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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5186

Chapter 5186 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dripps, D.; Wartell, R.M., 1987:
DNA bending induced by the catabolite activator protein allows ring formation of a 144 bp DNA

Capelle N.; Barbet J.; Dessen P.; Blanquet S.; Roques B.P.; Pecq J B.L., 1979:
Dna bi functional intercalators kinetic investigation of the binding of several acridine dimers to dna

Gaugain, B.; Barbet, J.; Oberlin, R.; Roques, B.P.; Le-Pecq, J.B., 1978:
Dna bi functional intercalators part 1 synthesis and conformational properties of an ethidium homo dimer and of an acridine ethidium hetero dimer

Gaugain, B.; Barbet, J.; Capelle, N.; Roques, B.P.; Le-Pecq, J.B., 1978:
Dna bi functional intercalators part 2 fluorescence properties and dna binding interaction of an ethidium homo dimer and an acridine ethidium hetero dimer

Deutsch W.A.; Linn S., 1979:
Dna binding activity from cultured human fibroblasts that is specific for partially depurinated dna and that inserts purines into apurinic sites

Moelling K.; Pfaff E.; Beug H.; Beimling P.; Bunte T.; Schaller H.E.; Graf T., 1985:
Dna binding activity is associated with purified myb proteins from avian myeloblastosis virus and e 26 virus and is temperature sensitive for e 26 ts mutants

Sakka K.; Takahashi H., 1982:
Dna binding activity of cells of dnase susceptible floc forming pseudomonas sp

Halsey, J.F.; Woolery, W.A.; Oleinick, S.; Kahaleh, M.B.; Leroy, E.C., 1979:
DNA binding activity of serum from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Scheidtmann K.H.; Hardung M.; Echle B.; Walter G., 1984:
Dna binding activity of sv 40 large t antigen correlates with a distinct phosphorylation state

Bailly C.; Kenani A.; Helbecque N.; Bernier J L.; Houssin R.; Henichart J P., 1988:
Dna binding and dna cleaving properties of a synthetic model agaglu related to the antitumor drugs amsa and bleomycin

Espinosa M.; Joenje H.; Venema G., 1980:
Dna binding and dnase activity in bacillus subtilis during temperature induced competence development

Raina, J.L.; Modi, V.V., 1972:
Dna binding and transformation in rhizobium japonicum

Ohyama, K.; Pelcher, L.E.; Horn, D., 1977:
DNA binding and uptake by nuclei isolated from plant protoplasts: factors affecting DNA binding and uptake

Nachtman, J.P.; Roginski, E.T.; Banning, J.W.; Wormser, H.C.; Abramson, H.N.; Corbett, T.H., 1985:
DNA binding, cardiac superoxide production and cytotoxicity of daunomycin analogs

Waring, M.J., 1976:
Dna binding characteristics of acridinyl methane sulfonanilide drugs comparison with anti tumor properties

Mack, P.O.L.; Kelly, D.P.; Martin, R.F.; Wakelin, L.P.G., 1978:
Dna binding compounds ii. synthesis of a peptide linked triacridine

Silver, P.A.; Brent, R.; Ptashne, M., 1986:
DNA binding is not sufficient for nuclear localization of regulatory proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lobanenkov V.V.; Klenova E.M.; Gorodetskii S.I.; Adler V.V., 1988:
Dna binding nuclear protein factors specifically interacting with elements of rat tyrosine aminotransferase gene promoter

Owens I.S.; Legraverend C.; Pelkonen O., 1979:
Dna binding of 3 hydroxy benzo a pyrene and 9 hydroxy benzo a pyrene following further metabolism by mouse liver microsomal cytochrome p 1 450

Legraverend C.; Elovaara E.; Zitting A.; Uusvori R.; Heinonen T., 1984:
Dna binding of carbon 14 labeled styrene in isolated rat hepatocytes

Kooistra J.; Van Boxel T.; Venema G., 1980:
Dna binding properties and membrane protein composition of a competence deficient mutant of haemophilus influenzae

Baumann E.A., 1985:
Dna binding properties of phosphorylated and dephosphorylated d 2 t antigen a sv 40 t antigen related protein

Prives C.; Covey L.; Scheller A.; Gluzman Y., 1983:
Dna binding properties of sv 40 t antigen mutants defective in viral dna replication

Wilson V.G.; Tevethia M.J.; Lewton B.A.; Tegtmeyer P., 1982:
Dna binding properties of sv 40 temperature sensitive a proteins

Prives C.; Beck Y.; Shure H., 1980:
Dna binding properties of sv 40 tumor antigens synthesized in vivo and in vitro

Poteete A.R.; Fenton A.C., 1983:
Dna binding properties of the essential recombination function protein of bacterio phage p 22

Soussi T., 1986 :
Dna binding properties of the major structural protein of sv 40

Tsang S.S.; Kuhnlein U., 1982:
Dna binding protein from hela cells that binds preferentially to super coiled dna damaged by uv light or n acetoxy n acetyl 2 amino fluorene

Riva, S.; Clivio, A.; Valentini, O.; Cobianchi, F., 1980:
DNA binding proteins from calf thymus with an enhanced ability to stimulate DNA polymerase alpha in vitro

Tsao, N.N.; Pearlman, R.E., 1982:
DNA binding proteins from Tetrahymena thermophila

Zeromski, J.; Thorén-Tolling, K.; Bergqvist, R.; Stejskal, V., 1984:
DNA binding proteins in canine sera. A method for removal of nonspecific DNA binding in the Farr assay

Brehm, S.P.; Le-Hegarat, F.; Hoch, J.A., 1975:
Dna binding proteins in vegetative bacillus subtilis alterations caused by stage o sporulation mutations

Melero, J.A.; Salas, M.L.; Salas, J.; Macpherson, I.A., 1975:
Dna binding proteins in virus transformed cell lines

Purifoy, D.J.M.; Powell, K.L., 1976:
Dna binding proteins induced by herpes simplex virus type 2 in human epidermoid carcinoma hep 2 cells

Powell, K.L.; Purifoy, D.J.M., 1976:
Dna binding proteins of cells infected by herpes simplex virus type and type 2

Reimer, G.; Leonhardi, G.; Schwulera, V., 1977:
Dna binding proteins of psoriatic scales part 1 isolation by affinity chromatography and characterization by sodium dodecyl sulfate slab gel electrophoresis

Reimer, G.; Leonhardi, G., 1977:
Dna binding proteins of psoriatic scales part 2 dna affinity of the 3 characteristic proteins increased in the water soluble extract of psoriatic scales

Reimer, G.; Leonhardi, G.; Schwulera, U., 1978:
Dna binding proteins of psoriatic scales part 3 biochemical characterization as nonhistone proteins

Rajakumar A.R.A.; Shanmugam G., 1986:
Dna binding proteins of rat thigh muscle purification and characterization of an endonuclease

Buelow, S.; Reiss, T.; Link, G., 1987:
Dna binding proteins of the transcriptionally active chromosome from mustard sinapis alba l. chloroplasts

Miyata S.; Nishibe Y.; Takahama M.; Kihara H.K., 1980:
Dna binding proteins released from thymus cells in primary culture

Simmons D.T., 1986:
Dna binding region of the sv 40 tumor antigen

Kato, Y.; Iwai, K., 1977:
Dna binding segments of 4 histone sequences identified in trypsin ec treated h 1 depleted chromatin

Yamaguchi M.; Depamphilis M.L., 1986:
Dna binding site for a factors required to initiate sv 40 dna replication

Hall G.; Sugden J.K.; Waghela M.B., 1987:
Dna binding studies on 1 hydroxypyrrolizino 1 2 b quinolines

Duvernay, V.H.J. ; Pachter, J.A.; Crooke, S.T., 1979:
Dna binding studies on several new anthracycline anti tumor antibiotics 2. the importance of the carbomethoxy group at position 10 of the class ii anthracycline molecule

D.V.rnay V.H.Jr; Pachter J.A.; Crooke S.T., 1979:
Dna binding studies on several new anthracycline anti tumor antibiotics sequence preference and structure activity relationships of marcellomycin and its analogs as compared to adriamycin

Hagen, D.C.; Magasanik, B., 1976:
Dna binding studies on the hut repressor and mutant forms of the hut repressor of salmonella typhimurium

Pederson T.C., 1981:
Dna binding studies with diesel exhaust particle extract

Moskaleva, E.Yu, 1975:
Dna biosynthesis in lymphoid organs of rats in the course of acute radiation sickness

Parsons, P.; Simpson, M.V., 1973:
Dna biosynthesis in mitochondria studies on the incorporation of labeled precursors into mitochondrial dna

Rusinova G.G., 1980:
Dna biosynthesis in rat spleen after stimulation of hemopoiesis by phenyl hydrazine

Montanes I.; Gomez C.; Vicente J., 1980:
Dna biosynthesis in the liver of pregnant rats role of thymidylate synthetase

Gomez C.; Montanes I.; Vicente J., 1980:
Dna biosynthesis in the liver of rats bearing extrahepatic tumors role of thymidylate synthetase

Garbay Jaureguiberry C.; Laugaa P.; Delepierre M.; Laalami S.; Muzard G.; L.P.cq J.B.; Roques B.P., 1987:
Dna bis intercalators as new anti tumor agents modulation of the anti tumor activity by the linking chain rigidity in the ditercalinium series

Umezawa H.; Takita T.; Sugiura Y.; Otsuka M.; Kobayashi S.; Ohno M., 1984:
Dna bleomycin interaction nucleotide sequence specific binding and cleavage of dna by bleomycin

Hayward, R.S., 1976:
Dna blockade by rifampicin inactivated escherichia coli rna polymerase ec and its amelioration by a specific mutation

Lech K.; Anderson K.; Brent R., 1988:
Dna bound fos proteins activated transcription in yeast

Bhargava, P.; Chatterji, D., 1987:
DNA bound RNA polymerase activity of the yeast nuclei

Shirahata S.; Murakami H.; Nishiyama K.; Sugata I.; Shinohara K.; Nonaka G I.; Nishioka I.; Omura H., 1985:
Dna breakage by hydrolyzable tannins in the presence of cupric ion

Yamada K.; Shirahata S.; Murakami H.; Nishiyama K.; Shinohara K.; Omura H., 1985:
Dna breakage by phenyl compounds

Strong, J.E.; Crooke, S.T., 1978:
DNA breakage by tallysomycin

Long, B.H.; Musial, S.T.; Brattain, M.G., 1986:
DNA breakage in human lung carcinoma cells and nuclei that are naturally sensitive or resistant to etoposide and teniposide

Krisch, R.E.; Krasin, F.; Sauri, C.J., 1976:
Dna breakage repair and lethality after iodine 125 decay in rec plus and reca strains of escherichia coli

Murakami H.; Shirahata S.; Hori C.; Yoshii H.; Yamada K.; Shinohara K.; Omura H., 1979:
Dna breaking reaction with catecholamines

Pratviel G.; Bernadou J.; Meunier B., 1986:
Dna breaks generated by the bleomycin iron iii complex in the presence of potassium hydrogen persulfate a single oxygen donor

Gomez, R.F.; Sinskey, A.J., 1973:
Dna breaks in heated salmonella typhimurium strain lt 2 after exposure to nutritionally complex media

Skotnikova O.I.; Oan' N.F.; Borisov B.N.; Sevast'yanova M.G.; Fedorov N.A., 1980:
Dna breaks in rat blood leukocytes and tumor cells as a sign of therapeutic activity of cytostatics

Wong, A.; Huang, C.H.; Crooke, S.T., 1984:
Dna breaks produced by 4' 9 acridinylaminomethanesulfon m anisidide and copper

Woo P.T.K.; Baker J.R.; Selden L.F., 1984:
Dna buoyant densities of trypanosoma spp from bats in ontario canada

Pohle W.; Fritzsche H., 1981:
Dna caffeine interactions evidence of different binding modes by ir spectroscopy

Kubinski H.; Gutzke G.E.; Kubinski Z.O., 1981:
Dna cell binding assay for suspected carcinogens and mutagens

Mavlanov G.T.; Auelbekov S.A.; Dzhumaev D.B.; Aslanov K.A., 1983:
Dna cellulose a new affinity sorbent for human leukocytic interferon

Planck, S.R.; Mueller, G.C., 1977:
Dna chain growth and organization of replicating units in hela cells

Williams, B.G.; Kronenberg, H.; Trent, R.J., 1987:
DNA changes during blastic transformation in chronic granulocytic leukemia

Chang D Y.; Miksche J.P.; Dhillon S.S., 1985:
Dna changes involving repeated sequences in senescing soybean glycine max cultivar ransom cotyledon nuclei

Corach D.; Bianchi N.O.; Vidal Riaja L., 1988:
Dna characteristics in species of calomys rodentia cricetidae

Anniko M.; Holm L E.; Tribukait B.; Werner S., 1981:
Dna characteristics of human pituitary tumors

Petrov, N.B.; Ado, N.Y. ; Poltaraus, A.B.; Raiter, M.M., 1977:
Dna characteristics of members of some groups of invertebrates

Seidler, R.J.; Starr, M.P.; Mandel, M., 1969:
Dna characterization of bdellovibrios

Schmid, G.P.; Steigerwalt, A.G.; Johnson, S.E.; Barbour, A.G.; Steere, A.C.; Robinson, I.M.; Brenner, D.J., 1984:
DNA characterization of the spirochete that causes Lyme disease

Deumling, B.; Nagl, W., 1978:
DNA characterization, satellite DNA localization, and nuclear organization in Tropaeolum majus

Smekal E.; Kubova N.; Kleinwachter V., 1985:
Dna chelerythrine interaction and binding isotherms

Razin, S.; Tully, J.G.; Rose, D.L.; Barile, M.F., 1983:
DNA cleavage patterns as indicators of genotypic heterogeneity among strains of Acholeplasma and Mycoplasma species

Lown J.W.; Sondhi S.M.; Ong C W.; Skorobogaty A.; Kishikawa H.; Dabrowiak J.C., 1986 :
Dna cleavage specificity of a series of acridine iron and acodazole iron porphyrins as functional bleomycin models

Lifschytz E.; Hareven D.; Azriel A.; Brodsly H., 1983:
Dna clones and rna transcripts of 4 lampbrush loops from the y chromosome of drosophila hydei

Schmidt Zachmann M.S.; Franke W.W., 1988:
Dna cloning and amino acid sequence determination of a major constituent protein of mammalian nucleoli correspondence of the nucleoplasmin related protein n038 to mammalian protein b23

Michel, B.; Niaudet, B.; Ehrlich, S.D.; Palla, E., 1980:
Dna cloning in bacillus subtilis 3. efficiency of random segment cloning and insertional inactivation vectors

Rosenmann, E.; Boye, E.S.; Lachance, R.C., 1977:
DNA coating of blood vessels: a nonspecific finding in cellular malignant tumors with extensive necrosis

Hill, W.E.; Wentz, B.A.; Payne, W.L.; Jagow, J.A.; Zon, G., 1986:
DNA colony hybridization method using synthetic oligonucleotides to detect enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli: collaborative study

Hodgson A.L.M.; Roberts W.P., 1983:
Dna colony hybridization to identify rhizobium strains

Evdokimov-Yu, M.; Pyatigorskaya, T.L.; Kadykov, V.A.; Polivtsev, O.F.; Doscocil, J.; Koudelka-Ya ; Varshavskii-Ya, M., 1977:
Dna compact form in solution part 12 formation of a compact form of double stranded poly ribo nucleotides in the presence of poly ethylene glycol

Akimenko, N.M.; Tkhruni, F.N.; Rusinov, A.V.; Chernik, T.P.; Kriviskii, A.S.; Evdokimov-Yu, M.; Varshavskii-Ya, M., 1976:
Dna compact form in solution part 7 transforming activity of precompact and compact forms of dna

Evdokimov-Yu, M.; Akimenko, N.M.; Kadykov, V.A.; Vengerov-Yu-Yu ; Pyatigorskaya, T.L.; Platonov, A.L.; Varshavskii-Ya, M., 1976:
Dna compact forms in solution part 6 changes in the structure of the dna double helix under conditions preceding its compaction

Olins, A.L.; Olins, D.E.; Levy, H.A.; Durfee, R.C.; Margle, S.M.; Tinnel, E.P., 1986:
DNA compaction during intense transcription measured by electron microscope tomography

Grosberg A.Yu; Erukhimovich I.Ya; Shakhnovich E.I., 1981:
Dna compactization in diluted polymeric solutions

Bendich, A.J.; Mccarthy, B.J., 1970:
Dna comparisons among barley m oats m rye m and wheat m

Bendich, A.J.; Mccarthy, B.J., 1970:
Dna comparisons among some bio types of wheat m

Kronenberg, H.M.; Roberts, B.E.; Habener, J.F.; Potts, J.T.Jr ; Rich, A., 1977:
Dna complementary to parathyroid messenger rna directs synthesis of pre pro parathyroid hormone in a linked transcription translation system

Moroshkin V.A.; Kartasheva E.V.; Frisman E.V.; Ramm E.I.; Nikun V.N.; Vorob'ev V.I.; Kamilova R.R.; Koryakina N.I.; Burichenko V.K., 1980:
Dna complexes with histone h 4 synthetic fragment amino terminal peptide and poly glycyl ornithyl glycine

Stoliarova, G.S., 1977:
DNA complexes with lysozyme

Tajbakhsh S.; Dove M.J.; Lee P.E.; Seligy V.L., 1986:
Dna components of tipula iridescent virus

Vidal-Rioja, L.; Semorile, L.; Bianchi, N.O.; Padrón, J., 1987:
DNA composition in South American camelids. I. Characterization and in situ hybridization of satellite DNA fractions

Fedorov N.A.; Yaneva I.S.; Skotnikova O.I.; Pan'kov V.N., 1986:
Dna concentration in human blood plasma

Damaschun, G.; Becker, M.; Buder, E.; Damaschun, H.; Misselwitz, R.; Zirwer, D., 1978:
Dna condensation the theorem of anfinsen and thermostability

Gosule, L.C.; Schellman, J.A., 1978:
Dna condensation with poly amines part 1 spectroscopic studies

Chattoraj, D.K.; Gosule, L.C.; Schellman, J.A., 1978:
Dna condensation with poly amines part 2 electron microscopic studies

Eremenko S.I.; Ersh I.G.; Vainer L.M., 1981:
Dna condensation with spermidine spectroscopic study of photon correlation

Rodriguez Campos A.; Ellison M.J.; Perez Grau L.; Azorin F., 1986:
Dna conformation and chromatin organization of a deoxy ca gt 30 sequence cloned in sv 40 minichromosomes

Aslanian, V.M.; Babaian, I.S.; Arutiunian, S.G., 1984:
DNA conformation and thermostability in urea aqueous solutions

Walk R A.; Mueller T.; Yeats S.; Linz U., 1988:
Dna conformation assay determination of in vitro dna adduct formation and strand breaks

Joanicot, M.; Revet, B., 1987:
DNA conformational studies from electron microscopy. I. Excluded volume effect and structure dimensionality

James, J., 1972:
DNA constancy and chromatin structure in some cell nuclei of Amphiuma

Kelly, D.C.; Barwise, A.H.; Walker, I.O., 1977:
Dna contained by 2 densonucleosis viruses

Meecham, W.J.; Char, D.H., 1986:
DNA content abnormalities and prognosis in uveal melanoma

Bunn P.A.Jr; Whang Peng J.; Carney D.N.; Schlam M.L.; Knutsen T.; Gazard A.F., 1980:
Dna content analysis by flow cytometry and cyto genetic analysis in mycosis fungoides and sezary syndrome diagnostic and prognostic implications

Bartholdi M.F., 1985:
Dna content and base composition of human chromosomes

Peters S.W.; Clark R.E.; Hoy T.G.; Jacobs A., 1986:
Dna content and cell cycle analysis of bone marrow cells in myelodysplastic syndromes

Kurata S.; Yaginuma T.; Kobayashi M.; Koga K.; Sakaguchi B., 1980:
Dna content and cell number during the embryogenesis of bombyx mori

Alvarez M.C.; Cano J.; Thode G., 1980:
Dna content and chromosome complement of chromis chromis pomacentridae perciformes

D.A.kue D.; Martinez A., 1988:
Dna content and chromosome evolution in the shrubby oxalis

Bosman F.T.; Groen F.C.A.; Van Der Ploeg M., 1979:
Dna content and chromosome number of a hetero ploid human tumor cell line

Bigner, S.H.; Bjerkvig, R.; Laerum, O.D.; Muhlbaier, L.H.; Bigner, D.D., 1987:
DNA content and chromosomes in permanent cultured cell lines derived from malignant human gliomas

Ruthmann A.; Grell K.G.; Benwitz G., 1981:
Dna content and fragmentation of the egg nucleus of trichoplax adhaerens

Dhillon S.S.; Miksche J.P., 1982:
Dna content and hetero chromatin variations in various tissues of peanut arachis hypogaea

Davenport R.D.; Mckeever P.E., 1987:
Dna content and marker expression human glioma explants

Stepanova R.N.; Khakimova S.Kh; Strochkova L.S., 1979:
Dna content and mitotic activity of the surface epithelial cells of the endometrium during menstruation

Bernocchi, G., 1975:
Dna content and nuclear area of the neurons during cerebellar histogenesis in the rat

Crevecoeur M.; Deltour R.; Van D.W.lle C., 1988:
Dna content and nucleic acid synthesis in dehydrated maize embryos

Bergleiter R., 1986:
Dna content and prognosis of the atypical epithelium of the uterine cervix

Anan'ev, E.V.; Barskii, V.E., 1975:
Dna content and replication and transcription rate in different sites on the 1 a 1 3c 8 x chromosome of drosophila melanogaster

Auer, G.U.; Caspersson, T.O.; Wallgren, A.S., 1980:
DNA content and survival in mammary carcinoma

Romer F.; Eisenbeis I., 1983:
Dna content and synthesis in several tissues and variation of molting hormone level in gryllus bimaculatus ensifera insecta

Antipanova E.M.; Erokhina I.L.; Rumyantsev P.P., 1987:
Dna content and the number of sex chromatin bodies in myocyte nuclei of human heart compartments

Fabianova, B.; Kropacova, K.; Misurova, E., 1977:
Dna content and the size of cell nuclei in the regenerating rat liver

Swencz Szczepanik K., 1983:
Dna content determination in leukemic cells in the cerebro spinal fluid

Nagl, W.; Ehrendorfer, F., 1974:
Dna content hetero chromatin mitotic index and growth in perennial and annual anthemideae asteraceae

Jost, E.; Mameli, M., 1972:
Dna content in 9 species of nematocera with special reference to the sibling species of the anopheles maculipennis group and the culex pipiens group

Arkhipchenko I.A., 1979:
Dna content in active sludge and the activity of urease in microorganisms as the parameter of the effectivity of the process of waste treatment plants

Korotiaev, A.I.; Krolichenko, T.P., 1983:
DNA content in bacteria of the genera Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Proteus and Vibrio

McKinley, M.J.; Budman, D.R.; Grueneberg, D.; Bronzo, R.L.; Weissman, G.S.; Kahn, E., 1987:
DNA content in Barrett's esophagus and esophageal malignancy

Pavlichenko L.F.; Amel'chenko V.V., 1984:
Dna content in cells of coccidioides immitis and histoplasma capsulatum

Dudzinski, M.R.; Haskill, S.J.; Fowler, W.C.; Currie, J.L.; Walton, L.A., 1987:
DNA content in cervical neoplasia and its relationship to prognosis

Zod'yan M.O.; Kudryavtsev B.N.; Zhukova R.A.; Kommunarskaya A.D.; Kudryavtseva M.V., 1980:
Dna content in conidia of penicillium solitum during conidial initiation

Chebanu, F.A.; Kushch, A.A.; Zelenin, A.V., 1977:
Dna content in dysplasia and early invasive forms of cervical cancer

Korotiaev, A.I.; Krolichenko, T.P.; Shcherbak, V.B., 1980:
DNA content in Escherichia coli mutants

Korotiaev, A.I.; Krolichenko, T.P., 1982:
DNA content in Escherichia coli mutants resistant to rifampicin and nalidixic acid

Van-Der-Want, J.J.L.; Spreij, T.E., 1976:
Dna content in imaginal disc cells of calliphora erythrocephala

Tempelaar, M.J., 1980:
Dna content in isolated nuclei of post embryonic stages of progeny from normal and irradiated males of tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae

Christov K.; Karageosov I.; Makaveeva V.; Kristeva K., 1987:
Dna content in koilocytotic dysplasia of the uterine cervix a cytophotometric study

Slavinskii, A.A., 1977:
Dna content in lymphocytes of healthy persons and chronic lympho leukemia patients

Guseinov, F.T.; Komolova, G.S.; Egorov, I.A.; Shevchenko-Yu, V., 1977:
Dna content in lymphoid organs of rats during hypoxia adaptation

Frenkel, M.A., 1978:
Dna content in micro nuclei and chromatin aggregates of a dividing macro nucleus in reproductive cysts of the infusorian colpoda steini

Tsishvili-Ts, S.; Museridze, D.P., 1978:
Dna content in nerve and glial cells of the cerebral cortex in different conditions of hydrolysis

Guseinov, F.T.; Komolova, G.S.; Egorov, I.A.; Tigranyan, R.A.; Serova, L.V., 1978:
Dna content in organs of animals under space flight conditions aboard the cosmos 690 bio satellite

Marshak, T.L.; Petruchuk, E.M.; Aref'eva, A.M.; Shalunova, N.V.; Brodskii, V.Y., 1976:
Dna content in purkinje cells of the rat cerebellum spontaneously injected with the kilham virus

Doseva, D.; Christov, K.; Kristeva, K., 1984:
DNA content in reactive hyperplasia, precancerosis, and carcinomas of the oral cavity. A cytophotometric study

Ljungberg, B., 1986:
DNA content in renal cell carcinoma. A clinical study with special reference to tumor heterogeneity and prognosis

Roos, G.; Stenling, R.; Ljungberg, B., 1986:
DNA content in renal cell carcinoma. A comparison between flow and static cytometric methods

Zhukova R.A.; Kudryavtsev B.N.; Starshinova E.N.; Ioffe V.A.; Kudryavtseva M.V.; Tereshin I.M., 1979:
Dna content in spores of streptoverticillium mycoheptinicum during their germination

Faktor V.M.; Shipova L.Ya, 1984:
Dna content in the cells of spontaneous hepatomas of cba mice

Khakimova, S.K. ; Stepanova, R.N.; Strochkova, L.S., 1978:
Dna content in the cells of the glandular epithelium of the endometrium during menstrual bleeding

Petrova, A.S.; Kazanova, L.I.; Zubrikhina, G.N., 1975:
Dna content in the cells of the lymph nodes and the spleen in malignant lymphomas hemato sarcomas and cancer metastases into the lymph nodes

Greisen, O., 1975:
Dna content in the laryngeal mucosa with special reference to poly ploid cell nuclei

Havrankova J.; Skoda V., 1981:
Dna content in the lungs of rats after dust application

Wenda-Rózewicka, L., 1982:
DNA content in the mouse spermatogonia B and spermatid nuclei during treatment with insecticides

Avtandilov G.G.; Zhavoronkov A.A.; Sakhipov N., 1958:
Dna content in the nuclei of esophageal epithelium in chronic esophagitis precancer and cancer a comparative microspectrophotometric study

Avtandilov, G.G.; Treshcheva, N.D., 1977:
Dna content in the nuclei of the glandular epithelium of the endometrium in dys hormonal hyperplasia during the climacteric

Zakhidov S.T.; Ismanova A.; Uryvaeva I.V.; Gurdyev A.A., 1983:
Dna content in the secretory cells of turnip moth agrotis segetum pheromone gland

Martinez A.; Ginzo H.D., 1985:
Dna content in tradescantia

Riggsby, W.S.; Torres-Bauza, L.J.; Wills, J.W.; Townes, T.M., 1982:
DNA content, kinetic complexity, and the ploidy question in Candida albicans

Khan, K.M.; Marovitz, W.F., 1982:
DNA content, mitotic activity, and incorporation of tritiated thymidine in the developing inner ear of the rat

Baluska F.; Kubica S., 1987:
Dna content nucleus size and chromatin structure in cells of the maize primary root

Kazantseva, I.A.; Yablonovskaya, L.Y., 1975:
Dna content of atypical glio mesenchymal elements at the late stages of chemical carcinogenesis in the albino rat cerebellum

Tymms, M.J.; Scott, N.S.; Possingham, J.V., 1983:
DNA Content of Beta vulgaris Chloroplasts during Leaf Cell Expansion

Deshpande N.; Mitchell I.; Allen D.; Millis R., 1983:
Dna content of carcinomas and prognosis in human breast cancer

Rowiński, J.; Souchier, C.; Czyba, J.C., 1978:
DNA content of cells in human buccal smears. A preliminary study

Cremer C.; Gray J.W., 1982:
Dna content of cells with generalized chromosome shattering induced by uv light plus caffeine

Styles, J.A., 1976:
Dna content of cultured mammalian cells exposed to smoke and smoke fractions from cigarettes containing tobacco or a tobacco substitute

Hattori, T.; Hosokawa, Y.; Sugihara, H.; Fukuda, M.; Hamada, S.; Fujita, S., 1985:
DNA content of diffusely infiltrative carcinomas in the stomach

Ahmed, Z.U.; Kamra, O.P., 1976:
Dna content of dormant barley leaf nuclei and the rate of cell entry into s phase and mitosis

Typas M.A.; Heale J.B., 1980:
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Dna endo replication and increase in number of chloroplasts during leaf differentiation in 5 monocotyledonous species with different 2c dna contents

Olsen, W.L.; Heidrich, H.G.; Hannig, K.; Hofschneider, P.H., 1974:
Dna envelope complexes isolated from escherichia coli by free flow electrophoresis biochemical and electron microscope characterization

Shal'nov, M.I., 1977:
Dna enzymatic repair and evolution of the genome

Pal R.; Chatterjee P., 1988:
Dna estimation in mitotic and amitotically dividing nuclei in species of chara and nitella characeae by feulgen cytophotometric method

Fong, A.T.; Rasmussen, R.E., 1986:
DNA ethylation in hamster tissues during subchronic diethylnitrosamine administration and in the hamster trachea after acute diethylnitrosamine administration

Kadir, Z.B.A., 1976:
Dna evolution in the genus gossypium

Ahmed F.E.; Setlow R.B., 1980:
Dna excision in repair proficient and deficient human cells treated with a combination of uv radiation and acridine mustard icr 170 or 4 nitro quinoline 1 oxide

Williams J.I.; Friedberg E.C., 1979:
Dna excision repair in chromatin after uv irradiation of human fibroblasts in culture

Ahmed F.E.; Gentil A.; Rosenstein B.S.; Setlow R.B., 1980:
Dna excision repair in human cells treated with uv radiation and 7 12 di methyl benz alpha anthracene 5 6 oxide

Kaufmann, W.K.; Bodell, W.J.; Cleaver, J.E., 1983:
DNA excision repair in permeable human fibroblasts

Bowden, G.T.; Hohneck, G.; Fusenig, N.E., 1977:
Dna excision repair in uv irradiated normal and malignantly transformed mouse epidermal cell cultures

Maher V.M.; Dorney D.J.; Mendrala A.L.; Konze Thomas B.; Mccormick J.J., 1979:
Dna excision repair processes in human cells can eliminate the cyto toxic and mutagenic consequences of uv irradiation

Fedorov N.A.; Yaneva I.S.; Kuz'michev V.A., 1982:
Dna excretion by lymphocytes of patients with chronic lympho leukemia

Webber L.M.; Brasch J.M.; Smyth D.R., 1981:
Dna extraction during giemsa differentiation of chromatids singly and doubly substituted with bromodeoxy uridine

Nitta, T.; Nagata, T., 1976:
Dna fiber auto radiography of tobacco mesophyll protoplasts

Georges, M.; Lequarré, A.S.; Castelli, M.; Hanset, R.; Vassart, G., 1988:
DNA fingerprinting in domestic animals using four different minisatellite probes

Skjold, S.A.; Quie, P.G.; Fries, L.A.; Barnham, M.; Cleary, P.P., 1987:
DNA fingerprinting of Streptococcus zooepidemicus (Lancefield group C) as an aid to epidemiological study

Ryskov A.P.; Dzhincharadze A.G.; Prosnyak M.I.; Ivanov P.L.; Limborskaya S.A., 1988:
Dna fingerprints of different organisms using labelled m13 phage

Jeffreys, A.J.; Morton, D.B., 1987:
DNA fingerprints of dogs and cats

Ishiyama, I.; Yoshii, T.; Honma, M.; Mukaida, M.; Yamaguchi, T., 1988:
DNA fingerprints: the importance in forensic medicine. II. The significance of examining DNA polymorphisms of placental tissues for the purpose of paternity determination during the early stages within the first trimester

Oostindier-Braaksma, F.; Epstein, H.T., 1970:
Dna fixation and development of transformability and transfectability in bacillus subtilis

Toppari, J.; Bishop, P.C.; Parker, J.W.; diZerega, G.S., 1988:
DNA flow cytometric analysis of mouse seminiferous epithelium

Kawai, S., 1984:
Dna flow cytometric evaluation of spermatogenesis 1. analysis of nuclear dna in cells from human testicular tissue

Kawai, S., 1985:
Dna flow cytometric evaluation of spermatogenesis 2. studies on male infertility

Isoyama R.; Yamaguchi M.; Baba Y.; Harada H.; Kawai S.; Fujisawa S.; Takihara H.; Sakatoku J., 1986:
Dna flow cytometric evaluation of spermatogenesis in varicocele

Isoyama, R., 1986:
DNA flow cytometric evaluation of spermatogenesis of the rebound phenomenon with testosterone in adult male rats

Feichter G.E.; Hoeffken H.; Heep J.; Haag D.; Heberling D.; Brandt H.; Goerttler K.; Rummel H., 1982:
Dna flow cytometric measurements on normal atrophic hyperplastic and neoplastic human endometrium

Remvikos Y.; Magdelenat H.; Zajdela A., 1988:
Dna flow cytometry applies to fine needle sampling of human breast cancer

Fosså, S.D.; Thorud, E.; Pettersen, E.O.; Shoaib, M.C.; Scott-Knudsen, O.; Ous, S., 1986:
DNA flow cytometry in human bladder carcinoma

Jacobsen, A.B.; Thorud, E.; Fosså, S.D.; Lunde, S.; Shoaib, M.C.; Juul, N.O.; Pettersen, E.O., 1988:
DNA flow cytometry in metastases and a recurrency of malignant melanomas. A comparison of results from fresh and paraffin embedded material

Giaretti, W.; Sciallero, S.; Bruno, S.; Geido, E.; Aste, H.; D.V.nci, A., 1988:
DNA flow cytometry of endoscopically examined colorectal adenomas and adenocarcinomas

Clausen O.P.F.; Abyholm T., 1980:
Dna flow cytometry of germ cells in the investigation of male infertility

Macartney, J.C.; Camplejohn, R.S., 1986:
DNA flow cytometry of histological material from dysplastic lesions of human gastric mucosa

Macartney, J.C.; Camplejohn, R.S.; Powell, G., 1986:
DNA flow cytometry of histological material from human gastric cancer

Walker, R.A.; Camplejohn, R.S., 1986:
DNA flow cytometry of human breast carcinomas and its relationship to transferrin and epidermal growth factor receptors

Clausen O.P.F.; Kirkhus B.; Abyholm T., 1982:
Dna flow cytometry of human ejaculates in the investigation of male infertility

Frentz G.; Moller U.; Larsen J.K., 1985:
Dna flow cytometry of human epidermal tumors intratumor and intertumor variability in ploidy and proliferative characteristics

Takeuchi K., 1988:
Dna flow cytometry of neuroblastoma correlation with conventional prognostic variables and survival of patients

Feichter, G.E.; Kühn, W.; Czernobilsky, B.; Müller, A.; Heep, J.; Abel, U.; Haag, D.; Kaufmann, M.; Rummel, H.H.; Kubli, F., 1985:
DNA flow cytometry of ovarian tumors with correlation to histopathology

Evans, D.A.; Thornthwaite, J.T.; Ng, A.B.; Sugarbaker, E.V., 1983:
DNA flow cytometry of pleural effusions. Comparison with pathology for the diagnosis of malignancy

Kraemer, B.B.; Srigley, J.R.; Batsakis, J.G.; Silva, E.G.; Goepfert, H., 1985:
DNA flow cytometry of thyroid neoplasms

Frentz, G.; Moller, U.; Christensen, I., 1980:
Dna flow cytometry on human epidermis 1. methodological studies on normal skin

Spaar F.W.; Blech M.; Ahyai A., 1986:
Dna flow fluorescence cytometry of ependymomas report on ten surgically removed tumors

Matveeva N.P.; Arredondo I.; Ermakov I.P., 1983:
Dna fluorometry in plant cell nuclei after ethidium bromide sulfur di oxide staining

Akhundova E.M., 1979:
Dna fractional composition dynamics in mulberry leaves in relation to age

Muller W.; Eigel A., 1981:
Dna fractionation by 2 phase partition with the aid of a base specific macro ligand

Neumann, J.M.; Tran-Dinh, S.; Girault, J.P.; Chottard, J.C.; Huynh-Dinh, T.; Igolen, J., 1984:
Dna fragment conformations a proton nmr conformational analysis of the deoxyguanine guanine chelated platinum oligonucleotide deoxyadenylyl 3' 5' thymidylyl 3' 5' deoxyguanylyl 3' 5' deoxyguanosine cis platinum

Neumann, J.M.; Huynh-Dinh, T.; Kan, S.K.; Genissel, B.; Igolen, J.; Tran-Dinh, S., 1982:
Dna fragment conformations proton nmr and relaxation studies of 2' deoxyadenylyl 3' 5' thymidylyl 3' 5' deoxyguanosylyl 3' 5' thymidine in neutral aqueous solution

Tran Dinh S.; Neumann J M.; Taboury J.; Huynh Dinh T.; Renous S.; Genissel B.; Igolen J., 1983:
Dna fragment conformations proton nmr comparative studies of helix coil transition and conformation of deoxy cacgtg and deoxy gtgcac influence of helix formation on proton chemical shifts

Tran Dinh S.; Neumann J M.; Huynh Dinh T.; Genissel B.; Igolen J.; Simonnot G., 1982:
Dna fragment conformations proton nmr studies of helix coil transition conformations and dynamic structures of a self complementary deoxy hexa nucleotide in aqueous solution

Allavena A.; Martelli A., 1987:
Dna fragmentation and unscheduled dna synthesis induced by 3 n nitroso compounds in primary cultures of human hepatocytes

Kumar S.; Baxter G.D.; Smith P.J.; Pemble L.; Collins R.J.; Prentice R.L.; Lavin M.F., 1987:
Dna fragmentation in childhood t cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Takahashi K.; Kaneko I., 1986:
Dna fragments of 300 base pairs released from metaphase chromosomes by digestion with dnase i

Xin, J.H.; Gu, M.Z.; Li, H.G.; Wang, H.; Zhou, J.T.; Li, M.T.; Li, Z.P., 1987:
DNA fragments of Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus containing the promoters active in prokaryotes

Schafer M.P.; Rohrmann G.; Heine U.; Beaudreau G.S., 1979:
Dna from 2 orgyia pseudotsugata baculoviruses molecular weight determination by means of electron microscopy and restriction endo nuclease analysis

Willmitzer L.; Sanchez Serrano J.; Buschfeld E.; Schell J., 1982:
Dna from agrobacterium rhizogenes is transferred to and expressed in axenic hairy root plant tissues

Kosyakova N.P.; Posevaya T.A., 1980:
Dna from human herpes simplex virus infected cells and tumors as an inducer of synthesis of a new nonvirion antigen

Hays J.B.; Korba B.E., 1979:
Dna from recombinogenic lambda bacterio phages generated by arl mutants of escherichia coli is cleaved by single strand specific endo nuclease s 1

Kosyakova N.P.; Pavlyuchenkova R.P., 1982:
Dna from retrovirus d infected cells and from human tumors an inducer of synthesis of a nonvirion neo antigen

Sverdlov, V.E.; Broude, N.E.; Monastyrskaya, G.S.; Sverdlov, E.D.; Grishin, A.V.; Petrukhin, K.E.; Ushkarev-Yu, A.; Modyanov, N.N.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1987:
Dna from various mammalian organs produce various restriction fragments during hybridization with complementary dna of sodium potassium alpha subunits and beta subunits

Fried, M.G.; Bloomfield, V.A., 1984:
DNA gelation in concentrated solutions

Marchetti G.; Evangelisti A.; Bernardi F.; Perrotta C.; Conconi F.; Del Senno L., 1983:
Dna genomic library from a beta o ferrara thalassemic subject characterization of the clones containing beta like globin genes

Munakata N.; Morohoshi F., 1986:
Dna glycosylase activities in the nematode caenorhabditis elegans

Böcking, A.; Auffermann, W.; Jocham, D.; Contractor, H.; Wohltmann, D., 1985:
DNA grading of malignancy and tumor regression in prostatic carcinoma under hormone therapy

Auffermann, W.; Urquardt, M.; Rübben, H.; Wohltmann, D.; Böcking, A., 1986:
DNA grading of urothelial carcinoma of the bladder

Klevan L.; Wang J.C., 1980:
Dna gyrase dna complex containing 140 base pairs of dna and an alpha 2 beta 2 protein core

Isberg R.R.; Syvanen M., 1982:
Dna gyrase is a host factor required for transposition of transposon tn 5

Takahata, M.; Nishino, T., 1988:
DNA gyrase of Staphylococcus aureus and inhibitory effect of quinolones on its activity

Drlica K.; Engle E.C.; Manes S.H., 1980:
Dna gyrase on the bacterial chromosome possibility of 2 levels of action

Gupta G.; Sarma M.H.; Sarma R.H.; Bald R.; Engelke U.; Oei S.L.; Gessner R.; Erdmann V.A., 1987:
Dna hairpin structures in solution 500 mhz two dimensional proton nmr studies on deoxy cgccgcagc and deoxy cgccgtagc

Rouabhi F.; Lapoumeroulie C.; Amselem S.; Krishnamoorthy R.; Adjrad L.; Girot R.; Chardin P.; Benabdji M.; Labie D.; Beldjord C., 1988:
Dna haplotype distribution in algerian beta thalassemia patients an extended evaluation by family studies and representative molecular characterization

Athanassiadou A.; Zarkadis I.; Papahadjopoulou A.; Maniatis G.M., 1987:
Dna haplotype heterogeneity of beta thalassemia in greece feasibility of prenatal diagnosis

Durante M.; Geri C.; Buiatti M.; Baroncelli S.; Parenti R.; Ronchi V.N.; Martini G.; Grenci F.C.; Grisvard J.; Guille E., 1982:
Dna heterogeneity and genetic control of tumorigenesis in nicotiana tumorous and nontumorous genotypes

Pring, D.R.; Conde, M.F.; Levings, C.S.Iii, 1980:
Dna heterogeneity within the c group of maize zea mays male sterile cytoplasms

Barlogie, B.; Spitzer, G.; Hart, J.S.; Johnston, D.A.; Büchner, T.; Schumann, J.; Drewinko, B., 1976:
DNA histogram analysis of human hemopoietic cells

Srivastava D.K.; Shah C.K., 1983:
Dna histone relation in the embryo of vallisneria spiralis

Koops H P.; Harms H., 1985:
Dna homologies among 96 strains of ammonia oxidizing bacteria

Crow V.L.; Jarvis B.D.W.; Greenwood R.M., 1981:
Dna homologies among acid producing strains of rhizobium

Suzuki K.; Kaneko T.; Komagata K., 1981:
Dna homologies among coryneform bacteria

Dutta, S.K., 1976:
DNA homologies among heterothallic species of Neurospora

Dutta, S.K.; Sheikh, I.; Choppala, J.; Aulakh, G.S.; Nelson, W.H., 1976:
DNA homologies among homothallic, pseudo-homothallic and heterothallic species of Neurospora

Micales B.K.; Johnson J.L.; Claus G.W., 1985:
Dna homologies among organisms in the genus gluconobacter

Palleroni, N.J.; Ballard, R.W.; Ralston, E.; Doudoroff, M., 1972:
Dna homologies among some pseudomonas spp

Katayama Fujimura Y.; Enokizono Y.; Kaneko T.; Kuraishi H., 1983:
Dna homologies among species of the genus thiobacillus

Krych V.K.; Johnson J.L.; Yousten A.A., 1980:
Dna homologies among strains of bacillus sphaericus

Van Steenbergen T.J.M.; Vlaaderen C.A.; D.G.aaff J., 1982:
Dna homologies among strains of bacteroides melaninogenicus and related species

Stackebrandt E.; Wunner Fuessl B.; Fowler V.J.; Schleifer K H., 1981:
Dna homologies and ribosomal rna similarities among spore forming members of the order actinomycetales

Blyum O.B.; Kashevarov G.P., 1986:
Dna homologies as evidence of the correctness of considering lasallia merat to be a separate genus of lichen umbilicariceae

Wedlock D.N.; Jarvis B.D.W., 1986:
Dna homologies between rhizobium fredii rhizobia that nodulate galega sp and other rhizobium and bradyrhizobium species

Thorgaard G.H.; Pearson G.D., 1985:
Dna homologies between the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri chum salmon oncorhynchus keta and coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

Hontebeyrie, M.; Gasser, F., 1977:
Dna homologies in the genus leuconostoc

Gebers R.; Martens B.; Wehmeyer U.; Hrisch P., 1986:
Dna homologies of hyphomicrobium spp hyphomonas spp and other hyphal budding bacteria

Nakamura L.K., 1982:
Dna homologies of lactobacillus amylophilus and other homo fermentative species

Gasser F.; Janvier M., 1980:
Dna homologies of lactobacillus jensenii lactobacillus leichmannii and lactobacillus acidophilus

Ralston, E.; Palleroni, N.J.; Doudoroff, M., 1972:
Dna homologies of some so called hydrogenomonas species

Seldin L.; Dubnau D., 1985:
Dna homology among bacillus polymyxa bacillus macerans bacillus azotofixans and other nitrogen fixing bacillus strains

Lee, I.M.; Davis, R.E., 1980:
DNA homology among diverse spiroplasma strains representing several serological groups

Jarvis A.W.; Jarvis B.D.W., 1981:
Dna homology among lactic streptococci

Chakrabartty, P.K., 1977:
Dna homology among neurospora spp

Jarvis B.D.W.; Dick A.G.; Greenwood R.M., 1980:
Dna homology among strains of rhizobium trifolii and related species

Moore, R.L.; Schmidt, J.; Poindexter, J.; Staley, J.T., 1978:
Dna homology among the caulobacters

Zarilla K.A.; Perry J.J., 1986:
Dna homology and other comparisons among obligately thermophilic hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria with a proposal for thermoleophilum minutum new species

Peterson, A.M.; Pollock, M.E., 1969:
Dna homology and relative genome size in mycoplasma

Seki, T.; Chung, C.K.; Mikami, H.; Oshima, Y., 1978:
Dna homology and taxonomy of the genus bacillus

Scholla M.H.; Moorefield J.A.; Elkan G.H., 1984:
Dna homology between fast growing soybean nodulating bacteria and other rhizobia

Sekar V., 1987:
Dna homology between the crystal toxin genes of several mosquito pathogenic bacillus thuringiensis strains

Sharpe, M.E.; Dellaglio, F., 1977:
Dna homology in anaerobic lactobacilli and in possibly related species

Johnson, J.L.; Ordal, E.J., 1968:
Dna homology in bacterial taxonomy effect of incubation temperature on reaction specificity cytophaga succinicans myxococcus xanthus

Moore, R.L.; Staley, J.T., 1976:
Dna homology of prosthecomicrobium and ancalomicrobium strains

Lindstrom K.; Jarvis B.D.W.; Lindstrom P.E.; Patel J.J., 1983:
Dna homology phage typing and cross nodulation studies of rhizobia infecting galega species

Kislev, N., 1985:
DNA homology relationships between Spodoptera littoralis nuclear polyhedrosis virus and other baculoviruses

Furumai T.; Sudoh M.; Sawairi S.; Maruyama H.B., 1984:
Dna homology studies in streptomyces spp using s 1 nuclease

Davison, F.D.; Mackenzie, D.W., 1984:
DNA homology studies in the taxonomy of dermatophytes

L.F.bvre, R.B.; Thiermann, A.B., 1986:
DNA homology studies of leptospires of serogroups Sejroe and Pomona from cattle and swine

Pyle S.W.; Shotts E.B.Jr, 1981:
Dna homology studies of selected flexibacteria associated with fish disease

Coykendall A.L.; Munzenmaier A.J., 1979:
Dna hybridization among strains of actinomyces viscosus and actinomyces naeslundii

Love D.N.; Cato E.P.; Johnson J.L.; Jones R.F.; Bailey M., 1987:
Dna hybridization among strains of fusobacteria isolated from soft tissue infections of cats comparison with human and animal type strains from oral and other sites

Simonds, J.; Hansen, P.A.; Lakshmanan, S., 1971:
Dna hybridization among strains of lactobacilli

Pao C.C.; Lin S S.; Yang T E.; Soong Y K.; Lee P S.; Lin J Y., 1987:
Dna hybridization analysis for the detection of urogenital chlamydia trachomatis infections in women

Grady, L.J.; Cowie, D.B.; Campbell, W.P., 1971:
Dna hybridization analysis of the defective bacterio phage carried by strain 15 of escherichia coli

Toukdarian A.E.; Lidstrom M.E., 1984:
Dna hybridization analysis of the nif region of 2 methylotrophs and molecular cloning of nif specific dna

Buffone, G.J.; Demmler, G.J.; Schimbor, C.M.; Yow, M.D., 1988:
DNA hybridization assay for congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Flowers, R.S.; Klatt, M.J.; Mozola, M.A.; Curiale, M.S.; Gabis, D.A.; Silliker, J.H., 1987:
DNA hybridization assay for detection of Salmonella in foods: collaborative study

Baess, I.; Weis-Bentzon, M., 1978:
Dna hybridization between different species of mycobacteria

McLaughlin, G.L.; Deloron, P.; Huong, A.Y.; Sezibera, C.; Campbell, G.H., 1988:
DNA hybridization for assessment of response of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine therapy

Hammond, G.; Hannan, C.; Yeh, T.; Fischer, K.; Mauthe, G.; Straus, S.E., 1987:
DNA hybridization for diagnosis of enteric adenovirus infection from directly spotted human fecal specimens

Dekmezian, R.; Chen, X.; Kuo, T.; Ordóñez, N.; Katz, R.L., 1987:
DNA hybridization for human papillomavirus (HPV) in cervical lesions. Relationship of the presence of various viral subtypes to expression of HPV structural proteins, involucrin, and carcinoembryonic antigen

Entingh, T.D., 1970:
DNA hybridization in the genus Drosophila

Morse A.R.; Wickenden C.; Byrne M.; Taylor Robinson D.; Smith J.; Anderson M.C.; Smith C.; Malcolm A.D.B.; Coleman D.V., 1988:
Dna hybridization of cervical scrapes comparison with cytological findings in papanicolaou smears

Zakarashvili T.N.; Prima V.I.; Panchenko L.P.; Skripal' I.G., 1984:
Dna hybridization of mycoplasma strains as agents of mulberry dwarf disease

Festl, H.; Ludwig, W.; Schleifer, K.H., 1986:
DNA hybridization probe for the Pseudomonas fluorescens group

Graham, D.Y.; Yoshimura, H.H.; Estes, M.K., 1983:
DNA hybridization studies of the association of Pseudomonas maltophilia with inflammatory bowel diseases

Sottile, M.I.; Baldwin, J.N.; Weaver, R.E., 1973:
Dna hybridization studies on flavobacterium meningosepticum

Lebedeva I.A.; Mednikov B.M.; Rychkov Y.G., 1983:
Dna hybridization study of intra population and inter population differentiation of human genomes

Totten, P.A.; Holmes, K.K.; Handsfield, H.H.; Knapp, J.S.; Perine, P.L.; Falkow, S., 1983:
DNA hybridization technique for the detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in men with urethritis

Boileau C.R.; D'hauteville H.M.; Sansonetti P.J., 1984:
Dna hybridization technique to detect shigella spp and enteroinvasive escherichia coli

Bianchi, M.A.G., 1975:
Dna hybridizations among some vibrio like marine bacteria

Coykendall A.L.; Gustafson K.B., 1985:
Dna hybridizations among strains of streptococcus salivarius and streptococcus bovis

Semenov M.A.; Maleev V.Ya, 1986:
Dna hydration energetics

Auffermann W.; Krueger G.R.F.; Boecking A., 1986:
Dna image cytometry in acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Latich, V.I.; Varlamov, V.P.; Semenova, N.N.; Rogozhin, S.V., 1980:
DNA immobilization on modified inorganic sorbents

Westphal K.; Bock E.; Cannon G.; Shively J.M., 1979:
Dna in nitrobacter carboxysomes

Mahon D.C.; Nair K.K.; Oloffs P.C., 1979:
Dna in rat hepatocyte nuclei effects of treatment with low levels of carbon tetra chloride and or chlordane

Kunicka, J.E.; Darzynkiewicz, Z.; Melamed, M.R., 1987:
DNA in situ sensitivity to denaturation: a new parameter for flow cytometry of normal human colonic epithelium and colon carcinoma

Mustafa, S., 1978:
Dna in the musculature of fresh water catfish heteropneustes fossilis

Hansmann, P.; Falk, H.; Sitte, P., 1985:
Dna in the nucleomorph of cryptomonas demonstrated by 4' 6 diamidino 2 phenylindole fluorescence

Erba E.; Vaghi M.; Pepe S.; Amato G.; Bistolfi M.; Ubezio P.; Mangioni C.; Landoni F.; Morasca L., 1985:
Dna index of ovarian carcinomas from 56 patients in vivo and in vitro studies

Fox, A.S.; Yoon, S.B.; Gelbart, W.M., 1971:
Dna induced transformation in drosophila melanogaster genetic analysis of transformed stocks

Chou, J.Y.; Martin, R.G., 1975 :
Dna infectivity and the induction of host dna synthesis with temperature sensitive mutants of sv 40

Sclafani R.A.; Wechsler J.A., 1981:
Dna initiation mutation dnab 252 is suppressed by elevated dnac plus gene dosage

Bukhari A.I.; Shapiro J.A.; Adhya S.L., 1977:
Dna insertion elements plasmids and episomes

Bennetzen J.L.; Swanson J.; Taylor W.C.; Freeling M., 1984:
Dna insertion in the 1st intron of maize adh 1 affects message levels cloning of progenitor and mutant adh 1 alleles

Lerche A.; Sondergaard J.; Wadskov S.; Leick V.; Bohr V., 1979:
Dna inter strand cross links visualized by electron microscopy in psoralen plus long wave uv irradiation treated psoriasis

Pyatigorskaya T.L.; Zhilkova O.Yu; Murav'eva L.M.; Sukhodub L.F., 1986:
Dna interaction with alkylating antitumor drugs

Moroshkina E.B.; Stepanova T.F.; Raketskaya V.V.; Frisman E.V., 1987:
Dna interaction with bifunctional acridine dye

Kakinuma J.; Orii H., 1982:
Dna interaction with cobalt 57 labeled bleomycin

Sverdlov E.D.; Kalinina N.F., 1983:
Dna interaction with hydrogen per oxide a method for determining pyrimidine bases in dna/

Krivtsova, M.A.; Moroshkina, E.B.; Glibin, E.N.; Frisman, E.V., 1984:
Dna interaction with low molecular ligands of different structure 3. complexes of dna with distactins

Sverdlov E.D.; Kalinina N.F., 1983:
Dna interaction with n bromo succinimide guanosine plus cytidine specific reaction potentially useful for structural and functional investigations

Roth M.; Prescott D.M., 1985:
Dna intermediated and telomere addition during genome reorganization in euplotes crassus

Olivera, B.M., 1978:
Dna intermediates at the escherichia coli replication fork effect of deoxy utp

Olivera B.M.; Manlapaz Ramos P.; Warner H.R.; Duncan B.K., 1979:
Dna intermediates at the escherichia coli replication fork part 2 studies using dut and ung mutants in vitro

Schoellhorn H.; Raudaschl Sieber G.; Mueller G.; Thewalt U.; Lippert B., 1985:
Dna intrastrand guanine guanine cross linking by cisplatin comparison of three model compounds with head head orientation of the nucleobases

Schmucker, R.; Ritthaler, W.; Stern, B.; Kamp, D., 1986:
DNA inversion in bacteriophage Mu: characterization of the inversion site

Floyd R.A., 1981:
Dna iron ii catalyzed hydroxyl free radical formation from hydrogen per oxide

Ludwig M.; Gibbs S.P., 1985:
Dna is present in the nucleomorph of cryptomonads further evidence that the chloroplast evolved from a eukaryotic endosymbiont

McCready, S.J.; Godwin, J.; Mason, D.W.; Brazell, I.A.; Cook, P.R., 1980:
DNA is replicated at the nuclear cage

Cohen, A.; Fisher, W.D.; Cutriss, R.I.i ; Adler, H.I., 1968 :
Dna isolated from escherichia coli mini cells mated with f plus cells

Yakovlev A.G., 1988:
Dna isolation from inner cheek surface epithelial cells

Pheiffer B.H.; Zimmerman S.B., 1979:
Dna kinase from nuclei of rat liver mechanism reversal and inhibitors of the reaction

Russo, J.; Russo, I.H., 1978:
DNA labeling index and structure of the rat mammary gland as determinants of its susceptibility to carcinogenesis

Zile, M.H.; Bunge, E.C.; DeLuca, H.F., 1981:
DNA labeling of rat epithelial tissues in vitamin A deficiency

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