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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5178

Chapter 5178 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Becker W., 1984:
Distribution of carbon 14 after oral administration of 1 carbon 14 labeled linoleic acid in rats fed different levels of essential fatty acids

Orada M.; Miyazawa T.; Fujimoto K.; Kaneda T., 1986:
Distribution of carbon 14 after oral administration of uniformly carbon 14 labeled methyl linoleate hydroperoxides and their secondary oxidation products in rats

Kuehnel H J.; Amlacher R.; Baumgart J.; Schulze W., 1988:
Distribution of carbon 14 ambazone in normal and leukemia p 388 bearing mice

Olugbemi, L.B., 1978:
Distribution of carbon 14 assimilated by wheat awns

Takahashi, K.; Inaba, T.; Kajiwara, T., 1977:
Distribution of carbon 14 assimilated from carbon 14 di oxide in cucumber leaves infected with downy mildew

Adedipe, N.O.; Fletcher, R.A.; Ormrod, D.P., 1976:
Distribution of carbon 14 assimilates in the cowpea vigna unguiculata in relation to fruit abscission and treatment with benzyl adenine

Haeder H.E.; Beringer H., 1987:
Distribution of carbon 14 assimilates in the storage root of sugar beet plants after import from leaves of different age

Dzieciol U., 1985:
Distribution of carbon 14 assimilates in young golden delicious apple trees with dwarfing or vigorous interstem

Williams B.L.; Cheshire M.V.; Sparling G.P., 1987:
Distribution of carbon 14 between particle size fractions and carbohydrates separated from a peat incubated with carbon 14 glycine

Steinke W.; Haller I.; Ruehl Fehlert C., 1986:
Distribution of carbon 14 ciprofloxacin in experimentally induced intramuscular abscesses of rats

Ylitalo P.; Elo H.A.; Airaksinen M.M., 1987:
Distribution of carbon 14 clodronate dichloromethylene bisphosphonate disodium in mice

Seredenin, S.B.; Golovenko, N.Y. ; Blednov-Yu, A.; Zin'kovskii, V.G.; Badyshtov, B.A., 1978:
Distribution of carbon 14 fenazepam in the white rat body

Goodman, F.R., 1978:
Distribution of carbon 14 gentamicin in vascular smooth muscle

D.A.drea M.M.; Lord K.A.; Ruegg E.F., 1983:
Distribution of carbon 14 in soil and rice plants following application of carbon 14 parathion to soil/

Constable G.A.; Rawson H.M., 1982:
Distribution of carbon 14 label from cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar deltapine 16 leaves consequences of changes water and nitrogen status

Vinazzer H.; Zolle I.; Fuccella L.M.; Valzelli G., 1980:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled 2 p 1 oxo 2 isoindolinylphenyl butyric acid indobufen or k 3920 in blood platelets and platelet components

Ikeda G.J.; Miller E.; Sapienza P.P.; Michel T.C.; King M.T.; Turner V.A.; Blumenthal H.; Jackson W.E.; Levin S., 1983:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled acrylamide and betaine in fetuses of rats rabbits beagle dogs and miniature pigs

Sandberg E.C.; Slanina P., 1980:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled acrylonitrile in rat and monkey

Arora, R.G.; Appelgren, L.E.; Bergman, A., 1978:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled afla toxin b 1 in mice

Major, D.J.; Charnetski, W.A., 1976:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled assimilates in rape plants

Singhvi S.M.; Ita C.E.; Shaw J.M.; Migdalof B.H., 1984:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled aztreonam in rat tissue

Waddell W.J.; Marlowe C.; Friedman M.A., 1984:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled caprolactam in male female and pregnant mice

Chigvinadze T.D., 1980:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled carbon di oxide in the amino acids of maize kernel protein fractions

Korsakov M.V.; Filov V.A.; Kraiz B.O.; Ivin B.A., 1988:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled dioxadet in intact and tumor bearing rats

Oakes J.V., 1979:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled food material through the bodies of various gastropods

Golovenko N.Ya; Sozinov V.A.; Rudenko O.P., 1986:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled hydrated phenazepam analog in some organs and tissues of mice

Symons L.E.A.; Jones W.O., 1981:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled leucine in organs and tissues of guinea pigs infected with trichostrongylus colubriformis

Shimono R.; Watanabe M.; Kuno N.; Kihara T., 1984:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled n acetylneuraminic acid in mice studied by whole body autoradiography

Mikhal'tsevich G.N.; Trebukhina R.V., 1981:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled nicotinic acid in mice with ehrlich ascites carcinoma

Golovenko N.Ya; Zin'kovskii V.G.; Seredenin S.B.; Andronati S.A.; Yakubovskaya L.N., 1980:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled phenazepam and its metabolites in the liver brain and blood plasma during single and chronic administration to albino rats

Savolainen H.; Ivanainen M.; Elovaara E.; Tammisto P., 1980:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled phenytoin in rat purkinje cells cerebellar and cerebral neuronal tissue after a single intra peritoneal injection

Ryabushkina N.A., 1979:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled photosynthates in protoplasts and leaf discs of tobacco plants

Isebrands J.G.; Nelson N.D., 1983:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled photosynthates within intensively cultured populus clones during the establishment year

Miyazaki, H.; Matsunaga, Y.; Hashimoto, M., 1978:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled purines in the mouse a whole body auto radiographic assessment of purine metabolism in mammals

Dross K.; Hopf A., 1979:
Distribution of carbon 14 labeled sulpiride and its metabolites in the rat and guinea pig

David A.R.; Shuel R.W., 1988:
Distribution of carbon 14 labelled carbofuran and dimethoate in royal jelly queen larvae and nurse honeybees

Morris, D.A.; Thomas, E.E., 1968:
Distribution of carbon 14 labelled sucrose in seedlings of pisum sativum d treated with iaa and kinetin inst auto radiography

Kemmenoe B.H.; Malspeis L., 1987:
Distribution of carbon 14 merbarone in mice by autoradiography of whole body cryosections

Korobkin, R.K.; Lorenzo, A.V.; Cutler, R.W.P., 1968:
Distribution of carbon 14 metab sucrose and iodine 125 iodide in the cns of the cat after various routes of injection into the cerebro spinal fluid

Smirnova, M.G.; Ekimovskii, A.P., 1976:
Distribution of carbon 14 nicotinic acid in organs of albino rats in long term protein and choline deficiency

Fuchs R.; Appelgren L E.; Hult K., 1986:
Distribution of carbon 14 ochratoxin a in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Guy C.L.; Yelenosky G.; Sweet H.C., 1981:
Distribution of carbon 14 photosynthetic assimilates in orange citrus sinensis cultivar valencia seedlings at 10 and 25 celsius

Toeroek, P.; Kriegel, H., 1975:
Distribution of carbon 14 poly chlorinated bi phenyls during fetal period whole body auto radiography of pregnant mice

L.W.K.W.; Platt T., 1982:
Distribution of carbon among photosynthetic end products in phyto plankton of the eastern canadian arctic

Rai, H., 1978:
Distribution of carbon chlorophyll a and pheo pigments in the black water lake ecosystem of central amazon region

Kislyakov-Yu-Ya ; Ivanov, K.P., 1976 :
Distribution of carbon di oxide and oxygen pressure values in cortical neurons and the surrounding tissue

Balabaeva, L.; Tabakova, S., 1976:
Distribution of carbon di sulfide in organs of pregnant rats exposed to chronic inhalation poisoning

Ivlev A.A.; Lapin A.V.; Brizanova L.Ya, 1987:
Distribution of carbon isotopes carbon 13 carbon 12 in glucose of maize starch

Ivlev A.A., 1985:
Distribution of carbon isotopes in amino acids of the protein fraction of microorganisms as a tool in the study of mechanisms of their biosynthesis in the cell

Ivlev A.A.; Knyazev D.A.; Kaloshin A.G.; Radyukin Y.N., 1982:
Distribution of carbon isotopes in metabolites of the calvin cycle and phospho gluconate cycle

Goh K.M.; Williams M.R., 1982:
Distribution of carbon nitrogen phosphorus sulfur and acidity in 2 molecular weight fractions of organic matter in soil chrono sequences

Agarwal, V.B.; Ram, N., 1976:
Distribution of carbon, nitrogen, sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus in some common mammalian eye lenses

Nakahama T.; Takahashi S.; Urakubo G.; Nagamatsu K., 1988:
Distribution of carbon tetrachloride in rat liver and its urinary metabolites

Oruambo I.F.; Van Duuren B.L., 1987:
Distribution of carbon tetrachloride metabolites to dnase i sensitive and dnase i resistant chromatin

E.G.andour M.F.M.; Khalil J.B.; Atta S.A., 1985:
Distribution of carbonates bicarbonates and ph values in ground water of the nile delta region egypt

Wong, V.; Barrett, C.P.; Donati, E.J.; Guth, L., 1987:
Distribution of carbonic anhydrase activity in neurons of the rat

Shousha S.; Pestonjee D., 1987:
Distribution of carbonic anhydrase i in gastric and duodenal tissue section

Jeffery S.; Edwards Y.; Carter N., 1980:
Distribution of carbonic anhydrase iii in fetal and adult human tissue

Khramtsov A.V.; Ottesen B.V., 1979:
Distribution of carbonic anhydrase potassium atpase and potassium phosphatase in sub cellular fractions of gastric mucosa

O'Brien, P.; Rosen, S.; Trencis-Buck, L.; Silen, W., 1977:
Distribution of carbonic anhydrase within the gastric mucosa

Hass G.M.; Derr J.E.; Makus D.J., 1979:
Distribution of carboxy peptidase iso inhibitors in the potato plant solanum tuberosum cultivar russet burbank

Turner J.A.M.; Mcnicol M.W.; Sillett R.W., 1986:
Distribution of carboxyhemoglobin concentrations in smokers and non smokers

Arnould J.M., 1986:
Distribution of carcinine beta alanylhistamine in decapod crustaceans

Anisimov, V.N.; Azarova, M.A.; Dmitrievskaya, A.Y. ; Likhachev, A.Y. ; Petrov, A.S.; Shaposhnikov-Ya, D., 1976:
Distribution of carcinogenic tritiated di alkyl hydrazines in the neuro endocrine system and their anti gonadotropic effect in rats

Vogel, E.; Luckner, M., 1981:
Distribution of Cardenolides in Digitalis lanata

Kuhlmann J.; Erdmann E.; Rietbrock N., 1979:
Distribution of cardiac glycosides in heart and brain of dogs and their affinity to the sodium potassium atpase

Yazaki, Y.; Tsuchimochi, H.; Kurabayashi, M.; Kawana, M.; Kimata, S., 1987:
Distribution of cardiac myosin isozymes in cardiomyopathy: immunohistochemical and gene analysis

Kuro-o, M.; Tsuchimochi, H.; Ueda, S.; Takaku, F.; Yazaki, Y., 1986:
Distribution of cardiac myosin isozymes in human conduction system. Immunohistochemical study using monoclonal antibodies

Bralet, A.M.; Wepierre, J.; Bralet, J., 1973:
Distribution of cardiac output and nutritional blood flow in the unanesthetized rat alterations during experimental renal hypertension

Raczka E.; Quintana A.; Poggi A.; Donati M.B., 1983:
Distribution of cardiac output during development of 2 metastasizing murine tumors

Crayton, S.C.; Aung-Din, R.; Fixler, D.E.; Mitchell, J.H., 1979:
Distribution of cardiac output during induced isometric exercise in dogs

Diepstra, G.; Gonyea, W.; Mitchell, J.H., 1982:
Distribution of cardiac output during static exercise in the conscious cat

Yates M.S.; Hiley C.R., 1979:
Distribution of cardiac output in different models of hypertension in the conscious rat

Rosenfeld, C.R., 1977:
Distribution of cardiac output in ovine pregnancy

Martensson L.; Carter A.M., 1984:
Distribution of cardiac output in the late pregnant guinea pig during anesthesia with ketamine

Peeters, L.L.; Grutters, G.; Martin, C.B., 1980:
Distribution of cardiac output in the unstressed pregnant guinea pig

Dunn, P.H., 1976:
Distribution of carduus nutans carduus acanthoides carduus pycnocephalus and carduus crispus in the usa

Bimstein E.; Eidelman E.; Klein H.; Chosack A., 1981:
Distribution of caries in different tooth surfaces in 7 year old children

Pugliese, N.; Minichelli, G.; Bonaduce, G., 1977:
Distribution of carinocythereis antiquata and carinocythereis bairdi ostracoda in the gulf of naples italy

Basak, R.K., 1975:
Distribution of carnivorous plants in west bengal india

Luetz C., 1981:
Distribution of carotenoids and lipids in separated pro lamellar bodies and pro thylakoids of etioplasts from avena sativa

Petrunyaka, V.V., 1977:
Distribution of carotenoids and myo globin in tissues of pulmonate mollusks

Grumbach K.H.; Britton G., 1983:
Distribution of carotenoids in sub cellular and sub plastidic fractions of radish seedlings raphanus sativus grown in the presence of bleaching herbicides

Karnaukhov, V.N.; Fedorov, G.G., 1976:
Distribution of carotenoids in tissues of alpine rodents

Shimao K., 1981:
Distribution of carrier ampholytes in iso electric focusing theoretical proof of the law of ph monotony

Righetti, P.G., 1977:
Distribution of carrier ampholytes in iso electric focusing/

Ismailov N.M.; Kuliev A.A., 1984:
Distribution of carthamus species in the nakhichevan assr azerbaijan ssr ussr

Houdebine, L.M., 1977:
Distribution of casein messenger rna between free and membrane bound polysomes during induction of lactogenesis in the rabbit

Brown, P.R.; Leitermann, K.; Ohman, J.L., 1984:
Distribution of cat allergen 1 in cat tissues and fluids

Persson, B., 1977:
Distribution of catch in relation to emergence of adults in some noctuid pest species in south coastal queensland australia

Schofield, S.P.; Dixson, A.F., 1982:
Distribution of catecholamine and indoleamine neurons in the brain of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)

Bukinich A.D.; Govyrin V.A., 1979:
Distribution of catecholamine containing nerve cells in the walls of the main blood vessels of the lamprey lampetra fluviatilis

Kössl, M.; Vater, M.; Schweizer, H., 1988:
Distribution of catecholamine fibers in the cochlear nucleus of horseshoe bats and mustache bats

Ruggiero, D.A.; Baker, H.; Joh, T.H.; Reis, D.J., 1984:
Distribution of catecholamine neurons in the hypothalamus and preoptic region of mouse

Mitrofanis, J.; Vigny, A.; Stone, J., 1988:
Distribution of catecholaminergic cells in the retina of the rat, guinea pig, cat, and rabbit: independence from ganglion cell distribution

Barnes, K.L.; Chernicky, C.L.; Block, C.H.; Ferrario, C.M., 1988:
Distribution of catecholaminergic neuronal systems in the canine medulla oblongata and pons

Waris, T.; Panula, P.; Rechardt, L., 1978:
Distribution of catecholamines and acetyl cholin esterase activity in the same cryotome section of rats neo striatum

Kiss, A.; Culman, J.; Kvetnanský, R.; Palkovits, M., 1981:
Distribution of catecholamines and serotonin in 17 portions of rat ventromedial nucleus and effect of acute immobilization stress

Reader T.A., 1981:
Distribution of catecholamines and serotonin in the rat cerebral cortex absolute levels and relative proportions

Bennett, J.L.; Gianutsos, G., 1977:
Distribution of catecholamines in immature Fasciola hepatica: a histochemical and biochemical study

Kiss, A.; Juráni, M.; Kvaltínová, Z., 1983:
Distribution of catecholamines in individual hypothalamic nuclei of Japanese quail

Binnington, K.C.; Stone, B.F., 1977:
Distribution of catecholamines in the cattle tick Boophilus microplus

Konstantinova, M.S.; Danilova, O.A., 1975:
Distribution of catecholamines in the median eminence of the adrenalectomized rats

Reader T.A.; Grondin L., 1987:
Distribution of catecholamines serotonin and their major metabolites in the rat cingulate piriform entorhinal somatosensory and visual cortex a biochemical survey using high performance liquid chromatography

Howie A.J.; Burnett D.; Crocker J., 1985:
Distribution of cathepsin b in human tissues

Bernstein, H.G.; Wiederanders, B.; Rinne, A.; Dorn, A., 1985:
Distribution of cathepsin D immunoreactivity in the central nervous system of rat and selected brain regions of man

Kominami, E.; Tsukahara, T.; Bando, Y.; Katunuma, N., 1985:
Distribution of cathepsins B and H in rat tissues and peripheral blood cells

Moller P.C.; Chang J.P.; Partridge L.R., 1981:
Distribution of cationized ferritin receptors on ciliated epithelial cells of rat trachea

Al-Ani, T.A.; Ouda, N.A., 1972:
Distribution of cations in bean plants grown at varying potassium and sodium levels

Vest S.E.; Dawes C.J.; Romeo J.T., 1983:
Distribution of caulerpin and caulerpicin in 8 species of the green alga caulerpa caulerpales

Telekalo N.D.; Gorovoi P.G.; Basargin D.D.; Starchenko V.M., 1981:
Distribution of caulophyllum robustum berberidaceae in the far east

Sternburg J.G.; Waldbauer G.P.; Scarbrough A.G., 1981:
Distribution of cecropia moth hyalophora cecropia saturniidae in central illinois usa a study in urban ecology

Fujimoto, Y.; Monden, Y.; Nakahara, K.; Nanjo, S.; Ohno, K.; Fujii, Y.; Hashimoto, J.; Kitagawa, Y.; Miyoshi, S.; Maeda, H., 1985:
Distribution of cefotiam dihydrochloride to the bloodless lung

Benoni, G.; Arosio, E.; Raimondi, M.G.; Apolloni, E.; Passarella, E.; Lechi, A.; Velo, G.P., 1984:
Distribution of ceftazidime in ascitic fluid

Vlahov, V.; Dobrev, P.; Alexiev, N.; Bacracheva, N.; Chervenakov, P., 1987:
Distribution of ceftriaxone in human pulmonary and bronchial tissue i. concentrations of ceftriaxone in non inflamed pulmonary and bronchial tissue and in blood plasma

Dobrev, P.; Vlahov, V.; Benov, E.; Bacracheva, N., 1987:
Distribution of ceftriaxone in pulmonary and bronchial tissue ii. concentrations of ceftriaxone in inflamed bronchial mucosa

Fraschini, F.; Zoncada, F.; Scaglione, F.; Radaelli, U.; Miraglia, M.; Valmaggi, P.; Falchi, M.; Ripamonti, L., 1987:
Distribution of ceftriaxone in the tissues of the female genital system

Leak L.V., 1986:
Distribution of cell surface charges on mesothelium and lymphatic endothelium

Chen, L.B.; Moser, F.G.; Chen, A.B.; Mosesson, M.W., 1977:
Distribution of cell surface large external transformation sensitive protein in co cultures of normal and transformed cells

Maylie Pfenninger M F.; Jamieson J.D., 1979:
Distribution of cell surface saccharides on pancreatic cells part 1 general method for preparation and purification of lectins and lectin ferritin conjugates

Maylie Pfenninger M F.; Jamieson J.D., 1979:
Distribution of cell surface saccharides on pancreatic cells part 2 lectin labeling patterns on mature guinea pig and rat pancreatic cells

Wolfe-Coote, S.A.;, D.F., 1987:
Distribution of cell types of the islets of Langerhans throughout the pancreas of the Chacma baboon

Hofman, F.M.; Modlin, R.L.; Bhoopat, L.; Taylor, C.R., 1985:
Distribution of cells bearing the Tac antigen during ontogeny of human lymphoid tissue

Samarut, C.; Brochier, J.; Revillard, J.P., 1976:
Distribution of cells binding erythrocyte antibody complexes in human lymphoid populations

Warden M.K.; Young W.S.IIi, 1988:
Distribution of cells containing messenger rnas encoding substance p and neurokinin b in the rat central nervous system

Tashiro T.; Matsuyama T.; Higo S., 1983:
Distribution of cells of origin of the cortico trigeminal projections to the nucleus caudalis of the spinal trigeminal complex in the cat a horseradish peroxidase study

Ostapoff, E.M.; Johnson, J.I., 1988:
Distribution of cells projecting to thalamus vs. those projecting to cerebellum in subdivisions of the dorsal column nuclei in raccoons

Kitamoto, Y.; Gruen, H.E., 1976:
Distribution of Cellular Carbohydrates during Development of the Mycelium and Fruitbodies of Flammulina velutipes

Jørgensen, L.; Grøthe, A.G.; Groves, H.M.; Kinlough-Rathbone, R.L.; Richardson, M.; Mustard, J.F., 1988:
Distribution of cellular responses in rabbit aortae following one and two injuries with a balloon catheter

Gonzalez Molinello, A.; Alonso Gonzalez, A.C.; Mariño, E.L.; Dominguez-Gil, A., 1986:
Distribution of cephalothin and ceftriaxone into experimental interstitial tissue fluid in rabbits

Ataev K., 1986:
Distribution of ceratopogonidae blood sucking midgets in high altitude zones in turkmen mountains ussr

Colyn M.M.; Verheyen W.N., 1988:
Distribution of cercopithecus wolfi elegans and cercopithecus wolfi wolfi in the zaire river basin

Nakano K.; Takimoto T.; Kayahara T.; Takeuchi Y.; Kobayashi Y., 1980:
Distribution of cerebello thalamic neurons projecting to the ventral nuclei of the thalamus a horseradish peroxidase study in the cat

Hansen, T.D.; Warner, D.S.; Todd, M.M.; Vust, L.J.; Trawick, D.C., 1988:
Distribution of cerebral blood flow during halothane versus isoflurane anesthesia in rats

Bralet A.M.; Zahnd J.P.; Beley A.; Beley P.; Bralet J., 1987:
Distribution of cerebral infarcts and regional blood flow following intracarotid injection of microspheres in the rat

Corey S., 1981:
Distribution of certain arctic and subarctic cumacea in canadian waters

Ryndina D.D.; Polikarpov G.G., 1983:
Distribution of certain chemical elements in biochemical fractions of the black sea alga cystoseira barbata

Bianchi, A.J.M., 1971:
Distribution of certain heterotrophic aerobic bacteria in eastern mediterranean deep sea sediments

Keast J.R.; Furness J.B.; Costa M., 1985:
Distribution of certain peptide containing nerve fibers and endocrine cells in the gastrointestinal mucosa in 5 mammalian species

Veldre I.A.; Itra A.R.; Paal'me L.P.; Urbas E.R., 1985:
Distribution of certain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water reservoirs of the estonian ssr ussr

Shilov M.P., 1982 :
Distribution of certain rare and vanishing plant species in ivanovo oblast and vladimir oblast russian sfsr ussr and the state of their populations

Terlets'kyi V.K.; Okhrymovych V.M.; Kudryk V.V., 1985:
Distribution of certain species of rare plants in western polessie ukrainian ssr ussr

Jha, U.N.; Jha, M.; Kumari, M., 1978:
Distribution of certain species of utricularia in relation to their habitats in and around jamshedpur india

Savitt E.D.; Socransky S.S., 1984:
Distribution of certain subgingival microbial species in selected periodontal conditions

Vakulovskii S.M.; Krasnopevtsev Y.V.; Nikitin A.I.; Chumichev V.B., 1982:
Distribution of cesium 137 and strontium 90 between the water and bottom sediments in the black sea ussr in 1977

Krulík, R.; Farská, I.; Prokes, J.; Tykva, R., 1980:
Distribution of cesium in the organism and its effect on the nucleotide metabolism enzymes

Belopol'skaya M.M., 1980:
Distribution of cestodes of the family dilepididae found on wading birds subtribe charadrii in the ussr

Smith R.C.; Dustan P.; A.D.; Baker K.S.; Dunlap E.A., 1986:
Distribution of cetaceans and sea surface chlorophyll concentrations in the california usa current

Guglielmo, L., 1976:
Distribution of chaetognatha in the straits of messina

Tyufekchiev A., 1981:
Distribution of chamois rupicapra rupicapra in the region of the pyrin mountains bulgaria

Seminara M.; Bazzanti M., 1984:
Distribution of chaoborus diptera chaoboridae in lentic waters of latium central italy with remarks on its occurrence in italy

Ebinger, J.E.; Vogel, R.L., 1978:
Distribution of chara species in illinois usa

Faludi Daniel A.; Schmidt O.; Szczepaniak A.; Machold O., 1983:
Distribution of characteristic membrane proteins in granum and stroma thylakoids

Koval' G.K., 1979:
Distribution of characters among seedlings of different hazel nut varieties

Jones, W.R.; O'Morchoe, C.C.; Jarosz, H.M.; O'Morchoe, P.J., 1986:
Distribution of charged sites on lymphatic endothelium

Protasevich I.I.; Platonov A.L.; Pavlovsky A.G.; Esipova N.G., 1987:
Distribution of charges in bacillus intermedius 7p rnase determines the number of cooperatively melting regions of the globule

Winborn W.B.; Smith N.K.R., 1980:
Distribution of chemical elements in the cellular components of the stomach and duodenum of rats

Mccune B., 1987:
Distribution of chemotypes of rhizoplaca in north america

Faber P.; Brasser T.; Liangtian G.; Mueller Lyda I.; Stempel C.V., 1987:
Distribution of chernobyl fallout in the asse region kreis wolfenbuettel lower saxony west germany

Yuasa N.; Taniguchi T.; Imada T.; Hihara H., 1983:
Distribution of chicken anemia agent and detection of neutralizing antibody in chicks experimentally inoculated with chicken anemia agent

Gogusev J.; Brun J L.; Hala K.; Perramon A.; Mongiat F., 1980:
Distribution of chicken histo compatibility complex antigens of the h b system on peripheral blood cells and bone marrow cells in congenic lines of chickens

Cariello L.; Zanetti L., 1979:
Distribution of chicoric acid during leaf development of posidonia oceanica

Niu W W.; Liu Y H.; Wang Q N.; Qiu Z D.; Jiang Y F., 1985:
Distribution of china made cefotaxime in animals

Kondo S.; Hashimoto H., 1982:
Distribution of chironomid larvae in an irrigation reservoir with special reference to chironominae

Khalilov A.R., 1983:
Distribution of chironomid larvae in varvara reservoir azerbaijan ssr ussr

Vaughn C.C., 1982:
Distribution of chironomids in the littoral zone of lake texoma oklahoma and texas usa

Anciaux-De-Faveaux, M., 1976:
Distribution of chiropterans in algeria with ecological and parasitological notes

Molano J.; Bowers B.; Cabib E., 1980:
Distribution of chitin in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall an ultrastructural and chemical study

Konings S.A.; Wolff R.J.; Van Dyke G.D., 1986:
Distribution of chitinolytic bacteria in various aquatic systems a comparative study

Nestor V. , 1984:
Distribution of chitinozoans in the late llandoverian rumba formation pentamerus oblongus beds of estonia ussr

Del Corno G.; Favaretti C.; Caramaschi F.; Giambelluca S.E.; Montesarchio E.; Bonetti F.; Volpato C., 1982:
Distribution of chloracne cases in the seveso area italy following contamination by 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin

Damyanova L.; Bah Vong Hai, 1988:
Distribution of chloramphenicol in blood

Roy B.K.; Banerjee N.C., 1983:
Distribution of chloramphenicol in goat blood and milk after intra muscular administration

Chow S.Y.; Woodbury D.M.; Yen Chow Y.C., 1983:
Distribution of chloride and potassium in cellular and luminal compartments of control and drug treated turtle chrysemys picta

Chaudry, M.M.; Nelson, A.I.; Perkins, E.G., 1978:
Distribution of chlorinated pesticides in soybeans soybean oil and its byproducts during processing

Mercer E.I.; Davies C.L., 1979:
Distribution of chloro sulfo lipids in algae

Xie, T.M.; Abrahamsson, K.; Fogelqvist, E.; Josefsson, B., 1986:
Distribution of chlorophenolics in a marine environment

Dehadrai, P.V.; Bhargava, R.M.S., 1972:
Distribution of chlorophyll carotenoids and phyto plankton in relation to certain environmental factors along the central west coast of india

Postius S.; Kirschstein M.; Senger H., 1980:
Distribution of chlorophyll fluorescence and cell volume in the populations of synchronously growing scenedesmus obliquus

Karabashev G.S.; Khanaev S.A., 1983:
Distribution of chlorophyll fluorescence in the temperature front area in the baltic sea

Kozasa, E., 1979:
Distribution of chlorophyll in the east china sea 1. characteristics for july 1978 measured with a type ii variosens fluorometer

Grumbach K.H., 1983:
Distribution of chlorophylls carotenoids and quinones in chloroplasts of higher plants

Bergqvist Y.; Domeij Nyberg B., 1983:
Distribution of chloroquine and its metabolite deethyl chloroquine in human blood cells and its implication for the quantitative determination of these compounds in serum and plasma

Nosál, R.; Ericsson, O.; Sjöqvist, F.; Durisová, M., 1988:
Distribution of chloroquine in human blood fractions

Yuthavong Y., 1980:
Distribution of chloroquine in normal pronase treated and malaria infected red cells

Bickel M.; Graber B.E.; Moor M., 1983:
Distribution of chlorpromazine and imipramine in adipose and other tissues of rats

Lund A., 1980:
Distribution of chlorpromazine between plasma and erythrocytes

Hahn, I.; Krieglstein, G.; Krieglstein, J.; Tschentscher, K., 1973:
Distribution of chlorpromazine in a simplified blood influenced by various drugs

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Distribution of cholecystokinin in the rat lower brain stem nuclei

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Distribution of cholesterol and apo lipo protein a i and apo lipo protein a ii in human high density lipo protein subfractions separated by cesium chloride equilibrium gradient centrifugation evidence for high density lipo protein sub populations with differing a i a ii molar ratios

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Distribution of cholesterol between the outer and inner halves of the lipid bi layer of mycoplasma cell membranes

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Distribution of cholin esterase in the liver and stomach of the migratory fish hilsa ilisha and nonmigratory hilsa toli

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Distribution of cholin esters and cholin esterases ec in hemolymphs and smooth muscles of mollusks

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Distribution of choline acetyl transferase ec in the brain stem of the cat

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Distribution of choline acetyl transferase ec in the nerve cells and nerves of the abdominal ganglia of the king crab limulus polyphemus

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Distribution of choline acetyltransferase activity in rat spinal cord influence of primary afferents

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Distribution of choline and ethanolamine kinase activities in vertebrate tissues

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Distribution of cholinergic muscarinic binding sites in guinea pig brain as determined by in vitro autoradiograph of tritiated methylscopolamine binding

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Distribution of cholinergic neuro transmitter enzymes in the hippocampus and the dentate gyrus of the adult and the developing mouse

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Distribution of cholinergic neurons and fibers in the hypothalamus of the rat using choline acetyltransferase as a marker

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Distribution of cholinesterase in canine venous system

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Distribution of cholinesterase in the brain of camelus dromedarius

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Distribution of chromatin proteins between fractions of hamster liver chromatin differing in their susceptibility to micrococcal nuclease

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Distribution of chromenes and benzofurans in encelia californica

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Distribution of chromium 51 labeled leukemia cells in mice comparison with representative normal cells

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Distribution of chromium 51 manganese 54 iron 59 cobalt 60 cadmium 109 and antimony 124 in organs of lactating cows

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Distribution of chromium and induction of metallo thionein like protein in rat livers injected with trivalent and hexavalent chromium

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Distribution of chromium in poisoned rats

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Distribution of chromium in rats exposed to hexavalent chromium and trivalent chromium aerosols

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Distribution of chromium in red kidney beans phaseolus vulgaris

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Distribution of chromobacteria in a lowland river

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Distribution of chromogranin A and secretogranin I (chromogranin B) in neuroendocrine cells and tumors

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Distribution of chromomeres as a basis of chromosomal coiling

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Distribution of chromosomal aberrations in the cattle populations from centres of artificial inseminations in romania

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Distribution of chromosomal breakage points induced by arabinosyl cytosine in human lymphocytes in vitro

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Distribution of chromosomal material during giant nuclei division by fragmentation in the tropho blast of rodents morphological and cyto photometric study

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Distribution of chromosomes into discrete groups in colchicine induced c metaphases of barley

Zhao J.P.; Davidson D., 1985:
Distribution of chromosomes into discrete groups in colchicine induced c metaphases of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar herta

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Distribution of chrysomelid pests associated with certain agricultural plants in papua new guinea coleoptera

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Distribution of chylomicron degradation products in the isolated perfused rat heart

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Distribution of ciprofloxacin between serum and gynecological tissues

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Distribution of ciprofloxacin in the dog prostate and various tissues

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Distribution of circulating immuno reactive components of parathyroid hormone in normal subjects and patients with primary and secondary hyper parathyroidism the role of the kidney and serum calcium concentration

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Distribution of cis platinum cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii in blood

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Distribution of cis trans beta carotene in pigment protein fractions of photosystem i and ii

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Distribution of cis vaccenic acid in chinese hamster v 79 r cells

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Distribution of citalopram in the blood serum and in the central nervous system of rats after single and multiple dosage

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Distribution of citellus major in south ural mountains russian sfsr ussr

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Distribution of citrate utilization plasmids in Salmonella strains of bovine origin in Japan

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Distribution of citrus exocortis viroid in different organs of gynura aurantiaca

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Distribution of cladocora debilis faviidae anthozoa cnidaria in the region south of cape frio 23 degrees s

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Distribution of cladophora sauteri f sauteri in lake shirarutoro hokkaido japan

Kanda F., 1982:
Distribution of cladophora sauteri f toroensis in lake toro of the kushiro moor japan

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Distribution of clavibacter xyli ssp xyli in stalks of sugarcane cultivars differing in resistance to ratoon stunting disease

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Distribution of clay minerals in selected oklahoma usa soils

X.J Q., 1983:
Distribution of clay minerals in the soils of china

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Distribution of clay minerals of the less than 0.001 millimeter fraction in the chernozem profile of the yamsk steppe ussr

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Distribution of climbing fibers on cerebellar purkinje cells in x irradiated rats an electro physiological study

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Distribution of Clostridium botulinum

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Distribution of Clostridium botulinum around fishing areas of the western part of Indonesian waters

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Distribution of Clostridium botulinum in Japan and in Shinkiang district of China

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Distribution of clostridium perfringens in nature and processed seafoods

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Distribution of clover rot and the losses caused by the disease in bohemia and moravia czechoslovakia in the period from 1900 and 1982

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Distribution of clozapine in the rat: localization in lung

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Distribution of cobalt 57 bleomycetin in experimental animals with hyperglycemia

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Distribution of cobalt 58 from the oral cavity of mice

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Distribution of cobalt 60 in a mollusk a crustacean and a fresh water teleost variations as a function of the source of pollution and during elimination

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Distribution of cobalt and molybdenum in soils in the eastern midlands of ireland

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Distribution of cobalt in myocardium skeletal muscle and serum in exposed and unexposed rats

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Distribution of coccolithophores in marginal seas along the western pacific ocean and in the red sea

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Distribution of coccolithophoridae in the arabian sea

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Distribution of cochlear damage caused by the removal of the round window membrane

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Distribution of coenonympha spp lepidoptera in yugoslavia

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Distribution of colaphellus hoefti coleoptera chrysomelidae in northeast iran and its world distribution

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Distribution of coleophora laricella lepidoptera coleophoridae and its major parasites in the crowns of western larch in british columbia canada

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Distribution of coleophora spp in czechoslovakia lepidoptera coleophoridae

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Distribution of coliphages in various foods

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Distribution of collagen, fibronectin, and laminin during morphogenesis of skin and cutaneous appendages in the chick embryo

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Distribution of collagen in body muscle of fishes with different swimming modes

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Distribution of collagen type i and type iii and of 2 collagenous components of basement membranes in the human liver

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Distribution of collagenase in the digestive organs of some teleosts

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Distribution of collembola in quercetum farnetto cerris serbicum community on avala mountain

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Distribution of colonic polyps: increased incidence of proximal lesions in older patients

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Distribution of color receptors in the larval eyes of 4 species of lepidoptera

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Distribution of colorless sulfur bacteria beggiatoa spp in a coastal marine sediment

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Distribution of commersons dolphin cephalorhynchus commersonii and the rediscovery of the type of lagenorhynchus floweri

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Distribution of commissural afferents to the hippocampus of the rabbit

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Distribution of commissural axon terminals in the rat neo cortex

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Distribution of common macro zoo benthic forms in the inter tidal zone of the western part of the bering sea and of the southeastern part of kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

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Distribution of compensable hearing loss in industry

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Distribution of complement c 3 and properdin factor b allotypes in tuscany italy

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Distribution of complement c 3 phenotypes in north india a pilot study

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Distribution of complement receptors on human normal and malignant mononuclear cells

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Distribution of concanavalin a in fibroblasts direct endocytosis vs surface capping

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Distribution of concanavalin a receptor sites on the surface of human resting t lymphocytes a stereological study using concanavalin a colloidal gold labeled horseradish peroxidase

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Distribution of concanavalin A receptors on the cell surface of isolated hepatocytes from regenerating liver

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Distribution of cones in human and monkey retina: individual variability and radial asymmetry

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Distribution of congenital heart malformations in an autopsied child population

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Distribution of conserved species in diffusion reaction systems

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Distribution of constitutive hetero chromatin in periplaneta americana dictyoptera blattinae

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Distribution of constitutive heterochromatin and repetitive dna sequences in the chromosomes of some mustelids species carnivora mustelidae

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Distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in sikkim primitive maize

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Distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in the collared scops owl

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Distribution of contarinia oregonensis diptera cecidomyiidae eggs in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seed orchards and a method of estimating egg density

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Distribution of continental elements of the flora in the north of east germany

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Distribution of copepods from the polluted and unpolluted regions off bombay india

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Distribution of copper 64 in control mice and mice bearing ascitic krebs tumor cells

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Distribution of copper 64 in fetal and adult tissues in mice influence of sodium diethyldithiocarbamate treatment

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Distribution of copper 64 in the blood and different tissues of mice bearing induced fibrosarcoma

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Distribution of copper and interaction of copper with other essential metals in rat after oral administration of cupric compounds

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Distribution of copper and iron in some central organs of sepia officinalis cephalopoda a comparative study by flameless atomic absorption and electron microscopy

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Distribution of copper and other elements in rye grass lolium rigidum roots determined with a scanning proton micro probe

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Distribution of copper and zinc among protein fractions in the cytoplasm of rat tissues

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Distribution of copper ions in waste and potable waters in sri lanka cities

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Distribution of corbicula bivalvia corbiculidae in the brazos river system texas usa aug. 25 to nov. 12 1980

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Distribution of corbicula fluminea the asiatic clam in mississippi usa

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Distribution of corncrake crex crex l. in france

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Distribution of coronary blood flow across the canine left ventricular free wall during reactive hyperemia

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Distribution of coronary blood flow in the left ventricular wall of dogs evaluated by the uptake of xenon 133

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Distribution of corrosion products in teeth restored with metal crowns retained by stainless steel posts

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Distribution of cortical cells projecting to the main sensory trigeminal nucleus in the cat a study with the horseradish peroxidase technique

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Distribution of cortical micro tubules in tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar su 677 protoplasts an immuno fluorescence microscopic and ultrastructural study

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Distribution of cortical neurons which project upon the caudate nucleus a horseradish peroxidase investigation

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Distribution of corticopontine neurons in visual areas of the middle suprasylvian sulcus quantitative studies in the cat

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Distribution of corticospinal motor fibers within the cervical spinal cord with special reference to the phrenic nucleus a wheat germ agglutinin horseradish peroxidase anterograde transport study in the cat

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Distribution of corticotropin releasing factor activity and immuno reactive acth within the hypothalamic neuro hypophyseal complex in various species

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Distribution of corticotropin releasing factor and tyrosine hydroxylase immunoreactive neurons in the brain stem of the domestic fowl gallus domesticus

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Distribution of corticotropin releasing factor like immuno reactivity in the rabbit

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Distribution of corticotropin releasing factor like immunoreactivity in the rat brain by immunohistochemistry and radioimmunoassay comparison and characterization of ovine and rat human corticotropin releasing factor antisera

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Distribution of corticotropin releasing factor receptors in primate macaca fascicularis brain

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Distribution of corticotropin releasing factor(s) activity in neural and extraneural tissues of the rat

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Distribution of corythomantis greeningi and aparasphenodon brunoi amphibia hylidae

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Distribution of cotula coronopifolia new record in sardinia M.; Zimm B.H., 1984:
Distribution of counterions around a cylindrical poly electrolyte and mannings condensation theory/

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Distribution of crataegus spp in poland and czechoslovakia

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Distribution of creatine phospho kinase ec isozymes in cardiac cells

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Distribution of creatine phosphokinase bb in various human brain structures

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Distribution of criterion alpha in the resting electro encephalogram further argument against the use of an amplitude threshold in alpha bio feedback training

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Distribution of Crooke's cells and ACTH cells in the human pituitary glands

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Distribution of crossing over in mouse chromosomes

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Distribution of crumenulopsis sororia in relation to site and crop factors in some stands of lodgepole pine pinus contorta of alberta provenance

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Distribution of cryophilic algae in an arid region the american southwest usa

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Distribution of cryptobia salmositica a hemiglabellate of fishes in british columbia canada and the seasonal pattern of infection in a coastal river

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Distribution of Cryptococcus neoformans in a natural site

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Distribution of cryptogamic epiphytes in a danish city in relation to air pollution and bark properties

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Distribution of cryptostigmata and mesostigmata acari within the litter and soil layers of 2 subtropical forests

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Distribution of cucubalus baccifer in czechoslovakia

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Distribution of culicoides belkini in archipelagos of society and tuamotu and in the cook islands

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Distribution of culicoides hollensis culicoides furens and culicoides bermudensis in relation to plant cover in a north carolina usa salt marsh diptera ceratopogonidae

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Distribution of culicoides molestus diptera ceratopogonidae in man made canals in southeastern queensland australia

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Distribution of current during transurethral resection

Kawasumi, M., 1985:
Distribution of current intensities inside the electrically stimulated eye

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Distribution of cuticular sensory hairs on the legs and whip of thelyponus indicus arachnida uropygi

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Distribution of cyanic acid in cormophyte 17. taxiphyllin from magnolia sprengeri cultivar diva

Fikenscher, L.H.; Hegnauer, R., 1981:
Distribution of cyanic acid in cormophytes 16. cyanogenesis in haloragaceae

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Distribution of cyanide resistant respiration among yeasts and bacteria and its relation to over synthesis of metabolites

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Distribution of cyclic 3' 5' phospho di esterase mono amine oxidase and beta glucuronidase in liver tumors induced by technical grade bhc in inbred swiss mice

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Distribution of cyclic amp and cyclic amp dependent protein kinases in aplysia sensory neurons

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Distribution of cyclic amp and cyclic gmp in rabbit retina in vivo selective effects of dark and light adaptation and ischemia

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Distribution of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase during development in dictyostelium discoideum

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Distribution of cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase in adipose tissue from trained rats

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Distribution of cyclic bisbibenzyls in the south african liverwort marchantia polymorpha

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Distribution of cyclic gmp dependent protein kinase ec in various rat tissues and cell lines determined by a sensitive and specific radio immunoassay

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Distribution of cyclic nucleotides in layers of the cerebellum after decapitation

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Distribution of cycling of elements in a pinus resinosa plantation ecosystem wisconsin usa

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Distribution of cyclooxygenase products with cyclooxygenase inhibition in isolated dog lung

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Distribution of cyclosporin A between blood cells and plasma of cardiac and renal transplant recipients

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Distribution of cyperus difformis cyperaceae in the southeastern usa

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Distribution of cyphellaceae in the western himalayas with notes on extralimital species

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Distribution of cystatin c gamma trace an inhibitor of lysosomal cysteine proteinases in the anterior lobe in simian and human pituitary glands

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Distribution of cysteine desulfhydrase in microorganisms

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Distribution of cyto kinin active nucleosides in iso accepting transfer rna from agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Distribution of cyto kinin active ribo nucleosides in wheat germ transfer rna species

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Distribution of cytochrome b photo reductions mediated by endogenous photo sensitizer or methylene blue in fractions from corn zea mays and cauliflower brassica oleracea

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Distribution of cytokinin like activity in different plant parts of the water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes

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Distribution of cytoplasmic estrogen and progesterone receptors in human endometrium

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Distribution of cytoplasmic poly adenylic acid rna sequences in free messenger ribo nucleo protein and polysomes of mouse ascites cells

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Distribution of cytoplasmic starch granules during embryogenesis in lagerstroemia speciosa

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Distribution of cytoskeletal proteins sharing a conserved phosphorylated epitope

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Distribution of cytosolic and mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase in normal, ischemic, and necrotic myocardium. An immunohistochemical study

Manabe H., 1986:
Distribution of d alanylglycine and related compounds in oryza species

Beckstead, R.M.; Wooten, G.F.; Trugman, J.M., 1988:
Distribution of D1 and D2 dopamine receptors in the basal ganglia of the cat determined by quantitative autoradiography

Whalley A.J.S.; Watling R., 1982:
Distribution of daldinia concentrica in the british isles uk

Raleigh, J.A.; Fuciarelli, A.F., 1985:
Distribution of damage in irradiated 5' amp 8 5' cyclic amp 8 hydroxy amp and adenine release

Campbell, C.A.M., 1977:
Distribution of damson hop aphid phorodon humuli migrants on hops in relation to hop variety and wind shelter

Guthrie, F.E.; Donaldson, W.E., 1970:
Distribution of ddt and dieldrin in the avian embryo

Alekseev A.N.; Drobozina V.P.; Bondareva N.I., 1981:
Distribution of ddt resistant populations of malaria vectors in the ussr

Tatsis, G.; Horsfield, K.; Cumming, G., 1984:
Distribution of dead space volume in the human lung

Lin, T.L., 1976:
Distribution of deadhearts of sugarcane and transformation of data

Weslawski J.M., 1987:
Distribution of decapoda crustacea in south spitsbergen norway coastal waters with remarks on their ecology and breeding biology

Keeler K.H.; Kaul R.B., 1984:
Distribution of defense nectaries in ipomoea convolvulaceae

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Distribution of dehydro abietic acid in sediments adjacent to a kraft pulp and paper mill

Vazzoler, G., 1975:
Distribution of demersal fish fauna and ecology of sciaenidae on the brazilian continental shelf from 29 degrees 21 minutes s torres to 33 degrees 44 minutes s chui

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Distribution of demersal fishes of the caribbean sea found below 2000 meters

Okeda R.; Kitano M.; Sawabe M.; Yamada I.; Yamada M., 1986:
Distribution of demyelinating lesions in pontine and extrapontine myelinolysis three autopsy cases including one case devoid of central pontine myelinolysis

Grottel, K., 1977:
Distribution of dendrites in the ventral horn of the thoracic part of the spinal cord in the sagittal plane in cats

Mori, K.; Kishi, K.; Ojima, H., 1983:
Distribution of dendrites of mitral, displaced mitral, tufted, and granule cells in the rabbit olfactory bulb

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Distribution of dendritic reticulum cells in follicular lymphoma and reactive hyperplasia. Light microscopic identification and general morphology

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Distribution of denitrifying bacteria and its controlling factors in fresh water environments

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Distribution of dense core granules in normal, benign and malignant breast tissue

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Distribution of dental caries in ancient british populations part 4 the 19th century

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Distribution of dental fluorosis in the primary dentition

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Distribution of dermatophagoides pteronyssinus astigmata pyroglyphidae in cameron highlands malaysia

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Distribution of descolea flavoannulata in far eastern asia

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Distribution of desmidiales in bogs of the ukrainian carpathians ussr

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Distribution of desmosomal components in the tissues of vertebrates, studied by fluorescent antibody staining

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Distribution of determinants for symptom production and host range on the 3 rna components of cucumber mosaic virus

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Distribution of determinants for symptom production nucleo protein component distribution and antigenicity of coat protein between the 2 rna components of cherry leaf roll virus

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Distribution of deuterium labeled cis 12 octa decenoic acid and trans 12 octa decenoic acid in human plasma and lipo protein lipids

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Distribution of deuterophlebia sajanica jedlicka et halgos 1981 in mongolia

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Distribution of developmental defects of tooth enamel by tooth type in 11 12 year old children in south wales uk

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Distribution of developmentally regulated hemo globins in embryonic erythroid populations

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Distribution of dexamethasone between mother and fetus after maternal administration

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Distribution of dfp hydrolyzing enzyme ec between sheath and axoplasm of squid giant axon

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Distribution of di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate and mono 2 ethylhexyl phthalate in human plasma

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Distribution of di acyl glyceryl o 4' n n n tri methyl homo serine in different algae

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Distribution of di chromate in preserved milk toward utilization of spent milk samples from centralized testing laboratories

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Distribution of di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid extractable iron manganese copper and zinc in some brackish water fish pond soils of west bengal india

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Distribution of di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid extractable iron zinc and copper in soil particle size fractions

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Distribution of di peptidyl amino peptidase iv ec in cultured fishes

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Distribution of di phenyl hydantoin in rat organs study with neuron glia and sub cellular fractions

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Distribution of di phenyl mercury in the rat

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Distribution of diacylglyceryl ethers in the different tissues and stomach contents of gonatid squid berryteuthis magister

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Distribution of diacylglyceryltrimethylhomoserine and phosphatidylcholine in nonvascular green plants

Sato N.; Furuya M., 1984:
Distribution of diacylglyceryltrimethylhomoserine in selected species of vascular plants

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Distribution of diaminobenzidine reaction products in zoospores of phytophthora palmivora

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Distribution of diatom species in surface sediments of the bering and okhotsk seas

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Distribution of diatom species on an estuarine mud flat and experimental analysis of the selective effect of stress

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Distribution of diatoms in lake superior usa canada sediments

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Distribution of diatoms in the plankton of yaquina estuary oregon usa

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Distribution of diatraea saccharalis in sugarcane fields

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Distribution of diclofop methyl and metabolites in oat avena sativa cultivar cascade protoplasts

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Distribution of dictyostelid cellular slime molds in forest soils of india

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Distribution of dieback associated with thielaviopsis basicola black root rot of japanese holly ilex crenata

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Distribution of dietary octa decenoate isomers at the 1 position and 2 position of hepatoma and liver phospho lipids

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Distribution of dietary trans octadecenoate among acyl coenzyme a and other lipid fractions of rat liver and heart

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Distribution of diethylstilbestrol in pigs

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Distribution of different anaerobic bacteria in arabian sea sediments

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Distribution of different collagen types and fibronectin in neurofibromatosis tumors

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Distribution of different feca pentaenes the fecal mutagens in the human population

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Distribution of different fiber types in human skeletal muscles 1. method for the preparation and analysis of cross sections of whole tibialis anterior

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Distribution of different fiber types in human skeletal muscles a method for the detection of neurogenic disorders

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Distribution of different fiber types in human skeletal muscles a statistical and computational model for the study of fiber type grouping and early diagnosis of skeletal muscle fiber de nervation and re innervation

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Distribution of different fiber types in human skeletal muscles a statistical and computational study of the fiber type arrangement in musculus vastus lateralis of young healthy males

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Distribution of different fiber types in human skeletal muscles: effects of aging studied in whole muscle cross sections

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Distribution of different fiber types in human skeletal muscles fiber type arrangement in vastus lateralis muscle from three groups of healthy men between 15 and 83 years

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Distribution of different fiber types in human skeletal muscles: why is there a difference within a fascicle?

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Distribution of different forms of nitrogen in brackish water fish pond soils of west bengal india

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Distribution of different forms of p hydroxy benzoic acid vanillic acid p coumaric acid and ferulic acid in forest soil

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Distribution of different forms of some phenolic acids in peat soils in hokkaido japan 2. 4 hydroxybenzoic acid 4 hydroxy 3 methoxybenzoic acid and trans 4 hydroxy 3 methoxycinnamic acid

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Distribution of different forms of sterols in 3 cellular subfractions of calendula officinalis leaves

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Distribution of different forms of sulfur in some soils of himachal pradesh

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Distribution of different fractions of cadmium lead zinc and copper in industrially polluted and nonpolluted soils of odda region norway

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Distribution of different inorganic forms of phosphorus in some brackish water fish pond soils of west bengal india

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Distribution of different molecular species of collagen in the vertebral cartilage of shark carcharias acutus

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Distribution of different sized microspheres in experimental hepatic tumors

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Distribution of different staphylococcus species according to their meat or dairy origin

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Distribution of different types of efferent neurons in the motor cortex of cats

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Distribution of different types of muscular fibers in skeletal muscles of the frog rana temporaria

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Distribution of differentiation potencies and conditions of their realization in the amphibian neuroectoderm

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Distribution of digestive enzymes among the endo peritrophic and ecto peritrophic spaces and mid gut cells of rhynchosciara americana and its physiological significance

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Distribution of digger wasp species hymenoptera sphecidae in biotopes landscape zones and mountain belts in the kazakh ssr ussr and soviet central asia

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Distribution of digoxin digitoxin and their cardioactive metabolites in the human heart and kidney a post mortem study

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Distribution of dileptus anser ciliata holotricha gymnostomatida of various genotypes for mat locus in the concentration gradient of their gamones

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Distribution of dimorphic males of 3 species of nematoscelis euphausiacea

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Distribution of dinoflagellate cysts in pleistocene sediments of the guinean margin of africa equamarge i 1983

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Distribution of dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments of the tsushima warm current

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Distribution of dinoflagellate growth inhibitor in sediments in ariake and hakata bays japan

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Distribution of dinoflagellates around the british isles in july 1977 a multi variate analysis

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Distribution of dipeptidases in rat small intestine

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Distribution of dipeptidyl peptidase ii ec in rat spinal cord

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Distribution of diphyllobothriasis in the area of the gorki water reservoir

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Distribution of diphyllobothriasis in the ussr and prevention of the formation of new foci of invasion part 2 the role of migration of the ussr population in the dissemination and importation of diphyllobothriasis

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Distribution of diphyllobothriasis in the zone of the bratsk reservoir ussr

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Distribution of diphyllobothrium latum l. near the southern borderlines of its natural habitat

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Distribution of diploid and tetraploid species of gray tree frogs hyla chrysoscelis and hyla versicolor in kansas usa

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Distribution of disaccharide activity along the intestine of some freshwater fish

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Distribution of disease at autopsy in 100 women with ovarian cancer

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Distribution of dispersed oil phase in hydro carbon fermentations

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Distribution of displacement volume and numbers of zoo plankton in manora channel during southwest monsoon 1973

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Distribution of dissimilatory enzymes in methane and methanol oxidizing bacteria

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Distribution of dissolved and particulate forms of mercury in the 0 100 meter layer in the atlantic ocean and mediterranean sea

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Distribution of dissolved and particulate forms of poly nuclear aromatic hydro carbons in tama river water japan

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Distribution of dissolved boron in the waters of the zuari estuary goa india

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Distribution of dissolved carbon dioxide in the red sea and correlations with other geochemical tracers

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Distribution of dissolved free amino acids in the ushant front region

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Distribution of dissolved molybdenum uranium and vanadium in baltic sea waters

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Distribution of diurnal acid metabolism in submerged aquatic plants outside the genus isoetes

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Distribution of diurnal acid metabolism in the genus isoetes

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Distribution of dna and rna in the organs of the rotifer philodina roseola

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Distribution of dna bound carcinogen 4 nitro quinoline 1 oxide and repair synthesized dna in chromatin of wi 38 cells

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Distribution of dna complementary to the rna of avian myeloblastosis virus in tissues of normal and tumor bearing chickens

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Distribution of dna content per mucosa cell nucleus in multiple gastric cancers and their surroundings

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Distribution of dna in the tests of buffaloes goats and rams

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Distribution of DNA polymerase Cm in normal and malignant human tissues

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Distribution of dna repair and the extent of enzymatic dna methylation in alkylated human lymphocytes carring their dna synthesis in the presence or absence of hydroxy urea

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Distribution of dnase i sensitive sites in sv 40 nucleo protein complexes from disrupted virus particles

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Distribution of dolichol and dolichyl phosphate in human brain

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Distribution of dolichovespula loekenae and its position on the nearest related species

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Distribution of dopamine containing noradrenaline containing and adrenaline containing cell bodies in the rat medulla oblongata demonstrated by the immuno cytochemical localization of catecholamine biosynthetic enzymes

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Distribution of dopamine immunoreactivity in the forebrain and midbrain of the snake Python regius: a study with antibodies against dopamine

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Distribution of dopamine in the rat cerebral cortex

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Distribution of dopamine noradrenaline and adrenaline in coronal sections of the rat lower brainstem

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Distribution of dormant cells of chattonella in harima nada eastern seto inland sea japan and temperature characteristics of germination

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Distribution of drosophila melanogaster on alternative resources effects of experience and starvation

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Distribution of drosophila spp and their diversities in the tropical rain forests of western ghats india

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Distribution of dry matter and chemical constituents in plant parts of 4 florida usa native grasses

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Distribution of dry matter and mineral nutrients in tubers of 2 dioscorea alata cultivars white lisbon and oriental

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Distribution of dry matter and nitrogen between the different plant parts in intact and de podded soybean glycine max plants after flowering

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Distribution of dry matter and protein production at varying frequencies of utilization and nitrogenous nutrition on a natural valley meadow

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Distribution of dry matter between shoot and storage root of field grown carrots i. onset of differences between cultivars

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Distribution of dry matter between shoot and storage root of field grown carrots ii. relationship between initiation of leaves and storage roots in different cultivars

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Distribution of dry matter between shoot and storage root of field grown carrots iii. development of phloem and xylem parenchyma and cell numbers in the storage root

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Distribution of dry matter between shoots and roots of irrigated and nonirrigated determinate soybeans glycine max

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Distribution of dry matter between the tissues and coelom in arenicola marina equilibrated to diluted sea water

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Distribution of dry matter during the growth of solanum laciniatum

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Distribution of dry matter in sweet pepper plants capsicum annuum l. during the juvenile and generative growth phases

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Distribution of dry weight between root and shoot in white clover trifolium repens cultivar blanca dependent on nitrogen fixation or utilizing abundant nitrate nitrogen

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Distribution of dryopteris pallida new record in italy

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Distribution of dynorphin and enkephalin peptides in the rat brain

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Distribution of dysplasia in ulcerative colitis

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Distribution of dytiscids in springs of the western dead sea area israel coleoptera dytiscidae

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Distribution of east german land unit groups and land unit types

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Distribution of eastern and western alfalfa weevil in nebraska usa determined by cross matings coleoptera curculionidae

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Distribution of echinodermata in the northern adriatic insular region

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Distribution of economic impacts from proposed conservation measures in the usa atlantic menhaden fishery

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Distribution of ectopic thyroid tissue in 5 species of poeciliid fishes

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Distribution of edaphic algae as related to land usage

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Distribution of edaphic diatoms in a mississippi usa salt marsh a canonical correlation analysis

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Distribution of effects of haloperidol on energy metabolism in the rat brain

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Distribution of egg deposits and gross lesions in nonhuman primates infected with schistosoma haematobium

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Distribution of eggs and larvae and the functional structure of the euphausia superba distribution range

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Distribution of eggs and larvae of 5 clupeoid fish species in the southwestern atlantic between 25 degrees south and 40 degrees south

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Distribution of eggs and larvae of the alaska pollack in the northern okhotsk sea russian sfsr ussr

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Distribution of eggs and parasites of lygus spp hemiptera heteroptera miridae nabis spp hemiptera heteroptera nabidae and spissistilus festinus homoptera membracidae on plant stems

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Distribution of eggs by depth and vegetation type in pacific herring clupea harengus pallasi spawnings in southern british columbia canada

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Distribution of eggs of nemosturmia amoena diptera tachinidae and some of its adaptations to pine beauty moth panolis flammea which determine the infection level

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Distribution of eggs of the black bean aphid aphis fabae on the spindle bush euonymus europaeus with reference to forecasting infestations of the aphid on field beans

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Distribution of eggs of the cherry fruit fly rhagoletis cerasi diptera tephritidae under field conditions

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Distribution of eggs of the leafhopper empoasca kraemeri on bean phaseolus vulgaris plants

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Distribution of elastase like enzyme activity among snake venoms

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Distribution of elastic globes in healthy human skin investigations using a dense grid

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Distribution of elastic system fibers in hyaline and fibrous cartilages of the rat

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Distribution of elastic system fibers in the peripheral nerves of mammals

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Distribution of electric potential and ion transport in the hypocotyl of vigna sesquipedalis part 4 the effects of carbon mon oxide and cyanide on the axial potential difference of hypocotyl segments

Katou, K., 1978:
Distribution of electric potential and ion transport in the hypocotyl of vigna sesquipedalis part 5 electrogenic activity of the parenchyma cells in hypocotyl segments

Okamoto H.; Katou K.; Ichino K., 1979:
Distribution of electric potential and ion transport in the hypocotyl of vigna sesquipedalis part 6 the dual structure of radial electrogenic activity

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Distribution of electrotonic synapses on identified lamprey neurons: a comparison of a model prediction with an electron microscopic analysis

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Distribution of elements in a tropical montane rain forest

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Distribution of elements in some iron and manganese nodules and an iron pan in some gley soils of new zealand

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Distribution of elements in the lily lilium longiflorum pollen tube tip determination with the oxford scanning proton microprobe

Dikeman E.; Bechtel D.B.; Pomeranz Y., 1981:
Distribution of elements in the rice kernel determined by x ray analysis and atomic absorption spectroscopy

Tyrrell J.G., 1985:
Distribution of elephants loxodonta africana in the tsavo region kenya during the late 19th century

Gibson, L.P., 1977:
Distribution of elm phloem necrosis in the usa

Yablonka-Reuveni, Z.; Fontaine, J.J.; Warner, A.H., 1983:
Distribution of elongation factor 2 between particulate and soluble fractions of the brine shrimp Artemia during early development

Vlasik T.N.; Idel'son G.L.; Ovchinnikov L.P., 1983:
Distribution of elongation factors ef 1 and ef 2 among the components of rabbit reticulocyte lysate ef 1 is retained in poly ribosomes due to its rna binding ability

Bourdage R.J.; Halbert S.A., 1988:
Distribution of embryos and 500 mum microspheres in the rabbit oviduct controls for acute motion analysis during transport

Shellis, R.P.; Hiiemae, K.M., 1986:
Distribution of enamel on the incisors of Old World monkeys

Warner, W.H.; Wilson, T.A., 1976:
Distribution of end points of a branching network with decaying branch length

Vasil'eva, G.L.; Smirnov, N.N., 1978:
Distribution of endemic baikal chydoridae cladocera in the irkutsk reservoir

Rathakrishnan N.C.; Chithra V., 1984:
Distribution of endemic orchids in karnataka kerala and tamil nadu india

Gunatilleke I.A.U.N.; Gunatilleke C.V.S., 1984:
Distribution of endemics in the tree flora of a lowland hill forest in sri lanka

Klyachko O.S.; Neifakh A.A., 1980:
Distribution of endogenous and injected lactate dehydrogenase between blastoderm and yolk in the loach misgurnus fossilis embryo

Rana B.S.; Srivastava R.P., 1984:
Distribution of endomycorrhiza in the rhizosphere of citrus cultivars

Rana B.S.; Srivastava R.P., 1984:
Distribution of endomycorrhizal spores in the rhizosphere of litchi chinensis as affected by fertilizer application

Gupta, P.K., 1978:
Distribution of endosulfan in plasma and brain after repeated oral administration to rats

Bohling T.; Paetau A.; Ekblom P.; Haltia M., 1983:
Distribution of endothelial and basement membrane markers in angiogenic tumors of the nervous system

Touflet, P., 1976:
Distribution of endromis versicolora endromididae

Leger L.; Charnay Y.; Dubois P.M.; Jouvet M., 1986:
Distribution of enkephalin immunoreactive cell bodies in relation to serotonin containing neurons in the raphe nuclei of the cat immunohistochemical evidence for the coexistence of enkephalins and serotonin in certain cells

Martinez Murillo R.; Blasco I.; Alvarez F.J.; Villalba R.; Solano M.L.; Montero Caballero M.I.; Rodrigo J., 1988:
Distribution of enkephalin immunoreactive nerve fibers and terminals in the region of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis of the rat a light and electron microscopic study

Zagon, I.S.; Rhodes, R.E.; McLaughlin, P.J., 1985:
Distribution of enkephalin immunoreactivity in germinative cells of developing rat cerebellum

Williams R.G.; Dockray G.J., 1983:
Distribution of enkephalin related peptides in rat brain immuno histochemical studies using anti sera to methionine enkephalin and methionine enkephalin 6 arginine 7 phenylalanine

Ronco, P.; Pollard, H.; Galceran, M.; Delauche, M.; Schwartz, J.C.; Verroust, P., 1988:
Distribution of enkephalinase (membrane metalloendopeptidase, E.C. in rat organs. Detection using a monoclonal antibody

Shen Miller J.; West C.W., 1985:
Distribution of ent kaurene synthetase in helianthus annuus and marah macrocarpus

Warburton, M.J.; Monaghan, P.; Ferns, S.A.; Rudland, P.S.; Perusinghe, N.; Chung, A.E., 1984:
Distribution of entactin in the basement membrane of the rat mammary gland. Evidence for a non-epithelial origin

Costa M.; Furness J.B.; Buffa R.; Said S.I., 1980:
Distribution of enteric nerve cell bodies and axons showing immuno reactivity for vasoactive intestinal poly peptide in the guinea pig intestine

Filip Z.; Seidel K.; Dizer H., 1983:
Distribution of enteric viruses and microorganisms in long term sewage treated soil

Ogawa H.; Tokuno H.; Sasaki M.; Kishimoto T., 1980:
Distribution of entero pathogenic escherichia coli in oyster farm areas relation of escherichia coli most probable number estimate to entero pathogenic escherichia coli contamination

Mori, M.; Kato, E.; Hamada, S., 1977:
Distribution of entero toxigenic staphylococci in healthy food handlers and biological properties of isolates

Mori, M.; Kato, E.; Hamada, S., 1977:
Distribution of entero toxigenic staphylococci in rats rattus norvegicus and biological properties of isolates

Chobanov R.E.; Salekhov A.A., 1979:
Distribution of enterobiasis among urban and rural populations of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Schaiberger G.E.; Edmond T.D.; Gerba C.P., 1982:
Distribution of enteroviruses in sediments contiguous with a deep marine sewage outfall

Kopecka D.; Pokorna V., 1979:
Distribution of enteroviruses other than polioviruses in the years 1974 1977 2

Fujita S.; Obara T.; Tanaka I.; Yamauchi C., 1981:
Distribution of environmental temperature and relative humidity according to the number of conditioned air changes in laboratory animal rooms

Sharma, S.K.; Baxi, A.J., 1978:
Distribution of enzyme groups in a sample from bombay india evidence for fast a acid phosphatase variant

Visser, M.P.; Krill, M.T.; Muijtjens, A.M.; Willems, G.M.; Hermens, W.T., 1981:
Distribution of enzymes in dog heart and liver; significance for assessment of tissue damage from data on plasma enzyme activities

Slack, C.R.; Hatch, M.D.; Goodchild, D.J., 1969:
Distribution of enzymes in mesophyll and parenchyma sheath chloroplasts of maize m leaves in relation to the 4 carbon di carboxylic acid pathway of photosynthesis

Cole, B.R.; Hays, A.E.; Boylan, J.G.; Burch, H.B.; Lowry, O.H., 1982:
Distribution of enzymes of adenylate and guanylate nucleotide metabolism in rat nephron

Ogura, R.; Koga, H.; Kinoshita, M.; Takashima, Y., 1978:
Distribution of enzymes of nucleic acid metabolism in cow snout epidermis

Ku, S.B.; Edwards, G.E.; Kanai, R., 1976:
Distribution of enzymes related to 3 carbon and 4 carbon pathway of photosynthesis between mesophyll and bundle sheath cells of panicum hians and panicum milioides

Sakai, T.; Yu, T.S.; Omata, S., 1976:
Distribution of enzymes related to cytidine degradation in bacteria

Berger S.J.; Devries G.W., 1982:
Distribution of enzymes which synthesize nad and nadp in monkey macaca fascicularis rabbit and ground squirrel retinas

Sapkarev, J.A., 1977:
Distribution of eophila dofleini an endemic earthworm oligochaeta lumbricidae from yugoslavia

Jackson J.L.; Bliss L.C., 1982:
Distribution of ephemeral herbaceous plants near treeline in the sierra nevada california usa

Nalepa T.F.; Quigley M.A., 1985:
Distribution of epibenthic microcrustaceans in nearshore lake michigan usa

Rey Lescure E., 1982:
Distribution of epicormic branches on boles of 25 species bordering clear cut strips

Chabot, J.G.; Walker, P.; Pelletier, G., 1986:
Distribution of epidermal growth factor binding sites in the adult rat adrenal gland by light microscope autoradiography

Chabot J G.; Walker P.; Pelletier G., 1986:
Distribution of epidermal growth factor binding sites in the adult rat anterior pituitary gland

Chabot, J.G.; Walker, P.; Pelletier, G., 1986:
Distribution of epidermal growth factor binding sites in the adult rat liver

Arita, N.; Ushio, Y.; Hayakawa, T.; Izumoto, S.; Huang, T.Y.; Yamamoto, H.; Bitoh, S.; Mogami, H., 1988:
Distribution of epidermal growth factor receptor in glioma

Green M.R.; Couchman J.R., 1984:
Distribution of epidermal growth factor receptors in rat tissues during embryonic skin development hair formation and the adult hair growth cycle

Chabot J G.; S.A.naud R.; Walker P.; Pelletier G., 1986:
Distribution of epidermal growth factor receptors in the rat ovary

Lawson D., 1984:
Distribution of epinemin in colloidal gold labeled quick frozen deep etched cytoskeletons

Baker J.H.; Orr D.R., 1986:
Distribution of epiphytic bacteria on freshwater plants

Orsomando, E., 1974:
Distribution of epipogium aphyllum new record in the apennines with 2 new stations in the abruzzo national park and in the laga mountains italy

Smeeton, N.C., 1986:
Distribution of episodes of mental illness in general practice: results from the Second National Morbidity Survey

Katz, S.; Merzel, J., 1977:
Distribution of epithelia and glands of the nasal septum mucosa in the rat

Ohta, H.; Nakazawa, S.; Segawa, K.; Yoshino, J., 1986:
Distribution of epithelial dysplasia in the cancerous esophagus

Gusterson B.A.; Lucas R.B.; Ormerod M.G., 1982:
Distribution of epithelial membrane antigen in benign and malignant lesions of the salivary glands

Morse A.R.; Curran G.J., 1985:
Distribution of epithelial membrane antigen in normal and abnormal endometrial tissue

Sloane J.P.; Ormerod M.G., 1981:
Distribution of epithelial membrane antigen in normal and neoplastic tissues and its value in diagnostic tumor pathology

Kornev N.R.; Velichko E.V., 1987:
Distribution of epitheliocytes by the number of candida albicans cells adhered to them and the evaluation of the intensity of adhesion by means of in vitro test

Liu Y.; E.A., 1983:
Distribution of epstein barr virus capsid antigen and early antigen antibody in the general population in the high incidence area of naso pharyngeal carcinoma

Truweller, C.A.; Zenkin, V.S., 1977:
Distribution of erythrocyte antigens in the herring clupea harengus harengus from the north atlantic part 1 detection of erythrocyte antigens

Truweller, C.A.; Zenkin, V.S., 1977:
Distribution of erythrocyte antigens in the herring clupea harengus harengus from the north atlantic part 2 differentiation of erythrocyte antigens by incidence

Okazaki, M.; Kon, K.; Maeda, N.; Shiga, T., 1988:
Distribution of erythrocyte in a model vessel exposed to inhomogeneous magnetic fields

Cohnen, G., 1976:
Distribution of erythrocyte receptors at the surface membrane of human thymus derived lymphocytes

Masters, J.C.; Dunn, D.S., 1988:
Distribution of erythrocytic allozymes in two sibling species of greater galago galago crassicaudatus e. geoffroy 1812 and galago garnettii ogilby 1838

Timoshenko, L.I.; Lavrovskaya, L.N., 1978:
Distribution of erythrocytic antigens and blood protein factors among the population of some geno geographic zones of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Arthur M.; Andremont A.; Courvalin P., 1987:
Distribution of erythromycin esterase and ribosomal rna methylase genes in members of the family enterobacteriaceae highly resistant to erythromycin

Pohl P.; Lintermans P.; Van Muylen K., 1984:
Distribution of escherichia coli with k 99 antigen and att 25 antigen in feces of calves with and without diarrhea in belgium

Akhtyamov M.G.; Kairakbaev M.K., 1983:
Distribution of esophageal cancer incidence in the plains and highlands of the kazakh ssr ussr

Ireland M.P., 1979:
Distribution of essential and toxic metals in the terrestrial gastropod arion ater

Kekelidze N.A.; Dzhanikashvili M.I.; Tatarishvili A.N., 1985:
Distribution of essential oil components in citrus unshiu x citrus sinensis hybrid leaves

Dagite, S.Yu, 1977:
Distribution of essential oil glands in peppermint leaves

Mangalakumari C.K.; Mathew A.G., 1986:
Distribution of essential oil in pepper berry piper nigrum

Scora, R.W.; Esen, A.; Kumamoto, J., 1976:
Distribution of essential oils in leaf tissue of an f 2 population of citrus

Takatani, O.; Kosano, H.; Okumoto, T.; Akamatsu, K.; Tamakuma, S.; Hiraide, H., 1987:
Distribution of estradiol and percentage of free testosterone in sera of Japanese women: preoperative breast cancer patients and normal controls

Bojar, H.; Dreyfuerst, R.; Maar, K.; Staib, W., 1977:
Distribution of estradiol receptor molecules in human kidney

Tilley W.D.; Horsfall D.J.; Mcgee M.A.; Henderson D.W.; Marshall V.R., 1985:
Distribution of estrogen and androgen receptors between the stroma and epithelium of the guinea pig prostate

Coradini, D.; Cappelletti, V.; Miodini, P.; Ronchi, E.; Scavone, G.; D.F.onzo, G., 1984:
Distribution of estrogen and progesterone receptors in primary tumor and lymph nodes in individual patients with breast cancer

Klinga, K.; Kaufmann, M.; Runnebaum, B.; Kubli, F., 1982:
Distribution of estrogen and progesterone receptors on primary tumor and lymph nodes in individual patients with breast cancer

Rhodes C.H.; Morrell J.I.; Pfaff D.W., 1981:
Distribution of estrogen concentrating neurophysin containing magno cellular neurons in the rat hypothalamus as demonstrated by a technique combining steroid auto radiography and immuno immunology in the same tissue

Affleck A.; Keeping H.S.; Newcombe A.M.; Jellinck P.H., 1981:
Distribution of estrogen induced peroxidase in the rat uterus

Pelletier G.; Liao N.; Follea N.; Govindan M.V., 1988:
Distribution of estrogen receptors in the rat pituitary as studied by in situ hybridization

Bergeron, C.; Ferenczy, A.; Shyamala, G., 1988:
Distribution of estrogen receptors in various cell types of normal, hyperplastic, and neoplastic human endometrial tissues

Hirai T., 1984:
Distribution of eta precipitinogen in mycobacteria

Liss R.H.; Letourneau R.J.; Schepis J.P., 1981:
Distribution of ethambutol in primate saimiri sciureus tissues and cells

Anderson R.A.; Peplinski A.J.; Storey C.L.; Bookwalter G.N.; Black L.T., 1985:
Distribution of ethylene dibromide residues in whole corn and milled corn products

Rocha C.E.F.D., 1983:
Distribution of euconchoecia chierchiae crustacea ostracoda off santos brazil

Thomas P.G.; Green K., 1988:
Distribution of euphausia crystallorophias within prydz bay antarctica and its importance to the inshore marine ecosystem

Kittel W.; Witek Z.; Czykieta H., 1985 :
Distribution of euphausia frigida euphausia crystallorophias euphausia triacantha and thysanoessa macrura in the southern part of drake passage and in the bransfield strait antarctica during the 1983 1984 austral summer biomass sibex

Wiebe, P.H.; D'abramo, L., 1972:
Distribution of euphausiid assemblages in the mediterranean sea

Shelton A.M.; Nyrop J.P.; Seaman A.; Foster R.E., 1986:
Distribution of european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae egg masses and larvae on sweet corn in new york usa

Kolosova, E.G.; Kokin, K.A.; Vishenskii, A.N., 1977:
Distribution of eury bathic zoo plankton groups in the white sea

Smith A.T.; Cary D.M., 1982:
Distribution of everglades mink mustela vison evergladensis new record

Ried, A.; Hessenberg, B.; Metzler, H.; Ziegler, R., 1977:
Distribution of excitation energy among photosystem i and photosystem ii in red algae part 1 action spectra of light reaction i and reaction ii

Ried, A.; Reinhardt, B., 1980:
Distribution of excitation energy between photosystem i and photosystem ii in red algae 3. quantum requirements of the induction of a state 2 state 1 transition

Ried, A.; Reinhardt, B., 1977:
Distribution of excitation energy between photosystem i and photosystem ii in red algae part 2 kinetics of the transition between state 1 and state 2

Madden, J.A.; Kalbfleisch, J.H.; Harder, D.R., 1987:
Distribution of excitatory junction potential amplitude in cat cerebral arteries: examination of its quantal nature and modulation by opiates

Daniel, E.E.; Sarna, S.K., 1976:
Distribution of excitatory vagal fibers in canine gastric wall to control motility

Heikkinen, E.R., 1977:
Distribution of exogenous cyclic amp in rabbits and cats

Fedorova-Yu, B.; Neklyudova, L.I., 1975:
Distribution of exogenous interferon in experimental animals after intra tracheal administration

Popovic M.; Toman L.; Mesaric M.; Ismaili M.; Xhaferi M., 1982:
Distribution of exogenous n paraffin and its incorporation into glycero lipids in the rat

Hartmann Andersen F.; Andersen P.K.; Olsen J.E.; Jakubaszko J., 1984:
Distribution of expiratory gas and rebreathing in a t piece modification combined with a positive end expiratory pressure valve

Madsen B.W.; Edeson R.O.; Milne R.K., 1985:
Distribution of exponentiality in miniature endplate current decay

Jasmin, L.; Courville, J., 1987:
Distribution of external cuneate nucleus afferents to the cerebellum: I. Notes on the projections from the main cuneate and other adjacent nuclei. An experimental study with radioactive tracers in the cat

Valant Vetschera K.M.; Wollenweber E., 1988:
Distribution of externally accumulated flavonoid aglycones within the achillea nobilis group

Mounier, F.; Foidart, J.M.; Gubler, M.C., 1986:
Distribution of extracellular matrix glycoproteins during normal development of human kidney. An immunohistochemical study

Mollenhauer, J.; Roether, I.; Kern, H.F., 1987:
Distribution of extracellular matrix proteins in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and its influence on tumor cell proliferation in vitro

Rutka J.T.; Myatt C.A.; Giblin J.R.; Davis R.L.; Rosenblum M.L., 1987:
Distribution of extracellular matrix proteins in primary human brain tumors an immunohistochemical analysis

Coronel, R.; Fiolet, J.W.; Wilms-Schopman, F.J.; Schaapherder, A.F.; Johnson, T.A.; Gettes, L.S.; Janse, M.J., 1988:
Distribution of extracellular potassium and its relation to electrophysiologic changes during acute myocardial ischemia in the isolated perfused porcine heart

Foda M.S.; E.D.n S.M.B., 1979:
Distribution of extracellular proteolytic activities among various yeasts

Mccalla D.R.; Kaiser Farrell C.; Kerr A.; Lockington J.N.; Gibson E.S., 1983:
Distribution of extractable mutagenic activity in steel foundry air particulates of different sizes

Lloyd, J.A., 1978:
Distribution of extractives in pinus radiata early wood and late wood

Friman L., 1981:
Distribution of extrahepatic uptake in liver diseases as recorded by scintigraphy

Salpeter M.M.; Marchaterre M.; Harris R., 1988:
Distribution of extrajunctional acetylcholine receptors on a vertebrate muscle evaluated by using a scanning electron microscope autoradiographic procedure

Jones, T.; Jones, H.A.; Rhodes, C.G.; Duckingham, P.D.; Hughes, J.M.B., 1976:
Distribution of extravascular fluid volumes in isolated perfused lungs measured with oxygen 15 labeled water

Egorova, L.A.; Loginova, L.G., 1975:
Distribution of extreme thermophilic nonsporeforming bacteria in hot springs of tadzhik ssr

Hultstrom D.; Tengvar C.; Forssen M.; Olsson Y., 1984:
Distribution of exudated fluorescein iso thio cyanate dextrans in experimental vasogenic brain edema produced by a focal cryogenic injury

Kawauchi S., 1980:
Distribution of factor viii related antigen in various human tissues and blood cells and origin of plasma factor viii related antigen in health and disease

Mirabelli, P., 1978:
Distribution of falconiformes in calabria

Thomson M.S.; All J.N., 1983:
Distribution of fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda egg masses on sweet corn zea mays

Geister I., 1980:
Distribution of fan tailed warbler cisticola juncidis on the slovenian coast yugoslavia and the problem of population increase and decrease

Morozova, N.P.; Sal'kova, E.G.; Krynkina, O.V., 1976:
Distribution of farnesene and products of its oxidation on the fruit surface

Klein, F.; Mandel, P., 1978:
Distribution of fatty acids from lipids of normal rat sciatic nerve

Chapelle S.; Pequeux A., 1982:
Distribution of fatty acids in gill phospho lipids of the chinese crab eriocheir sinensis

Ozutsumi K.; Ito K.; Kawanishi T., 1982:
Distribution of fatty acids in the longissimus muscle of holstein steers during the fattening period

Fox B.; James K.; Morgan B.; Seed A., 1982:
Distribution of fatty and fibrous plaques in young human coronary arteries

Christensson, B.; Biberfeld, P., 1978:
Distribution of fc and complement receptors in spleen sections part 1 comparison of various erythrocyte indicator systems

Wild, A.E., 1981:
Distribution of Fc gamma receptors on isolated gut enterocytes of the suckling rat

Babinchak, J.A.; Graikoski, J.T.; Dudley, S.; Nitkowski, M.F., 1977:
Distribution of fecal coliforms in bottom sediments from the new york bight

Pradeep R.; Lakshmanaperumalsamy P., 1986:
Distribution of fecal indicator bacteria in cochin backwater india

Taylor R.J., 1980:
Distribution of feeding activity of the eastern gray kangaroo macropus giganteus in coastal lowland of southeast queensland australia

Fabo J.; Repa J., 1982:
Distribution of feeds by stationary technique

Koshy, R.; Wong-Staal, F.; Gallo, R.C.; Hardy, W.; Essex, M., 1979:
Distribution of feline leukemia virus DNA sequences in tissues of normal and leukemic domestic cats

Schneider E.; Brune K., 1985:
Distribution of fentanyl in rats an autoradiographic study

Youson J.H.; Cheung R., 1987:
Distribution of ferric iron in juveniles of the lamprey petromyzon marinus l

Matsuno, T.; Mori, M.; Awai, M., 1985:
Distribution of ferritin and hemosiderin in the liver, spleen and bone marrow of normal, phlebotomized and iron overloaded rats

Zaehringer, J.; Baliga, B.S.; Drake, R.L.; Munro, H.N., 1977:
Distribution of ferritin messenger rna and albumin messenger rna between free and membrane bound rat liver polysomes

Bretscher, M.S.; Thomson, J.N., 1983:
Distribution of ferritin receptors and coated pits on giant HeLa cells

Rossiello, R.; Carriero, M.V.; Giordano, G.G., 1984:
Distribution of ferritin, transferrin and lactoferrin in breast carcinoma tissue

Bonvalet J.P.; D.R.uffignac C., 1981:
Distribution of ferro cyanide along the proximal tubular lumen of the rat kidney its implications on hydrodynamics

Vodyanitskii Y.N.; Bagin V.I., 1982:
Distribution of ferro magnetic minerals in granulometric fractions of soddy podzolic soils

Defelice L.J.; Dale B.; Talevi R., 1986:
Distribution of fertilization channels in ascidian oocyte membranes

Von Wieneke J.; Isermann K.; Schimansky C., 1983:
Distribution of fertilizer and soil derived phosphate in spring barley as a function of the phosphorus availability in the soil as the level and placement of phosphorus 32 phosphorus 33 labeled fertilizer

Winnicki, T., 1987:
Distribution of festuca silvatica new record poll. vill. in the eastern part of the polish carpathians

Hayman E.G.; Ruoslahti E., 1979:
Distribution of fetal bovine serum fibronectin and endogenous rat cell fibronectin in extracellular matrix

Pitlick, P.T.; Kirkpatrick, S.E.; Friedman, W.F., 1976:
Distribution of fetal cardiac output: importance of pacemaker location

Ebert L.; Freundl G.; Hofmann N., 1982:
Distribution of feulgen dna content in normal and pathological human spermatozoa

Henriksson Larsen K.; Friden J.; Wretling M L., 1985:
Distribution of fiber sizes in human skeletal muscle an enzyme histochemical study in tibialis anterior muscle

Vogel M.; Landmesser L., 1987:
Distribution of fiber types in embryonic chick limb muscles innervated by foreign motoneurons

Hansen S.; Cutts J.H.; Krause W.J.; Cutts J.H.IIi, 1987:
Distribution of fiber types in thirty seven muscles of didelphis virginiana

Fishbein M.C.; Kulber D.; Stancl M.; Edwalds G., 1986:
Distribution of fibrinogen and albumin in normal ischemic and necrotic myocardium during the evolution of myocardial infarction an immunohistochemical study

Logan A.; Logan S.D., 1986:
Distribution of fibroblast growth factor in the central and peripheral nervous systems of various mammals

Wartiovaara, J.; Linder, E.; Ruoslahti, E.; Vaheri, A., 1974:
Distribution of fibroblast surface antigen: association with fibrillar structures of normal cells and loss upon viral transformation

Silver M.H.; Foidart J M.; Pratt R.M., 1981:
Distribution of fibronectin and collagen during mouse limb and palate development

Nelson D.L.; Little C.D.; Balian G., 1983 :
Distribution of fibronectin and laminin in basal cell epitheliomas

Szendroi M.; Lapis K., 1985:
Distribution of fibronectin and laminin in human liver tumors

Reilly, J.T.; Nash, J.R.; Mackie, M.J.; McVerry, B.A., 1985:
Distribution of fibronectin and laminin in normal and pathological lymphoid tissue

Meyer J.R.; Silverman S.Jr; Daniels T.E.; Kramer R.H.; Greenspan J.S., 1985:
Distribution of fibronectin and laminin in oral leukoplakia and carcinoma

Clavel, C.; Gaillard, D.; Lallemand, A.; Birembaut, P., 1988:
Distribution of fibronectin and laminin in the development of the human myenteric plexus and in hirschsprung's disease

Isemura, M.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Munakata, H.; Kurosawa, K.; Furuyama, T.; Yoshinaga, K.; Masuda, T.; Nagai, H.; Motomiya, M.; Yosizawa, Z., 1985:
Distribution of fibronectin and other connective tissue components in human placenta

Icardo J.M., 1985:
Distribution of fibronectin during the morphogenesis of the truncus

Grinnell F.; Billingham R.E.; Burgess L., 1981:
Distribution of fibronectin during wound healing in vivo

Kojima, N.; Isemura, M.; Yosizawa, Z.; Ono, T.; Shinada, S.; Soga, K.; Aoyagi, Y.; Ichida, F., 1981:
Distribution of fibronectin in fibrotic human livers at various states

Tervo T.; Sulonen J.; Valtonen S.; Vannas A.; Virtanen I., 1986:
Distribution of fibronectin in human and rabbit corneas

Dixon, A.J.; Burns, J.; Dunnill, M.S.; McGee, J.O., 1980:
Distribution of fibronectin in normal and diseased human kidneys

Gulati, A.K.; Reddi, A.H.; Zalewski, A.A., 1982:
Distribution of fibronectin in normal and regenerating skeletal muscle

Birembaut P.; Gaillard D.; Arnaudies J.; Adnet J.J.; Labat Robert J.; Robert L., 1980:
Distribution of fibronectin in normal human tissues

Matsuda M.; Yamanaka T.; Matsuda A., 1982:
Distribution of fibronectin in plasma and liver in liver diseases

Duband J.L.; Thiery J.P., 1982:
Distribution of fibronectin in the early phase of avian cephalic neural crest cell migration

Scott D.L.; Delamere J.P.; Walton K.W., 1981:
Distribution of fibronectin in the pannus in rheumatoid arthritis

Scott, D.L.; Morris, C.J.; Blake, A.E.; Low-Beer, T.S.; Walton, K.W., 1981:
Distribution of fibronectin in the rectal mucosa

Sternberg, J.; Kimber, S.J., 1986:
Distribution of fibronectin, laminin and entactin in the environment of migrating neural crest cells in early mouse embryos

Iwata, A.; Iwata, M.; Nakano, E., 1986:
Distribution of fibronectin, microtubules and microfilaments in the melanophore of the medaka, Oryzias latipes

Grinnell F.; Feld M.K., 1981:
Distribution of fibronectin on peripheral blood cells in freshly clotted blood

Fujimoto, T.; Yoshinaga, K.; Kono, I., 1985:
Distribution of fibronectin on the migratory pathway of primordial germ cells in mice

Vasil'ev Y.M.; Lyubimov A.V., 1983:
Distribution of fibronectin on the surface of single fibroblasts a possible mechanism of the fibronectin structures assembling

Nakanishi I.; Masuda S.; Kitamura T.; Moriizumi T.; Kajikawa K., 1981:
Distribution of fibrous long spacing fibers in normal pathological lymph nodes

Shiroya Y.; Sakai Y.T., 1988:
Distribution of filipin sterol complexes in japanese abalone sperm during the acrosome reaction

Orci, L.; Brown, D., 1983:
Distribution of filipin sterol complexes in plasma membranes of the kidney 2. the thin limbs of henles loop

Allt G.; Blanchard C.E.; Sikri K., 1987:
Distribution of filipin sterol complexes in the unmyelinated nerve fiber

Francke O.F.; Cokendolpher J.C.; Horton A.H.; Phillips S.A.Jr; Potts L.R., 1983:
Distribution of fire ants in texas usa

Brabrand A., 1983:
Distribution of fish and food of roach rutilus rutilus bleak alburnus alburnus bream abramis brama and ruffe acerina cernua in lake vansjo southeast norway

Cross J.N., 1985:
Distribution of fish in the virgin river a tributary of the lower colorado river usa

Kim J.M.; Yoo J.M.; Huh H.T.; Cha S.S., 1985 :
Distribution of fish larvae in the ulsan bay south korea and its adjacent waters

Amin, O.M., 1977:
Distribution of fish parasites from 2 southeast wisconsin usa streams

Inoue Y.; Arimoto T., 1985:
Distribution of fish schools relevant to set net fisheries in sagami bay japan

Junk W.J.; Soares G.M.; Carvalho F.M., 1983:
Distribution of fish species in a lake of the amazon river floodplain near manaus lago camaleao brazil with special reference to extreme oxygen conditions

Stoner A.W., 1984:
Distribution of fishes in seagrass meadows role of macrophyte biomass and species composition

Leidy R.A., 1983:
Distribution of fishes in streams of the walnut creek basin california usa

Cowley D.E.; Sublette J.E., 1987:
Distribution of fishes in the black river drainage eddy county new mexico usa

Whitfield A.K., 1980:
Distribution of fishes in the mhlanga estuary south africa in relation to food resources

Mcada C.W.; Berry C.R.Jr; Phillips C.E., 1980:
Distribution of fishes in the san rafael river system of the upper colorado usa river basin

Lanigan S.H.; Berry C.R.Jr, 1981:
Distribution of fishes in the white river utah usa

Walker S.R., 1980:
Distribution of fishes in thirty two mile creek nebraska usa

Amanov, A.A., 1975:
Distribution of fishes in tributaries of the amu darya river tadzhik ssr ussr

Misaelides P.; Sikalidis C.; Tsitouridou R.; Alexiades C., 1987:
Distribution of fission products in dust samples from the region of thessaloniki greece after the chernobyl ussr nuclear accident

Sah S.C.; Pasricha N.S., 1984:
Distribution of fixed ammonium in relation to soil characteristics in some soils of punjab india

Solansky S.; Heyland K.U., 1978:
Distribution of flag leaf assimilates in a wheat mono culture

Feucht W.; Schmid P.P.S.; Christ E., 1986:
Distribution of flavanols in meristematic and mature tissues of prunus avium shoots

Tronchet, J., 1976:
Distribution of flavonoid glycosides in the lower cauline limbs and corollas of antirrhinum majus

Tronchet, J., 1975:
Distribution of flavonoid pigments in variegated leaf blades of coleus blumei variety color pride lamiaceae

Dennis W.M.; Bierner M.W., 1980:
Distribution of flavonoids and their systematic significance in clematis subsection viornae

A.W.keel S.A.M.; E.G.rf I.; Saleh N.A.M., 1988:
Distribution of flavonoids in fagonia thebaica complex

Tissut M.; Ravanel P., 1980:
Distribution of flavonols in the thickness of leaves of some vascular plants

Zagniborodova E.N.; Starozhitskaya G.S.; Kusova Z.L., 1982:
Distribution of fleas of the genus xenopsylla with respect to different elements of the micro biotope of the great gerbil in the southern turkmen ssr ussr

Cassani, J.R.; Bland, R.G., 1978:
Distribution of flood water mosquito eggs in a partially wooded central michigan usa lowland

Barnes, W.J., 1978:
Distribution of floodplain herbs as influenced by annual flood elevation

Suggars A.L.; Apperson C.S.; Solomon D.L.; Bloomfield P., 1986:
Distribution of floodwater mosquito eggs and an analysis of their association with edaphic parameters of a floodwater mosquito breeding area in duplin county north carolina usa

Kautsky H.; Kautsky U.; Nellbring S., 1988:
Distribution of flora and fauna in an area receiving pulp mill effluents in the baltic sea

Lehman P.S.; Dunn R.A., 1987:
Distribution of florida usa populations of the soybean cyst nematode with previously undescribed genetic variation

Olson K.R., 1984:
Distribution of flow and plasma skimming in isolated perfused gills of 3 teleosts

Gascho G.J., 1984:
Distribution of fluid fertilizer applied by center pivot sprinkler systems

Takashima Y.; Tanaka S.; Yoshizawa H., 1983:
Distribution of fluocinolone acetonide in oil in water creams and its release from the creams

Wulf E.; Bautz F.A.; Faulstich H.; Wieland T., 1980:
Distribution of fluorescent alpha amanitin during mitosis in cultured rat kangaroo ptk 1 cells

Merrill D.P.; Mongeon S.A.; Fisher S., 1979:
Distribution of fluorescent latex particles following clearance from the hemolymph of the fresh water crayfish orconectes virilis

Sorokina, T.A.; Mishustin, E.N., 1978:
Distribution of fluorescent pseudomonas bacteria in soils and in the root zone of plants

Zeigler R.S.; Aricapa G.; Hoyos E., 1987:
Distribution of fluorescent pseudomonas spp causing grain and sheath discoloration of rice in latin america

Wehland J.; Weber K., 1980:
Distribution of fluorescently labeled actin and tropo myosin after micro injection in living tissue culture cells as observed with television image intensification

Wang Y L.; Taylor D.L., 1979:
Distribution of fluorescently labeled actin in living sea urchin eggs during early development

Hamaguchi Y.; Toriyama M.; Sakai H.; Hiramoto Y., 1985:
Distribution of fluorescently labeled tubulin injected into sand dollar clypeaster japonicus eggs from fertilization through cleavage

Nakagaki H.; Koyama Y.; Sakakibara Y.; Weatherell J.; Robinson C., 1987:
Distribution of fluoride across human dental enamel dentin and cementum

Silverman D.M.; Taves D.R., 1981:
Distribution of fluoride and calcium in the liver of the carbon tetra chloride poisoned rat

Narita N.; Kato K.; Nakagaki H.; Sakakibara Y.; Kameyama Y., 1988:
Distribution of fluoride concentration in the thigh bone of the rat

Weatherell, J.A.; Robinson, C.; Schaper, R.; Künzel, W., 1983:
Distribution of fluoride in clinically sound enamel surfaces of permanent upper incisors

Macfadyen E.E.; Hilditch T.E.; Stephen K.W.; Horton P.W.; Campbell J.R., 1979:
Distribution of fluoride in gingival fluid and dental plaque of dogs

Nakagaki H.; Weatherell J.A.; Strong M.; Robinson C., 1985:
Distribution of fluoride in human cementum

IIjima Y.; Tazawa M.; Katayama T.; Takaesu Y.; Miyazawa M., 1980:
Distribution of fluoride in human enamel surfaces 3

Garrec, J.P.; Vavasseur, A., 1978:
Distribution of fluoride in polluted populus nigra detection of fluoride accumulation in roots

Kisman S.; Charlot C.; Brun S.; Cabanis J.C., 1983:
Distribution of fluoride in raphanus sativus

Garrec J.P.; Plebin R., 1986:
Distribution of fluoride in various dairy products obtained from contaminated milk

Kronberger, W.; Halbwachs, G., 1978:
Distribution of fluoride in zea mays grown near an aluminum plant

Danguy A.; Lenglet G.; Kiss R.Jr; D.L.unoit Y.; M.L.; Kiss R.Sr, 1987:
Distribution of fluorochrome coupled lectins in the gastrointestinal tract of african bats

Ridge, J.A.; Sigurdson, E.R.; Daly, J.M., 1987:
Distribution of fluorodeoxyuridine uptake in the liver and colorectal hepatic metastases of human beings after arterial infusion

Sluss, T.K.; Gruenberg, E.M.; Rabins, P.; Kramer, M., 1982:
Distribution of focal signs in a group of demented men

Schmid J.M.; Morton M.B., 1981:
Distribution of foliage on open grown white fir abies concolor and douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii in northern new mexico usa

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