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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5180

Chapter 5180 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kaupp H.; Giebel W., 1980:
Distribution of marked perilymph to the subarachnoidal space

Matsukura N.; Suzuki K.; Kawachi T.; Aoyagi M.; Sugimura T.; Kitaoka H.; Numajiri H.; Shirota A.; Itabashi M.; Hirota T., 1980:
Distribution of marker enzymes and mucin in intestinal metaplasia in human stomach and relation of complete and incomplete types of intestinal metaplasia to minute gastric carcinomas

Krystufek B., 1984:
Distribution of martens genus martes carnivora mammalia in slovenia yugoslavia

Steven A.C.; Hainfeld J.F.; Trus B.L.; Wall J.S.; Steinert P.M., 1983:
Distribution of mass in hetero polymer intermediate filaments assembled in vitro stem analysis of vimentin desmin and bovine epidermal keratin

Y.L.C.; Steven A.C.; Naylor G.R.S.; Gamble R.C.; Podolsky R.J., 1985:
Distribution of mass in relaxed frog rana pipiens skeletal muscle and its redistribution on activation

Knight P.J.; Erickson M.A.; Rodgers M.E.; Beer M.; Wiggins J.W., 1986:
Distribution of mass within native thick filaments of vertebrate skeletal muscle

Kitamura Y.; Shimada M.; G.S.; Matsuda H.; Hatanaka K.; Seki M., 1979:
Distribution of mast cell precursors in hematopoietic and lymphopoietic tissues of mice

Newman, J.H.; Voelkel, N.F.; Arroyave, C.M.; Reeves, J.T., 1980:
Distribution of mast cells and histamine in canine pulmonary arteries

Cowen T.; Trigg P.; Eady R.A.J., 1979:
Distribution of mast cells in human dermis development of a mapping technique

Fritz, P.; Müller, J.; Reiser, H.; Saal, J.G.; Hadam, M.; Rautenstrauch, H.; Tuczek, H.V.; Mischlinski, A., 1984:
Distribution of mast cells in human synovial tissue of patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Mahapatro R.C.; Bowers H.M.Jr, 1979:
Distribution of mast cells in the axillary lymph nodes of breast cancer patients

Usmanov I.Yu; Martynova A.V., 1987:
Distribution of material energy resources in the roots of plants with various types of adaptive strategies

Power, G.G.; Dale, P.S.; Nelson, P.S., 1981:
Distribution of maternal and fetal blood flow within cotyledons of the sheep placenta

Hironaga, M.; Tanaka, S.; Watanabe, S., 1982:
Distribution of mating types among clinical isolates of the Microsporum gypseum complex

Kishimoto, T.; Kubota, J.; Kanatani, H., 1977:
Distribution of maturation promoting factor in starfish oocyte stratified by centrifugation

Bagger, H., 1978:
Distribution of maximum coronary blood flow in the left ventricular wall of anesthetized dogs

Savolainen E.; Saaristo M.L., 1981:
Distribution of mayflies ephemeroptera in the biological province of kuusamo finland

Peterson R.H.; Gordon D.J.; Johnston D.J., 1985:
Distribution of mayfly nymphs insecta ephemeroptera in some streams of eastern canada as related to stream ph

Rohwer, S.A., 1972:
Distribution of meadowlarks in the central and southern great plains and the desert grasslands of eastern new mexico and west texas usa

Esiri M.M.; Oppenheimer D.R.; Brownell B.; Haire M., 1982:
Distribution of measles antigen and immuno globulin containing cells in the central nervous system in subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis and atypical measles encephalitis

Kimura T.; Amtmann E., 1984:
Distribution of mechanical robustness in the human femoral shaft

Ogura A.; Machemer H., 1980:
Distribution of mechano receptor channels in the paramecium caudatum surface membrane

Stepniewska, I.; Kosmal, A., 1986:
Distribution of mediodorsal thalamic nucleus afferents originating in the prefrontal association cortex of the dog

Ezure K.; Manabe M.; Yamada H., 1988:
Distribution of medullary respiratory neurons in the rat

Marcinkiewicz, T., 1976:
Distribution of mega spore assemblages in middle buntsandstein of poland

Gal'tsova V.V.; Platonova T.A., 1980:
Distribution of meio fauna on the muddy sand beach of dalnezelenetskaya bay barents sea russian sfsr ussr

Ishii T.; Inoue K.; Takayama M.; Ito S., 1986:
Distribution of melanocytes and chemical analysis of melanin in labyrinth

Osipov V.V.; Vakhrusheva M.P., 1982:
Distribution of melanocytes in the dorsal coat of mouse chimeras

Goldgeier M.H.; Klein L.E.; Klein Angerer S.; Moellmann G.; Nordlund J.J., 1984:
Distribution of melanocytes in the lepto meninges of the human brain

Howell, W.L.; Rapp, L.M.; Williams, T.P., 1982:
Distribution of melanosomes across the retinal pigment epithelium of a hooded rat: implications for light damage

Beam C.A.; Himes M., 1982:
Distribution of members of the crypthecodinium cohnii dinophyceae species complex

Ohara T.; Sato H., 1986:
Distribution of membrane associated calcium in fertilized sea urchin eggs during mitosis

Conneely, O.M.; Greene, J.M.; Headon, D.R.; Hsiao, J.; Ungar, F., 1983:
Distribution of membrane cholesterol of adrenal cortical cells after corticotropin stimulation

Seya, T.; Ballard, L.L.; Bora, N.S.; Kumar, V.; Cui, W.; Atkinson, J.P., 1988:
Distribution of membrane cofactor protein of complement on human peripheral blood cells. An altered form is found on granulocytes

Ambron, R.T.; Sherbany, A.A.; Schwartz, J.H., 1981:
Distribution of membrane glyco proteins among the organelles of a single identified neuron of aplysia 2. isolation and characterization of glyco protein associated with vesicles

Ambron, R.T.; Sherbany, A.A.; Shkolnik, L.J.; Schwartz, J.H., 1981:
Distribution of membrane glyco proteins among the organelles of single identified neuron of aplysia californica 1. association of a tritium labeled glyco protein with vesicles

Magargal, W.W.; Dickinson, E.S.; Slakey, L.L., 1978:
Distribution of membrane marker enzymes in cultured arterial endothelial and smooth muscle cells the sub cellular location of oleoyl coenzyme a 1 acyl sn glycero 3 phospho choline acyl transferase ec

Pinto-Da-Silva, P.; Martinez-Palomo, A., 1975:
Distribution of membrane particles and gap junctions in normal and transformed 3t3 cells studied in situ in suspension and treated with concanavalin a

Richter, R.; Jakob, W., 1982:
Distribution of membrane potential of aortic media cells and fibroblasts in culture

Spencer, M.; Detwiler, P.B.; Bunt-Milam, A.H., 1988:
Distribution of membrane proteins in mechanically dissociated retinal rods

Gundersen, H.J.G.; Jensen, T.B.; Osterby, R., 1978:
Distribution of membrane thickness determined by lineal analysis

Toots, H., 1975:
Distribution of meniscate burrows in nonmarine tertiary sediments of western usa

Craig S.S.; Reckelhoff J.F.; Bond J.S., 1987:
Distribution of meprin in kidneys from mice with high meprin and low meprin activity

King, R.B.; Robkin, M.A.; Shepard, T.H., 1976:
Distribution of mercury 203 in pregnant and fetal rats

Magat W.; Sell J.L., 1979:
Distribution of mercury and selenium in egg components and egg white proteins

Itano K.; Saski K.; Akehashi H., 1982 :
Distribution of mercury and selenium in fish myo fibrils selenium and mercury in marine organisms 3

Mathis, B.J.; Kevern, N.R., 1975:
Distribution of mercury cadmium lead and thallium in a eutrophic lake

Hakonson, T.E.; White, G.C.; Gladney, E.S.; Dreicer, M., 1980:
Distribution of mercury cesium 137 and plutonium in an intermittent stream at los alamos new mexico usa

Yoshida M.; Yamamura Y.; Satoh H., 1986:
Distribution of mercury in guinea pig offspring after in utero exposure to mercury vapor during late gestation

Mehra M.; Choi B.H., 1981:
Distribution of mercury in sub cellular fractions of brain liver and kidney after repeated oral administration of mercury 203 labeled methyl mercuric chloride in mice

Rapin, F.; Fernex, F.; Favarger, P.Y.; Vernet, J.P.; Van-Dievoet, E., 1979:
Distribution of mercury in superficial marine sediments of the continental plateau of the cote d'azur french mediterranean

Law A.T.; Singh A., 1987:
Distribution of mercury in the kelang malaysia estuary

Huckabee J.W.; Diaz F.S.; Janzen S.A.; Solomon J., 1983:
Distribution of mercury in vegetation at almaden spain

Sato M.; Sato Y.; Tsuchiya Y., 1982:
Distribution of meso alpha imino di propionic acid and d alpha iminopropio acetic acid in a variety of aquatic organisms

Saunders J.F.IIi; D.I.fante A., 1981:
Distribution of mesocyclops leuckarti new record copepoda cyclopidae in south america

Bekker V.E.; Evseenko S.A., 1986:
Distribution of mesopelagic fish and biogeographic boundaries in the southern pacific in january february 1985

Infante A.A.; Heilmann L.J., 1981:
Distribution of messenger rna in polysomes and nonpolysomal particles of sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus embryos translation control of actin synthesis

Princen H.M.G.; Selten G.C.M.; Selten Versteegen A M.E.; Mol Backx G.P.B.M.; Nieuwenhuizen W.; Yap S.H., 1982:
Distribution of messenger rna of fibrinogen poly peptides and albumin in free and membrane bound poly ribosomes and induction of alpha feto protein messenger rna synthesis during liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy

Riol Cimas J.M.; Melendez Hevia E., 1986:
Distribution of metabolic fluxes towards glycerol phosphate and l lactate from fructose 1 6 bisphosphate in vitro effect of glycerol phosphate dehydrogenase

Okada, S.; Tamemasa, O., 1978:
Distribution of metabolism of di n butyl phthalate in mice and its interaction with nucleic acids and proteins

Siess, E.A.; Brocks, D.G.; Wieland, O.H., 1978:
Distribution of metabolites between the cytosolic and mitochondrial compartments of hepatocytes isolated from fed rats

Irwin S.W.B.; Irwin B.C., 1980:
Distribution of metacercariae of maritrema arenaria digenea microphallidae in the barnacle balanus balanoides at 3 sites on the east coast of northern ireland uk

Sato S.; Tanbara K., 1980:
Distribution of metal composition of poly saccharide in the fronds of tangle laminaria japonica

Rajan, K.S.; Colburn, R.W.; Davis, J.M., 1976:
Distribution of metal ions in the sub cellular fractions of several rat brain areas

Wilber W.G.; Hunter J.V., 1979:
Distribution of metals in street sweepings storm water solids and urban aquatic sediments

Ireland M.P., 1979:
Distribution of metals in the digestive gland gonad complex of the marine gastropod nucella lapillus

Srivastava V.K.; Sengupta S.; Kumar R.; Misra U.K., 1984:
Distribution of metals on inhaled fly ash in various organs of rats at various periods after exposure

Anton, A.H.; Berk, A.I., 1977:
Distribution of metaraminol and its relation to norepinephrine

Schulz W.; Hort W., 1981:
Distribution of metastases in the liver a quantitative post mortem study

Pousa S.L.; Ferrer I., 1979:
Distribution of metastasis of lung carcinoma in the brain

Lang D.M.; Hopp R.J.; Bewtra A.K.; Nair N.M.; Watt G.D.; Townley R.G., 1987:
Distribution of methacholine inhalation challenge responses in a selected adult population

Knipfel J.E.; Elliot J.I.; Willes R.F., 1986:
Distribution of methionine and its metabolites in the pregnant ewe and fetus following intravenous or abomasal injection of sulfur 35 methionine into the ewe

Duka, T.; Hoellt, V.; Przewlocki, R.; Wesche, D., 1978:
Distribution of methionine and leucine enkephalin within the rat pituitary gland measured by highly specific radio immunoassays

Tang J.; Yang H Y.T.; Costa E., 1982:
Distribution of methionine enkephalin 6 arginine 7 phenyl alanine in various tissues of rats and guinea pigs

Conrath M.; Covenas R.; Romo R.; Cheramy A.; Bourgion S.; Hamon M., 1986:
Distribution of methionine enkephalin immunoreactive fibers in the thalamus of the cat

Slørdal, L.; Aarbakke, J., 1987:
Distribution of methotrexate in human blood in vitro: independence of temperature, pH and drug concentration

A.Naji L.K., 1980:
Distribution of methyl phoxim residues on iraqi hard wheat milling fractions and in bread during storage

Roy D.N.; Purdy J.R.; Ayyamperumal P., 1980:
Distribution of methylbenzimidazol 2 yl carbamate phosphate in elm ulmus americana effects of chemical properties and formulation variables

Kozaki A.; Watanabe J., 1979:
Distribution of methylene blue and chlordiazepoxide in rabbits

Sano K I.; Shimojo N.; Suzuki M.; Yamaguchi S., 1987:
Distribution of methylmercury and alteration of biogenic monoamines in various brain regions of rats given methylmercury

Magdon E.; Schroeder E., 1984:
Distribution of metronidazole and isometronidazole in brain and tumor tissue in mice

Narikawa, S., 1986:
Distribution of metronidazole susceptibility factors in obligate anaerobes

Srivastava S.C.; Udar R., 1979:
Distribution of metzgeriales in india

Takeuchi M.; Ohshima Y.; Fujimaki Y., 1987:
Distribution of mice and voles in central and northern parts of the hidaka mountains hokkaido japan

Vtorov P.P.; Martynova E.F., 1981:
Distribution of micro arthropods under the schrenk spruce picea eschrenkiana at different altitudes in the issyk kul basin kirgiz ssr ussr

May J.A.; Macintyre I.G.; Perkins R.D., 1982:
Distribution of micro borers within planted substrates along a barrier reef transect carrie bow cay belize

Borowiec, J.; Magierski, J.; Turski, R., 1977:
Distribution of micro elements and macro elements in individual mechanical fractions of soils formed from various parent materials part 2 titanium

Lindsey, B.I.; Pugh, G.J.F., 1976:
Distribution of micro fungi over the surfaces of attached leaves of hippophae rhamnoides

Kyrki, J., 1979:
Distribution of micro lepidoptera in finland 2. additions to the fauna of the bio geographical provinces lepidoptera micropterigidae pterophoridae

Kyrki, J., 1978:
Distribution of micro lepidoptera in finland part 1 fauna of the bio geographical provinces

Joshi D.C.; Dhir R.P., 1983:
Distribution of micro nutrient forms along a dune landscape

Khetawat, G.K.; Vashishtha, K.S., 1977:
Distribution of micro nutrients and their relationship with some soil properties in the vineyards of rajasthan india

Taniguchi, A., 1977:
Distribution of micro zoo plankton in the philippine sea and the celebes sea in summer 1972

Peele E.R.; Murray R.E.; Hanson R.B.; Pomeroy L.R.; Hodson R.E., 1985:
Distribution of microbial biomass and secondary production in a warm core gulf stream ring

Harcourt D.G.; Ellis C.R.; Guppy J.C., 1979:
Distribution of microctonus aethiopoides a parasitoid of the alfalfa weevil hypera postica coleoptera curculionidae in ontario canada

Nimara A.; Dragan I.; Iovi A.; Urdea V.; Martony L.; Princz E.; Mateescu C.; Francu N., 1987:
Distribution of microelements in soils treated with microelement containing fertilizers

Babitskii V.A., 1987:
Distribution of microfauna in the sediments of a mesotrophic lake

Kawabata M.; Hashiguchi Y.; Zea F.G.F.; Yamada H.; Aoki Y.; Tada I.; Recinos C.M.M.; Flores C.O., 1980:
Distribution of microfilariae in the skin of guatemalan onchocerciasis patients an evaluation of diagnostic potentials

Wankhade S.G.; Dutta B., 1984:
Distribution of micronutrients in some lateritic soils from west bengal india and their relationship with soil characteristics

Ito H.; Kume T.; Takehisa M.; IIzuka H., 1981:
Distribution of microorganisms in animal feeds and their disinfection by radiation

Gohara S.; Tannaka J I.; Haruki R.; Nomura Y.; Terada A.; Uchida K., 1986:
Distribution of microorganisms in commercial frozen foods

Sakhvadze, L.I.; Gvilava, M.S. ; Kerkadze, N.D., 1978:
Distribution of microorganisms in different ores and enrichment products of the chiatura deposits

Borneff, J.; Hassinger, R.; Wittig, J.; Edenharder, R., 1988:
Distribution of microorganisms in household kitchens i. communication problems experiments results

Borneff, J.; Hassinger, R.; Wittig, J.; Edenharder, R., 1988:
Distribution of microorganisms in household kitchens ii. communication critical evaluation of the results and conclusions

Ito H.; Ishigaki I., 1986:
Distribution of microorganisms in medical devices and their inactivation effects by gamma irradiation

Juri M.L.; Ito H.; Watanabe H.; Tamura N., 1986:
Distribution of microorganisms in spices and their decontamination by gamma irradiation

Selyavko A.V.; Lambina V.A., 1985:
Distribution of microorganisms lysing pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus in the system of residential sewage waters

Verkhozina V.A.; Semenchenko G.V., 1982:
Distribution of microorganisms of nitrogen cycle in the water column of lake baikal and aral sea ussr

Enikova, R.; Kozareva, M., 1976:
Distribution of microorganisms of the tribe proteae among public health care workers

Kanazawa, S.; Filip, Z., 1986:
Distribution of microorganisms, total biomass, and enzyme activities in different particles of brown soil

Kanatchinova M.K.; Kasymbekov B.K.; Koval' L.I., 1981:
Distribution of microscopic fungi mine micro flora in dzhezkazgan kazakh ssr ussr and their characteristics

Gamber, J.H.; Clark, D.L., 1978 :
Distribution of microscopic mollusks echinoderms and sponges in the central arctic ocean

Sabourin, P.J.; Tynes, R.E.; Philpot, R.M.; Winquist, S.; Dahl, A.R., 1988:
Distribution of microsomal monooxygenases in the rabbit respiratory tract

Ong, T.C.; Hayes, D.A.; Armstrong, R.B., 1988:
Distribution of microspheres in plantaris muscles of resting and exercising rats as a function of fiber type

Vacek, L.; Máchová, L., 1984:
Distribution of microspheres in the brain of hypertensive rats

Haukaas, S.; Svanes, K.; Skarstein, A., 1978:
Distribution of microspheres with different diameters in the small bowel wall of the cat

Kurihara H.; Uchida K., 1987:
Distribution of microtubules and microfilaments in exocrine ventral prostatic epithelial cells and pancreatic exocrine cells and endocrine cells cells of the adenohypophysis and islets of langerhans the relationship between cytoskeletons and epithelial cell polarity

Jessus, C.; Huchon, D.; Ozon, R., 1986:
Distribution of microtubules during the breakdown of the nuclear envelope of the Xenopus oocyte: an immunocytochemical study

Rime, H.; Jessus, C.; Ozon, R., 1987:
Distribution of microtubules during the first meiotic cell division in the mouse oocyte: effect of taxol

Motoori, H.; Sakisaka, S.; Ueda, H.; Yamauchi, K.; Abe, H.; Tanikawa, K., 1984:
Distribution of microtubules in cultured hepatocytes from rats, demonstrated by immunofluorescence microscopy

Moshkovitz, S.; Ehrlich, A., 1976:
Distribution of middle and upper jurassic calcareous nanno fossils in the northeastern negev israel and in gebel magahara northern sinai

Matthews W.J., 1985:
Distribution of midwestern fishes on multivariate environmental gradients with emphasis on notropis lutrensis

Holmes, D.G.; Duersch, J.W.; Ernstrom, C.A., 1977:
Distribution of milk clotting enzymes between curd and whey and their survival during cheddar cheesemaking

Hood, R.L., 1981:
Distribution of milk fat globules in cow's milk high in linoleic acid

Mazzolini A.P.; Anderson C.A.; Ladiges P.Y.; Legge G.J.F., 1982:
Distribution of mineral elements in green and chlorotic leaf tissue of eucalyptus obliqua determined with a scanning proton micro probe

Koren'kov D.A.; Rudelev E.V., 1988:
Distribution of mineral nitrogen and fertilizers in the soil plant system

Setia N.; Malik C.P., 1985:
Distribution of mineral nutrients in developing fruits of chick pea cicer arietinum

Bogatov, V.N.; Denisov-Nikol'skii-Yu, I., 1977:
Distribution of mineral salts in structures of compact substance in human bone

Selyatitskaya, V.G.; Mertvetsov, N.P.; Shul'ga, V.A.; Kolpakov, M.G.; Salganik, R.I., 1976:
Distribution of mineralo corticoid receptors in kidney cells of rats under conditions of different aldo sterone levels in the body

Rubilina N.E., 1983:
Distribution of minerals of the fine sand and coarse silt fractions in a soddy podzolic soil profile

Song B H.; Kim D Y.; Kim S K.; Kim Y D.; Choi K S., 1988:
Distribution of minerals within the degermed brown rice kernel

Iriye T., 1984:
Distribution of minor metallic elements in river water of green tuff region yamagata prefecture japan

Hermann H.R.; Chao J.T., 1984:
Distribution of mischocyttarus mexicanus cubicola in the usa

Raksuan K.; Tomanek R.J., 1986:
Distribution of mitochondria in normal and hypertrophic myocytes from the rat heart

Dienel, G.; Ryder, E.; Greengard, O., 1977:
Distribution of mitochondrial enzymes between the perikaryal and synaptic fractions of immature and adult rat brain

Luke, D.A., 1980:
Distribution of mitoses in mouse palatal epithelium

Petrovichev, N.N., 1975:
Distribution of mitoses within the rat liver lobe during regeneration after different types of injuries

Belyaeva E.Sp; Ananiev E.V.; Gvozdev V.A., 1984:
Distribution of mobile dispersed genes mdg 1 and mdg 3 in the chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Poag C.W.; Knebel H.J.; Todd R., 1980:
Distribution of modern benthic foraminifers on the new jersey usa outer continental shelf

Benier C., 1985:
Distribution of modern planktonic foraminifera in the tropical and southern atlantic

Ito, Y.; Nagamine, M., 1978:
Distribution of mogannia minuta homoptera cicadidae in the island of okinawa expansion of distribution range during 5 years

Lange, R.H., 1979:
Distribution of molecule numbers per secretion granule. A study of crystals in glucagon secreting cells

Wells F.E., 1986:
Distribution of molluscs across a pneumatophore boundary in a small bay in northwestern australia

Nicolaidou A.; Bourgoutzani F.; Zenetos A.; Guelorget O.; Perthuisot J P., 1988:
Distribution of molluscs and polychaetes in coastal lagoons in greece

Almeida-Perez, P., 1974:
Distribution of mollusks along the central western coast of venezuela patanemo punta tucacas comparison of coastal habitats

Beer S.A.; German S.M.; Zavoikin V.D.; Kolesnik E.I.; Romanenko A.F., 1984:
Distribution of mollusks bithynia inflata and their infestation with larval trematodes in the foci of opisthorchiasis in the areas of left tributaries of the dnieper river russian sfsr ussr

Gopinadha Pillai C.S.; Appukuttan K.K., 1980:
Distribution of mollusks in and around the coral reefs of the southeastern coast in india

Gupta V.K.; Dabas D.S., 1980:
Distribution of molybdenum in some saline sodic soils from haryana india

Gorbacheva, A.E., 1976:
Distribution of molybdenum in the system soil parent rock bedrock

Kumar V.; Beutner E.H.; Chorzelski T.P., 1984 :
Distribution of monkey esophagus antigens reactive with immunoglobulin a class antibodies in the sera of dermatitis herpetiformis patients

Hall, T.R.; Uruena, G., 1983:
Distribution of mono amine oxidase ec activity in tissues of the urodeles ambystoma tigrinum tiger salamander and necturus maculosus mudpuppy

Joy, K.P.; Sathyanesan, A.G., 1976:
Distribution of mono amine oxidase in relation to the hypothalamo hypophyseal system of the teleost clarias batrachus

Kuz'mina L.V., 1983:
Distribution of mono aminergic structures in kidneys of some amphibia

Konstantinova, M.S., 1976:
Distribution of mono amines in the hypothalamus and hypophysis of the carp cyprinus carpio

Minichelli, G.; Pugliese, N.; Bonaduce, G., 1977:
Distribution of monoceratina mediterranea and monoceratina oblita ostracoda in the gulf of naples

Yeates G.W., 1987:
Distribution of mononchoidea nematoda enoplea in pasture soils with description of iotonchus stockdilli new species

Plum, J.; Thiery, M.; Sabbe, L., 1978:
Distribution of mononuclear cells during pregnancy

Gustafsson, L.L.; Post, C.; Edvardsen, B.; Ramsay, C.H., 1985:
Distribution of morphine and meperidine after intrathecal administration in rat and mouse

Muelle H P.; Flores D.J.cob L., 1987:
Distribution of morphologically different microorganisms associated with active periodontal lesions

Markovich, N.Y. ; Proskuryakova, A.M., 1977:
Distribution of mosquitoes aedes caspius caspius and some other aedes spp of the aedes caspius group in different areas

Utrio, P., 1978:
Distribution of mosquitoes diptera culicidae attracted by man in finland in early july

Pener, H.; Kitron, U., 1985:
Distribution of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in northern Israel: a historical perspective. I. Anopheline mosquitoes

Kitron, U.; Pener, H., 1986:
Distribution of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in Northern Israel: a historical perspective. II. Culicine mosquitoes

Goff M.L.; Van Riper C.IIi, 1980:
Distribution of mosquitoes diptera culicidae on the east flank of mauna loa volcano hawaii usa

Carlson, D.B.; Vigliano, R.R.; Wolfe, G.L., 1986:
Distribution of mosquitoes in different wastewater stages of secondarily treated domestic effluent and untreated citrus washwater

Nakanishi, S., 1976:
Distribution of mosses in some ice free areas near syowa station antarctica

Kasuya, T.; Ogi, H., 1987:
Distribution of mother calf dall's porpoise pairs as an indication of calving grounds and stock identity

Bubnova T.V., 1979:
Distribution of moths lepidoptera noctuidae in vegetation zones of western altai ussr

Nasr E S.A.; Tucker M.R.; Campion D.G., 1984:
Distribution of moths of the egyptian cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis lepidoptera noctuidae in the nile delta egypt interpreted from catches in a pheromone trap network in relation to meteorological factors

Yoshida Y.; Mitsumasu T.; Miyazaki T.; Hirano M.; Kanaseki T., 1984:
Distribution of motoneurons in the brain stem of monkeys macaca fuscata innervating the larynx

Clarke R.J.; Alessio M L.; Pessoa V.F., 1987:
Distribution of motoneurons innervating extraocular muscles in the brain of the marmoset callithrix jacchus

Torigoe K., 1985:
Distribution of motor nerve sproutings in the mouse gastrocnemius muscle after partial denervation

Mladinov L.; Lorkovic Z., 1985:
Distribution of mountain macrolepidoptera fauna in croatia yugoslavia

Svobodová, J.; Blaskovic, D.; Hucková, D., 1986:
Distribution of mouse cytomegalovirus in organs of white mice experimentally infected by natural route

Bloom, G.D.; Carlsoo, B.; Gustafsson, H.; Henriksson, R., 1977:
Distribution of muco substances in adenoid cystic carcinoma a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Harris J.E.; Dennis C., 1980:
Distribution of mucor piriformis rhizopus sexualis and rhizopus stolonifer in relation to their spoilage of strawberries

Salupere, V.; Maaros, H.I., 1977:
Distribution of mucosal changes in chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and polyposis of the stomach

Rost G.R.; Bailey J.A., 1979:
Distribution of mule deer odocoileus hemionus and elk cervus canadensis in relation to roads

Hillebrand, H.; Klapwijk, S.P., 1976:
Distribution of multi cellular benthic algae in an eutrophic ditch

Kostova, R.; Vladova, R., 1977:
Distribution of multiple molecular forms of some enzyme systems in seeds from species belonging to the triticum and secale genera

Pavlovskaya N.E., 1984:
Distribution of multiple oxide reductase forms in various organs of cotton seedlings

Thayer S.A.; Hirning L.D.; Miller R.J., 1987:
Distribution of multiple types of calcium channels in rat sympathetic neurons in vitro

Fox N.; Shevinsky L.; Knowles B.B.; Solter D.; Damjanov I., 1982:
Distribution of murine stage specific embryonic antigens in the kidneys of 3 rodent species

Hancock J.C.; Hoover D.B.; Hougland M.W., 1987:
Distribution of muscarinic receptors and acetylcholinesterase in the rat heart

Morisset, J.; Geoffrion, L.; Larose, L.; Lanöe, J.; Poirier, G.G., 1981:
Distribution of muscarinic receptors in the digestive tract organs

Maki, T.; Korthals, J.K.; Prockop, L.D., 1986:
Distribution of muscle changes in experimental ischemic myopathy

Kawamoto, T., 1988:
Distribution of muscle spindles in bat masticatory muscles and its significance

Hirayama K.; Suzuki J.; Suzuki S., 1981:
Distribution of mutagens in tama and ayase river japan sediments

Moore, D.; Devadatham, M.S., 1975:
Distribution of mutant sites in the ftr cistron depends upon the medium used for selection

Macdonell M.T.; Ortiz Conde B.A.; Last G.A.; Colwell R.R., 1986:
Distribution of mutations in gram negative eubacterial 5s ribosomal rna species and significance for sequence analysis

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Distribution of mutations in the apical meristem of the shoot in arabidopsis thaliana

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Distribution of mycobacteria in southern chernozem soils of the kustanai oblast ussr

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Distribution of myelin associated enzymes and myelin proteins into membrane fractions from the brains of adult shiverer and control plus plus mice

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Distribution of myelinated nerve fibers in the outer plexiform layer of the optic tectum of the frog rana temporaria

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Distribution of myelinated nerves in ascending nerves and myenteric plexus of cat colon

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Distribution of myocardial stress and its influence on coronary blood flow

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Distribution of myosin in a primary cell culture of human aortic intima

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Distribution of myotis mystacinus and myotis brandtii chiroptera in sweden

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Distribution of myxobacters in aquatic habitats of an alkaline bog

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Distribution of n acetylneuraminate lyase ec in bacteria and its production by escherichia coli

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Distribution of n methyl n nitrosourea in the amazon molly poecilia formosa after a single intraperitoneal injection

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Distribution of naemacyclus niveus on pine needles in croatia yugoslavia

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Distribution of nanno phyto plankton including fragile flagellates in the subtropical northwestern philippine sea

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Distribution of nanomole quantities of uranium 235 in young and adult japanese quail and in the f 1 generation comparison with gadolinium 153

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Distribution of narcissus angustifolius in the transcarpathian area ukrainian ssr ussr and the position of this species in the system of the genus narcissus

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Distribution of native fixed ammonium in some tropical soil profiles in tanzania

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Distribution of natural killer cell activity in peripheral blood cord blood thymus lymph nodes and spleen and the effect of in vitro treatment with interferon preparation

Tymen, G., 1978:
Distribution of natural radioactivity attached to atmospheric aerosol particles

Church T.M.; Bernat M.; Sharma P., 1986:
Distribution of natural uranium thorium lead and polonium radionuclides in tidal phases of a delaware salt marsh usa

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Distribution of near bottom plankton in the ohta river estuary hiroshima bay in relation to salinity

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Distribution of Necator americanus and Ancylostoma duodenale in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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Distribution of negative components of brain potential induced by voluntary movements of the hands in right handers and left handers

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Distribution of negative phospho lipids in mixed vesicles

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Distribution of negatively charged liposomes on rat liver hepatocytes and nonhepatocytes in cell suspension

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Distribution of Neisseria, Rothia and streptococci in early stages of dental plaque

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Distribution of nematicides in soil and its influence on the control of sugar beet cyst nematode heterodera schachtii and root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita

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Distribution of nematodes in sugarcane cultures from southern spain

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Distribution of nematodes in the corms of banana cultivar poyo

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Distribution of nephtys californiensis nephtys polybranchia and nephtys oligobranchia along the northern coasts of china

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Distribution of nerve elements showing phenylalanylmethionylarginylphenylalaninamide like immunoreactivity in hydromedusae

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Distribution of nerve growth factor activity in submandibular and prostate glands of various mammals

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Distribution of nerve growth factor in chick embryo sympathetic neurons in vitro

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Distribution of nerve growth factor in the male sex organs of mammals

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Distribution of nerves in long bones as shown by silver impregnation

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Distribution of nervous system specific enolase and s 100 protein in gastrointestinal tract of congenital aganglionosis rat

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Distribution of nervous system specific forms of enolase ec in peripheral tissues

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Distribution of nesokia indica in basrah liwa south iraq with some biological notes

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Distribution of neural cell adhesion molecule in synaptic and extrasynaptic portions of developing and adult skeletal muscle

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Distribution of neuraminidase ec in arthrobacter and its purification by affinity chromatography

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Distribution of neuro filament triplet proteins within individual neurons

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Distribution of neuro filaments in myelinated axons of the optic nerve of goldfish carassius auratus

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Distribution of neuro hypophyseal peptides in the brain of the tree shrew tupaia belangeri

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Distribution of neuro peptides in the dorsal pontine tegmental area of the rat

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Distribution of neuro secretory cells in the central nerve cord of eurygaster integriceps

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Distribution of neuro secretory cells of the termite medial protocerebrum isoptera insecta and its significance in pterygota phylogeny

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Distribution of neuro secretory granules among the anatomical compartments of the neuro secretory processes of the pituitary gland a quantitative ultrastructural approach to hormone storage in the neural lobe

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Distribution of neuro secretory material in the neuro secretory system of odontopus varicornis heteroptera pyrrhocoridae

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Distribution of neurofilament antigens after axonal injury

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Distribution of neurofilament protein and neuron specific enolase in peripheral neuronal tumors

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Distribution of neuronal cell bodies and axons containing glicentin like immunoreactivity in the rat brain

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Distribution of neuronal receptors for nerve growth factor in the rat

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Distribution of neurons and axons immunoreactive with antisera against neuropeptide Y in the normal human hippocampus

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Distribution of neurons containing dopa decarboxylase and dopamine beta hydroxylase in some sympathetic ganglia of the dog a quantitative study

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Distribution of neurons containing immuno reactivity for gastrin releasing peptide substance p and vasoactive intestinal poly peptide in the rat gastric wall

Choudhury, B.P., 1988:
Distribution of neurons in the pigmented rabbit's visual cortex

IIjima K., 1982:
Distribution of neurons innervating the supraoptic nucleus of the rat with special reference to neighboring relay neurons using horseradish peroxidase and golgi methods

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Distribution of neurons projecting from the retina and visual cortex to the thalamus and tectum opticum of the barn owl tyto alba and the burrowing owl speotyto cunicularia

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Distribution of neurons projecting to the retina of Caiman crocodilus

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Distribution of neurons related to a hindlimb as opposed to forelimb movement in the monkey premotor cortex

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Distribution of neurons related to movement direction velocity in the frog tectum opticum

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Distribution of neuropeptide Y immunoreactivity in the basal forebrain and upper brainstem of the squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus)

Shen, C.L., 1987:
Distribution of neuropeptide Y immunoreactivity in the forebrain of the rat

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Distribution of neuropeptide y like immunoreactivity in the rat central nervous system i. radioimmunoassay and chromatographic characterization

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Distribution of neuropeptides in the hypothalamo hypophyseal system in the rat an immunohistochemical observation

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Distribution of neurospecific s 100 proteins and antigen d in sub cellular fractions of the bovine brain

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Distribution of neurotensin binding sites in rat brain a light microscopic radioautographic study using monoiodo iodine 125 labeled tyrosine 3 neurotensin

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Distribution of neurotensin binding sites in the caudal brainstem of the rat a light microscopic radioautographic study

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Distribution of neurotensin immunoreactive perikarya in the brain of the guinea pig with special reference to cardiovascular centers in the medulla oblongata

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Distribution of neurotensin in the canine gastrointestinal tract

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Distribution of neurotensin receptors in the primate hippocampal region a quantitative autoradiographic study in the monkey and the postmortem human brain

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Distribution of neurotoxic esterase activity in the brain of control and dfp treated hens in vivo and in vitro exposure

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Distribution of neurotransmitter binding sites in the cat median eminence

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Distribution of neutral and acid alpha glucosidases of granule fractions from chicken heterophil leukocytes

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Distribution of neutral lipids in coelomic constituents during oogenesis of perinereis cultrifera annelida polychaeta

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Distribution of neutral lipids in the tissues of the oyster crassostrea virginica

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Distribution of neutral maltase ec activity in mononuclear cells from different human lymphoid organs

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Distribution of neutral sugar and sugar decomposing bacteria in small stream water

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Distribution of new chlorophyll molecules in the chloroplast structure of plants during administration of carbon 14 labeled delta amino levulinic acid

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Distribution of newly formed poly adenylic acid containing rna in sub cellular fractions of the early loach misgurnus fossilis embryos

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Distribution of newly synthesized dt diaphorase ec in rat liver

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Distribution of nickel in the roach rutilus rutilus after exposure to lethal and sublethal concentrations

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Distribution of nickel tolerant bacteria in water and sediments of the sea of aso japan

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Distribution of nicotinic receptors in human thalamus as visualized by tritiated nicotine and tritiated acetylcholine receptor autoradiography

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Distribution of nitrapyrin 2 chloro 6 trichloromethyl pyridine and 2 chloro 6 dichloromethyl pyridine in red beet beta vulgaris var conditiva treated with nitrapyrin

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Distribution of nitrate assimilating enzymes between mesophyll protoplasts and bundle sheath cells in leaves of 3 groups of c 4 plants

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Distribution of nitrate nitrogen and nitrogen uptake by rainfed maize as affected by methods of application of urea

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Distribution of nitrate nitrogen concentrations in ground water beneath intensively grazed pastureland in the ngatarawa valley hawkes bay new zealand

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Distribution of nitrate reductase activity in 6 legumes the importance of the stem

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Distribution of nitrate reductase ec activity among organs of cowpea vigna unguiculata

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Distribution of nitrate reductase in aging bean seedlings

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Distribution of nitrile carbon 14 rorifone in mice by whole body autoradiography

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Distribution of nitrogen 13 following intra venous injection of nitrogen 13 labeled ammonia in the rat

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Distribution of nitrogen 13 from labeled nitrate nitrogen 13 labeled nitrate in humans and rats

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Distribution of nitrogen 13 labeled nitrate and nitrite in germ free and conventional flora rats

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Distribution of nitrogen 15 among plant parts of nodulating and nonnodulating iso lines of soybeans glycine max

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Distribution of nitrogen absorbed during different times of growth in the plant parts of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar north 61 and contribution to the grain amino acids

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Distribution of nitrogen and phosphorus and pumpkin cucurbita pepo growth depending on the conditions of nitrogen nutrition

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Distribution of nitrogen and phosphorus in the pacific

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Distribution of nitrogen assimilating enzymes in relation to photosynthesis in certain 4 carbon pathway grasses

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Distribution of nitrogen compounds and purine catabolism in yam bean pachyrhizus erosus

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Distribution of nitrogen during growth of sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar hysun 21

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Distribution of nitrogen fixing blue green algae in some rice soils of west bengal india

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Distribution of nitrogen fixing capacity of the roots of the leguminosae family

Baker J., 1987:
Distribution of nitrogen in a simulated profile of a podzolic gray luvisol following urea fertilization

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Distribution of nitrogen in lysimeters previously treated with sulfuric acid and a combination of acid and fertilizer

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Distribution of nitrogen in representative canadian soils

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Distribution of nitrogenous compounds in a rhodic paleudult following heavy manure application

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Distribution of nitrogenous compounds in a small lake japan

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Distribution of nocardic oligo sporic actinomycetes in the soils of georgia ussr

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Distribution of nocturnal bruxing pattern in man

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Distribution of nodal metastases in nonseminomatous testis cancer

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Distribution of nodes of nerve fibers with various cytochemical properties in bush like interoceptors

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Distribution of nominal and latent immuno globulin g gm allotypes in plaques of multiple sclerosis brain

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Distribution of non hodgkins lymphoma in the usa 1950 1975

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Distribution of nonagglutinating vibrios of different serovars among the population and in various environmental objects of the crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

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Distribution of noncellulosic beta d glucans in grasses and other monocots

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Distribution of nonciliated bronchiolar epithelial clara cells in intra pulmonary and extrapulmonary airways of the rabbit

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Distribution of noncomplementing and polarly complementing mutations within the ade 2 locus of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Distribution of nondiffusible calcium and sodium in normal and cataractous human lenses

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Distribution of nonelectrolytes in halobacterium cells part 1 halobacterium marismortui

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Distribution of non-histone proteins between micrococcal nuclease sensitive and nuclease resistant chromatin from chicken cells with active and inactive genomes

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Distribution of nonprotein imino and sulfur amino acids in zapoteca

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Distribution of nonstructural variation along 3 chromosome arms between wheat triticum aestivum cultivars chinese spring and cheyenne

Dvorak J.; Chen K C., 1984:
Distribution of nonstructural variation between wheat triticum aestivum cultivars along chromosome arm 6bp evidence from the linkage map and physical map of the arm

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Distribution of noradrenergic nerve fibers in canine nasal mucosa following selective neurectomies

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Distribution of norepinephrine and dopamine in cerebral cortical areas of the rat

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Distribution of norepinephrine and serotonin like immunoreactivity in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus of the cat and rat

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Distribution of norepinephrine epinephrine dopamine serotonin 3 4 di hydroxyphenyl acetic acid homo vanillic acid and 5 hydroxy iaa in dog brain

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Distribution of normal and abnormal forms among motile nonmotile live and dead human spermatozoa

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Distribution of normapolles in northwestern china

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Distribution of northern and liman caspian plankton crustaceans in reservoirs of the dnieper river ukrainian ssr ussr

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Distribution of northern cavefish amblyopsis spelaea dekay in indiana and kentucky usa and recommendations for its protection

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Distribution of nortriptyline in human blood: effects of temperature, pH, and drug concentration

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Distribution of norway lobster nephrops norvegicus along the coasts of galicia northwestern spain

Bongale U.D., 1987:
Distribution of nostoc and anabaena cyanophyta in relation to soil properties in the cultivated soils of karnataka state india

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Distribution of noterinae laccophilinae and dytiscinae coleoptera dytiscidae in east and west flanders belgium

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Distribution of novel cyclic bis bi benzyls in marchantia spp and riccardia spp

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Distribution of nuclear matrix proteins in interphase CHO cells and rearrangements during the cell cycle. An ultrastructural study

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Distribution of nuclei in a vam fungus during its symbiotic phase

Suzuki, H., 1978:
Distribution of nucleic acids in the nuclei of the epidermal cells

Mikeladze Z.A.; Brodskii V.Ya, 1982:
Distribution of nucleolar nucleic acids in purkinje cells under vestibular stimulation and immobilization of rats

Chakraborty, R., 1977:
Distribution of nucleotide differences between 2 randomly chosen cistrons in a population of variable size

Li, W.H., 1976:
Distribution of nucleotide differences between 2 randomly chosen cistrons in a subdivided population the finite island model

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Distribution of nutrient in an age series of eucalyptus globulus plantation in tamil nadu india

Kennedy E.T.; Harrell M.W.; Frazao B., 1982:
Distribution of nutrient intake across meals in the usa population

Malhotra, P.R.; Tandon, V.N.; Shanker, P.P., 1987:
Distribution of nutrients and their return through litter fall in an age series of pinus patula schl. and cham. plantations in nilgiris india

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Distribution of nutrients in a forest ecosystem at the sierra del rosario ecological station cuba

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Distribution of nutrients in an age series of eucalyptus and acacia auriculaeformis plantations in bihar india

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Distribution of nutrients in sagami bay japan during 1971 1973

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Distribution of nutrients in soil profile under pines of northeast himalayas india

Park K S., 1982:
Distribution of nutrients in the coastal sea of jeju island korea

Reddy H.R.V.; Hariharan V., 1986:
Distribution of nutrients in the sediments of the netravathi gurpur estuary mangalore india

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Distribution of nutrients in the thermaikos gulf greece

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Distribution of nutrients in the western bay of bengal

Pai R.; Reddy M.P.M., 1981:
Distribution of nutrients off malpe south kanara coast india

Ishida Y.; Shibahara K.; Uchida H.; Kadota H., 1980:
Distribution of obligately oligotrophic bacteria in lake biwa japan

Daget, P., 1976:
Distribution of occurrences of a species in a series of sample units application to homogeneity analysis

Jedlicka, L., 1978:
Distribution of odagmia ornata and odagmia spinosa in slovakia czechoslovakia diptera simuliidae

Toussaint A.; Dekegel D.; Vanheule G., 1984:
Distribution of odontoglossum ringspot virus in apical meristems of infected cymbidium cultivars

Benzhitskii A.G., 1981:
Distribution of oil aggregates in the surface layer of the arabian sea in april june 1980

Benzhitskii, A.G.; Polikarpov, G.G., 1976:
Distribution of oil aggregates in the surface layer of the mediterranean sea in april to june 1974

Benzhitskii, A.G.; Polikarpov, G.G., 1977:
Distribution of oil aggregates with neuston periphyton in the surface layer of the atlantic southern and indian oceans

Mukherjee, R.K.; Bhattacharjee, M., 1978:
Distribution of oil in the bran layers of slender medium and short grain varieties of rice and effect of par boiling

Popova L.E.; Novozhilova M.I., 1983:
Distribution of oil oxidizing microorganisms in the caspian sea ussr

Moaled K.; Overbeck J., 1982:
Distribution of oligo carbophilic and saprophytic bacteria in lake plussee

Lauritsen D.D.; Mozley S.C.; White D.S., 1985:
Distribution of oligochaetes in lake michigan usa and comments on their use as indices of pollution

Powers, R.K.; Binder, M.D., 1985:
Distribution of oligosynaptic group I input to the cat medial gastrocnemius motoneuron pool

Ishida, Y.; Kadota, H., 1977:
Distribution of oligotrophic bacteria in lake mergozzo

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Distribution of olive knot disease induced by pseudomonas savastanoi in iraq

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Distribution of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in lipid classes in australian fish

Yonaha, K.; Suzuki, K.; Minei, H.; Toyama, S., 1983:
Distribution of omega amino acid pyruvate trans aminase ec and amino butyrate alpha keto glutarate trans aminase ec in microorganisms

Pinamonti, S.; Micciarelli, A., 1979:
Distribution of ommochromes in Schistocerca gregaria embryos during development

Davidowa H.; Gabriel H J., 1985:
Distribution of on cells and off cells within the rat dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus

Thor, A.; Ohuchi, N.; Szpak, C.A.; Johnston, W.W.; Schlom, J., 1986:
Distribution of oncofetal antigen tumor associated glycoprotein tag 72 defined by monoclonal antibody b 72.3

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Distribution of Oncomelania quadrasi in waters in the Philippines

Bruessow K P., 1985:
Distribution of oocytes in the oviduct of gilts following synchronized ovulation

McLean, S.; Rothman, R.B.; Jacobson, A.E.; Rice, K.C.; Herkenham, M., 1987:
Distribution of opiate receptor subtypes and enkephalin and dynorphin immunoreactivity in the hippocampus of squirrel, guinea pig, rat, and hamster

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Distribution of opiate receptors in the monkey macaca fascicularis brain an auto radiographic study

Traynor J.R.; Wood M.S., 1987:
Distribution of opioid binding sites in spinal cord

Foote R.W.; Maurer R., 1986:
Distribution of opioid binding sites in the guinea pig hippocampus as compared to the rat a quantitative analysis

Bobev K.; Stoimenova K.; Genchev T.; Georgiev P.; Kalifarska M.; Yanev T., 1984:
Distribution of optical radiation within a phi k 3 phytoclimatic camera

Nalbach H O.; Nalbach G., 1987:
Distribution of optokinetic sensitivity over the eye of crabs its relation to habitat and possible role in flow field analysis

D.T.ranzo E.G.D.; Masana M.; Castro J.A., 1986:
Distribution of oral administered benznidazole in different tissues of male rats

Liljemark, W.F.; Bloomquist, C.G.; Uhl, L.A.; Schaffer, E.M.; Wolff, L.F.; Pihlstrom, B.L.; Bandt, C.L., 1984:
Distribution of oral Haemophilus species in dental plaque from a large adult population

Takahashi, M., 1982:
Distribution of oral Staphylococci in humans and in experimental and wild rodents

Tanaka, T.; Eguchi, H.; Sandzjo, M.; Morishima, M.; Yamawaki, T.; Jinda, K., 1983:
Distribution of oral staphylococci in wild insectivores

Ishida M.; Suyama K.; Adachi S.; Hoshino T., 1982:
Distribution of orally administered di ethylhexyl phthalate in laying hens

D.V.r Sholes O.; Rawlins J.E., 1979:
Distribution of orb weavers araneidae araneidae in homogeneous old field vegetation

Montani S.; Tada K.; Okaichi T., 1987:
Distribution of organic carbon organic nitrogen total phosphorus and pheo pigments in surface sediment from harima nada the seto inland sea japan

Clement R.E.; Karasek F.W., 1982:
Distribution of organic compounds adsorbed on size fractionated municipal incinerator fly ash particles

Yonebayashi K.; Hattori T., 1986:
Distribution of organic forms of nitrogen in paddy soils in tropical and temperate regions

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Distribution of organic matrix in calcium oxalate renal calculi

Ahmed M.; Oades J.M., 1984:
Distribution of organic matter and atp after fractionation of soils by physical procedures

Kuz'menko I.T.; Pavlova M.P., 1981:
Distribution of organic matter and macro elements in floodplain meadow bio geocenoses

Lichtfuss R.; Bruemmer G., 1981:
Distribution of organic matter heavy metals and phosphorus among specific gravity fractions of fluvial sediments

Bora N.K.S., 1987:
Distribution of organic matter in cryptomeria japonica plantations

Kaul O.N.; Singh R.P.; Srivastava V.K.; Gurumurti K., 1982:
Distribution of organic matter in pinus elliottii plantations

Umlauf G.; Bierl R., 1987:
Distribution of organic micropollutants in different size fractions of sediment and suspended solid particles of the river rotmain west germany

Sood R.D., 1987:
Distribution of organic phosphorus and its fractions in relation to some soil properties of wet temperate zone of himachal pradesh india

Arya R.; Gupta B.R.; Bajpai P.D., 1984:
Distribution of organic phosphorus in humus fractions in some soils of uttar pradesh india

Lacatusu, R.; Borlan, Z.; Hera, C.; Handra, M.; Andar, P.; Pop, C., 1977:
Distribution of organic sulfur in some zonal soils used as arable land in romania

Lavrov L.S.; Lavrov V.L., 1986:
Distribution of original and aboriginal beaver populations in the ussr

Persson L.; Isaksson K.; Rosengren E.; Sundler F., 1986:
Distribution of ornithine decarboxylase in ovaries of rat and hamster during proestrus

Hatton J.D.; Ellisman M.H., 1981:
Distribution of orthogonal arrays and their relationship to inter cellular junctions in neuro glia of the freeze fractured hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal system

Durbin, R.P.; Helander, H.F., 1978:
Distribution of osmotic flow in stomach and gallbladder

Hall B.K., 1982:
Distribution of osteogenic and chondrogenic neural crest derived cells and osteogenically inductive epithelia in mandibular arches of embryonic chicks

Portigliatti Barbos, M.; Bianco, P.; Ascenzi, A., 1983:
Distribution of osteonic and interstitial components in the human femoral shaft with reference to structure, calcification and mechanical properties

Bonaduce, G.; Ciampo, G.; Masoli, M., 1975:
Distribution of ostracoda in the adriatic sea

Raske, A.G.; Bryant, D.G., 1976:
Distribution of over wintering birch casebearer larvae coleophora fuscedinella on white birch lepidoptera coleophoridae

Lamp W.O.; Holtzer T.O., 1980:
Distribution of over wintering chinch bugs blissus leucopterus leucopterus hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Mcleod, J.M., 1977:
Distribution of ovipositional attacks by parasitoids on over wintering larvae of the spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae

Vintejoux C.; Shoar Ghafari A., 1985:
Distribution of oxalate cells in spirodela polyrrhiza lemnaceae ultrastructural changes between the dormant and the active periods

Hantz J., 1986:
Distribution of oxalis pes caprae in the east mediterranean region

Vergin H.; Strobel K.; Szelenyi I., 1983:
Distribution of oxametacin and its anti inflammatory metabolites in inflamed tissues of rats

Bilaspuri G.S.; Guraya S.S., 1982 :
Distribution of oxidases in the testis of buffalo bubalus bubalis goat capra hircus and ram ovis aries a histochemical study

Lash L.H.; Jones D.P., 1985:
Distribution of oxidized and reduced forms of glutathione and cysteine in rat plasma

Shukla K.K.; Levy H.M.; Ramirez F.; Marecek J.F.; Meyerson S.; Kuhn E.S., 1980:
Distribution of oxygen 18 labeled inorganic phosphate species from oxygen 18 labeled atp hydrolysis by myosin and heavy mero myosin evidence for 2 kinds of myosin active site differing in their rate of intermediate oxygen exchange

Saito Y.; Hayano S., 1980:
Distribution of oxygen containing functional groups and elements in humic acids from marine sediments

Revsbech, N.P.; Sorensen, J.; Blackburn, T.H.; Lomholt, J.P., 1980:
Distribution of oxygen in marine sediments measured with micro electrodes

Grachev, I.I.; Galantsev, V.P.; Kisliakova, L.P., 1978:
Distribution of oxygen tension in breast tissues

Kervran, A.; Blache, P.; Bataille, D., 1987:
Distribution of oxyntomodulin and glucagon in the gastrointestinal tract and the plasma of the rat

Walker R.L., 1981:
Distribution of oyster drills urosalpinx cinerea in wassaw sound georgia usa

Fujimoto, M.; Kuninaka, A.; Yoshino, H., 1977:
Distribution of p 1 type nuclease in the genus penicillium

Kariniemi A L.; Lehto V P.; Virtanen I., 1984:
Distribution of p 230 an alpha spectrin related polypeptide in normal and psoriatic epidermis and cultured human keratinocytes

Deshpande B.P., 1984:
Distribution of p protein in mature sieve elements of cucurbita maxima seedlings subjected to prolonged darkness

Mazel A.D., 1982:
Distribution of painting themes in the natal drakensberg south africa

Plyusnin Y.M., 1983:
Distribution of pairs territoriality and colony formation of herring gulls larus argentatus

Shadfan H.; Mashhady A.S., 1985:
Distribution of palygorskite in sediments and soils of eastern saudi arabia

Sun Q X.; J.Q.M.; Wang Y C.; Xie D F.; Shi X C.; Y.Y.F.; Zhou Z T.; Wang Y.; Hua R L., 1984:
Distribution of pancreas imaging agents with carbon 11 labeled amino acids in mice

Yoshinaka R.; Sato M.; Tanaka H.; Ikeda S., 1985:
Distribution of pancreatic elastase and metalloproteinase in several species of fish

Yoshinaka R.; Sato M.; Tsuchiya N.; Ikeda S., 1986:
Distribution of pancreatic elastase and metalloproteinase in vertebrates

Shibata, T.; Ogawa, M.; Takata, N.; Matsuda, K.; Niinobu, T.; Uda, K.; Wakasugi, C.; Mori, T., 1987:
Distribution of pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor in various human tissues and its inactivation in the gastric mucosa

Schmid J.M.; Farrar P.A.; Mitchell J.C., 1982:
Distribution of pandora moth coloradia pandora egg masses and pupae near jacob lake arizona usa

Zalom F.G.; Kennett C.E.; O'connell N.V.; Flaherty D.; Morse J.G.; Wilson L.T., 1985 :
Distribution of panonychus citri and euseius tularensis on central california usa orange trees with implications for binomial sampling

Wolff, W.J., 1976:
Distribution of pantopoda in the estuarine area in the southwestern part of the netherlands

Imai, J.I.; Sakaguchi, Y.; Katamine, D., 1976:
Distribution of paragonimus miyazakii in nomo peninsula nagasaki prefecture japan

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Distribution of paralichthid flounders bothididae paralichthys in north carolina usa estuaries

Schmidt R.J.; Loeblich A.R.IIi, 1979:
Distribution of paralytic shellfish poison among pyrrophyta

McElveen, J.; Mackness, M.I.; Colley, C.M.; Peard, T.; Warner, S.; Walker, C.H., 1986:
Distribution of paraoxon hydrolytic activity in the serum of patients after myocardial infarction

Dorovskikh G.N., 1988:
Distribution of parasites on the gills of the rudd

Qasim M.; Hashmi S.; Maqbool M.A., 1988:
Distribution of parasitic nematodes and their importance in fruit production of baluchistan pakistan

Harris A.R., 1983:
Distribution of parasitic nematodes in vineyards in central and northeastern victoria australia

Clarke R.J.; Coimbra C.J.P.; Alessio M.L., 1985:
Distribution of parasympathetic motoneurons in the oculomotor complex innervating the ciliary ganglion in the marmoset callithrix jacchus

Barbour, E.K.; Nabbut, N.H.; Hinners, S.W., 1983:
Distribution of paratyphoids on Saudi Arabian poultry farms and pathogenicity studies of predominant serotypes

Dunin P.M., 1979:
Distribution of pardosa lugubris aranei lycosidae in the caucasus ussr

Kocan A.A.; Shaw M.G.; Waldrup K.A.; Kubat G.J., 1982:
Distribution of parelaphostrongylus tenuis nematoda metastrongyloidea in white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus from oklahoma usa

Olthoff L.W.; Van Der Bilt A.; Bosman F.; Kleizen H.H., 1984:
Distribution of particle sizes in food comminuted by human mastication

Liebezeit G.; Boelter M., 1986:
Distribution of particulate amino acids in the bransfield strait

Gupta T.R.C.; Kurian N.P., 1986:
Distribution of particulate and dissolved iron in nethravati gurupur estuary mangalore india

Verdouw H.; Gons H.J.; Steenbergen C.L.M., 1987:
Distribution of particulate matter in relation to the thermal cycle in lake vechten the netherlands the significance of transportation along the bottom

Tanoue E.; Handa N., 1979:
Distribution of particulate organic carbon and nitrogen in the bering sea and northern north pacific ocean

Fujita N.; Nishizawa S., 1982:
Distribution of particulate organic carbon dissolved organic carbon and atp in the pacific sector of the antarctic ocean in summer 1980 1981

Fraga, F., 1976:
Distribution of particulate organic carbon in the area of upwelling of northwestern africa and its relation with particulate nitrogen part 1 march 1973

Ochiai M.; Ogino M.; Sasaki K.; Okazawa T., 1987:
Distribution of particulate organic matter in the lower part of the tama river japan

Newman, P.R.; Corstvet, R.E.; Panciera, R.J., 1982:
Distribution of Pasteurella haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida in the bovine lung following vaccination and challenge exposure as an indicator of lung resistance

Odds F.C.; Evans E.G.V., 1980:
Distribution of pathogenic yeasts and humoral antibodies to candida among hospital patients

Hansen L.M.; Jakobsen J., 1985:
Distribution of pathotypes of the potato cyst nematode globodera spp in danish gardens

Flegel K.M.; Hoey J.R.; Shapiro S.H., 1988:
Distribution of patients between faculty and residents in a teaching hospital clinic

Kabir, A.; Watanabe, M.; Takeda, Z.; Kizaki, T.; Urano, Y., 1983:
Distribution of peanut agglutinin binding sites in rat lymphatic organs

Bosek P.Z., 1986:
Distribution of peat mosses in bryansk oblast russian sfsr ussr

Iwasaki N.; Nemoto T., 1987:
Distribution of pelagic shrimps in the bering sea and the northern north pacific

Miller D.E.; Kovalak W.P., 1979:
Distribution of peltoperla arcuata insecta plecoptera in a small woodland stream

Cowen, S.J.; Anhalt, G.J.; Wicha, M.S.; Sugar, A.; Labib, R.S.; Diaz, L.A., 1981:
Distribution of pemphigus and pemphigoid antigens, laminin, and type IV collagen in corneal epithelium

Price A.R.G., 1982:
Distribution of penaeid shrimp larvae along the arabian gulf coast of saudi arabia

Luthman, J.; Jacobsson, S.O., 1986:
Distribution of penicillin G in serum and tissue cage fluid in cattle

Sazonov, V.F., 1976:
Distribution of penicillin in the body of animals with experimental chronic pneumonia when used repeatedly in combination with prednisolone

Kato H.; Sato K.; Furusaka C., 1981:
Distribution of penta chloro phenol and its effect on the change in number of aerobic bacteria in waterlogged soil

Schultzberg M.; Hokfelt T.; Nilsson G.; Terenius L.; Rehfeld J.F.; Brown M.; Elde R.; Goldstein M.; Said S., 1980:
Distribution of peptide containing and catecholamine containing neurons in the gastro intestinal tract of rat and guinea pig immuno histochemical studies with anti sera to substance p vasoactive intestinal poly peptide enkephalins somatostatin gastrin cholecystokinin neurotensin and dopamine beta hydroxylase

Tange A., 1983:
Distribution of peptide containing endocrine cells and neurons in the gastro intestinal tract of the dog immuno histochemical studies using anti sera to somatostatin substance p vasoactive intestinal poly peptide methionine enkephalin and neurotensin

Christofides, N.D.; Yiangou, Y.; Piper, P.J.; Ghatei, M.A.; Sheppard, M.N.; Tatemoto, K.; Polak, J.M.; Bloom, S.R., 1984:
Distribution of peptide histidine isoleucine in the mammalian respiratory tract and some aspects of its pharmacology

Sellitto, C.; Kuriyama, R., 1988:
Distribution of pericentriolar material in multipolar spindles induced by colcemid treatment in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Vacha J.; Hola J.; Dungel J.; Znojil V., 1981:
Distribution of peripheral blood in the erythropoietic organs of mice

Neiburger, R.G.; Neiburger, J.B.; Dockhorn, R.J., 1978:
Distribution of peripheral blood thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocyte markers in atopic children and changes during immuno therapy

Matthieu J M.; Waehneldt T.V.; Webster H.D.; Beny M.; Fagg G.E., 1979:
Distribution of peripheral nervous system myelin proteins and membrane enzymes in fractions isolated by continuous gradient zonal centrifugation

Dudka, I.O.; Burdyukova, L.I., 1978:
Distribution of peronospora ducometii stimulator of buckwheat peronosporosis in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Levin, F.B.; Berezov, T.T., 1976:
Distribution of peroxidase administered in vivo in ehrlich carcinoma cells

Press, M.F.; King, W.J., 1986:
Distribution of peroxidase and granulocytes in the human uterus

Bagnara G.P.; Castaldini C.; Minzi D.; Brunelli M.A., 1980:
Distribution of peroxidase positive granulo blast precursors of normal human marrow separated in a discontinuous density gradient of albumin

Beard, M.E.; Novikoff, A.B., 1969:
Distribution of peroxisomes microbodies in the nephron of the rat a cytochemical study

Yoshida S.; Kusuno S.; Imaida M., 1988:
Distribution of pesticide residues in melon makuwa uri

Vakili N.G., 1981:
Distribution of phakopsora pachyrhizi on lablab purpureus in puerto rico

Wallin A.; Herngren L., 1985:
Distribution of phenobarbital in whole blood during pregnancy and perinatally an in vitro study

Walter W.M.Jr; Schadel W.E., 1981:
Distribution of phenols in sweet potato ipomoea batatas cultivar jewel roots

Knogge W.; Beulen C.; Weissenboeck G., 1981:
Distribution of phenyl alanine ammonia lyase and 4 coumarate coenzyme a ligase in oat primary leaf tissues

Bellini, E.; Van-Poucke, M., 1970:
Distribution of phenyl alanine ammonia lyase ec in etiolated and far red irradiated radish d seedlings

Lew J.Y.; Hata F.; Sauter A.; Baba Y.; Engel J.; Goldstein M., 1979:
Distribution of phenyl ethanolamine n methyl transferase and epinephrine in the medulla oblongata of normotensive and spontaneous hypertensive rats

Newton B.W.; Maley B.; Sasek C.; Traurig H., 1984:
Distribution of phenylalanylmethionylarginylphenylalanylamide like immunoreactivity in rat and cat area postrema

Kitahama K.; Denoroy L.; Berod A.; Jouvet M., 1986:
Distribution of phenylethanolamine n methyltransferase immunoreactive neurons in the cat medulla oblongata

Lapikova, V.P.; Kosulina, L.G.; Potapov, N.G., 1978:
Distribution of phosphatase protein system in root meristematic cells of lupine

Paropkari A.L.; Rao C.M.; Murty P.S.N., 1981 :
Distribution of phosphate in sediments of gulf of kutch india

Saad, M.A.H., 1973:
Distribution of phosphates in lake mariut a heavily polluted lake in egypt

Greiner, J.V.; Kopp, S.J.; Glonek, T., 1985:
Distribution of phosphatic metabolites in the crystalline lens

Greiner J.V.; Braude L.S.; Glonek T., 1985:
Distribution of phosphatic metabolites in the porcine cornea using phosphorus 31 nmr

Dapra E.; Snozzi M.; Bachofen R., 1982:
Distribution of phosphatidyl ethanolamine in the lipid bi layer of chromatophores of the photosynthetic bacterium rhodospirillum rubrum

Fujishima T.; Midorikawa Y.; Uchida K.; Yoshino H., 1980:
Distribution of phospho di esterase in bacteria yeasts and actinomycetes

Ishinaga M.; Kanamoto R.; Kito M., 1979:
Distribution of phospho lipid molecular species in outer and cytoplasmic membranes of escherichia coli

Flickinge C.J.; Read G.A., 1982:
Distribution of phospho lipids labeled with tritium labeled choline and relationship between membranous organelles in amoebae as studied by electron microscopic radioautography

Juma, N.G.; Tabatabai, M.A., 1978:
Distribution of phospho mono esterases in soils

Morley, D.J.; Hawley, D.M.; Ulbright, T.M.; Butler, L.G.; Culp, J.S.; Hodes, M.E., 1987:
Distribution of phosphodiesterase I in normal human tissues

Muraoka A.; Tanaka S., 1988:
Distribution of phosphoenolpyruvate lactose phosphotransferase system in staphylococci

Vanyaev, B.I., 1978:
Distribution of phosphorus 32 and atp conversion intensity in rat heart muscle in partial parasympathectomy and physical loading

Nuessly G.S.; Sterling W.L., 1986:
Distribution of phosphorus 32 in laboratory colonies of solenopsis invicta hymenoptera formicidae after feeding on labeled heliothis zea lepidoptera noctuidae eggs an explantation of discrepancies encountered in field predation experiments

Szilagyi, T.; Deseo, G., 1977:
Distribution of phosphorus 32 labeled endo toxin in the frog

Ovchinnikova, V.A.; Filatov, P.P.; Chernov, V.A.; Singin, A.S.; Safonova, T.S.; Bornovalova, G.V., 1977:
Distribution of phosphorus 32 labeled fotrin in the body of normal and tumorous rats

Pathak, A.N.; Singh, R.S.; Yadav, A.S., 1977:
Distribution of phosphorus in alluvial soils of district hardoi india

Sorensen R.C.; Wiese R.A., 1982:
Distribution of phosphorus in columns of very sandy soils after leaching with water or di ammonium phosphate solutions

Latterell J.J.; Dowdy R.H.; Larson C.E.; Linden D.R.; Larson W.E., 1982:
Distribution of phosphorus in soils irrigated with municipal waste water effluent a 5 year study

Julien J P.; Mushynski W.E., 1983:
Distribution of phosphorylation sites among identified proteolytic fragments of mammalian neuro filaments

Major, D.J.; Bole, J.B.; Charnetski, W.A., 1978:
Distribution of photosynthates after carbon 14 di oxide assimilation by stems leaves and pods of rape plants

Singh, R.; Singh, A.K., 1984:
Distribution of photosynthetic assimilates between healthy and common bean mosaic virus infected sunn hemp crotalaria juncea cultivar st.55 plant parts

Reger, B.J.; Yates, I.E., 1979:
Distribution of Photosynthetic Enzymes between Mesophyll, Specialized Parenchyma and Bundle Sheath Cells of Arundinella hirta

Sasamal S.K.; Panigrahy R.C.; Sahu B.K., 1985:
Distribution of photosynthetic pigments and particulate organic carbon in coastal waters of northwestern bay of bengal india

Nalepa T.F.; Quigley M.A., 1987:
Distribution of photosynthetic pigments in nearshore sediments of lake michigan usa

Wojcieska, U.; Slusarczyk, M., 1975:
Distribution of photosynthetic products in short and long culms of hibernating wheats

Sinclair T.R.; Knoerr K.R., 1982:
Distribution of photosynthetically active radiation in the canopy of a loblolly pine pinus taeda plantation

Wallace A.; Cha J.W.; Romney E.M., 1980:
Distribution of photosynthetically fixed carbon 14 in perennial plant species of the northern mojave desert nevada usa

Steenbergen C.L.M.; Korthals H.J., 1982:
Distribution of phototrophic microorganisms in the anaerobic and micro aerophilic strata of lake vechten the netherlands pigment analysis and role in primary production

Hiraishi A.; Kitamura H., 1984:
Distribution of phototrophic purple nonsulfur bacteria in activated sludge systems and other aquatic environments

Daffé, M.; Laneelle, M.A., 1988:
Distribution of phthiocerol diester, phenolic mycosides and related compounds in mycobacteria

Bogacheva I.A., 1984:
Distribution of phyllophagous insects in the birch betula tortuosa crown at the northern limit of woody vegetation

Prado F.R.; Sievers H.A., 1987:
Distribution of physical and chemical water characteristics off peninsula los molles chile 32 degrees 45 minutes south and its relation to the el nino 1982 83 phenomenon

Kurozawa C.; Pavan M.A., 1982:
Distribution of physiological races of fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersici in sao paulo state brazil

Jami L.; Murthy K.S.K.; Petit J.; Zytnicki D., 1982:
Distribution of physiological types of motor units in the cat peroneus tertius muscle

King B.F.; Somani S.M., 1987:
Distribution of physostigmine and metabolites in brain subcellular fractions of the rat

Martini, F., 1978:
Distribution of phyteuma betonicifolium and phyteuma zahlbruckneri in the southeastern alps

Krivets, I.O.; Hvozdyak, R.I., 1976:
Distribution of phyto pathogenic bacteria in the rhizosphere of some crops

Devassy V.P.; Bhattathiri P.M.A., 1981:
Distribution of phyto plankton and chlorophyll a around little andaman island india

Biswas, S., 1972:
Distribution of phyto plankton during the early development of volta lake 1964 1968

Popowski Casan G.; Lopez Baluja L.; Borrero Agramonte N., 1982:
Distribution of phyto plankton in the northwestern region of the cuban shelf

Frank N.A.; Shchur L.A.; Aponasenko A.D.; Sid'ko F.Ya, 1980:
Distribution of phyto plankton in the southern and central parts of lake baikal russian sfsr ussr

Berestetskii, O.A.; Mochalov-Yu, M., 1978:
Distribution of phyto toxic bacteria in soils of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Berestets'kyi, O.O.; Nadkernychnyi, S.P., 1977:
Distribution of phyto toxic fungi in soils of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Boivin G.; Stewart R.K., 1983:
Distribution of phytophagous mirids hemiptera heteroptera miridae on apple trees in relation to habitat availability

Von Broembsen S., 1984:
Distribution of phytophthora cinnamomi in rivers of the southwestern cape province south africa

Aguirre R.J.; Hine R.B.; Schonhorst M.H., 1983:
Distribution of phytophthora root rot of alfalfa medicago sativa in central mexico and development of disease resistance in mexican cultivars of alfalfa

Laanbroek H.J.; Verplanke J.C.; D.V.sscher P.R.M.; D.V.yst R., 1985:
Distribution of phytoplankton and bacterioplankton growth and biomass parameters dissolved inorganic nutrients and free amino acids during a spring bloom in the oosterschelde basin the netherlands

Shim J.H.; Lee W.H., 1987:
Distribution of phytoplankton species and associated environmental factors in the southwestern waters of the east sea sea of japan korea a canonical correlation analysis

Mchedlishvili G.I.; Baramidze D.G.; Gordeladze Z.T., 1984:
Distribution of pial arterial system dilatory responses to the microapplication of strychnine to the brain surface

Arima, K.; Oyanagi, S.; Kosaka, K.; Matsushita, M., 1987:
Distribution of pick's bodies in the central nervous system of pick's disease patients with special reference to their association with neuronal loss

Shmeleva V.L., 1986:
Distribution of pigments and photosynthetic activity in the thallus of the marine macroalga laminaria saccharina

Sork V.L., 1983:
Distribution of pignut hickory carya glabra along a forest to edge transect and factors affecting seedling recruitment

Mekhtieva N.P.; Ibragimov A.Sh; Akhmed Zade F.A., 1985:
Distribution of pimpinella puberula in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Langstrom B., 1980:
Distribution of pine shoot beetle attacks within the crown of scotch pine

Rutherford T.A.; Webster J.M., 1987:
Distribution of pine wilt disease with respect to temperature in north america japan and europe

Butler A.J.; Keough M.J., 1981:
Distribution of pinna bicolor mollusca bivalvia in south australia with observations on recruitment

Rice C.L.; Ware S., 1983 :
Distribution of pinus virginiana and pinus taeda in the peninsula of virginia usa

Semler U.; Gross G.G., 1988:
Distribution of piperine in vegetative parts of piper nigrum

Johnston, M.R.L., 1975:
Distribution of pirhemocyton and other possibly related infections of poikilotherms

Julkunen M.; Rutanen E M.; Koskimies A.; Ranta T.; Bohn H.; Seppala M., 1985:
Distribution of placental protein 14 in tissues and body fluids during pregnancy

Rotshil', E.V.; Postnikov, G.B.; Laskina, A.V., 1978:
Distribution of plague epizootics as an index of the state of rodent populations at different population densities

Vinogradov M.E.; Shushkina E.A.; Flint M.V.; Tumantseva N.I., 1986:
Distribution of plankton in the lower part of the oxygen zone in the black sea ussr

Beaver J.R.; Crisman T.L.; Bienert R.W.Jr, 1988:
Distribution of planktonic ciliates in highly colored subtropical lakes comparison with clearwater ciliate communities and the contribution of myxotrophic taxa to total autotrophic biomass

Burns, D.A., 1977:
Distribution of planktonic diatoms in pelorus sound south island new zealand

Gajbhiye S.N.; Govindan K.; Desai B.N., 1982:
Distribution of planktonic fish eggs and larvae around bombay waters india

Gibson, J.M., 1976:
Distribution of planktonic foraminifera and calcareous nanno plankton late cretaceous and early paleogene santa ynez mountains california usa

Brunner C.A., 1979:
Distribution of planktonic foraminifera in surface sediments of the gulf of mexico

Diaz G.; Parra A.; Benot C., 1982:
Distribution of planktonic foraminifera of the pliocene in the continental platform of southwestern spain

Tirmizi N.M.; Aziz N.; Qureshi W.M., 1987:
Distribution of planktonic shrimp sergestes semissis burkenroad 1940 decapoda sergestidae in the indian ocean with notes on juveniles

White, E.; Don, B.; Downes, M.T.; Kemp, L., 1978:
Distribution of plant nutrients in the kaituna river

Moussa F.F.; Elgindi D.M.; Kheir A.M.; Koraiem A.M., 1982:
Distribution of plant parasitic nematodes associated with cucurbitaceous crops in northern egypt

Vrain T.C.; Dupre M., 1982:
Distribution of plant parasitic nematodes in market garden soils in southwestern quebec canada

Chastagner G.A.; Mcelroy F.D., 1984:
Distribution of plant parasitic nematodes in putting green turf grass in washington usa

Stirling, G.R., 1976:
Distribution of plant parasitic nematodes in south australian vineyards

Smith, P.C., 1977:
Distribution of plant parasitic nematodes in vineyards in the western cape province

Looman J., 1983:
Distribution of plant species and vegetation types in relation to climate

Sergienko, V.G., 1978:
Distribution of plant species on the kanin peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Galanin A.V.; Degteva S.V., 1982:
Distribution of plants in the phytogenic field of tufted hair grass deschampsia caespitosa

Keeler K.H., 1979:
Distribution of plants with extrafloral nectaries and ants at 2 elevations in jamaica

Watanabe, S.; Kuyama, C.; Yokoyama, S.; Kubo, S.; Iwai, H., 1977:
Distribution of plasma carbamazepine in epileptic patients

Soutar, C.A., 1977:
Distribution of plasma cells and other cells containing immuno globulin in the respiratory tract in chronic bronchitis

Leonard, R.C.; MacLennan, I.C., 1982:
Distribution of plasma cells in normal rectal mucosa

Watanabe, S.; Kuyama, C.; Yokoyama, S.; Kubo, S.; Iwai, H., 1977:
Distribution of plasma di phenyl hydantoin pheno barbital and primidone concentrations in epileptic children with mental retardation

Aoyagi Y., 1988:
Distribution of plasma fibronectin in the metastatic lesion of cancer experimental study by autoradiography

Harpel P.C.; Lewin M.F.; Kaplan A.P., 1985:
Distribution of plasma kallikrein between activated complement c 1 inactivator and alpha 2 macroglobulin in plasma utilizing a new assay for alpha 2 macroglobulin kallikrein complexes

Schneider B.; Herth W., 1986:
Distribution of plasma membrane rosettes and kinetics of cellulose formation in xylem development of higher plants

Watanabe, S.; Kuyama, C.; Yokoyama, S.; Kubo, S.; Iwai, H., 1977:
Distribution of plasma pheno barbital di phenyl hydantoin and primidone levels in epileptic patients

Smith E.B.; Staples E.M., 1980:
Distribution of plasma proteins across the human aortic wall barrier functions of endothelium and internal elastic lamina

Reynolds M.L.; Mollgard K.; Saunders N.R., 1983:
Distribution of plasma proteins during early embryonic development in the sheep

Jan, K.M., 1984:
Distribution of plasmalemmal vesicles on arterial endothelial surface as determined by freeze cleavage

Dembitskii, V.M.; Vas'kovskii, V.E., 1976:
Distribution of plasmalogens in different phospho lipid classes of marine invertebrates

Kruglova E.E., 1985:
Distribution of plasmalogens in subcellular fractions of the brain in vertebrates

McClenaghan, M.; Honeycombe, J.R.; Bevan, B.J.; Herring, A.J., 1988:
Distribution of plasmid sequences in avian and mammalian strains of Chlamydia psittaci

Ogunseitan O.A.; Tedford E.T.; Pacia D.; Sirotkin K.M.; Sayler G.S., 1987:
Distribution of plasmids in groundwater bacteria

Hara T.; Chetanachit C.; Fujio Y.; Ueda S., 1986:
Distribution of plasmids in polyglutamate producing bacillus strains isolated from natto like fermented soybeans thua nao in thailand

Okamoto U.; Horie N.; Nagamatsu Y.; Yamamoto J I., 1980:
Distribution of plasminogen activator in human milk samples collected at various days after delivery

Dykes D.; Nelson M.; Polesky H., 1983:
Distribution of plasminogen allotypes in 8 populations of the western hemisphere

Gamalei Y.V.; Pakhomova M.V., 1981:
Distribution of plasmodesmata and the lateral transport of assimilates in the leaf of some dicotyledons

Schnepf E.; Sych A., 1983:
Distribution of plasmodesmata in developing sphagnum palustre leaflets

Kurkova E.V.; Vakhmistrov D.B., 1984:
Distribution of plasmodesmata in trianea bogotensis root epidermis along the root axis

Sandmann G.; Reck H.; Kessler E.; Boeger P., 1983:
Distribution of plasto cyanin and soluble plastidic cytochrome c in various classes of algae

Mason R.W.; Hogg S.J.; Edwards I.R., 1986:
Distribution of platinum in the urine and kidney of the cisplatin treated rat

Artamoshin, A.S., 1978:
Distribution of plerocercoids of the broad tapeworm in fish tissues

Kennedy, C.W.; Bartelt, G.E., 1978:
Distribution of plutonium 238 in tissues of fish from the canal in miamisburg ohio usa

Levdik, T.I.; Yashunskii, V.G.; Samoilova, O.I., 1976:
Distribution of plutonium 239 in bone tissue elements and effect of di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid on the process

Green, D.; Howells, G.R.; Humphreys, E.R., 1975:
Distribution of plutonium 239 in male cba mice after intra venous and intra peritoneal injection

Sontag W.; Seidel A., 1987:
Distribution of plutonium 239 in the skeleton of the tree shrew tupaia belangeri between 15 and 50 months after injection

Sontag W.; Seidel A.; Moller P., 1984:
Distribution of plutonium 239 in the skeleton of the tree shrew tupaia belangeri during the 1st 15 months after injection

Nyhan J.W.; Drennon B.J.; Abeele W.V.; Wheeler M.L.; Purtymun W.D.; Trujillo G.; Herrera W.J.; Booth J.W., 1985:
Distribution of plutonium and americium beneath a 33 year old liquid waste disposal site

Okabayashi, H., 1979:
Distribution of plutonium in the rats following inhalation of submicron plutonium nitrate aerosols

Nyhan, J.W.; Miera, F.R.Jr ; Neher, R.E., 1976:
Distribution of plutonium in trinity soils after 28 years

Kalin M.; Lindberg A.A., 1980:
Distribution of pneumococcal types in the stockholm sweden region 1976 1978

Tocino, I.M.; Miller, M.H.; Fairfax, W.R., 1985:
Distribution of pneumothorax in the supine and semirecumbent critically ill adult

Sasse J.M.; Rowan K.S.; Galbraith M.N., 1981:
Distribution of podo lactone type plant growth inhibitors in the coniferae

Slepecky N.; Chamberlain S.C., 1983 :
Distribution of polarity of actin in inner ear supporting cells

Attree Pietri C.; Gutierrez Galindo E.A.; Stromboni P., 1982:
Distribution of poliovirus at the sea water sediment interface in an experimental system

Keeley S.C.; Jones S.B.Jr, 1979:
Distribution of pollen types in vernonia vernonieae compositae

Cohen B.S.; Eisenbud M.; Wrenn M.E.; Harley N.H., 1979:
Distribution of polonium 210 in the human lung

Sit'ko R.Ya; Simakov A.V., 1982:
Distribution of polonium and transuranic elements in the skin and body in chronic skin exposure

Plotnikov V.K.; Filichkin S.A.; Ryadchikov V.G.; Neudachin V.P.; Dolgikh Y.R., 1983:
Distribution of poly adenylated rna of membrane bound poly ribosomes in sub cellular preparations of maturing maize endosperm

Raghavan V., 1981:
Distribution of poly adenylic acid containing rna during normal pollen development and during induced pollen embryogenesis in hyoscyamus niger

Baby, T.G.; Reddy, R.R., 1981:
Distribution of poly amines and ornithine decarboxylase ec activity in the tissues of the lizard calotes versicolor

Martinez Murillo R.; Martinez Rodriguez R.; Toledano A.; Bentura M.L.; Canseco M.J.; Ramos V., 1980:
Distribution of poly anionic substances and glyco proteins in albino rat hippocampus during post natal development

Fries, G.F.; Cook, R.M.; Prewitt, L.R., 1978:
Distribution of poly brominated bi phenyl residues in the tissues of environmentally contaminated dairy cows

Kuwahara S.S.; Calera F.; Perry E.S., 1980:
Distribution of poly brominated bi phenyls among fractions derived from contaminated human plasma

Pavlou S.P.; Dexter R.N., 1979:
Distribution of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in estuarine ecosystems testing the concept of equilibrium partitioning in the marine environment

Bagg J.; Smith J.D.; Maher W.A., 1981:
Distribution of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in sediments from estuaries of southeastern australia

Stasiecki P.; Waechter F.; Bentley P.; Oesch F., 1979:
Distribution of poly cyclic hydro carbon metabolism linked enzymes in specialized regions of the endoplasmic reticulum

Liu S M.; Sezaki K.; Hashimoto K.; Nakamura M., 1980:
Distribution of poly ploids of ginbuna carassius auratus langsdorfi in japan

Mohamed Y.; Bopp M., 1980:
Distribution of poly ploidy in elongating and nonelongating shoot axis of pisum sativum

Sniezko, R., 1976:
Distribution of poly saccharides during mega sporogenesis in onagraceae

Morozova E.O.; Blinov M.N., 1984:
Distribution of polyadenylated and the polysome monosome ratio in the lymphocytes of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and in healthy people

E.B.ze P.; Milano G.; Verrando P.; Renee N.; Ortonne J.P., 1985:
Distribution of polyamines in human epidermis

Yousuf A.R.; Qadri M.Y., 1986:
Distribution of polyarthra vulgaris carlin rotifera monogonata in a warm monomictic lake of kashmir india

Kondratova M.A.; Tsetlin A.B., 1979:
Distribution of polychaetes in the white sea ussr

Cognetti-Varriale, A.M.; Zunarelli-Vandini, R., 1978:
Distribution of polychaetes on the infralittoral soft bottom off molise adriatic italy/

Paik, E.I., 1986:
Distribution of polychaetous annelid worms from ulnung do coast korea

Hori S.; Obana H.; Kashimoto T., 1987:
Distribution of polychlorinated biphenyl pcb and polychlorinated quaterphenyl pcq in cynomolgus monkey macaca fascicularis

Ballschmiter K.; Kramer W.; Magg H.; Schafer W.; Zoller W.; Nottrodt A.; Sladek K.D., 1984:
Distribution of polychlorodibenzodioxin and polychlorodibenzofuran emissions between particulates flue gas condensate and impinger absorption in stack gas sampling

Halsinaho E., 1984:
Distribution of polydora redeki polychaeta annelida on the baltic coast of finland

Kravchenko, L.S.; Sokolov, V.N.; Glubokovskaya, O.I.; Fateeva, L.I.; Tereshin, I.M., 1977:
Distribution of polyene antibiotics in cells of puppy kidney tissue culture

Miyazaki M.; Toyota N.; Shimada Y., 1984:
Distribution of polymorphic forms of troponin components in extrafusal and intrafusal fibers of an avian slow muscle

Ohkura, K.; Miyashita, T.; Nakajima, H.; Matsumoto, H.; Matsutomo, K.; Rahabar, S.; Hedayat, S., 1984:
Distribution of polymorphic traits in Mazandaranian and Guilanian in Iran

Kawata K.; Yokoyama H.; Moriyama N.; Shirai F., 1988:
Distribution of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments from small streams

Sianoudis J.; Kuesel A.C.; Mayer A.; Grimme L.H.; Leibfritz D., 1986:
Distribution of polyphosphates in cell compartments of chlorella fusca as measured by phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

Granqvist, S., 1981:
Distribution of polyps in the large bowel in relation to age. A colonoscopic study

Wiederholm A M., 1987:
Distribution of pomatoschistus minutus and pomatoschistus microps gobiidae pisces in the bothnian sea finland and sweden importance of salinity and temperature

Kanai H., 1987:
Distribution of popular plants in aomori prefecture north japan

Kanai H.; Konta F., 1987:
Distribution of popular plants in shizuoka prefecture central japan

Vives, F., 1978:
Distribution of populations of copepods in the western mediterranean

Kawakami, M.; Takizawa, T., 1987:
Distribution of pores within alveoli in the human lung

Godfrey, A.J.; Shahrabadi, M.S.; Bryan, L.E., 1986:
Distribution of porin and lipopolysaccharide antigens on a Pseudomonas aeruginosa permeability mutant

Miura A.; Aruga Y., 1987:
Distribution of porphyra in japan as affected by cultivation

Ricchelli F.; Jori G., 1986:
Distribution of porphyrins in the various compartments of unilamellar liposomes of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine as probed by fluorescence spectroscopy

Blei, A.T.; O'Reilly, D.J.; Gottstein, J.; Hauck, W.W.; Zimmer, M., 1984:
Distribution of portal blood flow in the liver of the rat: a microsphere study

Danin A.; Anderson L.C., 1986:
Distribution of portulaca oleracea portulacaceae subspecies in florida usa

Pullarkat, R.K.; Reha, H., 1976:
Distribution of positional isomers of monoenoic fatty acids in pig brain white matter sphingo lipids

Kuttyamma V.J.; Kurian C.V., 1982:
Distribution of post larvae of marine prawns in the southwest coast of india

Russell F.S., 1980:
Distribution of post larval fish in the bristol channel uk

Mackintosh, N.A., 1973:
Distribution of post larval krill in the antarctic

Gonzalez G.; Tort M.J.; Prat N.; Puig M.A., 1981:
Distribution of potamopyrgus jenkinsi gastropoda hydrobiidae in the basin of besos and llobregat rivers northeastern spain

Mardanov A.A.; Vezirova N.B., 1985:
Distribution of potassium and calcium in the pumpkin cucurbita pepo plant depending on nitrogen nutrition conditions

Davies A.M.; Dennis C., 1983:
Distribution of potassium calcium and magnesium in strawberry fruits in relation to breakdown of the sulfited fruit

Brown, D.H.; Buck, G.W., 1978:
Distribution of potassium calcium and magnesium in the gametophyte and sporophyte generations of funaria hygrometrica

Roblin G.; Fleurat Lessard P., 1983:
Distribution of potassium chloride and calcium and capacity of hydrogen ion excretion in various parts of the mimosa pudica plant

Newman E.A., 1987:
Distribution of potassium conductance in mammalian mueller glial cells a comparative study

Sharpley A.N.; Smith S.J., 1988:
Distribution of potassium forms in virgin and cultivated soils of the usa

Patterson, J.W., 1982:
Distribution of potassium in the rat lens

Vick, R.L.; Hazlewood, C.F.; Nichols, B.L., 1970:
Distribution of potassium, sodium, and chloride in canine Purkinje and ventricular tissues. Relation to cellular potential

Davis B.M.; Druzinsky R.E.; Mendell L.M., 1987:
Distribution of potentiation following short high frequency bursts to motoneurons of different rheobase

Goliasova K., 1986:
Distribution of potentilla aurea and potentilla crantzii in slovakia czechoslovakia

Helyuta V.P., 1986:
Distribution of powdery mildew fungi erysiphaceae in plant communities in the karadag state preserve ukrainian ssr ussr

Shuell T.J., 1981:
Distribution of practice and retroactive inhibition in free recall learning

Iwamoto K.; Takahashi M.; Ioriya T., 1983:
Distribution of prasiola japonica in the tamagawa river system tokyo japan

Veiko, N.N.; Golovanova, I.V.; Piotrovskii, V.K.; Gus'kova, T.A.; Polievktov, M.K.; Metelitsa, V.I., 1987:
Distribution of prazosin and its metabolites in animal organs after its long term administration

Tewari S.N., 1981:
Distribution of precipitation by diospyros melanoxylon at sanctuary forest varanasi india

Takada M.; Itoh K.; Yasui Y.; Mitani A.; Nomura S.; Mizuno N., 1984:
Distribution of premotor neurons for orbicularis oculi motoneurons in the cat with particular reference to possible pathways for blink reflex

Takada M.; Itoh K.; Yasui Y.; Mitani A.; Nomura S.; Mizuno N., 1984:
Distribution of premotor neurons for the hypoglossal nucleus in the cat

Das R.K.; Vyas K.N., 1987:
Distribution of preputial glands in surti buffalo

Monteillet, J.; Rosso, J.C., 1977:
Distribution of present day testaceous fauna mollusks and cirriped crustaceans in the lower valley and delta of the senegal river senegal

Radius R.L., 1981:
Distribution of pressure induced fast axonal transport abnormalities in primate aotus trivirgatus optic nerve an auto radiographic study

Webster K.E.; Kemplay S.K., 1987:
Distribution of primary afferent fibers from the forelimb of the rat to the upper cervical spinal cord in relation to the location of spinothalamic neuron populations

Merchan M.A.; Collia F.P.; Merchan J.A.; Saldana E., 1985:
Distribution of primary afferent fibers in the cochlear nuclei a silver and horseradish peroxidase study

Merchan M.A.; Collia F.P.; Merchan J.A.; Ludena M.D., 1986:
Distribution of primary cochlear afferents in the bulbar nuclei of the rat a horseradish peroxidase study in parasagittal sections

Cadee, G.C.; Hegeman, J., 1977:
Distribution of primary production of the benthic micro flora and accumulation of organic matter on a tidal flat area balgzand dutch wadden sea

Ohnishi K.; Kanemaki N.; Naito H.; Sugiura K.; Shimizu Y., 1985:
Distribution of primary retinal blood vessels on the ocular fundus in goats

Fehér, E.; Hosszú, E.; Vajda, J., 1982:
Distribution of primary sensory nerve terminals in the cat urinary bladder wall

Blenda V.F., 1979:
Distribution of pro antho cyanides in the tissues of axial organs of sprouts and seedlings of fruit plants

Malinowski, W.; Nabaglo, L., 1978:
Distribution of probability of catching individuals of a closed microtus arvalis population

Ehler L.E., 1986:
Distribution of progeny in two ineffective parasites of a gall midge diptera cecidomyiidae

Devenuto, F.; Wilson, S.M., 1976:
Distribution of progesterone and its effect on human blood during storage

Pope, W.F.; Maurer, R.R.; Stormshak, F., 1982:
Distribution of progesterone in the uterus, broad ligament, and uterine arteries of beef cows

Lenasi H.; Hudnik Plevnik T.; Rakar S.; Rainer S., 1987:
Distribution of progesterone receptors between the cytosol and nuclear fraction in normal and neoplastic human endometrium

Sar, M., 1988:
Distribution of progestin concentrating cells in rat brain colocalization of tritiated org.2058 a synthetic progestin and antibodies to tyrosine hydroxylase in hypothalamus by combined autoradiography and immunocytochemistry

Zhu S P.; Wang G L.; Gao X H., 1985:
Distribution of promethium 147 in bones and central nervous system in rats

Harvey P.R.C.; Kimura L.H.; Cripps C.; Hokama Y., 1981:
Distribution of prostaglandin b prostaglandin e and prostaglandin f series in plasma of cancer patients

Pace-Asciak, C.R.; Rangaraj, G., 1978:
Distribution of prostaglandin biosynthetic pathways in organs and tissues of the fetal lamb

Willman, E.A.; Collins, W.P., 1976:
Distribution of prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin 2 alpha within the feto placental unit throughout human pregnancy

Cseh, G.; Szabo, I.K.; Lang, T.; Palkovits, M., 1978:
Distribution of prostaglandin e and prostaglandin f in different regions of the rat brain

Moonen P.; Klok G.; Keirse M.J.N., 1986:
Distribution of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase and prostacyclin synthase in the late pregnant uterus

Konturek, S.J.; Obtulowicz, W.; Sito, E.; Oleksy, J.; Wilkon, S.; Kiec-Dembinska, A., 1981:
Distribution of prostaglandins in gastric and duodenal mucosa of healthy subjects and duodenal ulcer patients: effects of aspirin and paracetamol

Crowshaw, K.; Szlyk, J.Z., 1970:
Distribution of prostaglandins in rabbit kidney

Lad P.M.; Learn D.B.; Cooper J.F.; Reisinger D.M., 1984:
Distribution of prostatic acid phosphatase isoenzymes in normal and cancerous states

Vinayakam A., 1984:
Distribution of protein and nucleic acids in relation to growth and maturity of proglottids of moniezia benedeni

Ramakrishnan, V., 1986:
Distribution of protein and RNA in the 30S ribosomal subunit

Chen-Schmeisser, U.; Garrett, R., 1976:
Distribution of protein assembly sites along the 23s ribosomal rna of escherichia coli

Boyett, J.D.; Sullivan, J.F., 1970:
Distribution of protein bound zinc in normal and cirrhotic serum

Song B H.; Kim D Y.; Kim S K.; Kim Y D.; Choi K S., 1988:
Distribution of protein fat and ash within the degermed brown rice kernel

Ueda, T.; Stratford, C.A.; Larson, J., 1981:
Distribution of protein i a synapse specific phospho protein and adenylate cyclase ec in the rat spinal cord

Franke A.A.; Bruhn J.C.; Lawrence C.M., 1988:
Distribution of protein in california usa milk in 1983

Mustafa S.; Mittal A., 1982:
Distribution of protein rna and dna in alimentary canal of fresh water catfish clarias batrachus/

Sumner A.T., 1984:
Distribution of protein sulfhydryls and disulfides in fixed mammalian chromosomes and their relationship to banding

Atwell B.J.; T., 1986:
Distribution of protein synthesized by seedlings of oryza sativa grown in anoxia

Richardson B.J., 1983:
Distribution of protein variation in skipjack tuna katsuwonus pelamis from the central and southwestern pacific

Weder J.K.P.; Murray D.R., 1981:
Distribution of proteinase inhibitors in seeds of australian acacias

Xavier Filho J.; D.M.nte Negreiros A.N., 1979:
Distribution of proteinase inhibitors in vigna sinensis cultivar sendo seeds

Olson M.O.J.; Thompson B.A., 1983:
Distribution of proteins among chromatin components of nucleoli

Tata S.J., 1980:
Distribution of proteins between the fractions of hevea latex separated by ultra centrifugation

Heydorn W.E.; Creed G.J.; Patel J.; Jacobowitz D.M., 1986:
Distribution of proteins in different subcellular fractions of rat brain studies by two dimensional gel electrophoresis

Sprung, C.L.; Long, W.M.; Marcial, E.H.; Schein, R.M.; Parker, R.E.; Shomer, T.; Brigham, K.L., 1987:
Distribution of proteins in pulmonary edema. The value of fractional concentrations

Vale M.G.P., 1980:
Distribution of proteins in sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes

Funderburgh, J.L.; Caterson, B.; Conrad, G.W., 1987:
Distribution of proteoglycans antigenically related to corneal keratan sulfate proteoglycan

Levitskii A.P.; Vovchuk S.V.; Adamovskaya V.G.; Dymkovskaya S.V., 1985:
Distribution of proteolytic enzyme inhibitors in protein fractions of wheat grains

Moiseev E.V., 1986:
Distribution of protozoa in the regions of submarine mountains in the west part of the indian ocean

Kubicka J., 1982:
Distribution of psathyrella berolinensis on the dung of sus scrofa from czechoslovakia

Afrikova, S.G., 1975:
Distribution of pseudocalanus elongatus in the black sea ussr

Musleh R.M.; A.S.ibib A.S., 1985:
Distribution of pseudomonads in various types of iraqi foods with special reference to pseudomonas aeruginosa

Skvortsova I.N.; Mosolova A.I.; Korchagina Z.A.; Vorozheikina I.P.; Kurbetova E.N., 1979:
Distribution of pseudomonas lemonnieri in soils

Lysak, L.V.; Aseeva, I.V., 1976:
Distribution of psychrophilic coryneform bacteria in some soils of the ussr

Maclean S.F.Jr; Hodkinson I.D., 1980:
Distribution of psyllids homoptera psylloidea in arctic and subarctic alaska usa

Huber, C.; Marggi, W., 1986:
Distribution of pterostichus nigrita payk. and pterostichus rhaeticus heer coleoptera carabidae in switzerland

Barbiroli B.; Konig G.; Bovina C.; Formiggini G.; Tolomelli B.; Marchetti M., 1980:
Distribution of pteroyl glutamates during liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in folic acid deficient rats

Tolomelli B.; Formiggini G.; Bovina C.; Marchetti M., 1981:
Distribution of pteroyl glutamates in developing chick embryo

Schall R.A.; Mccain J.W.; Hennen J.F., 1983:
Distribution of puccinia polysora in indiana usa and absence of a cool weather form as determined by comparison with puccinia sorghi

Kazemi, H.; Parsons, E.F.; Valenca, L.M.; Strieder, D.J., 1970:
Distribution of pulmonary blood flow after myo cardial ischemia and infarction

Zweizig, H.Z.; Kuhl, D.E.; Katz, R.; Polgar, G., 1970:
Distribution of pulmonary blood flow in fetal and new born lambs

El-Bermani, A.W.; Bloomquist, E.I.; Montvilo, J.A., 1982:
Distribution of pulmonary cholinergic nerves in the rabbit

Chihara H., 1983:
Distribution of pulmonary perfusion and ventilation in heart disease scintigraphic evaluation

Drazen, J.M.; Loring, S.H.; Ingram, R.H., 1976:
Distribution of pulmonary resistance: effects of gas density, viscosity, and flow rate

Snapper, J.R.; Drazen, J.M.; Loring, S.H.; Schneider, W.; Ingram, R.H., 1978:
Distribution of pulmonary responsiveness to aerosol histamine in dogs

Michel, R.P.; Hakim, T.S.; Freeman, C.R., 1988:
Distribution of pulmonary vascular resistance in experimental fibrosis

Michels, D.B.; West, J.B., 1978:
Distribution of pulmonary ventilation and perfusion during short periods of weightlessness

Pistelli R.; Patalano F.; Incalzi R.A.; Liberatore S.M.; Ciappi G., 1981:
Distribution of pulmonary ventilation in older people

Dillon R.T.; Benfield E.F., 1982:
Distribution of pulmonate snails in the new river of virginia and north carolina usa interaction between alkalinity and stream drainage area

Burke, M.E.; Gorham, E.; Pratt, D.C., 1974:
Distribution of purple photosynthetic bacteria in wetland and woodland habitats of central and northern Minnesota

Adams J.C.; Wenthold R.J., 1979:
Distribution of putative amino acid transmitters choline acetyl transferase and glutamate decarboxylase in the inferior colliculus

Emson P.C.; Lindvall O., 1979:
Distribution of putative neuro transmitters in the neo cortex

Kano T., 1984:
Distribution of pygmy chimpanzees pan paniscus in the central zaire basin

Singh, M.; Chitkara, Y.K., 1976:
Distribution of pyocin types of pseudomonas aeruginosa from various clinical sources

Babb, T.L.; Lieb, J.P.; Brown, W.J.; Pretorius, J.; Crandall, P.H., 1984:
Distribution of pyramidal cell density and hyperexcitability in the epileptic human hippocampal formation

Miller W.IIi, 1983:
Distribution of pyramidellid gastropods in late pleistocene nearshore sedimentary environments dare county north carolina usa

Zito, S.W.; Zieg, R.G.; Staba, E.J., 1983:
Distribution of pyrethrins in oil glands and leaf tissue of Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium

Srivastava A.K.; Malik J.K., 1988:
Distribution of pyridine 2 aldoxime in blood cerebrospinal fluid interstitial fluid and urine of heifers

Stepuro I.I.; Solodunov A.A.; Piletskaya T.P.; Yaroshevich N.A.; Ostrovskii Y.M., 1988:
Distribution of pyridoxal 5 phosphate between proteins and low molecular weight components of blood plasma effect of acetaldehyde

Tsuge H.; Iwamoto A.; Yamamoto I.; Miyata H.; Hattori K.; Ohashi K., 1986:
Distribution of pyridoxamine phosphate oxidase activity in various plants and calluses

Nishikawara, M.T.; Leung, F.Y., 1979:
Distribution of pyrimidine synthetic enzymes in the rat testis

Kruger N.J.; Hemmingsen S.M.; Dennis D.T., 1986:
Distribution of pyrophosphate fructose 6 phosphate phosphotransferase in maize zea mays leaves

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