Section 6
Chapter 5,192

Dormancy and root growth capacity of white oaks quercus alba and sawtooth oaks quercus acutissima

Farmer, R.E.Jr

Forest Science 25(3): 491-494


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-749X
Accession: 005191831

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Root regeneration of white and sawtooth oaks was evaluated under long photoperiod and dark greenhouse conditions after various chilling treatments. Shoot growth renewal and root growth capacity were positively related to length of chilling period for plants forced under both conditions. Shoot pruning and forcing in complete darkness reduced both shoot and root growth relative to unpruned plants under long photoperiods. High root starch levels were only moderately reduced by shoot and root growth. Results confirmed the close relationship between bud growth and root regeneration in plantings of eastern hardwoods.

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