W., 1987:
Distribution feeding and growth of larval walleye pollock theragra chalcogramma from shelikof strait gulf of alaska

George C.M.; Joy P.J.; Abraham C.C., 1982:
Distribution feeding habits and burrowing patterns of tatera indica cuvieri

Kugelberg, O., 1977:
Distribution feeding habits and dispersal of lygaeus equestris heteroptera larvae in relation to food supply

Hori K.; Okamoto K.; Kuramochi K., 1984:
Distribution feeding site and development of the cabbage bug eurydema rugosum hemiptera pentatomidae on cruciferous plants

Habricot Y.; Sossountzov L., 1984:
Distribution fine structure and possible role of transfer cells in relation to apical dominance in the aquatic fern marsilea drummondii

Conway H.L.; Whitledge T.E., 1979:
Distribution fluxes and biological utilization of inorganic nitrogen during a spring bloom in the new york bight usa

Manzer, J.I., 1976:
Distribution food and feeding of the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus in great central lake vancouver island british columbia canada with comments on competition for food with juvenile sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka

Dunkley P.R.; Jarvie P.E.; Rostas J.A.P., 1988:
Distribution for calmodulin and cyclic amp stimulated protein kinases in synaptosomes

Klenke J.R.; Russell W.A.; Guthrie W.D., 1986:
Distribution for european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae resistance ratings of s 1 lines from cultivar bs 9 corn zea mays

Ahn S.K., 1988:
Distribution for residual autocovariances in multivariate autoregressive models with structured parameterization

Kumagai H.; Tamake H.; Koshino Y.; Suzuki H.; Tochikura T., 1988:
Distribution formation and stabilization of yeast glutathione s transferase

Kochar S.C., 1979:
Distribution free comparison of 2 probability distributions with reference to their hazard rates

Crabbe M.J.C., 1985:
Distribution free computer methods for analyzing ligand binding and enzyme mechanisms

Halperin M.; Gilbert P.R.; Lachin J.M., 1987:
Distribution free confidence intervals for pr x 1 less than x 2

O'neill T.J., 1979:
Distribution free estimation of cure time

Villalba S.C., 1985:
Distribution frequency and biological aspects of udonella caligorum new record monogenea udonellidae on lepeophtheirus mugiloidis copepoda caligidae

Vangerow, E.F., 1977:
Distribution frequency of foraminifera in the smooth waters of the rhone delta france

Schneider I., 1987:
Distribution fungus transfer and gallery construction of the ambrosia beetle xyleborus affinis new record in comparison with xyleborus mascarensis coleoptera scolytidae

Browning M.R., 1979:
Distribution geographic variation and taxonomy of lagopus mutus in greenland and northern canada

Degroot R.C.; Popham T.W.; Gjovik L.R.; Forehand T., 1979:
Distribution gradients of arsenic copper and chromium around preservative treated wooden stakes

Little M.C.; Reay P.J.; Grove S.J., 1988:
Distribution gradients of ichthyoplankton in an east african mangrove creek

Miege, J., 1978:
Distribution gradients of nitrogenous substances in the tubercles of dioscorea alata florido

Vollestad L.A., 1983:
Distribution growth and food of roach rutilus rutilus fry in the eutrophic lake arungen southeast norway

Lowry L.F.; Frost K.J., 1981:
Distribution growth and foods of arctic cod boreogadus saida in the bering chukchi and beaufort seas

Wagner G.; Dethloff M., 1985:
Distribution growth and maturity development of north sea cod gadus morhua haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus and whiting merlangus merlangus in 1982 1984

Peebles E.B.; Tolley S.G., 1988:
Distribution growth and mortality of larval spotted seatrout cynoscion nebulosus a comparison between two adjacent estuarine areas of southwest florida usa

Shivaram S.; Shetty K.S., 1986:
Distribution growth and nitrogen fixation of heterocystous blue green algae from cauvery command area of karnataka india

Richards, C.E.; Castagna, M., 1976:
Distribution growth and predation of juvenile white mullet mugil curema in oceanside waters of virginias eastern shore

Sodergren, S., 1977:
Distribution growth and sex maturation of the fresh water limpet ancylus fluviatilis gastropoda in a northern swedish river

Castello J.P., 1986:
Distribution growth and sexual maturation of the juvenile white croaker micropogonias furnieri in the estuary of the patos lagoon brazil

Gaigalas, K.S.; Yakene, R.B., 1987:
Distribution growth fishery and state of the reserves of commercially unimportant cyprinidae species in kurski zaliv and in the lower neman river lithuanian ssr russian sfsr ussr 1. the chub ide tench

Lisowski E.A., 1983:
Distribution habitat and behavior of the kentucky cave shrimp palaemonias ganteri

Taylor I.R.; Jeffries M.J.; Abbott S.G.; Hulbert I.A.R.; Virdee S.R.K., 1988:
Distribution habitat and diet of the otter lutra lutra in the drina catchment yugoslavia

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