Section 6
Chapter 5,200

Durable resistance the rice blast case ii. varietal improvement of durable resistance

Vales, M.

Agronomie Tropicale (Nogent Sur Marne) 42(2): 112-120


Accession: 005199122

Rice improvement for durable resistance to blast is examined. The methodology choices were founded on the independent qualities (polygenic, general, partial) needed for a probably more durable resistance. From a useful viewpoint the author examined the devices, tests, and criteria needed for the partial resistance improvement. How to solve the problem of specific resistance to be able to select general resistance. The answer is never certain. The plant breeding pattern was based on the resistance polygenism. The author examined the vegetal material used, the interest for recurrent selection, and the different genetic formulas created. Some ones were very prospective and based on hypothetic heterosis for individual resistance or a hypothetic collective resistance.

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