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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5195

Chapter 5195 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Baro, F.; Malfroid, M.; Waegemans, T.; Cox, J.P., 1985:
Double blind trial of suloctidil vs. placebo in moderate to severe mental deterioration

Tsvetkova E.S.; Sigidin Y.A., 1981:
Double blind trial of the comparative efficacy of voltaren and naproxen in rheumatoid arthritis

Burdeinyi A.P., 1981:
Double blind trial of the efficacy of voltaren and indomethacin in bechterews disease

Ellingsen, P.A., 1983:
Double blind trial of triazolam 0.5 milligrams vs. nitrazepam 5 milligrams in out patients

Fielding, J.F., 1980:
Double blind trial of trimebutine in the irritable bowel syndrome

Haddad, N.; Bechelli, L.M.; Kwapinski, J.B.; Simão, E.T., 1982:
Double blind trial on the effect of certain soluble cytoplasmic mycobacterial antigens on the late reactivity to lepromin

Faravelli, C.; Broadhurst, A.D.; Ambonetti, A.; Ballerini, A.; De-Biase, L.; La-Malfa, G.; Das, M., 1983:
Double blind trial with oral vs. intra venous clomipramine in primary depression

Jacquy, J.; Noel, G., 1977:
Double blind trial with suloctidil a new vasoactive agent in elderly patients with psycho organic brain syndrome

Burge P.S.; Efthimiou J.; Turner Warwick M.; Nelmes P.T.J., 1982:
Double blind trials of inhaled beclomethasone di propionate and fluocortin butyl ester in allergen induced immediate and late asthmatic reactions

Bechelli, L.M.; Haddad, N.; Pagnano, P.M.; Neves, R.G.; Melchior, E.; Fregnan, R.C., 1980:
Double blind trials to determine the late reactivity of leprosy patients and unaffected persons to different concentrations of armadillo lepromin in comparison to human lepromin

Verstraete, M.; Tyberghein, J.; De-Greef, Y.; Daems, L.; Van-Hoof, A., 1977:
Double blind trials with ethamsylate batroxobin or tranexamic acid on blood loss after adeno tonsillectomy

Kark R.A.P.; Budelli M.M.R.; Wachsner R., 1981:
Double blind triple crossover trial of low doses of oral physostigmine in inherited ataxias

Basset, P.; Durand, G.; Forette, B.; Jean-Louis, P.; Lecourt-Bakouche, M.C.; Lormeau, G.; Pilate, C.; Rives, H., 1983:
Double blind vs. placebo clinical trial with a new anxiolytic agent suriclone

Dhanda V.; Gill G.S., 1982:
Double blood meals by phlebotomus argentipes and phlebotomus papatasi in 2 villages of maharashtra india

Hellekant, C.; Jonsson, K., 1981:
Double blood supply of bronchogenic carcinoma from multiple arteries

Lankelma J.; Ayanoglu E.; Djerassi C., 1983:
Double bond location in long chain poly unsaturated fatty acids by chemical ionization mass spectrometry

Dunkelblum E.; Tan S.H.; Silk P.J., 1985:
Double bond location in monounsaturated fatty acids by dimethyl disulfide derivatization and mass spectrometry application to analysis of fatty acids in pheromone glands of 4 lepidoptera

Brown, C.R., 1978:
Double broodedness in purple martins in texas usa

Bergentz, S.E.; Brunius, U.; Claes, G.; Gelin, L.E.; Lewis, D.H., 1969:
Double cadaver renal transplantations an analysis of 21 pairs with special reference to the effect of variations in ischemia time

Fujii T.; Nishiki M.; Okumichi T.; E.A., 1981:
Double cancer in the lung and other organs

Sugiyama, T.; Park, Y.C.; Iguchi, M.; Kurita, T., 1984:
Double cancer in urology

Yoshimura Y.; Takada K.; Fujita K., 1981:
Double cancer of the oral region 15 year follow up of a double cancer of malignant melanoma of the lip and adeno carcinoma of the stomach

Ito S.; Mochizuki F.; Matumoto K.; Ikeda T.; E.A., 1982:
Double cancers of the stomach a case

Hochuli E.; Vogt H.P., 1987:
Double cerclage cervical insufficiency in the second trimester and its treatment

W.Z.; Wang Y.; Wang M., 1981:
Double cervix adeno carcinoma a case

Patron Amador E.; Quintal Flores A.; Vazquez Flores M.; Duran Cardenas M.; Farjat Ruiz J.; Rosado Lopez L.; Calpe Horta J., 1988:
Double chamber pacemakers its implantation in a schoolboy who suffered a traumatic lesion of the conductive tissue

Alcibar J.; Lekuona I.; Cabrera A.; Gochi R.; Onate A.; Inguanzo R.; Pastor E., 1986:
Double chamber right ventricle angiohemodynamic study surgical implications

Lubinu F.; Messina R.; Sini M.G.; Matera P., 1987:
Double chamber uterus hystero aspiration and continued pregnancy with a spontaneous abortion in the eighteenth week

Nakata, T.; Hattori, A.; Shimamoto, K., 2004:
Double chambered right ventricle

Okoshi T.; Asakura T.; Miyasaka M.; Shimakura T., 1985:
Double chambered right ventricle associated with tricuspid regurgitation a 54 year old case

Sekine H.; Fukui I.; Yamada T.; Igarashi K.; Yokokawa M.; Yoshida T., 1986:
Double channel chemotherapy with intra arterial infusion of cisplatinum and concurrent intra venous infusion of sodium thiosulfate for bladder cancer

Meier, D.S.; Ott, E.O.; Aoyagi, M.; Kavamura, I.; Tagashira, I.; Matsuda, M.; Achari, A.N., 1975:
Double cholinergic and adrenergic control of cerebral blood flow

Garofalo, A.; Santoro, E., 1985:
Double circuit esophagojejunoduodenal plasty in reconstruction of the alimentary tract after total gastrectomy

Longstreth G.F.; Wolochow D.A.; T.R.T., 1979:
Double congenital mid esophageal webs in adults

Farshy C.E.; Hunter E.F.; Larsen S.A.; Cerny E.H., 1984:
Double conjugate enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m against treponema pallidum

Arciprete, P.; McKay, R.; Watson, G.H.; Hamilton, D.I.; Wilkinson, J.L.; Arnold, R.M., 1986:
Double connections in total anomalous pulmonary venous connection

Pavlov, H.; Torg, J.S., 1978:
Double contrast arthrographic evaluation of the anterior cruciate ligament

Lupi L.; Faccini R.; Orzincolo C., 1986:
Double contrast arthrography in the study of knee meniscal lesions

Laasonen E.M.; Lindholm A., 1983:
Double contrast arthrography of the knee comparison between 3 contrast media

Imai, N., 1983:
Double contrast arthrography of the knee in acute injury of the medial collateral ligament

Villers, P.; Moitrel, C.; Chemin, J.J., 1980:
Double contrast arthrography of the shoulder

Ogawa, K., 1984:
Double contrast arthrography of the shoulder joint

Bessette J.R.; Maglinte D.D.T., 1987:
Double contrast barium enema study simple conversion to carbon dioxide

Hyslop J.S.; Mitchelmore A.E.; Cox R.R.; Wells I.P., 1982:
Double contrast barium meal examination a comparison of 2 high density barium preparations e z hd and x opaque

Ugolotti U.; Miselli A.; Mandrioli R.; Larini P.; Rossi G., 1983:
Double contrast enema in the colonic diseases 3500 cases

W.G.; E.A., 1986:
Double contrast enema study of the small intestine analysis of 103 cases

Fork, F.T.; Lindström, C.; Ekelund, G., 1983:
Double contrast examination in carcinoma of the colon and rectum. A prospective clinical series

Laconi A.; D.M.ria M.; Lagalla R.; Grisafi D., 1982:
Double contrast examination in gastric polyposis

Shimaguchi, S.; Ariyama, J.; Autenrieth, J., 1981:
Double contrast examination of the bile ducts

Mcdermott P.; Wallers K.J.; Holden R.; James W.B., 1982:
Double contrast examination of the esophagus the radiological changes of peptic esophagitis

Soini, I.; Kiuru, A.; Makela, P.J.; Varpula, M.; Virtama, P., 1983:
Double contrast examination of the stomach 100 millimeter fluorography vs. full size radiography

Goldstein, H.M., 1976:
Double contrast gastrography

Miyauchi F.; Toyoshima H.; Ueda K.; Hiratsuka K.; Mano T.; Tsutsui H.; Kato H.; Torigoe T.; Ito T., 1982:
Double contrast hysterography using carbon di oxide insufflation

Roggensack, H.O., 1980:
Double contrast investigation of the stomach in hypotonia

Rinaldi E.; Larini P.; Guardoli A.; Miselli A., 1982:
Double contrast knee arthrography cases of pitfalls

Rinaldi, E.; Guardoli, A.; Larini, P.; Miselli, A., 1980:
Double contrast knee arthrography in meniscal lesions

Yamazaki T.; Yabumoto E.; Sakamoto T.; Hamanaka D.; Kawanishi K.; Furunishi H.; Murata K.; Nishimura K.; Togashi K.; E.A., 1981:
Double contrast magnification stereo radiography and 3 dimensional interpretation of the gastro intestinal tract

Beltran J.; Ferrer M.; Lodo J., 1981:
Double contrast of the upper digestive tract causes of error in the diagnosis of malignant and benign gastric neoplasms

Tayal R.; Singh A.P.; Chandna I.S.; Nayar K.N., 1986:
Double contrast peritoneography in goats

Kene R.O.C., 1986:
Double contrast radiographic study of normal caprine upper urinary tract

Blain, F.; L.G.yader, J.; Brousse, A.; Saliou, J.; Bellet, M., 1980:
Double contrast radiological exploration of the major duodenal papilla

Tanaka K.; Yao T.; Fujita K.; Hiyoshi Y.; Nakatake K.; Arima S.; Hamada S.; Murayama H., 1982:
Double contrast study of the minute lesions of crohns disease of the small intestine

Antes G.; Lissner J., 1981:
Double contrast technique of the small bowel enema with barium and methyl cellulose

Spackman, T.J., 1977:
Double contrast urethrography for evaluation of abnormalities of the male urethra

Neidlein R.; Guenther G.; Kramer W.; Gieren A.; Lamm V.; Betz H., 1986:
Double coupling reaction of a diazonium salt with 2 10 dimethoxy 1 6 methano 10 annulene and x ray structure analysis

Sekeles, E., 1982:
Double cranial vena cava in a cow: case report and review of the literature

Van Scheik W.J.; Lewin V., 1985:
Double crested cormorant phalacrocorax auritus egg ejection

Craven S.R.; Lev E., 1987:
Double crested cormorants in the apostle islands wisconsin usa population trends food habits and fishery depredations

Weseloh D.V.; Teeple S.M.; Gilbertson M., 1983:
Double crested cormorants phalacrocorax auritus of the great lakes usa canada egg laying parameters reproductive failure and contaminant residues in eggs lake huron 1972 1973

Smith C.W.; Varvil J.J., 1982:
Double cropping cotton gossypium hirsutum and wheat triticum aestivum

Gite L.P.; Bhandarkar D.M.; Singh M.P., 1987:
Double cropping in rainfed black soils of madhya pradesh india

Duncan R.R., 1980:
Double cropping sorghum sorghum bicolor with crimson clover trifolium incarnatum

Duncan R.R.; Hoveland C.S., 1986:
Double cropping winter rapeseed brassica napus and grain sorghum sorghum bicolor

Albassir A.; Litt R., 1984:
Double cup arthroplasty a comparative study of 40 cases using the freeman and wagner technique

G.Z.B.; E.A., 1985:
Double cup resurfacing arthroplasty for rheumatoid arthritis of the hip

Dua, R.P.; Devdas, G., 1985:
Double cut vs. single cut fodder in pearl millet pennisetum americanum

Brandslund I.; Siersted H.C.; Svehag S E.; Teisner B., 1981:
Double decker rocket immuno electrophoresis for direct quantitation of complement c 3 split products with complement c 3d specificities in plasma

Bresler, V.M.; Nikiforov, A.A., 1977:
Double dependence of organic acid active transport in proximal tubules of surviving frog kidney on sodium ions part 1 influence of sodium ions in bath medium on the uptake and run out of fluorescein and uranin

Nikiforov, A.A.; Bresler, V.M., 1977:
Double dependence of organic acid active transport in proximal tubules of surviving frog kidney on sodium ions part 2 relationship between counter flows of fluorescein and sodium ion across cell layer

Keller M.B.; Lavori P.W.; Endicott J.; Coryell W.; Klerman G.L., 1983:
Double depression 2 year follow up

Keller, M.B.; Shapiro, R.W., 1982:
"Double depression": superimposition of acute depressive episodes on chronic depressive disorders

Bild, G.S.; Ramadoss, C.S.; Lim, S.; Axelrod, B., 1977:
Double di oxygenation of arachidonic acid by soybean lip oxygenase 1

Van-Os, C.P.A.; Rijke-Schilder, G.P.M.; Van-Halbeek, H.; Verhagen, J.; Vliegenthart, J.F.G., 1981:
Double di oxygenation of arachidonic acid by soybean lip oxygenase 1 ec kinetics and regio stereospecificities of the reaction steps

McClelland, R.R.; Marsh, D.G., 1977:
Double diastematomyelia

Chuang, C.Y.; Luo, S.F., 1980:
Double diffusion

McColm, A.A.; Trigg, P.I., 1981:
Double diffusion analysis of antigens released from Plasmodium knowlesi in vitro

Fasani, F.; Bossi, A.; Caramia, V., 1987:
Double diffusion and ELISA for the detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against Micropolyspora faeni

Huxsoll, C.C.; Weaver, M.L.; Ng, K.C., 1981:
Double dip caustic peeling of potatoes 1. laboratory scale development

Macphail, E.M.; Reilly, S., 1987:
Double dissociation of effects on learning of medial versus lateral hyperstriatal lesions in pigeons

Dunn, L.T.; Everitt, B.J., 1988:
Double dissociations of the effects of amygdala and insular cortex lesions on conditioned taste aversion, passive avoidance, and neophobia in the rat using the excitotoxin ibotenic acid

Plumley T.F.; Rohrmann C.A.; Freeny P.C.; Silverstein F.E.; Ball T.J., 1982:
Double duct sign reassessed significance in endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography

Schenker H.; Michos N.; Hobel W., 1986:
Double dummy comparison of suprofen and indomethacin sustained release formulations

Abe H.; E.A., 1982:
Double ectopic thyroids located at the base of the tongue and the sublingual area

Bhowmik B.B.; Dutta R.; Nandy P., 1988:
Double electrode behavior of the bilayer lipid membrane in electrolytic solution

Kirsipuu A., 1979:
Double electrophoresis of the blood plasma proteins of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Kirsipuu, A., 1978:
Double electrophoresis of the blood serum proteins of bream abramis brama

Kirsipuu, A., 1978:
Double electrophoresis of the blood serum proteins of pike perch lucioperca lucioperca

Metz, H.S., 1979:
Double elevator palsy

Itow T.; Sekiguchi K., 1979:
Double embryos induced with sodium bi carbonate in the horseshoe crab

Pye, I.F.; Stonier, C., 1978:
Double enzymatic assay for determination of glutamine and glutamic acid in cerebro spinal fluid and plasma

Molino Trinidad C.; Perez Nevado A.; Bantula P.J.M.; D.V.ncente Catalan L.; Serra Estelles M., 1980:
Double esophagus in adults resembling an ulcerated tumor

Wolf, B.; Wang, S.S., 1978:
Double expression of heavy chain variable region allotype a 2 and allotype a 3 in individual rabbit lymphocytes

Culzoni, V.; Freddi, M.; Mohamed, A.H., 1977:
Double external os of the cervix in the cow bos taurus

Mitten, E.A.; Gregory, K.R.; Schmidt, P.J., 1987:
Double failure of the Type and Screen

Deriu G.P.; Bonavina L.; Miraglia G.; Ballotta E., 1981:
Double false aneurysm of the common femoral artery by per cutaneous catheterism

Solntseva, M.P.; Kamelina, O.P., 1976:
Double fertilization and embryo in cephalaria gigantea dipsacaceae

Mogensen H.L., 1982:
Double fertilization in barley hordeum vulgare and the cytological explanation for ha ploid embryo formation embryoless caryopses and ovule abortion

Kobasnidze E.Ya; Gvaladze G.E., 1987:
Double fertilization in the currant

Haragopal V.; Rao S.V., 1980:
Double figure of eight sutures in bovine laparotomies

Kuroshima S.; E.A., 1986:
Double filtration plasmapheresis for brittle type myasthenia gravis associated with malignant thymoma

Kobasnidze E.Ya, 1979:
Double flowers in red currant and white currant

Malkawi H.; Shannak A.O., 1985:
Double fractures of the fibula in bimalleolar fractures

Marwan, M.A.; El-Sheikh, K.; Al-Didi, M.A.; Bassim, M.M.; Salama, F.I.; Hassoub, E.K., 1981:
Double ha ploids vs. normal di ploids in breeding programs of egyptian cotton gossypium barbadense

Marchand B.; Benezra C., 1982:
Double head haptens synthesis of and experimentally induced contact sensitivity to substances containing 2 unrelated haptens pyro catechol and alpha methylene gamma butyro lactone in the same molecule

Gennis, L.S.; Cantor, C.R., 1976:
Double headed protease inhibitors form black eyed peas part 6 singlet singlet energy transfer and other optical studies on the structure of trypsin and chymotrypsin complexes

Gennis, L.S.; Cantor, C.R., 1976:
Double headed protease inhibitors from black eyed peas part 1 purification of 2 new protease inhibitors and the endogenous protease by affinity chromatography

Gennis, L.S.; Cantor, C.R., 1976:
Double headed protease inhibitors from black eyed peas part 2 structural studies by optical absorption and circular dichroism

Gennis, L.S.; Cantor, C.R., 1976:
Double headed protease inhibitors from black eyed peas part 3 subunit interactions of the native and half site chemically modified proteins

Gennis, L.S.; Cantor, C.R., 1976:
Double headed protease inhibitors from black eyed peas part 4 half site reactivity in the formation of complexes with trypsin and chymotrypsin

Gennis, L.S., 1976:
Double headed protease inhibitors from black eyed peas part 5 analysis of the energetics of protease inhibitor interactions

Hennig R., 1988:
Double headedness among fallow deer

Cox, R.A.; Kanagalingam, K.; Sutherland, E.S., 1970:
Double helical character of rna from virus like particles found in penicillium chrysogenum

Raychaudhuri P., 1981:
Double helical structure of dna molecule and photon

Arnott S.; Chandraskekaran R.; Day A.W.; Puigjaner L.C.; Watts L., 1981:
Double helical structures for poly xanthylic acid

Praseuth D.; Chassignol M.; Takasugi M.; T.; Thuong N.T.; Helene C., 1987:
Double helices with parallel strands are formed by nuclease resistant oligo alpha deoxynucleotides and oligo alpha deoxynucleotides covalently linked to an intercalating agent with complementary oligo beta deoxynucleotides

Vinter V.G.; Alimova F.K.; Zotkina N.L., 1982:
Double helix rna from ascitic fluid of zajdela hepatoma

Marinucci, M.; Bruni, E.; Tentori, L.; De-Sandre, G.; Vettore, L., 1977:
Double hetero zygosis for hemo globin j paris and beta thalassemia

Casey, R.; Kynoch, P.A.M.; Lang, A.; Lehmann, H.; Nozari, G.; Shinton, N.K., 1978:
Double hetero zygosity for 2 unstable hemo globins hemo globin sydney beta 67 e 11 valine replaced by alanine and hemo globin coventry beta 141 h 19 leucine deleted

Natta, C.; Casey, R.; Lehmann, H., 1978:
Double hetero zygosity for hemo globin camden beta 131 glutamine replaced by glucine and alpha thalassemia

Haji F.; Chadli A.; Fattoum S.; Souilem J.; Hassine L., 1985:
Double heterozygosity hemoglobin o arab beta thalassemia in a tunisian child

Subramanian, V.; Sugumaran, M.; Vaidyanathan, C.S., 1978:
Double hydroxylation reactions in microorganisms

Kovalenko G.A.; Sokolovskii V.D., 1987:
Double immobilization of enzymes on inorganic matrices

Larramendy R.; Mesa J.J.; Pedroso M., 1982:
Double immuno diffusion test for the diagnosis of experimental fascioliasis in rabbits a preliminary study

Lobo P.I., 1983:
Double immuno fluorescence staining of pokeweed mitogen differentiated plasma cells a sensitive assay to ascertain purity of anti human immuno globulin reagents as each cell produces only 1 isotype

Tomino Y.; Endoh M.; Nomoto Y.; Sakai H., 1982:
Double immuno fluorescence studies of immuno globulins complement components and their control proteins in patients with immuno globulin a nephropathy

Tomino Y.; Nomoto Y.; Endoh M.; Sakai H.; Arimori S., 1980:
Double immuno fluorescence studies on immuno globulin a associated immune complexes in glomerular deposits in patients with immuno globulin a nephropathy

Bagby, R.M., 1980:
Double immuno fluorescent staining of isolated smooth muscle cells 1. preparation of anti chicken gizzard alpha actinin and its use with anti chicken gizzard myosin for co localization of alpha actinin and myosin in chicken gizzard cells

Rosen, A.; Clements, G.; Klein, G.; Zeuthen, J., 1977:
Double immuno globulin production in cloned somatic cell hybrids between 2 human lymphoid cell lines

Claassen, E.; Adler, L.T.; Adler, F.L., 1986:
Double immunocytochemical staining for the in situ study of allotype distribution during an anti-trinitrophenyl immune response in chimeric rabbits

Van Rooijen N.; Kors N., 1985:
Double immunocytochemical staining in the study of antibody producing cells in vivo

Hamasaki, K.; Ueda, H.; Okamura, Y.; Fujimoto, S., 1988:
Double immunoelectron microscopic labelings of human chorionic gonadotropin and human placental lactogen in human chorionic villi

Namikawa, R.; Ueda, R.; Suchi, T.; Itoh, G.; Ota, K.; Takahashi, T., 1987:
Double immunoenzymatic detection of surface phenotype of proliferating lymphocytes in situ with monoclonal antibodies against DNA polymerase alpha and lymphocyte membrane antigens

Chen, K.; Demetris, A.J.; VanThiel, D.H.; Whiteside, T.L., 1987:
Double immunoenzyme staining method for analysis of tissue and blood lymphocyte subsets with monoclonal antibodies

Heesemann J.; Laufs R., 1985:
Double immunofluorescence microscopic technique for accurate differentiation of extracellularly and intracellulary located bacteria in cell culture

D'Avanzo, M.G.; Colantuoni, M.; Sirone, P.; de Castris, L.; Perone, L.; Fiore, M.; Ventruto, V., 1986:
Double independent balanced translocation in a girl with mild phenotypical stigmata

Serkedzhieva-Yu, 1978:
Double induction of interferon in cell cultures

Dongre A.B.; Katoch N.; Prakash N.; Lodha M.L.; Mehta S.L., 1986:
Double infection in groundnut cultivar spanish improved grown under field conditions

Barker, H.; Harrison, B.D., 1978:
Double infection interference and super infection in protoplasts exposed to 2 strains of raspberry ringspot virus

Ooms G.; Molendijk L.; Schilperoort R.A., 1982:
Double infection of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar petit havana plants by 2 complementing octopine t region mutants of agrobacterium tumefaciens

Sato, F.; Inoue, H., 1978:
Double infection of viruses in the mid gut of the silkworm bombyx mori

Chatterji, J., 1977:
Double infection the effect of semliki forest virus in experimental vaccinia virus in egg embryos

Arikuni, T.; Nakatani, T.; Ichimura, T.; Kuwabara, K.; Sakai, N., 1984:
Double inferior vena cava with right retrocaval ureter. A case report

Wen, Z.M., 1985:
Double infusion chemotherapy by hepatic artery and portal vein in primary malignant tumor of the liver. Report of 18 cases

Lien, L.V.; Ecsedi, G.; Keleti, T., 1979:
Double inhibition of d glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec and lactate dehydrogenase ec

Florez M.; Attie F.; Munoz Catellanos L.; Vargas Barron J.; Ovseyevitz J.; Buendia A.; Zavaleta D., 1986:
Double inlet ventricle

Juaneda, E.; Haworth, S.G., 1985:
Double inlet ventricle. Lung biopsy findings and implications for management

Sutherland, D.H.; Greenfield, R., 1977:
Double innominate osteotomy

Euler W.B.; Martinsen J.; Mcdonald J.W.; Watt G.D.; Wang Z C., 1984:
Double integration and titration of the epr signal in the molybdenum iron protein of azotobacter vinelandii

Curtin, H.; May, M., 1986:
Double internal auditory canal associated with progressive facial weakness

Uminska H.; Taczanowski W.; Najnigier B., 1980:
Double internal biliary fistula cholecysto duodenal and choledocho duodenal

Kozlovskii A.I.; Bulatova N.Sh; Novikov A.D., 1988:
Double inversion effect in the karyotype of the common vole

Hagen, G.A.; Diuguid, L.I.; Kliman, B.; Stanbury, J.B., 1970:
Double isotope derivative assay of serum iodo thyronines part 1 preparation of acetyl derivatives of thyroxine and tri iodo thyronine

Recasens, M.; Zwiller, J.; Mack, G.; Zanetta, J.P.; Mandel, P., 1977:
Double isotope method for the determination of catecholamines, serotonin, and other amines in the picomole range as their dansyl derivatives

Kohl R.L.; Quay W.B.; Perez Polo J.R., 1986:
Double isotopic method using dansyl chloride for the determination of gamma aminobutyric acid in rat c 6 astrocytoma cell cultures

Chen, Y.W.; Word, C.J.; Jones, S.; Uhr, J.W.; Tucker, P.P.; Vitetta, E.S., 1986:
Double isotype production by a neoplastic b cell line i. cellular and biochemical characterization of a variant of bcl 1 that expresses and secretes both immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin g 1

Chen, Y.W.; Word, C.; Dev, V.; Uhr, J.W.; Vitetta, E.S.; Tucker, P.W., 1986:
Double isotype production by a neoplastic b cell line ii. allelically excluded production of lambda and gamma 1 heavy chain without c h gene rearrangement

D.P.triconi R.; Egghardt G.; Frohneberg D.; Hautmann R., 1987:
Double j ureteral stents method without complication?

Ferraro, K.F., 1987:
Double jeopardy to health for black older adults?

Kosheleva O.M., 1980:
Double kernels and twin plants in barley varieties and lines and their hybrids

Mcconkey E.H., 1979:
Double label auto radiography for comparison of complex protein mixtures after gel electrophoresis

Gruenstein, E.I.; Pollard, A.L., 1976:
Double label auto radiography on poly acrylamide gels with tritium and carbon 14

Mcconkey, E.H.; Anderson, C., 1984:
Double label autoradiography revisited 1. the tritium and sulfur 35 system

Mcconkey, E.H.; Anderson, C., 1984:
Double label autoradiography revisited 2. the sulfur 35 and selenium 75 system

Wouterlood F.G.; Bol J.G.J.M.; Steinbusch H.W.M., 1987:
Double label immunocytochemistry combination of anterograde neuroanatomical tracing with phaseolus vulgaris leukoagglutinin and enzyme immunocytochemistry of target neurons

Finger J.M.; Choo K.H., 1981:
Double label reductive methylation of tissue proteins for precision 2 dimensional poly acrylamide gel electrophoretic analysis

Choo K.H.; Cotton R.G.H.; Danks D.M., 1980:
Double labeling and high precision comparison of complex protein patterns on 2 dimensional poly acrylamide gels

Raza, A.; Ucar, K.; Preisler, H.D., 1985:
Double labeling and in vitro vs. in vivo incorporation of bromodeoxyuridine in patients with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

Holtgraewe, D.; Kloft, W., 1974:
Double labeling for estimation of the absolute uptake of insecticides and liquids by an aphid

Poletti A.; Manconi R.; D.P.oli P., 1988:
Double labeling immunohistologic and flow cytometric analysis of human b cells with particular reference to leucine 8 expression

Warweg U., 1983 :
Double labeling of antibodies with fluorescein iso thio cyanate and horseradish peroxidase

Kuhn O.; Wilt F.H., 1980:
Double labeling of chromatin proteins in vivo and in vitro and their 2 dimensional electrophoretic resolution

Holman, B.L.; Jones, A.G.; Davis, M.A.; Askenazi, J.; Maroko, P.R., 1976:
Double labeling of experimental acute myo cardial infarcts with indium 113m ethylenediaminetetramethylene phosphonic acid and technetium 99m ethylenediaminetetramethylene phosphonic acid

Raza A.; Preisler H.D., 1985:
Double labeling of human leukemic cells using tritiated cytarabine and monoclonal antibody against bromodeoxyuridine

Robertson R.T.; Callaway J.L.; Thompson S.M.; Robards M.J., 1982:
Double labeling of neuronal somata by tritium labeled uridine and horseradish peroxidase a technique to demonstrate 2 stage connections with the light microscope

Radegran, K., 1976:
Double labeling of platelets with chromium 51 and carbon 14 serotonin

Mjaatvedt A.E.; Wong Riley M.T.T., 1986:
Double labeling of rat alpha motoneurons for cytochrome oxidase and retrogradely transported tritiated what germ agglutinin

Hoffmann K.P.; Ballas I.; Wagner H.J., 1984:
Double labeling of retinofugal projections in the cat a study using anterograde transport of tritium labeled proline and horseradish peroxidase

Raza A.; Spiridonidis C.; Ucar K.; Mayers G.; Bankert R.; Preisler H.D., 1985:
Double labeling of s phase murine cells with bromodeoxyuridine and a 2nd dna specific probe

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Double labeling of sigg positive cells harboring a lymphotropic herpesvirus by avidin biotin complex immunoperoxidase and immunogold silver staining techniques

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Double labeling of transferrin tritium labeling of sialic acid and iodine 125 or iron 59 labeling of the protein moiety

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Double labeling study of anionic sites and concanavalin A binding sites in monkey macrophages

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Double labelling in situ hybridization using non isotopic and isotopic detection

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Double layer interaction regulated by the donnan potential

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Double ligand elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay technique for the estimation of antibodies to brain tissue antigens in patients with neurological disorders

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Double light chain production by leukemic cells of common clonal origin a case report with review of pertinent literature

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Double line phenotypes in rabbit sylvilagus floridanus immuno globulin g allotypes and their relation to the cis trans configuration of the immuno globulin g markers

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Double loop mass closure technique for abdominal incisions

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Double loop receiver coil for magnetic resonance imaging at 0.15 tesla

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Double low rapeseed meal for pigs ileal apparent digestibility of amino acids in diets containing various proportions of rapeseed meal fish meal and soybean meal

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Double lumen esophagus due to reflux esophagitis with fibrous septum formation

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Double lung cancer induced by the asbestos exposure

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Double lysogenic conversion of diphtheria toxin in corynebacterium diphtheriae

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Double lysogeny of Mycobacterium smegmatis

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Double malformation in a deer fawn

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Double malignancies in the stomach and other organs analysis with the person years method

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'Double marker' lymphocytes in patients receiving tetracycline

Young, B.J.; Cunningham, W.F.; Akingbehin, T., 1982:
Double masked controlled clinical trial of 5 percent tolmetin vs. 0.5 percent prednisolone vs. 0.9 percent saline in acute endogenous nongranulomatous anterior uveitis

Romano, J.H.; Nagasubramanian, S.; Poinoosawmy, D., 1981:
Double masked crossover comparison of ganda 1.02 guanethidine 1 percent and adrenaline 0.2 percent mixture with adrenaline 1 percent simplene 1 percent drops and with pilocarpine 1 percent sno pilo 1 percent

B.Dutch Mult Scler Azathioprine Trial Group, 1988:
Double masked trial of azathioprine in multiple sclerosis

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Double mechanism of antigen induced b suppression

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Double medullary scintigraphy using technetium 99m colloids and indium 111 transferrin in myeloid splenomegaly

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Double membrane experiments for estimation of repellent attractant effects of an insecticide by aphids homoptera aphididae

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Double metabolic balances of low birth weight infants fed formulae of differing composition

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Double metastasis eyelid and parotid gland of an adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid

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Double minute chromosomes can be produced from precursors derived from a chromosomal deletion

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Double minute chromosomes in a 6 mp resistant mouse leukemia l1210 cell line

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Double minute chromosomes in a case of acute myelo blastic leukemia

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Double minute chromosomes in acute myeloblastic leukemia

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Double minute chromosomes in plastic film induced sarcomas in mice

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Double minutes and their origin in a benign human neoplasm a mixed salivary gland tumor

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Double minutes in fibroblast like cells isolated from human tumors

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Double minutes in human carcinoma cell lines, with special reference to breast tumors

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Double minutes in human large bowel cancer

Ulanov, B.P.; Matorina, T.I.; Zmanuzl', N.M., 1976:
Double modification of cytidine residues in DNA

Janas, R., 1980:
Double monitor system for betatron 500 a 1. double monitor system for bremsstrahlung 43 megavolts

Janas, R., 1980:
Double monitor system for betatron 500 a 2. double monitor system for electron radiation 5 43 mev

Roman, E.; Pichot, J., 1977:
Double mounting technique for obtaining good dry mosquito preparations

Rogers, H.J.; Thurman, P.F., 1978:
Double mutants of Bacillus subtilis growing as helices

Lipson E.D.; Terasaka D.T.; Silverstein P.S., 1980:
Double mutants of phycomyces with abnormal photo tropism

Zeana C., 1982:
Double myo cardial infarction after electrocution

Mueller K.D.; Kindler M.; Gottwik M.G.; Grebe S.F.; Schlepper M., 1985:
Double myocardial scintigraphy with thallium 201 and iodine 123 heptadecanoic acid possibilities for cardiologic diagnosis

Shautsukova, L.Z.; Zubova, O.B.; Kotlyar, B.I., 1976:
Double nature of plastic changes in the dorsal hippocampal neurons field ca 1 of unrestrained rabbits during extinction of an orientation reaction

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Double negative and positive control of tsx expression in Escherichia coli

Ruiz J.; Gomez Ferrer F.; Camps B.; Abad M.M.; Esclapez P., 1981:
Double neoplasms of the colon and rectum

Green R.E., 1984:
Double nesting of the red legged partridge alectoris rufa

Kukushkin A.N.; Pospelov V.A., 1985:
Double nucleosome repeat generated in erythrocyte chromatin by dnase i the role of lysine rich histones

Knapp W.H.; Vyska K.; Machulla H J.; Notohamiprodjo G.; Schmidt U.; Knust E J.; Gleichmann U., 1988:
Double nuclide study of the myocardium using thallium 201 labeled and iodine 123 labeled fatty acids in non ischemic myocardial diseases

Cetti, R.; Christensen, S.E., 1983:
Double oblique displacement osteotomy for hallux valgus

Von Grunau M.; Frost B.J., 1983:
Double opponent process mechanism underlying receptive field structure of directionally specific cells of cat lateral suprasylvian visual area

Rizzo P.; Rossini P.; Lucente A.; Marini M.; Rizzo A., 1986:
Double optic disc fluorescein angiography and electrophysiological study of a clinical case

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Double orientation tuning of the visual cortex neurons in the cat

Anzai, N.; Yamada, M.; Tsuchida, K.; Yoshioka, Y.; Iida, Y.; Wakabayashi, Y., 1986:
Double orifice mitral valve associated with endocardial cushion defect

Imazeki, T.; Tanabe, S.; Tsukuura, T.; Seki, I., 1986:
Double orifice mitral valve associated with incomplete endocardial cushion defect

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Double outlet from chambers of left ventricular morphology

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Double outlet right ventricle a cineangiographic study

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Double outlet right ventricle and atrioventricular discordance

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Double outlet right ventricle associated with common atrioventricular canal report of a nine anatomic specimens

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Double outlet right ventricle: clinical and anatomical spectrum

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Double outlet right ventricle. Cross sectional echocardiographic findings, their anatomical explanation, and surgical relevance

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Double outlet right ventricle ventricular septal defect related to pulmonary artery and pulmonic stenosis absent correction with an intra ventricular conduit in infancy

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Double outlet right ventricle wide angle 2 dimensional echo cardiographic observations

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Double outlet right ventricle with atrioventricular discordance report of 6 cases with situs solitus dextrocardia pulmonary stenosis and levomalposition of the aorta

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Double outlet right ventricle with restrictive ventricular septal defect

Matsuoka, Y.; Akimoto, K.; Sennari, E.; Hayakawa, K., 1987:
Double outlet right ventricle with severe left ventricular outflow tract obstruction due to small ventricular septal defect and anomalous adherence of the mitral valve to the ventricular septum

Kugimiya T.; Shirabe J.; Kusaba E.; Kaku K.; Fukushima K.; Kuroiwa M.; Takagi M., 1981:
Double outlet right ventricle with subaortic ventricular septal defect and pulmonary stenosis successful repair using an intra ventricular conduit

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Double outlet right ventricle with subvalvular aortic stenosis

Katoh T.; Tsuda T.; Sawayama T., 1980:
Double para systole combined atrio ventricular junctional and ventricular para systole

Gasco, J.; Del Pino, J.M.; Gomar-Sancho, F., 1987:
Double patella. A case of duplication in the coronal plane

Nosil, J.; Sethi, V.; Bland, J.; Kloiber, R., 1987:
Double peak attenuation method for estimating organ location

Riley, F.C.; Campbell, R.J., 1979:
Double phakomatosis

Joliot P.; Joliot A., 1981:
Double photo reactions induced by a laser flash as measured by oxygen emission

Manilal, K.S.; Kumar, M., 1978:
Double placental bundles in orchid flowers bulbophyllum tremulum

Schiefer I.; Trommler U.; Schoenitz R.; Wenger W., 1979:
Double point threshold values at the tip of tongue lip and tip of the finger of adolescents and old people

Matumoto, M., 1980:
Double polarized excitable system of the nerve fiber and its action potential

Gutierrez, F.R.; McKnight, R.C.; Jaffe, A.S.; Ludbrook, P.A.; Biello, D.; Weldon, C.S., 1982:
Double porcine valve replacement in carcinoid heart disease

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Double pre beta band and clinical complications of coronary and peripheral arterio sclerosis

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Double pre beta lipo protein in ischemic heart disease

Manzato E.; Pagnan A.; Ziron L.; Gasparotto A.; Braggion M., 1984:
Double pre beta lipoprotein isolation and characterization of the 2 populations of very low density lipoproteins by zonal ultracentrifugation

Kobayashi K.; Hagiwara K.; Vaerman J.; Kajii T., 1985:
Double precipitin arcs of immunoglobulin a myeloma sera on immunoelectrophoresis origin and suggestion of immunoglobulin a 2m 2 allotype

Li, F.P.; Mcintosh, S.; Peng-Whang, J., 1977:
Double primary cancers in 2 young sibs leukemia in another and dextro cardia in a 4th

Wang Z.; Liu F., 1981:
Double primary carcinoma of the lung

Li, L., 1981:
Double primary early carcinomas in the esophagus and gastric cardia

Zhao B.; E.A., 1984:
Double primary lung cancer report of 10 cases

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Double primary malignant neoplasm of renal cell carcinoma and stomach cancer: report of two cases

Ferlito A., 1980:
Double primary synchronous and metachronous cancer of the larynx and hypo pharynx with dissimilar histology 5 case reports and review of the literature

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Double primary teeth and their relationship with the permanent successors: a radiographic study of 376 cases

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Double product and features of changes in st segment on electro cardiography in patients with angina pectoris under physical load

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Double prosthetic aortic valve. Late aortic erosion by Hufnagel valve

Guitur M.I.; Guitur M.M., 1981:
Double protein cerebro spinal fluid test for the identification of the character of blood presence in cerebro spinal fluid

Isaza L.G.; Gonzalez N.J.; Sanchez G.H., 1986:
Double purpose production system the effect of zeranol and 17 beta estradiol on the weight at weaning in crossbred calves

Tardaguila Montero F.M.; Ruiz Diaz E.; Gomez Lafoz J.; Rodriguez Garcia J., 1981:
Double pyloric canal

Pereiro Zabala I.; Corral J.I.; Victoria M.V.; Rodriguez Pernas M.J.; Perez Gil I., 1985:
Double pyloric channel in a child presentation of a case

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Double pylorus 2 cases, D.J.; Carter, G.J.; Smith, B.W.; Essex, W.B., 1976:
Double pylorus: a complication of chronic gastric ulcer?

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Double pylorus and pyloroduodenal fistulas 2 case reports with a discussion

Cosme Jiménez, A.; Orive Cura, V.; Alzate Sáez de Heredia, L.F.; Muñagorri Santos, A.; Arenas Miravé, J.I., 1986:
Double pylorus (antrobulbar fistula) associated with peptic ulcer

Hoppenbrock, K.H., 1985:
Double quality rapeseed for pig's food

Etcheber H.; Jouanneau J.M.; Latouche C.; Azoeuf P.; Caillot A.; Hoslin R., 1980:
Double radio tracer tagging of mud in the gironde france an experimental study of the behavior of a metallic pollutant in an estuary

Yoshitomi, T.; Ito, Y., 1986:
Double reciprocal innervations in dog iris sphincter and dilator muscles

Mello-Filho, A.; Gentilin, J.A.; Xavier, A.J.; De-Castro, L.C., 1977:
Double reductase in the determination of the real milk quality

Mollgard K.; Lauritzen B.; Saunders N.R., 1979:
Double replica technique applied to choroid plexus from early fetal sheep completeness and complexity of tight junctions

Merzenich, M.M.; Kaas, J.H.; Sur, M.; Lin, C.S., 1978:
Double representation of the body surface within cyto architectonic areas 3b and 1 in the primary somato sensory region in the owl monkey aotus trivirgatus

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Double resonance experiments at 500 megahertz on gene 5 protein and its complex with octa deoxy ribo adenylic acid

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Double responding in classical nictitating membrane conditioning with single conditioned stimulus dual inter stimulus interval training

Buss J.; Stegaru B.; Kraatz J.; Keller H.; Neuss H.; Heene D.L., 1985:
Double response tachycardias and unusual pr relationships with dual atrio ventricular nodal conduction

Kawasaki T.; Kikuchi M.; E.A., 1981:
Double reticulum cell sarcoma of the stomach changed significantly by chemo therapy and radiation therapy

Augustyn M., 1984:
Double retro pelvic branches

Singh, S.P., 1978:
Double rice cropping technique for foothills of himachal pradesh india

Sellier, K., 1987:
Double ricochet marks

Hashimoto H., 1986:
Double ring structure around the constricting neck of dividing plastids of avena sativa

Dzershinskaya I.I., 1983:
Double rosette forming neutrophils in acute primary and secondary pyelo nephritis

Liu D L.; Zhou Z L., 1984:
Double sac amniocentesis in twin pregnancy

Sisodia B.V.S.; Dwivedi V.K., 1982 :
Double sampling ratio cum product type estimator with independent samples

Picard B.; Alessandri J M.; Duval Iflah Y., 1988:
Double sandwich elisa for determination of escherichia coli heat labile porcine enterotoxins

Warne A.D.; Brown N., 1985:
Double seam quality of selected samples of imported and locally manufactured canned foods

Uzik, M., 1980:
Double seed ratio of meadow clover pods trifolium pratense 3. mutual relationships between seed features and seed crop

Garrison W.J.; Augspurger C.K., 1983:
Double seeded and single seeded acorns of bur oak quercus macrocarpa frequency and some ecological consequences

Augspurger C.K., 1986:
Double seeded and single seeded indehiscent legumes of platypodium elegans consequences for wind dispersal and seedling growth and survival

Abrudan, O.; Dejica, D., 1976:
Double sequential counter immuno electrophoresis an improved method for detection of hepatitis b antigen

Sepulchre D.B.e C.; Collin B.; Louis C., 1987:
Double sided loss of sight in a red deer fawn cervus elaphus l

Mazat, J.P.; Langla, J.; Mazat, F., 1977:
Double site enzymes and squatting a study of the regulation by 1 or several ligands binding at 2 different classes of site

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Double spermatozoa in a hyper prolactinemic man

Ono T.; Sakai Y.; Yamamoto N.; Yasuda K., 1980:
Double staining for immuno histochemistry simultaneous demonstration of 2 enzymes in an identical zymogen granule on an ultra thin frozen section

Ayliffe, M.J., 1985:
Double staining immunofluorescence procedure for enumeration of cells containing cytoplasmic immunoglobulin in human bone marrow: 40 selected cases

Kitajima K.; Endo K.; Okada K.; Kishimoto T., 1983:
Double staining of indirect immuno peroxidase method for human chorionic gonadotropin and alpha feto protein in the human testicular tumor

Audesirk T.; Audesirk G.J., 1985:
Double staining technique allows electrophysiological identification of monoamine containing neurons

Itoh R., 1988:
Double staining technique combined with rhodamine labeled peanut lectin and dapi for nuclear dna cytofluorometry application on signet ring cell carcinoma of the human stomach

Whitaker J.; Dix K.M., 1979:
Double staining technique for rat fetus skeletons in teratological studies

Krahmer R.L.; Morrell J.J.; Choi A., 1986:
Double staining to improve visualization of wood decay hyphae in wood sections

Cohen, J.D.; Schulze, A., 1981:
Double standard isotope dilution assay 1. quantitative assay of iaa

Datsenko, I.I.; Martynyuk, V.Z.; Shtabskii, B.M., 1976:
Double standardization of chemicals in atmospheric air

Rossi F.; Grzeskowiak M.; Bianca V.D., 1986 :
Double stimulation with formylmethionylleucylphenylalanine and concanavalin a restores the activation of the respiratory burst but not of the phosphoinositide turnover in calcium depleted human neutrophils a further example of dissociation between stimulation of the nadph oxidase and phosphoinositide turnover

Philip, A.G., 1976:
Double stopcock technique for blood sampling from umbilical artery catheters

Muraka, H.; Yamada, K.; Shirahata, S.; Nishiguchi, H.; Shinohara, K.; Omura, H., 1978:
Double strand breakage of chromatin dna in cultured mammalian cells and dna extracted from lambda phage by aromatic reductones derived from adrenalone

Abel' H.; Erzgraeber G.; Aichorn K.; Kampf G.; Tol'kendorf E., 1984:
Double strand breaks and inactivation of mammalian cells depending on linear energy transfer of radiation comparison between experimental data and theoretical propositions

Kolodkin A.L.; Klar A.J.S.; Stahl F.W., 1986:
Double strand breaks can initiate meiotic recombination in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bradley M.O., 1981:
Double strand breaks in dna caused by repair of damage due to uv light

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Double stranded dna antibodies a comparison of 4 methods of detection

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Double stranded dna from cauliflower mosaic virus

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Double stranded dna induces the phosphorylation of several proteins including the 90000 molecular weight heat shock protein in animal cell extracts

Hibi T.; Iwaki M.; Saito Y.; Verver J.; Goldbach R., 1986 :
Double stranded dna of soybean chlorotic mottle virus

Lonn U., 1981:
Double stranded dna replication intermediates formed in chironomus tentans polytene chromosomes consist of 2 populations

Yamazaki, H.; Fujinaga, K., 1977:
Double stranded dna synthesized by rd 114 virion dna polymerase

Lonn U., 1981:
Double stranded dna with the size expected of replicons can be released from chironomus tentans polytene chromosomes

Zhang, L.; Liu, W.; Norisuye, T.; Fujita, H., 1987:
Double stranded helix of xanthan rigidity in 0.01m aqueous sodium chloride containing 0.01 n hydrochloric acid

Schneider, I.R.; Thompson, S.M., 1977:
Double stranded nucleic acids found in tissue infected with the satellite of tobacco ringspot virus

Gupta G.; Sarma M.H.; Dhingra M.M.; Sarma R.H.; Rajagopalan M.; Sasisekharan V., 1983:
Double stranded poly deoxy adenylate deoxy thymidylate in low salt appears to be a left handed b helix combined use of chemical theory fiber diffraction and nmr spectroscopy/

Davies P.L.; Dixon G.H.; Dugaiczyk A., 1979:
Double stranded protamine complementary dna synthesis and characterization

Nilsen, T.W.; Maroney, P.A.; Baglioni, C., 1981:
Double stranded rna causes synthesis of 2' 5' oligo adenylic acid and degradation of messenger rna in interferon treated cells

Hovanessian A.G., 1980:
Double stranded rna dependent protein kinase in rabbit reticulocyte lysates analogous to kinase from interferon treated cells

D.Plessis D.H., 1987:
Double stranded rna from ajuga reptans with ringspot and mosaic symptoms

Lisa V.; Boccardo G.; Milne R.G., 1981:
Double stranded rna from carnation cryptic virus

Miura, K.; Fujii, I.; Sakaki, T.; Fuke, M.; Kawase, S., 1968:
Double stranded rna from cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus of the silkworm bombyx mori inst electron microscope

Miura, K.; Fujii, I.; Sakaki, T.; Fuke, M.; Kawase, S., 1968:
Double stranded rna from cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus of the silkworm inst electron microscope bombyx mori

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Double stranded rna from mengo virus production characterization and interferon inducing and anti viral activities in comparison with poly ribo inosinic acid poly ribo cytidylic acid

Dodds J.A.; Bar Joseph M., 1983:
Double stranded rna from plants infected with closteroviruses

Valverde R.A.; Dodds J.A.; Heick J.A., 1986:
Double stranded rna from plants infected with viruses having elongated particles and undivided genomes

Smith R.E.; Furuichi Y., 1982:
Double stranded rna genome segments of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus are independently transcribed

Dale J.L.; Phillips D.A.; Parry J.N., 1986:
Double stranded rna in banana plants with bunchy top disease

Dodds J.A., 1977 :
Double stranded rna in endothia parasitica

Myers, C.J.; Griffiths, A.J.; Kraus, S.R.; Martin, R.R., 1988:
Double stranded RNA in natural isolates of Neurospora

Spiegel S., 1987:
Double stranded rna in strawberry plants infected with strawberry mild yellow edge virus

Benigni, R.; Ignazzitto, G.; Volterra, L., 1977:
Double stranded rna in viruses of penicillium citrinum

Paul C.P.; Fulbright D.W., 1988:
Double stranded rna molecules from michigan hypovirulent isolates of endothia parasitica vary in size and sequence homology

Hibi T.; Omura T.; Saito Y., 1984:
Double stranded rna of rice gall dwarf virus

Nesterova, G.F.; Soom-Ya, O.; Perevozchikov, A.P., 1976:
Double stranded rna of strains of homothallic saccharomycetes with different cytoplasmic determinants of antagonistic activity

Papa G.; Ferrara A.M.; Palenzona M., 1983:
Double stranded rna research in virulent and hypo virulent strains of endothia parasitica preliminary work

Collmer C.W.; Kaper J.M., 1985:
Double stranded rna species of cucumber mosaic virus and its satellite contain an unpaired terminal guanosine implications for replication

Sommer S.S.; Wickner R.B., 1984:
Double stranded rna that encode killer toxins in saccharomyces cerevisiae unstable size of m double stranded rna and inhibition of m 2 replication by m 1

Ikegami, M., 1976:
Double stranded rna viruses of plants

Wach M.P.; Sriskantha A.; Romaine C.P., 1987:
Double stranded rnas associated with la france disease of the commercial mushroom

Saha, B.K.; Schlessinger, D., 1977:
Double stranded rnase activities from hela cell nuclei

Konstantinova I.M.; Petukhova O.A.; Kulichkova V.A., 1984:
Double stranded sequences in the cytoplasmic polyadenylic acid containing rna of rat liver

Konstantinova I.M.; Kulichkova V.A.; Petukhova O.A.; Vorob'ev V.I., 1980:
Double stranded structures in poly adenylated rat liver cytoplasmic rna influence of cortisone

Tarasova, S.S.; Biryukov, V.V.; Makarevich, V.G., 1977:
Double substrate equations for kinetics of actinomyces aureofaciens growth and tetracycline biosynthesis

Podgorskii, V.S.; Ivanov, V.N., 1975:
Double substrate oxygen limitation of growth of methanol oxidizing yeast

Kern, R.; Haas, H.G., 1977:
Double sucrose gap voltage clamp in cardiac muscle. Indirect assessment of voltage control from tension records

Lange, E.; Ficker, F., 1976:
Double suicide and symbiontic psychosis suicide a deux and folie a deux

Young D.; Rich C.L.; Fowler R.C., 1984:
Double suicides 4 modal cases

Takagi, T.; Nozaka, Y.; Ohsawa, T., 1982:
Double superior venae cavae with bilateral inferior venae cavae

Srivastava, K.L.; Misra, P.K.; Kaul, R.; Bajpai, P.C., 1980:
Double surface photo therapy vs. single surface photo therapy in neo natal jaundice

Shibkova, S.A.; Khusainova, I.S., 1976:
Double systems of ganglionic neurons in the retina

Tanksley S.D.; Zamir D., 1988:
Double tagging of a male sterile gene in tomato using a morphological and enzymatic marker gene

Chatterjee S.K., 1980:
Double termination of the alimentary tract a 2nd look

Umeda T.; Matsuoka O., 1982:
Double tracer auto radiography of bone tumor using tritium labeled thymidine and radio nuclides for diagnostic purpose

Buraggi, G.L.; Laurini, R.; Rodari, A.; Bombardieri, E., 1976:
Double tracer scintigraphy with gallium 67 citrate and technetium 99m sulfur colloid in the diagnosis of hepatic tumors

Gjedde A.; Diemer N.H., 1985:
Double tracer study of the fine regional blood brain glucose transfer in the rat by computer assisted autoradiography

Ferrucci, J.T.; Ragsdale, B.D.; Barrett, P.J.; Vickery, A.L.; Dreyfuss, J.R., 1976:
Double tracking in the sigmoid colon

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Double transformation of indian muntjac muntiacus muntjak cells by avian sarcoma virus and murine sarcoma virus

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Double vas deferens

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Doubling of the semitendinosus tendon to replace the anterior crucial ligament

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Doubts and uncertainties about the nature of sensitization and the rejection of allo transplanted organs

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Dough mixing properties of a wheat rye derived cultivar

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Doughnut sign in the diagnosis of cerebral metastases

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Douglas and tinaroo viruses 2 simbu group arboviruses infecting culicoides brevitarsis and livestock in australia

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Douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii height growth affected by western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis

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Douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings some factors affecting chilling requirement bud activity and new foliage production

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Douglas' pouch swab for detection of anaerobic asporous micro-organisms

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Doushantuonema peatii new genus new species of oscillatoriaceae like filamentous micro fossil from the sinian late precambrian of western hubei province china

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Downstream along the mayn and anadry from vayegi to ust belaya chukot national okrug ussr

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Downstream fish migration from the mostiste and vestonice reservoirs czechoslovakia in spring

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