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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5182

Chapter 5182 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Maeda H.; Itoh H.; Todo Y.; Ishii Y.; Mukai T.; Minato K.; Torizuka K.; Fujita T., 1981:
Distribution of the pulmonary blood flow measured by emission computed tomography

Richoux P.; Allemand R.; Pupier R.; Delaunay L., 1986:
Distribution of the purpuricenus coleoptera cerambycidae in south france

Korolap S.A.; Skorokhodov Y.M.; Rotshil'd E.V.; Krasil'nikov V.R.; Barvitenko N.T., 1986:
Distribution of the rabies foci in voronezh oblast russian sfsr ussr as a function of soil and geological conditions

Vadineanu, A.; Furnica, G.; Dobrescu, V., 1977:
Distribution of the radio nuclide iron 55 and iron 59 in the principal components of an aquatic micro ecosystem

Sapronov N.S., 1981:
Distribution of the rat hypothalamic cholinergic and adrenergic system controlling hypophyseal adrenal system function

Birdwell, C.R.; Strauss, J.H., 1974:
Distribution of the receptor sites for sindbis virus on the surface of chicken and baby hamster kidney cells

Vannini G.L.; Bonora A.; Dall'olio G., 1981:
Distribution of the receptors for concanavalin a on the surface of euglena gracilis as revealed by fluorescence microscopy

Kyritsis A.P.; Kapoor C.L.; Chader G.J., 1986:
Distribution of the regulatory subunit of type ii cyclic amp dependent protein kinase in y 79 retinoblastoma cells effect of butyrate

Onbe, T., 1978:
Distribution of the resting eggs of marine cladocerans in the bottom sediment of ise bay and uragami inlet central japan

Zarubina, N.A., 1977:
Distribution of the rh factor in families with hypophyseal nanism

Cornelis Rookmaaker L., 1980:
Distribution of the rhinoceros in eastern india bangladesh china and the indo chinese region

Zolotov O.G., 1985:
Distribution of the rock greenling hexagrammos lagocephalus in kuril kamchatka waters ussr

Fusseder A., 1986:
Distribution of the root system of zea mays and lupinus luteus in mixed cropping with respect to competition for phosphate and potassium

Samigullin G.M.; Davygora A.V., 1985:
Distribution of the ruddy sheldrake and the sheldrake in orenburg oblast russian sfsr ussr

Loschiavo S.R., 1983:
Distribution of the rusty grain beetle cryptolestes ferrugineus coleoptera cucujidae in columns of wheat stored dry or with localized high moisture content

Efford, I.E., 1976:
Distribution of the sand crabs in the genus emerita decapoda hippidae

Dabbour A.I., 1981:
Distribution of the scale insect parlatoria blanchardi on date palm trees

Magras, I.N.; Voogd, J., 1985 :
Distribution of the secondary vestibular fibers in the cerebellar cortex. An autoradiographic study in the cat

Rodriguez Fuentes M.E., 1981:
Distribution of the sedentary nematode rotylenchulus reniformis in cuba

Yoshida Y.; Tanaka Y.; Hirano M.; Kanaseki T., 1988:
Distribution of the sensory nerve fibers of the hypopharynx an hrp study

Vasil'eva, E.G.; Podgorodnichenko, V.K.; Tsyplyakovskaya, L.M.; Poverennyi, A.M.; Nasonova, V.A., 1975:
Distribution of the serum factor interacting with dna in healthy minks and minks with aleutian disease

Mahaffey, J.W.; Kaufman, T.C., 1987:
Distribution of the Sex combs reduced gene products in Drosophila melanogaster

Wallace R.L.; Griffith J.S.Jr; Daley D.M.; Connolly P.J.; Beckham G.B., 1984:
Distribution of the shoshone sculpin cottus greenei cottidae in the hagerman valley of south central idaho usa

Ghosh, B.K.; Wouters, J.T.; Lampen, J.O., 1971:
Distribution of the sites of alkaline phosphatase(s) activity in vegetative cells of Bacillus subtilis

Sturrock, R.F., 1975:
Distribution of the snail Biomphalaria glabrata, intermediate host of Schistosoma mansoni, within a St Lucian field habitat

Fell P.E.; Williams J.H., 1985:
Distribution of the snail melampus bidentatus and the mussel geukensia demissa along the pataguanset estuary connecticut usa in relation to salinity and other tidal marsh invertebrates

Taraschewski H.; Paperna I., 1981:
Distribution of the snail pirenella conica in sinai egypt and israel and its infection by heterophyidae and other trematodes

Richter W., 1985:
Distribution of the soft bottom macroinfauna in an estuary of southern chile

Ambrosi G.; Nicolardi G.; Rizzi A.; Miniello V.L.; Camosso M.E.; Fanelli F., 1987:
Distribution of the somatostatin like immunoreactivity in the chick embryo medulla and pons

Nicolardi G.; Rizzi A.; Miniello V.L.; Fanelli F.; Camosso M.E.; Ambrosi G., 1987:
Distribution of the somatostatin like immunoreactivity in the chick embryo midbrain tegmentum

Mittermeier, R.A.; Rhodin, A.G.J.; Medem, F.; Soini, P.; Hoogmoed, M.S.; De-Espinoza, N.C., 1978:
Distribution of the south american chelid turtle phrynops gibbus new record with observations on habitat and reproduction

Cameron, D.M-Jr, 1976:
Distribution of the southern flying squirrel glaucomys volans volans in maine usa

Zukowski W.; Pawlus M., 1982:
Distribution of the species alchemilla in northwestern poland

Stoicovici L., 1985:
Distribution of the species alnus viridis in the romanian carpathians

Bodini R.; Perez Hernandez R., 1987:
Distribution of the species and subspecies of cebids in venezuela

Schmid B., 1981:
Distribution of the species group carex flava in switzerland

Hippa, H.; Koponen, S., 1977:
Distribution of the species of galerucella coleoptera chrysomelidae on cloudberry in fennoscandia

Brailovsky, H.A., 1975:
Distribution of the species of narnia coreidae coreinae anisosceleni and description of narnia marquezi new species

Harris S.; Hubricht L., 1982:
Distribution of the species of the genus oxyloma mollusca succineidae in southern canada and the adjacent portions of the usa

Roper D.S., 1979:
Distribution of the spider crab leptomithrax longipes and evidence of bacterially induced feminization

Malez M., 1979:
Distribution of the steppe pika in the upper pleistocene of croatia yugoslavia

Doll R., 1979:
Distribution of the stipitate hydnaceae and the appearance of hericium creolophus cirrhatus spongipellis pachyodon and sistotrema confluens in mecklenburg east germany

Lake R.W., 1980:
Distribution of the stone flies plecoptera of delaware usa

Tester U., 1986:
Distribution of the stone marten martes foina erxleben in basel and environs switzerland

Feltmate B.W.; Baker R.L.; Pointing P.J., 1986:
Distribution of the stonefly nymph paragnetina media plecoptera perlidae influence of prey predators current speed and substrate composition

Takahashi M.; Nakai T.; Ishimaru T.; Hasumoto H.; Fujita Y., 1985:
Distribution of the subsurface chlorophyll maximum and its nutrient light environment in and around the japan current off japan

Chang S.M.; Choi J., 1987:
Distribution of the surface charges of the peats in different ionic strengths

Tanimura A., 1981:
Distribution of the surface chlorophyll a along the course of the ice breaker fuji to and from antarctica in 1979 1980

Raymond H.L., 1979:
Distribution of the tabanidae diptera of the briancon area france upper alps as related to the topographic factors

Del-Pilar-Gracia, M., 1978:
Distribution of the thecamoebae in the wooded mediterranean zone of montseny spain

Bilai T.I.; Zakharchenko V.A., 1986:
Distribution of the thermophilic micromycete thielavia terrestris in soils

Cochrane K.L., 1986:
Distribution of the three major species of fish in the hartbeespoort dam south africa in relation to some environmental factors

Popov Z., 1984:
Distribution of the thrips species thysanoptera at ograzhden mountain south west bulgaria

DeBault, L.E.; Esmon, N.L.; Olson, J.R.; Esmon, C.T., 1986:
Distribution of the thrombomodulin antigen in the rabbit vasculature

Golubev N.S., 1980:
Distribution of the toad pelodytes caucasicus amphibia pelobatidae

Ramalho, F.D.S.; Parrot, W.L.; Mccarty, J.C.J. ; Jenkins, J.N., 1987:
Distribution of the tobacco budworm heliothis virescens f. lepidoptera noctuidae eggs within cotton plants

Anderson D.M.; Kulis D.M.; Orphanos J.A.; Ceurvels A.R., 1982:
Distribution of the toxic dinoflagellate gonyaulax tamarensis in the southern new england region usa

LaMotte, C., 1977:
Distribution of the tract of Lissauer and the dorsal root fibers in the primate spinal cord

Moretti G.; Cianficconi F.; Tucciarelli F., 1981:
Distribution of the trichoptera in piediluco lake and marmore falls hydrosystem italy

Kane A.; Creppy E.E.; Roth A.; Roeschenthaler R.; Dirheimer G., 1986:
Distribution of the tritium label from low doses of radioactive ochratoxin a ingested by rats and evidence for dna single strand breaks caused by liver and kidneys

Ross S.B., 1987:
Distribution of the two forms of monoamine oxidase within monoaminergic neurons of the guinea pig brain

Fadeev E.V., 1986:
Distribution of the ussuri axis deer in the ussr

Nicoletti I.; Pelissero G.; Teggia M.; Torti C., 1982:
Distribution of the values of tricipital and subscapular skin fold in a group of northern italy children

Vincent Viry M.; L.D.B.N.; Lepage L.; Mikstacki T., 1986:
Distribution of the various phenotypes of paraoxonase in a french population

Obata Tsuto H.L.; Okamura H.; Tsuto T.; Terubayashi H.; Fukui K.; Yanaihara N.; Ibata Y., 1983:
Distribution of the vasoactive intestinal poly peptide like immuno reactive neurons in the cat central nervous system

Estrada, A.R.; Ferrer, L.T., 1987:
Distribution of the west indian manatee trichechus manatus mammalia sirenia in cuba i. western region

Resh V.H.; Barnby M.A., 1987:
Distribution of the wilbur springs shore bug hemiptera saldidae a product of abiotic tolerances and biotic constraints

Groves C.R., 1988:
Distribution of the wolverine in idaho usa as determined by mail questionnaire

Marin Y.F., 1981:
Distribution of the wood lemming myopus schisticolor and some features of its ecology in the altai reserve ussr

Wells, F.E., 1978:
Distribution of thecosomatous pteropods off the central coast of western australia

Hrebenyuk M.V., 1981:
Distribution of thermophilic fungi in fresh subor litter

Hrebenyuk M.V., 1981:
Distribution of thermophilic fungi on scutched flax

Sandhu D.K.; Singh S., 1981:
Distribution of thermophilous micro fungi in forest soils of darjeeling india eastern himalayas

Kristjansson, J.K.; Alfredsson, G.A., 1983:
Distribution of Thermus spp. in Icelandic Hot Springs and a Thermal Gradient

Yasui T.; Toda C.; Hashizume K.; Nagano H.; Fujii M.; Kameyama Y., 1987:
Distribution of thiabendazole tbz in pregnant mice

Nishijima, T.; Hata, Y., 1978:
Distribution of thiamine biotin and vitamin b 12 in lake kojima japan part 2 distribution in the bottom sediments

Nishijima, T.; Hata, Y., 1977:
Distribution of thiamine biotin and vitamin b 12 in lake kojima part 1 distribution in the lake water

Pincus, J.H.; Grove, I., 1970:
Distribution of thiamine phosphate esters in normal and thiamine deficient brain

Laforenza U.; Patrini C.; Rindi G., 1988:
Distribution of thiamine thiamine phosphates and thiamine metabolizing enzymes in neuronal and glial cell enriched fractions of rat brain

Hirate J.; Watanabe J.; Iwamoto K.; Ozeki S., 1982:
Distribution of thio urea following intra venous and oral administration to rats

Hozumi T., 1982:
Distribution of thiol groups among the tryptic fragments of the heavy chain of myosin subfragment 1

Ansorge, S.; Wiederanders, B.; Riemann, S.; Brouwer, A.; Knook, D.L., 1984:
Distribution of thiol protein disulfide oxidoreductase insulin glucagon proteinase ec 3.4.22. and cathepsin d ec in different cell types of the rat liver

Kozlova, I.A.; Andreyuk, E.I.; Tsokur, N.I.; Rozhanskaya, A.M.; Antonovskaya, N.S., 1978:
Distribution of thionic and sulfate reducing bacteria in the paleogene neogene deposits

Sütfeld, R., 1982:
Distribution of thiophene derivatives in different organs of Tagetes patula seedlings grown under various conditions

Kharkevich, S.S., 1978:
Distribution of thlaspi kamtschaticum new record and eutrema edwardsii new record brassicaceae in the kamchatka oblast ussr

Jaiswal D.D.; Dang H.S.; Sunta C.M., 1985:
Distribution of thorium in human tissues

Erickson-Viitanen, S.; Ruggieri, S.; Natalini, P.; Horecker, B.L., 1983:
Distribution of thymosin beta 4 in vertebrate classes

Konorza G.; Sesterhenn K.; Krueger G.R.F.; Ablashi D.V., 1979:
Distribution of thymus derived and bone marrow derived cells and of immuno globulin producing cells in tumor tissue of patients with naso pharyngeal carcinoma

Mackey, L.J., 1977:
Distribution of thymus derived and bone marrow derived cells in thymus blood and lymph nodes of the cat

Totterman, T.H., 1978:
Distribution of thymus derived bone marrow derived and thyro globulin binding lymphocytes infiltrating the gland in graves disease hashimoto thyroiditis and de quervains thyroiditis

Neiburger, J.B.; Neiburger, R.G.; Richardson, S.T.; Grosfeld, J.L.; Baehner, R.L., 1976:
Distribution of thymus derived lymphocytes and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in lymphoid tissue of infants and children

Domagala, W.; Emeson, E.E.; Koss, L.G., 1978:
Distribution of thymus derived lymphocytes and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in peripheral blood and effusions of patients with cancer

Papadimitriou C.S.; Papacharalampous N.X., 1979:
Distribution of thymus derived lymphocytes in follicular lymphomas as revealed by acid alpha naphthol acetate esterase

Al-Awqati, M.A.; Hassan, M.; Khamash, N., 1987:
Distribution of thyroid diseases and evaluation of laboratory parameters used in their diagnosis

Sharma Rekha S.K., 1982:
Distribution of thyroid follicles and nerves in the kidney of a teleost clarias batrachus

Hokfelt, T.; Fuxe, K.; Johansson, O.; Jeffcoate, S.; White, N., 1975:
Distribution of thyrotropin releasing hormone in the central nervous system as revealed with immuno histochemistry

Nakaji Y.; Saitoh M.; Suzuki S.; Tobe M., 1986:
Distribution of tissue enzymes in rat

Beham A.; Weybora W.; Lackinger E.; Denk H.; Bjorklund V.; Bjorklund B., 1986:
Distribution of tissue polypeptide antigen and cytokeratins in gastrointestinal carcinomas as revealed by immunohistochemistry

Nathrath W.B.J.; Heidenkummer P.; Bjorklund V.; Bjoerklund B., 1985:
Distribution of tissue polypeptide antigen in normal human tissues immunohistochemical study on unfixed methanol ethanol and formalin fixed tissues

Lonigro I.I.; Allegra P.; Altieri F.; Tomassetti A.; Caiafa P., 1985:
Distribution of tissue specific tightly bound non histone proteins in chromatin fractions obtained by dnase ii digestion

Ramalho F.S.; Mccarty J.C.Jr; Jenkins J.N.; Parrott W.L., 1984:
Distribution of tobacco budworm heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae larvae within cotton plants gossypium hirsutum

Allen T.C.; Davis J.R., 1982:
Distribution of tobacco rattle virus and potato virus x in leaves roots and fruits and or seeds of naturally infected weeds

Jayasree V.; Solimabi; Kamat S.Y., 1985:
Distribution of tocopherol vitamin e in marine algae from goa west coast of india

Buval'tsev, M.N., 1978:
Distribution of tofieldia calyculata new record in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Pourtois, A.; Maraite, H.; Meyer, J.A., 1976:
Distribution of tolerance to benomyl in populations of botrytis cinerea

Appiano A.; D'agostino G., 1983:
Distribution of tomato bushy stunt virus in root tips of systemically infected gomphrena globosa

Powell C.A.; Mountain W.L.; Dick T.; Forer L.B.; Derr M.A.; Lathrop L.D.; Stouffer R.F., 1984:
Distribution of tomato ringspot virus in dandelion taraxacum officinale in pennsylvania usa

Bitterlin M.W.; Gonsalves D.; Barrat J.G., 1988:
Distribution of tomato ringspot virus in peach trees implications for viral detection

Martinez Tobed A.; Borja L.; Garcia I.; Llupia L.; Tarrus E.; Roberts D.J., 1987:
Distribution of topically applied piketoprofen in skin and subcutaneous tissues and fluids

Bordin G.; Perttila M.; Scheinen H., 1988:
Distribution of total and asv labile cadmium lead and copper in sea water in the northern parts of the baltic sea in 1985 86

Kanwar B.B.; Tripathi B.R., 1986:
Distribution of total and dtpa extractable copper in relation to soil properties in some profiles of northwestern himalayas india

Kanwar B.B.; Tripathi B.R.; Kanwar B.S., 1986:
Distribution of total and dtpa extractable iron in relation to soil properties in some soil profiles of northwestern himalayas india

Singh B.R., 1980 :
Distribution of total and extractable sulfur and adsorbed sulfur 35 labeled sulfate in some acid forest soil profiles of southern norway

Fabri Z.I.; Pashchenko A.E., 1982:
Distribution of total and hormonal iodine in rat tissues under hyper thermia

Gershbein, L.L.; Baburao, K.; Costich, K.J., 1977:
Distribution of total fatty acids in human splenic lipids

Moreno V.J.; Perez A.; Bastida R.O.; D.M.reno J.E.A.; Malaspina A.M., 1984:
Distribution of total mercury in the tissues of a bottlenose dolphin tursiops gephyreus of the province of buenos aires argentina

Streeter J.G.; Jeffers D.L., 1979:
Distribution of total nonstructural carbohydrates in soybean glycine max plants having increased reproductive load

Bergseth, H., 1978:
Distribution of total sulfur and sulfates of various combining intensities in norwegian forest soils

Ilyaletdinov A.N.; Sergeeva R.M.; Azhigoev Y.P., 1981:
Distribution of toxin producing fungi in light chestnut soil in winter wheat and maize cultivation

Kanno, K.; Kotaki, Y.; Yasumoto, T., 1976:
Distribution of toxins in mollusks associated with coral reefs

Dubey, J.P.; Murrell, K.D.; Fayer, R.; Schad, G.A., 1986:
Distribution of Toxoplasma gondii tissue cysts in commercial cuts of pork

Lukashev V.K.; Simutkina T.N., 1984:
Distribution of trace elements and forms of their compounds in soils of a large industrial town

Setia M.S.; Signh R.; Rattan P.J.S.; Tiwana M.S., 1987:
Distribution of trace elements in blood plasma and erythrocytes during neonatal period in buffalo calves bubalus bubalis

Breusov, N.I.; Evdokimov, E.S.; Kurbanov, E.A., 1976:
Distribution of trace elements in eluvial deluvial deposits of the eastern turkmen ssr ussr

Sindet Pedersen S., 1987:
Distribution of tranexamic acid to plasma and saliva after oral administration and mouth rinsing a pharmacokinetic study

Sturman, J.A.; Rassin, D.K.; Gaull, G.E., 1970:
Distribution of trans sulfuration enzymes in various organs and species

Chikhirzhina G.I.; Bubyakina V.V.; Shvartsman A.L.; Gaitskhoki V.S., 1987:
Distribution of transcriptionally active dna sequences in rat liver chromatin during fragmentation by endogenous dnases

Baker, E.; van Bockxmeer, F.M.; Morgan, E.H., 1983:
Distribution of transferrin and transferrin receptors in the rabbit placenta

Mason, D.Y.; Taylor, C.R., 1978:
Distribution of transferrin, ferritin, and lactoferrin in human tissues

Kamboh M.I.; Kirk R.L., 1983:
Distribution of transferrin subtypes in asian pacific and australian aboriginal populations evidence for the existence of a new subtype tf c 6

Aldred, A.R.; Dickson, P.W.; Marley, P.D.; Schreiber, G., 1987:
Distribution of transferrin synthesis in brain and other tissues in the rat

Saha, N., 1987 :
Distribution of transferrin (Tf) subtypes in several Mongoloid populations of East Asia

Sawyer S.; Hartl D., 1986:
Distribution of transposable elements of prokaryotes

Kundaeli, J.N., 1976:
Distribution of tree hyrax dendrohyrax validus validus on mount kilimanjaro tanzania

Tanner J.T., 1986:
Distribution of tree species in louisiana usa bottomland forests

Ganina N.V., 1984:
Distribution of trees by diameter using the weibull function/

Lebreton P., 1980:
Distribution of trees in the rhone alp region france a report and its utilization

Filenko O.F.; Parian O.V., 1982:
Distribution of tri alkyl tin chlorides in organs as a factor determining their toxicity for the carp

Castelli, W.P.; Cooper, G.R.; Doyle, J.T.; Garcia-Palmieri, M.; Gordon, T.; Hames, C.; Hulley, S.B.; Kagan, A.; Kuchmak, M.; Et-Al, 1977:
Distribution of tri glyceride and total low density lipo protein and high density lipo protein cholesterol in several populations a cooperative lipo protein phenotyping study

Shcheglov V.V.; Anisimov M.M.; Shentsova E.B., 1979:
Distribution of tri terpene glycosides accumulated from the medium by the yeast saccharomyces carlsbergensis cells and their effect on the yield of ortho phosphate and amine nitrogen from the cell

Ewing M.F.; Larew M.B.; Wagner A.R., 1985:
Distribution of trials effects in pavlovian conditioning an apparent involvement of inhibitory backward conditioning with short intertrial intervals

Vencill W.K.; Foy C.L., 1988:
Distribution of triazine resistant smooth pigweed amaranthus hybridus and common lambsquarters chenopodium album in virginia usa

Shreter I.A., 1980:
Distribution of tribulus terrestris in the ussr

Kondrat'ev, I.A.; Gavrilyuk, N.D.; Denisenko, V.S., 1977:
Distribution of trichinosis among wild carnivores in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Davies, D.D.; Douglas, R.B.; Ling, S., 1986:
Distribution of trichloroethylene between plasma and erythrocytes in whole blood from fasting subjects

Alphey, T.J.W.; Boag, B., 1976:
Distribution of trichodorid nematodes in great britain

D.Pelsmaeker M., 1986:
Distribution of trichodoridae in edible potato fields of east flanders belgium

Frankel B., 1979:
Distribution of trichoniscus pusillus crustacea isopoda on logs in epping forest england uk

Bennett G.A.; Wicklow D.T.; Caldwell R.W.; Smalley E.B., 1988:
Distribution of trichothecenes and zearalenone in fusarium graminearum rotted corn ears grown in a controlled environment

Bovey R.W.; Ketcherside M.L.; Merkle M.G., 1979:
Distribution of triclopyr and picloram in huisache acacia farmesiana

Nowak A.; Klimowicz A.; Kadykow M., 1985:
Distribution of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole in blood during treatment with co trimoxazole

Preza, P.C.; Moura, C.; Leite Filho, A.; Cavallari, V.; Nüdemberg, F.; Piaia, F., 1986:
Distribution of trimethoprim and sulfametopyrazine in the female reproductive tract

Parab S.N.; Rao S.B., 1984:
Distribution of trimethylamine oxide in some marine and freshwater fish

Fraser A.D.; Isner A.F.; Perry R.A., 1987:
Distribution of trimipramine and its major metabolites in fatal overdose case

Kastin, A.J.; Nissen, C.; Nikolics, K.; Medzihradszky, K.; Coy, D.H.; Teplan, I.; Schally, A.V., 1976:
Distribution of tritiated alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone in rat brain

Reznikova, M.I.; Karpov, V.L.; Dudnik-Yu, V.; Bazhanov, V.S., 1978:
Distribution of tritiated carminomicin in mice

Kohler C.; Hallman H.; Radesater A C., 1987:
Distribution of tritiated cholecystokinin octapeptide binding sites in the hippocampal region of the rat brain as shown by in vitro receptor autoradiography

Zanoli P.; Benelli A.; Sandrini M.; Baraldi M., 1988:
Distribution of tritiated colchicine in brain and spinal cord areas following its intracerebroventricular or intra spinal cord injection in rats

Goto H.; Matsushima M.; Maruyama T.; Kihara T., 1985:
Distribution of tritiated concanavalin a and tritiated wheat germ agglutinin binding sites in mice by in vitro whole body autoradiography

El-Dareer, S.M.; Mulligan, L.T.Jr ; White, V.; Tillery, K.; Mellett, L.B.; Hill, D.L., 1977:
Distribution of tritiated cytosine arabinoside and its products in mice dogs and monkeys and effect of tetra hydro uridine

Little P.J.; Scimeca J.A.; Martin B.R., 1988:
Distribution of tritiated dfp tritiated soman tritiated sarin and their metabolites in mouse brain

Meshgin Azarian S.; Chang W.; Cugier D.L.; Vincent M.S.; Near J.A., 1988:
Distribution of tritiated dihydrotetrabenazine binding in bovine striatal subsynaptic fractions enrichment of higher affinity binding in a synaptic vesicle fraction

Couillerot J P.; Y.Y.B., 1986:
Distribution of tritiated gibberellin a 1 in lycopersicon esculentum during flowering

Mozzhukhina, T.G.; Gol'dshtein, N.B.; Davydova, G.I.; Khilobok, I.Y. ; Litoshenko, A.Y., 1987:
Distribution of tritiated hydrocortisone in the subcellular liver fractions of rats of different age

Patel S.; Meldrum B.S.; Collins J.F., 1986:
Distribution of tritiated kainic acid and binding sites in the rat brain in vivo and in vitro receptor autoradiography

Ashraf M.; Park W.H.; Grupp I.; Schwartz A., 1986:
Distribution of tritiated nitrendipine in the isolated perfused rat heart as revealed by electron microscopic autoradiography

Xiao S H.; Yang Y Q.; Yang H Z.; Y.Y.G., 1986:
Distribution of tritiated praziquantel in tissues of schistosoma japonicum at different developmental stages

Shinozawa S.; Araki Y.; Oda T., 1979:
Distribution of tritiated prednisolone entrapped in lipid layer of liposome after intra muscular administration in rats

Gambetti, P.; Ingoglia, N.A.; Autilio-Gambetti, L.; Weis, P., 1978:
Distribution of tritiated rna in goldfish optic tectum following intra ocular or intra cranial injection of tritiated uridine evidence of axonal migration of rna in regenerating optic fibers

Kadar T.; Raveh L.; Cohen G.; O.N.; Baranes I.; Balan A.; Ashani Y.; Shapira S., 1985:
Distribution of tritiated soman in mice

Watabe S.; Sato Y.; Nakaya M.; Nogawa N.; Oohashi K.; Noguchi T.; Morikawa N.; Hashimoto K., 1987:
Distribution of tritiated tetrodotoxin administered intraperitoneally to pufferfish

Lichmann, E.R.; Herrmann, C.; Pietsch, I.; Micheler, A., 1976:
Distribution of tritiated thio pyronine in yeast cells saccharomyces cerevisiae

Wilson, D.B.; Hendrickx, A.G.; Sawyer, R.H., 1976:
Distribution of tritiated thymidine in the lens of the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta embryo

Wilson D.B., 1986:
Distribution of tritiated thymidine in the postnatal hypophysis of the c 57bl mouse

Sievers H.; Sievers J.; Baumgarten H G.; Koenig N.; Schlossberger H.G., 1983:
Distribution of tritium label in the neo nate rat brain following intra cisternal or sub cutaneous administration of tritium labeled 6 hydroxy dopamine an auto radiographic study

Anisimov V.N.; Aleksandrov V.A., 1979:
Distribution of tritium labeled 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene in the neuro endocrine system of rats

Wulf H.C.; Hart J., 1979:
Distribution of tritium labeled 8 methoxy psoralen in the rat studied by whole body auto radiography

D.A.gelis E.; Lombardi M.L.; Ruocco V., 1984:
Distribution of tritium labeled d penicillamine in mouse kidney an autoradiographic study

Kempson S.A.; Marinetti G.V., 1979 :
Distribution of tritium labeled di hydro alprenolol and tritium labeled di hydro ergocryptine in tissues of rat and frog rana pipiens

Man M.; Alozie S.O.; Woods L.A.; Martin B.R.; Harris L.S., 1980:
Distribution of tritium labeled levo alpha acetyl methadol and its metabolites in maternal and fetal rat tissues

Shah N.S.; Powell D.A.; Shah A.B.; Wiscovitch R.; Mcamis W., 1982:
Distribution of tritium labeled levo cocaine in brain regions of rabbit after intra cerebro ventricular administration

Wulf H.C.; Andreasen M.P., 1981:
Distribution of tritium labeled methoxy psoralen and its metabolites in rat organs after a single oral administration

Anctil M.; Descarries L.; Watkins K.C., 1984:
Distribution of tritium labeled noradrenaline and tritium labeled serotonin in photophores of porichthys notatus an electron microscopic radioautographic analysis

Shinozawa S.; Araki Y.; Oda T., 1979:
Distribution of tritium labeled prednisolone in rat plasma and tissues after intra muscular administration in liposome entrapped form

Seidel E.R.; Miller T.A.; Johnson L.R., 1982:
Distribution of tritium labeled quinuclidinyl benzilate binding in dog gastric smooth muscle pre vagotomy and post vagotomy

Blomqvist L.; Appelgren L E.; Thelestam M., 1987:
Distribution of tritium labeled staphylococcal alpha toxin and a toxin fragment in mice

Daniel M.; Rosicky B., 1985:
Distribution of trombiculosis in prague czechoslovakia and adjoining recreational areas

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Distribution of Trop 3 and 4 antigens as defined by monoclonal antibodies raised against a human choriocarcinoma cell line

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Distribution of Trop 3 and 4 antigens in human endometrial glandular epithelium

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Distribution of troponin c and protein activator of 3 5 cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase ec in vertebrate tissues

Lehman W., 1983:
Distribution of troponin like proteins on thin filaments of the bay scallop aequipecten irradians

White, F., 1969:
Distribution of trypetesa lampas cirripedia acrothoracica in various gastropod shells

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Distribution of trypsin and chymotrypsin and their zymogens in digestive organs of the eel anguilla japonica

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Distribution of trypsin indigestible substrate in seafoods and its changes during processing 2. changes in trypsin indigestible substrate and in vitro apparent digestibility of boiled and dried anchovy engraulis japonica during processing and storage

Lee, K.H.; Kwon, H.R.; Ryu, H.S., 1984:
Distribution of trypsin indigestible substrate in seafoods and its changes during processing 3. changes in trypsin indigestible substrate and protein quality of salted and dried yellow corvenia pseudosciaena manchurica during processing and storage

Spooner B.S.; Holladay C.R., 1981:
Distribution of tubulin and actin in neurites and growth cones of differentiating nerve cells

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Distribution of tubulin containing structures in the egg of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus from fertilization through 1st cleavage

Gadler H.; Bremme K.; Wahren B., 1980:
Distribution of tumor associated antigen carcino embryonic antigen and cross reacting nonspecific cross reacting antigen in fetal organs

Evans, R.; Duffy, T.M., 1984:
Distribution of tumor sensitized cells during the induction of permanent tumor regression by chemoimmunotherapy the use of glucose phosphate isomerase ec as a marker

Conand F.; Richards W.J., 1982:
Distribution of tuna larvae between madagascar and the equator indian ocean

Wide M.; Danielsson B.R.G.; Dencker L., 1986:
Distribution of tungstate in pregnant mice and effects on embryonic cells in vitro

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Distribution of two isoforms of glutamine synthetase in bundle sheath and mesophyll cells of corn leaves

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Distribution of two karyotypic races of sorex araneus insectivora soricidae in switzerland and the post glacial recolonization of the valais first results

Morita T.; Niwata Y.; Ohgi K.; Ogawa M.; Irie M., 1986:
Distribution of two urinary rnase like enzymes in human organs and body fluids

Davis R.M., 1984:
Distribution of tylenchulus semipenetrans in texas usa grapefruit orchard

Rogers F.S.; Pitrat C.W., 1987:
Distribution of tylothyris brachiopoda and its occurrence in the traverse group middle devonian of michigan usa

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Distribution of type 1 and P pili on uropathogenic Escherichia coli O6

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Distribution of type a and type b mono amine oxidase ec activities in rat and chicken skeletal muscle and nerves

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Distribution of type a and type b mono amine oxidases in discrete brain regions pineal and pituitary glands of the golden hamster

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Distribution of type a mono amine oxidase and type b mono amine oxidase activity in hypothalamic nuclei of the rat

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Distribution of type i collagen and basement membrane proteins in the cultures of cloned epithelial liver cells

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Distribution of type iii collagen in the pulp parenchyma of the human developing tooth light microscope and electron microscope immuno typing

Yoshioka H.; Iyama K I.; Araki C.; Kitaoka M.; Usuku G., 1986:
Distribution of type vi collagen in normal human term placenta

Toppa N.H.; Raso P., 1984:
Distribution of types i and iii collagen in hepatic cirrhosis by picrosirius polarization method

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Distribution of types I, II, III, IV and V collagen in normal and keratoconus corneas

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Distribution of types of streptococcus pneumoniae isolated in sydney australia in 1973 1974 and in 1979

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Distribution of udp glucuronosyltransferase ec in rat tissue

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Distribution of Ultrabithorax proteins in Drosophila

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Distribution of ultramicrobacteria in a gulf coast estuary and induction of ultramicrobacteria

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Distribution of ultrasound examination during pregnancy in France between 1976 and 1981

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Distribution of ulva pertusa and amount of nitrogen in yamaguchi bay japan

Spagnesi M.; Bertolini E.; Cagnolaro L.; Cassani M.; Pustorino F.; Tosi G., 1979:
Distribution of ungulates and of the marmot in the stelvio national park in the alps and pre alps of lombardy italy and in the swiss canton of ticino

Rat'kova T.N., 1987:
Distribution of unicellular algae in peruvian coastal waters during el aguaje in march 1978

Watanabe M.; Shimono R.; Kihara T., 1981:
Distribution of uniformly labeled carbon 14 fructose in the mice studied by whole body auto radiography

Igarashi, Y.; Yamakawa, A.; Ikeda, N., 1987:
Distribution of uranium in human bones

Igarashi, Y.; Yamakawa, A.; Kim, C.; Ikeda, N., 1987:
Distribution of uranium in human lungs

Moreira Nordemann L.M.; Sieffermann G., 1979:
Distribution of uranium in soil profiles of bahia state brazil

Sheard, J.W., 1986:
Distribution of uranium series radionuclides in upland vegetation of northern saskatchewan canada i. plant and soil concentrations

Sheard, J.W., 1986:
Distribution of uranium series radionuclides in upland vegetation of northern saskatchewan canada ii. patterns of accumulation among species and localities

Satoh Y., 1980:
Distribution of urea decomposing bacteria in waters of lake suwa japan

Perez-Mateos, M.; Gonzalez-Carcedo, S., 1984:
Distribution of urease activity in soil structure units 2. state and behavior of the enzyme

Perez-Mateos, M.; Gonzalez-Carcedo, S., 1984:
Distribution of urease activity in the structural soil units 1. fractionating effect

Sen K.; Komagata K., 1979:
Distribution of urease and extracellular dnase in yeast species

Teras J.; Mertens T.; Piekarski G., 1985:
Distribution of urogenital trichomoniasis of female prostitutes

Myers J.H.; Harris P., 1980:
Distribution of urophora affinis and urophora quadrifasciata galls in flower heads of diffuse and spotted knapweed in british columbia canada

Story J.M.; Nowierski R.M.; Boggs K.W., 1987:
Distribution of urophora affinis and urophora quadrifasciata two flies introduced for biological control of spotted knapweed centaurea maculosa in montana usa

Rijmenams J., 1984:
Distribution of urtica dioica and rubus fruticosus in relation to edaphic factors in cultivated poplar woods

Smerdon, M.J.; Tlsty, T.D.; Lieberman, M.W., 1978:
Distribution of uv induced dna repair synthesis in nuclease sensitive and resistant regions of human chromatin

Koske R.E., 1987:
Distribution of va mycorrhizal fungi along a latitudinal temperature gradient

Thapar H.S.; Khan S.N., 1985:
Distribution of va mycorrhizal fungi in forest soils in india

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Distribution of vacuolar ph values within populations of cells protoplasts and vacuoles isolated from suspension cultures and plant tissues

Loescher W.; Frey H H., 1978:
Distribution of valproate across the interface between blood and cerebro spinal fluid

Löscher, W.; Nau, H., 1983:
Distribution of valproic acid and its metabolites in various brain areas of dogs and rats after acute and prolonged treatment

Basiouny F.M., 1984:
Distribution of vanadium and its influence on chlorophyll formation and iron metabolism in tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar walter plants

Veeranna G.; Basalingappa S., 1984 :
Distribution of various castes in different parts of the mound of the termite odontotermes wallonensis isoptera termitidae

George M.D., 1986:
Distribution of various forms of cadmium lead and copper in the wadge bank region arabian sea

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Distribution of various groups of indirect sympathomimetics between aqueous and lipid phases

Bounias M., 1983:
Distribution of various lipid classes in different parts of the honey bee body apis mellifera

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Distribution of vascular hydrophytes and description of associated macrofaunal communities in swan bay victoria australia

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Distribution of vascular resistance and compliance in a dog lung lobe

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Distribution of vascular resistance in terminal arteriolar networks of cat sartorius muscle

Dawson C.A.; Rickaby D.A.; Linehan J.H.; Bronikowski T.A., 1988:
Distribution of vascular volume and compliance in the lung

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Distribution of vasoactive intestinal peptide like and neuropeptide y like immunoreactivities in rat main olfactory bulb

Eiden L.E.; Nilaver G.; Palkovits M., 1982:
Distribution of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide in rat brain stem nuclei

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Distribution of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide in the porcine central nervous system

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Distribution of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide in the rat and mouse brain

Saffrey M.J.; Polak J.M.; Burnstock G., 1982:
Distribution of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide like substance p like enkephalin like and neurotensin like immuno reactive nerves in the chicken gut during development

Inyama C.O.; Wharton J.; Davis C.J.; Jackson R.H.; Bloom S.R.; Polak J.M., 1987:
Distribution of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide binding sites in guinea pig genital tissues

Weihe E.; Reinecke M.; Forssmann W.G., 1984:
Distribution of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide like immunoreactivity in the mammalian heart interrelation with neurotensin like and substance p like immunoreactive nerves

Hashimoto, H.; Fukui, K.; Noto, T.; Nakajima, T.; Kato, N., 1985:
Distribution of vasopressin and oxytocin in rat brain

Popovich S.Yu; Pereguda L.V.; Andrienko T.L., 1985:
Distribution of vegetation of the polesye state reserve ussr depending on soil hydrological conditions

Perehuda L.V.; Pryadko O.I., 1986:
Distribution of vegetation on the loess moraine island in chernigov polesye ukrainian ssr ussr as a function of habitat conditions

Ndiaye, P., 1978:
Distribution of vegetation on volcanic soils of cap vert peninsula senegal bio geographical study

Gonzalez G.G.; Torres R.M.L., 1980:
Distribution of venezuelan equine encephalitis eastern equine encephalitis and western equine encephalitis antibodies in colombia in 1977

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Distribution of ventilation and diffusing capacity in the normal and diseased lung

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Distribution of ventilation and perfusion a teaching model

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Distribution of ventilation and perfusion in the sea snake pelamis platurus

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Distribution of ventilation in American alligator Alligator mississippiensis

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Distribution of ventilation in normal children

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Distribution of ventilation perfusion relationships in the lungs using computerized gamma scintigraphy

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Distribution of vertebrates of the bighorn canyon national recreation area usa

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Distribution of vertebrates on some very small islands 1. occurrence sequences of individual species

Schoener, T.W.; Schoener, A., 1983:
Distribution of vertebrates on some very small islands 2. patterns in species number

Brandt W.H.; Lacy M.L.; Horner C.E., 1984:
Distribution of verticillium dahliae in stems of resistant and susceptible species of mint

Kim C K.; Weber D.J., 1985:
Distribution of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza on halophytes on inland salt playas

Mohankumar V.; Ragupathy S.; Nirmala C.B.; Mahadevan A., 1988:
Distribution of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae vam in the sandy beach soils of madras coast india

Salleo S.; L.G.llo M.A.; Siracusano L., 1984:
Distribution of vessel ends in stems of some diffuse porous and ring porous trees the nodal regions of safety zones of the water conducting system

Kevetter, G.A.; Perachio, A.A., 1986:
Distribution of vestibular afferents that innervate the sacculus and posterior canal in the gerbil

Adanina, V.O., 1977:
Distribution of vestibular nerve terminations in the ventral vestibular nucleus of the medulla oblongata in the frog rana temporaria

Tajima K.; Ezura Y.; Kimura T., 1988:
Distribution of vibrio anguillarum in otsuchi bay japan as fish culture environments

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Distribution of vibrio cholerae in 2 florida usa estuaries

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Distribution of vibrio cholerae in the apalachicola florida bay estuary usa

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Distribution of vibrio parahaemolyticus and allied vibrios in back water and mangrove biotopes at porto novo india

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Distribution of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and related organisms in the Atlantic Ocean off South Carolina and Georgia

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Distribution of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus on the coast of chung mu

Nair G.B.; Abraham M.; Natarajan R., 1980:
Distribution of vibrio parahaemolyticus in finfish harvested from porto novo south india environs a seasonal study

Natarajan R.; Abraham M.; Nair G.B., 1980:
Distribution of vibrio parahaemolyticus in the porto novo india environment

Kim Y M.; Shin I S.; Chang D S., 1987:
Distribution of vibrio vulnificus the coast of south korea

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Distribution of vimentin and desmin filaments in smooth muscle tissue of mammalian and avian aorta

Denk H.; Weybora W.; Ratschek M.; Sohar R.; Franke W.W., 1985:
Distribution of vimentin cytokeratins and demosomal plaque proteins in human nephroblastoma as revealed by specific antibodies co existence of cell groups of different degrees of epithelial differentiation

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Distribution of vinyl chloride in rats

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Distribution of viola jooi in the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Distribution of vipers in the pyrenees and in the neighboring regions of northern spain

Hughues B.; Lefevre J.R.; Plissier M.; Cini A., 1981:
Distribution of viral and bacterial densities in sea water near a coastal discharge of treated domestic sewage

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Distribution of viral and bacterial pathogens in a coastal canal community

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Distribution of viral antigen within the lower respiratory tract of ferrets infected with a virulent influenza virus production and release of virus from corresponding organ cultures

Beck O.E., 1981:
Distribution of virus antibody activity among human immuno globulin g subclasses

Kalo F.; Taniguchi T., 1986:
Distribution of virus inhibitory activity in cell fractions from spinach and pokeweed

Sutakova G., 1984:
Distribution of virus like mycoplasma like and rickettsia like organisms in tissues of drepanosiphum acerinum homoptera aphididae

Weintraub, M.; Ragetli, H.W.J., 1970:
Distribution of virus like particles in leaf cells of dianthus barbatus d infected with carnation vein mottle virus

Hejkal, T.W.; Wellings, F.M.; Lewis, A.L.; LaRock, P.A., 1981:
Distribution of viruses associated with particles in waste water

Kellina, O.I., 1977:
Distribution of visceral leishmaniasis in the ussr analysis of cases discovered outside known endemic areas

Rhoades R.W.; Fish S.E.; Mooney R.D.; Chiaia N.L., 1987:
Distribution of visual callosal projection neurons in hamsters subjected to transection of the optic radiations on the day of birth

Parvatheswararao, V., 1975:
Distribution of visual pigments in the teleostei a comment

Parrish D.B.; Eustace W.D.; Ponte J.G.Jr; Herod L., 1980:
Distribution of vitamin a in fortified flours and effect of processing simulated shipping and storage

Sharma, H.S.; Misra, U.K., 1987:
Distribution of vitamin A in various organs of rats in relation to the quality and the quantity of dietary proteins

Nishijima T.; Hata Y., 1986:
Distribution of vitamin b 12 thiamin and biotin in bingo nada sea seto inland sea japan

Nishijima T.; Hata Y., 1988:
Distribution of vitamin b 12 thiamin and biotin in the sediment of harima nada sea japan

Nishijima T.; Hata Y., 1986:
Distribution of vitamin b 12 thiamin and biotin in the water of harima nada sea japan

Malinowska A., 1986:
Distribution of vitamin c in biological fluids and tissues of pregnant sows and their fetuses during pregnancy

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Distribution of vitamin c in rat and guinea pig brain

Warembourg M.; Perret C.; Thomasset M., 1986:
Distribution of vitamin d dependent calcium binding protein messenger rna in rat placenta and duodenum

Omaye, S.T.; Chow, F.I., 1986:
Distribution of vitamins A and E in blood and liver of rats depleted of vitamin A or vitamin E

Pfaffenberger, C.D.; Peoples, A.J.; Enos, H.F., 1980:
Distribution of volatile halogenated organic compounds between rat blood serum and adipose tissue

Fusillo T.V.; Hochreiter J.J.Jr; Lord D.G., 1985:
Distribution of volatile organic compounds in a new jersey usa coastal plain aquifer system

Mourre C.; Moll C.; Lombet A.; Lazdunski M., 1988:
Distribution of voltage dependent sodium channels identified by high affinity receptors for tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin in rat and human brains quantitative autoradiographic analysis

Rand, J.H.; Badimon, L.; Gordon, R.E.; Uson, R.R.; Fuster, V., 1987:
Distribution of von Willebrand factor in porcine intima varies with blood vessel type and location

Nakatani T.; Maeda T., 1983:
Distribution of walleye pollock larvae theragra chalcogramma and their food supply in funka bay and the adjacent waters hokkaido japan

Grunin, K.Ya, 1977:
Distribution of warble flies diptera hypodermatidae among the orders lagomorpha and rodentia

Christoffersen M.L., 1982:
Distribution of warm water alpheoid shrimp crustacea caridea on the continental shelf of eastern south america between 23 and 35 degrees south

Farrow, S.P., 1977:
Distribution of water and electrolytes in normal and thermally damaged skin

Alemi M.H., 1981:
Distribution of water and salt in soil under trickle and pot irrigation regimes

Ueda J.; Kobayashi Y.; Kenko Y.; Koike H.; Kubo T.; Takano Y.; Hara K., 1988:
Distribution of water fat and metals in normal liver and in live metastases influencing attenuation on computed tomography

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Distribution of water in arenicola marina equilibrated to diluted sea water

Kontny M.J., 1988:
Distribution of water in solid pharmaceutical systems

Nose, H.; Morimoto, T.; Ogura, K., 1983:
Distribution of water losses among fluid compartments of tissues under thermal dehydration in the rat

Prabhuji S.K., 1984:
Distribution of water molds within quadrats in the soils of gorakhpur india

Singh, B.; Randhawa, N.S., 1978:
Distribution of water soluble fluorides in the soil and the sub soil water of the malerkotla block of the sangrur district punjab state india

Chakraborty G.; Gupta S.K.; Banerjee S.K., 1981:
Distribution of water stable aggregates in some soils of west bengal india in relation to organic and inorganic constituents

Carney S.M.; Sorensen M.F.; Martin E.M., 1983:
Distribution of waterfowl species harvested in states and counties during 1971 1980 hunting seasons

Holtzer T.O., 1983:
Distribution of western bean cutworm loxagrotis albicosta eggs among short season mid season and long season corn hybrids planted on different dates

Bilyard G.R.; Carey A.G.Jr, 1979:
Distribution of western beaufort sea alaska usa polychaetous annelids

Schmid J.M., 1981:
Distribution of western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis lepidoptera tortricidae insect parasites in the crowns of host trees

Ackerman G.A., 1979:
Distribution of wheat germ agglutinin binding sites on normal and guinea pig bone marrow cells an ultrastructural histochemical study

Mishkind M.; Keegstra K.; Palevitz B.A., 1980:
Distribution of wheat germ agglutinin in young wheat triticum aestivum cultivar era plants

Barker P.S., 1984:
Distribution of wheat midge damage on wheat in manitoba canada in 1984

Rouse D.L.; Mackenzie D.R.; Nelson R.R.; Elliott V.J., 1981:
Distribution of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chancellor powdery mildew erysiphe graminis f sp tritici incidence in field plots and relationship to disease severity

Genov P., 1981:
Distribution of wild boar sus scrofa in eurasia and its adaptation to the feeding conditions

Andera, M.; Vohralik, V., 1976:
Distribution of wild rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus in czechoslovakia

Bowering W.R.; Brodie W.B., 1984 :
Distribution of witch flounder glyptocephalus cynoglossus in the northern gulf of st lawrence canada and changes in its growth and sexual maturity patterns

Bowering W.R., 1987:
Distribution of witch flounder glyptocephalus cynoglossus in the southern labrador and eastern newfoundland area canada and changes in certain biological parameters after 20 years of exploitation

Lodhi A.Q.K.; Sudd J.H., 1980:
Distribution of wood ant formica lugubris nests and their seasonal aboveground activity in a part of north yorkshire forest england uk

Pole, I.R.; Kaidanov, L.Z., 1978:
Distribution of x chromosome mutations controlling low male mating activity in the drosophila melanogaster la line

Pleshkova G.N., 1983:
Distribution of x ray induced chromosome rearrangement breaks along the polytene chromosomes of anopheles messeae

Woolfolk, C.A.; Downard, J.S., 1977:
Distribution of xanthine oxidase ec and xanthine dehydrogenase ec specificity types among bacteria

Weathersby, P.K.; Mendenhall, K.G.; Barnard, E.E.; Homer, L.D.; Survanshi, S.; Vieras, F., 1981:
Distribution of xenon gas exchange rates in dogs

Murakami M.; Fujisawa H., 1979:
Distribution of xylan decomposing bacteria and environmental conditions of sea water in hiroshima bay japan

Kato, Y.; Matsuda, K., 1977:
Distribution of xylo glucan in phaseolus aureus seeds

Wieland, F.; Siess, E.A.; Renner, L.; Verfuerth, C.; Lynen, F., 1978:
Distribution of yeast fatty acid synthetase subunits 3 dimensional model of the enzyme

Sandhu D.K.; Waraich M.K., 1984:
Distribution of yeasts in indigenous fermented foods with a brief review of literature

Maddox D.M.; Mayfield A.; Poritz N.H., 1985:
Distribution of yellow star thistle centaurea solstitialis and russian knapweed centaurea repens

Gaze P.D., 1985:
Distribution of yellowheads mohoua ochrocephala in new zealand

Geysen, J.; Cardoen, J.; D.L.of, A., 1987:
Distribution of yolk polypeptides in the follicle cells during the differentiation of the follicular epithelium in Sarcophaga bullata egg follicles

Erokhin V.G., 1987:
Distribution of young silver salmon oncorhynchus kisutch in the waters of the sea of okhotsk near kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

Ishii, K.; Sawano, M.; Ueno, Y.; Tsunoda, H., 1974:
Distribution of zearalenone producing fusarium spp in japan

Monfort, A.; Monfort, N., 1978:
Distribution of zebras equus burchelli and population structure in the akagera park rwanda

Borovansky J.; Hearn P.R.; Bleehen S.S.; Russell R.G.G., 1980:
Distribution of zinc 65 in mice with melanomas and the sub cellular fractions of melanomas

Memon A.R.; Ito S.; Yatazawa M., 1980:
Distribution of zinc and cadmium in the temperate forest taxa of central japan

Mueller, G.; Prosi, F., 1978:
Distribution of zinc copper and cadmium in various organs of roaches rutilus rutilus from the neckar and elsenz rivers

Matkar V.M.; Ganapathy S.; Pillai K.C., 1981:
Distribution of zinc copper manganese and iron in bombay harbor bay india

Harada M.; Okubo A.; Shibata K.; Yamazaki S.; Toda S., 1986:
Distribution of zinc in euglena gracilis wild and mutant cells cultured in zinc enriched medium as proved by x ray microanalysis

Battersby S.; Chandler J.A.; Harper M.E.; Blacklock N.J., 1983:
Distribution of zinc in the prostate of rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta and cynomolgus monkeys macaca fascicularis determined by electron microscopy and x ray micro analysis

Singh, S.P.; Sekhon, G.S., 1975:
Distribution of zinc in the soils of the sangrur tehsil

Bansal R.L.; Takkar P.N., 1985:
Distribution of zinc iron copper and manganese in soils and wheat plants of jalandhar district punjab india

Malewar, G.U.; Randhawa, N.S., 1978:
Distribution of zinc iron manganese and copper in marathwada soils india

Hornor S.G.; Hilt B.A., 1985:
Distribution of zinc tolerant bacteria in stream sediments

Ando A.; Ando I., 1986:
Distribution of zirconium 95 and hafnium 181 in tumor bearing animals and mechanism for accumulation in tumor and liver

Ostrovskii I.S., 1980:
Distribution of zoo benthos in lake sevan armenian ssr ussr in the spring of 1978

Evans M.S., 1981:
Distribution of zoo plankton populations within and adjacent to a thermal plume

Rubies, P., 1976:
Distribution of zoo planktonic biomass between cape bojador and cape blanc cruise atlor v april may 1974 preliminary results

Foster B.A.; Battaerd W.R., 1985:
Distribution of zooplankton in a coastal upwelling in new zealand

Pogrebov, V.B.; Ryabova, V.N., 1984:
Distribution of zooplankton in the eastern part of the gulf of finland ussr 2. ordination and gradient analysis

Bradford, J.M., 1985:
Distribution of zooplankton off westland new zealand june 1979 and feb. 1982

Dustan P., 1979:
Distribution of zooxanthellae and photosynthetic chloroplast pigments of the reef building coral montastrea annularis in relation to depth on a west indian coral reef

Jabbar, A.; Ahmed, M.; Ahmed, M., 1977:
Distribution of zyginidia quyumi on wheat in punjab pakistan by location day timings and temperature

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Distribution of zygophiala jamaicensis in okayama prefecture japan

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Distribution on chigger mites in various areas and circumstances in southern jiangsu province china

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Distribution ontogeny and ultrastructure of the mammalian secretin cell

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Distribution organic content and particle size of suspended matter in the north sea

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Distribution origin and speciation wing development and host plant relationships of new zealand targaremini hemiptera lygaeidae

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Distribution pathogenicity and control of nematodes associated with olive olea europaea

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Distribution pattern and eco physical characteristics of the european species of the lemnaceae

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Distribution pattern and evaluation method of control measure of the intermediate host snail oncomelania quadrasi of schistosoma japonicum in the philippines 2. evaluation of the control measure of the host snail by drainage

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Distribution pattern and interactions among cohabiting species in the grasslands of varanasi india part 1 dichanthium annulatum and sporobolus diander

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Distribution pattern and phenology of staphylinidae coleoptera insecta in cross section of pine forests subjected to various degrees of air pollution in the duebener heide moor area near leipzig east germany

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Distribution pattern in the human pituitary and hypothalamus of a new neuro peptide the carboxyl terminal glyco protein fragment of human pro pressophysin

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Distribution pattern of adenovirus hexon epitopes in infected cells determined with monoclonal antibodies by immunofluorescence analysis

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Distribution pattern of adult locust borers coleoptera cerambycidae on nearby goldenrod solidago spp asteraceae at a forest field edge

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Distribution pattern of alkanes in whole brain mitochondria microsomes synaptosomes and myelin isolated from normal mouse/

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Distribution pattern of anthocyanidins and anthocyanins in polygonaceous plants

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Distribution pattern of arterial occlusions of the lower limbs in geriatric patients

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Distribution pattern of blister beetle mylabris pustulata under natural conditions

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Distribution pattern of cadmium in different types of shellfish species

Miyata, I.; Haramoto, T., 1987:
Distribution pattern of carex kobomugi ohwi growing on sandy beaches of shimane prefecture san'in region japan

Lubínski, J., 1987:
Distribution pattern of concanavalin A on carcinoma cells, histiocytes and mesothelial cells from effusions

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Distribution pattern of denitrifying bacteria in fish ponds of differing farming managements

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Distribution pattern of DNA polymerases in epidermis

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Distribution pattern of gastropod mollusks on the shelf of the western sakhalin island ussr

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Distribution pattern of heavy metals in coconut crown under root wilt diseased and healthy conditions

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Distribution pattern of hemoglobinopathies in northern areas of pakistan

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Distribution pattern of human papilloma virus 16 genome in cervical neoplasia by molecular in situ hybridization of tissue sections

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Distribution pattern of immature stages of henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata parasitized by pediobius foveolatus under natural conditions

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Distribution pattern of inorganic nitrogen following anhydrous ammonia injection into a vertisol

Hayashi K.; Odate S., 1981:
Distribution pattern of larvae of pacific suary cololabis saira

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Distribution pattern of liver matrix proteins fibronectin and type i collagen in 4 dimethylaminoazobenzene induced hepatoma of rat

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Distribution pattern of lymphocyte subpopulations in human tonsils as analyzed by monoclonal antibodies with double immunoenzymatic labeling

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Distribution pattern of metastatic bone disease. A need for total body skeletal image

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Distribution pattern of metorphamide compared with other opioid peptides from proenkephalin and prodynorphin in the bovine brain

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Distribution pattern of orchids in khasi and jaintia india hills

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Distribution pattern of organochlorine compounds in 5 tissues of bubulcus ibis nestlings aves ardeidae from the ebro delta northeast spain

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Distribution pattern of peripheral lymphocyte subsets in localized and generalized form of onchocerciasis

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Distribution pattern of phenolic constituents in species of bauhinia and its taxonomic significance

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Distribution pattern of phloem fibers in tropical trees

Lal S.; Srivastava B.P., 1986:
Distribution pattern of storage structures and their use at farm level for wheat storage in madhya pradesh india

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Distribution pattern of succinic dehydrogenase in the myo cardia of some vertebrates

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Distribution pattern of sudanophilic plaques in the descending thoracic and proximal abdominal human aorta

Jana B.B.; Patel G.N., 1985:
Distribution pattern of sulfate reducing and thiosulfate oxidizing bacterial populations in fish ponds of differing farming managements

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Distribution pattern of temephos granules applied by the horn seeder

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Distribution pattern of the diamondback moth plutella xylostella lepidoptera plutellidae on choy sum plants

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Distribution pattern of the flamingo tongue shell cyphoma gibbosum on its gorgonian prey briareum asbestinum

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Distribution pattern of the indices of the mitotic activity of malignant human neoplasms

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Distribution pattern of the ragweed leaf beetle zygogramma suturalis f. coleoptera chrysomelidae in a zone with high population density

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Distribution pattern of the rook corvus frugilegus in southeastern drenthe the netherlands

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Distribution pattern of the snail austropeplea ollula in relation to cercarial dermatitis

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Distribution pattern of the virus of glossina pallidipes in a forest ecosystem

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Distribution pattern of yield components in cultivar braxton soybeans glycine max

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Distribution patterns and conservation of eastern brazilian coastal forest tree species

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Distribution patterns and development of sieve pores in 2 recent ostracod species

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Distribution patterns and individual variations of callosal connections in the albino rat

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Distribution patterns and seasonal occurrence of rhabdostyla sp peritricha epistylididae on dero nivea oligochaeta naididae

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Distribution patterns and status of some mammals in south west africa

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Distribution patterns during winter and fidelity to wintering areas of american black ducks

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Distribution patterns for vascular plants in the gaula valley area in sor trondelag norway

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Distribution patterns in palearctic chironomids

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Distribution patterns life cycle and phenology of pterostichus oblongopunctatus coleoptera carabidae and philonthus decorus coleoptera staphylinidae

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Distribution patterns of 3 subfractions of drosophila melanogaster nonhistone chromosomal proteins possible correlations with gene activity

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Distribution patterns of abh substances in human hair root by means of the immunofluorescence antibody method

U.S., 1987:
Distribution patterns of aerially applied ulv sprays by aircraft over and within the cotton canopy in the sudan gezira

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Distribution patterns of ammonium nitrogen and nitrogen 15 uptake by rice oryza sativa after deep placement of urea super granules in wetland soil

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Distribution patterns of apolipoproteins a and b in serum lipoprotein fractions in pregnancy and post partum

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Distribution patterns of benthic microalgal standing stock at mcmurdo sound antarctica

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Distribution patterns of blackfly diptera simuliidae associations in two irish river systems

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Distribution patterns of blood flow in the rabbit tenuissimus muscle in response to brief ischemia and muscular contraction

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Distribution patterns of bomb tritium chloride sulfate oxygen 18 and deuterium in 2 shallow sand aquifers

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Distribution patterns of calcitonin gene related peptide containing fibers in the wall of the three different arteries an immunohistochemical study

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Distribution patterns of common sea stars of the middle atlantic continental shelf of the northwest atlantic gulf of maine to cape hatteras usa

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Distribution patterns of cytokeratin antigen determinants in alcoholic and nonalcoholic liver diseases

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Distribution patterns of diatoms in cedar run ohio usa

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Distribution patterns of eight bird species in the urbanization gradient of porto alegre brazil

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Distribution patterns of elephants loxodonta africana in south west africa with special reference to the etosha national game preserve

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Distribution patterns of foliose and fruticose lichens of eastern iowa usa

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Distribution patterns of formaldehyde induced fluorescence of hypothalamic mono amines a computer assisted analysis

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Distribution patterns of free amino acids in the 5 regions of the brain in the growth process of prematurely born rats

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Distribution patterns of immatures of the diamondback moth plutella xylostella l. lepidoptera yponomeutidae and its larval parasitoid in cabbages

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Distribution patterns of individual medial lemniscal axons in the ventrobasal complex of the monkey macaca fascicularis thalamus

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Distribution patterns of japanese plants 4. correlation between plant distribution data and environmental mesh data

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Distribution patterns of larvae of choristoneura diversana and 4 other tortricids injurious to fir abies sachalinensis

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Distribution patterns of lead in the aortic wall determined by laser microprobe mass analysis

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Distribution patterns of lesser grain borer rhyzopertha dominica coleoptera bostrichidae in towers of wheat and effects of the presence of the granary weevil sitophilus granarius coleoptera curculionidae

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Distribution patterns of lichen in the barguzin reservation buryat assr ussr

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Distribution patterns of morph frequencies in the snail cepaea hortensis in iceland

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Distribution patterns of needle characteristics in crowns of conifer trees

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Distribution patterns of nematode genera associated with flax in egypt

Koura F.H., 1983:
Distribution patterns of nematode genera associated with sugarbeet in egypt

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Distribution patterns of orthogonal arrays and alkaline phosphatase in plasma membranes of satellite cells in rat spinal ganglia

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Distribution patterns of paraguayan leaf cutting ants atta and acromyrmex formicidae attini

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Distribution patterns of pg fraction of p type humic acid and iron in a dark brown forest soil

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Distribution patterns of photoreceptors, protein, and cyclic nucleotides in the human retina

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Distribution patterns of protein mineralizing and ammonifying bacterial populations in fish farming ponds under different management systems

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Distribution patterns of ranunculus platensis ranunculaceae within the southeastern usa

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Distribution patterns of satellite associations in human lymphocytes relative to age and sex

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Distribution patterns of sibling species in the northern bavarian alps

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Distribution patterns of solonchak vegetation in steppe and desert areas of the ussr

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Distribution patterns of some criconematinae in different forest associations

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Distribution patterns of some epifauna in the irish sea and their ecological interactions

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Distribution patterns of some greek mountain endemic plants in relation to geological substrate

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Distribution patterns of some representatives of the families gempylidae and trichiuridae in southwestern african waters

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Distribution patterns of soybean mosaic virus strains b and d in soybean seeds at different growth stages

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Distribution patterns of the green rice leafhopper nephotettix cincticeps hemiptera deltocephalidae in hokuriku and tokai nisinippon districts of japan

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Distribution patterns of the non endemic flora of middle tennessee usa limestone glades

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Distribution patterns of the surf diatom anaulus birostratus in an exposed surfzone

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Distribution patterns of trace element concentrations in forest communities i seasonal changes in the pinus densiflora forest in abiko chiba prefecture japan

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Distribution patterns of tropical plant foods as an evolutionary stimulus to primate mental development

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Distribution patterns of two bivalve species nucula turgida tellina fabula along a frontal system in the southern north sea

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Distribution patterns of urinary tracts and renal blood vascular systems of the eel anguilla japonica/

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Distribution patterns of ventricular premature complexes at different heart rates

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Distribution patterns of zoo plankton in tjeukemeer the netherlands

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Distribution patterns of zooflagellates in the bering sea russian sfsr ussr

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Distribution pharmacokinetics and metabolism of carbon 14 2 4 diamino 6 2 furyl s triazine in various developmental stages of the house fly

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Distribution phytosociology and ecology of sparganium angustifolium michx. and sparganium minimum wallr. in nordrhein westfalen west germany

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Distribution plant associates and variation in basidiocarps of pisolithus tinctorius in the usa

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Distribution population and breeding ecology of the corsican nuthatch sitta whiteheadi

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Distribution population and ecto parasites of small mammals in the region of the baikal amur railway northern part of the amur region ussr

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Distribution population density and data on the breeding biology of middle spotted woodpecker dendrocopos medius in the area between stuttgart the schoenbuch and the black forest

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Distribution population density and ecology of the crested lark galerida cristata in eastern franconia northeastern bavaria west germany

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Distribution population dynamics and estimates of production for the estuarine mysid rhopalophthalmus terranatalis

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Distribution population dynamics and production of mysis relicta loven in southern finland

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Distribution population size and changes in gulls larinae breeding in denmark with a review of the situation in other parts of europe

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Distribution population size and conservation of the jackass penguin spheniscus demersus

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Distribution population size and utilization of the stone marten martes foina erxl. pine marten martes martes l. and the badger meles meles l. in bulgaria

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Distribution population size breeding and conservation of the kelp gull larus dominicanus in southern africa

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Distribution population size movements and conservation of the african black oystercatcher haematopus moquini

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Distribution population structure and growth of the bivalve mollusc ruditapes philippinarum in vostok bay of the sea of japan

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Distribution potential of myriophyllum spicatum angiospermae haloragidaceae in soft water systems

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Distribution potentiality and plant introduction

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Distribution prevalence and a new race of puccinia graminis avenae in rio grande do sul brazil

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Distribution prevalence and mean numbers of larval anisakis simplex nematoda ascaridoidea in atlantic salmon salmo salar and their use as biological indicators of host stocks

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Distribution prevalence and new physiologic races of wheat stem rust puccinia graminis f sp tritici in brazil 1974 1978

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Distribution prevalence and severity of fungal foliar diseases of spring wheat triticum aestivum in new york usa 1984 and 1985

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Distribution production and age structure of slimy sculpin cottus cognatus in an arctic lake

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Distribution production and diversity of 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway dominated communities in a mixed prairie

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Distribution production and dynamics of development of the heleocharis palustris in jeziorak lake poland

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Distribution profile of gluco kinase and hexo kinase in parenchymal and sinusoidal cells of rat liver during development

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Distribution profiles of dehydrogenases and sulfhydryl groups in a single skeletal muscle fiber by tri densitometry

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Distribution profiles of keratin proteins during rat amelogenesis

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Distribution progression and recovery of acute formaldehyde induced inhibition of nasal mucociliary function of f 344 rats

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Distribution properties of cephalosporin in man: pharmacokinetic and experimental approaches

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Distribution quantified by microtopography in an assemblage of saxicolous mosses

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Distribution records for and additions to the ichthyo fauna of kentucky usa

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Distribution records of culicine mosquitoes of bastar district madhya pradesh india diptera culicidae

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Distribution records of vascular plants in the carolinas

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Distribution regularity of sedimentary types of northeastern part of the south china sea

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Distribution relative abundance and size composition of 3 species of eelpouts in the labrador and newfoundland areas canada

Bourne N., 1982:
Distribution reproduction and growth of manila clam tapes philippinarum in british columbia canada

Ikusemiju, K., 1976:
Distribution reproduction and growth of the catfish chrysichthys walkeri in the lekki lagoon nigeria

Tyus H.M., 1987:
Distribution reproduction and habitat use of the razorback sucker in the green river utah usa 1979 1986

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Distribution reproduction and molting of the rock crab cancer irroratus in the mid atlantic bight

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Distribution reproduction and movement of phytophthora cinnamomi on sites highly conducive to jarrah dieback in southwestern australia

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Distribution reproductive anatomy and variation of monadenia troglodytes gastropoda pulmonata with the proposal of a new subgenus

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Distribution reproductive cycle and evolution of the population of the osprey pandion haliaetus in corsica

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Distribution reserves and rational use of commercial medicinal plants in the ivano frankovskaya oblast ussr

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Distribution residence time and fluxes of tetra chloro ethylene and 1 4 di chloro benzene in lake zurich switzerland

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Distribution retention and dosimetry of plutonium and americium in the rat dog and monkey after inhalation of an industrial mixed uranium oxide and plutonium oxide aerosol

Dalal, R.C., 1985:
Distribution salinity kinetic and thermodynamic characteristics of urease ec activity in a vertisol profile

Schmidt, H.P.; Geyer, G., 1978:
Distribution sample of intra vitally injected peroxidase in the cochlea of the guinea pig

Yamada, M.; Mehraein, P., 1977:
Distribution sample of the senile changes in the brain stem nuclei

Fukarek F., 1983:
Distribution samples of extinct species of higher plants and those threatened by extinction in the 3 northern districts of east germany/

Lillehammer A., 1984:
Distribution seasonal abundance and emergence of stone flies plecoptera in the ovre heimdal area of the norwegian jotunheimen mountains

Thoms E.M.; Robinson W.H., 1986:
Distribution seasonal abundance and pest status of the oriental cockroach blatta orientalis orthoptera blattidae and an evaniid wasp prosevania punctata hymenoptera evaniidae in urban apartments

Wylie H.G., 1979:
Distribution seasonal life history and abundance of flea beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae that infest rape crops in manitoba canada

Leatherwood S.; Reeves R.R.; Bowles A.E.; Stewart B.S.; Goodrich K.R., 1984:
Distribution seasonal movements and abundance of pacific white sided dolphins lagenorhynchus obliquidens in the eastern north pacific

Mceachran J.D.; Finucane J.H.; Hall L.S., 1980:
Distribution seasonality and abundance of king mackerel scomberomorus cavalla and spanish mackerel scomberomorus maculatus larvae in the northwestern gulf of mexico pisces scombridae

Crowder, A.A.; Bristow, J.M.; King, M.R.; Vanderkloet, S., 1977:
Distribution seasonality and biomass of aquatic macrophytes in lake opinicon eastern ontario canada

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Distribution seasonality and reproductive phenology of bangia atropurpurea rhodophyta in rhode island usa

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Distribution secretion and metabolism of nitrate in the rat lower digestive tract

Michaels E.; Chastagner G.A., 1984:
Distribution severity and impact of swiss needle cast in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii christmas trees in western washington and oregon usa

Tekauz, A., 1976:
Distribution severity and relative importance of leaf spot diseases of wheat in western canada in 1974

Arthur, D.K., 1977:
Distribution size and abundance of micro copepods in the california current system usa and their possible influence on survival of marine teleost larvae

Hendry M.J.; Mccready R.G.L.; Gould W.D., 1984:
Distribution source and evolution of nitrate in a glacial till of southern alberta canada

Van Vleet E.S.; Sackett W.M.; Reinhardt S.B.; Mangini M.E., 1984:
Distribution sources and fates of floating oil residues in the eastern gulf of mexico

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Distribution sources and sinks of atmospheric halogenated compounds

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Distribution species abundance and nesting site use of atlantic coast colonies of herons and their allies

Wharton R.A.Jr; Parker B.C.; Simmons G.M.Jr, 1983:
Distribution species composition and morphology of algal mats in antarctic dry valley lakes

Vekhov N.V., 1987:
Distribution specifics biology and morphological variability of bythotrephes longimanus leydig sensu lato in the european subarctic

Grange K.R., 1985:
Distribution standing crop population structure and growth rates of black coral in the southern fjords of new zealand

Langrand O., 1987:
Distribution status and conservation of the madagascar fish eagle haliaeetus vociferoides desmurs 1845

Miller J.H.; Green M.T., 1987:
Distribution status and origin of water pipits breeding in california usa

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Distribution status habitat and food of the urial ovis orientalis punjabiensis in the punjab pakistan

Hore, D.K., 1985:
Distribution status of symplocos oxyphylla wall. ex dc. in indian flora

Wang Y T.; Breen P.J., 1987:
Distribution storage and remobilization of carbon 14 labeled assimilate in easter lily

Purwar R.S.; Petkov P.; Prakash R., 1983:
Distribution structure and relation of ganglia and nerve bundle in the pancreas of the bulgarian rabbit lepus europaeus as revealed by cholin esterase technique/

Abreo K.; Lieberman L.M.; Moorthy A.V., 1985:
Distribution studies of indium 111 oxine labeled peritoneal mononuclear cells in tumor bearing rats

Paul, B.S.; Gupta, R.C.; Garg, R.C., 1977:
Distribution studies of sulfaphenazole in blood and urine of bubalus bubalis buffalo

Christensen M.E.; Lestourgeon W.M.; Jamrich M.; Howard G.C.; Serunian L.A.; Silver L.M.; Elgin S.C.R., 1981:
Distribution studies on polytene chromosomes using antibodies directed against heterogeneous nuclear ribo nucleo protein

Hirata M.; Futaguchi S.; Odaguchi K.; Inouye K.; Tanaka A., 1981:
Distribution study of a synthetic acth analog in rat tissue

Ferber, I.; Lawrence, J.M., 1976:
Distribution substratum preference and burrowing behavior of lovenia elongata echinoidea spatangoida in the gulf of elat aqaba red sea

Page, E.; Surdyk-Droske, M., 1979:
Distribution, surface density, and membrane area of diadic junctional contacts between plasma membrane and terminal cisterns in mammalian ventricle

Rainbow T.C.; Flexner J.B.; Flexner L.B.; Hoffman P.L.; Walter R., 1979:
Distribution survival and biological effects in mice of a behaviorally active enzymatically stable peptide pharmaco kinetics of cyclo leucine glycine and puromycin induced amnesia

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Distribution survival and hatching of overwintering eggs in the large pine aphid cinara pinea homoptera lachnidae

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Distribution survival and intra tree movement of late instar birch casebearer larvae on white birch lepidoptera coleophoridae

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Distribution symbiotic effectiveness and fluorescent antibody reaction of naturalized populations of rhizobium trifolii in otago new zealand soils

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Distribution system for controlled substances in the operating room

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Distribution taxonomy and biology of the amur lemming lemmus amurensis

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Distribution thickness and certain physical and chemical properties of bottom sediments in the kiev reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

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Distribution to human peripheral lymph of amoxicillin and ampicillin from the oral pro drug bacampicillin

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Distribution translocation and developmental changes of 2 types of the cyclic amp dependent protein kinases in chick liver

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Distribution uptake and hydrolysis of cholesteryl oleate 1 carbon 14 in the brain tissue after its injection into cerebral ventricles of conscious cats

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Distribution uptake and release of dopamine in rabbit arteries

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Distribution variation and systematic status of zygaspis violacea new combination amphisbaenia reptilia endemic to southeastern africa

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Distribution variation of coronary arteries based on 3000 coronarographies

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Distribution volume equilibration time and exponential analysis of bromine 82 after open intra cardiac operations

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Distribution volume, metabolic clearance and plasma half disappearance time of exogenous luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in normal women and women with obesity and anorexia nervosa

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Distribution volume of ethanol as a measure of body water

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Distribution with age and attrition of peri tubular dentin in the crowns of human teeth

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Distribution within chromatin of dna repair synthesis occurring at different times after uv radiation

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Distributional additions for some illinois usa vascular plants

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Distributional adumbrations of fissidens in the neotropics

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Distributional and biological notes on north american and central american species of acmaeodera coleoptera buprestidae

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Distributional and biometrical study of appendicularians from the west south atlantic ocean

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Distributional and ecological differentiation between asexual gynogenetic planthoppers and related sexual species of the genus muellerianella homoptera delphacidae

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Distributional and nomenclatural notes on some gelastocoridae in the collection of the bernice p bishop museum honolulu hawaii usa hemiptera heteroptera

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Distributional and taxonomic comments on some members of the honduran herpetofauna

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Distributional and taxonomic notes on the vascular flora of west virginia usa

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Distributional associates of the saguaro carnegiea gigantea

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Distributional change in physicians manpower usa 1963 1980

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Distributional change of membrane associated calcium in sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus eggs during fertilization

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Distributional characteristics of intra hemispheric and inter hemispheric afferent connections of the visual area and parietal region in the cat cerebral cortex

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Distributional characteristics of vegetation in the region of the solphataric field of mendeleev volcano ussr

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Distributional consequences of adhesive eggs and anural development in the ascidian molgula pacifica huntsman 1912

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Distributional data for the pteridophyta in zambia

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Distributional data illustrations and habitat of the south american water strider microvelia ayacuchana hemiptera veliidae

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Distributional dynamics of daphnia species in a rock pool environment

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Distributional ecology and abundance of dung and carrion feeding beetles scarabaeidae in tropical rain forests in sarawak borneo malaysia

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Distributional ecology of amphipods and tanaidaceans associated with 3 sea grass species

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Distributional ecology of native and introduced fishes of the pit river system northeastern california usa with notes on the modoc sucker catostomus microps

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Distributional ecology of new hebridean birds a species kaleidoscope

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Distributional ecology of the ascidian infesting copepod bonniriella curvicaudata along the coast of northern japan

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Distributional evidence for thermal melanic color forms in philaenus spumarius the polymorphic spittlebug

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Distributional extensions of marine spermatophytes

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Distributional features and zonal regularity of vegetation in yunnan china

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Distributional features of red backed voles clethrionomys within a biotope as observed in a mixed forest of the karelian assr russian sfsr ussr

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Distributional features of the root system of spireas introduced into karaganda kazakh ssr ussr

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Distributional history and probable ultimate range of galium pedemontanum rubiaceae in north america

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Distributional history of juncus compressus juncaceae in north america

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Distributional limits of old field and woodland annual herbs the relative importance of seed availability and interference from herbaceous vegetation

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Distributional loci and host fruit utilization patterns of the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae in hawaii usa

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Distributional notes on harpacticoida crustacea copepoda collected from the beaufort sea arctic ocean

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Distributional notes on microcoryphia insecta apterygota of portugal note 2

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Distributional notes on notiosorex and megasorex in western mexico

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Distributional notes on some lower mississippi river usa fishes

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Distributional notes on some north florida fresh water fishes

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Distributional pattern and niche separation among north pacific hyperiid amphipods

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Distributional pattern of polychaetes in the benthic community of the yellow sea

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Distributional pattern of thymelaea hirsuta and associated species along the mediterranean coast of egypt

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Distributional pattern of water relations and net photosynthesis of hammada scoparia in a desert environment

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Distributional patternization and characteristics of japanese pteridophyta

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Distributional patterns and an additional species of the passiflora vitifolia complex amazonian species diversity due to edaphically differentiated communities

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Distributional patterns and diets of 4 species of sea urchins in giant kelp forest macrocystis pyrifera of puerto toro navarino island chile

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Distributional patterns and taxonomic importance of foliar stomata

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Distributional patterns and variation of valve diameter of paralia sulcata in surface sediments of southern british columbia inlets canada

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Distributional patterns chorology and origin of the czechoslovak fauna of mayflies ephemeroptera

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Distributional patterns in st croix usa virgin islands sphaerodactylus lizards the taxon cycle in action

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Distributional patterns of deep water brachyuran crabs in the straits of florida

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Distributional patterns of fishes captured aboard commercial passenger fishing vessels along the northern channel islands california usa

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Distributional patterns of indian vespidae hymenoptera with reference to altitude

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Distributional patterns of juvenile mytilus edulis and mytilus californianus

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Distributional patterns of mammals in utah usa

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Distributional patterns of mobile fauna associated with halimeda on the tiahura coral reef complex moorea french polynesia

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Distributional patterns of southeastern usa mayflies ephemeroptera

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Distributional patterns of sunfishes on the new jersey usa coastal plain

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Distributional patterns of the ctenophores pleurobrachia pileus and beroe cucumis in the bay of fundy region canada

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Distributional problems of the genus kinosternon in the american southwest

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Distributional properties of risk factors for athero sclerosis in childhood

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Distributional properties of the number of moves index of diversity

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Distributional records and notes for 9 species of mammals in eastern texas usa

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Distributional records and observations of nigronia serricornis megaloptera corydalidae in eastern kentucky usa

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Distributional records for 3 species of mammals in kansas usa

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Distributional records for nymphaea lotus new record nymphaeaceae in the western hemisphere

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Distributional records for some indian turtles

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Distributional records for terrestrial and fresh water mollusca of the cascade and coast ranges oregon usa

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Distributional records for the colorado usa flora

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Distributional records of bats from the caribbean lowlands of belize and adjacent guatemala and mexico

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Distributional records of herptiles from the chautauqua hills of southeastern kansas usa

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Distributional records of hewittia bicolor new record and digitaria stricta var stricta new record

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Distributional records of mosquitoes in kansas usa

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Distributional records of polygyrid snails in illinois with an addition to the state fauna

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Distributional records of rock voles microtus chrotorrhinus in northeastern minnesota usa

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Distributional relations and homogenous areas in aquatic macrophyte vegetation a case study

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Distributional resume of coastal floristic elements in the andaman and the nicobar islands india

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Distributional resume of the maritime strand flora of india

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Distributional status of some bats from venezuela

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Distributional study of the zion snail physa zionis zion national park utah usa

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Distributional survey of the yellow mud turtle kinosternon flavescens new record in iowa illinois and missouri usa a proposed endangered species

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Distributions and aspects of the production and biomass of eelgrass zostera marina at roscoff france

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Distributions and behavior of dissolved copper zinc and manganese in the tamar estuary england uk

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Distributions and cyclings of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in korean alder and oak stands

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Distributions and fates of oxygen in periphyton communities

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Distributions and habitats of sminthopsis leucopus and sminthopsis murina marsupialia dasyuridae in southeastern australia

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Distributions and interrelations of coronary risk factors in a community sample of auckland new zealand men

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Distributions and recoveries of complement components during cold ethanol fractionation of human plasma

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Distributions and upward fluxes of particulate matter near bottom in the southeastern bering sea shelf

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Distributions biomasses and productions of macrophytes in lake titicaca peru bolivia border

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Distributions for frasers spatial indicators

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Distributions for two holarctic weevils which are new household pests coleoptera curculionidae

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Distributions histochemical properties and ultrastructures of the endocrine cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the ruminant

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Distributions movements and numbers of peary caribou and musk oxen on western queen elizabeth islands northwest territories 1972 1974

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Distributions of 4 carbon pathway plants along environmental and compositional gradients in southeastern arizona usa

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Distributions of 40 rare vascular plants in the alatna river drainage of the central brooks range alaska usa

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Distributions of actin vinculin fibronectin in the duodenum of developing chick embryos immunohistochemical studies at the light microscope level

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Distributions of african plants

White F., 1976:
Distributions of african plants chrysobalanaceae 10 13 12 76

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Distributions of amplitudes and latencies of auditory brainstem responses on the mid coronal and the mid sagittal scalp of humans

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Distributions of an ultra fine technetium 99m aerosol and krypton 81m gas in human lungs compared using a gamma camera

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Distributions of and relations between haugh unit shell thickness and other measures in a survey of eggs at a packing station

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Distributions of aspartate aminotransferase ec and malate dehydrogenase ec activities in rat retinal layers

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Distributions of b antigen positive and surface immunoglobulin positive lymphocytes in the bursa of fabricius of chicks

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Distributions of birth weight in 7 dublin ireland maternity units

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Distributions of cell populations with alpha particle range of plutonium deposits in the rat and beagle testis

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Distributions of certain neuropeptides in the primate thalamus

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Distributions of choline acetyltransferase and acetylcholinesterase activities in layers of rat superior colliculus

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Distributions of dung pats and ungrazed areas in bahiagrass paspalum notatum fluegge pasture

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Distributions of electrolytes in divided brain sections

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Distributions of estimators in sampling from finite populations

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Distributions of excitatory postsynaptic potential latency at different group ia fiber alpha moto neuron connections

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Distributions of ferrous iron and sulfide in an anoxic hypolimnion

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Distributions of fluorescence decay times for parinaric acids in phospholipid membranes

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Distributions of four color types of the freshwater goby rhinogobius brunneus in the tohoku district japan

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Distributions of galapagos ecuador ground finches along an altitudinal gradient the importance of food supply

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Distributions of genetic markers in usa populations ii. isoenzyme systems

Gaensslen, R.E.; Bell, S.C.; Lee, H.C., 1987:
Distributions of genetic markers in usa populations iii. serum group systems and hemoglobin variants

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Distributions of heavy metals in bottom mud and polygonum nodosum in the watarase river japan

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Distributions of heliothis spp lepidoptera noctuidae eggs and 1st instar larvae on pre flowering flue cured tobacco plants in north queensland australia

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Distributions of hemoglobins A and S among erythrocytes of heterozygotes

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Distributions of intelligence and educational level in fathers and sons

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Distributions of krypton 81m and pulmonary responses after exercise tolerance test in adult asthmatics

Sze P., 1982:
Distributions of macro algae in tide pools on the new england coast usa

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Distributions of manganese 54 and stable manganese in the tissues of female and male of a whelk volutharpa ampullacea perryi

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Distributions of micro vascular pressure in skeletal muscle of 1 kidney 1 clip 2 kidney 1 clip and deoxy cortico sterone salt hypertensive rats

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Distributions of molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase in nervous tissue of the cat

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Distributions of neuropeptides in the human esophagus

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Distributions of pathogenic strains of xanthomonas oryzae in japan in 1973 and 1975

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Distributions of peptidases in the metabolization of peptide hormones, particularly angiotensin II, along the isolated single nephron of rat

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Distributions of periodontal attachment levels. Mathematical models and implications

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Distributions of post proline cleaving enzyme like converting enzyme like trypsin like and chymotrypsin like activities in various nephron segments and in brush border membranes isolated from rat kidney

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Distributions of proton potassium atpase and chloride bicarbonate atpase in micromere derived cells of sea urchin embryos

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Distributions of simple reaction time with single and double stimuli

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Distributions of some common decapod crustaceans and a pycnogonid from the continental shelf of northern california usa

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Distributions of spontaneous and induced by 8 methoxypsoralen sister chromatid exchanges along the 1st chromosome of chinese hamster cells

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Distributions of t antigen b antigen and surface immunoglobulin positive lymphocytes in the thymus of chicks

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Distributions of the activities of aspartate aminotransferase isoenzymes in rat retinal layers

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Distributions of the hyphae in kuruma shrimp penaeus japonicus infected with fusarium solani

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Distributions of three transposable elements p 297 and copia in natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

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Distributions of two recently inserted long interspersed elements of the L1 repetitive family at the Alb and beta h3 loci in wild mice populations

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Distributions of various forms of organic matter in the western tropical pacific

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Distributions of vascular pressure and resistance in the lung

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Distributions of ventilation perfusion ratios from multiple tracer gases elimination method

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Distributions of ventilation perfusion ratios in dog lungs obtained with the 50 compartment and the log normal approach

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Distributions of ventilation perfusion ratios in lavaged lung

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Distributions of vimentin and desmin filaments in embryonic cardiac muscle cells in culture

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Distributions of vimentin and desmin in developing chick myo tubes in vivo 1. immuno fluorescence study

Tokuyasu, K.T.; Maher, P.A.; Singer, S.J., 1985:
Distributions of vimentin and desmin in developing chick myotubes in vivo 2. immunoelectron microscopic study

Greenblatt, P., 1982:
Distributions of volume scattering observed with an 87.5 kilohertz sonar

Thanki N.; Thornton J.M.; Goodfellow J.M., 1988:
Distributions of water around amino acid residues in proteins

Lee K H.; Choe K J., 1985:
Distributions of water temperature salinity and transparency in kamak bay south korea on june

Jozsef S., 1983:
Distributions of wheat and corn yield

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Distributions, sex and age effects, and joint associations between phenotypes of 14 genetic systems in an Australian population sample

Kayser Jones J.S., 1986:
Distributive justice and the treatment of acute illness in nursing homes

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Distributive justice development and social class

Enright R.D.; Enright W.F.; Lapsley D.K., 1981:
Distributive justice development and social class a replication

Enright R.D.; Bjerstedt A.; Enright W.F.; Levy V.M.Jr; Lapsley D.K.; Buss R.R.; Harwell M.; Zindler M., 1984:
Distributive justice development cross cultural contextual and longitudinal evaluation

Freeman E.B.; Daly J., 1984:
Distributive justice in children its relationship to immanent justice and egocentrism

Grell, E.H., 1970:
Distributive pairing: mechanism for segregation of compound autosomal chromosomes in oocytes of Drosophila melanogaster

Sethi J.S.; Tanwar R.K., 1984:
Distributive pattern of butyrylcholinesterase in the forebrain and midbrain of the mouse

Muluka, E.A.; Dhadphale, M., 1986:
District focus management of psychiatric emergencies in general practice

Tessema, S.S., 1987:
District focus: the pharmacist and the availability of essential drugs of good quality: government policy

Arnaudov I., 1979:
District medical attendance of village population on the base of a branch polyclinic type v

Stach H.; Hurrelmann P.; Cugier B., 1987:
District particularities of absenteeism for work

Russell M.A.H.; Stapleton J.A.; Hajek P.; Jackson P.H.; Belcher M., 1988:
District program to reduce smoking can sustained intervention by general practitioners affect prevalence

Herrfurth R.; Herrfurth D., 1985:
District rehabilitation commissions problems involved in determining the capability of persons under rehabilitation

Knopf G.W.Jr; Clarke W.N.Sr, 1979:
Districts minimize energy costs with digester gas

Brenchley G.A., 1981:
Disturbance and community structure an experimental study of bioturbation in marine soft bottom environments

Woodin S.A., 1981:
Disturbance and community structure in a shallow water sand flat

Witman J.D.; Cooper R.A., 1983:
Disturbance and contrasting patterns of population structure in the brachiopod terebratulina septentrionalis from 2 subtidal habitats

Van Moorsel G.W.N.M., 1985:
Disturbance and growth of juvenile corals agaricia humilis and agaricia agaricites scleractinia in natural habitats on the reef of curacao netherlands antilles caribbean

Smirnova I.P.; Fedenko G.A.; Kuklya Y.I.; Vykhovanyuk I.V., 1980:
Disturbance and lipo protein metabolism in ischemic heart disease with and without arterial hypertension

Karlson R.H., 1983:
Disturbance and monopolization of a spatial resource by zoanthus sociatus coelenterata anthozoa

Mcguinness, K.A., 1987:
Disturbance and organisms on boulders i. patterns in the environment and the community

Mcguinness, K.A., 1987:
Disturbance and organisms on boulders ii. causes of patterns in diversity and abundance

Robles C., 1982 :
Disturbance and predation in an assemblage of herbivorous diptera and algae on rocky shores

Linhart Y.B.; Feinsinger P.; Beach J.H.; Busby W.H.; Murray K.G.; Pounds W.Z.; Kinsman S.; Guindon C.A.; Kooiman M., 1987:
Disturbance and predictability of flowering patterns in bird pollinated cloud forest plants

Hessing M.B.; Johnson C.D., 1982:
Disturbance and re vegetation of sonoran desert vegetation in an arizona usa powerline corridor

Dethier M.N., 1984:
Disturbance and recovery in intertidal pools maintenance of mosaic patterns

Power M.E.; Stewart A.J., 1987:
Disturbance and recovery of an algal assemblage following flooding in an oklahoma usa stream

Chefranova O.A.; Gaziev A.I., 1979:
Disturbance and restoration of the dna membrane complex of bacillus subtilis after gamma irradiation

Bratton S.P.; Davison K., 1987:
Disturbance and succession in buxton woods cape hatteras north carolina usa

Harmon M.E.; Bratton S.P.; White P.S., 1984:
Disturbance and vegetation response in relation to environmental gradients in the great smoky mountains usa

Robertson A.I.; Mann K.H., 1984:
Disturbance by ice and life history adaptations of the seagrass zostera marina

Hastings A., 1980:
Disturbance coexistence history and competition for space

Dewitt T.H.; Levinton J.S., 1985:
Disturbance emigration and refugia how the mud snail ilyanassa obsoleta affects the habitat distribution of an epifaunal amphipod microdeutopus gryllotalpa

Persson K.; Rylander R., 1988:
Disturbance from low frequency noise in the environment a survey among the local environmental health authorities in sweden

Edwards M.E., 1986:
Disturbance histories of four snowdonian wales uk woodlands and their relation to atlantic bryophyte distributions

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Disturbance history and serotiny of pinus contorta in western montana usa

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Disturbance history community organization and vegetation dynamics of the old growth pisgah forest south western new hampshire usa

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Disturbance in a cypress tupelo taxodium distichum nyssa aquatica wetland an interaction between thermal loading and hydrology

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Disturbance in arrangement of heliozoan axopodia and their degradation with concanavalin a treatment

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Disturbance in atrio ventricular conduction following activation of the intra cardiac reflex apparatus

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Disturbance in intra cellular calcium distribution in human adipose tissue in hypertensive disease essential hypertension

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Disturbance in intra cellular distribution of calcium in fat tissue of rats with spontaneous genetic hypertension

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Disturbance in marine inter tidal boulder fields the nonequilibrium maintenance of species diversity

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Disturbance in ophthalmotonus regulation during formation of the generator of pathologically enhanced excitation in the hippocampus

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Disturbance in rabbit feeding behavior after intraventricular administration of antigastrin immunoglobulins

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Disturbance in regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in hepato carcinogenesis induced by nitroso di methylamine

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Disturbance in the conjugation of polytene chromosomes in inbred lines and inter linear hybrids of drosophila melanogaster

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Disturbance in the homeostasis of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in hypertensive patients and their relatives

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Disturbance in the regulation of collagen production in skin fibroblasts of patients with systemic scleroderma

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Disturbance nitrogen availability and nitrogen losses in an intensively managed loblolly pine pinus taeda plantation

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Disturbance not protection may benefit culture of california poppy eschscholzia californica var peninsularis

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Disturbance of 6 mercaptopurine metabolism by co trimoxazole in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia

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Disturbance of a methionine enkephalin like hormone in the hepatopancreas of crabs carcinus maenas contaminated by metals

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Disturbance of anaphase chromosome disjunction during cleavage in fractionation in the aphid cavariella sp

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Disturbance of attention among schizophrenic depressed and well mothers and their young children

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Disturbance of binding of cortico steroids with blood plasma proteins during acute radiation sickness in different types of experimental animals

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Disturbance of blood electrolyte homeostasis in patients with hypertensive disease and in their relatives

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Disturbance of calcium deposition in myocardial mitochondria and sarcoplasmic reticulum in cases of sudden coronary death

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Disturbance of calculation in focal brain lesions

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Disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism in the kidneys in prolonged crush syndrome

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Disturbance of carbon dioxide elimination in the lungs by carbonic anhydrase inhibition

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Disturbance of cardiac nonischemized region contractility in experimental infarction and its prevention with the phospho lipase inhibitor chloroquine

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Disturbance of cardiac rhythm associated with cardiac glycoside intoxication

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Disturbance of cardiac rhythm in children during tracheal intubation

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Disturbance of cardiodynamics and hemodynamics in crush syndrome and their detoxification correction

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Disturbance of catecholamine synthesis during early ontogeny and pituitary adrenocortical function in adult rats

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Disturbance of cholesterol and bile acid metabolism in spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Disturbance of circadian rhythms in severely brain damaged patients correlated with computed tomographic findings

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Disturbance of coastal birds by boats

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Disturbance of conditioned activity and morphological changes in the rat brain resulting from paradoxical sleep deprivation

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Disturbance of conduction system in corrected transposition of the great vessels

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Disturbance of consciousness as cause of accident

Nurmukhambetov A.N.; Iksymbaeva Z.S.; Kruglikov R.I.; Meerson F.Z., 1987:
Disturbance of consolidation of temporary connections under chemical induction of lipid peroxidation and the prevention of this disturbance by the antioxidant ionol

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Disturbance of contractile function of vena portae in stress and infarction and its prevention

Garishvili, T.G., 1977:
Disturbance of deamination of mono amines and other nitrogenous compounds during stimulated per oxidation of endogenous lipids of brain tissue mitochondrial membranes

Overman, W.H.J. ; Doty, R.W., 1979:
Disturbance of delayed match to sample in macaques macaca nemestrina by tetanization of anterior commissure vs. limbic system or basal ganglia

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Disturbance of diastolic relaxation and the compensatory role of the left auricle in hypertensive patients

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Disturbance of dna protein interactions in chromatin of proliferating cells induced by certain anti tumor drugs

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Disturbance of dna repair in lymphocytes of schizophrenics as a function of the course of the disease

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Disturbance of elaborated motor coordination after injury of the parietal and premotor associative areas in dogs

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Disturbance of energy metabolism in liver during acute cholecystitis and its metabolic correction by sodium succinate

Postnov-Yu, V.; Orlov, S.N.; Shevchenko, A.S., 1975:
Disturbance of erythrocyte membrane permeability in rats with spontaneous genetic hypertension

Ivanova S.N.; Stefantsov B.D.; Ovanes'yan K.A., 1979:
Disturbance of food procuring movements after ablation of the motor or premotor area of the cerebral cortex in cats

Beletskii, V.S., 1977:
Disturbance of free radical processes in the lungs during development of experimental silicosis

Marshall, R.N.; Myers, D.B.; Palmer, D.G., 1980:
Disturbance of gait due to rheumatoid disease

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Disturbance of glucose tolerance and diabetes mellitus in relatives of patients with a juvenile form of diabetes mellitus

Klyushina, G.A.; Klyachko, V.R.; Mazovetskii, A.G., 1976:
Disturbance of glucose tolerance in pregnant women pathogenesis diagnosis treatment and prophylaxis

Slobodin, V.B.; Lifshits, R.I.; Sobolevskaya, T.M., 1977:
Disturbance of glycolytic oxido reduction in the liver in experimental burns

Tumko G.V.; Shikhman S.M., 1980:
Disturbance of hemostasis during alveococcosis of the liver

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Disturbance of immunogenetic regulation in patients with periodic disease

Azhipa Y.I.; Filyashina G.A., 1980:
Disturbance of kidneys sensitivity to aldo sterone and the mechanism of sensitivity formation under neuro dystrophic process

Taranova N.P., 1985:
Disturbance of lipid composition in spinal cord of rabbits with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis

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