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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5203

Chapter 5203 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kozlov-Yu, P.; Kalenik, N.M.; Sukhareva-Nemakova, N.N.; Zeleneva, R.N.; Silaev, A.B., 1976:
Dynamics of per oxide lipid accumulation in cultures of flagellates

Jedryczkowski, W., 1978:
Dynamics of periodic development of the fauna of cladocera and copepoda of small reservoirs

Toporova S.G., 1986:
Dynamics of peripheral lymph flow in hypoxia

Kostikova L.E., 1986:
Dynamics of periphyton in the kiev reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

Karumidze I.P., 1980:
Dynamics of permeability and effect of temperature on the secretion of different substances from leaf cells of some arboreal plants

Misheneva M.S.; Chetverikova L.K.; Frolov B.A., 1988:
Dynamics of peroxide oxidation of lipids from brain tissue of mice infected with influenza virus in the presence of immobilization stress

Kakhnovskii I.M.; Efuni S.N.; Gitel' E.P., 1980:
Dynamics of phase structure of the right ventricular systole in patients with diabetes mellitus under the influence of hyperbaric oxygenation

Otryashenkova V.E.; Kir'yanov A.A.; Krivut B.A.; Prisyazhnyuk N.P., 1981:
Dynamics of phellavin accumulation in amur corc phellodendron amurense leaves growing in primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Lyaskovskii, M.I.; Kalinin, F.L., 1977:
Dynamics of phenol compounds and lignin in winter wheat stem and formation of lodging resistance

Komarova, G.E., 1975:
Dynamics of phenolic compounds in vegetative organs of low lignin corn mutants and their normal analogs

Hrncir E.; Hykes P.; Hatle K., 1986:
Dynamics of phenoltetrachlorophthalein excretion into bile by wistar rats

Nosko B.S., 1981:
Dynamics of phosphate fractional composition in forest steppe and steppe soils in the ukrainian ssr ussr under the effect of fertilizers

Khmelinin, I.N.; Sekamov, A.A., 1976:
Dynamics of phosphate group composition in cultivated gray forest soils of the gorki oblast ussr

Meyer J.L., 1980:
Dynamics of phosphorus and organic matter during leaf decomposition in a forest stream

Tluczkiewicz, J.; Berendt, W., 1977:
Dynamics of phosphorus compounds in ripening and germinating cereal grains part 1 changes in phosphorus compounds content during ripening of wheat barley and rye grains

Tluczkiewicz, J.; Berendt, W., 1977:
Dynamics of phosphorus compounds in ripening and germinating cereal grains part 2 changes in phosphorus compounds content during germination of wheat barley and rye grains

Fuleky G., 1979:
Dynamics of phosphorus in solonetz soils of ujszentmargita hungary

Rollag, M.D.; O'callaghan, P.L.; Niswender, G.D., 1978:
Dynamics of photo induced alterations in pineal blood flow

Zhgenti, G.V., 1975:
Dynamics of photosynthesis and respiration of some winter vegetative plants

Odumanova Dunaeva G.A., 1983:
Dynamics of photosynthesis and respiration of the aboveground portion and root system in perilla ocymoides labiatae during the photoperiodic induction of flowering

Pick, U.; Gounaris, K.; Barber, J., 1987:
Dynamics of Photosystem II and Its Light Harvesting System in Response to Light Changes in the Halotolerant Alga Dunaliella salina

Bosserman R.W., 1983:
Dynamics of physical and chemical parameters in okefenokee swamp usa

Krivogorskii E.B.; Sapeshko T.A., 1980:
Dynamics of physical development and physical working capacity of children depending on their functional preparedness for school

Miroshnichenko N.S.; Shuba M.F., 1988:
Dynamics of physico chemical processes during the contraction relaxation of skeletal muscle

Stanescu V.; Laslo C., 1984:
Dynamics of physicochemical alternations of meat and some salted and smoked products obtained from pig meat according to the state of freshness

Sink, J.D.; Turgut, H.; Mann, O.M., 1985:
Dynamics of physiological changes in bovine myofibers during growth and sexual development

Raevskaya O.S.; Dzhebrailova T.D., 1987:
Dynamics of physiological indices during the reproduction of an interval 1 minute long

Virpsha L.V., 1980:
Dynamics of physiological shifts during industrial training of adolescents

Oksiyuk, O.P.; Oleinik, G.N.; Kalinichenko, R.A., 1977:
Dynamics of phyto plankton and bacterio plankton in the don a water source of the don oskol canal ussr

Wojciechowska, W., 1976:
Dynamics of phyto plankton biomass in 2 lakes of a different limnological character

Lam C.W.Y., 1979:
Dynamics of phyto plankton growth in the waikato river north island new zealand

Stolyarov M.V., 1979:
Dynamics of phytomass consumption by orthoptera communities on the iorsk plateau in transcaucasia ussr

Baidulova Babko T.Yu, 1981:
Dynamics of pigment content chlorophyllase activity and photochemical activity of chlorophyll in leaves of winter wheat with cytoplasmic male sterility

Milos, N.; Dingle, A.D., 1978:
Dynamics of pigment formation in the zebrafish brachydanio rerio part 1 establishment and regulation of the lateral line melanophore stripe during the 1st 8 days of development

Milos, N.; Dingle, A.D.; Milos, J.P., 1983:
Dynamics of pigment pattern formation in the zebrafish brachydanio rerio 3. effect of anteroposterior location of 3 day lateral line melanophores on colonization by the 2nd wave of melanophores

Milos, N.; Dingle, A.D., 1978:
Dynamics of pigment pattern formation in the zebrafish brachydanio rerio part 2 lability of lateral line stripe formation and regulation of pattern defects

Protsenko, D.F.; Zhivkova, T.D., 1978:
Dynamics of pigments and strength of chlorophyll bond with protein of corn hybrids

Kvachakidze, H.K., 1978:
Dynamics of pine forests of the mulkhura river ravine ussr

Anthony R.G.; Simpson D.A.; Kelly G.M.; Storm G.L., 1986:
Dynamics of pine vole microtus pinetorum populations in two pennsylvania usa orchards

Heitkamp U., 1980:
Dynamics of pisidium personatum and pisidium obtusale populations mollusca sphaeriidae in a periodic pond

Lelong, P.P.; Bianchi, M.A.; Martin, Y.P., 1980:
Dynamics of planktonic and bacterial populations during experimental production of natural marine phyto plankton 2. structure and physiology of populations and their interactions

Biddiscombe, E.F.; Arnold, G.W.; Galbraith, K.A.; Briegel, D.J., 1980:
Dynamics of plant and animal production of a subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum pasture grazed by sheep 1. field measurements for model calibration

Galbraith, K.A.; Arnold, G.W.; Carbon, B.A., 1980:
Dynamics of plant and animal production of a subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum pasture grazed by sheep 2. structure and validation of the pasture growth model

Dua I.S.; Dhir K.K.; Gupta C.S.; Sharma S.K.; Khatra G.J., 1982:
Dynamics of plant growth regulating substances during grain setting and development in wheat triticum aestivum

Galoch, E.; Michniewicz, M.; Zatorska, Z., 1978:
Dynamics of plant hormones in the shoots of flowering and not yet flowering young scots pines pinus silvestris

Ermolaev A.M.; Shirshova L.T., 1988:
Dynamics of plant organic matter and some humus fractions in gray forest soil under a sown meadow

Aliev D.A.; Akperov Z.I., 1985:
Dynamics of planting structure and photosynthetic characters of soybean genotypes

Sakata S.; Komaki T.; Kojima N.; Matsuda M.; Maeda S.; Kawade M.; Miura K., 1987:
Dynamics of plasma lipoproteins and lipids during double filtration plasmapheresis dfp

Hashimoto, M., 1978:
Dynamics of plasma prostaglandins during pregnancy labor and the puerperium

Nakazawa S., 1979:
Dynamics of plasma steroids in the early neo natal period

Kazaryan V.V.; Zakaryan S.O., 1980:
Dynamics of plastic substances in roots of woody introduced species in the winter period

David B., 1987:
Dynamics of plate growth in the deep sea echinoid pourtalesia miranda agassiz a new architectural interpretation

Steiner, M., 1985:
Dynamics of platelet tubulin in response to changes in free sulfhydryl groups

Nakamura, T.; Iwasaki, Y.; Tanaka, Y.; Fukabori, T., 1987:
Dynamics of pleural effusion estimated through urea clearance

Noble, J.; Levintow, L., 1970:
Dynamics of poliovirus specific rna synthesis and the effects of inhibitors of virus replication

Tovmasyan V.S., 1980:
Dynamics of pollen germination in persica vulgaris cultivar lodz gtsavor karmir by phases of vegetation

Tagliasacchi A.M.; Forino L.M.C.; Bellani L.M.; Avanzi S., 1985:
Dynamics of pollen grain germination in 2 cultivars of malus domestica the influence of actinomycin d on fresh and stored pollen grains

Hill, J.P.; Lord, E.M., 1986:
Dynamics of pollen tube growth in the wild radish raphanus raphanistrum brassicaceae i. order of fertilization

Hill, J.P.; Lord, E.M., 1987:
Dynamics of pollen tube growth in the wild radish raphanus raphanistrum brassicaceae ii. morphology cytochemistry and ultrastructure of transmitting tissues and path of pollen tube growth

Slivko, E.I., 1976:
Dynamics of poly synaptic spinal reflexes under prolonged stimulation of afferent nerve fibers

O'connor, J.M.; Pizza, J.C., 1987:
Dynamics of polychlorinated biphenyls in striped bass from the hudson river new york usa iii. tissue disposition and routes for elimination

Bundgaard, J.; Christiansen, F.B., 1972:
Dynamics of polymorphisms part 1 selection components in an experimental population of drosophila melanogaster

Kanchurin A.Kh; Petrova Nikitina A.D.; Berzhets V.M.; Kryzhanovskaya E.A.; Muzyleva I.L., 1979:
Dynamics of population density of the mite dermatophagoides pteronyssinus from house dust in various culture media and the specific activity of mite allergen

Blythe S.P.; Nisbet R.M.; Gurney W.S.C., 1984:
Dynamics of population models with distributed maturation periods

Gashev, N.S., 1978:
Dynamics of population structure of small rodents with special reference to controlled groups of common red backed vole

Zhivotovskii, L.A.; Yanushpol'skii, I.I., 1976:
Dynamics of populational genetic parameters and their statistical values under selection for quantitative characters part 1 additive model a single character

Guy, Y.; Brondel, F.; Suzzoni-Blatger, J.; Tesson, R., 1978:
Dynamics of populations in an urban and underground resting place of culex pipiens diptera culicidae

Gutterman Y., 1987:
Dynamics of porcupine hystrix indica kerr diggings their role in the survival and renewal of geophytes and hemicryptophytes in the negev desert highlands israel

Serova E.N., 1983:
Dynamics of potassium ammonium ion and manganese in soddy podzolic soils formed under spruce forest with hair like sedge cover/

Zenkova G.Yu; Karpachevskii L.O., 1985:
Dynamics of potassium in cinnamonic soils under various tree cultures

Moore J.W.; Young S.H., 1981:
Dynamics of potassium ion currents in squid loligo pealei axon membrane a reexamination

Kanunnikova N.A.; Kovrigo V.P.; Dzyuin G.P., 1981:
Dynamics of potassium potentials in soil solutions

Song S.K.; Huang P.M., 1988:
Dynamics of potassium release from potassium bearing minerals as influenced by oxalic and citric acids

Asenov R., 1985:
Dynamics of potato planting material infection with sclerotia of rhizoctonia solani

Podder S.K.; Surolia A.; Bachhawat B.K., 1981:
Dynamics of precipitin reaction effect of the cholesterol and surface density of ganglioside gm 1 on the rate of reaction between lectin from ricinus communis and liposome containing gm 1

Sidorin A.P.; Svirezhev Y.M., 1980:
Dynamics of predator prey system under conditions of accidental disturbances

Opaleva-Stegantseva, V.A.; Ryvkin, I.A.; Protopopova, A.N.; Litvintseva, G.A.; Ratovskaya, V.I.; Ostapova, V.N.; Ostanina, L.I.; Veber, O.P., 1978:
Dynamics of prehospital mortality in acute coronary insufficiency and myo cardial infarction in krasnoyarsk during 1963 1975

Bellows T.S.Jr; Arakawa K., 1988:
Dynamics of preimaginal populations of bemisia tabaci homoptera aleyrodidae and eretmocerus sp hymenoptera aphelinidae in southern california usa cotton

Black G.A.; Fraser J.M., 1984:
Dynamics of prevalence of ligula intestinalis in catostomus commersoni

Kuznik B.I.; Malezhik L.P.; Molchanova N.L.; Rusyaev V.F., 1979:
Dynamics of pro coagulative and fibrinolytic activities of peripheral nerves during electrical stimulation

Vankova R.; Kaminek M.; Eder J.; Vanek T., 1987:
Dynamics of production of trans zeatin and trans zeatin riboside by immobilized cytokinin autonomous and cytokinin dependent tobacco cells

Koridze M.N., 1987:
Dynamics of progesterone estradiol and testosterone level alteration following artificial abortion

Robinson, J.; Merry, B.J.; Lightfoot, M.E.; Hall, A.K., 1981:
Dynamics of progesterone metabolism in the pseudopregnant rat

Taranenko, A.G.; Marinchenko, G.V., 1976:
Dynamics of prolactin iodine 125 accumulation in the organs of lactating rats and its sub cellular distribution in the mammary gland tissue

D'agata R.; Aliffi A.; Maugeri G.; Mongioi A.; Vicari E.; Gulizia S., 1982:
Dynamics of prolactin release in galactorrheic normo prolactinemic women

Ciotti G.; Mantovani M.; Butturini L.; Pedrazzoni M.; Maini C.; Dall'asta D.; Cucinotta D., 1985:
Dynamics of prolactin secretion after dexamethasone suppression test in normal demented or depressed elderly subjects

Kavalyenka M.A.; Dzyemyanok A.M., 1982:
Dynamics of prometryne decomposition in peat soil and its effect on soil micro flora

Yakovlev, A.P.; Kurbatskii, N.Y. ; Tsikin-Yu, E., 1977:
Dynamics of prometryne residues in soddy podzolic soil

Coelho, J.B.; Dvornik, D.; Mullane, J.F.; Kaufman, J.; Simon, J.; Krantz, K.D.; Lee, T.Y.; Perdue, H.S.; Weidler, D., 1983:
Dynamics of propranolol dosing schedules

Cherepanova V.E.; Levin E.D., 1988:
Dynamics of prostaglandin content in populus balsamifera buds

Dzhabarov M.I., 1986:
Dynamics of protein and amino acid content in the muscles and liver of sturgeons as a function of the fasting period

Nagarajan S.; Panda B.C., 1981:
Dynamics of protein and bound water formation in leaf tissues of wheat triticum spp

Listvinova S.N.; Belyavskaya I.V.; Gryaznova N.S.; Orlova N.V., 1986:
Dynamics of protein biosynthesis in the culture of streptomyces erythreus and its change under the action of exogenous erythromycin

Sumi H.; Ulstrup J., 1988:
Dynamics of protein conformational fluctuation in enzyme catalysis with special attention to proton transfers in serine proteinase

Khudoerkov, R.M., 1977:
Dynamics of protein content in neurons of chronic mirror epileptiform focus

Fateeva V.I.; Nechaeva N.V., 1981:
Dynamics of protein synthesis in the developing parotid salivary gland during cultivation in vitro

Wrigglesworth, J.M.; Wooster, M.S.; Elsden, J.; Danneel, H.J., 1987:
Dynamics of proteoliposome formation. Intermediate states during detergent dialysis

Fedorova, L.N.; Shivrina, A.N., 1975:
Dynamics of proteolytic activity of higher fungi in cultures

Vereshchagina A.B., 1980:
Dynamics of proteolytic enzyme activity in the intestines of the grape phylloxera viteus vitifolii and bean aphid aphis fabae and peach aphid myzus persicae in the course of 1 day

Tomescu, R., 1978:
Dynamics of protozoans in soils in crop rotation

Panchishkina M.B.; Kozhevin P.A.; Zvyagintsev D.G., 1985:
Dynamics of pseudomonas denitrificans population in soils

Korkina M.V.; Lopukhin Y.M.; Molodenkov M.N.; Tsivil'ko M.A.; Kareva M.A.; Kuznetsov V.N.; Agnokov K.B.; Kirsanova G.F., 1981 :
Dynamics of psychic disorders in patients with primary biliary hepato cirrhosis after hemo sorption

Shandurina A.N.; Kalyagina G.V., 1979:
Dynamics of psychic functions in patients with epilepsy during electrical stimulations of the deep brain structures

Kutin V.P.; Kutin G.V., 1981:
Dynamics of psycho pathological disturbances in neuro infections

Sapova N.I.; Pavlova T.A., 1981:
Dynamics of psycho physiological and cardio vascular indices when operating a control panel under conditions of expectation and monitoring

Kornilov A.A., 1981:
Dynamics of psychopathy like disorders in patients with a history of a cranial injury

Lysak, L.V.; Aseeva, I.V., 1978:
Dynamics of psychrophilic bacteria in a soddy podzolic soil

Deronzier S., 1984:
Dynamics of psylla pyri in an abandoned orchard in southeastern france

Bogomolova, M.P., 1976:
Dynamics of pulmonary hypertension after mitral valve prosthetic replacement long term results

Vinitskaya R.S.; Bykhovskaya I.M.; Koganova N.A.; Natanson M.G., 1979:
Dynamics of pulmonary ventilation control during transition from rest to exercise of varying degree

Glass, L.; Goldberger, A.L.; Bélair, J., 1986:
Dynamics of pure parasystole

Mikeladze Z.A., 1982 :
Dynamics of quantitative changes in rna content in rat cerebellum purkinje cells in different functional states

Ivanov G.G.; Agranenko L.V., 1980:
Dynamics of quantitative fluctuations and electrophoretic mobility of blood platelets and erythrocytes of patients with ischemic heart disease

Konokotina G.F., 1980:
Dynamics of quantitative shifts in the general and peri neuronal glia in the brain cortex of progeny of neuro sensitized rats

Rozanova, N.A.; Chetverikova, E.P., 1981:
Dynamics of quaternary structure of creatine kinase ec purified from rabbit skeletal muscles

Timofeeva L.V.; Zhuravlev B.V., 1981:
Dynamics of rabbit hippocampal neuronal activity in the functional system of alimentary behavior

Berlyand-Kozhevnikov, V.M.; Dmitriev, A.P., 1977:
Dynamics of racial and genotypic composition of the agent of brown wheat rust part 1 selection and competition within a population

Usol'tsev V.I., 1979:
Dynamics of radiation doses for the personnel of x ray rooms of leningrad russian sfsr ussr for the period of 1963 1977 and its causes

Pavlov E.P.; Tushov E.G.; Sedov V.V., 1982:
Dynamics of radiation resistance of microorganisms

Kryshev I.I.; Sazykina G.G., 1984:
Dynamics of radionuclide accumulation in the ecosystem of the cooling reservoir of a nuclear power station

Frie R.V.; Spangler G.R., 1985:
Dynamics of rainbow smelt osmerus mordax during and after exploitation in south bay lake huron canada

Rimondi A.P.; Fabris G.; Marzola A., 1980:
Dynamics of re polarization of kupffer cells in the regenerating liver of the rat effects of sublethal irradiation

Shevelev I.A.; Sharaev G.A.; Volgushev M.A.; Pyshnyi M.F.; Verderevskaya N.N., 1982:
Dynamics of receptive fields of the visual cortex and lateral geniculate neurons in cat

Nene, A.V.; Major, R.E., 1987:
Dynamics of reciprocal gait of adult paraplegics using the Para Walker (Hip Guidance Orthosis)

Harris, R.B.; Kasser, T.R.; Martin, R.J., 1986:
Dynamics of recovery of body composition after overfeeding, food restriction or starvation of mature female rats

Shcherbova, E.N.; Gruzdev, G.P., 1977:
Dynamics of recovery of peripheral blood neutrophils in radiation sickness

Oktyabr'skii O.N.; Smirnova G.V.; Zelenin E.N., 1984:
Dynamics of redox potential in fed batch culture of escherichia coli

Musaev B.T., 1984:
Dynamics of redox processes in the irrigated sierozem meadow soils of northern mugan azerbaijan ssr ussr

E.A.abi H.; Canerot J.; Charriere A., 1987:
Dynamics of reef sedimentation and distensive block faulting example of the liassic reefs on the guigou block middle atlas carbonate platform morocco

Skipina, E.G.; Krichevskaya, I.P.; Nil'dibaeva-Zh, B.; Abisheva, Z.S., 1978:
Dynamics of reflex reactions of arteries and veins during changes in the functional state of vaso motor centers

Sverdlov L.S., 1981 :
Dynamics of regression in acute schizophrenic episodes in the course of psycho pharmacological treatment

Kentera, D.; Susić, D., 1980:
Dynamics of regression of right ventricular hypertrophy in rats with hypoxic pulmonary hypertension

Coric B., 1984:
Dynamics of relationships in treating epilepsy

Melkumyan, L.S., 1977:
Dynamics of relative kidney and gonad size of lizards inhabiting arid climates

Girchev R.; Kabakchieva E.; Vrabchev N.; Natcheff N.; Natochin Y., 1985:
Dynamics of renal excretory function after furosemide or ethacrynic acid administration to unanesthetized dogs after mannitol infusion or chronic renal denervation

Guthrie G.P.Jr; Cecil S.G.; Darden E.D.; Kotchen T.A., 1982:
Dynamics of renin and aldo sterone in the thoroughbred horse

Kleinschmidt C.; Tovar K.; Hillen W.; Porschke D., 1988:
Dynamics of repressor operator cognition the tn 10 encoded tetracycline resistance control

Pepin D.; Spitz F.; Janeau G.; Valet G., 1987:
Dynamics of reproduction and development of weight in the wild boar sus scrofa in south west france

Barbieri G.; Barbieri M.C., 1983:
Dynamics of reproduction of gymnotus carapo in the lobo reservoir state of sao paulo brazil influence of abiotic factors pisces gymnotidae

Dudash A.V., 1980:
Dynamics of reserve nutrients in the fat body of colorado usa beetles leptinotarsa decemlineata

Alekseeva V.Ya; Gordon L.Kh; Polygalova O.O.; Nikolaev B.A.; Safina G.F., 1981:
Dynamics of respiration and ultrastructural changes in wheat root mitochondria under the long term action of antimycin a

Gulyar S.A., 1980:
Dynamics of respiration blood circulation and oxygen regimens of humans under the effect of a denser breathing environment and hyperoxia

Pérez Fontán, J.J.; Heldt, G.P.; Gregory, G.A., 1986:
Dynamics of respiration during rapid rate mechanical ventilation in anesthetized and paralyzed rabbits

Onal E.; Leech J.A.; Lopata M., 1985:
Dynamics of respiratory drive and pressure during non rapid eye movement sleep in patients with occlusive apneas

Borison, H.L.; Gonsalves, S.F.; Montogomery, S.P.; Mccarthy, L.E., 1978:
Dynamics of respiratory tidal volume response to isocapnic arterial blood ph forcing in chemo de nervated cats

Musyashchikova S.S.; Sinyaya M.S., 1981:
Dynamics of responses of cat cerebral cortex neurons to long lasting stimulation of visceral nerves

Vasil'eva, L.A.; Nikoro, Z.S., 1976:
Dynamics of responses to selection and the analysis of factors causing a selectional plateau in a drosophila melanogaster population

Uteshev, V.K.; Zhuravlev, G.I., 1978:
Dynamics of retention of conditioned alimentary reflex in young and adult rats

Potebnya, A.V., 1978:
Dynamics of rheogram and mechano plethysmogram amplitudes during changes in vascular tonus

Yudina L.V.; Yakub O.I., 1981:
Dynamics of rheographic indices in the pathogenetic therapy of chronic bronchitis

Heynen C.E.; Van Elsas J.D.; Kuikman P.J.; Van Veen J.A., 1988:
Dynamics of rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii introduced into soil the effect of bentonite clay on predation by protozoa

Broughton, W.J.; Van-Egeraat, A.W.S.M.; Lie, T.A., 1980:
Dynamics of rhizobium leguminosarum competition for nodulation of pisum sativum cultivar afghanistan

Erdmann, V.A.; Digweed, M.; Pieler, T., 1983:
Dynamics of ribosomal RNA structure

Lebedeva N.N.; Vorontsova T.A., 1985:
Dynamics of rickettsial infection in the common vole and steppe lemming at various infective doses of rickettsia sibirica

Nakazawa, M.; Nakanishi, T.; Okuda, H.; Satomi, G.; Nakae, S.; Imai, Y.; Takao, A., 1984:
Dynamics of right heart flow in patients after Fontan procedure

Khvedynich O.A.; Petrik S.A., 1986:
Dynamics of rna accumulation in pollen grains

Boikov P.Ya; Maksimovich A.A., 1984:
Dynamics of rna and protein content in liver cells of the pacific salmon on the change of environment from salt water to fresh water

Khaidarliu, S.K. ; Makoveev, V.I., 1977:
Dynamics of rna content in different structures of the central nervous system after audiogenic seizures

Kritenko S.P.; Titov A.F.; Novikova G.V.; Kulaeva O.N., 1985:
Dynamics of rna polymerase activity in the course of plant adaptation to low or high temperatures and of readaptation

Zarkhidze, V.A.; Vasil'ev, S.V.; Chelnokov, V.N., 1978:
Dynamics of rodent and hare like animal numbers in the bolshoy balkhan range

Gilligan C.A., 1980:
Dynamics of root colonization by the take all fungus gaeumannomyces graminis

Solov'ev E.V.; Ermakov E.I., 1980:
Dynamics of root respiration in tomatoes and spring wheat during changing illumination of epigeal organs

Manceau C.; Gardan L.; Devaux M., 1986:
Dynamics of rp4 plasmid transfer between xanthomonas campestris pathovar corylina and erwinia herbicola in hazelnut tissues in planta

Breman, H.; Cisse, A.M., 1977:
Dynamics of sahelian pastures in relation to drought and grazing

Kondratenkov A.P.; Khlebovich V.V., 1981:
Dynamics of salinity acclimation and de acclimation of hydrobia ulvae

Henry R.P.; Wheatly M.G., 1988:
Dynamics of salinity adaptations in the euryhaline crayfish pacifasticus leniusculus

Lundvall, J.; Holmberg, J., 1978:
Dynamics of saliva secretion and tissue volume changes during parasympathetic stimulation in the constant flow perfused cat submandibular gland

Aleshnia, V.V.; Tsatska, A.A.; Vlodavets, V.V.; Aleshnia, E.P., 1984:
Dynamics of Salmonella dying off in river water

Van Schothorst M.; Renaud A.M., 1983:
Dynamics of salmonella isolation with modified rappaports medium

D.S.edt J.M.; Bolderdijk R.F., 1987:
Dynamics of salmonella isolation with modified semi solid rappaport vassiliadis medium

Grigor'eva L.V.; Bondarenko V.I.; Korchak G.I., 1979:
Dynamics of sanitary bacteriological and virological indices of the sea health resort zone ussr

Porter J.M.; Sealy S.G., 1982:
Dynamics of sea bird multi species feeding flocks age related feeding behavior

Golichenkov, V.A.; Kaluzhina, N.N.; Popov, D.V., 1977:
Dynamics of secondary corneal induction during regeneration in rana temporaria larvae depending on epidermal melanophore physiological state/

Amiragova M.G.; Kovalev S.V.; Svirskaya R.I., 1979:
Dynamics of secretion of some hormones during chronic emotional tension

Welton J.S., 1980:
Dynamics of sediment and organic detritus in a small chalk stream

Weaver S.E.; Cavers P.B., 1979:
Dynamics of seed populations of rumex crispus and rumex obtusifolius polygonaceae in disturbed and undisturbed soil

Jaggi I.K.; Bisen D.C., 1986:
Dynamics of seedling emergence of six genotypes of rice in relation to soil moisture and seeding depth

Szerow D.; Milian A., 1987:
Dynamics of selected biochemical indices in carps in a copper and zinc polluted environment

Kasatkina L.A.; Gotsulyak L.E., 1979:
Dynamics of selenium content in organs and tissues of irradiated rabbits

Babenko G.A.; Pogribnyi I.P., 1986:
Dynamics of selenium level and selenium dependent glutathione peroxidase activity in mice and rats with transplantable tumors

Voit E.O., 1988:
Dynamics of self thinning plant stands

Shikin, A.Y. ; Solomin, I.L., 1987:
Dynamics of sensorimotor and mental activity during adaptation to hypoxic hypoxia and submaximal physical loads

Princler G.L.; Vlahakis G.; Kortright K.H.; Okada S.; Mcintire K.R., 1981:
Dynamics of serum alpha feto protein during spontaneous hepato cellular carcinoma development in mice

Stoyanov, T.; Jonchev, D., 1976:
Dynamics of serum cholin esterase in flight crews in agricultural aviation

Li, T.Q., 1984:
Dynamics of serum complement in patients with pulmonary heart disease

Tsvetanova E.; Georgiev I., 1981:
Dynamics of serum enzymes in progressing muscular dystrophy

Lemnete I.; Baluna R.; Tarnavschi R.; Barac D.; Chisleag Z.; Belascu I., 1987:
Dynamics of serum fibronectin in the course of pregnancy and labor

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Dynamics of serum lipid changes in acute myo cardial infarction

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Dynamics of serum markers in the different course of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection

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Dynamics of serum protein indices in cryo surgery of experimental tumors

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Dynamics of serum reverse tri iodo thyronine and 3 3' di iodo thyronine during reverse tri iodo thyronine infusion in patients treated for thyro toxicosis with propyl thio uracil or methimazole

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Dynamics of serum testosterone levels in bulls daily seasonally and after chemical or surgical castration

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Dynamics of sex hormone binding globulin response to testosterone implications upon the immediate biological effect of sex hormones

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Dynamics of sex hormones in the blood of male and female carp cyprinus carpio cyprinidae during natural reproduction

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Dynamics of sex ratio in populations of the great gerbil and some of its causes

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Dynamics of sexual and luteinizing hormones in blood of lactating sows

Hartwick E.B.; Ambrose R.F.; Robinson S.M.C., 1984:
Dynamics of shallow water populations of octopus dofleini

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Dynamics of shoot formation in perennial grasses in different grass mixtures on an intensively used cultivated pasture

Buszman B., 1980:
Dynamics of shoot increments in vaccinium myrtillus grown in an area contaminated by industry pollution

Kutuzova, R.S., 1976:
Dynamics of short term changes in the number of bacteria in the surface silt layer and bottom water

Petrova E., 1987:
Dynamics of silicotuberculosis late and late evaluated silicotuberculosis x ray image in dynamics

Mueller L.D.; Ayala F.J., 1981:
Dynamics of single species population growth experimental and statistical analysis

Mueller L.D.; Ayala F.J., 1981:
Dynamics of single species population growth stability or chaos?

Arbogast R.T.; Mullen M.A., 1987:
Dynamics of sitotroga cerealella olivier lepidoptera gelechiidae and sitophilus zeamais motschulsky coleoptera curculionidae populations in a small bulk of stored corn

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Dynamics of skin cell proliferation and differentiation and the evolution of reactivity of epidermocytes during histogenesis a contribution to the problem of chalones

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Dynamics of slow electrical activity in the human cerebral cortex and perception errors

Madison D.M.; Fitzgerald R.W.; Mcshea W.J., 1984:
Dynamics of social nesting in over wintering meadow voles microtus pennsylvanicus possible consequences for population cycling

Kudo H., 1984:
Dynamics of social relationships in the process of troop formation of japanese monkeys in koshima japan working upon and impressing behavior

Zolotukhina S.I., 1983:
Dynamics of social vole microtus socialis biochemical and energy indices in the steppe zone of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Gzirishvili N.A.; Butskhrikidze M.P., 1980:
Dynamics of sodium and potassium ion concentration changes in the blood plasma of rabbits exposed to total irradiation in sublethal doses

Zaldivar V.; Rodriguez J.; Alvarez J.L.; Margolles E., 1986:
Dynamics of sodium potassium and chloride in poultry fed non conventional diet based on molasses

Huq S.M.I.; Larher F., 1985:
Dynamics of sodium potassium and proline accumulation in salt treated vigna sinensis and phaseolus aureus

Shushueva M.G., 1984:
Dynamics of soil algae biomass in steppe biogeocenoses

Pryasim E.; Pae A., 1984:
Dynamics of soil bacteria population and the intensity of their carbon dioxide production in greenhouse soil

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Dynamics of soil cover structure in forest bio geocenoses

Ivanov, B.N., 1976:
Dynamics of soil density of spruce forest clearings

Garyugin G.A., 1980:
Dynamics of soil desiccation and the irrigation of soils with adjacent ground water

Dul'herov, O.M., 1977 :
Dynamics of soil gas under irrigation conditions

Kosik J., 1980:
Dynamics of soil humidity state under winter wheat and spring barley

Babenko A.B., 1982:
Dynamics of soil micro arthropods during overgrowing of technogenic dumps

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Dynamics of soil microbial biomass and water soluble organic carbon in breton loam after 50 years of cropping to two rotations

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Dynamics of soil populations of a wilt causing agent on cultivation of various agricultural crops

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Dynamics of soil tool interaction

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Dynamics of soluble carbohydrate content in leaves of climbing roses relative to heat tolerance

Naumov, A.V., 1976:
Dynamics of soluble carbohydrates in barley plants during vegetation

Naumov A.V., 1980:
Dynamics of soluble carbohydrates in certain wild and cultivated plants during vegetation season

Radzikowski A.; Kulus M.; Zalewski T., 1987:
Dynamics of somatic development in neglected celiac disease

Planski B.; Abrashev N., 1987:
Dynamics of some aspects of mineral metabolism in cows in the dry period cows giving birth and calves

Vaisfel'd, I.L.; Il'icheva, R.F.; Korobova, A.A., 1977:
Dynamics of some biogenic amines in muscular activity

Kuga, T.I., 1976:
Dynamics of some biological indices and muscle fat content in bream abramis brama orientalis from the northern part of the aral sea ussr

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Dynamics of some biomacromolecules during embryogenesis in rice

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Dynamics of some blood coagulation indices with intra peritoneal administration of thrombin to albino mongrel rats

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Dynamics of some characteristics of sympathetic ganglia in animals subjected to chemical desympathization at high altitudes

Galkina S.G., 1981:
Dynamics of some components of the plasma kinin system in acute lympho blastic leukemia

Savitskii, V.I., 1976:
Dynamics of some conjugated enzymes of amino nitrogen metabolism in the liver of the irradiated animal

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Dynamics of some electrophysiological indices in patients with mild acute closed cerebral trauma during complex treatment using acupuncture

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Dynamics of some functional indices in kindergarten children

Marcu N.; Apahideanu I.; Georgescu I.; Velea C.; Iozon D.; Pop M.; Nut G.; Kerekes Z.; Chis V.; Contantin D., 1986:
Dynamics of some genetic parameters in half heavy harness horse breed of transylvania romania

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Dynamics of some hematological indices in patients with neuro dermatitis during specific de sensitization

Litvitskii P.F.; Yakunin G.A.; Lavrova L.A.; Pleshanov A.V.; Smolyanitskii A.Ya, 1983:
Dynamics of some hemostatic indices in transitory coronary insufficiency with periods of myo cardial ischemia of varying duration

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Dynamics of some immuno biochemical and encephalographic indices during poly chemo therapy of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

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Dynamics of some immunological and enzymological indices in glomerulo nephritis modeling in dogs

Belovolova R.A.; Saakov B.A., 1980:
Dynamics of some immunological components in different stages of traumatic shock

Sapov I.A.; Myasnikov A.P.; Vinnichuk N.N., 1979:
Dynamics of some indexes of enzyme hormonal status of the organism after hyperbaria and in decompression disease

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Dynamics of some indices of immune response in guinea pigs with experimental trichinellosis

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Dynamics of some indices of lipid metabolism in young children during their adaptation to physical and psychoemotional loads

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Dynamics of some indices of liver carbohydrate metabolism and the concentration of alcohol in the liver depending upon the time of its introduction

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Dynamics of some indices of nonspecific resistance in ginners after prodigiosan inhalation

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Dynamics of some indices of the pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha population from iturup kuril islands russian sfsr ussr

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Dynamics of some metabolic indices in the liver of chicks exposed to radiation from x rays

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Dynamics of some morphofunctional indices of the blood and bone marrow in stimulation of the vermis

Borozdina N.I., 1979:
Dynamics of some nitrogen containing compounds in the hemolymph of the 2nd and 3rd stage larvae of the warble fly oedemagena tarandi hypodermatidae of rein deer

Berg B.; Theander O., 1984:
Dynamics of some nitrogen fractions in decomposing scotch pine needle litter

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Dynamics of some parameters of humoral immunity in children with phenyl ketonuria in the presence of dietetic treatment and after its discontinuation

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Dynamics of some physiological indices in patients with injuries of the shoulder girdle

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Dynamics of some physiological indices in rats under limited feeding and physical loading

Lapina N.N., 1980:
Dynamics of some physiological properties of rybinsk reservoir russian sfsr ussr bream during a yearly cycle

Makarov M.I., 1985:
Dynamics of some properties in a mountain meadow alpine soil of the lichen wasteland in the northern caucasus ussr

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Dynamics of some values of humoral nonspecific immunity and cellular hyper sensitivity in patients with pneumonia

Chebkasov S.A., 1983:
Dynamics of spatial distribution of the visual cortex neuronal activity during stimulation with diffuse light flash

Niyazov, O.; Redzhepbaev, K.; Dzhoraev, B., 1978:
Dynamics of spatial salinization of desert soils along the middle course of the amu darya river ussr

Kurova N.S., 1980:
Dynamics of spatial temporal organization of cortical potentials in rabbits during extinction of electro defensive conditioned reflex

Belyi V.P.; Gonzalez B.B., 1984:
Dynamics of species specific motor reaction of rabbits as a function of duration of mesencephalic stimulation

Ignatovich V.F.; Gorina L.G., 1985:
Dynamics of specific antibodies and antigen circulation in animal sera in the persistence of rickettsia prowazekii

Kuparadze S.M., 1981:
Dynamics of specific antibody titers in the blood serum of rabbits with genital tuberculosis

Bogolyubov V.M.; Karpukhin I.V.; Bobkova A.S.; Razuvayev A.V.; Kozhinova E.V., 1986:
Dynamics of spermatogenesis hormonal and immune response of patients suffering from chronic prostatitis and sterility and bitemporal treatment with an ultra high frequency electric field

Tokuyasu, K.T.; Peacock, W.J.; Hardy, R.W., 1977:
Dynamics of spermiogenesis in drosophila melanogaster part 7 effects of segregation distorter chromosome

Andrianov, V.V.; Fadeev-Yu, A., 1977:
Dynamics of spike unit activity in the somato sensory cortex during instrumental reactions

Palenova, N.G., 1977:
Dynamics of spinal cord changes produced by intra uterine asphyxia

Pelster B., 1980:
Dynamics of splenic lymphocytes and immuno suppression in toxoplasma gondii infected mice

Perez-Urena, T.; Garcia, E.; Espinosa, M.; Lopez, R.; Portoles, A., 1976:
Dynamics of spontaneous mutations in bacillus subtilis grown in a chemostat during the development of competence

Rasulov M.M., 1984:
Dynamics of spontaneous neuronal activity of rat hypothalamus in emotional stress

Gaper J., 1984:
Dynamics of spore discharge in basidiocarps of chosen wood destroying fungi

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Dynamics of spreading of normal and transformed hamster cells

Akoroda M.O., 1985:
Dynamics of sprout emergence in guinea yams

Porfir'ev V.S.; Shalandina V.T., 1984:
Dynamics of spruce distribution in spruce picea southern limit in the tatar assr russian sfsr ussr

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Dynamics of staphylococcal infection in guinea pigs with delayed hypersensitivity to Staphylococcus aureus surface antigens

Popova N.S.; Uvarov V.G., 1979:
Dynamics of statistical characteristics of evoked potentials in modality specific brain structures during formation of defensive reflexes

Fedotova M.I.; Belousova O.I., 1980:
Dynamics of stem and differentiated cell populations of mouse bone marrow during chronic exposure to gamma radiation

Aparovich, G.G., 1977:
Dynamics of stem hemopoietic cells during the post hemorrhagic and post hypoxic periods

Bahadur P.; Nagarajan S.; Nayar S.K., 1984:
Dynamics of stem rust population in india during 1966 1980 and strategy for its management

Epshtein N.A.; Volchek A.G.; Vinogradova M.V.; Shkarin B.I., 1980:
Dynamics of steroid hormones and their interaction with proteins of bovine blood serum colostrum and milk in various functional states of the reproductive system

Tushishvili L.Sh; Sulaberidze K.V., 1986:
Dynamics of sterol content in citrus leaves during dormancy

Anderson, D.W.; Hickey, J.J., 1976:
Dynamics of storage of organo chlorine pollutants in herring gulls

Kornatowski, J., 1976:
Dynamics of stratiotes aloides development

Saparlyev, C., 1975:
Dynamics of strontium 90 accumulation in meadow and medicinal plants in the turkmen ssr ussr

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Dynamics of structural and bio mechanical changes of the femoral bone based on archaeological excavations in the latvian ssr ussr

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Dynamics of structural changes of rabbit immune organs in acute experimental appendicitis

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Dynamics of structural organization of the hepatic parenchymal cells in mice under conditions of induced auto phagocytosis

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Dynamics of structural rearrangements in nerve protein molecules after conducting excitation

Volgin, M.V.; Anchutin, V.M.; Cherepanov, N.A., 1975:
Dynamics of structure of spawning population of crucian carp in forest steppe lakes of western siberia ussr

Yamamoto, D., 1986:
Dynamics of strychnine block of single sodium channels in bovine chromaffin cells

Bock, O.L.; Oman, C.M., 1982:
Dynamics of subjective discomfort in motion sickness as measured with a magnitude estimation method

Chikovani M.I., 1981:
Dynamics of succinate dehydrogenase activity in prematurely born children with hypothalamic damages of the brain

Mandzhavidze Z.D., 1980:
Dynamics of suction force of leaves of some xerophilous arboreal plants

Ruotolo, A.K., 1968:
Dynamics of sudden murder human psycho pathology case studies

Pikush, G.R.; Omel'yanets, V.F.; Grinchenko, A.L.; Pykhtin, N.I., 1978:
Dynamics of sugar content during autumn growth in winter wheat plants grown from seeds pre treated with chloro choline chloride

Kul'tebaev E.T., 1985:
Dynamics of sugars in apple leaves in different seed stocks under different growing conditions

Luria M.; Stockburger L.; Olszyna K.J.; Meagher J.F., 1982:
Dynamics of sulfate particle production and growth in smog chamber experiments

Toma V.; Fabian N., 1982:
Dynamics of sulfhydryl groups in the thymus of oj ascitic carcinoma bearing rats

Schindler S.C.; Mitchell M.J., 1987:
Dynamics of sulfur 35 in horizons and leachates from a hardwood forest spodosol

Karpov, L.M.; Rozanov, A.Y., 1977:
Dynamics of sulfur 35 thiamine and of its phosphoric ester incorporation into liver cells of albino rats of different age

Tsintsadze D.G.; Chikadze A.V., 1984:
Dynamics of summate electrical activity of the dorsal hippocampus during development of experimental informational pathology of behavior

Berezhkova L.V.; Smirnov V.M., 1981:
Dynamics of super slow rhythmic activity of the brain during formation and activation of artificial stable functional connections

Aleksina L.A., 1985:
Dynamics of synostosis in human long tubular bones

Levin D.A.; Clay K., 1984:
Dynamics of synthetic phlox drummondii populations at the species margin

Moczunad K.; Sedziwy L.; Szczepkowski J., 1980:
Dynamics of systemic arterial pressure and mean pressure in the pulmonary artery during graded exercise in essential hypertension

Grebnyak V.P.; Chuprina E.I., 1986:
Dynamics of systemic organization of functions during adaptation to work under extremal conditions

Babushkin M.N.; Gil' M.I., 1987:
Dynamics of systems with variable boundaries

Tevosyan V.K.; Eridzhanyan A.Kh; Seropyan V.A.; Ktsoyan L.A., 1986:
Dynamics of t lymphocyte content in peripheral blood of children with periodic disease

Gerogieva R., 1984:
Dynamics of t suppressor and t helper lymphocytes and hemolytic plaque forming cells during normal pregnancy in the sow

Genin A.; Boehlert G.W., 1985:
Dynamics of temperature and chlorophyll structures above a seamount an oceanic experiment

Mironchik K.V.; Kulakova T.B., 1981:
Dynamics of temperature and electrical responses of certain cat brain structures during alimentary stimulation

Derlemenko, L.I., 1978:
Dynamics of temperature changes in tissues during laser irradiation

Wondrak G., 1985:
Dynamics of tentacle movements in onchidella celtica pulmonata onchidiacea

Shwartz H.; Livneh Z., 1987:
Dynamics of termination during in vitro replication of uv irradiated dna with dna polymerase iii holoenzyme of escherichia coli

Banerjee, B., 1971:
Dynamics of termite populations some theoretical considerations

Sholl S.A.; Toivola P.T.K.; Robinson J.A., 1979:
Dynamics of testosterone and di hydro testosterone metabolism in the adult male rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Sholl S.A.; Goy R.W., 1981:
Dynamics of testosterone di hydro testosterone and estradiol 17 beta uptake and metabolism in the brain of the male guinea pig

Kivman G.Ya; Nigmatulin A.Z.; Gulyaev A.E.; Snegireva N.S., 1985:
Dynamics of tetracycline sorption by alveolar macrophages of rabbits at early stages of interaction

Bulochnik E.D., 1980:
Dynamics of thalamo cortical nonspecific system excitability under the effect of high temperature

Borodkin Y.S.; Lapina I.A.; Gogolitsyn Y.L.; Moreva E.V.; Bul'on V.V.; Nilova T.N., 1980:
Dynamics of the 1 minute infra slow oscillations in formation of a shortened reflex

Krysanova V.P., 1982:
Dynamics of the 1 predator 2 prey system without self regulation

Akhmetov, I.Z., 1975:
Dynamics of the absorption of radioactive iodine by the thyroid of rabbits during pregnancy and after birth

Ginzburg, L.R.; Yuzefovich, G.I., 1968:
Dynamics of the abundance of the sexes in a bi sexual population

Kekelidze, N.A.; Dzhanikashvili, M.I.; Kutateladze, V.V., 1987:
Dynamics of the accumulation and formation of essential oil composition in laurus nobilis l. leaves in ontogeny

Belyakov N.A.; Solomennikov A.V.; Malakhova M.Ya, 1985:
Dynamics of the accumulation and toxicity of middle molecular weight molecules in stored blood

Slacanin I., 1986:
Dynamics of the accumulation of bitter and aromatic substances in hops

Shcheglova, V.F.; Nimadzhanova, K.N.; Babekova, E.Y. ; Vakhbova-Kh, V., 1975:
Dynamics of the accumulation of carbohydrates in pistachio kernels

Kekelidze N.A.; Dzhanikashvili M.I.; Rusadze L.V.; Kachurina A.P., 1985:
Dynamics of the accumulation of monoterpenoids in citrus limon

Manadilova A.M.; Klyshev L.K., 1980:
Dynamics of the accumulation of tannins and lignin in artemisia scoparia and artemisia lessingiana

Abrashev, I.; Zamfirova, K., 1976:
Dynamics of the accumulation of the enzyme neuraminidase depending on the growth phases of erysipelothrix insidiosa

Shimizu T., 1984 :
Dynamics of the actin microfilament system in the tubifex hattai egg during ooplasmic segregation

Agalykov N.; Kurtaeva K.; Kullyev P., 1981:
Dynamics of the activity of aminoacyl transfer rna synthetase in the sericin section of the silk excreting gland of bombyx mori over the course of the 5th instar

Semichaevskii V.D., 1985:
Dynamics of the activity of extracellular endo 1 4 beta glucanase and monophenol monooxygenase of the wood decomposing basidiomycete pleurotus ostreatus

Zel'tser G.L.; Tararak E.M., 1984:
Dynamics of the activity of lysosome and membrane transport enzymes of human coronary arteries in atherosclerosis according to early autopsy material

Zverea E.L.; Ovsyanko E.P., 1987:
Dynamics of the activity of proteolytic enzymes in a culture medium of house fly musca domestica larvae

Taneeva G.V.; Voloshko N.A., 1980:
Dynamics of the activity of some enzymes in the blood serum of athletes during hand muscular work in the zone of local negative pressure

Zaitseva, T.A.; Vrublevskaya, K.G.; Mandel, T.E., 1977:
Dynamics of the adenosine phosphate content in greening etiolated wheat plants as a function of spectral light composition

Kolcheva, N.E., 1986:
Dynamics of the age structure and size of the population of the forest mice apodemus sylvaticus l. in the southern urals russian sfsr ussr

Lengwinat A.; Winiecki P., 1986:
Dynamics of the age structure of retirement and nursing home occupants

Hennig, A.; Gruhn, K.; Kirchner, E., 1987:
Dynamics of the amino acid and protein metabolism of laying hens after the application of nitrogen 15 labelled wheat protein 1. problems test program and nitrogen 15 labelling of urine

Gruhn, K.; Jahreis, G., 1987:
Dynamics of the amino acid and protein metabolism of laying hens after the application of nitrogen 15 labelled wheat protein 2. nitrogen 15 excretion with the nitrogen and the basic amino acids of feces

Gruhn, K.; Kirchner, E., 1987:
Dynamics of the amino acid and protein metabolism of laying hens after the application of nitrogen 15 labelled wheat protein 3. incorporation of the nitrogen 15 into the egg shell white and yolk of egg

Gruhn, K.; Zander, R., 1987:
Dynamics of the amino acid and protein metabolism of laying hens after the application of nitrogen 15 labelled wheat protein 4. nitrogen 15 incorporation into the amino acids of the egg fractions

Gruhn, K.; Kirchner, E.; Zander, R., 1988:
Dynamics of the amino acid and protein metabolism of laying hens after the application of nitrogen 15 labelled wheat protein 8. nitrogen 15 labeling of the nitrogen and the nitrogen 15 incorporation into the amino acids of the liver

Gruzdev L.G.; Posmitnaya L.V.; Gruzdev G.S., 1979:
Dynamics of the amino acid composition of the vegetative mass of barley against various nutritive backgrounds with the use of herbicides

Fedoseev G.A., 1982:
Dynamics of the area of pacific walrus distribution and the ecological differentiation of the population

Dvoretskii D.P.; Tashliev V.A., 1984:
Dynamics of the association of ventilation and pulmonary blood flow in cats under increased ambient temperature

Tarkova K.R., 1984:
Dynamics of the autonomic functions during dehydration

Matthews, R.B.; Jones, R.N., 1982:
Dynamics of the b chromosome polymorphism in rye 1. simulated populations

Kovalevskii, V.N., 1975:
Dynamics of the background and induced impulse activity of moto neurons of the 6th abdominal ganglion of the crayfish with successive restriction of afferentation

Hashimoto H.; Hayashi N.; Sasaki M.; Kawakami H.; Nakano H.; Kiiyukia M.C.; Ishida S., 1983:
Dynamics of the bacterial flora in the estuarine region of the ohta river and adjacent hiroshima bay japan

Kirillova N.P.; Stasevich G.A.; Kozhevin P.A.; Zvyagintsev D.G., 1981:
Dynamics of the bacterial population in the soil plant system

Potapova, N.A., 1976:
Dynamics of the bacterio plankton population in the uchinskoye reservoir russian sfsr ussr

Dostaler D.; Couture L.; Pelletier G.J., 1980:
Dynamics of the barley spot blotch inoculum density and frequency of inoculations

Borzuchowska A.; Boron P.; Szpakowicz T.; Prokopowicz D.; Kaczmarska A.; Sokolewicz E.; Pytel B.; Rzewnicki I., 1980:
Dynamics of the behavior of serotonin in the blood and of mono amine oxidase and 5 hydroxy iaa activities in the serum and urine respectively in relation to liver lesion indices in experimental liver damage with carbon tetra chloride in the rabbit

Gaidano G.; Berta L.; Rovero E.; Valenzano C.; Rosatti P., 1980:
Dynamics of the binding capacity of plasma sex hormone binding globulin for testosterone and di hydro testosterone during puberty

Balakhovskii, I.S.; Orlova, T.A., 1978:
Dynamics of the biochemical composition of blood in astronauts during space flights

Galdyshev, A.I.; Kogan-Sh, I., 1977:
Dynamics of the biomass of macrophytes and phyto plankton in a floodplain lake of the middle course of the amu darya

Zyla K.; Kujawski M., 1984:
Dynamics of the biosynthesis of glucose oxidase in shaking cultures of aspergillus niger an 1

Vedrina Dragojevic I.; Momirovic Culjat J.; Balint L., 1985:
Dynamics of the biosynthesis of riboflavin in developing soybean glycine max seed

Batinic Haberle I.; Sebecic B.; Momirovic Culjat J.; Heneberg R., 1984:
Dynamics of the biosynthesis of total vitamin c and carotenoids in developing soybean seed

Matusova, A.P.; Rzhechitskaya, M.Y. ; Velikovskaya, L.M.; Gorokhovskaya, M.G.; Obukhova, A.A., 1976:
Dynamics of the blocking of the branches of his bundle in the acute period of myo cardial infarction

Putman, R.J., 1977:
Dynamics of the blow fly calliphora erythrocephala within carrion

Backes A., 1983:
Dynamics of the brazilian pine tree

Solonen T., 1981:
Dynamics of the breeding bird community around lammi biological station southern finland in 1971 1980

Doronin-Yu, K., 1983:
Dynamics of the cellular composition during early development of loach misgurnus fossilis 1. change in the number of cells in an embryo

Theron A., 1985:
Dynamics of the cercarial production of schistosoma mansoni in relation with the miracidial dose exposure to the snail host biomphalaria glabrata

Grigoryan R.A.; Grigoryan S.S.; Karagyan A.T.; Matevosova K.S., 1984:
Dynamics of the changes in brain bioelectrical activity under the influence of the mineral baths of arzni armenian ssr ussr

Blagov N.A.; Firsov V.N., 1982:
Dynamics of the changes in intestinal micro flora and enzymes in patients with ascaridiasis in the treatment process

Dokov V., 1985:
Dynamics of the changes in lactate dehydrogenase activity in rat liver under conditions of paraneoplastic syndrome

Matvienko, V.P., 1976:
Dynamics of the changes in micro circulation in rats after an acute blood loss and massive hemo transfusion

Romanov, V.V., 1982:
Dynamics of the changes in protein kinase ec activity in the cytolysis of rat liver in the course of its regeneration

Aivazyan V.P.; Gevosyants A.V., 1987:
Dynamics of the changes in some biochemical indices of the blood after the implantation of the bone matrix in patients with traumatic osteomyelitis

Markaryan S.S.; Igrevskii A.V.; Korotkov Y.A., 1985:
Dynamics of the changes in statistical parameters of cardiac rhythm in persons with varying degrees of motion sickness

Gurgul E.; Kolota E.; Sciazko D., 1979:
Dynamics of the changes of peroxidase catalase and acid phosphatase activities in leeks under the influence of nitrogen fertilization and irrigation

Krivchik, A.A.; Tamarina, N.Z.; Chumakov, V.N.; Lystsova, G.V.; Smelyanskaya, G.N., 1975:
Dynamics of the changes of reactions of hepatic mitochondria in congestive circulatory insufficiency

Pogosyan Y.M.; Karapetyan A.V., 1981:
Dynamics of the changes of sphygmogram form of peripheral arteries in athletes during training in medium range mountain altitudes

Hixon, T.J.; Mead, J.; Goldman, M.D., 1976:
Dynamics of the chest wall during speech production: function of the thorax, rib cage, diaphragm, and abdomen

Fedorovskaya E.A.; Nazarchuk L.V., 1986:
Dynamics of the circulation of antistaphylococcal and antitetanic antibodies in intravenously passively immunized rabbits

Shemerovskaya T.G.; Barashkov V.G., 1988:
Dynamics of the circulation of immune complexes and activity of the phagocyte system in patients with surgical infection

Zaniolo, G.; Sabbadin, A.; Resola, C., 1976:
Dynamics of the colonial cycle in the ascidian, Botryllus schlosseri. The fate of isolated buds

Batikyan, G.G.; Magakyan-Yu, A.; Chan, V.M., 1975:
Dynamics of the concentration of protein sulfhydryl groups in a human lymphocyte culture stimulated to proliferate in the norm and under the effect of a mutagen and protector

Kositsyn N.S.; Dorokhov V.B., 1986:
Dynamics of the conditioned regulation of the functional state of the local zone of the cerebral cortex tested using biological feedback method

Ogura, Y.; Ogura, M., 1986:
Dynamics of the conjugate pattern during the infusion of bile acids into isolated rat liver

Korosteleva T.A.; Shvaidetskii I.I., 1987:
Dynamics of the content of 3 hydroxyanthranilic acid antigens and ascorbic acid in the liver of rats and mice in hepatocarcinogenesis

Danilova L.L., 1983:
Dynamics of the content of alpha tocopherol in blood plasma in acute myocardial infarction

Elbakyan G.V., 1984:
Dynamics of the content of atp and lactic acid in the blood of patients with ischemic heart disease in high altitude conditions

Loevskii M.M.; Vorotilin A.M.; Gulevskii A.K.; Belous A.M., 1982:
Dynamics of the content of cations and organo phosphorus compounds in red blood cells after low temperature conservation minus 196 celsius with 1 2 propanediol and glycerol

Oleshko G.I.; Prosovskii M.A., 1986:
Dynamics of the content of essential oil and its components in matricaria discoidea

Vlasova, T.F.; Miroshnikova, E.B.; Ushakov, A.S., 1978:
Dynamics of the content of free amino acids in human plasma of man during anti orthostatic hypo kinesia

Chkuaseli T.Ya; Meliksetyan N.A., 1981:
Dynamics of the content of growth regulators and nitrogen forms in some north american walnut juglans spp species introduced in the tbilisi botanical garden georgian ssr ussr

Aliev, A.A., 1975:
Dynamics of the content of lipid and carbohydrate metabolites in the lymph of cattle in ontogenesis

Orlov D.S.; Skuratov N.S.; Sypko M.E., 1986:
Dynamics of the content of mobile humic substances in neutral solonetz under application of chemical ameliorants

Savitskii I.V.; Solynina A.G., 1982:
Dynamics of the content of nicotinamide coenzymes and their metabolism in the irradiated body

Gins V.K.; Piskunova N.P.; Khomutov G.B.; Tikhonov A.N.; Mukhin E.N.; Pukhal'skii V.A., 1986:
Dynamics of the content of photosystem i reaction centers and their photoreduction activity in the ontogeny of spring wheat cultivars

Guseva S.A., 1981:
Dynamics of the content of serum lipo proteins in patients with lympho granulomatosis following administration of fatty emulsion

Polishchuk, L.R., 1975:
Dynamics of the content of some organic toxic substances in plants irrigated with effluents of the coal tar chemical industry

Burbaev D.Sh; Perlova N.N.; Stepanov S.V.; Zvyagil'skaya R.A.; Kotel'nikova A.V., 1987:
Dynamics of the content of the iron sulfur center n 2 and the sensitivity of respiration to the effect of rotenone during the growth of the yeast candida utilis

Mikaelyan E.M.; Karagezyan K.G.; Ovakimyan S.S., 1988:
Dynamics of the content of total and individual phospholipid forms from rat erythrocyte membranes during various steps of stress reactions

Yurchak L.D.; Pobirchenko G.A.; Gordeeva A.K., 1985:
Dynamics of the content of volatile and water soluble substances of salvia sclarea

Sysoeva K.N.; Gorin A.G.; Yakovlev A.I., 1979:
Dynamics of the content of water soluble poly saccharides in inflorescences of tansy tanacetum vulgare

Leisinger, H.J.; Schauwecker, H.; Säuberli, H., 1977:
Dynamics of the continent ileal bladder. An experimental study in dogs

Cooke, J., 1987:
Dynamics of the control of body pattern in the development of Xenopus laevis. IV. Timing and pattern in the development of twinned bodies after reorientation of eggs in gravity

Bureau, M.A.; Ouellet, G.; Begin, R.; Gagnon, N.; Geoffroy, L.; Berthiaume, Y., 1979:
Dynamics of the control of ventilation during metabolic acidosis and its correction

Kogan E.A., 1986:
Dynamics of the correlation indices of superslow physiological processes in human cerebral structures in solving visual recognition tasks

Bernstein, J.P.; Chung, S.Y., 1984:
Dynamics of the cortisol suppression index in depression

Bertolini, S.; Elicio, N.; Castello, C.; Pistocchi, G.; Balestreri, R., 1976:
Dynamics of the cortisolemic response to rapid intra venous injection of different doses of synthetic beta 1 24 acth in man

Kretschmer, H., 1981:
Dynamics of the course and early prognosis of traumatic intra cranial hemorrhages 1. epidural hematomas

Kretschmer, H., 1981:
Dynamics of the course and early prognosis of traumatic intra cranial hemorrhages 2. subdural hematomas

Kretschmer, H., 1981:
Dynamics of the course and early prognosis of traumatic intra cranial hemorrhages 3. intra cerebral hematomas

Barilyak I.R.; Kozachuk S.Yu, 1980:
Dynamics of the cyto genetic effect of ethanol

Barilyak I.P.; Mel'nik E.K., 1979:
Dynamics of the cyto genetic effect of some chemical preparations

Hoffmann, H.U.; Stockem, W.; Gruber, B., 1984:
Dynamics of the cytoskeleton in amoeba proteus 2. influence of different agents on the spatial organization of micro injected fluorescein labeled actin

Mozin V.A.; Sadikov G.N., 1981:
Dynamics of the decision making process in 8 alternative choice conditions

Barlow R.G., 1984:
Dynamics of the decline of phyto plankton bloom after an upwelling event

Bucholc, B., 1986:
Dynamics of the degree of antibody affinity during experimental studies on humoral immune response i. influence of antigenic dose on affinity of anti human serum albumin antibodies

Bucholc, B.; Krawczynski, K., 1986:
Dynamics of the degree of antibody affinity during experimental studies on humoral immune response iii. immune response in rabbits after administration of surface antigen of hepatitis b virus

Erdelska, O., 1985:
Dynamics of the development of embryo and endosperm ii. linum usitatissimum and capsella bursa pastoris

Erdelska, O., 1988:
Dynamics of the development of embryo and endosperm iii. pisum sativum

Vedeneev, G.I., 1975:
Dynamics of the development of hybrid and inbred corn grains

Vitkovskaya T.P.; Mansimov M.; Shekhter L.G., 1985:
Dynamics of the development of lake sarykamysh based on space photography turkmen ssr ussr

Ter Kasparova M.R.; Tevosyan T.G.; Agaronyan R.P., 1985:
Dynamics of the development of large intestine amyloidosis in periodic disease according to the data on the clinical laboratory morphological and rectoromanoscopic investigations

Knyrov G.G., 1985:
Dynamics of the development of metabolic abnormalities and cachexia in gastric carcinoma patients and approaches to their elimination

Simonenko V.K., 1986:
Dynamics of the development of the ultrastructure of pollen grain and its sporoderm in helianthus annuus asteraceae

Luckenbill D.F., 1984:
Dynamics of the deviant sale

Tkachenko N.N.; Shul'ga E.L.; Borovkov S.B., 1985:
Dynamics of the directivity of the statistic connections of electrical activity in the cerebral cortex of cats

Watanabe S., 1982:
Dynamics of the discrete population growth models with time lag regulation theta logistic and theta ricker models

Canovese L.; Cattalini L.; Chessa G.; Tobe M.L., 1988:
Dynamics of the displacement of cyclobutane 1 1 dicarboxylate from diamminecyclobutane 1 1 dicarboxylatoplatinum ii in aqueous solution

Belov A.N., 1987:
Dynamics of the distribution of the gypsy moth habitats in highland oak groves

Ignatkov V.Ya; Babichev V.N., 1982:
Dynamics of the dopamine sensitivity of preoptic neurons during the estrous cycle

Abdrakhmanov A.A.; Kachurin A.L.; Mashanskii V.F.; Ozirskaya E.V.; Sverdlov A.G., 1985:
Dynamics of the early changes in the ultrastructure of neurons of the sensomotor cerebral cortex of rats affected by high doses of gamma neutron radiation

Sherstyuk V.V.; Kirilyuk O.P., 1987:
Dynamics of the ecological and biochemical parameters of the white bream in kanev and kremenchug water reservoirs ukrainian ssr ussr

Dojchev, R.; Kamenov, D., 1976:
Dynamics of the ecological and physiological indices in experimental groups of yellow necked field mice apodemus flavicollis

Inozemtsev A.A., 1987:
Dynamics of the ecological niches of tits and the principle of competitive exclusion

Stepanov I.I.; Lokhov M.I., 1986:
Dynamics of the elaboration of a conditioned reflex and differentiations in the snail

Banczerowski-Pelyhe, I.; Pusztai, J.; Khananashvili, M.M.; Adam, G., 1977:
Dynamics of the elaboration of conditioned evoked potentials in the neuronally isolated cerebral cortex of the cat

Gigineishvili-Ts, V., 1976:
Dynamics of the electrical activity of the cat visual cortex during morphine and strychnine administration

Svyatogor I.A.; Timofeeva A.N.; Chopanov Ch, 1983:
Dynamics of the electro encephalographic rhythms in bio feedback control of sensori motor and galvanic skin responses in patients with neuroses/

Fomin B.A.; Ionkina E.G.; Svinov M.M., 1987:
Dynamics of the electroencephalographic indices of the cat sensorimotor and visual cortices during elaboration of instrumental food conditioned reflexes

Larionova A.Ya, 1979:
Dynamics of the electrophoretic spectra of larch needle enzymes

Hepner, G.W.; Demers, L.M., 1977:
Dynamics of the entero hepatic circulation of the glycine conjugates of cholic acid cheno deoxy cholic acid deoxy cholic acid and sulfo litho cholic acid in man

Katosova R.K.; Katosova L.K.; Levina L.A., 1980:
Dynamics of the enzymatic status of leukocytes during the incubation period based on the model of salmonella typhimurium infection

Sutherland J.P., 1980:
Dynamics of the epi benthic community on roots of the mangrove rhizophora mangle at bahia de buche venezuela

Couteaux, M.M., 1976:
Dynamics of the equilibrium of the thecamoebas in some climax soils

Filonov K.P.; Kaletskaya M.L., 1986:
Dynamics of the european brown bear population in darvinskii reserve russian sfsr ussr

Groisman, S.D.; Volchenkova, O.A.; Kharchenko, N.M., 1977:
Dynamics of the evacuation of the antral portion of the stomach

Kostandov E.A.; Genkina O.A.; Zakahrova N.N.; Ivashchenko O.I.; Pogrebinskii S.A., 1985:
Dynamics of the evoked cortical activity during the estimation of brief time intervals by means of feedback training in humans

Kuz'menko V.A., 1988:
Dynamics of the excitability of cardiovascular centers during changes in geomagnetic field disturbances

Golyshevskaya V.I.; El'shanskaya M.P.; Akhunov S.B., 1988:
Dynamics of the excretion of bacterial and ultramicroscopic forms of mycobacterium tuberculosis in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis during chemotherapy

Robinson, G.H.; Koth, B.W.; Ringenbach, J.P., 1976:
Dynamics of the eye and head during an element of visual search

Gherghel P.; Petruta V., 1986 :
Dynamics of the fatty acid content in the whole organism of the oak hairy caterpillar lymantria dispar during its developmental cycle

Gabrielyan B.K., 1986:
Dynamics of the fecundity of the khramulya varicorhinus capoeta sevangi filippi in connection with changes in the level of trophicity in lake sevan armenian ssr ussr

Ismadi, S.D.; Olson, J.A., 1982:
Dynamics of the fetal distribution and transfer of Vitamin A between rat fetuses and their mother

Kurz C.S.; Miltner F.O., 1980:
Dynamics of the fetal electro encephalogram spectral pattern in normal delivery

S"rtmadzhieva S.; Kostov P.; Zoev D., 1986:
Dynamics of the fibrous dysplasia of the jaws and possibilities of the conventional methods of x ray examination

Persson Kh, 1985:
Dynamics of the fine roots of forest trees

Huangfu, M.; Komune, S.; Snow, J.B., 1982:
Dynamics of the flow of perilymph in the cochlea of the guinea pig

Gillham B.; Beckford U.; Insall R.L.; Skelly A.M.; Jones M.T., 1981:
Dynamics of the formation and release of corticotropin releasing activity by the rat hypothalamus in vitro

Bobrovnikov L.V., 1982:
Dynamics of the formation of 2 types of instrumental behavior in rabbits

Zaratsyan A.K.; Agazaryan S.M., 1985:
Dynamics of the formation of callosity after experimental osteosynthesis of the fractures of the radius by carbonic plate

Azarkova, A.F.; Cherkasov, O.A.; Stikhin, V.A.; Kabanov, V.S.; Maisuradze, N.I.; Mel'nikova, T.M., 1985:
Dynamics of the formation of vegetative mass and diosgenin content in the steppe's onion allium nutans

Rumyantseva, A.G., 1976:
Dynamics of the formation of visual association in humans

Stamenkovic, T., 1977:
Dynamics of the forming of resistance of panonychus ulmi to triphenthiol/

Kylli, R.K., 1977:
Dynamics of the fractional and ash composition of forest litters on brown pseudopodzolic brown forest and rendzina soils

Kapanadze E.E., 1984:
Dynamics of the free amino acid content in the tissue of the shoots and needles of dwarf juniper in relation to hibernation

Tomilina, N.A., 1977:
Dynamics of the function of allo transplanted cadaveric kidneys and some mechanisms of their disturbances

Zhytnykov, A.Ya, 1976:
Dynamics of the functional activity of chondrocytes and histochemical aspects of the bird cartilaginous skeleton

Mar'yanovich A.T.; Bakharev V.D.; Gridin L.A.; Yartsev P.M., 1983:
Dynamics of the functional state and subjective perceptions during thermal adaptation

Sidorenko B.A.; Lupanov V.P.; Kulikova T.V.; Nekrutman E.A.; Matveeva L.S., 1984:
Dynamics of the functional state in ischemic heart disease patients with stable angina pectoris treated with drugs

Zavorina A.P., 1980:
Dynamics of the functional state of the body in traumatic orthopedic cases after acupuncture analgesia in the immediate post operative period

Sakuranaga, M.; Ando, Y.; Naka, K., 1987:
Dynamics of the ganglion cell response in the catfish and frog retinas

Savchenko V.K.; Kasinskaya S.I.; Mikhailova M.E., 1985:
Dynamics of the genetic structure for the adh locus in experimental drosophila melanogaster populations under the effect of ethanol

Gasic O.; Popovic M., 1985:
Dynamics of the glaucine content in glaucium flavum

Miloslavskii-Ya, M.; Oslopov, V.N., 1975:
Dynamics of the gluco corticoid function of the adrenal cortex in patients with myo cardial infarction treated with trioxazine and aminazine

Sil'nitskii, P.A., 1977:
Dynamics of the glucose tolerance test and some lipid metabolism indices in ischemic heart disease patients

Tupyk, N.D.; Los, S.I., 1976:
Dynamics of the group b water soluble vitamin content in natural populations of aphanizomenon flos aquae during vegetation

Broshchilov K., 1983:
Dynamics of the growth and of the main nutrient elements in 1 year old scotch pine seedlings

Tarkhnishvili D.N., 1987:
Dynamics of the growth of larvae in 2 newt species from the caucasus ussr

Sabadosh V.I., 1986:
Dynamics of the growth of leucojum aestivum leaves

Muntean L., 1985 :
Dynamics of the growth of vegetative mass and nodes in white lupine lupinus albus according to the mineral fertilizers utilized

Viviani, P.; Berthoz, A., 1975:
Dynamics of the head neck system in response to small perturbations analysis and modeling in the frequency domain

Lindholm T., 1980:
Dynamics of the height growth of the hummock dwarf shrubs empetrum nigrum and calluna vulgaris on a raised bog

Lieber, M.R.; Steck, T.L., 1982:
Dynamics of the holes in human erythrocyte membrane ghosts

Kostelyanets N.B.; Kamenkovich V.M., 1985:
Dynamics of the human estimation of the size of an image and its neurophysiological correlates

Klepsch, I.; Grigorescu, A.; Esanu, C., 1976:
Dynamics of the human luteinizing hormone and human follicle stimulating hormone response after the stimulation test with gonadotropin releasing hormone luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone

Minaeva G.M., 1985:
Dynamics of the humic peaty soil biological activity under perennial grasses

Shinitzky, M.; Barenholz, Y., 1974:
Dynamics of the hydro carbon layer in liposomes of lecithin and sphingomyelin containing di cetyl phosphate

Goryunova A.V.; Orekhova L.S.; Tarashchenko V.M., 1981:
Dynamics of the hypertensive hydrocephalic syndrome in young children

Akimova G.P.; Rodchenko O.P.; Sokolova M.G., 1985:
Dynamics of the iaa content in maize root growth zones under conditions of the temperature drop

Vereina, T.L.; Turishchev, V.E.; Gavrilova, A.D.; Matveev, A.B., 1986:
Dynamics of the immunodepressive and antitumor activity of adriamycin

Guslitser L.N.; Matviichuk Y.D.; Kudryavtseva L.Yu; Ginzburg Y.E., 1981:
Dynamics of the incidence of malignant neoplasms during a 20 year period 1958 1977 and prognosis of its morbidity rate by 1990 in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Avyagintsev D.G.; Zaitseva V.E., 1979:
Dynamics of the incidence of soil bacteria estimated by different methods

Fedotchev A.I., 1984:
Dynamics of the incorrect voluntary responses and interhemispheric electroencephalographic correlations

Avtsyn A.P.; Zhavoronkov A.A.; Uzbekov E.I., 1981:
Dynamics of the increase in the heart mass in hypertensive disease in the soviet arctic

Martynenko V.B.; Starkova T.V.; Ballad N.E.; Zorikhina V.I.; Suvorina V.I.; Orekhov I.V.; Shevets V.M., 1987:
Dynamics of the indices of elisa and indirect hemagglutination test with echinococcal antigens in boarding school students in yakut tundra and taiga russian sfsr ussr

Sharmanov, T.S. ; Kadyrova, R.K. ; Shlygina, O.E.; Zhaksylykova, R.D., 1978:
Dynamics of the indices of radio isotope analyses of the liver under the effects of treatment with whole camel and mares milk in patients with chronic hepatitis

Beer, S.A., 1975:
Dynamics of the infestation rate of bithynia inflata mollusks by larval forms of opisthorchis felineus in water bodies of the tomsk oblast russian sfsr ussr

Vsevolozhskaya E.M., 1980:
Dynamics of the intensity duration curve in patients with lumbo sacral radiculitis

Aust-Kettis, A.; Sundqvist, K.G., 1980:
Dynamics of the interaction between entamoeba histolytica and components of the immune response 2. distinction of surface bound and internalized anti amoeba antibodies

Aust-Kettis, A.; Sundqvist, K.G., 1978:
Dynamics of the interaction between entamoeba histolytica and components of the immune response part 1 capping and endocytosis influence of inhibiting and accelerating factors variation of the expression of surface antigens

Balakshina V.V.; Kulakov L.A.; Boronin A.M., 1987:
Dynamics of the interaction between pseudomonas aeruginosa virulent bacteriophages and host bacterial cells

Zhalko Titarenko V.P.; Bondarenko V.M.; Grigor'ev A.V.; Kupchinskii L.G.; Rybalko S.L., 1986:
Dynamics of the interaction of shigellae with the epithelium during infection

Ageenko, A.I.; Yagubov, A.S.; Vitorgan-Yu, E.; Kats, V.A., 1977:
Dynamics of the isozyme spectrum of some energy metabolism enzymes and the ultrastructure of mitochondria in viral carcinogenesis

Dolgov, A.V.; Marchenko, V.T.; Prutovykh, N.N.; Tiunov, M.P.; Yakobson, G.S., 1978:
Dynamics of the lecithin cholesterol o acyl transferase activity in the process of regeneration of cirrhotically changed liver

Manak N.A.; Karoza A.E., 1986:
Dynamics of the level of acylhydroperoxide and platelet aggregation in chronic coronary and hypertensive patients in the course of treatment

Krasnoproshina L.I.; Alekseeva I.A.; Vengerov Y.Y.; Sokolov Y.A.; Gracheva A.M., 1986:
Dynamics of the level of antibodies to serogroup a meningococcal protein antigens in the sera of patients with meningococcal infection

Brysin V.G.; Zaurov D.D., 1984:
Dynamics of the level of antigen fixing and antibody containing cells in rabbits after fungus sensitization

Arapova, S.D., 1976:
Dynamics of the level of immuno reactive insulin and sugar in the blood during glucose tolbutamide and leucine tests in patients with itsenko cushings disease

Avtandilov, G.G.; Babaev, V.R., 1977:
Dynamics of the level of nuclear dna in cardiac myocytes after experimental myo cardial infarction in rats

Krass, P.M.; Logvinenko, N.S.; Ivanova, L.N., 1978:
Dynamics of the level of sex hormones and progesterone in the peripheral blood and their production by gonads and suprarenals in the post natal ontogenesis of silver foxes

Dorokhova L.N.; Sorokoumov V.A.; Tsyrlin V.A., 1982:
Dynamics of the local cerebral blood flow in experimental cerebral ischemic attack

Micali F.; Porena M.; Vespasiani G.; Virgili G., 1987:
Dynamics of the lower urinary tract after a rapid bolus of fabia water

Semke V.Ya; Nokhrina L.Ya, 1986:
Dynamics of the main forms of neuroses

Velea C.; Bud I.; Muresan G.; Marcu N.; David V., 1984:
Dynamics of the main indicators of meat production carved and in carcass of young buffaloes

Semenchenko N.N., 1984:
Dynamics of the main physiological indices of the sockeye oncorhynchus nerka salmonidae spring race during spawning

Kuznetsova, I.N.; Pendin, A.A., 1976:
Dynamics of the measured oxidative potential in preserved blood

Slavonovsky, F., 1976:
Dynamics of the mechanical properties of the roots of dianthus serotinus during the vegetation period 1968 to 1969 part 1 part 2

Leshanskii A.I.; Serebrennikov F.V., 1984:
Dynamics of the meliorative state of irrigated land in the course of irrigation development

Zaitsev V.P.; Trusova G.S., 1987:
Dynamics of the mental state of women with myocardial infarction

Krivogorskii, E.B.; Sapeshko, T.A., 1977:
Dynamics of the mental working capacity of pupils in lower grades depending on their school maturity/

Vinogradova Z.A., 1987:
Dynamics of the metabolism of noncollagenous proteins in dogs exposed to six year chronic gamma irradiation in small doses

Sagardoy, M., 1978:
Dynamics of the micro flora of a soil cultivated with garlic allium sativum

Tsygankov S.P.; Tarasenko N.F.; Dergileva A.N.; Slyusarenko T.P.; Kovalenko V.A., 1985:
Dynamics of the microorganism population of activated sludge in the aerobic purification of sewage

Segaar, P.J.; Lokhorst, G.M., 1988:
Dynamics of the microtubular cytoskeleton in the green alga aphanochaete magna chlorophyta i. late mitotic stages and the origin and development of the phycoplast

Goncharuk E.I.; Kuts V.S.; Melenevskaya A.V., 1980:
Dynamics of the migration of chemical substances from soil into atmospheric air

Chugunkova T.V.; Dubrovnaya O.V.; Shevtsov I.A., 1988 :
Dynamics of the mitotic activity and time parameters of the cell cycle of sugar beet root meristem

Bystrevskaya V.B.; Onishchenko G.E.; Chentsov Y.S., 1981:
Dynamics of the mitotic cycle and abnormalities of mitosis and the effect of 2 mercapto ethanol on porcine embryo kidney cultures

Byerazhnaya L.I., 1984:
Dynamics of the mobile forms of nitrogen in the litter and soil of leafy phytocenoses subjected to the varying level of water supply

Belyaev Y.V., 1983:
Dynamics of the moisture field in the plant root zone

Belyakova Y.V.; Potseluev A.N.; Smailova A.N., 1986:
Dynamics of the mollusk population and of their infestation with opisthorchis felineus larvae in the irgiz turgai focus of opisthorchiasis under conditions of anthropogenic transformation kazakh ssr ussr

Kozlowski W.; Kulig A.; Przybylska B., 1982:
Dynamics of the morphological changes in the rat intestinal mucosa in acute uremia 2

Tsvetkova G.M.; Sych L.I.; Marzeeva G.I.; Kirsanova M.M., 1981:
Dynamics of the morphological changes in the skin of patients with psoriasis during photo chemo therapy

Koval'chuk L.E., 1979:
Dynamics of the morphometrical indices of the juxtaglomerular complex of the kidney in experimental reno vascular hypertension in rats

Danielová, V.; Málková, D.; Minár, J.; Ryba, J., 1976:
Dynamics of the natural focus of Tahyna virus in southern Moravia and species succession of its vectors, the mosquitoes of the genus Aedes

Mandzhavidze S.D.; Gvetadze L.B.; Oniani T.N., 1987:
Dynamics of the neuronal activity of the preoptic area in the sleep wake cycle

Werner W.; Kanyarukiga S., 1980:
Dynamics of the nitrate nitrogen content of a para brown earth stagnogley under the influence of urea fertilization nitrificide application and irrigation

Fadeev E.V., 1981:
Dynamics of the northern limits of the area of distribution of the wild boar sus scrofa in eastern europe

Stafstrom, J.P.; Staehelin, L.A., 1984:
Dynamics of the nuclear envelope and of nuclear pore complexes during mitosis in the Drosophila embryo

de la Torre, C.; Sacristán-Gárate, A.; Navarrete, M.H., 1979:
Dynamics of the nuclear envelope during cell cycle in plants

Matveeva E.V., 1982:
Dynamics of the number of cells of the causal agents of soft rot in the rhizosphere of vegetable crops

Vakhrameeva M.G.; Denisova L.V., 1980:
Dynamics of the number of ceno populations of species of orchids

Ilizarov G.A.; Palienko L.A.; Shreiner A.A.; Bogomyagkov V.S., 1983:
Dynamics of the number of colony forming cells for fibroblasts in the bone marrow and its relationship with the activity of osteogenesis on limb elongation an experimental study

Aseeva N.D.; Sakharova N.G., 1980:
Dynamics of the number of mast cells in the peri thymic and mesenteric lymph nodes under the antigenic effect

Emtsev, V.T.; Nemova, L.I.; Tararina, L.F., 1976:
Dynamics of the number of soil microorganisms under aerobiotic and anaerobiotic conditions

Gromadzki M., 1980:
Dynamics of the numbers and the feeding habitats of the starling sturnus vulgaris in zulawy wislane north poland

Milanov R., 1986:
Dynamics of the numbers of microorganisms in brown forest soils in beech ecosystems

Kozhova O.M.; Ashchepkova L.Ya; Kuzevanova E.N.; Mel'nik N.G., 1986:
Dynamics of the numbers of planktonic copepoda in lake baikal ussr from 1948 1980

Popov I.G.; Latskevich A.A.; Potkin V.E.; Lozinskii P.A.; Romanova I.A.; Kolesnikova L.I., 1982:
Dynamics of the nutrient status in simulated prolonged aircraft flights

Rikhter V.A., 1981:
Dynamics of the optimal intensity of fishing fish species with large fluctuations in population

Gninenko N.V.; Kizyakov Y.E., 1983:
Dynamics of the ordinary chernozem density in the steppe zone of the ukrainian ssr ussr under the main crops

Pechenyuk E.V., 1986:
Dynamics of the overgrowth of floodplain lakes in khoperskii state preserve russian sfsr ussr

Singer, P.C.; Gurol, M.D., 1983:
Dynamics of the ozonation of phenol 1. experimental observations

Gurol, M.D.; Singer, P.C., 1983:
Dynamics of the ozonation of phenol 2. mathematical simulation

Karapetyan A.K.; Azatyan Y.Z., 1985:
Dynamics of the p wave in patients with rheumatic fever during electrical defibrillation

Gavrilov G.M.; Posadova V.P., 1982:
Dynamics of the pacific herring clupea pallasi pallasi clupeidae population in the peter the great bay russian sfsr ussr

Akhunova N.T.; Savvateev K.L.; At'kov O.Yu; Mazur N.A., 1986:
Dynamics of the parameters of repeated spiroveloergometry in angina patients

Atanassova, E.; Jurukova, Z.; Kortezova, N., 1976:
Dynamics of the partial restoration of slow wave frequency of the duodenum below transection electro physiological and morphological investigations

Kropotov Y.D., 1982:
Dynamics of the pattern of discharge current frequency in neuron brain populations during memorizing numerical sequences

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Dynamics of the permeation of an analog of insect juvenile hormone into nematodes

Kropotov Y.D., 1979:
Dynamics of the phases of slow fluctuations of oxygen pressure in brain tissue during the development of verbal signals

Pavlova G.A., 1981:
Dynamics of the phenomenon of volume accelerated growth in noise amblyacousis

Emets V.M., 1984:
Dynamics of the phenotypical composition and level of asymmetry of the number of fossae on elytra in a population of pterostichus oblongopunctatus coleoptera carabidae in a recreation area

Milburn M.P.; Jeffrey K.R., 1987:
Dynamics of the phosphate group in phospholipid bilayers a phosphorus 31 nuclear relaxation time study

Pankratova, S.I.; Khokhlova, L.P., 1977:
Dynamics of the phospho lipid content in tillering nodes of winter wheat during autumn hardening

Luque T.; D.A.ambarri P., 1983:
Dynamics of the phosphorus in the soils of the guadalquivir marshes spain

Shenbrot G.I., 1987:
Dynamics of the phrynocephalus helioscopus and phrynocephalus reticulatus populations reptilia agamidae in the south of bukhara district ussr

Doche B., 1983:
Dynamics of the phytocenosis of the acidophilic series of the beech for the period 1948 1982 in the french central massif

Izaguirre I.; Boveda M.; Tell G., 1986:
Dynamics of the phytoplankton and limnological characteristics in two ponds of the city of buenos aires argentina

Mantilacci L., 1981:
Dynamics of the phytoplankton population in lake piediluco umbria italy

Sud'yina, O.H.; Holod, M.H.; Dovbysh, K.P.; Baidulova-Babko, T.Y., 1976:
Dynamics of the pigment content and chlorophyllase activity of different protein fractions in leaf ontogenesis

Biro P., 1985:
Dynamics of the pikeperch stizostedion lucioperca in lake balaton hungary

Zurabashvili Z.A.; Makaridze N.G.; Tsitsishvili G.V.; Andronikashvili T.G.; Kvashali N.F.; Mikautadze Z.G., 1984:
Dynamics of the plasma amino acid level of chicks receiving additional zeolites in their diet

Drobney R.D.; Train C.T.; Fredrickson L.H., 1983:
Dynamics of the platyhelminth fauna of wood ducks aix sponsa in relation to food habits and reproductive state

Zhigal'skii O.A.; Naumov R.L.; Zharikova E.N., 1986:
Dynamics of the population and altitudinal distribution of clethrionomys rutilus rodentia cricetidae in the western sayan mountains russian sfsr ussr

Shkeda R.V.; Agadzhanova M.S.; Rodina L.I., 1985:
Dynamics of the population and biomass of bacterioplankton in kopet dag reservoir turkmen ssr ussr

Belogolova L.A., 1987:
Dynamics of the population and distribution of young vobla rutilus rutilus bream abramis brama and pike perch stizostedion lucioperca in the northern caspian sea

Kustenko, N.G., 1987:
Dynamics of the population size structure in the diatom skeletonema costatum grev. cl. in the plankton

Mulongoy K.; Ayanaba A., 1986:
Dynamics of the population sizes of cowpea vigna unguiculata and soybean glycine max rhizobia at three locations in west africa

Volkova E.I.; Polyanskaya L.M.; Kozhevin P.A.; Zvyagintsev D.G., 1987:
Dynamics of the population structure of actinomycetes in soil

Fil, V.I., 1977:
Dynamics of the population structure of ovis nivicola nivicola on kamchatka and adjacent territories

Von Korff M.; Parker R.D., 1980:
Dynamics of the prevalence of chronic episodic disease

Kostelyanets N.B.; Kamenkovich V.M., 1982:
Dynamics of the process of orientation assessment in humans

Bundzen P.V.; Tsygankov N.I.; Rotterdam A.; Krol' E.M., 1981 :
Dynamics of the processes of synchronization of remotely located neuronal ensembles

Moczon, M.; Grebecki, A., 1978:
Dynamics of the profiles of plasmodial veins of physarum polycephalum during the pulsation cycle

Sumarokov A.B.; Mazur N.A., 1987:
Dynamics of the prognostic value of ventricular extrasystole in myocardial infarction survivors

Mytsyk, L.P.; Golubev, V.N., 1977:
Dynamics of the projective cover of red fescue and weeds in a grass plot

Gherghel P.; Rosca D.I., 1984:
Dynamics of the protein lipid and glycogen contents in the oak hairy caterpillar lymantria dispar during its developmental cycle

Kholad V.M.; Nikitsin Y.I.; Knyazyeva L.A.; Laptsyunak U.M., 1984:
Dynamics of the protein spectrum of pig colostrum

Enikova R., 1985:
Dynamics of the proteolytic enzymes of escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis in foodstuffs

Sadikov G.N.; Azanova E.K., 1982:
Dynamics of the psycho physiological indices in heat training

Sukhodolo V.D.; Vasil'ev V.N., 1981:
Dynamics of the rat stomach secretory and excretory functions and the kallikrein kinin system activity after parotidectomy

Priehradny, S., 1978:
Dynamics of the ratio of daily uptake and loss of water in barley infected by the fungus erysiphe graminis f sp hordei

Daniyarov S.B.; Konenets I.E., 1980:
Dynamics of the reactions of small intestinal vessels in animals exposed to high altitude conditions

Kotliar, B.I.; Miasnikov, A.A.; Medvedovskiĭ, B.V., 1986:
Dynamics of the reactivity of cortical neurons to repeated electrophoretic application of acetylcholine

Marounek M.; Bartos S.; Kalachnyuk G.I., 1982:
Dynamics of the redox potential and rh clarks exponent of the rumen fluid of goats

Vakhrameeva, I.A.; Finkel, M.L., 1976:
Dynamics of the reflex excitability of spinal moto neurons during daytime sleep in new born children

Mironov K.A., 1986:
Dynamics of the regeneration of aboveground biomass in vaccinium vitis idaea and vaccinium myrtillus after the harvesting of their leaves central transvolga area russian sfsr ussr

Vrzgulova M., 1982:
Dynamics of the regeneration process after testicular ischemia in young rams

Dumitrescu R.; Barac V.; Popp I., 1987:
Dynamics of the relationship between interleukin 1 macrophage suppressor action and the evolution of the tumoral volume in tumor bearing animals

Pipinis, I.A., 1978:
Dynamics of the removal of macro elements and trace elements from the soil by the aboveground and belowground parts of polygonum coriarum

Parashchenko N.A., 1981:
Dynamics of the renal systemic blood circulation in hypertension

Kir'yakulov, H.S.; Lavrynenko, V.S.; Hubenko, V.H.; Dumans'kyi-Yu, V.; Tsikyrishvili, N.I.; Kir'yakulova, L.I.; Popkova, I.V., 1976:
Dynamics of the restoration of cardiac activity in experimentally induced defects in different areas of the cardiac ventricular septum

Kim, V.I.; Dorofeeva, T.A., 1975:
Dynamics of the riboflavine and free lactic acid content in silages with bacterial starters

Adel'shin F.K., 1983:
Dynamics of the rosette forming activity of t lymphocytes and b lymphocytes in inbred mice infested with alveococcal larvocysts after immunization with homologous antigen or without immunization

Agadzhanyan N.A.; Elfimov A.I.; Minina E.B., 1986:
Dynamics of the saliva electrolyte composition and renal excretory functions during human adaptation to a changed gas environment

Bosyi M.K.; Kolyadenko G.I., 1982:
Dynamics of the salivary gland thermogram during the action of an outside stimulus on successive inhibition

Norton, I.T.; Goodall, D.M.; Morris, E.R.; Rees, D.A., 1978:
Dynamics of the salt induced random coil to helix transition in segmented iota carrageenan

Matsumiya, Y.; Tanaka, S., 1976:
Dynamics of the saury population in the pacific ocean off northern japan part 1 abundance index in number by size category and fishing ground

Matsumiya, Y.; Tanaka, S., 1976:
Dynamics of the saury population in the pacific ocean off northern japan part 2 estimation of the catchability coefficient q with the shift of fishing ground

Matsumiya, Y.; Tanaka, S., 1978:
Dynamics of the saury population in the pacific ocean off northern japan part 3 reproductive relations of large and medium sized fish

Kowalski K., 1988:
Dynamics of the scatchard model for ligand receptor binding

Movsesyan E.A.; Maleryan D.S.; Asatryan A.B., 1986:
Dynamics of the serotonin content in the blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis during therapy at a high altitude

Burattini R.; Borgdorff P.; Westerhof N., 1987:
Dynamics of the short term regulation of arterial pressure frequency dependence and role of arterial compliance

Rasuanindraini Z.M., 1985:
Dynamics of the size of populations of propithecus verreauxi verreauxi

Ostrovskii V.I., 1987:
Dynamics of the smoltification age of the sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka in lake azabachye russian sfsr ussr

Camerino M.; Flos J.; Nos R.; Sala J.; Tarrida V.; Uribe F., 1979:
Dynamics of the social structure of black headed parrots nandayus nenday aves psittacidae in captivity

Artykov K., 1985:
Dynamics of the soil moisture content in the piedmont turkmen ssr ussr

Movchan Y.I.; Osychnyuk V.V., 1985:
Dynamics of the soil reserve of seeds and seedlings in steppe phytocenoses

Shpak V.M.; Kuchina V.V., 1982:
Dynamics of the southern putassou micromesistius australis abundance

Samsonova V.P.; Grigor'yan E.L., 1988:
Dynamics of the spatial heterogeneity of acid soluble iron and manganese in arable soddy podzolic soils

Samsonova V.P.; Timofeeva M.P., 1987:
Dynamics of the spatial variability of organic matter content in cultivated soddy podzolic soil

Shevchenko V.T.; Pechurkin N.S.; Furyaeva A.V., 1979:
Dynamics of the species ratio in a mixed yeast culture depending on foam forming properties and the conditions of selection of the culture liquid from the fermentor

Preobrazhenskaya L.A., 1985:
Dynamics of the spectral composition of hippocampal theta rhythm in dogs during switch over of heterogeneous operant reflexes

Marden, M.C.; Hoa, G.H.B., 1982:
Dynamics of the spin transition in camphor bound ferric cytochrome p 450 vs. temperature pressure and viscosity

Mikheeva, K.V., 1977:
Dynamics of the squirrel population as an indicator of population independence

Sakhiulina, G.T.; Rovetto, F., 1975:
Dynamics of the state of cortical sites of signal and reinforcing stimuli judged by evoked electrical activity

Stolyarov I.D.; Grigor'ev V.A., 1985:
Dynamics of the steady potential in hypothalamic structures after administration of a tolerogen and an immunogen

Grigor'ev V.A., 1981:
Dynamics of the steady potential in the rabbit hypothalamic structures in the early developmental stages of immune response

Zvyagintsev D.G.; Zenova G.M.; Mikhailov V.V., 1981:
Dynamics of the streptomyces lanatus population in sierozem and soddy podzolic soils depending on the form and density of introduction

Lozova H.I.; Kuz'menko N.R., 1985:
Dynamics of the structural and functional organization of the pigment apparatus in leaf ontogeny

Zhenevskaya R.P.; Motskobili E.I., 1987:
Dynamics of the structural transformations of skeletal muscle tissue autotransplanted into the spinal canal in rats

Gorenshtein N.M.; Maletskii S.I., 1983:
Dynamics of the structure in self incompatibility genes of inbred populations mathematical models

Khomyakov I.P., 1986:
Dynamics of the structure of a community of free living gamasid mites from an old sod field

Morenkov O.S.; Mantsygin Y.A., 1988:
Dynamics of the synthesis and secretion of immunoglobulins by mouse hybridoma cells

Nesterova N.V.; Mendzhul M.I.; Kalinichenko T.S.; Tlustaya N.Yu, 1987:
Dynamics of the synthesis of dna and virus specific rna of cyanophages as 1l s 8k and lpp 3

Gorczyńska, E., 1986:
Dynamics of the thrombolytic process under conditions of a constant magnetic field

Georgiev P.; Nikolov J.; Simeonov S.P.; Jordanova V., 1987:
Dynamics of the thyroid hormones and some hematologic and biochemical indices in chronic nitrate poisoning of sheep

Schulz M.; Weissenboeck G., 1988:
Dynamics of the tissue specific metabolism of luteolin glucuronides in the mesophyll of rye primary leaves secale cereale

Knipst I.N.; Korinevskii A.V.; Kurova N.S.; Dashekvich O.V., 1987 :
Dynamics of the topograms of human neocortical potentials at rest and at various stages of activity

Gaidamakina, L.F., 1975:
Dynamics of the total abundance and biomass of soil microorganisms in the territory of the lower don station

Lapin V.I.; Matsuk V.E., 1981:
Dynamics of the total chemical composition in the developing pelagic roe of the arctic cod boreogadus saida and the white sea cod gadus morhua maris albi

Gherghel P., 1985:
Dynamics of the total protein lipid carbohydrate and glycogen content in organs of the colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata

Gherghel P., 1985:
Dynamics of the total protein total lipids and glycogen content in the fat body intestine integument and hemolymph of lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae

Fomenko, B.S.; Kamynin, A.N.; Elfimova, I.A.; Akoev, I.G., 1978:
Dynamics of the trans membrane potential changes in liver mitochondria of rats during radiation sickness

Spyrou G.; Reichard P., 1988:
Dynamics of the ttp pool during the cell cycle of synchronized 3t3 mouse fibroblasts

Tomilina N.A., 1988:
Dynamics of the tubular activity of a long acting allotransplanted cadaverous kidney

Zagrebin A.M.; Khonny O.A.; Chuchkov V.M.; Isaev A.V.; Shirokova T.B., 1987:
Dynamics of the ultrastructure of brachial plexus muscle branches in normal conditions and in acupuncture

Griffiths, D.J., 1987:
Dynamics of the upper urinary tract: I. Peristaltic flow through a distensible tube of limited length

Grishina L.A.; Shcheglov A.I., 1979:
Dynamics of the uptake and return of nitrogen and ash elements by potatoes in soddy podzolic soils in the valdai region russian sfsr ussr

Tskhoidze G.D.; Tsanava V.P.; Nutsubidze N.N., 1982:
Dynamics of the uptake of different forms of nitrogen by free amino acids in tea leaves

Blok, C.; van Venrooij, G.E.; Coolsaet, B.L., 1985:
Dynamics of the ureterovesical junction; a qualitative analysis of the ureterovesical pressure profile in the pig

Blok, C.; van Venrooij, G.E.; Coolsaet, B.L., 1985:
Dynamics of the ureterovesical junction; effectiveness of its ureteral peristalsis in high pressure pig bladders

Blok, C.; Coolsaet, B.L.; Mansour, M.; Razzouk, A., 1986:
Dynamics of the ureterovesical junction: interaction between diuresis and detrusor instability at the ureterovesical junction in pigs

Blok, C.; Van Venrooij, G.E.; Mokhless, I.; Coolsaet, B.L., 1985:
Dynamics of the ureterovesical junction: its fluid transport mechanism in the pig

Blok C.; Van Venrooij G.E.P.M.; Mokhless I.; Coolsaet B.L.R.A., 1986:
Dynamics of the ureterovesical junctions its resistance to upper urinary tract outflow in pigs

Akopyan V.I.; Mkhchyan E.I.; Moldavskaya F.L., 1980:
Dynamics of the use of carotenoids and vitamin a by embryos depending on the degree of vitamins and minerals fed to the hen

Richard J L., 1987:
Dynamics of the vegetation at the edges of the glacier in the aletsch reserve in the valaisian alps switzerland fifteen years of observation

Polakowski, B.; Rejowski, A.; Rytelewski, J., 1976:
Dynamics of the vegetation of new managed meadows

Darveau M.; Bellefluer P., 1984:
Dynamics of the vegetation of tracts of land of energy transport power lines

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Dynamics of the venous circulation of cosmonauts of the 2nd expedition of salyut 4

Malysheva G.S., 1982:
Dynamics of the vertical structure of the epigeal part of grass stand in thin pistachio pistacia vera forests of badkhyz turkmen ssr ussr

Jüttner, F., 1984:
Dynamics of the volatile organic substances associated with cyanobacteria and algae in a eutrophic shallow lake

Simon-Martinez, E., 1975:
Dynamics of the washings of nitrate nitrogen under controlled conditions

Mcclain E.; Praetorius R.L.; Hanrahan S.A.; Seely M.K., 1984:
Dynamics of the wax bloom of a seasonal namib desert southwestern africa tenebrionid cauricara phalangium coleoptera adesmiini

Goldberg A.D.; Kigel J., 1986:
Dynamics of the weed community in coffee plantations grown under shade trees effect of clearing

Kisner, V.A.; Nikitchenko, V.E., 1986:
Dynamics of the weight of the digestive and some other internal organs of pigs as a function of breed and the animal's end use

Hendricks P.; Swenson J.E., 1983:
Dynamics of the winter distribution of rosy finches leucosticte arctoa in montana usa

Borderon, J.C.; Boulard, P.; Laugier, J.; Drouhet, E., 1974:
Dynamics of the yeast like flora of premature infants under the influence of a fungistatic polyene compound nystatin

Kolupaeva K.G., 1980:
Dynamics of the yield capacity of forest berry and fruit plants in the kirov oblast russian sfsr ussr

Kiselev, L.V., 1978:
Dynamics of thermo regulation during adaptation to strained muscular activity with respiratory changeovers

Toma V.; Fabian N., 1985:
Dynamics of thiol groups in the thymus of adrenalectomized rats

Wood, G.W.; Volenec, F.J.; Mani, M.M.; Humphrey, L.J., 1978:
Dynamics of thymus derived lymphocyte sub populations and thymus derived lymphocyte function following thermal injury

Rechav, Y., 1982:
Dynamics of tick populations (acari: Ixodidae) in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Fraser J.; Dougherty C.T.; Langer R.H.M., 1982:
Dynamics of tiller populations of standard height and semi dwarf wheats

Gololobov, V.G.; Katinas, G.S., 1981:
Dynamics of tissue reactions during allo transplantation of a complete skin graft in mice 1. epidermis and its derivatives

Gololobov V.G., 1984:
Dynamics of tissue reactions in allotransplantation of a full thickness skin graft in mice immune competent cells in the graft bed

Zhuk, I.P.; Kidenko, L.F.; Solomko, O.P., 1976:
Dynamics of tobacco mosaic virus rna synthesis in tobacco cell culture

Pozdnyakov Y.M.; Zamoraev A.K.; Erichev N.V.; Kobelev G.A.; Kukushkin V.N., 1984:
Dynamics of tolerance load in patients with myo cardial infarction in the process of rehabilitation

Knipst I.N.; Korinevskii A.V.; Kurova N.S.; Ragulin A.P., 1987:
Dynamics of topograms of human cerebral cortex potentials during active self regulation of various states

Bucur N.; Sandu V.D., 1985:
Dynamics of total cholesterol in the chicken oviduct as a function of phases of the sexual and functional cycle

Gaidamakina, L.F., 1978:
Dynamics of total number and monthly production of soil microorganisms in the lower don ussr station territory

Dechnik, I.; Tarkiewicz, S., 1976:
Dynamics of total porosity of soils cultivated with the plow miller

Nicolson, G.L.; Smith, J.R.; Hyman, R., 1978:
Dynamics of toxin and lectin receptors on a lymphoma cell line and its toxin resistant variant using ferritin conjugated iodine 125 labeled ligand

Rudelev E.V., 1982:
Dynamics of transformation of immobilized nitrogen

Gurtler, R.E.; Solard, N.D.; Lauricela, M.A.; Haedo, A.S.; Pietrokovski, S.M.; Alberti, A.A.; Wisnivesky-Colli, C., 1986:
Dynamics of transmission of trypanosoma cruzi in a rural area of argentina iii. persistence of trypanosoma cruzi parasitemia among canine reservoirs in a two year follow up

Malofeev, V.M., 1977:
Dynamics of transpiration of bean plants with symptoms of xeromorphism under water stress

Ciuca T.; Chiosila I.; Chrovici M.; Reviu E., 1987:
Dynamics of transplacental tracers of some fission product radionuclides an experimental study

Rozhkeev A.T., 1981:
Dynamics of tree spectral brightness in firyuza gorge turkmen ssr ussr in connection with tree phenological state

Chernogorenko, M.I., 1976:
Dynamics of trematode fauna of mollusks from the kremenchug reservoir

Keith L.D.; Tam B.; Ikeda H.; Opsahl Z.; Greer M.A., 1986:
Dynamics of trh induced thyrotropin and prolactin secretion by acutely dispersed rat adenohypophyseal cells evidence for all or none secretion by heterogeneous secretory units each with a specific response threshold

Eil'bart V.L., 1980:
Dynamics of tri oxy purine metabolic indices in healthy individuals and in patients with acute diffuse glomerulo nephritis

Filenko O.F.; Isakova E.F., 1979:
Dynamics of tri phenyl tin chloride accumulation by daphnia magna

Ivanova N.S.; Gorovoi P.G.; Strigina L.I, 1981:
Dynamics of tri terpene glycoside content in various caulophyllum robustum organs during the vegetative period

Pirozhkova N.M.; Krasnov E.A.; Kuvaev V.B.; Nikiforov Y.V., 1980:
Dynamics of tri terpenic glycoside content in androsace septentrionalis

Ivanova E.A., 1986:
Dynamics of tritiated estradiol absorption by tissues of the reproductive tract of female guinea pig embryos in vitro

Fel'dman B.V.; Fateeva V.I., 1987:
Dynamics of tritiated lysine incorporation into the retinal ganglionic cells in susliks citellus pygmaeus in the active state and during hibernation

Strochkova L.S.; Semina V.B., 1980:
Dynamics of tritium labeled actinomycin d incorporation into the synchronized cells of the chinese hamster

Rekoslavskaya N.I.; Gamburg K.Z.; Klyba V.I.; Markova T.A., 1986:
Dynamics of tryptophan and iaa content in cultivated tobacco cells

Kan'shina, N.F., 1977:
Dynamics of tubular changes in the terminal stage of chronic glomerulo nephritis

Palecek, J.; Habrová, V.; Nedvídek, J.; Romanovský, A., 1985:
Dynamics of tubulin structures in Xenopus laevis oogenesis

Moore L.C.; Yarimizu S.; Schubert G.; Weber P.C.; Schnermann J., 1980:
Dynamics of tubulo glomerular feedback adaptation to acute and chronic changes in body fluid volume

Rubin, H.; Chu, B.M.; Arnstein, P., 1986:
Dynamics of tumor growth and cellular adaptation after inoculation into nude mice of varying numbers of transformed 3T3 cells and of readaptation to culture of the tumor cells

Naka, K.I.; Itoh, M.A.; Chappell, R.L., 1987:
Dynamics of turtle cones

Chappell, R.L.; Naka, K.; Sakuranaga, M., 1985:
Dynamics of turtle horizontal cell response

Volkova O.V.; Mel'nikova L.M.; Pekarskii M.I.; Povalii T.M., 1980:
Dynamics of ultrastructural changes in the micro circulatory bed of growing and atretic ovarian follicles

Baulina, O.I.; Gusev, M.V., 1978:
Dynamics of ultrastructure changes in obligatory phototrophic blue green alga anabaena variabilis during maintenance of viability in the dark

Alaback P.B., 1982:
Dynamics of understory biomass in sitka spruce picea sitchensis western hemlock tsuga heterophylla forests of southeast alaska usa

Sampson, D.R., 1977:
Dynamics of unstable sporophytic self incompatibility systems

Djurhuus, J.C.; Nerstrom, B.; Hansen, R.I.; Gyrd-Hansen, N.; Rask-Andersen, H., 1977:
Dynamics of upper urinary tract part 1 an electro physiologic in vivo study of renal pelvis in pigs method and normal pattern

Djurhuus, J.C.; Nerstrom, B.; Hansen, R.I.; Gyrd-Hansen, N.; Rask-Andersen, H., 1977:
Dynamics of upper urinary tract part 2 an electro physiologic in vivo study of renal pelvis in pigs analysis of the modality of pelvic activity during normal hydration and diuresis

Djurhuus, J.C., 1977:
Dynamics of upper urinary tract part 3 the activity of renal pelvis during pressure variations

Gusev, M.V.; Koronelli, T.V.; Korolev-Yu, N., 1978:
Dynamics of uptake and utilization of a hydro carbon by the cells of mycobacterium paraffinicum studied by ir spectroscopy

Gurpide, E.; Welch, M., 1969:
Dynamics of uptake of estrogens and androgens by human endometrium. Application of a double isotope perfusion technique

Yankelevich, D.E.; Nikolaeva, V.M., 1977:
Dynamics of urinary excretion of estrogens pregnanediol 17 keto steroid fractions and cortisol and its metabolites in healthy women during the menstrual cycle/

Ljunggren, B., 1978:
Dynamics of uv dermatitis as studied with the mouse tail technique

Vovchuk S.V.; Luk'yanyuk S.F.; Ignatova S.A., 1983:
Dynamics of variation in proteinase and trypsin inhibitor activity in barley grain during ripening

Ohgoshi A., 1982:
Dynamics of various lipids lipo proteins and lipolytic enzyme activities in pregnancy

Linnik P.N.; Nabivanets B.I., 1979:
Dynamics of various manganese forms in water of the desna river ussr

Bullock S.H., 1981:
Dynamics of vegetative shoots of 3 species of aframomum zingiberaceae in cameroon

Bakker, H.K.; Struikenkamp, R.S.; D.V.ies, G.A., 1980:
Dynamics of ventilation, heart rate, and gas exchange: sinusoidal and impulse work loads in man

Bennett, F.M.; Reischl, P.; Grodins, F.S.; Yamashiro, S.M.; Fordyce, W.E., 1981:
Dynamics of ventilatory response to exercise in humans

Merkulova I.N.; Blank M.L.; Sobolev A.V.; Ruda M.Ya, 1987:
Dynamics of ventricular arrhythmias in the acute period of myocardial infarction

Dimitrov D.S.; Georgiev G.A.; Stoicheva N.G.; Traykov T.T., 1982:
Dynamics of visco elastic spherical membranes the balloon model of the alveolus

Kolomeitseva I.A., 1979:
Dynamics of visual cortex and hippocampus electrical activity during long term immobilization

Polyanskii, V.B.; Prokof'ev, S.K., 1978:
Dynamics of visual cortex neurons responses to repeated light stimuli in rabbits

Gorev A.S., 1984:
Dynamics of visual evoked potentials in a situation of mobilization readiness in children of different ages

Poznyakov S.P.; Kaganovich M.V.; Durdyev S.M.; Balakaev B.B.; Dmitrovskii A.A., 1984:
Dynamics of vitamin a turnover in the blood and semen of astrakhan ram sires

Bilai, V.I.; Shcherbina, S.M., 1977:
Dynamics of vitamin content in different fusarium strains

Yonge, C.; Hagedorn, H.H., 1977:
Dynamics of vitellogenin uptake in Aedes aegypti as demonstrated by trypan blue

Bezborodov G.A.; Khalbaeva R.A., 1983:
Dynamics of water absorption by the soil in old irrigated plots of the cotton zone

Yablonskii E.A., 1981:
Dynamics of water content in generative buds and annual sprouts of peach cultivars differing in frost resistance

Kurbatskii N.P.; Ivanova G.A., 1983:
Dynamics of water content in plants of aboveground cover in pinetum mixoherboso vaccinosum

Natochin Y.V.; Dolgopolova G.V.; Lavrova E.A.; Shakhmatova E.I.; Serova L.V.; Denisova L.A.; Ilyushko N.A., 1984 :
Dynamics of water electrolytes and micro element contents in placenta fetus and some organs of female rats during pregnancy

Palamarchuk, I.K.; Denisova, A.I., 1976:
Dynamics of water soluble organic matter and biogenic elements in bottom sediments of the tsybulnik bay in the kremenchug reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

Vlasyuk, I.A.; Salo, T.L., 1977:
Dynamics of water soluble salts in soil irrigated with sewage water

Metting B., 1987:
Dynamics of wet and dry aggregate stability from a three year microalgal soil conditioning experiment in the field

R.Mei X., 1985:
Dynamics of within leaf spatial distribution patterns of greenhouse whiteflies and the biological interpretations

Prudnikov, V.M., 1976:
Dynamics of working ability restoration and restoration heat production in fatigue of the frog skeletal muscle

Zadorozhnyi, B.V.; Antonenko, N.A., 1977:
Dynamics of working capacity and physiological indices in night school students

Zadorozhnyi, B.V.; Serdyukov, G.V., 1976:
Dynamics of working capacity and physiological indices of senior students during the academic year

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