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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5181

Chapter 5181 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ibsen, K.H.; Cardin, J.P.Jr ; Chiu, R.H.C.; Garratt, K.N.; Marles, S.W.; Doty, J.R., 1980:
Distribution of pyruvate kinase ec isozymes in adult and developing xenopus laevis

Zierz, S.; Katz, N.; Jungermann, K., 1983:
Distribution of pyruvate kinase ec type l and type m 2 in micro dissected peri portal and peri venous rat liver tissue with different dietary states

Watanabe T., 1983:
Distribution of pythium aphanidermatum in japan its significance

Stanghellini M.E.; Stowell L.J.; Kronland W.C.; Von Bretzel P., 1983:
Distribution of pythium aphanidermatum in rhizosphere soil and factors affecting expression of the absolute inoculum potential

Ali M.S., 1986:
Distribution of pythium species in the west bank israel and gaza strip egypt

Hori K.; Yamamoto T.; Miyazawa K.; Ito K., 1979:
Distribution of quaternary ammonium bases in 7 species of marine algae

Bilyk A.; Sapers G.M., 1985:
Distribution of quercetin and kaempferol in lettuce kale chive garlic chive leek horseradish red radish and red cabbage tissues

Hunt D.M., 1986:
Distribution of quercus arkansana in georgia usa

Flain M., 1981:
Distribution of quinnat salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha off the east coast of the south island new zealand 1925 1978

Tyc Z.; Szych J., 1981:
Distribution of r plasmids among salmonella agona

Parer I.; Libke J.A., 1985:
Distribution of rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus warrens in relation to soil type

Kappelman A.J.Jr, 1983:
Distribution of races of fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum within the usa

Ruano O.; Chaves G.M.; Ferraz S.; Zambolim L., 1985:
Distribution of races of meloidogyne incognita in cotton growing areas of the states of parana and goias brazil

Cook A.A.; Stall R.E., 1982:
Distribution of races of xanthomonas vesicatoria pathogenic on pepper capsicum annuum

Bauchinger M.; Goetz G., 1979:
Distribution of radiation induced lesions in human chromosomes and dose effect relation analyzed with g banding

Gray A.J.; Rickard J., 1981:
Distribution of radio label in rats after intra venous injections of a toxic dose of carbon 14 acid labeled carbon 14 alcohol labeled or carbon 14 cyano labeled deltamethrin

Buchsbaum D.J.; Walker P.C.; Johnson E.A., 1979:
Distribution of radio labeled allo antibodies in mice bearing 3 methyl cholanthrene induced sarcomas

Macarthur J.I.; Fletcher T.C.; Thomson A.W., 1982:
Distribution of radio labeled erythrocytes and the effect of temperature on clearance in the plaice pleuronectes platessa

Schroeder, H.G.; Simmons, G.H.; Deluca, P.P., 1978:
Distribution of radio labeled subvisible microspheres after intra venous administration to beagle dogs/

Nakamura, R.; Suzuki, Y.; Ueda, T., 1977:
Distribution of radio nuclides among green alga marine sediments and sea water

Forgy J.R.; Epperson C.E.; Swindle D.L., 1984:
Distribution of radio nuclides in dardanelle reservoir arkansas usa sediments

Sun Q X.; Wang C P.; Qian S B.; Wang G Q.; Xiao G L.; Wang Y C.; Liu G F.; M.W.D.; Jin Y J.; E.A., 1981:
Distribution of radio thallium in organs and tumors in mice

Dwivedi R.S.; Kaur G.; Srivastava R.C.; Murti C.R.K., 1982:
Distribution of radio tin tin 113 in partially hepatectomized rats and its binding with sub cellular components of liver cells

Damodaran, C.; Shanmugasundaram, E.R.B., 1978:
Distribution of radioactive citrinin in tissues and serum proteins

Kasavina, B.S.; Ukhina, T.V.; Churakova, T.D., 1977:
Distribution of radioactive cortisol in eye tissues and media

Joyard J.; Douce R.; Siebertz H.P.; Heinz E., 1980:
Distribution of radioactive lipids between envelopes and thylakoids from chloroplasts labeled in vivo

Sindhu J.S.; Roy N.K., 1982:
Distribution of radioactive phosphorus 32 in buffalo skimmed milk as affected by processing

Liebisch H W.; Schmidt E.; Schuette H R., 1980:
Distribution of radioactively labeled free and conjugated gibberellins in detached barley hordeum distichon cultivar certina leaves

Wu, P.H.L.; Thompson, E.M., 1976:
Distribution of radioactivities in sugars from acetate 2 carbon 14 incubation and elemental content of some vascular plants in 2 diverse habitats of glacier bay alaska usa

Beraud M.; Gaillard D.; Pipy B.; Derache R., 1981:
Distribution of radioactivity following oral administration of carcinogenic carbon 14 labeled nitroso carbaryl in the rat

Hestnes A., 1979:
Distribution of radioactivity from exogenously supplied carbon 14 labeled iaa and tritium labeled gibberellin a 1 in geotropically stimulated picea abies roots

Kuraishi, S., 1976:
Distribution of radioactivity from leucine uniformly labeled carbon 14 sucrose and acetate 2 carbon 14 into protein of the mung bean hypocotyl

Watanabe M.; Shimono R.; Goto H., 1982:
Distribution of radioactivity in monkeys macaca fascicularis injected with carbon 14 labeled glucose studied by whole body auto radiography

Gozlan-Devillierre, N.; Baumann, N.; Bourre, J.M., 1978:
Distribution of radioactivity in myelin lipids following sub cutaneous injection of carbon 14 stearate

Benard P.; Durand S., 1980:
Distribution of radioactivity in rats injected with carbon 14 labeled methionine as studied by whole body auto radiography

Ivanova E.A., 1986:
Distribution of radioactivity in subcellular fractions of genital tract tissues and skeletal muscle of the guinea pig embryos after the effect of tritiated testosterone in vitro

Konador, A.; Kawiak, J., 1976:
Distribution of radioactivity in the mouse organism after administration of sulfur 35 chondroitin sulfate

Ivanova E.A., 1982:
Distribution of radioactivity in the sub cellular fractions of the reproductive tract tissue and of the skeletal muscle in rat and rabbit embryos after in vitro treatment with tritium labeled 1 alpha 2 alpha testosterone and tritium labeled 5 alpha di hydro 1 alpha 2 alpha n testosterone

Pellegrin, M.J.; Astoin, M., 1976:
Distribution of radioactivity of tritiated prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin a 2 in rat tissues including a renal auto radiographic study

Milosevic Z.; Emilija H.; Kljajic R.; Hasanbasic D., 1984:
Distribution of radiocesium in sheep and goats irradiated with hard x rays

Afanas'ev V.A., 1982:
Distribution of rain in larch forests of kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

Dunstall T.G., 1984:
Distribution of rainbow smelt osmerus mordax and alewife alosa pseudoharengus larvae along the north shore of lake ontario

Schulz H.; Tetzlaff W., 1982:
Distribution of rapid eye movement latencies after sleep interruption in depressive patients and control subjects

Coble P.A.; Kupfer D.J.; Shaw D.H., 1981:
Distribution of rapid eye movement latency in depression

Nadin Davis S.; Mezl V.A., 1983:
Distribution of rat alpha lact albumin and casein messenger rna between poly adenylated and nonpolyadenylated rna

Yap, S.H.; Strair, R.K.; Shafritz, D.A., 1977:
Distribution of rat liver albumin messenger rna membrane bound and free in poly ribosomes as determined by molecular hybridization

Muul, I.; Chai, K.S., 1978:
Distribution of rats infected with Rickettsia tsutsugamushi (scrub typhus) in an edge habitat

Deecke, L.; Scheid, P.; Kornhuber, H.H., 1969:
Distribution of readiness potential pre motion positivity and motor potential of the human cerebral cortex preceding voluntary finger movements

Chowdhury K.R., 1982:
Distribution of recent and fossil palynomorphs in the southeastern north sea german bay

Culver S.J.; Buzas M.A., 1982:
Distribution of recent benthic foraminifera in the caribbean region

Culver S.J.; Buzas M.A., 1980:
Distribution of recent benthic foraminifera off the north american atlantic coast

Culver S.J.; Buzas M.A., 1987:
Distribution of recent benthic foraminifera off the pacific coast of mexico and central america

Lukashina N.P., 1983:
Distribution of recent bottom foraminifers in the northeastern atlantic

Labracherie, M., 1978:
Distribution of recent thanatocenoses of radiolarians in the northeastern atlantic ocean and south norwegian sea

Samuel A.P.W.; Saha N., 1986:
Distribution of red cell glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and 6 phosphogluconate dehydrogenase phenotypes in saudi arabia

Raju K.K.; Rao R.J., 1987:
Distribution of red sanders among the geological formations in cuddapah landscape india

Morales G.; Pino L.A.; Morales J., 1986:
Distribution of rediae and cercariae of fasciola hepatica in a silvester population of lymnaea cubensis in western venezuela

Dmitriev L.F.; Ivanov I.I., 1979:
Distribution of reducing equivalents in cell during the active phase of benzo a pyrene metabolism

Ploy-Song-Sang, Y.; Macklem, P.T.; Ross, W.R., 1978:
Distribution of regional ventilation measured by breath sounds

Kallok, M.J.; Wilson, T.A.; Rodarte, J.R.; Lai-Fook, S.J.; Chevalier, P.A.; Harris, L.D., 1979:
Distribution of regional volumes and ventilation in excised canine lobes

Kremer A., 1984:
Distribution of relative growth rates and variation of cytohistological zonation in apical meristems of seedlings of 2 contrasting open pollinated jack pine pinus banksiana families

Weiss, G.; O'Byrne, E.M.; Hochman, J.; Steinetz, B.G.; Goldsmith, L.; Flitcraft, J.G., 1978:
Distribution of relaxin in women during pregnancy

Kizer, J.S.; Palkovits, M.; Tappaz, M.; Kebabian, J.; Brownstein, M.J., 1976:
Distribution of releasing factors, biogenic amines, and related enzymes in the bovine median eminence

Hannerz, L.; Wikstad, I.; Johansson, L.; Broberger, O.; Aperia, A., 1987:
Distribution of renal scars and intrarenal reflux in children with a past history of urinary tract infection

Kim, C.S.; Park, J.S., 1977:
Distribution of renal vein within kidney of korean native goat

Genain, C.P.; Van Loon, G.R.; Kotchen, T.A., 1985:
Distribution of renin activity and angiotensinogen in rat brain. Effects of dietary sodium chloride intake on brain renin

Smerdon M.J.; Kastan M.B.; Lieberman M.W., 1979:
Distribution of repair incorporated nucleotides and nucleosome rearrangement in the chromatin of normal and xeroderma pigmentosum human fibroblasts

Klein, W.H.; Murphy, W.; Attardi, G.; Britten, R.J.; Davidson, E.H., 1974:
Distribution of repetitive and nonrepetitive sequence transcripts in hela messenger rna

Vol'fson, V.G.; Borkhsenius, S.N., 1978:
Distribution of repetitive nucleotide sequences in dna of the macro nucleus of the infusorian tetrahymena pyriformis genome

Tapper D.P.; Anderson S.; Depamphilis M.L., 1982:
Distribution of replicating sv 40 dna in intact cells and its maturation in isolated nuclei

Ulychna, K.O., 1978:
Distribution of representatives of the family seligeriaceae musci in the western ukrainian ssr ussr

Gorovoi P.G.; Boiko E.V.; Starchenko V.M., 1983:
Distribution of representatives of the family umbelliferae in the west of amur oblast russian sfsr ussr

Nomura N.S.; Hilton H.W., 1982:
Distribution of residues and metabolism of the herbicide buthidazole in sugarcane saccharum spp from root and foliar treatments

Gaudreault A.; Castonguay M.; Fitzgerald G.J., 1982:
Distribution of resources and seasonal changes in the diet of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

Garcia, M.; Sergueiev, O.S., 1975:
Distribution of respiratory cells in the reticular formation of the medulla oblongata of the rat

Hussain, S.N.; Roussos, C., 1985:
Distribution of respiratory muscle and organ blood flow during endotoxic shock in dogs

Kwan H.C.; Mackay W.A.; Murphy J.T.; Wong Y.C., 1981:
Distribution of responses to visual cues for movements in precentral cortex of awake primates macaca arctoides

Motorina, M.V., 1976:
Distribution of reticulo spinal fibers and their terminations in the lumbar segments of the spinal cord of rats

Novotny G.E.K., 1982:
Distribution of retinal afferents to the primate lateral geniculate nucleus

Tigges, J.; Tigges, M., 1981:
Distribution of retinofugal and corticofugal axon terminals in the superior colliculus of squirrel monkey

Doroshenko N.Z.; Maiskii V.A., 1987:
Distribution of retrogradely primuline labeled dopamine containing neurons forming spinal projections

Harrington T.C., 1986:
Distribution of rhabdocline and swiss needle casts on douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii christmas trees in new hampshire usa

Hamdi, Y.A.; Yousef, A.N.; Al-Tai, A.; Al-Azawi, S.K.; Al-Baquari, M., 1978:
Distribution of rhizobium meliloti and rhizobium trifolii in iraqi soils

Hiraishi A.; Hoshino Y., 1984:
Distribution of rhodoquinone in rhodospirillaceae and its taxonomic implications

Clarke, H.C., 1977:
Distribution of riboflavine in blood in women and in pre nates

Jaworski, A.; Key, J.L., 1974:
Distribution of ribosomal dna in sub cellular fractions of higher plants

Longuet M.; Auger Buendia M A.; Tavitian A., 1979:
Distribution of ribosomal proteins in mammalian ribosomal subunits

De-Kloet, S.R., 1973:
Distribution of ribosomal rna cistrons among yeast chromosomes

Yano O., 1981:
Distribution of ricciocarpus natans new record marchantiales hepaticopsida in brazil

Fernandez, M.; Otega, J., 1985:
Distribution of rice parasitic nematodes in cuba iii. havana province

Wells J.M.; Weaver D.J.; Raju B.C., 1980:
Distribution of rickettsia like bacteria in peach prunus persica and their occurrence in plum cherry and some perennial weeds

Dal Bello A.; Gagliano C.; Cavaliere S.; Spampinato D.; Reibaldi A.; Guarcello V.; Drago F., 1987:
Distribution of rifampicin in ocular tissues after systemic administrations

Birlova, L.V.; Zhukovskaya, S.A.; Medvedeva, V.I.; Popova, V.B., 1978:
Distribution of rifamycin b between aqueous and organic phases

Zalokar M.; Erk I.; Santamaria P., 1980:
Distribution of ring x chromosomes in the blastoderm of gynandromorphic drosophila melanogaster

Antongiovanni G.B.; Giudici V.; Musicco M.; Sant M.; Candelise L.; Radice M., 1985:
Distribution of risk factors in relation to the presence of cerebral angiographic lesions in transient ischemic attacks and minor stroke patients

Kajihara M.; Fujiyoshi Y.; Kawakita M., 1984:
Distribution of river discharged suspended matter in coastal water

Horne, F.; Beisser, S., 1977:
Distribution of river shrimp in the guadalupe and san marcos rivers of central texas usa decapoda caridea

Vanenk R.A.; Elliott L.P., 1983:
Distribution of riverine yeasts in the barren river warren county kentucky usa

Osawa S.; Furuse K.; Watanabe I., 1981:
Distribution of rna coli phages in animals

Osawa S.; Furuse K.; Choi M.S.; Ando A.; Sakurai T.; Watanabe I., 1981:
Distribution of rna coli phages in korea

Furuse K.; Ando A.; Osawa S.; Watanabe I., 1981:
Distribution of rna coli phages in raw sewage from treatment plants in japan

Furuse, K.; Sakurai, T.; Hirashima, A.; Katsuki, M.; Ando, A.; Watanabe, I., 1978:
Distribution of rna coli phages in south and east asia

Kosykh V.A.; Orekhov A.N.; Repin V.S., 1982:
Distribution of rna in cells isolated from the normal and athero sclerotic human aortas

Weaver T., 1982:
Distribution of root biomass in well drained surface soils

Bernard E.C., 1981:
Distribution of root knot nematodes meloidogyne spp in commercial tomato fields of cocke county tennessee usa

Levus A.P., 1986:
Distribution of roots in tree species in volcanic soils of spruce forests in kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

Goodman, D.; Greenwood, D.J., 1976:
Distribution of roots water and nutrients beneath cabbage grown in the field

Zielinski J., 1980:
Distribution of rosa persica and its hybrids

Zielinski J., 1982:
Distribution of rosa sempervirens in the eastern mediterranean region

Starner V.R.; Hull L.A., 1982:
Distribution of rosy apple aphids dysaphis plantaginea homoptera aphididae within the canopy of apple trees

Francez A J.; Devaux J., 1985:
Distribution of rotifera in 2 peat bogs of the central massif france

Krulík, R.; Farská, I.; Prokes, J., 1977:
Distribution of rubidium in the organism

Imai S.; Yanagida N.; Katagiri K.; Ogimoto K., 1981:
Distribution of rumen ciliate protozoa anaerobic bacteria and their products volatile fatty acids and lactic acid in the gut of cattle

Ando A.; Ando I.; Hiraki T.; Hisada K., 1988:
Distribution of ruthenium 103 chloride in tumor bearing animals and the mechanism for accumulation in tumor and liver

Basu, P.K.; Sircar, S.M., 1977:
Distribution of rutin and other phenolic substances in different plant parts of tephrosia hamiltonii

Pole S.B.; Korneev G.A.; Karpov A.A.; Aikimbaev M.A.; Rov S.A.A.; Fomushkin V.M.; Yakunin B.M.; Putyatin V.V., 1980:
Distribution of saigas saiga tatarica and their contacts with great gerbil rhombomys opimus colonies on territory enzootic with respect to plague

Weller, W.F.; Sprules, W.G.; Lamarre, T.P., 1978:
Distribution of salamanders of the ambystoma jeffersonianum complex in ontario

Keiser T.D.; Moore N.J.; Nelson E.V., 1987:
Distribution of salamanders of the genus ambystoma in hardin county ohio usa

Niiyama K., 1987:
Distribution of salicaceous species and soil texture of habitats along the ishikari river hokkaido japan

Amon I.; Zschiesche A.; Amon K., 1983:
Distribution of salicylic acid and hydrolysis of acetyl salicylic acid in the human fetus of early pregnancy

Sheath R.G.; Cole K.M., 1980:
Distribution of salinity adaptations of bangia atropurpurea rhodophyta a putative migrant into the laurentian great lakes usa

Dan J.; Koyumdjisky H., 1987:
Distribution of salinity in the soils of israel

Fantasia, M., 1988 :
Distribution of Salmonella typhi and Salmonella paratyphi B phage types in Italy from 1974 through 1985

Brar, S.P.S.; Singh, B., 1978:
Distribution of salt affected soils in the punjab state india

Zimovets B.A., 1981:
Distribution of salts in soils of solonetzic complexes

Quazi, H.M., 1976:
Distribution of saponins in roots of lucerne medicago sativa

Hong S.W.; Hah Y.C.; Ahn T.Y., 1985:
Distribution of saprophytic bacteria and correlation coefficient analysis in the seawater of chungmu bay korea

Kalyakin, V.N.; Zasukhin, D.N., 1975:
Distribution of Sarcocystis (Protozoa: Sporozoa) in vertebrates

Maier A.; Leberer E.; Pette D., 1986:
Distribution of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase and of calsequestrin in rabbit and rat skeletal muscle fibers

Niermann U., 1986:
Distribution of sargassum natans and some of its epibionts in the sargasso sea

Siver P.A., 1988:
Distribution of scaled chrysophytes in 17 adirondack new york usa lakes with special reference to ph

Ando A.; Ando I.; Yamada N.; Hiraki T.; Hisada K., 1987:
Distribution of scandium 46 and chromium 51 in tumor bearing animals and the mechanism for accumulation in tumor and liver

Moshkovitz S., 1979 :
Distribution of schizosphaerella punctulata and schizosphaerella astraea new species in the liassic section of stowell park borehole gloucestershire and in some other jurassic localities in england uk

E.R.zik A.A.A.; E.S.abrawy A.M.; Seliam M.A.; E.R.him M.H.A., 1985:
Distribution of sclerotia of sclerotium cepivorum in soil and the relationship with severity of white rot of onion

Dueck J.; Sedun F.S., 1983:
Distribution of sclerotinia sclerotiorum in western canada as indicated by sclerotial levels in rapeseed unloaded in vancouver 1973 1981

Brenner R.J., 1985:
Distribution of screwworms cochliomyia hominivorax diptera calliphoridae relative to land use and topography in the humid tropics of southern mexico

Maughan O.E.; Saul G.E., 1979:
Distribution of sculpins in the clearwater river basin idaho usa

Tokranov A.M., 1981:
Distribution of sculpins pisces cottidae on the west kamchatka shelf russian sfsr ussr in summer

Tirmizi S.M.A.; Ahmed Z., 1983:
Distribution of sea bed material along the coastal area of karachi pakistan during the southwest monsoon

Abrams R.W., 1983:
Distribution of sea birds in the african sector of fibex 1st international biomass experiment

Tsuda, R.T.; Fosberg, F.R.; Sachet, M.H., 1977:
Distribution of seagrasses in micronesia

Hrazdina G.; Marx G.A.; Hoch H.C., 1982:
Distribution of secondary plant metabolites and their biosynthetic enzymes in pea pisum sativum leaves

Takemura, T.; Eishi, Y., 1985:
Distribution of secretory component and immunoglobulins in the developing lung

Mullock, B.M.; Hinton, R.H.; Dobrota, M.; Peppard, J.; Orlans, E., 1980:
Distribution of secretory component in hepatocytes and its mode of transfer into bile

Wood P.M.; Petterson D.S.; Hancock G.R.; Brown G.A., 1987:
Distribution of seed infected with phomopsis leptostromiformis and of phomopsin a within a lupine crop

Price M.V.; Reichman O.J., 1987:
Distribution of seeds in sonoran desert soils implications for heteromyid rodent foraging

Keränen, T.; Sillanpää, M.; Riekkinen, P.J., 1988:
Distribution of seizure types in an epileptic population

Hallock P., 1984:
Distribution of selected species of living algal symbiont bearing foraminifera on 2 pacific coral reefs

Glazek, T.; Kowalik, E.; Luszczynska, B.; Luszcynski, J., 1986:
Distribution of selected species of segetal weeds belonging to the caucalidion daucoidis tx. 1950 alliance on the area of the kielce province and the western part of the tarnobrzeg province the central little poland highland subprovince

Slavik B., 1987:
Distribution of selected species of the family orchidaceae in czechoslovakia

Khait S.E.; Norets T.A.; Deeva V.S., 1979:
Distribution of selenium 75 labeled methionine in the placenta and fetal body at different stages of embryogenesis

Beilstein, M.A.; Whanger, P.D., 1983 :
Distribution of selenium and glutathione peroxidase ec in blood fractions from humans rhesus macaca mulatta and squirrel monkeys rats and sheep

Behne, D.; Wolters, W., 1983:
Distribution of selenium and glutathione peroxidase ec in the rat

Borglund, M.; Akesson, A.; Akesson, B., 1988:
Distribution of selenium and glutathione peroxidase in plasma compared in healthy subjects and rheumatoid arthritis patients

Arvy M.P., 1986:
Distribution of selenium and sixteen elements in the different parts of trifolium repens

Scholz, R.W.; Cook, L.S.; Todhunter, D.A., 1981:
Distribution of selenium dependent and non selenium dependent glutathione peroxidase ec activity in tissues of young cattle

Yoshida, M.; Yasumoto, K.; Iwami, K.; Tashiro, H., 1981:
Distribution of selenium in bovine milk and selenium deficiency in rats fed casein based diets monitored by lipid per oxide level and glutathione peroxidase ec activity

Maher, W.A., 1987:
Distribution of selenium in marine animals: relationship to diet

Yusifov E.Yu; Sakina N.L.; Guseinov T.M.; Mamedov S.V.; Ostrovskii M.A.; Abdullaev G.B., 1979:
Distribution of selenium in the pigment epithelium cell fractions of frog eye

Danielson, K.G.; Medina, D., 1986:
Distribution of selenoproteins in mouse mammary epithelial cells in vitro and in vivo

Uttal L.J., 1983:
Distribution of senecio pauperculus new record in the southeastern usa

Van Der Pers J.N.C.; Cuperus P.L.; Den Otter C.J., 1980:
Distribution of sense organs on male antennae of small ermine moths yponomeuta spp lepidoptera yponomeutidae

Tysyachnyuk M.S., 1980:
Distribution of sensitive fibers of the extremities in the neuropil of the abdominal chain of the insect eurygaster integriceps

Indo T., 1984:
Distribution of sensory disorder in patients with hyperventilation syndrome during the hyperventilation attack

Thomander, L.; Arvidsson, J.; Aldskogius, H., 1982:
Distribution of sensory ganglion cells innervating facial muscles in the cat. An anatomical study with the horseradish peroxidase technique

Yamamoto, T.; Tazaki, M.; Sakada, S., 1986:
Distribution of sensory nerve endings in alveolar mucosa of the mouse

Yamamoto, T.; Sakada, S., 1981:
Distribution of sensory nerve endings in the labial mucosa of the mouse

Dudareva N.A.; Dashkevich V.S.; Vorob'eva N.V.; Blinova N.N., 1982:
Distribution of sequences coding for the synthesis of cytoplasmic messenger rna in functionally different fractions of rat liver dna

Cox R.A.; Thompson R.D., 1980:
Distribution of sequences common to the 25 28s rna genes of xenopus laevis and neurospora crassa

Lastovica A.J.; L.R.ux E.; Congi R.V.; Penner J.L., 1986:
Distribution of sero biotypes of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolated from pediatric patients

Skilling D.; Kienzler M.; Haynes E., 1984 :
Distribution of serological strains of gremmeniella abietina in eastern north america

Kohler C.; Radesater A C.; Lang W.; Chan Palay V., 1986:
Distribution of serotonin 1a receptors in the monkey and the postmortem human hippocampal region a quantitative autoradiographic study using the selective agonist tritiated 8 hydroxy n n dipropyl 2 aminotetralin

Drummond A.H.; Bucher F.; Levitan I.B., 1980:
Distribution of serotonin and dopamine receptors in aplysia californica tissues analysis by tritium labeled lsd binding and adenylate cyclase stimulation

Steinbusch H.W.M., 1981:
Distribution of serotonin immuno reactivity in the central nervous system of the rat cell bodies and terminals

Frankenhuis Van Den Heuvel T.H.M.; Nieuwenhuys R., 1984:
Distribution of serotonin immuno reactivity in the diencephalon and mesencephalon of the trout salmo gairdneri cell bodies fibers and terminals

Yamada H.; Sano Y., 1985:
Distribution of serotonin nerve cells in the rabbit brain immunohistochemistry by the two step avidin biotin peroxidase complex technique using biotin labeled rabbit serotonin antibody

Berger U., 1982:
Distribution of serotypes of neisseria meningitidis in the west germany 1979 1981

Pier, A.C.; Fichtner, R.E., 1981:
Distribution of serotypes of Nocardia asteroides from animal, human, and environmental sources

Koh S.B.; Choi C.S.; Yang Y.T., 1981:
Distribution of serotypes of propionibacterium acnes on human skin

Dchou W H.; Lee Y S.; Lin S Y., 1985:
Distribution of serotypes of salmonellae

Codias E.K.; Reinhardt D.J., 1979:
Distribution of serotypes of the mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellulare mycobacterium scrofulaceum complex in georgia usa

Young, V.M.; Moody, M.R.; Morris, M.J., 1980:
Distribution of Serratia marcescens serotypes in cancer patients

Sato S.; Ogimoto K., 1985:
Distribution of serum antibodies to several rumen bacterial species in beef cattle with liver abscess

Rajala, M.M.; Heath, H., 1987:
Distribution of serum calcium values in patients with familial benign hypercalcemia (hypocalciuric hypercalcemia): evidence for a discrete genetic defect

Nersisyan, V.M.; Martirosyan, I.G., 1978:
Distribution of serum factor gm a among the population of the armenian ssr ussr

Kumar, A.; Seth, O.N.; Rawat, J.S., 1974:
Distribution of serum protein fractions and nonprotein nitrogen constituents in white leghorn birds in relation to age sex and reproduction

Heck, A.F.; Hasuo, M.; Furuse, M.; Brock, M.; Dietz, H., 1976:
Distribution of serum protein labeled with evans blue in the walls of extracranial and intra cranial blood vessels of the cat

Saha N.; Ahmed M.A.; Wasfi A.I.; E.M.nshid H.A., 1982:
Distribution of serum proteins red cell enzymes and hemo globins in vitiligo

Kundu, N.; Parke, P.; Palmer, I.S.; Olson, O.; Petersen, L.P., 1985:
Distribution of serum selenium, copper, and zinc in normal human pregnancy

Jendryczko A.; Drozdz M., 1987:
Distribution of serum zinc between albumin and alpha 2 macroglobulin in rats with hydralazine induced collagen like syndrome

Wallace, R.L., 1977:
Distribution of sessile rotifers in an acid bog pond

Khan, M.A.; Zubairi, A.A., 1976:
Distribution of settled volume and numbers of zoo plankton in manora channel during southwest monsoon 1974

Moriyasu Y.; Tazawa M., 1986:
Distribution of several proteases inside and outside the central vacuole of chara australis

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Distribution of shallow water crinoids near santa marta colombia

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Distribution of shallow water epi benthic macro fauna in moreton bay queensland australia

Penrith, M.J., 1976:
Distribution of shallow water marine fishes around southern africa

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Distribution of sharpshooters in florida usa citrus groves

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Distribution of sheep erythrocytes as antigens in rat spleen

Shields, O., 1977:
Distribution of shijimiaeoides rita especially shijimiaeoides rita rita and shijimiaeoides rita coloradensis

Mckoy J.L., 1980:
Distribution of shipworms bivalvia teredinidae in the new zealand region

Resh V.H.; Barnby M.A., 1984:
Distribution of shore bugs and shore flies at sylvan springs yellowstone national park usa

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Distribution of shore bugs heteroptera saldidae in the brackish and marine littoral of the north american pacific coast

Biswas B.C.; Khambete N.N., 1979:
Distribution of short period rainfall over dry farming tract of maharashtra india

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Distribution of shrikes laniidae in hokkaido part 1 the outline of horizontal distribution

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Distribution of sialic acid in chicken meconium

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Distribution of sialic acid in frog skeletal muscle and effect of neuraminidase on calcium uptake and atpase activity of sarcoplasmic reticulum

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Distribution of sialic acid in human sperm membranes

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Distribution of sibling species of the praomys natalensis group in rhodesia mammalia rodentia

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Distribution of sicista betulina and pitymys tatricus mammalia rodentia in the west carpathians czechoslovakia

Esplugas E.; Amer R.; Barthe J.E.; Jara F., 1980:
Distribution of significant coronary lesions in patients with rheumatic valvular heart disease 300 cases

Croome R.L.; Tyler P.A., 1985:
Distribution of silica scaled chrysophyceae paraphysomonadaceae and mallomonadaceae in australian inland waters

Jendrzejewski, J.P.; Hart, G.F., 1978:
Distribution of siliceous micro fossils in surficial bottom sediments of the gulf of mexico

Bobrovitskii, A.V., 1977:
Distribution of silicic acid and sesqui oxides in the granulometric fractions of kolkhida lowland swamp soils georgian ssr ussr

Bloom N.S.; Crecelius E.A., 1987:
Distribution of silver mercury lead copper and cadmium in central puget sound washington usa sediments

Gadi I.K.; Ryder O.A., 1983:
Distribution of silver stained nucleolus organizing regions in the chromosomes of the equidae

Nash R.G.; Beall M.L.Jr, 1980:
Distribution of silvex 2 4 d and 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin applied to turf in chambers and field plots

Bhatt, D.K., 1984:
Distribution of simple esterase in the nuclei and fiber tracts of the medulla oblongata of squirrel (Funambulus palmarum)

Gagneur, J., 1976:
Distribution of simuliidae diptera in the river lot france

Singhal R.N., 1988:
Distribution of sipuncula and echiura in the gulf of kachchh northwest coast of india

Rice M.E.; Macintyre I.G., 1982:
Distribution of sipuncula in the coral reef community carrie bow cay belize

Deng C.; Liu A.; Zhu B., 1980:
Distribution of sister chromatid exchanges between eu chromatin and hetero chromatin of cultured muntiacus muntjak peripheral lymphocytes

Ray M., 1986:
Distribution of sister chromatid exchanges in chromosomes of normal chinese hamster and its cell lines exposed to 5 bromodeoxyuridine and mitomycin c

Wulf H.C.; Husum B.; Plesner A.M.; Niebuhr E., 1984:
Distribution of sister chromatid exchanges in lymphocytes in persons with normal slightly increased and heavily increased sister chromatid exchanges

Singh, S.M.; Reimer, D.L., 1984:
Distribution of sister chromatid exchanges on the mouse chromosomes in vivo with reference to the replication properties of the X chromosome

Tachakra, S.S., 1976:
Distribution of skin petechiae in fat embolism rash

Curzi-Dascalova, L.; Dreyfus-Brisac, C., 1976:
Distribution of skin potential responses according to states of sleep during the 1st months of life in human babies

Mulla D.J., 1986:
Distribution of slope steepness in the palouse region of washington usa

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Distribution of small hydrophobic molecules in a membrane part 2 heterogeneity of binding sites on the phospho lipid bi layer surface

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Distribution of small mammal inhabitants of a connecticut usa tidal marsh

Baeumler W., 1981:
Distribution of small mammals in different regions of bavaria germany

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Distribution of small mammals in relation to natural differentiation of the biebrza valley habitats poland

Popescu A.; Yusuf S., 1980:
Distribution of small mammals in the bucegi massif romania

Guialis A.; Dangli A.; Sekeris C.E., 1987:
Distribution of small nuclear rnp complexes in rat liver nuclear extracts biochemical and immunochemical analysis

Einarsson S.; Jones B.; Larsson K.; Viring S., 1980:
Distribution of small sized and medium sized molecules within the genital tract of artificially inseminated gilts

Reed H.C.; Nelson J.M., 1985:
Distribution of social wasps in oklahoma usa

Morard P., 1981:
Distribution of sodium 22 in the various organs of sorghum after root absorption

Eshel A.; Waisel Y., 1979:
Distribution of sodium and chloride in leaves of suaeda monoica

Ariyasu R.G.; Deerinck T.J.; Levinson S.R.; Ellisman M.H., 1987:
Distribution of sodium and potassium atpase and sodium channels in skeletal muscle and electroplax

Wolffram S.; Wurmli R.; Scharrer E., 1988:
Distribution of sodium dependent taurocholate transport along the small intestine in sheep

Yen Chow Y.C.; Chow S.Y.; Woodbury D.M., 1984:
Distribution of sodium in cellular and luminal compartments of turtle chrysemys picta thyroid glands

Peacock, A.J., 1976:
Distribution of sodium ion potassium ion activated atpase ec in the alimentary tract of locusta migratoria

Peacock, A.J., 1977:
Distribution of sodium ion potassium ion activated atpase ec in the hind gut of 2 insects schistocerca and blaberus

Palmer, L.G.; Civan, M.M., 1977:
Distribution of sodium ion potassium ion and chloride ion between nucleus and cytoplasm in chironomus salivary gland cells

Pagett R.M., 1980:
Distribution of sodium potassium and chloride in the ophiuroid ophiocomina nigra

Peacock A.J., 1981:
Distribution of sodium potassium atpase activity in the mid gut and hind gut of adult glossina morsitans and sarcophaga nodosa and the hind gut of bombyx mori larvae

Madden M.E.; Sarras M.P.Jr, 1987:
Distribution of sodium potassium atpase in rat exocrine pancreas as monitored by potassium nppase cytochemistry and tritiated ouabain binding a plasma membrane protein found primarily to be ductal cell associated

Peacock A.J., 1985:
Distribution of sodium potassium atpase in the hindgut of glossina morsitans morsitans

Takemura S., 1984 :
Distribution of sodium potassium atpase on canine hepatocyte plasma membranes analysis by quantitative ferritin immunoelectron microscopy

Vinnikov Y.A.; Burovina I.V.; Gribakin F.G.; Lychakov D.V.; Allakhverdov B.L.; Pogorelov A.G., 1982:
Distribution of sodium potassium calcium phosphorus and sulfur in the vestibular apparatus and eye of larva of the fish brachydanio rerio

Burovina I.V.; Pivovarova N.B.; Pogorelov A.G., 1982:
Distribution of sodium potassium magnesium and calcium in the oocytes of rana temporaria according to x ray micro analysis

Gambi M.C.; Giangrande A., 1986:
Distribution of soft bottom polychaetes in two coastal areas of the tyrrhenian sea italy structural analysis

Kaplin V.G., 1983:
Distribution of soil meso arthropods under crowns of haloxylon in the eastern kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

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Distribution of soil micro arthropods of the ilex grove at castelporziano rome italy

Deka H.K.; Mishra R.R., 1984:
Distribution of soil microflora in jhum fallows in northeast india

Tseitlin V.B.; Byzova Y.B., 1986:
Distribution of soil organisms according to their size various natural zones

Neilsen D.; Hoyt P.B.; Mackenzie A.F., 1986:
Distribution of soil zinc fractions in british columbia canada interior orchard soils

Geraizade, A.P.; Yusifov, A.G.; Ismailov, D.M., 1977:
Distribution of solar energy in the system atmosphere soil biocenosis

Margolis L.B.; Neifakh A.A., 1983:
Distribution of solid liposomes on the surface of epithelial sheet

Gohl, B.; Nilsson, M.; Thomke, S., 1978:
Distribution of soluble carbohydrates in barley grain at late stage of maturity and relation to viscosity

Clark J.R.; Hackett W.P., 1979:
Distribution of soluble carbon 14 labeled assimilates as related to distribution of carbon 14 labeled benzyl adenine in shoot tips of hedera helix

Mjor Grimsrud M.; Soli N.E.; Sivertsen T., 1979:
Distribution of soluble copper binding and zinc binding proteins in goat liver

Mjor Grimsrud M.; Soli N.E.; Norheim G., 1980:
Distribution of soluble copper binding and zinc binding proteins in liver and kidney of chronic copper poisoned goats

Finne G.; Martin R., 1983:
Distribution of soluble filth in shrimp during processing

Weil D.E.; Mcilwain D.L., 1981:
Distribution of soluble proteins within spinal moto neurons a quantitative 2 dimensional electrophoretic analysis

Chapin J.K.; Woodward D.J., 1986:
Distribution of somatic sensory and active movement neuronal discharge properties in the primary motor somatosensory cortical border area in the rat

Aijon-Noguera, F.A.; Rios-Guadix, A., 1976:
Distribution of somato motor and somato sensory areas in the cat brain

Glassman, R.B.; Glassman, H.N., 1977:
Distribution of somato sensory and motor behavioral function in cats frontal cortex

Sara V.R.; Uvnas Moberg K.; Uvnas B.; Hall K.; Wetterberg L.; Posloncec B.; Goiny M., 1982:
Distribution of somatomedins in the nervous system of the cat and their release following neural stimulation

Nishihira M., 1980:
Distribution of somatostatin containing cells in the human placenta various tissues related to pregnancy and tropho blastic tumors immuno histochemical study

Amaral, D.G.; Insausti, R.; Campbell, M.J., 1988:
Distribution of somatostatin immunoreactivity in the human dentate gyrus

Inagaki S.; Shiosaka S.; Takatsuki K.; Sakanaka M.; Takagi H.; Senba E.; Matsuzaki T.; Tohyama M., 1981:
Distribution of somatostatin in the frog rana catesbeiana brain in relation to location of catecholamine containing neuron system

Romagnano M.A.; Pilcher W.H.; Bennett Clarke C.; Chafel T.L.; Joseph S.A., 1982:
Distribution of somatostatin in the mouse brain effects of neo natal mono sodium glutamate treatment

Sullivan, S.J.; Schonbrunn, A., 1988:
Distribution of somatostatin receptors in RINm5F insulinoma cells

Kruse, J.; Rudolph, A.; Schlesier, B.; Danert, S., 1975:
Distribution of some amino acids in the barley caryopsis

Pelissero, G.; Marchetti, R., 1978:
Distribution of some anthropometric parameters in a group of children from northern italy

Cornell D.G., 1979:
Distribution of some anti oxidants in dairy products

Marstaller R., 1980:
Distribution of some basophilic bryophytes in eastern thuringia east germany 2nd contribution to the moss vegetation of thuringia

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Distribution of some biogenic elements in normal and sarcoma m 1 histones

Borisov, V.N.; Pimenov, M.G.; Bankovskii, A.I., 1977:
Distribution of some biologically active compounds in the genus ferula according to ir and uv spectroscopic and thin layer chromatographic data

Mueller A.K., 1979:
Distribution of some breeding birds in the subalpine and alpine stage of the pennine alps in the canton of valais southwest central switzerland

Gruppo-Ric-Progetto-Romano-Prevenzione-Cardiopatia-Coronarica, 1976:
Distribution of some coronary risk factors in the working population of rome the roman project for the prevention of coronary heart disease

Motohashi N.; Terao M.; Mori I.; Sugiura Y.; Kojima N.; Tanaka H., 1979:
Distribution of some di sulfhydryl containing chelating agents labeled with indium 113m and gallium 67 in mice

Pirumova, L.G.; Balabko, P.N., 1975:
Distribution of some diatoms in the silts and alluvial soils of the middle ob river ussr

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Distribution of some different forms of some phenolic acids in peat soils in hokkaido japan 1. trans 4 hydroxycinnamic acid

Kuebler B.; Betrix M A.; Fauguel P., 1979:
Distribution of some elements in surface sediments of the lake of neuchatel switzerland sedimentological and geochemical model

Keder Stepanova I.A.; Petryaevskaya V.B., 1986:
Distribution of some fibers of the descending respiratory pathway in the cat phrenic nucleus

Bartkowska, K.; Skuratowicz, W.; Batchvarov, G., 1978:
Distribution of some flea subspecies siphonaptera in bulgaria

Roszykowa, S., 1983:
Distribution of some forms of phosphorus in profiles of different soil types part iii. black earths of the wroclaw province poland

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Distribution of some french species of momphidae lepidoptera gelechioidea

Okland, J., 1976:
Distribution of some fresh water mussels in norway with remarks on european invertebrate survey

Kizikelashvili O.G., 1984:
Distribution of some fungal diseases of the pine pinus pithyusa in its range

Rama Swamy B.; Goud J.D.; Salem J.B., 1979:
Distribution of some genetic markers among 2 scheduled caste groups of andhra pradesh south india

Rao S.S.L.; Gopalam K.B.; Char K.S.N.; Rao P.R., 1979:
Distribution of some genetic markers in leprosy patients

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Distribution of some hormonal action sites between the microvessels glomeruli and tubules isolated from rabbit renal cortex

Irintscheff, A.; Davidoff, M., 1981:
Distribution of some hydrolases in the rat kidney

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Distribution of some interesting species in slovakia czechoslovakia

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Distribution of some italian bats with special regard to the lazio region central italy mammalia chiroptera

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Distribution of some lepidoptera of the sierra de nanchititla mexico with special reference to tisiphone maculata insecta lepidoptera

Purkynova E., 1979:
Distribution of some members of the genus stigmaria in the moravian dinantian czechoslovakia

Dolapchieva S.; Ichev K.; Ovcharov V., 1988:
Distribution of some membrane bound enzymes in axon myelin schwann cell complex

Minnikin, D.E.; Dobson, G.; Goodfellow, M.; Magnusson, M.; Ridell, M., 1985:
Distribution of some mycobacterial waxes based on the phthiocerol family

Carceller M.; Fraschina A., 1986:
Distribution of some nitrogen compounds in seedlings of maize zea mays and sunflower helianthus annuus in relation to water stress

Atkinson, D.B., 1986:
Distribution of some non commercial finfish in the gulf of st. lawrence canada 1976 1981

Appelgren L E.; Lindqvist I.; Nilsson O.; Ronquist G., 1982:
Distribution of some nonphysiological amino acids 2 amino iso butyric acid 2 4 di amino butyric acid 2 methylamino iso butyric acid in mice

Pastuszak M., 1985:
Distribution of some nutrients in the southern baltic in aug sept 1983 in relation to conditions in two previous years

Wolters J.G.; Ten Donkelaar H.J.; Verhofstad A.A.J., 1986:
Distribution of some peptides substance p leucine enkephalin methionine enkephalin in the brain stem and spinal cord of a lizard varanus exanthematicus

Youngsteadt, N.W., 1972:
Distribution of some phyto plankton in relation to parent soil materials in southeastern kansas usa

Behairy A.K.A.; Yusuf N., 1984:
Distribution of some planktonic foraminifera species in deep sea cores from the red sea and their relation to eustatic sea level changes

Plebanczyk, M.; Zajac, E.U., 1976:
Distribution of some plant species of the coniferous forests in the polish carpathians

Hiroo K., 1984:
Distribution of some popular plants in akita prefecture northern japan

Asenov R., 1986:
Distribution of some potato viral diseases and their negative effect on the quality of planting material

Stein, C.R.; Coster, J.E., 1977:
Distribution of some predators and parasites of the southern pine beetle in 2 species of pine

Bufatin O.I.; Parashchukov N.P.; Fomkina N.D.; Aleksakhin R.M., 1983:
Distribution of some radio nuclides in the soil irrigation water system an experimental model

Voliotis D., 1986:
Distribution of some rare and subendemic species of the greek flora with taxonomic and chorological comments

Karczmarz K.; Kornijow A., 1981:
Distribution of some rare bryophytes in poland

Ital Natl Res Counc Res Group Ats Rf2, 1981:
Distribution of some risk factors for athero sclerosis in 9 italian population samples

Pieper, H., 1976:
Distribution of some small mammals in crete

Dorovskikh G.N.; Matrokhina S.N., 1987:
Distribution of some species of parasites on the gills of ruffe

Mitter H., 1981:
Distribution of some species of pythidae in upper austria coleoptera pythidae

Ivchenko I.S., 1981:
Distribution of some species of rosaceae in the polesye ukrainian ssr ussr in connection with its overall xerophytization

Fedulov P.P.; Arkhipkin A.I., 1986:
Distribution of some species of the pelagic squid in the area between the nova scotia canada shelf and the sargasso sea as a function of hydrological and dynamic water structure in spring

Najdenov Y., 1986:
Distribution of some taphrina sadev species on woody vegetation in bulgaria

Reddy M.M.; Krishnamurty K.V.; Shpirt E.; Carlson G.A.; Hetling L., 1982:
Distribution of some trace metals and their fluxes in the genesee river new york usa

Geevananda Y.A.; Gunawardana P.; Sultanbawa M.U.S.; Balasubramaniam S., 1980:
Distribution of some tri terpenes and phenolic compounds in the extractives of endemic dipterocarpaceae species of sri lanka

Sudnik Wojcikowska B., 1986:
Distribution of some vascular plants and anthropopressure zones in warsaw poland

Hussain F.; Chughtai S.R.; Marwat Q.; Dasti A.A., 1987:
Distribution of some weeds in apple orchards of quetta valley pakistan

Gordienko P.V., 1986:
Distribution of some xylotrophic species on substrates that have various parameters

Lees S.; Cleary P.F.; Heeley J.D.; Gariepy E.L., 1979:
Distribution of sonic plesio velocity in a compact bone sample

Lampky, J.R., 1971:
Distribution of Sorangium cellulosum

Yamaki S., 1982:
Distribution of sorbitol neutral sugars free amino acids malic acid and some hydrolytic enzymes in vacuoles of apple malus pumila var domestica cotyledons

Anderson D.L., 1979:
Distribution of sorghastrum pellitum poaceae in the province of san luis argentina and its ecological significance

Perez C.; Villagran C., 1985:
Distribution of species abundances in relict forests of the mediterranean zone of chile

Rygg B., 1985:
Distribution of species along pollution induced diversity gradients in benthic communities in norwegian fjords

Blutstein, H.; Smith, J.D., 1978:
Distribution of species of copper lead zinc and cadmium in a water profile of the yarra river estuary australia

Muona, O.; Sammallahti, P.; Muona, J., 1978:
Distribution of species of drosophila diptera drosophilidae on a small island in southern finland

Berger, U.; Falsen, E., 1976:
Distribution of species of moraxella and moraxella like organisms in the naso pharynx of healthy human adults

Balashov L.S.; Semenikhin V.I.; Semenikhina K.A.; Dubyna D.V., 1980:
Distribution of species of the genus myriophyllum in the ukrainian ssr ussr their ecology and cenology

Przyboś, E., 1980:
Distribution of species of the Paramecium aurelia complex in Spain

Ipinza Regla J.H.; Berrios R.C., 1982:
Distribution of species of the subfamily myrmicinae formicidae in chile

Gachechiladze K.K.; Pataridze T.K.; Chanishvili T.G.; Balardzhishvili N.Sh; Georgadze I.A., 1979:
Distribution of specific antibodies in different fractions of anti phage sera

Bashirelahi N.; Beckerman T.; Young J.D.Jr, 1983:
Distribution of specific binding of tritium labeled promegestone in benign prostatic hypertrophy in regard to age race and histological differences

Aho, E.L.; Murphy, G.L.; Cannon, J.G., 1987:
Distribution of specific DNA sequences among pathogenic and commensal Neisseria species

Langer S.Z.; Javoy Agid F.; Raisman R.; Briley M.; Agid Y., 1981:
Distribution of specific high affinity binding sites for tritium labeled imipramine in human brain

Polyakova A.G.; Baziyan B.Kh, 1985:
Distribution of specific signals of varying modality within the association parietal cortical area in cats

Jalowayski, A.A.; Lewis, S.M.; Young, I.; Olmsted, N.; Harwood, I.R., 1982:
Distribution of specific ventilation in cystic fibrosis

Opas M.; Kalnins V.I., 1985:
Distribution of spectrin and lectin binding materials in surface lamina of retinal pigment epithelium cells

Mortimer, D.; Lenton, E.A., 1983:
Distribution of sperm counts in suspected infertile men

Brueckner G.; Kaempfer I., 1984:
Distribution of sperm free iodine 131 seminal plasma in genital tract of estric sheep following cervical application

Kasuya T.; Miyashita T., 1988:
Distribution of sperm whale stocks in the north pacific

Cohen, L.F.; Lundgren, D.W.; Farrell, P.M., 1976:
Distribution of spermidine and spermine in blood from cystic fibrosis patients and control subjects

Sobotka, D., 1975:
Distribution of sphagnum wulfianum in poland

Miyagawa, E.; Azuma, R.; Suto, T., 1978:
Distribution of sphingo lipids in bacteroides spp

Strohlein D.A.; Crow C.B.; Davidson W.R., 1988:
Distribution of spiculopteragia pursglovei and spiculopteragia odocoilei nematoda trichostrongyloidea from white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus in the southeastern usa

Mattei, M.G.; Ayme, S.; Mattei, J.F.; Aurran, Y.; Giraud, F., 1979:
Distribution of spontaneous chromosome breaks in man

Tremblay J.P.; Robitaille R.; Grenon G., 1984:
Distribution of spontaneous release along the frog rana pipiens neuromuscular junction

Dobson R.L.; Spotts R.A., 1988:
Distribution of sporangiospores of mucor piriformis in pear orchard soils

Weber A., 1986:
Distribution of spore positive and spore negative nodules in stands of alnus glutinosa and alnus incana in finland

Holman R.M.; Schwintzer C.R., 1987:
Distribution of spore positive and spore negative nodules of alnus incana ssp rugosa in maine usa

Kashanski C.R.; Schwintzer C.R., 1987:
Distribution of spore positive and spore negative nodules of myrica gale in maine usa

Hayashi K.; Takagi T., 1981:
Distribution of squalene and di acyl glyceryl ethers in the different tissues of deep sea shark dalatias licha

Dexter, R.N.; Pavlou, S.P., 1978:
Distribution of stable organic molecules in the marine environment physical chemical aspects chlorinated hydro carbons

Kashcheev V.A., 1985:
Distribution of staphylinidae coleoptera in the floodplain biotopes of the middle and lower course of the ili river ussr

Nakahara, H.; Ishikawa, T.; Sarai, Y.; Kondo, I., 1977:
Distribution of staphylococcal strains resistant to metals and antibiotics in japan

Tanaka T.; Kobayashi Y.; Ozeki M., 1984:
Distribution of staphylococcus saprophyticus among the mouths of wild small mammals

Sokolowska-Kulczycka, A., 1987:
Distribution of starch grains in the meiocyte and during the megasporogenesis in tofieldia calyculata l. whlb

Rodkiewicz, B.; Stobiecka, H., 1978:
Distribution of starch grains in the meiocyte and mega spores of orchis and epipactis

Koreshkova, N.A.; Stepanova, S.B.; Fedorov, N.A., 1978:
Distribution of stem cells in mouse bone marrow during centrifugation in albumin density gradients

Bosek P.Z., 1980:
Distribution of steppe plants in the bryansk oblast russian sfsr ussr

Newhouse M.; Uttal W.R., 1982:
Distribution of stereo anomalies in the general population

Glasel J.A.; Venn R.F.; Barnard E.A., 1980:
Distribution of stereospecific opiate receptor binding activity between sub cellular fractions from ovine corpus striatum

Takahashi H.; Yasaki H.; Nanayama U.; Manabe M.; Matsuura S., 1984:
Distribution of sterigmatocystin and fungal mycelium in individual brown rice kernels naturally infected by aspergillus versicolor

Roddick J.G., 1982:
Distribution of steroidal glyco alkaloids in reciprocal grafts of solanum tuberosum and lycopersicon esculentum

Villavicencio M.A.; Blanca E.; Perez E.; Perez F., 1987 :
Distribution of steroidal saponins of yucca filifera agavaceae

Gal'tsova R.D.; Vakina I.P., 1981:
Distribution of sterols among fractions in yeast organisms depending on their aeration

Weete, J.D.; Kulifaj, M.; Montant, C.; Nes, W.R.; Sancholle, M., 1985:
Distribution of sterols in fungi ii. brassicasterol in tuber and terfezia species

Takahashi K.; Ling H.Y., 1980:
Distribution of sticholonche radiolaria in the upper 800 meters of the waters in the equatorial pacific

Basset M.; Basset A.; Koenig H., 1980:
Distribution of strains of yeasts isolated in the course of a year at the strasbourg dermatologic clinic france

Nilsson C., 1987:
Distribution of stream edge vegetation along a gradient of current velocity

Tew, R.W.; Egdorf, S.S.; Deacon, J.E., 1976:
Distribution of stream pollution in lake water

Pollock, H.M.; Dahlgren, B.J., 1974:
Distribution of streptococcal groups in clinical specimens with evaluation of bacitracin screening

Gaustad, P., 1979:
Distribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae types in Norway

Gecaj, A.; Koka, F.; Plakolli, M., 1987:
Distribution of streptomycetes in some soil samples of bresje in the region of kosovo yugoslavia

Herezniak J., 1982 :
Distribution of streptopus amplexifolius in poland

Kumar, S.; Srivastava, R.N., 1978:
Distribution of stromatolites in the fawn limestone semri group lower vindhyan son valley area mirzapur district uttar pradesh india

Juznic K.; Fedina S., 1987:
Distribution of strontium 89 and strontium 90 in slovenia yugoslavia after the chernobyl ussr accident

Molchanov A.I.V.; Karavaeva E.N.; Chebotina M.Ya; Kulikov N.V., 1982:
Distribution of strontium 90 and cesium 137 among the components of the marsh river ecosystem

Chigira, M.; Saito, Y.; Kimura, K., 1988:
Distribution of strontium 90 and cesium 137 in annual tree rings of japanese cedar cryptomeria japonica d. don

Molchanova I.V.; Karavaeva E.N., 1985:
Distribution of strontium 90 and cesium 137 in geochemically conjugate plots of landscape

Molchanova I.V.; Karavaeva E.N., 1981:
Distribution of strontium 90 and cesium 137 in moss peat sediments of raised bogs

Aliev, D.A.; Abdullaev, M.A.; Tagiev, A.T., 1977:
Distribution of strontium 90 and cesium 137 in soils of dry subtropic steppe zones of the lesser caucasus in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Dergunov I.D.; Kolchin V.N.; Kratenko L.V., 1980:
Distribution of strontium 90 and cesium 137 in the structural elements of agricultural plant cells

Jayaram, M., 1984:
Distribution of stuttering in sentences: relationship to sentence length and clause position

Mcelroy, F.D., 1977:
Distribution of stylet bearing nematodes associated with raspberries and strawberries in british columbia

Fiasson J L., 1982:
Distribution of styryl pyrones in the basidiocarps of various hymenochaetaceae

Widder E.A.; Case J.F., 1982:
Distribution of sub cellular bio luminescent sources in a dinoflagellate pyrocystis fusiformis

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Distribution of sub cellular components under gravity changes the special condition of the dystrophic cell/

Macintyre, I.G., 1977:
Distribution of sub marine cements in a modern caribbean fringing reef galeta point panama

Tichy M.; Hrncir Z., 1986:
Distribution of subclasses in a series of 62 sera with immunoglobulin a paraprotein

Cross R.A., 1980:
Distribution of subfamilies of gramineae in the old world

Ansari Z.A.; Parulekar A.H.; Jagtap T.G., 1980:
Distribution of sublittoral meio benthos off goa coast india

Haramis G.M.; Carter V., 1983:
Distribution of submersed aquatic macrophytes in the tidal potomac river usa

Schloesser, D.W.; Manny, B.A., 1986:
Distribution of submersed macrophytes in the st. clair detroit river usa system 1978

Whimster, W.F., 1986:
Distribution of submucous gland in the human trachea, main and segmental bronchi: morphometric study

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Distribution of subpopulations of T lymphocytes in Hodgkin's disease

Charnay Y.; Leger L.; Dubois P.M., 1981:
Distribution of substance p and methionine enkephalin in the dorsolateral pontine tegmentum of the cat immuno fluorescence study

Maciewicz R.; Phipps B.S.; Foote W.E.; Aronin N.; Difiglia M., 1983:
Distribution of substance p containing neurons in the cat edinger westphal nucleus relationship to efferent projection systems

Lolova, I.; Davidoff, M.; Itzev, D.; Apostolov, A.; Ivanchev, I., 1986:
Distribution of substance p immunoreactive methionine enkephalin immunoreactive somatostatin immunoreactive and serotonin immunoreactive nerve elements of the large bowel in hirschsprung's disease

Wharton J.; Polak J.M.; Mcgregor G.P.; Bishop A.E.; Bloom S.R., 1981:
Distribution of substance p like immuno reactive nerves in the guinea pig heart

Domoto T.; Gonda T.; Oki M.; Sugitani Y., 1979:
Distribution of substance p like immuno reactivities in the intra mural plexuses in the mammalian gastro intestinal tract

Ljungdahl, A.; Hokfelt, T.; Nilsson, G., 1978:
Distribution of substance p like immuno reactivity in the central nervous system of the rat part 1 cell bodies and nerve terminals

Ljungdahl, A.; Hokfelt, T.; Nilsson, G.; Goldstein, M., 1978:
Distribution of substance p like immuno reactivity in the central nervous system of the rat part 2 light microscopic localization in relation to catecholamine containing neurons

Charnay Y.; Paulin C.; Chayvialle J A.; Dubois P.M., 1983:
Distribution of substance p like immuno reactivity in the spinal cord and dorsal root ganglia of the human fetus and infant

Stanisz, A.M.; Scicchitano, R.; Dazin, P.; Bienenstock, J.; Payan, D.G., 1987:
Distribution of substance P receptors on murine spleen and Peyer's patch T and B cells

Salt T.E.; Morris R.; Hill R.G., 1983:
Distribution of substance p responsive and nociceptive neurons in relation to substance p immuno reactivity within the caudal trigeminal nucleus of the rat

Reuben J.; Casti T.E., 1987:
Distribution of substituents in o 2 hydroxyethylcellulose a carbon 13 nmr approach

Lindberg B.; Lindquist U.; Stenberg O., 1988:
Distribution of substituents in o ethyl o 2 hydroxyethylcellulose

Schiller C.M.; Walden R.; Lucier G.W., 1980:
Distribution of substrate cycle enzymes in the small intestine of adult and neo natal hamsters

Tsuchiya M.; Nakasone Y.; Moordee R.; Manthachitra V., 1986:
Distribution of subtidal macrobenthic animals around the sichang islands the gulf of thailand

Jackiewicz, M., 1978:
Distribution of succinea elegans and succinea sarsi in poland gastropoda pulmonata

Chisholm D.N.; Picha D.H., 1986:
Distribution of sugars and organic acids within ripe watermelon fruit citrullus lanatus

Matveeva S.A., 1979 :
Distribution of sulfadimesine and sulfamonomethoxine in the body of white rats in single and repeated administration combined with uv irradiation

Rudzit, E.A.; Bobrov, V.I.; Yakovlev, V.P., 1977:
Distribution of sulfadimethoxine and sulfalene in the body of rabbits and mice during experimental staphylococcal intoxication

Bobrov V.I.; Beletskaya G.T., 1984:
Distribution of sulfanilamides and penicillins in the blood and organs of rats in the combined use of drugs

Hook, M.; Lindahl, U.; Iverius, P.H., 1974:
Distribution of sulfate and iduronic acid residues in heparin and heparan sulfate

Entani S.; Chihara E.; Ueno S.; Okamoto H., 1984:
Distribution of sulfhydryl and disulfide groups in ocular tissues

Tanizawa M.; Ito M.; Maruyama T.; Sato Y., 1983:
Distribution of sulfhydryl and sulfur sulfur in epidermis and eccrine glands comparison of the findings based on the routine and n 7 di methylamino 4 methyl 3 coumarinyl maleimide stainings

Simard, C.; Boulet, M., 1978:
Distribution of sulfhydryl groups and of di sulfide bridges in protein fractions of soybean faba bean and colza

Chang, T.S.; Zirkin, B.R., 1978:
Distribution of sulfhydryl oxidase activity in the rat and hamster male reproductive tract

Singh, M.K.; Singh, S.D.; Sinha, S.P.; Banerjee, N.C., 1977:
Distribution of sulfisomidine in tissues of poultry

Golovacheva R.S.; Karavaiko G.I., 1981:
Distribution of sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans

Berneis, K.; Boguth, W., 1976:
Distribution of sulfonamides and sulfonamide potentiators between red blood cells, proteins and aqueous phases of the blood of different species

Faiman, M.D.; Dodd, D.E.; Hanzlik, R.E., 1978:
Distribution of sulfur 35 disulfiram and metabolites in mice and metabolism of sulfur 35 disulfiram in the dog

Dencker L.; Rehbinder C.; Ronnback C.; Carfagnini J.C.; Stridsberg B., 1981:
Distribution of sulfur 35 in mice after oral administration of alpha di thio acetamidinium chloride an auto radiographic investigation

Stremke G.; Meissner J.; Boeke W., 1979:
Distribution of sulfur 35 labeled sulfated muco poly saccharides in the recipient eye after corneal allo grafting experimental studies in rabbits

Shimada M.; Shimono R.; Watanabe M.; Imahayashi T.; Ozaki H.S.; Kihara T.; Yamaguchi K.; Niizeki S., 1984:
Distribution of sulfur 35 labeled taurine in rat neo nates and adults a whole body auto radiographic study/

Utley, J.F.; Marlowe, C.; Waddell, W.J., 1976:
Distribution of sulfur 35 labeled wr 2721 s 2 3 aminopropylaminoethyl phosphorothioic acid in normal and malignant tissues of the mouse

Karpov, L.M.; Dvuzhil'naya, E.D.; Savvov, V.I.; Fan-Van-T'i, 1977:
Distribution of sulfur 35 lipoic acid and its effect on pyruvate dehydrogenase activity in rats with walker carcinoma

Pourcho, R.G., 1977:
Distribution of sulfur 35 taurine in mouse retina after intra vitreal and intra vascular injection

Lowe L.E.; Bustin R.M., 1985:
Distribution of sulfur forms in six facies of peats of the fraser river delta canada

Sharma B.R.; Kanwar B.S.; Kanwar B.B., 1986:
Distribution of sulfur forms in some important soil profiles of northwestern himalayas india

Farrell E.P.; Nilsson S.I.; Wiklander G.; Tamm C.O., 1984:
Distribution of sulfur fractions in lysimeters previously treated with sulfuric acid nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilizer and a combination of acid and fertilizer/

Aulakh, M.S.; Dev, G., 1976:
Distribution of sulfur in the soils of the multiple cropping project area in sangrur india

Wainwright, M., 1978:
Distribution of sulfur oxidation products in soils and on acer pseudoplatanus growing close to sources of atmospheric pollution

Smith, K.G., 1977:
Distribution of summer birds along a forest moisture gradient in an ozark watershed

Mazeaud F.; Maral J.; Michelson A.M., 1979:
Distribution of super oxide dis mutase and glutathione peroxidase in the carp erythrocyte manganese super oxide dis mutase

Thomas, T.N.; Priest, D.G.; Zemp, J.W., 1976:
Distribution of super oxide dis mutase ec in rat brain

de Toledo, L.R.; Perry, T.W., 1985:
Distribution of supplemental selenium in the serum, hair, colostrum, and fetus of parturient dairy cows

Mori, Y.; Yokoya, F.; Sakai, Y.; Toyoshi, K.; Baba, S., 1984:
Distribution of suprofen in rats of both sexes

Tattersall J.E.H.; Cervero F.; Plenderleith M.B., 1987:
Distribution of sural nerve afferent fibers within the dorsal horn of adult rats treated at birth with capsaicin

Marikovsky, Y.; Wang, L.; Inbar, M., 1983:
Distribution of surface anionic sites on mouse hybrid myelomas

Simmons J.G.; Fuller C.R.; Buchanan P.D.; Yount W.J., 1981:
Distribution of surface cytoplasmic and secreted immuno globulin g subclasses in human lympho blastoid cell lines and normal peripheral blood lymphocytes

Lyubimov A.V., 1984:
Distribution of surface fibronectin in sparse and dense cultures of normal and transformed mouse fibroblasts

Sasaki, N.; Takazoe, I., 1982:
Distribution of surface fimbriae in species of the genus Propionibacterium

Layton, J.E.; Howard, M.C., 1978:
Distribution of surface immuno globulin m and immuno globulin d on single cells from lymphocyte sub populations

Isouchi T.; Imazeki A.; Yamazi I., 1980:
Distribution of surface plankton communities around izu island japan in summer 1979

Isouchi T., 1981:
Distribution of surface plankton communities in tateyama bay japan in june 1980

Ferguson R.L.; Palumbo A.V., 1979:
Distribution of suspended bacteria in neritic waters south of long island new york usa during stratified conditions

Nakamura T.; Okabe S., 1979:
Distribution of suspended manganese iron and organic matter in sea and lake waters

Fischer J.K., 1980:
Distribution of suspended matter in the epi pelagial on antarctic waters between the drake passage and adelaide island

Slovodyan M.P., 1981:
Distribution of swertia punctata in the territory of the carpathian state reservation ussr

Mercel, F., 1980:
Distribution of swida australis and swida hungarica in slovakia czechoslovakia

Yamane, N.; Sukeno, N.; Ishida, N., 1978:
Distribution of swine influenza antibody in japan

Motorina M.V.; Suderevskaya E.I., 1983:
Distribution of synaptic projections of the dorsal root in the spinal cord of the carp cyprinus carpio

Cohen M.W.; Rodriguez Marin E.; Wilson E.M., 1987:
Distribution of synaptic specialization along isolated motor units formed in xenopus nerve muscle cultures

Grbesa D., 1984:
Distribution of syncytial knots in the mature human placenta

Chandra P.; Chanana A.D.; Joel D.D., 1980:
Distribution of t and b lymphocytes in blood and lymphoid tissues of fetal and adult sheep

Duhamel, G.E.; Bernoco, D.; Davis, W.C.; Osburn, B.I., 1987:
Distribution of T and B lymphocytes in mammary dry secretions, colostrum and blood of adult dairy cattle

Said J.W.; Shintaku I.P.; Teitelbaum A.; Chien K.; Sassoon A.F., 1984:
Distribution of t cell phenotypic subsets and surface immunoglobulin bearing lymphocytes in lymph nodes from male homosexuals with persistent generalized adenopathy an immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study

Cox N.H.; Turbitt M.L.; Ashworth J.; Mackie R.M., 1986:
Distribution of t cell subsets and langerhans cells in mycosis fungoides and the effect of psoralen plus uv a therapy

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Distribution of T cell subsets in human lymph nodes

Lenington S.; Franks P.; Williams J., 1988:
Distribution of t haplotypes in natural populations of wild house mice

Richie, E.R.; Bass, R.; Meistrich, M.L.; Dennison, D.K., 1982:
Distribution of T lymphocyte subsets in human colostrum

Okiwelu, S.N., 1976:
Distribution of tabanidae at the chakwenga game reserve zambia

Bopp M.; Markmann Mulisch U.; Kessler U., 1988:
Distribution of target cells for cytokinins in the protonema of polytrichum formosum and funaria hygrometrica

Davies, R.O.; Kare, M.R.; Cagan, R.H., 1979:
Distribution of taste buds on fungiform and circumvallate papillae of bovine tongue

X.J.; Mao Z.; L.S.; Cui M.; Wang Y.; Chen L.; D.R., 1982:
Distribution of taste sensitivity of phenyl thio carbamide of various nationalities in china

Golovlev, E.L.; Baryshnikova, L.M., 1978:
Distribution of taxonomic characteristics in corynebacterium like organisms

Singh J.; Prasad K.G.; Gupta G.N., 1986:
Distribution of teak under different silvo climatic conditions in some parts of western ghats india

Risch, V.R.; Honda, T.; Heindel, N.D.; Emrich, J.L.; Brady, L.W., 1977:
Distribution of technetium 99m 1 thio glucose in rats effect of administration route on pancreatic specificity

Christensen S.B.; Arnoldi C.C., 1980:
Distribution of technetium 99m labeled phosphate compounds in osteo arthritic femoral heads

Doyle, R.J.; McDannel, M.L.; Helman, J.R.; Streips, U.N., 1975:
Distribution of teichoic acid in the cell wall of Bacillus subtilis

Tsykalov E.N.; Kuznetsova G.D.; Shevelev I.A.; Budko K.P.; Gorbach A.M.; Sharaev G.A., 1987:
Distribution of temperatures on the cerebral cortex surface of white rats under direct electrical stimulation

Rayner S.M., 1983:
Distribution of teredinids mollusca teredinidae in papua new guinea

Motorina M.V.; Tamarova Z.A.; Sapovalov A.I.; Shiryaev B.I., 1982:
Distribution of terminals of primary afferent fibers poly synaptically connected with frog spinal moto neurons

Zhvaniya M.G., 1981:
Distribution of terminals of some subcortical cortical afferents in the cat association cortex

Soyunov, O., 1976:
Distribution of termites in the area of the 4th section of the kara kum canal ussr and control methods

Thomas R.J., 1987:
Distribution of termitomyces heim and other fungi in the nests and major workers of macrotermes bellicosus smeathman in nigeria

Hayashi N.; Maeshima K.; Noguchi I.; Komae H.; Sakao T., 1980:
Distribution of terpenes and phenol ethers of asarum species growing on islands in pacific ocean

Denisova, G.A., 1976:
Distribution of terpenoid containing receptacles in the plant world

Bertrand, M., 1975:
Distribution of terrestrial tardigrada in the aigoual mountains

Wenn, R.V.; Kamberi, I.A.; Keyvanjah, M.; Johannes, A., 1977:
Distribution of testosterone estradiol binding globulin in the higher vertebrates

Kozak, L.P., 1975:
Distribution of tests of planktonic foraminiferal species in the surface sediment layer of the sea of japan ussr

Sergeeva, T.I.; Soboleva, K.P.; Konstantinova, N.D., 1977:
Distribution of tetanus causal agents in the soil of the yakutsk assr

Mazzafero V.E.; Boyer M.; Medina A.M., 1981:
Distribution of tetanus in argentina

Musser, D.A.; Wagner, J.M.; Datta-Gupta, N., 1978:
Distribution of tetra phenyl porphine sulfonate and tetra carboxyphenyl porphine in tumor bearing mice

Brettschneider I.; Krejci L., 1980:
Distribution of tetracycline in lens proteins after intensive topical administration

Dilly, P.N.; Mackie, I.A., 1985:
Distribution of tetracycline in the conjunctiva of patients on long term systemic doses

Karput, I.M., 1976 :
Distribution of tetracyclines in animals and their effect on cell interaction in immune response

Sokolov V.K., 1980:
Distribution of tetrapodili galls acarina on birch and aspen

Godeaux J., 1987:
Distribution of thaliacea on a transect from the gulf of aden to the central red sea during the winter monsoon march 1979

Nakamura K.; Nishiguchi I.; Takagi Y.; Kubo A.; Hashimoto S., 1985:
Distribution of thallium 201 in the blood

Llaurado, J.G.; Madden, J.A.; Meade, R.C.; Smith, G.A., 1978:
Distribution of thallium 201 injected into rats following stress imaging organ to plasma uptake ratios and myo cardial kinetics

Mietto P.; Quaggiotto E., 1984:
Distribution of tharsiella tinostomoides new record in the mediterranean

Staun, M., 1987:
Distribution of the 10,000 molecular weight calcium binding protein along the small and large intestine of man

Cigen R., 1983:
Distribution of the 2 forms of guinea pig beta 2 micro globulin originally detected in urine

Cayley, P.J.; White, R.F.; Antoniw, J.F.; Walesby, N.J.; Kerr, I.M., 1982:
Distribution of the 2' 5' oligo adenylate 5' tri phosphate binding protein and interferon related enzymes in animals plants and lower organisms

Garcia M.; Salazar Retana G.; Pages A.; Richer G.; Domergue J.; Pages A.M.; Cavalie G.; Martin J.M.; Lamarque J L.; E.A., 1986:
Distribution of the 52000 molecular weight estrogen regulated protein in benign breast diseases and other tissues by immunohistochemistry

Mulley J.C., 1980:
Distribution of the 6 alpha 1 anti trypsin pi subtypes from a sample of blood donors

Zentmyer, G.A., 1976:
Distribution of the a 1 mating type of phytophthora cinnamomi

Krötlinger, F.; Meyer, J.N.; Thiele, O.W., 1979:
Distribution of the A blood group activity on lipid and nonlipid fractions of pig organs

Antranikian G.; Friese C.; Quentmeier A.; Hippe H.; Gottschalk G., 1984:
Distribution of the ability for citrate utilization among clostridia

Rudometov Y.P.; Umanskii K.G.; Ashmarina E.E.; Andreeva L.S., 1981:
Distribution of the abo blood groups in patients with neuro infections

Ragimov A.A.; Aliev V.M.; Akhundova A.M.; Tokarev Y.N., 1986:
Distribution of the abo system and rh factor d antigens in the population capable of donorship in the focus with high incidence of thalassemia genes the sheki kutkashensk zone of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Mikhailova V.A.; Ozeretskovskaya N.N., 1987:
Distribution of the abo system blood groups in onchocerciasis

Shvydko N.S.; Rushonik S.I.; Popov D.K.; Vorozhtsova L.N., 1979:
Distribution of the absorbed dose of plutonium 239 under the effect of an iron preparation

Viksman, M.E., 1976:
Distribution of the activity of lysosomal enzymes in the cells of the renal cortex in subcapsular transplantation of allogeneic spleen cells

Oguri M., 1980 :
Distribution of the adrenal gland in toadfish opsanus tau kidney

Ivanova, A.S.; Krylov, S.S.; Petrov, A.N., 1976:
Distribution of the adreno blocking drug pyrroxan in albino rats

Flatz, G.; Henze, H.J.; Palabiyikoglu, E.; Dagalp, K.; Türkkan, T., 1986:
Distribution of the adult lactase phenotypes in Turkey

Cuddenec Y.; Delbruck H.; Flatz G., 1982:
Distribution of the adult lactase phenotypes lactose absorber and mal absorber in a group of 131 army recruits

Haggis M.J., 1986:
Distribution of the african armyworm spodoptera exempta lepidoptera noctuidae and the frequency of larval outbreaks in africa and arabia

Padchenko I.K.; Stovbun A.I.; Lokteva I.M.; Taran V.V., 1980:
Distribution of the agent of amoebiasis in various landscape geographic zones of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Vilstrup H.; Nielsen P.E., 1981:
Distribution of the alcohol consumption in the danish population in 1979

Ueshima T.; Uehara M., 1983:
Distribution of the alpha type ganglion cells in the chicken retina

Campbell A.; Mackay P.R., 1979:
Distribution of the american dog tick dermacentor variabilis and its small mammal hosts in relation to vegetation types in a study area in nova scotia canada

Davidova E.G.; Rachinskii V.V.; Belov A.P., 1981:
Distribution of the amino acid pool in yeast candida tropicalis cells

Martinot J P., 1986:
Distribution of the amphibians and reptilians of the vanoise national park france and of its peripherical zone regulations for their protection

Ovchinnikova, V.A.; Filatov, P.P.; Chernov, V.A., 1977:
Distribution of the anti virus preparation carbon 14 oxoline in animal bodies

Ohwada, K.; Kitame, F.; Sugawara, K.; Nishimura, H.; Homma, M.; Nakamura, K., 1987:
Distribution of the antibody to influenza C virus in dogs and pigs in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan

Nersisyan V.M.; Akopyan L.P.; Martirosyan I.G.; Musaelyan N.O.; Pogosyan A.S., 1984:
Distribution of the antigens of certain erythrocytic systems in hematologic patients

Arkhipova G.V.; Matveeva S.I.; Nikashin A.V.; Fedotova I.B., 1986:
Distribution of the antioxidant hydroxybutyltoulene in brain areas and its effect on epileptiform seizure and lipid content in km rats

Hayashi Y., 1987:
Distribution of the aphyllophorales in the beech forests of southern hokkaido japan

Kharkevich, S.S., 1978:
Distribution of the arctic species phippsia algida new record and dupontia psilosantha new record poaceae in the kamchatka oblast russian sfsr ussr

Banin V.V., 1981:
Distribution of the area and volume of filtration in modular constructions of the cat mesenteric micro circulatory bed

Escudero J.C.; Blasco M.; Vargas J.M., 1979:
Distribution of the avi fauna in relation to the environmental complexes in the area of the pond of the conde de guadalhorce in the province of malaga spain

Nikitskii, N.B., 1976:
Distribution of the bark beetle ips acuminatus and its predators in the populated part of the stem

Monroe, B.L.Jr ; Giannini, R.W., 1977:
Distribution of the barking tree frog in kentucky usa

Stephen R.; Rao T.S.S., 1980:
Distribution of the bathy pelagic family arietellidae copepoda calanoida in the upper 200 meters in the indian ocean

Smith I.B.Jr; Caron D.M., 1984:
Distribution of the bee louse braula coeca in honeybee apis mellifera colonies and its preferences among workers queens and drones

Hynes, H.B.N.; Williams, D.D.; Williams, N.E., 1976:
Distribution of the benthos within the substratum of a welsh mountain stream

Piotrovskii A.S., 1979:
Distribution of the black scabbardfish aphanopus carbo new record family trichiuridae in the indian ocean

Taki W.; Handa H.; Higa T.; Tanada S.; Fukuyama H.; Fujita T.; Yonekawa Y.; Kameyama M.; Torizuka K., 1984:
Distribution of the blood flow supplied by the vertebral artery in humans as assessed by emission computed tomography

Valdes Munoz E., 1986:
Distribution of the brachyurans crustacea brachyura in the coastal zone of punta del este cuba

Ronnback, L.; Haglid, K.G.; Hansson, H.A.; Persson, L., 1976:
Distribution of the brain specific s 100 protein in neuronal cells of the rat central nervous system

Mitchell, B.D.; Geddes, M.C., 1977:
Distribution of the brine shrimps parartemia zietziana and artemia salina along a salinity and oxygen gradient in a south australian salt field

Fried, A.M., 1978:
Distribution of the bulk of the normal placenta. Review and classification of 800 cases by ultrasonography

Borodin, P.L., 1976:
Distribution of the burrows and dens of badgers foxes and raccoon dogs in the mordovian preserve

Paradinas, F.J.; Boxer, G.; Bagshawe, K.D., 1984:
Distribution of the Ca (Oxford) antigen in lung neoplasms and non-neoplastic lung tissues

Matyja B.A.; Gizejewska M., 1979:
Distribution of the callovian and lower oxfordian ammonite faunas in poland

Smith D.G., 1982:
Distribution of the cambarid crayfish procambarus acutus acutus arthropoda decapoda in new england usa

Dubois Dauphin M.; Zakarian S., 1987:
Distribution of the carboxyl terminal glycopeptide of the vasopressin prohormone in rat brain an immunocytochemical study

Brandt I.; Gustafsson J A.; Rafter J., 1983:
Distribution of the carcinogenic tryptophan pyrolysis product 3 amino 1 4 dimethyl 5h pyrido 4 3 b indole acetate in control 9 hydroxy ellipticine and beta naphtho flavone pre treated mice

Chapman, B.J.; Munday, K.A.; Willson, R.A., 1977:
Distribution of the cardiac output between the tissues of normo thermic and hypo thermic rats

Il'chenko O.I.; Boiko A.L.; Bobyr' A.D., 1986:
Distribution of the carnation mottle virus among the representatives of the family caryophyllaceae

Damsky C.H.; Knudsen K.A.; Bradley D.; Buck C.A.; Horwitz A.F., 1985:
Distribution of the cell substratum attachment antigen on myogenic and fibroblastic cells in culture

Singh, I.; Sharma, N.K.; Sakhuja, P.K.; Sharma, S.K., 1977:
Distribution of the cereal cyst nematode heterodera avenae on wheat in ludhiana punjab india

Ascher K.R.S.; Eliyahu M.; Glotter E.; Kirson I.; Abraham A., 1984:
Distribution of the chemotypes of withania somnifera in some areas of israel feeding studies with spodoptera littoralis larvae and chemical examination of withanolide content

Ryser, H.M.; Geiger, H.J.; Scholl, A., 1978:
Distribution of the chironomidae of the genus chironomus diptera chironomidae in the area around bern switzerland

Rhodes L.F.; Mansingh A., 1986:
Distribution of the coffee berry borer hypothenemus hampei in jamaica west indies and an assessment of the chemical control program 1979 1982

Arai, T.; Komatsu, S., 1981:
Distribution of the colicinogenic strains and the heat stability of their colicins

Kozlovskii S.V., 1980:
Distribution of the common caspian kilka clupeonella delicatula caspia in the kuibyshev reservoir russian sfsr ussr

Vohralik, V.; Andera, M., 1976:
Distribution of the common hamster cricetus cricetus in czechoslovakia

Lenders A.; Pelzers E., 1986:
Distribution of the common hamster cricetus cricetus in the netherlands

Ruprecht, A.L., 1977 :
Distribution of the common spadefoot pelobates fuscus in poland

Gili J.M.; Pages F.; Riera T., 1987:
Distribution of the commonest species of siphonophora calycophora in the northwestern area of the western mediterranean

Sato, Y.I.; Hayashi, K., 1983:
Distribution of the complementary genes causing f 1 weakness in the common rice oryza sativa and its wild relatives 1. l 2 a gene in asian native cultivars

Berger, S.J. & ; Devries, G.W.; Carter, J.G.; Schulz, D.W.; Passonneau, P.N.; Lowry, O.H.; Ferrendelli, J.A., 1980:
Distribution of the components of the cyclic gmp cycle in retina

Bartsch I., 1985:
Distribution of the copidognathus gibbus group halacaridae acari and description of 2 new species

Maurya K.R.; Jamil Z., 1982:
Distribution of the cryptostigmatid mesostigmatid and prostigmatid mites acarina in the houses of northeastern and northern india

Ramnani A.D.; Markhand G.S.; Bhattti N.M.; Malik A.R., 1986:
Distribution of the cyanogenic phenotype of lotus corniculatus in the murree hills the jhelum and the swat valleys of northern pakistan

Kudinova Pasternak R.K., 1987:
Distribution of the deep sea species exspina typica new record and possible parasitism of tanaid crustaceans

Patterson R., 1982:
Distribution of the desert tortoise gopherus agassizii

Joger U.; Tarnow C., 1982:
Distribution of the dice snake natrix tessellata in germany occurrence on the upper weser valley reptilia serpentes colubridae

Hagiwara, H., 1976:
Distribution of the dictyosteliaceae cellular slime molds on mount ishizuchi shikoku japan

Anisimov, A.V.; Miftakhutdinova, F.G., 1977:
Distribution of the dimensions of cells and intra cellular structures of biosystems from the measurements of water diffusion by the method of impulse gradient of nmr spin echo

Shishkoff N., 1987:
Distribution of the dimorphic hypodermis of roots in angiosperm families

Meher Homji V.M., 1979:
Distribution of the dipterocarpaceae some phyto geographic considerations on india

Taniguchi, Y., 1986:
Distribution of the dorsal root ganglion cell bodies innervating the abdominal and pelvic viscera in the monkey

Budnikov, N.S.; Pozdneev, D.B., 1976:
Distribution of the dose by linear energy loss during irradiation of a phantom with fast neutrons

Wang P.; Sun J., 1986:
Distribution of the dugong off the coast of china

Boman H., 1981:
Distribution of the e 1a gene among norwegian blood donors studied by an automated screening method

Sapkarev, J.A., 1976:
Distribution of the earthworms oligochaeta lumbricidae in macedonia yugoslavia

Smith A.J.; Leaver A.G., 1981:
Distribution of the edta soluble noncollagenous organic matrix components of rabbit incisor dentin

Omoto, K.; Harada, S.; Tanaka, T.; Nigi, H.; Prychodko, W., 1970:
Distribution of the electrophoretic variants of serum alpha 1 anti trypsin in 6 species of the macaques

Saffo M.B., 1982:
Distribution of the endo symbiont nephromyces within the ascidian family molgulidae

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Distribution of the enzymes of nucleic acid biosynthesis and their precursors in the fractionation of the extract of escherichia coli mre 600

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Distribution of the euphorbia pallasii ceno complex in southeastern transbaikalia russian sfsr ussr

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Distribution of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae as related to oviposition preference of the spring colonizing generation in eastern north carolina usa

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Distribution of the european hedgehog erinaceus europaeus in sweden and finland

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Distribution of the extant ferns in darjeeling hills eastern himalayas india

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Distribution of the face fly musca autumnalis new record in south carolina usa

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Distribution of the family perlidae in west virginia usa plecoptera

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Distribution of the family rhodacaridae mesostigmata in the afro tropical region

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Distribution of the fibers of the cingulum to the cerebral cortex of the guinea pig

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Distribution of the fibrillar terminals running from the anterior colliculi of the mid brain tectum in the visual projection zone field 17 of the cat brain

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Distribution of the fingerlings of the russian sturgeon acipenser guldenstadti in the northern caspian sea in aug. 1980

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Distribution of the fire ants solenopsis invicta and solenopsis geminata hymenoptera formicidae in northern florida usa in relation to habitat and disturbance

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Distribution of the fishes in the andean rivers in the south of chile

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Distribution of the flagellate hexamita salmonis and the microsporidian loma salmonae in brown trout salmo trutta and rainbow trout salmo gairdneri in the river itchen uk and three of its fish farms

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Distribution of the foraminifer ammonia beccarii linnaeus and its relationship with some sedimentological parameters in the vasquez marsh baru island colombia

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Distribution of the forest vegetation in the basin of the somesul cald river cluj district romania and importance of the forests for local economy

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Distribution of the free and heavy organic matter and the humin fractions in climax and degraded soils

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Distribution of the freshwater fishes of taiwan

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Distribution of the fungus thanatephorus cucumeris in the estonian ssr ussr and its variability

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Distribution of the galactose specific lectin in endoderm cells from early chick embryos

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Distribution of the genes causing f 2 chlorosis in rice cultivars of the indica and japonica types

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Distribution of the genus cyclotella in relation to ph in precambrian shield lakes implications for diatom inferred ph

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Distribution of the genus Leptospira in soil and water

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Distribution of the genus nectandra lauraceae in costa rica

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Distribution of the genus orthetrum odonata libellulidae

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Distribution of the genus phyllitis in sicily italy pteridophyta aspleniaceae

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Distribution of the germinal vesicle material during progesterone induced oocyte maturation in xenopus and in cynops

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Distribution of the glio interstitial system in mollusks part 2 electron microscopy of tonic and phasic muscles in the digestive tract of aplysia and other opisthobranchs

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Distribution of the global solar radiation in the rio grande do sul state brazil

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Distribution of the glycosamino glycans in the abdominal walls of the rats

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Distribution of the grass bothriochloa ischaemum in bohemia

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Distribution of the gray heron ardea cinerea in denmark 1978

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Distribution of the gray starling spodiopsar cineraceus new record in mongolia

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Distribution of the gray whale eschrichtius gibbosus off the coast of china

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Distribution of the green light absorbing pigments siphonaxanthin and siphonein in marine green algae

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Distribution of the green spruce needle miner epinotia nanana lepidoptera tortricidae within and between trees at redesdale northumberland uk

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Distribution of the group specific components subtypes in cord bloods and blood donors

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Distribution of the groups and forms of iron compounds in podzolic soils

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Distribution of the hair on the digits of the hand in chinese

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Distribution of the hawk moths hyles euphorbiae and hyles robertsi lepidoptera sphingidae in asia

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Distribution of the hippopotamidae mammalia artiodactyla in western europe stratigraphic and paleo ecologic implications

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Distribution of the histaminergic neuron system in the central nervous system of rats a fluorescent immuno histochemical analysis with histidine decarboxylase ec as a marker

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Distribution of the house martin delichon urbica and growth of its population in the area of krakow poland

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Distribution of the human jaw stretch reflex responses elicited by percutaneous localized stretch of jaw closing muscles

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Distribution of the incidence of anencephaly in Japan

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Distribution of the increased cardiac output secondary to the vasodilating and inotropic effects of secretin

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Distribution of the infection by trypanosoma brucei gambiense in a population of bandundu zaire

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Distribution of the insect parasites peristenus and mesochorus in poland

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Distribution of the intensity of free radical reactions at different stages of bud growth and in adult hydra

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Distribution of the inter tidal barnacles chthamalus stellatus chthamalus montagui and euraphia depressa

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Distribution of the intra hemispheric and inter hemispheric afferent fibers of the cat parietal associative area

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Distribution of the intraperitoneally injected iodine 125 labeled bovine serum albumin in cytoplasm nucleoplasm and chromatin of lymphocyte like and macrophage like rat spleen cells

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Distribution of the introduced argentine ant iridomyrmex humilis in natural habitats of the lower sacramento valley california usa and its effects on the indigenous ant fauna

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Distribution of the iron containing drug feral in rabbits

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Distribution of the japanese spiny lobster population with special reference to catch statistics in section

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Distribution of the juxtaglomerular cells in toadfish opsanus tau kidney

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Distribution of the karyotype forms of the genus spalax in yugoslavia

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Distribution of the kelp eating habit in japan 1. statistical analysis of the processed kelp and kelp tsukudani consumption for 8 years

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Distribution of the kelp eating habit in japan 2. historical meanings of the patterns of kelp eating habits

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Distribution of the kranz type anatomy in some dicotyledonous families of kenya

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Distribution of the kunitz and the bowman birk family proteinase inhibitors in leguminous seeds

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Distribution of the lactase phenotypes in the population of the sudan

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Distribution of the large external transformation sensitive protein fibronectin in rat cerebellum an in vitro and in vivo developmental study

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Distribution of the least weasel mustela nivalis new record in illinois usa

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Distribution of the level of antibody to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome associated virus in sera from acquired immunodeficiency syndrome related complex and japanese hemophiliacs infected with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome associated virus

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Distribution of the lewis and secretor traits in rio de janeiro brazil

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Distribution of the limnic medusa medusina limnica in the rotliegendes of central europe

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Distribution of the little brown dove streptopelia senegalensis and ring dove streptopelia decaocto in the kazakh ssr ussr

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Distribution of the long tailed field mouse apodemus agrarius in hungary

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Distribution of the long term radio nuclides strontium 90 and cesium 137 in human environment

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Distribution of the low molecular weight form of eukaryotic elongation factor 1 in various tissues

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Distribution of the macrobenthic and meiobenthic assemblages in the littoral soft bottoms of the gulf of aqaba jordan

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Distribution of the macrophytes of lake yojoa honduras

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Distribution of the main horse fly species diptera tabanidae in the coastal zone of french guiana

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Distribution of the main wild berries in the lithuanian ssr ussr and changes in their areal distribution from 1962 1972

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Distribution of the major connective matrix components of the stromal reaction in breast carcinoma. An immunohistochemical study

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Distribution of the major minerals between soluble and colloidal phases of buffalo milk as affected by ph

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Distribution of the marine cladocerans crustacea branchiopoda off santos brazil

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Distribution of the marsh periwinkle littorina irrorata in a virginia usa salt marsh

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Distribution of the mast cells with various histochemical characteristics situated in the vicinity of genetically heterogenous epithelia

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Distribution of the mediterranean grass ephemera psilurus incurvus in the crimea ukrainian ssr ussr

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Distribution of the meio fauna and macro fauna of the coral sands of the inner reef flat of the great reef at tulear malagasy republic

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Distribution of the melon fly dacus cucurbitae diptera tephritidae and host plants on kauai hawaiian islands usa

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Distribution of the methylcitric acid cycle and beta oxidation pathway for propionate catabolism in fungi

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Distribution of the micronesian megapode megapodius laperouse in the northern mariana islands

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Distribution of the mid dorsal stripe dimorphism in the wood frog rana sylvatica in eastern north america

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Distribution of the mockingbird mimus polyglottos in california usa

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Distribution of the mole talpa europaea in finland

Ito K., 1985:
Distribution of the molluscan shells in the surrounding areas of sado and awa islands niigata prefecture japan

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Distribution of the mosquitoes culex tritaeniorhynchus in relation to disposition of sound traps in a paddy field

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Distribution of the moss family grimmiaceae in nevada usa

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Distribution of the motor end plates in the muscles of a sirenoid monster

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Distribution of the muskrat ondatra zibethica by ocean currents

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Distribution of the myo cardial tissue partial pressure of oxygen in the rat and the inhomogeneity of the coronary bed

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Distribution of the nasicornous beetle oryctes nasicornis in the leipzig district east germany

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Distribution of the natterjack bufo calamita new record in the area of the ancient bydgoszcz voivodeship poland

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Distribution of the northern leopard frog rana pipiens new record in the lower hudson and housatonic river valleys new york usa

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Distribution of the nucleotides in 7 completely sequenced dna types

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Distribution of the number biomass and production of microorganisms in the world ocean

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Distribution of the o groups of escherichia coli isolated from urinary infections in sardinia italy

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Distribution of the o groups of escherichia coli isolated in urinary tract infections

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Distribution of the occipital branches of the posterior cerebral artery. Correlation with occipital lobe infarcts

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Distribution of the orchidaceae in haute savoie

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Distribution of the organic matter of the catalan continental shelf france spain carbon and nitrogen

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Distribution of the organismal heat resistance of the mollusk lymnaea fragilis

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Distribution of the pelagic copepod temora turbinata in new zealand coastal waters and possible trans tasman population continuity

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Distribution of the personnel at the general hospitals for in bed and out patient department attendance

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Distribution of the phosphatidate phospho hydrolase ec activity in the lamellar body and lysosomal fractions of lung tissue

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Distribution of the phyto plankton in the northwestern region of the cuban platform

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Distribution of the pigment caulerpin in species of the green alga caulerpa

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Distribution of the plecoptera insecta in the streams of macedonia yugoslavia in relation to the temperature part 8 the vevtchani brook jablanitsa mountain

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Distribution of the portunid crab ovalipes punctatus in algoa bay south africa and salinity and temperature tolerances of its zoeae

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Distribution of the potato tuber moth phthorimaea operculella lepidoptera gelechiidae in korea

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Distribution of the pro opiomelanocortin derived peptides acth alpha msh and beta endorphin in the rat hypothalamus