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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5194

Chapter 5194 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

O'bryan, R.M.; Baker, L.H.; Gottlieb, J.E.; Rivkin, S.E.; Balcerzak, S.P.; Grumet, G.N.; Salmon, S.E.; Moon, T.E.; Hoogstraten, B., 1977:
Dose response evaluation of adriamycin in human neoplasia

Jacobsson M.; Jonsson A.; Albrektsson T.; Turesson I., 1985:
Dose response for bone regeneration after single doses of cobalt 60 irradiation

Lindamood C.IIi; Bedell M.A.; Billings K.C.; Dyroff M.C.; Swenberg J.A., 1984:
Dose response for dna alkylation tritium labeled thymidine uptake into dna and o 6 methyl guanine dna methyl transferase activity in hepatocytes of rats and mice continuously exposed to di methyl nitrosamine

Hardwick, J.P.; Linko, P.; Goldstein, J.A., 1985:
Dose response for induction of 2 cytochrome p 450 isozymes and their messenger rna species by 3 4 5 3' 4' 5' hexachlorobiphenyl indicating coordinated regulation in rat liver

Ito, N.; Fukushima, S.; Tamano, S.; Hirose, M.; Hagiwara, A., 1986:
Dose response in butylated hydroxyanisole induction of forestomach carcinogenesis in F344 rats

Emmersen J.; Korsgaard B.; Petersen I., 1979:
Dose response kinetics of serum vitellogenin liver dna rna protein and lipid after induction by estradiol 17 beta in male flounders platichthys flesus

Papworth D.G.; Hulse E.V., 1983:
Dose response models for the radiation induction of skin tumors in mice

Tebbets J.S.; Vail P.V.; Hartsell P.L.; Nelson H.D., 1986:
Dose response of codling moth cydia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae eggs and nondiapausing and diapausing larvae to fumigation with methyl bromide

Fontenot H.J.; Wilson R.D.; Nabeshima T.; Yamamoto I.; Loh H.H.; H.I.K., 1983:
Dose response of dna and rna synthesis to pento barbital

Nissen P., 1988:
Dose response of gibberellins

Creticos P.S.; Van Metre T.E.; Mardiney M.R.; Rosenberg G.L.; Norman P.S.; Adkinson N.F.Jr, 1984:
Dose response of immuno globulin e and immuno globulin g antibodies during ragweed immuno therapy

Clements M.L.; O'donnell S.; Levine M.M.; Chanock R.M.; Murphy B.R., 1983:
Dose response of influenza a alaska 6 77 h 3n 2 cold adapted reassortant vaccine virus in adult volunteers role of local antibody in resistance to infection with vaccine virus

Allen, C.J.; Campbell, A.H., 1980:
Dose response of ipratropium bromide assessed by 2 methods

Ohrström, A., 1982:
Dose response of oral timolol combined with adrenaline

Webb, J.R., 1986:
Dose response of patients to oral corticosteroid treatment during exacerbations of asthma

Wolbers J.G.; Kamphorst W.; Sterenborg H.J.C.M.; Van Gemert M.J.C.; Hogervorst W., 1987:
Dose response of rat brains interstitially irradiated by argon laser light

Pandey V.K.; Agarwal A.K.; Gupta B.M.; Raj S.K., 1984:
Dose response of some benzimidazolyl thiosemicarbazones against semliki forest virus encephalitis

Schmitt, G.; Brucksch, K.P.; Ewen, K.; Preun, A.; Roettinger, E.M.; Seeber, S., 1977:
Dose response of specific activities of high molecular weight nuclear and ribosomal rna of novikoff hepatoma ascites cells the effect of 300 kev x rays cobalt 60 gamma rays 43 mev x rays 43 mev electrons and 10 mev neutrons

Walser, M.M.; Fletcher, O.J.; Brown, J., 1977:
Dose response, prevention, and treatment of a transplantable lymphoid tumor

Crump, K.S., 1979:
Dose response problems in carcinogenesis

Mouw D.R.; Vander A.J.; Landis C.; Kutschinski S.; Mathias N.; Zimmerman D., 1980:
Dose response relation of cerebro spinal fluid sodium and renal sodium excretion and its absence in homo zygous brattleboro rats

Takahashi E I.; Hirai M.; Tobari I.; Nakai S., 1979:
Dose response relations for dicentric yields in g 0 lymphocytes of man and crab eating monkey following acute and chronic gamma irradiations

Engelhardt W.; Ebert W.; Rietbrock I.; Richter E., 1986:
Dose response relationship and serum concentrations of methohexitone and hydroxymethohexitone following induction of anesthesia in children using rectal administration of methohexitone as a 1 percent and 5 percent solution

W.M.F.; Lind M.D.; Stapleton J.M.; Reid L.D., 1981:
Dose response relationship between naloxone injections and intake of sucrose solution

Legros J.J.; Chiodera P.; Geenen V.; Smitz S.; Von Frenckell R., 1984:
Dose response relationship between plasma oxytocin and cortisol and acth concentrations during oxytocin infusion in normal men

Bellas T.E.; Bartell R.J., 1983:
Dose response relationship for 2 components of the sex pheromone of light brown apple moth epiphyas postvittana lepidoptera tortricidae

Driver H.E.; Mclean A.E.M., 1986:
Dose response relationship for phenobarbitone promotion of liver tumors initiated by single dose dimethylnitrosamine

Nomiyama, K.; Nomiyama, H., 1977:
Dose response relationship for tri chloro ethylene in man

Matsushita T.; Aoyama K., 1980:
Dose response relationship in delayed type contact sensitivity with maneb an experimental model of simple chemicals

Bross, I.D.J.; Shore, R.E.; Land, C.E.; Mcgregor, D.H.; Boice, J.D.J., 1978:
Dose response relationship in radiogenic breast cancer

Sabioncello, A.; Dekaris, D., 1977:
Dose response relationship in the migration inhibition test using peritoneal exudate cells and blood leukocytes of tuberculin sensitive guinea pigs

Dreborg S.; Holgersson M.; Nilsson G.; Zetterstrom O., 1987:
Dose response relationship of allergen histamine and histamine releasers in skin prick test and precision of the skin prick test method

Iqbal Q.K.; Rao P.V.; Reddy S.J., 1983:
Dose response relationship of experimentally induced afla toxicosis in commercial layers

Sebunya, T.N.; Saunders, J.R.; Osborne, A.D., 1983:
Dose response relationship of Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae aerosols in pigs

Ishimaru T.; Otake M.; Ichimaru M., 1979:
Dose response relationship of neutrons and gamma rays to leukemia incidence among atomic bomb survivors in hiroshima and nagasaki japan by type of leukemia 1950 1971

Pedrinelli R.; Abdel Haq B.; Magagna A.; D.P.iolo S.L.; Simonini N.; Salvetti A., 1984:
Dose response relationship of prizidilol hydrochloride skf 92657 a comparison between acute and chronic effects in patients with essential hypertension

Lippert, T.H.; Steinberg, A.; Seeger, H.; Voelter, W.; Ruoff, H.J., 1987:
Dose response relationship of relaxin on the pubic ligament of the mouse

Frncois G.; Calderon A.; Rose F.; Blanc M.; Lena P., 1985:
Dose response relationship of sodium alpha ketoisocaproate acid on postoperative muscle protein breakdown

Meissner J.; Staackmann K., 1981:
Dose response relationships after incorporation of beta active radio nuclides by mycobacteria

Engbaek J.; Ording H.; Pedersen T.; Viby Mogensen J., 1984:
Dose response relationships and neuromuscular blocking effects of vecuronium and pancuronium during ketamine anesthesia

Belz, G.G.; Erbel, R.; Schumann, K.; Gilfrich, H.J., 1978:
Dose response relationships and plasma concentrations of digitalis glycosides in man

Feldmann, A.M., 1978:
Dose response relationships and relative biological efficiency values of dominant lethals induced by x ray and 1.5 mev neutrons in prophase 1 oocytes and in mature sperm of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae

Grasso, R.J.; Johnson, C.E., 1977:
Dose response relationships between gluco corticoids and growth inhibition in rat glioma mono layer cultures

Boelema B.H., 1985:
Dose response relationships between phytopathogenic bacteria and their hosts

Oelkers W.; Boelke T.; Baehr V., 1988:
Dose response relationships between plasma acth cortisol aldosterone and 18 hydroxycorticosterone after injection of acth 1 39 or human corticotropin releasing hormone in man

Dixon R.C.; Nelson L.A.; Hamilton P.B., 1982:
Dose response relationships during afla toxicosis in young chickens

Altura, B.M., 1975:
Dose response relationships for arginine vasopressin and synthetic analogs on 3 types of rat blood vessels possible evidence for regional differences in vasopressin receptor sites within a mammal

Raabe O.G.; Parks N.J.; Book S.A., 1981:
Dose response relationships for bone tumors in beagles exposed to radium 226 and strontium 90

Liniecki, J.; Bajerska, A.; Wyszynska, K., 1983:
Dose response relationships for chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes after whole body and partial body irradiations 1. effects immediately after irradiation

Liniecki, J.; Bajerska, A.; Wyszynska, K., 1983:
Dose response relationships for chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes after whole body and partial body irradiations 2. decline of aberrations carrying cells in blood with time post exposure

Rowland, R.E.; Stehney, A.F.; Lucas, H.F.J., 1978:
Dose response relationships for female radium dial workers

Driver H.E.; Mclean A.E.M., 1986:
Dose response relationships for initiation of rat liver tumors by diethylnitrosamine and promotion by phenobarbitone or alcohol

Zielhuis, R.L., 1975:
Dose response relationships for inorganic lead part 1 biochemical and hematological responses

Zielhuis, R.L., 1975:
Dose response relationships for inorganic lead part 2 subjective and functional responses chronic sequelae no response levels

Hussain S., 1984:
Dose response relationships for mutations induced in escherichia coli by some model compounds

Fabry, L.; Lemaire, M., 1986:
Dose response relationships for radiation induced chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes in vivo and in vitro

Gelato M.C.; Pescovitz O.H.; Cassorla F.; Loriaux D.L.; Merriam G.R., 1984:
Dose response relationships for the effects of growth hormone releasing factor 1 44 amide in young adult men and women

Hewitt W.R.; Miyajima H.; Cote M.G.; Hewitt L.A.; Cianflone D.J.; Plaa G.L., 1982:
Dose response relationships in 1 3 butanediol induced potentiation of carbon tetra chloride toxicity

Driver H.E.; White I.N.H.; Butler W.H., 1987:
Dose response relationships in chemical carcinogenesis renal mesenchymal tumors induced in the rat by single dose dimethylnitrosamine

Peterka M.; Havranek T.; Jelinek R., 1986:
Dose response relationships in chick embryos exposed to embryotoxic agents

Brown E.M.; Hewitt W.R., 1984:
Dose response relationships in ketone induced potentiation of chloroform hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity

Neubert, D.; Bochert, G.; Platzek, T.; Chahoud, I.; Fischer, B.; Meister, R., 1987:
Dose response relationships in prenatal toxicity

Hudler G.W.; Knudsen G.R.; Beale M.A., 1983 :
Dose response relationships of 5 conifers to infection by conidia of gremmeniella abietina

Hellstern, P.; Kiehl, R.; von Blohn, G.; Köhler, M.; Meierhenrich, U.; Wenzel, E., 1986:
Dose response relationships of anticoagulant activities after subcutaneous administration of two low molecular weight heparins in healthy individuals

Grainger S.L.; Smith S.E., 1983:
Dose response relationships of intra venous hyoscine butyl bromide and atropine sulfate on heart rate in healthy volunteers

Marie B.A.; Ormrod D.P., 1986:
Dose response relationships of the growth and injury effects of ozone and sulfur dioxide on brassicaceae seedlings

Barbolt T.A.; Abraham R., 1980:
Dose response sex difference and the effect of bran in di methyl hydrazine induced intestinal tumorigenesis in rats

Champion, G.D.; Cairns, D.R.; Bieri, D.; Adena, M.A.; Browne, C.D.; Cohen, M.L.; Day, R.O.; Edmonds, J.P.; Graham, G.G.; de Jager, J., 1988:
Dose response studies and longterm evaluation of auranofin in rheumatoid arthritis

Lijinsky W.; Reuber M.D.; Davies T.S.; Saavedra J.E.; Riggs C.W., 1982:
Dose response studies in carcinogenesis by nitroso n methyl n 2 phenethylamine in rats and the effects of deuterium substitution

Andersen S.; Cold G.E., 1981:
Dose response studies in elderly patients subjected to epidural analgesia

Hembree S.C., 1982:
Dose response studies of a new species of per os and vertically transmittable microsporidian pathogen of aedes aegypti from thailand

Carver, M.P.; Shy-Modjeska, J.S.; Brown, T.T.; Rogers, R.A.; Riviere, J.E., 1985:
Dose response studies of gentamicin nephrotoxicity in rats with experimental renal dysfunction 1. subtotal surgical nephrectomy

Carver, M.P.; Monteiro-Riviere, N.A.; Brown, T.T.; Riviere, J.E., 1985:
Dose response studies of gentamicin nephrotoxicity in rats with experimental renal dysfunction 2. polyvinyl alcohol glomerulopathy

Rogers, R.A.; Hanna, A.Y.; Riviere, J.E., 1987:
Dose response studies of gentamicin nephrotoxicity in rats with experimental renal dysfunction. III. Effects of dosage adjustment method

Kitagawa T.; Hino O.; Nomura K.; Sugano H., 1984:
Dose response studies on promoting and anticarcinogenic effects of phenobarbital and ddt in rat hepatocarcinogenesis

Schroeter C.; Parzefall W.; Schroeter H.; Schulte Hermann R., 1987:
Dose response studies on the effects of alpha beta and gamma bhc on putative preneoplastic foci monooxygenases and growth in rat liver

Benedetti C.P.; Bises G.; Gentili V.; Spadoni M.A., 1979:
Dose response studies on the protein quality of a bovine blood plasma protein concentrate

Kontoghiorghes G.J., 1986:
Dose response studies using desferrioxamine and orally active chelators in a mouse model

Griffith J.F.; Nixon G.A.; Bruce R.D.; Reer P.J.; Bannan E.A., 1980:
Dose response studies with chemical irritants in the albino rabbit eye as a basis for selecting optimum testing conditions for predicting hazard to the human eye

Pathe M.; Steimer C.; Cazor J.L.; Schwartz J., 1983:
Dose response study of betaxolol in arterial hypertension

Nocker W.; Diebschlag W., 1987:
Dose response study of o beta hydroxyethylrutoside drinking solutions

Shank, R.C.; Newberne, P.M., 1976:
Dose response study of the carcinogenicity of dietary sodium nitrite and morpholine in rats and hamsters

Friedrich, E.; Etzrodt, A.; Becker, H.; Hanker, J.P.; Keller, E.; Kleisl, P.; Pinto, V.; Schindler, A.E.; Schneider, H.P.G.; Et-Al, 1978:
Dose response study with a new luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analog d serine 6 tert butyl luteinizing hormone releasing hormone 1 9 10 ethylamide during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle

Van Outryve M.; Vanderlinden I.; Dedullen G.; Rutgeerts L., 1988:
Dose response study with cisapride in gastroesophageal reflux disease

Rigamonti G.; Zanella E.; Lampugnani R.; Marrano D.; Campione O.; Bruni G.; Mandelli V.; Sacchetti G., 1983:
Dose response study with indoprofen intra venously as an analgesic in post operative pain

Suzukawa M.; Matsumoto M.; Collins J.G.; Kitahata L.M.; Yuge O., 1983:
Dose response suppression of noxiously evoked activity of wide dynamic range neurons by spinally administered fentanyl

Materson, B.J.; Oster, J.R.; Michael, U.F.; Bolton, S.M.; Burton, Z.C.; Stambaugh, J.E.; Morledge, J., 1978:
Dose response to chlorthalidone in patients with mild hypertension. Efficacy of a lower dose

Offen, W.W.; Gruber, C.M., 1985:
Dose response to fenoprofen calcium using placebo and codeine as controls

Schade, D.S.; Eaton, R.P., 1977:
Dose response to insulin in man: differential effects on glucose and ketone body regulation

Fortier G.A.; Krochak R.J.; Kim J.A.; Constable W.C., 1986:
Dose response to preoperative irradiation in rectal cancer implications for local control and complications associated with sphincter sparing surgery and abdominoperineal resection

Schultze Werninghaus G., 1981:
Dose response trial of additive effects of a beta 2 sympathomimetic and an anti cholinergic drug in allergic asthma

Cooke, A.; Johnson, B.E., 1978:
Dose response wavelength dependence and rate of excision of uv radiation induced pyrimidine dimers in mouse skin dna

Kodama K I.; Ishikawa T.; Takayama S., 1984:
Dose response wavelength dependence and time course of uv radiation induced unscheduled dna synthesis in mouse skin in vivo

Pfau, J., 1977:
Dose response weber law adherence and discrimination sensitivity of the chromatophore movement of the brown alga dictyota dichotoma

Loren A.B.; Horita M.; Tseng C.H.; Yokoyama M.M., 1980:
Dose response with sensitizing antibody in erythrocyte antibody rosette formation

Imaida K.; Shirai T.; Tatematsu M.; Takano T.; Ito N., 1981:
Dose responses of 5 hepato carcinogens for the initiation of rat hepato carcinogenesis

Mclaughlin, R.E., 1977:
Dose responses of the boll weevil to topical formulations of th 6040

Rice, J.M.; Turner, W.; Chirigos, M.A.; Spahn, G., 1971:
Dose responsiveness and variation among inbred strains of mice in production of interferon after treatment with poly inosinic acid poly cytidylic acid poly d lysine complexes

Gorecka Tisera A.; Proctor J.W.; Yamamura Y.; Harnaha J.; Meinert K., 1981:
Dose route and time dependence of serum lysozyme and anti tumor activity following administration of glucan corynebacterium parvum propionibacterium acnes pyran or lipo poly saccharide to mice

Gralla E.J.; Fleischman R.W.; Luthra Y.K.; Stadnicki S.W., 1979:
Dose schedule dependent toxicities of adriamycin in beagle dogs and rhesus monkeys

Schmidt W.; Popham R.E.; Israel Y., 1987:
Dose specific effects of alcohol on the lifespan of mice and the possible relevance to man

Thames H.D.Jr; Withers R.; Mason K.A.; Reid B.O., 1981:
Dose survival characteristics of mouse jejunal crypt cells

Arcangeli G.; Mauro F.; Nervi C.; Withers R., 1980:
Dose survival relationship for epithelial cells of human skin after multi fraction irradiation evaluation by a quantitative method in vivo

Krishnaswamy V., 1979:
Dose tables for iodine 125 seed implants

Herrmann, T., 1985:
Dose time investigations of radiogenic pneumonopathy i. intention and selection of experimentation animals

Lorenz, J.; Voigtmann, L.; Herrmann, T.; Ehrhardt, M., 1985:
Dose time investigations of radiogenic pneumonopathy ii. procedure of experiment and dosimetry at lung irradiation in young pigs

Hermann, T.; Voigtmann, L.; Knorr, A.; Lorenz, J.; Johannsen, U.; Schuetze, B., 1985:
Dose time investigations of radiogenic pneumonopathy iii. clinical roentgenological and pathological investigations of radiogenic lung reactions in young pig

Knorr, A.; Herrmann, T.; Voigtmann, L.; Johannsen, U.; Range, U., 1985:
Dose time investigations of radiogenic pneumonopathy iv. content of hydroxyproline in lung tissue of cobalt 60 gamma irradiated young pigs

Babbini M.; Gaiardi M.; Bartoletti M., 1979:
Dose time motility effects of morphine and methadone in naive or morphinized rats

Akimov A.A.; Kozlov A.P., 1980:
Dose time relationships in b 16 melanoma irradiation with fast electrons

Kherrman T.; Foigtmann L.; Khopp A.; Lorents E.; Ioganzen U., 1986:
Dose time relationships in pigs with irradiated lungs as a model of radiogenic pneumopathy in man

Voigtmann, L.; Herrmann, T.; Knorr, A.; Lorenz, J., 1988:
Dose time studies on radiogenic pneumopathy v. character and quantitative registration of the radiogenic lung reaction

Massey, J.A.; Abrams, P., 1986:
Dose titration in clinical trials. An example using emepronium carrageenate in detrusor instability

McGinley, P.H.; Wright, B.A.; Meding, C.J., 1984:
Dose to radiotherapy technologist from air activation

Fraass B.A.; Roberson P.L.; Lichter A.S., 1985:
Dose to the contralateral breast due to primary breast irradiation

Cross, F.T.; Endres, G.W.R.; Sullivan, M.F., 1978:
Dose to the gastro intestinal tract from ingested insoluble beta emitters

Thomas S.R.; Purdom R.C.; Kereiakes J.G.; Gelfand M.J.; Maxon H.R., 1979:
Dose to the liver and spleen in pediatric patients undergoing technetium 99m labeled sulfur colloid scans

Unnikrishnan K., 1979 :
Dose to tissue inclusions from photon emitters in bone

Braverman, A.J., 1986:
Dose validation and study design criteria in current cimetidine studies

Marwaha G.L.; Mathur V.K., 1982:
Dose verification by partial evacuation of traps

Hamilton C.S.; Eberl M., 1987:
Dose volume considerations in small field thoracic irradiation

Austin Seymour M.M.; Chen G.T.Y.; Castro J.R.; Saunders W.M.; Pitluck S.; Woodruff K.H.; Kessler M., 1986:
Dose volume histogram analysis of liver radiation tolerance

Molinengo, L.; Orsetti, M., 1986:
Dose vs. survival time curves in the evaluation of prompt and delayed acute toxicities

Aleinikova L.I.; Kolesova G.P.; Chernyak V.A., 1982:
Dosed exercise in the earliest post infarction period

Smirnova I.P.; Gorbas' I.M.; Vykhovanyuk I.V., 1987:
Dosed walking as a means of secondary prevention of arterial hypertension

Popov V.I.; Andreeva L.S.; Pereletova V.A., 1980:
Doses applied to the rectum in radiation therapy of onco gynecological patients

Antoku S.; Sawada S.; Russell W.J., 1980:
Doses from hiroshima japan mass radiologic gastric surveys

Dolovich J.; Denberg J.; Kwee Y.N.; Belda T.; Blajchman J.; Hargreave F.E., 1983:
Doses nonimmunologic mast cell mediator release activation elicit a late cutaneous response?

Bretzlaff K.N.; Ott R.S., 1983:
Doses of prostaglandin f 2 alpha effective for induction of parturition in goats

Rodriguez P.R.; Pando F.Q., 1980:
Doses of radiation in the eyes of patients and staff during carotid angiography

Kiradzhiev G.; Nikolova M.A., 1984:
Doses realized in the gastrointestinal tract in decorporation of radioactive strontium

Sachdev, M.R.; Raghavendran, K.V.; Wadhwani, C.N.; Jeevanram, R.K., 1976:
Doses received in finger tips by persons working in a nuclear medicine center

Scherpelz, R.I.; Desrosiers, A.E., 1982:
Doses received while crossing a plume of radioactive material released during an accident at a nuclear power plant

Maccia, C.; Benedittini, M.; Lefaure, C.; Fagnani, F., 1988:
Doses to patients from diagnostic radiology in France

Wall, B.F.; Fisher, E.S.; Paynter, R.; Hudson, A.; Bird, P.D., 1979:
Doses to patients from pantomographic and conventional dental radiography

Martin, J.A., 1977:
Doses while traveling under well established plumes

De-Oliverira-Dias, G., 1978:
Dosification of lysozyme activity in pharmaceutical products

Schaffernicht H.; Heuck U., 1986:
Dosimeter for the determination of sulfur dioxide in places of work

Archer, B.R.; Glaze, S.; North, L.B.; Bushong, S.C., 1977:
Dosimeter placement in the Rando phantom

Kats, M.S.; Zevrieva, I.F., 1977:
Dosimetric analysis of different methods of static and movable gamma therapy in rectal cancer

Afanas'ev B.P.; Kozlov A.P.; Stolyarov V.I., 1980:
Dosimetric analysis of some radio therapy techniques in cancer of the middle esophagus on a rokus gamma machine

Hashimoto, T.; Hayashi, Y.; Sotobayashi, T., 1984:
Dosimetric application of lyoluminescence using some saccharides

Broerse, J.J.; Zoetelief, J., 1978:
Dosimetric aspects of fast neutron irradiations of cells cultured in mono layer

Kraĭtor, S.N.; Kuznetsova, T.V.; Lunina, N.A.; Popov, V.I.; Ivanov, V.N., 1983:
Dosimetric characteristics of a californium neutron source

Skoropad Y.D.; Mardynskii Y.S.; Goldobenko G.V.; Senyukov M.V., 1980:
Dosimetric characteristics of decreased incidence of post operative complications in electron therapy of laryngeal cancer

Vatnitskii S.M.; Ermakov I.A.; Puzanov V.P.; Sinitsyn R.V.; Chervyakov A.M., 1983:
Dosimetric characteristics of inhibitory radiation beam of electron medical linear accelerator lue 15m

Stepanenko V.F.; Norets T.A.; Dedov V.I., 1987:
Dosimetric characteristics of internal irradiation with radioactive iodine nuclides

Afanas'ev, B.P.; Kozlov, A.P.; Rotenberg, M.Z., 1976:
Dosimetric characteristics of irradiation with the rokus gamma apparatus

Roth J., 1987:
Dosimetric comparison performed in 1985 at twelve radio oncologic centres in switzerland

Sharma S.C.; Williamson J.F.; Khan F.M.; Jones T.K.Jr, 1981:
Dosimetric consequences of asymmetric positioning of active source in cesium 137 and radium 226 intra cavitary tubes

Shapiro B.; Pillay M.; Cox P.H., 1987:
Dosimetric consequences of interstitial extravasation following iv administration of a radiopharmaceutical

Richards, P.A.C., 1976:
Dosimetric considerations for the proposed usage of iodine 125 sodium iodide in thyro toxic patients presenting with and without hot autonomous nodules

Nair R.P.; A.S.ri A.; Skaggs L.S., 1986:
Dosimetric considerations of 15 centimeter deuteron plus beryllium and 26 centimeter proton plus beryllium neutron beams from an isocentric cyclotron facility

Wrede, D.E.; Givens, S.B., 1977:
Dosimetric considerations of symmetric and asymmetric cobalt 60 tele therapy split fields

Chierego G.; Marchetti C.; Avanzo R.C.; Pozza F.; Colombo F., 1988:
Dosimetric considerations on multiple arc stereotaxic radiotherapy

Gozenbuk, V.L.; Keirim-Markus, I.B., 1977:
Dosimetric criterion of death rate in dogs after uneven total body irradiation

Bernard, S.R., 1977 :
Dosimetric data and metabolic model for lead

Zamyatin, O.A.; Klepper, L.Y., 1987:
Dosimetric design of combined radiation therapy teletherapy and interstitial gamma therapy in oral mucosa tumors

Prasad, S.C.; Glasgow, G.P.; Purdy, J.A., 1979:
Dosimetric evaluation of a computed tomography treatment system

Bukovitz, A.G.; Saini, D.; Gur, D.; Sweeney, L.E., 1980:
Dosimetric evaluation of a variable field electron beam applicator

Latkowski, B.; Zalewski, P.; Sulkowski, W.; Puzio, J., 1987:
Dosimetric evaluation of noise and results of audiometric tests of hearing in a selected group of refinery petrochemical industry workers

Lisin V.A., 1984:
Dosimetric features and a radiobiological model of grid irradiation of malignant tumor

Metges P.J.; Lorrain S.; Delahaye R.P., 1981:
Dosimetric investigations in mammography

McDonald, J.C.; Kuo, T.Y.; Freed, B.R.; Laughlin, J.S., 1977:
Dosimetric measurements in the neutron field produced by a deuterium gas target with a compact medical cyclotron

Esche B.A.; Crook J.M.; Horiot J.C., 1987:
Dosimetric methods in the optimization of radiotherapy for carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Pasynkova I.E.; Kostromina K.N.; Tarakanova I.V., 1983:
Dosimetric planning of bi axial moving irradiation of cervical cancer patients

Skoropad-Yu, D.; Dmitrov, G.P.; Mardynskii-Yu, S., 1976:
Dosimetric planning of electron therapy of larynx cancer with due regard for its lumen

Chekhonadskii V.N., 1985:
Dosimetric planning of intracavitary multiposition irradiation of corpus uteri cancer patients

Brahme, A., 1984:
Dosimetric precision requirements in radiation therapy

Gantchew M., 1986:
Dosimetric problems with the application of lead filters in radiotherapy with megavoltage x rays

Harrison, G.H.; Cox, C.R.; Kubiczek, E.B.; Robinson, J.E., 1978:
Dosimetric properties of 80 mev deuterons plus beryllium and 80 mev deuterons plus beryllium and tantalum neutrons

Harrison G.H.; Balcer Kubiczek E.K.; Cox C.R., 1980:
Dosimetric properties of p 90 plus beryllium plus tantalum and p 101 plus beryllium plus aluminum neutrons

Benton E.V., 1983:
Dosimetric radiation measurements in space

Allkofer, O.C., 1977:
Dosimetric significance of cosmic radiation in the altitude of supersonic transport and in free space

Foster M.R.; Ferri E.S.; Hagan G.J., 1986:
Dosimetric study of microwave cataractogenesis

Cinos Cope C.; Pena Puig F.; Fernandez Mensaque L.S., 1980:
Dosimetric study of the explorations carried out on the head using computed axial tomography

Sharma, S.C.; Wilson, D.L., 1987:
Dosimetric study of total skin irradiation with a scanning beam electron accelerator

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Dosimetry and quality specification of high energy photon beams

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Dosimetry by ESR spectroscopy following a radiation accident

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Dosimetry considerations in the replacement of radon 222 sources by gold 198 sources for the treatment of patients

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Dosimetry for irregular shaped fields of beta rays

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Dosimetry for radiobiological experiments that use energetic heavy ions

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Dosimetry for tangential chest wall irradiation

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Dosimetry in a magnetically swept electron beam

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Dosimetry in case of irradiation of the lower section in patients with hodgkins disease

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Dosimetry in intra cavitary radiation therapy of cervical cancer on a hose gamma therapy apparatus agat b

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Dosimetry in intra cavitary radiation therapy with californium 252

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Dosimetry in intra thecal radio gold therapy 5. principles of gonad dose calculation

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Dosimetry in intra thecal radio gold therapy 6. comparison between the gonad dose with per cutaneous irradiation of the skull and with intra thecal gold 198 colloid treatment

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Dosimetry in isolation perfusion of the limbs by assessment of perfused tissue volume and grading of toxic tissue reactions

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Dosimetry in radio isotope placentography

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Dosimetry in support of wholesomeness studies

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Dosimetry in the radiotherapy of the cancer of cavum experimental verification

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Dosimetry in whole body irradiation with a linear accelerator

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Dosimetry of a dual photon energy linear accelerator

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Dosimetry of beta sources in radio therapy 1. the beta point source dose function

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Dosimetry of computerized tomography in the evaluation of hip dysplasia

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Dosimetry of iodine 131 labeled anti ferritin in hepatoma specific activities in the tumor and liver

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Dosimetry of lower segment irradiation in the case of hodgkins disease 2. radiation exposure of risk organs

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Dosimetry of mixed gamma and neutron radiation with the aid of 2 chemical systems

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Dosimetry of radioactive gold grains for the treatment of choroidal melanoma

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Dosimetry of very low energy photons

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Dosimetry of whole body irradiation for bone marrow transplantation

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Dosimetry of zinc radio nuclides

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Dosimetry on the linear accelerator 2. moving field therapy with ultra hard x radiation

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Dosimetry studies on prototype americium 241 sources for brachytherapy

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Dosimetry under pencil eye shields for cobalt 60 radiation

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Dosimetry using the linear accelerator part 1 standing field technique with ultra hard x ray irradiation

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Dosimetry with tissue equivalent ionization chambers in fast neutron fields for biomedical applications

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Dot blot procedure with phosphorus 32 dna probes for the sensitive detection of avocado sunblotch and other viroids in plants

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Dot immunobinding dib for detection of virus in seed

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Dot matrix analysis of nucleic acid sequences an interactive microcomputer program

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Dothistroma pini on young spruces picea abies

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Dothistroma septospora needle blight in australia

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Dothistromin as a metabolite of Cercospora arachidicola

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Doto ussi new species mollusca dendronotacea of the comoro islands france

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Dotted chromosomes produced in sodium phosphate solution super saturated with sodium bi carbonate

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Dotted moths without dots

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Dotterel charadrius morinellus numbers in relation to human impact in scotland uk

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Doty's operation for congenital supravalvular aortic stenosis in hour glass type

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Dotyella irregularis new species and new observations on cottoniella sarcomenioideae rhodophyta

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Dotyophycus abbottiae new species nemaliales a new red algal species from western australia

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Dotyophycus pacificum new genus new species with a discussion of some families of nemaliales rhodophyta

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Double 1 dimensional electrophoresis of human serum transferrin a new high resolution screening method for genetically determined variation

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Double abdomen induction with low uv doses in smittia sp chironomidae diptera sensitive period and complete photo reversibility

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Double acting betamethasone (Celestone Chronodose) in the treatment of supraspinatus tendinitis: a comparison of subacromial and gluteal single injections with placebo

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Double activation analysis the simultaneous use of radio tracers and activable tracers in a stream microcosm

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Double and triple sequential shocks reduce ventricular defibrillation threshold in dogs with and without myocardial infarction

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Double aortic arch with patent ductus arteriosus in a premature infant: an unusual vascular malformation

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Double arc structures in nuclei infected with human cytomegalovirus

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Double atresia of the duodenum

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Double atresia of the esophagus

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Double atrial parasystole. Case report

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Double atrial responses to a single ventricular impulse due to simultaneous conduction via 2 retrograde pathways

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Double autosomal aberration trisomy 21 and familial reciprocal translocation 10 12 p 14 q 21

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Double autosomal trisomy 1q21.2 qter and 14pter q13 in a female fetus with nuchal edema

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Double autosomal trisomy case report 48 xx plus 18 plus 21 and review of the literature

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Double balanced chromosomal translocation carrier 6 8 13 14 a case

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Double balloon technique for dilation of valvular or vessel stenosis in congenital and acquired heart disease

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Double barreled hypoplasia of internal auditory canal

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Double barreled potassium selective microelectrodes based on dibenzo 18 crown 6

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Double beam fluorescence spectrophotometry

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Double blind 1 year clinical study of fenoterol metered dose inhaler preliminary results of a cooperative study

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Double blind clinical experimentation on a new medicinal specialty a vaginal cream with a new antimycotic cyclopyroxolamine

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Double blind clinical study comparing lomiphylline dihydroergocristine and both drugs associated in patients with chronic cerebrovascular failure

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Double blind clinical test result of cefmenoxime otic solution for treatment of chronic purulent otitis media and its acute exacerbations

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Double blind clinical trial of anesthetic pre medication for use in major day surgery

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Double blind clinical trial of bromazepam and alpha methyl dopa in arterial hypertension

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Double blind clinical trial of nicardipine and a placebo in patients with chronic cerebral vascular insufficiency

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Double blind clinical trial of protacine vs. oxyphen butazone in rheumatic disorders

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Double blind clinical trial of the effect of bromopride on gastric emptying

Dona G.; Berchicci R., 1987:
Double blind clinical trial on the effectiveness and tolerance of etodolic acid in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Balsamo, S.B., 1986:
Double blind clinical trial with potassium diclofenac vs. placebo in primary dysmenorrhea

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Double blind communications and respondents reluctance to affirm the validity of their self disclosures

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Double blind comparative clinical trial of carprofen vs. diclofenac sodium in patients with cox arthrosis

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Double blind comparative multicenter study of the efficacy and safety of a slow release tablet of 200 mg ketoprofen once daily and a 50 mg ketoprofen capsule four times daily

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Double blind comparative multicenter study of two benzodiazepines in 117 outpatients alprazolam vs clobazam

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Double blind comparative study among 3 benzodiazepines as an anesthetic oral premedication

Pien F.D., 1983:
Double blind comparative study of 2 dosage regimens of cefaclor and amoxicillin clavulanic acid in the out patient treatment of soft tissue infections

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Double blind comparative study of clomipramine and amitriptyline in obsessive neurosis

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Double blind comparative study of different standardized prick test solutions

Prichard P.J.; Rubinstein D.; Jones D.B.; Dudley F.J.; Smallwood R.A.; Louis W.J.; Yeomans N.D., 1985:
Double blind comparative study of omeprazole 10 milligrams and 30 milligrams daily for healing duodenal ulcers

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Double blind comparative study of tinidazole and ornidazole as a single dose treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis

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Double blind comparative study on clinical efficacy of ab 206 and ampicillin in treatment of acute simple cystitis

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Double blind comparative study with intrarectal administration of midazolam, intramuscular administration of diazepam and intrarectal administration of diazepam: preliminary results

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Double blind comparative trial of acetaminophen dipyrone and placebo in postoperative pain in urology

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Double blind comparative trial to reassess desipramine and imipramine in moderate depressive illness

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Double blind comparative trial with single dose of acetaminophen acetylsalicylic acid and placebo in the treatment of post episiotomy pain

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Double blind comparison between cimetidine and gefarnate in cases of duodenal ulcer

Obermair, W.; Poeldinger, W., 1977 :
Double blind comparison between the effects of a new tri cyclic anti depressant lofepramine with a tetra cyclic maprotiline

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Double blind comparison of 2 methods of application of limoge current in electro drug anesthesia

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Double blind comparison of 2 regimens in the treatment of nongonococcal urethritis 7 day vs 21 day courses of triple tetracycline deteclo

Van Der Meijden W.I.; Van Der Hoek J.C.S.; Staal H.J.M.; Van Joost T.; Stolz E., 1986:
Double blind comparison of 200 milligram ketoconazole oral tablets and 1200 milligram miconazole vaginal capsule in the treatment of vaginal candidosis

Thin R.N.; Symonds M.A.E.; Booker R.; Cook S.; Langlet F., 1979:
Double blind comparison of a single dose and a 5 day course of metronidazole in the treatment of trichomoniasis

Enright A.B.; Parker J.B.R., 1988:
Double blind comparison of alfentanil nitrous oxide and fentanyl nitrous oxide for outpatient surgical procedures

Taverniti L.; Capaldo A.; Drago P.P.; Pecori Giraldi J., 1986:
Double blind comparison of ampicillin versus gentamicin of the therapeutic effectiveness in bacterial conjunctivitis

Jansen W., 1983:
Double blind comparison of azatadine maleate pseudo ephedrine sulfate syrup with placebo in relieving symptoms of the common cold

Mattelaer, G., 1978:
Double blind comparison of betamethasone di propionate and hydrocortisone butyrate creams in the treatment of steroid responsive dermatoses

Fierro G.; Gambarotto L.; Romano R.; Menichetti A.; Arcioni R.; Cavaliere G., 1986:
Double blind comparison of buprenorphine and morphine in postoperative pain

Fabre L.F., 1987:
Double blind comparison of buspirone with diazepam in anxious patients

Stehling, L.C.; Zauder, H.L., 1978:
Double blind comparison of butorphanol and meperidine in the treatment of post surgical pain

Momose T.; Ito K.; Enomoto N.; Yogozawa T.; Yamada M.; Kuge T.; Tachibana N.; Yamamura H., 1982:
Double blind comparison of butorphanol and pentazocine in the treatment of post surgical pain

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Double blind comparison of butorphanol tartrate and meperidine hydro chloride in balanced anesthesia

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Double blind comparison of dihydralazine and prazosin in hypertensive patients on the diuretic reserpine regimen

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Double blind comparison of doxazosin nadolol and placebo in patients with mild to moderate hypertension

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Double blind comparison of doxepin and desipramine in patients with primary affective disorders

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Double blind comparison of fluoxetine and amitriptyline in the treatment of major depressive illness

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Double blind comparison of half dose and standard dose flupenthixol decanoate in the maintenance treatment of stabilized out patients with schizophrenia

Rosen H.J., 1979:
Double blind comparison of haloperidol and thioridazine in geriatric out patients

Tobin J.M.; Robinson G.M.H., 1980:
Double blind comparison of haloperidol and thiothixene with aftercare treatment evaluation in psychiatric out patients with schizophrenia

Cohn J.B.; Gottschalk L.A., 1980:
Double blind comparison of ketazolam and placebo using once a day dosing

Anhalt, H.S.; Young, R.; Roginsky, M., 1980:
Double blind comparison of ketazolam diazepam and placebo in once a day vs. 3 times a day dosing

Graham D.Y.; Patterson D.J., 1983:
Double blind comparison of liquid anti acid and placebo in the treatment of symptomatic reflux esophagitis

Anderson J., 1984:
Double blind comparison of loperamide hydrochloride and placebo in the treatment of acute diarrhea in children

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Double blind comparison of maprotiline with amitriptyline in the treatment of depressive illness

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Double blind comparison of maternal analgesia and neo natal neuro behavior following intra venous butorphanol and meperidine

Nicholas A.D.G.; Robson P.J., 1982:
Double blind comparison of meptazinol and pethidine in labor

Writer W.D.R.; James F.M.IIi; Wheeler A.S., 1981:
Double blind comparison of morphine and bupivacaine for continuous epidural analgesia in labor

Breivik H.; Siebke H., 1979:
Double blind comparison of nefopam and pethidine for relief of post operative pain

Bukh N., 1983:
Double blind comparison of pivmecillinam plus pivampicillin miraxid with pivampicillin alone in chronic bronchitis a danish multicenter study

Bergan, T.; Skjerven, O., 1979:
Double blind comparison of short and medium term sulfonamides, sulfamethizole and sulfamethoxazole, in uncomplicated acute urinary tract infections

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Double blind comparison of the effects of cimetidine, ranitidine, famotidine, and placebo on intragastric acidity in 30 normal volunteers

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Double blind comparison of the efficacy and safety of naproxen and placebo in the treatment of dysmenorrhea

Macrae D.J.; Munishankrappa S.; Burrow L.M.; Milne M.K.; Grant I.S., 1987:
Double blind comparison of the efficacy of extradural diamorphine extradural phenoperidine and im diamorphine following cesarean section

Artner J.; Fuchs G., 1983:
Double blind comparison of the efficacy tolerance and safety of tioconazole and placebo in patients with vaginal candidiasis and the assessment of systemic absorption

Grigoriu D.; Grigoriu A., 1983:
Double blind comparison of the efficacy toleration and safety of tioconazole base 1 percent and econazole nitrate 1 percent creams in the treatment of patients with fungal infections of the skin or erythrasma

Hodgkinson, R.; Bhatt, M.; Wang, C.N., 1978:
Double blind comparison of the neuro behavior of neo nates following the administration of different doses of meperidine to the mother

Redpath J.B.S.; Pleuvry B.J., 1982:
Double blind comparison of the respiratory and sedative effects of codeine phosphate and racemic glaucine phosphate in human volunteers

Moschini M.T.; Galietti F.; Giorgis G.E.; Della Toffola A.; Miravalle C., 1986:
Double blind comparison of tolerance of prothionamide and ethionamide

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Double blind comparison of tolmetin sodium and indomethacin in ankylosing spondylitis

Stoughton R.B.; Cornell R.C.; Gange R.W.; Walter J.F., 1980:
Double blind comparison of topical 1 percent clindamycin phosphate cleocin t and oral tetracycline 500 milligrams per day in the treatment of acne vulgaris

Veriheyen K.; Vervaeke M.; Demyttenaere P.; Mierlo J.V., 1987:
Double blind comparison of two cisapride dosage regimens with placebo in the treatment of functional constipation a general practice multicenter study

Qing S., 1984:
Double blind control study of porcine thymosin f 5 in the treatment of chronic hepatitis b

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Double blind controlled comparison of aspirin allopurinol and placebo in the management of arthralgia during pyrazinamide administration

Chandra R.K.; Heresi G.; Woodford G., 1982 :
Double blind controlled crossover trial of 4 percent intra nasal sodium cromoglycate solution in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis

D.Blecourt J.J., 1981:
Double blind controlled evaluation of benoxaprofen for treatment of cox arthrosis and gon arthrosis

Menon A.D.; Pinto J.A.; Rolla A.F.D.A.; Andrade L.A.G.D.; Abe N.H.; Ribeiro U.J., 1986:
Double blind controlled study of the influence of proteolytic enzymes on the tetracycline concentration in tonsils

Konturek, S.J.; Kwiecień, N.; Obtułowicz, W.; Kopp, B.; Oleksy, J., 1986:
Double blind controlled study on the effect of sucralfate on gastric prostaglandin formation and microbleeding in normal and aspirin treated man

Della Toffola A.; Ardizzi A.; Giorgis G.E.; Galietti F.; Moschini M.T., 1986:
Double blind controlled trial between ketotifen and placebo in the effort asthma

Charuwichitratana S.; Polikorn N.; Pauvilai S.; Wongwaisayawan H., 1984:
Double blind controlled trial in the treatment of nongonococcal urethritis by tetracycline and midecamycin

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Double blind controlled trial of 3 dosage regimens in treatment of hem arthroses in hemophilia a

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Double blind controlled trial of amylo pectin sulfate depepsen in the symptomatic treatment of duodenal ulcer

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Double blind controlled trial of bethanechol and anti acid vs. placebo and anti acid in the treatment of erosive esophagitis

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Double blind controlled trial of dextro penicillamine in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis

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Double blind controlled trial of electro convulsive therapy and simulated electro convulsive therapy in depressive illness

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Double blind controlled trial of oral vancomycin as adjunctive treatment in acute exacerbations of idiopathic colitis

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Double blind controlled trial of phosphatidylserine in patients with senile mental deterioration

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Double blind controlled trial of the therapeutic effects of prostacyclin in patients with completed ischemic stroke

Smerdon, D.L.; Hung, S.O.; Akingbehin, T., 1986:
Double blind controlled trial to compare antiinflammatory effects of tolmetin 2 percent prednisolone 0.5 percent and placebo in post cataract extraction eyes

Matteoli S.; Trappolini M.; Galli V.; Federici A.R.; Borgia M.C.; Greco V., 1988:
Double blind cross over study with bepridil and verapamil in patients with stable effort angina

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Double blind crossover clinical pharmacology study comparing moxestrol r 2858 and ethynyl estradiol in post menopausal women

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Double blind crossover comparison of ketoprofen ibuprofen and placebo in the treatment of patients with primary dysmenorrhea

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Double blind crossover comparison of suprofen and dextropropoxyphene plus paracetamol in post operative dental pain

Mazzei J.A.M.; Torres J., 1984:
Double blind crossover randomized clinical trial of the association iodinated glycerolphenylpropanolamine in patients with bronchial asthma

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Double blind crossover study by general practitioners comparing triazolam vs nitrazepam in insomniac out patients

Huagen, H.N., 1975:
Double blind crossover study of a new appetite suppressant an 448 5 hydroxy 5 p chlorophenyl 2 3 di hydro 5h imidazo 2 1 a isoindole

Hadidi T.; Philis M.Z.; E.G.obarey A.F., 1979:
Double blind crossover study of large doses of ketoprofen and indomethacin in rheumatoid arthritis

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Double blind crossover study of nabumetone vs. naproxen in the treatment of osteo arthritis

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Double blind crossover study of the anti emetic efficacy of high dose dexamethasone vs. high dose metoclopramide

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Double blind crossover study of the effect of acetyl salicylic acid on bleeding and post operative course after bilateral oral surgery

Brampton W.J.; Plantevin O.M., 1985:
Double blind crossover study of the efficacy and acceptability of oxazepam expidet tablets compared to placebo in patients undergoing gynecological surgery

Galletly D.C.; Short T.G.; Ure R.W.; Cleary M.C., 1987:
Double blind crossover study on the effect of nefopam and placebo on airways resistance on asthmatic subjects

Nevinny Stickel J., 1983:
Double blind crossover study with org od 14 7 alpha 17 alpha 17 hydroxy 7 methyl 19 norpregn 5 10 en 20 syn 3 one and placebo in post menopausal patients

Businco L.; Benincori N.; Nini G.; Businco E.; Cantani A.; D.A.gelis M., 1986:
Double blind crossover trial and with oral sodium cromoglycate in children with atopic dermatitis due to food allergy

Kavli G.; Larsen P.O., 1981:
Double blind crossover trial comparing systemic chromone carboxylic acid with placebo in patients with atopic dermatitis

Lehner, T.; Wilton, J.M.A.; Ivanyi, L., 1976:
Double blind crossover trial of levamisole in recurrent aphthous ulceration

Loiseau, P.; Bossi, L.; Guyot, M.; Orofiamma, B.; Morselli, P.L., 1983:
Double blind crossover trial of progabide vs. placebo in severe epilepsies

Ahumada Padilla M.; Barbara Stark F., 1981:
Double blind design for treatment of acne vulgaris with clindamycin and tetracycline

Guy W.; Manov G.; Wilson W.H., 1986:
Double blind dose determination study of a new antidepressant sertraline

Hernandez G.; Troncoso G.; Palencia C.; Maldonaldo S., 1988:
Double blind dose response study of cisapride in the treatment of chronic functional constipation

Ney P.G.; Collins C.; Spensor C., 1986:
Double blind double talk or are there ways to do better research?

Degreef H.; Bussche G.V., 1982:
Double blind evaluation of a miconazole benzoyl per oxide combination for the tropical treatment of acne vulgaris

Bromley J.W.; Varma A.O.; Santoro A.J.; Cohen P.; Jacobs R.; Berger L., 1984:
Double blind evaluation of collagenase injections for herniated lumbar disc

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Double blind evaluation of extradural methyl prednisolone for herniated lumbar discs

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Double blind evaluation of methyl prednisolone vs. placebo for acute asthma episodes

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Double blind evaluation of the effect of etodolac and placebo on uric acid levels

Laerum, F.; Dehner, L.P.; Rysavy, J.; Amplatz, K., 1987:
Double blind evaluation of the effects of various contrast media on extremity veins in the dog

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Double blind experimental trial of triazolam vs. placebo

Oldini C.; Vecchi E., 1987:
Double blind investigation of the antitussive effectiveness of cloperastine

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Double blind multi center comparison of 1200 milligram and 1000 milligram cimetidine in hospitalized and ambulatory duodenal ulcer patients

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Double blind multi center parallel trial of ketoprofen and ibuprofen in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

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Double blind multicenter comparison of omeprazole and ranitidine in the treatment of reflux esophagitis

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Double blind multicenter study of diftalone and indomethacin in rheumatoid arthritis

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Double blind multicenter study of the activity of s adenosylmethionine in hip and knee osteoarthritis

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Double blind oral analgesic study of butorphanol in episiotomy pain a comparison with codeine and placebo

Stevanovic, L., 1986:
Double blind parallel clinical trial with tenoxicam vs. piroxicam in patients suffering from acute lumbalgia and subacute lumboischialgia

Alegre D.M.quel C.; Mirada Alabart A.; Lloret Puig I., 1987:
Double blind parallel comparison of topically applied piketoprofen and hydroxyphenylbutazone creams in the treatment of gonarthrosis

Bosch F.F., 1987:
Double blind parallel evaluation of the effectiveness of piketoprofen cream and diethylamine salicylate nopoxamine cream in the treatment of ankle sprain

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Double blind parallel study of piroxicam vs. indomethacin in the treatment of low back pain

D.P.dova C.; Tritapepe R.; Rovagnati P.; Rossetti S., 1984:
Double blind placebo controlled clinical trial of microporous cholestyramine in the treatment of intrahepatic and extrahepatic cholestasis relationship between itching and serum bile acids

Ger Austrian Xamoterol Study Group, 1988:
Double blind placebo controlled comparison of digoxin and xamoterol in chronic heart failure

Durrington P.N.; Miller J.P., 1985:
Double blind placebo controlled cross over trial of probucol in heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia

D.M.inck Keizer Schrama S.M.P.F.; Hazebroek F.W.J.; Matroos A.W.; Drop S.L.S.; Molenaar J.C.; Visser H.K.A., 1986:
Double blind placebo controlled study of lhrh nasal spray in treatment of undescended testes

Mainguet, P.; Fiasse, R., 1977:
Double blind placebo controlled study of loperamide imodium in chronic diarrhea caused by ileo colic disease or resection

Loiseau P.; Hardenberg J.P.; Pestre M.; Guyot M.; Schechter P.J.; Tell G.P., 1986:
Double blind placebo controlled study of vigabatrin gamma vinyl gamma aminobutyric acid in drug resistant epilepsy

Prenner B.M., 1987:
Double blind placebo controlled trail of intranasal ige pentapeptide

Anders B.J.; Lauer B.A.; Paisley J.W.; Reller L.B., 1982:
Double blind placebo controlled trial of erythromycin for treatment of campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni enteritis

Stanhope, R.; Buchanan, C.R.; Fenn, G.C.; Preece, M.A., 1988:
Double blind placebo controlled trial of low dose oxandrolone in the treatment of boys with constitutional delay of growth and puberty

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Double blind placebo controlled trial of oral acyclovir in 1st episode genital herpes simplex virus infection

Ransmayr G.; Ploerer S.; Gerstenbrand F.; Bauer G., 1987:
Double blind placebo controlled trial of phosphatidylserine in elderly patients with arteriosclerotic encephalopathy

Beller G.A.; Bittar N.; Coelho J.B.; Craddock G.B.; Ezekowitz M.D.; Murray G.C.; Steen S.N.; Waksman J.A., 1984:
Double blind placebo controlled trial of propranolol given once twice and 4 times daily in stable angina pectoris a multicenter study using serial exercise testing

Laurence K.M.; James N.; Miller M.H.; Tennant G.B.; Campbell H., 1981:
Double blind randomized controlled trial of folate treatment before conception to prevent recurrence of neural tube defects

Scriven A.J.I.; Lipkin D.P.; Anand I.S.; Sutton G.C.; Poole Wilson P.A., 1988:
Double blind randomized cross over comparison of oral captopril and enoximone added to diuretic treatment in patients with severe heart failure

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Double blind randomized crossover trial comparing isosorbide dinitrate cream and oral sustained release tablets in patients with angina pectoris

Hantschke D.; Reichenberger M., 1980:
Double blind randomized in vivo investigations comparing the anti fungals clotrimazole tolnaftate and naftifine

Roelandts F., 1988:
Double blind randomized multicenter study with captopril hydrochlorothiazide versus hydrochlorothiazide amiloride in moderate essential hypertension

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Double blind randomized study on the effect of thymomodulin in chemoinduced myelodepression in cancer patients preliminary results

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Double blind randomized trial comparing single dose enoxacin and trimethoprim for treatment of bacterial cystitis

Weisman, M.H., 1986:
Double blind randomized trial of diclofenac sodium vs. placebo in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Double blind randomized trial of intravenous glycerol in acute stroke

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Double blind randomized trial of intravenous tissue type plasminogen activator vs. placebo in acute myocardial infarction

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Double blind randomized trial of org 10172 low molecular weight heparinoid in prevention of deep vein thrombosis in thrombotic stroke

Castro Torres A.; Martin Moreno L.; Jimenez Reyes J.J.; Riesgo Bucher Y., 1987:
Double blind stud of terfenadine versus clemastine in pruriginous skin disorders

Yanagida H., 1980:
Double blind studies of stadol butorphanol tartrate and pentazocine for post operative pain

Hecquet, S.; Puech, A.J.; Lecrubier, Y., 1984:
Double blind study alprazolam vs. lorazepam in ambulatory anxious patients

Gananca M.M.; Albernaz P.L.M., 1986:
Double blind study between aniracetam and placebo in labyrinthopathies

Del Bufalo C.; Gunella G., 1986:
Double blind study for evaluation of buccal and bronchial absorption of clenbuterol aerosol

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Double blind study of act vs. prednisone therapy in infantile spasms

O'shea J.A.; Porter S.F., 1981:
Double blind study of children with hyper kinetic syndrome treated with multi allergen extract sublingually

Rimmer E.M.; Richens A., 1984:
Double blind study of gamma vinyl gamma amino butyric acid in patients with refractory epilepsy

Prior A.; Whorwell P.J., 1987:
Double blind study of ispaghula in irritable bowel syndrome

Weimar W.; Heijtink R.A.; Ten Kate F.J.P.; Schalm S.W.; Masurel N.; Schellekens H.; Cantell K., 1980:
Double blind study of leukocyte interferon administration in chronic hepatitis b surface antigen positive hepatitis

Lisker R.; Moreno Terrazas O., 1980:
Double blind study of milk lactose intolerance in a group of rural children

Carella F.; Girotti F.; Scigliano G.; Caraceni T.; Joder Ohlenbusch A.M.; Schechter P.J., 1986:
Double blind study of oral gamma vinyl gamma aminobutyric acid in the treatment of dystonia

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Double blind study of papaverine hydro chloride on the efficacy in the treatment of intermittent claudication

Kodjian A.; Barriaga C.; Turcot G.; Natarjan M.; Engelsmann F.; Anath J., 1986:
Double blind study of pimozide in senile dementia patients

Catenazzo G.; Fiorenza A.M.; Torri A.; Ghirardi P.; Melloni G.F., 1986:
Double blind study of prazosin diffutab once daily

Diaz C.; Gasso F.C.; Panades J.N., 1981:
Double blind study of the analgesic activity of fosfosal in patients with musculo skeletal and articular pain comparison with lysine acetyl salicylate and placebo

Gorbachev V.V.; Pristrom M.S.; Sytyi V.P.; Mrochek A.G.; Odinets V.S.; Khapalyuk A.V.; Tyabut T.D.; Vetokhin V.I.; Krivitskii V.K.; E.A., 1986:
Double blind study of the antiarrhythmic effect of ethacizine

Lepsien G.; Buck W., 1988:
Double blind study of the effect of cyclotropium bromide on esophageal smooth muscle presentation of a test for spasmolytic efficacy

Coeytaux, R.; Atinault, A.; Cazalaa, J.B.; Louville, Y., 1977:
Double blind study of the effectiveness of electro pharmaceutical anesthesia 50 cases of prostatic adenomectomy

Bidabe A.M.; Floras P.; Orgogozo J.M.; Pere J.M.; Dartigues J.F.; Caille J.M., 1982:
Double blind study of the effects of potassium canrenoate on ischemic cerebral edema

Dieux, F.; Famaey, J.P., 1979:
Double blind study of the efficacy and tolerance of local injections of bufexamac vs. triamcinolone acetonide in abarticular rheumatism or osteo arthritis

Michelini M.; Matacena C.; D.S.hiavi L.A.; Chioma V.; Marani A.; Fini C.; Bonavita E.; Bedetti G., 1986:
Double blind study of the efficacy of levo acetylcarnitine in the short term treatment of neuropsychological disorders of the senile brain

Santo Domingo Carrasco J.; Bravo Ortiz M.F.; Barroso Canizares A.; Caballero Martin L., 1985:
Double blind study of the efficacy of tetrabamate and tiapride in the treatment of alcohol deprivation

Alon E.; Baitella L.; Hossli G., 1987:
Double blind study of the reversal of midazolam supplemented general anesthesia with ro 15 1788

Gilsanz V.; Rebollar J.L.; Chantres M.T.; Rosso C.; Perez Oteyza C.; Ballarin M., 1980:
Double blind study of the treatment of gastric ulcer with cimetidine

Manani G.; Segatto A.; Giunta F.; Maritano F.; Nunziata A.; Giron G.P.; Galzigna L., 1982:
Double blind study of the treatment of the adynamic ileus with fructose 1 6 di phosphate

Weiner M.; Semah D.; Schewach Millet M., 1984:
Double blind study of variables influencing the clinical effects of solcoderm

Suri Y.V.; Singhal A.P.; Phadke V.K.; Rajauria S.S.; Singh R.D.; Gupta P.P.; Dhawan B.N., 1982:
Double blind study on centbucridine for subarachnoid and extradural anesthesia

Morel C.; Longo O.; Danguise E.; Zurita J., 1985:
Double blind study on the efficiency and tolerance of ceruletide as compared to pentazocine in postoperative pain

Belz G.G.; Aust P.E.; Belz G., 1981:
Double blind study on the hemodynamic effects of amezinium methylsulfate in patients with orthostatic circulatory disorders

Ala-Houhala, M.; Koskinen, T.; Koskinen, M.; Visakorpi, J.K., 1988:
Double blind study on the need for vitamin D supplementation in prepubertal children

Lacey R.W.; Howson G.L.; Lord V.L.; Luxton D.E.A.; Trotter I.S., 1983:
Double blind study to compare the selection of antibiotic resistance by amoxicillin or cephradine in the commensal flora

Poeldinger, W.; Bures, E.; Haage, H., 1977:
Double blind study with 2 butyrophenone derivatives bromperidol vs haloperidol

Kieselbach G.F.; Goettinger W., 1986:
Double blind study with cyclosporin a eye drops in healthy subjects

Mazure P.A.; Cosen J.N.; Ciccia J.E.; Colombato L.O.; Luis A.; Arguto J.F.; Boffi A., 1985:
Double blind study with misoprostol in the treatment of active duodenal ulcer

Frick J.; Joos H.; Kunit G., 1985:
Double blind study with serocytol muqueuse urinaire and serocytol sre in patients with urological disorders

Turco P.; Vozza A.; Guerrera V., 1987:
Double blind test of betamethasone dipropionate plus iodochlorooxyquinoline and flumethasone pivalate plus triclosan for topical use

Cunha A.S.D.; Pedrosa R.C., 1986:
Double blind therapeutical evaluation based on the quantitative oogram technique comparing praziquantel and oxamniquine in human schistosomiasis mansoni

Duncombe, V.M.; Bolin, T.D.; Davis, A.E., 1977:
Double blind trail of cholestyramine in post vagotomy diarrhea

Brompton Hosp Med Res Counc Collab Trial (Uk), 1979:
Double blind trial comparing 2 dosage schedules of beclomethasone di propionate aerosol with a placebo in chronic bronchial asthma

Bune A.J.; Chalmers J.P.; Graham J.R.; Howe P.R.C.; West M.J.; Wing L.M.H., 1981:
Double blind trial comparing guanfacine and methyl dopa in patients with essential hypertension

Petera, P.I. ; Tausch, G.; Broell, H.; Eberl, R., 1977:
Double blind trial involving terorema a new anti rheumatic vs indomethacin in rheumatoid diseases

Altomonte L.; Mingrone G.; Negrini A.; D.C.nto F.; Greco A.V., 1981:
Double blind trial of a new lipid lowering substance etofibrate

Brathwaite A.R., 1979:
Double blind trial of amoxicillin and ampicillin plus probenecid in the treatment of gonorrhea in men

Mendelow A.D.; Stockdill G.; Steers A.J.W.; Hayes J.; Gillingham F.J., 1982:
Double blind trial of aspirin in patients receiving tranexamic acid for subarachnoid hemorrhage

Wheeler K.A.H.; West R.J.; Lloyd J.K.; Barley J., 1985:
Double blind trial of bezafibrate in familial hypercholesterolemia

Ikram H.; Fitzpatrick D., 1981:
Double blind trial of chronic oral beta blockade in congestive cardio myopathy

Ward, M.; Pollard, E.J.; Cowen, A., 1981:
Double blind trial of cimetidine vs. tri potassium di citrato bismuthate in chronic duodenal ulceration

Belch J.J.F.; Shaw B.; Sturrock R.D.; Madhok R.; Leiberman P.; Forbes C.D., 1985:
Double blind trial of cl 115347 16 ethenyl 11 16 dihydroxy 9 oxoprosta 5 13 dien 1 oic acid methyl ester a transdermally absorbed prostaglandin e 2 analog in treatment of raynauds phenomenon

Dhir, S.P.; Sharma, Y.R.; Bansal, S.L.; Jain, I.S., 1978:
Double blind trial of di sodium cromoglycate in vernal catarrh

Colombeau P.; Ballanger P., 1987:
Double blind trial of nicergoline an alpha blocker in the treatment of prostate bladder neck dysfunction

Memmos, D.E.; Eastwood, J.B.; Gower, P.E.; Curtix, J.R.; Phillips, M.E.; Carter, G.D.; Alaghband-Zadeh, J.; Roberts, A.P.; De-Wardener, H.E.; Et-Al, 1981:
Double blind trial of oral 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 vs. placebo in asymptomatic hyper parathyroidism in patients receiving maintenance hemo dialysis

Shu C.; E.A., 1987:
Double blind trial of poly i c for epidemic hemorrhagic fever ehf

Bovier P.; Cambier J.; Morselli P.L., 1985:
Double blind trial of progabide in the treatment of spastic syndrome

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