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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5201

Chapter 5201 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nakagomi, T.; Takakura, K., 1984:
Dynamic computed tomography of brain tumor

Moss A.A.; Dean P.B.; Axel L.; Goldberg H.I.; Glazer G.M.; Friedman M.A., 1982:
Dynamic computed tomography of hepatic masses with intra venous and intra arterial contrast material

Partanen K.P.L., 1984:
Dynamic computed tomography of liver cirrhosis

Hosoki T., 1983:
Dynamic computed tomography of pancreatic tumors

Norman, D.; Axel, L.; Berninger, W.H.; Edwards, M.S.; Cann, C.E.; Redington, R.W.; Cox, L., 1981:
Dynamic computed tomography of the brain: techniques, data analysis, and applications

Michael, A.S.; Mafee, M.F.; Valvassori, G.E.; Tan, W.S., 1985:
Dynamic computed tomography of the head and neck: differential diagnostic value

Glazer G.M.; Axel L.; Goldberg H.I.; Moss A.A., 1981:
Dynamic computed tomography of the normal spleen

Nakata, H.; Nakayama, T.; Kimoto, T.; Kimura, N., 1982:
Dynamic computed tomography of the pancreas

Bonneville, J.F.; Cattin, F.; Moussa-Bacha, K.; Portha, C., 1983 :
Dynamic computed tomography of the pituitary gland: the "tuft sign"

Kobayashi S.; Oka N.; Mitsuhashi H.; Suda S.; Sato A.; Shinohara T.; Watanabe Y.; Aoki T.; Yamaura A.; Makino H., 1984:
Dynamic computed tomography scan in cerebral infarction

Cohen W.A.; Pinto R.S.; Kricheff I.I., 1982:
Dynamic computed tomography scanning for visualization of the parasellar carotid arteries

Brown B.M.; Brant Zawadzki M.; Cann C.E., 1982:
Dynamic computed tomography scanning of spinal column trauma

Heinz, E.R.; Dubois, P.; Osborne, D.; Drayer, B.; Barrett, W., 1979:
Dynamic computed tomography study of the brain

Lee, H.C.; Leung, C.H., 1982:
Dynamic computed tomography through interpolation

Guinto F.C.Jr; Hashim H.; Crofford M.J.; Mirfakhraee M., 1985:
Dynamic computed tomography using an arterial bolus

Smirnova, N.K., 1977:
Dynamic computerized scintigraphy

Richards D.D., 1988:
Dynamic concepts and functionality the influence of multiple representations and environmental constraints on categorization

Breslav, I.S.; Salazkin, V.N., 1977:
Dynamic control of space cabin atmospheric parameters

Gracco, V.L.; Abbs, J.H., 1985:
Dynamic control of the perioral system during speech: kinematic analyses of autogenic and nonautogenic sensorimotor processes

Samoĭlenko, A.V.; Tkachenko, B.I.; Iurov, A.Iu.; Poiasov, I.Z., 1981:
Dynamic control over venous return

Chaisemartin, C., 1977:
Dynamic copper balance in a fresh water lamellibranch sentinel effects of suspended matter

Puyau, F.A.; Lewis, R.W.; Balkin, P.; Kaack, M.B.; Hirsch, A., 1987:
Dynamic corpus cavernosography: effect of papaverine injection

Sonnefeld W.J.; Zoller W.H.; May W.E., 1983:
Dynamic coupled column liquid chromatographic determination of ambient temperature vapor pressures of polynuclear aromatic hydro carbons

Wing, S.D.; Anderson, R.E.; Osborn, A.G., 1980:
Dynamic cranial computed tomography: preliminary results

McCabe, J.F.; Carrick, T.E., 1987:
Dynamic creep of dental amalgam as a function of stress and number of applied stress cycles

Davis S.M.; Tress B.M.; Hopper J.L.; Kaye A.H.; Rossiter S.C., 1987:
Dynamic ct brain scanning in the hemodynamic evaluation of cerebral arterial occlusive disease

Naito A.; Ito K.; Mori M.; Ito S.; Naito K.; Fukuoka H.; Fujikawa K.; Yamaguchi T.; Sato T.; E.A., 1988:
Dynamic ct in the evaluation of chest diseases

Jinkins J.R., 1988:
Dynamic ct of microangiopathic and macroangiopathic states of the cerebrum

Ueda Y.; Honda M.; Izumi Y.; Watanabe H.; Tsuchiya M.; Hatano M., 1984:
Dynamic deoxycorticosterone study in essential hypertension

Shevelev I.A.; Tikhomirov A.S., 1983:
Dynamic detection of light intensity by neurons of cat visual cortex

Labouvie Vief G., 1982:
Dynamic development and mature autonomy a theoretical prologue

Kaler K.; Pohl H.A., 1980:
Dynamic di electrophoretic levitation of living individual cells

Goto, S.; Hara, T.; Yoshitomi, H., 1976:
Dynamic dialysis method part 3 effect of sulfonamides on the binding of warfarin with bovine serum albumin

Hiji, Y.; Sugiyama, M.; Yamada, M., 1978:
Dynamic dialysis utilizing a hollow fiber unit as a rapid method for studying protein binding

Haase A.; Matthaei D.; Haenicke W.; Frahm J., 1986:
Dynamic digital subtraction imaging using fast low angle shot magnetic resonance movie sequences

Mifflin, S.; Kunze, D., 1984:
Dynamic discharge characteristics of low pressure receptors in the rat

Aprikyan A.G.; Nesterova M.V.; Severin E.S., 1988:
Dynamic distribution of the regulatory subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase type ii in nih 3t3 cells

Proimos B.S.; Goldson A.L., 1981:
Dynamic dose shaping by gravity oriented absorbers for total lymph node irradiation

Salomonowitz, E.; Czembirek, H., 1980:
Dynamic double contrast small bowel enema

Pedone V.; Bellotti L.; Belluzzi D.; D.B.ase G., 1981:
Dynamic electro cardiographic evaluation of the activity of long acting isosorbide di nitrate in patients with unstable angina

Palma, G.; Martelli, M.; Mastrodicasa, M.; Di-Giovambattista, R.; Salvagio, M.A., 1978:
Dynamic electro cardiographic method to control patients with pacemakers validity and limits of this method

Costa G.; Apostoli P., 1980:
Dynamic electro cardiographic study of workers in an iron foundry

Katzeff, I.E.; Gathiram, P.; Edwards, H.; Booyens, J., 1981:
Dynamic electro cardiography 5. the imaginary cardiac vector hypothesis experimental evaluation

Katzeff I.E.; Edwards H.; Gathiram P.; Postum K.; Higgins Opitz S.B.; Austin E.A.; Boddy T., 1979:
Dynamic electro cardiography part 2 a crucial test of the electro mechanical qrs wave theory

Kikawa, K.; Maloney, M.C., 1978:
Dynamic electro cardiography review of 100 cases

Barto P.S.; Supinski R.S.; Skinner S.R., 1984:
Dynamic electro myographic findings in varus hind foot deformity and spastic cerebral palsy

Lanza G.A.; Lucente M.; Rebuzzi A.G.; Coppola E.; Mazzari M.; Spagnolo A., 1985:
Dynamic electrocardiogram in mitral valve prolapse

Fontana L.; Dagnino M.; Businelli A.; Papagna D.; Rossi M.A., 1985:
Dynamic electrocardiography on urban drivers

Pearl, M.L., 1988:
Dynamic electromyographic analysis of the throwing shoulder with glenohumeral instability

Santori, F.S.; Ghera, S.; Castelli, V.; Tollis, A., 1986:
Dynamic endomedullary nailing in the treatment of extensive bone cysts in young patients. A pathogenetic interpretation

Shchedrunov V.V., 1980:
Dynamic endoscopic observation of patients with benign gastric tumors

Morsiani, M.; Guidi, E.; Pareschi, P.L.; Rossi, R., 1978:
Dynamic epidemiology of diabetes in a population of northern Italy

Pavel I.; Sdrobici D., 1980:
Dynamic epidemiology surrounding prophylaxis in diabetes

Castelijns M.M.C.F.; Schipper P.; Van Aken D.; Buck H.M., 1981:
Dynamic equilibria between pentavalent protonated oxy phosphoranes and their isomeric tetravalent enol phosphonium ions via inter molecular and intra molecular proton transfer

Dragan A.I.; Khrapunov S.N.; Berdyshev G.D., 1985:
Dynamic equilibrium analysis of histone oligomers nature of forces stabilizing the histone octamer structure

Lebedev, V.L., 1976:
Dynamic equilibrium and balance analysis of the chemical fields in the ocean

Guzman M.; Romero L., 1984:
Dynamic equilibrium and indexes of macronutrients and micronutrients in plants of tilia platyphyllos

Graceffa P.; Lehrer S.S., 1984:
Dynamic equilibrium between the 2 conformational states of spin labeled tropo myosin

Takagi A., 1985:
Dynamic evaluation of body sway by means of energy distribution

Kawagoe S.; Saito H.; Ogawa T.; Hiroi M., 1982:
Dynamic evaluation of hypothalamic pituitary function in women with the syndrome of galactorrhea

Kauppila, A.; Heikkinen, J.; Viinikka, L., 1986:
Dynamic evaluation of prolactin secretion by successive TRH and metoclopramide stimulations

Chacra, A.R.; Zampieri, M.; Lengyel, A.M.; Vieira, J.G., 1980:
Dynamic evaluation of prolactin secretion in acromegaly

D'agata R.; Aliffi A.; Gulizia S.; Vicari E., 1981:
Dynamic evaluation of prolactin secretion with sulpiride and trh in amenorrheic and normally menstruating women

Goya N.; Agishi T.; Toma H.; Fuchinoue S.; Mitsuno K.; Takahashi M.; Yoshida M.; Umezu R., 1982:
Dynamic evaluation of voiding by simultaneous uro flowmetry with uro cystometry

Gonzalez Juanatey J.R.; Pose Reino A.; Amaro Cendon A.; Torre Carballada J.A.; Calvo Gomez C.; Gil M.; Cabezas Cerrato J., 1985:
Dynamic exercise and arterial hypertension evaluation of the responses of slight and moderate to serious hypertensive patients

Nagae, N., 1987:
Dynamic exercise echography after mitral valve replacement

Brodde O E.; Daul A.E.; Wang X.L.; Michel M.C.; Galal O., 1987:
Dynamic exercise induced increase in lymphocyte beta 2 adrenoceptors abnormality in essential hypertension and its correction by antihypertensive

Falkner, B.; Lowenthal, D.T.; Onesti, G., 1980:
Dynamic exercise response in hypertensive adolescent on clonidine therapy: clonidine therapy in adolescent hypertension

Musch, T.I.; Haidet, G.C.; Ordway, G.A.; Longhurst, J.C.; Mitchell, J.H., 1985:
Dynamic exercise training in foxhounds 1. oxygen consumption and hemodynamic responses

Parsons, D.; Musch, T.I.; Moore, R.L.; Haidet, G.C.; Ordway, G.A., 1985:
Dynamic exercise training in foxhounds 2. analysis of skeletal muscle

Thouvenot J.; Decaud Laroche J.; Pourcelot L., 1984:
Dynamic exploration of the abdominal viscera contractility from the echographic images

Hazen, B.W.; Hazen, K.C., 1988:
Dynamic expression of cell surface hydrophobicity during initial yeast cell growth and before germ tube formation of Candida albicans

Clyburn T.A., 1987:
Dynamic external fixation for comminuted intra articular fractures of the distal end of the radius

Molenaar, P.C., 1987:
Dynamic Factor Analysis in the Frequency Domain: Causal Modeling of Multivariate Psychophysiological Time Series

Jönsson, A.; Clemedson, C.J.; Sundqvist, A.B.; Arvebo, E., 1979:
Dynamic factors influencing the production of lung injury in rabbits subjected to blunt chest wall impact

Tsubouchi S.; Kano E.; Suzuki H., 1986:
Dynamic features of duct epithelial cells in the mouse pancreas as shown by radioautography following continuous tritiated thymidine infusion

Fields, M.J.; Dubois, W.; Fields, P.A., 1985:
Dynamic features of luteal secretory granules: ultrastructural changes during the course of pregnancy in the cow

Seliktar, R.; Susak, Z.; Najenson, T.; Solzi, P., 1978:
Dynamic features of standing and their correlation with neurological disorders

Zakrzhevskii P.I., 1985:
Dynamic field model taking into account soil fertility

Weiss M.A.; Elison J.L.; States D.J., 1984:
Dynamic filtering by 2 dimensional proton nmr with application to phage lambda repressor

Gandolfi, M.; Malavolta, L.; Tomasso, A., 1986:
Dynamic flexible intramedullary nailing in the treatment of fractures of the femoral diaphysis

Mazzoni, M.C.; Borgström, P.; Arfors, K.E.; Intaglietta, M., 1988:
Dynamic fluid redistribution in hyperosmotic resuscitation of hypovolemic hemorrhage

Lund, F.; Lund, S.; Johnsson, R., 1976:
Dynamic fluorescein angiography of the macro surface in circulatory studies of abdominal viscera in the rat preliminary observations with a new approach

Kano K.; Fendler J.H., 1979:
Dynamic fluorescence investigations of the effect of osmotic shocks on the micro environments of charged and uncharged di palmitoyl dl alpha phosphatidyl choline liposomes

Lee, J.; O'Kane, D.J.; Gibson, B.G., 1988:
Dynamic fluorescence properties of bacterial luciferase intermediates

Mimuro M.; Yamazaki I.; Itoh S.; Tamai N.; Satoh K., 1988:
Dynamic fluorescence properties of d1 d2 cytochrome b 559 complex isolated from spinach chloroplasts analysis by means of the time resolved fluorescence spectra in picosecond time range

Paul R.; Parviainen S., 1986:
Dynamic fluorine 18 2 fluoro 2 deoxy d glucose scintigraphy of normal and tumor bearing rats

Moye, H.A.; Scherer, S.J.; St-John, P.A., 1977:
Dynamic fluorogenic labeling of pesticides for high performance liquid chromatography detection of n methyl carbamates with o phthalaldehyde

Wilson T.; Hamilton D.K., 1982:
Dynamic focusing in the confocal scanning microscope

Balmukhanov S.B.; Dyusembaev Z.E.; Sadykov S.S.; Abdrakhmanov Z.N.; Reverz L., 1985:
Dynamic fractionation of radiotherapy of lung cancer with different tumor growth rates

Okamoto, N., 1980:
Dynamic function of macrophages in the subarachnoid space

Kayano, J., 1986:
Dynamic function of medial foot arch

Sasayama, S.; Takahashi, M.; Osakada, G.; Hirose, K.; Hamashima, H.; Nishimura, E.; Kawai, C., 1979:
Dynamic geometry of the left atrium and left ventricle in acute mitral regurgitation

Miyazawa, K.; Honna, T.; Haneda, T.; Shirato, K.; Nakajima, T.; Arai, T., 1978:
Dynamic geometry of the left ventricle during ventricular pacing: correlation with cardiac pumping action

Daufault R.J.; Greig J.K., 1983:
Dynamic growth characteristics in seedling asparagus asparagus officinalis

Kuleshis A.A., 1987:
Dynamic growth evaluation in scotch pine stands

Wampler, T.P.; Bowe, W.A.; Levy, E.J., 1985:
Dynamic headspace analyses of residual volatiles in pharmaceuticals

Thompson J.A.; H.B.; Mastovich S.L., 1985:
Dynamic headspace analysis of volatile metabolites from the reductive dehalogenation of trichloroethanes and tetrachloroethanes by hepatic microsomes

Schmidt S.; Blomberg L.; Wannman T., 1988:
Dynamic headspace enrichment reinjection for open tubular gc ftir analysis of volatiles in polymers

Wyatt D.M., 1987:
Dynamic headspace gas chromatography mass spectrometry technique for determining volatiles in ambient stored vegetable oils

Mil'ko V.I.; Novopashennaya V.V.; El' Siddig A.I.I., 1981:
Dynamic hepato scintigraphic data on the functional state of the liver in ulcers

Intenzo, C.M.; Hendricks, P.; Kim, S.; Park, C.H., 1988:
Dynamic hepatobiliary scan appearance of hepatocellular carcinoma

Oppenheim, B.E.; Krepshaw, J.D., 1988:
Dynamic hepatobiliary SPECT: a method for tomography of a changing radioactivity distribution

Harris, J.F.; Chambers, A.F.; Ling, V.; Hill, R.P., 1987:
Dynamic heterogeneity: characterization of two cell lines derived from experimental lung metastases of mouse KHT fibrosarcoma

Lee, E.R., 1985:
Dynamic histology of the antral epithelium in the mouse stomach 3. ultrastructure and renewal of pit cells

Belisle, S., 1978:
Dynamic hormonal explorations during pregnancy criticism and clinical interpretations

Kaplan E.; Gergans G.A.; Milo T.; Friedman A.M.; Sharp J.T., 1982:
Dynamic imaging of the respiratory cycle with krypton 81m

Uszler, J.M.; Krauthammer, M.; Taplin, G.V.; Rinderknecht, J.; Wasserman, K., 1977:
Dynamic imaging of the systemic perfusion of a lung cancer: case report

Glazer, G.M.; Francis, I.R.; Gebarski, K.; Samuels, B.I.; Sorensen, K.W., 1983:
Dynamic incremental computed tomography in evaluation of the pulmonary hila

Nakahara, K.; Nanjo, S.; Maeda, M.; Kawashima, Y., 1983:
Dynamic insufficiency of lung lymph flow from the right lymph duct in dogs with acute filtration edema

Garfein O.B.; Feit A., 1982:
Dynamic inter coronary collateral flow in a patient with variant angina and coronary artery spasm

Rakić, L.M.; Ivanus, J.J., 1985:
Dynamic interaction between caudate nucleus and hypothalamus

O'Reilly, R.A., 1981:
Dynamic interaction between disulfiram and separated enantiomorphs of racemic warfarin

Hwang K.M.; Keenan A.M.; Frincke J.; David G.; Pearson J.; Oldham R.K.; Morgan A.C.Jr, 1986:
Dynamic interaction of indium 111 labeled monoclonal antibodies with surface antigens of solid tumors visualized in vivo by external scintigraphy

Michaels, D.C.; Matyas, E.P.; Jalife, J., 1986:
Dynamic interactions and mutual synchronization of sinoatrial node pacemaker cells. A mathematical model

Loeb, J.M.; deTarnowsky, J.M.; Warner, M.R.; Whitson, C.C., 1985:
Dynamic interactions between heart rate and atrioventricular conduction

Fiamingo, F.G.; Altschuld, R.A.; Moh, P.P.; Alben, J.O., 1982:
Dynamic interactions of carbon mon oxide with a 3 iron and copper b in cytochrome c oxidase ec in beef heart mitochondria studied by fourier transform ir spectroscopy at low temperatures

Toldi, J.; Fehér, O., 1980:
Dynamic interactions of evoked potentials in the association cortex of the cat

Maloney, J.E.; Castle, B.L., 1970:
Dynamic intra vascular pressures in the micro vessels of the frog lung

Iliceto S.; Sorino M.; Rizzon P., 1984:
Dynamic intracavitary echoes in vitro study

Bourgeois P.; Fruhling J.; Langohr M.; Coel J.; Verbist A.; Ghanem G.; Legros F., 1983:
Dynamic iodine 131 labeled insulin distribution in rabbits as seen by in vivo scintigraphic studies

Müller, C.; Pillgram-Larsen, J., 1984:
Dynamic isotope angiography

Takezoe H.; Y.H., 1981:
Dynamic kerr effect measurements on photo receptor disc membrane vesicles

Bourret D., 1985:
Dynamic kerr effect of ovalbumin in solution

Andersen, P.; Adams, R.P.; Sjøgaard, G.; Thorboe, A.; Saltin, B., 1985:
Dynamic knee extension as model for study of isolated exercising muscle in humans

Young J.A.; Evans R.A.; Roundy B.A.; Brown J.A., 1986:
Dynamic landforms and plant communities in a pluvial lake basin

Kaitala A., 1987:
Dynamic life history strategy of the waterstrider gerris thoracicus as an adaptation to food and habitat variation

Plasek J.; Gardavsky J.; Kramolis J., 1982:
Dynamic light scattering and its application in biology

Yeh, Y.; Baskin, R.J., 1978:
Dynamic light scattering characterization of the detergent free delipidated calcium ion magnesium ion atpase from sarcoplasmic reticulum

Fletcher, G.C., 1976:
Dynamic light scattering from collagen solutions part 1 translational diffusion coefficient and aggregation effects

Thomas J.C.; Fletcher G.C., 1979:
Dynamic light scattering from collagen solutions part 2 photon correlation study of the de polarized light

Suda H., 1987:
Dynamic light scattering from cylindrical bundle like particles in suspension

Lomakin A.V.; Noskin V.A., 1980:
Dynamic light scattering in a flow a new method of particle anisotropy investigation

Latina M.; Chylack L.T.Jr; Fagerholm P.; Nishio I.; Tanaka T.; Palmquist B.M., 1987:
Dynamic light scattering intact rabbit lens its relation to protein concentration

Lee, W.I.; Schmitz, K.S.; Lin, S.C.; Schurr, J.M., 1977:
Dynamic light scattering studies of dna part 1 the coupling of internal modes with anisotropic translational diffusion in congested solutions

Lin, S.C.; Thomas, J.C.; Allison, S.A.; Schurr, J.M., 1981:
Dynamic light scattering studies of internal motions in dna 3. evidence for titratable joints associated with bound poly cations

Lin, S.C.; Schurr, J.M., 1978:
Dynamic light scattering studies of internal motions in dna part 1 applicability of the rouse zimm model

Soda K.; Wada A., 1984:
Dynamic light scattering studies on thermal motions of native dna species in solution

Wahrenberg, H.; Lindbeck, L.; Ekholm, J., 1978:
Dynamic load in the human knee joint during voluntary active impact to the lower leg

Sullivan, K.J.; Mortola, J.P., 1986:
Dynamic lung compliance in newborn and adult cats

Raven, P.B.; Gliner, J.A.; Sutton, J.C., 1976:
Dynamic lung function changes following long term work in polluted environments

Arnup, M.E.; Greville, H.W.; Oppenheimer, L.; Mink, S.N.; Anthonisen, N.R., 1984:
Dynamic lung function in dogs with compensatory lung growth

Rao V.L.N.; Tandan H.C., 1979:
Dynamic lung functions in textile workers

Sethi, G.R.; Gupta, A.; Bhatnagar, O.P.; Jain, A.K., 1987:
Dynamic lung volumes in children with bronchial asthma

Nawaz, K.; Hamad, M.M.; Sadek, S.; Awdeh, M.; Eklof, B.; Abdel-Dayem, H.M., 1986:
Dynamic lymph flow imaging in lymphedema. Normal and abnormal patterns

Mussa G.C.; Bona G.; Silvestro L., 1980:
Dynamic lympho scintigraphy with technetium 99m rhenium sulfur colloid in pediatrics

Phillipson P.E.; Schuster P.; Kemler F., 1984:
Dynamic machinery of a biochemical clock

Loeber C.; Goldberg S.J.; Hendrix M.J.C.; Sahn D.J., 1983:
Dynamic mammalian cardiogenesis investigated by high resolution ultrasound in guinea pigs

Zhuravlev-Yu, E.; Lipovich, A.Y. ; Matlashov, A.N.; Taratorin, A.M.; Golyshev, N.V.; Motorin, S.V.; Gulyaev-Yu, V.; Godik, E.E.; Rogachevskii, B.M., 1987:
Dynamic mapping of evoked magnetic fields of the human brain

Williams, S.A.; Wasserman, S.; Rawlinson, D.W.; Kitney, R.I.; Smaje, L.H.; Tooke, J.E., 1988:
Dynamic measurement of human capillary blood pressure

Hashimoto, T., 1984:
Dynamic measurement of pressure and flow velocities in glass and silastic model berry aneurysms

Wilson, J.E.I.i ; Bynum, L.J.; Ramanthan, M., 1977:
Dynamic measurement of regional ventilation and perfusion of the lung with xenon 133

Van Leeuwen C., 1979:
Dynamic measurement of the overall volumetric mass transfer coefficient in air sparged systems

Linek, V.; Vacek, V., 1977:
Dynamic measurement of the volumetric mass transfer coefficient in agitated vessels effect of the start up period on the response of an oxygen electrode

Graham B.L.; Mink J.T.; Cotton D.J., 1983:
Dynamic measurements of carbon mon oxide diffusing capacity using discrete samples of alveolar gas

Fitzgerald, E.R., 1975:
Dynamic mechanical measurements during the life to death transition in animal tissues

Vandenburgh H.H., 1982:
Dynamic mechanical orientation of skeletal myo fibers in vitro

Tokita, M.; Futakuchi, H.; Niki, R.; Arima, S.; Hikichi, K., 1983:
Dynamic mechanical properties of milk and milk gel

Vinegar, A.; Sinnett, E.E.; Leith, D.E., 1979:
Dynamic mechanisms determine functional residual capacity in mice, Mus musculus

Rassvetaev, V.V.; Ivanov, A.V.; Kolosov, V.A.; Kuznetsov, V.N.; Mikhailik, N.F., 1978:
Dynamic medical control over flight crew members during prolonged flights

Tanny, G.B., 1978:
Dynamic membranes in ultra filtration and reverse osmosis

Rykhter, E.V., 1975:
Dynamic method of evaluating the hygienic effectiveness of ventilation

Maccarthy J.E.; Kozak J.J., 1981:
Dynamic model for in vivo virus replication

Schauwecker, H.H.; Gerlach, J.C.; Planck, H.; Bücherl, E.S., 1987:
Dynamic model for the development and testing of a tracheal prosthesis under preclinical conditions

Bershadskii B.G., 1981:
Dynamic model of an arbitrary region of circulation using the principle of connections detachment

Venkov L.; Markov S., 1980:
Dynamic model of cholinergic synapse transmission

Guthke R.; Nuske J.; Schorcht R.; Fritsche W.; Knorre W.A., 1984:
Dynamic model of discontinuous and continuous phaseolotoxin production of pseudomonas syringae pathovar phaseolicola

Stroganova M.A.; Korovin A.I.; Polevoi A.N., 1983:
Dynamic model of expenditure of endosperm reserves in grain crop seeds during germination and in the period prior to the appearance of shoots

Ivlev A.A., 1984:
Dynamic model of fractionation of carbon isotopes in the living cell

Yezzi D.J.Jr; Uzzo A.P.Jr, 1979:
Dynamic model of nutrification in huntington bay new york usa

Kyaivyaryainen A.I., 1979:
Dynamic model of protein behavior in water possible mechanism of specific complex association and dissociation

van Gurp, M.; Schamhardt, H.C.; Hartman, W.; Crowe, A., 1986:
Dynamic model of the equine hindlimb during the swing phase

Guthke, R.; Veckenstedt, A.; Güttner, J.; Stracke, R.; Bergter, F., 1987:
Dynamic model of the pathogenesis of Mengo virus infection in mice

Romanov, S.P., 1984:
Dynamic model of the regulation of muscle fiber contraction

Johnson I.R.; Thornley J.H.M., 1985:
Dynamic model of the response of a vegetative grass crop to light temperature and nitrogen

Burattini R.; Reale P.; Borgdorff P.; Westerhof N., 1987:
Dynamic model of the short term regulation of arterial pressure in the cat

Chen, R.S., 1982:
Dynamic model of translation phase

Mahmoud M.S.; Hassan M.F.; Younis M.I., 1982:
Dynamic modeling and control in water resources systems

Von-Jeszenszky, T.; Dunn, I.J., 1976:
Dynamic modeling and control simulation of a biological waste water treatment process

Chen B R.; Hines M.J.; Hemami H., 1986:
Dynamic modeling for implementation of a right turn in bipedal walking

Hansen J.L.; Fiok A.E.; Hovious J.C., 1980:
Dynamic modeling of industrial waste water treatment plant data

Lubentsov V.F.; Yusupbekov N.R.; Babayants A.V.; Kuz'minova G.T., 1982:
Dynamic models of fermentation processes in the production of penicillin

Yarmonenko S.P., 1981:
Dynamic modification of tissue radio sensitivity in radiation therapy of tumors

Innis, S.M.; Clandinin, M.T., 1981:
Dynamic modulation of mitochondrial membrane physical properties and ATPase activity by diet lipid

Ehara T.; Sumida S.; Osafune T., 1988:
Dynamic morphological changes of organelles in euglena gracilis z

Honda S., 1987:
Dynamic movement of pronation supination of the forearm and emg activities during pursuit tracking task

Dumija, L.; Horgas, D., 1977:
Dynamic movement of residues triazine herbicides in the vegetation period of some agricultural crops

Koschorek, F.; Jensen, H.P.; Terwey, B., 1987:
Dynamic MR imaging: a further possibility for characterizing CNS lesions

Santos M.; Butel J.S., 1984:
Dynamic nature of the association of large tumor antigen and p 53 cellular protein with the surfaces of sv 40 transformed cells

Kiniry J.R.; Ritchie J.T.; Musser R.L., 1983:
Dynamic nature of the photoperiod response in maize zea mays

Akhundova M.A.; Mirimova T.D.; Smirnov Y.N.; Yatsyk P.K.; Pavlova M.K., 1980:
Dynamic nephro scintigraphy in examination of the kidneys in children with obstructive chronic pyelo nephritis

Kaneko K.; Ozeki S.; Inouye K., 1987:
Dynamic nitrogen oxide adsorption characteristics of iron treated activated carbon fibers

Kane V.V.; Martin A.R.; Jamie C.; Osawa E., 1984:
Dynamic nmr and empirical force field studies of cannabidiol

Rithner C.D.; Buchweller C.H.; Gensler W.J.; Hoogasian S., 1983:
Dynamic nmr and empirical force field studies of podophyllo toxin/

Doyle, M.; Rzedzian, R.; Mansfield, P.; Coupland, R.E., 1983:
Dynamic NMR cardiac imaging in a piglet

Weis A.L.; Porat Z.; Luz Z., 1984:
Dynamic nmr investigation of the annular tautomerism in dihydropyrimidines

Anderson S.E.; Adorante J.S.; Cala P.M., 1988:
Dynamic nmr measurement of volume regulatory changes in amphiuma rbc sodium content

O'donnell, D.J.; Ramalingam, K.; Berlin, K.D.; Ealick, S.E.; Van-Der-Helm, D., 1978:
Dynamic nmr study of 3 methylene 1 oxa spiro 45 decan 2 one and single crystal x ray diffraction analysis of cis 8 tert butyl 3 methylene 1 oxa spiro 45 decan 2 one

Lupanov, V.P., 1975:
Dynamic observation of physical exercise tolerance in patients with ischemic heart disease in drug therapy

Grigor'yants, R.A.; Lobova, N.M.; Ignat'eva, I.F.; Matveeva, L.S., 1978:
Dynamic observation on the course of ischemic heart disease

Jing Q Y.; Liu Z D.; Yang Y Q.; Shan C Y.; Wang D B.; Jiang Y M., 1982:
Dynamic observations of blood sugar and insulin levels with low dose insulin infusion

Coelho J.; Schnelle K.; Joubert L.; Ventura D.; Mullane J., 1985:
Dynamic of beta adrenoceptor blockade with cetamolol

Zucker A.; Zech W., 1987 :
Dynamic of different nitrogen fractions of decomposing leaves of the stinging nettle urtica dioica l

Zucker A., 1987:
Dynamic of different sulfur fractions of decomposing leaves of the stinging nettle urtica dioica l

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Dynamic of energy supply detoxication and biosynthesis of macromolecules in the mouse liver during acute radiation disease

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Dynamic of isoenzyme alpha amylase activity in pancreopathy

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Dynamic of lipid content in human milk during lactation

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Dynamic of the antibiotic resistance of escherichia coli strains isolated from cows on two cow farms

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Dynamic of the degree of antibody affinity during experimental studies on humoral immune response ii. influence of adjuvants on anti human serum albumin antibody affinity

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Dynamic of the inapparent epizootic process as evaluated by the index of infection

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Dynamic of the postmortem disintegration of dna in nuclei of myocardiocytes and hepatocytes as criterion for determination of the elapse of time after occurrence of death

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Dynamic of the vegetation of pools of limestone sink holes in the lesser antilles

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Dynamic of the zooplanktonic population from lake gamelin quebec canada

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Dynamic optimization of a yield formation model for sugar beet to be used in operational adjustment of water and nitrogen supplies

Chaudhuri K., 1988:
Dynamic optimization of combined harvesting of a two species fishery

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Dynamic optimization of dehydration processes minimizing browning in dehydration of potatoes

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Dynamic optimization of in series cardiac assistance by means of intra aortic balloon pumping

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Dynamic organization of mitochondrial membranes cross linking study with di methyl suberimidate

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Dynamic oxygen measurement requirements and possible applications in occupational and performance physiology

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Dynamic palatometry

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Dynamic parameters of membrane lipids in normal and leukemic human lymphocytes isolated from peripheral blood and bone marrow

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Dynamic patch artificial myocardium effect on the failing heart and the residual myocardial function

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Dynamic pattern of estradiol binding to uterine receptors of the rat. Inhibition and stimulation by unsaturated fatty acids

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Dynamic patterns of sky light polarization as clock and compass

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Dynamic peripheral nerve metabolic and vascular responses to exsanguination

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Dynamic phantom for modeling organ movement in the living organism

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Dynamic phlebography of crural primary varices with compression of superficial veins above or below the ankle

Halle N., 1979:
Dynamic phyllotaxy interpreted as primitive

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Dynamic pituitary testing in a female with Kallman's syndrome and associated cardiac anomaly

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Dynamic plasmid populations in Halobacterium halobium

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Dynamic polymorphism in viral populations

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Dynamic popliteal phlebography

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Dynamic positron emission tomographic data analysis

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Dynamic positron emission tomography for study of cerebral hemodynamics in a cross section of the head using positron emitting gallium 68 edta and krypton 77

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Dynamic pressure flow curves in the auto regulating kidney vasculature of conscious dogs

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Dynamic pressure flow diagrams and impedance in experimental arterial stenosis and in stenotic athero sclerosis

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Dynamic process captured on a single image: an approach to screening for abnormal superior vena caval flow

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Dynamic process modeling of waste water stabilization ponds

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Dynamic process of intra cellular freezing

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Dynamic prognosis of main complications of acute myo cardial infarction with application of discriminant analysis

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Dynamic programming for economic optimization of fattening processes

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Dynamic programming for optimization of timber production and grazing in ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa

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Dynamic programming optimization of total airflow requirement for low temperature maize corn drying

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Dynamic prolactin secretion in idiopathic hirsutism the effect of treatment

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Dynamic propagation of seizure discharges in the motor cortical kindling

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Dynamic properties and design criteria of an intermittent submerged bio oxidator for waste water treatment

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Dynamic properties of a generalized lotka model

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Dynamic properties of a phospho fructo kinase ec pyruvate kinase ec system experiments in vitro using the substrate stat technique

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Dynamic properties of cockroach periplaneta americana cercal bristle like hair sensilla

Buno W.Jr; Monti Bloch L.; Mateos A.; Handler P., 1981:
Dynamic properties of cockroach periplaneta americana cercal thread like hair sensilla

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Dynamic properties of energy regenerating pathways z shaped hysteresis of the load characteristics

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Dynamic properties of excitation and 2 tone inhibition in the cochlear nucleus studied using amplitude modulated tones

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Dynamic properties of inferior rectus muscle of the rat

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Dynamic properties of isolated acetyl choline receptor protein kinetics of the binding of acetyl choline and calcium ions

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Dynamic properties of microtubules at steady state of polymerization

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Dynamic properties of neck postural reflexes in cat

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Dynamic properties of oxyhemoglobin and carbon monoxyhemoglobin probed by optical spectroscopy in the temperature range of 300 20 k

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Dynamic properties of the compensation system for doppler shifts in the bat rhinolophus ferrumequinum

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Dynamic properties of the efferent regulation of muscle contraction transition processes frequency of efferent stimulation muscle length

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Dynamic properties of the inferior rectus, extensor digitorum longus, diaphragm and soleus muscles of the mouse

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Dynamic properties of the ipsilateral tactile elicited stapedius muscle reflex in persons with normal hearing

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Dynamic properties of the responses of single neurons in the cochlear nucleus of the rat

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Dynamic properties of the systemic organization of purposive behavior

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Dynamic protein structures ir evidence for 4 discrete rapidly inter converting conformers at the carbon mon oxide binding site of bovine heart myo globin

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Dynamic proton nmr and nitrogen 15 nmr of free base nitrogen 15 porphyrins

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Dynamic pupillary response to positive differential of light stimulus

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Dynamic pupillographic response to positive differential light stimulation in myasthenia gravis

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Dynamic queckenstedt's test in cervical spondylotic myelopathy

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Dynamic quenchers in fluorescently labeled membranes theory for quenching in a 3 phase system

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Dynamic radio rheo pneumography and its use in sports

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Dynamic radionuclide ventriculography in the diagnosis of heart and lung diseases

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Dynamic range and asymmetry of the auditory filter

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Dynamic range and stray light. An estimate of the falsifying effects of stray light in perimetry

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Dynamic range compression in surface coil magnetic resonance imaging

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Dynamic rearrangements of erythrocyte membrane internal architecture induced by infection with Plasmodium falciparum

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Dynamic registration of arterial pressure in unrestrained rats in chronic experiments

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Dynamic regulation of erythropoiesis: a computer model of general applicability

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Dynamic Relation between Expansion and Cellular Turgor in Growing Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Leaves

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Dynamic relations between natural vestibular inputs and activity of fore limb extensor muscles in the de cerebrate cat part 1 motor output during sinusoidal linear accelerations

Anderson, J.H.; Soechting, J.F.; Terzuolo, C.A., 1977:
Dynamic relations between natural vestibular inputs and activity of fore limb extensor muscles in the de cerebrate cat part 2 motor output during rotations in the horizontal plane

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Dynamic relations between natural vestibular inputs and activity of fore limb extensor muscles in the de cerebrate cat part 3 motor output during rotations in the vertical plane

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Dynamic renal scan in the non-visualizing kidney

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Dynamic renal scintigraphy in aortic disorders evaluation of renal arterial involvement

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Dynamic renal transplant imaging with technetium 99m di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid tin supplemented by a transplant perfusion index in the management of renal transplants

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Dynamic replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament with the tendon of semitendinous and reinforcement of the medial collateral ligament with puehringers gracilis plasty

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Dynamic research in nuclear cardiology

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Dynamic research on tentorial upward herniation

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Dynamic respiratory mechanics in intact anesthetized hamsters

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Dynamic respiratory mechanics in monkeys macaca radiata measured by forced oscillations

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Dynamic response analysis i. qualitative estimation of stock status relative to maximum net productivity level from observed dynamics

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Dynamic response analysis ii. evaluation of dynamic response analysis in a simulated no harvest case

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Dynamic response of a circadian pacemaker 1. recovery from extended light exposure

Peterson, E.L., 1981:
Dynamic response of a circadian pacemaker 2. recovery from light pulse perturbations

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Dynamic response of arterial walls in vivo

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Dynamic response of fasting heat production in sheep exposed to varying environmental conditions

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Dynamic response of local pulmonary blood flow to alveolar gas tensions: analysis

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Dynamic response of peripheral chemoreflex loop to changes in end tidal carbon dioxide

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Dynamic response of prostaglandin synthesis to peptide hormones and osmolality in renal tubular cells

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Dynamic response to fsh of secretion of progesterone by superfused rat ovarian granulosa cells

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Dynamic responses of active and inactive renin and plasma norepinephrine during exercise in normal man

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Dynamic responses of carbon di oxide sensitive avian intra pulmonary chemo receptors

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Dynamic responses of electrically coupled systems

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Dynamic responses of implant and mandible to occlusal force

Ohkusa W., 1985:
Dynamic responses of mandible to occlusal force during the wearing of an overdenture

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Dynamic responses of the dairy cows teat to step changes in pressure

Ochi R., 1987:
Dynamic responses of the mandible to occlusal forces of partial dentures

Marukawa K., 1985:
Dynamic responses of the monkey skull to application of occlusal force

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Dynamic reversal of enzyme carboxyl group phosphorylation as the basis of the oxygen exchange catalyzed by sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase

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Dynamic rheological measurements on heat induced myosin gels an evaluation of the method's suitability for the filamentous gels

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Dynamic rheological measurements on heat induced myosin gels effect of ionic strength protein concentration and addition of atp or pyrophosphate

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Dynamic rheological properties of cake batters made from chlorine treated and untreated flours

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Dynamic rheological properties of flour gluten and gluten starch doughs i. temperature dependent changes during heating

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Dynamic rheological properties of flour gluten and gluten starch doughs ii. effect of various processing and ingredient changes

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Dynamic rheology of visco elastic tubes

Cugini P., 1987:
Dynamic rhythmometry inferential excess indices using microcomputers

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Dynamic right ventricular dimension. Relation to chamber volume during the cardiac cycle

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Dynamic roentgenometry and the possibility of predicting the response of lung tumor to treatment

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Dynamic scanning and brain angiography in diagnosing occlusive changes in cerebral vascular disease

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Dynamic scanning defines a colonic defect in severe idiopathic constipation

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Dynamic scinti renography as a monitor of the effectiveness of the treatment of kidney diseases

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Dynamic scintigraphy in diffuse affections of the kidneys in patients with arterial hypertension

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Dynamic scintigraphy of the hepato biliary system

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Dynamic scintigraphy of the kidney and ureter after its substitution by a silicon prosthesis

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Dynamic scintigraphy of the kidneys in chronic pyelonephritis of patients with arterial hypertension

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Dynamic scintigraphy of the kidneys using iodine 131 hippuran in diagnosis of nephrogenic hypertension

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Dynamic scintigraphy of the lungs with xenon 133 in chronic bronchitis

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Dynamic scintigraphy with technetium 99m labeled di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid for glomerulo nephritis in children

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Dynamic sequential scintigraphy using iodine 123 n isopropyl p iodoamphetamine in the patients with intracranial mass lesion a comparison with xenon 133 method

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Dynamic shape factors for plutonium oxide aerosols useful in auto radiographic particle size analysis

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Dynamic shape of the female urethra during micturition. Clinical methods

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Dynamic shifts in corneal topography during the modified Ruiz procedure for astigmatism

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Dynamic simulation a positive feedback mechanism for experimental research in the biological sciences

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Dynamic single photon emission computed tomography of thallium 201 with exercise loading

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Dynamic single photon emission computed tomography of the brain using a lipophilic technetium 99m complex propylene amine oxime

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Dynamic single photon emission tomography with xenon 133 regional cerebral blood flow in patients with unilateral cerebro vascular disease concise communication

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Dynamic skin fold thickness measurements a noninvasive estimate of neo natal extracellular water content

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Dynamic solvent accessibility in the soybean trypsin inhibitor trypsin complex

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Dynamic sonography in the evaluation of jaundice

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Dynamic spatial ecology of the water snake nerodia sipedon

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Dynamic spatial resolution

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Dynamic spatio temporal representation of sensory information in the olfactory bulb

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Dynamic specificity in biology

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Dynamic spect using technetium 99m hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime in the patients with intracranial mass lesions a comparison with xenon 133 and imp

Horner, J.; Massey, E.W., 1986:
Dynamic spelling alexia

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Dynamic spin echo magnetic resonance imaging of liver cancer using gadolinium diethylenetriaminepentaacetate animal investigation

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Dynamic splint for treatment of congenital dysplasia of the hip

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Dynamic splint to reduce the passive component of hypertonicity

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Dynamic splinting: a systematic approach to the selection of elastic traction

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Dynamic stability of model biomembranes

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Dynamic stability of the metabolic pathway with 1 feedback loop

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Dynamic stability of wheelchairs

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Dynamic state of glutathione in blood plasma

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Dynamic states of phospho lipids in escherichia coli b membrane esr studies with biosynthetically generated phospho lipid spin labels

Akasaki K.; Fujii S.; Hatano H., 1982:
Dynamic states of the 3 methionyl residues of streptomyces albogriseolus subtilisin inhibitor proton nmr studies

Yust L.J.; Stephenson J.P.; Murphy K.L., 1981:
Dynamic step feed control for organic carbon removal in a suspended growth system

Braunstein M.L., 1986:
Dynamic stereo displays for research on the recovery of three dimensional structure

Struchkov, M.I., 1979:
Dynamic stereotype of alimentary conditioned reflexes in freely moving dogs

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Dynamic stiffness measured in central segment of excised rabbit papillary muscles during barium contracture

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Dynamic stiffness of cat heart muscle in barium ion induced contracture

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Dynamic stiffness of rabbit mesotubarium smooth muscle: effect of isometric length

Löwenhielm, P., 1978:
Dynamic strain tolerance of blood vessels at different post mortem conditions

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Dynamic strength and work variation during three stages of the menstrual cycle

Richards C.L., 1981:
Dynamic strength characteristics during iso kinetic knee movements in healthy women

Aghazadeh, F., 1986:
Dynamic strength models for manual handling of different containers

Breyer H G.; Naseband K.; Urbanski A.; Ziebs J., 1981:
Dynamic stressing of per trochanterically osteotomized femurs treated with endo prostheses

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Dynamic structure and phase behavior of di myristoylphosphatidyl ethanolamine bi layers studied by deuterium nmr

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Dynamic structure of linear growth and seed production in pinus sibirica shoots

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Dynamic structure of ordram and 1 of its microbiological transformation products

Koga K.; Kanazawa Y., 1980:
Dynamic structure of phosphatidyl choline molecules in single bi layer vesicles observed by nitrogen 14 nmr

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Dynamic structure of poly ribo guanylic acid in neutral aqueous solution a proton and phosphorus 31 nmr study

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Dynamic structure of rabbit blastocyst coverings 1. transformation during regular pre implantation development

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Dynamic structure of serum albumin during interaction with low molecular weight toxic agents

Shukurov F.A.; Nidekker I.G., 1981:
Dynamic structure of the cardiac rhythm during adaptation to high altitude hypoxia

Dolowy, K., 1976:
Dynamic structure of the erythrocyte cell membrane

Sprugel, D.G., 1976:
Dynamic structure of wave regenerated abies balsamea forests in the northeastern usa

Lapidot, A.; Irving, C.S., 1977:
Dynamic structure of whole cells probed by nuclear overhauser enhanced nitrogen 15 nmr spectroscopy

Kal'nin, A.A., 1982:
Dynamic structures and nonlinear spectral transformations based on structure interaction reactions

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Dynamic studies of activity of creatine phospho kinase and its iso enzymes in the blood serum of patients with acute myo cardial infarction

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Dynamic studies of lymphocytes labeled with indium 111 during and after treatment with monoclonal anti idiotype antibody in advanced b cell lymphoma

Kinoshita, Y., 1983:
Dynamic studies of mandibular osteosynthesis 1. stability of bone fragments by using intra osseous wiring and metal plate fixation/

Kinoshita, Y., 1983:
Dynamic studies of mandibular osteosynthesis 2. inter fragmental compression of osteosynthesis association osteosynthesis/

Mach E.S.; Solov'ev S.K.; Ivanova M.M., 1980:
Dynamic studies of skin micro circulation in the treatment of lupus nephritis with cytostatic immuno depressants

Cao Y.; Che X., 1987:
Dynamic studies of the effect of dimethyltrilobine dti on the toad rectus abdominis n 2 receptor

Kashiwagi T.; Kimura K.; Suematsu T.; Shichiri M.; Kamada T.; Abe H., 1980:
Dynamic studies on portal hemodynamics by scinti photo spleno portography flow patterns of portal circulation

Ohta Y.; Yamada M.; Yoneyama T., 1982:
Dynamic studies on rats inhaling nitrogen 15 labeled nitrogen di oxide

Shin, S.U., 1984:
Dynamic studies on the process of the biological denitrification 1. variation of bacterial flora in the waste water treatment of fish meat paste plant

Gulino A.; Pasqualini J.R., 1980:
Dynamic studies on the selective uptake of tritium labeled estradiol by the fetal uterus and other fetal organs of guinea pig

Marchetti J.; Thibonnier M.; Gonzales M.F.; Corvol P.; Menard J., 1980:
Dynamic study of anti diuretic hormone during benign mineralo corticoid and meta corticoid hypertension

Beliakov, N.A.; Loĭt, A.A.; Serikov, V.B., 1988:
Dynamic study of heat exchange in the lungs

Juhan, I.; Isnard, G.; Aquaron, R., 1976:
Dynamic study of osmotic resistance of red cells in sickle cell anemia

Labeyrie E.; Murphy W.; Behar A.; Baillet J., 1983:
Dynamic study of protein diffusion and clearance in human interstitial tissue

Koen H.; Okuda K.; Musha H.; Tateno Y.; Fukuda N.; Matsumoto T.; Shisido F.; Rikitake T.; IInuma T.; E.A., 1980:
Dynamic study of rectally absorbed ammonia in liver cirrhosis using nitrogen 13 labeled ammonia and a positron camera

Zhang G Y.; Chen Z W.; Zhu J C.; Meng G D., 1985:
Dynamic study of serum gonadotropin and testosterone levels in gossypol treated men long term follow up study of 60 cases

Lilja A.; Bergstrom K.; Hartvig P.; Spannare B.; Halldin C.; Lundqvist H.; Langstrom B., 1985:
Dynamic study of supratentorial gliomas with carbon 14 l methylmethionine and positron emission tomography

Nishikawa, S.; Nakao, N., 1985:
Dynamic study of the interaction between diols and water by ultrasonic methods part 3. 2 methylpentane 2 4 diol solution

Bonin G.; Gamisans J.; Gruber M., 1983:
Dynamic successions of the vegetation of the massif of st baume provence france

Notter R.H.; Holcomb S.; Mavis R.D., 1980:
Dynamic surface properties of phosphatidyl glycerol di palmitoylphosphatidyl choline mixed films

Salzer H.; Nezbeda J.; Husslein P.; Simbruner G.; Martin G., 1980:
Dynamic surface tension measurements and lecithin sphingomyelin ratio in amniotic fluid before birth in comparison with respiratory compliance of new borns immediately after parturition

Sato, D., 1977:
Dynamic system of karyotypes and phylogeny

Ker, R.F., 1981:
Dynamic tensile properties of the plantaris tendon of sheep (Ovis aries)

Müller, E.E.; Cavagnini, F.; Martinez-Campos, A.; Maraschini, C.; Giovannini, P.; Novelli, A.; D.L.o, V., 1984:
Dynamic testing of prolactin and growth hormone secretion in patients with neuroendocrine disorders

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Dynamic tests of hypothalamic and pituitary function in women treated with danazol

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Dynamic theory of enzymatic catalysis

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Dynamic thermography a reliability study

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Dynamic thermomapping of the rat brain under sensory stimulation and spreading depression

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Dynamic torquemeter calibration of bicycle ergometers

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Dynamic ultrasound scans: a visual system for identification

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Dynamic uptake of radioactive substance in rat salivary gland following tritiated administration

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Dynamic visco elastic properties of soy isolate doughs

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Dynamic visco elastic properties of wheat flour dough dependence on mixing time

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Dynamic viscoelastic properties and acoustic properties of japanese radish shogoin roots

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Dynamic viscoelastic properties and acoustic properties of watermelons

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Dynamic viscoelasticity of bovine vitreous body

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Dynamic viscosities of milk and cream from 70 to 135 celsius

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Dynamic visual noise and the stereo phenomenon inter ocular time delays depth and coherent velocities

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Dynamic water vapor and temperature calibration system

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Dynamic yield formation and development model tritsim for winter wheat ii. model validation and verification

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Dynamic zonation of nerita plicata nerita undata and nerita textilis prosobranchia neritaceae populations on a rocky shore in kenya

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Dynamical and temperature dependent effects of lipid protein interactions application of deuterium nmr and epr spectroscopy to the same reconstitutions of cytochrome c oxidase

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Dynamical aspects of host parasite associations croftons model revisited

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Dynamical balance of chemical elements in meadow steppe

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Dynamical properties of the efferent regulation of muscle contraction transition processes external load muscle length

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Dynamical response characteristic of warp tension and ship motions while towing a trawl net

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Dynamically modified capillary columns for liquid chromatographic separations of biological compounds

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Dynamics after axotomy of the a 1 and a 2 median protocerebral neuro secretory cells of the african locust part 1 histo physiological study

Girardie, J., 1977:
Dynamics after axotomy of the a 1 and a 2 median protocerebral neuro secretory cells of the african locust part 2 ultrastructural study

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Dynamics and acoustical radiation of porichthys notatus swimbladder system

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Dynamics and biological cycle of a melinna palmata ampharetidae population during the re colonization of a dredged area in the vicinity of the harbor of brest france

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Dynamics and characteristics of industrial traumatism among shipbuilding workers

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Dynamics and community structure of zoo plankton in the davis strait and northern labrador sea

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Dynamics and comparative statistics of mutualistic communities

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Dynamics and condition of opossum trichosurus vulpecula populations in the copland valley westland new zealand

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Dynamics and conditioning of the soil moisture in the malashevskata mountain bulgaria

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Dynamics and conformational energetics of a peptide hormone: vasopressin

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Dynamics and conidial adhesion and elicitor uptake in relation to pisatin accumulation in aqueous droplets on the endocarp of pea pods

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Dynamics and control of the asiatic clam in the new river virginia usa

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Dynamics and coordination of torso motions in human loco motion

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Dynamics and crop utilization of phosphorus in a calcareous saline alkali soil treated with organic and inorganic amendments

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Dynamics and culture physiological bases of fried egg colony formation by phytopathogenic mycoplasmas

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Dynamics and dimension of low bog subsidence as demonstrated by help of bog monoliths in groundwater lysimeters

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Dynamics and directional sensitivity of neck muscle spindle responses to head rotation

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Dynamics and distribution of phytoestrogens in red clover epigeal organs during ontogeny

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Dynamics and ecology of three yugoslavian populations of the italian wall lizard podarcis sicula campestris de betta reptilia lacertidae

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Dynamics and equilibria of nucleosomes at elevated ionic strength

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Dynamics and fixation of potassium in soils of northwest iran

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Dynamics and genetics of mating behavior in Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

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Dynamics and importance of immunoglobulin e ige as an immunological follow up parameter in oral and pharyngeal carcinoma

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Dynamics and incidence of forcipomyia spp diptera ceratopogonidae in the pollination of cacao theobroma cacao in palmira valle colombia

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Dynamics and intensity of postvaccinal immunity in cattle immunized with the antirabies vaccine of the alma ata zooveterinary institute kazakh ssr ussr and antirabies serum as dependent on the time of late follow up revaccinations

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Dynamics and interactions of the anion channel in intact human erythrocytes an epr spectroscopic study employing a new membrane impermeant bifunctional spin label

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Dynamics and kinetics of carbon 14 nicotinic acid uptake by leukocytes and erythrocytes as an index of vitamin pp transport regulation/

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Dynamics and kinetics of various steroid and protein hormones somatomedin a cystine aminopeptidase and carcinoembryonic antigen in maternal blood during pregnancy and their mutual relationships

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Dynamics and management of some coastal dune woodlands near the hague the netherlands

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Dynamics and mechanism of mineral metabolism disorders from excessive content of phosphorus in the diet

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Dynamics and organization of a rocky inter tidal fish assemblage the persistence and resilience of taxocene structure

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Dynamics and physiological importance of activation of the gamma amino butyric acid system in brain and heart muscle under emotional pain stress

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Dynamics and prediction of moisture reserves in deep chernozems under woods and steppe

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Dynamics and production of a population of venus ovata mollusca bivalvia in the bay or morlaix western english channel

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Dynamics and production of populations of mass species of pond plankton cladocerans

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Dynamics and production of semi natural grassland vegetation in fennoscandia in relation to grazing management

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Dynamics and productivity of nonsymbiotic nitrogen fixation in soddy podzolic soils

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Dynamics and productivity of paspalum repens in a lentic environment of the alluvial valley of the parana river argentina

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Dynamics and quantity of nutrient elements taken up by tomatoes depending on the period of their growing in glasshouses

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Dynamics and regulation of organization in nucleotide pools

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Dynamics and regulation of TSH secretion by superfused anterior pituitary cells

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Dynamics and relationship between sciomyzidae and mollusca in a temporary aquatic biotope in the south of france diptera

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Dynamics and simulated yield of douglas fir

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Dynamics and spatial distribution of xanthomonas campestris pathovar citri group e strains in simulated nursery and new grove situations

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Dynamics and stability of diurnal periodicity under transient conditions

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Dynamics and structure of a field roe deer capreolus capreolus population

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Dynamics and structure of a population of diaphanosoma brachyurum crustacea cladocera

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Dynamics and structure of tooth jaw paleo pathology in humans

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Dynamics and succession of the phyto plankton in a tropical lake lake lanao philippines

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Dynamics and systematic position of thelypteridi phragmitetum

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Dynamics and thermodynamics of axial ligation in metallo porphyrins part 5 affinity of ferric porphyrins for nitrogenous bases and the stoichiometry and spin states of the product complexes

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Dynamics and thermodynamics of axial ligation in metallo porphyrins part 6 axial lability of nitrogenous bases in low spin ferric complexes and the role of 5 coordinate transient species

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Dynamics and ultrastructural peculiarities of the osteoclast formation

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Dynamics and ultrastructure of monocentric chromosome movement

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Dynamics and vertical distribution of zoo plankton biomass expressed as organic carbon and nitrogen carbon nitrogen ratios and detritic carbon in a polluted coastal area

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Dynamics at the active site of bis 4 fluorophenylcarbamoyl alpha chymotrypsin

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Dynamics at the active site of n 2 acetyl n 1 4 fluorobenzylcarbazoyl alpha chymotrypsin

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Dynamics factors of the size of a phytophagous insect population

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Dynamics in changes in antibiotic sensitivity level of staphylococci isolated in 1959 1977

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Dynamics in dehydrogenase and gamma aminobutyric acid transaminase activity in the cerebral cortex during corazole kindling

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Dynamics in natural immunity integral indices in experimental hypo thyrosis and hyper thyrosis

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Dynamics in populations of cosmopolites sordidus and metamasius spp under natural climatic conditions in the banana area of angra dos reis state of rio de janeiro brazil

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Dynamics in protein and dry mass content in the cytoplasm of developing female gametophyte cells in pinus sylvestris

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Dynamics in size of genotypically heterogeneous populations

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Dynamics in the changes of glutathione and methemoglobin in the blood of female albino rats nitrogen dioxide inhalation

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Dynamics in the content of free amino acids and amides in a nicotiana sylvestris cell culture at various concentrations of putrescine in the medium

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Dynamics in the formative process of the distribution pattern of particles on the sea surface

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Dynamics in the growth of high productive beech bio geocenoses

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Dynamics migration and growth of nassarius reticulatus mollusca prosobranchia colonizing saline lake grevelingen southwest netherlands

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Dynamics of 11 hydroxycorticosteroids in the blood of patients with peptic ulcer diseases in the high altitude conditions of dzhermuk resort armenian ssr ussr during complex balneotherapy

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Dynamics of 17 hydroxy cortico steroid excretion in chronic coronary insufficiency

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Dynamics of a bistable system the click mechanism in dipteran flight

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Dynamics of a black capped chickadee parus atricapillus population 1958 1983

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Dynamics of a chemostat in which 2 organisms compete for a common substrate

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Dynamics of a colonizing elk population

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Dynamics of a competitive system of solitary hymenopterous endoparasites diadromus collaris and diadromus pulchellus

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Dynamics of a continent cecal reservoir for urinary diversion

Woerz Busekros A.; Lange P., 1983:
Dynamics of a continuous culture with catalysis of the growth limiting substrate by an enzyme of the cells

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Dynamics of a gray bat population myotis grisescens in missouri usa

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Dynamics of a gypsy moth population in oak stands of the forest steppe

Rolley R.E., 1985:
Dynamics of a harvested bobcat felis rufus population in oklahoma usa

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Dynamics of a heavily exploited population of brown hare in a large scale farming area

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Dynamics of a hybrid zone in phlox an experimental demographic investigation

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Dynamics of a hydrophobic peptide in membrane bilayers by solid state nmr

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Dynamics of a lactate dehydrogenase polymorphism in the wood louse porcellio scaber evidence for partial assortative mating and heterosis in natural populations

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Dynamics of a membrane moderated controlled release/

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Dynamics of a migratory animal population

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Dynamics of a nonoutbreak population of the douglas fir tussock moth lepidoptera lymantriidae in southern oregon usa

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Dynamics of a norway rat population on cattle breeding premises in the northern kazakh ssr ussr

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Dynamics of a population of field mouse

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Dynamics of a pre morbid defect of the nervous system during acute infections and cranio cerebral trauma in children

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Dynamics of a proline rich glycoprotein from human parotid saliva a 360 megahertz proton nmr investigation

Alvial M.A.; Garcia J.B., 1986:
Dynamics of a red tide caused by prorocentrum gracile schuett at iquique chile

Adriaensen F.; Dhondt A.A., 1984:
Dynamics of a robin erithacus rubecula population outside the breeding season

Eriksson O., 1987:
Dynamics of a seashore meadow population of potentilla anserina

Kolesnikova E.K., 1979:
Dynamics of a shock lung on a roentgenogram

Berding C.; Harbich T., 1984:
Dynamics of a simple biochemical control circuit

Shtemberg A.S., 1982:
Dynamics of a stabilized motor defensive conditioned reflex at different levels of motivation in irradiated rats

Hamann O., 1979:
Dynamics of a stand of scalesia pedunculata santa cruz island galapagos ecuador

Kirkpatrick J.B.; Gibson N., 1984:
Dynamics of a tasmanian australia bolster heath string fen

Stocker M.; Walters C.J., 1984:
Dynamics of a vegetation ungulate system and its optimal exploitation

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Dynamics of a weed community 1. evolution of the weed flora during the growth cycle of a crop

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Dynamics of a winter wheat population and its correlation with winter hardiness

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Dynamics of absorbance changes induced by picosecond light pulses in the light harvesting antenna complexes from rhodospirillum rubrum

Konovalov S.M.; Chistyakov V.A., 1987:
Dynamics of abundance and biomass of the reproductive part of population at the subpopulation level

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Dynamics of acarofauna on citrus plants cultivated in cuba

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Dynamics of accumulation and composition of agastache foeniculum essential oil during the vegetative period and during storage of the raw material

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Dynamics of accumulation and composition of essential oil in nepeta cataria var citriodora during vegetation and storage of raw material

Kovrov B.G.; Tirranen L.S., 1982 :
Dynamics of accumulation and retention of volatile organic compounds released by bacteria

Tikhonova V.L.; Shemeryankina M.I., 1980:
Dynamics of accumulation of active substances in patrinia intermedia during introduction in localities near moscow russian sfsr ussr

Kubiak, M., 1977:
Dynamics of accumulation of anthra compounds in buckthorn

Petinov, N.S.; Ivanov, V.P.; Kirillina, V.I.; Golovatyi, V.G.; Kalimulina-Kh, K., 1977:
Dynamics of accumulation of dry matter and metabolites in barley plants depending on soil humidity and levels of mineral nutrition

Bogdanovic D., 1986:
Dynamics of accumulation of dry matter in wheat as a function of mineral nitrogen in the soil

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Dynamics of accumulation of essential oil in specimens of dill of different geographic origin

Iasnova, L.N.; Puchkova, L.I., 1976:
Dynamics of accumulation of extracellular proteins of Serratia marcescens and their nuclease activity during cell growth

Shumik S.A., 1980:
Dynamics of accumulation of molybdenum cobalt and accompanying elements in black currant tissues from top dressing

Malup, T.K.; Sviridov, S.M., 1978:
Dynamics of accumulation of neuro specific protein s 100 in the brain of akr j and dba 2j mice during post natal development

Salekh S.; Agre N.S.; Kalakutskii L.V., 1979:
Dynamics of accumulation of nondifferentiated variants in the submerged culture of streptomyces roseoflavus var roseofungini

Anis-Ross, S.; Zinchenko, T.V., 1975:
Dynamics of accumulation of phenol compounds in stachys palustris of the ukrainian flora

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Dynamics of accumulation of visnadin in ammi visnaga during the vegetative period

Ostojic, N.; Zigic, M.; Zabel, A., 1977:
Dynamics of acephate degradation on apples and grapes

Demidova, L.S.; Krivut, B.A., 1977:
Dynamics of acetyl pectolinarin accumulation in linaria vulgaris in the area around moscow ussr

Sprague, B.H.; Wiley, T.L.; Block, M.G., 1981:
Dynamics of acoustic reflex growth

Dumitrescu R.; Popp I.; Tugearu K., 1980:
Dynamics of acquiring suppressor capacity and expression of suppression in macrophages of solid guerin tumor bearing rats

Jordan R.M.; Ramos Gabatin A.; Kendall J.W.; Gaudette D.; Walls R.C., 1982:
Dynamics of acth secretion in cyclic cushings syndrome evidence for more than 1 abnormal acth bio rhythm

Therien N.; Perdrieux S., 1981:
Dynamics of activated sludge in terms of organic carbon

Funkenstein B.; Nimrod A., 1983:
Dynamics of activation of steroidogenic pathways in cultured neo natal rat ovaries

Darkov A.A., 1979:
Dynamics of active defense reactions on the part of the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus during its reproductive period

Fokin, V.F., 1975:
Dynamics of active defensive reflex formation in cats

Maksimova E.N.; Vasilenko E.S.; Pereverzeva G.I., 1980:
Dynamics of active micro flora during ripening of corn silage

Kind, T.V., 1978:
Dynamics of activity of the brain neuro secretory cells in pieris brassicae under photoperiodic regulation of development and diapause of pupae

Vaisblai, I.M., 1978:
Dynamics of activity of trypsin inhibitors in germinating pea seeds

Larionov, N.P.; Krotenko, N.M., 1978:
Dynamics of acto myosin atpase compared with glycolytic enzyme activity in skeletal muscles in the early post natal period of development

Cvjetanovic, B.; Grab, B.; Uemura, K., 1978:
Dynamics of acute bacterial diseases epidemiological models and their application in public health

Churova, K., 1974:
Dynamics of adaptation of lucerne to unfavorable condition of winter

Kiselev L.V., 1979:
Dynamics of adaptive cardiac reactions in athletes during training

Baker, J.; Harrison, R.E.W.; Isu, N.; Wickland, C.; Peterson, B., 1986:
Dynamics of adaptive change in vestibulo ocular reflex direction ii. sagittal plant rotations

Barbashova, Z.I.; Grigor'eva, G.I.; Simanovskii, L.N.; Tavrovskaya, T.V.; Tarakanova, O.I.; Khavkina, I.V., 1974:
Dynamics of adaptive reactions in rats during a 3 month adaptation to hypoxia

Chovancova M.; Herain J.; Khandl V.; Moncmanova A.; Valtyni J., 1986:
Dynamics of adsorption of industrial vapor on carbon sorbent

Pajot, F.X., 1978:
Dynamics of aedes simpsoni populations in central africa

Mitterauer B.; Pritz W., 1981:
Dynamics of affective disorders and appropriate treatment in manic depressive psychoses

Skuratova, S.A.; Oganov, V.S.; Shirvinskaya, M.A.; Magedov, V.S., 1978:
Dynamics of afferent impulses in posterior roots of the spinal cord of dogs during restriction of motor activity

Colgan, P.W.; Gross, M.R., 1977:
Dynamics of aggression in male pumpkinseed sunfish lepomis gibbosus over reproductive phase

Ravshanov B.R.; Tailakov N.; Khanov O.; Seitkuliev Ya; Mollaev T., 1981:
Dynamics of agrochemical properties of irrigated soils in tashauz oblast turkmen ssr ussr

Vorob'ev M.I.; Khudyakov A.V., 1988:
Dynamics of alcoholic psychoses in the recent intensification of the campaign against drunkenness and alcoholism

Elliott A.P.; Bird G.W.; Leavitt R.A.; Rose L.M., 1984:
Dynamics of aldicarb soil residues associated with pratylenchus penetrans control in dry bean phaseolus vulgaris production

Tokumori Y.; Tanaka Y.; Takeuchi T.; Honda M.; Ito Y.; Kurahashi A.; Murakami I.; Kuno S.; Mokuda O.; E.A., 1985:
Dynamics of aldosterone secretion in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

O'gorman R.; Schneider C.P., 1986:
Dynamics of alewives alosa pseudoharengus in lake ontario usa following a mass mortality

Kravchenko M.E.; Polatova B.B., 1984:
Dynamics of algae development of sewage in ashkhabad turkmen ssr ussr

Saha S.K., 1981:
Dynamics of algal mat in thermal stream

Reddy P.M.; Roger P.A., 1988:
Dynamics of algal populations and acetylene reducing activity in five rice soils inoculated with blue green algae

Belkhir M., 1984:
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