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Distribution of some genetic markers among 2 scheduled caste groups of andhra pradesh south india

Rama Swamy, B.; Goud, J.D.; Salem, J.B.

Acta Anthropogenetica 3(1-2): 13-18


ISSN/ISBN: 0258-0357
Accession: 005180419

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Blood samples from Madiga and Mala populations were subjected to 2 blood group, 4 serum protein, 1 serum enzyme, Hb and 4 red cell enzyme phenotypic determinations. Tests for color-blindness were carried out. In an ABO system the frequency of group B was comparatively higher than that of group A. A few Rh negative samples were observed in both groups. Color vision defect was lower in Mala (1.67%) than in Madiga (4.00%). Ceruloplasmin (Cp) and albumin were monomorphic. The frequency of Hp allele ranged from 0.0847 in Mala to 0.1238 in Madiga. Three Tf[transferrin]CD and 1 TfBC individuals were detected. The frequency of HbS [sickle cell Hb] was 0.002 in Madiga and 0.008 in Mala. The phenotype C5+ of pseudocholinesterase (E2 locus) was present in 1% of Madigas. The allele pb was the most common acid phosphatase allele in both groups. G-6-PD [glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase] deficiency was very low in Madiga (0.60%) and absent in Mala. The enzymes LDH [lactic dehydrogenase] and MDH [malate dehydrogenase] were monomorphic.

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