On the distribution of tyulka, Clupeonella deliculata caspia (Svetovidov) , in the Kujbyshev Reservoir

Kozlovskii, S.V.

Voprosy Ichtiologii 20(3): 561-566


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-8752
Accession: 005180808

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C. d. caspia was recorded for the 1st time in the Kuibyshev reservoir in 1964. Within a short space of time it penetrated into all sections of the reservoir because of the favorable conditions in the reservoir. After 10 yr in spite of the great increase of its population, its distribution in the reservoir did not change. Within the first few years it occupied all the suitable biotypes which confirmed its plasticity and competition capability. Under optimum conditions the herring inhabited open areas and remained in the upper layers of water up to a depth of 5 m. During storms and low temperatures it descended into greater depths. In deep areas daily vertical migrations were observed in C. delicatula caspia. The greatest accumulations of this herring were observed in various bays, the estuary of the Utka river and the Volga-Kama arm of the reservoir which were also the most important feeding places of commercial fish fry. The impact of the competition for food of C. d. caspia with the more valuable commercial fishes Abramis brama (L.), Lucioperca lucioperca and other species should be studied further.