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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5189

Chapter 5189 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Herrmann, R.G., 1972:
Do chromoplasts contain dna part 2 the isolation and characterization of dna from chromoplasts chloroplasts mitochondria and nuclei of narcissus m

Komiyama M.; Bender M.L., 1979:
Do cleavages of amides by serine proteases occur through a stepwise pathway involving tetrahedral intermediates

Gilbert B.S.; Krebs C.J.; Talarico D.; Cichowski D.B., 1986:
Do clethrionomys rutilus females suppress maturation of juvenile females

Lieb W.R.; Kovalycsik M.; Mendelsohn R., 1982:
Do clinical levels of general anesthetics affect lipid bi layers? evidence from raman scattering

Adams, J.A., 1981:
Do cognitive factors in motor performance become nonfunctional with practice?

Luder H.U.; Zimmerli I.; Schroeder H.E., 1988:
Do collagen fibrils of the periodontal ligament shrink with age

Mebes H.D., 1979:
Do colors affect normal behavior of laboratory and farm animals instantaneous change of behavior by presentation of red in the peach faced lovebird agapornis roseicollis psittaciformes

Conner, M.T.; Booth, D.A.; Clifton, V.J.; Griffiths, R.P., 1988:
Do comparisons of a food characteristic with ideal necessarily involve learning?

Gjerris A.; Gjerris F.; Sorensen P.S.; Sorensen E.B.; Christensen N.J.; Fahrenkrug J.; Rehfeld J.F., 1988:
Do concentrations of neurotransmitters measured in lumbar cerebrospinal fluid reflect the concentrations at brain level

Hirsh, D.D.; Fainstein, V.; Musher, D.M., 1979:
Do condom catheter collecting systems cause urinary tract infection?

Brown, M.S., 1984:
Do confusing information and egocentric instructions influence perception?

Maggi C.A.; Meli A., 1986:
Do conscious and reflex micturition have a separate sensory input? implications for clinical urodynamics

Owen, D.F.; Wiegert, R.G., 1976:
Do consumers maximize plant fitness

Ryden G.; Fahraeus L.; Molin L.; Ahman K., 1979:
Do contraceptives influence the incidence of pelvic acute inflammatory disease in women with gonorrhea?

Wood P.J.; Pao G.; Ross G.; Smith C., 1981:
Do conventional plasma cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase inhibitors really work in all situations? D.; Chitour D., 1983:
Do convergent neurons in the spinal dorsal horn discriminate nociceptive from nonnociceptive information?

Ilan, Y.; Ilan, Y.A.; Czapski, G., 1978:
Do copper ions influence the reduction of ferri cytochrome c by super oxide anion

Endo, S.; Tanaka, K.; Nagao, S., 1984:
Do corder studies on dough development 1. interactions of water absorption sulfhydryl level and free lipid content in heated dough

Nultsch W.; Pfau J.; Rueffer U., 1981:
Do correlations exist between chromatophore arrangement and photosynthetic activity in seaweeds

Shapiro S., 1982:
Do corrinoids function in the methanogenic dissimilation of methanol by methanosarcina barkeri?

Wuennenberg, W.; Merker, G.; Brueck, K., 1974:
Do cortico steroids control heat production in hibernators

Dengate H.N.; Meredith P., 1984:
Do cultivar season and location of growth affect wheat starch pasting

Mackay, D.M.; Mackay, V., 1974:
Do curvature contingent chromatic aftereffects require detectors for curvature

Barsky E.L.; Kamilova F.D.; Samuilov V.D., 1985:
Do cyanobacteria contain a membrane bound cysteine oxidase

Kraiem Z.; Shasha S.M.; Ben Aryeh H.; Glaser B.; Sheinfeld M.; Cristal B.; Chirurg C., 1985:
Do cyclic amp concentrations in saliva reflect parathyroid hormone biologic activity

Costa, E.; Guidotti, A.; Hanbauer, I., 1974:
Do cyclic nucleotides promote the trans synaptic induction of tyrosine hydroxylase

MacGregor, C.H.; Bishop, C.W., 1977:
Do cytochromes function as oxygen sensors in the regulation of nitrate reductase biosynthesis?

Guslandi, M., 1982 :
Do cytoprotective prostaglandins act as mild irritants?

Ohashi M.; Kanai R.; Takayanagi I., 1985:
Do d 600 gallopamil and diltiazem interact with serotonin receptors in rabbit vascular tissues

Knutson L.; Flint O.S.Jr, 1979:
Do dance flies feed on caddis flies further evidence diptera empididae trichoptera

Andreasen, N.C., 1976:
Do depressed patients show thought disorder?

Voznesenskii V.L., 1988:
Do desert plants absorb water vapors from the atmosphere

Harwood D.M., 1986:
Do diatoms beneath the greenland ice sheet indicate interglacials warmer than present?

Freides, D., 1977:
Do dich otic listening procedures measure lateralization of information processing or retrieval strategy

Bahr R.; Blumberg H.; Jaenig W., 1981:
Do dichotomizing afferent fibers exist which supply visceral organs as well as somatic structures a contribution to the problem of referred pain

Schneider R.; Woebker G.; Willmes K.; Jung F.; Kiesewetter H., 1986:
Do different ischemic brain lesions have different hemorheological profiles

Birshtein V.Ya, 1981:
Do differential staining patterns of amphibian chromosomes indicate structural characteristics of genome organization in lower vertebrates?

Dawkins R.; Brockmann H.J., 1980 :
Do digger wasps sphex ichneumoneus commit the concorde fallacy

Meyer Rochow V.B.; Eguchi E., 1986:
Do disintegrating microvilli in the eye of the crayfish procambarus clarkii contribute to the synthesis of screening pigment granules

Smith, R.C., 1987:
Do dreams reflect a biological state?

Lewis, P.D.; Patel, A.L.; Bendek, G.; Balazs, R., 1977:
Do drugs acting on the nervous system affect cell proliferation in the developing brain

Gramsbergen, A.; Ijkema-Paassen, J., 1987:
Do early lesions affect cell death in the central nervous system? A study on the effects of early cerebellar hemispherectomy in rats

Enright, R.D.; Levy, V.M.; Harris, D.; Lapsley, D.K., 1987:
Do economic conditions influence how theorists view adolescents?

Biondi, E.; Grandori, F., 1976:
Do efferent fibers to hair cells intervene in acoustic stimulus peripheral coding

Petersson B.; Pleidrup E.; Willadsen J.; Laursen H., 1980:
Do elderly patients benefit from admission to a psychiatric department

Robinson, B.J.; Johnson, R.H.; Lambie, D.G.; Palmer, K.T., 1983:
Do elderly patients with an excessive fall in blood pressure on standing have evidence of autonomic failure?

Sbordone R.J.; Ford C.V.; Wingard J.A., 1982:
Do elderly psychiatric patients improve during hospitalization?

Spacilova M.; Hykes P., 1985:
Do electro welders die for malignant diseases

Fauchier J P.; Cosnay P.; Rouesnel P.; Dubois A M.; Moquet B., 1986:
Do electrophysiological explorations in patients with coronary artery disease give evidence of hyperexcitability do they really have prognostic value

Markowitz, H.; Schmidt, M.; Nadal, L.; Squier, L., 1975:
Do elephants ever forget?

Wright P.G.; Luck C.P., 1984:
Do elephants loxodonta africana need to sweat

Sandler, G., 1984:
Do emergency tests help in the management of acute medical admissions?

Friman, P.C.; Mathews, J.R.; Finney, J.W.; Christophersen, E.R.; Leibowitz, J.M., 1988:
Do encopretic children have clinically significant behavior problems?

Beitz J.; Schneider S.; Riedel A.; Mest H J., 1987:
Do endogenous lipoproteins modulate the sensibility of animals against arrhythmogenic drugs?

Tomlinson, D.R., 1980:
Do endogenous prostaglandins modulate noradrenergic transmission in the rat isolated perfused vas deferens?

Stenquist B.; Lind T.; Haglund U.; Holst J.J.; Rehfeld J.F.; Olbe L., 1987:
Do enkephalins participate in vagal activation of gastric acid secretion in man

Kobayashi S.; Iwanaga T.; Fujita T.; Yanaihara N., 1980:
Do entero chromaffin cells contain motilin

Bouchard T.J.Jr, 1983:
Do environmental similarities explain the similarity in intelligence of identical twins reared apart

Pette D.; Wimmer M.; Nemeth P., 1980:
Do enzyme activities vary along muscle fibers

Benraad T.J.; Friberg L.G.; Koenders A.J.M.; Kullander S., 1980:
Do estrogen and progesterone receptors in metastasizing endometrial cancers predict the response to gestagen therapy

Sebel P.S.; Glass P.; Neville W.K., 1988:
Do evoked potentials measure depth of anesthesia?

Weiler Ravell D.; Godfrey S., 1981:
Do exercise induced and antigen induced asthma utilize the same pathways antigen provocation in patients rendered refractory to exercise induced asthma

Traut T.W., 1988:
Do exons code for structural or functional units in proteins?

Pavlidis G.T., 1981:
Do eye movements hold the key to dyslexia

Murata, P.J.; Kane, R.L., 1987:
Do families get family care?

Bass, M.J.; McWhinney, I.R.; Donner, A., 1986:
Do family physicians need medical assistants to detect and manage hypertension?

Strosberg M.A.; Strosberg J.M., 1980:
Do family practice residents in the usa learn clinical rheumatology? an important question

Tonkin, C.H.; Brostoff, J., 1978:
Do fatty acids exert a specific effect on human lymphocyte transformation in vitro?

Searcy W.A., 1988:
Do female red winged blackbirds limit their own breeding densities

Armitage K.B., 1987:
Do female yellow bellied marmots adjust the sex ratios of their offspring?

Higgins K.M.; Selavka C.M., 1988:
Do forensic science graduate programs fulfill the needs of the forensic science community

Wilson P.D.; Kligman A.M., 1982:
Do freckles protect the skin from actinic damage?

Lewis, E.R.; Narins, P.M., 1985:
Do frogs communicate with seismic signals?

Bentley P.J.; Yorio T., 1979:
Do frogs drink

Olkkola K.T.; Neuvonen P.J., 1984:
Do gastric contents modify antidotal efficacy of oral activated charcoal

Herzog E.W.; Enright M.; Luria Z.; Rubin J.Z., 1982:
Do gender labels yield sex differences in performance or is label a fable?

Fassoulaki A.; Kaniaris P.; Varonos D.D., 1984:
Do general anesthetics perturb lipid membranes? the role of cholesterol

Kumar S.; Sridhar R., 1984 :
Do germinating paddy seeds produce phytoalexins

Schachter, F.F.; Shore, E.; Hodapp, R.; Chalfin, S.; Bundy, C., 1978:
Do girls talk earlier mean length of utterance in toddlers

Eadie J.M.; Keast A., 1982:
Do goldeneye and perch compete for food?

Curio E.; Regelmann K., 1987:
Do great tit parus major parents gear their brood defense to the quality of their young

Lis E.K.; Antoszewski R., 1982:
Do growth substances regulate the phloem as well as the xylem transport of nutrients to the strawberry fragaria grandiflora cultivar talisman receptacle?

Calnan M.; Rutter D.R., 1988:
Do health beliefs predict health behavior a follow up analysis of breast self examination

Calnan M.; Rutter D.R., 1986:
Do health beliefs predict health behavior an analysis of breast self examination

Sommerfeld D.P.; Hughes J.R., 1987:
Do health professionals agree on the parenting potential of pregnant women

Gabbay, S.; Kadam, P.; Factor, S.; Cheung, T.K., 1988:
Do heart valve bioprostheses degenerate for metabolic or mechanical reasons?

Hoerder, M.H.; Pauli, J.K.; Renovanz, H.D.; Stiffler, A., 1976:
Do hemostatic disturbances occur in the use of secretolytics a contribution to the safety of medications

Dawkins, M., 1977 :
Do hens suffer in battery cages environmental preferences and welfare

Kilpi M., 1987:
Do herring gulls larus argentatus invest more in offspring defense as the breeding season advances

Heymann G.; Buhlmann V., 1979:
Do high nitrogen dressings pay on hay pasture

Mackey, J.K.; Rigden, P.M.; Green, M., 1976:
Do highly oncogenic group a human adenoviruses cause human cancer analysis of human tumors for adenovirus 12 transforming sequences

Egorov, I.K.; Mnatsakanyan, Y.A.; Pospelov, L.E., 1977:
Do histo compatibility antigens recognize themselves

Majsky A.; Abrahamova J., 1981:
Do hla a 2 genes protect against the development of a tumor a hypothesis

Moore, D.H.; Carrano, A.V.; Mayall, B.H., 1979:
Do homologous chromosomes differ? A preliminary investigation based on DNA measurements

Gibbs P.E., 1986:
Do homomorphic and heteromorphic self incompatibility systems have the same sporophytic mechanism

Schmid Hempel P., 1986:
Do honeybees apis mellifera get tired? the effect of load weight on patch departure

Hnik, P.; Holas, M.; Payne, R.; Kraus, M.; Erdosova, R.; Jakoubek, B., 1977:
Do hormonal stress and vascular ischemia factors contribute to reflex muscle atrophy induced by chronic nociceptive stimulation in rats

Haegert D.G.; Coombs R.R.A., 1979:
Do human bone marrow derived and null lymphocytes form a single immuno globulin bearing population

Britigan B.E.; Rosen G.M.; Chai Y.; Cohen M.S., 1986:
Do human neutrophils make hydroxyl radical? determination of free radicals generated by human neutrophils activated with soluble or particulate stimulus using epr spectrometry

van Meel, F.C.; Pearson, P.L., 1979:
Do human spermatozoa reactivate in the cytoplasm of somatic cells?

Dyer, A.R.; Stamler, R.; Grimm, R.; Stamler, J.; Berman, R.; Gosch, F.C.; Emidy, L.A.; Elmer, P.; Fishman, J.; Van Heel, N., 1987:
Do hypertensive patients have a different diurnal pattern of electrolyte excretion?

Lebrun P.; Malaisse W.J.; Herchuelz A., 1985:
Do hypoglycemic sulfonylureas inhibit sodium potassium atpase activity in pancreatic islets

Dietrichs E.; Haines D.E., 1985:
Do hypothalamo cerebellar fibers terminate in all layers of the cerebellar cortex

Goldring, J.M.; Kuno, M.; Núñez, R.; Weakly, J.N., 1981:
Do identical activity patterns in fast and slow motor axons exert the same influence on the twitch time of cat skeletal muscle?

Kuhn E.M.; Therman E.; Buchler D.A., 1987:
Do individual allocyclic chromosomes in metaphase reflect their interphase domains

Salminen S.; Luhtanen P., 1987:
Do individual reactions predict group reactions?

Arora, R.R.; Warner, R.R., 1986:
Do indole markers predict carcinoid heart disease?

Aerts P.; Verraes W., 1987:
Do inertial effects explain the maximal rotation of the maxilla in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri during feeding?

Caron R.F.; Caron A.J.; Myers R.S., 1985:
Do infants see emotional expressions in static faces

Backman A.; Bjorksten F.; Ilmonen S.; Juntunen K.; Suoniemi I., 1984:
Do infections in infancy affect sensitization to airborne allergens and development of atopic disease a retrospective study of 7 year old children

Hartveit, F.; Tangen, M.; Halvorsen, J.F., 1984:
Do infiltrative and anaplastic growth patterns alternate with season in human breast cancer?

Steinbach T.; Meyer L.V.; Baur C., 1985:
Do infusions contain alcoholic congeners determination of volatile substances in 76 infusions

Bassoulet J.; Grandgirard A.; D.C.atelard P.P.; Schoenenberger P.; Timbal Y., 1986:
Do inguinal gland metastases develop from germinal tumors of testis

Amicosante, G.; Crifo, C.; Strom, R., 1982:
Do inter molecular association phenomena occur in bacillus cereus lactamase i ec

Harrison P.J.; Jankowska E., 1984:
Do inter neurons in lower lumbar segments contribute to the presynaptic de polarization of group i muscle afferents in clarkes column

Spight, T.M., 1977:
Do inter tidal snails spawn in the right places

Huntingford F.A., 1982:
Do interspecific and intraspecific aggression vary in relation to predation pressure in sticklebacks gasterosteus aculeatus?

Tuganowski W.; Kopec P.; Kaszuba M.; Glanc A., 1981:
Do intra cellular beta adreno receptors exist in the rabbit auricle?

Shojima S.; Nishizawa N.K.; Mori S., 1987:
Do intrathylakoidal inclusions really contain rubpcase

Kucera P.; Wiesendanger M., 1985:
Do ipsilateral corticospinal fibers participate in the functional recovery following unilateral pyramidal lesions in monkeys?

Mensch, B.S.; Kandel, D.B., 1988:
Do job conditions influence the use of drugs?

Chang-Chien, C.S., 1987:
Do juxtapapillary diverticula of the duodenum interfere with cannulation at endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography? A prospective study

Parsons C.G.; Martin D.; Franklin R.J.M.; Wood J.L.; Headley P.M., 1986:
Do kappa opioids mimic sigma agonists as amino acid antagonists?

Lightman S.; Cobbold S.; Waldmann H.; Askonas B.A., 1987:
Do l3t4 positive t cells act as effector cells in protection against influenza virus infection

Jackson M.L.; L.C.S.; Martin D.F., 1986:
Do land characteristics affect heart and gastrointestinal cancer death rates among florida usa counties

Madhavan, M.M.; Madhavan, K., 1984:
Do larval epidermal cells possess the blueprint for adult pattern in Drosophila?

Whatley J.M.; Price D.N., 1983:
Do lemon citrus limon cotyledons green in the dark?

Wenstrup J.J.; Suthers R.A., 1981:
Do lesions of the superior colliculus affect acoustic orientation in echo locating bats?

Ohyashiki K.; Ohyashiki J.H.; Toyama K.; Ito H., 1988:
Do leukemia patients with chromosome 16 inversion inversion 16 p13q22 have a rare fragile site at 16q22

Harrell, W.A., 1986:
Do liberated women drive their husbands to drink? The impact of masculine orientation, status inconsistency, and family life satisfaction on male liquor consumption

Brown K.M., 1983:
Do life history tactics exist at the intraspecific level? data from fresh water snails

Hansen, U.P., 1978:
Do light induced changes in the membrane potential of nitella reflect the feedback regulation of a cytoplasmic parameter

Skorupa J.P., 1987:
Do line transect surveys systematically underestimate primate densities in logged forests?

Barber A.; Wild A.; Wedel R., 1987:
Do local vasomotor effects elicit the motor deficits induces by intrathecally applied substance p antagonists in the rat?

Beckers J., 1984:
Do lodging establishments for mentally handicapped adults have an influence on the capabilities of autonomy and social integration of their residents

Wloch E.; Wieckowski S., 1986:
Do long wavelength absorbing forms of carotenoids occur in vivo

File S.E.; Lister R.G., 1982:
Do lorazepam induced deficits in learning result from impaired rehearsal reduced motivation or increased sedation?

Zix C., 1985:
Do lorraine hemophiliacs have abnormal liver function

Jolles J.; Schoentgen F.; Jolles P., 1981:
Do lysozymes of different types have a common ancestral protein?

Benic L.; Marusic M., 1980:
Do macrophages contribute to the immune response of mice to a xenogeneic tumor

Leffelaar D.; Robertson R.J., 1984:
Do male tree swallows guard their mates

Prandoni, P.; Pengo, V.; Boetto, P.; Zambon, G.; Menozzi, L., 1985:
Do malfunctioning bioprosthetic heart valves represent a potential thrombogenic focus?

Gambhir S.S.; Pradhan S.C.; Das P.K., 1982:
Do mast cell de granulators release prostaglandins from frog rana tigrina atria?

Thomson, G.A., 1982:
Do measurements of motorcycle conspicuity really measure conspicuity effects?

Flaatten, H.; Trovik, J.; Koller, M.E., 1987:
Do medical students receive sufficient training in resuscitation, emergency medicine and intensive care?

Hegyvary, C.; Chigurupati, R.; Mahoney, D., 1981:
Do membrane lipids modify the ouabain sensitivity of cardiac sodium potassium atpase? ec

Eccles J.C., 1986:
Do mental events cause neural events analogously to the probability fields of quantum mechanics

Tiberiu R.; Gheorghe D.G.; Popescu I., 1981:
Do meridians of acupuncture exist? a radioactive tracer study of the bladder meridian

Barlow G.W.; Rogers W.; Fraley N., 1986:
Do midas cichlids cichlasoma citrinellum win through prowess or daring? it depends

Peatfield R.C.; Bond R.A.; Rose F.C., 1987:
Do migrainous headaches become more consistently lateralized

Nohl, H.; Hegner, D., 1978:
Do mitochondria produce oxygen radicals in vivo

Stange K.; Bygdeman S., 1980:
Do moisture exchangers prevent patient contamination of ventilators a microbiological study comparing 2 humidifying devices

Victora C.G.; Barros F.C.; Martines J.C.; Beria J.U.; Vaughan J.P., 1985:
Do mothers remember their childrens birth weights?

Reni L.; Tatto S.; Abbruzzese G.; Abruzzese M.; Favale E., 1988:
Do muscle afferents contribute to the cervical response evoked by electrical stimulation of the median nerve in man

Gitel, S.N.; Wessler, S., 1978:
Do natural estrogens pose an increased risk of thrombosis in post menopausal women

Hedge, A.; Collis, M.D., 1987:
Do negative air ions affect human mood and performance?

Stutchbury B.J.; Robertson R.J., 1987:
Do nest building and first egg dates reflect settlement patterns of females

Marini R.P., 1986:
Do net gas exchange rates of green and red peach prunus persica leaves differ

Westerink B.H.C.; Horn A.S., 1979:
Do neuroleptics prevent the penetration of dopamine agonists into the brain

Walz, W., 1982:
Do neuronal signals regulate potassium flow in glial cells? Evidence from an invertebrate central nervous system

Liesi P., 1985:
Do neurons in the vertebrate central nervous system migrate on laminin?

Goldowitz D.; Cotman C.W., 1980:
Do neurotrophic interactions control synapse formation in the adult rat brain

Christiansen C.; Brandt N.J.; Ebbesen F.; Sardemann H.; Trolle D., 1980:
Do new borns of epileptics on anti convulsants develop biochemical signs of osteo malacia a controlled prospective study

Oli J.M.; Reid H.L., 1985:
Do nigerian diabetics with hemoglobin genotype hb as have greater risks of developing renal complications and hypertension a preliminary report

Nedergaard S.; Hopkins C.; Greenfield S.A., 1988:
Do nigro striatal neurons possess a discrete dendritic modulatory mechanism electrophysiological evidence from the actions of amphetamine in brain slices

Forsyth D.R.; Jayasinghe K.S.A.; Roberts C.J.C., 1988 :
Do nizatidine and cimetidine interact with ibuprofen

Schultz, D.W.; Eriksen, C.W., 1977:
Do noise masks terminate target processing?

Pastore, G.; Cordero-Di-Montezemolo, L.; Boschis, M.P.; Ghibaudo, P.; Saracco, P.; Miniero, R.; Madon, E.; Forni, M.; Saitta, M., 1985:
Do non localized non hodgkin's lymphoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia with lymphomatous features require the same therapy?

Kaminskii Y.G., 1983:
Do nonequilibrium reactions in the glucose to triose phosphate pathway of the liver exist

Lamaze R.; Collignon J.L.; Anthoine D.; Lamy P., 1981:
Do nonoperable peripheral bronchial cancers have to be irradiated

Auroux, M.; Collin, C.; Couvillers, M.L., 1985:
Do non-spermatozoal cells mainly stem from spermiogenesis? Study of 106 fertile and 102 subfertile men

Quilty P.M.; Hargreave T.B.; Smith G.; Duncan W., 1987:
Do normal mucosal biopsies predict prognosis in patients with transitional cell carcinoma of bladder treated by radical radiotherapy?

Simmons R.; Smith P.C., 1985:
Do northern harriers circus cyaneus choose nest sites adaptively?

Phifer S.J.; Glover J.A., 1982:
Do not take students word for what they do while reading

Soderstrom O.; Nilsson A.N., 1987:
Do nymphs of parameletus chelifer and parameletus minor ephemeroptera reduce mortality from predation by occupying temporary habitats?

Tew M., 1986:
Do obstetric intranatal interventions make birth safer

Puelles, L.; Privat, A., 1977:
Do oculo motor neuro blasts migrate across the midline in the fetal rat brain

Lea T., 1982:
Do okt 3 mono clonal antibodies inhibit t cell proliferation by blocking the receptor for t cell growth factor?

Dreazen O.; Klisak I.; Rassool F.; Goldman J.M.; Sparkes R.S.; Gale R.P., 1987:
Do oncogenes determine clinical features in chronic myeloid leukemia?

Neumayer H H.; Haas Weber M.; Holzahn M.; Wagner K., 1986:
Do operative and medical intensive care units have any influence on acute renal failure mortality

Woolf C.J.; Fitzgerald M., 1982:
Do opioid peptides mediate a presynaptic control of c fiber transmission in the rat spinal cord?

Nordmann J.J.; Dayanithi G.; Cazalis M., 1986:
Do opioid peptides modulate at the level of the nerve endings the release of neurohypophyseal hormones?

Wolf C.; Steiner A.; Honigsmann H., 1988:
Do oral carotenoids protect human skin against uv erythema psoralen phototoxicity and uv induced dna damage

Bramley, M.; Kinghorn, G., 1979:
Do oral contraceptives inhibit Trichomonas vaginalis?

Allebeck P.; Ahlbom A.; Ljungstrom K.; Allander E., 1984:
Do oral contraceptives reduce the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis a pilot study using the stockholm county sweden medical information system

O'flynn R.R., 1988:
Do organic solvents cause dementia

Farnsworth B.J.; Garcia I.M., 1984:
Do our elementary schools teach what society wants

Zach, R.; Falls, J.B., 1976:
Do ovenbirds aves parulidae hunt by expectation

Yockey H.P., 1979:
Do overlapping genes violate molecular biology and the theory of evolution?

Damask, M.C.; Weissman, C.; Askanazi, J.; Rosenbaum, S.H.; Elwyn, D.; Hyman, A.I., 1987:
Do oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production affect cardiac output after cardiopulmonary bypass?

Kumar, P.; Nye, P.C.; Torrance, R.W., 1988:
Do oxygen tension variations contribute to the respiratory oscillations of chemoreceptor discharge in the cat?

Sutherland W.J., 1982:
Do oystercatchers haematopus ostralegus select the most profitable cockles cerastoderma edule?

Van Duijnen P.T.; D.J.ger J.C.; Thole B.T., 1985:
Do parallel beta strands have dipole moments an ab initio molecular orbital direct reaction field study

Dupont F.; Crivelli A.J., 1988:
Do parasites confer a disadvantage to hybrids? a case study of alburnus alburnus x rutilus rubilio a natural hybrid of lake mikri prespa northern greece

Wehner A.P.; Hall A.S.; Weller R.E.; Lepel E.A.; Schirmer R.E., 1985:
Do particles translocate from the vagina to the oviducts and beyond

Wyld, R.; Nimmo, W.S., 1988:
Do patients fasting before and after operation receive their prescribed drug treatment?

Moore N.C.; Summer K.R.; Bloor R.N., 1984:
Do patients like psychometric testing by computer

Fraser A.G., 1984:
Do patients want to be informed? a study of consent for cardiac catheterization

Strull, W.M.; Lo, B.; Charles, G., 1984:
Do patients want to participate in medical decision making?

Kennedy P.G.E.; Lisak R.P., 1981:
Do patients with de myelinating diseases have antibodies against human glial cells in their sera

Gonzalez-Rothi, R.J.; Foresman, G.E.; Block, A.J., 1988:
Do patients with sleep apnea die in their sleep?

Rethans, J.J.; Höppener, P.; Wolfs, G.; Diederiks, J., 1988:
Do personal computers make doctors less personal?

Thomas D.H.; Degen A.A.; Pinshow B., 1982:
Do phasianid birds really have functional salt glands? absence of nasal salt secretion in salt loaded sand partridges and chukars ammoperdix heyi and alectoris chukar sinaica

Wood P.M., 1980:
Do photosynthetic bacteria contain cytochrome c 1

Adelroth, E.; Hargreave, F.E.; Ramsdale, E.H., 1986:
Do physicians need objective measurements to diagnose asthma?

Britton, H.L., 1987:
Do physicians recognize sexual abuse?

Radecki, S.E.; Kane, R.L.; Solomon, D.H.; Mendenhall, R.C.; Beck, J.C., 1988:
Do physicians spend less time with older patients?

Alatalo R.; Lundberg A.; Stahlbrandt K., 1983:
Do pied flycatcher ficedula hypoleuca males adopt broods of widow females

Ylimaunu J.; Jarvinen A., 1987:
Do pied flycatchers ficedula hypoleuca have a brood survival or brood reduction strategy

Wasterlund I., 1982:
Do pine mycorrhizae disappear following fertilization?

Marzluff, J.M., 1988:
Do pinyon jays alter nest placement based on prior experience?

Naeye R.L., 1987:
Do placental weights have clinical significance

Millward S.F.; Breatnach E.; Simpkins K.C.; Mcmahon M.J., 1983:
Do plain films of the chest and abdomen have a role in the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis?

Goldstuck N.D., 1987:
Do plain plastic and copper bearing intrauterine contraceptive devices have a central mechanism of action

Caprasse M.; Houssier C., 1983:
Do planar alkaloids from strychnos usambarensis intercalate into the dna helix?

Yakobi, V.E., 1978:
Do plane landing lights attract or scare away birds at night

Gospodarowicz D.; Ill C.R., 1980:
Do plasma and serum have different abilities to promote cell growth?

Dimsdale, J.E.; Young, D.; Moore, R.; Strauss, H.W., 1987:
Do plasma norepinephrine levels reflect behavioral stress?

Järvholm, B.; Larsson, S., 1988:
Do pleural plaques produce symptoms? A brief report

Whelan, R.J.; Goldingay, R.L., 1986:
Do pollinators influence seed set in banksia paludosa sm. and banksia spinulosa r. br

Brodal P.; Dietrichs E.; Walberg F., 1986:
Do pontocerebellar mossy fibers give off collaterals to the cerebellar nuclei an experimental study in the cat with implantation of crystalline hrp wag

D.D.nato A.; Draetta G.F.; Illiano G.; Tufano M.A.; Sommese L.; Galdiero F., 1986:
Do porins inhibit the macrophage phagocytosing activity by stimulating adenylate cyclase

Lammintausta K.; Kalimo K., 1987:
Do positive nickel reactions increase nonspecific patch test reactivity

Pellis S.M.; Pellis V.C., 1982:
Do post hatching factors limit clutch size in the cape barren goose cereopsis novaehollandiae?

Stjarne, L., 1977:
Do potassium ions released from nerve modulate the sensitivity to transmitter in close neuro effector junctions of the vas deferens

Berg N.O.; Jakobsson I.; Lindberg T., 1979:
Do pre challenge and post challenge small intestinal biopsies help to diagnose cows milk protein intolerance?

Temple S.A., 1987:
Do predators always capture substandard individuals disproportionately from prey populations

Lindstrom E.; Angelstam P.; Widen P.; Andren H., 1987:
Do predators synchronize vole and grouse fluctuations? an experiment

Teller D.Y.; Mayer D.L.; Makous W.L.; Allen J.L., 1982:
Do preferential looking techniques under estimate infant visual acuity?

Taylor D.J.; Howie P.W.; Davidson J.; Drillien C.M., 1985:
Do pregnancy complications contribute to neurodevelopmental disability

Legg, C.R., 1977:
Do pretectal lesions impair visual discrimination acquisition in rats

Millar, B.C.; Jinks, S., 1984:
Do prostaglandins affect cellular radiosensitivity in vitro?

O'Neill, P.A.; Stark, R.D.; Morton, P.B., 1985:
Do prostaglandins have a role in breathlessness?

Asai, T.; Kanazawa, T.; Kobayashi, S.; Takeuchi, T.; Kim, T., 1986:
Do protozoa conceal a high potency of nucleoside triphosphate hydrolysis present in Toxoplasma gondii?

Strauss, J.S.; Gabriel, K.R.; Kokes, R.F.; Ritzler, B.A.; VanOrd, A.; Tarana, E., 1979:
Do psychiatric patients fit their diagnoses? Patterns of symptomatology as described with the biplot

Stern, J.M.; Thomas, D.A.; Rabii, J.; Barfield, R.J., 1984:
Do pup ultrasonic cries provoke prolactin secretion in lactating rats?

Overbeek, B.P.; Rozenberg-Arska, M.; Verhoef, J., 1985:
Do quinolones really augment the antifungal effect of amphotericin B in vitro?

Choi B.H.; Kim R.C.; Lapham L.W., 1983:
Do radial glia give rise to both astro glial and oligodendro glial cells

Miles, M.A.; Cedillos, R.A.; Póvoa, M.M.; de Souza, A.A.; Prata, A.; Macedo, V., 1981:
Do radically dissimilar Trypanosoma cruzi strains (zymodemes) cause Venezuelan and Brazilian forms of Chagas' disease?

Audet C.; Wood C.M., 1988:
Do rainbow trout salmo gairdneri acclimate to low ph

King R.G., 1984:
Do raised brain aluminum levels in alzheimers dementia contribute to cholinergic neuronal deficits

Plonsky M.; Driscoll C.D.; Warren D.A.; Rosellini R.A., 1985:
Do random time schedules induce polydipsia in the rat

Cox W.M.; Mertz J.E., 1985:
Do rats prefer water near beer or beer with ethanol

Schober, B., 1980:
Do recurrent pulmonary emboli lodge preferentially in prior foci?

Hamoudi A.C.; Qualman S.J.; Marcon M.J.; Hribar M.; Mcclung H.J.; Murray R.D.; Cannon H.J., 1988:
Do regional variations in prevalence of cryptosporidiosis occur the central ohio usa experience

Henderson B.E.; Ross R.K.; Judd H.L.; Krailo M.D.; Pike M.C., 1985:
Do regular ovulatory cycles increase breast cancer risk

Kunzle H.; Schnyder H., 1983:
Do retinal and spinal projections overlap within the turtle pseudemys scripta elegans thalamus

Weyrauther E., 1986:
Do retinula cells trigger the screening pigment migration in the eye of the moth ephestia kuehniella?

Burma D.P.; Srivastava A.K.; Srivastava S.; Dash D.; Tewari D.S.; Nag B., 1985:
Do ribosomal rna species act merely as scaffold for ribosomal proteins?

Cheng M F.; Porter M.; Ball G., 1981:
Do ring doves copulate more than necessary for fertilization?

Preissler, K., 1977:
Do rotifers show avoidance of the shore

Mckenna F.P., 1985:
Do safety measures really work an examination of risk homeostasis theory

Helle T.; Aspi J., 1984:
Do sandy patches help reindeer rangifer tarandus against insects?

Corneo, G., 1976:
Do satellite dna function as sterility barriers in eukaryotes

Chneiweiss H.; Glowinski J.; Premont J., 1986:
Do secretin and vasoactive intestinal peptide have independent receptors on striatal neurons and glial cells in primary cultures?

Ellenberg, J.H.; Hirtz, D.G.; Nelson, K.B., 1986:
Do seizures in children cause intellectual deterioration?

Chandy J.P.; Patel B., 1985:
Do selenium and glutathione detoxify mercury in marine invertebrates effects on lysosomal response in the tropical blood clam anadara granosa

Patel, B.; Chandy, J.P., 1987:
Do selenium and glutathione gsh detoxify mercury in marine invertebrates? ii. effects on gill atpase and related blood factors in an arcid clam anadara granosa

Swanson, H.L., 1986:
Do semantic memory deficiencies underlie learning disabled readers' encoding processes

Davis, H.; Herrman, T.; Macfadden, L.; Ellen, P., 1977:
Do septal lesions eliminate behavioral control by an auto contingency

Sellers, E.M.; Naranjo, C.A.; Kadlec, K., 1987:
Do serotonin uptake inhibitors decrease smoking? Observations in a group of heavy drinkers

Hodsman, A.B.; Hood, S.A.; Brown, P.; Cordy, P.E., 1985:
Do serum aluminum levels reflect underlying skeletal aluminum accumulation and bone histology before or after chelation by deferoxamine?

Shapiro A.; Stollman E.B.; Merin S., 1982:
Do sex ethnic origin or environment affect myopia?

Duffy D.C.; Atkins N.; Schneider D.C., 1981:
Do shore birds compete on their wintering grounds?

Reddell P.; Bowen G.D., 1985 :
Do single nodules of casuarinaceae contain more than one frankia strain?

Dubey D.D.; Raman R., 1987:
Do sister forks of bidirectionally growing replicons proceed at unequal rates?

Leslie A.M.; Keeble S., 1987:
Do six month old infants perceive causality

Piette A.M.; Meduri B.; Fritsch J.; Fermanian J.; Piette J.C.; Chapman A., 1988:
Do skin tags constitute a marker for colonic polyps

Connaughton, J.J.; Catterall, J.R.; Elton, R.A.; Stradling, J.R.; Douglas, N.J., 1988:
Do sleep studies contribute to the management of patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

Cusido, E.; Morell, F.; Orriols, R.; Artaza, M.A.; Vidal, X.; Laporte, J.R., 1987:
Do slow release theophyllines have clinical advantages in the treatment of chronic asthmatic patients ii. clinical and pharmacokinetic study of adverse effects

Morell, F.; Cusido, E.; Orriols, R.; Curull, V.; De-Gracia, J.; Vidal, X., 1987:
Do slow release theophyllines have clinical advantages in the treatment of chronic asthmatic patients? i. clinical and pharmacokinetic study of the therapeutic effects

Ushadevi S.V.; Krishnamoorthy R.V., 1980:
Do slugs mariella dussumieri have silver track pheromone

Rodgers, R.J.; O'Shea, J.D.; Findlay, J.K., 1985:
Do small and large luteal cells of the sheep interact in the production of progesterone?

Staudt G.; Kassemeyer H H., 1984:
Do small berries in vitis vinifera originate by parthenocarpy?

Chetverin A.; Brazhnikov E.V., 1985:
Do sodium and potassium forms of sodium potassium atpase differ in their secondary structure?

Keppie D.M., 1987:
Do some female spruce grouse not breed?

Hutson G.D., 1988:
Do sows need straw for nest building?

Giannitrapani D., 1988:
Do specific eeg frequencies have a role in schizophrenia

Varshavsky A., 1983:
Do stalled replication forks synthesize a specific alarmone

Song, I.; Lu, C.R.; Brock, T.G.; Kaufman, P.B.; Brock, T.G.; Kaufman, P.B., 1988:
Do starch statoliths act as the gravisensors in cereal grass pulvini?

Von Klitzing L., 1986:
Do static magnetic fields of nmr influence biological signal

Mott K.A., 1988:
Do stomata respond to carbon dioxide concentrations other than intercellular?

Peckarsky B.L.; Dodson S.I., 1980:
Do stone fly predators influence benthic distributions in streams

Schaffer W.M.; Kot M., 1985:
Do strange attractors govern ecological systems

Demmer W., 1986:
Do strong static magnetic fields give rise to effects in living organism and chemical reactions?

Henriksen J.H.; Bulow J.B.; Schaffalitzky D.M.ckadell O.; Fahrenkrug J., 1986:
Do substance p and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide play a role in the acute occlusive or chronic ischemic vasodilation in man

Gorczynski R.M., 1986:
Do sugar contribute to the antigenic determinants responsible for protection and or abolition or protection in leishmania infected balb c mice

Gerell R., 1987:
Do swedish bats migrate?

Bierbaum R.M.; Ferson S., 1986:
Do symbiotic pea crabs pinnotheres maculatus decrease growth rate in mussels mytilus edulis

Slotkin, T.A.; Levant, B.; Orband-Miller, L.; Queen, K.L.; Stasheff, S., 1988:
Do sympathetic neurons coordinate cellular development in the heart and kidney? Effects of neonatal central and peripheral catecholaminergic lesions on cardiac and renal nucleic acids and proteins

Lebedev V.P.; Petrov V.I.; Skobelev V.A., 1980:
Do sympathetic preganglionic neurons have a recurrent inhibitory mechanism

Mcintosh J.H.; Hudson H.M.; Piper D.W., 1987:
Do symptoms of gastric ulcer become less frequent with time

Beaumont, G.; Mayes, A., 1977:
Do task and sex differences influence the visual evoked potential

Wagenaar W.A.; Schreuder R.; Van Der Heijden A.H.C., 1985:
Do television pictures help people to remember the weather forecast

Greenan T.J.; Strick P.L., 1986:
Do thalamic regions which project to rostral primate motor cortex receive spinothalamic input

Standing L.; Keays G., 1987:
Do the barnum effect and paranormal belief involve a general gullibility factor

Starlinger, I.; Niemeyer, W., 1981:
Do the blind hear better investigations on auditory processing in congenital or early acquired blindness 1. peripheral functions

Niemeyer, W.; Starlinger, I., 1981:
Do the blind hear better investigations on auditory processing in congenital or early acquired blindness 2. central functions

Rayner V.; Ewen S.W.B., 1981:
Do the blood vessels of the antler velvet of the red deer cervus elaphus have an adrenergic innervation?

Imai, M.; Shibata, T.; Shimano, J., 1987:
Do the cardiac glands exist? 1. The macaque

Imai, M.; Shibata, T.; Moriguchi, K., 1988:
Do the cardiac glands exist? 2. The swine

Braak, V.H.; Braak, E.; Strenge, H., 1976:
Do the cellular islands of the entorhinal region belong to the class of pyramidal or stellate cells

Weiling, F., 1986:
Do the data of j. g. mendel's later experimental years correspond better to his expectations than those of the earlier years?

Holroyd K.A.; Andrasik F., 1982:
Do the effects of cognitive therapy endure? a 2 year follow up of tension head ache sufferers treated with cognitive therapy of bio feedback

Arieli R., 1985:
Do the exposure time and carbon dioxide partial pressure affect the terminal oxygen partial pressure in a confined atmosphere

Juch P.J.W., 1982:
Do the extra ocular muscles in the carp compensate for eye displacements induced by respiratory movements?

Speit, G.; Vogel, W.; Mehnert, K., 1985:
Do the frequencies of sister chromatid exchanges in endoreduplicated mitoses provide a measure for lesion persistence and repair?

Fuzi M.Jr, 1987:
Do the group a streptococci carry prions?

Wise, G.J.; Goldberg, P.E.; Kozinn, P.J., 1985:
Do the imidazoles have a role in the management of genitourinary fungal infections?

Knight, W.R.; Knight, J.N.; Pickford, G.E., 1978:
Do the melanophore dispersing hormones pass the cerebro spinal fluid blood barrier of the killifish fundulus heteroclitus

Sovner, R.; Hurley, A.D., 1983:
Do the mentally retarded suffer from affective illness?

Bevanger K.; Albu O., 1987:
Do the otter lutra lutra and the american mink mustela vison compete for habitat and nutrition?

Elomaa, E.; Lehtovaara, R.; Bardy, A., 1978:
Do the peptide hormones common to intestine and brain participate in the genesis of epilepsy

Polansky, F.F.; Lamb, E.J., 1988:
Do the results of semen analysis predict future fertility? A survival analysis study

Ribi W.A., 1979:
Do the rhabdomeric structures in bees apis mellifera and flies calliphora erythrocephala really twist

Dietrichs E.; Haines D.E., 1986:
Do the same hypothalamic neurons project to both amygdala and cerebellum

Friede, A.; Hogue, C.J.; Doyle, L.L.; Hammerslough, C.R.; Sniezek, J.E.; Arrighi, H., 1986:
Do the sisters of childbearing teenagers have increased rates of childbearing?

Boyer, T.D.; Zakim, D.; Vessey, D.A., 1983:
Do the soluble glutathione s transferases ec have direct access to membrane bound substrates?

Bowers, K.S., 1981:
Do the Stanford Scales tap the "classic suggestion effect"?

Garrigues-Gil, V.; Clamp, S.E.; Morgan, A.G.; Ohmann, C.; de Dombal, F.T., 1988:
Do the stigmata of recent haemorrhage have additional prognostic value in patients with bleeding duodenal ulcer?

Arst H.N.Jr; Rand K.N.; Bailey C.R., 1979:
Do the tightly linked structural genes for nitrate reductase and nitrite reductase in aspergillus nidulans form an operon evidence from an insertional translocation which separates them

Brocks P.; Dahl C.; Wolf H.; Transbol I., 1981:
Do thiazides prevent recurrent idiopathic renal calcium stones?

Rush A.J.; Weissenburger J.; Eaves G., 1986:
Do thinking patterns predict depressive symptoms?

Brown, R.S.; Jackson, I.M.D.; Pohl, S.L.; Reichlin, S., 1978:
Do thyroid stimulating immuno globulins cause nontoxic and toxic multi nodular goiter

Cameron, G.N., 1976:
Do tides affect coastal insect communities

Collett T.S., 1982:
Do toads plan routes? a study of the detour behavior of bufo viridis

Rekoslavskaya N.; Gamburg K.Z., 1983:
Do tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar peremoga 16 plants contain endogenous iaa aspartic acid

Mccarroll D.R.; Thor E., 1985:
Do toxins affect pathogenesis by endothia parasitica

Glickman L.T.; Schantz P.M., 1985:
Do toxocara canis larval antigens used in enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for visceral larva migrans cross react with ab isohemagglutinins and give false positive results

Renner M.; Heinzeler T., 1979:
Do trained honey bees apis mellifera with reliably blinded ocelli really return to the feeding site

Towe, K.M., 1978:
Do trilobites have a typical arthropod cuticle/

Dyce, J.; George, M.; Goodall, H.; Fleming, T.P., 1987:
Do trophectoderm and inner cell mass cells in the mouse blastocyst maintain discrete lineages?

Brasseur T.; Angenot L.; Pincemail J.; Deby C., 1987:
Do troxerutin and sodium rutin sulfate possess rutin properties?

Feintrenie X.; Pichene M.; Vigneron B.; Briancon S.; Lamy P., 1985:
Do tumoral markers have a practical importance in the course of bronchial carcinoma

Folsom A.R.; Hughes J.R.; Buehler J.F.; Mittelmark M.B.; Jacobs D.R.Jr; Grimm R.H.Jr, 1985:
Do type a men drink more frequently than type b men findings in the multiple risk factor intervention trial

Quereux C.; Mazili M.L.; Desroches A.; Garnier R.; Slaoui K.; Bajolle F.; Wahl P., 1986:
Do ultrasounds have a damaging effect on female fertility?

Koyama, N.; Kurihara, K., 1971:
Do unique proteins exist in taste buds?

Walpita, P.; Marsh, F.P., 1983:
Do urethral Escherichia coli cause abacterial cystitis?

Gaertner H.J.; Kreuter F.; Scharek G.; Wiatr G.; Breyer Pfaff U., 1982:
Do urinary 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenyl glycol and plasma drug levels correlate with response to amitriptyline therapy?

Krivánek, J., 1988:
Do vanadium ions exert any specific effect on brain protein phosphorylation

Purves, M.J., 1978:
Do vaso motor nerves significantly regulate cerebral blood flow

Borowicz V.A., 1988:
Do vertebrates reject decaying fruit an experimental test with cornus amomum fruits

Bialek, W.; Goldstein, R.F., 1985:
Do vibrational spectroscopies uniquely describe protein dynamics? The case for myoglobin

Luxembourg A.; Cailla H.; Roux H.; Roudier J., 1987:
Do viruses play an etiologic role in ankylosing spondylitis or psoriatic arthritis

Corless, D.; Dawson, E.; Fraser, F.; Ellis, M.; Evans, S.J.; Perry, J.D.; Reisner, C.; Silver, C.P.; Beer, M.; Boucher, B.J., 1985:
Do vitamin D supplements improve the physical capabilities of elderly hospital patients?

Necas J., 1984:
Do volvocal algae form their cultures as autonomous systems?

Hojsted J.; Christoffersen S.; Gabrielsen J., 1987:
Do we administer too many particles with infusions investigation of infusion pumps and original infusion sets compared with a standard drip set

Gene Badia J.; Soler Vila M.; Blay Pueyo C.; Holgado Corrales M.; Gonzalez Alonso R.J.; Albero Sanchez E., 1987:
Do we consume a great amount of benzodiazepines?

Foulds, W.S., 1985:
Do we need a retinal pigment epithelium (or choroid) for the maintenance of retinal apposition?

Sarma D.P., 1982:
Do we need to cross match blood for trans urethral prostatectomy?

Green K.; Burton H.R., 1988:
Do weddell seals sing?

Smith T.G.; Sleno G.A., 1986:
Do white whales delphinapterus leucas carry surrogates in response to early loss of their young

Putney R.T., 1985:
Do willful apes know what they are aiming at

Hogstedt G.; Persson C., 1982:
Do willow warblers phylloscopus trochilus of northern origin start their autumn migration at an earlier age than their southern conspecifics?

Hatcher, R.A.; Measham, A.R., 1978:
Do women know which intra uterine device they are wearing

Breed M.D.; Velthuis H.H.W.; Robinson G.E., 1984:
Do worker honeybees apis mellifera discriminate among unrelated and related larval phenotypes

Cirakoglu, B.; Waller, J.P., 1985:
Do yeast aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases ec 6.1.1. exist as soluble enzymes with the cytoplasm

Allander, E., 1976:
Do you die from rheumatism the 5 year mortality in a middle aged population sample with respect to reported joint symptoms

Wagner, J.G., 1975:
Do you need a pharmaco kinetic model and if so which one

Goldberg S.; Frank B., 1981:
Do young axons regenerate better than old axons

Bishop D.; Bourne E., 1985:
Do young children understand comparatives

Halford G.S.; Boyle F.M., 1985:
Do young children understand conservation of number

Dulude A M.; Mcneil R.; Baron G., 1988:
Do young ring billed gulls larus delawarensis participate in territorial defense

Tyson P.D., 1986:
Do your standards make any difference asymmetry in preference judgments

Eales L.A., 1987:
Do zebra finch males that have been raised by another species still tend to select a conspecific song tutor

Dekov D.; Radkov P., 1981:
Dobroudzhanski 5 a new hybrid bean cultivar

Perkin R.M.; Levin D.L.; Webb R.; Aquino A.; Reddy J., 1982:
Dobutamine a hemodynamic evaluation in children with shock

Liang, C.S.; Hood, W.B., 1979:
Dobutamine infusion in conscious dogs with and without autonomic nervous system inhibition: effects on systemic hemodynamics, regional blood flows and cardiac metabolism

Brown L.; Naebauer M.; Erdmann E., 1987:
Dobutamine positive inotropy by nonselective adrenoceptor agonism in isolated guinea pig and human myocardium

Garciay M.D.; Presa J.J., 1984:
Dociostaurus monserrati new species of gomphocerini of the iberian fauna orthoptera acrididae

Desjarlais R.L.; Sheridan R.P.; Dixon J.S.; Kuntz I.D.; Venkataraghavan R., 1986:
Docking flexible ligands to macromolecular receptors by molecular shape

Desantis M.R.; Hoge R.; Fahie P.C.; Lemon D., 1988:
Dockside grading project canso seafoods

Mei E., 1983:
Docophorulus fedorenkoae new species mallophaga a biting louse of the great reed warbler acrocephalus arundinaceus

Eikhler V.; Vasyukova T.T., 1981:
Docophorulus hansmuenchi new species of bird louse mallophaga philopteridae from white winged crossbill loxia leucoptera bifasciata

Corey E.J.; Shih C.; Cashman J.R., 1983:
Docosahexaenoic acid is a strong inhibitor of prostaglandin but not leukotriene biosynthesis

Hadjiagapiou C.; Spector A.A., 1987:
Docosahexaenoic acid metabolism and effect on prostacyclin production in endothelial cells

Nordoy A.; Lyngmo V.; Vartun A.; Svensson B., 1986:
Docosapolyenoic fatty acids and human endothelial cells

Mann C.J.; Kaduce T.L.; Figard P.H.; Sepctor A.A., 1986:
Docosatetraenoic acid in endothelial cells formation retroconversion to arachidonic acid and effect on prostacyclin production

Watkins, C.J.; Burton, P.; Leeder, S.; Sittampalam, Y.; Wever, A.M.; Wiggins, R., 1982:
Doctor diagnosis and maternal recall of lower respiratory illness

Hattori, S., 1977:
Doctor h huerlimanns collection of new caledonian frullaniaceae

Bjerregaard P.; Bjerregaard B., 1981:
Doctor in upernavik in greenland denmark professional requirements and suggestions for training

Zuck, D., 1978:
Doctor nooth and his apparatus the role of carbon di oxide in medicine in the late 18th century

Kondo M.; Kobayashi S.; Kokubo I.; Mizuno N., 1987:
Doctor patient relationship in hypochondriasis

Woollcott P.Jr; Aceto T.Jr; Rutt C.; Bloom M.; Glick R., 1982:
Doctor shopping with the child as proxy patient a variant of child abuse

Kozlov, V.I., 1976:
Doctoral dissertations in anatomy histology and embryology completed in 1974

King D.W.; Beehr T.A.; King L.A., 1986:
Doctoral student selection in one professional psychology program

Theodossi, A.; Spiegelhalter, D.J.; McFarlane, I.G.; Williams, R., 1984:
Doctors' attitudes to risk in difficult clinical decisions: application of decision analysis in hepatobiliary disease

Sherer, J., 1977:
Doctors laboratory achieves speed quality control and cost reduction in glucose determinations

Fiori G.M.; Biddau P.F.; Targhetta R.; Putzolu G.; Murgia G.; Arnone M., 1987:
Doctors liability in apheresis procedures

Lavin M., 1985:
Doctors psychiatrists and disease

Marteau, T.M.; Johnston, M., 1986:
Doctors taking blood from children: a suitable case for treatment?

Valle-Jones, J.C.; O'hara, J.; O'hara, H.; Mcghie, R.L.; Brodie, N.H.; Anderson, J.A.; Schiff, A.A., 1981:
Doctors vs. patients judgment in the assessment of mixed anxiety depressive illness implications for measurement of therapeutic response

Orr, R.H.; Schless, A.P., 1972:
Document delivery capabilities of major biomedical libraries in 1968: results of a national survey employing standardized tests

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Documenta ophthalmologica proceedings series vol 11 experimental and clinical amblyopia 13th international society for clinical electro retinography symposium kibbutz ginossar israel april 21 25 1975

Greve E.L., 1977:
Documenta ophthalmologica proceedings series vol 12 symposium on medical therapy in glaucoma amsterdam netherlands may 15 1976

Lawwill T., 1977:
Documenta ophthalmologica proceedings series vol 13 electro retinography visual evoked response and psycho physics 14th international society for clinical electro retinography symposium louisville kentucky usa may 10 14 1976

Greve E.L., 1977:
Documenta ophthalmologica proceedings series vol 14 2nd international visual field symposium tuebingen west germany september 19 22 1976

Boenigk, G., 1978:
Documentary evidence of extinct bird species in the provincial museum of lower saxony in hannover west germany

Kretzoi M.; Krolopp E.; Palfalvy I., 1973:
Documentary fossil materials for the hungarian terrestrial stratigraphy in the museum of the hungarian geological institute

Calloway C.B.; Turner R.D., 1984:
Documentation and implications of rapid successive gametogenic cycles and broods in the shipworm lyrodus floridanus bivalvia teredinidae

Martini, A.K., 1986:
Documentation card for hand surgery

Priputina L.S.; Vorob'eva T.V.; Zhil'skaya Z.Y.; Ol'shevskaya O.D.; Davidenko V.P.; Pechenyuk E.E., 1982:
Documentation for excluding tetracyclines and streptomycin from the armamentarium of agents used as growth stimulants

Robinson R.C.; Williams C.W., 1986:
Documentation method for inferior alveolar and lingual nerve paresthesias

Collada M.Jr; Kott J.; Kline D.G., 1981:
Documentation of 4th ventricle entrapment by metrizamide ventriculography with computed tomography scanning 2 cases

Kessler E., 1980:
Documentation of a 2 4 d accident

Gronnerod T.A.; Eldevik O.P.; Hindmarsh T.; Kendall B.; Nakstad P.H., 1983:
Documentation of a new contrast medium for the subarachnoid space demands design and results from the 1st multicenter trial with iohexol

Ropes J.W.; Jones D.S.; Murawski S.A.; Serchuk F.M.; Jearld A.Jr, 1985:
Documentation of annual growth lines in ocean quahogs arctica islandica

Drasch, G.; Meyer, L.V., 1978:
Documentation of autopsies from the institute of legal medicine of munich west germany 1911 1974 and interpretation of the causes of violent death

Anderson D.R.; Long A.; Leathers E.; Denny B.; Hilliard D., 1981:
Documentation of change in problem behaviors among anxious and hostile aggressive children enrolled in therapeutic preschool program

Reinhard, H.J.; Plonait, H.; Hahn, W.; Krieger, H., 1977:
Documentation of electronic results and biometric evaluation of gastric movement rhythm in fattening pigs

Saemundsen A.K.; Purtilo D.T.; Sakamoto K.; Sullivan J.L.; Synnerholm A C.; Hanto D.; Simmons R.; Anvret M.; Collins R.; Klein G., 1981:
Documentation of epstein barr virus infection in immuno deficient patients with life threatening lympho proliferative diseases by epstein barr virus complementary rna dna and viral dna dna hybridization

Kangas P., 1983:
Documentation of fluctuations of fucus vesiculosus in the baltic sea

Fosberg, F.R., 1977:
Documentation of identifications in ecological work

Anderson, R.R.; Holliday, R.L.; Driedger, A.A.; Lefcoe, M.; Reid, B.; Sibbald, W.J., 1979:
Documentation of pulmonary capillary permeability in the adult respiratory distress syndrome accompanying human sepsis

Barrett, J.M.; Boehm, F.H., 1980:
Documentation of recent fetal demise with simultaneous maternal and fetal heart rate monitoring

Hornbeck J.W.; Smith R.B., 1985:
Documentation of red spruce picea rubens growth decline

Scavia, D.; Park, R.A., 1976:
Documentation of selected constructs and parameter values in the aquatic model cleaner

Dowsett H.J., 1984:
Documentation of the foraminiferal santonian campanian boundary in the northeastern gulf of mexico

Nachtigall W., 1980:
Documentation of the movement of the free primaries and the alula during upstroke in the budgerigar melopsittacus undulatus

Ohenoja E., 1983:
Documentation on the research into the fruiting body production of forest fungi

Ingold D.J., 1987 :
Documented double broodedness in red headed woodpeckers

Aumiller L.; Ballard W.B., 1985:
Documented range extension of the mountain goat oreamnos americanus in alaska usa

Croom E.M.Jr, 1983:
Documenting and evaluating herbal remedies

De-Langhe, J.E.; Delvosalle, L.; Duvigneaud, J.; Lambinon, J.; Vanden-Berghen, C., 1976:
Documents for a 2nd edition of new flora of belgium luxembourg the north of france and neighboring regions

Arrigoni, P.V.; Nardi, E., 1975:
Documents for the vegetation map of mount amiata italy

Van Dijck, P.J., 1971:
Documents of antibiotic assays

Sauvage, C., 1979:
Documents of the scientific institute no. 4. a morphological study of the genus stachys in morocco

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Documents on the graduation of polish physicians in the years 1791 and 1792

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Documents to assist in the study of sphingidae of venezuela lepidoptera heterocera 14 seasonal variations of amplypterus ypsilon

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Dodder cuscuta spp and weed control in tobacco plant beds

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Dodecyl maltoside sds two dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of chloroplast thylakoid membrane proteins

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Dodine a selective agent for certain soil fungi

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Dodonaea biloba new species sapindaceae from southeastern queensland australia

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Dodonaea sapindaceae taxonomic notes

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Doerr's theory of morphogenesis of arterial transposition in light of recent research

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Does 2 mercaptoethane sulfonate prevent cyclophosphamide and azathioprine induced immunosuppression? in vitro studies

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Does 24 hour supervisory staff coverage in the labor and delivery area change the emergency cesarean section rate

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Does 24r 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 prevent postmenopausal bone loss?

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Does 3 prime terminal poly adenylic acid stabilize human fibroblast interferon messenger rna in oocytes of xenopus laevis

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Does 5 hydroxytryptamine play neurotransmitter role in mammalian retina? studies on uptake and potassium stimulated release of carbon 14 5 hydroxytryptamine and carbon 14 gamma aminobutyric acid from bovine and rabbit retina slices

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Does a bolus of mannitol initially aggravate intracranial hypertension?

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Does a calmodulin dependent calcium regulated magnesium dependent atpase contribute to hepatic microsomal calcium uptake?

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Does a circumscribed melanosis secondary to malignant melanoma exist?

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Does a computer based electrocardiogram recorder interpret electrocardiograms more efficiently than physicians?

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Does a concurrent memory load interfere with reasoning?

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Does a critical concentration of cadmium in human renal cortex exist

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Does a decrease in cortisol negative feedback efficacy precede ovine parturition?

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Does a fibroblast membrane proteinase affect the binding uptake and metabolism of epidermal growth factor?

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Does a functional relationship exist between the polymerization and catalytic activity of beef liver glutamate dehydrogenase

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Does a homogeneous population of elementary movement detectors activate the landing response of blow flies calliphora erythrocephala

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Does a moderate alcohol intake damage the brain

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Does a monospecific hybridoma always secrete homogeneous immunoglobulins?

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Does a pregnant dolphin tursiops truncatus eat more

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Does a single exposure to filmed violence affect aggressive tendencies? A case of serendipity

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Does a single oral dose of famotidine influence the blood alcohol level?

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Does a slow negative wave have a stabilizing effect on evoked potentials

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Does a special key improve the learning of bird vocalization

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Does a stomach tube enhance regurgitation during general anesthesia?

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Does a vegetarian diet reduce the occurrence of diabetes?

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Does abdominal breathing affect regional gas exchange?

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Does abscisic acid influence proline accumulation in stressed leaves?

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Does acid rain directly influence plant growth some comments and observations

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Does actin bind to the ends of thin filaments in skeletal muscle

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Does activation influence short term changes in zebra finch behavior

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Does active potassium influx to roots occur

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Does active rheumatoid arthritis affect intestinal iron absorption?

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Does acupuncture prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting?

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Does acute endoscopic evacuation improve the outcome of patients with spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage?

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Does acute exposure to amiodarone prolong cardiac action potential duration

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Does acute hyperglycemia influence heat pain thresholds?

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Does acute intraoral pain alter cutaneous sensibility?

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Does acute radiation cause dehydration in the brain

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Does adenine incorporation into nucleic acids measure total microbial production

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Does adenosine participate in the mechanism of spreading depression

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Does adrenergic activity suppress insulin secretion during surgery? A clinical experiment with halothane anesthesia

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Does adriamycin undergo and entero hepatic circulation?

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Does aerobic fitness affect sleep?

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Does age influence normal gastro esophageal reflux

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Does age of menarche affect the ultimate level of verbal and spatial skills?

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Does aging differentially reduce heart rate variability related to respiration?

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Does airway closure effect lung sound generation?

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Does alary dimorphism imply dispersal dimorphism in the waterstrider gerris remigis?

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Does alcohol enhance the toxicity of paraquat

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Does alcohol intoxication precipitate aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

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Does algal bacterial phosphorus partitioning vary among lakes a comparative study of orthophosphate uptake and alkaline phosphatase activity in freshwater

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Does allergy play a role in fibrositis?

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Does alpha moto neuron size correlate with motor unit type in cat triceps surae?

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Does alpha tocopherol interact with the cytochrome p 450 active site in liver microsomes?

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Does ambient ozone pose a serious public health concern as a widespread environmental mutagen

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Does aminophylline improve nocturnal hypoxia in patients with chronic airflow obstruction?

Owen M.J.; Butler S.R., 1984:
Does amnesia after transection of the fornix in monkeys macaca mulatta reflect abnormal sensitivity to proactive interference

Cremaschi, D.; Henin, S.; Meyer, G.; Bacciola, T., 1977:
Does amphotericin b unmask an electrogenic sodium ion pump in rabbit gallbladder shift of gallbladders with negative to gallbladders with positive trans epithelial potential differences

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Does an acth derivative org 2766 prevent deterioration of electroencephalogram in alzheimer's disease

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Does an auto immune process play a role in the pathogenesis of obstructive cardio myopathy

Palacios R.; Fernandez C., 1982:
Does an autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction account for the spontaneous proliferative activity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells?

Karpeiskii M.Ya; Yakovlev G.I.; Antonov V.K., 1980:
Does an enzyme decrease the activation energy of the elementary step of a chemical reaction

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Does an extensive small bowel resection prevent experimentally induced duodenal ulcers? an investigation in rats

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Does an impaired adenosine mediated feedback control play a role in the development of hereditary dystrophic cardiomyopathy?

Jacques, N.A.; Jacques, V.L.; Wolf, A.C.; Wittenberger, C.L., 1985:
Does an increase in membrane unsaturated fatty acids account for Tween 80 stimulation of glucosyltransferase secretion by Streptococcus salivarius?

Wanink J.; Zwarts L., 1985:
Does an optimally foraging oystercatcher haematopus ostralegus obey the functional response

Groom, A.C.; Levesque, M.J.; Nealon, S.; Basrur, S., 1985:
Does an unfavorable metabolic environment for red cells develop within the cat spleen when abnormal cells become trapped?

Minors, D.S.; Waterhouse, J.M., 1983:
Does 'anchor sleep' entrain circadian rhythms? Evidence from constant routine studies

Thorspecken A.; Hagemann W., 1983:
Does anemia possess sori on the development of the sporophyll of anemia phyllitidis schizaeaceae

Pressley M.; Bryant S.L., 1982:
Does answering questions really promote associative learning?

Terdjman S.; Gonzales R.; Tremeaux J.C.; Li; Beurton D.; Cukier J., 1987:
Does antireflux surgery predispose to increased growth rate of kidneys study in 65 operated children after a mimimum follow up of four years

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Does anxiety reduce the secretion rate of secretory IgA in saliva?

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Does any enzyme follow the michaelis menten equation

Dimitry E.S., 1987 :
Does appendicectomy predispose to ectopic pregnancy a case controlled study

Enright N.J., 1982:
Does araucaria hunsteinii compete with its neighbors?

Gilinsky N.L., 1984:
Does archaeogastropod respiration fail in turbid water

Tiffney, W.N.J. ; Benson, D.R.; Eveleigh, E.D., 1978:
Does arctostaphylos uva ursi bearberry have nitrogen fixing root nodules

Morton, J.K., 1976:
Does arenaria rubella occur on the bruce peninsula of ontario canada

Richardson J.T.E.; Greaves D.E.; Smith M.M.C., 1980:
Does articulatory suppression eliminate the phonemic similarity effect in short term recall

Canale, S.T.; Harkness, R.M.; Thomas, P.A.; Massie, J.D., 1985:
Does aspiration of bones and joints affect results of later bone scanning?

Goddard, P.J.; Hills, B.A.; Lichtenberger, L.M., 1987:
Does aspirin damage canine gastric mucosa by reducing its surface hydrophobicity?

Yakimoff N., 1981:
Does assignment of orientation to dot patterns reveal optimization processes in the visual system?

Wasserman M.; Koepfer H.R., 1980:
Does asymmetrical mating preference show the direction of evolution

Bass C.; Akhras F.; Upward J.; Keates J.; Lowe D.; Harry J.; Jackson G., 1987:
Does atenolol improve physical and psychological function after coronary artery bypass surgery a controlled study

Slovak, A.J.; Hill, R.N., 1987:
Does atopy have any predictive value for laboratory animal allergy? A comparison of different concepts of atopy

Fassoulaki A.; Kaniaris P., 1982:
Does atropine pre medication affect the cardio vascular response to laryngoscopy and intubation?

Okuyama S.; Mishina H.; Matsuzawa T., 1979:
Does attenuated and lyophilized streptococcal preparation ok 432 selectively increase bleomycin concentration in tumor

McGlashan, T.H.; Carpenter, W.T., 1981:
Does attitude toward psychosis relate to outcome?

Hall J.L.; Brummell D.A.; Gillespie J., 1985:
Does auxin stimulate the elongation of intact plant stems

Lia, B.; Williams, R.W.; Chalupa, L.M., 1986:
Does axonal branching contribute to the overproduction of optic nerve fibers during early development of the cat's visual system

Goldman, G.D.; Miller, S.A.; Furman, D.S.; Brock, D.; Ryan, J.L.; McCallum, R.W., 1985:
Does bacteremia occur during flexible sigmoidoscopy?

Kashiwazaki H.; Watanabe S.; Suzuki T., 1986:
Does basal metabolic rate represent basal metabolic rate? overestimation in the basal metabolic rate standards

Mcgraw, B.F.; Hesterlee, E.J.; Gitomer, S.L.; Hollander, D.H., 1980:
Does basic aluminum sucrose sulfate affect blood coagulability?

Ten Cate, C., 1986:
Does behavior contingent stimulus movement enhance filial imprinting in Japanese quail?

Jones S.E.; Owens H.M.; Bennett G.A., 1986:
Does behavior therapy work for dietitians an experimental evaluation of the effects of three procedures in a weight reduction clinic

Lee D.C.; Lee M.O.; Clifford D.H., 1980:
Does beta endorphin modify the sympathomimetic effects of acupuncture during anesthesia in dogs

Shemberg M.A., 1985:
Does betula vladimirii exist in nature

Lowenfels, A.B., 1978:
Does bile promote extracolonic cancer

Haukioja, E.; Niemela, P., 1977:
Does birch defend itself actively against herbivores

Bengtson S A., 1981:
Does bird predation influence the spot number variation in maniola jurtina lepidoptera

Nawaz, S.K.; Rao, M.S.; Bapna, B.C.; Das, K.C.; Gupta, S.; Vaidyanathan, S.; Jain, S., 1979:
Does bladder neck carcinoma exhibit the same propensity for osseous metastases as prostatic carcinoma? (A comparative bone marrow cytological study)

Dickmann, Z.; Sen-Gupta, J.; Dey, S.K., 1977:
Does blastocyst estrogen initiate implantation

Gostan J.; Lechuga Deveze C.; Lazzara L., 1986:
Does blue light affect the growth of chaetoceros protuberans bacillariophyceae

Roff, D., 1977:
Does body size evolve by quantum steps

Voloshin A.S.; Wosk J., 1984:
Does body weight significantly contribute to joint degeneration

Mazess R.B.; Peppler W.W.; Chesney R.W.; Lange T.A.; Lindgren U.; Smith E.Jr, 1984:
Does bone measurement on the radius indicate skeletal status

Wolf W.A.; Youdim M.B.H.; Kuhn D.M., 1985:
Does brain 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid indicate serotonin release or monoamine oxidase activity

Habicht, J.P.; DaVanzo, J.; Butz, W.P., 1986:
Does breastfeeding really save lives, or are apparent benefits due to biases?

Wald, N.J.; Nanchahal, K.; Thompson, S.G.; Cuckle, H.S., 1986:
Does breathing other people's tobacco smoke cause lung cancer?

Gen M.; Uozumi T.; Shinohara S.; Naito M.; Ito A.; Mori S.; Kajiwara H., 1983:
Does bromocriptine have a cytocidal effect on prolactinoma cells? a case

Jones D.K.; Cavanagh P.; Shneerson J.M.; Flower C.D.R., 1985:
Does bronchography have a role in the assessment of patients with hemoptysis?

Neuvonen S.; Danell K., 1987:
Does browsing modify the quality of birch foliage for epirrita autumnata larvae?

Albinus, M.; Sewing, K.F., 1973:
Does burimamide inhibit gastric acid secretion by a release of catecholamines

Hoffmann L.; Putzke H P.; Simonn C.; Gase P.; Russbuelt R.; Kampehl H J.; Serfling D.; Erdmann T.; Huckstorf C., 1985:
Does cadmium take a part in the etiology and pathogenesis of prostatic cancer

Bucher H.U.; Duc G., 1988:
Does caffeine prevent hypoxemic episodes in premature infants a randomized controlled trial

Baricevic J., 1980:
Does calcium dobesilate improve the micro circulation and the musculo venous pump in patients with varicose veins

Durham, A.C.; Hendry, D.A.; Von Wechmar, M.B., 1977:
Does calcium ion binding control plant virus disassembly?

Weiss, S.J.; Putney, J.W., 1978:
Does calcium mediate the increase in potassium permeability due to phenylephrine or angiotensin II in the liver?

Riis, B.J.; Nilas, L.; Christiansen, C., 1987:
Does calcium potentiate the effect of estrogen therapy on postmenopausal bone loss?

Komabayashi, T.; Izawa, T.; Suda, K.; Shinoda, S.; Tsuboi, M., 1987:
Does calmodulin participate as an intermediate in the process of glycogenolysis in rat submandibular gland?

Krokowski, E., 1978:
Does cancer therapy program its failure, too?

Lewis E.J., 1982:
Does captopril cause renal damage in hypertensive patients? Report from the Captopril Collaborative Study Group

Tjellesen L.; Nilas L.; Christiansen C., 1983:
Does carbamazepine cause disturbances in calcium metabolism in epileptic patients?

Rajantie, J.; Lamberg-Allardt, C.; Wilska, M., 1984:
Does carbamazepine treatment lead to a need of extra vitamin D in some mentally retarded children?

Loeschcke H.H.; Schlaefke M.E.; See W.R.; Herker See A., 1979:
Does carbon di oxide act on the respiratory centers

Lee, H.M.; Riordan, J.F., 1978:
Does carboxy peptidase y ec 3.4.12 have intrinsic endo peptidase activity

Agarwal, S.K.; Khan, M.Y., 1987:
Does cathepsin B play a role in intracellular protein degradation?

Prokopowicz, J.; Dabrowska, M.; Wysocka, J.; Wołosowicz, N.; Gabryelewicz, A., 1987:
Does ceftazidime or latamoxef affect the phagocytic capabilities of human granulocytes?

Hillbom M.E.; Poso A.R., 1980:
Does cellular tolerance develop to the lethal effect of ethanol in the rat

Pedersen, S.S.; Jensen, T.; Pressler, T.; Høiby, N.; Rosendal, K., 1986:
Does centralized treatment of cystic fibrosis increase the risk of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection?

Whitehouse, H.L.K., 1976:
Does ceratodon purpureus have tubers

Weibull, H.; Cederholm, C.; Almén, T.; Bergqvist, D.; Takolander, R.; Husberg, B., 1987:
Does cerebral angiography of cadaveric kidney donors interfere with graft function?

Duff, T.A.; Feilbach, J.A.; Scott, G., 1987 :
Does cerebral vasospasm result from denervation supersensitivity?

Fenton D.W.; Speedie J.; Duncan S.L.B., 1985:
Does cervical ripening with prostaglandin e 2 affect subsequent uterine activity in labor

Moinian, M.; Andersch, B., 1982:
Does cervix conization increase the risk of complications in subsequent pregnancies?

Hofman, A.; Feinleib, M.; Garrison, R.J.; van Laar, A., 1983:
Does change in blood pressure predict heart disease?

Stahl, F.W.; Lieb, M.; Stahl, M.M., 1984:
Does Chi give or take?

Sobol, B.J., 1978:
Does childhood asthma really go away?

Rowe B.; Threlfall E.J.; Ward L.R., 1987:
Does chloramphenicol remain the drug of choice for typhoid?

Decker D.; Dinardi S.R.; Calabrese E.J., 1984:
Does chloroform exposure while showering pose a serous public health concern

Sarli L.; Gafa M.; Pietra N.; Longinotti E., 1987:
Does cholecystectomy increase operative risk of colonic surgery? a matched case control study

Capron, J.P.; Delamarre, J.; Canarelli, J.P.; Brousse, N.; Dupas, J.L., 1978:
Does cholecystectomy predispose to the development of colo rectal cancer

Wang R.Y.; H.X.T., 1986:
Does cholecystokinin potentiate dopamine action in the nucleus accumbens?

Morland, J.; Huseby, N.E.; Sjoblom, M.; Stromme, J.H., 1977:
Does chronic alcohol consumption really induce hepatic microsomal gamma glutamyl transferase activity

Slogoff, S.; Keats, A.S., 1988:
Does chronic treatment with calcium entry blocking drugs reduce perioperative myocardial ischemia?

Schmidt C.W., 1986:
Does chronic uptake of fluorine in the organism have any influence on the life expectancy of man?

Giacosa A.; Cheli R.; Bertaccini G.; Bocchini R., 1980:
Does cimetidine play a pro inflammatory role in fundic mucosa of duodenal ulcer patients

Sheinfeld D.; Zalkind S.S., 1987:
Does civil liberties climate in organizations correlate with job satisfaction and work alienation

Berghem, L.; Lahnborg, G.; Schildt, B., 1977:
Does clofazimine lampren affect the macrophage and microphage function in man

Ames R.G.; Amandus H.; Attfield M.; Green F.Y.; Vallyathan V., 1983:
Does coal mine dust present a risk for lung cancer a case control study of usa coal miners

Carpenter, J.R.; Faunch, R., 1976:
Does cocaine have a post-synaptic action on rat anococcygeus muscle?

Andersson, S.G.; Buckingham, R.H.; Kurland, C.G., 1984:
Does codon composition influence ribosome function?

Johnson J.W.; Scholnick E.K., 1979 :
Does cognitive development predict semantic integration

Ozaki, H.S.; Okada, T.S.; Yasuda, K., 1978:
Does colchicine affect aggregation of normal and transformed bhk cells differently

Ahern, M.J.; Reid, C.; Gordon, T.P.; McCredie, M.; Brooks, P.M.; Jones, M., 1987:
Does colchicine work? The results of the first controlled study in acute gout

Isaac, W.L.; Isaac, W., 1978:
Does combining stimulants combine stimulation

Beiser M.; Shore J.H.; Peters R.; Tatum E., 1985:
Does community care for the mentally ill make a difference a tale of 2 cities

Waser P.M., 1985:
Does competition drive dispersal

Oleksowicz A.S., 1987:
Does competition exist between phytoplankton and littoral plant vegetation in lake ecosystem?

Kimmel M., 1986:
Does competition for food imply skewness

Sinclair A.R.E.; Norton Griffiths M., 1982:
Does competition or facilitation regulate migrant ungulate populations in the serengeti africa? a test of hypotheses

Born J.; Bhakdi S., 1986:
Does complement kill escherichia coli by producing transmural pores

Lavee J.; Rath S.; Tran Quang Hoa; Ra'anani P.; Ruder A.; Modan M.; Neufeld H.N.; Goor D.A., 1986:
Does complete revascularization by the conventional method truly provide the best possible results analysis of results and comparison with revascularization of infarct prone segments systematic segmental myocardial revascularization the sheba study

Stiles, B.; Kierszenbaum, F., 1986:
Does concanavalin A treatment of host cells enhance or inhibit their association with Trypanosoma cruzi trypomastigotes?

Golding J.; Robinson J.; Henriques J.; Thomas P., 1987:
Does conception before marriage matter

Phillips S.; Cragg B., 1983:
Does consumption of alcohol in the presence of disulfiram cause brain damage?

Gisquet Verrier P.; Alexinsky T., 1986:
Does contextual change determine long term forgetting

Rodgers J.L.; Rowe D.C., 1985:
Does contiguity breed similarity? a within family analysis of nonshared sources of iq differences between siblings

Nevin, J.A.; Smith, L.D.; Roberts, J., 1987:
Does contingent reinforcement strengthen operant behavior?

Blake R.; Cormack R.H., 1979:
Does contrast disparity alone generate stereopsis

Herber, S.M.; Dunsmore, I.R., 1988:
Does control affect growth in diabetes mellitus?

Perlmuter L.C.; Chan F., 1983:
Does control of the environment enhance the perception of control?

Robertson P.Jr; Fridovich I., 1980 :
Does copper d penicillamine catalyze the dis mutation of super oxide anion

Beyer W.F.Jr; Fridovich I., 1988:
Does copper ii edta disproportionate superoxide

Isom, O.W.; Spencer, F.C.; Glassman, E.; Cunningham, J.N.; Teiko, P.; Reed, G.E.; Boyd, A.D., 1978:
Does coronary bypass increase longevity?

Durakovic Z.; Culig J.; Vrhovac B.; Plavsic F., 1979:
Does correlation between the quantitative electro cardiographic changes and the plasma digoxin concentration exist

Tseng, C.C.; Johnson, L.R., 1986:
Does corticosterone affect gastric mucosal cell growth during development?

Wood, C.E.; Silbiger, J., 1988:
Does cortisol inhibit vasopressin secretion in sheep?

Townell N.; Scott G.M.; Flowers D.; Hobbs K.E.H., 1981:
Does cryo surgery induce interferon?

Auerbach, A.; Betz, W., 1971:
Does curare affect transmitter release?

Suter C., 1986:
Does cyclic amp mediate the action of octopamine in insect neurons

Takuma T.; Ichida T., 1986:
Does cyclic amp mobilize calcium for amylase secretion from rat parotid cells

Confino, E.; Demir, R.H.; Friberg, J.; Gleicher, N., 1986:
Does cyclic human chorionic gonadotropin secretion indicate embryo loss in in vitro fertilization?

Mitchell C.D.; D'angio G.J., 1986:
Does cyclophosphamide improve survival rates in patients with solid tumors

Schmidt, J.B.; Gebhart, W.; Kopsa, H.; Spona, J., 1986:
Does cyclosporin A influence sex hormone level?

Hance, A.J.; Saltini, C.; Crystal, R.G., 1988:
Does de novo immunoglobulin synthesis occur on the epithelial surface of the human lower respiratory tract?

Churchill P.C.; Churchill M.C.; Mcdonald F.D., 1985:
Does decreasing extracellular sodium inhibit in vitro renin secretion by affecting sodium calcium exchange

Leichter, J.; Lee, M., 1984:
Does dehydration contribute to retarded fetal growth in rats exposed to alcohol during gestation?

Rocha, E.; Llorens, R.; Páramo, J.A.; Arcas, R.; Cuesta, B.; Trenor, A.M., 1988:
Does desmopressin acetate reduce blood loss after surgery in patients on cardiopulmonary bypass?

Maiti, H.; Haye, K.R., 1985:
Does detection of chlamydial antibodies by microimmunofluorescence help in managing chlamydial lower genital tract infection in women?

Emonds, A.; Driessen, O., 1985:
Does determination of polyamines in body fluids require heating with hydrochloric acid?

Dworkin, P.H.; Allen, D.; Geertsma, A.; Solkoske, L.; Cullina, J., 1987:
Does developmental content influence the effectiveness of anticipatory guidance?

Sherbet, G.V.; Lakshmi, M.S.; Haddad, S.K., 1977:
Does dexamethasone inhibit the growth of human gliomas?

Stingl, P.; Pierce, P.F.; Connor, D.H.; Gibson, D.W.; Straessle, T.; Ross, M.A.; Ribas, J.L., 1988:
Does dexamethasone suppress the Mazzotti reaction in patients with onchocerciasis?

Baumler H.; Donath E., 1987:
Does dextran indeed significantly increase the surface potential of human red blood cells

Litwin, J.A., 1977:
Does di amino benzidine demonstrate prostaglandin synthetase a study on poly unsaturated fatty acid induced di amino benzidine oxidation in sheep vesicular glands and rabbit kidney medulla

D.G.oot A.C.; Nater J.P.; Bleumink E.; M.C.J.M., 1981:
Does di nitrochloro benzene therapy potentiate epi cutaneous sensitization to nonrelated contact allergens

Watała, C.; Jóźwiak, Z., 1988:
Does diabetes mellitus affect diphenylhexatriene penetration into erythrocyte membrane ghosts?

Vodvarzhka, P.; Villaskhek, I.; Gold, O.; Kozubek, S., 1986:
Does diabetes mellitus influence the probability of the cure and life expectancy of cancer patients

Franck P.F.H.; O.D.n Kamp J.A.F.; Roelofsen B.; Van Deenen L.L.M., 1986:
Does diamide treatment of intact human erythrocytes cause a loss of phospholipid asymmetry

Clemensen S.E.; Christensen K.J.S.; Olesen A.S., 1987:
Does diazepam prevent fasciculations and myalgias caused by suxamethonium?

Gregg, R.V.; Turner, P.A.; Denson, D.D.; Stuebing, R.C.; Sehlhorst, C.S.; Forsberg, T., 1988:
Does diazepam really reduce the cardiotoxic effects of intravenous bupivacaine?

Lucas, A., 1987:
Does diet in preterm infants influence clinical outcome?

Saarinen, U.M.; Kajosaari, M., 1980:
Does dietary elimination in infancy prevent or only postpone a food allergy? A study of fish and citrus allergy in 375 children

Fortmann S.P.; Williams P.T.; Hulley S.B.; Maccoby N.; Farquhar J.W., 1982:
Does dietary health education reach only the privileged? the stanford 3 community study

Sievers, A.; Volkmann, D., 1972:
Does differential pressure of amyloplasts on a complex endo membrane system cause geo perception in roots

Vogt A.; Bretschneider S.; R.H.D.; Schmidt G.; Kreuzer H., 1986:
Does digoxin sensitize left ventricular mechanoreceptors

Bergqvist D.; Lindblad B., 1986:
Does dihydroergotamine reduce plasma volume

Gruentzig J.; Schicha H.; Becker V., 1980:
Does dionin ethyl morphine influence lymph drainage of the eye

Brock V., 1982:
Does displacement of spawning time occur in the sibling species cerastoderma edule and cerastoderma lamarcki

Maleev VYa; Kashpur, V.A.; Glibitsky, G.M.; Krasnitskaya, A.A.; Veretelnik, Y.V., 1987:
Does DNA absorb microwave energy?

Carlsson, A., 1978:
Does dopamine have a role in schizophrenia?

Inglis, G.C.; Kenyon, C.J.; Hannah, J.A.; Connell, J.M.; Ball, S.G., 1987:
Does dopamine regulate aldosterone secretion in the rat?

Taylor, P.G., 1987:
Does dress influence how parents first perceive house staff competence?

Man, A.; Winerman, I., 1985:
Does drill noise during mastoid surgery affect the contralateral ear?

Iannuzzi, L.; Dawson, N.; Zein, N.; Kushner, I., 1983:
Does drug therapy slow radiographic deterioration in rheumatoid arthritis?

Linden H., 1981:
Does duration and predictability of the winter affect the wintering success of the capercaillie tetrao urogallus?

Eastwood, G.L., 1977:
Does early endoscopy benefit the patient with active upper gastro intestinal bleeding

Oguro Y.; E.A., 1981:
Does early gastric cancer really look different from what it used to be

Goldblatt, A.S., 1978:
Does early olfactory exposure result in an odor preference or the loss of avoidance

Perry D.G.; White A.J.; Perry L.C., 1984:
Does early sex typing result from childrens attempts to match their behavior to sex role stereotypes

Engle R.W.; Fidler D.S.; Reynolds L.H., 1981:
Does echoic memory develop?

Wells A.D.; Imahori S.C.; Schenk W.G.Jr, 1983:
Does edematous pancreatitis exist in biliary related pancreatitis a hemodynamic and histological study of the progression of bile induced pancreatitis

Spetch, M.L.; Treit, D., 1986:
Does effort play a role in the effect of response requirements on delayed matching to sample?

Roberts S.L.; Mcmurry M.P.; Connor W.E., 1981:
Does egg feeding that is dietary cholesterol affect plasma cholesterol levels in humans? the results of a double blind study

Ordog I.; Hadhazy P.; Magyar K., 1984:
Does electrical stimulation release slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis from guinea pig trachea?

Spector A.; Huang R R.C.; Wang G M.; Schmidt C.; Yan G Z.; Chifflet S., 1987:
Does elevated glutathione protect the cell from hydrogen peroxide insult

Zerbolio, D.J.; Wickstra, L.L., 1978:
Does elimination of a negative photo taxis eliminate conditioned avoidance response acquisition in goldfish

Cuny C.; Guillaumot M.; Sebillotte P.; Lepelley M.; Beau A.; Prevot J., 1981:
Does elongation of the leg according to pol le coeurs technique still have some indications

Chiou L.C.; Hong S.J.; Chang C.C., 1987:
Does endogenous adenosine modulate the release of acetylcholine from motor nerve during single and repetitive stimulation in the mouse diaphragm

Ichida S.; Osugi T.; Yoshida H., 1981:
Does endogenous cyclic gmp inhibit potassium stimulated calcium 45 uptake by p 2 fraction from rat brain?

Mannelli M.; D.F.o M.L.; Maggi M.; Salvetti A.; Giusti G.; Serio M., 1985:
Does endogenous dopamine modulate human sympathetic activity through dopamine 2 receptors

Sanders, K.M.; Szurszewski, J.H., 1981:
Does endogenous prostaglandin affect gastric antral motility?

Miglioranzi R.; Gelso R., 1986:
Does enflurane cause oxygen electrode errors

Almlid T., 1981:
Does enhanced antigenicity of semen increase the litter size in pigs

Zimmerman, L.E.; Mclean, I.W.; Foster, W.D., 1978:
Does enucleation of the eye containing a malignant melanoma prevent or accelerate the dissemination of tumor cells

Turelli, M., 1978:
Does environmental variability limit niche overlap

Danzmann R.G.; Ferguson M.M.; Allendorf F.W., 1986:
Does enzyme heterozygosity influence developmental rate in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri?

Lifshitz A.; Bohsain N.; Halabe J.; Laredo F.; Tarazona M.; Arellano M.T., 1987:
Does erythrocytic sedimentation rate have a circadian rhythm?

Archer L.T.; Benjamin B.A.; Beller Todd B.K.; Brackett D.J.; Wilson M.F.; Hinshaw L.B., 1982:
Does escherichia coli shock cause myo cardial failure?

Vollenweider A.; Hollinger A.P.; Blum A.L.; Largiader F.A., 1981:
Does esophagostomy interfere with the vagal innervation of the stomach experiments with a modified komarov procedure in dogs

Hollander, D.; Dadufalza, V.D.; Sletten, E.G., 1984:
Does essential fatty acid absorption change with aging?

Sartor, P.; Duluc, A.J.; Mayer, G., 1975:
Does estradiol have a single mode of action during progestation in the female rat part 1 incorporation and retention of 17 beta estradiol in the uterus of the castrate rat after uterine distension

Hillbom, M.; Kaste, M., 1978:
Does ethanol intoxication promote brain infarction in young adults?

Olkkola, K.T., 1984:
Does ethanol modify antidotal efficacy of oral activated charcoal studies in vitro and in experimental animals

Zeltzer L.K.; Lebaron S., 1985:
Does ethnicity constitute a risk factor in the psychological distress of adolescents with cancer

Andreae, W.A.; Venis, M.A.; Jursic, F.; Dumas, T., 1968:
Does ethylene mediate root growth inhibition by iaa pea d

Harrison M.A.; Kaufman P.B., 1982:
Does ethylene play a role in the release of lateral buds tillers from apical dominance in oats avena sativa cultivar victory?

Gallino A.; Haberli A.; Straub P.W.; Steinbrunn W.; Turina M.; Rothlin M.E., 1987:
Does exercise induced myocardial ischemia cause enhanced platelet activation and fibrin formation in patients with stable angina and severe coronary artery disease

Williams S.R.; Rothchild I.; Wesolowski D.; Austin C.; Speroff L., 1988:
Does exposure of preovulatory oocytes to ultrasonic radiation affect reproductive performance

Calabrese, E.J., 1985:
Does exposure to environmental pollutants increase the need for vitamin C?

Ariyoshi, A.; Minoda, K.; Komatsu, K.; Fujisawa, Y.; Yamaguchi, A.; Yoshida, T., 1986:
Does 'extended' pelvic lymphadenectomy truly contribute to the management of bladder carcinoma?

Foa A.; Albonetti E., 1980:
Does familiarity with the release site influence the initial orientation of homing pigeons experiments with clock shifted birds

Ruder A.M.; Moodie P.F.; Nelson N.A.; Choi N.W., 1988:
Does family history of breast cancer improve survival among patients with breast cancer

Smith D.; Over R., 1987:
Does fantasy induced sexual arousal habituate

Golding, J.; Thomas, P.; Peters, T., 1986:
Does father's unemployment put the fetus at risk

Vereecken R.L.; Boeckx G., 1986:
Does fertility improvement after varicocele treatment justify preventive treatment at puberty?

Friman G.; Wright J.E.; Ilback N.G.; Beisel W.R.; White J.D.; Sharp D.S.; Stephen E.L.; Daniels W.L.; Vogel J.A., 1985:
Does fever or myalgia indicate reduced physical performance capacity in viral infections?

Boesch P.; Hertz H.; Lintner F.; Nowotny R., 1981:
Does fibrin glue accelerate the healing of tendons

Schoessler W.; Hiepe F.; Lukowsky A., 1985:
Does fibronectin influence the determination of circulating immune complexes by means of a complement c 1q enzyme immunoassay

Witterwulghe M., 1981:
Does fluid restriction affect amylase and creatinine clearance ratio in normal subjects?

Murakami E.; Shiosaka S.; Tohyama M., 1981:
Does fluorescent analog of propranolol 9 amino acridine propranolol binding sites really show the beta adreno receptors?

Block, A.J.; Dolly, F.R.; Slayton, P.C., 1984:
Does flurazepam ingestion affect breathing and oxygenation during sleep in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease?

Bramanti P.; Ricci R.M.; Bagala S.; Candela L.; G.P.; D.B.lla P.; D.P.rri R., 1987:
Does folic acid exert a provocative action on the eeg of epileptic patients

Binkley D., 1984:
Does forest removal increase rates of decomposition and nitrogen release

Brook, R.H.; Ware, J.E.; Rogers, W.H.; Keeler, E.B.; Davies, A.R.; Donald, C.A.; Goldberg, G.A.; Lohr, K.N.; Masthay, P.C.; Newhouse, J.P., 1983:
Does free care improve adults' health? Results from a randomized controlled trial

Baehrmann, U.; Eck, S., 1975:
Does fringilla coelebs coelebs breed in central europe aves passeriformes fringillidae

Detterman D.K., 1982:
Does g exist?

Strom, B.L.; Schinnar, R.; Crown, V.; Soloway, R.; Stolley, P.D.; Rosenberg, L.; Kaufman, D.W.; Helmrich, S.P.; Shapiro, S., 1986:
Does gallbladder removal protect against subsequent myocardial infarction?

Lucey, M.R.; Wass, J.A.; Fairclough, P.D.; O'Hare, M.; Kwasowski, P.; Penman, E.; Webb, J.; Rees, L.H., 1984:
Does gastric acid release plasma somatostatin in man?

Lackner F.; Graninger W.; Khosropour R., 1985:
Does gelatin as a blood replacement selectively influence plasma fibronectin and other infection related proteins? a randomized clinical study

L.C.utour X.; Delecour M.; Leroy J.L.; Puech F., 1984:
Does genital tuberculosis still exist? recent review

Pedersen, H.; Santos, A.C.; Morishima, H.O.; Finster, M.; Plosker, H.; Arthur, G.R.; Covino, B.G., 1988:
Does gestational age affect the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of lidocaine in mother and fetus?

Fernandez, D.E.; Staehelin, L.A., 1987:
Does gibberellic Acid induce the transfer of lipase from protein bodies to lipid bodies in barley aleurone cells?

Chen, S.S.; Chang, J.L., 1972:
Does Gibberellic Acid Stimulate Seed Germination via Amylase Synthesis?

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