Section 6
Chapter 5,177

Distribution of calanus helgolandicus copepoda calanoida in the western mediterranean sea

Vives, F.

Resultados Expediciones Cientificas del Buque Oceanografico "Cornide De Saavedra" (7): 83-92


Accession: 005176929

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The distribution of C. helgolandicus in the neritic and pelagic waters of the Balearic, Catalonian and Valencia regions is discussed. Vertical catches taken between 0-50, 50-200, 200-500 and 500-1000 m show the distribution of this species during spring and autumn. The layer between 50 and 500 m can be considered as a crossing stratum, since the number of Calanus taken in it is very small compared to the number collected under 500 m during Oct., and above 50 m in March. Spring surface populations are composed of all developmental stages of C. helgolandicus whereas those of deep waters in Oct., show a predominance of the stage V copepodite with a minimal proportion of adults (less than 1%).

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