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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5200

Chapter 5200 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Eskelsen A.M.; Fichter E., 1985:
Duplication of molars in a pronghorn

Freund, R.; Dawe, C.J.; Benjamin, T.L., 1988:
Duplication of noncoding sequences in polyomavirus specifically augments the development of thymic tumors in mice

Czepulkowski B.; Gibbons B.; Tucker J.; Amess J.; Lister T.A., 1987:
Duplication of one of the products of the 8 21 translocation in a patient with refractory anemia with excess blasts in transformation

Choudhry, R.; Choudhry, S.; Anand, C., 1988:
Duplication of optic canals in human skulls

Spriggs, A.I.; Holt, J.M.; Bedford, J., 1976:
Duplication of part of the long arm of chromosome 1 in marrow cells of a treated case of myelomatosis

Gahrton, G.; Friberg, K.; Lindsten, J.; Zech, L., 1978:
Duplication of part of the long arm of chromosome 1 in myelo fibrosis terminating in acute myelo blastic leukemia

Turchini M.F.; Travade P.; Geneix A.; D.L.rocque A.; Beytout J.; Malet P., 1985:
Duplication of part of the short arm of chromosome a 1 in a case of erythroleukemia m 6

Avanzi G C.; Giovinazzo B.; Saglio G.; Guerrasio A.; Rosso A.; Bertini M.; Resegotti L.; Pegoraro L., 1987:
Duplication of philadelphia chromosome and 9q positive chromosomes during the blastic transformation of a cml case

Grosfeld, J.L.; Boles, E.T.Jr ; Reiner, C., 1970:
Duplication of pylorus in the new born a rare cause of gastric outlet obstruction

Mackiewica, J.S., 1978:
Duplication of reproductive systems in monozoic cestodes caryophyllidea

Ros, M.A.; García-Porrero, J.A.; Ojeda, J.L., 1987:
Duplication of slit diaphragms in the cystic glomeruli of rabbits treated with methylprednisolone acetate

Mglinets, V.A.; Ivanov, V.I., 1980:
Duplication of structures derived from imaginal discs in drosophila melanogaster mutants 2. duplications and hypothesis of polar coordinates

Mglinets, V.A., 1979:
Duplication of structures which are derivatives of imaginal discs in drosophila melanogaster mutants 1. duplications in leg discs

Bluett, M.K.; Halter, S.A.; Salhany, K.E.; O'Leary, J.P., 1987:
Duplication of the appendix mimicking adenocarcinoma of the colon

Bender, K.; Ohno, S., 1968:
Duplication of the autosomally inherited enz 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase gene locus in tetra ploid species of cyprinid fish barbus tetrazona carp goldfish inst electrophoresis

Fischer, U.; Freyse, E.J.; Salzsieder, E.; Albrecht, G., 1978:
Duplication of the blood glucose curve of an oral glucose tolerance test in dogs by a prospectively programmed intra venous infusion infusion pattern and immuno reactive insulin response

Knast W.; Bartosiewicz T.; Ujec M., 1981:
Duplication of the colon diagnosed in a woman aged 25 years

Terao N.; Miyaji M.; Katagiri K.; Yamada H.; Ito M.; Takeuchi T., 1981:
Duplication of the common bile duct emptying into the stomach a case

Fischer, J.A., 1977:
Duplication of the common bile duct report of a case

Dando, P.R., 1980:
Duplication of the glucose phosphate isomerase ec locus in vertebrates

Vestri R.; Giordano P.C.; Bernini L.F., 1983:
Duplication of the hemo globin alpha chain gene in sheep characterization of a new alpha chain variant present in animals possessing the alpha leucyl and the i i alpha histidyl chains

Bech-Hansen, N.T.; Cox, D.W., 1986:
Duplication of the human immunoglobulin heavy chain gamma 2 gene

Lombardo C., 1981:
Duplication of the intestinal tract presenting as mesenteric cyst

Atkin, N.B.; Baker, M.C., 1978:
Duplication of the long arm of chromosome 1 in a malignant vaginal tumor

Das, S.; Brosman, S.A., 1977:
Duplication of the male urethra

Gilsanz, V.; Cleveland, R.H., 1982:
Duplication of the muellerian ducts and genito urinary malformations 1. the value of excretory urography

Gilsanz, V.; Cleveland, R.H.; Reid, B.S., 1982:
Duplication of the muellerian ducts and genito urinary malformations 2. analysis of malformations

Roessmann, U., 1985:
Duplication of the pituitary gland and spinal cord

Cuoco C.; Gimelli G.; Pasquali F.; Poloni L.; Zuffardi O.; Alicata P.; Battaglino G.; Bernardi F.; Cerone R.; Cotellessa M.; Ghidoni A.; Motta S., 1982:
Duplication of the short arm of chromosome 9 analysis of 5 cases

Martini A.K.; Neusel E., 1986:
Duplication of the shoulder blade

Goto, K.; Takahashi, M.; Tamakawa, Y., 1976:
Duplication of the straight sinus. An angiographic study

Frieden, J.H.; Kaplan, L., 1980:
Duplication of the terminal ileum with intussusception in an adult

Tada K.; Yonenobu K.; Tsuyuguchi Y.; Kawai H.; Egawa T.; Kagawa, 1983:
Duplication of the thumb a retrospective review of 237 cases

Smith, P.; Dunn, M., 1979:
Duplication of the upper urinary tract

Virseda J.A.; Bolano N.; Gomez A.; Melchor A.; Alvarez F.; Font J.; Lopez L.M., 1986:
Duplication of the urethra a report of 4 cases

Bruce, R.; Alton, D., 1986:
Duplication of the urethra with communication to the rectum. Report of a case

Shin S.S.; Chi J.G.; Kim W.K.; Lee I.S., 1981:
Duplication of the urinary bladder an autopsy case

Filer D.; Furano A.V., 1981:
Duplication of tuf gene which encodes peptide chain elongation factor tu is widespread in gram negative bacteria

Myers J.C.; Howard P.S.; Jelen A.M.; Dion A.S.; Macarak E.J., 1987:
Duplication of type iv collagen carboxyl terminal repeats and species specific expression of alpha 1 iv and alpha 2 iv collagen genes

Tutter, A.; Riblet, R., 1988:
Duplications and deletions of Vh genes in inbred strains of mice

Ames, G.F.; Biek, D.P.; Spudich, E.N., 1978:
Duplications of histidine transport genes in Salmonella typhimurium and their use for the selection of deletion mutants

Mglinets, V.A.; Balakireva, M.D., 1982:
Duplications of structures derivatives of imaginal discs in drosophila melanogaster mutants 4. transformation of a ventral head compartment into a dorsal one

Ildstad, S.T.; Tollerud, D.J.; Weiss, R.G.; Ryan, D.P.; McGowan, M.A.; Martin, L.W., 1988:
Duplications of the alimentary tract. Clinical characteristics, preferred treatment, and associated malformations

Cohen, N.; Berant, M., 1976:
Duplications of the renal collecting system in the hereditary osteonycho dysplasia syndrome

Williams, A.D.; Campbell, R.A., 1978:
Duplicibothrium minutum new genus new species cestoda tetraphyllidea from the cownose ray rhinoptera bonasus

Garber C.C.; Westgard J.O.; Milz L.; Larson F.C., 1979:
Dupont aca iii performance as tested according to national committee for clinical laboratory standards guidelines

Herbst M.; Regler G., 1985:
Dupuytren contracture radiotherapy of early stages

Attali, P.; Ink, O.; Pelletier, G.; Vernier, C.; Jean, F.; Moulton, L.; Etienne, J.P., 1987:
Dupuytren's contracture, alcohol consumption, and chronic liver disease

Bradlow, A.; Mowat, A.G., 1986:
Dupuytren's contracture and alcohol

Wulle, C., 1986:
Dupuytren's contracture caused by trauma

Nagay, B., 1985:
Dupuytren's contracture contemporary views on the etiopathogenesis and clinic of the disease

Mayer, M.; Donner, U.; Schlenkhoff, D., 1986:
Dupuytren's contracture late results of surgical treatment in a general surgical clinic

Bartal, A.H.; Stahl, S.; Karev, A.; Lichtig, C., 1987:
Dupuytren's contracture studied with monoclonal antibodies to connective tissue differentiation antigens

Miller-Breslow, A.; Dorfman, H.D., 1988:
Dupuytren's (subungual) exostosis

Gelberman, R.H.; Amiel, D.; Rudolph, R.M.; Vance, R.M., 1980:
Dupuytren's contracture. An electron microscopic, biochemical, and clinical correlative study

Houghton S.; Holdstock G.; Cockerell R.; Wright R., 1983:
Dupuytrens contracture chronic liver disease and immuno globulin a immune complexes

Mollica, Q.; Restuccia, G.; Gensini, A., 1980:
Dupuytren's contracture: clinical and therapeutic aspects

Bennett, B., 1982:
Dupuytren's contracture in manual workers

Heisel J.; Schwarz B.; Schmitt E., 1984:
Dupuytrens contracture operative treating procedures complications results

Hochheim, B.; Soukup, P., 1981:
Dupuytren's contracture - results of surgical therapy

Soncini, G.; Perizzi, G., 1975:
Dupuytren's disease and cervical arthrosis

Schepart, B.S.; Schwartz, R.A.; Southwick, G.J.; Ambrus, J.L., 1978:
Dupuytren's disease presenting as palmar pits

D.Haas W.H.D., 1979:
Dupuytrens disease treatment by local injections with hyaluronidase by the dermojet injector

Katenkamp, D.; Stiller, D., 1976:
Dupuytrens palmar fibromatosis an over reaction of vascular mesenchyma ultrastructural studies

Seiglie G.A.; Baker M.B., 1987:
Duquepsammiidae a new family and duquepsammia new genus of agglutinated foraminifers

Banuet R.M.; Macedo X.P.; Devis C.D.; Vidal C.A., 1979:
Dura mater heart valves a preliminary report

Uzik M., 1985:
Durability and productivity of meadow clover cultivars

Milén, A.; Honkala, E.; Jyrkinen, P.; Summala, M., 1987:
Durability of amalgam restorations in Finnish children

Haruta M.; Murakami H., 1980:
Durability of entero toxin b in liquid whole milk against ultra high temperature pasteurization

Bernard, C.C.A.; Mackay, I.R.; Whittingham, S.; Brous, P., 1976:
Durability of immune protection against experimental auto immune encephalo myelitis

Nisbet I.C.T.; Hatch J.J., 1988:
Durability of incoloy bands on common terns

Reed G.E.; Pooley R.W.; Moggio R.A., 1980:
Durability of measured mitral annulo plasty 17 year study

Rapilly F.; Delhotal P., 1986:
Durability of partial resistance of wheat to septoria nodorum results obtained by simulation

Schreck, C.E.; Posey, K.; Smith, D., 1978:
Durability of permethrin as a potential clothing treatment to protect against blood feeding arthropods

O'driscoll S.W.; Keeley F.W.; Salter R.B., 1988:
Durability of regenerated articular cartilage produced by free autogenous periosteal grafts in major full thickness defects in joint surfaces under the influence of continuous passive motion

Bry, R.E.; Lang, J.H.; Boatright, R.E.; Simonaitis, R.A., 1977:
Durability of resmethrin on woolen cloth

Sadoun D.; Hasselmann C., 1984:
Durability of some kinds of powdered and malted milks marketed in algeria

Seely, M.K.; Hamilton, W.J.I.i, 1978:
Durability of vehicle tracks on 3 namib desert south africa substrates

Yonovitz, A.; Michaels, R., 1977:
Durable efficient and economical electronic toilet training devices for use with retarded children

Cooper, J.E., 1977:
Durable ichthyo plankton sampler for small boats/

Couzinet B.; Thomopoulos P.; Schaison G., 1982:
Durable remission of cushings disease after o p ddd treatment

Vales, M., 1987:
Durable resistance the rice blast case i. the qualities of durable resistance

Vales, M., 1987:
Durable resistance the rice blast case ii. varietal improvement of durable resistance

Csaba G.; Kadar M., 1980:
Durable sensitization of hormone receptors during differentiation in regenerating planarians polycelis nigra by treatment with homologous or analogous hormone molecules

IIda H.; Yahara I., 1984:
Durable synthesis of high molecular weight heat shock proteins in g o cells of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae and other eukaryotes

Katayama Y.; Tsubokawa T.; Moriyasu N.; Kotani A., 1980:
Dural arterio venous malformation in the anterior cranial fossa a case and review

Costin, J.A.; Weinstein, M.A.; Berlin, A.J.; Hardy, R.W.; Gutman, F.A., 1978:
Dural arterio venous malformation involving the cavernous sinus a case report

Takaku, A.; Sato, T.; Sakamoto, T.; Suzuki, J., 1978:
Dural arterio venous malformation with special consideration to its nature and treatment

Bitoh S.; Arita N.; Fujiwara M.; Oku Y.; Taneda M., 1979:
Dural arterio venous malformations in the region of the transverse sigmoid sinus

van Buggenhout, E.; van Zandijcke, M.; Dehaene, I.; Dom, R., 1985:
Dural arteriovenous malformation involving the Galenic system and producing hydrocephalus

Otsuki H.; Bitoh S.; Hasegawa H.; Obashi J.; Fujiwara M., 1984:
Dural arteriovenous malformations associated with cryptic vascular malformation presenting as an intracerebral hematoma a case

Merland, J.J.; Bories, J.; Djindjian, R., 1977:
Dural blood supply of the anterior cranial fossa

Halbach, V.V.; Higashida, R.T.; Hieshima, G.B.; Reicher, M.; Norman, D.; Newton, T.H., 1987:
Dural fistulas involving the cavernous sinus: results of treatment in 30 patients

Halbach, V.V.; Higashida, R.T.; Hieshima, G.B.; Goto, K.; Norman, D.; Newton, T.H., 1987:
Dural fistulas involving the transverse and sigmoid sinuses: results of treatment in 28 patients

Okada, J.; Hara, M.; Takeuchi, K., 1977:
Dural hem angioma with extracranial component

Lamas, E.; Lobato, R.D.; Esparza, J.; Escudero, L., 1977:
Dural posterior fossa arterio venous malformations producing raised sagittal sinus pressure case report

Dabezies, E.J.; Murphy, C.P., 1985:
Dural puncture using the lateral approach for chemonucleolysis

Sethi, K.D.; el Gammal, T.; Patel, B.R.; Swift, T.R., 1986:
Dural sarcoidosis presenting with transient neurologic symptoms

Iwabuchi, T.; Sobata, E.; Ebina, K.; Tsubakisaka, H.; Takiguchi, M., 1986:
Dural sinus pressure: various aspects in human brain surgery in children and adults

Ozdirim, E.; Tinaztepe, B.; Dora, F.; Tinaztepe, K., 1974:
Dural sinus thromboses in childhood a clinical and pathological study

Mcmurdo S.K.Jr; Brant Zawadzki M.; Bradley W.G.Jr; Chang G.Y.; Berg B.O., 1986:
Dural sinus thrombosis study using intermediate field strength magnetic resonance imaging

Müke, R.; Meyer-Glauner, M., 1977:
Dural tension and skull growth

Lasjaunias, P.; Merland, J.J.; Théron, J.; Moret, J., 1977:
Dural vascularization of the middle fossa

Meininger V.; James J.M.; Rio B.; Zittoun R., 1985:
Dural venous sinus thrombosis in blood diseases

Krieglsteiner, G.J., 1978:
Durandiella gallica new record helotiales dermateaceae a discomycetous fungus on european silver fir abies alba new for germany austria and switzerland the genus durandiella and the hitherto known european species

Bromley, G.L.R., 1984:
Duranta repens vs. duranta erecta verbenaceae

Hieke B.; Rodes R., 1986:
Duration and capacity of the rate limiting step of electron transport in isolated chloroplasts of different cultivars of sugar cane

Gras, R.; Saint-Jean, L., 1978:
Duration and characteristics of juvenile development of some cladocera from lake chad central africa

Klokocki D.; Pawlicka Klokocka J., 1985:
Duration and course of pregnancy of women living near the police chemical plant based on clinical material

Kitchen B.M.; Rasmusson D.C., 1983:
Duration and inheritance of leaf initiation spike initiation and spike growth in barley hordeum vulgare

Haggerty, G.C.; Kurtz, P.J.; Armstrong, R.D., 1986:
Duration and intensity of behavioral change after sublethal exposure to soman in rats

Chevrie, J.J.; Aicardi, J., 1975:
Duration and lateralization of febrile convulsions. Etiological factors

Okano T.; Haga M.; Watanabe Y.; Yoshimura K., 1980:
Duration and mechanism of the local anesthetic action of dibucaine by liposomes

Kundu, S.C.; Sen, S.K., 1978:
Duration and nature of meiotic growth in vitro of micro sporocytes of lily wheat and barley in the presence and absence of protein inhibitors

Eiden, J.J.; Verleur, D.G.; Vonderfecht, S.L.; Yolken, R.H., 1988:
Duration and pattern of asymptomatic rotavirus shedding by hospitalized children

Campbell S.S., 1984:
Duration and placement of sleep in a dis entrained environment

Halloran G.M.; Pennell A.L., 1982:
Duration and rate of development phases in wheat triticum aestivum ssp vulgare in 2 environments

Himori N.; Honma S.; Izumi A.; Ishimori T., 1981:
Duration and selectivity in beta adrenoceptor blocking action of a beta adrenoceptor blocking drug d 32 dl 1 tert butylamino 3 2 3 dimethylphenoxy 2 propanol hydro chloride in conscious dogs

Kahn D.; Rabiner L.R.; Rosenberg A.E., 1984:
Duration and smoothing rules in a demi syllable based isolated word recognition system

Chiszar D.; Radcliffe C.W.; Overstreet R.; Poole T.; Byers T., 1985:
Duration and strike induced chemosensory searching in cottonmouths agkistrodon piscivorus and a test of the hypothesis that striking prey creates a specific search image

Perdrix-Gillot, S., 1978:
Duration and succession of dna synthesis cycles in the poly ploid nuclei of the silk gland of bombyx mori during the 2nd and 3rd larval instars

Pinxten R.; Van Elsacker L.; Verheyen R.F., 1987:
Duration and temporal pattern of mate guarding in the starling

Kelley R.N.; Ashwood Smith M.J.; Ellis D.V., 1982:
Duration and timing of spermatogenesis in a stock of the mussel mytilus californianus

Ford, D.J.; Singh, P.; Watters, C.; Raj, P.P., 1984:
Duration and toxicity of bupivacaine for topical anesthesia of the airway in the cat

Akino T.; Sakurada J., 1981:
Duration area and date analysis on the ikushunbetsu river basin specific discharge of flood in hokkaido japan 3

Scott, D.R., 1982:
Duration as a cue to the perception of a phrase boundary

Sood, P.P.; Unnikumar, K.R.; Vinay, S.D.; Raghu, R.G.; Wegmann, R., 1988:
Duration dependent effect of ethylmercury chloride and antagonists on the enzymes of the central nervous system of rat ii. acid phosphatase study on the brain

Unnikumar, K.R.; Wegmann, R.; Sood, P.P., 1987:
Duration dependent effect of methylmercury chloride and antagonists on the enzymes of the central nervous system of rat i. sodium potassium and magnesium atpase of the brain

Church, R.M.; Getty, D.J.; Lerner, N.D., 1976:
Duration discrimination by rats

Elsmore, T.F., 1972:
Duration discrimination: effects of probability of stimulus presentation

Sugita S., 1986:
Duration discrimination of empty intervals in the rat

Rousseau R.; Poirier J.; Lemyre L., 1983:
Duration discrimination of empty time intervals marked by inter modal pulses

Mitrani, L.; Marinova, Y., 1976:
Duration estimation of visual light and dark stimuli

Gifford R.R.M.Sr; Sutherland D.E.R.; Fryd D.S.; Simmons R.L.; Najarian J.S., 1980:
Duration of 1st renal allo graft survival as indicator of 2nd allo graft outcome

Kropachova K.; Mishurova E., 1988:
Duration of a latent injury to liver after the cessation of continuous gamma irradiation

Lagioia R.; Mangini S.G.; Dibenedetto A.; Scrutinio D.; Rizzon P., 1985:
Duration of action and dose response effectiveness of diltiazem in patients with stable effort angina comparison with propranolol

Gonzalez L.; Olazabal A., 1980:
Duration of action of an anti acid in 2 groups of patients

Frey, H.; Norman, N., 1971:
Duration of action of depot cortico steroids part 2 triamcinolone acetonide and triamcinolone di acetate

Young, W.L.; Matteo, R.S.; Ornstein, E., 1988:
Duration of action of neostigmine and pyridostigmine in the elderly

Buckley, F.P.; Fink, B.R., 1981:
Duration of action of nerve blocks produced by mixtures of local anesthetics and low molecular weight dextran: studies in rat infraorbital nerve blocks

Rosen, J.P.; Chervinsky, P.; Renard, R.L.; Kemp, J.P.; Mendelson, L.M.; Selcow, J.E.; Noyes, J.H.; Meltzer, E.O.; Welch, M.J.; Orgel, H.A., 1986:
Duration of action of oral albuterol in an asthmatic population

Vohra J.; Baker G.; Ross D.; Hunt D.; Sloman G., 1979:
Duration of action of penta erythritol tri nitrate and nitro glycerin a comparison using exercise performance and hemodynamic alterations

Mosolova, A.I.; Utkaeva, V.F., 1977:
Duration of action of polymeric preparations during soil fixing applicable to drainage trench fills

Shiroff, R.A.; Levenson, L.W.; Zelis, R.; Shiroff, J.E.; Schneck, D.W.; Hayes, A.H.Jr, 1978:
Duration of action of propranolol on heart rate during exercise stress testing

Bar-Yishay, E.; Gur, I.; Levy, M.; Volozni, D.; Godfrey, S., 1983:
Duration of action of sodium cromoglycate on exercise induced asthma: comparison of 2 formulations

Wojciechowska, M.; Kmitowa, K.; Fedorko, A.; Bajan, C., 1977:
Duration of activity of entomo pathogenic microorganisms introduced into the soil

Green, A.L.; MacFaul, R., 1985:
Duration of admission for febrile convulsions?

Main, A.J.; Anderson, K.S.; Maxfield, H.K.; Rosenau, B.; Oliver, C., 1988:
Duration of Alphavirus neutralizing antibody in naturally infected birds

Smith, R.W.; Hirst, M.; Gowdey, C.W., 1976:
Duration of analgesia and hyperactivity in mice after single injections sub cutaneous and intra venous of heroin

Brands, B.; Hirst, M.; Gowdey, C.W., 1976:
Duration of analgesia in mice after heroin by 2 testing methods

Taylor P.; Crees M.J.; Hargreaves K., 1981:
Duration of anopheles arabiensis control in experimental huts sprayed with ddt and decamethrin

Isaacs, D.; Wilkinson, A.R.; Moxon, E.R., 1987:
Duration of antibiotic courses for neonates

Ballardini P.; Landi P.; Ferrari S.; Ventura S.; Bonazzi C.; Volta U.; Busachi C.A., 1987:
Duration of antibody persistence and protection provided by the hepatitis b vaccine

Schafer, J.A.; Caronna, J.J., 1978:
Duration of apnea needed to confirm brain death

Howard, W.E.; Marsh, R.E.; Cole, R.E., 1977:
Duration of associative memory to toxic bait in deer mice

Wolf, P.A.; Kannel, W.B.; McGee, D.L.; Meeks, S.L.; Bharucha, N.E.; McNamara, P.M., 1983:
Duration of atrial fibrillation and imminence of stroke: the Framingham study

Kosoko, O.; Sommer, A.; Auer, C., 1986:
Duration of automated suprathreshold vs quantitative threshold field examination. Impact of age and ocular status

Tuckman J.; Graham B.R.; Prichard B.N.C.; Abu Saba'a H.M.A., 1979:
Duration of beta blockade after single oral doses of slow release and conventional oxprenolol

Olsson, S.B.; Varnauskas, E., 1973:
Duration of beta receptor blockade after oral administration of pindolol

Tanaka I.; Hashiguchi Y.; Okazawa T.; Ochoa A.J.O., 1980:
Duration of blood feeding of simulium ochraceum in relation to intake of onchocerca volvulus microfilariae

Tarigan, S.; Noeriman, A.J.; Harahap, E.S., 1985:
Duration of breast feeding and morbidity of undernourished children at Dr. Pirngadi Hospital Medan, Indonesia

Gordon, R.E.; Lane, B.P., 1980:
Duration of cell cycle and its phases measured in synchronized cells of squamous cell carcinoma of rat trachea

Wrobel, B., 1986:
Duration of cell cycle of meristematic cells in the lupinus luteus l. root

Gorodilov-Yu, N.; Lil'p, I.G., 1978:
Duration of cell cycles and mitotic phases during the period of cleavage in the salmon salmo salar

Revazova E.S.; Petrova A.S., 1981:
Duration of cell cycles and the proliferative pool of human chorion epithelioma breast laryngeal and lung cancers transplanted to nude mice

Rembur, J.; Nougarede, A., 1977:
Duration of cell cycles in the shoot apex of chrysanthemum segetum

Lee G.; Stokes S.; Wratten S.D.; Stevens D.J., 1981:
Duration of cereal aphid sitobion avenae populations and the effects on wheat yield and breadmaking quality

Sorokin, E.M., 1975:
Duration of chlorophyll a fluorescence in chlorella cells depending on temperature

Vegnente, A.; Larcher, V.F.; Mowat, A.P.; Portmann, B.; Williams, R., 1984:
Duration of chronic active hepatitis and the development of cirrhosis

Wells, F.C.; Coghill, S.; Caplan, H.L.; Lincoln, C., 1983:
Duration of circulatory arrest does influence the psychological development of children after cardiac operation in early life

Boterenbrood E.C.; Narraway J.M.; Hara K., 1983:
Duration of cleavage cycles and asymmetry in the direction of cleavage waves prior to gastrulation in xenopus laevis

Burridge M.J.; Thurmond M.C.; Miller J.M.; Schmerr M.J.F.; Van Der Maaten M.J., 1982 :
Duration of colostral antibodies to bovine leukemia virus by 2 serologic tests

Borten, M.; Friedman, E.A., 1978:
Duration of colposcopic changes associated with trichomonas vaginitis

Norborg J.; Osborne S.; Fantino E., 1983:
Duration of components and response rates on multiple fixed ratio schedules

Galvani, P.F., 1976:
Duration of conditioned stimulus termination delay in avoidance extinction following partial and continuous reinforcement

Szuba M.; Nosol B., 1985:
Duration of conscious reaction in those exposed to electric field of 50 hertz frequency

Brown J.S.; Smith E.; Bell C.J.; Price T.V., 1986:
Duration of control of stripe rust puccinia striiformis of wheat triticum aestivum with foliar sprays

Adams, C.E.; Rietveld, A.A., 1981:
Duration of copulation and fertility in the mink, Mustela vison

Hitchcock R.R.; Mirarchi R.E., 1984:
Duration of dependence of wild fledgling mourning doves zenaida macroura upon parental care

Konnorova E.; Nodarse A., 1982:
Duration of development of leucoptera coffeella lepidoptera lyonetidae at constant temperature

Sorrells M.E.; Myers O.Jr, 1982:
Duration of developmental stages of 10 milo sorghum bicolor maturity genotypes

Tanaka R.; Fukushima A., 1982 :
Duration of discharge in main river basins of the shimane prefecture japan

Freeman, J.; Hutchison, G.B., 1986:
Duration of disease, duration indicators, and estimation of the risk ratio

Varshavskii S.N., 1981:
Duration of diving for food gathering in ducks and other waterfowl

Pera, F., 1968:
Duration of dna replication of eu chromatin and hetero chromatin in microtus agrestis

Cseresnyes Z., 1979:
Duration of dormancy and methods of determining the germination of dormant seeds of helianthus annuus

Hicks, R.G., 1974:
Duration of echoic memory

Wyde, P.R.; Sun, C.S.; Wilson, S.Z.; Knight, V., 1985:
Duration of effect of interferon aerosol prophylaxis of vesicular stomatitis virus infection in mice

March, W.F.; Stewart, R.M.; Mandell, A.I.; Bruce, L.A., 1982:
Duration of effect of pilocarpine gel

Jenkinson, D., 1988:
Duration of effectiveness of pertussis vaccine: evidence from a 10 year community study

Calvez C., 1979:
Duration of egg chamber growth in young imagines of drosophila melanogaster

King, R.A.; Glasser, R.L., 1970:
Duration of electro convulsive shock induced retrograde amnesia in rats

Hikim, A.P.; Hoffer, A.P., 1988:
Duration of epididymal sperm transit in hamster: an autoradiographic study

Siegel, H.I.; Rosenblatt, J.S., 1978:
Duration of estrogen stimulation and progesterone inhibition of maternal behavior in pregnancy terminated rats

Brustolini P.C.; Torres C.A.A.; Fonseca F.A.; Costa P.M.D.A.; Mello H.V.D.; Pereira J.A.A., 1986:
Duration of estrus and of the tolerance reflex period in gilts

Nunez J.; Hellemann C., 1980:
Duration of estrus in mares at pasture throughout the year

Rawal C.V.S.; Singh R.; Luktuke S.N., 1988:
Duration of estrus in muzaffarnagari sheep and its crosses

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Finland, M.; Barnes, M.W., 1978:
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Duration of increment, magnitude estimation adaptation and a proposed loudness function

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Duration of inhalation and exhalation in growing hypercapnia and the effect of additional resistive inspiratory resistance

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Duration of inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis and activity of anti tumor preparations

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Duration of ischemia influences the development and resolution of ischemic brain edema

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Duration of key pecks in variable interval schedules of reinforcement

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Duration of labor with spontaneous onset

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Duration of lactation and return of menstruation in lactating women using hormonal contraception and intra uterine devices

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Duration of leaf wetness periods and infection of pinus radiata by dothistroma pini

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Duration of life in bivalves from sea of japan and sea of okhotsk

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Duration of location and recall of simple movements a methodological note

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Duration of meiosis and spermiogenesis in the common indian garden lizard calotes versicolor lacertilia lacertidae

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Duration of meiosis in ceratodon purpureus ditrichaceae musci

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Duration of mitosis in the corneal epithelium and in spleen cells of mice with la leukemia/

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Duration of mitotic cyclic and radiosensitivity of chromosomes in human lymphocytes

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Duration of molting cycles in females of porcellio dilatatus crustacea oniscoidea according to their sexual state and breeding conditions temperature photoperiod and grouping

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Duration of murine neutrophil migration impairments after cytomegalovirus infection

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Duration of muscle activity during standing in normally and slowly developing children

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Duration of n ethyl n' nitro n nitrosoguanidine administration and its effect on histological differentiation of experimental gastric cancer

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Duration of nonenzymatic fibrinolytic effect of the secondary adrenaline heparin fibrinogen complex in the body

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Duration of occupancy of opiate receptors by naltrexone

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Duration of p amino salicylic acid persistence in the body of experimental animals after administration of its polymeric azo methine derivative

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Duration of phosphamidon induced changes in cholin esterase activity in different organs of rats

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Duration of photosynthesis as a diagnostic index of the degree of drought resistance in plants

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Duration of plondrel de toxication in soil and cucumbers grown under hothouse conditions

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Duration of plug cells affects growth and flowering of geraniums

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Duration of post traumatic amnesia after mild head injury

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Duration of pre meiotic dna synthesis and the stages of prophase i in rabbit oocytes

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Duration of productive yield in grasses as a function of the regimen of utilization and the level of mineral nutrition

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Duration of protection after vaccination of pigeons against paramyxovirus type 1 infection with inactivated aqueous suspension vaccine colombovac pmv

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Duration of protection against vibriosis in ayu plecoglossus altivelis vaccinated by immersion and oral administration with vibrio anguillarum

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Duration of protection by oxitropium bromide against cholinergic challenge

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Duration of protection of calves against rhinovirus challenge exposure by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus induced interferon in nasal secretions

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Duration of protection of loblolly pines from ips bark beetles by lindane

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Duration of pulmonary function adaptation to ozone in humans

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Duration of pupal diapause in the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta is determined by numbers of short days received by the larva

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Duration of quartan malaria

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Duration of residual beta cell function in maturity onset diabetes

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Duration of residual effect of land reclamation measures on solonetz soils in central ciscaucasia ussr

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Duration of resistance to experimental footrot infection in Romney and Merino sheep vaccinated with Bacteroides nodosus oil adjuvant vaccine

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Duration of sick leave following radical surgery for cervical cancer

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Duration of spermatogenesis in the vole (Microtus agrestis) and bank vole (Clethrionomys glareolus)

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Duration of strepto kinase streptodornase potency for delayed hyper sensitivity skin testing

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Duration of stretching effect on range of motion in lower extremities

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Duration of sub segments within the inter vocalic interval in stutterers and nonstutterers

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Duration of sunbaths during helio aero therapy

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Duration of survival in senile dementia

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Duration of symptoms and disc configuration in chemonucleolysis

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Duration of symptoms and prognosis of carcinoma of the colon and rectum

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Duration of symptoms and the effects of a more aggressive surgical policy: two factors affecting prognosis of infective endocarditis

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Duration of syndromes prior to hospitalization and the mode of admission in acute myocardial infarction E.A.; O'sullivan P.A., 1986:
Duration of tartary buckwheat fagopyrum tataricum interference in several crops

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Duration of technological ripeness in string beans

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Duration of the 2nd stage of labor

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Duration of the action of the preparation plk in natural conditions

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Duration of the anti fertility effect of glycerol in the chicken vagina

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Duration of the apnea test for the neurological diagnosis of death

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Duration of the breeding period in sheep iii. occurrence of estrous cycling in sheep of the pleven blackface breed during different seasons of the year

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Duration of the breeding season and response to reproductive manipulation in 5 breeds of sheep under northern prairie conditions

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Duration of the calcium signal in the mitogenic stimulation of thymocytes

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Duration of the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium and its stages in the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)

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Duration of the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium in the guinea pig determined by tritiated thymidine auto radiography

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Duration of the developmental stages and timing of the end of the reproductive season of pterostichus oblongopunctatus coleoptera carabidae and philonthus decorus coleoptera staphylinidae

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Duration of the dormant state in an established cell line of human hematopoietic cells

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Duration of the effect of aspirin on the synthesis of thromboxane by density subpopulations of rabbit platelets stimulated with thrombin

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Duration of the effects of alpha ethyl 4 methyl m tyramine on brain 5 hydroxy indole concentrations in rats

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Duration of the experiment in the standardization of the combined effects of vibration and noise

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Duration of the fertilizing capacity of spermatozoon in the rat

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Duration of the fluoride induced urinary concentrating defect in rats

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Duration of the gonotrophic cycle in females of the simulium damnosum complex in the savanna forest mosaic area of ivory coast

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Duration of the gonotrophic cycles of anopheles culicifacies and anopheles stephensi with observations on reproductive activity and survivorship during winter in punjab province pakistan

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Duration of the height growth response of young pine pinus sylvestris stands to nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilization on oligotrophic pine bogs in finland

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Duration of the hypotensive effect of guanfacine

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Duration of the immune response in subjects inoculated with anti meningococcal a and c vaccines kept in storage at minus 20 celsius and at 4 celsius influence of pre vaccination tires on the vaccinal response

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Duration of the last endocycle in differentiating cells of barley root central metaxylem

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Duration of the latest glacial epoch

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Duration of the life cycle of the pine moth dendrolimus pini l. lepidoptera lasiocampidae

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Duration of the manifestation of hybrid vigor in mixed cultivars of buckwheat d and winter rye m

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Duration of the melatonin pulse in the hypothalamus controls testicular function in pinealectomized mice (Peromyscus leucopus)

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Duration of the mitotic cycle and its component phases in brassica juncea

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Duration of the mitotic cycle in mouse hepatic cells at different stages of carcinogenesis induced with o amino azo toluene

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Duration of the mitotic cycle its periods and mitosis in the dermatogen and in peribleme of wheat roots

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Duration of the mitotic cycle of chinese hamster cells incubated at 30 to 39 celsius

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Duration of the mitotic cycle of ornithogalum umbellatum as measured by tritium labeled thymidine in the root meristem

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Duration of the motion aftereffect as a function of retinal locus and visual field

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Duration of the narcotic action of nembutal under hyperbaria

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Duration of the pre incubation period in the sterility control of ultra high temperature sterilized milk

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Duration of the pre menstrual phase of the menstrual cycle estimated by estrogen and luteinizing hormone urinary excretion and basal body temperature

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Duration of the right atrial monophasic action potential and the transitions between atrial arrhythmias and sinus rhythm

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Duration of the seminiferous epithelial cycle in hybrid Bos indicus x Bos taurus bulls

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Duration of the seminiferous epithelial cycle in the mature guinea pig: influence of unilateral orchiectomy

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Duration of the stages of cadang cadang disease of coconut palm

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Duration of the third stage of labor in a female yellow baboon papio cynocephalus from mikumi national park tanzania

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Duration of tick attachment and Borrelia burgdorferi transmission

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Duration of tonic immobility in lizards anolis carolinensis as a function of repeated immobilization frequent handling and laboratory maintenance

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Duration of treatment for disease arrest of nonlepromatous cases and relapse rate in these patients

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Duration of vaccinal immunity against Marek's disease

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Duration of ventricular ejection during spontaneous breathing and positive pressure ventilation in newborn infants

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Duration of vitality and migrating ability of human spermatozoa cryopreserved at 4 celsius

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Duration of vocal behavior during the greeting ceremony of the kittiwake rissa tridactyla

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Duration of voluntary apnea in children

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Duration of whole body vibration exposure its effect on comfort

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Duration of withering and tea quality

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Duration thresholds for letter identification in left and right visual fields for normal and reading disabled children

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Durational correlates of linguistic rhythm categories

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Durational effects of hemi spaying on ovarian hypertrophy and estrous cycle in albino rats

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Durations and contexts as cues to word final cognate opposition in english

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Durations of recognition for single letters, with and without visual masking, by dyslexics and normal readers

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Durations of unitary synaptic potentials help time a behavioral sequence

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Durene capped porphyrin complexes of iron ii binding of imidazoles and spectroscopic trends within iron porphyrinato bl species b equals imidazole base l equals isocyanides carbon monoxide dioxygen

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Duretia new genus of the subfamily ampedinae

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Durgades distanti new species of the family agallidae homoptera cicadelloidea

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Duricrust groundwater and valley development in the kalahari of southeast botswana

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Durikainema macropi new genus new species muspiceoidea robertdollfusidae a remarkable nematode from macropodidae marsupialia

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During 1 years neuroleptic treatment in rats striatal dopamine receptor blockade decreases but serum prolactin levels remain elevated

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During b cell differentiation enhancer activity and transcription rate of immunoglobulin heavy chain genes are high before messenger rna accumulation

Sarma M.H.; Gupta G.; Dhingra M.M.; Sarma R.H., 1983:
During b z transition there is no large scale breakage of watson crick base pairs a direct demonstration using 500 megahertz proton nmr spectroscopy

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During frog ontogeny phyto hem agglutinin and concanavalin a responsiveness of splenocytes precedes that of thymocytes

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Durio species from palawan philippines

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Duroc and hampshire breeds and their effect on the fattening and carcass qualities of f 1 hybrid pigs

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Durophagous feeding adaptations in an amphisbaenid

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Duroquinone stimulated nadh oxidase and b type cytochromes in the plasma membrane of cauliflower and mung beans

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Durringtonia new genus durringtonieae new tribe of rubiaceae from australia

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Durum and bread wheat response to nitrogen for yield physical and chemical characteristics

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Durum wheat air classified flours and their effect on spaghetti quality

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Durum wheat alpha amylases isolation and purification

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Durum wheat pasta drying kinetics

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Durum wheat report on autumn sown variety trials 1984 86

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Dusicyon gymnocercus lordi new subspecies of the great gray fox mammalia carnivora canidae

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Dusisiren dewana new species mammalia sirenia a new ancestor of steller's sea cow from the upper miocene of yamagata prefecture northeastern japan

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Dusk and dawn effect on spruce photosynthesis comparative studies of long term ir carbon di oxide analyses of whole plants and short term carbon 14 di oxide incorporation in detached leaves

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Dusk flight in the aeschnidae anisoptera odonata

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Dusky dolphin lagenorhynchus obscurus research at kaikoura new zealand a progress report

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Dusodril in trials of ear buzzing treatment

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Dust analysis for evaluation of stress and bio indication in the area of stuttgart west germany

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Dust and obstructive bronchitis among flax scutchers

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Dust and other factors of the working environment of technicians during harvest campaign

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Dust and quartz exposure of Finnish construction site cleaners

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Dust and wet fungicidal treatments to preserve stored maize seed

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Dust as a factor in the assessment of potential health risks in chemical manufacturing plants

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Dust bathing and ant bathing of pipits

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Dust bathing as a regulatory mechanism

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Dust clouds rain types and climatic variations in tropical northern africa

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Dust content in the working environment during work with poly vinyl chloride

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Dust control at the live station in poultry processing plants

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Dust exposure and mortality in an American factory using chrysotile, amosite, and crocidolite in mainly textile manufacture

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Dust exposure in Finnish foundries

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Dust exposures in the Canadian grain industry

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Dust from carbon fiber

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Dust generation in a high pressure exposure chamber for inhalation experiments

Tanaka I.; Akiyama T., 1983:
Dust generation rate from a fluidized bed with a periodic dust feed

Beaulieu P.; Perrault G.; Roy C., 1986:
Dust gravimetric determination in working environment weight correction as a function of humidity of cellulose ester filtering membranes

Goto Y.; Miyamoto Y.; Harada Y., 1980:
Dust induced and mite induced peripheral blood mononuclear cell proliferation in vitro in patients with bronchial asthma effect of specific immuno therapy and influence of prostaglandin

Cai X.; X.Y., 1984:
Dust mite dermatophagoides farinae sensitivity its genetic model and mapping

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Dust mites in alma ata and alma ata oblast kazakh ssr ussr

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Dust pollution in a big fertilizer complex

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Dust storms and their relation to moisture in the sonoran mojave desert region of southwestern usa

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Dust storms in the middle east

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Dust transport in maricopa county arizona usa

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Dusts and residues from machining and incinerating graphite epoxy composites a preliminary study

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Dutch beta 0 thalassemia a 10 kilobase dna deletion associated with significant gamma chain production

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Dutch elm disease ceratocystis ulmi and elm bark beetles scolytus spp in malmo town sweden 1985 distribution phenology and practical measures in an integrated control program

Neely D., 1984:
Dutch elm disease control in illinois usa municipalities

Mittempergher L., 1981:
Dutch elm disease in italy status of the disease and aggressiveness of the isolates of ceratocystis ulmi

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Dutch elm disease in scotland uk and its establishment in the lothians 1976 1978

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Dutch elm disease in washington usa

Robinson R., 1982:
Dutch rex a 5th rexoid coat mutant in the cat

Combemorel R.; Mariotti N., 1986:
Duvalia tithonica new record a marker of the upper tithonian in the central apennines italy

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Duvalius andreuccii new species and duvalius bensai faillai new subspecies from the umbria marches apennines italy coleoptera carabidae

Briganti, L., 1976:
Duvalius annae new species in the cave of monte gazzo genoa italy and notes on duvalius ramorinoi coleoptera carabidae trechini

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Duvalius armeniacus new species of turkish armenia coleoptera carabidae trechinae

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Dwarf males of three japanese mosses

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Dwarf mistletoe arceuthobium pusillum on white spruce picea glauca in sprucewoods provincial park manitoba canada

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Dwarf sumac rhus copallina as winter bird food

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Dwarf variety of coconut cocos nucifera palmae a host plant for the african armyworm spodoptera exempta lepidoptera noctuidae

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Dwarfism alopecia pseudoanodontia and other anomalies report of a case

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Dwarfism and male sterility in interspecific hybrids of epilobium 1. expression of plastid genes and structure of the plastome

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Dwiroopa new genus of the coelomycetes

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DX alpha gene polymorphism in Graves' disease

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Dy determinants possibly associated with novel class ii molecules stimulate autoreactive cd4 positive t cells with suppressive activity

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Dyadic peer interactions of mildly delayed and nonhandicapped preschool children

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Dyads at risk methadone maintained women and their 4 month old infants

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Dyak alar succinic acid n n di methyl hydrazide an effective growth retardant for use in agriculture

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Dye binding capacity as a sensitive index for the thermal denaturation of wheat protein a test for heat damaged wheat

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Dye binding to the surface of wheat starch granules

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Dye extract from henna waste suitable for dyeing wool yarn

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Dye induced indole inhibition in escherichia coli

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Dye laser photocoagulation of macular subretinal neovascularization in pathological myopia. A randomized study of three different wavelengths

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Dye ligand chromatography a new technique for venoms

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Dye sensitized photo oxidation a new approach to the treatment of organic matter in sewage effluents

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Dye sensitized photo oxygenation of the aspidosperma alkaloids vincadifformine and tabersonine a new convenient approach to vincamine

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Dye sensitized photo oxygenation of tryptophan

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Dye sensitized photo oxygenation of tryptophan 3a hydro per oxy pyrroloindole as a labile precursor of formyl kynurenine

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Dye sensitized photochemical labeling of proteins in the erythrocyte membrane

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Dye specificity in the photosensitized induction of a bacterial polypeptide

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Dye tracing of a subsurface chlorophyll maximum of a red tide dinoflagellate to surface frontal regions

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Dye transfer between cells of the embryonic chick lens becomes less sensitive to carbon di oxide treatment with development

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Dye uptake assay: an efficient and sensitive method for human interferon titration

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Dyeing for silk fabrics with aqueous extract from raw leaves of ilex pedunculosa miquel

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Dyeing properties of the silk fibers from silkworm larvae reared on an artificial diet

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Dyestuff penetration in soils at vegetation boundaries the effect of the canopy

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Dying old mice occurrence of nonviable lymphocytes and auto aggressive cells

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Dying right in california usa the natural death act

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Dying slime containing cells in plants of the family malvaceae

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Dying young in traffic

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Dynamic accommodative vergence components in bin ocular vision

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Dynamic approach in the diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome using somatosensory evoked responses

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Dynamic aspects of cytoskeletal structures interacting with plasma membrane

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Dynamic aspects of phonatory control in spasmodic dysphonia

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Dynamic aspects of phycobilisome structure phycobilisome turnover during nitrogen starvation in synechococcus sp

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Dynamic aspects of plasma fibrinolysis in acute leukemia

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Dynamic aspects of primary production by phyto plankton in eutrophic mikawa bay japan

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Dynamic aspects of stapedial reflex in myasthenia gravis

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Dynamic aspects of the chemical relation between the rose aphid macrosiphum rosae and rose buds

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Dynamic aspects of the contractile system in physarum plasmodium i. changes in spatial organization of the cytoplasmic fibrils according to the contraction relaxation cycle

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Dynamic aspects of the occurrence and performance of coniferous tree species in roros sor trondelag county norway

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Dynamic assessment and adaptive optimization of the psychotherapeutic process

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Dynamic axial brain stem distortion as a mechanism in the production of brain stem hemorrhages: role of the carotid arteries

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Dynamic balance of preschool children as reflected by performance on beam walking tasks

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Dynamic behavior of air break receiver units

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Dynamic behavior of alpha moto neuron sub pools subjected to inhomogeneous renshaw cell inhibition

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Dynamic behavior of carbon dioxide uptake as affected by light system identification based on spectral analysis

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Dynamic behavior of ciliated centrioles in rat incisor ameloblasts during cell differentiation

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Dynamic behavior of enzymatic system realizing the 2 factor model

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Dynamic behavior of mono layers of di palmitoyl lecithin and cholesterol

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Dynamic behavior of mucus glycoproteins a carbon 13 nmr relaxation study

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Dynamic behavior of nebulizers and the influence of breathing technique on the deposition of aerosols

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Dynamic behavior of red blood cell 2 3 diphosphoglycerate in asthmatics

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Dynamic behavior of the actin fibrils of nitella flexilis based on rapid filament rotation

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Dynamic behavior of the activated sludge process

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Dynamic behavior of the active site structure in bacterial cytochrome p 450

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Dynamic behavior of the chest and of the abdomen in anesthetized piglets during rapid insufflation

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Dynamic behavior of the imino protons of the lambda o r3 17 mer in water solution studied by high resolution nmr

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Dynamic behavior of the simple discrete type population growth models with time lag regulation

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Dynamic body temperature pressure saturated correction factors for spirometric data

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Dynamic bone loading exercises for postmenopausal women: effect on the density of the distal radius

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Dynamic bone scans in osteo articular pathology

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