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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5193

Chapter 5193 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vitale, M.L.; Villar, M.J.; Chiocchio, S.R.; Tramezzani, J.H., 1987:
Dorsal raphe lesion alters the estrous cycle and the preovulatory gonadotropin release

Chen X Y.; Yin W P.; Yin Q Z., 1987:
Dorsal raphe nucleus is involved in the inhibitory effect of hypothalamic arcuate stimulation on the pain evoked unit discharges of thalamic parafascicular nucleus

Andersen, E.; Dafny, N., 1982:
Dorsal raphe nucleus modulates sensory evoked responses in caudate and septum

Moyanova, S.; Ta, L., 1988:
Dorsal raphe stimulation modulates responses of substantia nigra, pars reticulata neurons to painful stimulation

Andersen, E.; Dafny, N., 1983:
Dorsal raphe stimulation reduces responses of parafascicular neurons to noxious stimulation

Lupa K.; Wojcik G.; Niechaj A., 1981:
Dorsal root discharge in de cerebrate and spinal cats

Thomas, D.G.; Sheehy, J.P., 1983:
Dorsal root entry zone lesions (Nashold's procedure) for pain relief following brachial plexus avulsion

Nashold, B.S.; Bullitt, E., 1981:
Dorsal root entry zone lesions to control central pain in paraplegics

Krause, B.L.; Balakrishnan, V., 1986:
Dorsal root entry zone radiofrequency lesion for pain relief in brachial plexus avulsion

Leon A.; Benvegnu D.; Toso R.D.; Presti D.; Facci L.; Giorgi O.; Toffano G., 1984:
Dorsal root ganglia and nerve growth factor a model for understanding the mechanism of monosialoganglioside gm 1 effects on neuronal repair

Tomlinson, B.L.; Tassava, R.A., 1987:
Dorsal root ganglia grafts stimulate regeneration of denervated urodele forelimbs: timing of graft implantation with respect to denervation

Johnson, E.M.; Gorin, P.D.; Brandeis, L.D.; Pearson, J., 1980:
Dorsal root ganglion neurons are destroyed by exposure in utero to maternal antibody to nerve growth factor

Slyvko, E.I., 1977:
Dorsal root potential produced by prolonged spinal stimulation of afferent nerve fibers

Nicoll, R.A., 1979:
Dorsal root potentials and changes in extracellular potassium in the spinal cord of the frog

Cervero, F.; Plenderleith, M.B., 1984:
Dorsal root potentials are unchanged in adult rats treated at birth with capsaicin

Gregor, M.; Zimmermann, M., 1973:
Dorsal root potentials produced by afferent volleys in cutaneous group iii fibers

Kusuma, A.; ten Donkelaar, H.J., 1980:
Dorsal root projections in various types of reptiles

Stille B., 1987:
Dorsal scale microdermatoglyphics and rattlesnake crotalus and sistrurus phylogeny reptilia viperidae crotalinae

Price R.M., 1982:
Dorsal snake scale micro dermatoglyphics ecological indicator or taxonomic tool?

Andersen, J.G., 1988:
Dorsal tarsal exostoses in leprosy : a paleopathological and radiological study

Drach P.; Jacques F., 1982:
Dorsal tegumental apparatus concerned in the abdominal movements of decapod crustacea

Sommer, J.T.; Stephens, F.D., 1980:
Dorsal urethral diverticulum of the fossa navicularis: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Guan W X.; Huang W Y.; X.C.Y.; Qian Y L.; Zhang D S., 1983:
Dorsalis indicis flap for repair of thumb and 1st web space deformities 6 cases

Smith, J.C.; Slack, J.M., 1983:
Dorsalization and neural induction: properties of the organizer in Xenopus laevis

Herbulot C., 1979:
Dorsifulcrum new genus of african geometridae lepidoptera

Caballero A., 1983:
Dorso pontine mechanism of sleep wakefulness cycle

Bartesaghi R.; Gessi T.; Sperti L., 1983:
Dorso ventral distribution of responses evoked in the entorhinal area and in the dentate gyrus by volleys elicited in fibers of the dorsal psalterium

Fontani G.; Meucci M., 1983:
Dorsolateral peri aqueductal gray matter neurons tonic immobility and morphine effect in freely moving rabbits

Gordon, G.; Grant, G., 1982:
Dorsolateral spinal afferents to some medullary sensory nuclei. An anatomical study in the cat

Cole, S.O., 1977:
Dorsomedial amygdala damage a time after surgery assessment of feeding

Siviy, S.M.; Panksepp, J., 1985:
Dorsomedial diencephalic involvement in the juvenile play of rats

Bingman, V.P.; Ioalè, P.; Casini, G.; Bagnoli, P., 1985:
Dorsomedial forebrain ablations and home loft association behavior in homing pigeons

Carauta, J.P.P.; Valente, M.D.C.; De-Araujo, D.S.D., 1976:
Dorstenia gracilis new species and dorstenia schulzii new species moraceae from south america

Carauta, J.P.P.; Valente, M.D.C.; Barth, O.M., 1978:
Dorstenia hildegardia new species and dorstenia setosa new record 2 additions to the moraceae of espirito santo brazil

Pereira-Carauta, J.P., 1977:
Dorstenia moraceae from brazil complementary notes

Carauta, J.P.P., 1978:
Dorstenia moraceae part 2

Gaston G.R.; Benner D.A., 1981:
Dorvilleidae and iphitimidae annelida polychaeta with a re description of eteonopsis geryonicola and a new host record

Yeates G.W.; Ferris V.R., 1984:
Dorylaimellus egmonti new species nematoda dorylaimida from taranaki new zealand

Albrecht A., 1979:
Dorylomorpha fennica new species a new pipunculid species diptera from finland

Van Dalen R.; Vree T.B.; Baars A.M.; Termond E., 1986:
Dosage adjustment of ceftazidime in patients with impaired renal function

Dzhumaev, O.M.; Likhacheva, L.N.; Kurbanov, M., 1976:
Dosage and application times of potassium fertilizers on the old irrigated meadow soils of the middle amu darya ussr

Stainforth J.N.; Lewis R.A.; Tattersfield A.E., 1983:
Dosage and delivery of nebulized beta agonists in hospital

Franek A.; Cullmann W., 1987:
Dosage and elimination of piperacillin in premature newborns

Kraan, J.; Koëter, G.H.; van der Mark, T.W.; Boorsma, M.; Kukler, J.; Sluiter, H.J.; D.V.ies, K., 1988:
Dosage and time effects of inhaled budesonide on bronchial hyperreactivity

Korge, G., 1970:
Dosage compensation and dosage effect for rna synthesis in chromosome puffs of drosophila melanogaster

Bhadra U.; Chatterjee R.N., 1986:
Dosage compensation and template organization in drosophila in situ transcriptional analysis of the chromatin template activity of the x and autosomes of drosophila melanogaster strains trisomic for the left arm of the second and third chromosomes

Maroni, G.; Plaut, W., 1973:
Dosage compensation in drosophila melanogaster tri ploids part 1 auto radiographic study

Maroni, G.; Plaut, W., 1973:
Dosage compensation in drosophila melanogaster tri ploids part 2 glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase activity

Devlin R.H.; Grigliatti T.A.; Holm D.G., 1984:
Dosage compensation is transcriptionally regulated in autosomal trisomies of drosophila melanogaster

Abraham, I.; Lucchesi, J.C., 1974:
Dosage compensation of genes on the left and right arms of the X chromosome of Drosophila pseudoobscura and Drosophila willistoni

Hebbert, D.R., 1984:
Dosage compensation of the sex linked enzyme phosphoglucomutase ec in the orthoptera

Lakhotia S.C.; Mishra A.; Sinha P., 1981:
Dosage compensation of x chromosome activity in interspecific hybrids of drosophila melanogaster and drosophila simulans

Mulder R.J.P.; Dietrich A.J.J.; Gerats A.G.M.; Oud J.L., 1981:
Dosage effect of a gene with a regulating effect on antho cyanin synthesis in a trisomic petunia hybrida

Crosti, N.; Serra, A.; Rigo, A.; Viglino, P., 1976:
Dosage effect of super oxide dis mutase 1 gene in 21 trisomic cells

Tamarkina, A.D.; Annenkov, G.A.; Filippov, I.K.; Lamchingiin, T., 1977:
Dosage effect of the cytoplasmic super oxide dis mutase gene in the erythrocytes of downs syndrome patients

Sivasankar, D.; Asnani, V.L.; Lal, S.; Agarwal, B.D., 1975:
Dosage effects of opaque 2 gene on the susceptibility in maize to seed rots by cephalosporium acremonium and fusarium moniliforme

Hoerter, J.D., 1977:
Dosage effects of the white and melanoid genes on pigment pattern in the mexican axolotl ambystoma mexicanum

Stanton, L.; Villafana, T.; Day, J.L.; Lightfoot, D.A., 1984:
Dosage evaluation in mammography

Hashida, M.; Liao, M.H.; Muranishi, S.; Sezaki, H., 1980:
Dosage form characteristics of microsphere in oil emulsion 2. examination of some factors affecting lymphotrophicity

Sasahara, K.; Nitanai, T.; Habara, T.; Morioka, T.; Nakajima, E., 1980:
Dosage form design for improvement of bio availability of l dopa 2. bio availability of marketed l dopa preparations in dogs and parkinsonian patients

Sasahara, K.; Nitanai, T.; Habara, T.; Morioka, T.; Nakajima, E., 1980:
Dosage form design for improvement of bio availability of l dopa 3. influence on dose on pharmaco kinetic behavior of l dopa in dogs and parkinsonian patients

Sasahara, K.; Nitanai, T.; Habara, T.; Kojima, T.; Kawahara, Y.; Morioka, T.; Nakajima, E., 1981:
Dosage form design for improvement of bio availability of l dopa 4. possible causes of low bio availability of oral l dopa in dogs

Sasahara, K.; Nitanai, T.; Habara, T.; Morioka, T.; Nakajima, E., 1981:
Dosage form design for improvement of bio availability of l dopa 5. absorption and metabolism of l dopa in intestinal segments of dogs

Chizhov, A.Ya, 1977:
Dosage hypoxia in oncological practice

Busch, M., 1977:
Dosage in interstitial therapy with gamma emitters

Sheppard, R.F.; Stairs, G.R., 1977:
Dosage mortality and time mortality studies of a granulosis virus in a laboratory strain of the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella

Koziol F.S.; Witkowski J.F.; Showers W.B., 1980:
Dosage mortality data for 5 insecticides on 3 european corn borer ecotypes ostrinia nubilalis

Boethel, D.J., 1978:
Dosage mortality data on the pecan leaf scorch mite

York, A.C.; Gyrisco, G.G., 1978:
Dosage mortality response and field control of adult alfalfa snout beetle

Hornby J.A.; Gardner W.A., 1987:
Dosage mortality response of spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae and other noctuid larvae to beta exotoxin of bacillus thuringiensis

Koziol F.S.; Witkowski J.F., 1981:
Dosage mortality response of the 1st 3 instars of european corn borer lepidoptera pyralidae larvae to 7 insecticides

Kreasky J.B.; Quimby P.C.Jr; Kay S.H., 1979:
Dosage mortality response of the alligatorweed flea beetle agasicles hygrophila and the nut sedge moth bactra verutana to toxaphene and methyl parathion

Smith, J.C., 1977:
Dosage mortality response of the southern corn rootworm to several insecticides

Mcpherson R.M.; Graves J.B.; Allain T.A., 1979:
Dosage mortality responses and field control of 7 pentatomids associated with soybean glycine max exposed to methyl parathion

Mkhize J.M., 1986:
Dosage mortality responses of the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae to an insect growth regulator r 2048 effects of r 20458 on f 2 progeny production

Mullins W.; Pieters E.P., 1981:
Dosage mortality studies of permethrin on the cotton bollworm heliothis zea and the tobacco budworm heliothis virescens in mississippi usa 1977 1979

Crowder L.A.; Tollefson M.S.; Watson T.F., 1979:
Dosage mortality studies of synthetic pyrethroids and methyl parathion on the tobacco budworm in central arizona usa

Huffman F.R.; Mueller A.J.; Harding J.A., 1982:
Dosage mortality studies on arkansas and texas usa beet armyworm spodoptera exigua strains

Martinez Carrillo J.L.; Reynolds H.T., 1983:
Dosage mortality studies with pyrethroids and other insecticides on the tobacco budworm heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae from the imperial valley california usa

Sebestyen G.; Maggipinto G.; Andre A., 1986:
Dosage of antitetanic antibodies with protein a labelled using iodine

Wuerthner K.; Schrader R., 1982:
Dosage of conservative therapy of the mammary carcinoma by means of opposing cobalt 60 wedge filter fields

Diquet B.; Gaudel G.; Colin J.N., 1983:
Dosage of desipramine by high performance liquid chromatography in blood and brain samples in mice

Braun V.; Homann B.; Sperling M., 1986:
Dosage of heparin for long term intravenous application on vascular surgery patients

Goldberger E.; Clavere J.L.; Espagno J., 1980:
Dosage of intra tumor lithium with respect to 1 failure of the treatment in a manic depressive psychosis

Busch M.; Homann B.; Sperling M., 1986:
Dosage of low dose heparin therapy in the prevention of venous thrombosis

E.A.saf Z.; Pellerin F.; Hamon M., 1984:
Dosage of nitrosamine in pharmaceutical and alimentary elastomer objects

Rossini M.; Pedicino R.; Crescenzi F.; Giannini L.; Gnessi I.M.; Sorrentino E., 1986:
Dosage of prekallikrein in normal and pathological newborns

Makela A L.; Yrjana T.; Mattila M., 1979:
Dosage of salicylates for children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis a prospective clinical trial with 3 different preparations of acetyl salicylic acid

Thieriot Prevost G.; Schimpff R M., 1980:
Dosage of somatomedin activity of serum by incorporation of tritium labeled thymidine into the activated lymphocyte

Vieiro Filho J.P.B.; Vieira J.G.H.; Russo E.M.K.; Novo N.F., 1980:
Dosage of testosterone dehydroepi androsterone sulfate tri iodo thyronine and thyroxine by radio immunoassay and tri iodo thyronine retention in parakana indians

Curunet M.; Riche C.; Picart D.; Berthou F.; Alix D.; Bergot A., 1981:
Dosage of the 2 propyl pentanoic acid valproic acid utilization of esters of heavy alcohols

Maffezzoni E.; Maffezzoni A.; Peirano A.; Gareventa G.; Cadoni A.; Crimi E., 1985:
Dosage of the nasal immunoglobulin e in allergic patients and normals

Keitges, E.; Gartler, S.M., 1986:
Dosage of the Sts gene in the mouse

Cisneros Perez V.; Dehesa Trejo R.; Montes Montes J., 1982:
Dosage of total and specific immuno globulin e in human cysticercosis

Liu D., 1987:
Dosage regiment maintaining plateau level of drugs for intravenous injection

Kozjek F., 1985:
Dosage regimes

Hayes, W.J., 1976:
Dosage relationships associated with DDT in milk

Herzog G.A.; Ottens R.J., 1982:
Dosage response analysis for methyl parathion methomyl and permethrin on the tobacco budworm heliothis virescens and bollworm heliothis zea lepidoptera noctuidae in georgia usa

Allen, W.R.; Davidson, T.R., 1978:
Dosage response and duration of symptom remission in x diseased peach trees treated with oxytetracycline hydro chloride in ontario

Mckenry, M.V.; Thomason, I.J.; Naylor, P., 1977:
Dosage response of root knot nematode infected grape roots to cis 1 3 di chloro propene

Bakke A., 1983:
Dosage response of the ambrosia beetle trypodendron lineatum coleoptera scolytidae to semiochemicals

Gaunce A.P.; Madsen H.F.; Mcmullen R.D.; Hall J.W., 1980:
Dosage response of the stages of codling moth laspeyresia pomonella lepidoptera olethreutidae to fumigation with methyl bromide

Menge, J.A.; Munnecke, D.E.; Johnson, E.L.V.; Carnes, D.W., 1978:
Dosage response of the vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi glomus fasciculatus and glomus constrictus to methyl bromide

Jannett, F.J., 1978:
Dosage response of the vesicular, preputial, anal, and hip glands of the male vole, Microtus montanus, to testosterone propionate

Bucher G.E.; Turnock W.J., 1983:
Dosage responses of the larval instars of the bertha armyworm mamestra configurata lepidoptera noctuidae to a native nuclear polyhedrosis

Biggs, J.T.; Preskorn, S.H.; Ziegler, V.E.; Rosen, S.H.; Meyer, D.A., 1978:
Dosage schedule and plasma levels of doxepin and demethyl doxepin

Yoshioka, H.; Takimoto, M.; Matsuda, I.; Hattori, S., 1978:
Dosage schedule for gentamicin for chronic renal insufficiency in children

Jones R.A.K.; Baillie E., 1979:
Dosage schedule for intra venous aminophylline in apnea of prematurity based on pharmaco kinetic studies

Ham J.; Miller R.D.; Sheiner L.B.; Matteo R.S., 1979:
Dosage schedule independence of dextro tubocurarine pharmaco kinetics and pharmacodynamics and recovery of neuro muscular function

Sasagawa, K.; Shimizu, F.; Inomata, T.; Mizuno, H.; Arakawa, M., 1980:
Dosage schedule of nimustine hydro chloride 1. reduction in toxicity of nimustine hydro chloride by divided or repeated dosage

Chappell, L.H.; Thomson, A.W.; Barker, G.C.; Smith, S.W., 1987:
Dosage, timing, and route of administration of cyclosporin A and nonimmunosuppressive derivatives of dihydrocyclosporin A and cyclosporin C against Schistosoma mansoni in vivo and in vitro

Orr N.A.; Hill E.A.; Smith J.F., 1980:
Dosage uniformity in hydrocortisone ointment british pharmacopeia

Stegner H.; Artman H.G.; Leake R.D.; Fisher D.A., 1983:
Dose 1 desamino 8 d arginine vasopressin cross the blood cerebro spinal fluid barrier?

Berikashvili, V.Sh, 1975:
Dose accumulation calculated after experimental simulation of chronic occupational irradiations

Kneschaurek P.; Lindner H., 1985:
Dose and dose distribution in the radiation field close to iridium 192 sources

Enk L.; Silfverstolpe G.; Crona N., 1987:
Dose and duration effects of estradiol valerate on serum apolipoproteins a1 and b

Kaliwal B.B.; Appaswamy Rao M., 1979:
Dose and durational effect of carrot seed extract daucus carota on implantation in albino rats

Murialdo, G.; Masturzo, P.; Carolei, A.; Polleri, A., 1979:
Dose and sex related effects of benserazide on prolactin secretion

Dwinger, R.H.; Lamb, G.; Murray, M.; Hirumi, H., 1987:
Dose and stage dependency for the development of local skin reactions caused by Trypanosoma congolense in goats

Castellano C.; Pavone F., 1985:
Dose and strain dependent effects of dermorphin and 2 d alanine 5 d leucine enkephalin on passive avoidance behavior in mice

D.L.mirande E.; Plaa G.L., 1979:
Dose and time relationships in manganese bilirubin cholestasis

Evdokimoff, V., 1987:
Dose assessment from incineration of deregulated solid biomedical radwaste

Angleton, G.M., 1978:
Dose assignment criteria for beagles exposed bilaterally to cobalt 60 gamma rays

Gerbi, B.J.; Meigooni, A.S.; Khan, F.M., 1987:
Dose buildup for obliquely incident photon beams

Pohl, E.; Pohl-Ruling, J., 1977:
Dose calculations due to the inhalation of radon 222 radon 220 and their daughters

Van Best J.A., 1981:
Dose calculations for iodine 123 iodine 124 iodine 125 and iodine 131 in the thyroid gland of the mouse rat and man and comparison with thyroid function for mice and rats

Hofmann, W.; Steinhaeusler, F.; Pohl, E., 1979:
Dose calculations for the respiratory tract from inhaled natural radioactive nuclides as a function of age 1. compartmental deposition retention and resulting dose

Hofmann, W., 1982:
Dose calculations for the respiratory tract from inhaled natural radioactive nuclides as a function of age 2. basal cell dose distributions and associated lung cancer risk

Ródenas Diago, J.; Serradell García, V., 1985:
Dose calculations from routine releases: a new approach of influence area division

Krause D.N.; Ikeda K.; Roberts E., 1981:
Dose conductance relationships for gamma amino butyric acid agonists and the effect of uptake inhibitors in crayfish procambarus clarkii stretch receptor neurons

Costall B.; Kelly M.E.; Naylor R.J., 1983:
Dose contralateral circling involve action of drugs on hypo sensitive striatal dopamine receptors in the hemisphere contralateral to de nervation?

Walsh, P.J., 1979:
Dose conversion factors for radon daughters

Tiefenbach B.; Wichner S., 1985:
Dose dependence and mechanism of acute effects of methamidophos on the immune system in mice

Turdyev A.A.; Vasil'ev A.N.; Dvornikova L.I., 1981:
Dose dependence and time dependence of radiation mortality in steppe turtles testudo horsfieldi during autumn and winter

Rohdewald P.E.N., 1988:
Dose dependence of analgesic action of dipyrone

Turusov V.S.; Andrianov L.A.; Mishchenko V.S.; Nevzorova N.I.; Parfenov Y.D., 1983:
Dose dependence of benz a pyrene carcinogenic effect on mice skin

Fritz, M.; Siebert, G.; Kasper, H., 1985:
Dose dependence of breath hydrogen and methane in healthy volunteers after ingestion of a commercial disaccharide mixture, Palatinit

Frazier, J.M.; Puglese, J., 1978:
Dose dependence of cadmium kinetics in the rat liver following intra venous injection

Engstrom B.; Nordberg G.F., 1979:
Dose dependence of gastro intestinal absorption and biological half time of cadmium in mice

Pfau, A.; Rudolphi, K.; Heinrich, H.C., 1977:
Dose dependence of intestinal absorption of iron in the sucking pig

Hagemann G.K.; Janke T.; Farahat F.L.; Hecker H., 1982:
Dose dependence of lethal reproductive cell damage after x ray irradiation or exposure to low doses of adriamycin

Del Guercio R.; Arpaia M.R.; Leonardo G., 1987:
Dose dependence of peripheral hemodynamic effects caused by intra arterial administration of naftidrofuryl

Lam G.K.Y.; Henkelman R.M.; Douglas B.G.; Eaves C.J., 1981:
Dose dependence of pion relative biological effectiveness values for mouse foot skin reactions

Polis B.D.; Polis E., 1979:
Dose dependence of prostaglandin b x a polymeric derivative of prostaglandin b 1 for normalization of hereditary diabetes of the mouse

Christensen, S.; Petersen, J.S.; Steiness, E.; Andreasen, F., 1987:
Dose dependence of proximal and distal tubular effects of furosemide in conscious rats

Darenskaya, N.G.; Kashirin, V.S.; Kuznetsova, S.S., 1977:
Dose dependence of radiation induced damage to monkeys

Demina E.A.; Obaturov G.M., 1988:
Dose dependence of relative biological effectiveness of fast neutrons on the stages of the mitotic cycle of human cells

Djakova A.M.; Stefani N.V.; Senokosov N.I.; Berdov B.A., 1981:
Dose dependence of the activity of some ferments and of glycogen in hepatic tissue in radiation therapy for gastric carcinoma

Gikalov, I.; Bircher, J., 1977:
Dose dependence of the carbon 14 aminopyrine breath test intra subject comparison of tracer and pharmacological doses

Waters, R.; Moustacchi, E., 1975:
Dose dependence of the excision of uv induced pyrimidine dimers from nuclear dna of ha ploid and di ploid saccharomyces cerevisiae

Nagy S.U.; Csaba G., 1981:
Dose dependence of the thyrotropin receptor damaging effect of gonadotropin in the new born rats

Machavariani, M.G.; Dzhemilev, Z.A., 1978:
Dose dependence of the yield of chromosome aberrations at varying times of fixation of kidney primary cell cultures in the monkey macaca mulatta

Sevan'kaev A.V.; Obaturov G.M.; Nasonova V.A.; Izmailova N.N., 1984:
Dose dependence of the yield of chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes after irradiation of peripheral blood with monoenergetic neutrons of 2 4 and 6 mev

Eling U.Kh, 1986:
Dose dependencies of germ cell mutations in mice

Kozaki, A.; Watanabe, J., 1981:
Dose dependency of apparent volumes of distribution for methylene blue in rabbits

Inui, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Nakae, H.; Asada, S., 1982:
Dose dependency of loop diuretics, furosemide and piretanide in the rat

Moore G.R.W.; Traugott U.; Stone S.H.; Raine C.S., 1985:
Dose dependency of myelin basic protein induced demyelination in the guinea pig

Najafi A., 1987:
Dose dependency of technetium 99m disofenin disida in biliary tract imaging

Talas A.; Wellhoener H.H., 1983:
Dose dependency of thallium kinetics in rabbits

Myking, A.O., 1979:
Dose dependency of the responses in draining lymph nodes and skin to repeated applications of oxazolone. A quantitative and histological study in mice

Melethil S.; Mason W.D.; Chang C J., 1986:
Dose dependent absorption and excretion of vitamin c in humans

Sjovall J.; Alvan G.; Westerlund D., 1985:
Dose dependent absorption of amoxicillin and bacampicillin

Trnovets T.; Faberova V.; Piotrovskii L.B.; Durishova M.; Gabauer I.; Styk I., 1986:
Dose dependent absorption of ethimizole in the small intestine of dogs

Kovacs, G.L.; Telegdy, G.; Lissak, K., 1977:
Dose dependent action of cortico steroids on brain serotonin content and passive avoidance behavior

Rumbaugh, R.C.; Kramer, R.E.; Colby, H.D., 1978:
Dose dependent actions of thyroxine on hepatic drug metabolism in male and female rats

Davies M.; Sabbadini E., 1979:
Dose dependent adjuvant effects of bcg on tumor immunity in lewis rats

Domer F.R.; Sankar R.; Cole S.; Wellmeyer D., 1980:
Dose dependent amphetamine induced changes in permeability of the blood brain barrier of normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Morishita H.; Nakoga K.; I.K.; Hashimoto T.; Mitani H.; Tomioka M.; Kuroiwa S.; Nishiuchi K.; Okada A., 1981:
Dose dependent and age dependent effects of clomiphene citrate administered to pre pubertal female rats on development of anovulatory sterility and pyo salpinx

Morris P.L.; Saxena B.B., 1980:
Dose dependent and age dependent effects of prolactin on luteinizing hormone binding and prolactin binding sites in rat leydig cell homogenates

Rabes H.M.; Wilhelm R.; Kerler R.; Rode G., 1982:
Dose dependent and cell cycle dependent o 6 methyl guanine elimination from dna in regenerating rat liver after carbon 14 labeled di methyl nitrosamine injection

Memo M.; Lucchi L.; Spano P.F.; Trabucchi M., 1981:
Dose dependent and reversible effects of lead on rat dopaminergic system

Grant, S.; Rauscher, F.I.i ; Margolin, J.; Cadman, E., 1982:
Dose dependent and schedule dependent activation and drug synergism between thymidine and 5 aza 2' deoxy cytidine in a human pro myelocytic leukemia cell line

Kuhl H.; Born H J.; Schneider R.; Schneider M.; Taubert H D., 1985:
Dose dependent and time dependent effects of a dimeric ethynodiol testerosterone depot preparation in female rat

Nilsson J.R., 1985:
Dose dependent and time dependent effects of actinomycin d on tetrahymena with special reference to nucleolar changes

Church M.W.; Williams H.L., 1982:
Dose dependent and time dependent effects of ethanol on brain stem auditory evoked responses in young adult males

Duncan G.H.; Dreyer D.A.; Mckenna T.M.; Whitsel B.L., 1982:
Dose dependent and time dependent effects of ketamine on si neurons with cutaneous receptive fields

Ronnback L.; Hansson E.; Cupello A., 1983:
Dose dependent and time dependent effects of morphine on the incorporation of tritium labeled valine into soluble brain and liver proteins

Schaefer, G.J.; Holtzman, S.G., 1977:
Dose dependent and time dependent effects of narcotic analgesics on intra cranial self stimulation in the rat

Galinsky R.E.; Levy G., 1981:
Dose dependent and time dependent elimination of acetaminophen in rats pharmaco kinetic implications of co substrate depletion

Watari N.; Aizawa K.; Kaneniwa N., 1985:
Dose dependent and time dependent kinetics of the renal excretion of nitrofurantoin in the rabbit

Schlemmer, R.F.J. ; Narasimhachari, N.; Davis, J.M., 1980:
Dose dependent behavioral changes induced by apo morphine in selected members of a primate macaca arctoides social colony

Adir, J.; Barr, W.H., 1978:
Dose dependent bio availability of tetracycline in man

Gorlov V.G.; Neiman O.V., 1982:
Dose dependent blood system damage during prolonged radiation effects

Noguchi S.; Koyama H.; Nakano S., 1984:
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Dose dependent effects in the subacute response of the rat lung to quartz 2. protease activities and levels of soluble hydroxy proline in lung lavage

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Dose dependent effects of butylated hydroxyanisole butylated hydroxytoluene and ethoxyquin for promotion of bladder carcinogenesis in n butyl n 4 hydroxybutyl nitrosamine initiated unilaterally ureter ligated rats

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Dose dependent effects of heroin on memory in 2 inbred strains of mice

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Dose dependent effects of testosterone on feeding and body weight in male rats

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Dose dependent feeding in the rat following substantia nigra acetyl cholin esterase blockade

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Dose dependent growth promoting effect of zinc bacitracin in broilers

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Dose dependent increase of cryo resistance by penicillin g

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Dose dependent induction of metallo thionein in kidneys of mice injected with indium and nickel ions

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Dose dependent influence of acetyl salicylic acid on platelet functions and plasmatic coagulation factors

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Dose dependent inhibition by oral contraceptives of the pituitary to release luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone in response to stimulation with luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

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Dose dependent inhibition of b 16 melanoma growth in vivo by a synthetic analog of prostaglandin e 2

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Dose dependent inhibition of the preovulatory surges of gonadotropins and prolactin by the antiestrogen ci 628 nitromifene citrate possible sites of action

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Dose dependent interaction of the pyrethroid isomers with sodium channels of squid loligo pealei axon membranes

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Dose dependent kinetics of aminopyrine metabolism in the rat caused by product inhibition and determined by capillary gas liquid chromatography

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Dose dependent kinetics of probenecid in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta intra venous bolus studies

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Dose dependent liver toxicity of thiram administered intraperitoneally to rats

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Dose dependent metabolic interaction between benzene and toluene in vivo and in vitro

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Dose dependent metabolism of carbon 14 labeled methylene chloride following oral administration to rats

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Dose dependent modulation of receptor dynamics and uterine growth in immature rat by estradiol importance of an additional nuclear binding at 24 hours for long term 72 hour uterine growth

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Dose dependent of the nifedipine digoxin interaction

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Dose dependent pharmaco kinetics of alpha methyl p tyrosine and comparison of catecholamine turnover rates after 2 doses of alpha methyl tyrosine

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Dose dependent pharmaco kinetics of the anti hypertensive agent 2 3 4 4a tetra hydro 1h pyrazino 1 2 a quinoxalin 5 6h one in dogs and rats

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Dose dependent pharmacokinetics of a xanthine related nootropic drug ethimizole in rats

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Dose dependent pharmacokinetics of acetaminophen in the rat

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Dose dependent potassium stimulated efflux of endogenous taurine from primary astrocyte cultures is calcium dependent

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Dose dependent prednisolone kinetics

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Dose dependent reduction in serum osteocalcin by corticosteroids

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Dose dependent reduction of hereditary obesity in the nondiabetic mouse by polymeric prostaglandin b x

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Dose dependent response of fsh flushes and urinary calcium to estrogen

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Dose dependent salivary excretion following bolus intravenous administration of lithium in dog

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Dose dependent shifts in the sulfation and glucuronidation of phenolic compounds in the rat in vivo and in isolated hepatocytes role of saturation of phenol sulfo transferase

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Dose dependent stimulation of hepatic oxygen consumption and alanine conversion to carbon di oxide and glucose by 3 5 3' tri iodo l thyronine in the isolated perfused liver of hypo thyroid rats

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Dose dependent storage capacity of colloidal carbon as a cause of res blockade

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Dose dependent sub cutaneous absorption of porcine bovine and human neutral protamine hagedorn insulins

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Dose dependent suppression of the high alcohol intake of chronically intoxicated rats by calcium acetylhomotaurinate

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Dose dependent toxicity of carbon tetra chloride in isolated rat hepatocytes and the effects of hepato protective treatments

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Dose dependent toxicity of ethylene glycol mono methyl ether vapor in the rat

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Dose dependent urinary excretion of chlorthalidone

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Dose dependent vitamin d 3 and 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 induced hypercalcemia and hyperphosphatemia in male catfish clarias batrachus

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Dose descriptors for computed tomography

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Dose determination with temephos against anopheles stephensi in wells

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Dose distribution around an iodine 125 seed source in tissue

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Dose distribution due to low energy electrons and delta rays produced along the path of a heavy charged particle in water

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Dose distribution for iodine 125 implants due to anisotropic radiation emission and unknown seed orientation

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Dose distribution from a degraded cobalt 60 gamma field

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Dose distribution in case of irradiation of the retrobulbar space results of measurements in a phantom

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Dose distribution in case of linear moving field irradiation

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Dose distribution in marginal field regions

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Dose distribution in the mantle field in case of 8 millivolt x radiation

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Dose distribution in the use of an agat b unit in combined radiation therapy of endometrial cancer

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Dose distribution mapping in intense gamma ray fields using dye film dosimetry

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Dose distribution obtained by the whole pelvic conformation technique combined with intra cavitary irradiation in the radio therapy of carcinoma of the uterine cervix

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Dose distribution of therapeutic electron beams and automation of treatment planning

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Dose distribution within suckling pig body after administration of strontium 90 with diet

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Dose distributions from limited electron beams

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Dose distributions in dynamic stereotactic radiosurgery

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Dose distributions in eccentric irradiation with cobalt 60

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Dose distributions in regions containing beta sources: large spherical source regions in a homogeneous medium

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Dose distributions of fast electrons with an energy of 7 24 mev in the electro magnetic formation of a beam

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Dose distributions of model 6702 iodine 125 seeds in water

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Dose distributions of pendulum fields in the field border plane

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Dose dose rate responses of shrimp larvae to uv b radiation

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Dose effect dependence on the quantity of microorganisms and their radio resistance

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Dose effect of the uvsa plus gene product in duplication strains of aspergillus nidulans

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Dose effect relationship for epilation and late effects on spinal cord in rats exposed to gamma rays

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Dose effect relationship to chromosome aberrations induced by 23 mev alpha particles in human lymphocytes

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Dose effects of 8 methoxy psoralen and long wave uv in cultured human lymphocytes

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Dose effects relations of insulin and glucagon on the honey bee glycemia

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Dose efficiency and the effects of resolution and noise on detail perceptibility in radiographic magnification

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Dose enhancement due to backscattered secondary electrons at the interface of 2 media

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Dose equivalent index for fast electrons

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Dose estimation by esr from tooth enamel for radiologic technologists

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Dose evaluation for ingestion of cesium 137 in drinking water

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Dose evaluation to patients irradiated by cobalt 60 beams by direct measurement on incident and on exit surfaces

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Dose exposures and image quality in mammography

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Dose exposures for children during x ray examinations of the organs of the thoracic cavity and stomach

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Dose fields of the apparatus anet b with californium 252

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Dose finding and tolerability study of medetomidine in four healthy volunteers an open phase i investigation

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Dose finding of tocainide in the treatment of tinnitus

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Dose finding trial of ceftriaxone rocephin in typhoid fever

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Dose fractionation and hepatocyte clonogens alpha beta approximately equal to 1 2 gy and beta decreases with increasing delay before assay

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Dose fractionation dose rate and iso effect relationships for normal tissue responses

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Dose fractionation effects in low dose rate irradiation of jejunal crypt stem cells

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Dose fractionation effects on longevity mating capacity and sterility of irradiated males of the indian meal moth plodia interpunctella lepidoptera phycitidae

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Dose fractionation studies on mouse gut and marrow an inter comparison of 6 mev photons and fast neutrons e equals 25 mev

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Dose fractionation studies on mouse gut and marrow an intercomparison of 250 kilovolt x ray and 5.6 mev fast neutrons

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Dose fractioning in radiotherapy and linear quadratic model of cell survival

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Dose frequency in the treatment of asthmatics with inhaled topical steroids. Comparison between a twice daily and a once daily dosing regimen

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Dose incidence curves for tumor control and normal tissue injury in relation to the response of clonogenic cells

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Dose inhibition curve and its application to the analysis of acetyl choline receptor activity

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Dose intensity analysis of chemotherapy regimens in ovarian carcinoma

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Dose intensity analysis of melphalan and prednisone in multiple myeloma

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Dose intercomparison for 400 500 kev electrons using fwt 60 film and glutamine spectrophotometric readout dosimeters

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Dose investigations of surface treatment with gold 198 seeds

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Dose kinetics of pancreatic glucagon responses to arginine and glucose in subjects with normal and impaired pancreatic beta cell function

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Dose lethality nomogram for characterizing of the chilling susceptibility of tropical plants

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Dose linearity and relative bioavailability testing of oxilofrine, a sympathicomimetic drug, in healthy volunteers

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Dose linearity testing of intravenous ofloxacin, a novel gyrase inhibitor

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Dose loads in radio diagnostic studies

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Dose modifying effect of a cyanidin chloride derivative keracyanin for uv irradiation of murine l fibroblasts cultured in vitro

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Dose mortality response of the jute stem weevil apion corchori coleoptera apionidae to apholate and metepa

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Dose mortality response of tribolium castaneum larvae to pirimiphos methyl

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Dose mortality responses of 5 species of stored products insects to phosphine

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Dose multifractionation in the radiation therapy of various histological types of lung tumors

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Dose of digoxin and age of child

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Dose of fsh p fsh plus luteinizing hormone of swine pituitary origin as a source of variation in embryo production from superovulated cows

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Dose of human menopausal gonadotropin influences the outcome of an in vitro fertilization program

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Dose of inhaled budesonide required to produce clinical suppression of plasma cortisol

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Dose of ionizing radiations emitted from cathode ray tubes

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Dose of the metaphyseal growth complexes in children undergoing technetium 99m sn 1 hydroxy ethane 1 di phosphonate bone scans

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Dose of tissue tolerance dose of tumor sterilization in continuous and discontinuous irradiation

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Dose outside the treatment volume for irradiation with negative pions

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Dose perturbations at interfaces in photon beams

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Dose profiles in treatment planning

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Dose proportionality bioavailability and steady state kinetics of astemizole in man

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Dose proportionality of amrinone

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Dose rate calculations in the gastro intestinal tract of small laboratory animals

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Dose rate conversion factors for external exposure to photon and electron radiation from radio nuclides occurring in routine releases from nuclear fuel cycle facilities

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Dose rate dependence of mutagenesis by uv radiation and 4 nitro quinoline 1 oxide in escherichia coli

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Dose rate dependence of stimulatory action of gamma radiation cobalt 60 on tomato seeds/

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Dose rate dependence of the mutagenic actions of chemical mutagens

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Dose rate dependent radiation induced seedling injury to dry barley seeds under oxic and anoxic conditions

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