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Distribution of calcareous nanno fossils and siliceous micro fossils in the plio pleistocene sediments of the mediterranean coast and offshore of israel a preliminary study

Ehrlich, A.; Moshkovitz, S.

Israel Journal of Earth Sciences 27(1-2): 65-71


Accession: 005176930

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Although discoasterids are usually known to exist throughout the Pliocene Epoch in various parts of the world, a sudden disappearance of this group of nannofossils is noted during the late Early Pliocene (nannofossil zones NN14-15) in the Yafo Formation, in boreholes along the offshore and coastline of Israel. Mixed assemblages of marine and freshwater siliceous microfossils were found above the level of the disappearance of the discoasterids. Freshwater diatoms were introduced into the Mediterranean through a predecessor of the Nile River, during the Pliocene-Early Pleistocene. The preservation of marine diatoms and silicoflagellates in the sediments was probably favored by the supply of SiO2 within the abundant alluvial material and freshwater which originated inland.

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